Henry VIII: November 1512

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1920.

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November 1512

1 Nov.
T.R. Misc. Book, 1, p. 29. R.O.
1463. [3496.] PAYMENTS FOR WAR.
Payments by John Heron, for the King's wars, from the 1 May 1 Hen. VIII. to the 1 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. viz.:—
i. To Lord Darcy 31 March, 2nd year, 266l. 13s. 4d. Sir John Cut, under-treasurer, "his charge":—To him for metal, in November, and for iron and lead to be sent to Calais in December, the 1st year: to the Treasurer and Chamberlains of the Exchequer, by John Daunce, for ordnance, by loan, Sept. 3 Hen. VIII.: to Sir John Cut for metal and ordnance, October, 3d year: to Sir John Cut for copper, saltpetre, gunpowder, pikes, and other habiliments for the war, July, 4th year, and for similar provision, October: total 11,165l. 4s. 9½d.
ii. Costs of messengers and couriers. To Will. Pawne for fortifying Berwick, July, 1st year,—for costs of posts between London and Berwick, June, 3rd year,—for divers necessaries and posts for Berwick, December, 3rd year,—and for posts, July 3rd year. To Lord Darcy for posts, Nov., 3d year. To Brian Tuke for "messengers, posts, couriers, and other," Jan. 3rd year, and on 29th Oct. 4th year. Total 578l. 4s. 3d.
iii. For harness. To Lewez de Fava for 800 harness at 8s. each, August, 1st year. To Will. Gurre, "bregandymaker," for making clean and workmanship of certain harness delivered to the Mary and John, Oct. 3rd year. To Leonard Friscobald for 577 pairs of harness called Almayn ryvetts, delivered to the Almayns, and also 177 pairs delivered to Will. Gore, at 11s. a pair, Aug. 4th year. Total 743l. 15s.
iv. For bowstaves. To the bowyers of London for 10,000 bows, May, 2nd year; and in part payment of 1,000 bows had of Sir Samson Norton, June, 2nd year. To Anthony Baveryn for payment in full of bowstaves, June, 2nd year. To the bowyers of London for 1,000 bows, December, 2nd year. To Laurence Bonvix for bowstaves. Total 2,164l. 8s. 4d.
v. For gunpowder and saltpetre. To Francis de Errona, Spaniard, for 707lb. of gunpowder, at 3½d. a pound, and 103qrs. 22lb. saltpetre, in rock, at 4d. the pound, June, 2nd year. To Ric. Faulconer for 207lb. gunpowder, at 4d. the pound, shot and spent in the Tower of London, at the birth of the Prince, January, 2nd year. To Ric. Faulconer for making 5 last of gunpowder, June, 3rd year. To Tho. Herte for making gunpowder in Porchester Castle, Feb. 3rd year. To John Stanget, of Ipswich, for making saltpetre, Feb. 3rd year. Total 212l. 0s. 12d.
vi. For guns great and small. To Humphrey Walker for making guns, Dec. 1st year. To Will. Browne, merchant of London, for money paid to Hance Propreter of Makelyn, for making artillery, March, 2nd year. To Humphrey Walker for making 50 pieces of ordnance at 12s. every 100lb., March, 2nd year; and for 12 serpentyns, 2nd year. To Lewes de la Fava, for payment of certain artillery of the King's at Makelyn, March, 2nd year. To the same and others for 500 "hackbushes," March, 2nd year. To Humphrey Walker, gunfounder, Dec. 2nd year. To Corneles Johnson for workmanship of ordnance, April, 2nd year. To Sir Sampson Norton employed in making a "colleveryn," of metal, July, 2nd year. To Humphrey Walker for ordnance, April, 2nd year. To Stephen de St. Jago for 400 pieces of iron guns with chambers, May, 3rd year. To Will. Huxley, clerk of the Ordnance, for conveying ordnance from the Tower of London to Nottingham Castle, July, 3rd year. To Robt. Sakfeld for making gunstones of iron, July, 3rd year. To Robt. Skorer towards making 10 tons of iron shot for ship guns, February, 3rd year. To Sir Edw. Hawarde for certain pieces of ordnance bought by him for the Peter Poungarnet, Sept. 3rd year. To Robt. Scorer to pay Edw. Guylford for 174 gunstones of iron, April, 3rd year. To Lewez de Fava 500l. to be conveyed to Tho. Spynell for providing diverse things in Flanders, April, 3rd year. To Peter Corsy for 420 hand-guns, with a bottle and mould to each, at 9s. the piece; also for a great gun of copper, ready stocked, with 2 chambers, 35l., and 2 great guns of iron ready stocked, 25l. 6s. 8d., May, 4th year. To Fortuno de Catalenago for 6 pieces of great ordnance, 220 ducats, and another piece at 28 ducats, June, 4th year. To John Cavelcant for guns bought of him, May, 4th year. Total 2,797l. 19s. 3½d.
vii. Sir Edward Haward's charge. For preparing and rigging ships for the safe conduct of the Merchant Adventurers, June, 3rd year. For victualling 3 ships lately sent to sea, and wages of mariners and soldiers, July, 3rd year. For wages of soldiers for wafting ships of Merchant Adventurers into Seland, July, 3rd year. For the arrearages of ships defending the merchants against rovers, Aug. 3rd year. For charges of soldiers and mariners in the King's navy now sent to sea, Feb. 3rd year. For certain charges in setting forth ships to sea, Feb. 3rd year. Total 4,617l. 19s. 9d.
viii. "Divers necessaries bought for the King's ships." To Lewes de Fava for cables bought by him for the Regent, Aug. 1st year; and for ropes and cables for the Sovereign, Oct. 2nd year. To Walter Hindy for fletchers of London fletching arrows in the Ordnance House in the Tower, Dec. 2nd year. To John Iseham and George Harward for wages, victuals, &c., for the Barbara and the Mary Berking, July, 3rd year. To Brian Roche for victualling, Nov. 3rd year. To John Hopton, captain of the Mary and John, and for victualling with 260 soldiers for one month, Oct. 3rd year. To Henry Heywarde for oversight and keeping the Regent for 32 months, April, 3rd year. To Henry Totehill for conveying ordnance from the Tower to the Regent at Portsmouth, May, 4th year. To Stephen Bull, upon a bill of Master Almoner, 4th year (month left blank), 10l. To H. Hervy for 6 coats, April, 4th year. To Robt. Dobbes for certain poldavys bought by him, May, 4th year. Total, 1,879l. 10s.
ix. Sir William Sandes' charge. To Guyot Heull for retaining 400 Almayns for 6 weeks, wages, cloth for coats and "houses" (hose ?), Feb. 3rd year. To Sir Griffith Rice for conduct money for 500 soldiers, March, 3rd year. To Sir Wm. Sandes towards the charges of the Lord Marquis, April, 3rd and 4th years, 40,000l. each year. To the same, by the King's commandment, for his costs in receiving the said money, 10l. 13s. 4d. Total, 80,857l. 17s. 4d.
x. John Daunce's charge. To John Daunce for various payments of soldiers on the sea and charges of the navy and the wars, from Sept. 3rd year, to Oct. 4th year. Total 56,000l.
xi. John Dawtry's charge. To John Dawtry, for victualling the King's ships of war April, 3rd year, 6,000l.
xii. "The charges of Guylderland." To Sir Edward Ponynges for himself and retinue into Guylderland, June, 3rd year, 4,500l. To Sir Sampson Norton, for conveying ordnance into Guylderland, Oct. 3rd year, 116l. 8s. To John Cavelcant upon a warrant to be made by exchange into Guylderland for half a month's wages to Sir Edw. Ponyngys, Oct. 3rd year, 501l. 20d. To John Cavelcant a month's wages for Sir Edward Ponyngs' retinue, Sept. 3rd year, 1,002l. 3s. 4d. For loss of exchange on the above, 62l. 12s. 6d. To Antony Nele upon a warrant to delivery to 500 soldiers of the company of Sir Frances Cheyny, Sir John Digby, Hugh Shurley and Sir Matthew Broune, 5 days' wages unpaid, and their conduct money home, Dec. 3rd year, 155l. To John Iseham and George Hayrward for the victualling, wages, and tonnage for one month of the Barbara and Mary Berking to attend upon Sir Edward Ponynges into Guylderland, March, 3rd year, 38l. 8s. 4d. Total 6,265l. 2s. 6d.
