Henry VIII: July 1517, 1-10

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Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 2, 1515-1518. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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July 1517

1 July.
Nero, B. VI. 30.
3422. A. DE ROSSIS, Cardinal Elect, to HENRY VIII.
The Pope having raised him to the dignity of cardinal, hopes that he shall not be wanting to his benefactors, and that if Henry should desire to make use of him for his affairs he will be found equal in diligence to his many other servants in the Roman court. Rome, 1 July. Signed.
P. 1. Add.
1 July.
3423. For WM. BURBANKE alias SMYTHSON, clk.
Presentation to the church of Arthurhede, Carlisle dioc., void by the death of Rob. Bourstede, clk. Del. Westm., 1 July 9 Hen. VIII.
Pat. 9 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 3.
1 July.
3424. For TH. WYNDAM.
Wardship of Edward, s. and h. of Hen. Inglous; and, if Edward die, of Francis his third son. Greenwich, 14 June 9 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 1 July.
Pat. 9 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 4.
1 July.
3425. For ...
To be bailiff of Yarmouth (?) in same manner as (?) John Palmer, notwithstanding statute ... and patent ... 1 Hen. VIII., which appointed him collector of customs in ... (?) during pleasure. Greenwich, 1 July 9 Hen. VIII. Del. ..., ...
2 July.
Galba, B. VI. 62.
During the past week, since the King came to Bruges, the Duke of Gueldres entered Holland, burned many villages, and took two small towns. Some think this will delay the King's voyage. Chievres was very downcast about it. Mons. de Castres, soverain of Flanders, is ordered to muster men, and the King is writing letters of importance to his ambassadors in England, probably to ask Henry's assistance. It is said the French are preparing an army by sea in Bre[tagne], which makes some uneasy. The preparations in Zealand for the King's departure are complete. The French King's visit to Tyrwyn to see the works made them very watchful at St. Omer's. Is told that the Emperor means to revoke Count Ticion, and send a doctor to England in his place. Bruges, 2 July. Signed.
Pp. 2, mutilated.
2 July.
Galba, B. V. 263.
Is glad he has received the treaty (tractatus). Is sorry he did not receive it before, owing to the continued movements of the Emperor. Thanks him for his present. The three Cardinals who are prisoners have confessed and set their hands to their crime. Two other cardinals, whose names he cannot hear, have fallen at the Pope's feet and asked for pardon. Franciscus Maria has entered the States of the Church, and has laid siege to several towns in the march of Ancona. The French King offers the Pope his services and troops, if he will send money, hoping by this pretext to get possession of Italy. The Pope has rejected his offer, and has hired 6,000 Swiss, appointing Prosper Colonna as their captain. He has created twelve new cardinals. The Duke of Gueldres has invaded Holland. The Emperor ought to be at Augsburg. He is discussing the Concordat at Worms with Sichyngen. Many think the stress of the war ought to be turned on the Duke of Wittemburg. The Suevi demand from the Count Palatine the goods taken from their merchants by Sichyngen. Men say there is to be a conference at Calais for a peace between France and England. Antwerp, 2 July 1517.
Hol., Lat., pp. 2, mutilated. Add. at ƒ. 264: Magnifico, &c., Ruberto Wing[field], &c., Gubernatori Calesii.
2 July.
3428. For JOHN POPLEY, chaplain.
To have the chantry of the free chapel of the church of Portebury vice Ric. Bryande, clk. Greenwich, 29 June 9 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 2 July.
2 July.
3429. For KATHARINE, wife of LEONARD POLE, nurse to the Princess Mary.
Two annuities, of 10l. each, out of the issues of the lordship of Chesthunt, Herts, parcel of the earldom of Richmond. Del. Westm., 2 July 9 Hen. VIII. Signed: T. Carlis Ebor.
Pat. 9 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 5.
2 July. 3430. For JOHN CORNYSH, bailiff of Plympton Earl, Devon.
Pardon for killing, in self-defence, John Skam of Shae, Devon, skinner, as stated by an inquisition taken before John Mortyn, coroner. Westm., 2 July.
Pat. 8 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 5.
