Henry VIII: April 1543, 26-30

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Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 18 Part 1, January-July 1543. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1901.

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April 1543, 26-30

26 April.
Dasent's A.P.C., 120.
456. The Privy Council.
Meeting at Westm., 26 April. Present : Chancellor, Norfolk, Russell, Hertford, Winchester, St. John, Cheyney, Gage, Browne, Wingfield, Wriothesley, Baker. Business :—Letter written to the sheriff of Oxon and Berks to send up two persons accused by Chr. Assheton of lewd demeanour at the musters; and to Assheton to repair hither with proofs. Beddle, Myddleton, Lant, Kele and Maylor brought certificate in writing according to their recognizance of 22 April. Letter sent to the mayor of Tenbye to stay certain ships of Crosewyke. Passport signed for post horses for lord Parre to the North.
26 April.
Harl. M.S. 304, f. 137. B.M.
457. Order Of The Garter.
Commission for the installation of the lord Par, warden of the marches in the North, chosen one of the Order of the Garter at a chapter of the Order held at Westm., 24 April. Addressed to the earl of Hertford lord Great Chamberlain and to Sir Ant. Browne and Sir Ant. Wingfield. Westm. 26 April 35 Hen. VIII.
Copy, p. 1.
Harl. M.S. 304, f. 136b. B.M. 2. Exemption of knights of the Garter from attending the Feast of that order to be held at Windsor Castle 6 May next, they being engaged in "certain causes to be executed and done" by the King's command. The Knights are :—The dukes of Norfolk and Suffolk, earls of Surrey, Arundel, Westmoreland, and Rutland, lords Audeley of Walden, Ferreis, Russell and Parre, Sir Thos. Cheney and Sir Ant. Browne.
II. For the lord Par :—A bill of the cost of a banner of his arms, armour and robes (for his installation?) concluding with a "fee given to Garter yearly in hand, 40s."
Copy, p. 1.
26 April.
Sadler State Papers, I. 160.
458. Sadler to Henry VIII.
Here has been much ado by the lords of the party adverse to Henry because they were forbidden to bring with them such force as they had assembled; which was the Governor's proclamation, who, although he was ready to revolt to the other party, is, "with fair means and also some threatenings," persuaded by Angus, Glencairn, Cassils, Maxwell, Somervail and Sir George Douglas to remain "at the cast of England, as they call it"; in which case they trust that the King will relent so far as to defer the delivery of the child until she is of lawful age or within a year or two of it. Now Lennox and Argyle are come hither and an outward agreement taken between Angus and Lennox; and all things are treated peaceably. Huntley is still at home in the North, where he has much ado with lord Forbes, about land which the late King took from Forbes and gave to Huntley and the Gordons. "And now the said lord Forbes intendeth, if he can, to recover his land with the sword; for other law or justice here hath little place, as far as I see." Murray is here and has been so wrought by Glencairn, Cassils and Somervail that, they say, he will leave the cast of France and agree to a good part of Henry's demands.
This morning the Governor sent for Sadler; Lennox being also appointed to make his agreement with Angus and declare his credence from the French King. The Governor prayed Sadler to write his excuse for the delay in answering Henry's demands, which was due to the slow coming in of the lords; and now all were come save the Cardinal and Huntley, for whom they would not tarry (the Cardinal, he said, durst not come for fear of being "eftsoons apprehended"), but would to-morrow devise such answer as, if Henry "were not too sharp or unreasonable," should content him. Answered praying God that they might devise a satisfactory answer to Henry's desires, which by this time he had, doubtless, digested and found both very reasonable and most necessary and beneficial. He sware a great oath that he thought them most unreasonable and such that every man, woman and child in Scotland would liever die in one day than accept them; nevertheless they would offer such reason as, he trusted, Henry would not refuse; and would despatch the answer within three days. With this came Lennox, whom the Governor welcomed and Sadler saluted "with an embracing after the French form." The Governor then said they would go to make the agreement between Angus and Lennox and then to Council to hear Lennox's credence; praying Sadler eftsoons to write the excuse for the delay and promising to send word of the credence.
At afternoon the Governor sent David Panter, who was lately with Henry, to say that Lennox's credence was that the French king required the Estates of the realm to observe their old leagues with France, as he (Francis) would do; and if Henry should invade them he would aid them with men, money and munition; and if they agreed with Henry they should comprehend him in the league and treaty made. Learns otherwise that this really was the credence.
Has had sundry conferences with Cassils, Glencairn, Maxwell and Somervail, who have declared how much ado they have had to stay the Governor, who is now in a good towardness, and they trust, if the King relent somewhat, that all will be well. The Governor will agree to pledges for the child's deliverance when of lawful age, or within a year or two of it; which they think is to be accepted. Touching the peace they say that "the whole realm murmureth that they had rather die than break their old leagues with France" (as indeed there is a great rumor); but they will so join in amity that France shall have no benefit by them and every man here be at liberty to serve against France and all others. They think that, these two things being granted, such amity should grow between the realms that Henry should have his whole purpose. Henry's resolution touching the Governor to continue during the young Queen's minority, if he continues in his present devotion to the King and the wealth of both realms, foreseeing that he use the counsel of such persons as the King thinks best, is interpreted as intending to establish an English council here, which they will not admit. If it means that the Governor shall be advised by Councillors of this realm only, it shall be most acceptable. They think that Sir George Douglas or some other wise gentleman shall repair to the King with the answer which they shall now make; and then, if it appears that the King will agree with them, some noble personages will be sent to knit up matters. Sadler bears them still in hand that the King will not relent; in which case, they say, force must be used, and they lack silver to bear their charges; their present company is so chargeable that without help they cannot sustain it, and yet, if they had not had such force the Governor would have left them, and, percace, "betrapped" some of them. Maxwell made a request apart for 300l., for which, he said, as the King seemed to trust him when there more than the other prisoners, so he would do as good service as any, and in the event of war would deliver to the King's army the keys of the West Marches, where all the strongholds are in his custody. Sadler offered presently to write to Suffolk for 100l. for him; but he preferred to await the King's answer. Glencairn and Maxwell asked whether he had word about the changing of their pledges; and, on his negative, Maxwell sware a great oath that he thought the King had them in some suspicion, but they would be true men. And Glencairn begged that they might be encouraged, for here they were hated for the King's sake, being called the English lords, and ballads made of them "how the English angels had corrupted them." Men could not declare themselves more earnest than they do; yet, they labour, if it be possible, to succeed quietly. Angus, Glencairn, Cassils, Maxwell, Somervail and Sir George Douglas seem to adhere firmly together, and to have with them, in manner, the whole strength of the country on this side Forth. The sheriff of Ayr and laird of Brunstoun have been sundry times with Sadler since they came home, and "greatly pretend" services. Glencairn thinks the Sheriff (who is a man of good power) determined to take his part, and desires Henry to write to Cassils that (like as he has given the Sheriff truce till Lammas) he may be content to commit the matters between them to the determination of friends, so that they may the better join in the King's service. Which, Glencairn says, Cassils will gladly do.
This afternoon the bp. of Orkney came to tell Sadler that, coming out of his own country, he came by the Cardinal, who durst not come hither, but said that if Sadler would make an errand to St. Andrews to speak with him, he should have cause to think his journey "well bestowed." Answered, as he did to the Cardinal's chaplain, it was not meet for him to speak with the Cardinal, not knowing in what terms he stood. The Bishop said that the Cardinal was the sorrowfullest man alive to hear that Henry was displeased with him, and could prove that it was without cause; and, if he might safely come to this Council, he would declare his zeal for all Henry's reasonable desires. Will not speak with the Cardinal unless he comes to Court and cannot be avoided. The certainty of matters will be known within two days.
Understands, by his friend Mr. Wriothesley, that the King will disburden him of the office of secretary and, in recompense, give him the office which lord Windsor had in the Wardrobe, for which he gives humble and lowly thanks.
