Letters and Papers: Miscellaneous, Spring 1539

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 14 Part 1, January-July 1539. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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Miscellaneous, Spring 1539

* These musters seem to have been taken at various dates during the spring of 1539, most of them by virtue of a Royal Commission issued 1 March 30 Hen. VIII. Some of the certificates specify this, others are distinctly dated, but a great number bear no date, and are placed here as probably taken at this season. In the following abstracts the names of gentlemen, or persons distinguished from their neighbours by the possession of servants or goods, are given in parentheses.
R. O. M 1. Bedfordshire.
Certificate by John lord Mordaunt, Sir John Seynt John, Nich. Hardyng, and Thos. Fitzhugh, Commissioners in co. Beds., of musters taken within the hundreds of Bereford, Stoddon, Wylly, and the town of Bedford, 8 April, 30 Hen. VIII.
[Giving under townships lists of archers and billmen followed by a list of names (in groups) of those who will furnish harness, and by totals of archers, billmen, and harness.]
Contents: Bereford hundred:—
Eton with the hamlets, 36 names of archers and billmen, (fn. 1) Colmorthe 15, Wyboldeston-cum-Wylson 16, Roxston-cum-Chalstern and Collesden 13, Ronhall-cum-Ravensden (John Pyke) 33, Bereford town 25, Goldyngton 24, Wylden 12. Total for this hundred, 44 archers, 130 billmen, and 20 pair of harness.
Stoddon hundred:—Melcheburne 12, Yelden 10, Pertenhale 1, Little Stoughton 7, Cayssho 16, Ryseley 16, Tylbroke 15, Dene 12, Shelton 5, Bolnehurst 14, Milton Erneys 25, Ocley 17, Clopham 6. Total, 32 archers, 122 billmen, and 12 pair of harness.
Wylly hundred:—Byddenham and Bromeham (John Dyve) 38, Stevynton 14, Stacheden 21, Turvey 28, Carleton and Chelyngton 15, Harowld 15, Oddyll (Ric. Bury) 18, Felmersham-cum-Radwell and Pavenham (Thos. Randes) 17, Sharnebrooke and Sowldroppe (Mr. Butler) 22, Wymyngton, Podyngton and Farnedisshe (Mr. Osbaldeston) 30, Blettesho and Thurlye (Gerard Harvy, Geo. FitzJefferey) 28. Total archers 67, billmen 179, harness 24 pairs.
Town of Bedford (lists of archers and billmen in the several wards of 12 constables named). Total, 75 archers, 97 billmen, and 12 pair of harness.
The Commissioners:—lord Mordaunt to harness 20 men, St. John 50 Hardyng 2, and Fitzhugh 2.
Grand totals given.
Parchment roll of four membranes written on both sides.
R. O. M 2. Cornwall.
"The book of musters of King's Grace's tenants and tinners of his manors within written and of the stannaries of Blakemour and Fowymour, as by the same more plainly appeareth."
[Giving under the parishes a list of the men with the harness and weapons (besides those who have the usual bows, bills, daggers, and the like, several have "a sling and a bag"), if any, in possession of each. and in the margin opposite some of the names the letters "m.ar.", '.b.", "ar', "a b.", "m.b." the meaning of which, except that they probably denote different qualities of archers and bill men, is not explained.]
Contents: Parishes and manors of Stoke Clymyslond 177 names of the King's tenauts and the tinners, Calstoke or Calste 113 (among them a servant of Sir Piers Eggecombe), Ryllatom 113, Leskerde (Peter Coryngton, esquire) 111.
Stannary of Fowymour:—Parishes of St. Clere 100 names of tinners, St. Nyot 119, Blislonde 31, Symon Ward 41, Alternon 83, St. Cleder 1, North Hyll (Thos. Spore) 33, Warlegan 28, Cardynham (Nich. Glynne) 28, Lawannek 7.
Stannary of Blakemour:—Parishes of St. Ewa 31 names of tinners, Trewardreyth 19, Bodmyn 7, St. Mewan 30, Luxulyan (Nich. Harell) 110, Wenna 28, Roche 65, Lanhydrok 23, St. Colomb le Overa 50, St. Stephen's de Braunehyll 53, the borough of Bodmyn 4, St. Denys 47, St. Blasy 8, Lanyvet 75, St. Enoder 63, Lanleily 63, town of Lostythuell 8, Golant 17, St. Austell 63.
Lordship of Dyndagyll (Tintagel), 48 names of "tenants and residents." Parish of St. Tawyn 28 names of tinners.
Manor of Hellston in Tryg:—Meghelstowe, 30 names of tinners, Camellforth borough 14, Lanteglos parish juxta Camellforthe 44, _(blank, perhaps a continuation of the preceding) 36.
Parchment, pp. 71.
R. O. M 3. Derbyshire.
Certificate of Fras. earl of Shrewsbury, Geo. Vernon, Jas. Fuljambe, and Edw. Eyre, commissioners in the hundred of the High Peak, Derb., of musters taken at Tyddeswall, 12 April 30 Hen. VIII.
[Giving under parishes the name of the constable, followed by lists of the archers with horse and harness, billmen with horse and harness, archers without harness, and billmen without harness. No indication of the rank of the persons named, and no numbers except the totals.]
Contents: High Pekk hundred:—Glossoppe 154 names, Baslowe 92 (?), Hooppe 117, Hedersegge 43, Eyam 59, Bawdon 142, Yolgrefe 72, Wormehill and Feyrefeld 95, Derelay 72, Chelmerdon 43, Asshforde 111, Baukewell 45, Tyddeswall 78.
Total archers (1) with horse and harness 64, (2) without 148; (3) billmen with horse and harness 300, (4) without 612. Signed by the commissioners.
ii. Similar musters taken by Francis earl of Shrewsbury, Sir Hen. Sacheverell, Ralph Sacheverell, Roland Babyngton, and George Fyndren, commissioners, at Derby, 16 April 30 Hen. VIII.
Totals for Derby town (1) 10, (2) 56, (3) 39, (4) 126. Signed by Shrewsbury, Sir Hen. Sackeverell, and Babington.
iii. Similar musters taken by Shrewsbury, Sir Godfrey Foljambe, Jas. Foljambe, John Leek, Peter Frechviell, Edw. Eyre and John Boswell, commissioners, at Chasterfeld upon Whittyngton More, 14 April 30 Hen. VIII.
Contents: Scarresdall hundred:—Chasterfeld 105, Southwyndfeld [and] Ulgerthorpe 11, Alffurton 28, Shyreland and Higham 27, Streatton 25, Pleyslay 22, Blakewell 12, Glapwell and Rowthorne 10, Brakynwheit [and] Wessyngton 17, Sutton in le Dale 21, South Normanton and Pynkeston 37, Wyngerworthe, Tupton, and Oynston, 47, Holmeffeld 40, Ekyngton 72, Morton, Pilleslay, Wyndfeld [and] Brampton 47, Scartclif [and] Paltterton 36, Steynsby [and] Hethe 46, Dukmanton 33, Dronfeld 81, Bolsover, Walley and Clowyn 63, Elmeton [and] Creswell 12, Whitwell [and] Barleburghe 57, Beighton 45, Kynwaldmershe, Totley and Dowre 32, Norton 59, Tybesheilf [and] Oxcrofte 26, Asshoer 67, Brymyngton [and] Whittyngton 64, Staveley, Barley, and Aston 123, Walon, Brampton [and] Calowe 146.
Totals (1) 64, (2) 74, (3) 321, and (4) 684. Signed by all the commissioners except Leek.
v. Similar musters taken by Matth. Knyveton and John Boswell, commissioners, at Wyrkesworthe, 8 April 30 Hen. VIII.
Contents: Worsworth wapentake and Hertyngton soke:—Hertyngton Sokyn 71, Asshbourne 69, Hopton [and] Carston 24, Parwiche 26, Thorpe [and] Mapulton 12, Eyton [and] Alsopp 8, Bentlay 14, Tyssyngton 19, Bradbourne 12, Balidon 17, Middleton Smarell 8, Hognaston 10; Kneyton 23, Elton 19, Kyrkyreton 39, Matlok 57, Bonsall 35, Calowe and Yble 12, Brasyngton 21, Weynslay Snytterton 18, Middleton [and] Cromford 23, Dethik, Tannesley [and] Leighe 30, Wyrkysworthe 57.
Totals (1) 38, (2) 96, (3) 129, and (4) 361. Signed: Mattheu Kynffton: Jhoem Boswell.
vi. Similar musters taken by Ric. Curson and Thos. Powtrell, commissioners, at Breillesford, 8 April 30 Hen. VIII.
Contents: Appulte hundred:—Bentlay 2, Hone 2, Synfen 2, Radbourne 4, Ednaston 3, Ashe 4, Truslay 8, Somersall Herbert 2, Longford 3, Hollyngton 4, Hatton 5, Osmaston 5, Muggenton 7, Sutton in the Fold 7, Stanley 7, Raddislay 10, Eldurslay 8, Kedilston 7, Yevelay 8, Norbury and Rossyngton 9, Shyrelay 3, Cubley 12, Chaddesdon 9, Oslaston [and] Thurmaston 11, Atlowe 14, Holbrok, Hehege [and] Belper 32, Duffeld, 57, Merston under Tutburie 9, Hilton 9, Fostune Scropton 16, Myrcaston 10, Kyrkebroughton 7, Dawburie and Dawburie Lees 11, Breillesford 4, Bradley 14, Edlaston 9, Marston Mungumburie 13, Twyford and Steynson 9, Snelston 18, Boielston 11, Bradsall 9, Etwall 21, Dowbridge 25, Hoolland 18, Sudburye 35, Aldurswyselee 24, Spondon 15.
Totals (1) 26, (2) 108, (3) 98, and (4) 255. Signed by the commissioners.
vii. Similar musters by Sir Hen. Sacheverell, Roland Babington, and Geo. Fyndren, commissioners, at Spondon, 8 April 30 Hen. VIII.
Contents: Hundred of Morleston and Litechurche:—Aston upon Trent 16, Bulton, Alvaston, and Litchurche 24, Cryche 43, Mikilowre 20, Littylowre 20, Little Eyton, Chester, and Quarrenden 31, Elvaston 24, Makewurthe 20, Rypelay and Pentriche 38, Willyngton 21, Stanton and Sandiacar 16, Eckynton 28, Breiston and Riselay 35, Kyrkelangley 23, Manor of the Udall (?) 10, Ilston 28, Kyrkehalome 6, Weston Underwoode 14, Fynderyn 19, Ockebroke 8, Marton and Alestre 29, Shypley 16, Weston upon Trent 26, Shardelow and Wylne 10, Sallowe 16, Draicott and Rislay 9, Hopwell 5, Denby 25, Longe Eyton 24, Westhalome 18, Barowe 18, Horslay, Horslaywudhowse, and Kilburne 96, Clyfton 6, Codnour 49, Morelay, Smalley, and Kyddesley (Sir Hen. Sacheverell "a pollax hh") 52.
Totals (1) 79, (2) 197, (3) 61, (4) 482. Signed by the commissioners.
viii. Similar musters by German Poole and Ralph Sacheverell, commissioners, at Melbourne Home, 8 and 14 April 30 Hen. VIII.
Contents: Hundred of Repton and Greslay:—Repyndon [and] Mylton 34, Greyslay 9, Stapenhull 12, Lynton 4, Smythesby 4, Hartyshorne 13, Formarke 5, Stanton at the Bridge Ende 12, Yngulby 8, Tycknall and Calke 19, Meyssam 11, Catton 3, Chilcot 7, Stanton Warde 4, Appulbe 8, Lollyngton 9, Nowton Soney 18, Roslasson and Kotton 17, Brettby 11, Caldwall 7, Walton 7, Wyllyslye with the hamlets 9, Crokyssall and Edyngall 6, Wynsell 7, Melburne Home 21, Chelaston 8, Osmaston 10, Normanton 8, Swarkeston 10.
Totals (1) 28, (2) 47, (3) 53, (4) 154. Signed: per me Germanum Pole.
Parchment roll of 5 very large membranes written on both sides and stitched together at the one end. Totals for the whole county on the back.
R. O. M 4. Devonshire.
Certificate of John Harrys and John Hamadas, commissioners, assigned to the hundreds of Lyfton, Roborowgh, and Tavistoke, taken 10 April 30 Hen. VIII.
[Giving under parislies lists of the able men arranged as archers and billmen followed by a classified statement of the harness and weapons there].
Contents: Robourght hundred:—Bereferrys 48 names, St. Botake 21, Stoke Damerell 21, Plymmoythe 18, borough of Tamerton Felyot 36, Mounkyn Bokland 15, Eckbukland 13, Meweye 2, Bykleghe 1, Taviton in Tavistoke within the said hundred 5, Walkington 1.
Tavistocke hundred:—Tavistoke 92, Mylton Abbet 43, Brentor 4.
Lifton hundred:—Liffton 50, Coriton 10, Maristow 17, Sowthsydnham 16, Wykelangford 17, Kellye 14, Stowford 21, Thrushelton 18, Virgumstawe 7, Breddesstawe 14, Braston 8, Lewtrenchard 15, Sourton 15, Lydfford ("most part of this parish be tinners which do muster always before the warden of the Stannary") 3, Maritavy (mostly tinners) 2, Okhaunton 34, Dunterton 18, Lamerton 43, Brodewood 39, Bratton 26. Signed by the Commissioners.
Pp. 15.
R. O. M 5. Dorsetshire.
Musters taken at Bridport, Dors., 10 April, and Bemyster, 11 April 30 Hen. VIII., before Sir Giles Strangways, Hen. Strangways, and Roger Stourton, commissioners.
[Giving under tithings, &c., the harness to be provided by the community, and the names of the men with the harness, if any, which each possesses (for example "a harness a bow j sheaf arrows," "a harness and a bill," "a handgun") and also in the case of those who are "able" men the words "able archer" or "able billmen." In addition the "able" men have the letters "a" or "b" in the margin opposite their names. A good many Frenchmen and Dutchmen are noted in the margin. No totals given.]
Contents: Borough of Lyme Regis, Thos. Battyn, mayor, and 95 other names.
Hundred of Whytechurche:—Tithings of Stockelond 68 names, Marshewode 31 (one Frenchman), Stawnton Gabryell 11, Stoke Atram 7, Charmowthe 37, "tithing of the prebendary of Wellys" 8, Sarum 11 (2 Frenchmen), Graleshey 3, Wyle 5, Katerston Lewston (John Wadham, esq.) 6, Wotton Fitzpayn 29, Burstoke 17, Pyllesdon 2, Chydyoke 65 (2 Frenchmen), Wotton Abbott 6, Symondysborough 37.
Hundred of Gotherthorne:—Tithings of Shepton 33, Bawmpton 13 (one Frenchman), Loder 20, Athelyngton 15; manor of Porenstoke 20, borough of Brideporte 97 (15 Frenchmen and 7 Dutchmen).
Hundred of Bemyster:—Tithings of Bemyster 81, Chardstoke 62, Chedyngton 8, Bowode (John Pomerey, gentleman) 11, Langdon 11, Corsecombe 24, Aysche 7, Abbottstoke 22, Netherbury 42, Melplasshe 12; manor and tithing of Brodewynsore 41.
Hundred of Halestoke:—Tithing of Halestoke 32.
Hundred of Redehone:—Tithings of Bradpole 19, Northporton 10, Southporton 7, Maperton 15, Overkencombe 5, Little Wynsore 17.
Hundred of Tollerford:—Tithing of Wynford Egle 11 (one Frenchman), Fromevanchurche 5, Chylfrome 9 (3 Frenchmen), Maydenewton 36 (4 Frenchmen), Toller Porcorum 10 (one Frenchman), Frome Quyntyn 41 (one Frenchman), Chylbarowe 13, Ramysham 14 (two Frenchmen), Melbury Sampforde (Sir Giles Strangways with 20 household servants, Hen. Strangways with 4, Roger Stourton with 4, and Humph. Watkyns) _ (Breaks off abruptly. Qu. incomplete ?)
Pp. 48. A piece of an old parchment cover now bound with it is endorsed: "The book of musters taken in one part of the county of Dors."
R. O. 2. "* * * (beginning mutilated, only the words on successive lines, "war," "the county," "the xv day of May," "sovereign lord King Henry" remain) harness and other abylyments of w[ar in the hundreds] liberties manors and boroughs unto them ... [by] division of the said county appointed," viz., the hundreds of Colyfordtree, Uggecomb, &c. (as in the following abstract.)
[In the same form as the preceding].
Contents: Colyffordtre hundred:—Radypoll 18 names, Knyghton 20, Wytcombe 17, Chekerell 18, Wynterbourne Waste alias Mouncketon 27, West Stafforde 15, Preston 25, Sutton Poyntes 31, Elwell 17, Brodewey 18, Buckelonde 9, Osmynton 53, Est Stafforde (John Jerarde, gent.) 15, Lytle Mayne 3, Upwey 13, Crypton 3, Heryngston (John Williams, Esq., Robt. Williams) 18.
Uggescombe hundred:—Fryerwaddon 4, Abbottysbury 77, Langton Heryng 26, Shylvyngton 8, Flete 18, Lytylbredy 26, Lytton 40, Puncknoll 20, Portysham 36, Corton 7, Stypyltowne 24, Roddon 14, Swyre (Walt. Grey, Esq.) 23.
Liberty of Frampton:—Cane 20, Frampton 69 (5 of them "Normans,") Byncombe 17, Compton Valence 24, Burton 46, Bettyscombe 12, Benvell 3, Westwode 1.
Borough of Weymowth 64 (13 Normans). Borough of Melcombe Regis 45 (6 Normans). Liberty of Portland 54 (1 Norman). Liberty of Wyke 16 (2 Normans). Liberty of Pudelhynton 45 (1 Norman). Liberty of Alton 33. Manor of Delysshe 21. Mylbourne 10.
Pudeltowne hundred:—Tithing of Anthelinghampston 7 (servants to Sir Thos. Trenchard), Walterston 12, Tolpudell 49, Mylbourne 13, Ilsyngton tithing 9, tithings of Tynkelton, Clyff, and Throupe 28 (2 Normans), Burston 10, tithing of Pudeltowne 69 (4 Normans), Lytell Pudell 2.
Totcombe hundred:—Pudell Prima 21, Pudell Secunda 42, Pudell Tercia 9, Godmanston 17, Mynterne 23, Nethercerne 20, tithing of Cerne 95.
George hundred:—Stratton 23, Mayne Martell 29, Bradfforde Peverell 20, Bokehampton 21, Polyeston and Forston 10, Charmyster 40, Grymston 10, Wynterbourne Martyn 39 (1 Norman), Wolveton (Sir Thos. Trenchard with 20 pair of Almain rivetts) 19.
Borough of Dorchester:—Trinity parish 50, Allhallows 30, St. Peter's 57, Manor of Fordyngton 72, Ermitage 19, Dalwode 20.
Modbarugh hundred:—Upsydlyng (Robt. Strowde) 5, Hylffylde 9, Fyffhed 7, Sydlyng 62, Compton Abbots 7, Catstocke 26.
Hundredesbarugh hundred:—Turnerspudell (Nic. Willoughby) 15, Affepudell 39, Bryantespudell 22, Worgret 15, Sheterton 14.
Egerdon hundred:—Askeryswell 17, Longebredy 34, Wynterbourne Abbotts 24, West Mylton 18, Netelcombe 8, Kencombe 5, Wetherston 2.
59 long pages.
R. O. 3. Certificate of Sir John Horssey and Wm ..., commissioners for musters of able men and harness in co. Dorset, "assigned" 15 May 31 Hen. VIII., "upon the division of th[at] county appointed," i.e., for the hundreds of Yetteminster, Shirbourne, Brownshull, Bucklond, and Redlane, the tithings of Fre Gyllyngham and G[yllyngham]towne and the borough of Shaston.
[Giving details similar to those in the preceding—the harness in three ways (1) simply "a bow" or the like, (2) "he hath" a bow or the like, and (3) "sette bye" a bow or the like. No totals given.]
Contents: Hundred of Yettemyster, 44 names; tithings of Mylburne Osmond 27, Melbury Bube 23, Ley 27, Chetnollde 27, Wollcombe 8.
Hundred of Shurbraune:—Tithings of Upcerne 12, Lydelyng 21, Caundell Episcopi 15, Downe 19, Caundell Purs 17, Newlland 5, Holldnest 20, Burtton 35, Lyllyngton 17, Wotton 10, Haydon 7, Brodford 29, Nether Comton 15, Over Comton 19, Alleston 13, Woborne 10, Thornford 24, Abbottes Fee 35, Estburye 19, Westburye 13, Howndstrete 14, Over Combe 5, Nether Come 10, Castellton Kurgges 4, Newland Kurgges 20.
Hundred of Brownshull:—Tithings of Caundell Wake 8, Wodrewe 10, Caundle Huddun 23, Gomerssaye 2, Thurnehull 11, Weston 11, Stalbryge 29, Stoke Gaylour 6.
Hundred of Nuton Buckelon:—Tithings of Sturstmuster Muton Castell 37, Henton 12, Okeford 28, West Putham 20, Est Pullam 11, Mapoder 17, Knowlle 8, Myntryn 11, Duntysshe 13, Wotton 25, Marnell 36, Buckelond 8, Plusshe 11, Brokyngton 10.
Hundred of Rede lane:—Tithings of Sylton (Wm. Wylowbye, esq.) 13, Stower Provys 35, Westower 14, Stower Eston 17, Weston 7, Todber 8, Fyffyde 9, Kyngton 13, Iweren 29, Manston 15, Ockeforde 17.
Fre Gyllyngham 20, Gyllyngham 32.
Shaston borough, 129. Tithings of Muthercome 44, Myllton 16.
Pp. 61.
R. O. 4. [Musters in Dorsetshire.]
[In the same form as § 3.]
Contents : Hundred of Haselor:—Tithings of Langton Walsche 23 names (one a servant to Sir Edw. Willoughby), Westholme 5, Esthome 5, Westtynham 5, Eglyston 5, Knoll 30, Encombe 7, Blachenwell 19, Bradell 18, Cryche 14, Kymryge 7, Povyngton 14 (2 aliens and 2 servants to Wm. Bound), Arne 9.
Hundred of Russhemore :—Tithings of Wynterbourne 26 (1 alien), Mordon 29.
6 long pages. Endd.: Dors.—Haselor and Rushemore.
ii. [Borough of Wareham]:—List of 115 names (13 of aliens) but the first page or pages, with the heading, gone.
3 long pages. Endd.: Wareham.
iii. Detached leaf, with the top half torn off, containing 22 names (2 of aliens). Perhaps the first leaf of § ii.
1 long page.
R. O. M 6. Essex.
Certificate of the musters taken by virtue of the King's commission dated 18 ... 30 Hen. VIII. before Sir Clement Harleston, ... esquire, John Pylbarowe and John Poyntz, commissioners, at Bulerycay 27th of the said mo[nth] 30 Hen. VIII.
[Giving under the parishes lists of names arranged as bowmen and billmen (some of them women) and, in some cases, a list of unable men and gunners added, with the harness or weapons any of them possess, and totals of archers, billmen, &c. In most cases the name of the curate or parson heads the list.]
Contents: Hundreds of Barstable:—Chaldwell 23 names, Westylbury 17, Duddynghurste 46, Northbemflete 13, Coryngham 29, Sowthbemflete (Hen. Appulton, Esq.) 50, Gyngraff 19, Bulfan (Ant. Bruge) 29, Fenge 7, Langdon 13, Downham 20, Donton 13, Horndon (Thos. Mongomery, John Shorden) 47, Hutton (Ric. White) 27, Lyttyll Bursted 23, Ramysdon Belhowse 23, Ramsdon Crays 17, Bulerycay and Bursted 69, Wygforde 14, Westhorndon 11, Newenden 13, Stanford in le Hope (_ Norton) 39, Mukkyng 27, Shenfelde (Mr. Berthilmewe, serjeant of th'ewry to the King, Mr. Humfrey Tyrell, servant to my lord Privy Seal) 41, Fobbyng 36, Thundrysley (Edw. Strangman) 16, Orset 82, Wygford Gyldable 25 (one of them with "a wepyn called an halywater sprynkyll"), Thoroke Parva 15, Estylbury 29, Pytesey 13, Layndon 29, Basteldon 11, Esthorndon 15, Bowers Gyffordes 16.
Final totals, viz., "parsons, vicars, chantry priests and curates charged with armour and artillery at these musters" 19, "gentlemen at these musters" 5, "archers, besides three priests that be good bowmen" 301, bylmen 524, aged men (57) and widows (9) charged with armour 66, gunners 1, town harness, viz., 3 harness, 2 jacks, 1 bow, 1 salet. There be at this muster 301 able men but not of sufficient substance to furnish themselves with harness or weapon.
Paper roll of 34 leaves.
R. O. 2. List of names of men described as bowmen or billmen, with the harness and weapons they find, arranged under the townships of Belye and Polomershe (?), 11 names (Thos. Sammes, who is himself fully equipped, offers "of increase at this time to find a man or instead xxs." Thos. Maple offers to find horse and harness for a man "if need be," and, besides, has "ij tall men in his house"; Thos. Parker, the miller, and some others have "vjs. viijd." opposite their names), Ryvenall 12, Garnetts 10, and Bechampe Rodyng 15.
Pp. 2.
R. O. M 7. Town of Gloucester.
i. Commission to the mayor, aldermen and sheriffs of Gloucester to take the musters within the tower and liberty. Westm., 1 March, 30 Hen. VIII.
ii. Certificate of Wm. Mathowe, mayor of Gloucester, John Uggons and John Rastell, sheriffs, and Wm. Hasard, John Fawconer, Hen. Mermyon, Thos. Bell, Thos. Payne, Ph. Redvyn, and other aldermen and justices of the peace within the town and county of Gloucester, of the names of all persons there able to serve the King in the wars, with such horses, harness, and weapons as other persons have; and, to show who are able to serve, the said mayor, &c., "have caused this letter a to be set in the margin upon every person's head being an archer and this letter b, upon every person's head being a bill man and this letter h, upon every person's head being an horseman."
[Giving in column the names of the persons with the harness, &c. each possesses and marginal letters as above.]
Contents: Town of Gloucester, 371 names. The hundreds of Dudston and King's Barton within the county of the town of Gloucester:—Sandhurst 32, Norton 25, Downehatherley 13, Twigworth 7, Longford 15, Witcombe Magna 10, Shurryngton Magna 6, Beggeworth 38, Churrisdon 53, Brokeworth 23, Barnewodd and Wotton 36, Harpury 57, Preston 12, Hyledon 7, Lassyngton 5, Over and Lilton 14, Hyneham (John Arnold, Esq,) 25, Maismore 24, Sowth Yatestrete 10, Bartonsstrete 22, Hempsted 30, Elmore (John Gyes, Esq.) 51, Whaddon 13, Brokethrop 18, Upton 45, Mateston 5, Tuffeley 18, Harscombe and Pychyncombe (Edw. Mill, Esq., Arth. Porter, Esq.) 21.
Parchment roll of 4 membranes written in double column on both sides and attached together at the one end.
R. O. M 8. Gloucestershire.
Certificate of Sir Chr. Bayneham, George Bayneham, Thos. Whittington, John Arnold and Ric. Brayne, of the muster of armour, weapons, and able men, by virtue of the King's commission to them and others, taken for the hundreds of Botlowe, Weysbury, Briavelles, Bledeslow, and the duchy of Lancaster, in co. Glouc., according to the division among all the commissioners, made 31 March 30 Hen. VIII.
[Giving under the townships (?) lists of the men with the harness in possession of each (e.g. "horse and harness for himself," "a salet, a gleif, and a dagar," "harness for a man," "a pollax and dager," and the like); and in the margin opposite names of those who are "able" men the letter "a." No numbers given.]
Contents: Hundred of Botlowe:—Dymmock (Wm. Brugge, Thos. Baerston) 80 names, Pauntteley (Thos. Whytyngton) 24, Brommesberowe (Wm. Whittington) 21, Kempley 24, Mawlsewycke (John Morgan) 24, Coggeley 13, Newent borough 62, Kylcotte 8, Compton 16, Bulsdon 10, Rudford 16, Little Teyneton 9, Teynton Magna 20, Oxenhale 27, Upledon 25.
Hundred of Breavelle:—Byckenor (Thos. a Morgan) 33, Stauntton 29, Norwodd 15, Breme 19, Flaxley 7, Deane Magna 41, Colford 55, Ruardyne 40, Little Deane 42, St. Brevelles 41, (a blank space here) Lee 9, Abenall 20, Clowrewall 62, Churchyn 28, Blackeney 13, Hewelsfeild 14, Brocke Were 10.
Hundred of Bledeslowe:—Etlowe 23, Nasshe 7, Haglowe 6, Bleddeslowe 4, Aure 38, Pirton 25, Lydney 73, Aylberton 48, Alvyngton 56.
Duchy of Lancaster:—Mynsterworth 69, Tiberton 24, Huntley 30, Rodley 52, Bulley 13, Longehope 58.
Hundred of W[eysbury]:—Churcham 34, Ley Superior 14, Ley Inferior 27, Blechedon 28, Addecet 28, Rudell 21, Newenham 31, Elton 33, Weysbury 6.
* Figures representing the numbers of able men are inserted at the end of each rotulet and section. By these it appears that the total able men are Botlowe 263, Breavelle 227, Bledeslowe 161, duchy of Lancaster 125, and Weysbury 95.
Parchment roll of 11 rotulets written on both sides. Slightly injured.
R. O. 2. Names of all able persons meet to serve the King in his wars inhabited within the hundreds of Barkeley, Thornbury, and Tewxbury, and Tebbelston, Glouc., as well archers as billmen, with the number of horses and harness: viewed by Anth. Kingston, Nich. Wickes, Ric. Rede, Thos. Lane, Arth. Porter, and Ric. Cotton, by virtue of the King's commission to them and other justices of the peace of the shire directed.
[Giving under tithings and other divisions the names of the able men with the words "archer" or "bill" opposite them followed by the total numbers of each kind and of the harness "with bows and arrows" and of the horses.
Contents: [Barkeley hundred:—] Borough of Barkeley (Ric. Welshe) 45 names. Tithings of Hamme 73, Hyntons Falowe 39, Alkyaton 52, Uley (Giles Bassett) 34, Bradston within Barkeley hundred 12, Arlen[gham] (Walt. Yate) 66, Wolpen (Chr. Daunce) 8, Cromoll within Barkeley hundred 20, Dorseley within the same 44, Aylberton 8, Wodemoncote 25, Allmynsby (Robt. Bassett, Maurice Shepperd) 23, Asshehillworth 19, Hurst 38, Slymbrigg 26, Kyngscote 20, Huntingford 5, Wortley 7, Came 62, Nymsfeld 11, Fylton and Hay 10, Horsfeld 7, Stynchecome 23, _ (blank space). Borough of Wotton 73. [Tithings of] Synwell (Jas. Barkeley) 21, Combe 11, Cowley 37, Nibley 67.
Hundred of Tewxbury:—Borough of Tewxbury 180. [Tithings of] Walton Kardyff 4, Archerdstoke 1, Stanwey 14, Alderton 11, Bodington 13, Wasborne 3, Oxenton 11, Forttyngton 27, Pamyngton 12, Clyfford 5, Fedyngton and Natton 8, Soethwike 7, Kenmerton 20, Mythe and Mythehoke 4, Northey and Ayshechurche 7, Shenyngton 5, Lymyngton (only a harness and a horse), Dyxton 7, Tradington 5. The one end of the town of Borton 4.
Hundred of Tylbolston:—[Tithings of Tylbolston] 13, Beckesford 25, Grafton 9, Hynton 15.
Hundred of Thornebury:—Borough of Thornebury 73. Tithings of Morton 26, Faffild 29, the Gauntes Syrcotte within Thornbury hundred 12, Kynton 31, Oldbury within Thornbury hundred 45, Tedrenton within the same 40, Acton within the same 35. Town of Mersfeld 41. Tithing of Marsshefeld within Thornbury hundred, North side 10, West side 27.
* No general totals are given, but it appears by addition that the total number of harness is 306 and of horses 189.
Parchment roll of 12 rotulets written on both sides. Slightly injured.
R. O. 3. Certificate of Sir Edm. Tame and Robt. Whitney, commissioners, for the ordering of able men to serve the King in the hundred of Kyssgatt, by virtue of the King's commission to them and others in co. Glouc.
[Giving under townships lists of names each followed by the word "able" and the words "an archer" or "a billman." At the end of each list are the names of those who have horses and harness, the number of harnesses provided by the township and totals of archers, billmen, harness and horses.]
