Henry VIII: April 1546, 21-25

Pages 305-334

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 21 Part 1, January-August 1546. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1908.

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April 1546, 21-25

21 April. 635. The Privy Council.
A.P.C., 391.
Meeting at Greenwich, 21 April. Present: Chancellor, Essex, Durham, Cheyney, Gage, Browne, Wingfield, Petre, Baker. Business:—Warrant to the Exchequer, to pay upon bills of Winchester, &c., for victualling beyond seas, 4,000l Passport for Popyns Sybrant to Flanders for 20 days. Warrant to Cavendish to deliver 400l. for the King's ships, to Robert Legge, who had also warrant to the Exchequer for 1,000l. Warrant to Mr. Uvedale to pay wages (specified) to Robert Sutton and George Warwyke, gunners at Carlisle. Letter to the Lord Great Master (who had replied to a letter from Sir Wm. Peter and Dr. Wotton that the salt, which he was understood to have stayed at Dover, was stayed at Portewaye by Sir Thomas Seymour), that, as the man who claimed it made daily suit for the salt or its value, his Lordship should bestow it to the King's use and content the man with its just value, upon surety that if proved lawful prize the money should be repaid. Warrant to treasurer of Augmentations to deliver Sir Ant. Knyvet 1,000l. towards affairs of the ordnance; and another warrant to the treasurer of the Tenths' for like purpose.
21 April. 636. Hertford and Others to Henry VIII.
R. O. Hertford has received a letter from the Council touching the present want of men in Ardre as an opportunity for its surprise; or else, as the Almains are now come and a reinforcement of men and victuals is likely to be sent from Estaples to Ardre, to consider what may be done at Estaples; and, lastly to use all dexterity to annoy Arde. A gentleman of Arde called Villneuf, taken prisoner "the last day," who has heretofore given good intelligence to Lord Graye and intends never to return into his country, affirms that Arde is victualled for 5 or 6 months, "and having reysed a walle of the festyng, he saithe that although the festyng were wonne we were never the nerer the wynnyng of the towne," the ditches of which are so deep as to require ladders to go down with, and then no ladder will reach the top of the wall. No Spaniards, Italians, Almains or other men of war, the flankers not taken away nor breach made, will venture the assault. A captain called Sanct Marye with an ensign of 150 footmen entered the town the night that Graye and Knyvet were there. Hertford trusts by Friday (fn. n1) to learn the perfect state of Estaples and within two or three days afterwards to view it; and thereupon, leaving this piece in better surety than at present, to attempt it if the enterprise seem feasible. Greatly lack the bread or biscuit which has been long looked for out of England.
Three boats with wine and necessaries were coming from Estaples to Porte Hill on Thursday night last (fn. n2) and sent a mariner of Newhaven by land to meet them at the landing place. This mariner, being captured by our Albonoyes and brought to Bulloigne, declared the matter to Mr. Ellerker; whereupon the Council there sent out a boat which drove two of the boats upon the rocks, but the third escaped. Our men took 6 or 7 prisoners. The said mariner, fearing to be hanged for giving intelligence, means never to return home, and has given Hertford a declaration (herewith) of the state of the French king's navy and the names of the ships. The 25 or 26 galleys which the French king had last year are decayed to 14 by "lying dry," and both he and the other mariners agree that Estaples haven will destroy all galleys sent thither; for "albeit they go about to make a bay for them" it cannot be kept from filling with sand. He says that this was the state of things at his being there fourteen days past, and that a light boat sent along the coast would daily happen upon some prize or fisherman from whom to learn their doings. Hertford, therefore, intends tonight to send forth a small shallop of his own which lies here. Newehaven in Bullonoyes, 21 April 1546.
P.S.—At closing this, learnt that Mons. de Bees came yesternight to Estaples with 200 men of arms and "shall enjoy the room and office he before had." Signed: E. Hertford: T. Seymour: H. Knyvet: Tho. Wiatt.
Pp. 3. Add. Endd.
21 April. 637. Hertford to Petre.
R. O. Not having his robes here, and St. George's Day being so near, cannot accomplish his duty according to his oath, and requires Petre to obtain him the King's dispensation. Newe Haven in Bullonoyes, 21 April 1546. Signed.
P.S.—Having here neither banner of the King's arms nor flag of St. George, although he has written for them to Mr. Paget, requires that order may be given to Mr. Sadleyr for having them out of the Great Wardrobe with all diligence.
Note in Paget's hand appended.—"Mr. Carden (God comfort him) was spoken unto in it. Tomorrow I go to see the camp. W. Paget."
P. 1. Add. Endd.
21 April. 638. German Horsemen.
Add MS.
5,753, f. 190.
B. M.
Hertford's warrant to Sir John Haryngton to pay Vollard Vanderlughe, captain of 250 Dutch horsemen, for three months of thirty days, from 3 Feb. to 3 May next, wages for himself at 50 philippus gilderns the month, for the "rutter guyld" of 238 horsemen 714 ph., for his lieutenant at 60 ph. monthly, a skoute master at 25 ph., standard-bearer at 25 ph., four rutmasters at 25 ph., 29 coritzers for two months, and 31 for three (qu. one?) months each, at 12 ph., two farriers, one surgeon, one trumpeter, one harbinger and one muster clerk each at 12 ph., 19 baggage horses for two months and 21 for one month at 12 ph., 238 horsemen for two months and 250 for one month, at 12 ph., 19 four-horse waggons for two months and 21 for one month, at 24 ph.: total 13,639 ph., which is 2,159l. 10s. 2d. st. at the rate of 3s. 2d. ph. gildern. Dated 21 April 37 Hen. VIII. Signed.
ii. Receipt, same day. Signed: Follerth von der Lwe.
P. 1.
Add. MS.
5,753, f. 191.
B. M.
2. Similar warrant to pay Peter Hoen, captain of 250 Dutch horsemen, for three months from 4 Feb. to 4 May next, 14,205 philippus guglderns, at 3s. 2d., viz., 2,249l. 2s. 6d. st. Signed.
ii. Receipt, same day. Signed: Peter Hane.
P. 1.
21 April. 639. Lisle and Paget to Henry VIII.
R. O. Considering that the Admiral of France is not yet come, nor (the French court being 27 posts hence and word sent to him no sooner than Sunday last, (fn. n3) when Bernardo arrived at Ardre) can come so soon, and that the world might note that the King's Admiral and Secretary tarry here for him while the Frenchmen have but one at Ardre, the writers have decided that Paget shall remain at Calais or Guysnes and the Admiral repair to the camp, as though sent thither in the King's service, until the Admiral of France be come to Ardre, of whose coming Bernardo puts no doubt. Cales, 21 April 1546. Signed.
In Paget's hand, p. 1. Add. Endd.
21 April. 640. Peace Negotiations.
R. O. Francis I.'s commission to the Sieur Dhannebault, [chevalier of his Order], mareschal and admiral of France, Mre. Pierre Remon, of the Privy Council and First President of Rouen, [and Guil]laume Boch[ete]l, secretary of Finances and greflier of his said Order, to treat with plenipotentiaries of England for peace. Ferrieres, 21 April 1545 arant Pasques.
French. Parchment. Mutilated and illegible (the more so by misplacement of fragments in repairing).
21 April. 641. Camillo Capilupo to the Cardinal of Mantua.
v. No 382.
Omitted in his last to answer the request in the ciphered letter of the 15th for his own opinion, as Granvelle spoke so plainly. Thinks it well to issue the general order against enlistments, but let the French agents understand that it is not aimed at France, and to concede the places demanded by France. Should England complain, the Cardinal might apologise by his ecclesiastical grade, as England cannot injure him. Ratisbon? 21 April 1546.
642. Augmentation Accounts.
R. O. Demand of allowances in 37 Hen. VIII. subscribed "by me J[ohn] Foulberye, balaye of H[olm i]n Spaldynmore."
For fee, abatements, scouring of waters, etc.
Pp. 2.
21 April. 643. Augmentations.
R. O. A book of payments by the treasurer of Augmentations, headed "Anno xxxvijmo," giving the date and intention of each payment. (For the previous account see Vol. XX. Pt. i, No. 557.)
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i. Pensions paid to divers late religious persons recorded under the names of houses. [Except where otherwise noted, these are quarterly or half yearly payments for the year ending at Michaelmas, 37 Henry VIII. and the dates mostly range from Dec. 36 Henry VIII to Nov. 37 Henry VIII]:—Sainct Maryspittell: Wm. Maior, prior. Chertesey: Thos. Potter. St. Mary's without Bysshopgate: Wm. Harfford (including arrears unpaid for two years). Godstow: Kath. Bulkeley, Johan (sic) Pope. Syon: Agnes Jurden, Margery Coverte, Mary Watnowe, Bridget Solyarde, Marg. Lupton, Dorothy Sleight, Mary Nevell, Dorothy Bethenham, Ant. Lytle, Ric. Browne, John Selbye, Eliz Cruchley, Alice Synowes, Anne Edwardes (1st quarter only. David Cursoye, John Millett, Marg. Dellie, Andrew Delley, Kath. Bryerton, Eliz. Fawex, Marg. Elrington, Mary Denham, John Howell, John Grene, Rose Pagett, John Masse, Bridget Belgrave (first three quarters only), Eliz. Mountaigne nil. Alice Lyster, Wm. Thirlington. John Stukyn, Bridget Fitzharbart (1st two quarters), Alice Betenham. Joan Deane, Dorothy Codrington, Agnes Meryt, Eleanor Pegge, Eliz. Yates, Susan Purfferye, Marg. Monigton, Ursula Fetyplace, Eleanor Feteplace, Marg. Bocher, Clement Tresham, Marg. Windsore, Joan Russhe. Anne Dauncie, Margery Walker, Eliz. Knotsford, Kath. Palmer, Alice Pulton. Ric. Lache (first three quarters), Anne Vuxe, Eliz. Elrington. St. Mary Overis: Barth. Fowle. Westminster: Wm. Melton, Wm. Pacyence (first three quarters only), John Alen Wm. Benson, Wm. Estneye, John Forster. Clerkenwell: Eliz. Sackvyle. Worcetour: Henry Holbeche nil, John Blackwell. Sheene: Hen. Manne, Thos. Hinde, John Pysaunte, Edm. Fletewoode, Robt. Horsley, George Hornbye, Hen. Ball nil, Thos. Maunsfild nil, Robt. Thirlbie, Ric. Tyldesley, Thos. Smyth, Thos. Lowe. Wm. Marshall nil, John Bromley. Valla Crucis: John Heron. Whight Fryers, London: John Gibbis nil. Buckfast: Gabriel Dune. Rocester (sic): Ric. Cheteham, Wm. Cantourbury, Wm. Albon, Robt. Pylton, Robt. Smithe, Ant. Browne alias London, Thos. Nevell nil, Thos. Grey nil, Nich. Arnolde, Robt. Bacon. St. Bartholomews: Matth. Delye, Wm. Barlowe, Ric. Duffe, John Smithe, the elder, Peter Wade nil, George Chapman nil, Robert Glasier, Chr. Rainolde, John Smith, the younger, Henry George, John Sutton, Robt. Stokes nil. Cockesford: John Adamson. Chester: Robt. Wingham, John Taylour nil, John Stanley nil, Ric. Whithed nil, John Mayer, John Gostlow, Thos. Butter, Ric. Done, Ric. Robynson nil, Hugh Mathew (first half year only), Wm. Milner. Waltham: Miles Garrad, Edm. Saunders nil, Edm. Freke, Wm. Lyllye Thos. Hawkins, Thos. Warren, Ric. Reede, Edw. Storie, John Saunder, John Norris, Robt. Woodleafe (first half year only), George Selis, Robt. Hull (first half year only), John Holmested, Robert Perker, Hugh Yonge, Humph. Marten nil. Bodmyn: Thos. Wannesworth. St. Maryes in Winchester: Agnes Bagcrofte, Mary Marten, Cicely Gaynsford. Detfford: Mary Katson, Marg. Okeley, Kath. Clovile. Thornton Curtesey: Edm. Sowbie nil, Chr. Smithe nil, Thos. Apulton nil, Wm. Shawe nil, John Williamson nil,. Steph. Tomson nil. Noneton: Eliz. Milward. Westacre: Wm. Wingnilde. Herefforde Weste: John Bathow. Clyfford: Nic. Hughe. Twynneham: John Pope. Axholme: Thos. Dobson, Thos. Brocke. Norton: Thos. Bryket. Crowlande: John Reynes nil, Robt. Partington, John Rotheram. Towerhill: Hen. More. Ohesthunte: Margery Hill. Fordeham: Ric Browne, Wm. Baynton. Charterhowse nigh London: Thos. Salter, Wm. Brocke, Wm. Wayte. Chestre nunnery: Eliz. Crosbowner, Marg. Tatton (first half year .only), Marg. Shakladie nil, Joan Foxelwist, Fras. Bradborne, Margery Trafforde, Margery Taylour, Jane Chauntrell, Eleanor Dutton, Alice Taylour, Joan Johns. Valla Ryall: John Harward (first quarter only). Hynton Charterhouse: John Bagcrofte. Amberesbury: Marg. Baynbridg. Stratfford Bow: Sibyll Kirke. Tutburye: Arth. Meverell. Walsyngham: Ric. Vowell, John Clarke. Evisham: Thos. Bristow, Ph. Hafford. Grey Friars, London: Thos. Chapman. Wetherall: Ralph Hartelie. Ostenhanger late vicarage: Wm. Lamberd. Barnewell: Yon Badcoke. Assherydge: Joseph Stepney. St. Martens le Graund, London: Thos, Hickling, Wm. Cristmas, George Raner, Ant. Nicolson, Hen. Hill, Hen. Garrarde, Tristram Sparkman, Thos. Robynson, Thos. Paine, Robt. Evans, John Stones, Thos. Canne. Brekenocke: Robt. Holden. Chatters: Mary Gerey. Sent Albons: Ric. Bourman, Thos. Bynham, Ralph Rikmasworth, Rog. Michell, Thos. Albon. Acon College: Laur. Copferler, Thos. Exmew nil. St. Albanns: Wm. Wyott. Westmallynge: Marg. Vernon. Charterhowse, London: Barth. Burgon, Wm. Brocke nil. Robertes Brige: Thos. Sprat, Robt. Coper, Wm. Sendon, Laur. Thrower, Thos. Taylour (last half year only). Freswyste College (quarterly pensions due at Midsummer and Michaelmas): John Leyland, Thos. Canner, John Oliver, Edw. Leigton, Ric. Croke, Peter Vane, John Cheke, John Barbor, John Proctour, Hen. Williamz, John Robinson nil. Barkynge: Dorothy Barloo, Mary Blacknall nil. Burton upon Trent: John Rudd nil, Rog. Bull nil, Walt. Broun and Ric. Cotton nil. Hastinge: Thos. Harman. St. John's Jher'l'm: John Sutton (first half year only, viz., 100l., cancelled with note: "this is repaid by the receiver of the house"). Osney (quarterly pensions due at Midsummer and Michaelmas): Jervis Linche, Ric. Beisley. St. Leonardes Newparte: Ph. Phaudon. Hagmonde: Thos. Corvester, Wm. Roffe, John Wright. St Maris besydes Yorke: Thos. Esshe. Burgavenye: Wm. Marten. Rosdale: Mary Marshall. Wynchecombe: Wm. Blossham. Bathe: John Sudbury. Halywell: Sybil Newdigate. Whitlande: James Nicholas. Launceston: John Shier. Peterborowe: Robt. Kirton, Robt. London alias Westbrok (3l. for half year due at Michaelmas). Credyton College: John Mayson (5l 10s. for the half year due at Michaelmas). Marten: John Bowie. Warwyke College: Wm. Wall (for 1½ years due at Michaelmas). Bardemonsey: the bp. of St. Assaphe. Total pensions, £4,081l. 6s. 6d.
f. 28.
f. 29.
