Henry VIII: Appointments to Offices

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 17, 1542. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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Appointments to Offices

1258. Books Of The Court Of Augmentations(continued from Vol. XVI. No. 1500).
Enrolment of Grants by the Crown in the Augmentations in the year 33 Hen. VIII.
R. O. I. Appointments To Offices In 33 Hen. VIII.
[In this abstract, fees and all other particulars are omitted, and names of former owners of lands given in italics.]
Augm. Book 235 f. 50 b. Sir Ric. Longe, King's servant. To be keeper of the mansions and gardens of Otford and Knoll, Kent, chief steward of the honour of Otford, bailiff of the honour of Otford and manor of Gravesende, keeper of woods at Otford and Knoll, keeper of the parks at Otford and of the park at Knoll, and of Panthurste park, Kent. 30 June 33 Hen. VIII.
51. John Eyer. To be one of the seventeen particular receivers of the Augmentations, vice Sir Ric. Southwell, resigned. 17 Jan.
52b. Edm. Hummersam, yeoman of the Guard. To be bailiff of the town and market of Spalding, Linc. Spalding. 8 Nov. (In English.)
53. Wm. Maunsell, King's servant. To be bailiff and collector of rents of the lands of St. Mary's, York. 12 Oct.
55b. Tristram Coke, yeoman of the Privy Leish. To be bailiff and collector of rents of Thurgarton manor, Notts., and of all lands in Thurgarton and numerous other places named which belonged to Thurgarton monastery. 20 Jan.
56. Thos. Oglesthorpe, King's servant. To be under-steward or clerk of courts of the lands of St. Mary's, York. 10 Jan.
56b. Sir Thos. Hennege, King's servant. To be bailiff and collector of rents of the lands of St. Mary's, York. 10 Jan.
60. John Eglesfeld, King's servant. To be keeper of the chief house of the lordship or manor of Lekengfeld, Yorks, and of the new lodge within the park there, bailiff of the lordship, keeper of the pond of Aram called Aram Carr, and keeper of the three parks of Lekyngfeld recently enclosed. 29 Oct.
62b. Sir John Wyllyams, master of the Jewels. To be keeper of the manor and garden of Notley, Bucks., chief steward of the manor of Pallespere, Ntht., and bailiff of the manor and keeper of the park there. 2 Feb.
63. Fras. Glemham. To be bailiff of the manor of Melforde, Suff. Bury St. Edmund's. 10 March.
64b. Sir George Broke, lord Cobham. To be keeper of the mansion and garden of Rochester, Kent. 8 March.
68. Robt. Briscoo, gentleman usher of the Chamber. To be master of the forest and of the game therein of Westward, Cumb., under Sir Thos. Wharton, lieutenant of the honour of Cockermouth. 8 May. (In English.)
Wm. Wodhouse, King's servant. To be bailiff and keeper of Gaywoode manor, Norf., bailiff of the court called the Monday Hall Court in the town of Lynn Regis, Norf., and receiver of the King's rents in Lynn Regis. Bpric. of Norwich. 28 May.
68b. Ric. Smyth, groom of the Chamber. To be bailiff of Longeworth lordship, Berks. Abingdon. 18 May.
Sir Hen. Knyvett, gentleman of the Privy Chamber. To be keeper of the chief house of the late priory of St. John of Jerusalem in England, Midd., and keeper of the wood called Seynt John's Woode beside the parish of St. Giles in the Fields near London. 8 June.
69b. Andrew Wedon, yeoman of the Chamber. To be one of the keepers of Marybon park, Midd., which office he has exercised since Mich. last without wages. 30 June. (In English.)
70. John Free, yeoman of the Chamber. The like. 30 June.
70b. Ric. Higham, King's servant. To be under-steward of the forest of Waltham, Essex, clerk of the forest and clerk of the swanmote court there. 18 June.
71. George Aylsbery, King's servant. To be keeper of the "two little new gardens" at the honour of Hampton Court, Midd., adjoining Thames side; and to have the "making and stilling of all manner such herbs, waters and other necessaries as shall be made and stilled yearly from henceforth at our said honour, either for our own use or by our commandment." 25 ApriL (In English.)
74b. Thos. Cockes, an officer of the Pantry. To be bailiff, collector and woodward of the lands of Gracedieu monastery, Leic. 10 Feb.
75b. John Richebell, one of the King's footmen. To be bailiff and collector of the lordship of Queddesley, Glouc., and of all lands in Elmore, and of the manor of Hempsted, with the portion of tithes in Longford, in co. City of Gloucester. Lanthony beside Gloucester. 25 Feb.
Laur. Grey. To be bailiff of the lands of Kenilworth monastery. 1 March.
76b. Sir Thos. Wyatt, King's servant. To be chief steward of the manor of Maydeston, Kent. keeper of the King's chief messuage and gardens in Maydeston, and bailiff of the manor and liberty of Maydeston. 11 March.
77. Sir Thos. Darcy, King's servant. To be keeper of the chief messuage of Elmeswell manor, Suff. Bury St. Edmund's. 25 March.
89. John Gate, King's servant. To be keeper of the house and site of Syon monastery, Midd., and bailiff of the lordship and manor of Istelworth, Midd., and of all the lands of Syon in Istelworthe, Twikenham, Heston, Whytton, Sutton and Aydestons, Midd., and keeper of the King's woods in these places. 20 July.
91. Ant. Denny, King's servant. To be keeper of the mansion and garden of Hatfeld manor, Herts., and of the park called the Innynges in Hatfeld, and bailiff and chief steward of the manor of Hatfield; keeper of the site and chief messuage of Waltham monastery, Essex, and of the waters in Waltham Holy Cross, Essex; keeper of the great garden called Covent Gardeyn in the parish of St. Margaret's, Westminster, and of the chief mansion of Marybon, Midd., and of the woods there. Also to be, with Peter Brewne, keeper of the parks called "le Grete
Woode and Midle Parke" in Hatfeld, Herts. 9 Jan.
116. Fras. Graunt, a sewer of the Chamber. To be bailiff of the hundred of Westminster, Glouc. Westminster monastery. 4 March.
II. Life Grants In 33 Hen. VIII.
[In this abstract rents and other particulars are, for brevity, omitted. Former owners are named in italics.]
Augm. Book 235 f. 49. John Rypley, King's servant. Two tenements in Thames Street in the parish of St. Michael, Crooked Lane, London. 2 Aug. 33 Hen. VIII.
Sir Thos. Spert, King's servant, and Richard his son. Chief messuage called Newberns, in Westham, Essex, with lands specifiedStratford Langthorne; also marshes and lands in Westilburye and Mountnesyng, EssexNew Hospital of St. Mary without Bishopsgate. London. 1 Sept.
52. John Zouche, King's servant. Anstye manor, Wilts. St. John's of Jerusalem. 16 Nov.
52b. Hen. Thomas alias Hen. Kyllavoes, King's servant. Lands in the parishes of St. Anthony and St. Gerend, Cornw., and elsewhere, which belonged to the cell or priory of St. Anthony. Site and certain specified lands, with the rectories and advowsons of St. Anthony and St. Gerend, reserved. Plympton. 14 Nov.
