Letters and Papers: Books of the Court of Augmentations

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 14 Part 1, January-July 1539. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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'Letters and Papers: Books of the Court of Augmentations', in Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 14 Part 1, January-July 1539, ed. James Gairdner, R H Brodie( London, 1894), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/letters-papers-hen8/vol14/no1/pp593-611 [accessed 22 July 2024].

'Letters and Papers: Books of the Court of Augmentations', in Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 14 Part 1, January-July 1539. Edited by James Gairdner, R H Brodie( London, 1894), British History Online, accessed July 22, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/letters-papers-hen8/vol14/no1/pp593-611.

"Letters and Papers: Books of the Court of Augmentations". Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 14 Part 1, January-July 1539. Ed. James Gairdner, R H Brodie(London, 1894), , British History Online. Web. 22 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/letters-papers-hen8/vol14/no1/pp593-611.


Books of the Court of Augmentations

Enrolment of Grants by the Crown in the Augmentations, in 30 Hen. VIII.—(Continued from Vol. XIII., Part I., pp. 572–89.)
I. Appointments to offices in 30 Hen. VIII.
Augm. Book
252, II. ff. 32.
Thomas lord Cromwell, Privy Seal. To be chief steward of lands, beyond Trent, of monasteries suppressed, and of all lands which belonged to the following monasteries: Furness, Holm Cultram, Kyngeswood, Lantony, Southwike, Beaulieu, Chertsey, Merton, Battle, Robertsbridge, Abingdon, Warden, Woburn, St. Andrew's Northampton, Kenilworth, Stratford Langthorn, Boxley, Westacre, Butley, Leyston and Eye, and of all houses in England surrendered or to be surrendered; with 100l. a year fee. 25 May 30 Hen. VIII.
41b. John Smyth, yeoman of the Guard. To be bailiff of the lands of Trentham priory. 10 June.
42. Wm. Bowman, an officer of the Pantry. To be bailiff, &c., of Bykar, Nthld., in the King's hands by the death of the late earl of Northumberland, vice Thos. Kelke, dec. 12 June.
44b. Humph. Orme, a page of the Wardrobe of Beds. To be bailiff of the lands of Gresley and Kingsmead beside Derby. 25 June.
48b. Sir Cuthbert Radclyf, King's servant. To be constable and chief forester of Alnwick Castle, Nthld., vice Sir Ingram Percy, dec. 8 July.
55. Ric. Modye, elk. To be (in reversion after John Assheton) auditor, &c., of purchased lands. 22 July.
65. Humph. Reynold, yeoman of the Crown. To be bailiff of the lands late of Stoneley mon., Warw. 3 Sept.
72b. Thomas lord Cromwell, Privy Seal. Grant of the chief stewardship in the same terms as that of 25 May, but omitting Chertsey and Merton in the list of houses named. 21 June.
Augm. Book
233 f. 1.
Ric. Grenewaye, King's servant. To be keeper of the chief messuage of Hakeney, Midd. Earldom of Northumberland. 14 Oct.
1b. Thos. Meverell, page of the wardrobe of beds to Queen Jane. To be bailiff of lands late of Tutbury priory. 12 Nov.
43. Oliver Wellesbourne, King's servant. To be bailiff of the manors of Abendon, Marcham, and Hanney, and the hundred of Hornemer, Berks, and manor of Lewknor, Oxon. Also woodward within the hundreds of Hornemer and Ok, Berks. Abingdon. 26 Oct.
327. Jerome Heydon and Ric. Byllingisley. To be bailiffs and collectors of the lands late of the Charterhouse, London. Undated.
327b. Wm. Saunder, of Ewell. To be one of the seventeen particular receivers of the Augmentations, on the next vacancy. 1 Feb.
328. John Carleton. To be steward and woodward of the lands within the chace of Hampton Court, Surr. 1 Feb.
328b. John Carleton. To be a particular receiver of the Augmentations, vice John Banyster, resigned. 2 Oct.
329b. Wm. Dythyke. To be bailiff of lands late of Repingdon and Rocetur monasteries. 3 Feb.
331. John Fulmer. To be bailiff and woodward of lands late of Bruern abbey. Undated.
332b. Steph. Brakenbury, sewer of the Chamber. To be steward of the lordship of Awerdell, within the honour of Cockermouth, Cumb., vice Chr. Wharton, dec. Earldom of Northumberland. 25 March.
333. Royal warrant for the preceding. 25 March.
338. John Warde. To be a messenger of the Court of Augmentations. 21 March.
340. John Wellesbure (sic), gentleman of the Privy Chamber. To be keeper of the site, &c., of Abingdon abbey, Berks, and of Culnam manor, Oxon. 24 Jan.
II. Life grants in 30 Hen. VIII.
Augm. Book
232, II. ff. 41b.
Ralph Annesley, King's servant. Lands called Hertyngton in Kingston, Prystes in Shene and Keyomede in Kew, Surr. Merton. 1 June 30 Hen. VIII.
43b. Cuthb. Lawe. For his services in wars beyond sea and in England; 6l. annuity out of Horton grange, Nthld. 14 June.
44. Ralph Eyre, groom of the Chamber. The free chapel called West Spyttell, within Seymer manor, Yorks., with one "bedmans right" therein; vice Robt. Bykerstath, dec. 15 June.
John Cooke, King's servant (grant during pleasure). Spersholte rectory, Hants. Wynteney priory. 16 June.
48b. John Willesden and Robt. Foster, King's servants. 13l. 16s. 8d. annuity out of Mydenhall rectory, Suff., due from Bury St. Edmund's abbey to Battle abbey. 6 July.
49. Sir Edw. Ryngeley, King's servant. Manors of Estkyngesnoyth, Westkyngesnoyth, Morehouse and Wachenden, Kent. Battle. 10 July.
65. Ric. Dryland, of Feversham, Kent (for service in the King's wars beyond sea). 10 mks. annuity out of the lands of Feversham mon. 20 Sept.
Hen. Dyngley (in recompense of his claim in le Convent Garden beside Charing Cross). 10l. annuity. 20 Sept.
72b. Wm. Clement, one of the King's masters "fabrilingnariorum," and Chr. Dykenson, master plasterer (? cementarius) of Windsor castle. 25l. annuity. 21 June.
73. Wm. Cokes, King's footman. Thirty years' lease of Buckland's lands in Lewsham, Kent. 14 Oct.
Katharine, wife of Nic. Saynsford. 12l. annuity for 28 years out of Lytlington manor, Beds., with remainder in the event of her death to one Edw. Cartewrike. —Dec. [This in recompense of a lease, 6 Feb. 26 Hen. VIII., by Barking abbey, Essex, to Wm. Cartewrike, then husband of the said Katharine, of the manor of Lytlington alias le Berested.]
73b. John Willesden and Robt. Foster, King's servants. 13l. 6s. 8d. annuity out of Mydenhall rectory, Suff., due from Bury St. Edmund's abbey to Battle abbey. —July.
233 f. 1. Ph. Denyes, King's servant. Bradham manor, Devon. St. Nicholas Exeter. 12 Oct.
1b. Thos. Paston, a gentleman of the Privy Chamber. Manors of Barney, Darsyngham, and Edgefeld, Norf. Bynham. 3 Dec. (Surrendered 20 Oct. 33 Hen. VIII.).
2. Arthur Plantagenet, viscount Lisle, Deputy of Calais. 200l. annuity from Michaelmas last. 17 Dec.
Sir Thos. Clyfford, King's servant. 200 mks. annuity from Christmas next. 17 Dec.
327. Sir Wm. Percye. 104l. 6s. 8d. annuity out of lands of the late earl of Northumberland in Preston, Gysborn, and Langstrothdale, Yorks., with stewardship of Pokelington and Catton, Yorks.: and a sum of 62l. 8s. 4d. for arrears. 14 Jan. [On surrender of patents by the late earl and his father].
329. Eliz. widow of Edw. Birmyngham, dec. 20l. annuity in compensation of her claim to Birmingham manor, Warw., and other her late husband's lands. 1 Feb.
329b. Robt. de la Woode, King's servant, and Anne his wife. 4l. 10s. annuity out of Abyngdon manor, Berks. 6 Feb.
Wm. Fermour, King's servant, and Eliz. his wife. 20l. annuity. 25 Feb.
330. John Jey, groom of the Chamber, and Eliz. his wife. Reversion and rent of 7l. reserved upon a lease by the London Charterhouse to Alex. Bele, of a messuage in St. Margaret's parish, Bridgestreet, London. 7 March.
Ric. Gylmyn, of the Guard. Lands and rent in Hurne and Horley, Surr., now in tenure of Eliz. Cowper, widow. Merton. 25 Feb.
330b. Morgan Phelipp alias Wolf, goldsmith, and sewer of the Chamber. Reversion, and rent of 4l. reserved upon a lease by the London Charterhouse to Roger Mylward, goldsmith, of a tenement in Chepesyde, London. 24 Jan.
331b. Ralph Bolney, King's servant. A tenement called the Crown in the parish of St. Denis, Bakchurche, London. St. Augustine's, Canterbury. 26 Feb.
Jas. Mountford, King's surgeon. Three tenements in St. Batolph's Lane, London. London Charterhouse. 14 March.
332. Thos. Smyth, King's servant, and Elizabeth, his wife. Lands in Coringham and Parva Thurrocke, Essex. Stratford Langthorne. 8 March.
Wm. Browne, King's servant. Lands in Southwark, Surr. Battle. 28 March.
332b. Ric. Pygott. 20l. annuity in recompense for certain lands in Estgrenwych which belonged to Hen. Cornishe. 10 March.
333. John Cheyney, an esquire for the Body, and Joan his wife. 20l. annuity out of Charney manor, Berks; from Michaelmas 30 Hen. VIII. Undated.