Headed : To the King's Majesty, 26th April 1543.
26 April.
R.O. [Spanish Calendar, VI. ii., No. 131.]
459. Granvelle to Chapuys.
Some days ago received his of the 2nd inst. and saw the copy of what he then wrote to the Queen in Flanders. Was greatly pleased to learn the King of England's determination to move war this year against France, and more and more thinks the season and opportunity the best that can ever happen. It is certain that the Emperor will not stop in Italy but pass hither, as he has written to Granvelle, where, besides that he will come well accompanied, Granvelle has provided horse and foot and a great band of artillery, more than a hundred great pieces fully equipped, and powder and bullets for it. Chapuys will see by the answer of the Estates in this Diet to Granvelle, touching the king of France, what they think of him; and when they deliberate and write so freely in common estates, where they are very slow (pesans), what they say and think in private may be supposed. They say that they will do all that the Emperor wishes, provided that he comes; and there is no one who dares to say a word in the French king's favour or excuse. The said Estates have accorded the aid defensive against the Turk of 20,000 foot and 4,000 horse, to pay it in money to the King. True it is that the Lutherans protested, as in other Diets, on account of the differences between the Catholics and them; but they will contribute like the rest, as they have declared privately to the King and Granvelle, and already this town (fn. 1) has paid its contingent, as also have Duke Maurice of Saxony and the Marquis of Brandenburg. The Estates have re-confirmed the peace and remitted the reformation of justice to the Emperor's order. The Protestants are preparing to send an embassy to the Emperor, to justify past proceedings against Bronswych and make great offers, especially against France. All remain at peace in great expectation of the Emperor's coming.
Chapuys should write often touching the King's aforesaid determination, the progress of preparations and the time when he will begin to march, "pour correspondre de la part de sad. Mate Imperiale a grever le commun ennemy." Hears from all sides that he is in the King's grace, as his works towards him merit, but trusts in God's keeping, since it is for His service. Will not be more prolix as he is occupied in despatching to the Emperor and the Queen; and will only add that he expects the Emperor to be at Genoa before the end of this month. Is glad the gout has left him and that he has made Granvelle's recommendations to all those lords. Will remember his private matter as their ancient and indissoluble amity requires.
French, pp. 3. Modern transcript from a Vienna MS. endd. : Coppie des lettres du Sr. de Grantvelle a l'ambassadeur en Angleterre du xxvje d' Apvril 1543.
27 April.
Dasent's A. P. C., 121.
460. The Privy Council.
Meeting at Westm., 27 April. Present : Audeley, Norfolk, Russell, Hertford, St. John, Cheyney, Gage, Wriothesley. Business :—Letters written to Suffolk to send billet to Berwick, with advertisement that brewers, bakers and coopers should be sent from hence. The Companies of Brewers, Coopers and Bakers each ordered to present to the Council, on Monday next, six expert men to be sent to Berwick, and the Coopers also to certify what number of barrels and custrells they can furnish within six weeks.
27 April.
Anstis, Order of the Garter, II. 426.
461. Order Of The Garter.
On 27 April [35 Hen. VIII], by the King's commission, lord Parre was introduced to his stall at Windsor, by the earl of Hertford as the King's deputy, and Sir Ant. Browne and Sir Ant. Wingfield as his assistants. In the morning, after the conclusion of the funeral mass, lord Parre hastened into the North of England.
27 April.
462. The Patriarch, Marco Grimani, to Card. Farnese.
Has written at length by the Count of Mirandula who is ready to start for Italy, and writes this by way of Lyons, so that, if it arrives before the other, Farnese may know that the King has resolved that he shall stay here until news comes of the reception in Scotland given to Mons. de Begnin (fn. 2), who was sent thither with 50 Scottish gentlemen of the Guard. If they are well received by the governors of that realm and can do that for which the King sent them, he will provide safe passage for the writer; but otherwise would not have him put himself in peril. Loisi, 27 April 1543. Signed : Marco Grimano, Patriarcha.
Italian. Modern transcript from a Vatican MS. p. 1. Headed : Del Patriarca d'Aquileja al R'mo Card. Farnese.
28 April.
Dasent's A. P. C., 122.
463. The Privy Council.
Meeting at Westm., 28 April. Present : Canterbury, Audeley, Russell, Winchester, Westminster, Gage, Wriothesley. Business :— Letters written to the President and Council of Wales to send up a quest who gave an unjust verdict at the late sessions at Salop; and to Wallop to dismiss 20 of the 40 Frenchmen lately taken prisoners. Three joiners named Hawtrell, Lucke and Lucas, who were, for an unlawful disguising, committed to the Tower, released. Contention between Blaynerhassatt and Jak a Musgrave referred to the duke of Norfolk.
28 April.
464. Henry VIII. to Suffolk.
Sending at this present the lord Parre as Warden of the Marches foranempst Scotland, has commanded him first to communicate his instructions to Suffolk. Suffolk will there see the order taken for sending horsemen into Scotland for relief of the King's friends and servants, if they desire it. A good sum of money for their wages and for other affairs will shortly be sent; but, if they are despatched before it arrives, shift must be made, with Sir George Lawson's money or otherwise, to give them one month's wages at their entry. Suffolk shall direct letters of attendance upon the said Warden to all lords, gentlemen, and others accustomed to have letters at the arrival of any new Warden.
P.S.—Having appointed Sir Robert Bowes to remain with lord Parr, as counsellor, with diets at 13s. 4d. and 20 men in wages, has given him, in prest for that "and for his post, of the money and treasure appointed to be sent thither," 100 mks. Suffolk shall direct Woodall to allow "the same to bringer, and reckon with the said Sir Robert Bowes upon the same from the time specified in our letters to the said — (blank), giving unto him also reasonable allowance for his posts down accordingly."
Further, Suffolk shall travail for the enlargement of the day of entry of the said Sir Robert, "in form specified," so as he may be able to reside upon the charge now committed to him; and also obtain like respite for the others named in the enclosed schedule. This should be the rather obtained of the Governor, because, as Suffolk saw by the letters to Sadler, the King has enlarged "the day of entry of the lords his prisoners specified in the same letters."
ii. The schedule above referred to, viz. :—Sir Robert Bowes, Sir Cuthb. Ratclif, Sir Rog. Lasselles, Sir John Withrington, Thomas Slingesby, John Tempest, Ric. Bowes, John Heron, Ninian Menvell, Thos. Sutthill.
iii. [An alternative form of the above postscript?]. "Signifying also unto you that we have appointed Sir Robert Bowes, knight, to remain with the said lord Parr as an assistant and one of our Council there. Requiring you to write for the prolonging of his day of entry till Midsummer, or t'obtain that some pledge may be sent in for him, so he may continue with the said lord Parr for his better advice and the better knowledge of all things in those parts."
Draft, mainly in Wriothesley's hand or corrected by him, pp. 7. Endd. : Mynute to the duke of Suff., xxviijo Aprilis ao xxxvo.
28 April
Add. MS. 32,650, f. 241. B.M. Hamilton Papers, No. 365.
465. Sadler to Suffolk.
Has received his of the 26th and will do his utmost; wherein he has so wrought that Murrey and Argyle, who were noted French, are now for the King. The Governor and the whole Council sat all yesterday; and, to-day or to-morrow, they will resolve upon their answer and send some wise personage to the King. Be assured they will not grant the deliverance of the child until of lawful age or within a year or two of it; but pledges all the noblemen will agree to deliver, "none against it but the Kirkmen, which would none agreement betwixt the two realms." Hears that Bothwell has declared against all the King's desires. As to the peace, trusts that the King will be satisfied, "and yet there is great sticking at the same." There is like to be strife between the Governor and Lenoux, who has clearly refused to set his hand and seal to the act for the establishment of the Governor; the cause Suffolk "may facilely conjecture." The Cardinal refused to come, although safe conduct was offered him, and so has displeased the Governor and all the lords. Edinburgh, 28 April. Signed.