53. John Burne. Lands leased to him by the Crown, 14 May 32 Hen. VIII., with certain additional rights and grain rents in Hardwikes, Bradwas, and Shipston, Worc.; the manor of Batenhall and site of Newland manor, Wore., with the lodge of Batenhall park. Worcester priory. (For 70 years, in consideration of his surrender of a Crown lease to him of 14 May 32 Hen. VIII. and a grant of 14 Jan. 32 Hen. VIII. of the custody of Batenhall park, &c.) 17 Dec.
55b. Ric. Yarrowe, an officer of the Pantry, and Joan his wife. A tenement in the parish of St. Martin Owtwiche, London. St. Helen's, Bishopsgate. 12 Jan.
56. Jerome and Francis Benall, King's servants. A mansion and garden at the west end of the Grey Friars beside Newgate, London. Grey Friars, London. 8 Dec.
62. Sir John Eland, of Kingston upon Hull. Tithes of Anlaby and Wolfreton in the parish of Elbay (sic), co. city of Hull. Haltemprice. 9 Nov.
John Gylmyn, serjeant of the Woodyard, and Susan his wife. Tenements called the Rose and the George in Thames Street in the parish of Great Allhallows at Hey, London. 8 Dec.
63. Hen. Howarde. Annuity of 10l. given "intuitu charitatis." 1 March.
69. Ric. Tredery, one of the King's footmen. Three tenements within the precinct of the Grey Friars, London. 22 June.
Geo. Cotton, King's servant. Lands in Rusheton, Stokeforde, Benyger, Westmorden, Sharforde and Wytechurche, Dors., which John Newburgh and others, by charter dated Monday after Michaelmas 21 Edw. IV., leased for 99 years to Bynden abbey, Dors. For the remainder of the lease. 19 June.
73. John Barney, a sewer of the Chamber. Tithes of the parish of St. Michael of Langley, Norf., and tithes and grain rents in Langley manor and Rockeland, Norf. 25 June.
73b. Robt. Philippes and Thomas Bury, of the Chapel. Messuage called the Beare in the South street of Exeter. Tavistock. 12 June.
74. Robt. Rollffe, priest. Annuity of 26s. 8d. from Mich. 31 Hen. VIII. 21 Jan.
74b. Steph. Tewble, King's servant. Annuity of 10l. out of Topcliff manor, Yorks. 6 Feb.
Hen. Manne. Annuity of 100 mks., in lieu of his pension of 133l. 6s. 8d. as prior of Shene, granted to him 10 Oct. 31 Hen. VIII., which he has surrendered on condition of his receiving this annuity and being promoted to the deanery of Chester. 15 Feb.
84. Thos. Payne, Robt. Hare, Thos. Nycolles, and John Respyce, clerks, several annuities of 13l. 6s. 8d. or 10l. (case of Hare and Nycolles) payable by the receiver of Kent from Mich. 32 Hen. VIII. 8 July.
89. Ric. Dey, late one of the officers of (blank). Three tenements in Gracius Street, in the parish of All Saints, London. London Charterhouse. 14 April.
90. Hans Clynkerdager, one of the King's armourers. Five messuages in the parish of St. Giles', Cripplegate, London. London Charterhouse. 2 Aug.
Wm. Herbert, King's servant, and Anne his wife. Manor of Wassherne, Wilts., certain woods specified in the manor of Brodechalke, house and site of Wilton monastery and certain meadows adjoining, and manors of Chalke and Brodechalke. Wilton. 8 April.
91. Wm. Reskymer, King's servant. Chambers now occupied by Sir Geo. Darcy within the Black Friars, London. 13 Nov.
92. Maurice Barkeley, King's servant. Rent of 27l. 16s. 9d. reserved upon a grant (detailed) to him by patent 24 March 32 Hen. VIII. of Brewton monastery, &c. 14 April.
93. David Vincent, a page of the Wardrobe of Beds, and Eliz. his wife. Lordship and manor of Pillesiate, Ntht. Peterborough. 28 Feb.
93b. John Harneys, King's servant. A messuage in the parish of St. Nicholas in the Shambles, London. St. Bartholomew's, West Smithfield. 2 Aug.
George Carleton, for his services to Prince Edward. Cell of Spynney, Camb., with the manor and rectory of Wykyn and manor of Spynney, lands called Cottons in Wykyn, and a rood of land in Soham, with all the fishing of Soham mere; also lands in Snaylleswell, Camb., and half the messuage called the Unicorn in Cheapside, London, lands in Cambridge and Ely, and 40 acres of marsh in the Fenend of Wysbyche, Norf. Cell of Spynney. 12 July.
III. Pensions To Monks In 33 Hen. VIII.
[In this abstract, amounts and particulars are omitted.]
Augm. Book 235 f. 60. Worcester Cathedral. Wm. Hedyngton, Humph. Grafton, Thos. Blockeley, Wm. Bordesley and Barth. Stoke, monks. 3 Nov.
61b. The same. John Blackwell, monk. 8 Nov.
62. The same. Hen. Holbeche, now bp. suffragan of Bristol, prior. 140l. 5 Dec.
63b. Thorneton Curteys, Linc. Edm. Sotheby, Wm. Shawe, Thos. Appulton, Chr. Smyth, John Wyllyamson alias Storre, Steph. Thomson, canons. 13 March.
College or free chapel of St. Martin le Grand, London, which belonged to St. Peter's, Westminster. Thos. Payne, prb. of Newlandes,. 20l. 5 April.
Wm. Crystmas, Robt. Evans, Hen. Hyll, Geo. Rayner, Thos. Hykeling, and Tristram Sparkeman, vicars there. 5 April.
Thos. Camme, Ant. Nycholson, Hen. Garrard, John Stone, and Thos. Robynson, ministers. 5 April.
74. St. Peter's, Westminster. Wm. Benson, S.T.P., abbot, now dean of Westminster. 110l. 16s. 8d., besides his deanery. 9 Feb.
76. London Charterhouse. Thos. Salter, monk. 5l. 8 April.
82-4. St Peter's, Gloucester. Thos. Sebroke, Robt. Durseley, Ric. Holcott, Wm. Burforde, John Hakeburne, Jas. Standyshe, John Etherdrede, Wm. Ambrose, Thos. Baskervylde, Chr. Horton, and Wm. Gamage, monks. 30 June.
85. Strateflere, S. Wales. Ric. Mayott, monk. 53s. 4d. from Lady Day 30 Hen. VIII. 20 May.
Thornton Curteis, Linc. Wm. Hobson, prior (40l.), and Robt. Wyllyamson, monk (40s.), 16 May.
IV. Leases In 33 Hen. VIII.
[These leases are for 21 years. In the following abstract the names of former owners, where indicated, are printed in italics, and, for the sake of brevity, all particulars (such as the details of the demesne lands let, with monasteries and manors, the nature and tenants' names of the tithes of rectories, &c., the fields attached to granges and farms, the extents and tenants' names of lands, the positions of tenements in towns, and the like, which are as a rule minutely specified; with, of course, the rents and conditions of the leases) are omitted.]
Augm. Book 213 f. 59b. Eliz. Tirwhitte, wife of Robt. Tyrwitt. A sheep pasture at Hambercote in Barrowe parish, Linc. Thornton. 1 May 33 Hen. VIII.