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f. 52.
ii. Annuities granted out of monasteries and paid in 37 Hen. VIII.:—St. Mary's, York: Sir Thos. Wriothesley, John Stoninge, Walt. Hendley, Sir Thos. Hennadge. Hexham: Edm. Holgill. Lees: Dean and Chapter of Paules. Byssham: Ant. Dunriche, Walt, Hendeley, John Fulmer, Sir Thos. Pope, Sir Robt. Sowthwell. Christchurch, Norwich: Sir Thos. Hennage. Taunton: John Tregonwell, Wm. Glascoke. Hyde: Sir Thos. Wriothesley, John Godsalve, John Jonson nil. Durham and Clerkenwell: Sir Thos. Wriothesley. Halles: Sir Thos. Wriothesley, Sir Ant. Kingston. St. Swythens in Winchester: Sir Thos. Wriothesley, Thos. Goodman. Chester Abbey: Sir Thos. Wriothesley, Otwell Worseley (first two quarters only), John Bircheley, Rog. Standishe, Robt. Radford, Thos. Bavion. Christchurch in Southampton: Sir Thos. Wriothesley, Sir Thos. Hennag, Jas. Joskin. St. Mary's, York: Sir Thos. Wriothesley. St. Mary Overys: Sir Thos. Pope, Walt. Hendley, Ric. Hochenson, Robt, Riche, Ric. Duke nil, Humph. Welles, Dean and Chapter of Paules. Bylsyngton: Thos. Cheteham. Leadys: Thos. Cheteham (for Ant. Hussey and Thos. Darrell), John Gostwycke and Ric. Wheler. Peterborughe: Thos. Buttes, Lord Russell, Edw. Mountague, Sir Thos. Hennage, Dean and Chapter of Pawles. Mochelney: John Manffilde nil. Langtonye: Sir Ant. Kingston. Bermondsey: Dean and Chapter of Norwich, Sir Thos. Pope, Thos. Edgar. Selbye: Thos. Rawlins, Lord Russell nil. Sheene: John Ball, John Fletewode, Walter Hendeley, Sir Thos. Pope, Alex. Goodman, Thos. Ridley, Eliz. Ellys, Ric. Hochinson, Robt. Hachinson, Thos. Fletwoode, Robt. Riche, Ric. Duke nil, Ant. Dunriche (first half year only), Eliz. Hochen, Wm. Glascoke, Ralph Hunte, Thos. Edgar, Ric. Smithe nil. Hynton: Wm. Horde, Wm. Davies. Charterhouse nigh Coventry: Win. Bocher nil, Robt. Riche. Tynmowythe: Hen. Penketh (first half year only). Gloucester: Sir Ant-Kingston, Robt. Smarte. Syon: Raynold Milsam, Walter Hendeley, Ric. Hochenson, Thos. Whight alias Percie, Thos. Betenham nil. Chester nunnery: Thos. Ridley. Tower Hill abbey: Thos. Ridley, Walter Hendeley, Dean and Chapter of Pawles (two). Shelfforde. David Clayton. Pypwell: Bishop of Norwich. St. Mary Spyttell: Ric. Hochenson, Thos. Eden, Wm. Whorwood (first half year only), Wm. Glascoke, Thos. Edgar, Dean and Chapter of Pawles (four), chantry priest in Garlike Hithe nil. Leyston: Wm. Symson for Ric. Hochenson. Burton: John Brawdshaw. St. Austens in Bristow: Jas. Gunter (first half year only), Geo. Owen. Westminster: Hen. Clearke, Hen. Pawley, Wm. Moraunte, Wm. Glyn, reader of the divinity lecture at Cambridge, Dean and Chapter of Pawles (four), Hugh Weston, reader of divinity lecture in Oxford. Bokenham: Ant. Yong nil. Barnewell: Roger Cholmley. Delacracye: Nic. Whitney. Christchurche, London: Dean and Chapter of Pawles. Spaldinge: Thos. Knight, John Rocke. Glamorgan: John Lewes. Buckeffaste: Jas. Knotsford. The Mynoryes: Robt. Riche, Dean and Chapter of Pawles. St. Albones: Robt. Riche. Fras. Easte, Sir Thos. Pope, Thos. Edgar, Thos. Crosse, Laur. Poyners, Walt. Hendley. The late house of Eley: Wm. Rudston. Winchecombe: Wm. Whorwod (first half year only), Sir Ant. Kingston. Pershore: Wm. Whorwood (first half year only). St. John's late hospital: Sir Clement West Edw. Belengam, Wm. Whorwood (first half year only), Ph. Babington nil, Wm. Ermsted. Launde: Wm. Whorwood (two, first half year only), John Rocke. Dunstable: Ric. Whight, John Rooke. St. Thomas in Southwarke: Sir Thos. Pope (first half year only). Ramsey: Sir Edw. Mountagu, Wm. Buttes. Thorney: Sir Edw. Montague, Gruff. Richardes, John Wagstaffe nil. Pypwell and St. Andrew's in Northampton: Sir Edw. Montague. Mochelham: Dean and Chapter of Chichester. Wenlocke: Thos. Standishe Marrycke: Sir Ralph Bulmer. Cokersande: Ant. Leighton (first half year only with half year's arrears), Wm. Roper, Chr. Parker (6½ years' arrears to Mich. 37 Hen. VIII.) Chepstowe: John Marshall (first two quarters), Stratefleer: John Rocke. Crowlande: John Rocke, Jas Titerington, Lord Russell, John Wagstaffe nil, Sir Thos. Hennage Meaux: Geo. Drew (first half year only). Chylderlangley: Griffith Richardes. Sharpe: Thos. Leighe. Cleave: Ralph Tybbys. Acon college, London (two), Holywell (two), St. Elen, London (four), Charterhouse, London (two), St. Bartholomew's, London, Kylborne, Stratfford nunnery, Waltham, Brusyarde, Stratfford, Notley, Cobham college, Chartesey, Newarke, Elssing Spittell, Garradon. Alnewyke: Dean and Chapter of Pawles. St. Bartholomew's, London (f. 43b): Urmston, treasurer of Greis Ynn. Noneton (first half year only) and Meryvall: Ric. Everard. Ulvecrofte: John Fletewood, Sir Thos. Pope. Byndon: Sir Thos. Pope. Brewerne: Edward Fetyplace. Plympton: Walter Hendeley. Shrewesburye: Thos. Leighe. Tewkysburye, Malburye and Malverne: Sir Ant. Kingston. Circestre: Sir Ant. Kingston, Thos. Edgar. Battell, Dartfford and Nethe: Walter Hendley. Mountacute and Christchurch in Canterbury: Thos. Percie. Shrewesbury: Ant. Wycliffe. Shaftesbury: Wm. Whorwood (first half year only). Beleygh: Dean and Chapter of Pawles. Monmowythe: John Baker. St. John in Exetour: Thos. Goodwin and Ph. Frier. Whytland: David Nashe. Gysboroughe: Marm. Cholmley. Corneworthe: Chr. Hoole. Athelney: Wm. Ingland. "Sir John Dudleis landes": Walter Hendley. Spaldinge: David Edwardes. Malton: Wm. Peter. Kenelworthe: Thos. Brooke. Lylleshull, Wingffilde college, Waborne and Heringflyte: Bishop of Norwich. Maumsburye: Chr. Draper. Chrystchurche Twineham: Fras. Bucknall. Masendew in Dovour: John Tompson. St. Oswolde in Yorke: Thos. Auncell. St Peter in Salope: Thos. Lee nil. St. Edmondesburye: Ric. Tirrell, Wm. Crane (marked by the auditor as to be entered among "annuities per Regem"). Freswiste (two): Sir Ralph Sadler nil. Whitbie: Thos. Smithe, John Johnson. Twyneham: John Shaw, Jas. Joskyn nil. Welbeke: Ric. Bowyer alias Stirley. Pounffrette: Wm. Gametes for Ant. Dunriche nil. Mountgrace: Edm. Carter nil. Butley: Hen. Crampton. Goggesholde: Ric. Duke nil. Furnes: Thomas, duke of Norfolk nil. Yorbell: Lord Russell. Landes purchased of the Lorde Mountagew: Lord Russell. Croxton: Lord Russell. Lady Rounsyvall: the curate and clerk there. Total 1,199l. 15s. 4½d.
f. 53.
f. 54.
f. 55.
f. 56.
f. 57.
f. 58.
f. 59.
f. 60.
iii. Annuities (many of them marked as fees) granted by the King paid anno 37mo:—Sir Wm. Paget, 100l. yearly, 29 March, 14 Oct. Sir Wm. Peter, 100l., 4 April, 10 Oct. Robt. Rolffe, 26s. 8d., 29 Nov., 27 June. Sir Humph. Ratcliffe, 40l., 4 Feb., 6 Oct. Ric. Pygot, 20l., 28 Jan., 28 March. Eliz. Golden, 13l. 6s. 8d., nil. John Eyer, 35l. 6s. 8d., 16 Feb., 15 July, 15 July (sic), 14 Dec. Geo. Alesburye, 40l. 4 Jan., 29 March, 24 April, 7 Oct. Thos. Derbie, 20l., 9 March, 24 Oct. Edw. Fetyplace, 13l. 6s. 8d., 27 Feb. Robert Pirrey, 6l. 13s. 4d., 27 March, 1 Oct. Ric. Boyer, 6l. 13s. 4d., 27 March, 4 Oct. Thos. Bird, 6l. 13s. 4d., 27 March, 6 Oct. Hen. Stevenson, 6l. 13s. 4d., 27 March, 1 Oct. Hugh Latymer (pension), 66l. 13s. 4d., 30 March, 8 Oct. Peter Garrard, 13l. 6s. 8d., 13 March, 1 Oct. Hen. Howerd, 10l., 3 March. Sir Ric. Page, 10l., 28 March, 3 Oct. Walt. Cromer, 20l., 4 April, 20 Oct. Hen. Dingley, 10l., 4 March, 21 Nov. Sir Ric. Page, 100l., 28 March, 2 Oct. Wm. Fermar, 20l., 28 May, 30 Sept. Nic. Shaxton (pension), 66l. 13s. 4d., 25 March, 2 Oct. Thos. Nevell, 10l., 30 April, 26 Oct. Eliz. Holland, 10l., 10 April, 20 Oct. Geo. Roper, 6l. 20d., 28 March, 6 Oct. Edw. Free, 6l. 20d., 28 March, 6 April. Andrew Wedon. 6l. 20d., 28 March, 6 Oct. Lord Cobham, 6l. 20d., 10 April, 24 Nov. Wm. Whorwood, 20l. 14 April; John Paston, 20l., 20 Oct. Sir Edw. Mountagew, 12l. 6s. 8d., 24 May, 30 Oct. Thos Fitzhughe, 40s., 3 May, 3 Nov. Ric. Higham, 40s., 10 April, 26 Oct. Ric. Higham. 3l., 10 April, 26 Oct. Edw. Eglyanbie, captain at Carlyll [126l. 4s. 7d.], 31 March, 28 Nov. Thos. Bromley, 12l. 6s. 8d., 9 May, 20 Oct. Ric. Browne, 10l., 30 May, 1 Nov. Geo. Forman 6l., not paid. Mary, Countess of Northumberland, 100 mks., 31 March 16 Nov. Lord William Howarde, 100l., 16 Dec. 22 May. Viscount Lysley, 200 mks., 29 Jan., 29 March, 14 Oct., 13 Dec. Ric. Lee, 100 mks., not paid. John Free. 6l. 20d., 28 March. 6 Oct. Fridiswide Knight, 10l., 28 March, 14 Dec. John Pecke, 27l 7s. 6d., 4 May, 24 Oct. Alice Buttes, 3l. 6s. 8d., 16 March, 10 Dec. Edw. Gregorye, 4l., 6 Feb., 11 April. 6 Oct., 6 Oct. (sic). Susan Clarenciux, 13l 6s. 8d., not paid. John Russell, 10l., Bridget Forster, 10l., and Marg. Cotton, 10l., 28 March, 1 Oct. Geoff Lee, 10l., 3 April, 18 Nov. Jasper Horseley, 66l. 13s. 4d., 10 Nov. (first half-year not paid). Thos. Paston, 26s. 8d., not paid. John Plame, 13l. 6s. 8d., 24 Jan. [37 Hen. VIII.], for two quarters. Wm. Strotys, 62l. 10s., not paid, Ant Merchoune, 75l., not paid. John Clement, 3l. 6s. 8d., not paid. John Winter, 40l., 6 Feb., 28 March, 6 July, 12 Dec. Edw. Grene, 20l., 22 April, 15 Oct. Ph. Lentall, 6l. 20d., 28 March, 15 Oct. Sir Fras. Brian, 40l., 26 March, 28 Nov. Wm. Brocke, 20l., 28 April, 13 Oct. Robt. Colle, 13l. 6s. 8d., 10 April, cancelled. Peter Pett, 9l. 2s. 6d., 21 April, 13 Oct. Wm Tyrrell, 30l., 20 Jan., 13 April, 14 Sept. Robt. Cowley. 13l. 6s. 8d., 10 April, 18 Oct. Ric. Grenwaye, nil. John Norris, 8l. 20d., 25 Nov. John Banister, 13l. 6s. 8d., not paid. Robt. Legge, 30l., 12 Dec., 9 April, 28 June, 13 Oct. John Chaderton, 168l. 12s. 8d., 12 Oct. Thos. Paston, 11l. 16d., 28 May, 1 Oct. Edw. Elrington, 6l. 20d., 2 Dec. [37 Hen. VIII.]. Michael Fitzwilliams, 4 Dec., "for his annuitie due for one yere di. for th'office of gentlemanusshership," 20l. John Lewson, 23 Dec. for wages of certain soldiers, 84l. Total, 1,926l. 11s. 11d.
