Henry VIII: April 1543, 21-25

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 18 Part 1, January-July 1543. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1901.

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April 1543, 21-25

21 April.
Dasent's A. P. C., 115.
431. The Privy Council.
Meeting at Westm., 21 April. Present : Chancellor, Privy Seal, Hertford, Winchester, Westminster, St. John, Cheyney, Gage, Browne, Wingfield, Wriothesley. Business :Three letters sent, to the Deputy of Calais, Wallop and the Surveyor, to apprehend and send hither Thos. Fissher, mason, thought to be in the King's works there. Cobbe, a schoolmaster, charged with translating "a certain postilla upon the Gospels" wherein were seditious and erroneous opinions, was committed to ward; and John Gouge, of London, who had entertained him in his house, bound in a recognisance (cited). John Bell and John Raynolde, licensed to go to sea for reprisals, certified what boats they intended to use, viz., 4 boats of Rye of 20 tons each. Letter written to the customers of London to allow the Staplers's ships to depart, and they should have the privy seal for their discharge with all diligence.
21 April.
432. The Privy Council to Suffolk.
In answer to his letters of the 17th, the King commands them to signify :1. If there is good matter, and good proof of it, against John Heron and his son, they are to be condemned, according to the law of the realm or of the Borders as may best serve; or, if there is not the requisite proof, further proof must be got, which will be easily had if their doings are as the accusations pretend.
2. The King is pleased that, for the time, you have appointed Sir Ralph Evers to the governance of Tyndal and Ryddesdal; but, as you wrote before that one man should not rule both countries, and my lord Admiral here declares that Sir Cuthb. Ratcliff is not meet to be deputy warden of the Middle Marches, you shall consider what personages there are most meet for the deputy wardenry and for the offices of Tyndale and Ryddesdale, and what entertainment the keepers of Tyndale and Ryddesdale should have.
3. Peter Middleton shall be set, on the market day, upon the pillory with a paper on his head, for his false accusation, and shall have both his ears cut off and be banished the town.
4. If there is good proof against George Urde he shall be proceeded against by the law of the land or of the Borders, as may serve best for his condemnation.
5. If there be no other appointment taken and the prisoners enter at their day, all the lords and four or five honest gentlemen shall be sent to the King and the rest bestowed where their pledges be.
Finally, concerning the change of pledges, it was answered long since that, seeing the Governor offered that they should remain or be replaced by better, when he sued for prolonging of their day of entry, it was not thought convenient to alter that determination.
P.S.Sir John Withrington, accused by the Scottishman, is not to be apprehended, but, so that "he should not now make his entry into Scotland," he must arrange with them of Scotland to take another prisoner of equal value or else ransom him; and Suffolk must so open this to him that he suspect nothing but that it is done to retain his services.
Draft in Wriothesley's hand (except the P.S.), pp. 5. Endd. : Mynute to the duke of Suff., xxjo Aprilis ao xxxiiij.o
R. O. 2. Fair copy of the preceding. Dated Westm., 21 April.
Pp. 3. Endd. : "The King's Majesty's l'res to my lord of Suff. for Medylton, Tyndale, Heron and Wethr."
21 April.
433. Fortifications of Hull.
[Michael Stanhope's account.] Hull :Declaration of such money as "I have received," to be employed on the King's works at Hull, provision of victuals for the King's ships, "payment of captaine wages of the same," and provision of corn, from 15 Feb. 33 Hen. VIII to "this instant" 21 April 34 Hen. VIII.
Received, as appears by my book, 18,000l. Received from my lord President at York, by warrant of the duke of Norfolk, for corn, 1,000l.
Whereof :Delivered to the paymaster, comptroller and master mason for the works 14,851l. 12s. 10d. Paid to Mr. Long for "his wages and mine own" and the rest of the garrison, 641l. 4s. 5d. For rigging and victualling and wages of ships, with 400l. to the mayor and aldermen of Hull for victuals, 1,043l. 4s. 1d. Corn sent to Holy Island and Berwick, and wheat bought but not yet delivered, 962l. 14s. 3d.
And so remains in my hands, of the 18,000l., 1463l. 18s. 8d.; and of the 1,000l. for corn, 37l. 5s. 9d.
Memorandum that the money disbursed for the works here at Hull, with 1,000l. left with the mayor and aldermen at the King's being here, and 500l. which John Rogers, comptroller, and Thos. Alred, paymaster, brought with them, amounts to 16,351l. 12s. 10d.
Pp. 3.
21 April.
434. Ships and Garrisons.
Newcastell upon Tyne, 21 April 34 Hen. VIII. :Brief declaration by John Uvedale, treasurer, of payments of the garrisons on the Borders and charges of ships since 20 March last, of which he has delivered a signed copy to Charles duke of Suffolk, lieutenant in the North.
Showing that, at his declaration made on 20 March, he had remaining (partly in broken and refuse gold and light crowns of the sun) 2,342l. 10s. 7d., whereof he has disbursed :By Suffolk's warrants : To Angus and Geo. Douglas, with their petty captains and 200 men, for one month; to Richemond herald and Petrus Franciscus, trumpeter, for two months; to the captains and petty captains of 461 men now in garrisons for one month; and in sundry rewards, &c.739l. 12s. 5d.
By warrants of Viscount Lisle, lord Admiral and late lord Warden of the Marches : For the said lord Admiral's diets and the wages of his captain, petty captain and 100 men of his retinue; for wages of Robt. Copley, trumpeter, and 32 watches, guides and gunners; for rewards to sundry men; for 166l. 13s. 7d. paid to Michael Stannoppe, lieutenant at Kingston upon Hull in recompense of money lent to John Osbourne for the charges of certain ships of war at Hull; for 7l. delivered to John Sandersone, of Newcastell, in prest for tonnage of his ship the Trinity, 80l. delivered in prest to Laur. Folberye, Geo. Riveley, William Woodhouse, and Dunstan Newdigate, captains of four ships of war now on the North Seas, and 60l. paid to Jas. Lawsone, of Newcastle, merchant, in prest, for charges of his ship the Elisabethe.588l. 18s. 3d.
Remainder, 1,013l. 19s. 11d.
Mem. that the wages of Angus and Douglas and their men and of the garrisons consume monthly (beside the charges of ships), 690l. 8s. 8d. Signed : Jo. Vuedale.
P. 1.
21 April.
Add. MS. 32,650, f. 212. B.M. Sadler State Papers, I. 150.
435. Sadler to Suffolk.
This morning, Angus prayed him, now that lord Lisle is gone from the Borders, to write to Suffolk for his wages payable on Tuesday (fn. 1) next. Angus said that the Cardinal, Lennox, Argyle, Huntley and Murray do come very strongly to this assembly for the conclusion of matters between the realms, and have been secretly advised by the Governor, who is greatly miscontent with the King's demands, to come as starkly as they can; so that Angus thinks they mean not well to him, his brother, Glencairn, Cassils and the rest of the King's party. He has therefore written to his friends and servants to repair to him, and expects to have in and about this town 6,000 or 7,000 men, and the rest of his party do likewise and will, he thinks, be strong enough for their adversaries. This gathering is very chargeable to him, and though the King allows him 100l. a month he spends 300l. only in retaining gentlemen about him, and therefore he prays Sadler to write not only for his ordinary wages but an advance of 100l. for his relief at this time. Recommends this, and thinks Angus will prove a true gentleman to the King, as also will Glencairn and Cassils.
Has just received the letters from the Council to Angus. What is therein written has been already said and devised. They say they have taken order to prevent the child being stolen from Linlithgow, and by force she cannot be taken away without battle, but they cannot yet obtain her removal to any other stronghold. The Governor is ready to revolt to the other party. Has tried to cause him to savour his danger in trusting to the clergy and that party, and the benefit of conformity with the King's desires; but fears that "all will not help." Begs Suffolk to signify this to the Council. Edinburgh, 21 April. Signed.
Pp. 2. Add. Endd. : ao xxxiiij.o
*** The above is noted, with a list of corrigenda for the text as printed in the Sadler State Papers, in Hamilton Papers, No. 361.
R. O. 436. Augmentations.
A book of payments by the treasurer of Augmentations for the year 34 Hen. VIII., giving the date and intention of each payment. (For the previous account see Vol. XVII., No. 258.)