88. Sir Ant. Wyngfeld. Grain rent out of the manor of Barton Magna, lands in Bury St. Edmund's, Noughton and Weltham Parva, and sheep pasture on Hardwykeheth in Hencote, on the manor of Holdernes Barnes in Bury St. Edmund's, and on Reugham manor and Eldawe grange, Suff. Bury St. Edmund's. 29 May.
89. John Bigg, of Hownslowe, Midd. St. Peter's grange alias Walmons Fee, with the rectories of St. Peter and Sandrige, Herts.; on surrender of a fifty years' lease (recited) to him and Joan his wife, 17 April 29 Hen. VIII., by St. Alban's abbey. 17 June.
90b. Wm. Hunt, of Pollesworthe, Warw., miller. Water mill called the Clocke Mylne in Swapstone parish, near Mesham, Leic. Pollesworth. 28 June.
Hen. Over, of Coventry, mercer. Tithes in the parish of Hardwick and Marston, Warw. Coventry priory. 1 June.
91. John Byll, of Ashewell, Herts. Tenement in St. Margaret's parish, Westminster. 30 June.
John Chesewyk, of London. Tenement near the "cheyn" in Smythfeld, in St. Sepulchre's parish, London. St. Bartholomew's. 10 May.
91b. John Arnold and Arth. Porter. Meadow called Importeham in Maysmore parish, co. city of Gloucester. St. Peter's, Gloucester. 29 June.
Sir Thos. Pope. Three tenements in the parish of St. Michael at Basynghall, London. London Charterhouse. 20 June.
92. Joan Glascock, widow. Tithes of Hymulton rectory, Worc. Worcester priory. 28 June.
92b. Clement Cornewall, of London, ironmonger. Eight tenements in the parish of St. Olave's in Old Jewry, London. Barking monastery. 22 June.
Geoff. Blower, of Debenham, Suff. Debenham rectory. Butley. 22 June.
93. Peter Mewtas, of the Household. Pountefracte priory, Yorks., with Ledston manor, and tithes in Pountefracte, Darryngton, Wentbrygge, Ledston, and Kepax, Yorks. 1 July.
94. Sir Ralph Sadler, one of the King's secretaries. Manors of Bansted and Walton on the Hill, Surr., and the site, &c., of Ewell manor where not enclosed in Nonsuch park. 25 June.
97. Matilda Taylor, widow. Tenement in the suburbs of Hereford. Lantony, Gloucester. 4 May.
97b. Margaret Rawcyter, of Myntyng, Linc., widow. Site and chief messuage of Halgarth manor in Myntyng. Mountgrace. 28 May.
98. John ap Richard, of the Household. Lymbroke priory, Heref. 20 May.
98b. Thos. Moyle, of Eastwell, Kent. Rokyng manor, Kent, except the lands called Grymeslande and Parkehall. Christchurch, Canterbury. 13 May.
Sir Edw. Baynton. Malmesbury monastery, Wilts., with certain tithes, Thornehill manor, Cowfolde grange, and other lands. 12 June.
99b. John Bygge, of Welloo, Soms. Pegelynch manor, Soms.; on surrender of a lease (recited) by Henton priory, 7 May 6 Hen. VII., to Wm. and Thos. Bygge in survivorship. 5 July.
101b. Chr. Lytcott, of the Household. Tithes in Colsell, Bakley, Basyngwerke, Calcott and Halywell within the bishopric of St. Asaph. Basyngwerke. 11 Sept.
103. Maurice Denys, of London. Tenement beside the stone wall of the late hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England, and a meadow called Hastynges Mede in Hakney, Midd. St. John's of Jerusalem. 1 June.
Alice Freman, of Todenham, Glouc., Wm. Hodgekyns and Alice, his wife. Todenham manor; on surrender of a 20 years' lease (recited) by St. Peter's, Westminster, 12 Feb. 18 Hen. VIII., to the said Alice Freman, by the name of Alice Wyllyngton, widow. 27 May.
104. Wm. Clerc. Tithes of Eastrington parish, Yorks. Durham priory. 20 May.
Edm. Grenbury. Fishery in the water of Humber called Frysdykegarth, Yorks. St. Leonard's, York. 20 May.
104b. Robt. Grene. Lands in Atherston, Warw. Mountgrace, Yorks. 29 May.
105. Gabriel Throkmerton, of Ramsey, Hunts., and Emmota, his wife. Cottage in Upwood and tithes in Upwood, Moche Raveley and Lytle Raveley, Hunts.; on surrender of a 40 years' lease (recited) by Ramsey abbey, 20 Oct. 30 Hen. VIII. 30 May.
106. Wm. Webbe and John Penne. Garden called "le kecheners gardyn" within the precinct of the sanctuary of St. Peter's, Westminster. 5 March.
Sir Geo. Conyers. Fishery in the water of Teese at Newsom, Yorks. Rievaulx. 15 Feb.
109. Thos. Wheton, of London, and Alice his wife. Tenement in the parish of St. Christopher at the Stockes, London. Christchurch, Canterbury. 16 May.
Ric. Madox, of Longveld, Salop. Tenement in Longveld in Eyton parish, Salop. Wenlock. 10 May.
109b. Eliz. Ludford, widow. Lands and a water mill in Byrmyngham, parcel of Byrmyngham manor, Warw. 1 June.
110. Wm. Sherlande, of the Household. Tenement called the Crowne in the parish of St. Leonard in Shoreditch without Bishopsgate, London, with 29 tenements adjoining, all of which are in great decay; on surrender of a 99 years' lease by the New Hospital of Our Lady without Bishopsgate, 4 June 30 Hen. VIII. 21 May.
111. Elizeus Broke, of London. Tenements in Bramley parish, Midd.; on surrender of a 41 years' lease by the house of Holy Trinity within Aldgate, 20 March 21 Hen. VIII., to John Churcheman. 25 May.
112. John Cockes, of London, salter. Malt rents of Dunstable Houghton rectory, Herts. St. Alban's. 29 May.
Thos. Whitehed of Weremouth, Dham. Cell of Weremouth, with reservation of tithes in Southwike, Dham. Durham priory. 18 May.
112b. Walter Hendle. Shobnall or Shovenall grange, Staff. Burton upon Trent. 25 May.
113. Wm. Heynes, of Myldenhale, Suff. Tithes in Halywell field in Myldenhale. Bury St. Edmund's. 21 May.
Thos. Browne, of Boston, Linc. Austin Friars, Boston. 2 June.
113b. Reginald and Thomas Rydley, of Caughleye, Salop. An iron smithy in Shurlet in the lordship of Marshe in Much Wenlock parish, Salop. 24 May.
John Restell, of Gloucester, draper. A close or pasture called le Longe Maddley, lying beside Maddley Lane; on surrender of a 60 years' lease (recited) by Lanthony priory beside Gloucester, Mich. 28 Hen. VIII. 7 June.
114b. Walter Blounte, of Blountyshall, Staff. Tithes in Wynneshill and Stretton in Burton parish, Derb. Burton upon Trent. 12 June.
Wm. Wright, of Staverton, Ntht. Lands in Staverton. Catesbye. 12 June.
115. John Hunte, of (blank). Bramley grange. Roche. 12 June.
Ric. Cholmeley, of Whitby, Yorks. Molsbye priory, Yorks. 12 June.