333b. Mary duchess of Richmond and Somerset and countess of Nottingham (in consideration that Henry duke of Richmond took her, being daughter to the duke of Norfolk, to wife and, before carnal intercourse between them, "went the way of all flesh" leaving her without the means of living according to her rank). Reversion and rents reserved on the following leases (1) to Sir Edw. Chamberleyne, 20 Jan. 30 Hen. VIII., of Westacre priory, at 62l. 8s. 9d.; (2) to Ric. Austen, 10 May 30 Hen. VIII., of Westacre rectory, at 24l.; (3) to Humph Jordan, 20 July 30 Hen. VIII., of Westacre manor at 75s. 4d.; and (4) to Hen. Bedingfeld, 12 March 29 Hen. VIII., of Massingham priory, at 40l. 10s. 10¼d. Also grant of the manors of Westacre, Estwalton, Massingham, Southpykenham, Grymston, Kypton, Middleton, and Islington, and the rectory of Westacre, Norf., with the advowsons of churches in these places: Westacre. Also the manors of Barton Bendishe, Bechemwell, Hillington, and Wynnewall, with the advowsons of the churches there: Westdereham mon. Also the house and site of the monastery of Combe, Warw., with the manors of Smyte, Coton, Laywolde, Lalleforde alias Church Lawford, Harbury alias Harburbury, Brinklowe, Wolvey, and Bynley, the rectory of Navysbye and the moiety of that of Wolvey, Warw., and Threscott grange, Staff., and all appurtenances in Combe, Wythebroke, Happesford, Smyte, Coton, Laywolde, Newton, Churchwarner, Lallefore, Churche Lawford, Harbury, Harburbury, Lodbroke, Wolleston, Bylton, Little Lawford, Napton super Montem, Brynklowe, Wolvey, Bromecote, Marston, Jebbot, Corpsonfeld, Bynley, and Navysbye, Warw. and Soms., and in the parish of Stronde without the bars of the New Temple, Midd.: Combe. Also the manors of Langham, Rollesby, and Eccies, Norf.: bpric, of Norwich. With profits in the above from Michaelmas last, free of charges to Robt. Kynvar alias Dace, abbot of Combe, and his monks (named). 15 March.
336b. Sir Wm. Percye. Copy of Royal Mandate dated 24 Dec. 30 Hen. VIII. enclosing the surrendered patents (copies in full) upon which the grant at f. 327 is made.
338b. Wm. Snowball, King's servant. 10l. annuity out of Chyrbury rectory, Salop. Chyrbury. 12 Oct.
III. Pensions and grants to monks (enrolment or warrants) in 30 Hen. VIII.
[Of these pensions, most are to date from specific terms, as "from Michaelmas last," or "from the feast of the Auunciation," &c., "next coming"; in addition to the pension there is in most cases a small money gift equivalent to the amount due for the period between the dissolution of the monastery and the term from which the pension is to date. Rectories or manors, granted in addition to the money pension, have invariably been part of the possessions of the house; and, in the case of men, pensions are to cease upon the recipients of them being advanced by the King to ecclesiastical promotions of equal value. In the following abstract the amounts and particulars of pensions are, for the sake of brevity, only given in the case of heads of houses. The words "abbot" or "abbess" and "prior" or "prioress" are abbreviated "a." and "p."
Augm. Book
232, II.
ff. 18–19.
St. Andrew's, Northampton. Several warrants for Robt. Martyn, Jas. Hopkyns, Ric. Cooke, Thos. Goldeston, Thos. Atterbury, Thos. Smyth, Thos. Barbour, and John Bett, monks there. 6 May 30 Hen. VIII.
19. Beaulieu, Hants. Thos. Stephyns, a., 100 mks. 6 May.
19–22. Also several warrants for Thos. Seale, Wm. Coventrie, Robt. Pykton, Thos. Ewalbie, Walt. Bartylmewe, John Kerre, Thos. Whyte, Alex. Aleyn, John Somerfeld, Simon Hawlker, Griffin Hampton, Harman Hampton, Wm. Baskerley, Ric. Gilford, Thos. Burton, Ric. Curlewe, and Laur. Parker, monks. 6 May.
22b. Kenelworth, Warw. Simon Jakes, a., 100l. 6 May.
22b.–24b. Also John Lyster, p., Wm. Warwyke, John Rogers, Ric. Bager, Thos. Stone, Thos. Parker, Geo. Ryddell, Ralph Bakester, Ric. Hethe, John Reves, Wm. Clare, Ric. Palmer, and Ric. Tode, canons. 6 May.
24b. Robertsbridge, Suss. Thos. Tayler, a., 50l. 9 May.
25–26b. Also Robt. Thurgood, Steph. Warr, Wm. Squyre, John Wyke, Laur. Thrower, Thos. Sprat, Wm. Senden, and Robt. Cooper, monks. 9 May.
26b. Stratford Langthorne, Essex. Wm. Huddleston, a., 100 mks. 9 May.
26b–29. Also Wm. Persons, p., John Riddesdale, Ant. Clerk, John Meryott, John Gibbes, Chr. Snowe, Wm. Pyerson, Thos. Selbye, Wm. Symonde, John Scott, Wm. Danyell, Ric. Stanton, and Thos. Drake, monks. 9 May.
29. Marton, Surr. John Debnaham, Thos. Colson, John Codyngton, Ric. Todde, John Haywarde, Geo. Curson, Ric. Benese, Thos. Mychell, Thos. Paynell, John Page, Edm. Honyby, John Meryvale, John Salyng, Robt. Knyght, canons. 9 May.
33. Lantony, Gloucester. Ric. Hempstede, p. The chief messuage of Brokeworth, Glouc., with firewood out of Bukwolde; and 100l. 18 May.
33–37. Also Humph. Jerham, Thos. Halles, Wm. Henlowe, John Ambrose, John Newland, Wm. Creatyng, John Kellom, Wm. Worcestre, Geo. Deane, Ric. Westbury, Roger Brokworth, Owen a Glentone, Maurice Barkeley, Wm. Prestbury, Edm. Burford, Wm. Gloucestre, Wm. Gregorie, and Matth. Wever, canons. 18 May.
37. Cell of Lantony in Wales. David Kempe, alias Mathewe, p., 8l. 18 May.
37b.—38. Also Wm. Alwyngton, Gerard Elberton, Wm. Baryngton, and John Hempstede, canons.
38. Suthwike, Hants. Wm. Noxton, p., 100 mks. Undated.
8–41. Also Jas. Gonwyn, Peter Elton, Simon Wattes, Ph. Halse, Thos. Loymer, John Tryme, Simon Palmer, Miles Manne, John Caredell, John Yong, Ph. Ray (serving the cure in Burhant), and Wm. Denman (serving cure in Southwick), canons. Undated.
43. Holme Culteran, Cumb. Gawin Boradale, a. In lieu of 100l.; a lodging in the monastery and tithes, &c., of the rectory of Holm Cultran and Newton Arloche, Cumb. 1 June.
43. Lanercost, Cumb. John Robynson, p., 8l. Undated.
43b. Beeston, Norf. Ric. Hudson, p., 5l. 3 June.
Bynham, Norf. Thos. Williams, p. 4l. 20 May.
44. Battle, Suss. John Hamond, a., 100 mks. 6 July.
44b.—48. Also Ric. Salesherst, Clement Gregorye, John Benyng, Vincent Dunston, Thos. Levett, John Austen, John Henfeld, John Hastyng, Clement Westfeld, Ric. Dartmouthe. John Newton, Barth. Ciprian, Edw. Clement, John Jerom, Wm. Ambrose, Thos. Cutbert, and Thos. Bede, monks. 6 July.
49. Bisham, Berks. John Cordraye, a. 100 mks. 16 July.
49b.–52b. Also Wm. Rugys, John Buttes, Robt. Knyght, Wm. Walter, John Millest, John Rolf, Edw. Stevynson, Laur. Hodgeson, John Walter, John Churche, Ralph Wachet, Ant. Symondson, Thos. Potter, Wm. Rooke, Geo. Nydygate, and John Hore, monks. 16 July.
53. Axholme, Linc. Mich. Mekenes, p., 20l. 20 July.
Also Ric. Crakkyll, Hen. Wilson, Thos. Broke, Thos. Alrede, Brian Bee, Thos. Dobson, and John Popill, monks. 20 July.
54b. Marton, Surr. John Bowdle, p. A messuage called the Prior's House, in Trinity Lane, London, and 20 mks. 20 July.
56. Thurgarton, Notts. John Berwik, p. A house called Fyskarten Hall, and 40l.; in lieu of 44l. 23 July.
Also John Ryley, Hen. Gaskyn, Ric. Hopkyn, John Langeskar, Robt. Cant, Ric. Leke, John Champney, and Wm. Chace, canons. 23 July.
57b. Feversham, Kent. John Casteloke, alias Shepey, a., 100 mks. 24 July.
Also Robt. Chillynden, Thos. Deve, John Fylpott, Peter Mynto, Dunstan Goodhewe, Wm. Coyden, John Tayler, and Ralph Post, alias Ulcombe, monks. 24 July.
59–61b. Roche, Yorks. Thos. Cundall, John Harpe, Ric. Fyssheborne, Thos. Welles, Thos, Middylton, Ric. Draxc, John Doddesworth, Thos. Twell, Nic. Colles, Thos. Smyth, Ric. Moresleye, John Robynson, Thos. Harreson, Wm. Cartor, Hen. Wylson, Chr. Herster, and Wm. Hylye, monks. 26 July.
61b. Also Hen. Crundall, abbot there, 50 mks. 26 July.
62. Welbek, Notts. Ric. Bentley, a. 50l. 26 July.
62–64b. Also Thos. Holme, Jas. Casson, John Buckeland, Ric. Hogeley, Ric. Northend, Thos. Hill, Thos. Sisson, Ric. Austen, John Stons, John Rawlyns, Wm. Hatfeld, Nic. Bowland, Wm. Wylson, Chr. Bentley, Edw. Tomson, monks. 26 July.
65b–71. St. Augustine's beside Canterbury. Edw. Savyer, Wm. Curle, John Byng, Thos. Crofton, Wm. Mynes, John Gylmyn, John Hychecoke, Robt. Wynstanley, Ralph Butler, Edw. Mynes, Geo. Amys, David Franklin, Wm. Burgys, Robt. Whyte, Thos. Ware, Robt. Brecher, Wm. Mylles, John Baynes, Robt. Davyson, Thos. Edmunde, Ric. Stonard, Wm. Jurdyn, John Hall, John Burden, Wm. Okyngfold, Laur. Marden, John Snowthe, John Dyer, Ric. Orgar, and John Wyldebere, monks. 3 Sept.
71. St. James' beside Northampton. Wm. Brockden, a. 11l. 6s. 8d., also Wateforde rectory and tithes of Syllesworth, Nrth. 12 Sept.
71–72b. Also Thos. Edwardes, Ric. Kylner, Robt. Lambe, John Cotton, and Ric. Calley, canons. 12 Sept.