2 July.
Vit. B. III. 161*.
On his accession to the cardinalate this day. Reminds the King of Henry VII.'s kindness to his uncle, the Cardinal of Sienna, afterwards Pius III. Rome, 3 July 1517.
Hol., Lat., p. 1, mutilated. Add.
3 July.
Congratulates him and the family of Colonna on the advancement of [Pompey Colonna] to the cardinalate. Wishes he could express his congratulations in person. Begs he will return to Rome, the proper abode of the cardinals; and he will then see what kind of a colleague the piety of the Pope has given him. Rome, 3 July 1517. Sig. cut off.
Lat., p. 1. Add. to Wolsey, apparently by mistake.
3 July.
P. S.
3433. For JOHN SMYTH.
To be serjeant at arms to attend the King when there is no parliament, and the speaker of the Commons when there is, with 12d. a day; on surrender of patent 7 March 4 Hen. VII. granting the same to John Harper. Greenwich, 2 July 9 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 3 July.
Pat. 9 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 3.
3 July.
P. S.
3434. For RIC. GYBBONS, groom of the Larder.
To be one of the four messengers of the Exchequer, with 4½d. a day. Greenwich, 27 May 9 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 3 July.
4 July.
R. O.
Complaining of the restraint put upon their brethren in England, who are not allowed to export woollen cloths unless shorn and cut, nor to import merchandize except from their own cities. Lubeck, Saturday, 4 July 1517.
Lat., on parchment. Add.
4 July.
S. B.
3436. To ROB. GILBERT of Whitcombe, Somers.
Lease for 21 years of Charleton Camvyle super Horethowdon, in Charleton, Somers., lately held by Ric. Palmer; with a toft called le Estbro ..., at an annual rent of 14l. 14s. 8d. Del. Westm., 5 July 9 Hen. VIII.
Pat. 9 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 10.
5 July.
Galba, B. IV. 201b.
B. M.
Rym. XIII. 567.
Confirmation by Henry of the league for defence of the Church, formed between England, the Emperor, and the Prince of Castile. London, 15 Nov. 1516.
Confirmed anew, 5 July 1517.
S. B. 2.—i. Ratification by Henry of a treaty of amity and confederation between himself, Maximilian, and Charles of Castile, concluded on his part by the Cardinal of York, Duke of Norfolk and Bp. of Durham; on the Emperor's part, by Matthew Cardinal of Sion, Marquis of Viglena, Earl of Valesia, and John Bartholomew Titione, Count Decian; and on the part of Johanna and Charles by Bernard Bp. of Elna: Lord John Hedyn being ambassador for the Emperor. London, 5 July 1517, 9 Hen. VIII.
ii. Inspeximus and confirmation of an article, dated London, 7 Nov. 1516, concluded between Henry, Maximilian, and Charles, maintaining the Swiss in amity with them. London, 5 July 1517, 9 Hen. VIII. (The article not recited at length.)
Galba, B. V. 267.
B. M.
3.—Draft of § 2. ii. corrected by Fox. Pp. 2, mutilated.
R. O. 4.—Copy of the same. The article recited in full. Henry and Charles to pay the Swiss 30,000 fl. a year. Pp. 3.
Galba, B. V. 265. 5.—Draft of the above-mentioned article. Appended in Fox's hand: "Notum facimus quod nos, &c. Iste articulus erat iterum confirmatus quinto die Julii," A.D. 1517, 9 Hen. VIII.
R. O. 6.—Notarial instrument, reciting letters patent of Charles of Spain, dated Brussels, 11 May 1517, and setting forth that the 5th July, 1517, in a chapel at Greenwich, Henry VIII. read the above in the presence of James de Luxenberg, temporal Lord de Aussi, Bernard de Mesa Bp. of Perpiñan (Helneñ episcopi), James de Gaure Lord de Frezyn, and George de Themisteke, provost of Cassel, according to their commission, bearing date Ghent, 16 June 1517 (recited).