Contents: Camden 51 names of ablemen, (fn. 2) Wynchecombe 69, Dorsyngton 5, Honeborne 9, Bacheford 4, Charlyngton Abbottes 7, Gytyng Pour 9, Twynnyng 18, Pebworth and Merston 11, Staunton 8, Todyngton 15, Bucland and Laverton 8, Wyllersey and Seynbery 14, Condycot 1, Hayles 19, Sydley 15, Hallyng 6, Mykylton 9, Tempulgytyng 14, Stanley Pountlarge 6, Eburton 7, Chyldys Wykean 13, Quynton 14, Langbarow 8, Dydbroke 5, Admynton 4, Gretton 6, Over Swell 4, Pottyslypp 2, Marson Sicca 1, Snowsel 4, Wormyngton 4, Grett 4, Charyngworth 2, Weston upon Aven 1, Farmecott 9, Alderton 3, Pynnocschere 3, Aston Somervyle 4, Weston Subegge 3, Aston Subcgge 3, Nawnton 5, Dombylton 0.
13 long pages in parchment cover, endd.: Hundred of Skyscote.
R. O. M 9. Herefordshire.
i. Commission to Walter lord Ferrers, Sir Edw. Croft, Sir Jas. Baskervyle, Sir Ric. Vaughan, Sir Wm. Thomas, John Scudamore, John Russell, Jas. Vaughan, Thos. Monyngton, Thos. Baskervyle, Roland Moreton, Miles ap Herry, Ric. Walweyn, Nich Fytton, Ric. Palmer, Ric. Warmecombe, Thos. Havard, John Beryton, Nich. Chyppenham, and Roland Brugges, and the sheriff for the time being, to array and arm all the men over 16 years of age, able to bear arms, in co. Hereford; and to certify numbers of arms, &c., to the Council within one month from Easter Day next, under their seals or the seals of two of them. Westm., 1 March, 30 Hen. VIII.
ii. Names of the hundreds in Herefordshire and of the commissioners assigned to them, viz.:—Wigmore and Wolfey: Croft and Monyngton. Stretford and Huntyngton: Sir Jas. Baskervyle, Sir Ric. and Jas. Vaughan. Wormelowe and Greytre: Scudamore and Wallewen. Webtre and Ewyaslacy: Ap Harry and Thos. Baskervyle. Radlow: Warmecombe and Havard. Broxashe: Palmer and Fitton. Grymer and the City of Hereford: Sir Jas. Baskervyle and Ric. Warmecombe, assisted by Thos. Gebons, mayor there.
iii. Certificate addressed to the King by some of the Commissioners (those named in § ii.) that, on receipt of the commission annexed, they assembled at Hereford, allotted themselves to the several hundreds, as before expressed, and have mustered all the King's subjects, and by this book certify all archers and billmen and persons who though not able for war possess "abilaments of war," denoting them by marginal letters "a," "b," and "n." Other poor subjects who have neither ability nor habiliments are omitted, "referring them to pray to Almighty God for your most royal estate long time prosperously and joyously to endure."
[Giving under headings of the hundreds and townships the names of the men with marginal letters, as above, and after each man's name his harness and weapons (e.g. "horse and harness for himself," "a salet, a glaif, and a gorget," "a gleif and a dagger," "a dagger," or the like), also the harness, if any, which the township possesses. No numbers are given.]
Contents: Hundred of Radlow:—Ledbury Borough (Mr. Ric. Monyngton, Mr. Elton, Mr. Dr. Haryngton) 33 names, Ledon Halywater 12, Wallhills in Ledbury parish 17, Masynton Halywater 8, Ledbury Forum (Peter Laurence, Mrs. Heywarde of the Priors Courte) 9, Morton Jeffrey 8, Donyngton 12, Cradley 38, Canon Frome 17, Bosebury (Edw. Wallewyn) 28, Egleton 10, Collewall 33, Weston 15, Stoke Yedyth (John Lyngeyn) 21, Castell Frome 28, Esbache, Ledon and Little South Hyde (Ric. Morten) 10, Westhyde 16, Estnour 38, Busshoppes Frome 10, Walton 4, Monsley 19, Hamondes Frome 21, Stretton (Wm. Burghill) 16, Lugewardyn 23, Tadyngton 34, Little Marcle 16, Upledon in Bosebury parish (Anth. Waseburne) 32, Parke and Pyxysley 12, Aylton 11, Yarkyll 18, Monke Hyde 5, Asperton 26.
f. 16. Hundred of Grymer:—Hampton 20, Tuppesley 10, Burleton 3, Burghill 17, Tullyngton 6, Breynton 15, Shelwyck and Holmer 19, Morton 11, Luyde Prior 11, Luyde Mochegrose 3, Stretton juxta Suggewas (Symond Breynton) 8, Credynhill 11, Brynshope (Thos. Dansey) 16, Brugge Solars 10, Bushopston 11, Brounshill 3, Kenchestre and Were 4, Welyngton 36, Cononpewen 35, Wormesley 9, Malneshillacy 30, Malneshilgamage 18, Yasour 17, Norton 24, Byford 16, Staunton and Letton 25, Monyngton upon Wye 13, Brodbury 4.
f. 25. City of Hereford 84, Eignewarde 66, Widmersheward 38, Bistresward 97, St. Owen's Ward 61.
f. 34. Hundred of Huntyngton:—Clifford (Jas. and Ric. Witney) 59, Wynforton and Wyllersley (Edw. and Walter Hopton) 35 (whereof 7 are of Willersley), Bache (Edw. ap Harry, Robt. Witney) 59, Witney 28, Huntyngton 4, Brylley 22, Hengoyd 6, Chikford 6, Rushoke 13, Hergest 6, "Now" and Old Kyngton 12; Borough of Erdysley 23, Willersley 2, Bolyngehill, Quebbe, Overspon, Nethurspon, and Quist More 13; Foren of Erdysley, Over and Nether Willeston, Wotton, Woddis Evis 10; Erdesley township 16.
f. 41. Hundred of Stretford:—Kyngesland parish 44, Milten (Roger Hoppewood) 1, Staunton and Stockelow 12, lordship of Leonhales and Morrecott 33, Buttas (Thos. Blount) 1, Burie and Weston 15, Marston 6, Noke and Leoue (Harry Brace) 16, Bothealhille ward in Pembrugg 14, London Street ward there 10, Brigge Street ward there 15, Westrete ward there 22; Birley and Stretford 12, Monckelane 14, Shobdon (Wm. Wigmour) 44, Ereslond parish 34, Webley parish 23, Kyng's Pewen 18, Dillewyn, Newton and Chabnour 30, Kynnersley and Letton 20, Almaly and Upcott 26.
f. 51. Hundreds of Wigmore and Wolfey and Leominster (Sir Edw. Crofte 40 pair of harness, Thos. Monyngton 6 pair) [In this certificate the constables of the several townships are named first, and all the names bear the marginal letters "a" or "b," with the "n" in addition where necessary, but the "n's" have no harness entered after their names, and the entries of harness and weapons are very scanty]:—Lucton (John Wigmore) 7, Church Street in Leompstre (Ric. Bradford) 7, Parva Hereford 21, Sarnesfeld and Hurtesley 21, Ludford 7, Rocheford 11, [Qu. leaves lost here?] "Adhuc Dockelowe" 7, Hatfelde 15, Richard's Castle 25, Ivyngton (Thos. Brugge) 11, Edvyn 10, Nether Mershe ward in Leominster 14, Burgeys Street Ward in Leominster (Thos. Philips) 12, Brymfeld 17, Heth and Wonton 3, High Street Ward in Leominster beneath the Cross 17, Humbour and Ryesbery 10, Henour Eton and Stretford (Ric. Crofte, esquire) 9, Morton and Assheton (Geo. Cornewell, Esq.) 14, Hope and Wynnesley (Thos. Selley) 16, While and Pydelston (Wm. Patsale) 6, Selers Dyllewyn, Lyttell Dyllewyn, Lontley and Homme 14, Byrchore 9, Yarpolle 11, Bryreley and Bradford 9, Luston 19, Midalton 21, Bradfeld 2, Newton and Warton 14, Eyton [and Lucton] (fn. 3) 4, Hille, Hyde and Wyntercot 9, Chorlestre 6, Etenam Street in Leompstre 17, the High Street betwixt the Crosses in Leompstre 16, the South Strete in Lompstre 26, the Cornemerket 12, the Westestrete in Lompstre 11, Stagbache 2, the Mydelmershe in Leompstre 17, Orleton 51, Kymalton 25, Stoke and Wigton 14, Dockelowe and Bokmanton 10, Leyntwardyn 17, Downton 4, Marlowe 5, Boryton 3, Aston 8, Bokenhill 5, Lyngbreke 2, Kynton 14, Netherlye 5, Leynthall Starkes 17, Yetton 10, Typleton and Witton 2, Horton 8, Froggestrete 6, Rode (Wm. Croft) 4, Moldeley (Ric. Vaughan) 11, Knylle 6, Overstaunton 2, Kynshemde Inferior 8, Stapulton 6, Combe 10, Tytley 22, Brompton 10, Kynshemde Superior (Thos. and John Blayny) 11, Byton 8, Wapeley and Wapeleys Evys 2, Moldeley 7, Aylmestre 16, Elton and Pechefeld 10, Atforton 8, Letton and Newton (Edm. Wigmore) 3, Leyntewardyn 24, Cockesale 4, Brompton Bryan (John Harley) 14, Bucton 10, Walford 5, Boresforde 11, Pedwardyn 4, Lyngeyn 15. Signed by the Commissioners Croft and Monyngton: with the note (also signed): The hundred of Wigmore was lately part of Wales and newly united to Herefordshire, the inhabitants are unable to have more habilments of war than above expressed. All the above names are of able men, and the "n" written in the margin before some indicates non-ability of goods not of persons.
f. 75. Hundred of Webbetre:—Dorstone 26, Ewias Harold 21, Preston 11, Eton Bysshopp 14, Kenchurche 15, Madley 10, Belymare and Chylston 2, Bromton 6, Canonbruge 4, Drogesten 5, Kynston 12, Cobbewall 6, Mawfylde and Hangerston 6, Lolleham 3, Blackmore 7, Wenall 3, Ooryshay 8, Grafton and Dudley 8, Webton 5, Dowlas 12, Coblynton 9, Wowechurche 5, Howton 6, Monyngton Stradell 7, Wormebruge 11, Nether Bolyngobe 7, Homelacy 20, Owere Bollyngobe 7, Wylmoston and Peterchurche 11, The Kalowe 3, Bacton 11, Clehaunger 6, Aleynsmore 9, Moccas 7, Bradwardyn 27, Tybberton 17, Torneston and Pooston 9, Snothyll 9, Hyntone 9, Wolterston and Chelston 6, Wallet of Dore 13, Dore 10, The Bache 2, Deyndor and Rotheros, 9.
f. 87. Hundred of Ewyaslacy:—Llan Veynow 27, Crassewall 27, Trewyn, Kelvencoyd and Trewallter 22, Mychall Churche 26, Cusopp 11, The Longetowne of Ewiaslacy 48, Lansyllo and Rawlston 21, Newtowne 31.
A book of 185 pages, a few of which are blank, the certificates being bound in the above order.
R. O. M 10. Hertfordshire.
i. "The severance" of the commissioners in Herts for musters there taken the Friday before Palm Sunday 30 Hen. VIII., viz.:—Hundred of Brawghyng and Edwynstre: Hen. lord Morley, Sir Hen. Parker, Geo. Hyde, Wm. Gere. Odsey: John Bollez, John Newporte, John Sewster, John Gyll. Hytchyn: Sir Ph. Butler, Edw. Brockett, John Sewster, John Gyll. Bradwater: Sir Ph. Butler, John Bollez, Ed. Brockett. Daycorum and Cayso: Sir Geoff. Dun, John Conyngesbye, Ric. Raynshawe, Hen, Heydon, Thos. Hemmyng, Edw. Brockett. Hertford: John Perient, Thos. Hemmyng, Thos. Knyghton.
ii. Musters in Hertford hundred.
[Giving under townships lists of names, singly or in groups, of persons who find "horse and harness" followed by lists of archers and billmen.]
Contents: Hertford town (Thos. Harteswell, Nic. Nores, Thos. Myners) 86 names of archers and billmen, (fn. 4) Hertyngfordbury 34, Bayford (Thos. Knyghton) 21, Barkehamsted Parva 12, Essynden 20, Broxburne (John Cock, Wm. Apryse) 25, Hoddysdon (Ric. Braughing, Hen. Burrel) 68, Amwell hamlet in Hodesdon 12, Cheshunt Strete 93, Waltham Crosse 74 (two of them Dutchmen), Wormeley 22, Brekynden Holde 28, Amwell 32, Stansted Thele (John Flemyng, serjeant at arms) 10, Stapullforde 14, Bengehoo 29, Tewyng 20.
Pp. 14.
R. O. M 11. Leicestershire.
Book made 18 March 30 Hen. VIII. of the men within the hundred of [Fr]am[la]nd most mete [and] able to serve the King in his wars, with harness, &c., viewed by me John Dygbe of Ekettylbe, Ant. Brokesbe and Nic, Jacson, commissioners.
[Giving under townships lists of names arranged as archers and billmen, with letters "a" and "b" opposite them in the margin and totals, followed by a note of the town harness, and of individuals who have harness.]
Contents: Melton Mowbrey, 61 names of archers and billmen (fn. 5), Thorp Arnold 21, Kyrkbebellers, 28, Wyverbe and Brentyngbe 12, Holwell 8, Saxbe 17, Coldeverton 13, Thorpedm, 14 (four of them under heading "Cotearrers"), Wymondham 32, Somerbe 20, Freythbe 17, Albey Kettylbe 15, Oleby 6, Dalbe Parva 16, Syxcanbe 5, the place of Burton Lazars 8 (servants to Dr. Lee), town of Burton 11, Nether Broughton 20, Waltham 34, Stathorne 10, Wytkocke 3, Croxton Kyryall 14, Hawse 8, Knepton 10, Harston 4, Redmell in the Vale 8, Botysforte 30, Normanton 9, Buckmynster and Sewsetorne 12, ... eston 19, Heton 8, Gaudebe 16, Estwell 5, _ (name lost) 14, Plumgarthe 6, S ... 15, Saltbe 6, _ (name lost) 13 (most of them lost), Garthor[pe] 9, Brans [ton] 15, Sproxtourne 24 (most of them lost), Se ... 10.
Pp. 28, mutilated.
R. O. 2. Goscotte hundred:—Muster taken at Sheppishede, 17 March 30 Hen. VIII., before the lord Hastynges, Sir John Villers, Sir Hen. Poole, John Beaumount and Thos. Grey.
[In similar form.]
Contents: Castelldonnyngton (Thos. Grey, the King's steward, with 10 household servants), 40 names, Shepyshede 44, Longwatton 14, Overton Sawce 15, Hatherne 11, Lokynton 8, Hemyngton 8, Sheyle cum Hyda 18, Woodthorpe 7, Lughbrughe 95, Dyseworth 8, Asheby 62, Bredon 14, Tonge 3, Wylston 3, Stawnton Harralde 6, Worthyngton (Geo. Wynter) 12, Newbolde 2, Packyngton 16, Swannyngton 13, Thrynckston and Osgathorppe 12, Swepston, Newton and Nethercote 16, Whytwycke 26, Kegworth 31, Overton Quatmershe 10, Yslewatton 3, Belton 20, Blackeforby 6, Thorppe Hawed and Both Thorppe 11, Ranston 6.
Parchment, 3 membranes written on both sides.
R. O. M 12. Lincolnshire, Lindsey.
[Arranged in wapentakes and townships. Most townships are "charged" with one harness apiece and in addition individuals in many of the townships are named who are "charged" with one third, one half, one, or more, harnesses. The names of the "able persons" of the township are then given with letters "aa," "a," "bb," or "b," opposite them in the margin denoting good archers, mean archers, good billmen, and mean billmen respectively.]
i. Wapentake of Hyll:—Certificate of Sir John Copuldyke and Thos. Lytylbury "concerning the commission of musters for the wapentake of Hyll whereunto they were allotted," of the names of persons charged with "Alman revyttes, brygandynes, or coats of plate," and also of the harness remaining in every township for the defence of the country.
f. 5. Contents: Harryngton (including Sir John Copuldyke charged with harness for himself and 12 servants) 6 men, Asby Puerorum (Thos. Lyttylbury and 6 servants) 12, Hagworthynggam (Humph. Lyttylbury and 8 others) 21, Ormesby 10, Kettesby cum Womesgare 10, Brynkell (Geo. Wynbeche) 10, Salmondby 5, Bagenderby 6, Aswardby 8, Sommersby 10, Claxbe cum Scrafeld 9, Tetforth cum Worlaby (John Chappell and 2 others) 19, Fulletby (Ric. Hardy and Roger Thewe and another) 14, Hammryngham 9, Gretam 8, Wynceby 4, Langton (John Langton and 2 servants) 13, Saustrope 12, Oxcombe 3. Total harnesses 49½, able men 104, archers of the best sort 17, of the mean sort 16, billmen of the best sort 20, of the mean sort 50. Signed by Copuldyke and Lyttylbury.
ii. W. of Candyshowe:—Certificate of Sir Wm. Sandon, Sir John Copuldyke and Thos. Lyttylbury.
f. 10.

f. 15.
Contents: Partnay (Thos. Grene) 20, Fyrsby 18, Frysknay (Robt. Cutte and 2 others) 15, Welton 22, Irbe (Wm. Quadrynge and 4 servants and Thos. Whytynge) 8, Northolme 5, Ergby (?) 5, East and West Ynggoldmels (John Kerkman and 8 others) 47, Orby (John Candys and 4 others) 27, Burghe (Thos. Quadrynge and 14 others) 50, Wanflet St. Mary's (Robt. Crepyn) 22, Wanflet All Saints (John Hubberd and 5 others) 23, Crofte (Alen Edlyngson and 6 others) 39, Sotterby 3, Bratofte (Augustine Massyngberd with 2 servants and 2 others) 25, Gunby (Sir Thos. Massyngberd with 6 servants and Martyn Massyngberd) 9, Skegnes (Chr. Palmer and 3 others) 18, Forthyngton 4, Drybe 7, Dalby 7, Stepynge Magna (John West and 8 others) 22, Candelsby (Robt. Smalnay) 22, Scremby (Abraham Warner) 16, Skendelby 21, Asby next Partnay (Sir Wm. Sandon and 6 servants) 12, Wynthorpe (Anth. Marys and 6 others) 26. Total harnesses 115, able men 482, archers of the best 97, of the mean 22, billmen of the best 174, of the mean 187. Signed by the commissioners.
iii. Soke of Bollyngbroke:—Certificate of Sir John Copuldyke, Sir Wm. Sandon and Thos. Lyttylbury.
f. 20. Contents: Bollingbroke (John Hargrave and 3 others) 30, Estkerkeby (Ric. Skepper and 2) 27, Stekenay (Robt. Gamcok and 3) 32, Stekforth (John Kyme and 3) 17, Sypsey (Jas Weste and 2) 47, Spyllesby 23, Halton (Robt. Grave) 36, Steping Parva 17, Thorpe (Ric. Gudnape and 4) 21, Toynton Superior and Inferior (Lybens Alcoke and 2) 43, Esterkelle (John Hagns) 21, Westerkelle (Gilb Shawe and John Burwell) 29, Ratheby (John Bavys) 7, Hagnaby cum Reisby 5, Lusby 5, Mynnyngesby 5, Asgarby 6, Hareby 2, Hundelby (Wm. Borden) 11, Mavysenderby (John Holtby and 3) 11. Total harnesses 62½, horses 12, better archers 40, mean archers 26, better billmen 96, meaner 252. Signed by the commissioners.
iv. W. of Calcewath:—Certificate of Thos. Lyttylbury and Edw. Forset.
f. 25. Contents: Alford (Thos. Totheby with 3 servants, and 6 others) 41, Byllesby (Sir And. Byllesby with 7 servants, Edw. Forset with 4, and 2 others) 21, Hotoft (Thos. Pepper) 21, Mumby (John Blades and Thos. Swales) 35, Anderby 6, Cumberworth (Thos. Rigge with 2 servants) 9, Willughby cum membris 44, Hoggesthorpe (Leonard Cracroft and 2) 16, Farlesthorp 8, Well cum Malthorpe (Thos. Marlay) 9, Hayhe (Ric. Bolles with 5 servants) 1, Ulceby cum Claxby (Ric Smalney) 7, Ruggesby cum Alleby 3, Calceby (John Hogeson) 8, Thoresby 3, Swaby (Ric. Trane) 11, Hellowe cum Claythorp (Robt. Hogeson) 12, Southreston 3, Aby (John Woodthorpe) 9, Saleby cum Thoresthorpe (John Hiltoft with 2 servants, and 2 others) 8, Totyll (Thos. Drope) 6, Legburne cum Cawthorp (John Bellowe and 3) 19, Gayton (Ric. Dycconson and 1) 12, Wytheron cum Stane (Wm. Talbot and 1) 20, Strubby (Thos. Wilson and 8) 8, Maltby 10, Beesby (Walt. Maltby and 2) 15, Markeby, Hawnby cum Hannay (Ric. Warden and 1) 29, Sutton 11, Thrusthorp (Wm. Skortrith and 2) 20, Malberthorp (Thos. Boland and 4) 16, Thedylthorpe (Wm. Lesthorp and 5) 23. Total harnesses 120, good archers 58, mean archers 61, good billmen 81, mean billmen 243. Signed by the commissioners.
Pp. 55.
R. O. 2. Similar musters.
i. W. of Yerburghe:—Certificate of Sir Robt. Tyrwhyt and Sir Wm. Ayscughe.
Contents: Stallyngburgh (Sir Wm. Ayscugh with 12 servants), 34 names of able men, (fn. 6) Halton 13, Kyllyngholme 12, Emmyngham (Thos. Mydsyndyne) 11, Keylby 12, Rybe 13, Brokelsby 10, Lymber Magna 15, Hayburghe (Edw, Skypwythe) 8, Kayster 14, Northe Kelsay 10, Nettylton 12, Barton 29, Barrowe 13, Gowxhyll (Robt. Skeryne) 12, Thornton (Robt. Ustwayd) 11, Wytton 6, Hulsbe 9, Ferrebe (Wm. Kyddall) 7, Horxstow 6, Saxbe 4, Bonbe 4, Wyrleby 3, Elsame (Wm. Manby) 7, Kettylbe (Sir Robt. Tyrwhit with 12 servants) 0, Brygge cum Wrawbe 13, Clexbe 3, Gyrsbe 4, Serbee 5, Somerbe 1, Bygbe and Barnebe 7, Melton Roose 5, Cadnay and Hussum 5, Kyrnynton [and] Croxton (Robt. and John Hopkenson, John Roode) 9. Total almain rivetts, coats of plate and brekendyns 110, archers of the best sort 34, of the meaner sort 112, billmen of the best 62, meaner 129, jakes 120.
Pp. 17.
ii. W. of Haverstowe:—Certificate of Sir Thos. Messendyne and Fras. Ayscugh.
Contents: Marche Chapell 25, Hawerby 3, Northoresby 15, Ashby (Sir Chr. Ayscugh) 8, West Randall 4, Waythe 11, Fulstow 28, Waltham 17, Swynoppe 4, Granesby 5, Caburne 7, Barnaldby 13, Northcotes 9, Beilsby 7, Cuckwolde 1, Rowthwell 8, Waldnewton 7, Brygslay 9, Gonerby 3, Howton 8, Hatclyff 3, Est Randall 4. No totals.
Pp. 7.
iii. Soke of Horncastell and wapentake of Gartree:—Edw. Dymok and Robt. Dighton, commissioners.
(1.) Soke of Horncastle:—Horncastell 86, Conyngesby 33, Roughton 3, Haltham super Bayne 18, Ascheby juxta Horncastell 22, Toynton Inferior 7, Wilceby 6, Thymylby 6, Maryng 10, Moreby 10, Marum 39, Woodenderby 9, Over Toynton 7. Total almain rivets, &c., 40, best archers 9, second archers 38, best billmen 49, second billmen 160, jacks 13.
(2.) (In another hand) W. of Gartre:—Skrevelsbye 12, Bawmburgh 27, Cunsby 38, Tattyshall 78, Tumby 11, Kyrkeby cum Kyrkested (Arth. Dymoke) 23, Belchforde 20, Golsby cum Asterby 15, Langton 7, Ranbye 6, Donyngton 16, Stanygod 4, Cawkwell cum Scaumlsby 14, Styxwolde (Ric. Welby) 19, Horsyngton 9, Bukkenhall 18, Market Staynton 13, Rughton cum Marton 13, Thymelby 12, Woddall 9, Hemyngby 19, Dalderby 4, Tupholme (Wm. Willoughby, esq.) 8, Wyspyngton 7, Thornton 8, Myntynge cum Gawdby 27, Styrton Magna 18, Edlyngton (Thos. Thymelby, clk.) 10, Waddyngworth 8. Total almain rivetts, &c., 112, best archers 15, meaner 56, best billmen 120, meaner 293, jacks 29. Signed by the commissioners.
Pp. 25.
iv. W. of [Wraggoe]:—Heading much mutilated.
Contents: Bennyngworth (John Hennegge, esq.) 17, _ (name lost) 7 (and about 10 lost), Esteryngton 7, _ (name lost) 4, Kyrmondd (Chas. Goddand) 5, West Barkwythe 6, Ludforth 14, Westterryngton 12, Sowthe Wyllyngham (Mr. Chas. Scheffyld) 19, Sneyland 10, Panton 9, Stan[ton] with the appurtenances 22, Langton (Mr. Ant. Salmars) 16, Staynfeld 16, Estbarkeworthe 7, Legysby 14, Bardnay 57, Sotheray 15, Wykenby (Mr. John Fulnetby) 9, Happla 5, Lissigton 10, Hatton 5, Sottby 6, Wraygby 18, Burges 4, Fulnethe (sic) 12 (Godfrey Fulnetby has horse and harness for three men), Rand 5, Syxyll 10, Howton in Bekerring 17. Total almain rivetts, &c., 62, best archers 12, meaner 64, best billmen 30, meaner 194.
Pp. 13. Slightly mutilated.
R. O. 3. Similar musters.
Contents: The word "Aslakhoo" in the margin, and a few words of the original heading (among them the word "King's") alone remain of the first leaf. Caynby with the first name (Thos. Padley), and Cotes with the first two, viz., Ralph Fysshburn, gent., and two with him, and Ric. Fysshburn, alone left of the second leaf. Snytterby 7 names, Wyllughton 9; _ (name lost). Walter Ascugh, gent., and 9 others (with perhaps six lost); Fyllyngham 16, Yngham 10, Hanworth 8, Hemeswell cum Spetyll 12 (and perhaps five lost), Normanby 10, Harpeswell 10, Glentworth cum Saxby (Robt. Broxylsby, gent.), 25 (of whom 23 are "able persons to serve the King.)
Totals for Aslakhoo (but the numbers not filled in), viz. of "archers of the best sort," of the "meaner sort," billmen of the best sort and billmen of the me[aner sort].
Pp. 9, much torn.
R. O. 4. These persons dwelling in the wapentake of Lawres in the parts of Lindsay, Linc., "be able men for the wars," viewed by John Sayntpoll, Thos. Dymoke, Vincent Grantham and Wm. Mounson, the King's commissioners.
[Giving under townships lists of names arranged as archers and billmen, with the words "a harness," "bow and arrows," and the like after a few of them; and bracketed with the names the number of common harnesses, &c., furnished by the town, e.g., "this town ij. harnesses and one archer." No numbers except the totals.]
Contents: Scothorne 30 names, Dounham 11, Faldyngworth 22, West Langwath and Barlynges 14, Buslyngthorpe 3, Frysthorpe 5, Snartfurthe (John Sayntpoll being above the age of 80 years, will find six able men and their harness) 9, Refam 12, Fyskerton 16, Cherywyllyngham 7, Gretwell 8, Sudbroke 9, Rysome 2, Welton and Rylande (John Hamcotes) 26, Netlam 28, Bratylbye 13, Burton next Lincoln 16, Thorpe in the Fallowes 9, Carleton Paynell (John Mounson 6 harnesses) 11, North Carleton (Thos. Dymoke 6 harnesses) 15, Broxholme 10, Torksey 24, Harweke (1 harness), Saxthylby cum Yngoldby 42, Scampton 15, Asthorpe (Alex. Hampcotes 2 harnesses) 4.
Total of able men 360, whereof 45 archers, and 78 in harness.
Parchment roll of 2 membranes.
R. O. 5. These persons whose names follow, dwelling within the wapentake of Well in the parts of Lyndsey, Linc., be able men for the wars viewed by Thos. Dymoke and Robt. Brokylsbee, two of the King's commissioners within the said parts.
[In the same form as § 4.]
Contents: Wapentake of Well:—Stowe 20, Braunceby 7, Normanby 6, Hupton 20, Laughterton cum Kettilthorpe 13, Fenton 10, Brampton 8, Kexby 13, Gaytburton 14, Knayth 9, Newton 21, Storton 14, Marten 21, Willyngham 19.
Total of archers of the best sort 24, meaner sort 30, billmen of the best 19, meaner 120, the number harnessed in almen rivetts or coats of plate 29, and the number horsed 24. Signed by the commissioners.
Pp. 4.
R. O. 6. Names of persons dwelling in the wapentake of Walschecroft in the parts of Lyndesey, Linc., who are able men for the wars; viewed by Sir Edw. Madyson and Geo. Sayntpoll, two of the King's commissioners assigned for the same.
[Giving under townships lists of the able archers and billmen bracketed singly or in groups with the words "a harness" or "horse and harness," or "a common harness for the said town."]
Contents: Westrasyn 40 names, Mydelrasyn 49, Eestrasyn 70, Tofte next Newton 6, Newton 14, Kyngerby 7, Osgerby 28, Oursby 30, Ussylby 12, Howton over ye More 20, Thorsway 15, Lynwode 28, Waylsby 23, Claxby 15, Normanby 15, North Wyflyngham 39, Tevylbye 37, Thorganby 12, Bynbroke 26, Staynton 7, Kelsey St. Nycoles 43, Yrfurth 6, Thorneton in lee More 13, Chroxby 10.
Totals (on a slip of parchment attached), viz., able men 510, whereof archers 71, billmen 470. And of these, 20 harnessed "in alman revettes or in ... ", and 20 horsed.
Parchment roll of two large and one small membrane.
R. O. M 13. Norfolk.
Names of all able men for the wars, archers and billmen, inhabited within the city of Norwich, upon the musters taken before Thomas Pykerell, mayor, Nich. Osborne and John Homerston, sheriffs, Wm. Leyer, Edw. Rede, Robt. Ferrour, Thos. Banburgh, Robt. Grene, Austen Styward, Nich. Sywhat, and other commissioners.
[Giving in the several wards the names arranged as archers and billmen, without any indication of the rank of the persons. No numbers given except the total.]
Contents: Southeconesford with Trouce 33 names, Northeconesford 41, Berstrete 55, St. Stevyn's 42, St. Peter's and St. Giles's 106, Westewymer 148, Middle Wymer 66, Estwymer 68, Colgate 53, Coslanye 56, Fibrygge 51.
Total archers 202, billmen 519; whereof 163 archers and 246 billmen are "sufficiently harnessed."
Pp. 14.
R. O. M 14. Northamptonshire.
April 31 Hen. VIII.:—Certificate of Edmund Knyghtley, serjeant-at-law, and Thos. Androws, commissioners assigned for the musters in the hundreds of Fallesley and Newbottellgrove, Ntht.
[Giving under townships the names of the able men arranged as archers and billmen, followed by a note of the harness owned by the township or by individuals. Totals for each township. No indications of rank.]
Contents: Fallesley hundred:—Daventre 82 names, Wedon 30, Welton and Legiers Asby 28, Preston Cappys 16, Barbie, Onely, Catisbie, and Hellyden 26, Norton juxta Daventre 8, Everton 24, Licheboroughe, Farthingston and Stow 16, Staverton 13, Carwelton Magna and Parva 10, Kyllysbie and Dodefurde 20, Braunston 21, Badbye and Newenham 21, Everton Parva (Sir Wm. Newenham has 20 men ready "to do the King service in his wars.")
Newbottellgrove hundred:—Upton and Horpoll 9, Harleston 16, Flower 16, Bukbroke 13, Chapelbrampton, Churchebrampton and Holdenby 21, Kyslingebury, Upper Hayfurd, and Nether Hayfurd 28, Brokeholl and Wheleton 9, Esthaddon and Ransthorpe 20, Brynton Magna and Parva 23, Dallington and Duston 15.
Parchment, six long pages.
R. O. 2. Certificate of Thos. Lovett, Thos. Andrewez, and Rob. Chaunterell, commissioners for musters in the hundreds of Norton, Sutton, and Wardon, Northt.
