Henry VIII: November 1516, 11-20

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Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 2, 1515-1518. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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November 1516

11 Nov.
Vat. Tran. XXXVII. 47.
Desires to have John Bransfort, of the exempt monastery of St. Edmund's Bury, as suffragan Bishop, at an annuity of 200 ducats, until he shall be provided with ecclesiastical preferment to that amount. London, 11 Nov. 1516.
11 Nov.
Vit. B. XIX. 321. B. M.
Wrote last ... from the town of Ovyrlynge. Yesterday the Emperor disported, and came to Constance late in the [evening], where he was met before he reached the city by 500 in harness, "and thextreme parson of every order bare a torche." After supper he sent for Wingfield, and made Dr. [Marraton] read the articles of the new confederation; "and it liked him to shew me that the day before he had letters from the Cardinal of Sion and his other ambassador, dated the last of last month, and [with them] the said articles in the very form as they be ... that they had avisyd him the said to be sealed by your highness the day before, and that the ... of this month they should receive you ... same, and that the 3rd day the said Cardinal [was licensed] to depart." The Cardinal had specially asked [in his] letter that the Emperor "shulde calle him by his ... goodly haste; his majesty showed me that he should [be al]ready in the King his nephew's court, by which he [hoped] instantly to make as diligent a return as he g .. saving himself in health and surety, and to meet [at] Strasbourg." Tonight he will "lie within sixteen Dutch miles ... be long, for this day I have ridden but twain ... hours riding; and very glad it seemeth his [majesty will be] to speak with the said Cardinal because he writeth ... the particular convention made, sealed, ... highness which the Cardinal showed ... should be sent to me to the intent his * * * ... shortly, of which he will not write or make mention ... month, and said that if it be not so there shall be ... great money spent, and the affairs to stand in great peril:" for he said he had heard that day that the Venetians, under color of paying him the 200,000 ducats for Verona, had got together a large sum, and were about to make a new enterprise with 2,000 Spaniards lent to them out of the kingdom of Naples by the Viceroy, and the Spanish horsemen in Verona; and leaving Verona to enter the Tyrol with a large part of their army, by the rock of Amphe, between Bressa and Trent, which will not be able to resist long. That taken, they will win Ryve and pass to Trent, which is of no strength.
The Emperor told Wingfield he had delayed the taking of Combe so far, because he did not know if Henry would set forward the great enterprise or not; and if the great enterprise were not made immediately after the fall of Combe, the money laid out in it would be thrown away, though small. He has, however, ordered his Council at Inspruck to make the best provision they can; for he is determined to descend into the Low Countries, and provide such remedy there as God will. His nephew's Council are so "asottyd and blinded with [promises] and crowns of France, that they care nothing [about their] master or him, so that they may convey [the whole of] Christendom into the French hands to the" * * * Henry; is very vigilant to pre[vent the] machinations which are being prepared to hurt [others, and not] you only; for though hitherto the ruin [has been impending] over the Emperor, they who prepare it do so more out of the hatred they [bear towards Henry] than him. "And well they wot it is not p ... your highness in the danger and peril wh[ich they have] prepared for you, but by the utter ruin of the Empe[ror] ... appeareth that win him to be your enemy th ... either by craft or force." Henry should consider the nature of the enemy who brews all this business. "He is younge, mighty, ... insatiable, alway reading or talking of such i[mprizes as] whet and inflame himself and his her[ers ...] and aspire the attaining of great things of ... self; keepeth no silence, for his common saying [is to all] that he speaketh with that his trust is that by hi[s] ... industry the things which have ben lost, lettyn, ... tid, by his ignave predecessors, shall be recovered; [and that the] monarchy of Christendom may rest under the [banner of] France, as it was wont to do; and your highn[ess may be] sure that at this day it is no small part of [that kingdom] that would the same were true; though my hope [is they] shall fail of their aim. Stayn on the Rhine, 11 [Nov. 1516.]
Hol., pp. 4, mutilated. Add.: To the King's highness.
11 Nov.
S. B.
2537. For ROB. son and heir of SIR ROB. SHEFFELD, deceased, of Westbutterwyk, Linc.
Pardon as justice of the peace for Notts. and Linc., custos rotulorum for Lyndesey, Linc., constable and keeper of the gaol of Lincoln castle, &c.; and pardon for Th. Kelk of Burton, alias of Westbutterwyke. Del. Westm., 11 Nov. 8 Hen. VIII.
Pat. 8 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 17.