Executed in the presence of Thomas Cardinal of York, John Abp. of Armagh, Thomas Bp. of Durham, John Bp. of Rochester. Charles Bp. of Hereford, Thomas Duke of Norfolk, Charles Duke of Suffolk, Thomas Marquis of Dorset, Thomas Earl of Surrey, Thomas Earl of Derby, Richard Earl of Kent, William Baron Mountjoye, Chamberlain to the Queen, George Lord Burgavenny, Henry Lord Montague, Thomas Lovell, treasurer of the Household, Sir Henry Marney and Sir Richard Thomas.
Attestation of Robert Toneys, clk., canon of the metropolitan church of York, LL.B. and notary public, by whom the present instrument was drawn up, in conjunction with William Burbank, LL.B.
R. O. 7.—Draft of § 6. Pp. 6.
R. O. 8.—Protocol of an instrument witnessing that Henry VIII. signed and swore to the treaty between himself, Maximilian and the Catholic King, dated 20 Oct. 1516, in the Chapel Royal at Greenwich, 5 July 1517, in the presence of the Spanish ambassadors. Witnesses: Thomas Cardinal of York, &c. as in § 6.
6 July.
R. O.
The Dean of Tournay, who is of a great house in Picardy, desires leave to see him. He has things of importance to communicate, and says he has moved the French Bishop and his father to be satisfied with an appointment. The French elect is confirmed and consecrated. As this is a direct determination of the Pope in his favor, Wolsey's business has not been well managed at Rome, and his influence will be diminished. Can only obtain Wolsey's dues by help from the governor. If the French Bp. comes on the King's ground, Sampson will "not fail to look upon him." Wishes to know if he shall deliver to the governor the money he receives as heretofore. Thinks it advisable. Wishes to come to England at Michaelmas and render his accounts. Tournay, 6 July.
Hol., pp. 2. Add.: My Lord Cardinal's grace. Endd.
6 July.
Galba, B. v. 268.
B. M.
Mon. Habs. Abtheil,
II. B. I. 50.
In behalf of his secretary, John de la Souch, the bearer, whom he has appointed in conjunction with his ambassadors or the Bishop of Helan alone, to communicate to the King the motives of his voyage into Spain and the enterprise raised against him by the Duke of Gueldres. Requests a loan of 100,000 florins Rh. g. to be repaid by equal portions in four years. Middelbourg, 6 July 1517. Signed.
Fr., p. 1, mutilated. Add.
6 July.
R. O.
Mon. Habs. ib.
Sends to England his secretary, Master John de la Sauch, the bearer, to negotiate with the Bp. of Helna the nature of the securities to be given for the loan of 100,000 Rh. fl. of gold to be lent to him by England, to be repaid at the rate of 25,000 fl. a year. Middelbourg, 6 July. Signed and sealed.
Fr., p. 1. Add.: A Mons. le Cardinal Dyorck.
6 July.
Mon. Habs. Abtheil,
II. B. I. 45.
Has received their letters, and perceives thereby the cordial reception they have had in England. Is pleased to hear of their conduct in the matters committed to them for the King and Cardinal of York, and is satisfied with the correction of the letters which the Bp. of Helna has delivered, touching the last treaty between the Emperor, Henry and himself, seeing that, thus corrected, they are clearer and "moins vicieuses" than if the words now erased remained as before. As it is not possible for him to provide for the great affair caused by Messire Charles de Gueldres in Holland, without assistance from Henry, seeing that the voyage to Spain will be a great expense, sends Jehan de la Saulch, his secretary, to ask for the 100,000 gold florins which he has promised to lend. Middleburg, 6 July. Signed. Countersigned: Haneton.
Add.: "A nos treschiers et feaulx, le Sieur d'Auxi, nostre cousin, l'Evesque d'Elne, le Sieur de Frezin, nostre grant bailly de Haynnault, et le prevost de Cassel, maistre des requestes de nostre hostel, tous noz conseilliers et ambassadeurs devers nostre frere et bon oncle le Roy d'Engleterre."