P. 1. Add. Endd. : ao xxxvo.
29 April.
Dasent's A. P. C., 122.
466. The Privy Council.
Meeting at Westm., 29 April. Present : Canterbury, Chancellor, Norfolk, Russell, Hertford, Winchester, Westminster, St. John, Cheyney, Gage, Browne, Wingfield, Wriothesley, Riche, Baker. Business :—Commissions stamped to John Kingesmyll, John Mille and John Whight to take up wheat in Hants, Wilts and Dorsetshire, to Thos. Wodhows for wheat and malt in Norfolk and Suffolk, and to Waters and Reyes for the like in Norfolk, Suffolk, Hunts, Camb. and Lincolnshire. Warrants signed for Sir Edw. North to deliver 100l. to Wm. Honning for provision for the wars, and 2,000l. each to Wm. Wodhows and Thos. Waters for the above mentioned provisions. Letter written to Ric. Brooke, captain in the Narrow Seas, that the King takes ill his staying both friends and foes, and requiring him to look better to his instructions. Letter written to the Deputy and Council of Callais touching the order of Damlippe's execution and the declaration of his heresies, with command to arrest and send over "—Butlar, his priest," and the butcher's wife of Canterbury.
[29 April.]
467. Wriothesley to [Parr].
Thanks for my warrant. By this post your lordship shall receive your commission, your instructions, a letter to my lord of Suff. and a letter to Mr. Wodall for your and Mr. Bowes' diets who setteth forth towards to-morrow (sic) in the morning. There be also in the packet letters from my lord of Norff. and my lady Margaret Douglasse which it may please you to deliver to my lord Lieutenant to be sent with the next letters that go into Scotland." Westm., in haste, this Sunday night.
Hol., p. 1. Fly leaf with address lost.

R.O. St. P., v. 266.
468. Lord Parr's Instructions.
The King having, by commission "bearing date, etc.", appointed him Warden of all his Marches foranempst Scotland gives him these instructions :—
1. Taking his commission and the letters, instructions and writings prepared for his despatch, he shall go in post to the duke of Suffolk, lieutenant general in the North, with whom he shall participate these instructions and devise what to do. Then he shall repair to Morpeth or Alnewik, as the Duke shall think most convenient, these being thought the meetest places for the execution of his charge, and there summon the deputy wardens and the most witty and trusty gentlemen (whose names are in a schedule delivered to him by Viscount Lisle, High Admiral); and, upon their declaration of the state of the Borders and country, he shall muster the garrisons and see that they keep their watches, &c. That done he shall take musters of the whole country in his charge, to know how many horsemen he can make and which are the best, which may be easiest done by calling the gentlemen and head men to show what numbers they can furnish; in which also he has some instructions from the lord Admiral, and shall further take counsel of the trusty gentlemen.
2. The King having written to Sadler, in Scotland, that, if his servants and friends there demand aid, they shall have a convenient number of horsemen; if Sadler send for any such aid, Parr shall at once order the required number to be ready at an hour's warning and himself hasten in post to Suffolk, to whom the King has written for that purpose, to determine with him the certain number and who shall conduct them (lest by delay in referring hither the King's servants and friends should suffer lack or displeasure), remembering to see that the men carry some victuals, and that the King's servants and friends in Scotland are warned also to prepare victuals for them; and that their place on the Borders is supplied by inland men, so that the thieves and broken men of Scotland may attempt nothing.
3. In case the Scots at any time ride in and spoil, the lord Warden shall have them "distressed and taken into England"; or, if that miss, and the matter be small he shall seek redress, during the peace (which lasts till 1 June), by the law of the Borders. But if the Scots make any great raid and escape, and it appear to have been done with the consent of some of the rulers or head men, he shall "look through his fingers" and let slip such a number that they may be surely and sharply repaid, providing that the King's servants and their tenants take no hurt but only the offenders.
4. He shall advertise the King of the state of the Borders and intelligence out of Scotland.
5. He shall have diets at 4 mks. a day and 100 men in wages.
Draft, pp. 23. Endd. : My 1. Parres instructions, appointed lord Warden of the Marches foranempst Scotland.
30 April.
Dasent's A. P. C., 124.
469. The Privy Council.
Meeting at Westm., 30 April. Present : Chancellor, Norfolk, Russell, Hertford, Lisle, St. John, Cheyney, Gage, Browne, Wingfield, Wriothesley, Riche, Baker. Business :—Letter written to the mayor of Canterbury to set John Bellinger on the pillory for lewd words. The Brewers, Bakers and Coopers, according to their appointment made on the 27th, presented six of their several companies to repair to Berwick.
30 April.
470. Wallop and Others to the Council.
The 5,000l. received at two several times by Thos. Jeffrey is defrayed in payment of the crew and fortifications here and in the Marish, as ensues :—Arrears of Jan. 160l., payment of Feb. 1,125l. 8s. 10d., March 2,011l. 16s. 8d. April 2,171l. 10s.; total 5,468l. 15s., as the schedule enclosed more particularly shows. Put the deficit of 468l. 15s. in the estimate herewith for the three months ending 10 May, 7 June and 5 July, the total of which is 7,310l. 15s. 6d.; which they beg for soon, as "the next pay groweth near and men here not beforehand." Castle of Guisnes, 30 April. Signed : John Wallop, Thom's Palmere, Wm. Burgatte.
Pp. 2. Add. Endd. : "Mr. Wallop, Thos Palmer and the surveyor of Calays to the Counsail, ultimo Aprilis ao xxxvo."
30 April.
R.O. St. P., IX. 362.
471. Bonner to Henry VIII.
On 9 April by way of St. Sebastian's, on 11 April by way of Italy and Germany, and on 15 April by Henry's servant, Mr. Chamberlayn, and also by Mr. Secretary's servant, Edm. Atkynson, sent news of the ratification and oath by the Emperor. Sent the oath in cipher by St. Sebastian's and Almayne, and the whole doings, doubled, by Chamberlayn, Edmund and Symons, Mons. Chapuys' servant, on the 15th. For the Emperor's passage, 45 galleys had then come to Roses, so that, with those provided here, he may now have 50 galleys and 30 ships with him. Horses are shipped and all ready to depart to-morrow; but, "as tomorrow is the exequies for th'Emperatrice," some reckon that it will be Wednesday ere we depart, and that the Emperor will tarry at Roses for the new moon, and also go to Perpignan to leave the Almains there. Alva is left captain general here. Covos, the Abp. of Toledo and Alva shall have the administration of the realm and governance of the Prince. Thinks the Emperor will be long absent in Flanders and Germany.
The Bishop of Rome laboured to have speech with the Emperor, and offered to come to Bononye and Pleasance, but it is thought the Emperor will not speak with him unless it be in his straight way and for more urgent matters than appear. It is bruited that the Abp. of St. James, who accompanies the Emperor to Italy, Trente, Germany and Flanders, shall be sent to England. He is a good and learned man whom the Emperor greatly favours. The ambassador of Portugal who came to Madrill and Barcelone has concluded the marriages, and returned with a chain worth 2,000 cr. "The chief of the great personages of Spain that go at this time with th'Emperor is the duke of Nagera; and the marquis of Aguillar who was ambassador at Rome and is returned from thence, reckoned that he should have been viceroy of Navarre in the place of Sor John de Vega, who now passeth with th'Emperor to be ambassador at Rome for his Majesty." Some think the viceroy of Naples returns and shall be succeeded by the duke of Alburquerke. Barcelone, 30 April, 10 a.m. Signed.
Pp. 2. Add. Endd. : 1543.
R.O. 2. Duplicate of the preceding. Signed.
Pp. 2. Add. Sealed. Endd.
R. O. 3. Copy in Bonner's own hand, also signed and addressed.
P. 1. Headed : The copy of my letters sent from Barcelone.
Royal MS. 18 B. VI. 59 b. B.M.