11 Nov.
P. S.
2538. For WM. JENYNS, Guisnes Herald at arms.
To be Lancaster Herald, with 20 marks a year; on surrender of patent 22 May 8 Hen. VIII. granting him the same. Greenwich, 5 Nov. 8 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 11 Nov.
12 Nov.
Er. Ep. App. 90.
Has received his letters, and is glad to hear of St. Jerome. Will send for a copy to Peter Ægidius or Erasmus when the price is fixed. Is glad he has resolved to winter at Brussels, as he will there meet with Tunstal. Wishes the matters of his prebend to be put straight. Thinks he is wise in declining the bishopric, as it is a very poor one. Thanks him for the letters he has sent. Has told John Mill (de Molendino) of St. Jerome. Tournay, 12 Nov. 1516.
12 Nov.
Er. Ep. App. 91.
His friend Theodoricus will undertake to print the Utopia. Paludanus will show him a cut of the island by a great painter, if Erasmus desire any alterations. Will keep copies of his letters for him. Dorpius is very anxious to see Erasmus. He swears he has never shown Erasmus' letters to any one, or circulated among the theologians any report of his writings. He has shown Gerard the book of Pfeffercorn against the Epistolœ Obscurorum Virorum, in which he proves there is some dreadful Hussite heresy. "Quid tandem fiet si in hujuscemodi nugis reprehendendis non sint canes muti theologi sed clarissime latrent ?" Louvain, 12 Nov. 1516.
12 Nov. 2541. For TH. WROTHESLEY.
Constat and exemplification of patent 26 July 5 Hen. VIII. (which has been lost) granting to Rob. Warcrop the wardship of Th. heir of Ric. Goldesburgh. Westm., 12 Nov.
Pat. 8 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 18.
12 Nov. 2542. For RIC. SHUTE of Wodelay, Devon, husbandman.
Pardon for killing Wm. Pullyblanke, at Pruston park, in self-defence. Westm., 12 Nov.
Pat. 8 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 17.
1 Nov.
Giust. Desp. II. 1.
2543. SEB. GIUSTINIAN to the DOGE.
Sion left on the 8th, and received a present from the King worth 3,000 ducats, and another from the Cardinal worth 1,000. Visited Wolsey today, who conducted him to a certain orchard at a short distance from his dwelling. As they were on horseback, Wolsey asked the news. Sebastian talked of the Turk, and of the danger to Christendom, should he make peace with the Soldan and the Sophi. They then talked of Verona. Wolsey said the peace between France and Spain would not last, as Charles would not delay marrying till the Princess was of fit age; and if he formed any other connection, France would deprive him of Naples. He further told Sebastian that they did not choose to endure the obstacles caused by Verona; and unless France and Venice desisted from attacking it, the league would do its uttermost to ruin the perverse. Should Venice ever recover Verona it would be taken from her. London, 13 Nov. 1516.
13 Nov.
Giust. Desp. II. 6.
Hears that the Pope will not join this confederacy, and that Sion is to go to Rome and persuade him, and promise in the name of the confederates that Lorenzino shall be free Lord of Florence, and be invested with the duchy of Urbino, Modena and Reggio. The Bp. Colonna, who was to have come here, has changed his mind, and will remain with the Catholic King. All this must be kept secret. London, 13 Nov. 1516.
13 Nov.
Er. Ep. I. 20.
Invites Erasmus to come and live with him, offering him a pension of 200 ducats a year, and two horses. Amboise, 13 Nov. 1516.
13 Nov.
P. S.
2546. For JOHN EVANGELIST of Aragusa, merchant.
Protection; going in the retinue of Sir Ric. Wyngfeld, Deputy of Calais. Greenwich, 7 Nov. 8 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 13 Nov.
15 Nov.
Giust. Desp. II. 7.
2547. SEB. GIUSTINIAN to the DOGE.
Has heard no news, except that on the Pope's declining the confederacy he has had six months given him to decide. Chieregato is anxiously waiting for receipt of Sebastian's letters from Venice. He assures Sebastian that only 60,000 crowns have been sent to the Emperor, and 30,000 to the Swiss for their annual pay, and that the son-in-law of Galeazzo has been dismissed, as Galeazzo, at the request of France, had induced some of the cantons to side with the French. Hears that the lords are endeavoring to persuade the Catholic King to repudiate the French, and take the English Princess. London, 15 Nov. 1516.
15 Nov.
R. O.
Recommends the officer in command for the skill, care and civility he had shown in the Cardinal's repassage. Berghes, 15 Nov. 1516. Signed.
Lat., p. 1. Add.
