Henry VIII: October 1512, 16-31

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Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1920.

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October 1512

16 Oct.
Sanuto, XV., 326.
1439. VENICE.
[Note of letters received, 10 Nov. 1512.]
From Andrea Badoer, London, 16 Oct.—Nothing important. Only that he has heard that the Ambassador Capello was coming and was stopped by the Emperor; so that he (Badoer) regrets having sold his dresses and furniture in expectation of returning home.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 204.
17 Oct.
Vitell. B. XVIII., 5. B.M.
The Emperor has removed from a town (fn. 1) on the borders of Gueldreland, 12 miles from Cologne towards Brabant, and [is going] to Newys, 5 miles from [Cologne]. The Duke of Gueldres lay two miles off Newys with 2,400 foot and 500 horse to stop him, and might easily have done it, as the Emperor when he returned to Newys had only 600 men. Two brothers, Dukes of Brunswick ... will provide the Emperor with 2,500 foot and 700 horse, and [Lady] Margaret will send 1,500 foot and 300 horse, to enable him to pass in safety. Three substantial men are to be chosen to answer for the engagements into which the Princes of Germany and the great towns of the Empire have entered at this Diet at Cologne for six years during the Emperor's wars. Security to be given that the money granted for the wars be applied to no other purpose. "Harman Ryng had been desired to take ... for these cities and towns. He has ... ge for one man alone." The Emperor purposed to send Harman Ryng [to ...]s for some cause unknown. The Duke of Milan was still at a town called Ryve on the Lago de Garda. The Bishop of Lwke is taken prisoner by his own subjects, in the town; "for he is good French" and the burgesses, for fear, hold with the Emperor. [Encloses] one of the letters sent by the Emperor to all his subjects, warning them not to leave the country to serve any [foreign] princes, or export artillery. Was despatched by the Emperor, 7 Oct., with his passports. Harman Ryng has much assisted him. Has obtained for the King at Cologne 300 [harness for] footmen furnished at 10s. 8d. st. Could not get more "to be [deli]vered within 15 days after Christmas." Harness is here all bespoken. Newys, 17 Oct.
Left Newys after writing this letter for Yssbrokk. Regrets his loss of time; for "if the [Emperor] delayeth one day, my Lady will delay three." 17 Oct.
Hol., pp. 3. Add.
19 Oct.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 3, f. 34. R.O.
Account of Sir Guyot de Heudly, sent by my Lord Marquis (Dorset) to Bilbao to procure transports for the English army, 17 Sept., of payments to shipmen, messengers, and others. Signed: Per Guyot de Heulle.
ii. Warrant to Sir William Sandes, treasurer of the wars, to pay Sir Guyot de Hule 25l. 8s. on the above account. St. Sebastian's, 19 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. Signed: Thomas Dorssett, Thomas Howard, Wyllughby W., Water Deveroux, Morys Berkeley.
Pp. 5. Endd.: Warrants by my Lord Marques.
* At p. 11 of this document is the beginning of a warrant for payments to the masters of ships going with "us" (Dorset, &c.) into England, "as expressed in a book signed" by the Bishop of Seqwence and John Stile.
19 Oct.
Ashmol. MS. 858, p. 17.
Abstract of a grant of arms "by Tho. Wriotheslie, Garter, and Tho. Benolt, Clar, to the Company of Fishmongers of London (19 Oct. 1512)." From Catalogue.
19 Oct.
Sanuto, XV., 462.
1443. VENICE.
[Note of a letter received 8 Jan. 1512–13.]
From Henry VIII. to the Signory, 19 Oct.—In reply to ours. Very sage. Will maintain the war with France and would like us to send a fleet to Provence in the spring.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, p. 87.
20 Oct.
Stowe MS. 146, ff. 18–20. B.M.
Three memoranda by Ed. Hatteclyff of delivery of wine for the army under the command of the Marquis of Dorset, the first and third dated at the Passage in Gypuscoa, 20 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII., the other undated, viz.:—
i. By Martin de Vera. Countersigned: Thomas Howard; Wyll'm Sandys.
ii. By Andrew Groyte, servant to Anthony Caveler, of London. Countersigned: Thomas Howard.
iii. By John Grenewey, of London
Three small papers, each p. 1.
22 Oct.
Cambridge, Gonville and Caius Coll. MS. 392, p. 45.
"Testamentum Dominae Margaretae Comitissae Richmondiae et Derby probatum apud Lambeth, Oct. 22, 1512. Anglice scriptum." From Catalogue.
* A copy of the will is entered on the Close Roll of 4 Hen. VIII., m. 13.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 1, f. 46. R.O. 1446. [236.] MARGARET COUNTESS OF RICHMOND.