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f. 34.
i. "Payments of pensions anno xxxiiijto" (arranged under the various houses and made in the case of all larger pensions with deduction of one fourth part "detained for the loan money") :St. Mary Spittell : Wm. Major, prior, 20 Nov. ao 33o, 5 April, 28 June ao 34o, 5 Oct. Bysham : John Cordreye, abbot, 6 Dec. ao 33o, 1 April, 9 Nov. ao 34o. Charsey : Thos. Potter, 10 Dec. ao 34o. Godstowe : Kath. Bulkeleye, abbess, 19 April ao 33o, 7 Nov. ao 34o; Julian Pope, 18 Dec. ao 33o, 4 Ap., 9 Nov. ao 34o. Syon : Agnes Jordayne, abbess, 6 Jan. ao 33o, 5 Ap., 28 June ao 34o, 3 Oct.; Margery Coverte, Mary Watnoo, Bridget Sulyarde, Marg. Lupton. Dorothy Slcighte, Mary Nevell, Ant. Lytle, Ric. Browne, also at same dates; John Selby, 27 Dec., 11 Ap., 27 June, 7 Oct.; Eliz. Crowccheleye, 24 Dec., 10 Ap., 6 July, 6 Oct.; Alice Senowes, 29 Dec., 14 April, 26 June, 2 Oct.; Anne Edwardes, 8 Jan., 2 Ap., 24 June, 10 Dec.; Ant. Sutton, 17 Jan., 14 Ap., 27 June, 6 Nov.; David Curson, 16 Jan, 13 Ap., 27 June, 6 Nov.; John Millet, 10 Jan., 10 Ap., 27 June, 4 Nov.; Marg. Delye 17 Jan., 14 Ap., 27 June, 6 Nov.; Awdry Delly, Kath. Brerton, Eliz. Faux, same dates; Marg. Elrington, 18 Jan., 30 Ap., 6 July, 3 Nov.; Mary Denham, 27 Dec., 14 May, 18 Aug., 2 Dec.; John Howellz, 11 Jan., 14 Ap., 21 July, 4 Oct.; Ric. Whitforde, 16 Jan., 5 Ap., 28 June, 3 Oct.; John Grene, 16 Jan., 13 Ap., 21 July, 6 Nov.; Rose Paget, 16 Jan., 21 Ap., 21 July, 6 Nov.; John Massey, 16 Jan., 5 Ap., 28 June, 3 Oct.; Bridget Belgrave, 23 Jan., 10 May, 30 June, 4 Nov.; Effamye Eyllamer, Eliz. Mountayne and Alice Lyster, 22 Jan., 28 Ap., 26 June, 16 Oct.; John Bartelet, 30 Jan., 18 Ap., 12 July, 9 Nov.; Wm. Thurlington, 4 Feb., 13 Ap., 5 July, 25 Oct.; John Stewken, Bridget Fitzherbert, Alice Bettenham and Dorothy Bettenham, 28 Jan., 1 May, 25 June, 1 Oct.; Joan Deane, 6 Feb., 27 Ap., 6 July, 12 Oct.; Dorothy Codrington, Agnes Meryt, Eleanor Pegge, Eliz. Yates, Susan Purpherey, Marg. Monyngton, Ursula Fetiplace and Eleanor Fetiplace, 7 Feb., 19 May, 30 June, 23 Oct.; Marg. Bourchier, 13 Feb., 28 Ap., 15 July, 10 Dec.; Clemente Tresham, 7 Feb., 30 June, 15 Feb. ao 34o; Marg. Wyndesor, Joan Rushe, Anne Dauncy and Margery Walker, 17 Feb., 4 July, 8 Dec.; Thos. Precyous, 17 Feb., 4 July; Eliz. Knottesforde, 18 Feb., 30 June, 20 Oct.; Anne Vuxe, 15 Feb., 26 June; Thos. Pollarde, 4 March, 9 Dec.; Kath. Palmer, 17 Ap., 21 Nov.; Joan Judde, 22 Ap., 30 June, 3 Oct.; Alice Pulton 25 May, 1 Dec.; Ric. Lacche, 1 Jan., 28 March, 1 July, 28 Oct.; Eliz. Ogle, nil, because paid in next year; Alice Elrington, 19 Ap., 25 Nov. St. Mary Overeys : Barth. Fowle, prior, 14 Jan., 3 May, 4 July, 13 Oct. St. Albans : Ric. Bourman, abbot, 20 Jan., day of (blank), 8 and 12 June. Westminster : Wm. Melton. 17 Jan., 26 March, 30 June, 11 Nov.; Wm. Pacyence, 23 Jan., 12 July, 25 Feb. ao 34o; Wm. Veryte, 10 Feb., 6 July, 24 Nov.; Dionys Dolion, 31 March, 1 Oct.; John Allyn, 1 Ap., 2 Nov.; Wm. Benson, abbot, 28 Ap., 1 July, 10 Oct.; Wm. Estney, 4 May, 16 Oct.; John Foster, 8 July, 15 Oct. Crerkenwell (sic) : Eliz. Sakevyle, prioress, 16 Jan., 28 March, 26 June, 4 Oct. Clyve : John Webbe, 15 Feb., 18 July, 29 Nov. Worcester : Hen. Holbeche, bp. suffragan of Bristowe, prior, 30 Jan. day of (blank), 27 June, 23 Oct.; John Blakwell, 20 March, 29 Oct. Shene : Hen. Man, prior, 20 Feb., 27 Aug., 3 Nov.; Thos. Hynde, 20 Feb.; John Pizante, 27 March, 1 Oct.; Edm. Fletewood, 29 March, 14 Oct.; Robt. Horseley, 22 March, 9 Nov.; Geo. Hornby, 30 March, 10 Oct.; John Bromley. 31 March, 10 Nov.; Hen. Ball, 3 Ap., 8 Nov.; Thos. Manfelde, 3 Ap., 25 Oct.; Robt. Thirlby, 13 Ap., 25 Nov.; John Clemente, 13 Ap., day of (blank, with note "nihil quia mortuus"); Wm. Woode, 13 Ap., 9 Dec; Ric. Tildesley, 14 Ap., 12 Dec.; Thos. Smythe, 16 June; Thos. Lowe, 20 Jan. ao 34o; Wm. Marshall, nil; Robt. Chaffer nil, quia mortuus; Wm. Rilbery nil, quia mortuus Valla Crusis : John Heron, abbot, 27 Feb., 13 Oct. White Friars. [London] : John Gibbes. prior, 23 March, 11 Nov. Bukfaste : Gabriel Dunn, abbot, 26 March, 5 Oct. Rochester : Ric. Chetham, 28 March, 14 Oct.; Wm. Canterbury, 31 March, 9 Nov.; Wm. Albon, 30 March, 12 Oct.; Robt. Pilton, 4 Ap., 17 Nov.; Robt. Smith and Ant. London, 4 Ap., 14 Oct.; Thomas Nevyll, Thomas Graye, and Nic. Arnolde alias Spelhurst, 4 Ap., 17 Nov.; Robt. Bacon, 9 May, 15 Nov. Whytlandes : Jas. Nicholas, 30 March, 1 Dec. St. Bartholomew's near London : Matth. Dely, 30 March, 6 Nov.; Wm. Barloo, 26 March, 30 Sept.; Ric. Duff., 30 March, 2 Oct.; John Smyth, sen., 4 Ap., 28 Nov.; Peter Wade, 4 Ap., died before Mich.; Geo. Chapman, 4 Ap., Mich. payment in next year; Robt. Glasyer, 12 Ap., 14 Nov.; Chr. Reynold, 1 Ap., 31 Oct.; John Smyth, jun., 30 March, 30 Sept.; Hen. George, 5 Ap., 6 Oct.; John Sutton, 16 June; Robt. Stokes, nil. Cockesford : John Adamson, prior, 30 March, 15 Nov. Chester Abbey : Robt. Wyngham, John Tayllour, John Stanley (died before Mich.), Ric. Whytehedd, Ric. Robynson (died before Mich.), Randoll Fynchettz, John Mayer, John Gostlowe, Thos. Rutter, Ric. Dunn, Hugh Mathewe and Wm. Mylner, all paid 31 March and 1 or 7 Oct. Waltham : Miles Garrard, 31 March, 27 Nov.; Edm. Saunders, 31 March, 6 Nov.; Edm. Freke, 4 Ap., 5 Nov.; Wm. Lylley, 14 Ap., 8 Nov.; Thos. Hawkyns, 2 Ap., 3 Nov.; Thos. Warren and Ric. Rede. 2 Ap., 11 Nov.; Edw. Story, 2 Ap., 3 Nov.; John Saunder, 2 Ap., 8 Nov.; John Norrys, 2 Ap., 3 Nov.; Robt. Woodleef, 2 Ap., 9 Oct.; Geo. Solys, 29 March, 18 Nov.; Robt. Hulle, 19 Ap., 8 Nov.; John Holmested, 23 May, 1 Dec.; Robt. Perker, 23 May, 7 Dec.; Hugh Yonge, 26 March, 14 Oct.; Humph. Martyn, not paid. Bodemyn : Thos. Wannysworth, prior, 31 March, 12 Aug. St. Mary's in Winchester : Agnes Bachecrofte, and Mary Martyn, 4 Ap., 23 Nov.; Cristylyne Gaynesford, paid in the next year. Dertforde : Mary Kytson, 2 Ap., 11 Nov.; Marg. Okeley, 25 Ap., 14 Dec.; Kath. Clovyle. 7 June, 8 Dec. St. Augustine's in Brystowe : Morgan Gwilliams, abbot, 4 Ap., 10 Oct. Westmallinge : Marg. Vernon, abbess, 4 Ap., 14 Oct. College of Acon : Laur. Gopseller, master, 13 Ap., 4 Nov. Haughmonde : Thos. Corvesar, 14 Ap., 20 Oct.; Wm. Rolff, 14 Ap., 24 Oct.; John Wrighte, 15 Ap., 20 Oct. Thornton Curteyse : Edm. Southby, Thos. Apulton, Wm. Shawe, John Williamson, Chr. Smythe, Steph. Thomson, 17 Ap., Mich. portion not paid. Nonneton : Eliz. Mylwarde, 17 Ap., 4 Oct. Westacre : Wm Wyngfeld, prior, 1 Ap., 4 Nov. Hertford Weste : John Bathowe, prior, 4 Ap., 11 Oct. Clyfford : Nic. Hughe, prior, 3 Ap., 17 Oct. Twyneham : John Pope, 4 Ap., 21 Oct. Axolme : Thos. Dobson, 5 Ap., 6 Nov.; Thos. Broke, 27 Ap., 21 Nov. Norton : Thos. Bryket, abbot, 5 Ap., 8 Nov. Crowlande : John Raynes alias Cottingham, 4 Ap., 6 Oct. Berdemondsey : Robert bp. of St. Asse, abbot, 1 Ap., 10 Oct. Towerhyll : Hen. More, abbot, 5 Ap., 27 July. Chesthunt : Margery Hill, abbess, 19 Ap., 8 Dec. Fordham : Ric. Browne, 27 Ap., 13 Oct.; Wm. Baynton, 21 May, 13 Oct. Charterhouse near London : Thos. Salter, 2 May, 30 Sept.; Wm. Wayett, 21 May, 6 Nov. Chester nunnery : Eliz. Grosbenour, prioress, Marg. Tatton, Marg. Shaklady, Joan Foxelwyste, Frances Bradbourne, Marg. Trafford, Margery Tayllour, Jane Chauntryll, Eleanor Dutton, Alice Tayllour and Joan Johns, 4 May, 5 Oct. Valla Ryall : John Herward, abbot, 19 Ap., 28 Oct. Hynton : John Bachecrofte, 5 May, 8 Nov. Ambresbury : Marg. Baynbrydge, 19 May, 6 Nov. Stratford Bowe : Sibyll Kyrke, abbess, 27 Ap., 7 Oct. Tutbury : Arth. Meverell, prior, 7 May, 13 Nov. Walsingham : Ric. Vowell, prior, 8 May, 23 Oct.; Hen. Clarke, 21 Ap., 8 Nov. Peterburghe : Robt. Kyrton alias Marchaunte, 9 May, 19 Oct. Evesham : Thos. Bristowe, 13 May, 14 Dec. Grey Friars, London : Thos. Chapman, warden, 14 Ap., 28 Nov. Wetherall : Ralph Harteley, 12 May, 28 June. "The late vicarage of Westenhanger" Wm. Lambarte, 29 June, 12 March ao 34o. Barnewell : Ion Badcok, prior, 13 July, 28 Oct. Assherydge : Joseph Stepney, 17 July, 10 Oct. College of St. Martin's le Graunde in London : Thos. Hykelynge, 29 May, 15 July, 7 Nov.; Wm. Christmas, 29 May, 15 July, 16 Nov.; Geo. Ranar, 29 May, 15 July, 30 Sept.; Ant. Nycholson, 29 May, 13 July, 27 Oct.; Hen. Hille, 29 May, 15 July, 16 Nov.; Hen. Garrarde, 31 May, 15 July, 7 Nov.; Tristram Sparkeman, 2 June, 24 July, 12 Oct.; Thos. Robynson, 4 June, 23 July, 10 Nov.; Thos. Payne, 20 June, 21 Nov.; Robt. Evans, 13 July, 27 Jan.; John Stone, 14 Aug., 18 Nov.; Thos. Canne, 28 Nov. Saynte Johns in Exeter : Alice Buttes, "ancres there," 4 Sept. ao 34o. Breknok : Robt. Holden, prior, 27 Nov. ao 34o. Charteseye : Thos. Potter, 10 Dec. ao 34o. Chateres : Mary Graye, 23 Nov. ao 35o.
Total pensions, 3,765l 4s. 10d. Signed, as examined, by Wm. Berners and Robt. Burgoyn, auditors.
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f. 61.