f. 61.
f. 62.
f. 63.
iv. Fees of officers:—Sir Edw. Northe, chancellor, 300l., — (blank) Jan., 31 March, 13 July, 14 Oct. Sir John Williamz, treasurer, 300l., 28 Jan., 28 March, 28 April, 3 Oct. Walter Hendley. attorney, 90l., 3 Jan., 21 April, 25 May, 10 Nov. Nic. Bacon, solicitor, 70l., 1 Jan, 27 March, 13 July, 5 Feb. David Clayton, surveyor of woods, 95l. 2d., 31 Dec., 26 March, 30 June, 2 July. Ric. Duke, not paid. Duke of Norfolk, high steward of suppressed and attainted lands on this side Trente. 100l., 15 Feb. [37 Hen. VIII.]; Sir Nic. Hare, his deputy. 20l., 25 May, 16 Nov. Duke of Suffolk, high steward of suppressed and attainted lands beyond Trente northward, 100l.,6 May; Geo. Sentpole, his deputy, 20l., 2 May. Walter Ferr, keeper of evidences, 6l. 20d., 27 March, 27 March (sic) 1 Oct. 1 Oct, (sic). John Warde, one of the messengers, 6l. 20d., 21 Dec., 24 April, 30 May. 30 May (sic). Thos. Tyrrell, messenger 6l. 20d, 28 March, 20 Oct. Jas. Johnson, usher, 60s. 10d. 3 April, 11 Nov. Wm. Whorwood, 6l. 13s. 4d., 21 April; Sir Robt. Sowthwell, for the same office, 21 Oct. Serjeant Hinde, 6l. 13s. 4d., not paid. Sir John Williamz, for his clerks, 20l. Robt. Silvester, mason, 6l. 20d., 28 March, 31 Oct. John Parker, carpenter, 6l. 20d., 9 April, 23 Nov. Wm. Barnes and Robt. Borgon. auditors, 40l. Thos. Andrews, attorney in the Exchequer, 5l., 15 April, 9 Oct. Total, 1,120l. 2s. 8d.
f. 64.
f. 65.
v. Payments made by virtue of the King's warrants:—22 March, 36 Hen. VIII. to the King at Westminster palace. 2,000l. 29 March, Sir Wm. Pagett, posting money, by virtue of warrant dated 10 Nov., 37 (sic) Hen. VIII., 29l. 3 April, Sir Ric. Lee, for presting of certain pioneers and other artificers sent over to Bolloigne, 191l. 3s. 5d. 11 April, Sir John Gresshame, to be delivered over to Wm. Damozell in Flanders for provision of powder and other necessaries, 5,000l. 15 April, Ric. Worceley, for the stocking, wheeling and trimming of certain ordnance in the Isle of Wighte and for the charges of one boat to scour the seas about the said Isle, 200l. 24 April, Robt. Permiter, for four captains, Italians, appointed northwards, 200l. 25 April. James Sutton, for provision of victuals for Callice, 1,000l. 29 April, Ant. Aucher, for the full making of 36 houses at Tholde Man, and for emption of anchors, cables, ropes and other necessaries for two galleys, and payment of wages of shipmasters and other artificers working about the same, 900l. 10 May Wm. Fullewoode, for wages of divers captains, Italians, appointed into the North parts, 1,049l. 5s. 15 May, Thos. Chaloner, for wages and conduct money, "as well unto the earl of Hertforde," Sir Henry Knevett and Sir Philip Hobbie, knights, as to divers captains, Italians, with their retinue appointed northwards, 1,471l. 9s. 4d. 19 May, Sir Philip Hobbie, for conveyance of ordnance from Nottingham to Newcastle, 133l. 6s. 8d. 22 May, Anthonye de Voronia, for certain handguns, 480l.; Thomas Ponetell, for provision of biscuit for Bolloigne, 97l. 19s. 10½d. 23 May, Lord Saincte John, for the King's affairs on the sea, 2,000l. 25 May, Sir Ric. Lee, for the fortification at Quinborowe castle and the isles of Sheppey and Grayne, 500l. 26 May, Sir Ric. Lee, "as well for his owne diettes and sewer (qu. fower, i.e. four?) of his servauntes beinge sent northwardes by the space of two monethes ended the xxviijth of Marche after xiiis. iiiid. the daie as for the diettes of two Italions and their .two men after xs. the daie, and to John Manne and William Brend and their twoo servauntes after xs the daie by the saide space, and for the diettes of oone spare Italion after ijs. the daie by the same tyme, and allso to the saide Sir Richard Lee beinge sithens sente to vewe certeine strenkithes and fortificacions by the space of xxiiii. daies after the rate of xiiis. iiiid. the daie, and for the diettes of oone Italion and his man beinge sente with the saide Sir Richarde Lee after xs. the daie, and in like maner to John Mann and his servaunte after the rate of xs. the daie by the saide space," 138l. 18s. 8d. 27 May, John Rogers, for presting and transporting 500 labourers to Bolloine, 66l. 13s. 4d. 30 May, Wm. Broke, to be delivered to Robt. Legge for payment of 500 soldiers at Brickelsey, 125l.; Thos. Broke, "towards the charges of the waterworks at Dovour and the making of a mount there," 299l. 18s. 8d.; Sir Ant. Knevett, for provision of ordnance, 1.000l. (All the above from 3 April onwards are by virtue of the King's warrant of 15 June, 37 Hen. VIII)
f. 66. 13 April, Sir Wm. Paget, for posting and conduct money, warrant dormant dated 10 Nov. 34l. 22 April, Walter Buckeler, diets for three months beforehand, viz., 20 April to 14 July at 26s. 8d., w. d. 12 May, 112l. 3 May, Chr. Mounte, diets for three months beforehand, viz., 20 April to 14 July, at 13s. 4d., w. d. 12 May. 56l. 8 May, Dr. Wotton, diets and posting money w. d. —— (blank for date), 81l. 13s. 9d. 12 May, Walter Buckeler, posting money, w. d. 12 May, 25l. 18 May, the King, at Westminster palace, 1.000l. 22 May, John Alleley, for plate bought for the King's use, w. 15 April 36 Henry VIII. 833l. 3s. 7½d. 24 May, Viscount Lisley, diets, at 5 mks., for three months, 23 May to 26 Aug., w. 23 May, 280l.
f. 67.
f. 68.
f. 69.
[1 June, Wm. Winter, to deliver to his father John Winter, treasurer of the marine causes, 1,000l. 4 June, Sir Ric. Lee, for presting labourers to Boulogne, 100l. and 43l. 8s. 7 June, Robt. Legge, for the King's affairs on the sea at Colme, 400l.; Thos. Chaloner, to deliver to Captain Lightmaker for conduct and upon a reckoning of wages of his band of horsemen, 200l. 14 June, Thos. Chaloner, to deliver to divers Almans and Italions, viz., to Matth. Lightmaker, 450l., Vollor Venderlowe 241l., Peter Hone 220l. and Captain Muscounte 450l., for themselves and their bands, the last of footmen and the three others of horsemen. 18 June, Nicasius Elswarte, for Henry Garbraunde, merchant of Lyster, in reward, 100l. 22 June, Lord St. John, for provisions of victuals, 2,000l.; George Mylles, for buildings and fortifications in the Isle of Wight, 800l. 26 June, Sir Ant. Knivet, to be disbursed at the appointment of Mr. Arundell and Mr. Tyrwit for matters touching the King's ordnance, 1,000l.; Fras. Fleminge, towards building of the ordnance house in the Tower, 100l. 28 June, Brian Randolphe, conduct money of 100 men at ½d. and himself at 4d. the mile, from Guildford to Dovour, 90 miles, and their coats at 4s. each, 40l. 5s.; Wm. Jervice, coats and conduct of 100 men from Ipswiche to Dovour, 40l. 5s. 29 June, Lord St. John, to be conveyed to the mayor of Pole for fortifications, 200l.; Thos. Weldon and John Norris, for coats and conduct of 40 persons from Berkshire to Dovour, 16l. 13s. 4d. 2 July, Ant. Cooke, coats and conduct of 200 soldiers from Colchester to Dovour, 72l. 8s.; John Erlie, captain of the bulwark over against Tilburie, for repairs there 50l., and to Jas. Crane and — Burston, captains of two bulwarks besides Gravesende, 50l. 4 July, Laur. Backling, chancellor to the Duke of Meglingborge, reward, 50l.; Henry Daudrope, servant to the Duke of Lovenberdge, reward, 50l; Captain Raffenbarge, reward, 125l.; Peter Bursterde of Guilders, reward, 25l.; Peter Mogo, reward, 25l.; Lucas Finger, reward, 25l.; John Dymmocke, in prest for his diets, at 10s., being sent to Hambridge, 66l. 13s. 4d. 4 July, Wm. Bell, to convey to his master at Hull, for provision of grain in the North, 300l.; Peter Holme, appointed captain of 100 Almain horsemen sent northwards, prest upon their wages, 200l.; Hugh Counsaille, to be transported to the treasurer of Callice, 2,000l., and to the treasurer of Guysne 5,000l., and for his own charges 20l. 8 July, Nic. Belche and John Selbie, for freight and conveying to the ship of 900 pair of Almain ryvettes, 500 pikes, and 1,000 bills sent to Bulloigne, and for conducting them, 19l. 10s. 8d. 8 July, Sir Thomas Clere, to be conveyed to Portesmouthe and "disbursed in the aid of the mariners in their victualling and other necessaries," 200l. 8 July, Wm. Harvie, to convey to Hugh Pawllett, treasurer, at Bulloigne, 5,000l., and for his own costs 20l. 11 July. Lord St. John, towards provision of victuals for the navy, 1,000l; Fras. Loppes, for 60 hacquebutts delivered at Callice, at 20s., 60l. 7 July, Ant. Hungerfford coats and conduct of 200 soldiers from Sarum to Dovour, 98l. 6s. 8d.; Thos. Hothersall and Ric. Smythe, coats and conduct of 151 soldiers from Berkshire to Dovour, 71l. 5s 2 July, Sir Thomas Palmer, conduct of four captains, at 4d., four petty captains, at 2d., and 20 soldiers at ½d. the mile, from London to Dovour, 12l. 18d. 12 July, Nic. Arnolde, towards payment of certain soldiers in the isle of Shepey, 160l.; Captain Lightmaker, imprest for wages of 100 men arrived at Dovour, 100l. 13 July, John Snowes, imprest for wages of the retinue of Captain Vanderlin, 100l.; Thos. Wolffod, for preparation of certain harnesses sent to Bolloigne, 4l. 11s. 2d. 13 July, Martin de Bolingo, for 304 morespikes at 2s. 1d., 31l. 13s. 4d. 14 July, Ant. Stringer, to be transported to the Lord Deputy of Callice, 1,000l. 22 July, Laur. Ball, "servant to William Grey, captain of the new vessels," towards their charges, 100l. 24 July, Sir Thomas Seymour, for wages of 150 Italians remaining at Sandwiche, 300l. 26 July, Thos. Brocke, towards charges of the waterworks at Dovour and other necessaries there, 543l. 10s. 27 July, John Poyntez, towards the fortification of East and West Tylburie, 200l. 29 July, Ant. Hussey, for the transportation of 1,000 men from London to Bolloigne. 100l. 31 July, Michael Davie, to be conveyed to Portesmouthe for the King's affairs there, 3,000l.; James Isley, captain of 100 men, "for his coat and the coat of his petty captain, with their conduct money," 38s.; Sir Thomas Lewen, clk., towards charges at Cuinborowe castle, 800l.
All in the above paragraph entered as by virtue of warrant dated 6 May 1 Edw. VI., and cancelled with note that it is "to be entered in anno iiijto."]
20 July, Walter Buckeler, diets for three months beforehand at 26s. 8d., w. 12 May, 112l.; Chr. Mounte, the like at 13s. 4d., 56l. 13 June, Sir Thomas Seymer, diets for 45 days, at 60s., from 29 April to 13 June, w. 29 April ao 37o, 135l. 9 July, Wm. Grey, for stuff delivered into the Wardrobe to the King's use, w. 14 June ao 37o, 1,158l. 13s. 31 July, Dr. Wootton, diets and posting money, w. d. —— (blank for date), 100l. and 236l. 30 July, Walter Buckeler, posting money, w. 12 May, 28l.
f. 70.
f. 71.
f. 72.