115b. Edw. Tyndale, of Fulcourte, Glouc. Mansion and lands in Forthampton parish, Glouc. and Worc. Tewkesbury. 20 May.
116. Thos. Bylle, M.D. Fisheries in Trent and in the pool called Depedraught beside the monastery of Burton upon Trent, Staff., and formerly reserved to the monastery. 22 June.
Edw. earl of Derby. Dieuleucres monastery, Staff., with certain woods and pastures in Leeke parish, Staff. 23 June.
117. Thos Bylle, M.D. Tenement within the close of St. Bartholomew beside Smythfelde, near London. St. Bartholomew's monastery. 22 June.
The same. Pasture and meadow called Oxhey and Andersley in Burton upon Trent, Staff. Burton upon Trent. 22 June.
117b. Wm. Plante, of Stone, Staff., butcher. Lands in Walton in the parish of Stone. Stone priory. 20 June.
Matth. Woode, of Plesshey, Essex. Tithes in Plesshey town, late in tenure of Plesshey college. St. Peter's, Westminster. 10 June. (Enrolled also in Book 214, f. 91.)
118. Hugh Wyatt, of London, minstrel. Two tenements in Stoke, Wyken and Biggen, Warw. Coventry Cathedral priory. 26 June. (Enrolled also in Book 214, f. 91b.)
118b. Sir Geo. Throkmerton, of Coughton, Warw. Tithes of a water mill and other lands of his (tenants named) in Oversley alias Oseley, Warw., and of the manor of Beauchampps Courte, Warw. Alcestre priory. 27 June.
119. Fras. Knolles, of the Household. Sheep pasture upon the farm and demesnes of Portesham manor, Dors., rectory of Portesham, and lands there. Abottysbury. 26 June.
120. George Throkmerton. Manor of Hatfelde, Heref., with a tenement in Byllefelde and a meadow called Hymbare beside Hatfelde; on surrender of a 90 years' lease (recited) by Great Malvern priory, 29 Sept. 30 Hen. VIII. 1 July.
120b. Thos. Symkyns. Tenement in Scraptoft, Leic. Pratis, Leicester. 6 July.
121. John Whyte, of the Household. Grey Friars of Kardyff, Llandaff dioc. 4 July.
121b. John Cowper, of Heverston, Chesh., yeoman of the Chamber. Grain rents of the customary tenants within the lordship of Hallowe, Worc. Worcester Cathedral priory. 18 July.
122. Wm. Palmer. Lands in Tycknall, Derb., except tithe hay of Tycknall lordship and the tenement of John Beghton in Tycknall. Ryppyngdon priory. 10 July.
122b. Sir Ric. Sowthwell. Carbrok preceptory, Norf., with the rectory there. St. John's of Jerusalem. 18 July.
Folio 123 is blank, folio 124 lost, and ff. 125-127 are of the year 32 Hen. VIII.
128. John Hycklynge, of Grenes Norton, Ntht. Lands in Foxcote and Abthorpe, Ntht. To hold during the King's pleasure. 8 April.
128b. John Howe. Tithes of Bryxham rectory, Devon, with reservations. Totton. 28 May.
Wm. Vaughan, of Talgarthe, S. Wales. Tithes of the rectory of Bentles and Llandevalley, S. Wales. Clyfford priory, Heref. 3 June.
129. Sir Ric. Greynfelde. Church of Merlonde St. Peter's, Devon; on surrender of a seven years' lease (recited) by Corneworthy priory, 20 Dec. 25 Hen. VIII., to Ric. Will, chaplain, and John Maygge. 24 May.
129b. Edw. Warner, of the Household. Dalby preceptory, Leic., with Dalby rectory. St. John's of Jerusalem. 3 July.
130. John Lacy, of Barnewell, Camb. Demesne lands of Barnewell monastery, with tithes and certain pastures, barns, stables, &c., a house called Master Mors house adjoining the chapel of St. Hugh beside the monastery, tenements in Barnewell town and the Midsummer or St. John's fair there, the fishery of the river, the convent garden, and all forfeitures taken under an agreement between the town of Cambridge and Barnewell monastery as to the fishing of Barnewell pool; on surrender of a 41 years' lease (recited) by Barnewell priory, 6 June 30 Hen. VIII. 30 June.
131b. Oliver Wallope. Demesnes of Dogmansfeld manor, Hants. 14 Aug.
132. John Semondes, of Tutyn, Surr., carpenter. Lands called Balams within Lygham lordship in the parishes of Streteham and Clapham, Surr. 16 June.
Hugh ap Herry. First vestures yearly of Meneham and Archedecons meads in the parish of St. Mary de Loode, co. city of Gloucester, parcel of Barton Abbots manor. St. Peter's, Gloucester. 1 July.
132b. Thos. Hemmyng, of Monken Hadley, Midd. Rectory and manor or lordship of Alrychesey, Beds., commonly called Alrylsey Bery ferme; on surrender of an 81 years' lease (recited) by Waltham Holy Cross abbey, 1 Nov. 30 Hen. VIII. 4 July.
Augm. Book. 214 f. 1. Roland Gryffythe. Black Friars, Bangor. 22 Nov.
1b. Wm. Lamberd, of Knoke, Wilts. Lands in Knoke, parcel of Upton Lovell lordship, which were in tenure of Eliz. Gyfford, widow. Thos. duke of Norfolk. 24 Nov.
Laur. and Thos. Skamell, of Birdesherd, Wilts. Birdesherde manor. Thos. duke of Norfolk. 25 Nov.
2. Rose Hedge, of Hackeney, Midd., widow. Lands in Hackeney, late in tenure of John Hedge. 1 Dec.
2b. Wm. Dente, clk. Myton manor, Yorks. St. Mary's, York. 22 Nov.
Ric. Broke, of the Household. Preceptory of the Mount of St. John Baptist, Yorks., with lands in Mounte Seynt John, Felyskyrke, Marderby and Thirleby, Yorks., and in Kyrby or Kyrkeby and Blakeamore Common, Yorks., and the tithes of Felyskyrke rectory. St. John's of Jerusalem. 24 Nov.
3b. Wm. Blyke, or Blek, of Croydon, Surr. Demesnes of Bansted manor, Surr., parcel of the honour of Hampton Court. 20 Nov.
Wm. Penson, of the Household. Black Friars and Grey Friars, Shrewsbury. 25 Nov.
4. Anne Mathyson. widow. Lands in Merflete, Yorks., and the chapel of Merflete. Kyrkestall. 23 Nov.
4b. Wm. Gonston. of London, merchant. Observant Friars, Southampton, except the washing yard in tenure of Sampson Thomas. 14 Nov.
5. John Hanyett. of London, shereman. Tenement in the parish of Alhalowes the More alias Alhalowen at Hay, London; on surrender of a 23 years' lease (recited) by Elsyngspittle, 6 Nov., 1521. 3 Dec.
6. Thos. Carden, of the Household. Austin Friars, Oxford. 20 Dec.
6b. Sir Fras. Bryan. Lands (including the two chapels of St. Mary Magdalene and St. Germaynen in St. Alban's, Herts, with certain mills and tithes there. St. Alban's. 23 Nov.
7. Jas. Swygger alias Reynold, of London, joiner. Five tenements and three gardens in the parish of St. Betulph without Bishopsgate, near London, Hospital of St. Mary without Bishopsgate; also a tenement in the parish of St. Helen's within Bishopsgate.St. Helen's priory. 12 Jan.