Fragment of an account rendered by the executors of Margaret countess of Richmond, showing that the goods (of which the whole inventory is lost except the last two items) were valued at 7,050l. 8s. 7/8d.; "whereof" they have delivered the bequests and legacies (specified) to the "Kynge ys good grace that now is, Kyng Henry VIII."; the Queen that now is; the Princess of Castile (Mary); the Bp. of Winchester, the Lord Chamberlain, Master Lovell, the bp. of Rochester, Sir Hen. Marney, Mr. Horneby, clk., Sir John Seynt John, and Hugh Assheton, clk., executors; Will. Bedell, treasurer of her household, Dr. Wilsford, confessor, Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Frognall, Mrs. Forster, Dr. Chamber, Mr. Bekynsall, Mr. Boeth; Christ's College Cambridge; St. John's College; the Abbot of Westminster; Wymborne Mynster: total, 3,058l. 8s 10½d. Moreover, they ask allowance of 51l. 18d. for stuff which was appraised to high, 354l. 18s. 6¼d. for stuff, yet unsold, and 2,693l. 5s. 6d. for debts due by some of the above, and by Lord Burgevenny, the Lord of Durham, Rob. Fremyngham, Jas. Morez, the Bp. of Exeter, Jo. Mundy, goldsmith, and Will Eylmer.
Pp. 10.
Sp. Transcr. I., vol. 5, f. 166. R.O. 1447. FERDINAND KING OF ARAGON.
Instructions for Juan de Lanuza. (fn. 2)
To tell the Emperor and Madame Margaret that, as desired, he sends Don Juan de Aragon to take service with Prince Charles.
To show (points detailed) the Emperor the necessity of Ferdinand and him and England remaining united so as to recover Burgundy Milan &c., since dependence cannot be placed upon the Pope. To give a minute account of what has passed since the arrival of the English in Spain (chief points expanded, viz., justification of the conquest of Navarre and failure of the English commander to work with the Spanish forces). Has told the King of England that English troops alone should invade Normandy while the Spaniards (England paying half the cost) conquer Guienne for them. Lanuza must persuade the Emperor to undertake the conquest of Burgundy at the same time, and Ferdinand will persuade the Italians to lend him money. As the English forsook him and may wish to conclude peace with France, he had concluded a truce for six months, which, however, does not extend to Italy. Meanwhile, he will try to conquer the fortresses still held by the French in Italy, and concert a plan of campaign for Guienne, Normandy and Burgundy. Whatever the French may suggest, he will never make peace with France without the consent of the Emperor and England.
Wishes to know the Emperor's opinion with speed. Longs to see Prince Charles in Spain. If the Emperor is in Flanders the above is to be told him in person; if not, communicated secretly to Madame Margaret. If the Emperor is near Flanders, Lanuza shall go to him after conferring with Madame Margaret; but if the Emperor is far away Luis Gilaberte is to be sent to him and then return to Spain.
See Spanish Calendar, Vol. II, No. 70.
Spanish. Modern transcript from Simancas, pp. 20.
23 Oct.
Galba B. III. 52. B.M.
1448. [3481.] [YOUNG and BOLEYN to HENRY VIII.]
Wrote last on the 14th. Have received no answer from my Lady, though Spinelly informed them in her name that the Emperor had written with his own hand to say he would be at Mechlin on the 18th (sic). The promise of the Emperor has expired after his accustomed manner. "He promised at Midsummer at his departure to return to Brussels within 3 weeks. We suppose he meant 3 months, which are past, and yet he is not come." It was said he would be at Mechlin on the "said 28th day." They have no certainty of him. They would fain do the King service but cannot. "If two men run at the tilt, and one of their horses be froward and will not take ne ... well favoredly to the same, it will be long or they join well together." Brussels, 23 Oct.
Mutilated, p. 1. From a letter book.
26 Oct.
Sanuto, XV., 306.
1449. VENICE.
[Note of letters received 2 Nov. 1512.]
From Francesco Foscari, ambassador at Rome, 26 Oct.—Yesterday the Pope prorogued the Council for the coming of Gurk, who is expected at Rome on the 30th. The Pope greatly desires his coming in order to make the agreement, and although favourable to the Signory, insists upon her agreeing with the Emperor. Sends the article out of a letter from England which follows (see No. 1391).
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 202.
T.R. Misc.
Book, I., p. 103. R.O.
1450. [4375.] WAR WITH SCOTLAND.
Account of Edward Bensted, late treasurer of the wars in the King's army in the North, under Thomas earl of Surrey, Treasurer and Marshal of England, Lord Lieutenant and Captain-General of the said army,—by virtue of the King's letter missive directed to the said Edward, dated 4 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII., of monies received and paid by him for the expenses of the army, for 84 days, from 4 Aug. to 27 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII.
Received of Master William Lychefeld, one of the King's chaplains, by virtue of two warrant dated 9th and 14th Aug. 4 Hen. VIII.; of Edmund Abbot of St. Mary's Abbey, York, and Master Thomas Magnus, one of the King's chaplains, by virtue of a warrant dated 12 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. 2,127l. 2s. 8d.