1 Aug., John Scraggell, coats and conduct of 400 soldiers out of Cambridgeshire, 125l.; Edw. Goodman, for his master Sir Thos. Gruffin, coats and conduct of 500 men out of Northamptonshire, 167l. 10s. 3 Aug., Robt Cotton, coats and conduct of 500 men out of Leicestershire, 190l; Thos. Forster and John Paxton, the like for 500 out of Bedfordshire, 212l. 10s.; George Medley, the like for 1,000 out of London, 125l. 4 Aug., Ant. Knevit, to be employed about the King's ordnance, 200l.; Edw. Russell, to be conveyed to Lord Morley for coats and conduct of 400 soldiers out of "Herefforde shire," 76l. 18s. 4d. 5 Aug., John Hornyolde, to be conveyed to the Duke of Norfolk, at Ypsewiche, for coats and conduct of soldiers out of Norfolk, Suffolk and Huntingdonshire, 1,200l. 6 Aug., Ric. Wakerlie, for conduct of himself and his retinue from London to Dovour, 13l. 10s.; Edw. Russull and John Dellwoode, for conduct of 300 soldiers out of Hertfordshire to Dovour, 40l 10s; Wm. Palmer, conduct of 100 men from London to Dovour, 13l. 18s. 7 Aug., Fras. Kevell, John Brokesbye, Hugh Doder, Hen. Sacheverell and Wm. Parvin, each for conduct of 100 men from London to Dovour, 13l. 10s.; John Cope, for conduct of himself and 100 men from London to Dovour, 14l. 8s. 8 Aug.. Lord Lyneoxe, diets at 53s. 4d., 200l. 8 Aug.. Sir John Gresshame, to be delivered by exchange to Wm. Damozell in Flanders, for provision of powder, 1,000l.; John Redine coats and conduct of 100 men from London to Dovour, 14l. 8s.; Sir Ric. Lee, towards wages and necessary charges of labourers at Bolloigne, 58l. 2s. 10d. 8 Aug., Chr. Dofte and Robt. Paine, coats and conduct of 300 soldiers and 3 captains out of Huntingion to London, 93l. 15s. 9 Aug. Thos. Tirrell, to be conveyed to Sir Thos. Chenie and Sir Thos. Seymer, for wages of certain Spaniards for one month and transportation of 2,600 soldiers to Callice, 378l. 9 Aug., Thos. Saunders, coats and conduct of himself and 100 men from London to Dovour, 13l. 18s. 11 Aug., Robt. Castell, conduct of himself and 100 men from Huntingtonshire, 13l. 10s.; Wm. Croftes. conduct money for himself, his petty captain and 100 men out of Huntingdonshire, 13l. 10s. 12 Aug., Wm. Castell, conduct of himself, his petty captain and 100 men out of Huntingdonshire, 13l. 10s.; Wm. Graye, "to be employed amongst such as serve in the new vessel," 100l. 15 Aug.. Sir Ant. Knivet, to be employed upon the King's ordnance, 250l. 16 Aug., Sir John and Sir Ric. Gresshame, for so much money delivered over by exchange to Wm. Domazell for the King's provision in Flanders, 3,000l. 17 Aug., Ralph Standisshe, to be delivered at Dovour to the Lord Warden and Sir Thos. Seymer, for wages of soldiers arrived there, 282l., and for his own costs, 13l. 6s. 8d. 19 Aug., John Knight, to be conveyed to Lord St. John for provision of victuals, 2,000l. 23 Aug., John Harward, imprest for fortifications in the West, 200l. 4 Sept., John Poinctez, for fortifications at Tilburie in Essex, 133l. 6s 8d.; Jas. Joskine, to be conveyed to the treasurer at Guisnes, 4,000l., and for his own costs 30l.; Thos. Stuuclie, for coats and conduct of 200 soldiers out of Warwickshire. 98l. 6s. 8d. 4 Sept.. Ant. Cooke, for one month's wages to Captain Saballanca and his company with 10 dead pays, and arrears of 12 soldiers and 12 dead pays being two months behind, 300l. 7 Sept., Wm. Stone, to be delivered to Dunstan Ames for conduct of 182 soldiers from London to Dovour and so to Callice, 13l. 6s.8d., and for so much delivered to John Huninge, "being sent in post to Stephen Vaughan in Flanders with certain writings," 10l. 7 Sept., Wm. Winter, for marine causes, 2,000l. 10 Sept., Fras. Flemming, towards building a house in the Tower for the Ordnance, 200l. 11 Sept., Wm. Stone, to be delivered to Nicholas —— (blank) the post, 12l. 10s., and imprest to Wm. Graye, captain of the new vessels, towards payment of mariners and other charges, 90l. 10 Sept., Chr. Belke "for so much money delivered to John Harrys to the treasurer of Bolloigne" (in margin Hugh Paullet), 100l. 13 Sept., Sir Ant. Knyvet. for provision of ordnance and munition, 1.500l. 25 Sept., Henry Williamz, "to be employed upon repairing the higher and lower house of Parliament at Windesore," 100l.; Sir Edw. Wootton, towards wages of soldiers at Guisnez, 5,000l.; Wm. Adams, towards the charges at Quinbroughe, 200l. 25 Sept., Ric Hartlepole, full payment of the "superplusage" of his account. 67l. 4s. 3d. 26 Sept., Edw. Billinghame, to deliver to Nic. Waddame and Peter Smythe, captains of 500 men, for their wages, 200l. 27 Sept., Alonso de Canelas, for wages of himself and his retinue, 400l.; Wm. Stone, to deliver to Ric. Gennins for conveyance of John Hargrave, prisoner, to Northampton castle, 3l.6s. 8d. 28 Sept., Sir Ant. Knivet, for provision of ordnance, 500l. 29 Sept., Thos. Hickes, money disbursed by him for coats and conduct of 160 men out of Gloucestershire, with 40s. for his expenses, 82l.
All in the above paragraph entered as by virtue of a warrant dated 11 Aug. 1 Edw. VI.
f. 73. Henry Draycote (name cancelled, and no particulars). 17 Aug., the King, at Guilforde, 1,000l. 1 Sept., Sir Thomas Seymer diets for 80 days at 60s., 240l. 23 Sept., Walter Buckler, posting money, 30l. 28 Sept., Sir John Gresshame, for 6,000 ells of canvas, 162l. 10s.
f. 74.
f. 75.
f. 76.
30 Sept., George Hulme, going from England into Flanders "to Stephan (fn. n4) with letters," 10l. 2 Oct., Chr. Draper, part payment of necessaries for the Admiralty, 1,000l. 3 Oct., Ric. Fielde. to convey to John Chadderton at Portesmouthe for the garrison there, and his own costs, 5,013l. 6s. 8d. 5 Oct., Peter Cowper, money disbursed for 24 waggons "with divers peces for halffe shote," 134l. 12 Oct. Ric. Howllett, money disbursed about marine causes, 300l. 13 Oct., Captain Alexandro, for wages of his retinue, 300l. 14 Oct., Edm. Pudsey, wages of himself and ten men, and for keeping of certain horses at Callice which were returned from Mutterell. 37l. 13s. 10d.; Thomas Broke, for the waterworks at Dovour, 291l. 6s. 8d.; Sir Ant. Knivet, for provision of ordnance. 500l. 16 Oct., Allarde Drummell, for wines of him bought, 608l. 17 Oct., Andrew Judde, for so much money delivered by the Staplers of Callice, to the King's treasurer there, Sir Edw. Wotton, 1,200l.; Hugh Counsaille to be conveyed to Callice to the said treasurer, 300l. 20 Oct., John Lewson, for repairing of ordnance at Porkelande, 25l. 14s. 4d. 21 Oct., Lord St. John, towards provision of victuals, 1,000l.; the bp. of Winchester, for diets aforehand and posting money, 500l. 27 Oct., Thos. Chaloner, for wages of captains and soldiers appointed to Callice and for his own costs, 1.567l. 7s. 28 Oct., Thos. Audeley, for his charges, "being appointed with the said Chaloner to Dovour for the despatch over of the said soldiers," 13l. 6s. 8d. 29 Oct., Edw. Boughton, disbursed in provision of certain "rice fagott and otes," 42l. 16d.; Ant. Aucher, for provision of wood and necessaries for Bolloigne, 100l. 31 Oct., Thos. Chaloner, for payment of captains and soldiers who have served in the North, 1,000l.; Wm. Hatcher, Ric. Morris and John Collye, "for their charges and transportation into Ireland for the putting in order of certain yew for munition," 40l. 5 Nov., John Gedge, "to be delivered to Christopher Londale and Thomas Grey for conveyance of certain prisoners from the Borders, as also to Paris Lachasinus for his two months' wages and to Marke Anthonye by way of reward," 84l. 18d. 4 Nov., John Gresshame and Wingffeld, imprest upon their diets, at 6s. 8d. each, appointed to reside at Dovour, 40l. 7 Nov., Sir Ant. Knivet. for provision of ordnance. 107l. 4s. 1d. 12 Nov., Nic. Cresia and Ant Stranio, for draught horses delivered at Bolloigne, 25l. 15 Nov., Lord Maxwell, reward, 200l. 17 Nov., Wm. Stone, money delivered by him to — (blank) Manwaring, lately sent into Flanders, 5l. 21 Nov., Thos. Chaloner, imprest for the surplus of such money as the strangers serving in the North had in wages, 190l 10s. 24 Nov., Thos. Collice, to convey to Dovour to John Gresshame and Wingffeld to pay the Flemings who "transported the strangers that served in the north parts," with 40s. for himself, 102l.; Ant. Bonvie, money delivered "by way of exchange of Stephen Vaughan in Flaunders," 4,833l. 6s. 8d. 26 Nov, Ant. Aucher, imprest for making watch houses at the Yonge Manne and the Bray of the Castell at Bulloigne, 50l. 27 Nov., Sir Ric. Southwell, to be delivered to the treasurer of Bulloigne for payment of the garrison and other charges, 4,000l.; John Hindmores, to convey to Portesmouthe for the garrison there, 302l.; Wm. Leche, for the mayor and aldermen of Chester, "money by them disbursed in setting forth of ships with the Lord Lyneox," and 40s. for his own costs, 115l. 3s. 10d. 28 Nov., Wm. Stone, money delivered to Twaites, "lately in post to Flaunders," 5l. 30 Nov., Thos. Rolffe, to convey to Dovour to Wingfeld and John Gresshame, with 40s for his own costs, 202l. 2 Dec., Wm. Levit, for making guns of iron, 100l. 9 Dec., John Gresshame, for carriage of lead out of the north to London, 300l. 12 Dec., John Winter, imprest to be delivered to an Arrogosie for the service of himself and his servants this last summer, 100l. 13 Dec., Wm. Graye, for wages of "such as kepe the privie bootes," 56l. 6s. 10d. 15 Dec., Ric. Pecock, charges disbursed upon the ship called the Kite of Hertfflue, 20l. 21 Dec., John Myll, for certain wines delivered to Sir Peter Meutas for the victualling of Granesey castle, 15l. 13s. 4d. 22 Dec., Bernard Randolffe, money disbursed for coats and conduct of men out of Sussex to Dovour. 33l. 10s. 23 Dec., Ric. Knight and Wm. Kettell, for provision of victuals for the sea, at the appointment of Lord St. John, 500l.; Fras Flemminge, for morice pikes and other munition bought of Wm. van Salinghame and John Peninge,630l. 7s. 8d. 23 Dec., John Hopkins, due for surplusage of his account for provision of fish, 91l. 15s. 4½d.; Thos. Broke, towards charges of the waterworks at Dovour, 200l. 27 Dec., Peter Haen, Hans Quitforo and Peter Seriter, "imprest as well upon their abode here as also for their return into the North parts," 75l. 29 Dec., Edw. Bellinghame, reward, 26l. 13s. 4d.—All in the above paragraph by virtue of a warrant dated 11 Aug. 1 Edw. VI.
f 77. 6 Oct., Walter Buckeler, diets for three months beforehand, from 4 Sept. last, w. 12 May, 112l.; Chr. Mounte, diets for the same space, at 13s. 4d., w. 12 May, 56l. [8 Oct., Rog. Amias, Oliver Righbe and Peter Smythe, to be employed about the charges allotted "to" the King by the commissioners for the oversight of the "innynge of the Marche," 100l.] (fn. n5) 9 Oct., the King, at Windsor, 1,000l. 13 Oct., the Lord Lisle, diets for 35 days, at 66s. 8d., w. 23 May, 37 Hen. VIII., 120l. 31 Oct., Sir Thos. Seymer, diets for 54 days, at 60s., from 31 Aug. to 15 Oct. (sic), 162l. 13 Nov., Sir Wm. Paget, the bp. of Durhame and Mr. Tregonnell, diets for two months beforehand, w. 10 Nov. ao 37o, 473l. 6s. 8d. 17 Dec., Wm. Ibgrave, for embroidering coats for the King's servants, w. 1 July ao 37o, 71l. 22 Dec., the King at Westminster, 1,000l. 23 Dec., Thos. Barthelet, for certain books to the King's use, w. 26 Nov., 26l. 7s. 5d. 12 Nov., Harry Draicote, charges for "transporting lead out of Irelond into Inglond," w. 3 Nov., ao 37o, 30l.
f 78.
f 79.
5 Jan., Robt. Legge, to be paid to Marine de Paulo, captain of the Greate Argosey, 214l. 7 Jan., Humph. Fortescue, money disbursed by Ric. Fortescue, his father, in August ao 35to about setting forth of a ship named the Trynytye Carlion, appointed to serve upon the coasts of Scotland, "on warfare," 28l. 3s. 4d. 12 Jan., John Keme, to deliver to Frauncisco de Currour, riding in post with letters to the bp. of Winchester at Utreche, 10l., and to Lawrence Masse and Melcher Wele, servants to the Duke of Lonenbergh. in reward, 45l. 13 Jan., Fras. Leake, for his service at Tynmouthe with a band of horsemen, from Midsummer to Christmas last, 230l. 12s. 6d. 17 Jan., Wm. Watson and John Dimmocke, imprest upon their diets, at 10s., "beinge" (qu. beginning?) the 11th of the same month, on affairs beyond sea, 90l. 18 Jan., Robt. Legge, imprest for affairs of the Admiralty, 1,000l. 19 Jan., Thos. Wingffeld, to deliver to —— (blank) Grimston, "for a further prest upon his diets for his attending at Portesmouthe as captain during the sickness of Edward Vaughan," 40l.; Wm. Stone, to deliver to Blewmantill, riding in post with letters to the ambassador resident with the Emperor, 10l.; also to Wm. Lee for bringing two prisoners out of Derbyshire 4l.; also for the "bringing up of Asburghame, prisoner in the Flete, and one Watson, being brought out of Leicestershire," 30s. 4d. 24 Jan., Sir John Daws, money defrayed about such things as should have been paid by John Dawes, deputy to Sir Ant. Rowse, for the King's affairs, 1,000l.; Robt. Legge, for affairs of the Admiralty, 500l. 4 Feb., Oswald See, for provision of cask for the wars against France and Scotland, 13l. 16s. 7½d. 5 Feb., Morres Russell, "impreste as well for the hier of 18 cartes frome London for the conveyaunce of certeine municion for the fortniture of Irelonde to Chester after 66s. 8d. the carte, 60l., as also for his owne charges after 3s. 4d. the daie and everye of the conductours after 20d. the daie frome 25 Januarie last past, 33l. 6s. 8d., and for the fraughte of the vesselles to convey the same frome Chester, 50l." 10 Feb., Ant. Knivet, for ordnance and munition to be brought into the Tower, 1,500l. 20 Feb., Sir Ralph Warren, Sir Ric. Gresshame, Sir John Gressham and Sir Roland Hill, to deliver by exchange to Stephen Vaughan, 2,000l.; Fras. Flemminge, for provision of certain cart horses, 150l.; Ric. Worceley, upon the determination of his account concerning "a pennis (pinnace) to escrie the coostes" and for wages of gunners, 20l. 11s. 6d.; Nic Arnolde, towards his own entertainment and his retinue at Quinboroughe, 240l. 27 Feb., Sir Thos. Clere, vice-admiral, for his fee from 22 Dec. ao 36to to the 23rd inst., at the rate of 100l. by the year, 114l. 17s., for his service at Portesmouthe and in keeping the Narrow Seas 135 days, 25 June to 6 Nov. last at 10s. the day [67l. 10s.], and for wages of two clerks at 12d. and two at 8d. the day 34l. (sic) 18s. 4d., and for his boat hire in setting forth marine causes at Dertfforde, Wolwiche and Blackewall, 8l.; in all 225l. 5s. 4d.—All in the above paragraph by virtue of warrant dated 11 Aug. 1 Edw. VI.