ii. "Annuities of monasteries" :Out of Tavestok : Ric. Pollarde, 2 Dec. ao 33o. St. Mary's York : Sir Thos. Wryothesley, 20 Nov.; John Stonynge, 27 March ao 33o, 28 Oct. ao 34o; Walt. Hendleye, 26 March, 6 Nov.; Sir Thos. Hennage, 1 Oct. ao 34o. Hexham : Edm. Holgill, by Wm. Holgill, 11 Dec. ao 33o, 18 Dec. ao 34o. Leaghes : dean and chapter of Powles, 31 Oct. ao 33o. Bysham : Ant. Dunryche, 26 Dec., 21 July; Walt. Hendleye, 26 March; John Fulmer, 5 Ap., 11 Oct.; Walt. Hendleye, 6 Nov.; Sir Thos. Pope, 28 March, 1 Nov.; Sir Robt. Sowthwell (the name "Edgar" also in margin), 22 Nov. ao 34o. Christchurch in Norwich : Sir Thos. Hennage, 17 Jan. ao 33o. Taunton : Dr. John Tregonwell, by John Howe, 18 Jan., 20 July; Wm. Glascok, 4 July ao 34o, 24 Oct. Hyde : Sir Thos. Wryothesley, 29 Dec. ao 33o; John Godsalve, 1 Ap., 16 Oct. Durham : Sir T. Wryothesley, 29 Dec. ao 34o. Clerkynwell nunnery : Sir T. Wryothesley, 29 Dec. ao 33o. Halles : Sir T. Wryothesley, 29 Dec. ao 33o; Sir Ant. Kingeston, 7 Feb. ao 34o. St. Swithin's in Winchester : Sir T. Wryothesley, 29 Dec. ao 33o. : Thos. Goodman, of Winchester, singingman, 12 July ao 34o, 8 Feb. Chester abbey : Sir T. Wryothesley. 29 Dec. ao 33o; Otuell Worseley, 9 Feb., 31 March, 28 June, 7 Nov.; John Byrchelaye, 20 Ap., 13 Nov.; Rog. Standishe, 4 May, 28 Nov.; Robt. Radford, 9 July ao 34o; John, Byrchenshawe, clk., quondam of Chester, 2 Jan., not paid later. Christschurche in Sowthampton : Sir T. Wryothesley, 29 Dec. ao 33o; Sir T. Hennage, 1 Oct. ao 34o; Jas. Joskyns, 6 May. St. Mary's, York : Sir T. Wryothesley, 29 Dec. ao 33o. St. Mary Overeys : Sir T. Pope, 26 Dec., 26 June; Walt. Hendleye, 26 March, 6 Nov.; Ric. Hochenson, 14 Ap., 3 Oct.; Robt. Ryche, 7 Ap, St. John's Day portion not paid; Ric. Duke, 24 Ap., Mich, portion not paid; Humph. Welles, 18 Ap., 18 Nov.; the dean and chapter of Powles, 9 July, 31 Oct. Bylsington : Thos. Chetham, suffragan of Sidon, 12 Jan., 31 March, 1 July, 22 Oct. Leades : Thos. Chetham, bp. of Sidon, for Ant. Husee and Thos. Darrell, 14 Jan., 31 March, 1 July, 22 Oct.; John Gostwyke and Ric. Wheler, 1 Ap., 8 Dec. Peterburgh : Thos. Butte, 23 Feb., 4 Aug.; Sir Edw. Mountague, chief justice, 5 May, 18 Oct.; Sir T. Hennage, 1 Oct. ao 34o. Mochelney : John Manfelde, 18 Feb., 21 Nov. Peterburgh : dean and chapter of Powles, 9 July, 31 Oct. Berdemondeseye : dean and chapter of Norwich, 14 March, 14 Dec.; Sir T. Pope, 28 March, 1 Nov.; Thos. Edgar, 22 Nov. ao 34o. Selby : Thos. Rawlyns, 18 March, 21 Oct. Shene : John Ball, 28 March, 18 Oct.; John Fletewoode, 29 March. 14 Oct.; Walt. Hendley, 26 March, 6 Nov.; Sir T. Pope, 28 March, 1 Nov.; Alex. Goodman, 27 March, 9 Oct.; Thos. and John Rydleye, 27 March, 23 Dec.; Eliz. Elles, 12 Ap., 24 Dec.; Ric. and Robt. Hocchenson. 14 Ap., 3 Oct.; Thos. Fletewood, 5 Ap., 3 Oct.; Robt. Riche, 7 Ap., 5 Oct.; Ric. Duke, clerk of Augm., 24 Ap., Mich. half not paid; Ant. Dunryche, 22 Ap., 21 Oct.; Eliz. Hocchyns, 28 Ap., 11 Dec.; Wm. Glascok, 4 July, 24 Oct.; Ralph Hunt, 27 March, 30 Nov.; Thos. Edgar, 22 Nov. ao 34o; Ric. Smythe, 23 Dec. ao 34o. Hynton : Wm. Horde, 27 March, 10 Oct.; Wm. Davys, 2 May, 16 Nov. Bury : Wm. Crane, 31 March, 3 Nov.; Ric. Tyrrell, 4 Ap., 21 Oct. Keynsham : Robt. Smarte, 29 March, 15 Nov; [Sir Ant. Kyngeston] (fn. 2) Coventry Charterhouse : Wm. and Robt. Bocharde, 26 March, Mich. half not paid; Robt. Ryche, 7 Ap., 5 Oct. Syon : Reynold Mylsam, 3 Ap., 7 Nov.; Walt. Henley, 27 March, 6 Nov.; Ric. Hocchenson, 14 Ap., 3 Oct.; Thos. Whighte alias Percye, 7 July, 7 Nov. Tynmowthe : Hen. Penkhethe, 4 Ap., 20 Nov. Chester nunnery : Thos. Rydley, 27 March, 23 Dec. Towerhill : Thos. Ridleye, 27 March, 23 Dec.; Walt. Hendleye, 26 March, 6 Nov.; dean and chapter of Powles, 9 July, 31 Oct. St. Mary Spyttell : Ric. Hocchenson, 14 Ap., 3 Oct.; Thos. Eden, 6 May, 18 Dec.; Wm. Horwoode, 25 Ap., 26 Oct.; Wm. Glascok, 4 July, 24 Oct. Thos. Edgar, 22 Nov. ao 34o; dean and chapter of Powles. 9 July, 31 Oct. Leyston : Wm. Sympson, 14 Ap., 3 Oct. Burton : John Gemme. 13 March, 3 June; John Bradshawe, 29 July 24 Nov. St. Augustine's in Brystowe : Jas. Gunter, 22 March, 12 July, 14 Oct.; Geo. Owen, 20 Ap., 16 Dec. Westminster : Hen. Clerke, 1 Ap., 8 Nov.; Hen. Pawly, now preacher of the divinity lecture at Cambridge, 30 June, 7 Nov.; Wm. Moraunte, of the King's cellar, 6 July, Mich, portion not paid; Wm. Skyte, now reader of the divinity lecture in Cambridge, 16 July, 14 Nov.; dean and chapter of Powles, 9 July, 31 Oct. Bokenham : Ant. Younge, 30 March, 1 Oct. Barnwell : Sir Rog. Cholmeley, 10 Ap., 23 Oct. Delacrace : Nic. Whitneye, 17 Ap., 14 Dec. Christeschurche in London : John Hughes, 17 Ap. ao 33o; dean and chapter of Powles, 9 July, 31 Oct. Spaldinge : Thos. Knighte, 18 April, 10 Nov.; John Roke, 1 Ap., 30 Oct. Glamorgan : John Lewes and John Lewson, 5 Ap., 28 Nov. Laundeston : Ric. Pollarde, 5 Ap., 19 Oct. Newneham : Ric. Pollarde, 5 Ap., 19 Oct. Torre : Ric. Pollarde, 5 Ap., 19 Oct. Buckfast : Ric. Pollarde, 5 Ap., 19 Oct.; Jas. Knottesforde, 4 May, 28 Feb. Mynoresse beside London : Robt. Ryche, 7 Ap., 5 Oct.; dean and chapter of Powles, 9 July, 31 Oct. Saynte Albones : Robt. Ryche, 7 Ap., 5 Oct.; Fras. Este, 6 Ap., 3 Nov.; Sir Thos. Pope, 22 Ap. (by Ant. Dunryche), 21 Oct.; Thos. Edgar, 22 Nov. ao 34o; Thos. Crosse, (blank) ao 33o, 5 May, 6 July, 21 Nov. ao 34o; Laur. Poyners, 21 Oct. ao 34o; Walter Hendley, 26 March, 6 Nov. Elye : Wm. Rudstone, 30 Ap., 18 Oct. Wynchecombe : Wm. Whorwoode, 25 Ap., 26 Oct.; Sir Ant. Kyngestoun, not paid. Pershour : Wm. Whorwoode, 25 Ap., 26 Oct. St. John's Hospital : Wm. Whorwoode, 25 Ap., 26 Oct.; Ph. Babington, 27 Ap., 21 Nov.; Wm. Ermested, master of the Temple, for himself, four priests and one clerk, 18 Jan., 30 March, 27 June, 10 Nov. "Out of Sir John Dudley's lands" : Walt. Hendley, 27 March, 6 Nov. Lawnde : Wm. Whorwoode (two annuities), 25 Ap., 26 Oct.; John Roke, 1 Ap., 30 Oct. Dunstable : Ric. Whighte, clk., 6 May, 18 Dec.; John Roke, 1 Ap., 30 Oct. Welbek : Ric. Bowyer alias Stirleye, 6 May, 3 Aug. St. Thomas's hospital in Southwark : Sir Thos. Pope, 22 Ap. (by Ant. Dunryche), 21 Oct. Ramsey : Sir Edw. Mountague, 5 May, 18 Oct.; Wm. Buttes, 9 Jan. ao 34o. Thorneye : Sir Edw. Mountague, 5 May, 18 Oct.; Griffith Richardes, 1 Ap., 30 Oct.; John Wagstaff, 10 Dec. ao 34o. Pipwell : Sir Edw. Mountague, 5 May, 18 Oct. St. Andrew's in Northampton : Sir Edw. Mountague, 5 May, 18 Oct. Mochelham : dean and chapter of Chichester (altered to Arundell and again in the margin to Chichester), 14 May, 2 Dec. Wenlok : Thos. Standishe, 31 May, 28 Nov. Marryke : Sir Ralph Bulmer, 2 June, 10 Nov. Cokersande : Ant. Layton, 14 June; Wm. Ropar, 10 Jan. ao 34o (for three years). Chepstowe : John Marshall, quondam of Chepstowe, 4 Jan., 29 March, 27 June, 2 Oct. Stratflere : John Roke, 1 Ap., 30 Oct. Crowlande : John Roke, 1 Ap., 30 Oct.; Jas. Tytterington, 10 Dec. ao 34o; [John Wagstaff, 10 Dec. ao 34o, cancelled because entered under Thorneye]; Sir Thos. Hennage, 1 Oct. ao 34o. Meaux : Geo. Drewe, 1 Ap., 4 Oct. Childerlangleye : Griffith Richardes, 1 Ap., 30 Oct. Sharpe : Thos. Leighe, LI. D., 4 July, 15 Oct. Clyve : Ralph Tybbes, 13 July, 9 Feb. College of Acon in London, Halywell, St. Ellens in London and the Charterhouse in London : dean and chapter of Powles, 9 July, 31 Oct. St. Bartholomew's : dean and chapter of Powles, 9 July, 31 Oct; Ric. Urmeston, treasurer of Grays Yn, for a priest serving there, 3 Ap., 19 Oct. Kylbourne, Stratforde nunnery, Waltham, Brusyarde, Notleye, Cobham College, Charteseye, Newarke, Garradon and Alnewyke : dean and chapter of Powles, 9 July, 31 Oct. Noneton : Ric. Everat, 5 Aug., 21 Oct. Meryvall : Ric. Everate, 5 Aug., 21 Oct. Ulvecrofte : John Fletewoode, 29 March, 14 Oct.; Sir Thos. Pope, 28 March, 1 Nov. Byndon : Sir Thos. Pope, 22 Nov. Brewerne : Edw. Fetiplace, 22 Nov. Plympton : Ric. Pollarde. 19 Oct. ao 34o; Walter Hendley, 26 March, 6 Nov. Buklande : Sir Ric. Pollarde, 19 Oct. ao 34o. Tewkesbury, Malmesbury and Much Malvern : Sir Ant. Kingston, 7 Feb. ao 34o. Circestre : Sir Ant. Kingston, 7 Feb. ao 34o; Thos. Edgare, 22 Nov. ao 34o. Batell, Dartford, and Nethe : Walter Hendley, 26 March, 6 Nov. Mountacute, and Christchurch in Canterbury : Thos. Perey, 14 Sept., 28 Nov. Shrowesbury : Ant. Wycclyff, 14 Sept., 28 Nov. Shaftesburye : Wm. Whorwood, 26 Oct. Byleghe, Stratforde nunnery, Elsing Spittell and Leghes : dean and chapter of Powles, 31 Oct. ao 34o. Monmowthe : Thos. Baker. 16 Nov. ao 34o. St. John's in Excetter : Thos. Goodwyn and Ph. Frier, 16 Dec. ao 34o. Whitlandes : David Nashe, by Hugh ap Howell, 24 Dec. ao 34o, 18 March ao 34o. Lanthonye, and Gloucester monastery : Sir Ant. Kyngston, 7 Feb. ao 34o. Malton : Wm. Peter, 20 Feb.
Total annuities 1,074l. 8s. 3d. Signed by Berners and Burgoyn.
f. 63.