Paid for wages, coats, and conduct money for the retinue of the Earl of Surrey, for one month, beginning 20 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII.; viz. for 500 coats of white and green at 4s. each; to Lord Surrey, for himself 5l. a day; to Lord Barnes, marshal of the Army, 6s. 8d. a day; 10 petty captains 2s. each a day; 22 demi-lances, 9d. each a day; one spear 18d. a day; 162 archers 8d. each a day; 2 surgeons 8d. each a day; 1 trumpet 16d. a day. Wages &c. for the treasurer of the wars and 15 men of his retinue; viz., a coat of white and green for the treasurer, 4s.; wages of the treasurer at 6s. 8d. a day, for 42 days from 5 Aug. to 17 Sept.; a coat of white and green for Thomas Warton, clerk of the wars, 4s.; his wages at 2s. a day for 40 days; for coats of white and green, for 13 soldiers at 4s. a coat; their wages at 8d. a day. To Wm. Butteler, sergeant-of-arms, for coats of white and green for himself and 2 soldiers; his wages at 2s. a day; his 2 soldiers at 8d. a day. Coats and wages to John Millett, comptroller of the wars, and his 6 soldiers at the same rate as above. Wages to Master Clarencieux 6s. a day, and Rougecrosse 2s. a day. To John Mortymer, King's messenger, for conveyance of King's letters from Bishop's Waltham to the Lords of divers shires in the North during 28 days, 1s. a day; to Willm. Grene of Pomfret for riding 56 miles for Sir John Constable and others at 2d. a mile; for 2 carriages of the Earl of Surrey from Lambeth to Pomfret, 96 miles, at 2d. a mile for each carriage; same for the carriages of the marshal and the treasurer; for bags to hold the King's money, 20d.; for 2 coffers and a casket for the same, 28s. 4d.; for ink and writing paper 12d.
Wages at Pomfret for one month, beginning 17 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII. To Willm. Grene of Pomfret for riding 41 miles to the Earl of Northumberland and others; to Ralph Purser of Pomfret for riding 72 miles to Lord Derby and others; for the hire of a horse standing at "harde mete," for 28 days, 9s. 4d. Conduct money for the retinue of the Earl of Surrey homewards for 13 days, beginning 15 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII., viz.: to Lord Surrey 5l. a day; to Avery Berwick a spear; to Edw. Bellingeham a demy-lance. To 14 archers of Sussex; to 29 archers of do.; to Edmund Walsingham a demi-lance, and his 3 archers; to John Byrley do., and his 3 archers; to Tho. Stydolff do., and his 30 archers; to Mighell Denys do., and his 6 archers; to Willm. Westbroke do., and his 9 archers; to Edward Gorge, a petty captain [, and] Tho. Newton, a demi-lance, and their 18 archers.
Charges for the King's ordnance in the Tower of London conveyed northwards, "as appears by a declaration of the parcels made by William Blaknall, clerk of the King's ordnance," viz., to Willm. Blaknall, for his wages at 2s. a day from the 9th to the 22 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII.; and for shorter periods, ending 20 Aug., to 4 carpenters. at 8d. each a day, 4 wheelwrights at 8d. each a day, 4 smiths at 8d. each a day, 4 purveyors at 12d. each a day, 4 yeomen carters at 8d. each a day, 2 horse harness makers at 8d. each a day, and 114 men labouring in the Tower of London, loading the ordnance and attending the same, at 8d. each a day. To Willm. Pawne, master of the ordnance, 6s. 8d. a day, 4 soldiers at 8d. a day, Wm. Blaknall and the others, and 60 soldiers at 6d., Raynkyn Hegster, captain of the gunners, 12s. a day, 4 quartermasters, gunners, at 8d. each a day and 55 gunners at 6d. a day for two months from 20 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. Conduct money homewards. Sum total of the payments 2,166l. 11s., "and so the said Edward Bensted is in a surplusage of 39l. 8s. 4d., which John Heron, treasurer of the King's chamber, paid him by virtue of a warrant dated in July, 5 Hen. VIII."
Pp. 13. Signed, at the end of the account, by the King.
Exch. Accts., 61 (9). R.O. 1451. EXPEDITION TO SCOTLAND.
"Here ensueth the emptions and provysions of ordinaunces and artillary newly provyded and bought for the Kinges noble viage into Scotlande within the time of this accompte, &c." viz.:—
Payments to Wm. Newington, Thomas Major, and a great many other bowyers; to John Wilshire, John Burdon, and other fletchers; to Rob. Brewster, turner for "eight great tampions for the mowthes of the great gonnes"; to Wm. Walron and other smiths, for mattocks, &c; to John Vaunce and other horseharness makers; to John Dopson and other turners for "tampions for gonnes," including 8,000 "to send to my Lord Broke,"; to John Smith, yeoman of the ordnance, for nails; and many other items of outlay for timber, ironwork, &c.
Unfinished. (Apparently a fragment as the leaves are numbered iiij, v, xj, xij, xiij, xiv, xx, xxj.) Large paper, pp. 16.
28 Oct.
Paris Transcr., No. I. R.O.
Thanks for "le beau carnequin d'Allemaigne" (fn. 3) received from the Duchess Dowager of Savoy as sent from him. Has not hitherto seen one so fine as this is, or of such make, and he intends often to use it. Greenwich, 28 Oct. 1512. Countersigned: Meautis.
French. Modern transcript from Paris, p. 1.
28 Oct.
T.R. Misc. Books, 2, p. 1. R.O.
1453. SIR EDWARD HOWARD, Admiral.
Accounts of Sir Edward Howard, Admiral, as "governor and conductor" of the "King's navy and army by the sea."
i. The title and the entries relating to receipts of money from John Heron and John Daunce, from John Dawtrie, by the hands of Sir Wistan Browne 22 May, 4 Hen. VIII., and from Dawtrie at other dates, are much mutilated.
ii. Coats to soldiers at 4s. and jackets to mariners at 20d.