Provisions for Boulogne:—13 Jan., Ric. Lyllye, for timber to repair horsemills, 20l. 24 Jan., John Collins, for hay and straw, 20l. 10 Feb., Edw. Twaites and Hen. Crispe, for grain, 80l. 12 Feb., John Stone and Rog. Norton, butter and cheese, 30l. 26 Feb., Reynold Hollingworth, "towards the making of 30 acres of wood" in Essex for Bulloigne, 40l. 28 Feb., John Bainarde, for grain, 27l. 17s. 6d. 6 March, Wm. Prentice, to deliver to Thos. Waters and John Rippes, for payment of old provisions, 200l. 11 March, John Launde, for 4,000 flitches of bacon, 100l. 12 March, Lionel Duckett, for grain "being percell of his oulde diett of 635l. 6s. 6½d. whiche he hathe disbursed," 182l. 2s. 6d. 15 March, John Love and Thos. Russell, for oxen, 200l. 20 March, Wm. Chester and John Launde, for sheep, 150l.; John Bisbiche, towards payment of his old provision of oxen and sheep, 100l.—All these for Boulogne by virtue of w. 11 Aug. 1 Edw. VI.
f 80 4 Jan., Stephen Vaughan, diets at 30s. from 31 Dec. to 25 March next, w. dormant 31 Dec. a0 370, 126l. 10 Jan., Walter Buckeler, diets for 17 days at 26s. 8d., 22l. 13s. 4d. 12 Jan., Sir Wm. Pagett, diets for himself, the bp. of Durhame and Dr. Tregonnell, w. dormant 10 Nov. a0 370, 40l.; Walter Buckeler, for posting of letters from Spaine to England, 34l. 10s. 17 Jan., Chr. Mounte, diets for three months beforehand, 56l. 12 Feb., Sir Ric. Riche, diets for 158 days, at 20s. from 24 Nov. a0 370 to 30 April next, by virtue of the King's commission dated 14 Dec. a0 370 to him and Sir Ralph Sadlier for the more speedy levying of revenues, debts and casualties in the King's courts, 157l. 14 Feb., Sir Ralph Sadler, the like to 1 April next, 127l. 18 Feb., Morgan Wolffe, for spangles of silver gilt by him bought to the King's use, 262l. 2s. 4d.
f. 81.
f 82
f. 83
1 March, Andrew Judde, money by him and other merchants of the Staple of Callice disbursed to Sir Edw. Wotton for the King's use, 1,100l.; Ant. Aucher, master of the Jewel House, for diets and charge for the order of victuals at Bulloigne, from 4 July to 11 Feb. last, at 13s. 4d., and for wages of two clerks at 2s., 8 servants at 8d., and 9 horsemen at 9d. the day, 318l. 6s. 11d. 3 March, Thos. Hauard, coats and conduct of 400 soldiers out of Herefordshire to Dover, 170 miles, 221l. 3s. 4d. 4 March, Sir George Blunte, the like for 400 out of Worcestershire, 176 miles, 231l. 13s. 4d. 7 March, John Brabson and Wm. Lane the like for 400 out of Leicestershire, 196l. 13s. 4d. 8 March, Sir Wm. Goodolphin, to be conveyed to Bolloigne and delivered to Sir Hugh Paulet, for payment of strangers' wages, with 10l. for his charges thither, 2,010l.; Sir John Harrington, being treasurer of war with the earl of "Hereff.", imprest, 1,000l.; Wm. Woodhouse, being master of the ordnance of the ships, wages of himself and three clerks, and for six journeys to Norfolk, Portesmouthe. Windesore and Hampton Court, one journey by his clerk to Ipsewiche, and for Edw. Collins, overseer of the ordnance of the ships at Portesmouth, and for his own service on sea 62 days and boat hire upon Themes a whole year, 170l. 18s. 8d. 14 March, Edw. Barbour, for pains taken "in certain the King's Majesty's affairs," 66s. 8d. Robt. Legge, for marine causes, 2,000l.; Edw. Boughton, seven years' rent of his docks at Wolwiche which have been occupied in mending the King's ships, 46l 13s. 4d.; Thos Mallage, for Sir Hugh Paulet, 220l. 16 March, Sir Ric. Grenefilde, for conduct of 200 soldiers from Castocke to Dovour at ½d. the mile, their coats at 4s the piece, his own conduct at 4d., two petty captains at 2d., and the drum, surgeon, standard bearer, "phiphe" and priest at 1d. the mile, and their coats, 158l. 4s. 2d.; Edm. Hussey, the like for 100 out of Dorsetshire, with himself, his petty captain and fife, 73l. 12s. 5d.; Ric. Chamounde, the like for 100 out of Cornwall. with himself, his petty captain, and "five officers," 92l. 3s. 4d.; Roger Blunte, the like for 80 out of Devonshire, 77l. 5s. 10d.; Lord Sturton, the like for 400 out of Wiltshire, with himself, two grand captains, four petty captains and "other officers," 232l. 9s. 4d.; John Sydenhame, for 100 out of Somersetshire 66l. 15s. 17 March, Sir Morres Barkeley, for 200 out of Somersetshire, 125l. 15s.; Thos. Throgmerton, for 200 out of Gloucestershire, 116l. 6s. 8d.; Sir John Lutterell, John Windehame and Thos. Dier, for 300 out of Somersetshire, 213l. 10s.; Sir Walter Dennis, for 200 out of Gloucestershire, 113l. 12s.; Peter Fraunces and Thomas Newman, appointed to attend upon the earl of Hertford, "for their conduct with their servants and for the coats" 4l. 6s. 4d.; James Armerer and John Webbe, for 200 out of Gloucestershire, 110l. 18s. 8d.; Thomas Stukeley, for 100 out of Devonshire, 73l. 19s. 4d.; Thos. Neele and John Broughton, for 200 out of Leicestershire, 9l. 17s. (sic); Lord Graye and Ambrose Cave, for 200 out of Leicestershire, 9l. 17s. (sic); Richmond and Somerset heralds, "for their conduct and their men with their coats from London to Dovour," 9l. 19s. 4d.; Sir Ric. Lee, for affairs by the King appointed, 800l. 18 March, Jas. Baskervile, "conduct of himself, his petty captain and other" from Hereford to Dovour, 4l. 19s. 2d.: John Bridges, imprest for "charges of 56 men attendant upon the King's tents, passing the seas and for the conduct of the same men from London to Dovour, and for their coats at 4s. the coat," 43l. 4s.; Jas. Harrison, "as well for one whole year's fee of the King's Majesty's gift to him due at this present as also advanced to him aforehand, sent forth by the King's Majesty about certain his affairs," 75l. 19 March, Lord Braie for his conduct money from Hawnes to Dovour and conduct and coats of 25 of his men, 11l. 17s. 6d.; Sir Thos. Holcrofte, coats and conduct of 200 soldiers out of Lancashire to Dovour, 154l.; Edm. Auger, captain of the Isle of Graine, wages at 2s. the day for five months, with 20 soldiers at 6d, 84l. 20 March, Sir George Blunte, coats and conduct of 200 men out of Worcestershire to Dovour, with "his petty captain and other officers." 7l. 9s. 4d. (sic); Jerome Palmer, for 200 out of Worcestershire, 6l. 12s. 8d. (sic); John Maxwell and Robert Maxwell, "the same day by way of the King's Majesty's reward last deceased," 50l.—All in the above paragraph by warrant of 11 Aug. 1 Edw. VI.
f. 84. Sir Edmund Peckhame, treasurer of the King's house, towards expenses of the Household, at divers times (not stated) from 1 Dec. to 17 March a0 370, w.d. 18 Nov. 32 Hen. VIII., 10,000l. John Ryther. cofferer to the Prince, for the Prince's household, w.d. 28 Nov. 33 Hen. VIII., paid 8 July (l,000l.), 14 Dec. (700l.), 18 Jan. (40l.) 16 Feb. (160l.), and 18 March (1,000l.) a0 370.
f. 85. Added in another hand.—4 Dec, John Cornelys, for provision of canvas, 3 Dec, 83l. 3 Dec, Barthol. Campane. to deliver to Jasper Dowche in Flanders, for the King's affairs, 457l. 13s 5 Dec.. Sir Ric and Sir John Gressham, to be delivered over to Stephen Vaughan in Flanders, 400l. 6 Dec., Anthony Bonvyce and Athelney (sic) Savage, towards payment of the King's debt in Flanders, 5.000l.; John Whight, for provision of grain, 1,333l. 6s. 8d. 14 Dec., Jerome Warnar, for despatch over of the Irishmen attendant at Chester, 200l. 23 Dec., John Winter, to be employed about sea matters, 1,000l. 24 Dec., the duke of Suffolke, "for interest of certain money by him imprested" to the King, 100l. 6 Jan., Thomas Chappell, for certain mattresses by him bought. 30l. 1d. 9 Jan., Sir Ric. Lee, for baskets and shovels provided, 201l. 10s. 4d. 29 Jan., Ant. Rowse, to be conveyed to Bolleigne and delivered to Sir Hugh Pawlett, 1.333l. 6s. 8d. 7 Feb., Ant. Bonvyce, towards payment of the King's debt in Flanders, 7,500l. 16 Feb., Sir Ric. Lee. for conduct and transportation of pioneers and other artificers to Bolleigne, 66l. 13s. 4d. 17 Feb., John Russell, to transport 60 carpenters, to Bolleigne, 13l. 6s. 8d. 26 Feb., Stephen Vaughan, for his diets at 20s. and post money, 66l. 13s. 4d. 4 March, Ant. Bonvyce, towards payment of the King's debt in Flanders, 7,500l.; Wm. Mylwarde, to be conveyed to Bolleigne to Sir Hugh Pawlet, treasurer there, 2,000l. 6 March, John Chaderton, his wages at 2s. the day and those of a porter and a gunner at 8d. and of 10 soldiers and 12 gunners at 6d., for 177 days, 126l. 17s. 15 March. Avery Berwyke, to deliver to Ant. Aucher, towards provision of timber for making "shippes and storehouses" at Bolleigne, 300l. 16 March, the Lady Lovell, reward for attendance upon the Prince "for the space of four or five years past," 200l. 20 March, John Wynter, for sea matters, 2.000l.; Sir Thos. Seymour, diets during his abode on the sea in the King's affairs, viz., 41 days at 5 mks., 140l. 10 Dec. a0 370, the King, in full payment of the purchase of the late mon. of Cumhere, co. Radnor, the parsonage of Chesterton, co. Oxford, and other lands 599l. 5s. 10d. 18 March, a0 370, the King, in full payment of the purchase of the parsonages of Hedington and Marston and Sudley Close, co. Oxford, the manor of Forstill there and other lands, 3,892l. 17s. 2d. 29 Dec a0 370, the King, to be given to the Queen on New Year's Day, 666l. 13s. 4d. 30 Sept. a0 370, the King, by the hands of Sir Thomas Heneage, 1,000l.
[Total payments upon the King's warrants] 144,419l. 6s. 1d.
f. 85. (fn. n5)
f. 86
f. 87.
vi. Payments made by decree:—28 March, Robt. and Wm. Duncombe for a debt out of Westminster, 16l. 31 March, Sir Thomas Pope, for lands sold to the King, decree 29 March a0 360, 148l. 1 April, Sir Ric. Southwell, "upon exchange," 41l. 4s. 9½d. 4 April, Robert Aldridge. master of Eton Colledge, upon sale of certaine lands between the King and the College, 40l. 6s. 5 Oct. a0 370 (altered from 4 May), Sir. Ric. Gresshame, yearly stipend, 6l. 13s. 4d. 7 May, Ric. Duke, recompense for lands in Hackeney, 35l. 3 June, Sir Edw. Northe, for lands sold to the King, to the value of 296l. 0s. 11¾d. after 20 years purchase, 5,921l. 2s. 10 ¼d. (a marginal note seems to indicate that this amount was reduced by 133l. 6s. 8d. paid for the forest of Waibridge and Sapley). 13 June, Wm Tresshame and Wm. Buckmaster, "towards the exhibition of the King's scholars in Oxforde and Cambridge," decree 10 June a0 370, 264l. 3s. 4d. 18 June, Sir John Rainsford, for lands sold to the King beside Wansted, d. 16 June a0 370, 120l. 20 June, Nic. Bacon, overplus of a purchase, d. 10 June a0 370, 126l. 10 July, Wm. Sackevile, recompense for certain woods, d. 20 June a0 370, 13l. 13s. 4d. 16 July, Thos. Evererde. for the patronage of Caneffilde parsonage, Essex, d. 12 Feb. a0 360, 12l. 0s. 6d. 20 July, Walter Browne and Ric. Cotton, due at Easter last "by decree dormant," 48s. 27 July, Sir Arthur Darcie, recompense for lands, parcel of Evishame which the King "sold unto him." d. 1 May a0 270, 84l. 20 Aug., John earl of Bathe, overplus of manor of Whiting Valatyne, Salop, 9l. 16s. 10d. 27 Aug., John Eyre, paid by him for purchase of Northwell d. 6 Aug. a0 370, 44l. 11s [Payments to Thos. Myldemaye, 30 July, and Ric. Morice, 2 Sept., cancelled]. 8 Sept., Wm. Denhame, upon an exchange, d. 14 Aug. a0 370, 312l. 13s. 2d. 10 Sept., Ric. Andrewes, recompense of certain lands, d. 26 July a0 370, 35l. 16s. 26 Sept., Sir Thos. Pope, overplus of Swarfforde parsonage, Oxon, d. 1 Sept. a0 370, 15l. 6s. 8d. 3 Oct., Sir Robt. Southwell, d. 15 May a0 370, 16l. 8 Oct., John Wendon for the town of Boston, for a messuage there, d. 9 Sept. a0 370, 4l. 10 Dec., Sir Thos. Pope, upon an exchange, d. 8 Dec. a0 370, 580l. 12 Dec., Wm. Stafforde, upon an exchange, 553l. 8s. 2d. 16 Dec, Thos. Gibbes and John Heydon, upon an exchange, d. 15 Dec. a0 370, 393l. 6s. 8d. [Entry undated of 843l. 6s. 8d. to "Wm. Poore and other" cancelled.] 7 Feb., Wm. Knighte, recompense of a purchase, d. 17 Nov. a0 370, 24l. 7 Feb., Nic. Bacon, recompense of a purchase, d. 28 May a0 370. 26l. 17s. 10 Feb., Wm. Grene, recompense of lands had of the King, d. 4 Nov. a0 370. 9l. 2s. 0¼d.; John Pope, the like, 46l. 8s. 20 May a0 370, Lord St John, for the full purchase of the manor of Chedney, &c., Linc., 2,078l. 8s. 4d. Total, 11,033l. 10s. 5d.