[Giving under the townships or groups of townships, first the name of the "town soldier" (or "soldier for these townships") then the constable's name, then a list of the able men arranged as archers and billmen, and then the names of individuals and groups of individuals who find harness (and in many cases the name of the "sowdyare" they find it for, e.g., at f. 4d., a group of 16 names bracketed with the words "fynd a arnesse, Elyxsander Wattson, sowdar for thes men, a narchar"). No numbers given.]
1. Book made 6 May 31 Hen. VIII. for the hundred of Norton:—Weston 12 names of able men, (fn. 7) Wedon 3, and Plumton 7; Bradden (John Mathow) 10 and Slappton (Nich. Lovet) 9; Moreton 15 and Aschebe (Mr. Coppe) 7; Blakesleye [and] Wodynde (Thos. and John Foxleye) 25; Wodden 8; Maydford 16 and Adston 13; Sylweston 13, Norton or Norton Dawy 29 and Wytylbere 15.
II. Hundred of Wardon: Wardon 13 and Eggecott (Mr. Carell) 8; Byfeill and Traforde (Mr. Larke) 12; Solgrave (Mr. Thos. Stustisbure) 13 and Gretworth 8; Wodford 11, Eydon 9 and Hynton 5; Bodyngton 10, "the nether town called Apulltre" 8 and Aston in the Walles 9.
III. Book made 6 May 31 Hen. VIII. for the hundred of Sotton:— Syrsame (Mr. Edw. Purfre) 23, Whytfylde (Thos. Osborne) 5 and Hover and Nether Rudston 2; Warkeworthe [and] Overthrupe 9, Nethercote, Huscot and Grymsbery 8 and Chacombe 8; Wappenham 12, Helmeden 11 and Fawcot 7; Newbotell, Cherllton and Purston (Mr. Crosswell) 17; Fenford 12 and Larrens Marston 8; Kyng Sotton (John Pycher) 21; Hynton 7; Mydelton Cheny 36; Farvyggo 4; Aynhow (Mr. Bowton) 25; Crowton (Mr. Nich. Waklen) 19; Thrupmounfeld (Mr. Wm. Gyfford) 5; Brackley 32; Evenley (Mr. Thos. Weyman, Mr. Thos. Stuttesbery) 5; Halsse and Hold Brakley 5; Stene (Mr. Barber) 3; Culworth and Thrupmonfylld (Mr. Wm. Davers) 15.
"The number of these three hundredthis, that is of Norton, Wardon and Sotton is thus" :—Archers 200, billmen 300, harnesses 100.
Parchment, 22 long pages, (three of them blank). Endorsed: Robert Chaunterell.
R. O. 3. April 30 Hen. VIII.: Certificate of Sir John lord Zouche, Sir Edw. Montagu, Chief Justice of King's Bench, and Thos. Brudenell, commissioners appointed for the musters in the hundreds of Corby and Wilbroke, Ntht.
[In the same form as § 1; but no totals are added up, and the constables of most of the towns are named.]
Contents: Corbye hundred :—Dyngley 14 names, Sutton Bassett 7, Stoke Albena 14, Wilbarston 20, Wykeley (John Mulshoo) 17, Gedyngton (Thos. Downehall) 23, Aschley 19, Dene 14, Kyrbye 10, Denethorpe 10, Carleton (Thos. Brudenell with harness for 8 men) 22, Weston super Willande 15, Rokyngham 28, Gretton 40 (including Wm. Bradshawe, keeper of Gretton woods), Haryngworth 35 (Mr. Francis Eynesworthe finds harness), Bulwyke 31, Blathewyke (Sir Humph. Stafford with 27 servants, Humph. Stafford, esquire, with 8) 56, Okeley Magna 17, Newton Parva (Sir Thos. Tressham with 9 servants) 14, Bramton 15 (Simon Norwich, esq., has harness for four men), Weldon Magna 30, Wakerley 14 (Fras. Conyers and his servant have harness), Okeley Parva 12, Newton Magna 13, Cotyngham 20, Middleton 21, Little Weldon 20, Laxston 8, Corbye Wodlondes 28, Brigstocke 16 servants of the lord Chief Justice (who will harness them) and 29 others, Stanyerne 20.
Willibroke hundred :—Nassyngton 24, Yarwell 17, Tansor 16, Glapthorne 20, Cotherstocke 11, Warnyngton 11, Lutton 6, Dodyngton 11, Wodnewton 24, Apethorpe 17, Clyffe 18, Suthwicke 8 (Mr. Roose finds a horseman), Colly Weston 19 (Lady Skevyngton and Mr. Drylande find harness), Fodrynghey 29, Eston juxta Stamforde 23.
Parchment, 17 long pages.
R. O. 4. Certificate of Henry lord marquis Dorcett, John Barnard and Robt. Chauntrell, commissioners appointed to take musters in the hundred of Spelloo, Ntht.
[Giving under the townships the names of the able men, arranged as archers and billmen, and the number of harnesses "within" the town. No indications of the rank of the persons named.]
Contents: Kyngsthorpe 10 names, Moulton 17, Bucketon 7, Sprotton 12, Pysseforde 4, Overston 8, Billing Magna 5, Billing Parvo 5, Weston Favell 7, Abyngdon 6. Total archers 27, billmen 54, harnesses 23.
II. Hundred of Wymersley. (Heading repeated.)
Contents: Grendon 3, Houghton Magna 8, Pyddyngton 11, Blysseworthe 8, Quynton 9, Wotton 4, Myllton 7, Throope 7, Assheby Davyd 6, Cortenalle 8, Denton 4, Wyssheton 8, Colentree 4, Cotton Ende 9, Horton 5, Cogenhoo 6, Yardley Hastyng 10, Houghton Parva 7, Brafelde of the Grene 8, Preston (John Hartewell, esq., with harness for 10 men), Hardyngston 5. Total archers 59, billmen 77, harnesses 44.
Parchment, 3 long pages.
R. O. 5. Certificate of Sir Thos. Gryffyn and John Hasyllwood, commissioners assigned for the hundred of Gyllesborough, Ntht.
[Giving under the townships the names of those, if any, who are to find harness followed by lists of bowmen and billmen, and by a note of the harness to be furnished by the community.]
Contents: Gyllesborough 7 names in all, Holywell 3, Nortoft 12, Cotton 3, Cottesbroke 28, Thurneby 12, Greaton Magna 13, Long Bugby 19, Cleycoton 7, Wynwyk, 11, Eltyngdon 1, Stanfford (Thos. Cave, gent.) 16, Watfford 22, Cold Asshby 12, Nasby 23, Yelvertoft 10, West Hadden 10, Wellfford (Wm. Sawnders) 18, Lylburne 16, Creke 20.
The number of all the "sodyars" in this hundred 269, whereof 176 billmen and 93 archers. Signed by the commissioners.
Parchment roll of 5 membranes written on one side only.
R. O. 6. Similar certificate of Sir Thos. Gryffyn and Edw. Gryffyn, commissioners, for the hundred of Rothewell, Ntht.
Contents : Rothewell 19 names, Desborough (Giles Powlton) 8, Hasylbyche 4, Braybroke (Sir Thos. Gryffyn to find 10 men harnessed) 6, Haryngton (Laur. Sawnders, Esq.) 7, Lodyngton (Robt. Kynnesman) 6, Arthyngworth 3, Rysshton 5, Kellmershe (Edw. Osborn) 8, Oxindon Magna 3, Bowdon Parva (Robt. and Wm. Palmer) 8, Farndon 11, Orton 0, Marston Trussell 5, Hoothorpe (Clement Vyllars) 4, Clypston 6, Drawghton 6, Maydewell (John Hasyllwoode) 10, Barfford (Ric. Boyfyld) 1, Thorpe Mallworth 1.
The whole number of "sodyars" 107, whereof 81 billmen and 26 archers. Signed by the commissioners.
Parchment roll of 5 membranes written on one side only.
R. O. 7. The names and surnames of all "as be sygned to ffynd harneys and other abyllyments of warre weyd (viewed) and taken" by Sir Wm. Parre, Ric. Humffrey and John Lane; also of "syche persons as be abelyd to be meyate for the warrys."
[Giving under townships the harness to be found by the community, e.g. "to find one archer on horseback and a archer on foot" followed by lists of such as are "abelyd" for billmen and archers.]
Contents: Hundred of Hyghem Ferrys :—Wullaston 8 names, Stryxton, Knottyng and Newenton 4, Cheldeson and Caldecote 3, Hargrave and Stanwyke 8, Eston Mawdytt 6, Hygham Ferres 9, Ruscheden 7, Raundes 24, Ryngested 7, Irchester and Farndyche with their members (Hen. Freyman, servant to Sir Edw. Mountague, chief justice of England) 7, Bosyatt 2. In dorso: Eeton 9. Signed by the commissioners.
Parchment roll of 2 membranes.
R. O. 8. Similar muster by Parre, Humffrey and Lane.
Contents: Hundred of Hawfordes How :—Wenlingbrought 16 names, Barton (Ric. Muscot) 5, Dodyngton 2, Wylby and Ascheby 3, Sywell, Holcott and Hardewyke 2. Signed by the commissioners.
Parchment roll of 2 membranes.
R. O. 9. Similar muster taken by Sir Edw. Mountague (fn. 8), Ric. Humfrey and John Lane.
Contents: Hokeslowe hundred :—Warketon 4 names, Alwynkell 5, Addyngton Magna 6, Iselyppe 5, Barnewell 7, Denfford 9, Luffywyke and Sudborowe (Robt. Merverey, Ant. Luffywyke) 13, Craunfford 10, Grafton and Addyngton Parva 7, Lylfford and Wyggesthrope (John Elmys, esq.) 10, Irtlyngbrought 13, Slypton and Twywell 8, Wodfford (John Gale, Thos. Barfford) 6, Burton Latymer 9, Thyngden (Thos. Molshow) 16, Keteryng (John Lane) 31, Barton (Ric. Humffrey, Esq.) 6.
Totals (numbers not filled in) of armour, archers, billmen and horses. Signed by Sir Wm. Parre, Humfrey and Lane.
Parchment roll of 2 membranes written on both sides.
R. O. 10. Names of persons "abelyd to be mete for the warres" and of such as are assigned to find harness in the hundred of Orlyngber, Ntht., viewed by Sir Thos. Gryffithe, John Lane and Edward Warner.
[Giving under townships the able men arranged as archers and billmen, followed by a list of the harness to be furnished by the town or by individuals. No numbers.]
Contents: Orlyngber hundred :—Harowdon Magna 1 (fn. 9) Name, Harowdon Parva 2, Isham 7, Hannyngton 2, Orlyngber (Geo. Lane) 2, Olde 3, Brykesworth (Jas. Asheton) 13, Walgrave 2, Scaldewell 3, Pightesley 10, Cranesley (Thos. Dalyson) 6, Broughton (Edw. Warner) 7, Laumporte, Houghton and Faxeton 10.
ii. Like certificate by Sir Robt. Kyrkeham, Lane and Warner for Pokebroke and Navesforde hundred, viz.:—Oundell 56, Wynwyke 11, Wadnowe 7, Pylton 4, Thorpe Achirche 4, Thrapston (John Cokes) 9, Tychemershe 5, Stoke Doyle 7, Benyfelde 11, Hemyngton 3, Lullyngton and Thurnyng 1, Asheton 7, Elmyngton 1, Barnewell 7, Warmyngton 8, Catworthe 1, Clopton 4, Pokebroke, Armeston and Kyngesthorpe 2.
Totals (not filled in). Signed by the commissioners.
iii. Like certificate by Kyrkeham, Lane and Warner for Nassaburgh hundred, viz.:—Town of Peterborough, High Gate Street 27, Bundegate Street 5, and Westegate Street 9 (Ric. Morgan, King's servant), Marketstede 21, Presgate Street 5. Pylgate and Sowthorpe 4, Etton and Wodcrofte 2, Walton 5, Upton 3, Marham 4, Newarke and Estfylde 4, Iee 4, Glynton 7, Peykyrke 5, Norborowe 5, Ashton 3, Helpeston 14, Ufforde 7, Depyngate and Maxey 16, Ellesworthe 4, Sutton 5, Bernake 14, Wortherop 2, Thornehawe 3, Walnesforde 16, Badyngton 7, Dosthrop 6, Paston and Gunthorpe 6, Longe Thorpe 8, Weryngton 9, Caster 6, Wytteryng 8.
Totals (not entered). Signed.
Parchment roll of 5 membranes written on both sides.
R. O. M 15. Northumberland.
Certificate of the muster of Newcastle-upon-Tyne taken, 27 March 30 Hen. VIII., before Andrew Bewyke, mayor, Geo. Selbe, sheriff, Thos Horseley, Jas. Lawsone, Gilb. Meddeltone, Harry Andersone, Robt. Brandelyng, Thos. Baxter, aldermen.
[Giving in the several wards first a list of names with notes of harness and servants after them described in the margin as "masters with servants" or "artificers or craftsmen" followed by a list of able men too poor to buy harness.]
Contents: The four wards of Thos. Horsely, alderman, severally detailed, 187 names, of Gilb. Myddylton 110, of Robt. Brandlyng 96; Thos. Baxter's ward 65, the four wards of Jas. Lawsone, viz. West Zayt 58, Gowner Towre 34, Staynke Towre 35, Spynke Towre 47; the four wards of Hen. Anderson 68. Names of artificers and mariners who lacked their fensible array at the muster taken by Hen. Andersone, and promised to provide it viz., 64 names of mariners, and 110 of poor men unable to buy harness. "The number that the whole town may make is" 1,047.
Pp. 43.
R. O. 2. The view of musters taken by Sir Cuthbert Radclyff, constable of Alnwick Castle, and Robt. Collingwode, 17 & 18 April 30 Hen. VIII., taken on Abberwy[ck] Moor and Robertes Lawe, for Cokdale and a part of Bamborough ward, by the King's commission to them and others, dated Westm., 1 March.
[Giving under the townships the names of the able men, and a few not able, arranged as "with horse and harness" and "wanting horse and harness." No numbers given.]
Contents: Alnwick, Sir Cuthb. Radclyff and 18 household servants named, the abbot of Alnwick's seven servants (named), eleven keepers (named) of the King's parks of College Park. Hull Parke, and the West Parke; town of Alnwick 104 names; town of Tugell 3, town of Swynno, 26, town of Roke, 19, Chatton 37, Dennek 15, Howyk 8, Shelldykes 10, Rugley 7, Hawkell 8, Woddon 4, Ellinghame 10, Northe Charlton 17, South Charlton 16, Doxforthe 7, Preston 4, Lowker 8, Rynington 12, Lesberye 24, Byllton 8, Schelbotell 24, Aylnam 22, Lyam 4, Little Howghton 9; Fawdon 13, Long Houghton 25, Newhame 8, all the preceding "belonging to Alnwick." Warkworth (Cuthbert Carnaby, constable) 53, and its hamlets, viz., Hadston 9, Byrling 17, Gesinges 6, Ever Buston 12, Aclington 25, Moryke 10, Nether Bouston 32, Thryston 12, Hasande 17, Framlington 20, Ingreame 24, Reveley or Reweley 27, Shawden 7, Glanton 14, Roddome 8, Brandone 7, South Edlingham 22, Lamadon 22, Lerchylld 10, Newtowne 7, Alberwyk 16, Skarnwoode 6, Prendyke 7, Neytherton 6, Eslington 19, Thornton 12, Barton 5, Mekyll Ryle 12, Neytherton 10, Hedchley 10, Branton 15, Bollton 25, Tytlington 13, Allenton 19, Scharperton 9, Wytyngame 29, Glanton 8, Fellton lordship (Sir Humph. Lyell) 31, Fawerlande 22, Bekerton 10, Farnelawe 3, Mekyll Tosson 14, Callale 14, Rothebery parish of the north side of Kokyte (the name Heley opposite this) 10, Rothebery 24, Thrpton (sic) 7, Snytter 11, Wharton 6, Flotteren 5, Gresterron 4, Helpell 7, Wryghyll 5, Over Trewyte 7, Little Tossyone 5, Nether Trewyte 4, Cartington 6, Rothebery Forest 9, Yetlington 20, Byttellsden 20, Clenell 9, Newton 4, Harden 3, Foxden 2, Bekerton 9. Reedsdale 188, all able, with horse, harness, and spears, "beside all the foot thieves." Signed by the Commissioners.
38 narrow pages.
R. O. 3. The view of musters taken by Sir Robt. Ellerker and Lionel Gray, porter of Berwick, on Caldmarton Heath, Friday, Saturday, and Monday, 17, 18, and 20 April 30 Hen. VIII.
[Giving under the several townships the names of the able men and the number of those who have horse and harness.]
Contents: Egglingham and Bewyk 87 names, Chellyngham lordship 29, Nowton (belonging to Chellingham lordship) 16, South Myddilton (belonging to Chellingham lordship) 20, Weystlylborne 35, Zherdyll 19, Myddilton Hall 11, Horton 24, Dodyngton 49, Nesbett 8, Wettwood 17, Hebborn 19, Ylderton 18, Rosden 25, Wooller 69, Homyldon 30, Fowlbery, 34.
The musters of Mylfeld:—Hetton 18, Heslrygg 19, Howborn 22, Lowyk 67, Bolesden 33, Barmor 23, Gatheryk 5, Cowppland 9, Aykale 20, Eworthe 27, Fenton 18.
The musters of Brauxhill (?), 21 April :—Ford lordship 35, Kymerston 9, Bromrygg 5, Hedderlaw 23, Crokom 39, Hettell 46, Zheveryng 17, Branxston 38, Wark 98, Lermother 77, Mendrom 36, Karham 20, Hethpowll 21, Howttell 16, Kyllem 39, Mylfeld 7, Langton 14, Moneylawys 7, Kyrknewton 10, Dychand (Sir Roger Gray) 27, Belford 42, Zhessyngton 22, Mydilton Eyst 27.
Parson Ogle with 8 household servants, Sir Robt. Ellerker with 18, Sir Roger Gray with 8, Cuthbert Mustyens with 2, Fras. Armorer with 1, Robt. Collyngwood of Bewyk, bailey of the lordship, with 2, the captain of Wark with 5, the constable of Hettell with 4, John Selby of Branxston, Thos. Howbborn, Ralph Ilderton, Thos. Hebborn, and Ric. Fowlbery with 2 each, Roger Gray with 1, Wm. Forsthe[...] with 2, Edw. Mustyens with 2, Peter Gray with 1, and John Retherford with 1. Signed by Ellerker and by Lionel Gray (with a mark).
ii. The totals of able men with and without harness (numbers not filled in). The number of Scots in the whole number is 231.
51 narrow pages.
R. O. 4. The view of musters taken by Sir Reynold Carnaby, Sir John Fenwyke, and John Swyneborn, by the King's commission to them and others directed. Which muster was had 19 April, 31 (sic) Hen. VIII.
[Giving names of the men of each township arranged as "able with horse and harness" "neither with horse nor harness," "footmen" and the like. As sections of the inhabitants of some towns are entered at different places and the names generally are very confusedly bracketed together, the figures given here may be unsatisfactory. No numbers given].
Contents: Sir Reynold Carnaby's servants, 19 names (one of them a priest), Lewis Ogle's servants, bailiff of Hexham, 3. Yngowe 19 (three of them "footmen with spears"), Bolom 30, Hedwyne 8, Whichester 9, Haughton 3, Longwitton 15, Kirkheton 15, Blegkhedon 18, Riall 8, Kecslay 9, Corbrige 47, Whitonstall 40, Matfen 26, Clarewod 11, Mydleton 18, Herle 32, Nespeth 5, Therkaw 7, Echwik 3, Matfen 10, Litilbayngton 32, Chollerton 18, Mekilbapynton 18, Haden 33, Dilston 45, Chollerton 9, Fenwike 10, Bradfurthe 10, Captheton 14, Schafto 12, Kerkwelpynton 53, Colwell 19, Newton Hall 5, Westmatfen 26, Bywell 16, Newton 10, Newton Hall 6 (all but one cancelled as entered before), Stellyn and Acam 6, Stoxfeld 3, Rydle 2, Hyndle 3, Brumle 9, Fawderle 4, Hele 2, Croukle 5, Slale 13, Eltryngam 3, Mykle 118, Hedden Wall 8, Berkynsyd 20, Unthanke 50, Mykle 125, Welden 4I, Prodow, the constable Mr. Care with eight men, Ric. Rothefurthe with four, and Geoff. Butflowr with two; Haerlawe 11 Owengham 29, Whittall 5, Horle 10, Walbotill 28, Boterlaw 24, Futon 7, Hedle Wode 33, Newborn, (John Muscreffe with 5 servants) 39, North Tyndell "thieves" 391 (all with horse and harness), Wardon 22, Newbrewgh 29, Knaysdell 30, Bellestart 7, Ellryngton in South Tyndell 20, Whitfeld 7, Huston 64, Fatherstenhaught 37, Thirlna 14, Newbrewght 27, Allerwasse 14, Fowrstayns 8, Hadyn Brygh 5,— (blank) 23, Thornrafton 18, Nicoll Mallaber (fn. 10) 46,— (blank) 65, Hawtwesile 15, Walton 8, Plennolar 74, Hensaw 22, Redley 15, Farescheles 4, Thorncrafton 8, Hexsam 33, Exham Town 72, Town of Acum 33, Wall 24, West Alwent 47, Byngfeld 50, Est Alwent 64, Kypwik 11, Coklaw 24, Hexham Town 99, Halydayn 17, Cosle 23, Dotland 8, Yarathe 9, Pays 7, Sando 17, Newlandes 90, Erryngton 4, Fellawfeld 43. Signed by Carnaby with the other two commissioners' signatures effaced.
71 narrow pages.
R. O. 5. The view of musters taken by Sir Wm. Eure, captain of Berwick, and John Horselay, captain of Bamburgh, on Fletham Moor, 21 April, 30 Hen. VIII.
[Giving under the townships the names of the "able men wanting both horse and harness," and at the end a list of those who have horse and harness. No numbers given].
Contents: Emylton 45 names, Newtown-by-the-Sea 31, Crawstre 8, Dunstone 12, Stamford 23, Shipley 15. Edderston 17, Spyndilstane and Buddill 22, Burton 11, Bamburgh 46 (13 of them Scots), Mowsfen 12, Bedenell 70 (5 of them Scots), Fletham 25 (5 of them Scots), Elford 30, (4 of them Scots), Sheston 26, Sunderland 47.
Able men with horse and harness:—John Horselay, captain of Bamburgh, with five servants, Thos. Foster with one, a canon at Bamburgh with one, John Harbottell of Prestone with one, Thos. Car of Newland with one. Signed: Wyllm Eure k.: John Horsle.
13 narrow pages.
R. O. M 16. Nottinghamshire.
"Memorandum, that the muster was taken at the town of Nottingham, 24 March 30 Hen. VIII., before Thos. Hobbez, mayor, Robt. Hassylryge, John Howez, John Yattes, Edw. Chamberlayn, John Alenson and Robt. Lovett, aldermen, Ric. Kyte and John Newbold, sheriffs.
[Giving under the several wards a list of the able men with the words "an archer" or "a billman" after each. No numbers given. No indications of the rank of the persons named, but the names of a few persons who provide harness are noted in this abstract in parenthesis].
Contents: The Chapell Bare (Robt. Lovet) 26 names, The Long Row (Thos. Hobbes, John Howez, Wm. Mellours) 26, Hencrose and the Smethy Rowe 16, Grydylsmyth Gate (Humph. Quernby) 10, Goosegate and Stony Stret 33, Bellwargat and Bargargate 4, Flechergat cum Bryghend 17, Narrow March (Ric. Willughby, Wm. Scharpynton) 32, Brodmarch and Lystergater 9, Castylgate 20, Weylwryght Gate and Tymbhyll (John Halynson, Thos. Dockar, Edw. Chamberlayn) 35, Brydylsmyth Gate (Robt. Hassylryge) 26, Flecher Gate and St. Mary Gate 14, The Payment (John Yates, Maurice Orrell) 16.
"Of the which persons aforenamed we have prepared and made in readiness xxxti persons, that is to say xxti bows and x bills, in harness and horsed, at all times to serve our sovereign lord the King."
Eight long pages, in a parchment cover entitled: "Villa Notyngham."
R. O. 2. Certificate of musters taken, 24 March 30 Hen. VIII., by Gerves Clyftone, John Hercy, John Babyngton, Geo. Wastenes, Anth. Nevyll, and Chas. Morton, commissioners; for the North Claye, parcel of the wapentake of Barssett lawe, Notts., allotted to them by division of the other commissioners.
[Giving under the townships lists of names with the letters "a" or "b," for archer or billman, opposite names of those who are able for war, and bracketing the names singly or in groups with the words "horse and harness" for one (or more) men. No indication of the rank of the persons named. Totals of harness, archers and billmen for each township].
Contents: Northe Leyverton 42 names, Boyle 28, Heyton 46, Mysturton cum Stokwith 70, Sturton cum Fenton 78, Saunbe 31; Clarbrought (20) cum Welln (5), Grenley (7), Moregat (18) and Bollome (10), 60; Burton 36, Northe Wytley 38, Habylstrope 19, Grenley super Montem 63, Bekkyngham 53, Southbeke Whetley 10, Lyttybrought 27, Walkryngham 45; Claworthe (41) cum Wyston (49) 90, Estrettfford 122, Southelentome. (The name is here inserted in another hand but nothing further), Grove 26 (among them John Hercy with harness for six men, and John Stanley with harness for a gunner). Signed: Gervys Clyfton kyght (sic): Jhon Hercy: John Babington: George Wastnez: Antony Newell: Charoles Morton.
Total harness 107, archers 270, billmen 480.
ii. Similar certificate of musters taken, 24 March 30 Hen. VIII., by Sir John Willoughby, Sir Nich. Sterley and Roger Grenehalghe, commissioners, for the wapentake of Brokstowe.
Contents: Towton 15 names, Wollaton 21, Gresley 15, Bylbrught 6, Beyston 15, Mansfeld 77, Bramcot 5, Kyrkbe in Asfeld 29, Papylwyke 13, Watnall 15, Cossall 8, Skebbe 9, Basfard 21, Mansfeld Wodehous 27, Suton in Hasheffeld 29, Selston 44, Huknall 25, Lenton 31, Radfford 5, Trowell 8, Bulwelle 8, Lynbye 11, Estweyt 17, Chylwell 14, Brynsley 14, Arnold 16, Ansley 38, Styrley (Sir Nich. Styrley with 10 men) 24, Teversall 14, Nuthall 7, Kynberley 4, Wollarton (Sir John Willoughbly with harness for 30 men) 36, Wollarton township 20, Newthorpe 6, Stapulforth 8.
Total harness 154, billmen 300, bowmen 200. Totals for both wapentakes i.e. harness 261, &c. Signed by the Commissioners.
58 long pages (eight blank), entitled: The two hundreds in Notts called Barset lawe and Brokstowe.
R. O. 3. Similar certificate of musters taken, 24 March 30 Hen. VIII., before Sir Brian Stapleton, Sir John Byron, and Edm. Molyneux, commissioners, for Rysclyf hundred, Notts.
Contents: Gotam (John St. Andrew, esq.) 10 names, Rodyngton (Gervys Ansley, esq.) 24, Boney (Mr. Bradshaw) 11, Clyfton 20, Plumptre 15, Barton in the Benes 14, Wylforth 17, Rempston (Geo Stapylton, esq.) 12, Greatt Le[ak ?] 16, Thrumpton 13, Keyworth 9, Edwalton 7, Costoke 19, Staneford (Thos. Knyveton servant to lord Hastings) 15, [Little] Leke 12 (among them tenants to lord Feres, Sir Wm. Turvell, Sir John Port, Thos. Leke and Geo. Stapylton), Normanton upon Soore (Geo. Eyre) 15, Wydmerp[ool] 14, Wylloughby in le Wold 22, Wy[sall]e (Gabriel Armstrong, esq.) 20, Sutton Bonyngton 18, West Bryggeford 9, Er ... 9, Ratclyf upon Soore 11.
13 long pages.
R. O. M 17. Oxfordshire.
A certificate made, 25 April 30 Hen. VIII., by Sir Wm. Barrentyne, Sir John Brome, John Wellsborne, and John Pollerd, commissioners in co. Oxon, for taking of musters "notid and byllde as hereafter folowythe."
Title page of a muster book, p. 1.
R. O. M 18. Shropshire.
Muster taken before Thos. Neuport and Wm. Yonge, at Neuport, 31 March 30 Hen. VIII., of "the one part of the hundred of Bradfort," Salop.
[Giving under the townships the names of the "able men" arranged as bowmen and billmen, and the harness or portions of harness furnished by each township. No numbers except the final totals. No indication of the rank of persons named.]
Contents: Stockton 8 names, Wodcote and Lymley 2, Calvynton 1, Howle 2, Sambruck 3, Pylsdon 6, Chetwyn Jude 5, Ellarton 2, Pyckylsley 1, Longford 4, Lylshyll 11, Stretgrange 2, Mucston 8, Donnynton 14, Aston Throppe 7, Pyckstock 3, Eggemond 9, Adeney 2, Churchaston 5, Hynstock 18, Yeton 4, Cherrynton 7, Tybburton 6, Erkall Parva 7, Golston 2, Neuport 75, Styrcheley 6, Cold Hatton 7, Garmyston and Leyghton 13, Longdon 9, Lyttull Byldwas 14, Waters Upton 9, Bolas 9, Teerne 3, Ellarton 5, Aston subter Wrekyn 5, Rowton 8, Roxetor 13, Slepe and Crudgedon 8, Daulley Manga (sic) 11, Eyton Abbottes 5, Drayton juxta Eyton Abbottes 4, Russhton 9, Orlton 2, Donnynton in Roccetor parish 7, Chorlton 8, Parva Dalley 11, Yeton Costentyne 13, Lavley 7, Rocquardyn 12, Alscote 5, Addmaston 5, Clotley, Burcote and Leton 5, Brotton, Eyton and Horton 21, Kynnesley 5, Preston 6, Hadley 8, Ketley, Lee and Whappynsall 8, Wellington with the hamlets 68, Scherreff Hales 1, Acheam 7, Berwyck 5, Sabury 18, Murton Corbett 6, Wytheford Parva 4, Peynton 4, Wytheford Mangna and Eggebalton 18, Preston upon the Botes 6, Uffynton 18, Walcote 7, Uppynton 9, Upton subter Hammond 22, Haughton 4, Dountton 5, Norton 4, Uckynton 5, Rodon 2, Roddyngton 11, Esonbrugg 5, Suggdon 4, Wythynton 13, Staunton 10, Hatton super Hyndhethe 6, Kaynton 4.
Total billmen 617, bowmen 117.
30 long pages (3 blank). Endd.
R. O. 2. Muster taken, 10 April ... Hen. VIII., by Sir Ric. Maynwaryng and Thos. Pygott [for the one] half of the hundred of Bradford, Salop.
[In similar form to the preceding.]
Contents: [W]ytcherche with the hamlets, about 115 names (some mutilated), Eddysley, Parva Ashe, and Magnà Ashe 44 (fn. 11), Holhurste Cheynell 5, Ightfylde 19, Calverall 5, Taderwae 8, Hanfort 13, Tylstoke 16, (fn. 12) Betton under Lyne 15, Stoke upon Terne 20, Parva Drayton 5, Terne Hill 12, † lordship of Cheswardyn 44, Little Bolesse 5, Goldston 3, Blecheley 17, Aderley 41, Stoke with the hamlets 13 (which should be added to Stoke upon Terne ?), Sheynton 10, Berson 20, Norton in Halis 30, Drayton in Halis 83, Owre Grehonger Di. 9, Setton 10, Culsis 6, Morston Say 13, Woore 32, Lonsklow 7, Longfort juxta Draiton 12, Wemme with hamlets 144, Wyllaston 6, Redcastyll lordship 18, Kynston 2, Hacston 5, Marchenley 22, Hodnett 37, Olerton 12, Pelow 11, Wyxsall 35, Prese with hamlets 66, Hopton and Aspley 7, Aston 6, Lee under Brochurst 8.
Large paper, pp. 11.
R. O. M 19. Somersetshire.
[Certificate, by Harry lord Bridgewater and John Sydenham, of musters in the hundreds of Stone and Catsash, Soms.]
[Giving under headings of the tithings and boroughs the names of the men arranged as able archers or billmen finding harness and men not able finding harness, with the addition in some cases of a list of billmen finding no harnesss or a number of harness "charged upon weak persons." After each man's name is a note of the harness he furnishes (e.g. "j. whole harness," "j. bow," "j. bow vj. arrows," "j. bill j. pair splints j. salett," and the like.) No numbers and no general heading.]