f. 64.

f. 65.

f. 66.

f. 67.

f. 68.

f. 69.
iii. "Annuities by the King" (many of them noted in the margin as fees and some as pensions) :Sir Humph. Ratclyff, out of Northumberland's lands, 27 Nov. ao 33o, 2 Oct. ao 34o. Hen. Williams, footman, 28 Jan., 27 June. Ric. Pigote, gentleman of the Chapel, 10 Jan., 28 March, 3 July, 11 Oct. Eliz. Golden, widow, 10 Jan., 1 July. John Eyer, gentleman, 20 Jan., 20 May, 30 Nov. Sir Thos. Wryothesley, one of the two Principal Secretaries, 29 Dec. ao 33o. Sir Ralph Sadler, another of the Principal Secretaries, 27 March, 5 Oct. Sir John lord Russell, High Admiral, 31 Dec. ao 33o, 28 March ao 33o, 14 Jan. ao 34o. Geo. Aylesbury, gentleman, 9 Jan., 30 March, 6 July, 2 Oct. Thos. Darby, gentleman, 20 Feb., 9 Nov. Robt. Rolff, 14 Feb., 28 June. Edw. Fetiplace, esquire, 28 March, 20 Nov. Robt. Pyrreye, 27 March, 2 Oct. Ric. Bower, 28 March, 21 July. Thos. Byrde, 28 March, 1 Oct. Hen. Stephenson, 30 March, 2 Oct. Hugh Latymer, late bp. of Worcester, 29 March, 2 Nov. Peter Gerrarde, 30 March, 4 Sept. Hen. Howarde, gentleman. 31 March, 11 May. Sir Ric. Page, 13 Ap., 30 Sept. Walter Cromer, doctor of physic, 14 Ap., 1 Oct. Sir Griffith Dun, 17 Ap., 13 Nov. Hen. Dyngley, gentleman, 28 March, 26 Oct. Wm. Fermer, esquire, 2 Ap., 10 Oct. Nic. Shaxton, late bp. of Salisbury, 31 March, 1 Oct. Sir Thos. Clyfforde, 20 Ap., 5 Oct. Thos. Nevyll, esq., 12 May, 24 Nov. Eliz. Hollande, 7 May, 8 Nov. Ric. Adams (note in margin that he is Robt. Adams in the previous year's account) 9 May, 15 Dec. Sir Thos. Palmer, 3 July, 12 Oct. Walt. Proude. 29 Dec. ao 33o. Geo. Roper and Edw. Free, keepers of Hide park, and John Free, one of the keepers of Marybon park, 30 March, 7 Nov. Andrew Wedon, 30 March, 7 Nov. Sir Geo. Broke lord Cobham, for keeping the King's house of Rochester, 14 Ap., 21 Nov. Wm. Whorwoode, esq., for high stewardship of Vale Riall, 30 March, 26 Oct. Sir John Baldwyn, chief justice "of the common place," 11 May, Mich. portion not paid. Sir Edw. Mountague, chief justice of England, for keeping assises and gaol delivery within the liberties of Bury and Ramsey, 5 May, 18 Oct. Thos. Fittzhughe, clerk of the assises and gaol delivery aforesaid, 20 Oct. ao 34o. Ric. Higham, understeward of Waltham forest, 16 Nov. ao 34o. Wm. Webster (11 Feb., 4 July), Thos. Myles and Walt. Prowde (21 June) pensioners of the Stable, and Thos. Wallys, groom of the Stable, 21 June. Edw. Gregory, 21 June. Geo. Forman, pensioner of the Stable, 28 June. Thos. Hinde, groom of the Stable, 30 June. Wm. Bereman, late sumpterman of the Privy Kitchen, 23 July. Edw. Eglyanbye, captain of the new citadel of Carlyle (for himself and eight soldiers from Mich. ao 33o), 5 Sept. ao 34o., 7 Nov. ao 34o. Thos. Bromleye, serjeant at law, for keeping assise and gaol delivery, at Ramsey and Bury, 18 Nov. ao 34o. Sir Thos. Wentworth, captain of Sandall castle, Yorks, 27 Oct., 8 Nov. ao 34o. Edw. Gregory and Geo. Forman, pensioners of the Stable, 21 Nov. Ric. Browne, 23 Nov John Peck, under captain of Sandall castle, 19 Feb. ao 34o. Lord Wm. Howarde (on warrant dormant of 17 Feb. ao 34o), 26 Feb.
Total annuities by the King, 1,535l. 14s. Signed by Berners and Burgoyn.
f. 70.

f. 71.

f. 72.
iv. "Fees of officers" of the Court of Augmentations :Sir Ric. Ryche, chancellor, 22 Dec., 21 Ap., 21 June, 10 Aug. Sir Edw. Northe, treasurer, dates not entered. Walter Hendley, attorney, 24 Jan., 26 March, 27 June, 6 Nov. Nic. Bacon, solicitor, 21 Dec., 27 March, 6 July, 13 Oct. Ric. Duke, clerk of the Court, 24 Ap., Mich, portion not paid. Thos. duke of Norfolk, high steward of lands on this side Trent, day of (blank) ao 34o. Nic. Hare, Norfolk's deputy, 21 Ap., 12 Oct. Lord Chancellor Audeley, high steward of lands beyond Trent, 18 Jan. ao 34o. John Lucas, Audeley's deputy, 13 Feb. a 34o. Wm. Cowper, surveyor of woods, (date of first payment not given), 29 March, 25 July, 12 Oct. Walter Farre, keeper of evidences, 3 Feb., 31 March, 8 July, 23 Oct. John Warde, messenger, 3 Feb., 1 Ap., 24 May, 21 Oct. Thos. Tirrell, pursuivant, 5 Ap., 24 Aug. Jas. Johnson, usher, 14 Ap., 24 Nov. Wm. Whorwoode, Attorney General, for assisting the Council of Augmentations, 25 Ap., 26 Oct. John Hynde, serjeant at law, 24 Oct. Berners and Burgoyn, auditors, for taking the Treasurer's account at Michaelmas last, 4 Dec., 40l. The Treasurer, for his clerks, 1 Oct., 20l.
Total fees 1,129l. 11s. 8d. Signed by Berners and Burgoyn.
f. 73.

f. 74.
v. "Decrees" :Paid 15 Ap. ao 33o to Robt. and Wm. Duncombe, due at Lady Day, part payment of a debt by Westminster abbey, decreed 1 June ao 33o. 31 March, Wm. Barton, executor of Wm. Barton, dec., his father, decreed 13 Feb., arrears of an annuity granted by the late earl of Northumberland, from 30 June ao 29o to 16 June ao 32o. 14 Ap., John Nethermyll, executor of Julyne Nethermyll, by Wm. Garrarde, of London, haberdasher, decreed 13 Feb., debts of Stoneley and Kenelworth abbeys. 3 May ao 34o, Sir John Allyn, debt of "the late and convente of Graces besides the Towre nighe London," decreed 13 Feb. 5 July, Wm. Phillips, decreed 10 June, recompence for his office of keeping the manor of Knoll, Kent. 14 July, Sir Ralph Sadler, one of the Principal Secretaries, decreed, 10 June, to him and Thos. Leighe, debt of Nonneton. 22 July, John Elrington, of Hakney, decreed 20 June, for purchase of four pastures in tenure of Ric. Grenewaye in Hakney. 22 July, Edm. Parker, of Hakney, for purchase of a field called Leyfeld in Hakney, decreed 20 June. 28 July, Walter Hendleye, decreed 30 June, recompense of a wood sale by the late prior of Christchurch in Canterbury made void by Act of Parliament of 28 April ao 31o. 29 July, Robt. Williot, by Robt. Bynge, decreed in Mich. term ao 33o, debt of St. Albans. 1 July, Anne Baylye, widow, by Edw. Bartylmewe, of London, tailor, decreed 6 Feb. ao 31o, debt of Feversham mon. due 31 May 1542. 17 Nov., Wm. Achym, by Geo. Haydon, decreed 20 June, debt of Newneham mon. 25 Feb., Jane Coote, widow, by Ric. Cole, decreed 8 Feb. 9 March, Thos. Broke, decreed 5 Feb., debt of Cockishill nunnery "in the county of York."
Total payments by decrees, 493l. 6s. 8d. Signed by Berners and Burgoyn.
f. 75.