7b. Benjamin Gonson, of London. Rectory of St. Mary Colchurche, London. College of Acon. 8 Nov.
Fras. Broughton, King's footman. Lands called Monkeend in Smeton, Yorks. St. Mary's York. 20 Dec.
8. Ric. Norres. A tenement and two chambers in the parish of St. Stephen in Colmanstrete, London. St. Helen's priory. 12 Dec.
8b. John Wolley, of Sandewey, Chesh. Lands in Sandway in Weverham parish, Chesh. Vale Royal. 6 Feb.
9. Wm. Poskett, of Whytbye, Yorks. Tenement in Hawskarth in Whitby parish, Yorks. Whitby. 12 Feb.
Thos. Potkyn. Lands in Chedingston and Sevenok. Kent. 10 Feb.
9b. John Arnold alias George. Fisheries in the waters within Besington manor and upon the river Thomes beside Kyngesmede, which belonged to Wallingford castle, and are parcel of the honour of Ewelme. 24 Jan.
9b. Edw. Wotton. Grain rents out of Franketon and Merston manors, Warw. Coventry priory. 9 Dec.
10. John Gunter. Tenement in Hardewyke in Aburgeveney parish, co. Monm. Aburgeveney monastery. 10 Feb.
Edm. Lawson, of London. Tithes of Skremarston in the parish of Holy Island, Nthld., which belonged to the cell of Holy Island. Durham priory. 20 Feb.
10b. John Haymond, of London, skinner. Garden within the precinct of the Friars Preachers, London. 3 March.
John Hennege. Willoughton preceptory, Linc., with a salt rent due from Robt. Brasebrige, of Marchappell. the moiety of Wylloughton rectory, Wylloughton windmill, and a pasture called Parck Close. 10 March.
11. Nich Shurley, of Harleston, Ntht. Tenement in Harleston. St. James's, Northampton. 6 March.
11b. Sir John Gage. Grey Friars, Lewes. 22 Oct.
Robt. Newman, of Wade. Honts. Lands in Elyng parish, parcel of Wade manor. 12 Feb.
12. Wm. Watkyns, of Mara, in co. Brecon. Mara rectory and Mouncton manor, with the chapel there, co. Brecon. Breeknock priory. 6 March.
12b. John Dawny. Parish church of Hustwayte and Carleton, Yorks., and the tithes which Newburgh priory held in right of Cuckwolde rectory, except tithes of corn and hay in Carleton. 8 March.
Hen. Wildon. Kelthwayte grange and three closes of land in Galtres Forest, Yorks. St. Leoard's, York. 8 March.
13. Hugh Corneford. Wrotham manor, Kent; on surrender of a 20 years' lease (recited), to his father, Ric. Corneford, by the abp. of Canterbury, 13 Nov. 18 Hen. VIII. 12 March.
14. Ric. Duston, of Kennyngton, Kent. Manor of Kennyngton alias Conyngbroke in Kennyngton parish, with the rectory of Kennyngton; on surrender of a twelve years' lease (recited), to Ric. Phylpott and John Mylles, by St. Augustine's abbey beside Canterbury, 13 May 27 Hen. VIII. 25 March.
15b. Dennis Toppes, of the Household. Spaldyng priory, Linc., with tithes, &c., of Spaldyng rectory, the chapel of Cowbyt and certain lands in Spaldyng. 28 March.
16b. Robt. Burnam, of Romsey, Hants., miller. Two water milles called the Towne Mylles and pasture called Shetylhams in Romsey. Romsey monastery. 1 April.
17. Ric. Aynescombe, of Aynescombe, Surr. Tillesworth manor, Surr. Marton priory, Surr. 15 Feb.
John Higford, of Henwood, Warw. Grain rents of Merton manor and of Neperke croft in Marton, Warw.,Nuneton priory; also the cemetery of the Grey Friars in Coventry, with the cloister-yard and two gardens within the precinct of the said Friars. 10 Feb.
17b. Ric. Dawney, of the Household. Dynmore preceptory, Heref., with a water mill on the river Lugge there and another upon le Shottebroke in Wellington, and certain tithes. St. John's of Jerusalem. 3 March.
18. Wm. Philippes. Two pastures called le Dudwall within the lordship of Birmingham, Warw., parcel of Birmingham manor. 7 March.
Ambrose Cave. Four tenements in Hungarton, Leic. Oulveston. 13 March.
18b. Eliz. Barnard, of Quenyngton, Glouc., widow. Hampen manor, Glouc., which belonged to Quenyngton preceptory. St. John's of Jerusalem. 13 March.
19. Ric. Smetheley, of Brantingham, Yorks. Wetheley manor, Yorks., and lands in Ryplyngham, Yorks., which belonged to Beverley preceptory. St. John's of Jerusalem. 2 March.
19b. Thos. Frenche, of Bromeley, Kent. Meadow and pasture, being parcel of the manors of Lee and Shroffolde, Kent. 12 March.
20. Jas. Browne, of London, haberdasher. Westhaghton manor, Lanc., with lands in Westhaghton and Preston in Amoundernes. Cokersand. 12 March.
20b. Perker Ferydys, of London. Four tenements in Saynte John's Strete, near London. St. John's of Jerusalem. 20 March.
John Wyllye, of Bristol, vintner. Tenement in Bredstrete, Bristol. Malmesbury. 20 March.
21. John Gate. Austin Friars, Orforde, Suff. 5 March.
Thos. Horseley. Tylmanston rectory, Kent, with lands there. 18 March.
21b. Edm. Rowce. Friars Minors, Dunwyche. 16 March.
22. Elienor Rables, widow, and Richard, her son. Messuage in Sevenoke, Kent, and two acres of land, late of lord Boroughe, beside Otforde park, Kent. 20 March.
John Jakes, of London. Four tenements in the parish of St. Peter's Cornhill, London. New Hospital of St. Mary without Bishopsgate. 8 Feb.
22b. John Gresham, of London. Bredon priory, Leic., with the manor and rectory of Bredon and lands in Bredon, Saxby, Kynston and Worthyngton, Leic., and le Peke, Derb. 18 March.
23. Ric. Tomyowe, of London. Pulton priory, Wilts., with the rectory there, with reservation of certain of the demesnes, &c., otherwise leased to him. 19 March.
23b. Wm. Maye, clk. Carmelite Friars, Cambridge; except the ground granted to King's College, Cambridge. 1 April.
24. Wm. Woodhowse. Friars Preachers of Yermowth, Norf. 1 April.
Thos. Leighe, LL.D. Lands in the lordship of Crofton, Yorks, and the rectory of Wragby, Yorks. St. Oswald's. 23 March.
25. Edw. Glover, of Banbury, Oxon. Pasture in Banbury beside the river Charwell. Chacombe. 20 April.
Howell ap Jevan ap Philippe. Cancelled enrolment of lease at f. 94.
Howell Griffith ap Powell. Cancelled enrolment of lease at f. 93b.