f. 88.
f. 89.
f. 90.
f. 91.
f. 92.
f. 93.
f. 94.
vii. Payments made by warrants from the Council of the Augmentations:—20 March, Sir Thos. Holcrofte, for his "costs and pains in surveying of chantries" w 26 Feb. a0 370 (altered from 360), 26l. 13s. 4d. 20 March, John Hawes. for repairs at Suffolke Place in Sowthwarke, w. —— (blank) "of the said month," 42s. 10d. 28March, Thos. Tyrrell, for livery coat as messenger of the Court, "due at Easter," 33s. 4d.; John Warde, the like. 29 March, Thos. Tyrrell, costs, riding into divers shires with process. 12l. 3 April, Sir Ric. Gressham, money by him delivered to Dr. Leighton, being ambassador in Flanders, w. 2 April, 50l. 22 April, Walter Hendley, charges sustained about the King's affairs. 7l. 7 May, John Johnson, necessaries for the Court, 40s. 10d. 30 April, John Merie, towards repair of the honor of Grafton, 40l. 12 May, the bp. of Canterbury, recompense for lands which the King had of him, w. 10 May, 200l. 30 May, Lord St. John, towards furniture of Lyttey, Hants, w. 29 May 36l. 10s. 10 June, Robt. Russell, for making of a new bridge and standing pool in the park of Otforde and Knolle, w. 8 June, 50l. 17 June, Thos. Tirrell, 68s. 6d. 24 June, Ric. Browne, for expenses of the commissioners at the Rolls, w. 22 June, 20l. 28 June. John Bellowe, upon an exchange, w. 28 May, 20l. 8 July, Martin Condrie, towards payment of captains, gunners and soldiers of "divers castles, fortifications and buildings" in co. Southampton, w. 30 June, 266l. 13s. 4d. 18 July, John Merie, by John Duffin, for repair of Graf ton, 20l.; Wm. Harnie, for conveying the King's letters to divers shires, 6l.; also for the like to Edw. Butler, 10l., and Michael Gill, 8l.; John Sydenham, likewise sent with King's process into divers shires, 10l. 18 July, Ric. Snowe, for "searching writings at the Tower," 20s.; Ric. Cocke, for lands enclosed in Walthame park, w. 2 July, 13l. 13s. 4d. 22 July, Ric. Browne, diets of the Commissioners sitting at the Rowlles, 40l.; Robt. Russell, towards repairs at Otfforde, 26l. 13s. 4d. 25 July, bp. of Canterbury, in full recompense for the overplus of the manor of Charinge, w. 24 July a0 370, 240l. 27 July, Thos. Lambe, riding post to the duke of Suffolk, 9s. 31 July, Chr. Leade, for ten days' work of a plough drawing furrows in Elthame Park at 2s. 8d. the day, 26s. 8d. 3 Aug., Humph. Cootes, rewards given at the dissolution of Credyton college, w. 31 July, 70l. 8 Aug., Hugh Losse, for repairs to be done in the Black Freres in London,, w. 31 July a0 370, 30l. 11 Aug., Robt. Silvester, for riding to Dunstable and for taking an estimate at the White Frieres, London, 14s. 13 Aug., Walter Hendle, "costs and charges in riding from London to the Isle of Sheppey," 19l. 3s. 10d. 12 Aug., Ant. Bocher, for "pains taken in making letters and attending upon the commissioners of the sales," 10l. 17 Aug., Ric. Browne, diets of the commissioners sitting at the Roolles, 40l. 2 Sept., Ric. Morrison, for the grant of the commandry of Quenington, Glouc., 633l. 3 Sept., John Sidenhame, for attendance upon the Commissioners and making of letters. 20l. 5 Sept. Thos. Tirrell, riding with letters, 13l. 18s. 5d. 6 Sept., John Gemaie, for delivery of letters into divers shires, from the Commissioners, 10l. 7 Sept., Wm. Harvie, to be employed upon the King's house at Hackeney, w. 6 Sept., 40l 8 Sept., Ric. Browne, diets of the Commissioners resident at Elie Place in Holborne, 62l. 3s. 1d. 13 Sept., Lord Chancellor Wriothesley, upon an exchange, w. 31 Oct. a0 370, 1,357l. 4s. 2d. 17 Sept., John Parker, costs done upon the Augmentation Court, 26s. 4d. 1 Oct., Sir Thos, Pope, diets for a whole year, for hearing the accounts of divers receivers, 13l. 6s. 8d. 3 Oct., David Claiton and John Wrothe, for surveying the lordship of Watlington, Salop, w. 9 Sept., 40s. 4 Oct., John Warde, riding about the King's business, 53s. 4d. 6 Oct., Geo. Lime, riding with letters to Mr. Horseley, one of the receivers within the Court of Augmentations, 20s. 27 Oct., Sir John Williams, diets in taking accounts, 13l. 6s. 8d. 3 Nov., Sir Edw. Northe, diets all the time of the declaration of the auditors' books, 40l. 8 Nov., John Merie, for repairs to be done at Grafton, 26l. 20d. 12 Nov., Edm. Mone and John Horton, for "pains taken in riding, going and writing to divers persons endebted to the King's Majesty," 10l. 20 Nov., Thos. Tyrrell, for delivery of certain letters, 40s. 10d. 23 Nov., Walt Hendle, for riding to London and there remaining from 14 Sept., with horses and servants, for "setting forth of sundry acts of Parliament," w. 20 Nov., 6l. 13s. 4d. 23 Nov., Chr. Daie, for repairs at the Augmentation Court, 4l. 19s. 2d. 28 Nov., Wm. Heynes, priest, for payment of the King's scholars in Oxforde, 231l. 13s. 4d. (marginal note that "the King's warrant is procured for this in the year following"). 4 Dec, Thos. Tyrrell, for delivering letters, w. 3 Dec, 102s. 8d. 13 Dec, Hen. Gascoinge, for conveyance of letters into divers shires, w, 11 Dec, 13l. 6s. 8d.; Dr. Redman, towards the exhibition of the King's scholars in Oxford and Cambridge, w. 11 Dec, 208l. (marginal note that "the King's warrant is procured for this in the year following "). 17 Dec, Ric. Cowper, for making divers fines to the King's use, 26l. 13s. 4d. 16 Dec., John Peterboroughe, "upon the determination of his account wherein he was in superplusage" 30l. 22 Dec, Hugh Losse, towards repairing the house at Blacke Freres, w. 18 Dec, 40l.; John Grayne, allowance of certain expenses in the Court of Augmentacion, 56s. 8d. 31 Dec, John Merie, towards repairs at Grafton and Potters Perie park, 124l. 9s. 0½d 3 Jan., Hugh Losse, towards repair of the Augustine Friars, w. 2 Jan., 40l. 12 Jan., John Merie, towards repairs at the honor of Grafton, 10l. 20 Jan., John Forster, as appears by Mr. Chancellor's warrant of 24 Feb. (in margin "terr. perquis."), 53l. 6s. 8d. 22 Jan., John Warde, riding with letters, 18l. 24 Jan., John Belffielde, for surrender of his patent out of Burton upon Trent, w. 21 Jan., 6l. 13s. 4d. 6 Feb., Nic. Bacon, diets all the time of the declaration of the auditor's books, 13l. 6s. 8d. 16 Feb., Walter Hendle, surveying lands for the King, w. 16 Feb., 10l. 21 Feb., Thos. Tyrrell, riding to deliver letters, 50s. 8d. 1 March, John Parker, for overseeing divers of the King's houses, w. 28 Feb., 50s, 3 March, Ric. Goodricke, going to Burton upon Trent for the survey of the college there, 6l. 13s. 4d. 7 March, John Warde, for delivering letters, 12l. 10 March, Ant. Bocher, for survey of chantries, 10l. 11 March, Hugh Losse, by the Chancellor's warrant (margin, "terr. perquis.") 59l. 16 March, Thos. Burgon, for surveying of chantries, w. 12 March. 13l. 6s. 8d.; Davie Clayton, surveying lands in the marches of Wales, 9l. 18 March, Sir John Williams, for bags, paper, parchment, green wax, ink and other necessaries expended in his office for the year ended 20 March, a0 370; for his clerks 13l. 6s. 8d.; Wm. Barners and John Wysman, auditors, being in London taking the treasurer's account, 30l.; their clerks, 10l.; Mr. Chancellor's clerks, for pains at the declaration of the said account, 66s. 3d.; the said Barners and Wysman for paper and parchment for the engrossing of the said account, "more than hath been allowed, by reason of entering of many prests and other the King's warrants concerning his wars," 13l. 6s. 8d. Total 4 578l. 5s. 5½d.
Grand total, 168,378l. 18s.
A bound volume of 94 numbered leaves and many blank leaves unnumbered.
644. Monastic Pensions.
Add. MS.
Account of pensions and annuities paid out of suppressed monasteries at various dates giving the names of the pensioners and of their agents to whom payment was made and the date of each payment. The houses are:—Worc.—Pershour, Worcester, Myche Malverne, Bordysley, Cokehill, Little Malverne, Westwood, Whiston. Salop.—Wenlock, Haughmond, Wombridge, Brewood, Buyldwas, Churbery, Salop, Lylleshyll, Shrewsbury Austen Friars. Staff.—Burton, Delacres, Hulton, Rouceter, Tutbury, Brewood, Crokesden, Trentham, Routon, Stone. Heref.—Clyfford, Accornbury, Dore, Monnemouth, Wigmour, Wormesley, Lymebroke.
f. 66. Payments for "weyng and pylyng off ledd and expences in the lawe" and for repairs &c.
f. 68. Account of pensions and annuities, as above, for the year 21 April 35 Hen. VIII. to 21 April 36 Hen. VIII.
f. 131. Payments for repairs &c.
f. 133. Another account for the year 21 April, 36 Hen. to 21 April 37 Hen. VIII.
f. 200. Repairs &c. and some separate receipts and other papers.
Posted into the book are a few receipts given to John Scudamore for some of the payments.
A bound volume of about 420 written pages besides many blank leaves, 266 leaves numbered. In original vellum cover endorsed: The Booke of Payments.
645. Queen Katharine Parr.
R. O. Bill of "Huettson, draper" headed ao 35 Hen. VIII, for "sumtar clothys" for the Queen, viz., yellow, red, blue, green white and black, total 10l. 13. (marked in another hand "comput ao xxxvijmo").
ii. Bill of George Brystow, draper, headed ao 37 Hen. VIII. for "red, for 5 coats for 5 minstrels"; "black, for a cloak for Mrs. Nevell" (to Mr. Skut) and "scarlet for a petticoat"; "grey for a coat for Nichlas Pygot"; "grey for a coat for Thomas Browne, the Queen's fool"; "red for five coats for the Queen's players"; and "red for a petycoot for ye Quenys fole." Total 12l. 5s. (marked, comput ao xxxvijmo). Signed: Thomas Arundell, cancell.: John Basset.
P. Both bills in the same handwriting.
646. Anthony Bourchier.
R. O. The King, by advice of his surveyors General, has demised and letten to farm to Ant. Bochier, the Queen's auditor, certain demesnes of the lordship of Barkley, part of which have been let by copy of court roll. If any such tenants copyholders are suitors to you against the purport of the King's said lease, these are to desire you to favour our friend the said Anthony. London, —— (blank) day of —— (blank) 37 Hen. VIII.
Draft, p. 1.
R. O. 2. Account of Anthony Bourchier, deputy master of woods of the lordship of Barkley, Glouc., for the year 37 Hen. VIII., viz.:—
Sale of woods of the manor of Wotton 17l. 13s. 4d.; of the manor of Came 117s. 2d.; firewood out of the King's park of Okeley 24s. 6d., and chace of Mykelwood 77s., within Alkyngton manor; of a grove called Tatgrove in Hame manor 113s. 4d.; farm of Katherne Grove in Alkington 4s. Total 34l. 8s. 4d., reduced by certain repairs, &c., to 16l. 9s. 11d. which is retained towards the paling of the park of Newperke within the manor of Hame as parcel of the Master of the Woods' warrant for 16l. 19s. 8d. for the same.
Latin, pp. 3.
647. [Bruton?]
R. O. ".. ewton. Expenses of th'audit ao 37o."
Payments for bread, ale, beef and other provisions. Rewards to "Vawter's man" and to the cook, matri familias, servis famil[ias], cl'icis auditoris, and pincerne. Auditor's charges riding from Sarum hither and from hence to Excetter. Total 8l. 19s. 4d Item apud Exon. 13s. 4d.
Pp. 2.
648. All Saints, Northampton.
R. O. "Anno r. r. H. viij. 37:—Peticicons for the churche off Allseyttes vt in the towne of Northamton."
To Geo. Glaciar for 5ft. of glass at 5d. for the chancel window. To Robt. Grey for making wax for the year, 3s. To Ric. Richardson, summoner, for ale and cream, 8d. 1 lb. of frankincense, 6d. 4 gals, of ale on Maundy Thursday, 8d. buns, 6d. 2 strike of charcoal, 2 strike of small coal for the hallowed fire, 6d. 800 "hozelyng brede," 8d. 800 singing bread, 8d. To Ric. Grey, a day's work to stripe the Candlemas wax, 6d. To Wm. Clarke and Godbade for helping at Easter, 8d. To Mr. Welkynson for wine to the high altar for the Vicar and his priest to sing withal, 6s. 4d. At Easter, 4 gallons and a pottle of wine for the houseling people, 6s. To Rafe Freman, 5 gallone 1 qrt. of wine, 7s. 12 lb. tallow candles to sing matins and evensong in winter, 18d. For my fee, 16s. 8d. To the bellman for gathering the tithepigs, and for apples, onions and garlic, 2s. 8d. Total, 50s. 7d. "Probatur et examinatur."
P. 1.
649. William Fitzwilliam.
Add. Ch.
B. M.
Grant by John Hornyolde of the next advowson to the church of Hartinge, Suss., to Wm. Fitzwilliam, gentleman of the Prince's privy chamber. The said advowson having been granted by Sir Ant. Wyndesore and Hen. Wyndesore, his son and [heir apparent], to the Queen; and by her, by deed dated Greenwich, 30 March 37 Hen. VIII., given to [Hornyolde together with] Richard Moryson, Richard Strenghfelowe and Nic. Udale, the three last of whom have ......... 37 Hen. VIII. surrendered their interest. Dated ................ Hen. VIII. Seal broken.