472. James Earl Of Arran to Christian King Of Denmark.
"Jacobus Dei gratia Aranie comes, dominus Hammiltoun, regni Scotie gubernator, Illustrissimo atquo invictissime principi Christiano Danorum, Norvagicorum et Vandalorum Regi, salutem et rerum omnium successum optat ex animo. Illustrissime atque invictissime Rex, etsi nulla res accedere potuit Scotorum genti calamitosior sui Regis interitu facit (?) tamen inceptum ab Anglis, needum finitum, bellum ut inopinatus [P]rincipis nostri casus sit longe gravior quam sperabamus; nam ad luctuosum fortissimi imperatoris interitum accedit etiam id mali quod hec nostra calamitas adeo insolentem reddit hostem ut plane de opprimendis Scotis deliberet, nec aliud cogitat quam qua potissimum racione orbatos Rege in servitutem redigat. Sed Regis desiderium affecit provida consultaque Gubernatoris electio ut levius ferri posset, ut vero tam ferociter insultantem cervicibus nostris hostem depellere valeamus. Post invocatum Dominum primum [in] nostra propria virtute, deinde in sociorum atque amiccrum . . arbitramur, e quorum grege quum te principem . . amus, nimirium tui non solum sancte observatum fedus sed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . nos conjunxit Non dubitam[us] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . reipublice nostre deficere . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . in tanto periculo labor[antibus] . . . . . . . . . . copiamque tum com . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . tiari Jacobo dig . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . misimus ut * * *(five lines almost wholly illegible), Aprilis [anno] . . . . .
Lat. Letter book copy, p. 1. Much faded.

St. P. IX., 365.
473. Flanders.
Instructions given to Sir Thos. Seymour, gentleman of the Privy Chamber, and Dr. Wotton, dean of Canterbury, now (fn. 3) sent "on ambassiate" into Flanders.
To go with all diligence to the Queen of Hungary, Regent in the Low Countries, and, delivering the King's letter of credence, say that,at request of Chapuis, the Emperor's ambassador (upon the late renovation of the amity, for the appointment of an ambassador to reside about her), the King has sent them to reside there as his ambassadors. 2. That, where Chapuys pressed him to assail the enemies this year, and not give them time to prepare the money which they lack, and the King declared himself willing to go in person or send a lieutenant, and thereupon put some things in order, the King marvels that he hears no more of it. 3. To demand where the King may obtain provision of hoys, carriages, lymoners, victuals and other necessaries in case he resolve to make any enterprise this year. 4. To learn all occurrents and report them with diligence.
Draft, pp. 16. Endd.
474. Grants In April 1543, 34 Henry VIII.
1. Geoffrey Fontaynez. Lease (by advice of Daunce, Southwell and Moyle) of (1) the site of the manor of Kymberworth, Yorks., with certain lands there (specified) now in tenure of Robt. Gylberthorp, and (2) a water mill there in tenure of John Yole, parcel of the lands of George duke of Clarence, attained; with reservations; for 21 years; at rents of (1) 4l. 3s. 6d. and (2) 4l., and 12d. increase. Westm., 13 March 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 1 April.—P.S. Pat. p. 12, m. 9.
2. Sir Henry Isley. Enrolment of patent of 3 April 33 Hen. VIII. See Vol. XVII. No. 283 (18). Pat. 34 Hen. VIII. p. 12, m. 11.
3. John Lelande, the King's chaplain and scholar. Grant of the canonry and prebend in the King's college at Oxtord void by the death of Ric. Coren. Westm., 26 March 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 3 April.—P.S. Pat. p. 8, m. 10.
4. Humph. Broun, justice of Common Pleas, and George Broun. Licence to alienate a third part of the manor of Drayton, Ntht., to Sir John Mordaunt. Westm., 4 April. Pat. p. 2, m. 24.
5. Ric. Freston of Mendham, Suff. Grant (for 400l. to be paid at certain days, specified) of the manor of Wykhamskey alias Wikehamskeyth, Suff., with the rectory and advowson of the vicarage there, all which came to the King by the attainder of John last abbot of St. John Baptist's of Colchester; with reservation of annuities of 23s. and 38s. due to the manor out of the manor of Cotton Bresworth and the college of Wingfield, Suff., respectively, which are now extinct because all are in the King's hands. To hold, with all rights, in fee simple as one tenth of a knight's fee, by rent of 50s. 11d.; free of all charges except a pension of 53s. 4d. to the vicar. With profits since Mich. 1540. Westm., 26 March 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 26 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 12, m. 8.
6. Peter Vannes. Enrolment of patent of 6 April 33 Hen. VIII. See Vol. XVII., No. 283 (29). Pat. 34 Hen. VIII. p. 3, m. 30.
7. Wm. Lambe. Licence to alienate lands in the parish of St. James at Garlickhithe, London (No. 346, Grant 66, § 30), to Thos. Rowe, merchant tailor. Westm., 6 April. Pat. 34 Hen. VIII. p. 9, m. 24.
8. Thos. Waller. Lease (by advice of Daunce, Southwell and Moyle) of (1) a messuage and certain closes of land, specified, in tenure of Ric. Duke, and (2) a fulling mill called "le laver walke myllne," in tenure of John Oke, parcel of the lordship of Kymberworth, Yorks., and of the lands of George late duke of Clarence; with reservations; for 21 years; at rents of (1) 4l. 15s. and (2) 46s. 8d., and 12d. increase. Signed by the Surveyors. Del. Westm., 7 April 34 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 12, m. 8.
9. Anne Danet, widow of Sir John Danet, dec. Licence to alienate the manor of Mawndebryan alias Marchcmaund, Heref., to Ric. Gyllet, Thos. Davy and Thos. Travers, to be regranted before St. John's day next to the said Anne for life, with remainder to the right heirs male of Sir John Danet. Westm., 9 April. Pat. p. 3, m. 31. (injured).
10. Sir Geo. Cotton and Mary his wife. Licence to alienate two messuages and certain lands in Alsopp in le Dale, Tysyngton, Assheborne, Perwyche, and Thorp, Derb., to Sir Thos. Pope and Eliz. his wife. Westm., 11 April. Pat. 34 Hen. VIII. p. 12, m. 7.
11. Sir Ric. Williams alias Crumwell. Licence to alienate the grange or farm of Skere in the parish of Newton, co. Glamorgan, to Chr. Turbervile. Westm., 12 April. Pat. p. 2, m. 24.
12. Hen. Coppynger. Livery of lands as s. and h. of John Copynger, dec., without proof of age, in England, Wales and Calais. Signed by St. John, Sewster and Parys. Del. Westm. [13 April, 34 Hen. VIII.]—S.B.(much injured) Pat. p. 9, m. 1.
13. Thos. Cooke of Thorpscoke, Essex, mercer, alias of Calais, victualler. Protection : going in the retinue of Henry lord Mautravers, deputy of Calais. Westm., 3 April 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 13 April.—P.S. Pat. p. 12. m. 21.
14. Thomas earl of Rutland and Eleanor, his wife. Licence to alienate lands in Barton, Askam, Paterdale, Martinda (sic) and Clifton, with the rectories of Barton and Askam and chapels of Paterdale and Martindale, the advowsons of the vicarages of Barton and Askam, and a pension of 13s. 4d. out of the rectory of Clyfton, Westmld.: to Lancelot Lancaster and Mich. Hudson. Westm., 13 April 33 Hen. VIII. Pat. 34 Hen. VIII. p. 11, m. 11.
15. John Marshe. Licence to alienate certain lands near Northampton, of the late monasteries of Delapree and St. Andrew's Northampton (No. 226, Grant 38) to Sir Ric. and Sir John Gresham, Wm. Gresham, mercer, and Wm. Hardynge, mercer, to the use of the said John Marshe and Alice Gresham daughter and heir apparent of the said William, and their heirs, and in default to the right heirs of the said John. Westm. 13 April. Pat. 34 Hen. VIII. p. 7, m. 14.