25b. Sir Thos. Arundell, of Shaftesbury, Dors. Grain rents due from the farmers of the manors of Fountmell, Terraunte Hynton, Hynton Mare, Donehedd, Combe, Hanleigh, Melbury, Almere, Iwern, Aisgrave, and Compton, and from the heirs of Wm. Fylolle for lands in Maplerton,Shafton; also from the farmers of the manors of Milton, Mopercombe, Littelbredye, Longbredye and Baglake, Wynterborne, Nether Cerne, Mynterne, Bloxworthe, Pokeswell, Affepudell, Musterton, Milborne,Cerne. 10 March.
27b. Ric. Cecyll. White Friars, Stampforde, Linc. 24 March.
32. Ric. Clerke, King's footman. Monke Fryston manor and lands near Hamelton, Yorks. : from the expiration of a 31 years' lease by Selby abbey, 20 Oct. 9 Hen. VIII., to Ralph Roundell and Wm. Nelson. 28 March.
33. Robt. Darley, of Ardysley, Yorks. Ardysley manor; on surrender of a nine years' lease (recited) by Monkebretton priory, 12 Oct., 1536. 10 Feb.
33b. Edw. Rogers, of the Household. Bucklonde monastery, Soms., with the rectory of Bucklond alias Michaell Churche. 8 Feb.
34. Thos. Willyamson, of London, carpenter. Thirty-one tenements in the parish of St. Gabriel Fanchurche, London. St. Helen's priory, London. 16 Feb.
34b. Wm. Baseley, of Parisgarden, Surr. Messuage called Parisgarden and marsh land, parcel of Kennyngton manor, Surr. St. John's of Jerusalem. 1 March.
35. Ralph Tayllour, of Ikelyngton, Camb. Ikelyngton rectory, with reservations. Ikelyngton. 10 March.
35b. Wm Mylwarde. Stevynton manor, Berks.; for forty years, from the expiration of a 23 years' lease of the same, with its farm stock (detailed) to John Hopkyns, by the abbey of St. Peter's, Westminster, 20 Nov. 19 Hen. VIII. 10 March.
36b. Edw. Tyndale, of Hurste, Glouc. Grain rents from the farmer of tithes in Oxenden and Pamyngton, the farmer of the chief messuage in Natton, and the farmer of Carrauntes Mille and Carrauntes Place, Glouc. Tewkesbury. 12 Feb.
37. Wm. Morgan, of Hempstede, co. city of Gloucester. Pasture in Hempstede. 16 March.
Sir Ant. Kyngeston. Mershefeld manor, Glouc.; on surrender of a 99 years' lease (recited) to Sir Wm. Kyngeston by Keynesham abbey, 10 Oct. 30 Hen. VIII. 12 March.
38. Joan Lychfeld, widow, of Kerdyff, Llandaff dioc. Black Friars, Kerdyff. 10 March.
38b. Sir Thos. Denys, of Holcombe Burnell, Devon. Tenement and cottage called Stowforde, parcel of Brodehenbury manor. Dunkeswell. 27 March.
39. Fras. Jobson. Edwardston rectory, Suff.; on surrender of a 16 years' lease (recited) to Wm. Lyon by Earls Colne priory, 12 Dec. 19 Hen. VIII. 2 Feb.
40. Geo. Felyppe. Messuage, &c., called Kenchehyll in the parishes of Tenterden and Ebbeney. Kent; on surrender of a lease for 20 years from the decease of Dame Jane Guldeford, widow, late wife Sir Edw. Guldeford, dec., made to Edw. Felyppe, 4 May 29 Hen. VIII., by Sir John Dudley and Dame Jane his wife, daughter and heir of the said Sir Edward. 22 March.
41. John Drake, of Southlyn, Norf. Lands in Southlyn and Wygenhale; on surrender of a 16 years' lease (recited) to John Maior, of Southlyn, by Blakboroughe priory, 4 Aug. 20 Hen. VIII. 29 Nov.
42. John Aleyn, of Sheffelde, Yorks. Lands in Sheffelde. Workesopp priory. 28 Nov.
Robt. Pukeryche, of Sevenock, Kent. Messuage, &c., called Stydalls in Sevenock parish. 1 Dec.
42b. Thos. atte Hele, of Clutton, Soms. Messuage, &c., in Clutton; on surrender of a lease (recited) in survivorship to John att Hele, of Clutton, and(blank) his wife and Thomas his brother by Monks Farleygh priory, 26 Feb. 2 Hen VIII. 28 Nov.
43b. Laur. Hyde. Kymarlay rectory, St. Asaph's dioc.; on surrender of a thirty years' lease (recited) to Robt. Redisshe by the priory of St. John of Jerusalem, in behalf of Halston preceptory, 24 April, 1514. 7 Dec.
44. Simon Wryght, of Screton, Notts. Lands in Whetebarowe; on surrender of a 30 years' lease (recited) to Thos. Ludnam and Ellen his wife and Chr. his son by Felley priory, 20 Feb. 4 Hen. VIII. 1 Dec.
45. John Smythe. Three tenements in Wannesworth, Surr., parcel of Wannesworth manor. 10 Nov.
John Mantell, of London. Tenement within the close of St. Bartholomew's monastery, London. 4 Nov.
45b. Sir Ant. Hungerforde. Bradwell manor, Oxon.; on surrender of a lease (recited) to John Forty, of Bradwell, and John and Thomas his sons, in survivorship, by the priory of St. John of Jerusalem, on behalf of Quenyngton preceptory, 20 Jan. 1500. 12 Dec.
46b. John Randes. Grain rent of the farmer of the demesnes of Tedyngton lordship in Overbury parish, Worc. Worcester priory. 1 Dec.
47. The same. Grain rent of the farmer of the demesnes of Segebarow lordship, Worc. Worcester priory. 21 Dec.
Thos. Gough and Wm. Jones, of Fylton, Soms. Grain rent of the farmer of Fylton grange. Keynsham. 6 Jan.
47b. Cedda Curson, of Sevenok, Kent. Lands in Sevenok parish, parcel of Otford honour. 6 Feb.
John Walkar, of Otford, Kent. Lands called le Rye in Otford parish, Kent, parcel of Otford honour. 6 Feb.
48. Sir Thos. Darcy. Manors of Elmeswell and Wolpette, Suff., with warren of coneys, fairs, &c., except the chief messuage of Elmeswell manor. 29 Jan.
48b. Ralph Standisshe, of London. Tithes of Stapleford rectory, Leic. Kyrkby Bellers. 12 Dec.
49. Averey Rawson, of Besecle grange, Yorks. Rectory of Guytyng Power, Glouc.; on surrender of a 29 years' lease (recited) to Ant. More of Quenyngton, Glouc., by the priory of St. John of Jerusalem, on behalf of Quenyngton commandry, 7 March, 1528, 20 Hen. VIII. 28 Oct.
49b. The same. Hampen manor, Glouc.; on surrender of a 40 years' lease (recited) to Ant. More by the priory of St. John of Jerusalem on behalf of Quenyngton commandry, 27 June, 1533, 25 Hen. VIII. 28 Oct.
50b. John Mawde, of the Household. Tithes of Middelton township, parcel of Rothewell rectory, Yorks. St. Oswald's. 4 Nov.
51. Hen. Portyngton, of Roxeby, Linc. Lands in Roxeby parish. Roche abbey. 5 Nov.
51b. Ralph Walker, of London. Tenement called the Lampp in the parish of St. Ewin within Newgate, London. College of St Martin le Graunde. 6 Nov.