6 July.
Mon. Habs. Abtheil,
II. B. I. 47.
3442. INSTRUCTIONS OF CHARLES OF CASTILE to JEHAN DE LA SAUCH and his Envoys sent to England.
De la Sanch is to present to the ambassadors Charles's letters for them, containing his credence. Is to ask Henry to lend Charles a good sum of money on his obligation, and that of five or six of his principal servants, as he is put to great expense by the journey to Spain, the war in Friesland, and other things. Has already mentioned this matter to the Bp. of Helna, considering that the time for the journey to Spain is approaching. The Bishop mentioned it to the Cardinal of York, found the King disposed to comply, and to lend 100,000 gold florins, Rhenish, if the 35,000 cr. g. which he spent for the troops sent to the Emperor's and the King's assistance during his minority for the reduction of Gueldres and Venloo be included. Is to request the King to lend him the said sum of 100,000 fl., and he promises to pay the 3,000 cr., which, however, will be difficult at present, as he heard eight days ago that Messire Charles de Gueldres has sent six or seven thousand footmen into Holland, who have committed many outrages. Will repay the sum lent in four years, at 25,000 fl. a year. De la Sauch is to urge haste, as he will soon set out, and as Gueldres continues his pillage. Will give sufficient surety for the 35,000 cr. g. when in Spain. If d'Aussy, de Fresin and the Provost of Cassel have left before his arrival, he is to address himself to the Bp. of Helna. If Henry will not consent to lend the said 100,000 fl. without the inclusion of the 35,000 cr. g. they are to agree to it, but not readily. They are to send information as speedily as possible. 6 July 1517. Signed. Countersigned: Haneton.
6 July.
Add. Chart. 1523.
B. M.
Receipt to Jehan Micault for 1,000 livres on account of the pension granted to Ponynges by the King of Castile. See No. 2223.
Endorsement authorising allowance to be made for this payment.
Signed as in No. 2676.
6 July. 3444. BOSTON.
Assent to the election of Geo. Fitz William as Mayor of Boston, and Geo. Houghton and Roger Meres as Constables. Westm., 6 July.
Pat. 9 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 8.
6 July.
P. S.
3445. For ROB. LECHE.
To be keeper of the new park under Nottingham castle, with 4d. a day, in same manner as Rob. Lye. Greenwich, 29 June 9 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 6 July.
Pat. 9 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 2.
7 July.
Add. MS. 21, 116.
f. 40.
B. M.
The banquet at Greenwich, on St. Thomas's Day, 7 July 9 Hen. VIII. Carver to the King, Sir David Owen. Cupbearer, Sir Nic. Carie. Sewer, Sir Wm. Kingston. Sewers for ten messes named. Their own servants to attend on the Ambassadors and give them drink. For the ordering of the boards, warning the officers, and keeping the barriers while the service comes in, Grey and Lee. Four men to keep the door during the banquet. To keep the door while the service comes in, 2 men, and the same for the other door. To hold torches during the banquet on the other side of the barriers, 16 men; after the banquet is done, within the barriers, 10. Two to keep the barriers at the stair head. Lords Abergavenny, Fitzwater, Willoughby and Ferres to hold torches while the King washes. To bear towels and basons: for the King, the Earl of Surrey; Lords Ric. Grey, Leonard Grey, and Clinton, Sirs Maurice Barkeley, Edw. Darell, John Semer, Griffith Ap Rice, Arthur Hopton, Ric. Lewis, John Ranieford, Roger Wentworth, Wm. Walgrave. All the gentlemen to be ready to serve the lords and ladies with drink. Four yeomen to take up the boards. Three sewers and two grooms to attend on the almoner and remove dishes. Four grooms to set forms and stools. To attend on the King's chair