16. Ric. Norlegh. Lease (by advice of Daunce, Southwell and Moyle) of the site of the manor or chief house of Woodhed, Rutl., with certain buildings and land specified, pared of the possessions of John late lord Hussey, attainted, and of the jointure of Anne lady Hussey, dec., relict of the said John, and in the King's hands by the death of the said Anne; with reservations; for 21 years; at 13l. 6s. 8d. rent and 13s. 4d. increase. Westm., 11 April 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 14 April.—P.S. Pat. p. 10, m. 25.
17. Ric. Capell of London, merchant. Protection for one year; going in the retinue of Henry lord Mautravers, deputy of Calais. St. James', 21 March 34 Hen. VIII. Headed : per Regem. Del. Westm., 14 April.—P.S.
18. Wm. Lambe, of London. Licence to alienate gardens near Mill Alley in the parish of St. Stephen in Colman Street, London, in tenure of Robt. Riche, which belonged to Rewley monastery, to the said Robt. Riche and Ric. Riche. Westm., 14 April. Pat. 34 Hen. VIII. p. 7, m. 14.
19. Francis earl of Shrewsbury. Licence to alienate the site of the late priory of Kynges Meades near Derby, to Thos. Sutton and Agnes his wife. Westm., 14 April. Pat. 34 Hen. VIII. p. 12, m. 5.
20. Bishopric of Chichester. Congé d'clire to the dean and chapter on the translation of Richard last bishop of Chichester. Westm., 14 April 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 15 April.—P.S. Pat. p. 8, m. 2. Rymer, XIV. 780.
21. Sir John Russell, lord Russell, keeper of the Privy Seal. Letters of marque in the same form as No. 346 (58). Westm., 14 April 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 15 April.—P.S. In English.
22. John Bel. Letters of marque in the same form as No. 346(58). Westm., 14 April 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 14 April.—P.S. In English.
23. John Reynold. Letters of marque in the same form as No. 346 (58). Westm., 14 April 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 15 April.—P.S. In English.
24. John Serle. Pardon (whereas by fine levied without the King's licence Edw. Bartlett and Jane his wife recognised the manors of Fayerthorn, Westederley, Waltham and Tychefelde to be the property of the said John) as regards the said manor of Westederley. Westm., 16 April. Pat. 34 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 24.
25. John Marvys alias Maruis, a native of the Emperor's dominions. Denization. Westm., 12 April 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 16 April.—P.S. Pat. p. 12, m. 6.
26. David Vincent, groom of the Wardrobe. Licence to buy and export 300 broadcloths, "unwrought, unshorne and unbarbed." Westm., 13 April 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 16 April.— P.S., in English. Pat. p. 12, m. 20.
27. Robt. Dacres. Grant of the reversions and rents reserved on the following leases :—(a) By Wm. Fauntleroy, S.T.D., the master, and the late college of Higham Ferrers, Ntht., 3 April 19 Hen. VIII., to Ric. Eddes, vintner, of London, of a tenement called "le Whyte Horse taverne" in Friday Street, then in his tenure, from Mich. 1528 for 28 years, at 5l. rent; (b) By the same, 19 Feb. 19 Hen. VIII., to Wm. Colte, skinner, of London, of a tenement called "le Whytehorse Inne" and a tenement adjoining it on the north side, in the parish of St. Margaret in Friday Street, ward of Breadstreet, for 21 years, at 8l. rent; (c) By the same, 16 June 20 Hen. VIII., to John Style of Higham Ferrers, the messuage and lands which John Pope then occupied (except "le Bury close") from Mich, 1529, for 21 years, and also the profits of the said "Bury close" if the said master and fellows should have the grant of it, rent 10s. for the said close and 28s. for the rest; (d) By the same, 18 Sept. 20 Hen. VIII., to Robt. Drewe of Chesterton, of the manor of Chesterton, with reservations, for 21 years, at 3l. 6s. 8d. and two capons rent; (e) By the same, 10 Nov. 26 Hen. VIII., to Wm. Cocke of Thynden, Ntht., of the messuage, &c., in Stanwyk, which John Haryson then occupied, for 21 years from Mich. 1535, at 30s. 3d. rent; (f) By the same, 12 April 23 Hen. VIII., to John Hill, merchant tailor of London, and Eliz. his wife and Thomas their son, of three tenements, two occupied by Thos. Speight and one by George Stourgeis, in St. Anthony's parish, London, for life, in survivorship, at rents of 6l. and 3l. 6s. 8d.; (g) By the same 20 April 24 Hen. VIII., to Robt. Carter, sen., of Higham Ferrers, of the tenement called the Swan in the street called Newlonde in Higham, for 23 years, at 3l. rent; (h) By the same 6 July 26 Hen. VIII., to John Heykins of the parish of Denforde, Ntht., of all the lands of the said college in Denforde, with reservations, for 21 years, at 23s. 4d. rent; (i) By Ric. Chaunceller, the warden, and the said late college, 1 April 19 Hen. VII., to John Bett, of a messuage in Higham adjoining the house of the said John (position described) for 99 years, at 3s. 4d. rent; (k) By Robt. Goldson, warden, and the said late college, 20 March 27 Hen. VIII., to Thos. Smith of Thynden, Ntht., of a messuage, &c., in Addyngton, Ntht., for 21 years, at 20s. rent; (l) By the same, 1 April 28 Hen. VIII., at the request of Wm. Beyvyell of Chesterton, Hunts, Sir John Russell and Thomas abp. of Canterbury, the founder, to the said Beyvyell, of the manor of Chesterton, to him and the heirs of his body at 6l. 13s. 7d. and two capons rent; (m) By the same, 1 Feb. 32 Hen. VIII., to John Gylforde of a tenement lying in "le Newlonde" in Higham between tenements of the said Gylforde and of Robt. Checheley, sen., for 31 years at 7s. rent and 8d. at Christmas for two capons to be bought; (n) By the same, 20 May 33 Hen. VIII., to John Myrphyn of London, "pasteler," of the tenement and shops in St. Antelen's parish, ward of Cordwainer-street, London, occupied by Wm. Todde, merchant tailor, for 30 years, at 46s. 8d. rent; (o) By the same, 31 Aug, 1541, to Thos. Kootes, of London, merchant tailor, of the tenement which Hugh Acton, tailor, lately occupied, in St. Anthonyne's parish between the tenements of Wm. Todde on the east and John Hyll on the west, for 31 years, at 40s.; (p) By the same, 30 Nov. 33 Hen. VIII, to John Stele of Higham Ferrers of the messuage in Higham in "le North ende at the grene tree" then in his tenure, for 30 years, at 13s. 4d. rent; (q) By the same, 6 March 33 Hen. VIII., to Nich. Alday, grocer, of a tenement at "le Netherende" of Sloper Lane in St. Antelen's parish, London, lately occupied by John Hill and Eliz., his wife, then deceased, and Thos. Hill their son, for 60 years from the death of the said Thomas, at 9l. 6s. 8d. rent. Also grant of the church and vicarage of Higham Ferrers and the chapel of Jesu there, and the advowson of the said church; also all lands whatsoever in Higham Ferrers, Stanwyk, Russhden, Addyngton Parva, Denforde and Colthorpe, Ntht., and in the city of London, and in Chesterton, Hunts, which belonged to the said late college, with all the rights therein enjoyed by Robert Goldson, late warden, as warden, before 18 July 34 Hen. VIII. Except only the chief mansion of the said college with the site and circuit of the same. To hold in fee simple as one tenth of a knights' fee by rent of 36s., on condition of maintaining two chaplains, of the Crown's nomination, in the parish church of Higham Ferrers, to be called chaplains of the Upper church and of the Lower church, at salaries of 10l. and 8l. a year respectively, and a competent schoolmaster, at the Crown's nomination, at 10l.; the said grantee shall also pay 24l. a year to one of the said two chaplains for the support of 13 poor persons called "bedemen" at Higham Ferrers to be nominated by the Crown, i.e. 7d. a week for salary and five yards of frieze cloth worth 8d. a yard, at Christmas, apiece, 8 cart-loads of fire-wood a year to be delivered at their houses, also 10s. at Easter for fire-wood, 5s. a year for their shaving, 5s. a year to maintain a lamp in their dormitory in the house they now inhabit in Higham Ferrers, which house the said grantee shall keep in repair. Westm., 17 April 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 17 April.—P.S. Pat. p. 7, m. 10.