Eliz. Kyrkeby, widow. Northcolingham rectory, Notts.; on surrender of a 21 years' lease (recited) to Thos. Kyrkby, of York, and Wm. Kyrkby, of East Markham, Notts., by Peterborough abbey, 31 Aug. 25 Hen. VIII. 2 Nov.
53. Robt. Wynter, of Holy Island, Nthld. Twelve tenements and a water mill in Fenham, Nthld., and all lands in Twedmouth, Ellyk, Kaylough, Howbourne, Bollesden, Ancrofte, Cheswyke, Skrymerston, Beyll, Barmour, Lowyke and Oorde, Nthld., which belonged to the cell of Holy Island, with certain tithes in Fenham and elsewhere, all which premises belonged to the cell of Holy Island. Durham priory. 2 Nov.
54. Walter Trotte, of Canterbury. Water mill called Abbottes Mill in St. Alphage's parish, Canterbury. St. Augustine's, Canterbury. 10 Nov.
54b. Nich. Fytton, of Littell Hereforde, Heref. Wormesley priory and lands in Wormesley, Heref., with the rectory there. 10 Nov.
55b. Thos. Fleyz, of Waterden. Norf. Tithe corn of Dunton and Dowton churches, Norf. : on surrender of a twelve years' lease (recited) by Marmond priory, 2 Sept., 1531. 28 Oct.
56. Thos. Worliche. Aleombury rectory, Hunts.; on surrender of a 21 years' lease (recited) to Miles Forest by Merton priory, Surr., 12 Feb. 17 Hen. VIII. 1 Nov.
57. Wm. Broke, of Sowneley Coitt, Yorks. Lands in Sowneley Coitt; on surrender of a lease (recited) in survivorship, to Nic. Walker and Isabel his wife, by Ryvaux abbey. 2 March 15 Hen. VIII. 15 Nov.
58. John Fermour. St. Andrew's monastery, Northampton, with numerous lands specified in and near Northampton, and the rectory or chapel of St. Lawrence in Northampton. 20 Nov.
Folio. 60 is blank.
61. John Broxholme. of the Inner Temple. Tenement in Harmeston, Linc.,St. Katharine's, Lincoln : also lands in Claxbye. Linc.,Syxhill. 24 Oct.
Walter Wyllyams, of Burgaveny. Monm., clothier. Meadow called Girlode Vaure in Burgaveny,Burgaveny priory; also tithes of Bryngwyn rectory, Monm., Lanterna monastery. 28 Oct.
61b. Rozer Hucehynson, of Saltwood, Kent. Saltwood manor; on surrender of a twelve years' lease recited by Sir Edward and Henry Nevyll, 22 Oct. 29 Hen. VIII., made under a lease to them 1 Dec. 22 Henry VIII. by Wm. abp. of Canterbury. 20 Nov.
62b. Sir John Wyllyams. Crendon manor and Crendon and Chardesley rectories, Bucks. Notely. 28 July.
63. Geo. Mydelmese and Joan his wife. Kyngesnorton rectory; on surrender of a 51 years' lease (recited) to John Middelmore, of Hasilwall in Kyngesnorton parish, and others, by Worcester priory. 15 April 9 Hen. VII. 19 Nov.
64. Edw. Leanwood. of Newburghe, Yorks. Tithe corn and hay of Ulveston in Cokwold parish, Yorks., on surrender of a 60 years' lease (recited) by Newburgh priory, 16 Oct. 30 Hen. VIII. 8 Dec.
64b. Ric. Ince, of London. Saltworks in Nantwich. Chesh. Cumbermere. 9 Dec.
65. Wm. Hynman. Lands and tenements in Melton Mobrey, Leic. Kyrby Bellers. 1 Jan.
65b. Jas. Rokysby, an auditor of the Augmentations. Island of four acres called Cokett Island in the sea opposite Warkeworthe castle, with a chapel thereon and a tenement in Axley. Nthld., belonging thereto,Tynemouth; also the Grey Friars in Pylgramstrete. Newcastle upon Tyne. 12 Jan.
66. Edw. Hasylwod, of London. Water mill in Cotys Culworthe, Ntht. Canons Ashby. 26 Jan.
66b. Humph. Boland. Lands in Weldryke, Yorks., parcel of the demesnes of Fountains abbey. 12 Jan.
67. Ric. Tyrell. of London. Sheep pasture upon Barton Magna manor, Suff. Bury St. Edmund's. 26 Jan.
John Prawe, woolman, of London. and Agnes his wife. Two tenements in Martelane in St. Olave's parish, London : on surrender of a fifteen years' lease by the Crossed Friars near the Tower. 15 May, 1535. 20 Jan.
68. Thos. Myldmay, of London. Folyphauntes manor and lands called Caunterberyes in Goldaunger. Essex : on surrender of a fifteen years' lease (recited) to Thos. Wyrtleke, of Goldaunger. by Bylegh abbey. 23 Sept., 1533. 20 Jan.
69b. Alice Wright. widow. A garden in St. Martin's parish, Westminster, lying beside "the Covent Gardeyn of th'abbot and covent of Westminster"; on surrender of a 39 years' lease (recited) to Wm. Waller, by Abingdon abbey, St. Andrew's day 17 Hen. VII. 4 April.
70b. Wm. Morgan. Laxton rectory. Ntht. Fynshed. 4 April.
71. Wm. Wadeley. of London, tailor. Tenement within the close of St. Bartholomew beside Westsmythfeld, London. 4 April.
Jas. Rokeby. Similar tenement. 4 April.
71b. Ph. Penyson. Tithes of Felkyrke rectory, Yorks.; on surrender of a 60 years' lease (recited) to him, as servant of the Lord Privy Seal, by St. Oswald's priory of the Nostell, 3 April, 1539. 16 Nov.
72. Wm. Burnell, of London. Lowistofte alias Leystocke rectory, Suff. St. Bartholomew's, Westsmythfeld, London. 10 Dec.
73. Sir John Markeham. Austin Friars, Newark, Notts. 2 March.
74. Robt. Bocher, of the Household. Great mansion and garden and certain lands in Twykenham, Midd., which belonged to Edw. earl of Hertford. 1 April.
74b. Ant. Denny. Tybourne manor in Marybone parish, Midd., except the mansion and gardens and the lands enclosed in Marybone park. 22 March.
75. John Aishton, auditor of purchased lands. Messuage, &c., called Spittelserne in Feltham, Surr., and lands in Wannesworth and Batrichesey, Surr., parcel of the honour of Hampton Court. 16 Jan.
Folio 77 is missing.
78. George Owen, M.D. St. Giles' rectory beside the North Gate of Oxford. Godstow. 1 Dec.
Leonard Bekwith. Grain rent of the farmer of Monkefriston manor, Yorks. Selby. 16 March.
78b. Sir John Rogers. Black Friars, Melcombe Regis, Dors. 10 Nov.
John Wellisborne. East grange in Pypwell, Ntht., with lands there. Pypwell. 20 Jan.
81. John Johnson alias Anthony. Sheep pasture within the liberty of Dover, beside Bredden Stone in Hugheham parish, Kent, which belonged to Swynfelde preceptory. St. John's of Jerusalem. 12 Dec.