233 f. 2b–6. Holme Cultram, Cumb. Ric. Patenson, Ant. Richardson, John Rytton, Wm. Marshall, Ric. Wytty, Chr. Nevynson, Wm. Martyn, Ric. Robynson, Robt. Bankes, Robt. Clement, John Ydell, Ric. Godfrey, Arth. Nicholson, Wm. Symondson, Robt. Langton, John Allenbye, Nic. Pyngney, Thos. Browne, John Wyse, Thos. Irebye, John Jakson, monks. 4 Oct.
6b. Huntingdon. Hugh Olyver, p., 26l. 13s. 4d. 10 Oct.
Also Thos. Stowghton, Mich. Bonde, Jas. Hand, Nic. Gattes, Wm. Lutte, John Hartford, and Robt. Mayle, canons. 10 Oct.
8. Wymondham, Norf. Thos. Lynne alias Wyllyamson, Eligius Ferrers, prior (66l. 13s. 4d.), Thos. Thaxsted, John Harleston alias Sterlington, Robt. Colchester alias Barry, Edw. Southous, John Wyndam alias Beeston, John Hoxton alias Burrowe, and Robt. Westwoode alias Cornewall, prior and monks. 12 Oct.
10. Bordesley, Worc. John Deye, a. 50l. 14 Oct.
Also Thos. Wall, Thos. Baxter, Thos. Lyllie, Ric. Weston, Ric. Badger, Thos. Yerdelay, Thos. Tayllor, Thos. Philips, Ric. Soufford, Wm. Stward, John Johnson, Ric. Evance, Wm. Edwardys, Wm. Austen, Roger Shaspere, John Pene, Thos. Tayllor, and John Hantum, monks. 14 Oct.
13b. Walsyngham, Norf. Ric. Vowell, p., 100l. 20 Oct.
Also John Harlowe, Edm. Poyner, Wm. Nowell, Wm. Rede, Ric. Garnet, John Watson, Thos. Powle, Edw. Marston, Ric. Marshall, Humph. Wilson, Simon Bronde, Geoff. Penne, Wm. Potkyn, John Clerk, and Martin Claxton, canons. 20 Oct.
17. Crokesden, Staff. Thos. Chalner, p., 26l. 13s. 4d. 20 Oct.
Also Thos. Rawleston, Robt. Clerke, Robt. Cadde, Thos. Kelyng, John Thorneton, Thos. Endon, John Orpe, John Alman, Ric. Meyre, Wm. Beche, Hen. Rowthewall, and John Stanley, monks. 20 Oct.
19. Tutbury, Staff. Arth. Meverell, p., 50l. 31 Oct.
Also Thos. Sutton, Thos. Smythe, Thos. Sheyll, Ric. Arnold, Robt. Stafford, Nic. Elesson, Roger Hylton, and Thos. Rever, monks. 31 Oct.
20b. Rawcetour, Staff. Wm. Grafton, a., 13l. 6s. 8d. 31 Oct.
Also Geo. Davy, John Snape, Ric. Heth, Wm. Bond, Ralph Corke, John Brykylbank, and Geo. Grafton, canons. 31 Oct.
22. Hulton, Staff. Edw. Watkyns, a. 20l. 4 Nov.
Also Wm. Asshenhurst, Wm. Norton, John Bucknall, John Smyth, Wm. Chalner John Johnson, Ric. Cradocke and Geoff. Heithe, monks. 4 Nov.
23b. Leicester. John Bourcher, a., 200l. 4 Nov.
Also Ric. Duckyt, John Buxum, Ric. Webbe, Ric. Clerke, Robt. Sapcote, John Eynesworth, Thos. Jurdyn, John Bosworth, John Lacye, Thos. Mendall, John Revell, Greg. Kynge, Hugh Shyppey, Wm. Clerk, Wm. Bylysbye, Jas. Lowe, Thos. Westys, Wm. Parmynter, and Thos. Hamswet, canons. 4 Nov.
26b. St. Thomas Acon, in London. Laur. Copferler, clk., master. 66l. 13s. 4d. 4 Nov.
Also Thos. Lynne, brother. 6l. 4 Nov.
27. Alvyngham, Linc. Robt. Duggelby, p. 13l. 6s. 8d. 20 Nov.
Also Robt. Whyttyng, Robt. Forman, John Bowton, Geo. Elwood, Wm. Hutson, and Edm. Tate, canons. 20 Nov.
Also Joan Barker, prioress, Marg. Talbotte, Marg. Lewes, Christina Person, Alice Smyth, Joan Bawdrye, Eliz. Hassand, Joan Handeley, Eliz. Dalby, Joan Stranguysshe, Eliz. Stranguysshe, and Gertrude Yarborow, prioress and nuns there. 20 Nov.
30. Cattelley, Linc. Marg. Boswell, Eunica Orye, Marg. Ketton, and Alice Beche, nuns. 12 Nov.
Also Wm. Swyfte, prior (6l.) and Thos. West, and Chr. Hudson, canons. 12 Nov.
31. Westdereham, Norf. Roger Forman, a. 66l. 13s. 4d. 6 Nov.
Also Wm. Snell, John Harpeley, John Jakson, Ric. Cressey, and Thos. Dyghton, canons. 6 Nov.
32. Semperyngham, Linc. Roger Marshall, p. Fordham rectory, Camb., and 30l. 5 Nov.
Also Ranulph (fn. 2) Gawtrye, John Jacson, Nic. Gill, John Legh, John Wattys, Thos. Crawfford, Ant. Laughton, (fn. 3) Robt. Challyner, Ralph Settyll, and Thos. Hake, canons. 5 Nov.
Also Agnes Rud, prioress (5l.), and Marg. Marbury (5l.), Marg. Stannope, Joan Dymmoke, Emma Colson, Alice Whytwell, Agnes Zouche, Ursula Skeffyngton, Joan Weston, Joan Jurden, Eliz. Wylde, Marg. Turpyn, Eliz. Strangwysshe, Joan Ashley, Joan Fadd, Joan Knyfton, (fn. 4) Ursula Lenton, and Anne Bennet, nuns. 5 Nov.
39. Horneby, Leic. John Counfitt, p., 6l. 13s. 4d. 9 Oct.
Also John Fletcher and Thos. Dynshawe, canons. 9 Oct.
39b—43. Croxton, Leic. Thos. Greyne, a., 80l. 9 Oct.
Also Ric. Foxer, Wm. German, _ (blank) Rixworthe, Wm. Halydaye, Thos. Tailour, Peter Anderson, John Stubbes, Chr. Nyghtyngale, _ (blank) Parkyn, Thos. Hulley, Thos. Horner, Geo. Chawner, Ralph Estricke, Robt. Langton, Chr. Beckwith, Hen. Hall, Wm. Peerson, and Jas. Chernocke, canons. 9 Oct.
47. Dale, Derb. John Bebbe, a., 26l. 13s. 4d. 26 Nov.
Also Ric. Whetley, John Cadman, Ric. Hawlson, Thos. Bagshawe, Wm. Smyth, John Bankes, Geo. Coke, Robt. Harney, Ralph Harryson, John Schemoulde, Robt. Wylson, Jas. Chonyholme, Jas. Clayton, John Batman, and John Irrett, canons. 9 Oct.
49b. Darley, Derb. Thos. Ragge, a., 50l. 9 Oct.
Also Wm. Stonebag, Ric. Macham, Walt. Raye, Hen. Hey, Nic. Johns, Wm. Sowter, Thos. Harreson, Wm. Holyle, Thos. Tryppett, Thos. Cost, Edw. Craddok, and Hen. Toft, canons. 9 Oct.
52. Repton, Derb. Ralph Clerke, John Wodde, Thos. Stryngar, Jas. Younge, John Aysheby, Thos. Pratt, Thos. Webster, Robt. Warde, Thos. Braunceton, and Thos. Cordall, canons. 9 Oct.
54. Chexsande, Beds. John Orrey, p., 30l. 25 Nov.
Also John Whytte, Thos. Crosdall, Percival Symson, Robt. Harryson, Miles Gyll, and Peter Husbond, canons. 25 Nov.
Also Marg. Burton, prioress, Marg. Graunger. A vicia Mershall, Marg, Spenser, Isabel Sheffield, Marg. Pulley, Marg. Graye, Joan Pulley, Isabel Lamkyne, Sibilla Nowies, Marg. Woodyll, Marg. Gybboll, Agnes Rayley, Alice Spenser, Marg. Neyler, Alice Clerke, Eliz. Hunkyll, and Anne Hyll, nuns 25 Nov.
58b. Haverholme, Linc. Marg. Wodhowse, prioress (66s. 8d.), and Eliz. Parratt, Joan Crosyer, Dorothy Tomworth, Marg. Tomson, Dorothy Flower, Eliz. Warbleton, and Sibilla Percelle, nuns. 14 Nov.
Also Wm. Hall, prior (13l. 6s. 8d.), and Hen. Butler, Geo. Hall, Ralph Robynson, and Ric. Kerke, canons there. 4 Nov.
61. Barnewell, Camb. Yon Badcok, p., 60l. 30 Nov.
Also Ric. Harman, Wm. Raynes, Robt. Wysse, Edw. Ball, and, Thos. Palmer, canons. 30 Nov.
62. Meryvale, Warw. Wm. Arnold, a., 40l. 2 Dec.
Also John Onesby, Wm. Robynson, John Dunne, Wm. Tunman, Edw. Crokhyll, Wm. Browne, Thos. Benson, Robt. Sany, and John Spere, monks. 2 Dec.
63b. Charterhouse, London. Wm. Trafford, p., 20l. 10 Dec.
Also Edm.' Skerne, Wm. Wayte, John Enys, Thos. Barningham, Ric. Tragose, Thos. Baker, Everard Dygbie, John Bardeyn, John Foxe, Wm. Broke, Barth Burgon, John Thomson, John Bulleyn, Oliver Batemanson, John Nycholson, and Maurice Chauncye, monks (5l. each). 10 Dec.
66b. Mathersey, Notts. Thos. Norman, p., 12l. 2 Dec.
Also Thos. Bell, John Garten, Wm. Schylton, and Ric. Watson, canons. 2 Dec.
67b. Vale Royal, Chesh. John Harward, a., 60l. Undated.
Also Alex. Sedown. Wm. Harryson, Roger Gardyner, Thos. Bawden, Nic. Lawrenson, Thos. Fletcher, Wm. Clerke, John Banyon, Ric. Benyon, Ralph Bent, John Daye, Wm. Wryght, John Meltham, and Nic. Lancastre, monks. Undated.