Contents: Hundred of Stone and Cattyssaysshe:—Tithing of North Cadbery 75 names, Borough of Yevilchester 25, Manor of Northover beside Yevilchester 12, Tithings of Preston Barmesey 3, Barrou 27, Preston Plucknett 12, Ascyngton (Hen. Seyntebarbe, gentleman) 11, Maperton 8, Barton (Giles Wadham, esq.) 21, Westlydford 31, Wyggeton 27, Carylonde 54 (among them seven "men not able, finding bows, muster arrows and bills"). Lovyngton 24, Brynton (John Sydenham, esq., with 11 servants, John Sydenham, jun., and John Bevyn of Lucton with 6 servants) 26, Babcary Cattysse 23, Marshe 3, Matravers 25, Mudforde 26, Kynweston 21, Chyltron 23, Weston Bonvyll (Wm. Lyte) 26, Lymmyngton 14, Sparkeforde (_ Kaynes provides 6 whole harness) 32, Borough of Yevyll 51. Signed: Harry Brygwatter _ John Sydenham.
Paper roll of 16 leaves written only on one side.
R. O. 2. Similar certificate.
Contents: Hundred of Kyngsbery:—Tithings of Wynsham 46 names (among them Wm. Rawlyns provost of Wells), Huysh 41, Comb St. Nicholas 65, Kyngsbery 92, Chard 83, borough of Chard 59.
Hundred of Southpetherton:—Tithings of Southpetherton 65, Baryngton 38, Strett and Lye 23, Cryket Thomas (John Preston) 12, Chelyngton 14, Chaffcomb 20, Sevyngton 14, Knoll (Edm. Knoll) 16, Sevyngton Abbot 9, Doniett 11, Sevyn Hamton Dennys 9, Shopton Becham 32, Whytstaunten 8, Over Strotton 11, Southarp 18, Compton Durvell 12, Lopyn 14, Sevynton Vause 15, Hyll 14, Dowlyshwake 22, Cowdworth 16.
Hundred of Abdyke and Bulstone:—Tithings of Pokyngton 12, Caplond 9, Drayton 47, Doniett 37, Bycknell 16, Ilmyster 89 (harness but not names of the unable persons), Curry Revell 46, Crekett Malard 9, Lamport Weston 4, Pyll (Lady Joan Wadham) 12, Bere Crokam 17, Whytlackyngton 32, Ilton 38, Ilbruer 22, Swell (Thos. Newton, esq.) 12, Mary Bucklond 16, Hambrygg 17, Fythffytt 18, Stoklynche 18, Brodwey 18, Morton 8, Ayshyll 35, Stuley 4, Hache Becham 3 4, Ile Abbottes 37, Currymalett 34, Westcomblond 16, Stapull 51.
Hundred of Crukern:—Tithings of Crukern 99, Mysterton 34, Henton St. George (Hugh Poulett, knight, with 40 harness, 30 bills, 20 bows, &c.) 30 servants to Sir Hugh and five tenants and nine others, Meryett 47, Wolmyston and Comb 16, Wayfford and Othyll 21, Clopton and Seveborough 30, Furlond 6, Huysh 14. Signed: Harry Brigwatter: John Sydenham.
Paper roll of 44 leaves writen only on one side.
M 20. Staffordshire.
i. Commission for musters in co. Staff., to Walter lord Ferrers, Hen. lord Stafford, Sir John Gyfford, Sir Wm. Bassett, Sir Ph. Draycotte, Sir John Harecourte, Sir Edw. Aston, Sir Geo. Greisley, Sir Geo. Gryffith, John Varnon, Walter Wrottesley, Edw. Lytleton, Thos. Gyfford, Wm. Wyrley, jun., Thos. Holte, Jas. [Lyveson], Humph. Welles, Thos. Skrympshire, John Grosvenour, Thos. Moreton, Ric. Selman, Walter Blounte, and the sheriff. Westm., 1 March 30 Hen. VIII.
Parchment. Endd. with note that execution appears by the certificates annexed and by others.
ii. (Annexed to the preceding.) Certificate of lord Stafford, Gyfford, Harecourt, Lyttelton, Thos. Gyfford and Moreton, commissioners for the hundreds of Cutleston and Pyrehill, Staff.
[Giving first the commissioners with the numbers of men they have, then under townships lists of names arranged as "able men with bows, and have harness and artillery," "able men with bills, and have harness and artillery," and able men who have no harness, or persons not described as able men who have harness, &c. Each man's harness and weapons given.]
Contents: Commissioners:—Cutleston hundred: lord Stafford with horse and harness for 10 men, Sir John Gyfford 7, Edw. Lyttelton 6, Thos. Gyfford 4, Thos. Skrymsher 3, Thos. Moreton 2. Pyrehill hundred: Sir Edw. Aston 10, Sir John Harecourt 6.
Cutleston hundred:—Penkerich cum membris (John Warde, gent.) 61 names, Cank cum membris (Wm. Ashbye) 47 Dunston and Dreyton 25, Wollaston and Shradicote 12, Churche Eyton (John Asteley, Ric. Harcourte) 30, Acton Trussell and Bednall 44, Byllyngton 13, Pylletnall (Ric. Littelton) 22, Huntyngton 17, Burton and Ricardstoke (Root. Whitgreve, esq.) 18, Robaston and Otherton 8, Wateryeton 8, Cowley 22, Copnall and Butturall 11, Shareshill (John Peytow) 18, Hilton 6, Esyngton (Giles Everton) 13, Acquilot, Meire and Forton Sutton (John Skrymsher) 67, Wilbrighton and Moreton 20, Weston Jones 9, Stretton 22, Shrevehales cum membris 50, Mitton and Lognore 12, Forbrugge 10, Norbery 33, Grett Saredon and Littell Saredon 20, Feytherston 6, Blymmyll 28, Lappeley 19, Gnosall, Chatwall and Coton 44, Whyston and Bickeforde 15, Levedall (John Creswall) 14, Hadderton 20, Brocton 21, Bradeley 15, Haughton 28, Rudgeley 76, Brereton 19, [A]peton and [B]areton 14, [Beff]ecote and [Liti]ll Oune 18, Hyhg cum Plordewycke (Wm. Swynnerton) 21, Aston Brughe and Rules 5, Stocton and Walton 24, Wyrley 14, Horsebroke 12, Gunston 6, Somerford 13, Co[ven] 20. Engleton 2, Brewoed (Roger Fowke) 47, Chillington (John Lane, esq.) 29, Marston 8, Orselowe 3, Weston Huys 16, Knyghtley 9.
Pyrehill hundred:—Chesterton 9, Aston 22, Trentam 35, Audeley (John Yerdley) 95, Swynnerton, Ernyssen, Scheilton, Beche, Hatton and Acton (Thos. Swynnerton, esq.) 62, Meyre (John Bowyer) 47, New Castell under Lyne 57, Kybulton 38, Hilderston 8, Fenton and Lonketon 22, Norton super le Mores 16, Rugge (Thos. Iremonger) 22, Tyttensore 12, Stoke 3, Milwich 37, Stanne 10, Kele 27, Dorlaston 14, Knotton cum membris 27, Hulton 79, Stone 42, Walton 11, Assheley 29, Muckulton cum membris (Humph. Bowhey) 26, Madeley (Harry Broke) 55, Whitmore and Hanchurch (Geo. Walker) 57, Barleston 37, Almyngton, Halez and Blore 22, Betteley and Balterley (Wm. Eggerton) 48, Byddulf (Ric. Byddell) 31, Fulford and Gret Fenton 44, Tunstall 31, Handeley 9.
"Memorandum, that in these xxv. leaves following is set upon every able man's head an a, and upon every bowman ar." [Giving under each township only one list with notes of any harness possessed by individuals, and the letters "a" and "ar" in the margin.]
Asplee 7, Seyghfford 45, Byrcheford Magna 9, Burcheford Parva 9, Hopton 19, Slyndon 12, Doxse and Aston 17, Chebsey (Jas. Newell) 40, the township of Peyssall 10, Bycheoppes Oflay 19, Grett Sugnell 14, Bromly township 6, Chalden 10, Brocton 6, Knyghton 9, Little Segnell township 5, Cowtes 11, Croxton 12, Wotton township 9, Podmore 7, Coldmess 6, Chorleton 19, Horselee 8, Salt and Enston (Robt. Berysford) 19, Chatkyll 8, Ingestre (Wm. Chetwyn, esq.) 16 Whitgreve 21, Charnys 8, Ecclesall 78, Elenhall 19, Walton 11, Blyffyld 23, Walton juxtra Chebsey (Wm. Wolriche) 23, Geyton 24, Stafford town (Ric. Hamersle and Robt. Dorington, baileys) 222, Tyxall 25, Haywood Mangna 38, Showtboro 21, Frodyswall 28, Horsley (John Peysall, esq.) 10, Colton 44, Chartly and Stowe 12, Weston upon Trent 18, Amberton 13, Droyngton 17, Lee 9, Hyxton (Ant. Wolssley) 43, Grynley 11, Bagottes Bromley 57, Loynton in Pyrell hundred 8, Broghton 3, Ronton 11, Wolseley (John Wolseley, esq.) 12, Morton (Wm. Aston) 5, Litell Haywood 13, Colwyche 13, Byssheton (John Barbour) 43, Sondon 30, Nowton (Humph. Cotton) 28, Adbaston (John Braddok) 1, Flosbroke 7, Ellerton Graunge 1, Offeley, 48, Dodyngton 16, Tunstall 13, Bromlyhurst 37, Myllemese 13, Ronton (John Petye) 35, the Graunge upon the Heyth 4 (servants to Sir John Harcourt), Cawyton 10, Bromly Abbottes 85. Signed as examined by Thomas Pyctoo.
93 long pages.
R. O. 2. Hundred of Seysdon, Staff.:—"Walterus Wrottesley, Esquire, James Lyveson and John Grosvenour, commissioners to that hundred divided."
[Giving under townships lists of names, each followed by the words "hath a," "abull and hath," "shall provide" or the like, and in another column a note of the horse's harness, or weapons he has, such as "gesturns," "saletts," "gorgetts," "splentes," &c. A very few entered as able but with no harness.]
Contents: Wolvverehampton (Jas. Lyveson) 41, Wightwyk 7, Cumpton hamlet 6, Segeley 37, Busshebury 18, Pendford 6, Overton 6, Bylston 13, Totenhale Regis 10, Overpen 9, Nedurpen 12, Totenhall Claricorum (John Grosvenour) 9, Trescott 9, Perton 13, Womburn 17, Swyn 4, Bobynton 19, Clent 39, Enfeld 35, Tressull and Seysdon 28, Areley 25, Himley 7, Patyngam 28, Swynford Regis 29, Pattehull 15, Ambulcote 11, Stowreton 20, Kynver (Humph. Cradeley, John Yard, Mr. Grey) 55, Wokon 14, Rouley 15, Codsall 12, Wyrges 8.
Parchment roll of 4 membranes written on both sides. Faded in some parts.
R. O. 3. A muster roll, of which the heading is torn, leaving only the concluding words of each of the five lines, viz., "[B]assytt," "and com," "the Kinges subjectes," "[hun]dred within the cowntye" "[Sta]fford." Giving the names of 29 archers (among them Ric. Vernam, gentleman), who have horse and harness, 152 having various items of harness detailed, 103 having no harness, and a like arrangement of billmen in lists of 67, 226 and 244. Signed and sealed by Sir Wm. Basset and Sir Ph. Draycott.
41 long pages.
R. O. 4. Certificate of Sir Geo. Gresley, John Vernon, and Wm. Wyrley, commissioners for Offelaw hundred, Staff., made 27 April 31 Hen. VIII.
[Giving under townships lists of names some with items of harness after them and some with the word "able" in addition and others bracketed together with such words as "bowmen able without horse and harness" or "bowmen indifferent," "billmen without horse or harness," or the like.]
Contents: Elford and Hasulhowre 31 names, Tamworth within the county of Stafford 34, Barton 47, Horlaston 34, Marchyngton 18, Tatynhill 29, Norton and Wyrley 13, Marchyngton 19, Draycot subtus Nedewod 11, Lichefeld 274, Wyggentun and Cumberford 21, Wytington, Corborow and Elmorst 44, Pelsaull 5, Waull 6, Tutburye 33, Shenston, Chesterfeld, Overstonhall, Foderley, Swynfen, Netherstonhall, Haston and Lynne 76, Weddisfeld 24, Stretehey 5, Tymhorne 5, Seyrescote 4, Fissherwyk 22, Drayton Bassett 28, Bonell and Bitters-cote 10, Farysley 9, Fald 6, Cotton 8, Stobylane 7, Cowton and Hoppas 5, Hynkes 17, Clyfton and Hawnton 19, Wichnor 15, Rowlston 27, Hanbury 13, Morton 2.
In another hand:—Alrewas 59, household of the abbot of Burton-on-Trent 27, Packynton 2; Thamhorne (Ric. Clatham) 2, Longdon 23, Rydware Hampstall 21, Rydware Mavessey (Robt. Cawreden, esq., Thos. Cawreden) 21, Hannysaker and Armytage (Wm. Westoth, Thos. Rugeley) 18, Kynges Bromley 35, Nuderborro 39, Yoxall 52 (about 12 of them lost), Howrecrosse 14.
Added on last page in John Vernon's hand:—Weforde 10, Thorpe Constantyne 12. Signed by the commissioners.
In another hand but with some notes by John Vernon:—A number of lists without any headings, each subdivided as "with horse and harness," "with some habiliments of harness," and "without horse or harness," viz. 1st list (Wm. Wyrley, esq.) 78, 2nd 85, 3rd (Fras. Stanley) 77, 4th (Wm. Bothe, Wm. Brasbrych) 55, 5th 79, 6th (Thos. Nowell, cancelled) 170. Burton 168, Typton 55.
Large paper, 29 leaves written on one side only.
R. O. M 21. Suffolk.
Certificate of Sir Geo. Somersett, Sir Thos. Barnerdeston and Robt. Rokewood, justices in Suffolk and commissioners amongst others assigned to take the musters in the hundred of Rysbrydge, Suff., made 9 and 11 April 30 Hen. VIII., being the names of all able archers and billmen and of such persons "as be assigned by the discretions of the said commissioners to find horse and harness."
[Giving under townships the number of able men with their names arranged as archers and billmen, followed by lists "of them that find harness" and "of them that find weapons," and by totals of horses and harness. The lists for each township end with the word "finis."]
Contents: Clare 27 names (fn. 13) of able men, Stoke juxta Clare 43, Haveryll 10, Thurlow Magna 13, Thurlow Parva 8, Bradley Magna (Barth. Broxbye) 9, Bradley Parva 7, Wethersfeld 11, Hunden 13, Wrettyng Magna 10, Wrettyng Parva 6, Ketton 8, Wyxo 5, Barmeston 11, Poslyngford 10, Stragell 8, Denston (Hen. Everard, esq,) 10, Dalham (Thos. Stutevyle) 14, Gaysley 9, Kentford 5, Multon or Molton 7, Stanesfeld 7, Hawden 9, Wychambroke (Mr. Wm. Hyham) 24, Lydgate 11, Colynge 7, Chetbury 5, Depden 12, Owysden 5, Denham 5.
Totals of Rysbredge hundred, viz., 161 archers, 178 billmen, 68 bows, 79 bills, 79 harness, 21 horses, 48½ sheaves of arrows. Signed and sealed by the commissioners.
Parchment roll of 7 membranes.
R. O. 2. Certificate of Thos. Sekefford and John Sowthewell, amongst others, commissioners for taking of musters in Suffolk, "assigned," in 30 Hen. VIII., in the hundred of Wyllfford.
[Giving under each township the names of the men and of some widows; and the harness bracketed with the names (from one to six) of those who furnish it. In the margin, opposite about half the names, are letters "a. a" or "a. "indicating able archers and billmen, and the total of these and of the harness is given under each township. No indication of rank given.]
Contents: Bredffeld 29 names, Ufford 46, Hollesley 30, Alderton 24, Bromyswall 14, Capell 13, Melton 36, Bawdesey (two constables named) 26, Wykham Market 68, Shattisham 17, Dulanghoo 8, Rammysholt 15, Boyton 17, Pystree (Thos. Deryk, gentleman) 35, Sutton 57, Debache and Bowlge 22. Total harness 58, archers 56, billmen 180. Signed by the commissioners.
Pp. 14.
R. O. 3. Similar certificate for Looes hundred.
Contents: i. On the first page a list of the contents the beginning being lost, viz., * * * Dalengo, Cretyngham, &c., as supplied in §§ ii., and iii.
ii. "The musters taken at ... the xxth day of Apryll in the [xxxth year of] our most dread sovereign lord [Henry by the grace of] God of England and of France [King, defender of the Faith l]ord of Ireland and [supreme head of the] Church; before Thomas Sek[efford and John Herman, comm]issioners," for the hundred of Looes, viz. Framlyngham Old Castrum 33 names, ... gham (perhaps Framlingham continued, only three names legible but the totals at the foot of the page account for 29), Letheryngham (Sir Ant. Wyngfeld with 40 able men in harness); _ (place lost, the initial letters of 12 names left); _ (place lost, also some 12 names of its inhabitants): Da[lengo] 11 names (only 3 complete), Cretyngham 20 (about half legible), [Ketylbergh] 17 (only initial letters), [Chasf]ylld (at least 18 names according to the totals but only 5 surnames left), Mony[den] 20.
iii. Woodbr[idge]:—"The certificate of the musters for the [same town taken] by Sir Anthony Wyngfyld, knight, Th ... esquire, the xvii day of April" [30] Hen. VIII. About 130 names, of which two thirds are legible. Bramston 34 (only half of them legible), [Cold] Soham 31 (only a third of them legible), Marlysford 30 (half of them legible), [Hacheston] 18 (7 legible), Ey[ke] 24 (mostly legible), Rendelesham (J ... herman, esq., with 8 harnesses, Wm. Bambyr, gent.) 12 (mostly legible), Asshe 17 (only initial letters left of most of them), [Kenton] 17 (according to the totals, but only two legible), Butt[ele part] 13 (mostly legible), Campesse (Lady Wylloughby and her servants).
Totals for the whole hundred (much mutilated). Signed: by me Thomas Sekefford: per me Joh'em Herman.
Pp. 15. Very mutilated.
4. Similar certificate for Threadling hundred.
Contents: [Hun]dred of [Tr]eddlyng:—Debenham (Fras. Framlyng[ham] esq., Robt. and John Cheeke) 63 names (including that of Geo. Fenne "sometime vicar of the town"), Wynston (Chr. Twaytes) 18, Frammysden 32, Pettaugh (Gerom Clyfford parson of Pettaugh, John Fastall) 14, Asshfyld 10, Asshfyld Thorp 4.
Pp. 4.
R. O. 5. [Musters in Cosford hundred.]
[Giving under townships first the harness and the names, singly or in groups, of those who furnish it, followed by lists of able archers and billmen.]
Contents: Bylston 77 names (some of these perhaps entered twice), Brettenham 16, Thorp Morex 22, Ketylberston 13, Whatfeld 17, Wattysham 20, Hecham (John Spryng, esq., John Fynes, esq., Edm. Hanham, Thos. Armiger) 40, Hadleygh (Mr. Hen. Doyle, esq., Robt. Forth, sen., Ric. Forth, Thos. Tylney, Walter Clark, John Freman, Edw. Rows, Dr. Rivet, parson of Hadleygh) 169, Kersey (Simon Samson) 39, Semer 8, Nedgyng (Thos. Munnyng) 13, Elmesett 12, Leyham 28, Lynsey 12, Nawton 13, Aldham 13, Chellysworth 18.
Pp. 14.
R. O. M 22. Surrey.
View and musters of able men, harness, and weapons, meet to serve the King, taken before Sir Matth. Brown, Robt. Wyntreshull and John Skynner, commissioners, at Shire, 27 March 30 Hen. VIII.
[Giving under each township the names of the able men grouped as archers and billmen, also the harness (for an archer or a billman) in the custody of individuals (fn. 14) and the individuals, or groups of two to six individuals, who furnish it, or are ordered to furnish it, by St. George's day next. The totals of able men and of harness in each township are given.]
Contents: Hundred of Blackheath:—Shire 33 able men named, Aldeburye (Ric. Elyot, gent) 23, Dunsfold 20, Wonersshe (John Birley) 44, Alfold 15, Hascombe (Ric. Morgan with 6 servants and Wm. Bartlett) 16, Ewhurst 34, Cranley (Sir Edw. Bray with _ (blank) servants, "at the King's commandment") 19, Bromley (Robt. Wyntreshull with 4 servants, John Skarlett with 1) 26, Shaldeford (Thos. Elyott servant to the carl of Southampton) 22, Parish of St. Martha _ (left blank). Total archers 85, billmen 167, harness 80.
f. 10. ii. Similar view taken before Sir Matth. Brown, Sir John Raynesford, and John Skynner at Godstone, 31 March 30 Hen. VIII.
Contents: Hundred of Tanrigge:—Lyngfeld (Ric. Dygon sen., John Tayllour, Reginald Tayllour, and Ric. Morrant, of the King's guard "at his Grace's commandment," also five servants of the master of the College there) 71, Lymesfeld 41, Crowherst (Sir John Gaynesford with 12 servants and John his son) 21, Tanrygge 24, Oxsted 41, Godstone 49, Blecchyngly 48, Tytsey (Wm. Smith of the King's guard) 14, Waldyngham 5, Warlyngham 15, Katerham 9, Chelsham 11, Farlegh 7, Hoorne 19. Total archers 109, billmen 281, harness 61.
f. 18. iii. Similar view taken before Sir Matth. Brown, John Skynner and Jas. Skynner, at Reigate, 1 April, 30 Hen. VIII.
Contents: Hundred of Reigate:—Forenna de Reigate (John Skynner, sen., with 6 servants, John Skynner, jun., Jas. Skynaer with 2, Thos. Compton, Thos. Yngler; Ric. Gylmyn and Wm. Heybourne of the Guard; Wm. Best, Gylmyn's son in law) 43, borough of Reigate 55, Horley 36, Cherlewood 49, Burstowe 26, Nutfelde 25, Merstham (Sir John Dannet) 38, Chypsted with Kingswood 20, Gatton (Sir Roger Copley with 10 men) 11, Buklond 18, Lye 29, Becheworth with Brokham 37. Total archers 109, billmen 283, harness 76.
f. 26. iv. Similar view taken before Sir Matth. Brown and John Skynner, at Dorking, 9 April 30 Hen. VIII.
Contents: Hundred of Wotton:—Dorking with its members, viz., West-becheworth (Sir Matth. Brown with 100 men and 13 household servants, named, and Walter and Owen Brown his sons), Westcote 18, Mylton 8, Forenburgh, in Dorking (Hen. Brown with three servants) 20, Chepyngburgh in Dorking 16, Estburgh in Dorking 21. Capell 30, Okley 20, Wotton 22, Abyngeworth 26.
Total archers 31, billmen 166, harness 138.
Totals for the four hundreds given.
Book of 60 pages, 3 of which are blank, in a parchment cover entitled "The hundreds of Blakheth, Tanrigge, Reygate and Wotton in the county of Surrey."
R. O. 2. [A book, apparently of musters of the hundred of Wallyngton, each page headed "The hundred of Wallyngton" and divided in two columns headed respectively "nomina personarum" and "armafur." Giving the names of persons in each parish, prefixed in many cases by the word "a billman", or "an archer," and the harness in the second column bracketed with one or more names. No numbers are given and no indication of the rank of the persons named.]
Contents: Parish of Croydon:—town of Croydon 124 names, parish of Croydon (Humph. Ropkyn, the Prince's servant, and John Morre, the King's servant) 31, borough of Waddon 14, borough of Agecombe 14, of Shurleye 9, of Woodsyd 15, of Sellesdon 6, and of Bensham (Wm. Dawrse, the King's servant) 10. Parish of Addyngton 26, of Mycheham 78, of Bedyngton and Wallyngton 58, (of whom the last ten are "Lady Carow's servants"), of Cassalton 5, of Westchyham 31, Est Chyham 11, of Mordon 30, Sutton 30, Chaldon 19, of Woodmanstorne 11, of Sandersted 18, of Collesdon 29. Total number of billmen and archers 232, harness 56.
Pp. 32, of which 4 are blank. Entitled. "Surrey:—The hundred of Wallyngton."
R. O. M 23. Sussex.
View of the muster of the inhabitants within the precinct of the city of Chichester, within and without the liberties, taken by Wm. Bradbryge, mayor, Robt. Bowyer, John Hardam, and Elys Bradshaw, commissioners, 8 April, 30 Hen. VIII.
[Giving under each division a list of names followed by another list of aliens there. Armour and weapons of each person given and archers, billmen, and harnesses noted in the margin.]
Contents: Totals for the whole city, viz., bowmen with harness 20, billmen with harness 25, gunners "with handgonnes, powder, and pellattes for them" 8, bowmen without harness 15, billmen without 50, aliens billmen without harness 18.
Eststret: Upper ward 28 (1 Frenchman), lower ward 37 (3 Dutchmen and 1 Frenchman), ward without Estgate 19 (1 Dutch and 1 French). Palent 56 (12 aliens). Suthestret: Upper ward 18, lower ward 14. Westret: Upper ward 34 (3 aliens, one of them a gunner), lower ward 30 (1 Breton and 1 French). Northstrett: Upper ward 30 (3 aliens), lower ward 30 (6 aliens, 5 of them gunners). Vyntre Ward and Litill London 12. Men of the clergy within the close, viz., the dean has 6 able men, the archdeacon 4, and Dr. Trobleffeld, residentiary 2.
14 long leaves written only on one side.
R. O. 2. Certificate of Wm. earl of Arundell, Sir Hen. lord Mawtravers, Thos. lord Lawar, Wm. Erneley, John Dawtrey, and John Gunter, commissioners, of musters within the rape of Chichester, Suss., in the hundreds of Estborne, Syngleton and Westborne, Domford, Boseham, Boxe, Stokbryg, Manwood, and Aldewyke, taken 8 to 15 April last, 30 Hen. VIII.
[Giving under the several divisions lists of names each followed by the words "a bowman" or "a billman," and a list of those who provide harness].
Contents: The earl of Arundel's servants, viewed by Dawtrey and Gunter (John Bassett, Edw. and Thos. Arundell, John Belyngeham, the elder, and 16 other gentlemen) 123 names, all harnessed. The earl of Southampton's servants (Wm. Fitzwilliam, John Borne, Thos. Butteler, and 21 other gentlemen) 183, all harnessed. Lord Lawarr's servants 57, all harnessed.
Estborne hundred:—Borough of Mydhurst 126, Tithings of Esseborne 47, Selham and Bodyngton 9, Wolbedyng 20, Stedham 29, Ipyng 18, Grayfham 24, Loddysworth parish 40, Bebton 22, Cokyng 18, Lynchemere 14. Total bowmen 95, billmen 124, harness 22.
Dumford hundred:—Tithings of Rogate with Provender 46, Esthartyng 34, Treford 16, Dydlyng 14, Sowthartyng 26, Westhartyng 36, Chythurst 11, Ellsted 20, Trotton (Sir Roger Lewkenor) 33 (20 of them servants to Sir R. Lewkenor). Total bowmen 86, billmen 131, harness 40.
Westborn and Syngleton hundred:—Tithings of Westborn 31, Nutborne 10, Prynsted (John Gunter, esq. with 8 servants, Geffry Poole knyght) 35, Allyesworth 11, Woodmancote 10, Walderton 23. Northmerdon 9, Estmerdon 18, Upmerdone 16, Compton 20, Stonghton 15, Westden 38, Chyllgrove 16, Mydlavant 23, Bynderton 14, Estdene 25, Syngleton 36. Total bowmen 115, billmen 193, harness 54.
Boseham hundred:—Tithings of Fyssheborne 18, Hooke 8, Sowthewood 13, Estashelyng 12, Boseham 7, Crede 5, Bradbregg 10, Waltham 9, Weston 7, Myddleton 24, Westasshelyng (John Dawtrey with 3 servants) 22, Thorney 20, Stoke 16, Funtyngton 23. Total bowmen 46, billmen 124, harness 26.
Totals of all the preceding hundreds. Divers men are charged to have harness which is not yet ready, in all 30 pair.
ii. In another hand.—Boxer hundred:—Tithings of Boxgrave 12, Esthampton 5, Halfnakyd 11, Strethampton 5, Westerton 6, Woodcote (Thos. Devenyshe, esq.) 20, Ertham 7, Aldyngbourne 24, Oving 5, Draytton 5, Coleworthe 9, Morston 8, Rounton 7, Languaashe 6, Vynetroo 3. Total bowmen 49, billmen 65, harness 28.
Stokebridge hundred:—Tithings of Westgate 18, Southgate 7, Fysshebourne 16, Donyngton 12, Nuneke 13, Northmundham 12, Hunston 9, Appuldram (Ric. Ryman, Edw. Bartlet) 17, Hedaker 7. Total bowmen 49, billmen 40, harness 35 pair.
Manwood hundred:—Tithings of Selsey (John Lewys) 34, Sydlesham 38, Almodyngton (John Stanney, John Agmanson) 20, Somerleighe 12, Westwitring (Wm. Erneley, esq. with 10 servants) 24, Brakylsham 5, Thurlewood 17, Estwitryng 8, Burdham 23. Total bowmen 73, billmen 83, harness 63.
Aldwyke hundred:—Tithings of Pagham 10, Crymsham 6, Aldwyke 7, Southebarsted 12, Bogner 4, Shrypmey 4, Northbarsted 10, Lavent 24, Slyndon (Mr. Sellenger) 19, Kyrdforde 8, Tangmer 11. Total bowmen 46, billmen 51, harness 19.
Totals for these four hundreds:—Divers men within these four hundreds charged to have harness and yet have none ready, viz., 35 pair.
Grand totals. Seals of the six commissioners (two much defaced).
64 long pages.
R. O. 3. Certificate of John Palmer and John Shelley, commissioners, of musters within the rape of Arundel, Suss., in the hundreds of Avysford, Polyng, and the borough of Arundel, taken 7 and 8 April, 30 Hen. VIII. and reviewed 18 and 19 April next after.
[Giving under tithings lists of bowmen and billmen and of the persons who have harness.]
Contents: Avysford hundred:—Folgham 52 names, Codlawe 2, Myddelton and Bulseham 16, Athryngton and Gate 33, Walberton and Bernham 35, Sowthestoke and Offam 11, Yapton 29, Bynstede and Tortyngton 24, Madehurste 13, Forde 50.
Arondell borough 69.
Polyng hundred:—Ferrynge 37, Warnyngham 16, Hampton 29, Northstoke 19, Burgham and Weppeham 27, Kyngstone and Wyke 41, Goryng 49, Polyng 24, Preston 14, Tortyngton 17, Rustyngton 38, Ham 11, Estangmeryng 19, Westangmeryng 41.
Total bowmen 122, billmen 339, harness 101. Signed by the commissioners.
23 long pages.
R. O. 4. The certificates of Sir John Dawtre, Sir Wm. Goryng, and Wm. Jefson, commissioners, within co. Sussex, to take the musters, &c., of all able inhabitants, who by the division among all the commissioners were appointed to the hundreds of Rutherbrigge, Esewrithe, and Bury, within the rape of Arundel. Taken 8 and 9 April last, 30 Hen. VIII.
[Giving first the names of the commissioners' servants and their harness; then, under the several tithings, the names of the able men, grouped as archers and billmen, followed by a list of the "tithing harness," and the names of the individuals or groups of individuals who furnish it, among whom are several widows. No numbers except the totals.]
Contents: Servants of Sir John Dawtre 20 names, of Sir Wm. Goryng 25, of Wm. Jefson 5.
Hundred of Rutherbrigge:—Tithing of Petworth and Northchapell 152 names of able men, (fn. 15) Burton and Donketon 34, Sutton 32, Berlavyngton 65, Wollavyngton 21, Stopham and Bognor 41 (Thos. Onley furnishes harness), Loxwood, Ibnow, and Kyreford 70, Tullyngton 52 (the tithing harness seems to be taken with that of Dudlesfold), Rever 41. Total bowmen 194, billmen 352, harnesses 116.
Hundred of Esewrithe and Bury (fn. 16) :—Tithing of Storryngton 42, Chyltyngton 19, Sonde 22, Parham and Gretham (Thos. Mille) 38, Waltham on the Hethe 46, Bygnore 18, Houghton 17, Amberley (John Covert, John Belokerd) 42, Bury and West Burton (Robt. Cooke) 48, Howyke and Dunhurst 62, Pulburgh (Nich. Apsley, Thos. Threle, Ric. Nere) 82, Hardham 19, Byllyngshurst (Ric. Segrave) 48, Nutbourne and Nytymbre 39, Wigenholt (Wm. Bartlott) 81, Hurst and Aysshfold 61. Total bowmen 210, billmen 472, harness 96. Grand totals. Seals of the commissioners gone.