28. Leonard Irby. To be clerk of the peace and of the Crown in parts of Holland and Kesteven, co. Linc. Westm., 23 March 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm. 18 April.—P.S. Pat. p. 12, m. 9.
29. Sir Henry Knevet, a gentleman of the Privy Chamber. Licence to export, within five years, 1,000 dicker of tanned leather backs and hides or else as many calfskins as shall amount in custom to the same value. Westm., 14 April 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 18 April.—P.S. In English. Pat. p. 12, m. 19.
30. Thos. Edgar. Lease (by advice of Daunce, Southwell and Moyle), for 21 years, at 17l. rent and 8d. increase, of 40 qrs. of wheat and 40 qrs. of barley, annually reserved upon a 40 years' lease, dated Mich. 24 Hen. VIII., by Hugh abbot of Reading, now attainted, and the convent, to John Sharpe of Henred, Berks, of the farm of Henred and meadow called Hardyngton Mede there, at 6l. 13s. 4d. and the said wheat and barley rent. Westm. 10 March, 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm. 18 April.—P.S. In English. Pat. p. 12, m. 6.
31. Thos. Machyn. Lease (by advice of Daunce, Southwell and Moyle) of a water mill at the south end of the borough (burgagii) of Barkeley, Glouc., with a meadow of 8 acres called Longhame and a pasture of ½ acr. called Le Buttes, all parcel of the manor of Barkeley; for 21 years; at 4l. 11s. 8d. rent and 20d. increase. Del. Westm., 18 April 34 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 12, m. 12.
32. Leonard Chamberleyn and Ric. Andrewes. Licence to alienate the rectory and tithes of Waterpery, Oxon, which belonged to Osney monastery, and the messuage, &c., in copyhold tenure of Ric. Madsey in Wytham, Berks, which belonged to Rewley monastery, to Sir John Williams and Ric. Curson. Westm., 18 April. Pat. 34 Hen. VIII. p. 7, m. 15.
33. Wm. Cracrofte and Eliz. his wife. Licence to alienate a messuage, cottage and garden in Boston, Linc., to Robt. Stubbes, Ric. Grey, John Tonerd, Thos. Stykney, and Thos. Copleday, jun. Westm., 18 April. Pat. 34 Hen. VIII., p. 7, m. 15.
34. Robert Goodwyn of Portebury, Soms. Grant (for 64l. 19s.) of the reversions and rents reserved upon (1) a lease by John Colchester, late abbot, and the convent of St. Osithe, 12 Nov. 27 Hen. VIII., to Simon Coke of Illega Combusta alias Brenteleghe, Suff., of the manor of Illega Combusta; with reservation of woods, &c., and of the presentation to the vicarage; for 10 years; at 6l. rent; (2) a lease by John Harries, the prior, and the convent of Bremmere, Hants, 1 April 11 Hen. VIII., to John Morris, of Bristol, and Katharine, his wife, of the manor, grange or farm of Portebury Prioris in Portebury, Soms., with reservations, as Agnes Crues previously held it; for 80 years; at 100s. rent. Also grant of (1) the manor of Portebury Prior, which belonged to Bremner, with a wood of 5 acres there called Prior's Wood, and (2) the manor of Illega Combusta which belonged to St. Osithe with the advowson of the vicarage. With all rights; the lands in co. Soms. being worth 14l. 15s. 3½d. a year. To hold, in fee simple, as one 20th of a knight's fee by rents of (1) 30s. ½d. and (2) 12s.; free of charges except 5s. a year to the bailiff of Portebury. Westm., 16 April 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 19 April.—P.S. Pat. p. 12, m. 12.
35. James Courthop, M.A. Presentation to the perpetual rectory of St. Mary in Chester, Chester dioc., void by death. Westm., 14 April 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 19 April.—P.S.
36. Wm. Porteman, King's serjeant at law. Custody of the lands, in Northbower, Wenydon, Pery, Hilferaunce, Northpetherton, Durlye, Bridgewater, Myrlynche, Ashecote, Hunspill, Chelton, Lewelston Petherton, Canyngton, Cleyhill, Pillok, Chellon, Grove, Westrecholte, Walphill and Alverton, Soms., which belonged to Thos. Michell, dec., during the minority of Ric. Michell, s. and h. of the said Thomas. With wardship and marriage of the heir. Westm., 16 April 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 19 April.—P.S. Pat. p. 4, m. 30.
37. Sir Ralph Sadler, one of the King's two principal secretaries. Lease (by advice of Daunce, Southwell and Moyle) of the chief messuage in Shakelwell, Hackney parish, Midd., with 30 acres of ground adjoining, now in his tenure, tenements there, with from 2 to 8 acres of ground attached, in tenure of John Lawrence, John Sterkey, John Brampston, Laur. Fynche, and John Fynke and a little tenement at Kyngys Lande with a close called Churchefelde in tenure of Randall Sterkey; in the King's hands by the attainder of Giles Heron; with reservations; for 21 years; at 16l. 12s. rent (details specified). Westm., 18 April 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 20 April.— P.S. Pat. p. 12, m. 8.
38. Wm. Paslowe, of Brokhouse Grange, in the parish of Walles, Yorks., yeoman. Pardon for having, 14 Oct. last, killed Roger Morgan, of Aston, gentleman, in self defence, upon Aston More, Yorks., as certified by John Swynhowe, coroner. Westm., 20 April. Pat. 34 Hen. VIII., p. 12, m. 5.
39. Sir Ant. Browne, K.G. Grant for life of the lordships or manors of Purbright alias Pyrbryght, Warplesdon alias Wurplesdon and Cleygate, Surr., paying rent of 17l. 12s. for Warplesdon and 11l. 14d. for Cleygate. Also to be keeper of the parks of Henley, Surr., and of Bagshott within Windsor Forest, with 6d. a day for Henley, and for Bagshott as much as was enjoyed by Wm. earl of Southampton, dec., receiving the 6d. a day out of the said 17l. 12s. and the fees for Bagshott out of the rent of certain tenements there and in Wynsham, Surr.; with the herbage and pannage of the said parks. Westm., 23 March 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 21 April.—P.S. Pat. p. 12, m. 8.
40. Sir Ant. Browne, K.G. To be master of the King's harriers vice Wm. earl of Southampton, dec., with fees of 12d. a day out of the counties of Bedford and Bucks., and also for the wages of a yeoman "barners" 4d. a day and 3¼d. a day for the keep of a horse, of two yeomen "barners" and two yeomen "veautiers" at 2d. a day each, and two lads at 1¼d. a day each, and the food of 36 running dogs and 9 greyhounds ½d. each, out of the issues of subsidy and ulnage of cloth in cos. Soms. and Dors. Westm., 23 March 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 21 April.—P.S. Pat. p. 12, m. 9.
41. Nieh. Randall. To be bailiff and receiver of the lordships and manors of Aylewarton and Pensaunce. Cornw., with the usual fees and profits as enjoyed by Martin Pendre or John Turner. Westm., 20 April 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 21 April.—P.S. Pat. p. 12, m. 7.
42. George Windam, clk., King's chaplain. Presentation to the precentory and the prebend of Ovyng in Chichester Cathedral, void by the death of Wm. Horsey and at the King's presentation by the voidance of the See of Chichester. Westm., 18 April 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 21 April.—P.S. Pat. p. 12, m. 21.