70. Mallyng, Kent. Marg. Vernon, a., 40l. 7 Dec.
Also Felex Cockes, Arminal Gere, Marg. Gyles, Joan Randall, Leticia Bucke, Beatrice Wylliams, Juliana Wheatnall, Joan Hull, Eliz. Pympe, Agnes West, and Rosa Morton, nuns. 7 Dec.
73. Delacres, Staff. Thos. Wyttey, a., 60l. 26 Nov.
Also Robt. Bageley, Hen. Bennett, Geo. Ferney, Ralph Mottsett, Randolph Barneys, Wm. Crosse, Robt. Cheryngton, Edm. Boultoun, Wm. Prowluff, Thos. Leke, Ric. Cordon, and John Bykerton, monks. 26 Nov.
75. Wetherall, Cumb. Ralph Hartley, p., 20l. 20 Nov.
Also Thos. Hartley, John Wytfeld alias Batson, John Clyfton, and John Gale, brethren. 20 Nov.
76. Cumbermere, Chesh. John Massy, a., 50l. 21 Nov.
Also Thos. Hamonde, Randolph Smyth, John Olyver, John Cokse, Humph. Lyghtefote, Gilb. Grene, Thos. Lee, Edm. Dugdale, Robt. Furber, Wm. Mee, Thos. Eton, and Geo. Baron, monks. 21 Nov.
78b. Lylleshill, Salop. Robt. Watson, a. A house at Longdon, Salop, and 50l. 23 Nov. St. Katharine's beside Lincoln. Wm. Gryffyn, p., 40l. 10 Nov.
Also Thos. Clypyngdale, Wm. Broune, John Skott, Ric. Tyson, Thos. Lane, John Stevynson, John Thryston, Thos. Beemon, Ric. Wylson, Robt. Swyfte, Ric. Bankes, Ric. Jerrard, and John Colman, canons. 10 Nov.
81b. Lylleshull, Salop. John Hall, Chr. Ledys, Thos. Dawson, John Ponsbury, Roger Knowsall, Peter Robynson, Wm. Stutche, Ric. Overton, Thos. Maynerd, Wm. Massye, and John Takyll, canons. 23 Nov.
83b. Showdam, Norf., Robt. Swyfte, p., 20l. 24 Nov.
Also Ric. Fostar, John Holme, Ric. Taylor, Laur. Russell, Ric. Wade, Wm. Thorpe, Wm. Eldrycke, and Robt. Lunsum, canons. 24 and 23 Nov.
Also Eliz. Fyncheham, prioress (5l.) and Mary Pemmarton, Joan Plumstede, Kath. Dygbye, Faith Smyth, Margery Pewbrie, Joan Darame, Isabel Howe, and Marg. Skower, nuns. 24 Nov.
86b. Cambridge. Humph. Spensley, p., 5l. 25 Nov.
87. Pypwell, Ntht. Thos. Gyllam, a., 66l. 13s. 4d. 25 Nov.
Also John Basforde, Chr. Haryett, Robt. Dayve, John Godfrey, Thos. Alen, Thos. Gabytus, John Webster, John Harcotte, Thos. Ball, Thos. Hadley, Thos. Chester, John Benett, and Geo. Wodnett. 25 Nov.
89b. Sulby, Ntht. Ralph Armounde, a., 50l. 26 Nov.
Also Robt. Bukler, Thos. Hyll, Simon Knyghton, John Harreson, Miles Wydd, Wm. Spynes, Robt. Burton, Wm. Bagges, Hen. Naxton, and John Areley, canons. 26 Nov.
91b. Ormesby, Linc. Chr. Cartwright, p., 10l. 12 Dec.
Also John Jackson, Wm. Grege, Wm. Hardwick, Wm. Watson, and John Doo, canons. 12 Dec.
Also Joan Stokwith, prioress (66s. 8d.) and Eliz. Thymbylby, Joan Wright, Joan Berde, Marg. Thymbelby, Alice Coke, Alice Bowarde, Anne Elwarde, and Eliz. Wright, nuns. 12 Dec.
97. Marmounde, Camb. Roger Walker, p. (53s. 4d.) and Wm. Crystall, canon (40s.). 20 Dec.
Byggyng in Hutchyn, Herts. John Mounton, p., 4l. 20 Dec.
97b. Newstede, Linc. Ric. Hobson, p., 6l. 13s. 4d. 12 Jan.
Also Robt. Rayley, Robt. Thornall, John Myddelton, Godfrey Vele, and John Haggas, canons. 12 Jan.
98b. Gracedieu, Leic. Agnes Grasley, Kath. Chesyleyne, Marg. Powtrell, Kath. Baker, Eliz. Halle, Dorothy Englysshe, Marg. Knotforde, Anne Gyllotte, Anne Assheby, Emma Michell, Eliz. Presbury, Joan Barwell, Eliz. Farnhame, Agnes Cosbye, and Eliz. Trotther, nuns. 20 Dec.
101. St. Helen's within Bishopsgate, London. Mary Rowlesley, p., 30l. 29 Jan.
Also Mary Shelton (4l.), Agnes Stavarton, Anne Webbe, Joan Pawntlyver, Godelyff Laurence, Eleanor Hannam, Eliz. Marten, Marg. Samson, Alice Gravenar, Kath. Glossop, Eliz. Graye, Ursula Thwaytes, Joan Holdernes, Cecily Cope, and Anne Aleyne, nuns. 29 Jan.
103b. Brewoode, Staff. Isabel Launder, p. (66s. 8d.) and Christabel Smythe, Alice Beche, and Felix Baggshawe, nuns. 1 Feb.
104b. Wygmore, Heref. dioc. John Smerte, a., 80l. 16 April.
Bircle alias Spraules Mede, Soms. Steph. Stowell, p., 4l. 20 March.
Walleknolle, Yorks. (sic). Thos. Wade, minister, 5l. 8 April.
105. Battle, Suss. Ric. Ladde, monk. 20 Jan.
Athelney, Soms. Robt. Hamlyn, a., 50l. 24 Feb.
Also John Saunder, John Athelney, Ric. Welles, Robt. Edger, Thos. Genyns, and Hen. Poynings, monks. 24 Feb.
110. St. Roberts' beside Knaresborough, Yorks. Thos. Kente, minister. 13l. 6s. 8d. 8 April.
Also John Turnebull, John Trystrame, Thos. Yorke, John Sterkbone, Ric. Walshe, John Ailmer, Robt. Gybson, Thos. Grene, Ric. Mallynge, and Ric. Burnyston, brethren. 8 April.
112. Ellerton, Yorks. John Goldynge, p., 13l. 6s. 8d. 8 April.
Also Roger Dowe, Ric. Sympson, Robt. Michelson, and Wm. Spenser. 8 April.
113. Polesworthe, Warw. Alice Fitzharberde, a., 26l. 13s. 4d. 20 Feb.
Also Joan Pennye, Marg. Toddye, Anne Fremyngam, Mary Charnelles, Kath. Corbyne, Eleanor Blunte, Edith Wyllynghall, Eliz. Oteley, Eliz. Wadlyff, Alice Ulley, Kath. Whytkyrtyll, Grace Holton, Benedicta Burton, and Mary Sanders, nuns. 20 Feb.
115b. Keynesham, Soms. John Sturtton, a., 60l. 12 Feb.
Also Wm. Heron, Wm. Typpytt, John Arnolde, John Gylforde, Thos. Bede, John Browne, Thos. Parker, John Partrige, Wm. Dune alias Bryne, and Ric. Adams, canons there. 12 Feb.
118. Coventry. Thos. Camswell, p., 133l. 6s. 8d. 20 Feb.
Also Ric. Barnacle, Robt. Wyldie, Wm. Wynter, Thos. Leke, Humph. Colar, John Ecculsall, John Evans, Thos. Chamburs, Nic. Brenyth, and Wm. Foster, monks. 20 Feb.
120. Keynsham, Soms. John Fowler, canon. 12 Feb.
121. Bath, Soms. Wm. Gybbys alias Holwaye, p., 80l. 7 Feb.
Also John Pytte, Thos. Sexten alias Bathe, Ric. Gryffythe, Nic. Jobbyn alias Bathe, Alex. Bull alias Brystowe, Ric. Bygg alias Lyncombe, John Romsay alias Bekenton, Thos. Powell, Ric. Gybbys alias Gueles, Thos. Stylbande alias Worcetor, Wm. Clement, John Browne alias Adelston, John Sodbury alias Edgare, Edw. Style alias Edwe, Patrick Archar alias Vertue, John Colyn alias Humylytye, John Style alias Gabryell, Wm. Bewchyn, John Parnell alias Benet, and John Long alias Patyence, monks. 7 Feb.
124b. Monkebreton, Yorks. Wm. Browne, p., 40l. 8 April.
Also Thos. Normanton, Wm. Royeston, Geo. Whitacres, Robt, Kyrkebye, John Crofton, Wm. Barwyke, Thos. Bolton, Ric. Tykehyll, Wm. Bretton, Ric. Wolley, Thos. Sylkston, John Pontefracte, and Wm. Thorner, monks. 8 April.
127. St. Andrew's beside York. Thos. Lepyngton, p., 10l. 8 April.
Also Wm. Brysset, Leonard Sharpe, and John Hoggeson, canons. 8 April.
127b. Byndon, Dors. John Norman, a., 50l. 10 April.
Also John Andrewes, John Lawrence, Steph. Haywoode, Ric. Grysome, Ric. Herte, Wm. Sheperd, and Steph. Farsey, monks. 10 April.
129. Chatereis, Camb. Anne Gayton, a., 15l. 17 Feb.
Also Ellen Smythe, Eliz. Haspelond, Marg. Vasie, Marg. Skele, Mary Graie, Agnes Hygdon, Anne Rede, Eleanor Hutton, Eliz. Gye, and Joan Bate, nuns. 17 Feb.
131b. Bytlesden, Bucks. Ric. Grene, a, 40l. 6 Feb.
Also Thos. Tod, Robt. Weston alias Bertelet, Ric. Brakley alias Maiowe, John Northampton alias Dawkyns, John Northampton alias Tailer, John Bradley alias Kelyng, Jas. Shallyston alias Colles, John Awkelond alias Robynson and Ric. Shepehed alias Palfreyman, monks. 6 Feb.
134. Bullyngton, Linc. Ric. Bretton, p., 20l. 4 Feb.
Also John Franke, Thos. Bygges, Wm. Longhorne, John Boyes, Thos. Spensley, Thos. Tyssan, John Tyssan, and Thos. Lyoll, canons. 4 Feb.