f. 76.

f. 77.

f. 78.

f. 79.

f. 80.
vi. "Warrants by the Council" :1 April ao 33o, Sir John Baker, chancellor of First Fruits and Tenths, for pains taken during the Parliament in assisting the Council of the Augmentations, warrant dated same day, 20l. 4 Ap., Sir Thos. Nevyle, due to lady Elizabeth his wife, debt of the Mynores beside Algate, w. 31 March, 10l. 5 Ap., Clement Throgmerton, prest towards costs in riding to view certain castles, places, manors and other capital houses of the King's to perceive the ruin of them with a view to their speedy repair, 100l. 29 Ap. ao 34o, in Waltham forest, Essex, to divers persons (named) for lands enclosed in the new park of Fayre Meade, 38l. 8s. 1d., and to Mrs. Stoner for dinners and other charges of Mr. Chancellor and the commissioners there the same day, 33s. 4d. 29 Ap., Rol. Rampston, 26l. 6s. 8d., and Geo. Stonar, 15s., for lands enclosed in Fayre Meade. 5 May, John Warde, messenger, 3l. 6s. 8d. 9 May, John Gemne for expenses of the anniversary of King Henry VII. to be holden at Westminster 10 and 11 May next, 40l. 21 May, Wm. Oxenden for buildings at Ostinghanger, Kent, 100l. 26 May, Robt. Russell, paymaster and surveyor of works at Otforde, Kent, on his account for 3 July ao 33o to 17 May ao 34o, 6l. 3s. 26 May, Jas. Johnson, usher, for wood, coals and rushes expended in the Council Chamber and Court of the Augmentations, 16s. 5d. 1 June, John Fryth, clk., and Hugh Hill, clk., by way of reward, warrant 25 May, 4l. 7 June, Geo. Harper, for one year's rent of lands which the King gave him, warrant 24 May, 20l. 10 June, Ant. Denny, of the Privy Chamber, towards paling and making of the new park beside Waltham, Essex, w. 29 May, 100l. 17 June, John Bellowe, towards building and finishing walls at Thornton, w. 16 June, 56l. 13s. 4d. 4 June, Thos. Tyrrell, messenger, for riding 644 miles, 53s. 8d. 17 June, Hen. Coldewell, for graving and making of the great seal of the Court of Augmentations. 16l. 7 July, Robt. Russell, paymaster of works at Otforde and Knolle, w. 6 July, 100l., 14 July, Sir Arth. Darcy, part of 1,814l. 20d. due to him for the manors of Leades and Holbek, &c., Yorks., sold to the Crown 26 June ao 34o, 500l. 7 July, John Smythson, Wm. Huddelsden, Ric. Sharpe, Ric. Browne and John Gerrarde and their wives (named) for lands sold to the King in co. (blank), 60l. 11s. 8d. 13 July, Thos. King and Eliz. his wife, Wm. Felde and Joan Goddarde for purchase of lands, 29l. 10s. 8 July, Sir Thos. Wyat, full payment of 3,669l. 8s. 2d. for his manors of Howe and Wyndhill, &c., Kent, 1,259l. 8s. 2d. 12 July, John Gylbarte, haberdasher of London, for land in St. Martyn's parish beside Canterbury, 9l. 4s. 2d. 13 July, Wm. Whorwoode, for drawing indentures, 33l. 6s. 8d. 14 July, Ric. Pye, by John Warde, 15s. 8d. 15 July, Ric. Johnson, by Thos. Matleye, for a lease he had of lands lying by the Black Friars of Northampton, 4l. 28 July, Walter Hendleye for diets during his survey of Romney Marshe and Guldeford Marshe, 4l. 6s. 8d. 22 July, Sir Thos. Pope, Sir Edw. North, Nic. Bacon, solicitor, and Walt. Hendley, attorney, for diets and travails during their abode in London hearing accounts, 40l. 21 and 28 July, Geo. Maxeye, towards making certain "parokes and other necessaries" within Fayre Meade park, Essex, 20l and 40l. 21 July, Edw. Broke, of Chynkforde, Essex, for lands specified enclosed in Fayre Meade park, 26l. 13s. 11d. 5 Aug., John Bellowe, by Thos. Burter, towards repair of sea banks adjoining the King's ground called Wyncettz and Patherington, Yorks., parcel of the late house of Thornton Curteys, 80l. 12 Aug., Sir Arthur Darcy, full payment of 1,814l. 20d. due for the manors of Leades and Holbecke, &c., 1,314l. 20d. 23 July, Wm. Cowper, for expenses in surveying woods, between Christmas and St. Peter's Day last at 10s. a day, 40l. 10 Aug., Geo. Maxey, towards making Fayre Meade park, 40l. 7 Aug. and 2 Sept., Robt. Russell, for repairs at Otforde and Knolle, 180l. and 70l. 10 Aug., Thos. Tyrrell, messenger, 31s. 4d. 4, 9 and 16 Sept., Sir Hen. Knevyt, (and on 1 Sept. by Ant. Denny) full payment of 2,000l. for the manors of Ellerton, Escryke and Wygynton, Yorks., according to an indenture between him and Sir Edw. Northe, 17 Sept. last, 1,400l. 9 Sept., Robt. Russell, for Otforde, Knolle and Panthurste, 100l. 20 Sept., Hen. Coldwell, for silver to make the privy seal of the Court of Augmentations, and for graving the same, 7l. 9s. 5d. 27 Sept., John Warde and Thos. Tirrell, messengers, riding allowances, 8l. 1 Oct. and 4 Nov., Hugh ap Harrye, towards repairing the King's house of St. Barthilmewes, 20l. and 60l. 12 Oct., Robt. Russell, for Otforde and Knoll, 120l. 17 Oct., John Gates, to be employed about the new park of Waltham, 200l. 21 Oct. and 4 Nov., Geo. Maxey, towards finishing certain perokes in the new park of Fayre Meade, 50l. and 20l. 30 Oct., Sir Thos. Wryothesley, towards repairing the King's house at Stokwell, warrant 29 Nov. last, 50l. 28 Oct., Thos. Goodwyn, for charges of Mr. Chancellor and others of the King's Council at Hounsloo, 55s. 8d. 11 Nov., Nic. Bacon for his expenses about the surrender of Wynkfelde College, 5l. 6s. 8d. 29 Nov., Robt. Russell, for repairs at Otforde, Knolle and Panthurste 100l. 26 Nov., John Pecke, carpenter, for repairs done at the King's house in Southwark, 57s. 7d. 1 Dec., Thos. Tirrell, messenger, for riding costs, 38s. 10d., and livery coat, 33s. 4d.; and Jas. Johnson, usher, for necessaries, 23s. 6d. 9 Dec., Robt. Nasshe for expenses of Mr. Chancellor, Mr. Treasurer and others in commission at Howneslowe on 4 and 5 Dec., 7l. 16s. 11d. 28 Jan., Thos. Tirrell and John Warde, messengers, full payment of 16l. 4s., for riding 3,888 miles, 8l. 4s., and for riding 1,944 miles, 8l. 2s. 29 Jan., Agnes and Stephen Wilforde for a new tenement at White Webbes called Strodes and 2 ac. of a close called Arsmertes in Endevelde parish, Midd., lately enclosed in Enfelde park, 34l. 13s. 4d. 9 Feb. and 13 March, Robt. Russell, for Otforde, Knolle and Panthurste, 50l. and 50l. 16 Feb., Geo. Maxeye towards finishing certain parokes in Fayre Meade park, 30l. 1 Feb., Charles Wyngfeld and Geo. Cottismore, reward for transporting 7,000l. to the duke of Suffolk in the North, 6l. 13s. 4d. 12 March, John Warde, messenger, for livery coat due at Easter last, by warrant of 22 Nov., 33s. 4d. 18 March, the dean and chapter of Westminster, on warrant of 13 March, 830l. 21d. for arrears of lands within the circuits of Robt. Burgoyne, John Wiseman, Hugh Fuller and Wm. Caundishe, auditors, from 32 Hen. VIII., and on another warrant 148l. 3s. 7d. for arrears of possessions of the late college of St. Martin's le Grande. 4 Dec., Berners and Burgoyn, for diets at taking the Treasurer's account, 30l., and reward to their clerks, 10l. 16 March, Sir Edw. North, treasurer, for green cloths, bags, books, wax, parchment and other necessaries, 12l.; and his clerks for pains in the declaration of accounts, 13l. 6s. 8d.; and Mr. Chancellor's clerks for "casting the charge and discharge of the said treasurer's account, 40s."
Total payments by warrants of the Council, 7,804l. 11s. d. Signed by Berners and Burgoyn.
f. 82.

f. 83.

f. 84.

f. 85.

f. 86.

f. 87.

f. 88.