[Giving, under ships, the numbers of soldiers under captains named, the number of mariners and the amount paid, viz:—]
The Marie Roose: Sir Edward Howard 220, trumpets 5, Sir John (sic) Wyndeham 26—50l. 4s.; mariners 120, gunners 20, servitors 20,—13l. 6s. 8d. And so on, the ships and captains named being as follows:—The Petyr Pomegarnett: Sir Wistan Browne, Sir John Reynseford, Sir John Cotton, Sir John Cutte, Sir Wm. Sey. The Marie and John: Sir Griffith Donne, Lord Dacres, Lord Stourton, Sir Robert Drewrie, Sir Ric. Lewys. The Anne of Grenewiche: Sir Thomas Lucy, Sir Thomas Knyvett, Sir John Heydon, Mr. Broughton. The John Baptist Hopton: John Hopton, Arthur Hopton of Suffolk, Lord Wylteshire, Sir E. Darell, my Lord of Oxenforde. The Mary George: Sir Robert Morton, Lord Chamberlain alias Lord Harbert, Lord of Essex. The Nicholas Redde: Wm. Gounson, Lord Oxenforde, Lord Fitzwautyr, Lord Hastynges, Sir Ph. Calthrop. The George of Falmouth: Sir Wm. Trevanyon. The Petyr of Fowey: John Power, captain. The Lyon of Grenewich: Sir John Burdyte, captain, Sir Robert Frogmerton. The Christopher Davy: John Iseham, captain, Sir John Shelton, Roger Townesende, Henry Long, Sir Thomas Bedyngfeld. The Sabyen: Wm. Sabyen, captain. The Barbara of Grenewych: Sir Edw. Cobham, captain, Lord Cobham, John Henyngham, Sir Ric. Wentforthe. The Dragon of Grenewich: Sir Wm. Syddeney, captain, Sir Charles Brandon, Sir John Saymer, Ant. Wynkefeld. The Jenett of Purwyn: Th. Gurney, captain. The Martynet: Sir Henry Sherbourne, captain, Sir Henry Wyott, Sir James Hubbert, Sir Wm. Walgrave. The Nicholas of Hampton: John Flemmyng, captain. Victualling crayers the John of Goston (John à Goston, captain) and Mary Alynson (Wm. Alynson, captain). Rowbarges the Rose Henry (Robert Yelverton, captain) and Kateryn Pomegarnet (—Coke, captain). The Mawdelyne: John Brigandyne, captain. The Regent: Sir Stephen Bull.
iii. Conduct money paid to every man at the rate of 6d. for 12 miles.
[The first seventeen ships named in § ii taken in the same order. Some names not shown in § ii appear, such as the masters of the mariners, together with many particulars of the places from whence the men came.]
iv. "The one days wages paid after the musters taken at Blakeheth," viz., for Friday 16 April 3 Hen. VIII., to every man 6d. according to the proclamation.
[Only 13 of the 17 ships named in § iii, the George of Falmouth, Peter of Fowey, Jenett of Purwyn and Nicholas of Hampton being omitted. The captains are named, and the men numbered 1,523.]
v. Charges for the "first three months" Saturday, 17 April, 3 Hen. VIII. to 8 July, 4 Hen. VIII.
[The style of the account will be best seen by reciting the first entry as follows. "The Marie Roose:—Fyrst to Syr Edward Haward, knyght, chief captein and admyral of the Flete for his wages and vitayle at 10s. a day by the seid iij mounthes amountyng to 42l. Also to Sir Thomas Wyndeham knyght for his vitayle and wages at 18d. by the day by the said iij mounthes, 6l. 6s. Also for the wages and vitayle of 2 lodesmen alias pylottes ych of thiem at 20s. a mounth by the seid iij mounthes 6l. Also for vitayle of 411 souldiours, 206 maryners, 120, gonners 20, and servitours 20, in the same ship, every man at 5s. a mounth by the seid tyme 308l. 5s. Also for wages of the same 411 persons every man at 5s. a mounth by the seid tyme 308l. 5s. Also for 34 deddeshares demi at 5s. a share by the seid tyme 25l. 17s. 6d. Also for toundage aftyr 3d. a ton a weke by the seid tyme 500 ton, nil quia navis Regis." (Captains who are spears, or paid as spears, are not paid under this account.)]
The ships with their tonnage and captains' names are Marie Roose, 500, Sir Edw. Haward, Sir Thos. Wyndeham; Petyr Poundegarnade, 400, Sir Wystan Browne, captain, a spear; Marie John, 240, Sir Griffith Donne, c., a spear; Anne of Grenewyche, 160, [Sir] Thomas Lucye, c.; Marie George, 300, Sir Robert Morton, c., a spear; John Baptyst Hopton, 400, (fn. 4) John Hopton, c., Sir Wm. Pirton who brought my Lord of Oxenford's men; Nicholas Reede, 400,* Wm. Gounson, c.; George of Falmouth, 140,* Sir Wm. Trevanyon, c.; Petre of Fowey, 120,* John Power, c.; Lyon of Grenewych, 120, Sir John Burdett, c., a spear; Christopher Davy, 160,* John Iseham, c.; Sabyen, 120,* Wm. Sabyen, c.; Barbara of Grenewych, 140, Sir Edward Cobham, c., "paid aforehand after a spear out of the King's coffers"; Dragon of Grenewych, 100, Sir Wm. Sydney, c., paid afore "after a spear"; Jenett of Pyrwyn, 70,* Tho. Gurney, c.; Martynet, 180,* Sir Henry Sherbourne, c., paid afore "after a spear"; Nicholas of Hampton, 200,* John Flemmyng, c.; John of Goston, 65,* Marie Alynson, 55,* Roose Henry (tonnage not given), Kateryn Pomegarnad (tonnage not given); Margret of Topsham, 140,* James Knyvett, c.