Also Mary Sutton, prioress (4l.), and Marg. Prykefeld, Joan Thymbleby, Grace Bylsby, Eliz. Stephenson, Agnes Halley, Eliz. Tanger, Agnes Graie, Dorothy Fysheborne, Agnes Walter, Kath. Leighe, Kath. Cropper, Alice Redder, Dorothy Prykfeld, and Bridget Mone, nuns. 4 Feb.
138b. Tinmowthe, Nthld. Thos. Castell, Hen. Woddall, Robt. Bollande, Robt. Forman, Robt. Hall, Thos. Benette, Wm. Carliell, Robt. Cateshed, Wm. Crisden, Steph. Hexham, Ant. Gardener, Geo. Jaspar, Clement Westmynster, Robt. London, Wm. Facette, Thos. Dorhame, Robt. Charite, and Geo. Faithe, monks. 1 March.
141b. St. Augustine's beside Canterbury. John Essex, a., 61l. and the manor of Sturrey, Kent. 3 Feb.
145. Sempringham, Linc. Robt. Bell, John Raget, Chr. Robynson, Hen. Walkar, and Wm. Pygotte, canons. 10 Feb.
146b. St. Bees, Cumb. Robt. Paddye, p., 40[...]. 3 June 30 Hen. VIII.
155. Delapre, Ntht. Clementia Stoke, a., 40l. 1 March.
Also Eliz. Welshe, Marg. Stoke, Emma Smyth, Grace Smythe, Eliz. Nyztam, Eliz. Haywarde, Marg. Bodye and Dorothy Barnarde, nuns. 1 March.
156. Haverholme, Linc. John Braye, monk. 10 Feb.
Combe, Warw. Robt. Bate, a., 80l. 10 Feb.
Also Humph. Sterkey, Thos. Sutton, Wm. Sutton, Ric. Wastell, Ric. Symmynge, Wm. Freman, Ric. Braddocke, Oliver Hardewyn, Wm. Persey, Thos. Holme, Thos. Clerke, Geoff. Danyell, and Robt. Hepworthe, monks. 10 Feb.
158b. Bolton, Yorks. Ric. Mone, p., 40l. Undated.
Also Chr. Leedys, Thos. Fountaunce, Thos. Castell, Geo. Rychemounde, John Cromoke, Wm. Wylkys, Wm. Malhome, Thos. Pykeryng, Edw. Hyll, John Bolton, Robt. Knaresboroughe, John Halyfax, Laur. Plompton, and Robt. Burdeux, canons Undated.
161b. Carmelites, London. John Gybbes, p., 10l. 20 March.
Nethe, Landaff dioc. Lesan Thomas, a., Rectory of Kadockeston, co. Glam., and 40l. 12 March.
Also John Thomas, Thos. Best, Wm. Keynes, Joan Rychardes, Thos. Legate, John Rodryke, and David Thomas, monks. 12 March.
163. Friars minors within Newgate, London. Thos. Chapman, warden, 13l. 6s. 8d. 20 March. Crutched friars, Thellysford, Warw. Edm. Davy, p., 5l. 20 March.
Wyrksope, Notts. Thos. Stocke, p., 50l. 25 March.
Also Wm. Nutte, Thos. Richardson, Wm. Ingrame, Geo. Copley, Ric. Astley, Laur. Starkebone, Alex. Boothe, Thos. Bedall, Geo. Barnesley, Edm. Robynson, Jas. Wyndebank, Robt. Harmestede, John Hayles, Chr. Haslam, and Wm. White, canons. 20 March.
166. Cokersand, Lanc. Robt. Pulton, a., 40l. 16 March.
Also Ric. Aldcliff, Roger Claughton, John Holme, John Preston, Edw. Bethon, Brian Furneys, Edw. Garstang, Robert Forton, Leonard Benthame, John Downhame, Robt. Caterall, Ralph Plumpton, Ralph Orton, Wm. Walley, Ric. Salley, Jas. Kyrklande, Wm. Lancaster, Robt. Chapman, Thos. Dalton, Oliver Burton, and Ric. Preston, canons. 16 March.
170. Holm Cultram, Cumb. Thos. Grayme, monk. 20 March.
St. Thomas', Staff. Ric. Whitell, p., 26l. 13s. 4d. 4 Feb.
Also Chr. Symson, Wm. Stapleton, Thos. Bageley, Wm. Pykestoke, and Ric. Herny, canons. 4 Feb.
171. Bylande, Yorks. John Alanbrigge, a., 50l. 1 March.
Also Robt. Berker, Marm. Chrestloye, Ric. Leithley, Thos. Pulton, Ric. Peerson, John Moyser, Wm. Bacster, Robt. Wilkinson, Robt. Webster, Peter Jackson, John Clevelande, Hen. Toppynge, Robt. Leeff, Thos. Metcalf, Thos. Hogarde, Robt. Beynton, Chr. Crombock, Wm. Hirde, Wm. Widerall, Wm. Wauton, Hen. Peerson, and Ric. Judson, monks. 1 March.
175b. Newark, Surr. Ric. Lypystom (sic), p., 40l. 30 Jan.
Also Wm. Thetcher, Wm. Blundell, Nic. White, Ric. Woode, Thos. Snellynge, John Martyne, and Thos. Garlande, canons. 30 Jan.
177. Eynsham, Oxon. Ant. Dunstone, a., 133l. 6s. 8d. 29 Jan.
Also Edm. Raynforde, Geo. Brodehurste, Robt. Forde, Thos. Myll, Thos. Phillyppes, Thos. Knolles, John Cockseter, Wm. Buk, and John Heddges, monks. 29 Jan.
179b. Wetherall, Cumb. Ralph Harteley, p., 12l., and the rectory of Wetherall and Warwike, Cumb., with the annexed chapels of St. Anthony and St. Severin. 31 Jan.
181. Syxhyll, Linc. Jas. Walles, p., 20l. 4 Feb.
Also Wm. Walker, Ric. Byllesbye, John Scales, Leonard Phillip, and John Owbrey, canons there. 4 Feb.
Also Joan Manby, prioress (4l.), and Eliz. Warries, Agnes Austen, Joan Gayton, Dorothy Lacye, Alice Tompson, Agnes Gutter, Agnes Hudde, Eliz. Wrighte, Kath. Bongham, Joan Walles, Joan Kyrkeby, Dorothy Barrowe, Sibilla Talbott, and Anne Walles, nuns. 4 Feb.
185. Bardeney, Linc. Wm. Marten, a., 66l. 13s. 4d. 4 Feb.
Also John Pomfrett, Robt. Cambridge, Peter Barton, Ric. Furresbye, Chr. Kyrton Thos. Mower, Ottom, Buttall, Roger Skypwith, Wm. Barrowe, John Morpetes, John Laughton, John Homerston, and John Brampston, monks. 4 Feb.
188b. Notley, Bucks. Ric. Rydge, a., 100l. 11 Feb.
Also Valentine Bownde, John Kenye, Wm. Walker, Wm. Ball, John Pole, Thos. Webbe, John Lytchepole, Jas. Alborowe, Wm. Catysbye, John Tymmys, John Whelar, Ric. Smyth, Ric. Barbar, and Robt. Gooddaye, canons. 11 Feb.
192. Bradney, Linc. John Foster, monk. 4 Feb.
192b. Coventry charterhouse. John Bochard, p., 40l. 15 Feb.
Also John Todd, Robt. Bolde, Wm. Abell, Thos. Corbyn, Ric. Appulbye, Ric. Croftes, Thos. Letherbarowe, John Todde and Ric. Slater, monks. 15 Feb.
219. Stratflere, co. Cardig. Ric. Talley, a., 40l. 12 April.
Also Thos. Durhame, Ric. Smythe, John Yorke, Lewis Llaufadder, Morgan ap Johns, and David Morgan alias Talley, monks. 12 April.
242. Monmouth, S. Wales. Wm. Tailbusshe, p., 9l. 20 April.
251b. Hertlond, Devon. John Norman, canon. 21 April.
252. Ryvaulx, Yorks. John Altame, monk. Undated.
258. Whitlande, co. Caermarthen. Wm. Vayne, a., 40l. 12 April.
Also John Smythe, Hen. Norton, Thos. Seys, and John Cannon, monks. 12 April.
258b. Hertelond, Devon. Thos. Pope, a., 66l. 13s. 4d. 21 April.
Also John Horwell, Hen. Kyne, Nighting Bere, and Roger Stone, monks. 21 April.
260. Lawnceston, Cornw. John Shere, p., 100l. 20 April.
Also John Hamme, John Morell, John Hyckes, Steph. Gowge, Thos. Webbe, Ric. Trewennecke, John Laurence, and John Fycke, canons. 20 April.
262. St. Mary Graces beside the Tower of London. Hen. Moore, a., 66l. 13s. 4d. 20 April.
Also Wm. Smythe, Wm. Harper, Wm. Robynson, Ric. Davye, Ric. Laverock, Ric. Lawrence, Thos. Moore, and Matth. Davye, monks. 20 April.
269b. Newbrughe, Yorks. Wm. Lenewoode, p., 50l. 1 March.
Also Wm. Barker, John Wraghame, Wm. Browne Thos. Barker, John Flynte, Wm. Edwarde, Chr. Rychardson, Thos. Wardroppe, Wm. Johnson, Roland Forster, Robt. Tenande, Jas. Barwycke, Thos. Warmouthe Thos. Greyson, and Wm. Greye, monks. 1 March.
272b. Crutched Friars, London. Ralph Turmer, brother. 1 March.
295. Kyrkeham, Yorks. John Kyldwyke, a., 50l. 12 April.
Also Robt. Leuson, John Blacket, Steph. Chapman, Thos. Catton, John Howthorpe, Ric. Lyne, Ric. Baylton, Jas. Perkynson, Ric. Morwyn, Edw. Newton, Wm. Bekefeld, Ant. Watson, Robt. Atkynson, John Hughsons, Peter Wyllyamson, John Smelte, and John Nevell, monks. 12 April.
Augm. Book
234, f. 416.
Semperingham, Linc. Duplicates of the warrants entered in Book 233, f. 32, &c.
IV. Leases granted in 30 Hen. VIII.
[In the following abstract the names of former owners, where indicated, are printed in italics, and folios are omitted when identical with those of the preceding entry. The leases are mostly for 21 years. In the case of monasteries, manors, &c., the demesne lands and other particulars of the leases are, for brevity, omitted].
Augm. Book
210, f. 39.