f. 89.
vii. "The King's Majesty's warrants" :13 April ao 33o, to the King, 5,000 mks. 7 April, Wm. Oxenbryge, towards edifying the King's castle of Camber, Suss., warrant 31 March, 300l.; also 28 April, 300l.; and 1 June 400l. 27 April ao 34o, Cornelys Hays, for 50 oz. of cramp rings of gold delivered to the King on Good Friday at 45s. 4d. the oz., and 140 oz. of silver cramp rings at 4s. 4d.; Morgan Wolf, for 11 cups gilt "of asseys takinge delivered by him into the Jewelhouse at sundry times" 108 oz. at 5s. 2d., also for a cruse gilt with cover given by the King to Longe, his arrowhead maker, 9 oz. at 5s. 2d., "four double seals of silver, being viij pieces, called the seals of the Chancery of Wales" at 5l. apiece, and four more double seals "called judicial seals, being viij pieces for other courts within Wales" at 3l. 6s. 8d. apiece, also 156 oz. of silver to make the seals, at 3s. 8d.; John Aunsell, the King's mat maker, 44s. 4d.; warrant dated 7 April ao 33o. [27 April, Sir Thos. Wentworth, captain of Sandall castle and steward of Wakefeld lordship, for fees from 24 Oct. last to Easter, warrant 23 April ao 34o, 99l. 10s. 1d.] (fn. 3) 28 April and 1 May, Wm. Jenyns, master of the fraternity of Rouncevall, by virtue of an indenture of exchange dated 13 March ao 33o, 43l. 4s. 30 April, Geo. Maxeye, towards making certain parokes at the new park of Fayre Meade, 20l. 2 June, Sir Thos. Seymer, for rents of lands in Wiltshire which he had by exchange, warrant 24 March ao 33o, 253l. 5s. 17 June, Wm. Gonston, paymaster of the King's ships, for costs of 184 mariners and gunners lately serving 21 days in the Jenet and the Dragon, and for wages and victuals of the King's ship keepers till Midsummer next, warrant 29 May, 408l. 29 June, John Rider (in margin Rither), the Prince's cofferer, for his Grace's household, warrant 28 Nov. ao 33o, 1,000l. 26 June, Sir Thos. Hennage, reward, 150l. 30 June, Wm. Gonston, paymaster of the King's ships, in prest for emptions and provisions for the King's affairs, warrant 26 June, 1,680l. 4 July, the King, by Sir Thos. Hennage, 2,000l. 23 June, Geo. Maxey, servant to Mr. Chancellor of the Augmentations towards "making of certain perokes, new making of stondinges and ridding of roughe plottes within the King's new park of Fayre Meade," 30l. 28 June, Wm. Oxenbridge, part of 2,000l. for works at the castle of Camber, warrant 20 June, 1,200l. 12 July, "Edw. Fenys, knight, lord Clynton" due for the manor or grange of Horblyn, Linc., and other lands sold to the King, 9 July, 378l. 18s. 4d. 13 July, Sir John Williams, part payment for repairs at Grafton, warrant 9 Jan. ao 32o, 66l. 13s. 4d. 29 July, Ant. Auger, paymaster of the King's water-works at Dover, 500l., and on 22 Aug., 435l. 2s. 8d., for the two months from 25 June to 19 Aug., w. 25 July. 2 Aug., Wm. Lok, mercer, Thos. Hungate, havener to the late Queen Jane, and Wm. Fulwoode, merchant tailor, for themselves and others named in a warrant of 24 June, for necessaries bought for the lady Anne of Cleves, 328l. 12s. 10 Aug., Thos. earl of Rutland, loan to be repaid in three years, w. 8 Aug., 300l. 27 April, ao 34o, Sir Thos. Wentworth, steward of Wakefeld lordship, Yorks., for his fee from 24 Oct. ao 33o till Easter, 167 days, w. 23 April, 8l. 0s. d. Sir Edm. Walsingham, lieutenant of the Tower, "for divers sorts and kinds of munitions and habiliments of war to be purveyed and taken into th' office of the Ordnance within the Tower of London," w. 28 July, viz., 14 Aug., 2,000l., 23 Aug., 2,000l. and 28 Aug., 1,365l. 2s. 7d. 17 Aug., Wm. Gonson, paymaster of the King's ships, in prest for "charges of divers ships set to the sea," w. 13 Aug., 800l. 18 July, Wm. Oxenbrydge, for the "water-works at Camber castle," full payment of 2,000l., w. 20 June, 800l. Paid "by my master his own hands," 20 Aug., to Morgan Wolff, the King's goldsmith, 261l. 3s. 8d. for 748 oz. of "spangles silver and gilt" at 6s. 8d. the oz. and 46 oz. of "spangles silver white" at 5s. to embroider the yeomen of the Guard's and footmen's coats, w. 14 July. 5 Aug., Sir John Williams, towards repairs at Grafton, 40l. 22 Aug., Thos. Vowell, "one of the gentlemen sewars of the King's Majesty's household," reward, w. 20 Aug., 88l. 4 Sept., Edw. Shelley, "treasurer appointed for the wars in the North parties," w. 30 Aug 2,000l. 10 Sept., John Mylle, of Southampton, towards finishing the fortress of Hurst, 1,400l. 21 Sept., Ant. Awecher, paymaster of the King's waterworks at Dover, 428l. 12s. 4d. for the month from 20 Aug. to 16 Sept., and the same for the month to 14 Oct., and 42l. residue of 899l. 4s. 8d. due for wages and allowances of 2 boats and 14 men at Hasting by the space of 5 months past, w. 20 Sept. 26 Sept., John Bridges, yeoman of the Kings tents, for "translating and amending" the tents, w. 18 Sept., 154l. 11s. 6d. 24 Oct., Sir Edm. Peckham, cofferer, part of 6,000l. payable at Michaelmas next for the Household, 1,000l. 13 Nov., John Rider, cofferer of the Prince's household, part of a sum due for that household for the 34th year, 1,000l. 8 Oct., John Bridges, yeoman of the tents, and Thos. Hale, for 153 baletts of canvas for the King's store, at 5l. a-piece, w. 2 Oct., 765l. 28 Oct., Ric. Lee, in prest to be transported to Calles to Ant. Rouse, comptroller, to pay the crew at the fortifications at Guenes and other fortifications, w. 27 Oct., 3,000l. 3 Nov., Sir Edm. Pekham, Cofferer, by Thos. Thatton, on 3 and 22 Nov., and by Thos. Fletewoode, 27 Nov. and 3 Dec., for the Household, 4,684l. 3s. 10d. 10 Nov., Sir John Dudley viscount Lisley, for lands in Bristol with the advowson of the church of St. Laurence there, sold to the King by indenture of 9 Nov., 1,188l. 13s. 4d. 13 Nov., Viscount Lisleye, "warden of the marches for and anempst Scotlonde," for his own diets at 3l. 6s. 8d. for one month from 21 Nov. next and for coats and conduct money of 5 captains, 5 petty captains and 500 men (particular amounts given) 407l. 16s. 8d. 17 Nov., Ant. Auccher, paymaster of the water works at Dover, for two months, 14 Oct. to 10 Dec., w. 14 Nov., 554l. 10s. 8d. 21 Nov., Sir Ant. Knyvet, in prest, to be transported to Calleis and delivered to Thos. Palmer, one of the King's pensioners, w. 16 Nov., 3,000l. Sir Edm. Pekham, "for the loan money in part of a more sum due for pensioners," viz., on 10 July 104l. 3s. 7d. and on 18 Aug. 1,977l. 11s. 5d. 14 Dec., Sir Edm. Pekham, in full payment of 6,000l. for the Household for this year, 315l. 16s. 2d. 15 Dec., Wm. Gonson, paymaster of the King's "marion causes," for discharging divers captains, soldiers, mariners and gunners lately serving on the sea, 540l., for necessaries for the same ships 100l., for payment of shipwrights, calkers and labourers at Dedford and Wolwiche 320l., and for payment of the King's shipkeepers till Christmas next, 260l.; w. 9 Dec. 22 Dec., John Burnell and Harry Browne, merchants of the Staple of Calleis, to be transported to Sir Edw. Wotton, w. 12 Dec., 1,800l. 7 Jan., Charles duke of Suffolk, Wm. lord Parre and Sir Ralph Sadler, one of the two Principal Secretaries, 2,072l., viz. for the Duke, being appointed lieutenant in the North, diets at 5l. for six months from 15 Jan., 840l., wages of 100 men at 8d. a day to attend him, 560l., lord Parre's diets at 20s. attending the said duke, 168l., and 40 men with him 224l., Sadler's diets "appointed to go down with the said Duke's grace" 168l., and 20 men with him 112l.; w. 3 Jan. 28 Jan., prisoners of Scotland and "and others whose names hereafter ensuen," to be taken unto them as of the King's gift, viz., the earl of Angwishe 233l. 6s. 8d., earl of Cassells 200l., earl of Glencarne 200l., lord Olyvaunte 66l. 13s. 4d., lord Graye 100l., lord Flemynge 200l., lord Maxwell 200l., lord Somerville 200l., Sir Geo. Dowglas 66l. 13s. 4d., Oliver St. Clere 66l. 13s. 4d., James St. Clere, his brother, 20l., lord Carsse 40l., Mr. Erskyn 40l., lord Cragie 40l., Patrick Heborne 40l., lord Moncrethe 20l., the lord of Awyn Castell 20l., the lord of Hayton 20l., John Lysleye 20l., the lord of Graydon 20l., James Pringle 20l., John Carmyghell 20l., Hen. Maxwell 20l., for their costs to York 50l., and from York to Carlyle 50l., and for purses to put the said several sums in 26s. 8d.; w. 28 Jan. [9 Jan., Charles duke of Suffolk, w. (blank) Jan., 7,000l.] (fn. 4) 14 Jan., Ant. Auccher, paymaster of water works at Dover, for two months from 10 Dec. to 3 Feb., 420l. 18s. 8d. 27 Jan., Morgan Wolff, the King's goldsmith, for making the Great Seal of England 40l. and for the 95 oz. of silver in it at 3s. 8d., 17l. 8s. 4d.; and Hen. Coldwell, goldsmith, for making the Great Seal of Ireland, the seal of the Exchequer there, and the seals of King's Bench, Common Pleas and Exchequer at Westminster, 73l. 10s. 2d. and for 144 oz. of silver in them, at 3s. 8d., 26l. 9s. 10d.; w. 18 Dec. 22 Jan., Sir Fras. Bryan, by Ric. Scudamore, yeoman of the Toils, for taking and transporting 500 fallow deer from Waltham forest and 100 fallow deer from Bedwell park, at 3s. 4d. each, and red deer from Bedwell park at 10s. each, to the King's park at Waltham, w. 8 Jan., 106l. 23 Jan., Thos., Robt., and Hen. Benson, for a lease and woods in Long Ditton and Thamys Ditton, Surr., w. 8 Jan., 200l. 1 Feb., Sir Martin Bowes, to be converted to harp groats for payment of the garrison and other charges in Ireland, w. 20 Jan., 2,000l. 7 Feb., Thos. Geoffreye, to be conveyed to Guisnes and delivered to Thos. Palmer, esquire, w. 3 Feb., 2,000l. 14 Feb., Sir Edm. Pekham, for the Household, 4,000l. 1 Feb., John Rither, for the Prince's household, 1,000l. 31 Jan., Sir John Williams, towards repairs at Grafton, 140l. 16 Feb., Wm. Gonson, "paymaster of the King's marrian causes," towards costs of "divers ships sent to the sea in war," w. 14 Feb., 1,000l. 24 Feb., John Wynter, gentleman usher, towards preparing ships at Bristowe to be set forth on that coast for the better defence of the King's subjects, W. 23 Feb., 1,000l. 28 Feb., the countess of Bridgwater, by Lewes Torfoote, of Lambehith, the King's reward, w. 24 Feb., 66l. 13s. 4d. 20 March, John Mill, towards making the fortress at Hurst Poynt, Hants, w. 14 March, 1,000l. 19 March, Wm. Gonsone, paymaster of the King's "marrian causes," for one month's wages of divers ships serving in the Narrow Seas and by West" 252l., for wages and victuals of divers other ships from Hull 640l., and for shipwrights and calkers working on the King's ships at Depforde and Wollwiche, with provisions for them due at Easter next, 460l., and for wages of ship keepers due at Easter, 140l. 15 March, Cornelys Haies, the King's goldsmith, w. 20 Jan., for gilt plate given on New Year's Day last 261l. 2s. d., for new making and amending plate for the King's and Prince's households in the year ended Dec. last 50l. 16s. 10d., "and in reward to the beadles of the craft of goldsmiths in London for their pains in giving warning to the goldsmiths when plate hath been stolen out of the King's and Prince's courts," 13s. 4d. 26 Jan., Edw. Shelley, one of the masters of the Household, by the hands of Charles duke of Suffolk, 7,000l. to be conveyed to Alnewyk and delivered to John Woodall, treasurer of the garrison in the Borders there, w. 26 Jan.
Total by the King's warrants, 72,174l. 9s. 5d. Signed by Berners and Burgoyn.
Grand total, 87,977l. 6s. Signed by Berners and Burgoyn.
A bound volume of 89 numbered folios and some blank leaves not numbered.