15 Nov.
Adv. MS. 49.
Patent, by act of parliament, 14 Nov. 1516, empowering Patrick Paniter, Abbot of Cambuskenneth, royal secretary, to alter the old foundation of the House of St. Mary Montrose, and remodel it in favor of the Friars Preachers; cites Paniter's charter, dated 10 Aug. 1516, by which he endows the monastery with lands in the sheriffdom of Forfar and Montrose; also Paniter's account of his proceedings, with directions concerning his successors. Witnessed by James Abp. of Glasgow, chancellor, David Bp. of Galloway and Chapel Royal, James Bp. of Murray, Alexander Earl of Huntley, Alan Earl of Argyle, Hugh Earl of Eglinton, John prior of St. Andrew's, George abbot of Holyrood, Edinburgh, Keeper of the Privy Seal, and others. Edinburgh, 15 Nov. 1516, 4 Jas. V.
Copy, Lat., pp. 11.
15 Nov. 2550. For the COMPANY OF TALLOW CHANDLERS of London.
Inspeximus and confirmation to Ric. Southest, master, Wm. Mongeom, John Taverner, Rob. Dyxon and John Hone, wardens, of patent 8 March 2 Edw. IV. incorporating the said company. Westm., 15 Nov.
Pat. 8 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 14.
15 Nov.
P. S.
Livery of lands as son and heir of Rob. Russell. Greenwich, 26 May 8 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 15 Nov.
Pat. 8 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 26.
16 Nov.
R. O.
Refers him to Wolsey for the news, and to John Hédin, the bearer, who is a great partisan of the Emperor, and for this reason has suffered persecution. Joins Ticionus in the same commendation. Bergher, 16 Nov. 1516. Signed and sealed.
Lat., p. 1. Add. and endd.
16 Nov.
Galba, B. IV. 200*. B. M.
Will learn from Hesdin, the bearer, that Sion has arrived safely at Berges. Thanks Wolsey for the despatch of his business, and his good feeling to her father. Brussels, 16 Nov. 1516. Signed.
Fr., p. 1, mutilated. Add.: Cardinal York.
16 Nov. 2554. GAOL DELIVERY.
Bishop's Lynn.—Sir Rob. Lovell, Roger Townesend, John Straunge, Wm. Conysby, Fras. Moundeforde, Rob. Amfles, sen., and John Gryndill, sen. Westm., 16 Nov.
Pat. 8 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 10d.
17 Nov.
S. B.
2555. For TH. LORD DACRE.
Release of 1,133l. 6s. 8d., residue of the sum of 1,333l. 6s. 8d., for payment of which he conveyed, by indenture 17 July 21 Hen. VII. certain (specified) lands in Cumb. and Westmor. to Ric. Bp. of Winchester, Chas. now Earl of Worcester, Sir Th. Lovell, Sir Hen. Wyate, Roger late Bp. of Carlisle, Giles late Lord Daubeney, Sir Ric. Empson and Edm. Dudley. The assignees were to pay the said sum to the King, and then hold the lands to the use of Dacre and his heirs. 200l. have been paid. Del..., 17 Nov. 8 Hen. VIII.
Pat. 8 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 17.
17 Nov. 2556. For RANULPH GOLDSMITH of Stokwell, Surrey, serjeant of Sir John Legh, the sheriff.
Pardon for killing Wm. Reygate of Crowherste, Surrey, in arresting him for stealing two sheep belonging to Nich. Gernes, at Godstone. Del. Westm., 17 Nov.
Pat. 8 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 1.
17 Nov.
P. S.
2557. For FRAS. BELLE, native of Rhodes.
Denization. Greenwich, 12 Nov. 8 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 17 Nov.
Pat. 8 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 8.
18 Nov.
Er. Ep. VII. 33.
"Gracious Heavens! what judgment shall I invoke on these procrastinators? If Jerome is not yet ready, urge on these Callipides by all means; if it is, let it be sent to me as soon as possible." Perhaps Petrus Cocles is confined to his bed, for Erasmus hears he was not only robbed but severely mauled. Has written to Colet to help him. Tunstal also is grieved. Does not wish Ægidius here if it be inconvenient; but if he come, Tunstal will rejoice to see him. Has received from Maruffo the bill (syngrapha), somewhat enhancing the value of the ducats. Utopia is in the printer's hands. Brussels, 14 kal. Dec. 1518.
18 Nov.
Giust. Desp. II. 9.