Large paper, pp. 40 (four blank).
R. O. 5. Certificate of Sir Wm. Shelley, Sir Ric. Sherley, and John Apsley, commissioners, of musters within the rape of Bramborough, Suss, in the hundreds of Byrtford and Steyning, the half hundred of Eswrith, and boroughs of Bramborough and Steyning, taken 8 and 9 April last, 30 Hen. VIII.
[Giving under tithings, lists of bowmen, billmen, and harness.]
Contents: Byrtford hundred:—Terryng 32 names, Hene 34, Worthing 29, Durryngton 14, Brodwater 15, Launcyng 17, Fyndon 21, Sounting Peverell 15, Sounting Abbat 10, Clapham 13, Patching 16, Salvyngton, 9. Total bowmen 63, billmen 110, harness 55.
Borough of Steynyng 43, borough of Bramborough 15. Total bowmen, 19, billmen 26, harness 13.
Steyning hundred:—Wasshington 37, Wiston 23, Anyngton and Combes 18, Steynyng 25. Total bowmen, 24, billmen 48, harness 31.
Eswrith half hundred:—Theykam 39, Syllington 13, Dichenhurst 4, Wormynghurst 12. Total bowmen 17, billmen 31, harness 17.
Totals for all the preceding.
View of Sir Wm. Shelley's household servants, taken before Sir Ric. Sherley and John Apsley, 21 April 30 Hen. VIII.:—Names of 8 bowmen and 4 billmen.
View of Sir Ric. Sherley's, taken by John Shelley the same day:—Names of 4 bowmen and 5 billmen.
16 long pages.
R. O. 6. Certificate of Thos. Fenys lord Dacre, Robt. Oxenbryge and Thos. Ashborneham, esquires, and Ric. Sakvyle, Thos. Darell, and Wm. Wybarne, gentlemen, commissioners assigned amongst others for musters in Sussex, and by limitation assigned to the rape of Hastings, Suss., upon the view taken in the 30th year of King Henry VIII.
[Giving under hundreds and boroughs the names of the men arranged as "able bowmen," "able billmen" (among whom are some priests), and "unable men having harness," and after each man's name his harness and weapons. Totals given, for each hundred, of men, horses, harness, and weapons.]
Contents:Hawysborough hundred:—Boroughs of Burghers (Anth. Devenyshe) 75 names, Bevylham 66, Warbleton (Wm. and Thos. Cheyney) 93 (among them servants of Nich. Pelham and Lady West, with the vicar of Hethfeld and parson of Warbleton).
Shoyswell hundred:—Tyseherst 69, Hothly 45, Pasheley 32.
Henhurst hundred:—Erege 24, Fontrig 29, Salehurst 36.
Nenfilde hundred:—Nenfilde 26 (including the vicar), Catysfylde 22, Codynge 3, Hoo 45.
Robertysbrygge hundred, 58 names.
Bexyll hundred:—The East Borough 25, Middle Borough 27, West Borough 15.
Netherfeld hundred:—Brekelyng 44, Momfeld 17, Neterfeld 12, Penhurst 9. "Item there be xlix Frenchmen inhabiting in the boroughs and towns aforesaid."
Foxerle hundred:—Horsemonseux 38 (among whom the parson has 5 harnesses), Cobbeche (Mr. Edw. Persse and Mr. Ric. Styler) 27, Watlyng (sic) 15 (with the vicar of Wartlyng), Borran 15, Ashebornhan 33.
Batell hundred:—Batell 34, Sandelake 32, Sellyscombe 7, Bernhorn with Monjoy, Watlyngton, Seliscombe, Telham, Ukham, Buckschepe 40, lord Dacre's servants 3, Sir Anth. Brown's 4.
Stapyll hundred:—Selescombe 30, Ewherst 37, Bodyham 22, Chytcombe 25, Northyham 39 (including the parson).
Goldspore hundred:—Hope 70, Hayton 15, Watcom 13, Knell 25, Welmerege 46.
Gestlyng hundred:—Gestlyng borough and parish (Thos. Ashburnham with his son Lawrence and 6 servants. Oliver Saynt John with 3) 44, Pett 14, Ikkelsham 17 (including John Hallok and his 4 servants) Farlegh 14.
Balslowe hundred:—Crowherst 35 (including the parson), Wyltyng 30, Ore 40, Inlegh 28.
Gostrow hundred:—Brede (Robt. Oxenbregge with 12 servants) 63, Udymer 31
Totals for the whole rape of Hastings (sum of the totals given of each hundred), viz.:—bowmen 450, billmen 681, bows 518, sheaves of arrows 448, whole harness 322, jacks and coats of fence 102, bills and axes 848, saletts 202, horsemen's harness 6, swords 225, daggers 443, horses 27, spears 6, odd harness nil.
Large paper, pp. 60 (2 or 3 blank).
R. O. 7. Certificate of Sir John Gage, John Sakvyle, Giles Fenys, John Parkar, and Thos. Darell, commissioners, of musters within the rape of Pevensey, of all the hundreds there, taken in the year 30 Hen. VIII.
[Giving under boroughs, &c., lists of "able bowmen," "able billmen," and "unable men having harness," with the harness and weapons of each man detailed and elaborate totals of men, harness, and weapons after each borough.]
Contents: Longbrege hundred:—Boroughs of Wyngton 18 names, Berwyke 24, Lytlyngton 13, Wylmyngton 22, Fokyngton 16, Mylton 17, Wodhorne 7, Estrythe 9. Total bowmen 32, billmen 33, "almen ryvetes" 15, "brygedyns" 1, "jakkes and cotes of fence" 24, bows 38, sheaves of arrows 35 and 6 arrows, bills 70, "sallettes" 52, "splyntes" 19 pair.
Grensted hundred:—Grynsted (John Alfrey, gent) 39, Asheherst 16, Bramblety 9, Imberhorne 19, Sholfystrode 7. Total bowmen 22, billmen 34, &c.
Hartefelde hundred:—Hartefeld 59, Wythyham (John Sakevile, Esq., with 10 servants) 63. Total bowmen 38, billmen 48, &c.
Lokksfeld hundred:—Wadeherst (Thos. Darell) 249, Greneherst (Wm. Levet, parson of Bukkysted, with 2 servants, and Thos. Welles, Wm. Deryng, Thos. Woddye) 85, Ukffelde (Wm. Rotes) 69, Framefelde (John Staple 33, Pecham 11, Stanmere 15, Wotton 4, Norlyngton 13, Myddylham 15, Ashton 21, Clyff, 40, Isfole (Edw. Shurley) 27, Wyllyngham 16, Mallyng 5, Glynde (Thos. Morley) 16. Total bowmen 93, billmen 312, &c.
Retherfeld hundred 171. Total bowmen 37, billmen 83, &c.
Ruschmonden hundred:—[Place not named in margin, probably Maresfield] 72, Flecchyng 8, Barkeham 10, Torryng 7, Torryng Peverell 13, Scheffelde 12, Heyndall 8, Worth 5, Brodherst 7, Wardlye 3, Alchern 9, Itford 4, Schortte 16, Horstede 44, Torryng (Giles Fynys, Esq., and 4 servants, viewed by Sir John Gage and John Parker) 21, _ (blank) 15, Rapylsherst 6. Total bowmen 41, billmen 103, &c.
Tottnour hundred:—Preston Poninges 10, Firlez 13, Heighton (Sir John Gage and 10 servants, his armour viewed by John Parker and Thos. Darell) 30, Bedingham 32. Total bowmen 10, billmen 39, &c.
Flexborowe hundred:—Bishipston 13, Norton 8, Chinting and Blatchington 9, Denton 10, Heghton 11. Total bowmen 10, billmen 16, &c.
Alciston hundred:—Alciston 15, Lullington 27, Heese 15, Blachington 13. Total bowmen 17, billmen 22, &c.
Dyll hundred:—Haylisham 22, Helinglye 20, Isynghurst 41. Total bowmen 10, billmen 31, &c.
Willingdon hundred:—Willingdon (John Parker, esq., his armour viewed by Sir John Gage and Giles Fynes, Robt. Gyldrege) 41, Jevington 12, Birling (Thos. Selwyn) 16, Exet (John Braye) 11. Total bowmen 14, billmen 29, &c.
Bourn hundred:—Upperton (Jas. Burton) 41, Chaulton 12, Esthall 15, Lamport 14. Total bowmen 14, billmen 19, &c.
Shoplake hundred:—Laughton (Nic. Pelham) 29, Ripe 25, Chedingly 35, Waldern 23, Esthothlye 16, Chalvington 19. Total bowmen 18, billmen 33, &c.
Perkgate hundred:—Perkegate 6. Totals, 1 bowman, &c.
Grand totals. Seals of the five commissioners (only two left).
Large paper, pp. 67.
R. O. M 24. Wiltshire
I. Commission to take musters in Wiltshire, addressed to Walter lord Hungerford of Haytesbury, Sir Wm. Pawlett, Sir Edw. Baynton, Sir Hen. Longe, Sir Wm. Essex, Sir John Brugges, Sir Ant. Hungerford, John Banham, Ant. Stylman, Thos. Apprice, Edm. Mounpesson, John Erneley, Barth. Husey, Wm Grene, John Pye, Chas. Bulkeley, Wm. Stumpe, Robt. Wye, John Hamelyn, Wm. Button, Ric. Woodcock, and the sheriff. Westm., 1 March 30 Hen. VIII.
II. [Musters taken thereupon by lord Hungerford and John Bonham.]
[Giving under tithings lists of archers and billmen followed by a note of the harness there.]
Contents: Hundred of Melkesham :—Melkosham town 36 names; tithings of Polsschott 8, Hilperton and Wheddon 12, Erle Stoke 7, Synde 27, Buckyngton 19.
H. of Bradfford:—Bradfford town 34; tithings of Holte 12, Broughton Gyfford 20, Rowlegh 12, Troll 10, Challffeld Magna and Comerwell 5, Wraxall 12, Attfford 10. Monton Farley 7, Wyndsley 24.
H. of Warmyster :—Warmyster town 45; tithings of Corstley 27, Busshoppestowe 7, Bowood 4, Dynton and Tevent 22, Corstley Parva 1, Small Broke 8, Burton 11, Skydmore 5, Norton 9, Fissherton Dalamer, and Batcombe 5 (these tithings 2 harness, &c., "per literas Domini Sayn Johann"), Sotton Magna 6, Sotton Parva 4, Norege 2.
H. of Wesbery:—Wesbery town 13, tithings of Wesbery 11, Bayly 12, Dilton 5, Hawkridg 7, Penley 3, Chauntery 4, Broke 6, Light 3, Bratton and Stoke 9.
Liberty of Trowbridg 77.
Pp. 11. Endd.:The lord Hungerford and John Bonham.
III. The certificate of Thos. Apprice and Barth Husee.
[Giving under tithings, &c., lists of names, each followed by the word "archer" or "bill," very few notes of horse or harness, ending with a note of the "common" harness.]
Contents: Hundred of Aldewarbury:—Tithings of Wyntersloo (Alex. Thistlethwayte, gent.) 28, Wynterbourne Dawnsey 5, Winterbourne Munkes 6, Pytton and Farley 19, Wynterbourne Charborough 9, Wynterbourne Erles 17, Alderbury 17, Milford Pychard 2, Milford Rychard 1, Dean and Estgrins[tead] (Wm. Hamond) 14, _ (name omitted) 18, Porton and Gommyldon 13, Idmeston 12, Whaddon and Weste Grinstede 14, Laverstocke 11.
H. of Chalke:—Chalke 39, Boorde Chalke 21, Fyfylld (Thos. Horsey) 4, Barwycke 18, Tollard 9, Ebbysbourne Wake 17, Alston (Thos. Gawen, esq., Robt. Gerard, Wm. Horsey) 21, Stoke Verdean 14, Netherhaunton 16, Semley 33, Knighton 4. Langford (fn. 17) (Nic. Servyngton, esq.) 15.
H. of Frustefeld :—Cowffeld (Ric. Bacon) 8, Lanford 13, Abbotteston 6, Whelpley 14, Alderston 11.
H. of Wonderdyche:—Milfor Episcopi 15, Wodford Parva 11, Wodford Magna 23, Stratford Dean 8, Stratford Comon 8, Wylford and Lake 9.
H. of Downton with the boroughs of Downton and Hyndon:—Charleton 17. Downton borough 10. Wyke (Ric. Abarow) 13, Hamtworthe 14, Este Downton 28. Hyndon borough 29. Bysshoppe Fontell 22, Knowyll 31.
H. of Damerham for the South Part:—Damerham 29, Martan (John Horsey, esq.) 14, Tott Pytt (Edm. Somersett) 11, Compton Chamberleyn 14, Bysshypston 3, Flameston 4, Netton 7, Throwppe 8, Cruxston 8, Deverell Langbryge 32.
H. of Cawdon and Cadworth :—Hemyngton 27. Byrtford 21, Come Byssett (Wm. Mathew) 20, _ (no heading, qu. part of Come Byssett?) 33, Flameston (Thos. Apprice) 5. Oddestoke 11, Westcharnam 17, Stratford Tony 14, Esteharnam 8, Sutton Manfelde 11, Barford Martini 27, Fovent 32, Burtcome 11, Baberstoke 13.
Pp. 21.
IV. Certificate of Edm. Mompesson, Barth Husse, and Chas. Bulkeley of musters within the city of New Sarum.
[Giving under the several wards lists of archers and billmen and of persons assigned to have harness in readiness.]
Contents:—Ward of the Market, 199 names of archers and billmen and 41 of those assigned to have harness, w. of the Mede 79 and 12 (among them John Goodale, bailiff, and John Abarowe, gent.), w. of Martyn 169 and 39, w. of the Newe Strete 145 and 49. In the said city are 10 archers and 10 billmen, well harnessed, ready "at the King's commandment to the sea."
Pp. 12.
v. Certificate of John Erneley, Chas. Bulkeley, and Wm. Button. (fn. 18)
(1.) "The division of the whole shire" of Wilts, as well of the commissioners as of the townships and hundreds, viz.:—Lord Hungerford and John Bonham: hundreds of Warmester, Westbury cum burgo, Trobrygge liberty, Bradford, Melkesham. Sir Ant. Hungerford, Sir John Abrydgez and Wm. Stumpe: hundred of Hywourthe, Crycklade and Staple, with boroughs of Wutton and Cryckelad, hundreds of Selkeley, Kyngbrydge, Rammesbury, borough of Marleborough, h. of Kynwardston, b. of Bedwen. Thos. Apprice and Barth. Hussey: hundreds of Chalke, Downton cum burgo, b. of Hyndon, h. of Damerham South Part, Frustfeld, Cawdon and Cadworth, Alwardbury, Undredych. Edm. Mompesson and Wm. Grene: h. Heytysbury, Donwourthe, Meere, Brenche borough and Dolesfeld, b. of Wilton. Sir Hen. Long, John Hamlyn, Robt. Wye, Wm. Stunnpp: h. of Cheyelowe and Sterkley, b. of Malmesbunye, h. of Chippenham cum burgo, Damerham North Part, Calne cum burgo, liberty of Cosseham, h. of Whorweldown. John Erneley, Chas. Bulkeley and Wm. Button: h. of Ambresbury, Swan-borough, Potern and Canyng, b. of Devysez, liberty of Rowde and of Bromeham, h. of Elstubb and Everley, b. of Ludgarsall.
(2.) The muster. [Giving under tithings, &c., lists of archers and billmen, followed by the names of those assigned to have harness, and the harness.]
Contents: Hundred of Ambresburye*:—Tithings of Tudworth Hussey 6 names altogether, (fn. 19) Tudworth Souche and Tudworth Moyler and Byddesden 14, Fyckelden 14, West Wellowe 19, Winterslowe 7, Boscombe (Herr. Clyfford) 10, Newton Toney 10, Alyngton 5, Fykelton 13, Bykmerston and Mylston and Choldryngton 5, Compton and Alton 6, Greate and Little Durneforde 15, Duryngton 16, Bultford 19, Byddesden 2, Kyngston Deverell 11, town of Greate Ambresbury and West Ambresbury 48.
H. of Swanborough:—Estlavyngton 41, Esterton and Cherleton (Robt. Thornehyll) 28, Russall 23, Manyngford Brues, Manyngford Abbottes and Manydgford Bondes 31, Wylsford and Wudborough 20, Wylcott and Hewyssh 17, Allcannynges 37, Alyngton 11, Sterte 16, Chyrton Concke and Echylhampton 41, Stanton 25, Urssyant, Weddampton and Escote 48, Bechynstoke 7, Newynton 17, Grete Chyverell 41, Lytle Cheverell 21, Lytleton 9, Upharvyn 32, Mardun 10, Alton Barnes 5.
H. of Potterne and Cannynges:—Potterne 47, Wurton and Merston 28, Weke, Chyttow, and Ustede 18, Rundwey and Betbarow 11, Busshoppes Cannynges 32, Horton (Robt. Unwyn) 9, Cote 12, West Lavyngton (Ambrose Daunsey) 49, Bourton and Eston 2. Liberty of Bromham 52. Liberty of Rowde 31. Borough of Devyses:—St. Mary parish (Walter Burleigh) 57, St. John's parish (John Mathew, mayor) 84.
H. of Elstubbe and Everley:—Stockton 27, Collyngbourne Duces 30, Fyffed 8, Chesyngbury Prior 13, Chynbury de la Folye 7, Emford 15, Fykelton 7, Rollyston 3. Borough of Ludgarsall 17, Tithings of Overton 14, Netherhaven 32, Fyffed in the parish of Enford 8, Everley cum libertate 17, Lytlecott and Fyffed 13, Combe 5, Pattney 8, Haxston 8, Alton Prior 6.
Pp. 27.
R. O. 2. Certificate of the view of able men, archers, and billmen, taken 10 April 30 Hen. VIII., by Sir Hen. Longe, John Hamlyn, and Wm. Stumpe, commissioners assigned by the King's commission to them and others; of the hundreds of Northe Damerham, Chyppenham, Callm, Mallmesbury, and Wharwelldown.
[Giving under the hundreds the names of the able men of each tithing, arranged as archers and billmen, with a note opposite them of the numbers of horses and harness, bows and arrows, and "other small weapons" in the tithing. Totals for each tithing.]
Contents: North Damerham hundred:—Tithings of Chrystenmallfforde 42 names, Greattlyngton 11, Nettyllton 14, Kyngton Mighell and Northe langley 35.
Chippenham hundred:—Borough of Chippenham 58. The earl of Hertford's liberty in Chippenham 14. Tithings of Hardynhasshe Hewys 4, Alyngton 5, Hartham 5, Vokan alias Voghan 9, Shyldon and Loeldon 9, Tuderyngton Lucas 7. Liberties of Kyngiswood 32, Cossam 49, Sherston Magna 41. Tithings of Sherston Pynkeney 2, Colern 29, Castellcombe 40, Brembill 32, Boxe 42, Slaughtenforde 10, Northewraxall 10, Lye 3, Lokyngton 7, Yatton Kaynell 13, Alderton 8, Westkyngton 8, Bittson 10, Langley Buryell 11, Lackam 15, Lacoke 49, Estyngray 7, Stanley and Sopporth (harness only).
Callm hundred:—Borough of Callme 62. Tithings of Barwick (harness only), Compton Bassett 15, Heddyngton 19, Cherell 12, Yattesbury 8, Whettham 2, Blacklonde 6, Chalston 9, Beversebroke 4, Studley 14, Estemontstrett 3, Commerford 7, Pynnells 2.
Wharwelldowne hundred:—Tithings of Steple Asheton 18, Weste Assheton 17, Semyngton 19, Lytellton 6, Sowthwick (Ambrose Dauntesey, gent.) 24, Edyngton and Tynhed 34, Colston 11, North Bradley 22, Henton 9, Kevyll 32.
Malmesbury hundred:—Milborn 7, Dawntesey 11, Cruddewell 6, Coston 2, Summerford Parva 9, Summerforde Magna 11, Charleton 22, Oxsey 10, Newnnton 16, Hullavynton 8, Poole 2, Foxeley 2, Staunton Quenteign 2, Kemble 20, Rodborn 8, Hankerten 18, Assheley 4, Segr' 8, Burton Hyll 5, Garysdon 9, Brokenborough 10, Sutton Beynger 16, Brynkeworth (Thos. Wallron, gent.) 37, Borough of Malmesbury 58.
Large paper, pp. 31.
R. O. 3. "This is the certificate of Sir William Essex, Sir Anthony Hungerford, and Sir John a Brygges, knights, and William Stompe, commissioners for the musters before them taken of the hundreds and towns," &c.
[Giving under headings of townships lists of the "archers" and "bills," followed by a list of the individuals or groups of individuals who furnish harness. No numbers except the totals.]
Contents: Hundred of Kynworthstone:—Burbage Savydge 24 (fn. 20) able men named, Pewsey (John Benger) 13, Eston 7, Tytcombe 7, Este Bedwyn 12, Chesbery 11, East and West Grafton 11, Clenehe 3, Westcombe 12, Crofton and Wylton 11, Buttermer 4, Est and West Bedwyn 18, Frokefeld and Okell 6, Chytte and Conney 11, Fosbery 9, Wotton Ryvers 8, Mylton 15, Charnamestrette 7, Schalbourn 11, Collyngbourn 47 (among them Robt. Amery, a Frenchman), Northecott and Kepnell 11, Pewsey and Charcotte 25. Total archers 9, billmen 180, harness 66, horses 10.
Hundred of Kyngbrygge:—Thornehyll "with other tithings" 23, Wanborought 35, Chesulden 38, Lyddelcoth Tregosse parish 30, Lynam parish 16, Elcombe parish 9, Helmarton parish 19, Lodyngton 9, Wrongton 22, Brodhynton parish 6, Ludyng parish 5, Weste Totnam 8, Clacke 11, Est Tokenam 9, Clyffe parish 5, Swyndon 28, Cleve Pyperd, Buscham, Oscotte, and Elcum, only harnesses given. Total archers 70, billmen 194, harness 56 horses 15.
Hundred of Selkeley:—Marleborough town and borough 94, Mounton 18, Okebourne St. George 27, Bakynton 9, Okebourn Mesey 15, Preschette 3, Wynterbourn Bassett 10, Stottyscombe 6, Gkebourn St. Andrew 19, Brode Hynton tithing 12, Lokregge tithing 1, Midnall tithing 16, Abery 20, Kennett tithing 17, Overton 12, Clateforde 4, Elcatt 3, _ (two blanks) 7, Aldebourn 36. Total archers 170, billmen 160, harness 63, horses 10.
Hundred of Rammesbery:—Rammesbery tithing 37, Beyden 7, Bysschoppyston 10, "servants to our lady Dorrell" 14, Wm. Wrougnton and his servants 13, Estryge 5, Wyttun Dyche 5, Oxforde 5, the bp. of Salisbury's servants 60 (John Shaxton and others). Total archers 42, billmen 100, harness 52, horses for archers 30.
Hundred of Hyghworth, Crykkelade, and Staple (fn. 21) :—Crykkelade 23, Chelworth 2, Aschton 7, Lyght 4, Eysyc and Eton 0, Latton 3, Merston Mesye 4, Pulton 5, Wedhyll, Somerford Keyns, and Shernecott 0, Pyrton 7, Hyghtworth 15, Westroppe 5, Sevynhampton 0, Merston 0, Lydearde 5, Netherstratton 0, Overstratton 2, Redebourne 4, Mordon 0. Total archers 35, billmen 51, harness 92, horses 10. Grand totals. Signed by Hungerford, Bruges, and Stomp.
Large paper, pp. 60, in a vellum cover, entitled "This is the book and return of the mustering of the hundreds within written in the county of Wilshire of men able and of their harness."
R. O. M 25. Worcestershire.
i. Commission to Wm. Robynson and John Calloo, bailiffs, and Roger Warde and Nich. More, aldermen, of the city of Worcester, to take the musters there. Westm., 27 March 30 Hen. VIII.
ii. Certificate of musters attached to the above.
[Giving under the several wards a list of names, each described as "a bowman" or "a billman," and with the harness any of them possess noted. No numbers given.]
Contents: Wards of All Saints 79 names, St. Martin 57, St. Nicholas 39, St. Clement's 23, St. Peter's 73, [St. Andrew's] 83 (?), the High Warde 90.
Parchment roll of 6 membranes, much faded, with the commission (§. i.), also parchment, attached.
R. O. 2. Certificate of John Dyngley, George Wylloughby, Wm. Sheldon and Wm. Cokesey, commissioners, amongst other for views and musters in Worcestershire, assigned to the hundred of Blakynhurst, Easter Term, 31 Hen. VIII.
[Giving under each town or township the names of the able archers and billmen (and one "horseman") and the number of horses and harness expected of the town (for instance "These townships be limited in horse, harness, and artillery for a archer" or "in harness and artillery for a archer and harness for j billman"). Totals are given of each town or township].
Contents: Hundred of Blakynhurst:—Evesham St. Lawrence parish (Wm. Cokesey with two "harness" and Phos. Dyngley, gentlemen) 76 names, All Saints parish 65 (including Thos. Cotes, gent., a horseman); Bengeworth 34, Northletleton and Media 5, Badsey, Aldyngton, and Wykwanford 15, Norton and Lenchweck 16, Offenham and Southletleton 20, Ombresley with its members (Robt. Nevile, Roland Burghyll, John Havorde 54, Wolbaroughe 6, Bretforton and Churche Honyborne 29, Hampton Magna and Parva 9, Abbottes Moreton, Sherelench, and Achelench 17. Total archers 159, billmen 185, horsemen 1, horses 6, harness 25. Signed by the commissioners.
Pp. 20.
R. O. 3. Similar certificate for the hundred of Oswaldslow, Worc.
[Giving the names of able archers and billmen and the harness which the townships, and some individuals, will furnish (for instance "This town will horse, harness, and furnish one archer" or "These townships have horse, harness with artillery for one archer"). In the following abstract names in parenthesis before the figures are those of "gentlemen"].
Contents:_ (commencement lost) Parish of [Ke]mesey (Ric. Mucklow, gentleman) 39 names (Mucklow and Anth. Aylworth will furnish 3 harness), Tyberton 14, Hyndlyppe 7 (Thos. Solley 2 harness), Warmedon 9, H ... 12 (Nich. Flytte 1 harness), Wytley Parva 19, Odyngley 6; Claynes 31, and Whitston tithing therein 11, in all 42 (of whom Ant. Wood and several others furnish harness); Specheley and Cudley Bethnall and Wittinton and Bradicot (Ric. Sheldon will furnish 1 harness) 26, Wolverley 20 (Roger Holbarow and two others 1 harness), [S]toltun with its members, viz., [W]olfeirton Magna [et Par]va cum [Mu]knill 21 (John Bradford 1 harness), Hewnyd Morton and Hatf[ie]ld (wm. Gower 1 harness) 12, Hertilbury (Ric. Connysbye 1 harness) 38 (Thos. Best and others 1 harness), Parish of [Sto]ke Prior 13, Hanbury juxta Wyche with its members 37, Holfaste and Estynton 8 (Giles Bryggys 1 harness), Alchurche 45 (Robt. Porter and six other impotent persons furnish harness) Kenwicke 1 (i.e. Edm. Evet who says he is charged to find an able person under his landlord, Sir Humph. Stafford), Ridmersley parish 23, [R]ypple parish 34; Herdwicke, Breadon, Westyncott, Kynsham 22 (Thos. Milis and another aged man find harness), Mytton (Wm. Reid with 5 servants and harness) 10 (Humph. Davys will furnish harness), Norton in Breadon 15, Hill Crome 8, Vrlys (Earl's) Crome 10, Crome Debitot 9, Parish of the Berow 23, Pendock 11, Welland and Little Malvern (John Russell, esq., and John Russell, his son, furnish harness) 32, Opton upon Severn 26, Elmeley Castle (Edm. Raynesford) 20 (Geo. Welougby furnishes harness), Overbury with its members 18, Fladbury Hill, More and Weyer Pedle 32, Cleve Priors and Hervyngton (Thos. Busshell finds harness) 15, Seggebarowe 13, Throkmerton (Thos. Middelmore, esq., finds harness) 14, Stoke and Bradley, Hablenche, and Rowslenche 30, Cuttiston Priors and Iccombe 5, Byshampton 12, Rynghtiswesborn, a member of Breadon parish, 5, Inkebarowe with its members 70 (Geoff. Markham 1 harness), Evinlode and Dalysforde 16, Blockeley and Upton le Olde 20 (Robt. Palmer and Ric. Walgrove 2 harness), Draycote Northewicke juxta Blokley 8, Paxforde and Dorne 9, Hangyngaston 4, Charlton Cropthorn and Netherton (Wm. Dyngley, esq., being aged, finds harness) 21, Blackwell 7, Shypston super Stowre (Wm. Sheldon 1 harness) 26, Tredyngton with its members except Blakwell and Calton, 29, Calton (Wm. and Humph. Jenetts) 4.
Total "of able men in the said hundred of Oswaldeslowe" 1,203. [N.B.—This figure gives us 230 more than are accounted for in the above abstract and suggests that about four leaves (8 pages) are lost at the commencement]; whereof 535 are archers and 668 billmen (these are further classified as horsed and harnessed, harnessed on foot, and not harnessed; but the numbers are lost by mutilation). Signed: John Russell, sen._ Willm. Gower—Roland Moreton.
Incomplete. Pp. 32, mutilated.
R. O. 4. First leaf of the preceding (found apart) beginning:—"[Men]se Maii anno tricesimo pr[imo] R[egni] Regis Henrici octavi," &c. The return of musters by authority of the King's commission annexed hereto, taken by commissioners whose names, as they be divided between the five hundreds in the said shire, here ensue, viz., [Gilbert] Talbot, knight, and [John P]ak[yng]ton, [Walt]er Blount, [Robe]rt Acton and [Tho]mas Evance, esquires, for the hundred of Halfshir; [John] Walshe, [John] Ketilby, and Blount, esquires, for Dodingtrie; [John Dyn]gley, [Wi]lliam Sheldon, [Geo. Wyll]oughby and [Wm. Cokesey], esquires, for Blakynthurst; [John Russell, sen., Wm. Gower, Roland Moret]on, ... Idon, and ... yssey, for Oswaldeslowe; John Russell, knight, Richard Lygon, knight, and Roland Moreton and John Vampage, esquires, for Pershar.
The certificate of John Russell [sen.], Wm. Gower, and Roland Mor[eton] for their limit in the said hundred of Oswaldeslow":—
Bradwas, 24 names,_.
Pp. 2. Mutilated.
(2.) Another leaf of the same (found apart), beginning with the memorandum that Arnold Gower, gent., and Ric. Fermour, aged men, will each furnish an archer and that the "said parish" will furnish 2 men. _ (name of parish lost), 28 names, some of them mutilated; "this parish will horse, harness, and furnish an archer." Hodynton 6, Hallow 32.
Pp. 2. Mutilated.
(3.) Fragments of two other leaves of the same (found apart), viz.:—
i. Beginning with the names of 6 archers and 3 billmen, but the name of the township to which they belong lost, followed by the note, Thos. Ludlowe will horse and harness himself and servant. [Township of St. John's], names of 11 archers and 14 billmen. "Adhuc the township of St. John's 9 billmen, with note that John ... and Wm. Gower, esq., provide horse and harness. The parish of St. John's in the country, names of 8 archers and 17 billmen.
ii. Another smaller fragment in the same hand, having on the one side the word ... nford in the margin with the names of Ric. Habyngton, gent., John Ketilbye, gent, and 8 other "archers," opposite it. On the other side 8 names of billmen and the note "This parish will horse, harness, and furnish—one archer."
R. O. 5. Similar certificate for Halfshire hundred, Worc., made by Sir Gilbert Talbot, Walter Blounte, Thomas Evance and Ralph Sheldon, commissioners, in April 31 Hen. VIII.
[Giving under the townships the names of the able archers and billmen, the names of those, mostly aged or impotent, who "will harness a man" and the number of harness furnished by the township. No indications given of the rank of the persons named.]