R. O.
437. Attainted Lands.
Account of repairs upon attainted lands in Grantham and Gunnerby, 34 Hen. VIII., for which the bailiff asks allowance.
P. 1.
R. O. 2. Two fragments severally entitled (in Latin), Memoranda touching ministers' accounts, viz. (1) of lands of Bridlington, Jervaux, Bigod, Constable, Bulmer and others in Lincolnshire, 30 Hen. VIII.; and (2) of Bigod's lands 33 Hen. VIII.
Pp. 2. Mutilated.
R. O. 3. Similar fragment for Hussey's lands, 34 Hen. VIII.
P. 1.

R. O.
438. The Late Nunnery of Arden, Yorks.
Account headed 34 Hen. VIII. and entitled "The bill of the lead ashes at the late survey of Arderne," accounting for 13s. 4d. paid for "trying, washing and fining of lead ashes at the late dissolved nunnery of Arden" (7 cwt.), 16d. and 12d. for conveying the same to Helmsley and thence to York.
Mutilated and faded, p. 1.
R. O. 439. Berrys Manor, in East Tuddenham, Norf.
Bundle of bailiffs' accounts, rentals, receipts, &c., relating to the manor of Berrys in East Tuddenham; of various dates ranging from 20 to 34 Hen. VIII.
36 leaves, large and small, several written on both sides.

R. O.
440. Bewdley, Worc.
Account of outlay by Ric. Eymes, in 34 Hen. VIII., in repairs of the park and manor of Beaudeley. Total 42s. 2d. spent upon such items as paling, mending chimneys, ridding the court of nettles and weeds, a hinge for a gate, making a cucking stool and pillory, tiling, &c.
P. 1.

R. O.
441. Boston, Linc.
Account of repairs done upon a tenement in Spayne Lane, in 31 and 32 Hen. VIII., with some notes in another hand showing that this was allowed for in the account of 34 Hen. VIII. for lands in Boston of Kirkstead monastery.
P. 1.
R. O. 2. "These be the reparations made at Boston of a certain stay the called Ba. . . . . staythe by Richard Byshope of ye same waterman and tenant to our sovereign lord the King that now is from ye feast of Whitsontyde in ye xxxti year of ye reign of of (sic) sovereign lord King Henry ye eyght" :Payments for laying wood upon the said staythe and filling it up with clay. (2) Repairs of a tenement in tenure the said Richard from Midsumer 31 Henry VIII. (3) Making a chimney in the same tenement at Lammas xxij (sic) Hen. VIII. (4) Repairs of another tenement from Lammas 33 Hen. VIII.
P. 1.

Add. MS. 6672. f. 120. B. M.
442. Duffield Frith, Derb.
Customs of the manor of Duffeldfrythe, 34 Hen. VIII., as certified (in answer to five articles referred to by number) by a jury of the homage (named) before Sir John Vernon, knight, and Ant. Nevylle, esq., commissioners for the inquisition.
P. 1. Headed : Anno regni Henrici Octavi xxxiiij.

R. O.
443. Lady Latimer.
A tailor's bill for numerous items of cotton, linen, buckram, &c., and the making of Italian gowns, "plyttes and slevys," "a slope hood and typette," kirtles, French, Dutch and Venetian gowns, Venetian sleeves, French hoods, &c., of various materials. Total, 8l. 9s. 5d.
Headed : My lady Latymer. Marginal notes (at the beginning), the xvj day of February, anno xxxiiij H. VIIIth," and (about half way down), "for your daughter." Signed at the foot, Thomas Arundell, cancell.
Paper roll of 3 leaves. Endd. : Skutt the tailor's book.

R. O.
444. Pembridge Manor.
Account for repairs done upon two barns and the court house of King's manor of Pembridge, in the years 33 and 34 Hen. VIII. respectively, for which Hen. Hawkyns, farmer there, asks allowance. Payments to various persons named, for timber, thatch, carriage, workmanship, &c.
Pp. 3.