2559. SEB. GIUSTINIAN to the DOGE.
Learns from Chieregato that a fleet of 60 sail, under the command of the Lord Marquis, is ordered to attack France on the south. There are conferences held in Scotland to determine on war or peace. Winchester, who has hitherto held aloof, has returned to court, and has graciously received Sebastian. The latter deplored the new league should be injurious to Venice, and retard the expedition against the Turks. The Bishop answered, that it was merely defensive, and twice repeated the words: "Our King does not wish to make war, nor yet the Catholic King; neither could this last, even if he would, as he is a youth,"—implying that his Council would not let him. In the course of further conversation, he expressed himself thus: "Domine Orator, confederacies are often formed, but, as you perceive, few are carried into effect: so that as the Almighty shall counsel, so will it come to pass." He added that today they had discussed in Council the affairs of Venice, whether they should maintain intercourse with it or not. London, 18 Nov. 1516.
18 Nov.
Galba, B. v. 333. B. M.
2560. DE HÉDIN to [WOLSEY].
Had sent to him one of his servants requesting an interview. Had not had an answer, owing to Wolsey's occupations. Begged, therefore, John Naquet (?) the King's servant and ... to write to Wolsey "les devoirs la ou je may mys toujou[rs] de puis loutrage qui ma este fete." The answer given him was very strange and hard for a man of his services. Presses to have an interview and his business despatched. ... "Mons., La Place me vient par ung home ... y faut que par la elle soit saine (?)" Liege, 18 Nov.
Hol., Fr., pp. 2, mutilated.
18 Nov.
Galba, B. IV. 230. B. M.
2561. TUNSTAL to [WOLSEY].
Is informed that the governors there object to the words "emolumenta et proventus." Word came yesternight that Sion had arrived at Burghys, (fn. 1) "whereof the Lord [Berghes], not being here, is sore astonished, sei[ng that he] had no word sent before to him that he [might] have purveyed therefore. Hopes he will be safe ... 18 Nov. Signed.
Partly cipher, deciphered; pp. 2, mutilated.
18 Nov.
Vit. B. XIX. 323. B. M.
The Bastard of [Savoy, accor]ding to his last letters [to] Wingfield ... has granted everything, they co[uld de]sire, to [the] Swiss, restoring the seals [of] the confederation made by the [four] cantons, and remitting all ma[nner] of obligation of men to be g[ran]ted to the French Kin[g for] his money. Notwithstand[ing] this he will pay the v .. [crow]nys promised and owed to [the Swiss], with their yearly pension, as [they] were wont to have. One thi[ng] the French King desired, contrary to our pact .. and expressly against th ... that the Swiss sh[ould] ... "and this is like to be gran[ted] ... The Emperor and the empire be reserved ... said peace, which is con[trary] to that obligation that they [wu]ll not go against the said [du]chy and county." The Emperor will no doubt look to it. The Swiss have been brought to consent to the peace, chiefly by [the] 200,000 cr. which they will receive at Christianmasse [next]. "As far as I can perceve [th]e said peace is like so long [to en]dure." There is no doubt that the Emperor and Henry will have [as] many men as they will. Intends to be with Wingfield unless he be detained ... this day. "If they will neither ... me some answer or tre ... then I will go to the Emp[eror] ... all my commission with his ... and thus have I done ex cons[ilio]." "I have no wu[rde] from England, whereof I [much] marvayle." Zurich, 18 No[vember].
Hol., pp. 3, mutilated. Add.: Mag. dno d. Roberto Wyngfelde, etc. Angliæ [et Franci]æ Regis [apud Cæsaream] majestatem oratori dignissimo.
19 Nov.
Calig. B. VI. 450. B. M.
Have commanded their commissioners to meet those of England, 22 Nov., to which day the discussion had been prorogued for determining the disputes upon the borders. Edinburgh, 19 Nov.
P. 1. Add.: Thomas Lord Dacre, &c.
19 Nov.
Vit. B. III. 88. B. M.
2564. LEO X. to HENRY VIII.
Relating to the Cardinal of Sion, and a general agreement among the Christians against the Infidels. Rome, 19 Nov. 1516.
Lat., very badly mutilated.
19 Nov.
R. O.
2565. PACE to WOLSEY.
The Swiss have demanded from the Bastard of Savoy the seals of the league concluded between the eight cantons and the King of France. They refuse to serve against England. The King has consented to restore the seals, and not to demand troops against England, as that King is his dear confederate; will make peace with them on any terms, offering 800,000 crowns, to be paid in five years. They are not, however, to let any Swiss serve against him in the duchy of Milan, in Aste or in Genoa. The Emperor consents to it if it contain nothing prejudicial to him or his confederates. Francis will not pay the money, as they think. Is advised to go to the Emperor two days' journey hence, and urge the enterprise against Milan. France accepted these vile conditions, hearing of the preparations made in England. Nothing more can be done with the Swiss. The Emperor has written Pace word of the money granted him by the King for the preservation of Verona. Zurich, 19 Nov.