Contents:—Kydderminster 52 names (Ric. Averey, Thos. Wilcocks, the vicar, and 11 others will harness men), Mytton 9 (Edw. Ensall finds harness), Oldyngton 2, The Leye and [Nor]ton (?) 2, Trympley and Horeston 8, _ (blank) 8 ("this village will horse and harness a man"), Blakester and Netherton 3, Haburley 4, Wannerton and Horcot 2, Frawyshe 2, Pokelston 4, Commerton and Agbarow 2, Over Mitton 7, Kyngeford 1, Stoone 14, Chaddesley 45 (Wm. Newman and 3 others find harness), Elmeley Lovet 19 (Ric. Poler and 3 others find harness), Cradeley 11 (Wm. Wall and John Hormour, harness), Dudley 20 (Ralph Selee and 8 others, harness), Olde Swynford 20 (John Bradley and 9 others), Ludley 5, Pedmore 19 (John and Thos. Bradeley and Thos. Holt), Chu[r]chehill 5, Hagley 11 (Roger Jeston and 4 others), Droyte Wych 67 (John Butler, sen., and 9 others), Wychebolde 30 (Ric. Dethicke, jun. and sen., and 4 others), Elmebrige 14 (Edm. Pursill), Sallwarppe 29 (John Trymnell and John Thommys), Churche Lench 7, Kyngeton 12 (John Wolmer), Crowle 15 (John Horneyblow and 2 others), Doverdale 6 (Wm. Brace), Hampton 13 (Thos. Wythe), Russheoke 15 (Wm. Newport), Hadsore 4 (Chr. Barnesley), Bromesgrove 31 (Humph. Daffye and 5 others); the following "yeldes" members of Bromesgrove:—Flockebury 9 (Wm. Wilke and 3 others), Burneford 4 (Wm. Burneford), Shepley 10 (John Brace), _(name lost) 5, _ (name lost) 13 (Nich. [...]rnesley and Harry Folke), Woodecote 8, Moseley 8, Hedley 21, "these said v yeldes of Kynges Norton be appointed to furnish x men with horse and harness." _ (name lost) 14 (John Watkyns, Ric. Saunders and 2 others), _ (name lost) 23 (John Lane and Thos. Lewes), Coston Hacket 2 (Wm. Beke), Northefylde 28 (Harry Morton and 17 others), _ (name lost) 14 (George Walshe and 3 others), _ oorley 8, Belbroughton 16 (John A pen or à Pen and 4 others) Cokesey 2 (John Wylkes), Upton Warren 7 (Wm. Horton and John Palmer), _ (name lost) 40 (Anth. Hanbury and John Taylor of Bysshopt ... and another).
Totals of able men, archers and billmen, "horses to serve the King's grace" and harness, but the figures lost by mutilation. Signed by the aforenamed commissioners and by Robert Acton and Walter Blount.
Pp. 26, much mutilated.
R. O. M 26. York and Ainstey.
Certificate of musters taken 24 and 25 April, 31 Hen. VIII. by Robt. Elwald, mayor of York, Hen. Dayson, Geo. Gayle, Wm. Harryngton, John North, Wm. Dogeson, Robt. Halle, and John Shadlok, aldermen; Peter Robynson and John Bean, sheriff's commissioners of the city, allotted according to the King's commission.
[Giving under headings of the parishes or other divisions, the names of men able for war, arranged as horsed and harnessed, and not horsed nor harnessed, each kind being further sub-divided into archers and billmen. In some cases a further division is made of parcel harnessed, i.e., having horses but no harness, harness but no horses or incomplete harness. No numbers or marginal letters given.]
i. Bowthom ward:—Parish of St. Michael in the Belfray (Robt. Elwald, mayor, John Elwald his son, Miles Newton, Percival Selby, Hen. Faux, Ralph Pulleyn, alderman) 17 names of the mayor's officers and servant and 136 other names. Men of war dwelling within the Cathedral Close: The lord Dean's servants 33 (one of them a spearman), servants of Wm. Clyff, treasurer of York, 11, of Geoff. Downes, chancellor, 5, of Dr. Clyfton sub-dean 4, of Mr. Edw. Kellet, chaunter 5, of John Good 7 (one a servant of Mr. Ashton). Parishes of St. Martin's in Connyngstreit (Mr. Wm. Wright, alderman; Mr. Reynold Beislay) 65, St. Wilfrid's 20, St. Elyns in Stayngaite 72, St. Olyff and part of the said parish of St. Martin in the Belfray 54.
ii. Monk warde:—Cryst parish in Connygarth (Wm. Harryngton and Robt. Halle, aldermen, Robt. Man, merchant) 51, (one of them with a hand-gun and powder), the Trinities in Gooderomgait (Geo. Gayle, alderman) 21, St. John de Pyke (Tristram Tesh, esq.) 25, All Hallows in Peisholme 4, Our Lady in Ladythrop 4, St. Maurice without Monkhouse 20, St. Samson's (Wm. Dogeson, alderman) 60, St. Andrew's (Edmond the surgeon) 8, St. Cuthbert's 4, St. Elyns upon the Walls 17, St. Saviour 23.
iii. Wallmegate ward and Castlegate (fn. 22) :—St. Michael's at Ouse Bridge End circ. (fn. 23) 82, All Hallows of the Payment (John Hodgeson and John Shadloke, aldermen) 52, Cruce parish 98, St. Denis (Stephen Thomson, doctor) 47, St. Mary in Castlegate (Ric. Bukoke) 43, St. Margaret's (John North, alderman) 37, St. Lowerance 35, Peter Loon Lytle parish 16, St. Peter in the Wyllos 21, All Hallows in Fysshergate and St. Ellyng's there 6.
iv. Mynyth ward with Northstrete (fn. 24) :—Trenyte in Mykkylgate 81, St. Gregory 6, St. Martyn in Mykkylgate 35, St. John at Ouse Bryg Ende (Wm. Barker, alderman) 68, All Hallows in Northstrete (Harry Dayson) 49, Our Lady of Bisshophill the Newer 20, Our Lady of Bisshophill the Elder (John Bean, sheriff, John Beylbe) 17, St. Clements (Wm. Maunsell) 10.
v. Wapentake of Aynsty:—Townships of Tokwith 33, Helawgh 24, Acaster Malbys 58, Wyghalle (Robt. Stapilton) 51, Thorparche 25, Bykerton 26, Byllton 19, Mooremonkton 18, Walton 9, Catterton 10, Acaster Selbye 27, Cowton 13, Bysshopthorp, 19, Middlethorp 8, Appylton 18, Copmanthorp 24, Bylburghe 15.
vi._* (same handwriting as Wallmegate and Mynyth wards):—Rughforde and Acom Grange (Robt. Metham) 40, Marston (Wm. Thwates) 20, Huton and Angram 39, Knapton 15, Askam Richerd 26, Askam Bryan 40, Bolton Percy and Hornyngton 30, Drynghouses 27, Hessay 12, Overpopleton (Brian Middleton) 34, Nether Popleton 22, Acome (Thos. Newarke) 40, Hollgaite 10, Steton (Sir Wm. Fairfax and his household servants) 10, Wyllestropp with the lordship (Sir Oswald, Wylstrop) 29 ("presentment" of Robt. Wayde, Sir Oswald's chaplain.)
vii. A set of totals in the same hand as § i, viz.:—Total of "the foresaid archers" horsed and harnessed 196 (fn. 25), billmen horsed and harnessed 281, able men having "some part harness" and no horse 91, having horse and no harness 16 horses, archers having neither horse nor harness 492, bill men having neither horse nor harness 851, handguns 4. Total of all the said persons 1,885.
Book of 145 pages many of which are blank.
R. O. 2. Liberty of St. Mary's Abbey.
A declaration of the number of able men to serve the King under the Lord Privy Seal within the liberties of St. Mary's Abbey, York, now in charge of Matthew Boynton, deputy steward, as appears by indentures and bills assigned by the bailiffs of the several lordships. The indentures are dated 13 and 14 April, 30 Henry VIII., and the bailiffs bind themselves to be ready on "lawful" warning each to bring a fixed number of men; total of bowmen, billmen, and footmen 342. The lordships and numbers are Spawnton 100 and Normanbie 21, and the townships Hornesey 29, Hornesey Bekke 44, Garford 28, Dighton 16, Popleton 24, Harton 30, Myton 20, Overton 10, Clyfton 20, Fulforthe 8, and Cottingwith 30.
Pp. 5. Endd.
R. O. M 27. Yorkshire—East Riding.
Musters taken in the East Riding of Yorkshire, viz.:
i. Within the liberties of Howden 13 April 30 Hen. VIII., before Sir Peter Vavasour, and Wm. Thwaytes, commissioners thereto assigned.
[Giving under each township the list of (1) "persons able to serve the King with sufficient horse and harness" and (2) "persons able to serve the King having nother horse nor harness." The names in the first are mostly bracketed singly, or in groups, with some set of harness, either "horse and harness for one man archer" or "horse and harness for one man bill." Persons noted as having servants are noted in parenthesis in this abstract. Totals are given for each township. The letters "a" or "b" opposite each name indicate archers and billmen.]
Contents: Howden 101 names, Yoykflett 22, Ellerkar (Mr. William Ellerkar) 18, Thorpe 18, Axilbe and Knedlington 14, Dyke cum Sandholme 52, Welton and Melton 49, Estryngton 38; Grenake, Belacysse, Bonetland, Newland cum Lynton 24; Brantyngham (Hugh Clyderow) 13, Saltmershe and Cotnesse 34, Barnby 41, Portyngton cum Cavell (Hen. Portyngton and Wm. Monkton) 18, Skelton cum Laxton 27, Blacktofte 42. Total of persons able to serve the King with horse and harness 81 (the numeration under this heading throughout is of harnesses not of names); without harness 408.
f.11. ii. In the wapentake of Bukcrosse 16 April 30 Hen. VIII., before Sir Marm. Constable, sen., and Wm. Constable, commissioners.
[Making no division of harnessed and not harnessed, but taking archers first, and, after each man's name, describing his harness and weapons. Totals for each township. Marginal letters "a" and "b" for archers and bills.]
Contents Ryllyngton (Marm. Wythes) 20, Yeddyngham 11, Estheslerton 20, Westheslerton (John Heslerton) 19, Shirburn (Wm. Stokdale) 30, Knapton (Thos. Lutton) 22, Setteryngton (Geo. Dalkyng) 31, Skyrpynbeke (Wm. Horslay, bailey) 3, Skyrpynbeke cum Bugthorpe and Garaby (Wm. Chamberleyn) 30, Langton 22, Kyrkham cum Weston 37, Kyikby in Gryn dalelith 16, Howsom 14, Acclom and Levenyng (Wm. Levenyng) 32, Leppyngton cum Barthorpe 15, Scrayngham 10, Kyrkby Undderdale 14, Sexendale cum Raysthorpe 9, Towthorpe 10, Fryndethorpe 10, Fymmer 7, Wetwang 21, Sledmer 17, Collom 14, Webethorpe 19, Helperthorpe 9, Thyrkleby 11, West and East Lutton 14, Duggleby 15, Wharrom in the Strett 15, Norton 18, Burdsall (John Thorpe) 35, North Grymston 18, Fyrby 9, Eddlethorpe (Herre Nalton) 7, Kenythorpe cum Thornethorpe 10, Berethorpe 10, Menethorpe 12, Scakcliethorpe 18, Scampston 21, Thorpbassett 18, Wynteryngham 31. No general totals given. Two seals (of the commissioners ?)
f.35. iii. In the wapentake, Betwixt Ouse and Darwent, 18 April 30 Hen. VIII., before Sir Peter Vavasour, and Wm. Babthorpe, commissioners.
[Arranged like § i.].
Contents: Hemyngburghe (John Gascoyn) 79, Sowthe Duffelde 34, Osgodby 43, Slyffe 71, Barlebye 57, Menthorpe and Bowthorpe 10, Brokinholme and Woddall 13, Ricall (Chr. Nelson) 78, Skypwith 33, Wheldrake 28, Kylffelde 32, Grymstone 12, Stilingflete and Moreby 42, Cottingwith 23, Staunfforthe Brygges 15, Fowlfourthe 54, Kexby 14, Escryke (Mr. John Donyngton) 70, Naburne (Nich. Palmes) 42, Elvyngton 24, Northeduffelde 44, Mourby Hawll (Wm. Acclom, Thos. Mettam) 6, Heslyngton 31, Donnyngton 33, Deyghtoun 25, Thorganby (Edw. Saltmarshe, Thos. Saltmarshe) 37. Total of persons with horse and harness 137, without 791. Two seals.
f.56. iv. Wapentake of Dykryng, before Matthew Boynton and Thos. Wentford.
[Giving the names of the men of each township with description of each man and his arms (e.g. "one able man with a bill," "able in horse and harness with a bill" "an able man in person," "able in person with half a sheaf of arrows") but in very few cases dividing them under the headings "with horse and harness" and "without." No marginal designation of archers and billmen and no totals. A good many surnames as well as Christian names are left blank.]
Contents: Garton 39, Naffreton (_ Myddylton, Herry Weddall) 37, Fostoune cum Pokethrope 18, Wandysforth 12, Carneby 27, Gransmore 12, Thorneholme cum Haysthrope 44, Annes Burton (Mr. _ Cawod) 37, Bessyngbe cum Eston (Herry Pullay, Robt. Ward) 29, Langtofte (John Reidheid, constable) 17, Butterweyke cum Bethrope (Mr. Jas. Halaby) 16, Foxholles (Mr. Wavesor) 12, Wyllerby 14, Muston 17, Fawllton (Mr. Robt. Lacy) 14, Flyxton 12, Fylay 16, Hunmanby 36, Ryghton 11, Speton 17, Flanburghe (Robt. Pukryng, bailey) 103, Bucton cum Bempton 46, Severby cum Marton 35, Bridlington cum Bridlington Key (Thos. Brigham, Humph. Chaloner, bailey) 140, Awborn (John Williamson, the King's constable) 15, Hylderthorpe 13, Wylstrope 6, Frastrope (Lady Constable, Mr. Thos. Preston) 19, Brigham 23, Lowthrope 23, Kelke 15, Herpham (Wm. Seyntquyntyn with eight servants) 14, Boynton 30, Rudston cum Carethrope and Thorpe 34, Kyllam 49, Ruston 16, Twhyng cum Otton 30 (11 of them "youngmen,") Gymlyng 20, Wold Newton 12, Fordon 6, North Burton 24, Gryndall 16, Styxton 9, Cottum 14, Galmeton cum Bronton 25, Bynnynton 5. Signed by Boynton and Wentworth. Two seals.
f.84. v. Wapentake of Holderness, taken 14 April 30 Hen. VIII. before Sir Ralph Ellerker, jun., Sir Wm. Constable, and John Wryght.
[Describing each man either as "able with horse and harness" or "able in person," with marginal letters "a" and "b," denoting archers and bill men. A few who are "not able" are also named, and some few items of harness splints, steel bonnets, and the like are given. Totals are given for each township.]
Contents: The South "balery":—Ryell cum Cummerton (Mr. Rauffe Constable) 22, Patteryngton 89, Byrstwyk (Sir Ralph Ellerker, senior, Mr. Buklay, John Gowldwell) 75, Welwyk 31, Kylnse 46, Esyngton cum Demleton 60, Owtnwton 19, Skeflyng 36, Welwykthorpe, 13, Wetton 21, Wythornse 49, Rymswell 26, Halsam 43, Otteryngham cum Marche 93, Holland 35, Pawll and Pawllflett 42, Homton cum Rysston 19, South Frodyngham 29, Wysted 21, Gwmboldthorn 38, Pawll Howm 9, Owthorn 52, Kayngham (The proctor of Kyngham) 74, Swtton cum Stanferre 111, Drypwll [and] Swtkottes 30, Bylton cum Wyton 41, Garton cum Grymston (Walter Grymston) 43, Constabylbwrton cum Nowton (Sir John Constable) 62, Wayn 123, Skyrlow cum Benegam 46, Flynton cum Derwyll 41, Lellay 22, Preston 86, Marton, Fosseheham, and Carleton 19, Hwmyllton, 32, Heddon 71, Swyn cum Comnyston 62, Twnstall and Waxham 47, Bwrton Pytsoe 48, Rosse 55, Sprotlay 31, Gansted 18, Aldbwrgh "de" Nowton cum Rygbwrh 66, Marflett 31,. Fytlyng 23, Elstanwyk cum Denthorp 54, Elwarbe and Thorkylbe 37, Owstwye cum Helston 24.
The North "bayllery" (fn. 26) :—Upton Drynghowe cum Burghte 18, Lyssyt 22, Setton cum Waffam 30, Goxill 13, Grayt and Lytyll Haytfeld (Sir Wm. Constable) 49, North Frodyngham 62, Beforthe 55, Bonwyke and Dunyngton 27, Catwyke cum Catfosse 41, Atwyk 11, Ryston 25, Great and Little Colden 25, Brandisburton 54, Eske 7, Hempe Home 18, Ullrom (Mr. Grymston) 30, Leven 28, Ryse 37, Hornsy 94, Skypse 29, Mapylton and Rowston 45, Wythernwyke 45 (22 of them "not able"), Arnall and Rowton cum Northe Skerlay 58, Sylsthorne, 31, Buham Aram and Kyllyn 22, Rowthe 38, Barnyston cum Wynkton (Matth. Boynton) 27. Three seals.
Book of 152 pages, several of which are blank. Each of the above musters docketed "Ebor. Estr.," with the name of the wapentake. The headings of all except § iv. are in the same hand, but the texts in different hands.
R. O. 2. Musters taken in the wapentake of Harthill, ... (date lost) "before ... knight, Raulffe Ellerker, y[ounger knight] ... Galfrid. Lee, (fn. 27) commissioners" thereto assigned.
[In the same form as § 1. v.]
Contents: Hothom (Robt. Constable) 15 names, Northclyff with Southclyff (Jas. Constable) 25, Saunton with Holton (Mr. Anth. Langdaylle) 35, Holme in Spawdingmore (John Fowbery) 52, Wighton 58, Rotse 4, Hooton Cransweke 50, Sunderlandweke 5, Skerne 14, Hemswell (Ralph Bukton) 12, Watton 41, Braken 7, Beswyke (John Dangell) 23, Lokyngton with Ayke 38, South Dalton (Hen. Newarke) 24, Holme of the Wold 17, Medylton 32, Lunde of Wold (Mr. Wm. Thwayttes) 47, Baynton 24, Neswyke 12, Southburne 12, Kyrkeburne 18, Estburne 9, North Dalton 12, Typthorpp 14, Huggatte (Hugh Creyke) 37, Warter (Mr. Jas. Ellerker) 38, Nunburnholm (Mr. Wm. Hungate) 21, Burnby 10, Estthorppe (Mr. Chr. Thyrkeld) 13, Loundisburgh 16, Goodmandam 26, Shipton 36, Thorpe with Harswell 17, Everyngham (Sir Marm. Constable and 17 servants) 50, Poklyngton (Wm. Redeyerd, Wm. Doman, John Sothebe, Wm. Jobson, John Merton, Ric. Sergentson, Thos. Thomson, Robt. Wood, Thos. Lame) 109, Owsthorp 4, Beylby 27, Frankefosse with Spyttyll 18, Meltonby 6, Waplyngton 8, Yowlthorpe 7, Burnby 8, Hayton (Mr. Rudstone) 25, Seton 46, Storwhytt with Melburne 43, Thornton with Mylnhousse 27, Allerthorpe 29, Bernby of the More 29, Kykwek Percy 11, Myllyngton 13, Lytell Gyldall 4, Grymthorp (Thos. Hawtclyff) 2, Grete Gyldayll 6, Yapam 12, Bolton 13, Busship Wylton 54, Over Catton 21, Nether Catton 17, [Stam]fford Brygges 10, Foule Sotton 12, Wilberforsse 19, Newton of Darwent 18, Sutton upon Darwentt (John Egylsfeld) 37. Beverley, without the North Bar 31, within the North Bar (Robt. Raffules, John Dente, Thos. Settryng) 46, Hengate and Walkergate 32, Corne Market (Ralph Knolles, John Smothing, Ric. Browne, Thos. Ellys, Robt. Rykall, Jas. Awstyn, Ric. Baytmanson) 64, Toll Gavell (Wm. Pykeryng, John Ponderson, John Crawe, Robt. Garthsyde, Chr. Saunderson, Jas Barneby, Cuthbert Langelay) 54, Wednesday Market 40, Lare Gaite and New Begynge 24, The Proveste fee in Mynster More Gaite, High Gaite, and Kell Gaite 27, Kelgaite 30, The Proveste fee of the north side of Beverley Beke 26, Flemynge Gaite 24, The Chapiter fee 23, Barleholme and Bekesyd 30, Norwood 19. Cotyngam, Norgayttes, and Hallgayt (Ric. Fayrclyf, Thos. Nappa, Mr. Thos. Ellerker, John Smith, Wm. Grymston, Steph. Watman) 94, Nowgatt (John See) 47, Holbanke ward, 29 Newland 30. Skytbie 34, Weeton 10, Rowlay 3, Waldbe (Mr. Iwyt Waldbe, Wm. Wryght) 11, Thorp Brantyngham (Ric. Smetheley) 20, South Cave (Mr. Smetbley) 57, Drueton with Erthrop 12, North Cave 57, Newbald 37, South Newbald 17, Walkyngton (John Thryske) 48, Rysbe (Sir Ralph Ellerker, jun., with 17 servants, John Ellerker) 27, Bentlay 10, North Burton 22, Bysshopburtton 29, Molischroft 26, Tycton 15, Thurne (Ric. Creyke) 17, Woodmanse 18, Weyll 19, Leykyngfeld with Arom 60, Scorburghe (Mr. Robt. Hothom, Mr. Courser) 24, Elton 21, Browmflet 18, Faxflett 15, Elleton with Bowrgh (Mr. Ambrose Bekwyth) 23, Spaldyngton (Sir Peter Vavasour and John and George Vavasour his sons) 30, Grypthorp with Welletoft 20, Newsam with Borne 30, Wresyll with Loftsum 17, Bryghton 22, Bubwith with Harellthorp 31, Aughton (John Aske and Robert his son) 12, Laythom, 11, Ellerton 37, Est Cotyngwith 21, Magna and Parva Dryffeld 23, Kylwyke beside Watton (Thos. Wentworth) 23. Three seals.
A book of 138 pages. Docketed like § 1, and in the same hand, "Ebor. Estr. Harthyll." Heading also in the same hand.
R. O. M 28. Yorkshire—North Riding.
Note recording that the lords Scrope and Latimer and the other commissioners for the musters in the North Riding of Yorkshire assembled at York, 20 March 30 Hen. VIII., and there allotted themselves by division as follows:—To the Wapentakes of Hangwest and Gyllyngwest, John lord Scrope of Bolton, Sir Jas. Metcalf, Marm. Wyvell, and Wm. Tanckad (sic); liberties of Allerton and Allertonshire and Gillingest, Sir Jas. Strangways, Sir Geo. Conyers, Sir Robt. Bowes, Wm. Danby; W. of Langbargh, lord Lomley, Sir Jas. Strangwyse, Sir Geo. Conyers, Wm. Rokeby, and Wm. Danby; liberty of Whitby and Whitbystrand, Wm. Rockeby, Matth. Boynton, Gregory Conyers, Ric. Whalley; of Pykeryng Lyth and Scarburgh, Sir Ralph Evers, Sir Nic. Fairfax, Sir Edw. Gower, Robt. Meynell; W. of Rydall and Bulmer, Sir Geo. Lawson, Sir Edw: Gower, Sir Nich. Fairfax, John Barton and Ric. Whalley; W. of Byrdford and liberties of Byland and Newburgh, Sir Roger Lasselles, Sir John Dawney, Robt. Meynell and Jas. Foxe.
Large paper, p. 1.
R. O. 2. Certificate of John lord Latimer, Sir Chr. Danby and John Pulleyn, "allotted, by division at the city of York," 12 March 30 Hen. VIII., to view the King's subjects within the wapentakes of Hangeste and Halykeld, N.R. Yorks., to be ready in armour of war when called upon.
[The names in each township arranged as archers with horse and harness, billmen with horse and harness, archers without harness, and billmen without harness; in a few cases there is a fifth description, i.e. "parcel harnessed." No numbers at all are given.]
Contents: Kateryke 21 names, Scruton 21, Colbourne 19, Patryk Brompton 17, Appilton 9, Tunstall 19, Holtby with Aynderby (Mr. Thos. Conyers and his servant) 10, Burghe (Mr. Giles Burghe) 18, Masham 27, Helay 25, Ellyngtonys 19, Swynton 23, Ilton 14, Ellingstryng 15, Aldeburghe and Mekill Burton with Little Burton (Mr. Wivell with 4 servants) 18, Thyrmne 8, Rokewithe 2, Scotton 13, Hipeswell (Mr. John Fulthroppe) 18, Bedall and Askue 49, Burrell 7, Thorneton Watley 6, Mekill Crakhall 19, Little Crakhall 9, Horneby 5, Newton Morker and Risewike 23, Snape and Well (Lord Latimer with his household servants and tenants, in all 74, including Mr. Marmaduke Nevill with his 2 servants), Thorppirrowe (Sir Chr. Danby with his household servants, in all 25) Langthorne 14, Ferebye 14, Hakforde (Mr. Nich. Girdlington) 20, Kirkby Fletham on Fencotes (Thos. Horseley) 28.
West Tanfeld, in the Wapentake of Halykelde 22, Est Tanfeld 4, Wathe 12, Carethorp 15 Kirklyngton 17, Melmerby 13, Aynderby Wherenhowe 6, Synderby 9, Sutton Howgrave 12, Disforthe 15, Medilton Whernehow 9, Thexton 10, Howe 3, Swaynby 5, Pykall 24, Marton-on the More 7, Baldby 15, Byrneston 15, Newton 5, Kirkby on the More on Letby 18, Norton in the Cley 9, Burston on Mylbye 11, Exilby with Lemyng 13, Gatenby 9, Ayscenbye 9, Newbye upon Swaill (Ric. Grene) 5, Cundall 15, Raynton 15.
Signed by Latimer and Danby.
Pp. 47.
R. O. 3. Certificate of musters taken at Richmond, N.R. Yorks., 8 April 30 Hen. VIII., before John lord Scrope of Bolton, Marm. Wyvell and Wm. Tanckard, justices, by the King's commission to them and others, of the Wapentake of Gillyngwest, Yorks., allotted by division among the commissioners.
[Giving the names of the able persons in each township arranged as "horsed and harnessed" and "having no harness," each kind being further subdivided into archers and billmen. No numbers given except the totals at the end. Eight spearmen are also named and in some cases a further division of "parcel harnessed" is made.]
Contents: Reith with its members 231 names, Hooton Longwyllars 16, Romonchurch 9, Easbye 12, Kyrkby Ravinswathe 11, Wyclyffe 3, Barnynghame 29, Thorpe Morthame 20, Skebye 11, Caldwell 23, Olvyngton 13, Dalton in the Gailles 48, Newshame 24, Scargill 22, Eppulbye 16, Forcete 33, Barforthe 19, Clyffe 12, Arclegarthdall 35, Fremyngton 28, Lartyngton 25, Aldburghe 11, Hartforth juxta Gillynge 15. Startforthe 20, Gillynge 31, Marryke 47, New Forest 12, Mask with its hamlets 55, Rookbye 9, Bows 60, Stanwykkes 9, Melshamebye 17, Morthame with Gretta Brigge 11, Eastlayton 18, Underthwate 13, Mykkelton 45, Cotherston 37, Ravynswathe 28, Kneton 4, Sedburye 23, Brignell 11, Aske 27, Richmond borough 245. Total, archers horsed and harnessed 357, billmen ditto, 295, spearmen ditto, 8, archers not horsed nor harnessed 242, billmen ditto, 478, in all 1,380. Signed by Scrope, Wynell and Tanckard.
Pp. 43. Heading in a different hand from the rest.
R. O. 4. Musters taken on Bagby More high Thresk, N.R. Yorks., 9 April 30 Hen. VIII., before Sir Roger Lassells, Robt. Meynell, and Jas. Fox, justices, by virtue of the King's commission; "of the wapentake of Byrdford and the liberties of Byland and Newburge to them assigned and allotted by division had and made amongst the said commissioners."
[Giving the names of the men of each township arranged under three heads i.e. "archers well horsed and harnessed," "bill men well horsed and harnessed" and "able men and hath no harness no horse." No numbers are given except the totals at the end.]
Contents: Brakenberghe (Sir Roger Lassells and 10 servants), Ravensthorpe, (Robt. Meynell and 3 servants), Threske (Edw. Hansforth bailey, Gabriel Warcop, "gent," a bill man) 92 names, Soureby (Jas. Fox and 2 servants) 38, Carleton juxta Threske 18, Sandhuton 13, Skypton 20, Catton 18, Topclyff upon Swayll (Ric. Norton keeper of the Little Park with 3 servants, Ralph Gren, bailey, Chr. Stokdayll, a billman) 60, Dalton 9, Eldmyer 7, Heton 5, Byrdford (Chr. Tomlyngson with 2 servants) 7, Yeresley (Thos. Dalaryver with 1) 8, Thornton cum Baxby (Wm. Baxby) 11, Carleton Husthwaytt 26, Husthwaytt (Ralph Wyghell) 32, Thyrkylbye (Ralph Vynsent) 9, Bagby cum Faudyngton, (John Seel) 6, Sutton under Whytsonclyff 16, Kyerby above Wystonclyff 22, Cokewold (Wm. Davell) 33, Ufton 31, Liberty of Newburghe (Chr. Symond, bailey, Ralph Wyghell) 39, Old Byland 18, Welbery 27, Ampelford 24, Kylburn 28, _ (name omitted) 10, Three granges of Byland 4, Fyleskyrk cum Marderby 10, Thirleby 6, Upsall cum Thornberge 9, Boltby 17, Kyrkbyknoll 14, Ardensyde 10, Sylton 4, Over Sylton 5, Kepwyke 5, Cowesby (Chr. Gren) 17, Thornton super Moram 9, Halneby 15, Wasse 15, Otteryngton 15, Est Harlesey 16, Newson 16, South Kylvyngton 20. Total of archers 248, billmen 140, able men (as well archers as billmen) without harness 412. Signed by the commissioners.
Pp. 22. Endd.: Wapentake of Byrdford, &c.
R. O. 5. Certificate of musters taken on Middleham Moor, N.R. Yorks., 9 April 30 Hen. VIII. by John lord Scrope of Bolton, Marm. Wyvell and Wm. Tanckard, justices of peace, by commission directed to them and others; of the Wapentake of Hangwest, Yorks., to them allotted by division.
[In the same form as § 2. No indications of rank.]
Contents: Melmerby 20 names, Wenslay 44, Calbar 18, West Scraston 10, Preston 25, Carleton 70, Mydelham 84. Walburne 4, Askrige 79, Doneholme 19, Staynton 14, Ellerton 8, Baynbrige 188, Harnbye 17 Coverhame 19, Bellerbye 32, Grynton 75, Fyngall, Hooton, Hange and Risweke 21, Thuresbye 13, Layborne 34, Esthankeswell 21, Westhankeswell 11, Carperbye 31, Rydmer 32, Eastwytton 41, Thorntonruste 23, Danby super Yoore 10, Thoroybye 85, Burton 58, Berden 16, Huntone 45, West Wytton 41, Huddeswell 35, Ayskarthe 26, Arrathorne 9, Thorntonstewarte 29, Garreston 5, Spennythorne 17, West Bolton 9, Constaple Burton 33, East Bolton 35 and 46 servants of lord Scrope.
Totals:—Archers horsed and harnessed 455, billmen 326, archers without horse and harness 286, billmen 377, spearmen 7. In all 1,451. Signed by the commissioners.
Pp. 46. The heading and first page in the same hand as that of § 2.
R. O. 6. View and musters at Pickering, N.R. Yorks., 13 April 30 Hen. VIII., before Sir Ralph Eurye, the younger, Sir Nich. Fairfax, and Robt. Meynell.
[Giving the names of the able men of each township in two divisions, i.e., those with horse and harness and those without, and further subdividing them into "archers" or "bowmen" and "bill men." No numbers given except the totals, and no indication of the rank of the persons named.]
Contents: Pykeryng and Pykeryng Lyith 154 names, Thornton 56, Hapton 15, Newton 9, Alleston 41, Farmanby 36, Brompton and Sowdon 41, Senyngton 15, Marton 8, Levesham 29, Baryght and Baryght (sic) 10, Mu[...]ton 20, Snanton 24, Wylton 15, Ayton, 23, Godland 20, Kynthropp 9, Semer 33, Ayton in the parish of Semer 32, Lowghton and Staynton 18, Asleybye 10, Kylwardbye, Cayton, and Osgodby 25, Kyrkbye Mysperton 20, Ebberston 23, Breton Bysshell 23, Lokton 15, Scawbye 15, Roosdaylsyde 21, Byrnyston 15, Wrelton 14, Whykham and Ruston 23, Cropton, Harcroft, and Cawthorn 18, Myddylton, Laverston, and Graystropp 26, Scardeburgh 111 (also harness for 5 men, and Sir Ralph Evers, jun., with 12 servants), Newburghe 77. Signed: per me Nichm. Fairfax milit.—Rauff Eure—per me Robtm. Meynell.