xiii. For fortifying Calais. To John Baker for 10,000 foot of stone, part payment of 200 marks, Dec. 1st year, 80l. To Will. Bregandyn for 1,000 tons of oak, in part payment of 166l. 13s. 4d., 83l. 6s. 8d. To Sir John Peche for wages of 100 soldiers, Dec. 1st year, 16l. 13s. 4d. To Henry Smyth for 300 loads of elm, and above, for stocking guns and other repairs, Dec. 1st year. To John Baker for 10,000 feet of acheler stone, and ship to carry the same to Calais, March, 2nd year, 80l. To John Baker in full payment of 200 marks for 10,000 feet of stone for the town of Calais, May, 2nd year. To the same for 17 tons of stone, 113s. 4d. To the same for 5,000ft. of acheler stone of Kent, Jan. 3rd year, 40l. To Will. Bregandyn, in full payment of 166l. 13s. 4d. for 1,000 tons of oak (month and year blank), 83l. 6s. 8d. Total, 509l. 6s. 8d.
Sum total of all the foregoing, 173,058l. 2s. 3d.
Pp. 13.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 3, f. 85. R.O. 1464. [5750.] STEPHEN BULL.
Order [to John Heron,] (fn. 1) from Wolsey, to deliver 10l. to Stephen Bulle, the bearer, by way of the King's pleasure. Signed: Thomas Wulcy.
Hol., small paper, p. 1. Mutilated.
1 Nov.
Hist. MSS. Com., Rep., IX., Pt. 2, p. 412.
Warrant to John [Heron], treasurer of the Chamber, to deliver to John abbot of Athelney the obligation by which he was bound in 100 mks. to Hen. VII. This warrant is "for the discharge of the soul of our said father," and is dated Greenwich, 1 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. Subscribed with note by William Atwater that he conveyed the obligation from Heron to the Abbot.
1 Nov.
R MS., 13 B II., 60b (No. 164.) B.M.
"Consanguinee nobis dilecte et patres consultissimi." Requesting them to bring to a decision the case of John Moffat, Scotch merchant, relative to goods seized from his ship, which was first decided in the town of Vere in the said John's favor against the master, but now has been referred to the Council of the Hague, where it has been many years hung up. Edinburgh.
Lat., copy, p. 1.
Adv. MS., 371. 2. Another copy, dated Edinburgh, Kal. Nov. 1512.
Lat., p. 1.
1 Nov.
Navy Records Soc., X., 68.
Bargain, for 1,510 livres tournois, made 1 Nov. 1512, by Thomas Bohier with Adenet Legendre, captain of the Petite Louise, to be ready at Honfleur by the 12th inst. to carry La Mothe, Peguineau and Piéfort to Scotland and back.
Fr. From a Bibl. Nat. MS.
3 Nov.
Galba B. III., 52b. B.M.
1468. [3500.] [YOUNG and BOLEYN to HENRY VIII.]
Wrote last on the 28th. The time fixed for the Emperor's coming is expired, and the Duke of Brunswick's coming is equally uncertain. Think it advisable that the King should have a resident in the Imperial court, who can do more than my Lady's letters, "for a letter is soon seen, and lightly cast in some corner and forgotten." Yesterday, one of the Emperor's Council, named [Preluke] told them that the Pope, who favors the Venetians, is a great cause of the delay; but, as the said Preluke says, the Bishop of Gurk is gone to R[ome] for a conclusion between the Emperor and the Venetians; and if the King's matters be not settled before Italy is pacified, they will be long in reaching the desired conclusion. Think another cause of the delay is that "my Lady is informed how my Lord Marquis and the company being in Guyon hath all this while done and what they entered to do." Brussels, 3 Nov.
Mutilated, p. 1. From a letter book.
3 Nov.
Ib., 18. B.M.
1469. [3499.] SPINELLY to HENRY VIII.
Wrote last on the 28th ult. Yesterday came a post from the Emperor, stating that he was coming hither from Nuis, and intended on his way to retake Stralle from the Gueldrois. Marroton came from the Emperor this morning. Not having spoken to Madame, has not been able to ascertain if he had any charge touching the affairs of the English ambassadors. The Bishop of Gurk, by letters of the 18th, left Modona on the 14th for Rome; in his company were Andreas de Burgo, several of the Council of Isprouck and of Verona, and an ambassador of the Duke of Milan. They expect to make peace between the Emperor and the Venetians, but the latter are fortifying Padua and Treviso in case the negotiations fail. De Taxis writes that the Venetians have intimated to Gurk and the Viceroy that, if they have taken Crema and intend to take Brescia, Venice may do so by virtue of the Holy League. The Viceroy and Gurk have replied that the towns belong to the Empire. According to his letters from Trent, of the 23rd, the Venetian army is between Brescia and Crema; the Viceroy's in the faubourgs of Brescia. The French were ready to surrender the castles to the Emperor and to any but Spaniards; but the Viceroy refused to receive the capitulation otherwise than as captain of the Holy League. Sends a letter from the Duke of Milan to the master of the Posts relative to the affair at Brescia. Asked Madame if it were true that the Emperor is not satisfied with the Viceroy; she replied that the Emperor was determined to take away from the Pope all cause of jealousy. The Duke of Milan's going to Milan has produced greater consequences than were expected; it is reported that the Emperor and the King Catholic wish to divide (appoingnier) the duchy between them and had already done so if the Pope and the Swiss would have consented. The Duke of Milan left Trent on the 24th for Verona, to wait the answer of Gurck from Rome. The French are continually practising with the Swiss. By letters of the 30th from Blois, the Duke of Alva had left St. John "Piet de Porck" for Pampeluna to resist the King of Navarre with 600 lances and 7,000 foot. St. John Pied de Port can resist all the power of France. Madame is going to Haulx, and thence to Angien, to arrange the marriage between the son of Berghes and the daughter of Fiennes. Brussels, 3 Nov. 1512.
Hol., Fr., mutilated, pp. 3. Add.
3 Nov.
Le Glay, Corresp. de Max. et de Marg., II., 56.
Has received his last letters dated Lintz, 29 Oct. His coming hither is urgently necessary. * * * Within two days Messire Robert Wingfield will be here, as she hopes, with a good charge and she has remitted the other ambassadors to the Emperor's coming. Brussels, 2 Nov.
Postscript.—Was about to despatch this when Maître Loys Maraton arrived. Having heard his charge she finds nothing to add to this. * * * Brussels, 3 Nov.
4 Nov.
Parl. Roll, 133. R.O. Statutes of the Realm, III., 48.
1471. [3502.] PARLIAMENT.
From 4 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. to 20 Dec. following:—prorogued from the last session.
1. For Henry Courtenay earl of Devon [c. 9]. Restoration in blood.
2. For Katharine countess of Devon [c. 10]. Indentures confirmed.
3. For Katharine countess of Devon and Sir Hugh Conway [c. 11]. Indenture confirmed.
4. For the same countess and Sir William Knyvet [c. 12]. Indenture confirmed.
5. For Thomas earl of Surrey [c. 13]. Lands of Eliz. duchess of Norfolk.
6. For Sir Thomas Wyndham of Felbrigge, Norf. [c. 14]. Restoration in blood.
7. For Thomas Empson [c. 15]. Restoration in blood.
8. For William Baskervyle [c. 16]. Restoration in blood.
9. For the Great Wardrobe [c. 17].
10. For the bulwarks on the south coast of Cornwall [c. 1].
11. For murders and felonies [c. 2].
12 and 13. For Sir Rob. Suthwell (surveyor of Crown lands) [c. 18].