vi. Second three months, 9 July to 30 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII. [The same ships and captains with addition of The Mawdeleyn, 100, John Brygandyne, c.]
vii. The seventh month, 1 to 28 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. [The same ships as in § vi without the Martynet or Mawdeleyn and with The Henry Kateryn of Hampton, 120, in place of the Lyon.]
viii. Emptions of certain stuff (hawsers, &c.).
ix. Necessary and foreign charges. [Including pay of Robert Watno, the auditor, attending for the rating and paying of wages, and costs of John Flemmyng, Hervy Haward, master of the Regent, Thomas Spert, master of the Mary Rose and John Cloge, master of the Peter Pomegarnet, for seven days, coming and returning from Southampton to Eltham in October to advise the King as to stowing the ships for the winter and other causes.]
x. Money "prested."
[To Robert Gower of Maidstone, for wages of men "hewing gunstones," 11l. 16s., and to certain pursers.]
Total expenditure 13,903l. 9s. 9½d., leaving 208l. 12½d. in Sir Edward Howard's hands.
Pp. 78.
Pipe Office Declared Accts., Roll 210. R.O. 2. Declaration of the above account, giving briefly in tabulated form the expenditure under each heading. Beginning (containing receipts) lost, except the total 14,111l. 10s. 10d.
Paper roll of four leaves, mutilated.
R. MS. 7, F. xiv. B.M. 3. [3981.] Note of the contents of § 2, headed: "The King's navy and army by the sea.—A brief abstract of the declaration of the account of Sir Edward Haward, Knt., Admiral."
P. 1.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 2, f. 101. R.O.
Navy Records Soc. x., 13.
1454. [5747.] VICTUALLING of THE REGENT.
For 10 days from 4 to 14 May 4 Hen. VIII., for 300 mariners. Biscuit, 3s. 4d. per 100, 100s.; beer, 8s. 4d. the pipe, 12l. 10s.; beef, 51s. the pipe, 11l. 9s. 6d.; fish at 36s. 6d., 5 score and 6, 73s.
ii. Continuation of the account 14 May to 9 July. Candles, 6d. per lb.; mustard seed, 10d. per peck; oxen, 12s. and 13s. 4d. a carcase, &c.
iii. The like for three months beginning 10 July "then next following."
Pp. 6. Entitled: The booke of the vytailing of the Regent anno 4o He. viijvi.
Le Glay, Corresp. de Max. et de Marg., II., 46. 1455. MARGARET OF SAVOY to MAXIMILIAN.
Is glad of his good news of Pisquina and Bressa and other affairs of Italy. Is no less glad to hear of the arrival of the Dukes of Brunswick whereby the Emperor may hasten his own coming to put good order in the affairs of Gueldres. Encloses letters from the King of England in answer to hers and believes that things will right themselves, for that King has despatched Messire Robert Wigfelde with a better charge than he and his companions had before his going. Understands that the going of her valet de chambre to the ambassador of Aragon "sera ... à vostre intencion."
28 Oct.
Galba B. III., 52b. B.M.
1456. [3489.] [YOUNG and BOLEYN to HENRY VIII.]
Wrote on the 23rd. Received on the 27th his letter dated Greenwich, the 23rd, with one for my Lady, at which she was much pleased and expressed a hope of a favourable conclusion in consequence of the Emperor's coming down to these parts. Replying to Boleyn's expression of their confidence in her, she said she could not ascertain them of the precise time of the Emperor's coming. The Duke of Gueldres, hearing of the Emperor's coming, disguised some of his men like Burgundians, and sent them to meet the Emperor, who would have been trapped had he not been forewarned. He now waits for the Duke of Brunswick who comes shortly with a great puissance. Enclose a letter from my Lady, received by Spinelly. Brussels, 28 Oct.
Mutilated, p. 1. From a letter book.
Election. See GRANTS IN OCTOBER, NO 38.
31 Oct.
Peter Martyr, Letters, No. 501.
The King of England's stringent command to his men to put themselves at the order of Ferdinand came too late, for they had already sailed. It is not yet known whether they have escaped the dangers of the sea. Ferdinand has sent Martin Muxica as ambassador to his son in law. The French are invading Navarre. * * * Lucronii pridie Kal. Nov. 1512.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 229, f. 91. R.O. 1459. WINDSOR HERALD.
Bill of "costes doon by me Wyndesore herauld of [arms in g]oing to the Kyng of Aragon [and my] lord M[a]rques by the postes."
London to Plymouth, going and coming, 4l. 6s. 8d. Reward to mariners of the ship I went in, 13s. 4d. From "Seynt Sebastian till Trollogrono going and coming to the King of Aragon," 40s. From St. Sebastian to Bylbow and thence to Laredo, going and coming, 53s. 4d. Reward of the ship I came home in, 20s. Begs "your Lordships," in consideration of "his great travail and pain," to pay this.