43. Anth. Rogers, late of Blanforth, Dors. General pardon. Westm., 18 April 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 21 April.— P.S. Pat. p. 12, m. 6.
44. Thos. Robynson, a groom of the Chamber. Life annuity of 8d. a day, from the Annunciation of Our Lady 33 Hen. VIII. Westm., 12 April 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 21 April.—P.S., in English. Pat. p. 12, m. 19.
475. Undated Grants Of 34 Henry VIII.
1. Ric. Andrewys and Leonard Chamberlain. Licence to alienate the priory of White Friars, Norwich, to John Spenser and Margery his wife. Westm.—(blank). Pat. 34 Hen. VIII., p. 4, m. 8.
2. Fulk Blencowe. Pardon and grant of a messuage and two virgates of land, which had become forfeited to the Crown in the following way.—By inquisition taken before Thos. Mallorye, late escheator of Northamptonshire, it was found that Thos. Blencowe of Laurence Merston, Ntht., dec., was seised in capite of the manor of Laurence Merston alias Merston St. Laurence, which belonged to Shene Charterhouse, lately leased to the said Thos. Blencowe, with the tithes thereon and a windmill in Merston late in his tenure, by virtue of the King's letters patent. Being so seised he, long before his death, by his last will gave to Fulk Blencowe, one of his sons, the said messuage and land (which had been late in tenure of Wm. Baynard), in tail male, with remainder to the heirs and assigns of him, the said Thomas; and the said Fulk has, since the death of the said Thomas, occupied the said lands without licence. Westm., — (blank). Pat. 34 Hen. VIII., p. 3, m. 27.
ii. Similar pardon and grant to Chr. Blencowe, another son of the said Thomas, as regards lands which had been late in tenure of John Modye. Westm., — (blank). Ibid.
3. Edw. Fenes lord Clynton and Saye and Robt. Turwytt of the King's Household. Licence to alienate a messuage, &c., called Romehouse in Okeford Fytz Payne, Dors., in tenure of Hugh Harrys, which belonged to the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, with four closes there in the same tenure, and a messuage, &c., there, in tenure of Robt. Pulvertoft; to Robt. Pulvertoft of Yowerne Minster, Dors., senior. Westm.,—(blank). Pat. 34 Hen. VIII., p. 7, m. 3.
ii. Also to alienate the manor of Templecombe, Soms., parcel of the late preceptory there, and 12 acres of meadow in tenure of Edw. Vynyng in Wyncalton, Soms., which premises belonged to the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem : to Ric. Duke, of London. Westm.,—(blank). Ibid.
4. R. c. Mayoo, alias Nichols, of Helmenden, Ntht. Licence to alienate lands in Helmenden in tenure of Ralph Pulton which belonged to Bytlesden mon., to Edw. Humfrey, of Sulgrave, Ntht. Westm. Pat. 34 Hen. VIII., p. 5, m. 21.
5. The Mercers' Company of London. Licence to alienate their interest in two great messuages with gardens in le Barge, in Bucklersbury, London, parish of St. Stephen Walbroke, to Sir Ralph Warcn, alderman. Westm., — (blank). Pat 34 Hen. VIII., p. 9, m. 30.
6. Gregory Phyllyp and John Alleyn of Asshetefford, Kent, yeomen. Licence to collect money from charitable persons in cos. Kent and Sussex for the repair of the roads leading from Asshetefford to Charynge and to Charte Magna which are hurtful, perilous, deep and muddy and a danger to those using them. Licence to extend over two years. S.B. (undated).
7. Sir Wm. Pounder. Grant of all lands in Hertford and Ware, Herts, and . . . . am, Notts, value not exceeding 45s. a year, in the King's hands by the attainder of Henry Bacon of Bengeo, Herts, clk., convicted 22 April 29 Henry VIII. S.B. (faded, no date of delivery).
8. The customers, comptrollers, and other Royal officers of the ports of Poole and Weymouth. Whereas in the Parliament holden at Westm., 28 April 31 Hen. VIII., and continued by prorogations until 24 July 32 Hen. VIII., it was enacted that if any stranger, whether denizen or not, did lade any foreign vessel to outward parts he should pay customs according to the ancient usages of the realm, anything in the King's proclamation to the contrary notwithstanding, now the King by advice of his Council is determined to suspend the execution of the said Act as regards strangers born the Emperor's subjects, who are to enjoy the privileges of the said proclamation as long as it shall endure. Mandate to permit the same accordingly. Signed at the head by the King. Endd. : Warrant for a proclamation to suspend the act made against strangers for ships. "At the suit of the lord Chancellor." In English. S.B. (undated). Pat. p. 1., m. 20 (no date).
9. Charles duke of Suffolk, Great Master of the Household. Licence to alienate the manor of Ossyngton alias Assyngton, Notts, with the vectory there and advowson of the vicarage, and the rectories of Gildesborugh and Ravensthorp, Ntht., and tithes in Tekyng, Holwell, Cotton and Northtoft, Ntht., with the advowsons of the vicarages of Gillesborugh and Ravensthorp aforesaid : to Ric. Andrewes. Westm.,— (blank). Pat. 34 Hen. VIII., p. 5, m. 21.
10. Sir John Williams and Ant. Stringer. Licence to alienate Westfield close in Stutesbury, Ntht. (No. 226 (79 §20)), to Robt. Pergeter or Pargeter of Gretworthe, Ntht. Westm.— (blank). Pat. 34 Hen. VIII., p. 5, m. 25.
ii. Similar licence for four mills and lands in Farley, Henton, Westwood and Freshford, Soms. and Wdts. (No. 226 (79 § 32)) to Thos. Horton of Hord in Westwood parish, Wilts. Ibid.
476. Grants In April 1543, 35 Hen. VIII.
1. Bpric. of Rochester. 22 April. See under 29 April (No. 22).
2. Walter Compton, groom of the Chamber. To be keeper of the New Park of Barkely, Glouc., with fees of 40s. a year, and the usual profits and the herbage and pannage, as enjoyed by Sir Ant. and Sir Nic. Poyntz. On surrender by Sir Nic. Poyntz of pat., 8 March 22 Hen. VIII., granting the office to Sir Ant. Poyntz, now dec., and him, in survivorship, with fees out of the issues of the castle, hundred, lordship or manor of Barkeley, which belonged to Wm. Marquis Barkeley. Westm., 19 April 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 22 April.—P.S. Pat. p. 18, m. 7.
3. John Huddelston. Licence to alienate the manor of Reynham alias Ingaldesthorps, Norf., to Sir Rog. Touneshend. Westm., 24 April. Pat. 35 Hen. VIII., p. 1, m. 14.
4. Robert Dyghton, of Stirton, Linc. Licences to alienate, viz :—i. Lands in tenure of Robt. Thurnbeke and John Mannyng in Walcote, Linc., which belonged to Catteley priory; to the said Robt. Thurnbeke. Westm., 24 April. Pat. 35 Hen. VIII., p. 2, m. 15.
ii. Lands in tenure of Walter Bate, Robt. Dekynson and the heirs of Robt. Herde in Byllynghey, Linc., which belonged to Catteley priory, and lands in tenure of Robt. Palfreman in Conesby, Linc., which belonged to Kyme priory; to Geo. Welles. Westm., 24 April. Pat. p. 2, m. 18.
iii. Lands in tenure of Ric. Coke in Byllynghey, Linc., which belonged to Catteley priory; to the said Ric. Coke. Westm., 24 April. Pat p. 2, m. 18.
iv. Lands in tenure of Robt. Jonson, Hugh Dykynson, Ric. Blakye, and John Robynson in Byllynghey, Walcote and Watersyde, Linc., which belonged to Catteley priory; to Thos. Dyconson. Westm., 24 April. Pat. p. 2, m. 20.