14. For the subsidy, with names of commissioners [c. 19]. See Statutes, vol. iii. p. 79.
15. For the pewterers (hawking and walking) [c. 7].
16. For John Skelton of Armethwayte in Cumb. [c. 20].
17. For Richard Strode of Devonshire, M.P. for Plympton [c. 8].
18. For sealing of cloths of gold and silver [c. 6].
19. For laborers' wages [c. 5].
20. Concerning juries in London [c. 3].
R.O. 1472. [3502 (2).] PARLIAMENT.
Copy of the Act for the restoration of Thos. Empson.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 3, f. 73. R.O. 1473. [3556.] THOMAS EMPSON.
"The title of Thos. Empson, esq., to the manor called Whityng-hamz maner and other lands, being in Grete Kymbell and Littyll Kymbell, in the county of Bucks," showing how the premises belonged to Sir Robert Whityngham, who died in 31 Henry VI., and descended, through John Whityngham and Sir Richard Empson to Sir Thomas Bryan and to his son Sir Thomas Bryan "whose estate the said Thomas Empson now hath."
Large paper, p. 1. Endorsed by Cromwell.
4 Nov.
Harl. MS., 6849, f. 49. B.M.
Writs of supersedeas and habeas corpus addressed to Sir Henry Marney, knight for the Body, warden of the stannary in co. Devon, for the delivery from imprisonment of Richard Strode, burgess in the Parliament for Plympton, Devon, against whom proceedings have been taken in the Stannary Courts contrary to the privilege of Parliament. Westm., 4 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII.
Copies, pp. 2.
9 Nov.
Sanuto, xv., 461.
1475. VENICE.
[Note of letters received 8 Jan. 1512–13.]
From Andrea Badoer, London, 9 Nov.—The English fleet and troops have returned; also the Great Treasurer, who went as ambassador to Scotland, where things seem to be adjusted. The King will prepare a fleet and attack France in the spring. The Queen very warm about this and would like to get four great galleasses and two bastard from the Signory, asking the cost and saying that France was building two bastard galleasses. The King and Council not pleased with the Spaniards. The reason given for the return of the troops is lack of victuals. Encloses letter from the King answering one from the Signory.
From Lorenzo Pasqualigo, consul at London, 9 Nov.—The King prepares a fleet against France. The English fleet, returning, captured two French ships. Two Ragusan houses here have failed for 20,000 ducats, through kerseys taken by Turks. The King is for war, the Council against and the Queen for it.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 211.
10 Nov.
Galba B. III., 53. B.M.
1476. [3514.] [YOUNG and BOLEYN to HENRY VIII.]
Wrote last on the 3d. Hoped to have been able to send him something more substantial than fair promises and sweet words. Are spending the King's money and doing him no service. Can learn nothing of the Emperor. Brussels, 10 Nov.
Mutilated, p. 1. From a letter book.
11 Nov.
Eras. Ep. x., 14 [Edit. Allen, I., 267.]
Sends him a translation of Lucianus de Astrologia, a fitting offering for one who has for, many years been chief physician to Henry VII., a prince of unusual wisdom, and Henry VIII., not in name and likeness only but with all royal gifts so representing his father that the latter seems rather to have renewed his youth than died. And Boerio in his knowledge of astrology is superior to all others.
London, die Natali St. Martini, 1512.
12 Nov.
R. MS., 13 B. II., f. 71b. (No. 199.) B.M. Ep. Reg. Scot., I., 154.
On the same subject as No. 1324, and offering to send Will. Pettigrew and Will. Inglis to him, and thence to Hamburg, to negotiate for reparation. Requests his favor for the injured merchants. From the palace,_1512.
Lat., copy, pp. 2.
Adv. MS., 365. 2. Another copy dated 12 Nov. 1512.
Ib., 366. 1479. JAMES IV. to JOHN KING OF DENMARK.
To the same effect.
Lat., copy, p. 1.
S.P. Hen. VIII. 229, f. 92. R.O. 1480. SIR EDWARD HOWARD to WOLSEY.
Thanks for Wolsey's kindness in his absence, of which he learns by Sir Charles's (fn. 2) letter; and also for the "great reward" which the King has sent him, at Wolsey's instance. Trusts to do service for it ere he come home. Hitherto neither man of war nor fisher has interrupted the fishing of the King's subjects in the North seas; as Thomas Vaughan can show, to whom he has given a credence too long to write. Will send the Mary Jamys up to London, as she in unfit for any man to venture in this winter; and will go into the New Bark or Mary George, whichever comes first hither. Those whose rumours caused the King to "enforce this army northward" deserve punishment; for here is nothing to do this winter, when there will be no French man-of-war over 60 or 80 tons on this side the Trade. As for skulkers and adventurers, "I dare lay my life on it, and the King's grace will let the Lezard, my bark and the new bark that Sir Stephen Bull is in, with one good ship to lie for a stale in the Camber and another in the Wygth, that there shall not stir a Frenchman but he shall drink to his oysters." To keep an army this winter will not ease the King's subjects, who have no business except to Seland, "and that will be done with in five or six days with a couple of wafters," for there is nothing to be feared from great ships which dare not keep the Narrow Seas these winter nights, without harbours. It will be three days before they can be victualled ready to go forth. Asks how long the King will have them continue. Only twelve days of their month remain; but, before leaving Hampton, he took another month's wages from John Dawtre. Thomas Vaughan can give good counsel concerning these winter wars. "And if we shall continue another month, send down some friezes for coats, frocks for our men, or they are never able to abide it. They sicken every day. Ye would pity to see it." Urges haste, as he is loath to lie in haven with victuals ready. Written at Herwych. (On the back in Howard's hand: Written this Sunday at night.)
Hol., pp. 3. Add.: Mr. Almoner, in haste.
14 Nov.
Galba B. III., 53b. B.M.
1481. [3525.] [YOUNG and BOLEYN to HENRY VIII.]
Wrote last on the 10th. On the 13th demanded of my Lady if she knew of the Emperor's coming down. She said, Nay; his coming was much desired, and all the estates here assembled; and if not assured of his return they would shortly send my Lord of Nasso and the Treasurer to know his mind; if he come to Luxemburg she will go to meet him, as well for our matters as their own. He is now a day's journey beyond Coleyn at a place called Mayence; and the Duke of Brunswick has gone into Gelderlond with 800 horse, burning as he goes. Brussels, 14 Nov.
Mutilated, p. 1. From a letter book.
17 Nov.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 229, f. 94 R.O.
Desires him to collect all arrerages, rents, &c, as he will send some of his servants for them in six days; and also to get for him three score old Iceland lings of the best sort, some wine, congers and puffins. The King's service, "since March shall be two years" has cost him 2,000l., "and drowned it is, in manner, and shall be from his grace. For novells, ye and all the Council know by post. The King was marvellously well served. I saw none more like to serve feebly than myself, but good will and true mind failed not ne never shall, God willing." Wishes him to hasten the sale of wood in Devonshire and at Talworth, before L. Hollingworth come; and to send some provisions for his chapel. Templehirst, 17 Nov.
Postscript.—Fell sick at Bamborough on his return home, but hopes all danger is past "yet a sore cumberd and stoppit brest I have." He led a valiant and wellwilled company of 500 more than his promised 2,500, for which he indented.
Hol., pp. 2.
17 Nov.
Ven. Transcr., 176, p. 127. R.O.
17 Nov. 1512.—Learn by his of the 12th the kindness shown to their affairs by the Cardinal of York in the treaty of peace newly moved there by the Pope with the Bishop of Gurk. Direct him to thank the Cardinal on their behalf.
Italian. Modern transcript, p. 1. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 206.