Wm. Nawnton, of Alderton, Suff. Butley mon., Suff., with rectories of Butley and Capell, 23 July 30 Hen. VIII.
f. 40. Sir Marm. Constable, sen. Surrender of lease, 22 July 28 Heu. VIII., of Drax priory, 10 July.
39. Wibert Wattes, of Culworth, Ntht. Culworth rectory. Canonsaysheby. 9 May. Thos. Vowell, of Corneworthy, Devon. Cornworthy priory. 15 May.
41b. Thos. Fynche. A tenement in Byrlyng in Warkeworthe lordship, Nthld. Earldom of Northumberland., 16 May.
John Burton, of Northwylde Basset. Essex, Lands in Berford, Wilts. Ederos. 16 May.
42. Thos. Lyster, jun., of Gysborne in Craven, Yorks. Gysborne rectory. Staynfeld, Linc. 16 May.
42b. Thos. Lawe, of Olney, Bucks. Parke grange in Warden, Bucks. Warden. 16 May.
43. Thos. Wriothesley. Beaulieu mon., Hants. 17 May.
43b. John White, of Suthwike, Hants. Southwike priory. 17 May.
44. John Borowdale. Land called le Maynes in Holm Cultram, Cumb. Holm Cultram. 20 May.
John Fitzrichard, of Segebroke, Linc. Lands in Segebroke. Newboo. 20 May.
44b. John Pershall. Certain salt workings in Nantwich, alias Wiche Malbanke, Chesh. Routon. 20 May.
Robt. Bolle, of Laxton. Laxton rectory, Ntht. Fynneshed. 20 May.
45. Wm. Fenton. Lands in Bloreton, Staff. Trentham. 20 May.
Thos. Elkyn. Lands in Newstede, Staff. Trentham. 20 May.
45b. Ric. Bolde. Lands in Trentham, Staff. Trentham. 20 May.
John Powes, of the Household. Kymmer mon., Bangor dioc., with rectories of Llannylted, Llanecryn and Llanvacreth, 20 May.
46. John Hull. Tithes of Pynhoo and Bampfordspeke, Devon. St. Nicholas, Exeter. 20 May.
Roger Lowe. Lands in Bloreton, Staff. Trentham. 20 May.
46b. Wm. Bobye. Lands in Bodyngton, Ntht. Chacombe. 26 May.
Thos. Alkyn. Lands in Walton parish, Staff. Stone. 26 May.
47. Wm. Hawke. A yard within le Crossekeys in St. Benedict's parish, Cambridge. Anglesey. 29 May.
Sir Ralph Ellerker, jun., of Rysby, Yorks. Haltamprice priory, Yorks. 2 June.
47b. Sir Wm. Skipwith, of Ormesby, Linc. Markeby. mon., Linc., with rectory there. 10 June.
48. Ric. Hughson, of Norton, Chesh. Lands in Norton lordship. Norton. 1 June.
48b. Sir Thos. Arundell. Brodeclyst rectory, Devon. Totness. 12 March 29 Hen. VIII.
49. Ralph Glydall, of Norton, Chesh. Lands in Norton lordship. Norton. 1 June 30 Hen. VIII.
Thos. Hill and Wm. Hill, his son. Manor of Whitelady Aston, and lands in Claymes, Worc. Whitston. 3 June.
49b. Sir Wm. Pykeryng. Lands in Ampleford and Whenby, Yorks.: Molsby. Also lands in Marton: Marton. 4 June.
50. John Badnall, of Stone, Staff. Lands in Stone. Stone. 4 June.
Ric. Herbert. Rectory of Llanyangell Aberthegh, St. David's dioc. Talley. 4 June. Wm. Rede, of Norton, Chesh. Lands in Norton lordship. Norton. 4 June.
50d. John Byrkehed, of Norton. Ditto. 6 June.
Robt. Thurston. Parcel of Woodhouse manor, Yorks. Merton. 6 June.
51. Wm. Slough. Lands in Stoneley and Staverton, Warw. Stoneley. 10 June.
Sir Wm. Penyson. Gryndesdale rectory, Cumb. Lanercost. 10 June.
Sir John Brome, of Halton, Oxon. Tithes in Denton, Whateley, Chepynhurst and Cuddeston, Oxon. Abingdon. 10 June.
Wm. Wilson, of Monkfriston, Yorks. Tithes in Bawtre, Awsterfeld, Brancroft, and Stokwell, Notts. Blythe. 10 June.
Thos. Kychen. Lands in Marton, Yorks. Marton. 26 June.
52. John Redman, of Fulford, Yorks. Lands in Gatefullforth, Yorks. Holy Trinity Priory, York. 26 June.
Wm. Kelyng and Wm. Wykes, of Abingdon, Berks. Parcel of Culnam lordship, Oxon. Abingdon. 30 June.
52b. John Owghan of Tollesbury, Essex. Lands in Tollesbury. Bileigh. 4 July.
Matth. Colthurst. Cancelled duplicate of that at f. 74.
Chr. Pyper, of Marton, Yorks. Lands in Marton. Marton. 19 July.
53. Roger Hunt. Tithes of Rethersthorp rectory, Ntht. St. James' beside Northampton. 28 July.
Ric. Clerk, of Estrasen, Linc. Middle Rasen rectory. Tupholme. 7 July.
53b. Edw. Forsett. Lands in Anderby, Linc. Markeby. 7 July.
Thos. Fale. Tithes in Byshopsthorpe, co. city of York, and a tenement in Alderston Yorks. Clementhorpe. 10 July.
54. John Caundysshe, of Buttewyk in Axholme, Linc. Axholme mon. 11 July.
Sir Reynold Carnabye, Salton rectory, Yorks., with the manor of Salton. Hexham 13 July.
54b. Geo. Sutton and Ralph Martyn, of London, fishmonger. Lands in St. Margaret's parish beside St. James's in the Fields, near London: Purchased from the mondstery of Abingdon. Also lands in St. Giles' in the Fields: Burton Lazars. 16 July.
55. Sir Giles Alyngton. Sylverley rectory, Camb. Hatfield Broadoak. 19 July.
55b. Hen. Gobell, of Henfylde, Surr. Lands within the honour of Petworth, Suss. Earldom of Northumberland. 20 July.
Ric. Crymbell, of Rocheford, Essex. Tithes in the lands of Thos. earl of Wiltshire, in Foulness, Essex. Pritelwell. 20 July.
Humph. Jordan, of Grymston, Norf. Uphall manor, in Hyllyngton, Norf. Campyssey. 20 July.
56. Ewan Holforth, of Pever, Chesh. Grange of Lache Denys, Chesh. Norton. 20 July.
Sir John Harecourte. Tithes of demesne and other lands of Routon mon., Staff. 20 July.
56b. John Sheriff, of Lighes, Essex. Lands in Cuddesden, alias Cowley in Forstill, Oxon. Chacombe. 20 July.
Geo. Burton, of Threpland, Yorks. Threpland manor. Marton. 20 July.
57. John Cheny. Harwold priory, Beds. 20 July.
Geo. Paslowe. Manor place of Presthroppe, and lands in Mykylthwayte and Byngley, Yorks. Drax. 20 July.
57b. Humph. Jurdan, of Grymston. Westacre manor in Grymston and Cougham. Westacre. 20 July.
Thos. Lawe, of Olney, Bucks. Lathbury manor and rectory and lands in Embton, Bucks. Lavenden. 21 July.
58. Thos. Sydney, of Little Walsingham, Norf. Tithes of Barney rectory, Norf. Bynham. 23 July.
Ralph Cleseby, of the Household. Ellerton priory, Yorks., and tithes in Ellerton which belonged to Coverham mon. 31 July.
59. Sir Ric. Lyster, Chief Baron. Tithes of Wellowe rectory, and lands in Wellowe, Hants. Lettley. 31 July.
Peter Larke. Lands in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surr. Bp. of Winchester. 31 July.
Humph. Yardley, clk. Dormyston chapel, Warw. Stodley. 31 July.
59b. Oliver Wellesborne. Tithes in Sandford and Shepon, Berks. Abingdon. 31 July. Wm. Pykeryng. Cancelled duplicate of entry on f. 3. See Vol. XIII. Pt. I. p. 587.
60. Edm. Ashefeld. Fishery called Thame Streme, Oxon. Dorchester. 12 Feb. 29 Hen. VIII.
Wm. Blytheman. Lands in Kyrkehamerton, Yorks. Nonnemonkton. 1 Feb. 29 Hen. VIII.
Wm. Glascok. Dyvynnok rectory in Wales. Brecknock. 12 Feb. 29 Hen. VIII.
Thos. Burges, of Longford, Essex. Lands in Wodeham Mortymer, Essex. Bylegh. 5 July.
60b. Wm. Blytheman. Kyrke Hamerton rectory, Yorks. Nonnemonkton. 1 Feb. 29 Hen. VIII.
Sir Edw. Baynton. Lands in Calne and Abbard, Wilts. Stanley. 19 Dec. 29 Hen. VIII.
61. John Parker, of the Household. Lanternam mon., Llandaff dioc., with the chapel of St. Michael in Llanternam. 28 May.
61b. Ric. Manours, of the Household. Newstede priory, Linc. 10 March 29 Hen. VIII.
62. Edm. Harman, of the Household. Tithes of Lokyng, Berks. Abingdon. 10 May.
Oliver Wellesbourne. Tithes in Esthanney, Swynard and Strowde. Abingdon. 24 May. John Shene. Tithes in Radley, Berks. Abingdon. 10 May.
62b. Geo. Dakyns, of Settryngton, Yorks. Parcel of the manor of Settryngton. Sir Fras. Bygott, dec. 29 May.
Wm. Gostewyke and Anna his wife. Cancelled duplicate of entry at f. 11.
63b. Ambrose Bekwith. Lands in Little Rybston and Plumton, Yorks. Helagh Park. Undated.
64. John White, of Suthewike, Hants. Tithes of all lands which were in the hands of the prior of Suthewike or of the rector of the church there, together with certain rents in kind and in money. Suthewike. 17 May.
64b. Ric. Carnabye. Lambeley priory, Nthld. 29 May.
65. Wibert Wattes, of Culworth, Ntht. Surrender of a lease, 12 Aug. 26 Hen. VIII., to him by Anne Davers, of Dauntrey, Wilts., of the parsonage place and certain tithes of Culworth. 8 May.
Nich. Hare. Burston Hall manor, Norf. Bokenham. 28 July.
Robt. de la Woode, of Abingdon, Berks. Tithes in Barton, Norcote, Throppe, Wyke and Radley, Berks. Abingdon. 20 May.