R. O.
445. Wigmore Park.
A bill of the "costs and charges done by Ric. Palmere, squire, in building upon the King's lodge in the park of Wigmore in anno xxxiiijo R. Henrici viijvi." Fourteen small items for joiner's and builder's work amounting to 4l. 7s.; of which 26s. 8d. is marked in another hand as allowed for this year.
Pp. 2.
22 April. 446. Bishopric of Rochester.
See Grants in April 35 Hen. VIII., No. 22.
22 April.
Dasent's A. P. C., 116.
447. The Privy Council.
Meeting at Westm., 22 April. Present : Chancellor, Privy Seal, Hertford, Winchester, Westminster, St. John, Cheyney, Gage, Browne, Wingfield, Wriothesley, Baker. Business :Letter sent to Ric. Broke, captain in the Narrow Seas, who had stayed certain Portugal ships suspected to contain Frenchmen's goods, to try out the matter; and Peter Nening, mariner, who could depose therein, sent to him. Letter written to certain merchants declaring that the Iceland fleet might go forward, repairing hither first to obtain wafting. Letters stamped to the Council in the Marches of Wales to admit the bp. of St. Assaph to be one of them. John Allias, Frenchmen, being dangerously sick in prison, released upon sureties, viz., John Sweting and Wm. Guyne, of London. Release of Beddell, Myddelton, Kele, Lant and Maylar, printers, upon recognisance (cited) to declare what number of books and ballads they have bought and sold within these three years, and what merchants they know to have brought into the realm English books of ill matter, and also to pay their fines for printing unlawful books contrary to the proclamation. Evidence touching Blomfeld, prisoner in the Marshalsea, referred to the King's attorney and solicitor to report upon. Order taken for Dantlippe to be sent to Callais to suffer, with a declaration of his erroneous opinions. The butcher's wife of Canterbury, now at Callais, and Sir Butlar, clk., to be brought hither by those who convey Dantlippe. Articles against Dr. Haynes referred to be considered by the Chancellor of Tenths, Mr. Dacres, the Dean of Arches, and Dr. Oliver. Letter written to the customers of Hampton and Thos. Barthew to describe the arrest of a certain Spanish ship.
22 April.
Add. MS. 32,650, f. 214, B. M. Sadler State Papers, I. 158.
448. Sadler to Henry VIII.
Very early this morning, Sir George Douglas came to say that the Governor would surely revolt to the Cardinal, Lennox, Huntley, Argyle and Murray and the clergy, to his own confusion, although Douglas had plainly shown him the danger. The Governor had put away his Friars Preachers (fn. 5) whom he kept to preach the Word of God and had secretly sent to the Cardinal and the rest, who were at the cast of France, and will be all here to-night or to-morrow, to come very strongly. It was time for his brother and the rest of the King's party to look to themselves (and here Douglas seemed somewhat moved that Maxwell was not yet come), and Sadler "should see such a meeting as was never seen at Parliament or Council; for every man is preparing jacks and spears, and if they fight not ere they depart it shall be a great wonder." Douglas expressed concern for Sadler's safety, who replied that he served a master that was able to revenge him and their ambassadors in England should be used as he was. Douglas advised him to write that the ambassadors might not depart (for they had written plainly that they were "out of hope of agreement"), and, as the Governor was finding fault with Sadler's servants posting in and out to Berwick, to write henceforth in cipher. Douglas said he had laboured to bring things to pass peaceably; but, as that would not be, if the King would send his royal army and stick to his poor servants and friends here, which else shall be undone, his brother and he, with Glencairn, Cassils, Maxwell and their friends, will deliver the King the whole country on this side Forth this summer. In which case the King must preserve it from burning and spoiling, and make proclamations to defend such as submit, and so both to win the people's hearts and have victuals for the garrisons which must remain in winter to guard the conquest made this summer. This assembly would make answer to the King; and if they sent him (Douglas) he would not refuse, because thereby he might have commodity to declare the state of the country and his advice for its conquest. Asked if the Governor would not grow to any reasonable point in the satisfaction of the King's demands; and Douglas answered that the Governor was so fickle and inconstant that he dare promise nothing of him, and now, revolting to the other party who were all French, he would agree to nothing against France; and they would never grant the delivery of the child until of lawful age, and could scarcely get such pledges as were meet to be accepted. "The abbot of Paisley," says Douglas, "hath been the only cause of the Governor's alteration, which abbot is all for France and the Cardinal's great friend, and since his coming home the Governor hath been altogether ruled by him." Edinburgh, 22 April. Signed.
In cipher, pp. 4. Add.
Ib. f. 218. 2. A decipher of the preceding.
Pp. 4.Endd. : 22 April ao xxxiiijo.
*** The above letter is noted, with a list of corrigenda for the text printed in Sadler State Papers, in Hamilton Papers, No. 392.
22 April.
R. O. St. P., IX. 360.
449. Edmond Harvel to Henry VIII.
Wrote on the 8th. Letters from Andronopoly of 26 March affirm that the Turk's host sets forward for Hungary on the 15th inst., and the Turk follows on the morrow after St. George's Day. The Turks never before assembled so great a power. Their chief power will invade Austria, but four or five sanjakes with 30,000 or 40,000 horse will invade Slovania, Carinthia and other countries confining upon the Friuly. Many rowers having fled to the mountains, some think the Turk's navy shall be less than was divulged; but others think it has been preparing too long to come abroad feeble. Polin comes hither from the Turk's Court. Mostafa, the Turk's eldest son, shall marry a daughter of the Great Tartar. Here it is divulged that the Queen of Hungary and Friar George, with all Transylvania, have joined the Turk, and the rest of Hungary will follow, "which should turn evil to Ferdinando." The Bishop of Rome shall be sumptuously received this day in Ferrara by the Duke, who is noted openly French. The Bishop expected to be invited hither, but the Signory have no money to spend vainly. He has been practising to win this Signory to his devotion, but they are wonderfully circumspect. Thinks he fears the Emperor and mistrusts his own subjects. Part of his treasure is said to be here. Andrea Doria departed on the 7th to Spain with 47 galleys. The Emperor arrives in Italy "by all th' instant or x. of May at farthest." The French report peace between Henry and their King, but men here believe and hope for the contrary. Venice, 22 April, 1543.
P.S.By letters from Noremberg of the 12th, the Diet shall end without "resolution of accord." It is divulged that Henry has concluded a new league with the Emperor; to the terror of the French and Popish part and joy of the rest of Christendom. "These men seemeth to slack the sending out of their general for these last advertisements from Constantinople." Cortemiglia in Piemont has been induced by its Spanish captain to rebel against Guasto.
Pp. 3. Add. Endd.
23 April.
Dasent's A. P. C., 118.
450. The Privy Council.
Meeting at Westm. 13 (sic, for 23?) April. Present : Canterbury, Chancellor, Norfolk, Russell, Hertford, Winchester, Westminster, St. John, Cheyney, Gage, Browne, Wingfield, Wriothesley, Riche, Baker, Dacres, Business :Lord Lisle sworn of the Privy Council. Paget sworn as one of the two principal secretaries and admitted of the Privy Council. John Mason and Wm. Honninges appointed and sworn clerks of the Privy Council.
23 April.
Anstis, Order of the Garter, II. 424.
451. Order Of The Garter.
Chapter of the Order of the Garter 23 April, St. George's Day, 35 Hen. VIII., at Westminster; present, the King, the duke of Norfolk, earl of Hertford, lords Walden and Russell, Sir Thos. Cheney, Sir Ant. Browne, Sir John Gage, and Sir Ant. Wyngfeld. Nominations given for a noble set of knights were as follows :
Sir Ant. Wyngfeld :Princes, earls of Shrewsbury and Worcester, viscount Lisle. Barons, lords St. John, Delaware and Matrevers. Knights, Sir John Wallop, Sir Wm. Sydney and Sir Wm. Parre.
Sir John Gage :Earls of Shrewsbury and Cumberland, viscount Lisle. Barons, lords St. John, Delaware and Parre. Knights, Wallop, Sydney and Sir Ant. St. Leger.
Sir Ant. Browne :Princes, same as Wyngfeld's. Barons, lords St. John, Delaware and Parre. Knights, Wallop, Sydney and Sir Thos. Wharton.
Sir Thos. Cheyney :Princes, Marquis of Dorset, earl of Shrewsbury, and viscount Lisle. Barons, lords St. John, Matrevers, and Cobham. Knights, Wallop, Sellynger and Sir Thos. Wresley.
Lord Russell :Princes, same as Cheyney's. Barons, same as Gage's. Knights, Wallop, Sir Giles Strangwaies and Sydney.
Lord Walden :Princes, same as Cheyney's. Barons, lords St. John, Matrevers and Parre. Knights, Wallop, Wresley and Sir Thos. Darcie.
Earl of Hertford :Princes, same as Cheyney's. Barons, lords Matrevers, Delaware and Parre. Knights, Wallop, Wresley and Sir Fras. Bryan.
Duke of Norfolk :Princes, Marquis of Dorset, earls of Shrewsbury and Derby. Barons, viscount Lisle, lords St. John and Parre. Knights, same as Hertford's.
Viscount Lisle, lord St. John and lord Parre were chosen. The feast was appointed to be the 6th May, the earl of Hertford to represent the King and Sir Ant. Browne and Sir John Gage to assist him.
Harl. MS. 6074, f. 12. B. M. 2. Statutes of the Order of the Garter reformed by Henry VIII. Including (at f. 32) an order made at a chapter at Westminster on 24 April, 35 Henry VIII., for reformation of the Order touching the wearing of the collar.
Fr. Draft, pp. 57.
24 April.
Dasent's A. P. C., 118.
452. The Privy Council.
Meeting at Westm., 24 April. Present :Chancellor, Norfolk, Privy Seal, Hertford, Winchester, Westminster, St. John, Cheyney, Gage, Browne, Wingfield, Wriothesley, Pagett, Dacres. Business :Letter sent to the mayor and solicitor of the Staple to send their ships to Gore Ende, where they should find the King's ships to waft them over. Passports signed for and Thomas Mychaell, Italians, to go to France and return. Wm. Tussard, being in the Fleet, accused of deceits in his office of keeper of the seal of the King's Bench, released on recognisances (cited) of himself, Leonard Smith of Revenhall, Essex, and Roger Tussard, steward of the Middle Temple.
24 April.
Add. MS. 32,650, f. 221. B. M. Hamilton Papers.No.363 (Abstract).
453. Mary Queen Of Scots to Henry VIII.
Begs safe-conduct for Jas. Skrymgeour, constable of Dunde, who desires to seek remedy beyond sea for certain maladies :with eight attendants. Edinburgh, 24 April, 1 Mary. Signed : James Gowernour.
Broadsheet, p. 1. Add. Sealed. Endd.
April 25.
Dasent's A. P. C., 119.
454. The Privy Council.
Meeting at Westm., 25 April. Present :Chancellor, Norfolk, Privy Seal, Hertford, Winchester, Westminster, St. John, Cheyney, Gage, Browne, Wingfield, Wriothesley, Dacres. Business :Twenty five booksellers bound in recognisances of 100l. each to declare, on Wednesday next, what English books they have bought and sold within these three years and what English books of ill matter they have known brought into the realm and by whom, and to pay their fines for buying and selling the said books contrary to the proclamation. Turcke, bookseller, for delivering an "erroneous book named a Postilla upon the Gospelles and Pistells," to be printed, was committed to the Fleet. Order for Ambrose Wolley to deliver Mr. Audeley 10 demilances, 2 handguns and 10 bills.
25 April.
Add. MS. 32,650, f. 222. B. M. Hamilton Papers, No. 364.
455. Henry VIII. to Sadler.
Has received his of the 19th and 20th inst., describing conferences with the Governor, Anguishe, Glencarn, Casselles and Douglas, and makes answer as follows :
1. Marvels at Douglas's "impudencye" in denying both his oath and promise made at Abingdon and the words he spake at his last departure northwards; and, albeit the time is not expedient for the King to show himself discontented with this and Douglas's proceedings in Scotland, this last denial of his "duty, promise and allegiance" must not pass unanswered. Sadler shall take opportunity to renew the subject, and to express surprise at his so speaking, "considering the apparent truth thereof to the contrary and how much more he is bound unto us than any other." Any indifferent man who knows in what condition George Douglas stood when that promise was made at Abingdon would judge that the King would never have entertained him if he had, so arrogantly as he now says, refused his service. Little cause he had to be, either then or afterwards, of so arrogant sort; for all England and Scotland know that, if his doings had not more provoked the King of Scots than his brother's did, their grace might have been obtained. "Yea and his brother's restitution might easily have been obtained, with his deliverance to have abiden justice !" To taste him of a later time, he is to be asked whether he did not require to be described as the King's subject when he went into France to declare himself against the Cardinal. Which if he confess, he cannot say that he made no such promise; and if he deny, the letters then written for him to the French king may convince him. At his last going, it is true that, in Windsor park, the King had such words with him as he repeats; but, Sadler may tell him, at another time, in riding towards a lodge besides Foly John park near Windsor, what he said to the King his own brother can testify, "by this token that they both showed unto us at the same instant one of the strongest thieves of Scotland to be there present, whom, at their request, we caused then, immediately, to be apprehended." Also his letters to the Admiral that now is and other officers of the Borders will declare what he has promised and how much more bounden he is than the rest. Sadler may say that he expresses this the more plainly in order that Douglas may rather bend himself to serve truly than with fond words to deface beforehand all the service he can possibly do.
2. Where Glencarne, speaking frankly of his intent to serve with Anguishe and Casselles, desires to know whether the prisoners shall enter at their day, promising to resist the young Queen's removal, doubting not to be able to hold the town of Edinburgh maugre the Governor, &c.; Sadler shall give the King's thanks to Glencarne and the foresaid earls, assuring them that, on the accomplishment of the King's purpose, "they and all their posterities shall have cause to confess that they serve a most gracious master." The day of entry for all the lords assured to the King's part shall be enlarged to Midsummer, in order that they may meanwhile keep themselves in force; and for their relief in this Sadler shall tell the lords assured to the King that, like as Glynkern and Casselles are each appointed 300 mks., 500l. has been sent to Edw. Shelley at Barwik and 500l. to Sir Thos. Wharton at Carlisle, portions of which shall be delivered, upon Sadler's letters,to any of those lords; foreseeing ever that Glencarn and Casselles have each 300 mks., and the rest more or less, as seems meet, provided that the whole exceed not 1,000l. If they demand what Anguishe has, Sadler shall reply that the King is good to him otherwise (as Sadler knows, whose last letters to Suffolk in Anguishe's favour are also satisfied); animating them by the hope of benefits in time coming and by the promise of assistance. Further he shall desire the foresaid earls and Maxwell and Somervile, as men whom the King specially trusts, to send their advice where the King should enter by land and by sea, and to what places direct his armies; but shall require them to keep this point absolutely secret. This he shall specially "inculce" to Glencarn apart, that he may perceive how thankfully his proceedings are accepted. To George Douglas he shall make good semblance, but give no knowledge by which he might hinder the King's enterprise. He shall charge the rest to keep "the very secrets of their hearts" from all persons other than such as they may entrust with their lives; and, if necessary, warn them of George Douglas. If Glencarn repeats his instance to have his son and Maxwell's, home, Sadler shall say that the King "could have been content therewith long since," but perceives that Maxwell's son is not of his father's disposition. He shall also tell Maxwell frankly to remain in Scotland and give no faith to his son, who has plainly said that if his father took the King's part "he should not have ten persons with him."
(fn. 6) If the Governor be not too far swerved from the King, Sadler shall repair to him and say "Sir, what will you do? Will you now wilfully cast yourself away? Can you think otherwise but that the clergy, knowing your opinion as they do, will seek all the ways they can possible for your destruction, though they give you now fair words to get their foot in the bushel? Or can you think that you shall continue a Governor when th'adverse party, that would have made themselves by a forged will regents with you, or rather excluded you, shall have authority, but you shall so be governed and compelled to do their wills as finally you shall, whether you will or no, work your own confusion?" And (words prescribed) remind him of the King's power to destroy or promote him.
Sadler shall of himself taste the Earl Bothwell and the lord Flemyng, to see whether now they are any faster to the King's party, giving them fair words; but nowise opening to them any secrets without advice of Anguishe, Glencarn, Cassells, Maxwell and Somervile, who are to be told that, in case they need present aid, 5,000 or 6,000 shall within a month be landed at Edinburgh, so as they keep the town and foresee that they be masters of Lithe and provide some victual there. Ships and men are put in order to set forth within 4 or 5 days after the King hears from them. Sadler shall also tell them that, if horsemen may serve, lord Parre, who is appointed warden of the Marches, is commanded, upon word from Sadler, to send in as many horsemen as required; and the said warden shall be despatched in post to the Borders within two days. And "for the present aid" Sadler should draw an article of their resolution and cause them to sign it, and send it hither.
Draft corrected by Wriothesley, pp. 36. Endd. : [M]ynute to Sir Raf Sadleyr, xxvo Aprilis ao xxxvo.


  • 1. "Thursday" in Sadler State Papers.
  • 2. Cancelled.
  • 3. Cancelled.
  • 4. Cancelled.
  • 5. Thomas Guilliame or Williams, and John Roughe. See Knox's Hist. of the Reformation.
  • 6. This portion to the end is an addition in Wriothesley's hand on a separate paper not endorsed.