19 Nov.
Sp. Trans. I., 5, f. 176. R.O.
The English army sailed the day after Martin Dampies arrived with letters from their King. It was Sunday; and the writer sailed with them but, warned by the Bp. of Siguenza, kept away from the Admiral's ship. On the Thursday following they arrived off Falmouth, and next day he landed and hastened towards London, where he arrived on 6 Nov. and found the Ambassador gone to Southampton to see the Spanish fleet. Let the Queen and King know that he had arrived but waited for the Ambassador's return, nine days later, before going to Court. There, after speaking with the King and Queen, told the Councillors of Ferdinand's answer to the English paymaster (fn. 3) and John Stile and showed the letters of the Marquis of 7 and 11 Sept. The Councillors agreed that the English had behaved badly. Gives a graphic description of the scene on Friday, 19 Nov., when the captains of the army, including Lords Herbert, Huyloby, Feliz, and a brother of the Marquis, knelt before the King, were asked by an archbishop to explain their conduct, and alleged three reasons, viz., that they had no provisions, that their men mutinied, and that the Marquis was to blame for all. Showed part of his instructions (omitting mention of the moiety), in which the Privy Councillors took special note of the marriage with the daughter of the late King of Navarre; and they said that the Marquis had told them that the letter of 11 Sept. was written by the Bishop of Siguenza. After holding a Council which was attended by a great many nobles, including the Duke of Buckingham, the Councillors had a long conversation with Muxica and the Ambassador; saying, finally, that their King would be guided by Ferdinand as his father. The Queen afterwards told him she had suggested giving Ferdinand money to carry on the war in Guienne. * * * London, 19 Nov. 1512.
See Spanish Calendar, Vol. II, No. 72.
Spanish. Modern transcript from Simancas, pp. 11.
[19] Nov.
Galba B. III., 53b. B.M.
1485. [3554.] [YOUNG and BOLEYN to HENRY VIII.]
Wrote last on the 14th. The remainder of the letter missing. From a letter book.
19 Nov.
Simancas MS.
1486. JULIUS II.
Treaties concluded by the Cardinal of Gurk, viz.
i. Between the Pope, Ferdinand and Henry VIII. on the one part and the Emperor and Duke of Milan on the other. Undated.
ii. Between the Pope and Emperor. Rome, 19 Nov., 1512. See Spanish Calendar, Vol. II, Nos. 73–76.
Sp. Trans. I., 5, f. 182. R.O. 2. A modern copy of the 7th to 10th articles (touching the Venetians) of § ii.
Lat., pp. 4.
21 Nov.
Le Glay, Corresp. de Max. et de Marg., II., 58.
The English who were at Fontarabia have returned to England against their King's wish. Awaits an explanation of this affair from Messire Robert Wingfelde who has written that he comes shortly. Malines, 21 Nov. 1512.
Postscript.—Has just learnt that lately 8,000 men from Aragon coming to join the King of Aragon's army in Navarre [found their way barred by the King of Navarre ?] with 10,000, and sent to the Duke of Alba for succour. The Duke sent 2,000 horse and 5,000 foot, at whose coming those of Navarre were routed with loss of 7,000 and the King of Navarre escaped with difficulty.
23 Nov.
Vitell.B., II.,31. B.M.
All Italy is waiting for the determination of Card. Gurk, who entered Rome on the 3d, and on the 14th had given no assurance of peace. Brescia has been surrendered to the Spaniards. The Venetians have retired, and for the last 15 days have been posted on the lake Benacus (lago di Garda); yesterday they marched on the Po. It is said the Venetians are to be excluded from the confederacy, as they oppose the Imperial demands. Terni on the river Trent, 23 Nov. 1512.
Lat. Hol., mutilated, p. 1. Add.
26 Nov.
Ven. Transcr., 176, p. 128. R.O.
1512.—Delayed writing in the hope that things, which were tending to go wrong, might take a better turn, but now they are constrained to signify as follows. The Spanish army after their enterprise of Florence, crossed the Po and came to Brescia, which the Venetians were on the point of taking; and the Viceroy, negociating with the French, took possession in the name of the League and let the French depart beyond the Mountains with arms, bag and baggage. According to the League, Brescia should be delivered to Venice; but the Viceroy declined to do this, saying he must await the conclusion of peace with the Emperor, for which Gurk was gone to Rome, and that he took it in order to compel the Signory to make peace upon "their" terms. Gurk arrived at Rome on the 3rd inst., and "they" immediately proposed to the Venetian ambassadors terms which were unjust and impossible, threatening that if these were rejected "they" would league with the Emperor against Venice,—and by last letters from Rome, of the 20th, a league of the Pope and Emperor is already drawn. The Spanish ambassadors have not entered it, and the Cardinal of York not only refused to subscribe but spoke strongly against it. The above is to be communicated to the King, and the terms of the proposed peace shown to mean only war. Except Padua and Treviso all the State on this side the Mincio was to be compromitted to the arbitrament of the Pope and King of Spain, a very great sum paid for the investiture, an excessive annual rent paid, and Verona and Vicenza ceded to the Emperor, thus cutting off from them Brescia and Crema and their other towns in Lombardy;—worse terms than they rejected when the enemy were besieging Padua and Treviso. Badoer shall beg the King to support their cause vigorously both at Rome and in Spain. Enclose letters from Ragusa with news to be shown to the King. If this Signor Turk, who is young and very hostile to the Christian name, see Christendom in dissension there will be great danger.
Italian. Modern transcript, pp. 4. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 208.
26 Nov.
Ib., p. 128. R.O.
26 Nov. 1512.—To thank the Cardinals of Strigonia and York for their good offices.
Italian. Modern extract. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 207.
28 Nov.
Le Glay, Corresp. de Max. et de Marg., II., 61.
His Councillor, the bp. of Gurcz, has been well received by the Pope, who suggested a treaty of peace between the Emperor and the Venetians, as proposed seven months ago, but the Venetian ambassadors answered that they had no charge. Apparently they are more inclined to war than peace; and therefore the Pope has told Gurcz that, if they do not quickly accept the treaty, he will aid the Emperor against them. The ambassador of Aragon said the like for his master. Thereupon, [without ?] the Venetians, an alliance between the Pope, Emperor, Aragon and England is proposed. Wizembourg en Elsass, 28 Nov. 1512.
Postscript.—Suspects an understanding between the Venetians and France. Andrew Griti, who was their captain general and taken prisoner by the French, comes often to the King of France and the Duke of Savoy practises the Swiss.
—Nov.Galba B. III., 54. B.M. 1492. [3555.] HENRY VIII. to [YOUNG and BOLEYN].
In answer to their last, dated Mechlin, 19 Nov. inst., reporting how, at their late coming to the Duchess of Savoy to thank her for the news she sent by her secretary Marnyx, touching the speedy coming' down of the Emperor, she expressed her surprise at the return of the army from Guienne, saying, "Where had we been now if this confederation had been conclud[ed] betwixt the Emperor, your master, and us?"—they are to say that the King of Aragon, hearing of the constant rains in those parts, "to the intolerable pains of the soldiers of our said army, which in that barren country have perseverantly lain in the field sithens as before, without any breach or dissolution of the same," and agreed to all that was done; and therefore it is expedient she obtain the Emperor's resolution without delay, so that the Kings of England and Aragon may follow up the war, which has hitherto been deferred for lack of his determination. "We woll and desire you substantially and diligently to solicit as well the ..."
Draft, corr. by Wolsey and Ruthal, pp. 4. Imperfect.
Add. MS., 32,091, f. 92. B.M. 2. Modern copy of the above.