82. Robt. Howlett, junior, of Nether Rykynghall, Suff. Hyldercle manor; on surrender of a thirty years' lease (recited) to him and Barth. Andrewe and Robt. Howlett, sen., of the same manor and farm stock (detailed) by Bury St. Edmund's abbey, 5 April 23 Hen. VIII. 1 Dec.
83b. John Hull, of Larkebear, Devon. Grey Friars, Exeter. 8 Dec.
84. John Penne, of the Household. Croyland monastery, Linc., with Langtofte manor and rectory, Thetford Hall manor in Kestevyn in Thetford parish, Aswike alias Alwike manor in Whaplod, lands in Croyland and Whaplod, and Tetforthe rectory, Linc. 20 Feb. (Cancelled because a new lease granted in February of the following year.)
85. Mich. Wilbore, of London. Grey Friars, Doncaster, and Black Friars, beside Pontefract, Yorks. 6 Feb.
85b. John Osborne. Tenement in St. Olave's parish, Old Jewry, London. Barking. 4 March.
Steph. Parrott, of Grenewiche, Kent. Lands forming parcel of Sayscourte manor, Kent; on surrender of a 24 years' lease (recited) by Thos. cardinal and archbp. of York, 20 Jan. 19 Hen. VIII. 1 July.
86b. Arthur Porter. Beyrtley pasture lying without the South gate of Gloucester, and meadow land in Sudmede; on surrender of a sixty years' lease (recited) by St. Peter's abbey in Gloucester, Mich. 30 Hen. VIII. 4 July.
87b. Wm. Orrell, of the Household. Cannons manor in Little Fraunsham, Norf. Westacre. 4 July.
88. John Bowles. Baldoke manor or lordship, Herts.; on surrender of a 21 years' lease (recited) by the priory of St. John of Jerusalem, 18 Sept., 1522. 4 July.
88b. Sir Roger Lasselles. Herbage of Topcliff Great Park, Yorks., except that of Haverlaunde within the said park reserved for the support of the deer. 4 July.
89. Ric. Mody, of London. Tenement within the close of St. Bartholomew's, Westsmythfeld, London. 10 July.
Thos Foster, of Cranebroke, Kent. Lands in Romsey parish, Hants.; on surrender of a 92 years' lease by Romsey abbey, 10 July 30 Hen. VIII.
90. Ric. Warde, of London. Tenement within the close of St. Bartholomew's, Westsmythfeld, London. 2 June.
Robt and Wm. Sheparde. Tithes and lands in Stratforthe, Yorks. Egleston. 14 Nov.
90b. Ric. Ellys, of the Household. Manor of Echelford alias Asshford, Midd., parcel of the honour of Hampton Court, and tithes of Asshford, Stanes, Lalam and Yeveney rectories, Midd. 18 Dec.
Sir Hen. Knyvett, of the Household. Lands in Iseldon, Midd., parcel of Highbury manor, and lands in Trelmelstrete, Midd. St. John's of Jerusalem. 29 June.
91. Matth. Woode. Cancelled enrolment of lease in Book 213 f. 117b. q.v.
91b. Wm. Glascoke, of London. Lands in Barrow parish, Line. Thorneton. 25 Aug. Hugh Wyatt. Cancelled enrolment of lease in Book 213 f. 118. q.v.
92. Wm Belassys, son and heir of Ric. Belassis, late of Henknoll, Dham, dec., and Marg. Symson, widow, grandmother of the said William. Newburghe priory, Yorks., with the granges of Scorton and Brynke in Newburghe, and Ulthwayte in Cukwolde, and numerous lands specified in Newburghe in the parish of Cukwolde, Yorks. 4 July.
93. Lady Eliz. Hales, widow. Grain rent of the farmer of Litlebourne manor, Kent. St. Augustine's, Canterbury. 28 June.
93b. John Lyson. Water mill and tenement in Kenfyge, co. Glamorgan, Llandaff dioc. Morgan monastery. 20 Dec.
Howell Griffith ap Powell, of Menethustelon, co. Monm. Two tenements and two mills in Menethustelon parish. Lanterna. 8 March. (Enrolled also, without date, at f. 25.)
94. Howell ap Jevan ap Philipp, of Llanyangell Comduy, co. Brecknock. Tithes of the chapel of Llanehangell Cuney, St. David's dioc. Brecknock priory. 8 March. (Enrolled also, without date, at f. 25.)
John earl of Bath. Hospital of St. John, Bridgewater, with the rectories of Bridgewater and Durleigh, Soms. 10 July.
Ff. 96 and 97 are blank.
98. Ric. Andrewys, of Hayles, Glouc. Hayles monastery, with lands in Hayles and Dydbroke, Glouc. 24 March. (Cancelled 12 March 35 Hen. VIII.)
99. Thos. Geffrey, of London. Certain tithes of Highester rectory, Essex. St. Peter's, Westminster. 3 April.
John Smythe, of London, tailor. Three tenements in Cowcrosse Lane in St. Sepulchre's parish, London. Clerkenwell priory. 20 March.
99b. John Jenyns, of the Household. Grey Friars, Gloucester. 2 April.
100. John Mason, of London. Tenement in Quenehith, London. London Charterhouse. 1 April.
Nich. Bacon. Lands in Thorpe next Norwich and Blofeld, Norf. Bpric. of Norwich. 28 March.
100b. Thos. Broke, of London. Messuage and chapel called St. Gyles, Warw.; on surrender of a 99 years' lease (recited) to him, a merchant tailor of London, by Cokehill nunnery, Worc., 12 March 28 Hen. VIII., in consideration that by his labour the said nunnery was saved from suppression. 1 April.
102. John Norcote, yeoman of the Guard. Tenement in St. Alban's parish, Wodstrete, London. Notley, Bucks. 4 April.
Thos. Dobbyne, of Darnoldes, Heref. Grange called Darnoldes Chappell. Lymbroke. 9 Feb.
114. Thos. Kydde, of London. Boston rectory, Linc., which belonged to the preceptory of Dalby and Rotheley, Leic. St. John's of Jerusalem. 29 Jan.
Jas. Hawe, of Fordeham, Norf. Cell of Moddeney, Norf., and lands in Helgaye, Norf. Ramsey. 6 Feb.
114b. Agnes Graunte, of Hardwike, Warw., widow. Lands in Hardwike; on surrender of an eighty years' lease (recited) to John Graunte, junior, by Coventry priory, 20 Aug. 30 Hen. VIII.
115. Thos. Gyttons, of London, carpenter. Lands in Muxton and Donyngton within Lylleshull parish, Salop. Lylleshull. 10 March.
115b. John Drewe, sen., of Bristol, and John his son. Certain tithes of Tewkesbury rectory, Glouc. Tewkesbury. 2 Jan.
116. Walter Colyns, of Newbury, Berks., mercer. Wood and common called Estleywood in Lekehamsted, Berks., parcel of Donyngton lordship. 25 Jan.
116b. Robt. Layton, of Thoralby, Yorks. Lands in Thoralby,Newburghe; also lands in Skutterskelf and Thoralby,Helaugh. 25 March.
117. Ric. Lee, of the Household. Tenement called Bowmans Hill in Prene parish, Salop. Haughmond. 25 March.
117b. Edw. lord Clynton. Messuage, &c., in Ponton, Linc. Sempryngham. 25 March.