65b. Thos. Wryothesley. Chelford manor and Bawdesey rectory, Suff. Butley. 10 May.
66. Wm. Davell of London. Lands in Sutton in Galtres, and Marton. Marton. 31 July.
66b. Ric. Duke and John Aysheton, of London. A lodging in Ilford manor, and lands in Stratford Langthorne, Essex: Stratford Langthorne. Also marshes in Esthame and Wycklond, Essex: St. Mary Graces, London. 17 May.
John Tregunwell, LL.D. Lands in Kennyngton and Radley, Berks. Abingdon. 10 May.
67. John Penante. Lands in Fulbroke, N. Wales. Bassyngwerk. Undated.
67b. Leonard Barowe, of Armathwaite, Cumb. Armathwaite priory, with the rectory of Anestapleth. 20 July.
68b. Robt. Chester. Priory of canons of Royston, Herts. 20 May.
69. Ant. Lowe. Imphey Hall manor, in Buttesbury and Harward Stoke, Essex. Ikelington, Camb. 10 June.
69b. Laur. Eresby, of Mabylthorpe, Linc. Lands in Mabylthorpe and Huttofte. Markeby. 29 May.
70. Walt. Blunt. Lands in Elkeston in Alstonfeld, and in Branburne, Staff. Trentham. 20 July.
70b. Ric. Austen, of Narborough, Norf. Westacre rectory, Norf. Westacre. 10 May.
71. John Thacker. Lands in Cockenage, Staff. Trentham. 20 May.
Thos. Vycary, King's surgeon. Boxley rectory, Kent, with certain lands there. Boxley, Undated.
71b. Edw. Warner, of the Household. Surrender of lease, 20 Jan. 28 Hen. VIII., of Felley priory, Notts. Undated.
Thos. Somenour, of Magna Pyngdon, Essex, carpenter. Lands in Magna Pyngdon Bylegh. 20 Sept.
72. Robt. Walter. Lands in Blorton, Staff. Trentham. 20 July.
Thos. Wren. Swaffham Bulbeck priory, Camb., with the rectory there. 20 June.
72b. Nic. Townesende. Lands in Trentham, Staff. Trentham. 20 July.
73. Ric. Asbury. Ditto. 20 July.
Wm. Whythurst. Ditto. 20 July.
73b. Ralph Benson. Ditto. 20 July.
74. Hugh Brodewell. Ditto. 20 July.
74b. Matth. Colthurste. Tythes of Tywardreth rectory, Cornw. Tywardreth. 31 July, Ric. Suthwell. Surrender of lease, 1 July 29 Hen. VIII., of Horsham St. Faith's priory, Norf. 1 Sept.
75. Ric. Suthwell. Horsham St. Faith's priory, Norf., with the manors of Horsham and West Rudham and rectories of Horsham St. Faith's and Tybenham. 20 Sept.
75b. Thos. Legh, LL.D Surrender of lease, 12 Nov. 30 Hen. VIII., of Croxton monastery, Leic. 20 Feb.
76. Wm. Burre. Surrender of lease by Holy Trinity priory beside Markate, Beds., 10 March 13 Hen. VIII., of the parsonage of Streyley, Beds. 20 Dec.
76b. Robt. Jannyns. Surrender of lease by Norton Abbey, Chesh., 1 Feb. 26 Hen. VIII., of lands in Norton. 10 November.
77. Agnes Gascoyn, widow. Surrender of lease, 16 Nov. 20 Hen. VIII., by Sopwell priory, of lands in Wymondley, the Less and More, and Graneley, Herts. 10 Feb. 29 Hen. VIII.
78. Sir John Vyllers. Surrender of lease, 11 Oct. 20 Hen. VIII., by Chacombe priory, of Dalby Chacombe parsonage. 20 May.
78b. Wm. Wylson. Surrender of lease, 26 Sept. 1529, by Blythe priory, of tithes of Bautre, Brancroft, Awsterfelde and Stokewell. 4 June.
John Owghan. Surr. of lease, 20 Sept. 21 Hen. VIII., by Bylegh abbey, of lands in Tollesburye, Essex. 10 June.
79b. Thos. Burgesse. Surr. of lease, 20 Sept. 14 Hen. VIII., by Bylegh abbey, of lands in Wodehame Mortemer, Essex.
80b. Ric. Crymbyll. Surr. of lease, 8 Dec. 21 Hen. VIII., by Prytelwell priory, of tithes of the earl of Wiltshire's lands in Foulness, Essex. 10 July.
81. Thos. Sompnour. Surr. of lease, 15 June 20 Hen. VIII., by Bylegh abbey, of lands in Much Pyngdon, Essex. 10 Sept.
81b. John Russell. Rents in kind out of Ellisfeld rectory, Worc. Little Malverne. 20 May.
82. The same. Little Malverne priory, Worc. 20 May.
82b. John Danyster, of Chabham, Surr. Rectories of Drayton and Birdcote. Dorchester. 1 Feb. 29 Hen. VIII.
Augm. Book
211, ff.
1.Arth. Porter, of Newent, Glouc. Lantony priory, beside Gloucester. 31 Oct.
2. Thos. Hatteclyff. Nonne Ormesby priory, Linc. 29 Oct.
2b. The same. Ormysby rectory, Linc. Nonne Ormesby. 29 Oct.
David Jones, of Hunstantun alias Hunston, Norf. Wymondham rectory, Norf. Wymondham. 16 Oct.
3. Thos. Rogers. Clandon manor, Surr. Chertsey. 25 Oct.
3b. Ric. Taverner, of London. Alvynham priory, Linc., with rectories of Alvyngham and Cokeryngton Marye. 20 Jan.
4. Wm. Hungate, of Nonnebourneholme, Yorks. Nonnebourneholme priory. 31 Oct.
4b. Jas. Mapperley, of Tatnell, Staff. Lands in Wetton lordship, Staff. Tutbury. 31 Oct.
5. Sir Ant. Wyngfeld. Woodbridge priory, Suff., with manors of Woodbridge and Haspeley and rectory of Woodbridge. 20 Oct.
5b. The same. Letheryngham priory, Suff., with rectories of Letheryngham, Charsfeld and Hoo, and tithes in Asketon. 20 Oct.
6. Ciriac Petytte. Tithes in Stokebery and Borden, Kent. St. Augustine's, Canterbury. 4 Nov.
Ric. Gornell. Tithes of Wygton rectory, Cumb. Holm Cultram. 4 Nov.
John Storthes, of Newhall in Thornell, Yorks. Lands in Thupstondlond lordship, Yorks. Roche. 20 Nov.
7. Wm. Cavendisshe. Lylleshull mon., Salop. 28 Nov.
7b. John Warburton, of Aston, Chesh. Lands in Cumberbache, Chesh. Norton. 20 Nov.
John Bellowe, of Legbourne, Linc. Newsted priory upon Ankeholme, Linc. 12 Nov.
8. John Warburton, of Aston. Lands in Budworth, Chesh. Norton. 20 Nov.
8b. Giles Kendall, of Hawkeshed, Lanc., and Eliz. his wife. Hawkeshed manor. 12 Nov.
9. Geo. Foyster, of Cambridge. Message called the Swanne in Barnewell, Camb. Anglesey. 6 Nov.
John Browne, of Boston, Linc. Lands in Wibton. Semperingham. 20 Nov.
10. Rol. Rugeley, of Shenston, Staff. Lands and tithes in Dowbridge Holte and Dowbridge, Derb. Tutbury. 2 Nov.
Robt. Wheteley, of London. Selathe grange in Holme, Cumb. Holm Cultram. 2 Nov.
11. Hugh Losse. Le Conduyte field in Holbournefeldes besides London. Charterhouse, London. 10 Dec.
Ric. Monyngton, of Magna Baryngton, Glouc. Baryngton manor. Lantony, Glouc. 2 Dec.
11b. Thos. Cawerden. Lands in Waybridge and Walton, Surr., purchased of John Goldewell. 8 Dec.
John Edwardes, grocer, of London. A tenement in Bowelane, London. Elsingspittle. 6 Dec.
12. Ric. Wodewarde, of Chester. Rectories of St. Maholda and St. Michael in the Isle of Man. Furness. 3 Dec.
Thos. Cawerden. Lands in Chertsey, parcel of Owteland manor, purchased by John Rede. 8 Dec.
12b. Ric. Benson, of Durham. Tithes in Wigton, Cumb. Holm Cultram. 26 Oct.
Thos. Hall, of Huntingdon. Haverholme priory, Linc. 20 Nov.
15. Geo. Carleton, of London. Tithes of Wandesden rectory, Suff. Butley. 7 Nov.
The same. Manor of Wandesden. Butley. 7 Nov.
Sir Hugh Pawlett. Upton manor, Soms. Barlyche. 26 Oct.
15b. Nic. Spenser, merchant tailor, of London. Three tenements in St. Thomas Apostle's parish, London. St. Thomas of Acon. 20 Dec.
The same. Two ditto. 20 Dec.
16. Thos. Reynold, of Marton, Yorks. Lands in Marton. Marton. 4 Dec.
Robt. Hopkynson, of Kyrmyngton, Linc. Grain rents from Kyrmyngton manor and rectory. Newsom. 1 Feb.
Sir Wm. Parre, of Horton. Pypwell mon., Ntht. 20 Nov.
16b. Edw. lord Clynton. Rectories of Sempyngham with Poynton chapel, Stowe with Byrthorpe chapel, Belyngborough and Walcot, Linc. Sempyngham. 10 Dec.
17. John Skypwithe, of London. Rectories of Burgh in the Marsh and Wynthorpe, Linc. Bullyngton. 22 Dec.
Sir Arth. Darcy. Tithes in Leeds, Yorks: Kyrkstall. Also tithes of Leeds rectory: Holy Trinity, York. 20 Nov.
17b. Nic. Gifforde, of Brynon, Ntht. St. James' mon., Northampton. 20 Sept.
18. Roger Houghton and John Carter. Manor of Snorynges in Flytcham and Appulton, Norf. Walsyngham. 12 Dec.
18b. Thos. Lougtre, of Houghton Magna, Ntht. Tithes of Duston rectory, Ntht. St. James', Northampton. 20 Jan.
Sir Chr. Dacres. Camerton rectory, Cumb. Holm Cultram. 10 Feb.
John Hasselwode. Lands in Keysby, Ryngesdon and Ryppyngale, Linc. Sempryngham. 14 Feb.