Pp. 2.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 3, f. 40. R.O. 1493. [3497.] DEBTS to HENRY VII.
i. "In this book following, which we have signed with our hand, (fn. 4) be contained and expressed divers of our matters, debts, and other causes which we have ordered and appointed to be pursued and executed by our attorney and solicitor for the time being, and also by our councillor Thomas Lucas, commanding them, by an whole advice and assent, truly and indifferently to proceed to the due and lawful order, execution, and direction, as well of the same as of all other our matters, debts, and causes which at any time hereafter shall mowe fortune to come to their hands, notice, or knowledge, or by us or any of our other councillors to them to be committed. All the same to be in like case entered in this present book from time to time. And that our said three councillors above rehearsed, for the better expedition and more substantial order and direction of these and other our matters, debts and causes, at every term's end, or in every second term at farthest, make their reports of the execution of the same before the Right Reverend Father in God, Richard bishop of Winchester, Sir Thomas Lovell, and Sir Tho. Ingilfeld, knights, Master Tho. Wolcy, our almoner, and our servant John Heron, or before two of them at least, to the intent that we may understand by them the effectual expedition of our causes and the good devoirs and diligences of our said three councillors in the same."
They are instructed to take order with Sir James Hobart, attorney under Henry VII., and the executors of that King, touching the debts (specified), long respited by the said executors, due to the crown upon recognizances, obligations, recoveries and deeds of feoffment by the following persons, viz.:—Sir John Savage, Sir Henry Willoughby, Sir Philip Bothe, Sir Will. Filoll, Sir Tho. Boleyn, John Flemmyng, Christ. Brown, Sir Hen. Halsall, Tho. Johey, Nich. Bonde, John Rithwise, John Bellewe, Geof. Morton, Rob. Sutthill, Nich. Specott, Geo. Birnaund, Sir Will. Meryng, Will. Smyth, Sir Tho. Burchier, Sir John Awdeley, Will. Harbert of Troye, Rob. Imbar, Sir John Norton, Watier Stubbe, Sir John Penyngton, Tho. Jermyn, Rob. Windeyate, Tho. Bayneard, Rob. Oreton, Lord Willoughby, Jas. Yerford, Sir Jas. Skargill, Reynold Pym, Sir John Bothe, Maurice Filoll, Will. Molyneux, Roger Vaghan, John Archier, Ralph Chamberlain, Geo. Trevilian, Will. Pirton, Geo. Monoux, the prior of Launceston, the prior of Butlegh, John abbot of Althelney, Will, abbot of Langeley, Tho. prior of Christchurch within Aldgate, John Prowde, John abbot of Waltham.
ii. "These persons whose names hereafter ensue, which be in exigent in Mich. term the 4th year of our reign for nonpayment of their debts, we will they be diligently and effectually pursued and called upon according to the due order and course of our laws for the good and speedy levy of our duties in that behalf," viz.:—John Fortescue, Rich. Bonny, Watier Stoner, Tho. Powys, Edw. Crofte, Tho. Marmyon, John Jamys and Reynold Williamson, Rob. Johns, Christ. Throgmerton and other, Antony Owghtred, Sir Tho. Brian, Tho. Marler, Ric. Faux and John Maynard, Sir John Ferrers and John Blount, Will. Bisley and other, Hen. Smyth, Sir Hugh Conwey, Will. lord Conyers, John Melton, Sir Nich. Wadham, Tho. Skevyngton, Mich. Wharton, Tho. Morley, John Driver and other, John Harbert, Sir John Ogan and Will. Harbert, Ric. Gittons, Rob. Forth and John Johnson, Elias Hilton, John Bollys and Tho. Fitzwilliam, Hen. lord Clifford, Edw. Warcop, Th. Cliborn, John Mauncyl and Christ. Hilton, John prior of Tynmouth, Robt. prior of Ely, John prior of Launde, Ralph Brikhed, Will. abbot of Norton, Nich. Polkenhorn, Will. Ethered, Will. abbot of Wigmor, Geo. Godeman, W. Sent and Rob. Gresley, Mark Antony Grymane, John Turnor and Peter Watson, John Warner, Launcelot Warwik and other, Tho. and Ric. Rokes, John Whitfeld, Roger Bell and other, Henry Laurens and Tho. Pole, Sir Ralph Evers, John abbot of Vale Seynt Croyse.
iii. "These persons whose names hereafter follow, which be outlawed (margin: outlawed since Mich. Term ao 4o) for their debts at our suit, and at suit of the executors of our said father, we will they have knowledge thereof by our letters or privy seals charging and advertising them to content their duties unto our servant John Heron to our use within the space of a month after the sight of the same our letters or privy seals, for that they shall lay nor pretend no cause of ignorance in that behalf, or else to return and put in the said exigents into our courts of record, and pursue and take out process against every of them upon the same accordingly," viz.:—Henry prior of Lize in co. Essex, Sir Humph. Lisle, Rob. Laiborn, Rob. Creswell, Christ. Parker, John Alker, Sir John Elderton, Roger Fenwik, Owen Ogle, Jas. Strangwisshe, Rob. Marshall.
iv. "Hereafter follow the names of such persons indebted and put in suit as have appeared, imparled, and made answer, and some of them pleaded the obligations not to be their deed, which, if it do appear contrary, we will they be quickly called upon and pursued with speedy diligence for their colorable delays in that party"; sc., John Aleyn and Will. Dyne, John Pynner, the Mayor and Commonalty of London, Prior of Malvern. Bishop of Carlisle, Simon West and Rob. Conyngton, Sir Rob. Sheffeld, Sir Adrian Fortescue, John Frankeleyn, Sir Hen. Vernon, Humph. Oker, Sir Rob. Dymmok, Will. Gresley, Owen Perot of co. Pembroke, Ric. Horde, John Herst, Philip Ball, Rob. Odeham and Ric. Forthe, Tho. Wynston, Tho. Fowey, John Wiseman and _ Talmage of co. Suffolk, Anthony Wyngfeld of co. Suff., John Bristo."
v. "Hereafter follow the names of certain persons put in suit for hunting and other causes"; viz. Tho. Bosdon (in the park of Hampton in Ardern, co. Warwick, "brought in by one Butler"), Sir Walter Griffith and Tho. Partriche (in the forest of Alderwashaye in co. York), Prior of Newborogh (in forest of Galtresse), Roger Brasier and Nich. Wodeward (in the park of Walsale), John Nobton (in Haseley park), Will. Brown (for taking of the King's toile at Laverstoke), John Sidnall (in the park of Tomworth).
vi. "Divers informations and other matters depending in our Court of Exchequer undecided, which we will be diligently called upon by our said three councillors as above, and that they from time to time in these and other our like causes commune with the sheriffs in the same where the matters shall be tried, to the intent that good, indifferent, and substantial persons be impanelled, and such as will not spare to pass truly for any manner favor, fear, or corruption, as they will answer in that behalf"; sc. informations against John Van Boson of London, merchant of Hanse (for importing Toulouse woad in a "strange bottom"), Christ. Dacre of Cumberland (for intrusion into the manor of West Levyngton), John Campochy and John Theodorisme, merchants of Luke (for exchanges made without licence), Will. Butry of London, mercer (for silks, brought in uncustomed, seized by Brown, late mayor of Rochester), Will. Holme, of co. York (for intrusion into manor of Payleholme), Oliver Turnor, Miles Gerard and Tho. Compton (recognizance for Will. Clerk, late customer of Sandwiche), a suit of Christ. Clapham against—(blank) for divers alums, John Baptist Grymbade (forfeiture of obligation of 1,000l.), John Stanley of the Pipe, in co. Staff., at the suit of Will. Smyth (for intrusion into manor of Chebsey), Tho. Clifford, son and heir of Sir Rob. Clifford (for 26 years occupation of the manor of Stillyngflete and other lands, late of Francis viscount Lovell, worth 100 mks. yearly), Ralph Rokesby (for intrusion into the manor of Paulenholme).
Pp. 22. In vellum cover marked "Diverse summe pecun' debit' Regi Henr' VIImo."