5. Roger Hurlton alias Hurston, of London, alias Rog. Hurleton of Chester. Pardon for the death of Ric. Whitehed, of London, clk., slain by him in self defence, as appears by the inquest taken in the parish of St. Mary Mounthawte, London, 21 March last. Westm., 24 April. Pat. 35 Hen. VIII., p. 2, m. 20.
6. Sir John Willyams, of Ricote, Oxon, and Ant. Stryngar of London. Licence to alienate Chytterne manor, Wilts., and the chapel of Chitterne, which belonged to Bradenstoke mon.; to Thos. Temmes, of Shortwell in the Isle of Wight, and Eliz. his wife, in fee to the said Thos.—(place blank) 24 April. Pat. 35 Hen. VIII., p. 5, m. 36.
7. John Turnor. Lease of (1) the demesnes of Bradwardyn, Heref., in tenure of Jas. Scudamore, parcel of the earldom of March, and (2) a meadow called Goldwynstable, in tenure of Chr. Bendeles, within the manor of Berdfild, Essex, parcel of the lands of the late Queen Jane; with reservations, for 21 years; rents (1) 33s. 4d. and 12d. increase, (2) 20s. Del. Westm., 24 April 35 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Daunce, Southwell and Moyle). Pat. p. 7, m. 27.
8. Thos. Holleys. Livery of lands as s. and h. of Sir Wm. Holleys, dec. Del. Westm., 26 April 35 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (Signed by lord St. John, John Sewster and Philip Parys). Pat. p. 4, m. 1.
9. Sir Thos. Jonys, the King's servant. To be surveyor and receiver of the castle, manor and lordship of Narbarte, co. Pemb., governor and keeper of the said castle and of the forests and chaces belonging to it, and governor and leader of the manrede or men of the lordship, with fees of 5l. 6s. 8d.; also to be constable of the castle of Tenbye and steward, receiver and surveyor of the manor or lordship of Coydrath, keeper of the woods, and governor and leader of the manrede there, with 4l. 12s. 3d. As amply as John Hughes, doctor of law, or any other held these offices. Westm., 18 April 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 26 April 35 Hen. VIII.—P.S. Pat., p. 4, m. 1.
10. Sir John Williams of Ricote, Oxon, and Ant. Stryngar, of London. Licence to alienate a tenement, &c., in Thorpe Mondevyle, Ntht., which belonged to Chacombe priory, in tenure of John Halleys; to Wm. Gyffard and Alice his wife, in fee to the said Wm. Westm., 26 April. Pat. 35 Hen. VIII., p. 5, m. 1.
11. Robt. Goodwyn. Licence to alienate the manor of Illega Combusta alias Brentelegh, Suff., which belonged to St. Osith's mon., with the advowson of the vicarage of the parish church there; to John Spryng. Westm., 26 April. Pat. 35 Hen. VIII., p. 5, m. 1.
12. John Yole, Wm. Banke and Wm. Hartley. Lease of a piece of land called the Cocke Pyttes lying beside the bridge of Rotheram, parcel of the lordship of Kimberworth, Yorks., now in tenure of John Yole; and all coal mines called "the coledelfes or colepyttes" in the said lordship, with right, when the coal pits "already diggen shall be spent and consumed," to search and dig for others, provided that there be only one coledelff at a time; parcel of possessions of George duke of Clarence attainted; for 21 years; rent 6s. 8d. for the piece of ground, 66s. 8d. for the coal pits and 6s. 8d. increase; the King providing timber for repair of the Cocke Pit "and competent and sufficient punchewoode and all other manner of wood for the said coal pits and for sowghes for the same." Del. Westm., 26 April. — S.B. (Signed by Daunce, Southwell and Moyle). In English. Pat. p. 7, m. 18.
13. Ric. Caundishe. Letters of marque in the same form as No. 346 (58). Westm., 14 April 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 26 April "anno subscripto"— P.S. In English. Pat. 34 Hen. VIII., p. 12, m. 6.
14. Thos. Wymbysshe. Livery of lands as s. and h. of Chr. Wymbysshe, dec., including reversion of those held by Mary, wife of the said Chr. Del. Westm., 27 April.—S.B. (Signed by lord St. John, J. Hynde and John Sewster). Pat. p. 2, m. 28.
15. Sir John Williams and Ant. Stringer. Licence to alienate lands in Cotes Culworth alias Cotton besides Culworth, Ntht., in tenure of Ric. Stone, which belonged to Canons Assheby priory; to Wm. Davers alias Danvers. Westm., 28 April. Pat. 35 Hen. VIII., p. 2, m. 20.
16. Thomas duke of Norfolk. Licence to alienate Kempston manor, Norf., with the advowson of Kempston church and appurtenances, in Kempsted (sic), Newton, Westlexham, and Magna and Parva Dunham, Norf., and all lands in Norfolk called Normansborowe; to Sir Rog. Touneshend. Westm., 28 April. Pat. 35 Hen. VIII., p. 5, m. 1.
17. Roger Smyth, a sewer of the Chamber. Office of janitor and custody of all prisoners to be committed and delivered by the Council or Commissioners in cos. Glouc., Worc., Heref., Salop, Chesh. and Flint and in North and South Wales and the marches of the same; with the usual fees and profits. Westm., 26 April 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 28 April.—P.S. Pat. p. 7, m. 15.
18. John Conowe, Piers Benet and Nic. Benet, merchants of Ireland. Licence to provide within the county of Somerset (where there is such plenty of beans that the owners must have utterance for the same) 60 weighs of beans, and export them to Ireland from the ports of Uphill and Bridgewater. Westm., 26 April 35 Hen. VIII. Del. (no place named) 28 April —P.S. In English. Pat. p. 7, m. 17.
19. Jerome and Vincent Micheli, merchants of Venice resident in London. Licence to send a crayer of 50 tons, manned by Venetians, and freighted here with any lawful merchandise, to bring hither certain merchandise which they have in the city of Roan. Westm., 26 April 35 Hen. VIII. Del. (no place named) 28 April.—P.S. Pat. p. 7, m. 18.
20. Robert Renegar. Licence to export 100 qr. of wheat and 100 qr. of barley. Westm., 25 April.—P.S. In English. Pat. p. 7, m. 19.
21. Thos. Gye. Letter of marque in the same form as No. 346 (58). Westm., 25 April 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 28 April.—P.S. In English. Pat. p. 13, m. 10.
22. Bishopric of Rochester. Pardon to Nic. Hethe, bp. of Rochester, of all intrusions upon possessions which belonged to John Hylsey, late bp. of Rochester, his predecessor, in right of the bishopric, and came to the Crown by the voidance of the bishopric before 14 April 31 Hen. VIII., and grant of all the issues of these possessions from Mich. 31 Hen. VIII., to the said 14 April and of all fines incurred by him. Westm., 22 April 34 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 29 April 35 Hen. VIII.—P.S. Pat. 35 Hen. VIII., p. 13, m. 12. (Dated 22 April). Rymer, XIV., 780.
23. Thos. Brakyn. Fiat for his appointment as collector of custom and subsidy of the port of Newcastle upon Tyne. Del. Westm., 29 April 35 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (Signed by T. duke of Norfolk; with certificate of security given in the Exchequer signed 'Cristoferus More.')
24. Sir John lord Russell, keeper of the Privy Seal. Lease of (1) the agistment and pannage of the park of King's Langley, Herts., and the little hunt called the "small game" of coneys within the same, and divers tenements, chambers, stable and barn in the outer court within the site of the manor, late in tenure of John Verney, parcel of possessions of the late Queen Jane; for 21 years; rents (1) 18l. 13s. 4d., (2) 27s. Westm., 25 April 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 31 (sic) April.—P.S. Pat. p. 18, m. 1.


  • 1. Nuremberg.
  • 2. A misreading of "Legnix," for Lennox?
  • 3. Their diets were paid from 30 April.