and the Vice-chamberlain (no names). To help the Vice-chamberlain in the ordering of the company, Sirs Thos. Perre and John Peche. "Item, the almoner to be warned to wait upon his room." A place to be provided outside the door for the livery, pantry, and chaundry. The serjeant of the scullery to have a basket in a corner behind the door, "to avoid the meat, and receive the dishes of silver," and men ready to take them away. To attend on the ambassadors in their lodging, Sir Edw. Grey, gentleman usher, Ric. Pole, usher, 2 yeomen, and a groom. To serve the French King's ambassador, Sir Christopher Garnish and 4 others. Mons. Daucie, the King of Arragon's chief ambassador, the Knight of the Toison, the Bp. of Spain, the Provost of Cassel (fn. 2), and the ambassador of Venice, a gentleman usher, usher, two yeomen, and a groom each. Geffrey Gough, Jeffrey Villers, to keep the watch chamber door. Sewers for the King, Sir Wm. Kingston; to attend on him, the Lord Edmond Haward, Sirs Edw. Hungerford, Wm. Paston, John Heydon, Ric. Weston, Edw. Ferres, Edw. Grenvile, Rob. Constable, John Dauncy, Ph. Calthrop, Thos. West, Mathew Browne, John Veere, Ric. Wentworth, Adrian Fortescue. For the Queen, her own servant; to attend on him, Lord John Grey, Sir Thos. Tyrrell, Wm. Scot, Ralph Verney, Edm. Bray, John Foge, Wm. Crowner, Wm. Waldon, Rob. Brandon, Christopher Willoughby, Wm. Barentine, Wistan Browne, Thomas Denys; Edm. Willocke, Bourchier. At the third mess, the French Queen's servant; to attend on him, Sirs Wm. Parre, Geo. Horny, Wm. Husee, Hen. Owen, Edw. Walsingham, Rob. Jones, Geffrey Gates, Wm. Sidney, Rafe Chamberlain, Ric. Cornwall, Thos. Lucye, Anth. Poyntz, John Zouch, Giles Chapell, John Hungerford. At the fourth mess, the Cardinal's servant; to attend on him, Sirs Edw. Bensted, Wm. Essex, Randolf Brereton, John Werberton, John Gainsford, John Dawtrey, Godard Oxenbridge, John Norton, John Hampden, Wm. Rede, Edw. Chamberlain, John Chaine, John Lyle, Anth. Wingfield, Thos. Cheyne. At the 5th mess, Henry Penago; to attend upon him, Sirs John Fortescue, Wm. Gorge, Walter Stoner, Giles Allington, Wm. Pole, Thos. Berkeley, Hen. Chirburn; Wm. Husee, Anth. Knyvet, Thos. Tempest, Poole, Forster, Kevill, Vavasor, Seward. At the 6th mess, Nic. Hide; to attend upon him, Sir Ric. Vaghan and 14 others. At the 7th mess, Willesburne; to attend on him, Sirs John Barker, Ric. Fowler and 13 others. At the 8th mess, Welden; to attend on him, Sir John Stanley, Wm. Tyrell, John Morton, Thos. Cardigan, Geo. Sutton, Owen Holland, Francis Philip, Gerard Sotehill, Edw. Skerne, John Lawrence, the Queen's servants, Seymour, Pennington, Torell, Streland, Tailboys, the Cardinal's servants. To attend on the sewers of the 9th and 10th mess, 11 of the Cardinal's servants, names given.
Pp. 8. Copy, temp. Chas. I. A diagram of the order of sitting at table follows.
Duchess of Norfolk. Card. Mons. Dancye.
French Amb. Queen. Lady Eliz. Stafford.
Countess of Surrey. The King. Knt. of the Toyson.
Bp. of Spain. French Queen. Countess of Oxenford.
Lady Eliz. Boleyn. Emp's. Amb.
Provost of Cassel.
Lady Howard. Amb. of Venice.
Duke of Norfolk. Lady Elix. Gray.
Lady Guilford the elder. Duke of Suffolk.
Lord Marques. Lady Abergavenny.
Lady Willoughby. Bp. of Durham.
Earl of Surrey. Lady Montjoy.
Lady FitzWilliam. Earl of Kent.
Lady Marques. Mistress Mary Fynes.
7 July.
Vit. B. III. 162.
B. M.
On his appointment to the Cardinalate. Rome, 7 July 1517. Signed.
Lat., p. 1, mutilated. Add. and endd.
7 July.
Giust. Desp. II. 109.
In the morning, Cardinal Hadrian having requested a safeconduct to allow him to stay at Venice, it was made out for him by the Signory in full College. It is said he will go to Padua, or to England, where he is liked, and has his income. 7 July.