1. Nunnery of Kilbourn. Inspeximus and confirmation of:—
Pat. 4 June 5 Edw. IV. (p. 2, m. 28), confirming:—
Pat. 20 Dec. 27 Edw. III.
Westm., 1 Nov. [4 Hen. VIII.]. Conf. roll 48, No. 12.
2. Stephen Tuvy, of Burton Annas, Yorkshire, tailor. Pardon for killing Will. Bentbowe at Scardeburgh, 18 Dec. last, in self-defence. Westm., 3 Nov. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 15. [3498.]
3. Commission of the Peace. See Appendix.
Bedfordshire.—Westm., Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 6d. [3501.]
4. Gaol Delivery.
Hereford Castle.—Commission to Sir John Lyngen, Geo. Bromeley, Ralph Hakelett, John Braynton, Roger Bodenham, and Wm. Clerk. Westm., 4 Nov.
Northampton.—Commission to John Gold the mayor, John Muscote, Rob. Shefford, and John Saxby. Westm., 4 Nov. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 5d. [3503.]
5. George Barley and Joan his wife. Livery of lands, viz., a fourth part of the possessions of Richard Illingworthe, which descend to Mary wife of John Dethicke, Anne late wife of John Etton, the said Joan, and Alice wife of John Knyston, as daughters and heirs of the said Richard. Del. Westm., 5 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 6. [3504.]
6. Thomas David. Custody of the lands of John, son and heir of John Searde of Barowe, Somerset, dec., who is an idiot, provided that he find sustenance for the heir. Bishop's Waltham, 14 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 5 Nov. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 23. [3505.]
7. William Bolton, late of Bresyngham, Norf., alias of Badyngham, Suff., alias of London, gentleman. Pardon. Greenwich, 30 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 6 Nov. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 8. [3506.]
8. Richard Wawyn alias Leche and Joan his wife, d. and h. of William Hertishill, dec., and the heirs of the said Joan. Inspeximus and confirmation of:—
Chs. of Hen. II. and his son John count of Moretain granting the land of Clawurda or Clavourd to Robert son of Hugh the Falconer and his heirs.
Westm., 6 Nov. [4 Hen. VIII.]. Conf. roll 47, No. 6.
9. Sheriff Roll.
Cumb.— (fn. 5) John Crakenthorp, John Lamplew, Edmund Sampford.
Northumb.—*Edward Radcliff, Christ. Clapham, Wm. Swynbourne.
York.—Sir Wm. Bulmere, Wm. Percy, *Sir John Everyngham.
Notts. and Derby.—Humphrey Hercy, Hen. Bozom, *Geo. Chaworth.
Linc.—*Sir Th. Cheyney, Christ. Hyllyard, Andrew Byllysby.
Warw. and Leic.—John Villers, *Wm. Turpyn, Wm. Perpoynt.
Salop.—Francis Yong, Geo. Maynwaryng, *Peter Newton.
Staff.—Sir John Draycote, *John Mytton, Ric. Astley.
Heref.—Sir John Lyngen, *Hen. Myle, Ralph Hakelett.
Glouc.—*Sir Robt. Morton, Wm. Denys, Ric. Barkeley.
Oxon. and Berks.—Sir Geo. Forster, Wm. Coope, *Th. Heydoke.
Northt.—John Casby, *Ralph Lane, Ric. Burton.
Camb. and Hunts.—Th. Thuresby, *Th. Cotton, Ralph Chamberleyn.
Beds. and Bucks.—Th. Langston, *Th. Dynham, Michael Fyssher.
Norf. and Suff.—Th. Barnardiston, Robt. Brues, *Lionel Talnage.
Essex and Herts.—Roger Wentworth, John Seyntclere, *Edward Tyrell.
Kent.—Sir John Fogge, Sir Wm. Scotte, *Sir Th. Kempe.
Surrey and Sussex.—Ric. Sakefeld, John Gaynesford of Blokefeld, *Sir Goddard Oxenbrige.
Hants.—*Wm. Compton, Maurice Barkeley, Wm. Pownde.
Wilts.—*Christ. Wroughton, John Davers, Wm. Twyneo.
Somerset and Dorset.—John Horsey, *Giles Strangwyshe, Edward Goorge.
Devon.—*Th. Denys, James Chudeley, Wm. Fortescu.
Cornw.—Peter Bevyll, Peter Egecombe, *James Eryse.
Rutl.—John Calcote, *John Haryngton, Th. Brokesby. Del. Westm., ... 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. (signed by Hen. VIII. at the beginning and end). [3507.]
10. John Briamonde, merchant. Protection for one year; going in the suite of Sir Gilbert Talbot, Deputy of Calais. Westminster, 6 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 8 Nov. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 21. [3508.]
11. Maurice Davy of Westminster, inn-holder. Pardon for having killed William Brigges, butcher, who, with others, on Saturday after Circumcision 3 Hen. VIII., attempted to rescue Robert Kene of Westminster, butcher, while being conveyed to the prison called the Gate House, Westminster, by the said Maurice. Westm., 8 Nov. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 21. [3509.]
12. Thomas Babthorp, kinsman and heir of John le Chaumberleng. Constat and exemplification of charter 23 May, 45 Hen. III., granting the said John free warren in his demesne lands of Wykyngeby and Merston, Linc. Westm., 8 Nov. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 5. [3510.]
13. Francis de Barde, merchant of Florence. Licence to export woollen cloth, kerseys, hides, lead, tin and other merchandise not pertaining to the Staple of Calais, and import cloths of silk and of silk and gold, wines called Malveseys, woad, alum, &c.; paying custom at the rate paid by denizens; to the sum of 100l. in imports and 100l. in exports. Del. Westm., 9 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. (marked: Md. quod Dominus Cancellarius noluit expedire hanc billam nisi quod dictum fuit per Dominum Thomam Wulcy elemosinarium Regis illud esse speciale mandatum regium). [3511.]
14Robert White. Livery of lands as son and heir of Robert White. Del. Westm., 9 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. (countersigned: John Ernley, John Porte). Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 18. [3512.]
15. Treaty with Ferdinand. The commission to Surrey and Shrewsbury in 1511 (see No. 934) is enrolled in the 4th year, and thus Rymer and others have been misled as to its true date.
16. Sir George Tailboys. Licence to alienate the manor of Sotteby, Linc., to Ric. bp. of Winchester, Wm. bp. of Lincoln, Th. Wolsye dean of Lincoln, Sir Will. Tirwhyt, Sir Rob. Dymmok, Sir Rob. Constable, John Constable treasurer of Lincoln cathedral, Edw. Derby archdeacon of Stowe, Th. Burgh, jun., Rob. Tirwhyt, Ninian Markynfeld, Hen. Gascoign, and Rob. Lond, and their heirs. Westm., 10 Nov. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 16. [3515.]
17. Thomas Lucy, one of the King's sewers. Custody of the lands and wardship and marriage of William, son and heir of Geo. Catesby. Westm., 10 Nov. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 19. [3516.]
18. Escheators. Several fiats for the appointment of escheators, viz.:
Glouc.—Roger Porter.
Kent.—Rob. Neylar of Ailesford.
Salop.—Th. Knyght.
Notts and Derb.—Chr. Metheley.
Soms. and Dors.—Wm. Rocheford. S.B. (each signed T. Surrey and marked as delivered at Westm., 10 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII.).
19. Thomas Babthorp. Inspeximus and confirmation of:—
Pat. 8 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII., exemp.:
Ch. 23 May, 45 Hen. III. (to John le Chaumberleng).
Westm., 10 Nov. [4 Hen. VIII.]. Conf. roll 47, No. 8.
20. Town of Melcombe Regis. Inspeximus and confirmation of:—
Pat. 27 Nov. 5 Hen. VII. (reducing the fee farm and assessment).
Westm., 10 Nov. [4 Hen. VIII.]. Conf. roll 47, No. 10.