Latin. About a third torn off.
22 April. 650. Documents Signed by Stamp.
R. O. Abridgment of bills, &c., which the King caused "me, William Clerc," to stamp between 1 March and 22 April 37 Hen. VIII., in presence of Sir Ant. Dennye.
1. "A letter to the bp. of St. David's declaring your Majesty's assent that he may grant, bargain or give in fee simple the lordship of Lanthey to Richard Deveroux, my lord Ferrers' son. At his own suit"
. At Greenwich, 6 March.
2. John Hall. Pardon. Subscribed by my lord Privy Seal. G. 4 May.
At Greenwich, 13 March.
3. Ralph Bagenall and the Lady Cotton, his wife. Grant. Subscr. by the Chancellor of the Augmentations, A. ii. 16 March.
4. Giles Crowe. Pardon. Subscr. by my lord Chancellor. G. 25 March.
5. "A letter to the mayor and aldermen of London to grant a lease in reversion, for term of 40 years, of the collection of the skavage there to Anthony Stringer." At suit of Chanc. of Augmentations.
6. Anthonie.Marie and John Baptiste Bassany, musicians. Passport with 20l. in money and two horses or geldings. At suit of Sir Henry Knyvett.
7. John Aysshton. Pardon. Preferred by Sir Ant. Dennye. G. 15 March.
8. Sir Maurice Barkeley. Purchase. Subscr. by Chanc. of Augmentations. G. 19 March.
9. "Your Majesty's promise to London." (fn. n6) G. 17 March.
10. "A patent for Captain Bua to be 'cronell' over all th'Albanoys serving at Boulloyn." (fn. n6)
11. My lord Grey Wilton. Grant. (fn. n6) G. 20 March.
12. John Brooke. Office. (fn. n6) G. 31 March.
13. Anthony Guydotti. Protection. (fn. n6) G. 17 March.
14. Great Yarmouth. Discharge. (fn. n6) G. 17 March.
15. "A letter of commendation for Marc Anthonie, one of your Majesty's sackbuts repairing into Italy to visit his friends." At suit of the Earl of Essex.
At Greenwich, 19 March.
16. Robert Audas alias Mulsey. To be an almsman at Westminster. At suit of Sir Thomas Henneage.
At Greenwich, 20 March.
17. "A letter to Mrs. Elizabeth Cotton, widow, in the favour of Philip Gerrarde, my lord the Prince his servant, for marriage. At the Queen's Highness' suit."
18. "An acquittance to Sir Edmund Pekham, knight, treasurer of the Mints, for 6,883l. 19s. delivered to your Majesty's own hands at sundry times in January last. Preferred by Mr. Gate."
At Greenwich, 21 March.
19. A commission for my lord of Hertford. (fn. n6)
20. A warrant for his (Hertford's) diet. (fn. n6)
21. A passport for the bishop of Lidda. (fn. n6)
22. A bill for for John Tolorge. (fn. n6) G. 25 March.
23. A letter to the bp. of Gloucester to exchange certain lands with Nicholas Arnolde. (fn. n6)
24. "A patent for John de Salerno to be coronel of th'Italian nation serving at Bouloyn." (fn. n6)
25. "A prebend in Canterburie for the bishop of Catnes." (fn. n6) G. 24 March.
26. "A warrant for Mr. Harington for the execution of the office of treasurer of the army." (fn. n6)
27. "A pardon for Adrian Poyninges of the debts of the lord Poyninges." (fn. n6)
28. "A commission to take Mr. Stephen Vaughan's account." (fn. n6) G. 23 March.
29. "A roll in paper written on both sides declaring what gifts were received and given by your Majesty at New Year day last past; signed in four places, that is to say above and beneath on either side. Preferred by the Master of the Jewels."
30. Warrant to William Cawendishe, treasurer of your Chamber, to pay Morgan Wolf, goldsmith, 1,005l. 14s. 1½d. "for plate bought and taken of him by your Majesty." Examined by the Master of the Jewels.
31. Warrant to Sir John Williams to pay Horton and other artificers and goldsmiths 838l. 20¼d. for plate and workmanship delivered into the Jewel House. Examined by the Master of the Jewels.
. At Westm., 4 April.
32. The indentures for London and Southwark. (fn. n7)
33. The indenture for York. (fn. n7)
34. The indenture for Canterbury. (fn. n7)
35. The indenture for Bristol. (fn. n7)
36. The commission for Mr. Cofferer. (fn. n7)
37. The establishment for Bristol. (fn. n7)
38. Mr. Sharington's patent. (fn. n7) G. 5 April.
39. The comptroller of Bristol's patent. (fn. n7) G. 5 April.
40. The sayemaster's patent, (fn. n7) G. 5 April.
41. The porter's patent. (fn. n7) G. 5 April.
42. The gravers patent. (fn. n7) G. 5 April.
43. The commission for Ireland. (fn. n7)
44. The teller of Bristol's patent. (fn. n7) G. 5 April.
45. The Frenchman's patent. (fn. n7) [Qu. Gundit? G. 5 April.]
46. The finer of the Tower's patent. G. 5 April.
47. Warrant to Mr. Cofferer to deliver 1.000l. in the prest to Mr. Sharington for provision of bullion of gold and silver to be coined at Bristol. (fn. n7)
48. Warrant for a reward of 40l. yearly, during your pleasure, to the officers of the mint at Yorke in augmentation of their diets. (fn. n7)
49. "A letter of thanks to the mayor and aldermen of Bristol for the entertainment of Mr. Sharington."
50. "A letter of thanks to Sir Thomas Dennys for his diligence in your Majesty's affairs."
At Westm., 5 April.
51. My lord of Surrey. Gift. Subscr. by Chanc, of Augm. G. 7 April.
52 A warrant to the Chancellor of Augm. to deliver 100 fother of lead to John Smyth, merchant of Bristoll, "for a recompense of his ship and 200l. which your Majesty received of him."
At Westm., 8 April.
53. "A commission for Mr. Secretary Peter and Mr. Wotton." (fn. n8)
54. A commission for my lord Gray. (fn. n8) G. 9 April.
55. "Th'exchange of Poules with Sir William Pagett for Drayton." (fn. n8) G. 15 April.
56. The licence to Poules to appropriate a benefice. (fn. n8)
57. Ric. Crymes. Purchase. Subscr. by Chanc. of Augm. G. 21 April.
58. Warrant to Mr. Cavendishe to deliver Sir Thomas Darcye 32l. 10s. to buy apparel for 25 armourers and other officers in the armoury at Grenewiche.
At Westm., 10 April.
59. Instructions for Mr. Mason. (fn. n8)
60. Warrant for Mr. Mason's diets. (fn. n8)
61. The articles for Mr. Mason to set forth as of himself. (fn. n8)
62. A patent for Duke Philip's pension. (fn. n8)
63. A letter of retainer for Duke Philip. (fn. n8)
64. A passport for Duke Philip. (fn. n8)
65. Mr. Vaughan. Grant. (fn. n8) G. 16 May.
66. Parson Ogle's sons. Annuity. (fn. n8) A. ii. 14 April.
67. Mr. Mason. Grant. (fn. n8) G. 10 April.
At Westm., 11 April.
68. A warrant for your Majesty's maundye.
69. A warrant to Mr. Cavendishe to deliver 100l. to the bishop of Worcester to be distributed in alms upon Good Friday next.
70. "A letter to the Lady Tame in the favour of Mr. Bukler, the Queen's secretary, for marriage. At the suit of Doctor Owen."
. 71. Barth. Campani and Charles Rinucini. Discharge. (fn. n9) G. 14 April.
72. Ant. Vyvalde, Hen. Salvage, Ancelin Salvage and Ant. Bonvix. Discharge. (fn. n9) G. 12 April.
At Westm., 17 April.
73. A commission for my lord Admiral and Sir William Pagett. (fn. n10)
74. A warrant for Paget's diets. (fn. n10)
75. Sir Thomas Clere. (fn. n10) G. 24 April.
76. Mr. Legg. (fn. n10) G. 24 April.
77. Sir William Woodhous. (fn. n10) G. 24 April.
78. William Brooke. (fn. n10) G. 24 April.
79. Benjamin Gonson. (fn. n10) G. 24 April.
80. Richard Howlett. (fn. n10) G. 24 April.
81. William Holstock. (fn. n10) G. 24 April.
82. Thomas Morlez. (fn. n10) G. 24 April.
83. Popyn Sybrant, Almain. Pension. (fn. n10) G. 19 April.
84. "The reversion to Sr Bertheuille of his brother's pension." (fn. n10)
85. John Elder. Scot. Licence. (fn. n10) G. 4 May.
86. "A warrant to Sir William Malory, treasurer of Berwic, to pay wages unto the pensioners in the North." (fn. n10)
At Greenwich, 22 April.
87. A letter to the dean and chapter of Exetour to lease their manor of Staverton, Devon, to Ant. Harvye, surveyor. At suit of Sir Thomas Darcye.
Paper roll of four leaves written on the one side only.
R. O. 2. Fair copy of the above in parchment. Omitting the subheadings. Signed: W. Clerc.
Three membranes.
22 April. 651. The Privy Council.
A.P.C., 392.
Meeting at Greenwich, 22 April. Present: Privy Seal, Essex, Cheyney, Gage, [Browne, Wingneld, Petre, Baker]. Business:—Signor John Paulo Manfron, recommended by Mr. Harvel, as a man of good house in Italy who had worthily served Venice, had letters to the earl of Hertford to place him in the camp with his 14 horsemen; and William Wyhhams recommended by Mons. de Praet had like letters for himself, and both had passports.
2. On the pages containing the entries for 16—22 April 1546, are jottings about money remaining with the treasurers, men appointed to go to sea with the Lord Admiral or to Calais, and a list of ordnance appointed to be sent from the Tower to Calais, Newnam Bridge, Ruisbank, Guisnes town and castle, Quineborow, the Marsshe and the Isle of Greyne.
22 April. 652. Sir Edward North to John Scudamore.
R. O. Encloses copy of a royal warrant for delivery to John Smyth, merchant of Bristol, of 100 fother of lead, in exchange for his ship the Trinity Smythe, and 200l. in money. The warrants (fn. n11) already sent for delivery of lead to Sir Ant. Deny and to Dominico Erizo must, however, be first provided for. From my house, 22 April 1546. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: receiver of Augmentations.
R. O. 2. The copy of the warrant above referred to, dated Greenwich, 20 March, 37 Hen. VIII. Signed, Edward North.
P. 1.
22 April.
653. Garter King of Arms to Shrewsbury.
Shrewsb. MS.,
A., p. 95.
I would have been glad to speak with your Lordship for your pedigree ere you departed. Pray send word what you will have done therein. The King has deferred the service of St. George because it falleth on Good Friday; and because of the Utas of the feast of Easter it shall be kept on Monday after Low Sunday. Our men have well sped at Guisnes, taking 160 prisoners, 30 of whom are captains and gentlemen, and slaying 120. "And an other skyrmesshenge syns by Sir Henry Knyvett and the horsemen with my lorde of Hertforde hathe taken xj men of arms and fyfty other souldiers and their vyttells which they conduite to Arde." It is said here that the Admiral of France and the French King's Chief Secretary are come to Calleys or Guysnes, and my lord Admiral and Mr. Pagett are there to meet them. London, 22 April. Signed: X. B. (fn. n12) al's Gartier.
Pray remember me with a piece of venison. I shall deserve it to my little power.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: knight of the Garter.
22 April. 654. J. Monluc to Paget.
R. O. Thinks he has heard by Messer Francesco Bernardo that Monluc despatched to the Admiral on Saturday night (fn. n13); and, knowing the distance to Montargis, he will not be surprised that the messenger has not yet returned. Expects the messenger today, and meanwhile sends bearer to present his compliments to the Admiral of England and Paget. Ardre, 22 April. Signed.
French, p. 1. Add. Endd.: 1546.
22 April. 655. Marquis Antonio Palavicino to Paget.
R. O. Upon receiving his letter went at once to Venice and learnt from Signor Ludovico da le Arme the King's offer. Although the princes of Italy have forbidden the going to the service of other princes without special leave, yet, because of the King's good treatment of the Italian nation and having a place in which to make the muster, he offers 2,000 footmen and 200 horse and can find room for half that number for 20 days. Venice, 22 April 1546.
Italian. Hol., p. 1. Add.
22 April. 656. Angel Mariano to Paget.
R. O. By the Signor Ludovico dalle Arme received Paget's letter of 18 Feb. showing that many letters of his have been received and are acceptable to the King and Paget, and referring him to the Signor Ludovico. To speak his mind freely, thinks that, having been the means of converting so important a personage as Signor Luigi Gonzaga, and with him so many Italian knights, the concluding of such a matter should have been given to him rather than to any other Italian; but he sees clearly of what importance it is to be near at hand or to be far off. Will prove that no one of his rank can do more service than he, and that if others can speak well he can work well. Begs to be recommended to the King. Venice, 22 April 1546.
. All the princes of Italy have forbidden their subjects to take money from any other princes;—except this Venetian Signory, who are also about to make [like] proclamation. Cares not, as he knows that the men he offered will not fail. Is constrained to beg that the captains whom he has entertained, upon the rumor that the King would use them, may have their good will recognised, in part if not in all. Signed.
P.S. (on separate slip).—Has lastly to relate that, speaking with Signor Luigi and saying that the King with accustomed liberality would certainly send him a present, he answered that he would only accept some jewel to give to his wife, as to the dearest thing he has in the world.
Italian, pp. 3. Add.
22 April. 657. Gio. Andrea Gromo to Paget.
R. O. Came to Venice intending to come with all diligence to the King for important matters, but business (alcun' altre cose quali hortaccio) compelled him to defer it. Assures him of devoted service. Venice, 22 April 1546.
Italian. Hol., p. 1. Add.
22 April. 658. John Kell to Paget.
R. O. Encloses copy of a letter which the countie Lodovico Rangone has directed to the King, and begs Paget to show the more favour because of the Count's "great faith" to the crown of England and amity with the the Signor Louizo Gonzago, which may be proved by admitting them jointly to the King's service. Signor Louizo trusts no man in Italy so much as the Count, as appears by a letter he sent to Mr. Ambassador. Venice, 22 April '46.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: To, etc., Sir Win. Padget, knight, and secretary to the Mte of England, at the Court.