Total of archers horsed and harnessed 180, bill men ditto 111, archers not horsed and harnessed 360, bill men ditto 366.
Pp. 19. In the same hand as § 3.
R. O. 7. Musters taken on Semer Moor, Yorks., 17 April, and at Gisburghe, Yorks., 18 April 30 Hen. VIII., before Sir Jas. Strangways, Sir Geo. Conyers, and Wm. Rokeby, justices of peace, by commission directed to them and others; of the wapentake of Langbarghe, Yorks.
[In the same form as § 3.]
Contents: Harlesey, Sir Jas. Strangways and 30 servants (not named), Yarom 78, Whorleton 56, Crathorn (Jas. Crathorn) 23, Staynton cum Thornton 12, Pothowe 26, Scotterskelff 2, Westerdayll 16, Kyrkeledome 81, Comundaill 14, Akelom 6, Eston 42, Marton 14, Pynchyngthorpe 10, Battersbe 13, Rydker 72, Lyttell Broughton (Wm. Hewardyne and his servant), Foxton cum Tunstall 3, Inglelye under Grenhowe 13, Staynsby 11, Brotton (Mr. Pudsey) 46, Busbye 10, Little Busbye 3, Inglebie Grene Clyff 15, Cald Inglebie cum Barwyk 10, Ayton 57, Stokesley 42, Huton juxta Rudbye 29, Hylton 11, Newton 18, Worfell 17, Toccottes (John Barton) 4, Hemlynton 5, Maltbie 8, Newby 9, Eysbye 4, Kyrkby cum Dromunbie 12, Nune Thorp (Ralph Hedlame) 10, Rudbe 17, Thorybie Hugh Westhrope and his servant), Normanbie 18, Est Rongton 16, Faceby cum Sexhoo 24, Kyldaill 19, Semer in Cleveland (Wm. Game and his servant) 36, lordship of Wylton 39, Danby Forrest 32, Glaysdayll 27, Skelton 56, Gysburne 147, Hoton juxta Gysburne 6, Myddilsburghe 5, liberties of St. John 7, Broughton (Leonard Sayre) 17, Horbye in Cleveland 7, Pykton 10, Carleton 16, Ormesby (Jas. Strangways) 12, Kyrklevynton 32, Appelton super Wyske 14, Thormonbye of Tease 12 Myddylton (Thos, Middleton and his servant) 10, Marske (Wm. and Ralph Rokesby) 64, Upledom 16.
Totals:—Archers horsed and harnessed 389, billmen 313; archers and billmen without horse or harness 753. In all 1,455. Signed by the commissioners.
Pp. 37. In the same hand as § 3.
R. O. 8. Musters taken of the inhabitants within the liberty of Allertonshire, N.R. Yorks., by Sir James Strangways, Robt. Bowez, and Wm. Danby, commissioners.
[Giving the names of the men "able in horse and harness" and "able in person without horse or harness," and further subdividing these into archers and billmen. No numbers given.]
Contents: Allerton 30 names, Knayton (Wm. Danby) 22, Brompton 28, Wynton 8, Westroungton 10, Hoton Bonwell (Thos. Wytham, John Conyers) 13, Romonby 11, Overdynsall 3, Parva Smeton [&] Thorprawe (Marm. Thwaites) 10, Thornton in le Stret 4, Thymylby cum Foxton 9, Dighton 6, Lanmoth (Wm. Grene) 5, Grysby 8, Siggeston 7, Ellerbek 4, Osmouderley 18, Kyllington 6, Leke cum Kepwyk 4, Ottrington 2, Thornton in the Beans 12, Birtby 10, Sessey cum Hoton 28, Boroby 28, Hoton Conyers 17, Norton Conyers (John Norton) 19, household of Sir James Strangways 20. Signed by the commissioners.
Paper roll of two leaves written on both sides.
R. O. 9. "Musters taken of all men able and not able within the liberties of Whittby and Whittby Strand by Gregory Conyers and Wm. Rokeby, commissioners thereunto assigned by the King, his Grace's commission and council."
[Giving under townships, &c., lists of names arranged as men having gear (i.e., horse, harness, or weapons, detailed) and able men (mostly "young men and servants") having no gear.]
Contents: Egton Baron 138, town of Hotton within Whitby Strand 12, town of Ugthorp 10, Fylyng Dallz within the liberty of Whitby 52, town of Lyyerton within Whitby Strand and Langbergh wapentake 28, Esyngtou infra ut supra (Barth. Cottun) 85, town Mykylby 13, town of Lyth (7 servants to the lady Bygod, Geo. Musgrave) 81, constablery of the town of Roysby in Whitby Strand 28, Loftus within Whitby Strand 37 (among them Parson Frank's servants), town and constablery of Borrobye 9, constablery of Neuton 19, of Ellerby 6, of Uglebery 10, Ellerby 12, constablery of Esdalle Syde 17, of Barneby 23, of Asselby 15, of Dounsley and Newham 40, town of Sneton 24, constablery of Roswarpp 21, of Hawsgarth and Stausegarr 42, town of Hynderwell 21, Staythes fishermen 16, Rynzwyke 12, Haknes cum membris 17, Pykerynsellfor member of Haknes 18, Herwod 10, Suffell 9, Everley 12, Broxey 11, in the monastery of Whittby, servants to the abbot for whom he will find horse and gear 16, town of Whyttby (Jas. Conyers, esq., bailiff there, with 3 servants, Mr. Gregory Conyers with 2, Mr. Myddyllwod) 61 (also there were 49, impotent persons not named), town of Whitby (continued) 39. Signed by Conyers and Rokeby.
Large paper, pp. 15.
R. O. 10. Musters taken at Barton Crosse in Rydall wapentake, N.R. Yorks., by Sir Nich. Fairfax and Ric. Whalley, by the King's commission.
[Giving under the townships the names of the able men arranged under two heads (1) those with sufficient horse and arms and (2) those without. Totals given for each township of archers and bill men horsed and harnessed, and of "men on foot" without horse or harness (but the figure in this case not filled in)].
Contents: New Malton (Robt. Selow, Ric. Hance) 104 names, borough of New Malton (Wm. Langdall) 62, Noneyngton 31, Stangrave 15, Westnesse 15, Barton (Ralph Gray) 20, Ryton (Wm. Percehay) 14, Slyngsbye 61, Sproxton 13, Quinton cum Browghton 18, Normanby 11, Heldenlay 1, Apilton cum Yaistrope 20, Fryton grange 2, Welburne grange 31, Nalton cum Bodlam 17, Scawton 16, Harome 22, Peklay 21, Old Malton 66, Farnedaill 83, Helmeslaye 110, Kyrkby Moresyde (Wm. Wylson, Thos. Haukeryk, Ric. Ayrson, John Browne) 71, Salton 24, Womylton 12, Amotherby 20, Cawton (Geo. Newer) 31, Colton 14, Grymston grange 3, Wyngham 63, Westnesse (Nic. Bulloke) 28, Holme 6, Eddilthrope cum Thorneton 19, Ampleforth 28, Butteswik 12, Rywalx cum Griff 22, Oswald Kyrk 21, Gyllyng (Sir Nich. Fairfax with horse and arms for 20 household servants) 38, Gyllymore cum Sadmore 26.
Sum total "of the whole ridding" 267 with horse and arms, 911 without. Signed by the commissioners.
R. O. M 29. Yorkshire—West Riding.
Certificate of musters taken on Aldeffeilde Moor, W.R. Yorks., 24 Mar. 30 Hen. VIII., before Sir Wm. Malory, John Pulleyn, and Wm. Tanckard, justices of peace, by commission directed to them and others; of the liberties of Kyrkeby Malsert and Nydderdayle, to them allotted by division.
[In the same form as § 2 of the preceding.]
Contents: Kyrkeby Malsert 39 names, Netherdayle 27, Aldefeyld 28, Byland Erthe 43, Beverley Pasture 12, Studley Roger 13, Wynxley 12, Hartwyth and Wynsley 34, Larton 38, Fontaunce Herith, hamlet of Kyrkeby 14, Asarley 31, Dacarpasture 21, Grewelthorpe 43.
Totals:—Archers harnessed 33, billmen 53; archers not harnessed 133, billmen 136; in all 355. Signed by the commissioners.
Pp. 16. In the same hand as the heading of § 3 of the preceding.
R. O. 2. Certificate of musters taken on Ripon Common, W.R. Yorks., 26 March 30 Hen. VIII., before Sir Wm. Malory, John Pulleyn, and Wm. Tanckard, justices of peace, by commission directed to them and others; of the liberties of Ripon, to them allotted by division.
[In the same form as § 1.]
Contents: Town of Ripon: Stamergate, Allhallogate, and Agnes Gate 43 names, Westgayte with Blossomgayte 22, Crossegayte with Kyrkegayte 98, Skelgayte 25. Aysmonderby with Bondgayte 24, Markynton with Wallerthwayte, Morcar and Haddokstayns 25, Gyvyndale 1, Yugerthorpe with Wormell 12, Sharoo 15, Nydde with Newton 15, Newby township 9, Bysshopton with Cludderum and Sutton (John Norton) 23, Sallay 34, Copydhewyke with Hewyke 21, Westwyke 3, Northstaynley with Slennyngfforth 19, Rypon Park with Northlays 11, Skelton 15, Grauntley with Evyston 30, Thorpe beside Ripon 15, Byshopsyde 67, Thorneton 29, Byshope Monketon 31.
Totals:—Archers harnessed 49, billmen 97; archers not harnessed 158, billmen 270; in all 574. Signed by the commissioners.
Pp. 12. In the same hand as § 1.
R. O. 3. Musters taken at Wyke, 26 [March] 30 Hen. VIII., by Sir Wm. [Gascoygne], the elder, Sir Wm. Myddelton and Sir Wm. Maleverer, of the wapentake of Skyrak, within the liberty and without. Signed by the commissioners.
[Giving under townships lists of names arranged as spearmen horsed and harnessed, archers and billmen horsed and harnessed, parcel harnessed and without harness, and the number of each of these sets. The constable's name generally comes first.
Contents: Byngley 44 names, Morton (Walter Pasloo, Esq.) 34, Ylkley 29, Hawkysworthe 24, Bayldon (Robt. Bayldon) 19, Yedon 12, Rawdon (Steph. Pasloo, Mich. Rawdon) 23, Otley (Ric. Lyndley) 27 (fn. 28), Menston* 13, Burley* 12, Kayrlton* 8, Gyesley* 5, Garford within the liberty of Skyrak 25, Sturton Grange 6, Perlyngton 19, Berwyk in Elmet with the hamlets (John Gascoign, Esq., Wm. Ellez, Esq.) 47, Swyllyngton cum Preston (Arth. Dyneley) 46, Secroft 29, Abberforde 16, Allerton by Water 11, Tempull Newsom 65, Kepax 29, Poter Newton (Gilbert Skot, Wm. Byneley) 18, Austhorpe 24, Thornour (John Scherew) 49, Schadwell 25, Allerton Cledow 27, Hedyngley cum Burley 25, Ossyn Thorpe (Hen. Skelton) 4, Whykkyrk 8, Kyrkstall Abbay (John Myddilton, Wm. Calverley) 17, Leedes borough cum Kyrkyait 125, Leedes Harthe or Maynryddyn 29, Bramhop (Robt. Dyneley) 12, Horsforthe 12, Addyll 21, Poule 8, Arthyngton (Hen. Arthyngton) 24, Wyrdley 7, Harwood 22, Harwood Castle (household of Ric. Redman, Esq.) 15, Wyke 7, Wygton 2, Scarcroft 3; Household of Sir Wm. Gascoign of Gawkthorp, the elder (Geo., Marm., and John Gascoign, esquires, Thos. Eltoftes, gent.) 30; Bardsey 14, Collyngham 12, Est Kesweke 17, Woderfeme (Sir Wm. Maleverer with 10 servants, Robt. Maleverer, esq., Wm. Maleverer) 17, Alwodley (Wm. Frank) 7. Total archers horsed and harnessed 156, billmen 160, archers parcel harnessed 68, billmen 130, archers having no harness 152, billmen 320.
Pp. 48, two of them blank.
R. O. 4. Certificate of musters taken at Harrowgayte More, Yorks., 27 March and at Folyfate Rygg, Yorks., 31 March 30 Hen. VIII., before Sir Wm. Malery, John Pulleyn, and Wm. Tanckard, justices of peace, by commission directed to them and others; of the wapentake of Claroo and liberty of Knaresborough Forest, W.R. Yorks., to them allotted by division.
[In the same form as § 1.]
Contents: Harrowgate and Bylton (Thos. Lampton) 25 names, Beckwith and Rosset with Swyndon (Robt. Blompton) 39, Pannall 5, Kelynghall 36, Fuyston 24, Tymble 34, Thurescrosse 37, Menwith cum Darley 33, Fellysclyff cum Farnell 32, Bristeith 20. Rowden cum Hampesthwayte 27, Clynt 18, Rypley 44, Markynfeld (Thos. Markynfeld) 11, Allerton Maleverer (Thos. Maleverer) 14, Parva Usseburne 13, Flasbye 13, Dunsford cum Brampton, Marton ct Graffton 16, Whyxley 49, Greynhamerton 15, Kyrkhamerton 21, Monketon 23, Hunsyngover 18, Walleforth cum Lundhouse 8, Goldesburgh 22, Magna Ribstayn 9, Magna Cattall 25, Colthorpe 17, Plompton (Wm. Plompton) 25, Parva Ribston 15, Kyrkedyghton 19, Northdyghton 17, Folyfate 39, Wedderby 50, Spofford (Thos. Middilton) 59, Lynton super Aquam 18, Syclynghall 19, Kyrkeby Overblawes 26, Weyton 21, Donkeswyke 18, Newall (Laur. Kyghley) 10, Rigton 32, Staynburne 30, Letheley 19, Weston (John Vavasour) 11, Lyndeley (Sir Thos. Johnson) 18, Denton 25, Middilton cum Stokkeld (Sir Wm. Middilton) 18, Farneley 21, Askewith 26, Bemesley 52, Nesfelde 18, Casteley 10, Keyrbye 14.
Totals:—Archers harnessed 158, billmen 169; archers "parcel harnessed" 15, billmen 140; archers without harness 265, billmen 503. Signed by the commissioners.
Pp. 39. Headed as above and docketed with a list of divisions of the West Riding of Yorkshire, i.e., Wapentake of Claroo, liberty of Ripon, liberties of Kirkby Malsert and Nydderdale, liberty of the forest and soke of Knaresburgh.
R. O. 5. Certificate of musters taken on Feryngesby Moor, W.R. Yorks., 29 March 30 Hen. VIII., before Sir Wm. Malory, John Pulleyn, and Wm. Tanckard, justices of peace, by commission directed to them and others; of the liberty and soke of Knaresburgh, to them allotted by division.
[In the same form as § 1.]
Contents: Towns of Knaresburgh (John Byrnand) 75 names, Scotton (Walter Pulleyn) 24, Screvyng with Tentergayte (Thos. Sclyngesby) 44 (4 spears), Brereton 12, Staynley with Kayton (John Swale) 9, Copgrave 11, Burton Leonard 21, Farneham 18, Staveley 16, Roclyff 17, Burghbryge 40 (one spear), Kyrkby Cattall 8, Aldeburgh (Peter Sclyngesby) 25 (3 spears), Hunburton 8 (one spearman), Magna Useburne 22 (one spearman), Mynskyppe 20, Arkendeyn 34.
Totals:—Archers harnessed 45, billmen 48, spearmen 10; archers not harnessed 130, billmen 149; in all 382. Signed by the commissioners.
Pp. 22. In the same hand as § 1.
R. O. 6. The muster of archers and others on horse and foot, with their names and the diversity of their harness, in the wapentake of Staynclif, commonly called Craven, and in the forest of Boolande thereto adjoining, W.R. Yorks., before Sir Thos. Tempest of Bracewell and John Lambart of Calton, commissioners thereto assigned by division among all the commissioners, taken 27 and 28 March and 1 April "and divers other times and sundry places."
[Giving under headings of the townships the names of the men with marginal letters "ar" or "b" to indicate archers and billmen and some marginal notes as "ex etate" or "not hable" in the case of persons who possess harness but are not themselves fit for war, or "Scotus" for Scots. After each name is entered the man's furniture, if any, (e.g. "horse and harness," "horse, bill," "salet," "jack," or the like) and at the end of each township totals of the able men and of the different kinds of harness are given.]
Contents: Craven:—Skipton (Roger Medehop) 110 names (two of them Scots), Calton 27, Airton 26, Rilston 41, Ketelwell 49, Hawkeswak 20, Kighley (Thos. Clapeham) 84, Esshton (Lancelot Marton) 16, Broghton (Stephen Tempest) 38 (one a Scot), Elslak 20, Carleton cum Lothersdane (28) 62, Flasby (Chr Nesfeld) cum Wynterburn (14) 31, Malhom (Geoff. Proctour) 87 (two of whom did not appear because sick), Therisefeld 33 (one a Scot), Kirkby in Malhomdale 31, Scothorp 19, Embesey cum Estby 33 (one spear), Fernehill 10, Conondeley 28, Bradeley (John Malhom) 16, Hannleth 22, Otterburn 14, Appiltreweke (Anth. Yong) 39, Halton super Montem 27, Draghton 26, Selesden 69 (one spear), Stirton cum Thorlby 31, Bracewell 15 (one spear), Steton 26, Colling 44, Glusburn (Peter Scarburgh) 34, Hebden 16, Girsington 32, Marton 47, Crakehowe 18, Kildeweke 20, Sutton (Thos. Blakey) 39, Lynton 14, Burnsall (Thos. Lee) 51, Helifeld 37, Hetton 39, Gergrave 56, Coniston 32, Newton (Thos., Wm., and Austin Bank) 38, Adingham 35, Wiglesworth 38. Signed here by the commissioners. Arnecliff 25, Renyngton 65, Giselborne (Thos. Lister) 73, Westhalton 26 (of whom six were sick), Rathmell 37, Horton in Craven cum Pathnall 23, Pathorne 34, Medehop 16, Thorneton 84, Newsom 14, Swynden 20, Barnyldesweke 71, Giglesweke 97, Langeliffe 28, Conishton le Colde 28, Staynforth 61, Langstroth 73, Settill 69, Litton 42, Preston 74, West Bolton juxta Booland 85. Total able men in Craver, 2,610. (Totals also of the various arms given).
p. 157. Forest of Boolande:—Grindilton 76, Esyngton 41, Slaitburn 78, Neuton in Booland 54, Bradford in Booland 40, Basshall 46, Mitton 33, Wadington 44, Boolande Forest 97. Total able men in Boolande, 503. (Totals of the various arms given).
Craven:—Household servants of Sir Thos. Tempest 20 (5 of them spears) of John Lambart 8.
General totals concluding that all the able men viewed are 3,141 "Deo gracias." Signed by the commissioners.
Pp. 189.
R. O. 7. Certificate of Sir John Dawnay, Sir Hen. Everyngham, and Chas. Jakson, commissioners, assigned with others by the King's commission dated 1 March 30 Hen. VIII., of musters in the wapentake of Osgetcrosse, W.R. Yorks (being assigned thereto by division made among all the commissioners at York, 19 March) taken at Pontfrett 31 March, 7 and 15 April, at Gray Stones in Barnesdayle 31 March and 9 April, at Wentbryg, 26 April, and at Snayth 8, 10 and 20 April, 30 Hen. VIII.
[Giving under townships lists of archers and billmen "horsed and harnessed and furnished" (with names of the persons by whom they are furnished), "that hath particularly horse and harness as upon their heads it doth appear" (particulars of horse and harness being given in the margin), "impotent persons having harness" (detailed) and finally archers and billmen that have neither horse nor harness. Totals of each set given.]
Contents: Ponttefret (Ric. Wylbore, mayor) 150 names of able persons (fn. 29), Thanshelff 34, Preston Jaglyn 31, Ferefryston 32, Hawghton 16, Monkhyll 14, Campsall (John Sampall, esq.) 52, Southkyrkby (Robt. Pygott, esq.) 36, Boxall 4, Bramwith 17, Acworth (John Hamerton, esq.) 56, Stappylton (Nic. Elles) 24, Egburgh 12, Stubbys Waldyn 11, Skellowe 12, Skelbruk 6, Lyttyll Smeton 11, Bealle 34, Burghwallys 15, Kirby Smeton 30, Wemerslay 35, Upton 13, Baddysworth 17, North Elmesall (Sir John Wentworth with 8 men) 28, Darryngton (Chr. Bradford) 30, Sowthe Elmesall 27, Norton (Wm. Halyday) 33, Kellyngton 20, Knottyngley (Sir Hen. Everingham and 12 servants) 33, Castleforth 11, Federston 12, Thorp Awdlyn 19, Awston 23, Whitlay 24, Henssall 13, Balne 20, Pollyngton 22, Gowill 42, Howke 33, Armyn 29, Goldayll 29, Heck 19, Rawclyff 86, Hawdenby 16, Redines (Thos. Estoyft) 71, Weytgeft 15, Folkarby (Chr. Egmanton, esq.) 11 Usslytt (Robt. Hawdenby, esq.) 34, Snayth (Robt. Dylbok) 53 Addellyngflett (Ellis Asby) 29, Cowyk (Thos. Dawnay, esq.) 49. Total with horse and harness, 3 spears, 355 archers, 383 billmen; without horse or harness, 175 archers and 573 billmen. Signed by the commissioners.
Pp. 153 in vellum cover.
R. O. 8. Muster of the wapentake of Yewcrosse, W.R. Yorks., taken at the Gray Mere Stone on Bentham More, 1 April 30 Hen. VIII. by Sir Marm. Tunstall and Ric. Redman.
[Giving under townships lists of names, noting any harness or weapons of individuals, and in the margin opposite each the words "archer," "billman" or (in very few cases) "not able."]
Contents: Dente, under one constable 70 names, under the other 59, Kyrkethwaite in Dente 104, Lanacre in Dente 38, Depedaile in Dente 52, Garsdaile 84; Sedbar, above the church 89 and 86 "young men," beneath the church 121 and 41 "young men"; Claipham in Sedbar (Robt. Claipham) 46; Austwyk 79, Lawklande 48. The King's tenants in Lonsdall Fells 16 and 57 young men, in Selsyde and the mountains of Ingleton and Horton 49. Yngleton 110, Bentham 112, Thornton 71, Masynghell 17, Burton 64, Twysleton 16, ... es 17, Horton 59. Signed by Tunstall.
Totals (mutilated). Signed by Tunstall and Redman.
Pp. 54.
R. O. 9. The muster of archers and others on horse and foot with their names and the diversity of their harness in the liberties of Bradford, commonly called Bradfordale, W.R. Yorks., before Sir Robt. Nevyll, Sir Thos. Tempest, and _ (blank) Redman, commissioners thereto assigned by division of the whole commissioners, taken 13 and 18 April "and divers other times."
[In the same form as § 5.]
Contents: Household of Dame Rosanna Tempest late wife of Sir Ric. Tempest (John and Hen. Tempest, John Lacy) 15 names (5 spearmen), Bradford 170, Heyton 11, Clayton 26, Manyngham 47, Horton 57, Allerton 45, Wylsden 28, Bolton 13, Bollyng 24, Wykkes 12, Thornton 36, Hawwurth 54.
Total of able men 405. (Totals of-the various arms are also given). Signed by Tempest and Nevyll.
Pp. 15.
R. O. 10. Musters taken in the wapentake of Barkston, W.R. Yorks., 17 April [30] Hen. VIII., before Wm. Babthrop, Harry Ryder, Wm. Hungary[t and] Ant. Awmond, commissioners. (This heading now bound at the end of the document.)
[Giving under townships lists of names of persons able to serve the King arranged as "with horse and harness" and "having nother horse nor harness," with the letters "a." or "b." in the margin against each name, and totals of archers and billmen.]
Contents: Caryllton 106 names, Templeherste 34, [B]raton cum Thorpe (Mr. Wm. Ogglysthorpe) 66, West Hadlesay 29, Monkefrystone 35, Drax (Mr. Ric. Babthrop) 162, Hillum 26, Esthadlesay 24, Hammylton 44, Barlay (Mr. Harry Ashlay) 45, Selbye 196, Saxtons 68, Haslewod (Mr. Wm. Wavasour) 14, .. yrkyn 22, Newton Kym 35, Kyrkby super Wharffe 20, Towton 21, Ledstone 23, Brymstone 29, Tolston 12, Farborne 13, Ryther cum Yndyke 53, Northe Myllforthe (Mr. Thos. Leides) 8, Parva Lenton cum Bygyn 42, Stutton 15, Clyfforthe 33, Burton 11, Sutton 11, Briarn 17, Tadcaster 62, Ledsham 11, Braham 54, Gottforthe 18, Lumbye 8, Newthorpe 11, Farborne 17, Burne 20, Unskclyffe 20, Brotherton 24, Kesenton 40, Scherburne 125, Aberfurthe cum Ludderton 37, Mychaelfold 18, Southe Mylforthe 90, Cawuode 152, Wystowe 95, Barkston 28. Total able to serve with horse and harness 150 archers and 166 billmen; without horse or harness 460 archers, 1,379 billmen.
Pp. 56.
Calig. B. III.
"The naymes of all the gentelmen within the schyer of Westmerland." Sir Geffra Mydilton, knt. (p.), Jas. Laborn, knt. (p.), Whatter Strekeland, squyer (p.), Edwhard Mydylton, gent., James Wharde, gent., John Pryston, squyer (p.), Nich. Thornborow, esq., Antony Flemyng, esq., Robt. Phylipson, gent., Wm. Carus, gent., Watter Chamer, gent., Henry Shaw, gent., Robt. Hylton, gent., Wm. Helton, gent., Robt. Pullen, gent., John Wharcope, esq. (p.), Jas. Pekeryng, esq., Lancelot Wharcope, gent. (sick), Roland Blande, gent., Ric. Sawlkeld of Schap, gent., Ric. Rige, gent., Thos Jacson, bailiff for Lady Curwen. Ric. Saulkeld of Stanegarthe, gent., Thos. Dudley, esq. (sick), Thos. Wyber, gent., Thos. Saulkeld, gent., Robt. Clyborne, esq. (sick), Gilbt. Wharton, esq. (p.), Thos. Warcope, esq., Ambrose Machell, gent., Thos. Banbrig, gent., Thos. Byrkbycke (absent), Thos. Clifford, "bastert," (p.), Edw. Manser, esq., Geo. Manser gent., Will Sandes for Master Pykkeryng's lands, Robt. Balyngam, knt. (p.), Ric. Dukket, esq. (p.), John Dawney, gent., Wm. Gylpyng, esq., Antony Duket, gent., Henry Feld, gent., Ric. Redmayn, esq., John Spenser, gent., Thos. Blenkensop, esq. (absent), John Helton, esq., Hen. Barton, gent., Robt. Warcope, gent. (absent), John Twayttes, of Gils, gent., Lancelot Wherton, gent., Edmund Bradlay, gent., Ric. Saulkeld, of Graynge, Nic. Lancaster, gent., Thos. Sawlkeld, esq., Lancelot Lancaster, esq. (p.), Thos. Sandforthe, esq. (p.), Christopher Brugham, gent., Thos. Cleburne, esq., Christopher Cracanthrop, esq. (p.), Hew Machell, esq. (p.), Thos. Ros, esq. (absent), John Smythe, gent., Lancelot Lowther.
ii. "The naymes of all the gentelmen within the schyer of Cumberland."
Sir Christ. Dacre, knt., Sir Edw. Musgrave, knt., Sir Thos. Curwen, knt. (p.), Sir John Hudelston, knt. (absent), Sir John Lowther, knt. (p.), Sir Wm. Musgrave, knt. (absent), Sir John Lampliewgh, knt. (p.), John Leygh, esq. (p.), Thos. Saulkeld, esq., Mungo Musgrave, esq. (p. sick), Christopher Curwen, John Irton, esq. (p.), Cuthbert Hutton, esq. (p.), Rycherd Eglysfeld, esq. (p.), John Twaytes, esq., John Skelton of Armythwayth, esq. (p.), John Skelton of Brantwayth, esq. (p.), Edw. Eglanby (p.), Wm. Hutton, esq, John Denton of Cardew, esq., John Curwen, esq., Christopher Wharton, esq. (p.), Robt. Curwen, esq., Thos. Dalston, esq. (p.), Robt. Brescough, esq. (p.), John Lampleigh, esq., Wm. Pykeryng, esq., Thos. Dykes, esq. (p.), John Denton of Kerlell, esq., Thos. Dacre (p.), Thos. Blenrassett, esq. (p.), Christopher Threlkeld (p.), Wm. Porter, esq., John Vaux of Caterlen, gent., Lancelot Saulked, gent., Rich. Bewley, gent., Ric. Barwys, gent. (sick), John Rybton, sen., gent., John Rybton, jun., gent., John Swynburne, sen., gent., John Swynburne, jun., gent., Robt. Lampleighe, gent., Alex. Heygham, gent., Rich. Orfour, gent., Edmund Curwen, gent. (sick), Robt. Carlill, gent., Rich. Blencow, gent., Rich. Hutton, gent., Anthony Heigham, gent., Wm. Osmoderlay, gent., Robt. Eles, gent., Thos. Senous, gent., Ant. Curwen, gent., Christ. Threlkeld, gent., John Hutton, of Penreth, gent., Thos. Herryngton, gent., Roger Sandes, gent., Christ. Leighe, gent., Wm. Skelton, gent., John Vaux of Ulton. Wm. Vaux gent., John Musgrave (p.), Alex. Appelbye, gent. (p.), Ambrose Machell, gent., John Crakeplace, gent., Cuthbt. Musgrave, gent, John Saulkeld, of Perdyshow, gent., Rich. Blenrassett, gent., John Se[...]ns, gent., Wm. Leigh, gent., Rich Browne of Carlyll, gent., Rich. Myers, gent., Thos. Beverley, gent., (sick), Edw. Laithes, gent., John Wodhall of Ulloke, Geo. Myers, gent., John Sawlkeld of Thormyerhed, John Hutton of Medlescowgh, Thos. Carlton, John Boost, Rich. Studeholme, Barthelmew Lowther, John Suthrake, Thos. Huddylston, gent., John Askew, John Yrton, Gyles Talyor, John Tollynson, John Stanelay, Wm. Sandes, John Thomson, Rich. Tollson, John Williamson, sen., Gawen Radclyffe, Robt. Vaux of Coldbeke, Chas. Raybankes, Myles Halton, John Hewar, John Toppyng, Rich. Wynder, Symond Brescowghe, James Stanwyckes, Wm. Cowldall, Roger Saulkeld, John Hutton of Skelton, John Postilwhaithe, Wm. Walker of Fytt, Rich. Dacres, gent., Anthony Barker, John Alanbye, Thos. Saulkeld, Antony Blencow, James Hutton.
Pp. 3. Endd.: "The names of the gentilmen of Westmerland and Cumberland.".
R. O. Abergavenny.
"These musters were taken for the town and lordship of Burgavenny," 31 March 30 Hen. VIII., by George Herbert, steward there, by virtue of the King's letters.
[Giving no indication of the rank of persons named.]
Contents: Able bowmen (after each name "a bow") in the town of Burgavenny, 24 names, able men with glaythes (after each name "a glayth" and in some cases also "a dagger" or "a sword and dagger") 106. Able bowmen in the lordship of Bergevenny 108; able men with glaythes arranged under the following sergeantries, John ap Rosser's 93, Ric. Thos. Philipe's 47 (six of whom are called "poor men" only one of whom possesses a glayth), Wm. Edwards' 60, John Merediths' 44, John Williams' 56, Jenhyn Philipes' 47, Res Hoell's 40; able men with long spears (some of them having sword and dagger as well) 42. "Bowmen, and some having glaves and others spears," not able because young men or else aged, weak, and lame:— Bows in the town 11 names, glaythes 34; bows in the lordship 60, glaythes 273, long spears 60.
Totals, able bowmen 132, glaythes 493, long spears 42; "unable" bowmen 71, glaythes 307, spears 60.
Barons:—Thos. Willm. Dd. Glm, David Morgan David Glm, Wm. Morgan ap Hoell, with two pairs of harness each; Wm. Herbert of Mechell Churche, and Wm. John Thomas, one pair each; John Thomas ap John, Ric. William, John ap Glm of Gillenght, John Barry, Wm. John Roger, Rawlyn Vichaun each with a coat of fence, splints, salett, and "appurtenances."
Pp. 39. Endd.: George Herberttes. Sealed.