21. Peter Bowsons, denizen. Licence with two ships of Flanders, Zealand, Holland or Brabant to import canestones, woad, linen cloths of Normandy and Brittany, &c., and to export kerseys, lead. &c., for fifteen months. Westm., 6 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 11 Nov. P.S. French Roll. 4 Hen. VIII. m. 4. [3517.]
21a. Th. Pyrle, of Hatfeld Brodeoke. Essex, blacksmith. Reversal of outlawry in London; sued for debt by John Nechellys and Wm. Barons, executors of Kath. Matyrdale, of London, widow. Westm. 12 Nov. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 1. [3939.]
22. William Bulla, merchant of London. Protection for one year, as he is going in the suite of Sir Gilbert Talbot, Lieutenant of Calais. Greenwich, 24 April, 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 12 Nov. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 9. [3519.]
23. William Hogeson, yeoman of the Buttry. To be keeper of the orchard of Shirefhoton, Yorks., in the King's gift by death of William Willy. Westm., 8 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 12 Nov. P.S. (in English). Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 19. [3520.]
24. William Rigley, page of the Wardrobe of Beds. To be, for life, keeper of the wood and deer of Hilwode, in the counties of Warwick and Stafford, vice Roland Stafford, deceased. Del. Westm., 12 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 24. [3521.]
25. Commission of the Peace See Appendix.
Bucks.—Westm., 12 Nov. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 4d. [3522.]
26. Town of Dorchestre, Dors. Inspeximus and confirmation of:—
Pat. 5 Feb. 19 Hen. VII., conf.:—
Pat. 20 Nov. and 13 Feb. 2 Ric. III. (Conf. roll 4, No. 5), conf. with additions:—
Pat. 26 March, 5 Edw. IV. (p. 1, m. 21) confirming:—
Pat. 13 June, 19 Ric. II., cf:—
Ch. 26 June, 11 Edw. III.
Westm., 12 Nov. [4 Hen. VIII.]. Conf. roll 48, No. 13.
27. Holy League. The declaration of 1511 is enrolled in the 4th year. See No. 969, § 40.
28. John Spencer of Olthorp. Licence to impark lands (extent given) in Olthorp and Wykehamond, Northt., and grant of free warren in all his lands and several fishery and vivary in all his waters in Olthorp, Brynketon Magna, Wykehamond, and Bodyngton Superior, Northt.; and licence to castellate the manors of Olthorp, Northt., and Wormeleighton, Warw. Westm., 8 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 13 Nov. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 2. [3524.]
29. Elizabeth the prioress, and the convent of St. Mary and St. Margaret, Dartford. Grant that they and their successors may obtain from Chancery these and all other charters, letters patent, confirmations and writs which they may require, without payment of fees of the Hanaper. Greenwich, 20 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 15 Nov. P.S. [3527.]
30. Richard Tempest, squire for the Body. Custody of the lands and wardship and marriage of Margaret, daughter and heir of Sir Thomas Tempest. Westm., 9 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 16 Nov. P.S. [3528.]
31. William, the abbot, and the convent of Middelton, Dorset. Licence to hold a fair in the manor of Stockelande, Dorset, on the eve, day and morrow of St. Barnabas the Apostle, instead of the fair granted by King Henry VI. on the eve, day and morrow of St. Michael, which is injurious to other fairs in the vicinity. Greenwich, 26 June, 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 16 Nov. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 16. [3529.]
32. John Bay, Bai or Bey, haberdasher of London. Protection for one year; going in the suite of Sir Gilbert Talbot, Deputy of Calais. Westm., 10 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 16 Nov. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 24. [3530.]
33. Christopher Rotherey alias Rodery, of London, sherman. Pardon. 16 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 16 Nov. S.B. (in the margin: "Pro Deo quia pauper per mandatum Cancellarii et Curiæ Cancellariæ." Endd. C. Rotherwey). [3531.]
34. Sir William Uvedale. To be, for life, forester or keeper of the forest or chase and outwoods of Brungewodde, in the lordship of Wyggemor, marches of Wales, with the office called "le pokership," in the said lordship and the keeping of Prestwodde ditch in the said chase; with annual fees of 6l. 2s. 6d. for the chace, 18s. for the ditch and 30s. 5d. for the pokership. On surrender of pat. 24 May, 4 Hen. VIII., granting him the keeping of the chace and outwoods, vice Th. Grove, dec. Del. Westm., 16 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 24. [3532.]
35. George Assheby, clerk of the Signet. Custody of the lands and wardship and marriage of William, son and heir of Gerard Steuecle. Westm., 13 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 17 Nov. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 24. [3533.]
36. Roland Phelup, clk. Fiat for his custody of two tofts and 4ac. of land and underwood in Croydon, in the King's hand for certain causes; from Easter next, for 30 years at 14d. rent and 2d. increase. Del. Westm., 17 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. (signed: T. Surrey).
37. Th. Thersby. Fiat for his appointment as escheator of Camb. and Hunts. Del. Westm., 17 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. (signed: T. Surrey).
38. Commission of the Peace. See Appendix.
Devon.—Westm., 18 Nov. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 3d. [3534.]
39. Christ. Davenport, chaplain. Presentation to the church of Froyton in Picardy, Terouenne dioc., void by resignation of Richard Bradbury, clk. Westm., 15 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 20 Nov. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 24. [3536.]
40. John Estreke and John Sigewyke. Grant, in survivorship, on surrender, as invalid, of patent 6 Nov. 1 Hen. VIII., of four messuages, with shops and appurtenances, in the parish of St. Mildred in the Poultry, ward of Chepe, London, lately held by Richard Birt, "pulter," Thomas Wilby, serjeant, John Hasilwode, draper, and Thomas Warner, "pulter," respectively; forfeited by Sir Humphrey Savage and Sir Richard Charleton. Westm., 10 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 20 Nov. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 19. [3537.]
41. John Parker, abbot of Chertesey. Pardon for offences against the forest laws. Del. Westm., 20 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 8. [3538.]
42. George Lord Fitzhugh. Livery of lands, as s. and h. of Richard lord Fitzhugh, s. and h. of Henry. Westm., 20 Nov. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 17. [3539.]
43. Nunnery of Burnham, Bucks. Inspeximus and confirmation of:—
A. Ch. 18 Nov. 2 Edw. III. conf. with additions:—
a. Ch. 9 June, 52 Hen. III., cf.:
Ch. of Richard king of the Romans, 18 April indict. IX., A.D. 1266.
b. Ch. 9 June, 52 Hen. III., cf.
Ch. of Richard king of the Romans (undated).
c. Ch. 29 July, 55 Hen. III.
d. Pat. 27 March, 29 Edw. I., confirming:—
Writing of Edmond earl of Cornwall 4 Nov. 25 Edw. I.
e. Writing of Edmond earl of Cornwall (undated), cf
Ch. of Richard king of the Romans (undated).
e. Writing of Edmond earl of Cornwall 4 April, 22 Edw. I.
B. Pat. 10 July, 20 Edw. III. (p. 2. m. 12).
C. Pat. 7 May, 17 Ric. II. (p. 2, m. 12).
D. Pat. 5 June, 3 Hen. [IV.].
E. Pat. 20 July, 15 Hen. VII., conf.:
Pat. 28 Nov. 14 Hen. VI. (15 Hen. VI., m. 37), cf.:
Pat. 10 Feb. 12 Edw. III.
Ch. 23 April, 2 Hen. V.
Westm., 20 Nov. [4 Hen. VIII.]. Conf. roll 48, No. 10.
44. Nunnery of Dertford. Inspeximus and confirmation of:—
Pat. 7 Dec. 3 Hen. VII. (Conf. roll 15, No. 13) confirming:—
Ch. 16 Dec. 7 Edw. IV., conf. with additions:—
A. Pat. 15 June, 4 Ric. II. (p. 2, m. 29), confirming:—
Pat. 20 July, 46 Edw. III.