P. S.—Heard today from the canton of Philipburg, where the Bastard of Savoy is, that the French King has sent hither the treaty between England and himself, with the Great Seal of England attached, desiring it to be read openly to the ambassadors of the cantons, to show that Henry could do nothing against him. Pace replied that he could not deny such a treaty was made some years past, but that France had broken it in the matter of the Scots, and that he showed the Great Seal only to make them suppose it was recent. They acknowledged that they did not know its date. Francis also commanded the treaty between him and the Pope at Bologna to be read at the same time. These are the tricks to which the French are driven. They have aided his bribery with the captains, but the commonalty like him worse than ever. The King and the Emperor will not lack men here. Zurich, 19 Nov.
Francis has also shown them as new, an old treaty between him and the Emperor, and the chapters of his late treaty with Arragon.
Hol., pp. 7. The letter and P. S. found separate. Add.: Tho. Card. Ebor. Endd.
19 Nov.
R. O.
After he had despatched his courier yesterday touching the difficulties of the newly concluded treaty and the arrival of Sion at Berghes, learned that the Cardinal was already at Cleves. Is glad he is out of these countries, where many thought he would have been in danger. The governors wonder at his passing through incognito. Brussels, 19 Nov. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: Lord Cardinal of [Yo]rk.
19 Nov.
R. O.
2567. PACE to WOLSEY.
Encloses letters received from the Papal ambassador there resident. The Pope remains firmly attached to the King, notwithstanding the fables feigned by the French. Zurich, 19 Nov.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Car. Ebor. Endd.
19 Nov.
R. O.
Will understand by their late letters the warlike inclinations of the Swiss, and the present difficulties. Had the remedy been applied at the right time, there would have been no need of recovering the lost ground by skilful management and a greater expence. Commend Pace's skill in the negotiation, to whom they refer him. Zurich, 19 Nov. 1516.
Hol., Lat., p. 1. Add.: Car. Ebor.
20 Nov.
Galba, B. IV. 231. B. M.
Wrote last on the [X]vith. News has come that the Cardinal of Sion "was arrived at Armue, in Zealand, and there lodged with a principal hostler at the shylt of Brettayne, by t ... of a servant of Leonard Friscobaldy that came out of England [in his] company, and brought over 7,000 nobles of gold, who from thence took his way toward Antwerp, and the Cardinal went to Barrow, and so to Graves and Cleves. The ambassador of Arragon showed me yesternight that the Lord Chievres w[as great]ly miscontent thereof, and how he said unto the President of Naples that the Cardinal was in safety. The Lord Berghes, as I have by former letters advertised your [grace], had purveyed at Barrow for the further direction and conveyance of the said Cardinal before [his] arrival." He is not pleased that the matter has been divulged, but when Chievres spoke to him about it he denied all knowledge of it, "and that upon the bruit he had sent to Barrow for to know the truth, supposing in such case for his honor and dowbtye he could do no less than cause the Cardinal to be cherished." He has since left. The ambassador of Arragon says that Dorval brought from the French King unto the Lord Chievres one cwt. of plate of fine gold, of the value of 7,000 cr. The King will send a like reward to the Great Master of France. Last night news came from Holland "that the 15 ... the Duke of Gueldres were gone into Friesland, and pa[ssed] ... the gates of Utrecht." The Duke had done much injury to a village of the Duke of Nassau. The daughter lately borne by the French Queen is dead. Brussels, 20 Nov. 1516.
Hol., partly cipher, with decipher by Tuke; pp. 2, badly mutilated. Add.
20 Nov.
S. B.
2570. For EDW. TYNDALE of Tewkesbury, Glouc.
Lease, for 21 years, of the site of the manor of Hurst, Glouc., part of Berkeley's lands, which Wm. Bowre and Ellen his wife lately held; at an annual rent of 10l. 13s. 4d. Del. Westm., 20 Nov. 8 Hen. VIII.
20 Nov.
P. S.
2571. For RIC. DOLPHYN.
Grant of the pension which the Abbot elect of Kenilworth is bound to give to a scholar of the King's nomination. Greenwich, 26 Oct. 8 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 20 Nov.


  • 1. In Armagh's cipher.