* See some other notices of Hadrian in Giustinian's despatches, at the same place.
8 July. 3449. For HEN. BARLEE.
Pardon for having, with Elizabeth his wife, deceased, acquired the manors of Cherughton, Wilts, from Sir John Norton and Joan his wife, without licence. Westm., 8 July.
Pat. 9 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 8.
8 July. 3450. For JAS. BARLOWE of Kyrkelangley, Derby.
Pardon for having killed Th. Chesshire of Kyrkelanglangley, Derby, in selfdefence. Westm., 8 July.
Pat. 9 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 9.
8 July.
P. S.
3451. For TH. SMYTH of London, merchant tailor.
Protection for three years. Eltham, 24 June 9 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 8 July.
Pat. 9 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 11.
8 July. 3452. COVENTRY.
Commission to Hen. Rogers, mayor, Ralph Whyllyngton, and John Bond, to make inquisition concerning the possessions and heir of Hen. Kebyll, deceased. Westm., 8 July.
Pat. 9 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 9d.
8 July.
Galba, B. V. 271.
B. M.
Four days since the King of Castile arrived at Middleburgh, where preparations are made for his departure. The victuals and artillery are ready. The Gueldrois daily increase in Holland, and are now at Utrecht. The burgesses of Holland have come to complain, and seek succor of the King. The King of France is preparing an army in Britanny. The French ambassador has been making inquiries of one of the ship-masters, who reported the conversation to Richmond, fearing the French would play some pranks. Dissilstein has killed several of the Gueldrois in a skirmish. Myddelburgh, 9 July. Signed.
Pp. 2, mutilated. Add. at ƒ. 272*.
8 July.
P. S.
3454. For JOHN SMYTHE of Walsingam, Norf., rauseman, alias tallowchandler, chapman, or mercer.
Protection; going in the retinue of Sir Ric. Wingfeld. Eltham, 18 May 9 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 9 July.
10 July.
Giust. Desp. II. 95.
3455. SEB. GIUSTINIAN to the DOGE.
The league was sworn on the 5th by the King, in the presence of Charles' ambassadors. That done, the imperial ambassadors and Fra Nicholas were summoned, who announced that the Pope had heard with extreme satisfaction of the alliance. The document containing the assent of the Pope was exhibited; these forms are unusual, and were done out of honor to Henry. Two tables were served; the Cardinal and the ambassadors from Charles being at one table; Sebastian, with the Dukes of Norfolk and Suffolk, and the Marquis of Dorset, at the other. The ambassadors have been munificently treated; partly to cajole their master, partly because one of them, "a youth about twenty years old and extremely handsome," is descended from three emperors; his father is governor of Flanders, and his father-in-law is De Chievres, who has as much authority there as Wolsey here. He is the boon companion of the Catholic King, and shares all his secrets as familiarly as if he were his brother.
"After dinner, his majesty took this ambassador into the Queen's chamber, and made her and all those ladies pay him as much honor as if he had been a sovereign, giving him amusements of every description; the chief of which, however, and the most approved by his Majesty, was the instrumental music of the reverend Master Dionysins Memo, his chaplain, which lasted during four consecutive hours, to the so great admiration of all the audience, and with such marks of delight from his Majesty aforesaid, as to defy exaggeration." On the 17th was a stately joust with new and costly decorations. The King jousted with Suffolk like Hector and Achilles. Then came a banquet. "His Majesty sat between the most serene Queen his consort, and his sister the Queen Dowager of France; next, on the right hand, the Cardinal was seated, and on the left the Imperial ambassador. Then came the rest of us ambassadors in succession, and next the dukes and marquises, no person being seated below the grade of a marquis. The ladies, indeed, sat alternately, that is to say, a gentleman and then a lady. Great was the sumptnousness of the repast, and the profusion of plate; the cupboard filled with vessels, said to be all of gold." Since then there has been great banquettings and feastings, but the chief dish is Memo's music. The Catholic King will leave for Spain in eight or ten days. Believes that the French ambassadors are sojourning here for some other reason than he has been able to discover. It is currently reported that they are negotiating for a league. When this was repeated to them they smiled and said nothing. Thinks their reserve very suspicious. London, 10 July 1517.