Pat. 16 July, 31 Edw. III.
Pat. 18 April, 47 Edw. III.
Pat. 1 Sept. 31 Edw. III.
Pat. 27 Jan. 40 Edw. III.
Pat. 28 June, 49 Edw. III.
B. Pat. 3 Sept. 8 Ric. II.
C. Pat. 17 July, 16 Ric. II.
D. Pat. 29 June, 23 Edw. III.
E. Pat. 3 Dec. 30 Edw. III.
F. Pat. 2 Nov. 24 Edw. III.
G. Pat. 5 Feb. 31 Edw. III.
H. Pat. 26 Dec. 32 Edw. III.
I. Pat. 11 July, 47 Edw. III.
J. Ch. 12 Aug. 46 Edw. III.
Westm., 20 Nov. [4 Hen. VIII.]. Conf. roll 48, No. 11.
45. Sir George Maners. Warrant for his summons to Parliament "by name of George Maners, knight, Lord Rose." Westm., 21 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. [3540.]
46. Sir Thomas Lovell, treasurer of the Household, and Agnes Mellers, widow. Licence to found a boys' school in the parish of St. Mary, Nottingham, with licence to the mayor and burgesses to acquire lands in mortmain to the annual value of 20 marks, for the support of a master and usher. Del. Westm., 22 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 24. [3541.]
47. John Risbrigger, junr., of Albery, Surrey, husbandman. Pardon for having killed Walter Parkherst in self-defence, for which he was appealed by Agnes, Parkherst's widow. Westm., 22 Nov. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 5. [3542.]
48. William Daubourne, groom of the King's Bows. To be, during pleasure, bailiff of the lordship and keeper of the coney-warren of Multon, Northt., from Mich. 3 Hen. VIII.; with 1d. a day as bailiff and 40s. a year as keeper of the warren. Westm., 18 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 23 Nov. P.S. (in English). Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 19. [3544.]
49. Commission of the Peace. See Appendix.
Norfolk.—Westm., 24 Nov. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 4d. [3545.]
50. Bishop of Norwich. Inspeximus and confirmation of:—
A. Pat. 15 Feb. 3 Hen. VI., conf.:—
Pat. 28 Aug. 6 Hen. V. (m. 15), conf.:
Pat. 28 Nov. 4 Hen. IV. (p. 1, m. 12), conf.:—
Pat. 8 Oct. 2 Ric. II., cf.:
Ch. 21 Feb. 12 Edw. III. confirming:—
Ch. 4 March, 2 Edw. II., conf. with additions:—
Ch. 5 Oct. 34 Edw. I., confirming:—
Ch. 28 Nov. 2 John.
Ch. of William II.
Ch. of Hen. I.
Ch. 7 May, 16 Hen. III., conf.:
Ch. of Hen. II.
Ch. 7 May, 16 Hen. III.
Ch. of William II.
B. Pat. 8 Feb. 22 Hen. VI. (p. 1, m. 11).
C. Pat. 19 Dec. 18 Edw. IV. (p. 2, m. 16).
D. Pat. 9 May, 3 Hen. VII. (Conf. roll 16, No. 10), confirming.
a. Pat. 21 June, 15 Edw. IV. (p. 2, m. 14), conf.:—
(1) Ch. 10 July, 5 John.
(2) Pat. 8 Oct. 2 Ric. II., confirming:—
Ch. 21 Feb. 12 Edw. II., conf.:—
Chs. (2) of Hen. I.
Ch. 4 Oct. 11 Edw. I.
Ch. 30 Aug. 9 Edw. II.
(3) Pat. 28 June, 10 Ric. II., conf.:—
Pat. 16 May, 24 Edw. III.
b. Pat. 8 Dec. 1 Edw. IV.
Westm., 24 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. Conf. roll 48, No. 3.
51. Commission of the Peace. See Appendix.
The town of Oxford.—Westm., 25 Nov. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 6d. [3546.]
52. Robert Hutton, clk. Presentation to the church of Comberworth, Linc. dioc., void by death of William Doughtyman. Westm., 23 Nov., 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 26 Nov. P.S. [3547.]
53. Robert and John Rissheton. To be, in survivorship, porters of the castle of Sandall, Yorks., with the keepership of the Little Park and Thurston Hay there, which Sir John Savill lately held. Westm., 22 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 26 Nov. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 24. [3548.]
54. Gaol Delivery.
Ipswich.—Commission to Sir Jas. Hobert, Humph. Wyngfeld, Rob. Suthwell, junr., Jas. Hill, Ric. Parcivale, Th. Baldry, Edm. Daundy, Edm. Gylgett, and Hen. Stannarde. Westm., 26 Nov. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 5d. [3549.]
55. Escheators. Several fiats for appointment, viz.:—
Beds.—Edm. Cokyn.
Yorks.—Rob. Crake.
Linc.—George Fitzwilliam of Louthe.
Norf. and Suff.—John Storges.
Surr. and Suss.—John Thatcher.
Hants.—John Mowmperson.
Essex.—Henry Clovyle.
Warw. and Leic.—John Braysbrige.
Cumb. and Westmld.—Wm. Penyngton.
Ntht. and Rutl.—Ric. Pulter.
Staff.—John Wellis.
Oxon and Berks.—Th. Lentalle.
Heref. and Marches.—John Abrall.
S.B. (each signed T. Surrey, and marked as delivered Westm., 26 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII.).
56. Master Williams Bragges, clk. Presentation to the church of Everingham, in the marches of Calais, Canterb. dioc. Westm., 23 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 28 Nov. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 25. [3550.]
57. The men, burgesses and provosts of the borough of Great Yarmouth. Grant, for 10 years from Mich. 1 Hen. VIII., of the annual rent of 50 marks, out of their fee farm of 60l. which they pay for the town and for a place in the sea near the entrance of the port called "Kyrkelerode"; with release to Robert Bisshop and John Dobelday, John James and Henry Plumstede, Henry Beamont and John Garton, Thomas Ufford and Richard Palmer, late bailiffs of the said town, of all arrears of the said fee farm, provided that, before Christmas next, they make four iron bombards called "gunnes" and two iron chambers to each bombard, such bombards to be in length in the bore (? aula) of the same nine feet and width of 3½in. in the mouth and each with the two chambers of the same shall weigh 600 1bs. (and, at 2½d. the 1b., be worth 6l.) and be able to throw a stone or iron bullet a distance of one mile, the town to maintain these with bullets, powder and other necessaries, for their defence, during the above term. Westm., 7 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 28 Nov. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 25. [3551.]
58. Commissions of the Peace. See Appendix.
Middlesex.—Westm., 28 Nov. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 3d.
Westmoreland.—Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p., 1 m. 4d. [3552.]
59. Commission of the Peace. See Appendix.
Northumberland.—Westm., 29 Nov. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 6d. [3553.]
60. Escheators. Several fiats for appointment, viz.:—
Devon.—Rob. Tanner.
Worc.—Ric. Lygon.
Nthld.—George Muschyans.
S.B. (each signed T. Surrey and marked as delivered Westm., 29 Nov. 4 Hen. VIII.).
61. Burgesses of Tewkesbury. Inspeximus and confirmation of:—
Ch. 12 Aug. 11 Edw. III., conf. with additions:—
Ch. of Gilbert earl of Gloucester and Hertford, 26 April 1314, 7 Edw. II.
Westm., 29 Nov. [4 Hen. VIII.]. Conf. roll 48, No. 2.
62. Lewis Bettys, of Bath, Soms., clothmaker. Reversal of outlawry in co. Somers.; sued for debt by John Watwang, of London, draper. Westm. 29 Nov. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 1. [3939.]


  • 1. See No. 1463 viii.
  • 2. Sir Charles Brandon.
  • 3. Sir William Sandes.
  • 4. N.B.—Not signed
  • 5. Names marked with an asterisk are pricked as sheriffs.