R. O. 2. Anglesey and Merioneth.
Anglesey:— [Giving, without preface, first the number of men inhabiting the county divided into those who are harnessed, those who have only coats of fence and those who have no harness; then, under headings of hundreds or commotes and corporate towns, the number of pairs of harness (i.e. coat of fence, splints, salett, and gorgett), of bows and sheaves of arrows, of swords and daggers and of bills; then the total number of men who are "sworn to do the King service at an hour's warning," and their names arranged as archers furnished with harness, billmen furnished with harness and billmen who have no harness, with the numbers of each sort. No indications of the rank of the persons named].
Contents: Heading (in a different hand from the rest)—County of Anglesey 1,228 men, of whom 620 harnessed, 114 with coats of fence only and the residue unharnessed.
Hundreds or commotes of Dyndathwy, 104 names of archers and billmen harnessed and 100 billmen not harnessed; Mernay 84 and 120, Mallth 93 and 58, Lliwen 100 and 48, Turkelye 84 and 87, Talbolyon 100 and 100; corporate towns of Bewmares 100 all harnessed, Nyburch 33 all harnessed. Signed by Sir Ric. Bulkeley and Wm. ap Robert.
Pp. 35.
ii. Merioneth:—[On the same lines as the preceding, giving in addition in each hundred the number of spears (and of the swords belonging to them), of "klwbs or pycke staffs," and of elm bows; and dividing the names into (1) archers with "whole pair of harness," (2) archers with bows and arrows but no harness, (3) billmen with "a pair of the said harness," (4) billmen without, (5) with spears and no harness, (6) without harness having a bow of wyche hazel, or elm, and (7) without harness having either club or pike.]
Contents: Heading (in the same hand as that of § i)—County of Merioneth 1,886 men, of whom 420 harnessed, the "residue without harness, weaponed with bills, spears, elm bows and arrows, clubs and staffs." Within the hundreds of Penllyn and Ederneon 50 horses but in all the other hundreds no horses meet to serve the King.
Hundreds or commotes of Estem 299 names of men sworn to do service at an hour's warning. Arduduy, 646 (among them 25 inhabitants of the town and franchise of Hardelegh), Talepont 400, Penllyn 319, Ederneon 222. Signed by Sir Richard Bulkeley and John Puleston.
Pp. 71.
R. O. 3. Brecknock.
[Giving under the names of places first a list of "all the able men to do the King service," and (about as many names) of all other persons viewed at this said muster." Giving in columns opposite each man's name his harness, weapons and horses, and totals of men, &c.
Contents: Lordship of Brecknok :—Wallia 141 names, Pennederyn and Stradvollte 129. The Forreste 187. Glytawey 60. Commote 285. Offic. Angl. 274. Offic. de Llywell 101. Villa Brecon 397. Lordship of Crughoell 320. Additional list headed "Hothuy Slade" 121 names.
Pp. 27.
R. O. 4. Bromfeld, Yale, and Chirkeland.
Book of the able men mustered by Edw. Almer, deputy steward of the lordships of Bromfeld, Yale, and Chirkeland, upon letters of the King and his commissioners in the marches of Wales, dated Ludlow, 20 March 30 Hen. VIII.
[Giving under headings of towns or "raglar," first a list of the names of all persons, able or not able, who have harness with the details of the harness; then a list of "able men" without harness, arranged as bow men, bill men, spear men, and "poor men having no weapons." Totals of harness, horses, weapons and able men after each list.]
Contents: The Holt town 94 names, Raglar. de Marford (Sir Roger Puleston, "not able") 276, raglar. de Wrixham 388, Wrixham town (John Puleston, sen.) 134, Yale raglar. 210.
Chirke and Chirkeland:—Nanhydeway 258, Kynlleth and Moghaunt 184.
Total harness 511, being 58 Almen rivetts and 453 jacks ; horses 25, archers 232, bills 601, spears 304, remainder "having neither harness nor weapons nor of power to buy any" 374.
39 long pages.
R. O. 5. Carmarthen.
Muster of the King's subjects inhabiting lands late of Res Gryffyth, attainted, and of Ric. Morys. Taken by Jankyn Lloyde, officer there.
[Giving after each man's name a note of his armour or weapon.]
Contents: Commotes of Iskennen 144 names (including Sir Morgan, vicar of Landebie), Cornowgland 84, Cloygo lordship 38, tenants of Ric. Mores' lands 33, commote of Kydwelle 30.
7 long pages. Endd.: "The muster book of Jankyn Lloid, servant to my lord Privy Seal, &c."
R. O. 6. Caermarthen, Cardigan, and Pembroke.
"A brief containing as well the names of the lordships, towns, and commotes in Kermerthyne, Cardigan, and Pembroke shires as also the number of the whole multitude of the King's Majesty's subjects inhabiting the same from the age of xvj years to sixty and upwards, with a true note limiting the certainty of horsemen and footmen harnessed, the manner and kind of the same, their armour and weapons, after the fashion of the countries according to the best of every their substances and abilities."
[Giving no names, but under each town or commote the whole number of "persons," followed by the number of those who have "jacks, coats of fence, splints with salletts," and of these the [number who have "naggs," concluding, "the rest naked and every of them appointed to à staff."]
Contents: Kermerdynshire :—Town and franchise of Kermerthyne 372 persons ; commotes of Hyrvryne 142, Pervethe 305, Llansadorne 85, and Mathellane 121 ; Llangadogge 30, Manerdylo 162 ; commote of Mabydrede 120, lordship of Llandylo Vaure 84 ; commotes of Wydygada 298, Elvet 302, Mabelview 119, Traynye 320, Usterloye 81, Emlyne 212, Langharne 207, and Kethynocke 102 ; Iskemen 510, commote of Peryne 142 ; Llanegwad Vaur 106, forest of Glyncothye 65. Total 3,865, whereof 753 harnessed and 184 nags.
[Cardiganshire ?]:—Commotes of Gynnerglyne, 288, Mevennythe 216, Croytheyne 189, Parvethe 99, and Euhynyogg 312 ; town of Aberystwith 68 ; Llanbathorne Vaure 101, Llanbether 51, Spyttye 43, Nantguntley (Blayne Pennarth) 95, Pennarthe 201, Unghcardyne 162, Iscardyne 116, Caerwedros 120, Ishyrwerne 160, Llandogwy and Dyffrentyvy 80, Iscoyde 186, Mabonyone 221, Llandewy Brevye 80.
Total 2,858 ; whereof 609 harnessed and 184 nags.
Pembrokeshire:—The Dale 25, Marles in Rose 27, St. Brydes 30, Burtone 43, Walwens Castyll 31, Waltone in Rose 20, Herberstone in Rose 27, Hascarde. 15, Frestrope 10, Dongledye 48, Dry Pyske 13, Waltone Parish 10, Clarberstone 13, Ryberstone 23, Bulstone 12, Prendregaste 10, Amelstone 32, lordship of Maynclothog 37, Newport in Kemmes 65, St. Dogmaell's parish 68, Moylegrone parish 30, Manyngtone parish 10, Llanerghe Lloydowghe 17, Pontvayne 7, Llanyhaythe 9, Fyscard parish 38, Castyll Henry 12, Dynas parish 22, New Castill in Kemmeys 20, Llanvaye parish 7, Pontcherstone parish 7, Managhlog Due parish 20, Castill Baighe 10, West Pembroke Angulus 25, Castyll Martyn 45, Rose Church 13, Worame 9, Pulcroghone 9, Stagpull 12, St. Wenok parish 11, Busherstone 7, St. Petrok 6, Munctone 11, Costygestone 10, Nashe 4, Carewe 43, Llavrevye 12, Martyltwye 11, Lovestone 5, Yerberstone 9, Bygelly and Wyllyamstone 18, Jeffrestone 9, Ludchurche 8, Cromwer 5, Amrathe 18, Sainctyshell 22, St. Florence 10, Gomfrestone 9, Penaleye 10, Manerbyer 27, Hoggeston 7. Total 1,166; whereof 139 harnessed. (No nags mentioned.)
Lordship of Haverford West:—Camros 60, Roche parish 47, Moltone 18, St. Ismaell 30, Hardstone 10, Roberstone 10, Steyntone 63, Llanstadwel and Harastone West 63, Llambestone 10, Tref Garne Owen 10, Talbennye 20, Ustunstone 18, Llangome 23, Rudbert 10, Slebaiche 10, Huberstone 22, Mynwere 10, Rose Market 23. Total 454 ; whereof 43 harnessed. (No nags.)
Town of Tenbye 160 ; whereof 26 harnessed. (No nags).
General totals given.
Pp. 14.
R. O. 7. Carmarthen, Glamorgan, and Pembroke.
The muster of the lordship of Llanymthenery before Thos. Johns, esq., farmer there, in April 30 Hen. VIII.
[Giving a list of names arranged as persons having "harness" (some of these have nags), "cote, staff, and swerde," "saletes, and other wepynes," "staffes, swerdes, dagers," "bows, sheffes, and dagers," or "staffes and dagers."]
Total 703 names, 30 horses and nags: 68 of the names belong to Llanym-thenery town.
ii. Similar muster of Llansadurn lordship, by Thos Johns, esq., steward there. In all 123 names.
iii. Similar muster of Langharn lordship by Thos. Johns, esq., farmer there. In all 290 names, 21 horses.
iv. Similar muster of Emlyn lordship by Thos. Johns, esq., steward there. In all 256 names, 27 nags.
v. Similar muster of "Thomas Jonez, esquire, is tenants in Pembrokeshyr and within the lordship of Haverford West and Dews Land," in April 30 Hen. VIII. In all 380 names, 4 nags.
46 long pages.
R. O. 8. Carnarvonshire.
[Giving first the grand total for the shire ; then, under the several "hundreds or commotes," the number of pairs of harness (i.e. "coats of fence splints salett and gorgett" or "bows and arrows" or "swords and daggers"), the number of the men sworn to do the King service at an hour's warning, and the names of the men arranged as those who have a "whole pair of harness" and those who are billmen or have clubs or "pyck forkes" without harness. No indications of rank of persons named].
Contents: The county of Caernarvon, 2,429 men inhabiting therein ; whereof 729 harnessed and the residue "without any harness weaponed with bills, spears, clubs, or staves. And as for any horsemen there be none within the said county able to do the King service."
Commote of Iscorvay 347 names of men sworn to do the King service besides the town of Caernarvon. Town and franchise of Caernarvon 92. Commotes of Uchgorvai 213, Uchaph 200, Evionedd 407, Issaphe 318, Nanconwy 200, Dynllayn 160, Gafflogio 170, Kemyttmayn 254. Signed by Sir Ric. Bulkeley.
Pp. 98 (7 blank). Endd. : "The books of the musters of the iij shires of North Wales to be delivered to the King's most honourable Council in the Marches of Wales by the King's special commandment."
R. O. 9. Caurs.
Names of able men, harness, &c. [in the lordship of Cawrse] "mustered by ... steward there, the x ... the xxx year of the [reign of our most] dread sovereign lord" 7 * * *
[Giving under townships lists of bowmen and billmen arranged as with and without harness.]
Contents: Township of Go ... 19 names, Weston 7, Thornebury 9 (almost all illegible), Fordon 11, Woodlaston 5, Heme 15, _ (name lost) 5, Le ... 19, Wolston Mynde 9, Uppyngton 10 (almost all lost). Breathen 18. The said steward with horses and harnesses for four demilances.
Pp. 4. Mutilated.
R. O. 10. Cilgerran.
[Giving under parishes lists of names each followed by a note of harness and weapons.]
Contents: "Emlyn (?) Irlevuch (?) a. rr. H. viij. xxx" :—The parish of Cleday 54 names, also 12 under the heading "Llylredyn," Penrytth 20, Llanvyhangell 22, Llankolman 8, Manerdyvye 44, Kylgarran (parish and town) 49, Brydellt 23, Llantowt 22.
Note that "I, William Vachan," will make ready 4 archers and 4 long spears, and besides have four of my sons horsed and harnessed. Also that I have taken the ability of all parsons, vicars, and priests, within "the same lordship of Kylgarent" and of all widows.
9 long pages. Endd.: Kilgarenth.
R. O. 11. Denbigh.
"The book of the musters of John Salesbury, esquire, steward of Denbighland."
[Giving the names of the men of each commote under the three headings "footmen with spears," "bowmen with bows and arrows," and "billmen with bills." In the few cases where a man possesses other armour the fact is noted, e.g. "a thick coat," "thick coat, gorget, salett, sword, buckler," "sword," and the like.]
Contents: Commote of Kynmerghe 137 footmen, 61 bowmen and 135 billmen ; c. of Istulas 116 footmen, 27 bowmen and 209 billmen ; c. of Ughdalet 141 footmen, 28 bowmen, 99 billmen ; c. of Ughdulas 246 footmen, 24 bowmen, 132 billmen; town of Denbigh 35 footmen, 30 bowmen, 131 billmen ; c. of Issalet 226 footmen, 61 bowmen, 180 billmen.
Totals:—footmen, without harness, 901 ; bowmen, without harness, 241 ; billmen 880, of whom 511 have thick coats and 97 "saletts and skolles and none other harness." There are 24 billmen in the steward's household with harness and as many horsemen and footmen as he can make when called upon "And the most part of the harness of this country went with the said steward to Ireland to do the King service there, which is occasion of the lack of harness in this country at this time, with the commandments that no men should hear harness nor weapons." Signed: John Salysbury.
Pp. 99.
R. O. 12. Dewddwr and [Pool].
Muster roll for Doyddwr, giving the names of 22 "horsemen harnessed," 15 "archers harnessed," 36 archers with bows and swords or bows only, 15 footmen harnessed, 40 with glaives and swords only, and 97 with glaives only.
Narrow paper roll of 3 leaves headed and endd.:"Doyddwr.
ii. Similar muster roll in the same hand.
(Commencement mutilated and the name of the first place lost) "archers harnessed, viz., cotes, sculles, and swardes" 16 names (rather mutilated), archers having bowes, arrows, and swords, 29; Llannerchudol, archers harnessed ut supra 7, with bows and swords only 22, with bows only 6; Ciertre 34 names in all arranged as in the preceding, Stradmercell 50, Mochaunt 35, Arechen Iscoid 21, Plas y Dinas 22, Mechen Uchoid 71, Villa Pole 24.
Paper roll, mutilated.
R. O. 13. Flint.
[Giving under parishes, &c., lists of names bracketed as archers with harness, archers without, billmen with harness, with "part harness," and "without harneys or ablementes." After each man's name the words able man, or in a few cases "not able," and a note of the harness or weapons he has.]
Contents: Heading and name of the first place lost all except initial letters followed by 25 names visible and space (next page) for 21 lost, [tow] nship of Weppreye, G names lost and 27 visible ; townships of Golstyn 12, Kelstertyn 12, Lleprog Vaur and Lleprog Vaughan 14 ; Koet y Kya 4 ; township of Caervallogh 41, Sychtyn 36 ; Yeflo 42. Parish of Llanglassa :—Trelogan 9, Putyn 21, town of Axton 28, Kelstan 10, Gulgrey 5, Grovant 30, Gwespr 22. Parish of Halywell:—Halywell town 37, Grenfeld 20, Coulshull 25, Bagild 34, Brynford 26, Calcote 2, Ruthlan 67 (amongst them Peter Gruff, sergeant at arms). At (fn. 31) Denbigh 11, Tre Coyk 7, Kyfnen 7, Hull 24, Mays Morwy 3, Brynhedydd 3, Tre Lli 3. Parish of Whitforde :— Town of Mostyn (Thos. ap Ric. ap Hoell and Wm. his heir and 6 servants in harness) 39, Buchton 10, Merton 42, Trerebot 10, Whitford Garne 20, Whitford township 9, Tredyn Oweyn 8, town of Flynt 35, parish of Flynt 26, town of Halken 31, town of Hendre Lugillt 16. Parish of Kilken :— Towns of Llistyn Hvnydd 17, Llisyckoed 9, Dolvothlen 7, Kylken 61, Nannerch 27, Garnethwen 11, Skyveog 62, Trevraith 24, Kelly Lysday 10, lordship of Hopedale 56, Uchmynyth 31, Kynarton 28, Sheordley 27, Eston 16, Hope Owayn 24, Llanelowey 124, Bedevgan 9, Kydowen 12, Demerchion 45, Caerois 63, Kwn 68, Gwemstor 16, Dissertes 31, Botverrv 24, Dissertes (repeated as subsidiary) 8, Rylismoid and Kyrchynan 7, Meladyn 70, Bangor 68, Halghton 41, Wurthunbury 63, Bronyngton 34, Knolton 22, Penley 25, Iscoide 40, Overton Foren 53, Bettisfeld 26, Tybroughton 21, Overton 26, town of Hanmer 55, Wyllyngton 34, Erbistog 16, [An]ympre 4. Signed: [R]oger Brereton schreyff off Flyntchyre.
Pp. 78. Much injured by damp.
R. O. 14. Glamorgan.
"Here followeth" the musters of the lordship of Llandaff, taken by Sir Rice Manxell, steward there.
[Giving under parishes lists of names arranged as archers and billmen—with a note of the harness.].
Contents: Landaff 52 names, Whitchurche 25, Elley 14, Urleton 11, Kayre 12, Merther Mawer 4. "Memorandum that all the gentlemen is retained to the earl of Worcester."
II. Similar muster headed: "Here followeth the musters of Sir Rice Manxell's servants and tenants within Glamorgan and Gowher."
Servants 39 names. Glamorgan:—Seynt Hillarii 19, Lanrythed 11, Marcrosse 7, Lantwit and Lanblethian 2, Lansanour and Seint Donettes 6, the Istrad 4. Gowher;—Port Inon21, Nycholaston 16, Pitton, Burre, and Skorlages Castell 12, Oxewiche 25, Pen Rees 36, Underwoid 12, [B]eshopton 14, Morton 11. Totals of armour, &c. Signed: Res Manxell.
R. O. 15. Hawarden and Mohuntes Dale.
Names and number of all men able to bear arms, archers and others, horse and foot, above the age of 16 years within the lordship and parish of Hawarden, with the diversity of their arms, mustered before me, Sir Wm. Stanley, steward there.
[Giving (with the heading in Latin) under the several townships the names of the men arranged as able men and able footmen with a note of each man's harness or want of harness. No numbers given.]
Contents: Hawarden 35 names, Brodelane 23, Maner and the Rake 18, Bawell 11, Broghton 42, Pentrobyn 13, Shotton and Shotton 43, Mancot and Mancot 21, More 22, Merford 28. Signed: Wyllyam Stanley, k.
ii. Similar muster of the lordship and parish of Mohuntes Dale before Sir Wm. Stanley, steward there.
Mohuntesdale 74 names, Lloynegryn 11, Argoyd 10, Bystre 26, Hershed and Menyll 19, Branchanyld 5, Nercons 40, Hendrebiffa 8, Treyrbyrth 1, Gwernafelde 20, Truthyn 56, Ruall 5, Coverlley 33, Bromcoyd 13, Arthuwent 16. Signed: Wyllyam Stanley. k.
Pp. 22.
R. O. 16. Kynleth Owen and Stannage.
"These be the names of the men mustered by George Cornewall, owner of the lordships of Kynlethe Owen and Stannage" by virtue of the King's letters directed to him from the commissioners in the marches of Wales.
[Arranged in sets of harness, two, three, and even six men being named opposite one set of harness with a note indicating which of them is to wear it. Harness is "horse, a pair of almain rivetts, salett, gorjett, an apron of mail, a pair of splints, a sword, a how, and a sheaf of arrows, &c.," or "a jack, a salett, a gorjett, a pair of splints, a sword, a gleyve," or the like. A further notation indicates spearmen, bowmen, and gleyve men].
Kynlett Owen 22 sets 52 names, 7 of them horsemen. Stannage 7 sets, 16 names, no horsemen. Signed by Cornewall.
Pp. 5. Endd.
R. O. 17. [Monmouth.]
[A list of names of persons arranged under towns or parishes, under subheadings, "horsemen," "coats of fence," "glevis and halberts," and "bill." Arms of each person specified. No numbers given. Persons named as having servants or more than one horse are noted in this abstract.]
Contents: Town of Newport (Wm. Morgan with 8 horses, George Morgan with 2, John Harry Kemmyshe with 3) 109 names. Wenllog:—Parish of Baslege (Wm. Morgan John) 118, of St. Meleins 48, Marsefylde (Thos. Lewes) 66, _ (blank, perhaps to be taken as part of the preceding) 26, Coydkernew 17, Seint Bredis and Seland 23 and 20, St. Wolowe 35, Be 8, Riska 19, Malpas 16, Hentllis 19, Maghen (Roland Morgan) 29, Menythistolowyne 104, Bedwelltee 39, Bedwes 26. (The word "Finis" after this entry, which ends at the foot of the page.)
Kydwelly (fn. 32) :—Parishes of Llanedi 36, Llangenych 7, Llanenlly or Llunelly 78, St. Ismaell 50, Penbre 59, Llannen 43, Llangyndeirn 69, Llandyvayloc 66, Llangwnvor 31, Kydwely 75.
Pp. 37.
R. O. 18. Mowthon.
Muster of the inhabitants of the lordship of Mowthon, taken by Ric. Mitton, lord of the same, by command of the King and his commissioners in the Marches of Wales.
Names of 12 able horsemen, 12 able bowmen, and 26 able billmen, each with a note of his harness and weapons.
Pp. 2.
R. O. 19. Nerberth.
Muster of all the King's tenants and subjects dwelling within the lordship of nerberth, taken, by the King's commandment, by Jas. Williams, steward there, 10 April 30 Hen. VIII., and delivered to the commissioners in the Marches 24 April 31 Hen. VIII.
[Giving the names of the horsemen who have "whole harness," and the value of each horse, then the harnessed footmen with their weapons, then the partially harnessed, and then those who have only weapons, viz., swords or bows.]
In all 144 names. Signed by Williams.
Pp. 8. In vellum cover.
R. O. 20: Powis.
[Giving lists of names arranged as "footmen, harnessed, with glaives and swords" and "footmen with glaives and swords unharnessed," or the like.]
Contents: Powis:—Kerion or Kereygnion 283 names, Llannerchudol 62, Cierte 46, Stradmercell 130, Mochaunt 145, Mechen Iscoid 67, Plas y Dinas 54, Mechen Uchoyd 114, Villa Pole 54.
ii. List of horsemen in the above places, viz., 14, 6, 8, 17, 23, 6, 6, 17, and 14 names respectively.
15 long pages.
R. O. 21. Presteign and Builth.
"A note of the view and musters of the King's subjects" in Presheyne, &c., between the ages of 16 and 60.
Town and lordship of Presten 146 persons, whereof 10 horsemen furnished, 22 footmen harnessed, and 60 able men with gleyves. Lordships of Norton, Knyghton, and Knocklas 137, whereof 4 horse, 14 foot, and 52 with gleyves. Town and lordships of Radnor (Radnor Foren and Radnor Bridge) and Glandestry 288, whereof 13 h., 36 f., 80 g., 40 "maris pyckes," and 93 able men without weapons. Lordships of Millenethe 437, whereof 13 h., 36 f., 164 g., 34 m. Lordships of Gwerthronyon 262, whereof 15 h., 40 f., 92 g., 29 m. (Rayder and Comotyddor are named in the heading, but not after). Signed: "Your most humble headman, Wyll'm Croft."
Pp. 2.
ii. A similar Note.
Lordship of Buylth 820, whereof 32 horsemen furnished, 100 footmen harnessed, and 160 "able men, every man with his morice pyk" Lordship of Cantercelyff 428, whereof 15 h., 80 f., and 140 "able men every with his gleyf." Town and lordship of Glynburch and the Haye 153, whereof harnessed men 34, able men with gleyfs ready 50. Signed: "Hugh Lewis, at the commandment of the right honourable lord Fererres, steward of the said lordships."
P. 1.
R. O. 22. Ruthin.
"These be the names of the men mustered by Piers Salesbury, deputy steward of the town and lordship of Ruthyn," by virtue of the King's letters directed from the commissioners in the marches of Wales.
[Giving first under the name of Ruthyn and of the several commotes lists of men who have harness, viz., "a coat splints sallett and gorget," each described as a "bill" ; followed by lists, not arranged under places, of archers and billmen without harness.]
Contents: Harnessed men:—Ruthyn 23 names, commotes of Dogg 56, Llanugh 33, Collwn 45. Unharnessed:—Archers 183, billmen 286. Signed: Pers Salesbury.
Pp. 21.
R. O. 23. Uske, Caerleon, and Treleck.
Musters before Sir Wm. Morgan, steward, "of the lordship of Uske, Caerllion, Trelech with all the members."
[Giving the names of the gentry and yeomen followed by those of archers, &c., each man's arms being specified.]
Contents: (1) Sir Wm. Morgan himself with 40 servants, "upon geldings and round nags"; Thos. Morgan, Esq., with 6 servants upon geldings; Harry Lewis of Seint Pere "himself and two demilances with vj archers a horseback" ; also the names of 12 other gentlemen with one or two servants each, and 3 other gentlemen and 31 yeomen without servants, all furnished with geldings. (2) Names of footmen full furnished with halberts and gleves (after each name: "a cote whit the purtenances ") in all 112. (3) Names "of them that hath part of their harness lacking for the rest" (after each name: "a coat, salet, and a gleve," "a coat and a halbert," "a coat," or the like) 177. (4) Names of the archers (after each name: "a bow and a sheaf of arrows," and in some cases, also, "a sword" or "a dagger") 80. (5) Then the names of 672 persons without any general heading but after each name the words "a salet and a halbert," or "a halbert" or "a gleve," or the like among them being included 10 mariners of Carllion "that were presented to serve the King in the ship called the Trinity of Caerllyon," Thos. Hardyn, master.
* The parishes or towns to which these belong are given, but as the arrangement is very confused, and the spelling of the names most variable, any attempt to give numbers is perhaps misleading. The following are the places in the order in which they occur in the fifth and third categories, but some of them may be various spellings of the same name and some, perhaps, may refer to more than one place, viz:—
Lanenoch, Lanenoc or Lanenock, 23 names ; Trerdonocke or Trerdenoch 23, Carllion parish 11, Lauvreychva, Lanverychva or Lanvrerva 51, Caerllion, Carellion or Karllion 96, Vnde 37, Netherwent 18, Lanvaches 4. St. Bryde 5, Landevenwa or Landevenva 3, Wilkyrke or Wilkeryech 9, Trergarme, Trergerme or Treyrgarine 5, Llangstone, Langstone or Lanstone 9, Wistone or Witstone 26, Kymmis 16, Myltone 3, Cryschurge, Cryschug or Crystchug 38, Lanternam 43, Tynterne 17, Penallte or Penallde 34, Llan Jevan 15, Cumcarvan or Comecarvane 41, Tayleyvan, Taylvan or Taleyvan 22, Tryllec, Trylleke, Trelec or Trelech 33, Llanwonnelch, Llanvenellch or Lanvennell 24, Wolsnewton, Wolsneton or Wolsnevtone 16, Kylkorrok 5, Llanyssen or Lanessen 11, Llanneangell or Lane Vychanell 15, Llansoe, Llasoe or Lansoe 17, Lanbadocke, Llanbagocke, Llane Badoch, Lanbadoch, or Lanpadoch 42, Kylgoygan, Keldoygane or Kelgoygan 11, Trostrey, Strostrey, Trostre or Frostrey 17, Trergryke or Tregruge 28, Llandewy, Llandeve or Landevye 9, Uske 94, Nasche or Nasshe 31, Tatton 1, The Walle 1, Pensarne 4, Somerton 1, Tallgarthe 9, Parkepyll 6, Llandegneth, Landechuett, Llanetechvett Landecvedd or Landechvedd 37, Pantege, Panttech or Pattege 15, Langattoge or Langattowch 3, Olvystred 1, Lysevere, Lysewere or Lysvery 7, Brodstrett 1, Sutbroke or Sutbroche 3, Rogeytt, Rogyetr, Rogeyett or Rogeet 8, Seint Michell 5, The Chappell 2, Lantrissen or Llanetrissen 18, Langome, or Lanegome 18, Landenny or Llanedenny 24, Langoven 8, Penclawith or Penaclawech 3, Kyleduruche or Kyledurhu 2, Langebe or Llangebe 11, Lanchewe 1, Lagweressnye or Gwernessnye 4, Runnestone or Runstone 3, Llaugevyw 2, Uste 1, Seint Pere 1, Pantglase 1, Penerose 1, Llanelloel 1, Penrose 1, Lanbandoch 1, Llankaeyo 1.
Pp. 47.
Letters to be written to discharge all ships in Norfolk and Suffolk, and in other places, with a clause that all ships laden with corn go to none other place than Calais. A letter to be written to Sir John Cornwallis to repair hither with all speed. A device in the Parliament for the poor people in this realm. A device in the Parliament for the unity in religion. A device in the Parliament for the fortification of the realm, as well of the frontiers as otherwise. A device for defence of the realm in time of invasion, and for every man to contribute according to his "behavor." A letter to be written to my lord President and Council in Wales for the fortifying and viewing of Milford Haven. A device to be made in the Parliament that one man shall not have too many offices in Wales, nor the leading of too many men. An act of limitation and prescription to be devised. To appoint such as shall be purveyors and victuallers of Calais, Hames, and Guisnes. A bill of attainder to be drawn for the marquis of Exeter and his complices. A like to be drawn for the lady Marques, and the lady of Salisbury. An other to be drawn for the false traitor Raynolde Pole and his fellows., To write to the King what we have done concerning my lord Prince's household.
For the appointing of Sir Edward Baynton and his wife to my lady Mary and lady Elizabeth, and of the revoking of the lady Kingston. To collect the names of all the wealthy men of the realm, as well priests, merchants, and others. To know of my lord Chancellor whether all the commissions for the survey of the frontiers be gone.
Places where fortification is to be made:—Berwick, Carlisle, Holy Island, Tynemouth, Hull, Lynn, Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Aldborough, Orwell, Langeis Pount, Tilbury, Gravesend, the Downs, the Camber, Calshots Point, Portsmouth, Hampton Water, Lyme, Torbaye, Dartmouth, Plymouth, "Phawmoth" (Falmouth), Fowey, Milford. And on the other side the sea:—Calais, Hammes, Guisnes. That merchants shall be restrained from purchasing lands above a certain sum.
Pp. 3. Endd.: Remembrances.


  • 1. In this abstract the numbers are those of archers and billmen. A few more names appear in the harness list.
  • 2. A few more names appear in harness lists.
  • 3. Canoalled.
  • 4. A good many more names appear in the harness lists.
  • 5. A few more names in harness lists.
  • 6. A good many more names in harness lists.
  • 7. The town soldier and constable are included in this. Other names appear in the list of those who find harness, but the able men's names are repeated among them.
  • 8. Sic, although Sir Wm. Parre, and not Mountague, signs at the end.
  • 9. These are numbers of able men, other names appear in the harness lists.
  • 10. This is the last name in the list of the preceding town and is repeated as the name of the next place.
  • 11. The arrangement is so confused that it is difficult to count the names for each separate township, so that these numbers cannot be absolutely relied on.
  • 12. The seven names at the right top corner of next page which are here reckoned with Terne Hill should perhaps go with Tylstoke.
  • 13. In this abstract the numbers are those of the able men. Some other names appear in the harness lists.
  • 14. Many other persons besides the able men are named in the harness account.
  • 15. These are the numbers of the able men only. A few more names appear in the harness list.
  • 16. This part down to Pulburgh is in a different hand from the rest.
  • 17. Perhaps intended to go in the next hundred.
  • 18. It appears by the heading that this document is at present bound in wrong order. Pages numbered 540 to 557 should come in between pp. 561 and 562.
  • 19. In this abstract some few of the numbers may be excessive, as names sometimes appear in the harness list which are already counted among the archers and billmen.
  • 20. These are the numbers only of the able men. A few more names appear in the harness list.
  • 21. The numbers mentioned as archers or billmen in this hundred are very small. In most cases four or five times as many names appear in the harness list, and in cases where there are no able men seven or eight names are given of those providing harness.
  • 22. In these wards the list for each parish concludes with the names of the constables (one, two, or three) preceded by the words "presentment of."
  • 23. There may be a few other names, as many of the persons are entered as servants to others who appear sometimes separately sometimes not.
  • 24. See note * on previous page.
  • 25. It seems impossible to reconcile these figures with the contents of the preceding book or with each other. Only one handgun is mentioned in the book.
  • 26. This part is in a different hand from the preceding.
  • 27. This name cancelled.
  • 28. Page 35 of the document is bound wrongly and should come in here.
  • 29. In this abstract names of persons who furnish others are not counted. Many of them are repeated among the able persons.
  • 30. The date of these lists is not quite certain; but they were probably drawn up with a view to the musters of this year.
  • 31. These appear to be subsidiary to Ruthlan.
  • 32. From this to the end the names are ranged under two heads, "Bows" and "Names of such as be able men having no weapons ready." No individual arms specified, but the number of harness in each parish is given at the end.