Mutilated, p. 1. Headed: To the King's most [noble] Counceill.
Egerton MS., 544, f. 363b. B.M. 1460. FERDINAND OF ARAGON to QUEEN KATHARINE.
Comendador Martin de Muxica, his chief paymaster, the bearer, jointly with Luis Carroz, his ambassador, have something to say on his behalf to the King of England which they are commanded to communicate to her. Begs credence for them.
ii. The same to Luiz Caroz.
Credence for Muxica.
Spanish. Modern copies, p. 1.
Sp. Transcr., I., 5, f. 158. R.O. 1461. FERDINAND OF ARAGON.
Instructions for Martin de Muxica, his paymaster and envoy extraordinary, and Luis Caroz de Villaragut his ambassador in England, for what they are to tell the King of England.
Martin Dampies and, later, Juan Sepulveda took the King of England detailed accounts of all that passed after the English army landed in Spain. Afterwards the English paymaster and another Englishman came to Ferdinand, with John Stile. Gave them a written answer and sent a copy of it to the Bishop of Siguenza, to show to the English commander in chief. The commander read it and wrote back that he would join the Spanish forces "on Monday next" to invade Guienne, begging for transport horses and guides. Explains that things were then favourable for occupying all Guienne except Bayonne and Bordeaux, and how he at once sent transport and guides and moved the Spanish forces in support. Then the Marquis of Dorset wrote that the English would not remain longer than 25 days in the field and (upon Ferdinand's unavailing remonstrances) that unless shipping was provided they would march home through France. The first of these letters was dated _ (blank) (fn. 5) Sept. and the second _ (blank)* day of the month of _ (blank).* Describes at length how the enterprise was thus rendered impossible. Unreasonable conduct of the commander in chief. Suspicion that some in the English army had an understanding with the French. At his first arrival the commander in chief mentioned to the bp. of Siguenza a marriage which he intended to conclude with one of the daughters of the then King of Navarre, and messengers from that King were frequently with him. Hears that the second in command (fn. 6) and other English officers approved Ferdinand's plan of campaign.
The English army having return to England and Luis Caroz writing that, owing to difficulties with the Scots and the French fleet, the King asked for the Spanish fleet to be sent to his assistance, Ferdinand has concluded for himself and England a six months' truce offered by the French for England, Spain, Scotland and the high seas. Italy is not included and the Pope and Venetians may there be aided against the French. Gives the Spanish opinion of English soldiers, whose greatest fault is that they cannot act in concert with those of other nations. Thinks that next summer he should conquer Guienne with Spanish troops, England paying half the cost; while at the same time an English army should march from Calais into Normandy.
The King of England may rest assured that Ferdinand will never make peace without his consent, and would not have made even this short truce if England had carried on hostilities either in Guienne or from Calais. But another reason for this truce is to bring pressure on the Pope, by whose crooked behaviour towards the Emperor and King of England the King of France still holds fortresses in Italy and has not been pronounced deprived of Guienne and Normandy. Freed on the side of Guienne and Normandy, France will act in Italy with more vigour and the Pope will thus be driven to seek the friendship of the Emperor and England.
See Spanish Calendar, Vol. II, No. 68.
Spanish. Modern transcript from Simancas, pp. 15.
1462. GRANTS IN OCTOBER, 1512.
1. Croyland Abbey. Restitution of temporalities on the election of John Wellys (late steward of the said monastery) as abbot, vice Richard Bardeney, deceased. Eltham, 2 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 3 Oct. P.S.
ii. Petition for the above from Will. bp. of Lincoln. Buckden, 25 Sept. 1512.
(2) Writ to the tenants of the abbey and the escheators of Camb. and Hunts, Lincoln, Northt., Hants, Herts, and Leicester. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 22. [3447.]
2. Thomas and John Dee. Grant, in survivorship, of an annuity of 5l., from Mich. 1 Hen. VIII., paid by the prior of Wenlok, Salop, to the King, out of an apport formerly belonging to the alien House of Charity of Cluny. Greenwich, 14 July, 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 3 Oct. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 21. [3448.]
3. Richard bishop of Winchester, keeper of the Privy Seal, and George earl of Shrewsbury, steward of the Household. Next presentation to the deanery of the free chapel of St. Stephen, within Westminster palace. Eltham, 2 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 3 Oct. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 22. [3449.]
4. William Browne, gentleman of the Chapel, and John Rede. Grant, in survivorship, of a corrody in the monastery of Gloucester, on surrender of the same by the said Browne. Eltham, 25 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 Oct. P.S. [3450.]
5. Thos. Hyll. Fiat for farm of the subsidy and ulnage of cloth for sale in co. Warwick and the city of Coventry; for 10 years, at 24l. 3s. 4d. rent and 3s. 4d. increase. Del. Westm., 5 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. (signed. T. Surrey, with certificate by Robert Blagge that surety is found in the Exchequer).
6. Robert Hutton, clk. Presentation to the church of Lanlythan, with the chapel of Holy Cross in that parish, Llandaff dioc., void by death. Eltham, 28 Sept. Del. Westm., 6 Oct. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 22. [3453.]