10 July.
Vit. B. XX. 57.
B. M.
"Facturum me rem gratam et jucu[ndam] ... de imperatore ac principibus Germ[aniæ ... quam]obrem sciat d. v. 3o die Julii in com ... celebranda comparuisee et præsentes fuisse ... imperii Marchionem Brandenburgensem Joachi[m] ... Episcopum Moguntinum, itidem Archiepiscopum Co[loniensem et] Treverensem, et Comitem Palatinum ad hos Mar ... multosque alios principes, duces, prelatos tam sæculares ... ad tractandum cum nobili quodam Francisco Seckingen [de factis] in Romanum imperium commissis et perpetratis." What their deliberations have been as yet nobody knows, for they have their commission "ab Im[pe]ratore nostro." On the 6th July two mounted couriers came to Mentz at 10 o'clock (hora d[ecima]) at night, with many letters written by the Emperor at Donawert, containing, among other things, that all the states and cities of the empire were to appear with their horse and foot before the Emperor's marshal. Strassburg with Hagenaw, which Seckingen has wasted, to meet at Worms, with 300 horse: with them the great confe[de]ration of the Swiss, with 1,000 foot and 150 horse. The city of Nurnburg takes its artillery. Frankfort has been commanded to clear the field "in quo quidem Rex Romanorum jam eligendus per conti ... annum, castra et tentoria sua vocat," before Micha[elmas], and prepare it for a camp. "Sic rumor ... est et fama." "Joachimum Marchionem Brandenburgensem ... in loco a Frankfordensibus Klapperfelt nominato loc ... civitatem Franckfordensem uti juris et moris est ... Regem Romanorum." Maximilian is at Augsburg, with many princes, [who] will accompany him to Insprugk, where he will marry the daughter of the King of Hungary. He will return before next Michaelmas into Lower Germany with the Marquis of Brandenburg and the other princes. He has absolutely decreed to punish all rebels of the empire, to which end he has in subsidy the Kings of Denmark, Poland, Bohemia, and Hungary, who have promised to send 50,000 horse. Has heard this is true from many councillors of the Emperor and great persons. The Duke of Wirtemberg, fearing for himself on account of his obstinacy, asked aid of the King of France, which has been refused. He has applied to the Swiss, who will doubtless also refuse. On the _ July the Emperor came to Norlingen to ask from the confederation of the Swiss larger aid than he has hitherto had. Mentz, 10 July 1517. Signed.
Lat., pp. 2, mutilated.
10 July.
Vit. B. III. 162*.
B. M.
On his promotion. Rome, 10 July 1517. Signed.
Lat., p. 1, mutilated. Add. and endd.
10 July.
R. O.
Rym. XIII. 593.
3458. TOURNAY.
Of the form to be adopted in prosecuting appeals in the said city. 10 July 1517.
10 July.
R. O.
Demise, 10 July 9 Hen. VIII., by Thomas Earl of Surrey, Great Admiral of England, to Thomas Spert, yeoman of the Crown, of the office of ballasting of ships in the Thames at Erith, Woolwich and Blackwall, and between the higher part of Wapping Mill and the higher part of the dock where the Mary Grace now lieth; and of every second ship between the higher part of Wapping Mill and Greenwich. To hold during pleasure, at a rent of 10l. Signed: T. Surrey.
10 July.
P. S.
To be keeper of the royal garden at Eltham vice Ric. Hart, deceased, with 10d. a day. Greenwich, 5 July 9 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 10 July.
Pat. 9 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 20.
10 July.
P. S.
3461. For TH. BROMELEY.
Annuity for life of ten marks out of the issues of the lordship of Denbigh. Greenwich, 28 May 9 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 10 July.
Pat. 9 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 16.


  • 1. Handwriting the same as in Vit. B. III. 161*. This was apparently intended as a form to be sent to Cardinal Sienna himself, or some other cardinal, on his advancement to the cardinalate.
  • 2. Castile in MS., here and in the diagram below.