19. Ric. Austen, of Narburgh, Norf. Lands in Egmere, Norf. Walsingham. 16 Jan.
19b. Wm. Blythman. Monkebreton men., Yorks., with certain tithes, rents, &c. 10 March.
20. Sir Edw. Chamberleyne. Westacre, mon., Norf. Date lost.
21. Lost. ff. 22–30 are 31 Hen. VIII.
31. Edw. Clopton, mercer, of London. A tenement in St. Margaret's Lothbury, London., London Charterhouse. 20 Jan.
Wm. earl of Southampton. Chertsey mon., Surr. 13 Jan.
31b. Fras. Jobson, of Colchester. Grey Friars, Colchester. 20 Jan.
Daniel Payne of Higham Ferrers, Ntht. Podyngton rectory, Beds. Canons Ashby. 14 Jan.
32. Wm. Burnell, of London. Wymondham mon., Norf. 7 Feb.
32b. Sir Fras. Bryan. Warden mons., Beds. 24 Jan.
33. Sir John Brydges, of Cuberley, Glouc., and Thos. Brydges, of Cornbury, Oxon. Bruerne mon., Oxon. 28 Feb.
34b. Andrewe Flammocke. Kenelworth mon., Warw. 28 Feb.
35. Godfrey Thomas, of Tetnay, Linc. Lands in Wartholme, Linc. Syxhyll. 6 Feb.
Jas. Westby, of Worksop, Notts. Grain rents of Collyngworth, Langwyth, and Holbeke granges, Notts. Welbeke. 10 Feb.
35b. Wm. Gryffythe, of London. Two tenements called Le Tennis Play, in Little Allhallows, London. St. Thomas of Acon. 7 Feb.
Chr. Chetham. Tenements in Sadellworth frethe, Yorks. Roche. 6 Feb.
36. Hugh Stucley. Braunton Abbots manor, Devon: Clyve. And lands in Monkencoblegh, Devon: St. Nicholas, Exeter. 28 Feb.
36b. Marg. Dakaye, widow, of London. A tenement in Lombard Street. London Charterhouse. 12 Feb.
Robt. Swyfte, of Rotherham, Yorks. Saxhilby rectory, Linc. Newsom. 10 Feb.
37. John Hennege. Tithes of West Teryngton rectory, Linc. Bullyngton. 4 Feb.
John Davye, of Wheston, Leic. Lands in Wheston. Garadon. 14 Feb.
37b. John Orme, of Oxford. Lands in Osney. Rewley. 27 Feb.
John Barton, of Veraby, Linc. Utterby rectory, Linc. Nonne Ormesby. 14 Feb.
38. Gabriel Coton. Lands in Ryfeld (sic, for Byfeld), Ntht. Catesby. 22 Feb.
Robt. Tyrwytte and John Hennege. Bardney mon., Linc. 1 Feb.
39. Thos. Welden, of the Household. Bisham grange and rectory, Berks. Bisham. 13 Jan.
41. Thos. Spylman, of London. Grey Friars, Canterbury. 10 Feb.
John Mynne, of London. Bynham rectory, Norf. Bynham. 20 Feb.
John Thynne, of London. Tithes and lands of Clawton rectory, Devon. Cornworthy. 11 April.
The leases on ff. 41b._43 are of 31 Hen. VIII.
43b. John Pakyngton, justiciar of North Wales. Surrender of lease, 8 March 28 Hen. VIII., of Westwood priory. 10 March.
44b. George Lordyng. A tenement in Watling Street, London. London Charterhouse. 1 March.
The leases on ff. 45_48b. are of 31 Hen. VIII.
48b. Kath Audelet, widow. Tithes of Barton, Berks. Abingdon. 10 Feb.
49. Sir Thos. Wentworthe. Wetherall mon., Cumb. 4 March.
49b. Sir Wm. Basset. Tutbury priory, Staff., with certain tithes. 28 March.
50. Ric. Bellysys, of Hentnoll, Dham. Newbrugh priory, Yorks., with certain lands and tithes. 30 March.
51. John Boughan. Lands in Brynshop, Heref. Lanthony beside Gloucester. 20 March.
51b. Wm. Colshill, mercer, of London. A garden in Mill Alley, St. Stephen's Colmanstreet, London. Rewley, Oxon. 27 March.
Steph. Fox, of London. Tithes of Ruston rectory, Yorks. Monke Breton. 15 March.
Adam Watkyns, of Clyfford, Heref. Tithes in Clyfforde. Clyfford. 24 March.
52. John Aprice. Dereham grange in Westdereham, Norf. Westdereham. 28 March.
52b. Ric. Hochenson, of London. A tenement in St. Stephen's, Colman Street, London. London Charterhouse. 31 Jan.
John Hales, of London. Sulbie mon., Ntht., with rectories of Welford and Sybertoft. 28 March.
53d. Humph. Nycoll. Tithes in Tugbye, Staff. Crokesden. 29 March. (fn. 5)
Wm. Culpeper, of Hunton, Kent. White Friars of Loffenham in Newenden parish, Kent. 10 March.
54. Robert Towneshend. Bynham priory, Norf. 5 March.
54d. Thos. Gyfforde, of Stretton, Staff. Brewood monastery, Staff. 27 Nov.
55. Sir Oswald Wilsthrope. Newmynster mon., Nthld., with certain lands. 20 April.
57. John Burnell and Robt. Gardener. Cokersand mon., Lanc., with Garestang rectory. 28 March.
Eliz. Forster, widow, and Nich. Forster, of Newham, Nthld. Newham manor, Nthld. Earldom of Northumberland. 15 March.
57d. Wm. Pury, of Bremor. Bremor priory, Hants. 12 March.
58. Wm. Bromley, grocer, of London. Wolley Chapel Yorks. Monk Breton. 26 March.
The same. Tithes in Ruston, Yorks. Monk Breton. 26 March.
58d. Fras. Cave, L.L.D. Leicester monastery. 24 March.
59. Ric. Awnsham. Friars of Hounslow, Midd. 27 March.
59d. Ph. Gunter. Tenement in Cornhill, London. London Charterhouse. 27 March.
Ralph Grey, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Coal mine of Butterlawe, Nthld. Earldom of Northumberland. 13 March.
60. Joan Machon, widow. Lands in Purleigh and Mondon, Essex. 1 March.
Nic. Cutler. Church of All Saints of Dunwich, Suff. Eye. 24 March.
60d. Wm. Sharyngton, of the Household. Tenements in Philiplane, London. Elsingspittle 1 March.
Ralph Rokeby. Lands in Bellerby, Yorks. Coverham. 26 March.
61. Sir Thos. Hylton. Tynemouth mon., Nthld., with certain lands, &c. 29 March.
61d. Matth. Water, of London, baker. Tenement called the White Bear in St. Botolph's London. London Charterhouse. 29 March.
62. Walt. Hendley. St. James' Chapel beside London Wall in Cripplegate, London, and tenements thereto adjoining. Garradon. 5 March.
Thos. Henworth. Lands in Budworth, Chesh. Norton. 29 March.
62d. Hugh Askue, of the Household. Crutched Friars of St. Robert beside Knaresborough, Yorks. 12 March.
63. Humph. Bourghcher, of the Household. Markeyate mon., Beds. 29 March.
63d. Thos. Spilman. Lands in Ernesborough, Kent. St. Augustine's, Canterbury. 28 March.
Geo. Kyngeston, of Rotheley, Leic. Tithes of Berkeley rectory, Leic. Leicester monastery. 27 March.
64. Thos. Evance. Bordesley mon., Worc. Undated.
64d. John Wellesbourne. Three water-mills in Abingdon, Berks., and a warren of coneys, a stream and pasture in Culnam, Oxon. Abingdon. 29 March.
104. Roger Houghton and John Carter. Surrender of lease, 20 May 26 Hen. VIII., bo Walsingham Priory, of "the manor of Flytcham called Snorynges," Norf. 1 Dec.
105. Ric. Chyrden, chaplain, and Sir Chr. Dacre. Surr. of lease, 8 April 1535, by Holm Cultram abbey, of Camerton rectory. 1 Feb.
111b. Sir Thos. Denys. Surr. of lease, 1 June 30 Hen. VIII., by Mylton abbey, Dors., of Holewey manor, Dors., for 90 years. 10 June.
114. Thos. Roger. Surr. of lease, 14 Sept. 30 Hen. VIII., by Chertsey abbey, of Clandon manor, Surr. 10 Oct.
115. John Storther, of Whettley. Surr. of lease, 7 Jan. 1521, by Roche abbey, of lands in Thurstonland lordship, Yorks. 1 Nov.
115b. Joan Machon, widow. Surr. of lease, 22 Sept. 20 Hen. VIII., by Byleigh abbey, of lands in Purleigh and Mondon, Essex. 20 Feb.
116b. Chr. Lordyng. Surr. of lease, 20 Jan. 12 Hen. VIII., by the London Charterhouse, of a tenement in Watling Street, London. 20 Feb.
117. Robt. Swyfte. Surr. of lease, 23 Aug. 1516, by Newsom abbey, of Saxilbe parsonage, Linc. 1 Feb.
117b. Edw. lord Clynton. Surr. of lease, 20 May 29 Hen. VIII., of Folkestone priory. 7 Jan.
118. Humph. Bourghcher. Surr. of lease, 24 Feb. 26 Hen. VIII., by Merkyate priory, of lands in Flamsted. 20 March.
119. The same. Surr. of lease, 10 July 24 Hen. VIII., by Merkyate priory, of lands in Flamsted. 20 March.
119b. Wm. Colsell. Surr. of lease, 21 Dec. 13 Hen. VIII., by Rewley abbey, of a garden in Mill Alley, St. Stephen's, Colman Street, London. 1 March.
Augm. Book
212 f. 126
Hen. Webbe. Crabhowse priory, Norf., with all lands in Crabhowse, Wyggenhale Tylney, Islyngton, Seche, Estwynche, Clenchewarton, Lynne, Wymbottesham, Thorpeland, Hale, Elme, and Elmythe, Norf. 26 March.
156. Robt. Browne, of Alborough, beside Masham, Yorks. Moiety of Alborough grange Fountains. 12 March.


  • 1. Fees of officers, rents reserved on life grants, and other particulars, are, for brevity, omitted in these abstracts in §§ I. and II. The names of former owners of lands (who are frequently religious houses) are given in italics.
  • 2. Reginald in Vol. 234 f. 416.
  • 3. Langton in Vol. 234 f. 418.
  • 4. Kingston in Vol. 234, 421d.
  • 5. Marked as surrendered.