7. William Crane, gentleman of the Chapel, and Hugh Clopton of London, merchant. Licence to export 600 sacks of wool, from London, Southampton or Sandwich, through and beyond the Straits of Marrok, paying for all customs and dues, only 4 marks per sack at the end of five years after shipment. Del. Westm., 6 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. French Roll, 4 Hen. VIII. m. 3. [3454.]
8. John Pynnot alias Augeoy, of Aquitaine. Denization. Del. Westm., 6 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. [3455.]
9. Baptist Justinian, Barnard de Campis, and John and Anthony Justinian, merchants of Chios in Greece. Licence to trade in the King's dominions with a ship of Sarna, master John son of Paul Baptist Justinian, of any other ships. Eltham, 23 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 9 Oct. French Roll, 4 Hen. VIII. m. 1. P.S. [3458.]
10. Robert Stynt, clk. Grant of the pension which the newly elected abbot of Abingdon is bound to give a clerk of the King's nomination, till he be promoted by the abbot to a competent benefice. Portsmouth, 29 July, 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 9 Oct. P.S. (in English). [3459.]
11. Andrew Yong, clk. Presentation to the church of Wyberton, Lincoln dioc., void by death of _ (blank) Gabryell. Del. Westm., 11 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. [3461.]
12. Ralph Egerton, gentleman usher of the Chamber. To have, for life, the keeping of all towers, chambers, stables, &c., in the castle of Chester, with the exception of the Exchequer and Exchequer Chamber. Eltham, 1 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 11 Oct. P.S. (in English). Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 8. [3462.]
13. Merchants of England haunting the parts of the Archduke of Austria (Holland, Zealand, Brabant and Flanders). Inspeximus and confirmation of:—
Pat. 9 Nov. 16 Hen. VII., conf.:—
Pat. 6 July, 8 Hen. VI., conf.:—
Pat. 21 Oct. 1413, 1 Hen. V., confirming:—
Pat. 5 Feb. 1406. 8 Hen. IV.
Westm., 11 Oct. [4 Hen. VIII.]. Conf. roll 47, No. 7.
14. Gaol Delivery.
Colchester Castle.—Commission to John Marney, Edw. Sulyard, Th. Bonham, Rob. Suthwell, Edw. Tyrell, and Th. Tey. Westm., 12 Oct. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 17d. (vacat. quia nihil inde actum). [3464.]
15. John Lovet. Release of recognizance made 18 Oct. 18 Hen. VII., whereby he was bound to keep the peace, and Richard Sheffeld and William Coke of Westminster, Philip Gough, brewer, and John Bery, weaver, of St. Dunstan in the West, were bound as his mainperners. Greenwich, 12 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 13 Oct. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 23. [3465.]
16. John Cavalcanti, of Florence. Safeconduct and protection to trade in England for 10 years. Windsor Castle, 18 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 13 Oct. P.S. [3466.]
17. Philip de Ghualterott, merchant of Florence. Safeconduct and protection to trade in England for ten years. Windsor Castle, 18 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 13 Oct. P.S. [3467.]
18. James Gartsyde and William Bell, yeomen of the Guard. Grant, in survivorship, of the offices of troner and keeper of the beam in the town of Newcastle upon Tyne. Greenwich, 18 July 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 15 Oct. P.S. (in English). Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 4. [3468.]
19. To John Yong, keeper of the Rolls and Records of Chancery. To cancel three recognizances, two of 40 marks, and one of 40l., made by Thomas Agard of Broughton, Northt., Thomas Venables of Kynderton, Cheshire, and Richard Cokkis, of St. Botolph's near Belingesgate, fishmonger, 11 Oct. 21 Hen. VII. Greenwich, 16 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. (marked: "Quia summa c. marc. solut. fuerunt ad manus mei Johannis Heron tribus temporibus"). [3470.]
20. Francis Sbarra, merchant of Lucca. Licence to export 100 sacks of wool from London, Southampton or Sandwich, through and beyond the Straits of Marrok, duty free. Del. Westm., 17 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. [3472.]
21. Petrus de Brisia, the King's servant. Annuity of 40l. from Midsummer, 4 Hen. VIII., for life. Greenwich, 13 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 17 Oct. P.S. (in English). Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 5. [3473.]
22. Sir William Glasier, priest. Grant of the pension which the newly elected prior of Christchurch, London, is bound to give to a clerk of the King's nomination, until the prior promotes him to a competent benefice. Greenwich, 17 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 18 Oct. P.S. [3474.]
22a. Rob. Rochestre, of Terlyng, Essex, alias of the Household, gentleman. Reversal of outlawry; sued for debt by John Newman and John Wythers, clerks, and Roger Baynbryg. Westm., 18 Oct. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 1. [3939.]
23. Thomas Hall, clk. Presentation to the church of Fokyngham, dioc. Lincoln, void by death.—Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 18 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 18. [3475.]
24. Abbey of Medmenham. Inspeximus and confirmation of:—
Ch. 3 Jan. 2 John.
Pat. 18 May, 11 Edw. II. (p. 2, m. 12).
Pat. 26 Oct. 23 Edw. III. (p. 3, m. 26).
Pat. 10 May, 24 Edw. III. (p. 1, m. 13).
Pat. of Prince Edward, 26 Aug. 23 Edw. III.
Westm., 18 Oct. [4 Hen. VIII.]. Conf. roll 47, No. 1.
25. Thomas Elyse, vicar of Shorne. Pardon. Del. Westm., 20 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. [3477.]
26. Richard Eden, clk. To be, for life, clerk of the King's council, with forty marks a year, vice John Meautys, the King's secretary for the French tongue, appointed during pleasure by patent 19 Oct. 1 Hen. VIII.; to enjoy the office in the same manner as Meautys or Robert Rydon. Greenwich, 14 June, 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 21 Oct. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 23. [3478.]
27. William Isaak. Licence to alienate to Sir Rob. Rede, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, John Kyrton, Th. Cavendisshe, John Castell, Edw. Stubbe, and Wm. Thomas, to the use of the said Rede and his heirs, 15l., parcel of 30l. annual rent in Canterbury, granted by Edward III. to William, son of John Cundy, and his heirs, which descended to Isaak from his father James (s. of John, s. of John s. of Agnes, d. of Margaret, sister and heir of Will. Cundy); and 7l. 10s., parcel as above, descended to Isaak from his father, who acquired it from Ric. Mayhewe, s. of Thomas, s. of Henry, s. of Joan, d. of Constance, a sister and heir of Wm. Cundy. Westm., 22 Oct. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 7. [3480.]
28. Yevan Lever, Yevan Gyngham, and Giles Robert, merchants, of Morleux, Brittany. Licence to trade in England with a ship of 40 tons or under, for one year. Greenwich, 21 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 23 Oct. P.S. (in English). [3482.]
29. Robert Davyson, yeoman of the Chamber with the King's sister, the Princess of Castile. To be, during pleasure, reeve of the lordship of Meddelham, vice Robert Beverley, and bow-bearer of Bishopsdale and Coverdale, and bow-bearer of Wynslodale, in co. Richmond, with 5l. a year. Eltham, 2 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 26 Oct. P.S. (in English). Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 19. [3483.]
30. John Wylkinson and John à Guylliams. Grant, in survivorship, of a corrody in the monastery of Malmesbury, on surrender of the same by Wylkinson. Greenwich, 16 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 26 Oct. P.S. [3484.]
31. Richard Blount and Alice his wife, d. and heir of Richard Knight, deceased, executors of the said Knight, who was lieutenant of Ruysbanke and executor of Sir John Tuberville, treasurer of Calais temp. Hen. VII., and was appointed with William Derwent to execute the said office of treasurer during pleasure. Pardon and release. Greenwich, 15 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 26 Oct. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 4. [3485.]
32. Robert Egglesfeld, late of Issell, Cumb., gentleman. Pardon of outlawry, in co. Westmoreland, for trespass. Westm., 27 Oct. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 23. [3486.]
33. Master Robert Bekynsall, D.D., the Queen's almoner. Grant of a canonry and prebend in the collegiate church of Windsor, void by death of William Cokkes. Greenwich, 23 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 28 Oct. P.S. [3487.]
34. Gaol Delivery.
Fyssherton Anger, Wilts.—Commission to Sir John Seymour, Sir Maurice Barough, Philip Baynard, Anth. Styleman, John West, Rob. Kaylewey, and Hen. Paunsfote. Westm., 28 Oct. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 17d. [3488.]
35. John Ketilby, sergeant of the Chaundry. Lease of the meadow and watermill in the manor of Salwarpe, Worc., with herbage and pawnage of the park, at an annual rent of 5l. 6s. 8d. Richmond, 31 Jan. 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 29 Oct. "anno subscripto." P.S. (in English). Pat. 3 (sic) Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 5. [3490.]
36. Anthony Love, late of London, alias of Greenwich, alias of Beverley, Yorks., goldsmith. Protection for one year; going in the suite of Sir Gilbert Talbot, Deputy of Calais. Greenwich, 20 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 29 Oct. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 19. [3491.]
37. William Tyler, the King's servant. Grant, for life, of a messuage with meadows, pastures, &c., and two cottages, at Lyllyngston Dauncy alias Lyllingston Lovell, Oxon., of a close called Holyden, and copses called Lymeswodes, in the parish of Leycamstede, Bucks, all formerly belonging to Walter Mauntell, and lately to Sir Richard Emson. Greenwich, 16 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 29 Oct. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 7. [3492.]
38. Priory of Holy Trinity beside Aldgate. Restitution of temporalities on the election of John Bradwell as prior, vice Thomas Percy, deceased. Eltham, 22 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 29 Oct.
ii. Petition for the same from Richard bp. of London. 20 Oct. 1512. P.S.
2. Writs to escheators of Kent, Middx., Essex and Herts, Devon and London. Westm., 29 Oct. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 6. [3493.]
39. Commission of the Peace. See Appendix.
Notts.—Westm., 29 Oct. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 3d. [3494.]


  • 1. Wesel.
  • 2. He left Spain 22 Oct. 1512, to be ambassador in Flanders and England.—Spanish Calendar, II., No. 69.
  • 3. It was apparently a cross-bow. See Vol. II., p. 1458.
  • 4. Tonnage is paid in these cases.
  • 5. Bergenroth supplies dates 7 Sept. and 11 Sept. on the authority of the letter from Muxica of 19 Nov. following.
  • 6. Lord Howard.