23 April. 659. Lord William Howard to the Council.
R. O.
My lord Admiral being commanded to repair to Calyse left me lieutenant of the army till his return, with instructions to watch for certain hulks that were to pass through the Narrow Seas and stay such of them as were laden with corn or were of 800 or 900 burthen, but let all under 400, not laden with corn, pass. On Thursday last, (fn. n14) about 8 a.m., we escried them coming, and at noon met them "whart of Dovere", 150 sails. We caused them to strike, but, the wind blowing sore at N.E. and it being upon the ebb, we were driven as far as Chambere Naysse, and there anchored. As we drove I caused their masters to come aboard and sent our captains and masters to search their ships. Only five were laden with corn, the rest being in ballast, and there was none above 400 tons. Four of those with corn had each a "vydimus", but without the King's seal or the seal of "your ambassador there resident." I send "one of their vydimus with their letter joined to it." They are so ill anchored and tackled that, unless the weather amend, I must send them into Portchmouthe. They came out of Holland. Another fleet is to come out of Zeland, of far greater ships, which I trust to meet if not forced by weather to go to Portchmouthe. I stayed one hulk of 400 not laden because she is fair and new. The weather was so sore when we met them that the Venecian ship and the Pauncy burst their cables and lost their anchors, and our boats had much ado to board the hulks. Next morning, although I had the masters aboard with me, one of the corn ships sailed away; but I sent Mr. John Wynkfeld in the Small Gaylye after her, while with the rest I sailed to anchor at Bechy, for we could no longer ride at the Naysse. "If the wind rise sorer I must be fain to go with Portchmouthe which I would be very loth to do. After the ending of this letter the ship was brought in again." Written in the Venecian, 23rd "of this present."
Hol., pp. 2. Add. Endd.: 23 April 1546.
23 April. 660. Paget to Henry VIII.
R. O.
St. P., xi. 106
Yesterday at the camp at Newhaven the enclosed letters were sent me (with others of like effect to my lord Admiral) from Mons. Monluc, implying that the gentleman whom he sent to the Admiral had returned to Ardre yesternight and now came hither with the Admiral's excuse that he came not so soon as we; for he only heard on Tuesday (fn. n15) of our intent to come, and within four hours sent forward part of his train and intended to follow himself on Wednesday and, although "an ill poster," to be at Monstreull on Monday. The messenger said that Monluc desired to speak with my lord Admiral and me (as before he had requested by Francisco Bernardo), but we considered that if things were not forward the Frenchmen might afterwards brag that your Majesty was driven to send your Admiral and Secretary to treat with Mons. Monluc; and I answered that my lord Admiral was now occupied at the camp with your Lieutenant, who nevertheless, upon their Admiral's arrival in these parts, would take order that he and I might commune with him and Monluc "for such purposes as I and Mons. Monluc arrived in these quarters." The messenger replied that if my lord Admiral were not here then Monluc would speak with me. I said we could not well meet, for I had no commission to treat the matter alone. The messenger said that Monluc would venture to come hither to-morrow to dine with me, give the Admiral's commendations and renew old acquaintance; and so return to Ardre. As it seemed somewhat to your honour that one of the French commissioners should come to your town to seek upon one of your commissioners, I answered that he should be welcome. If he try "to fish out of me the likelihood of success of this practice he shall be never the nearer," and if I can get anything out of him you shall shortly hear it. In case he desire to speak again before the Admiral's coming, please signify whether my lord Admiral should be present.
Suggests that, as my lord of Hertford is here at hand and during this talk may have occasion to be at Calais and Guisnes, and is the Ring's lieutenant general here and one of the Privy Council, he should be in the commission for this treaty. Delivered the King's "plat" to Hertford in presence of the lord Admiral and John Rogers, surveyor of works at Boulogne. Speaks highly of the speed with which the works at Newhaven have been made. Within these six weeks no army will be needed there. Calays, 23 April 1546. Signed.
Pp. 3. Add. Endd.
23 April. 661. Paget to Petre.
R. O.
Pray learn with diligence the King's answer to my present letters, and send copy of a schedule in Nichasius' hand in the bundle of the matters of this army, which schedule gives the numbers of horsemen and footmen "with the days of their entries of the month in the mergent for this pay." I send a copy of our commission in case the King will alter it; also a letter from Dymok, which please answer, if need be. "I send you a book of my lord of Wynchester's making against Bucer in manner of an epistle, wherein if he had contained himself a maledicentia it had been well done. For the matter therein I find me much satisfied." Cales, 23 April 1546.
Hol., p. 1. Add. Endd.
23 April. 662. Lisle to Paget.
Calig. E. IV.,
B. M.
* * * *
".. corn, I am very ..... as moche as the same ....... pleas the Kinges mate may ...... supply the wantes of thies ...... hys mate be advertysed of yt. [I pray] you fynde the meanes to sy[gnify the] same as you shall thinke exped[ient]. I have lookyde to here sum w[hat of your] procedynges wt the messenger s[ent by] Monlucke. But you make [no mention] therof. This daye after no[on I returned] agayne to the campp and h[ere purpose] to remayn wt my lorde of [Hertford] till I here frome you. Scrib[bled at] the campp this Good Frydaye th[e] of Apryele an. 1546.
Your owne assur[ed]
John Lisle."
Hol., p. 1. Mutilated. Add.
23 April. 663. Carne to Paget and Petre.
R. O. Writes because the Queen despatches a post thither. No occurrents since he wrote on the 19th by Mr. Dudley's servant, save that this day a post arrived from the Emperor directed to France with letters also to the Queen here, who thereupon despatched to their ambassadors there. The French ambassador lies here, apparently only to solicit necessaries, as victuals and munition. Mr. Dudle looks daily for his despatch. Bynkes, 23 April. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: To the right honorable Sr William Paget, knight, oon of the Kinges Mates two Pryncipall secretaries, or in his absens to Sr William Peter, knight, his college, be thies yoven." Endd.: 1546.
23 April. 664. Mason to Paget and Petre.
R. O. This day, hearing of letters freshly come from Al[main] from men belonging to the Palsgrave, found means to have a sight of them. They were from one Bookenbynder, who was twice or thrice in England in my lord of Essex's time, and always well rewarded. Now he has 200 fl. a year from the Palsgrave. The letters reported that the Palsgrave and the bp. of Wormes had entered the Protestant League, and on the 23rd. inst. would proclaim it in their dominions. If this be true what alteration is to be made in the writer's instructions? Duke Philip thinks he is not entered in all matters of religion, but only for defence. Will delay making access to the Palsgrave to see whether word shall come out of England, and in any case the journey will take four or five days longer than he expected; for yesterday both Duke Philip and he were secretly informed that the Grave van Rittenberg, having lost all he had by the service of the duke of Brunswyke lays wait to trap Duke Philip, and has with him certain Almains who in their drunkenness lately boasted that they would speak with all Englishmen passing between this and Colloygne; and Petre van Gueldres is now here, as it is thought, to advertise them of any likely man drawing that way. Have therefore devised to depart tonight towards Holland and so through Gueldres.
On the 26th inst. the Princes meet again at Worms, where I trust to find Chr. Mownt. Antwerppe, 23 April 1546.
P.S.—Peter van Geldres came to me and, lamenting untrue reports of him to the King, desired me, in charity, to write that he might be admitted to his declaration. He has reconciled himself to the Duke, who would now take him for captain of an ensign of footmen in the King's service. Dare not be rude to any of them, but has much ado to speak them fair, and begs pardon for writing herein. The Duke has, both himself and by his servants, solicited this matter and Peter will needs tarry here for the answer, which he says may be sent either to Mr. Damisell or Dymmoke. "I am now all in my gun and bowspears. If we meet with any adventure you shall hear of a wonderful battle. What we shall do at the joining I can not tell; but hitherto I fear much less than doth our captain."
Hol., pp. 3. Add. Endd.
23 April. 665. Mason to Paget.
R. O.
St. P., xi. 109.
We arrived here yesternight, and leave tomorrow. In this journey I have had long conferences with the Duke touching the joining of Frederic and his friends with the King, but have found in him a certain suspicion of Frederic. This morning the Duke said that, two months past, he noticed Frederic's annoyance that the King had not congratulated him, as other princes did, on his becoming elector. Christopher Mont, to whom he mentioned this, had no instructions. The same day he spoke of the matter with the Elector's secretary, who said the Elector was so knit with the French king, they being "in a fair league together," that he could not well have friendship with the King. He does not believe this, but thinks I should proceed cautiously, for if there be a league it were better to keep these things secret from the Elector; he did not tell this to the King of England, but had he known, as he now does, my instructions, he would not have forgotten it, for he would not have the King abused by any man, whether uncle or brother. I answered that I would first learn how the Elector stood with the Protestants; and, the French king being in "inimytie" with us, I had nothing to say but might well be said; it must be a fast knot that such honor as the King now offered would not stir, and the Duke might help me to speak first with the secretary, whom I know well. This he promised, saying that by the way we should consult further. Captain Heydhike, who seems a plain man and true servant of the King, accompanied me home and, talking of the "good company he would keep me in Hadelberg, he wished that the Elector would this good time take his leave of the world and give place unto his nephews," for Otho Henryke and Duke Philip were devoted to the King and were men without dissimulation, whereas Frederic was "brought up under a crafty schoolmaster, and can give fair words and mean nothing less"; he can do little with his neighbours; the Protestants go with him as with a suspected friend. The King, he continued, might carry the other two "in his sleeve" and, by the help of their friends, give a great stroke to the appointment of Emperor when this Emperor dies. "Die, 'quoth I, what, he is a young man.' If he live, quoth he, two years hang me the third; he is more sickly than men know, and hath in his head so many compasses and frantic fancies as he therewith will fret himself to death." And the King should take an honorable peace and quietly await that time; and then, making an Emperor whom he can trust, he need fear no hindrance by the French king.
Reports these babblings as there is nothing else to write. Would gladly know, in case there be such a league between the French king and the Elector, whether to be so frank as his instructions warrant. Antwerppe, 23 April 1546.
Hol., p. 4. Add. Endd.
23 April. 666. Philippo Pini to Paget.
R. O. Signor Ludovico delle Arme brought him Paget's letters, which were a pleasant assurance that he is remembered by Paget, and his faithful service appreciated by the King. From Signor Ludovico he learnt the King's pleasure and will not fail therein. Is forced, as before, to declare his necessity and beg help that he may have at least the same entertainment as the others, being in the same charge, his pension having always been 300 ducats and theirs 600 ducats; and he an exile from his house, dependent only on God and the King, while they have fortunes and can live at home at small expense. Has been continually at Venice, where everything is very dear (dore si compra carissimo fino al sole), with the Ambassador, consuming not only himself but his companions and friends. Is sure that that is not the King's intention. Signor Ludovico has asked each of them for an opinion how to attack the King's enemies; and, although he wrote to the King therein on 20 March last, now that Ludovico asks whether they are able when required to give the number of men they promised, he writes briefly to the King—there being no time because the intimation was only given today and Francescho leaves tonight. Venice, 23 April 1546.
Italian. Hol., pp. 3. Add. Sealed.
23 April. 667. Bernardo di San Bonifacio to Paget.
R. O. Protests his devotion to Paget ever since the time when he wished to enter the King's service, attracted by his Majesty's liberality and innate English courtesy. Received with great pleasure his letter by the Signor Ludovico dalle Armi and, having all assembled in the Ambassador's house at Venice and maturely considered everything, sends herewith his opinion for harassing France. As to the Bishop of Rome, not being so well instructed, has not written his opinion at present. As to the King's question whether the 2,000 footmen offered will be always ready at request, answers that, besides his promised 2,000, he offers 2,000 more if a mustering place may be found for them here in Italy. Because of the great concourse of men depending upon us who desire to serve the King, we are forced either to serve there where the war is or else, remaining in Italy, alienate all we have in the world; and therefore if the King wishes us to serve in Italy he should entertain some captains with us. This your lordship may, with your accustomed courtesy, mention to his Majesty. Venice, 23 April 1546.
This entertaining of some captains all adds to the King's service and reputation.
Italian. Hol., pp. 3. Add.
24 April. 668. Naval Appointments.
See Grants in April 38 Hen. VIII., Nos. 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10.
24 April. 669. The Privy Council.
A.P.C., 392.
Meeting at Greenwich, 24 April. Present: Privy Seal, [Essex, Cheyney, Gage, Browne, Wingfield, Petre, Baker]. Business:—Answer to lord William Howard's letters that he should release the hulks laden with grain, as they had vidimus of the King's safeconduct to the king of Portugal; but to stay one ship of 400 and all above 500 which might arrive provided they are meet and swift of sail. Recognisance of Edw. Gilbert, of Dartmouth, to keep safe five chests of sugar claimed by John de Quintanaduenas, a Spaniard dwelling in Bruges (sic).
24 April. 670. Paget to Henry VIII.
R. O.
St. P., xi. 111.
According to Paget's letter of yesterday, Monluc arrived this forenoon and, renewing old acquaintance, set forth his realm's desire for peace, so it might be honorable and they "not escorsed and fleen to the bones," saying that he came, first, to excuse the delay of the Admiral of France's coming, and secondly, to give the Admiral's message that, as the failure to make peace now would either indicate legierete on both sides or mortal enmity between the princes, the thing having been so often attempted, he wished Monluc to bring the resolution to such perfection that his meeting with my lord Admiral might be for the conclusion. Monluc would therefore say, in few words, to what points the French king would descend, and hear from Paget the King's resolution. Paget replied, citing what Francisco Bernardo had done herein, and how, upon promise that the Admiral of France would meet my lord Admiral and him, the King had joined them in commission to commune together and not apart; it seemed best therefore that the French Admiral should come straight to Ardre as appointed, and then, if an accord did not follow, the fault should be his. Monluc answered that the Admiral would surely come and only feared tract of time; the burnt child dreads fire, and last year the English ambassador with the Emperor provoked him to come thither but nothing followed. Paget replied that my lord Admiral and he had commission to talk with the Admiral, but not with any other man alone. Monluc said that he would either go or send to Monstreull on Monday (fn. n16) to meet with the Admiral, who was a personage that could not be long absent from Court and, therefore, desired such resolution taken that within two or three meetings the matter might be determined; the questions were, what recompense we would ask for Boulloyn, what days of payment we would give for that and for their debt, and what we would do in the matter of the Scots; and they would bring their resolution as to what they would give and at what days, what we should keep in Boullonnoys in the meantime besides the pension, and likewise for the matter of the Scots. But Paget declined to enter upon particulars, and only "talked in clouds with him therein to feel their inclinations." Conjectures that they mean to pay the pension yearly (but nothing in hand, as that would cripple them if they had occasion to defend or invade any other prince) and expect days both for arrearages and recompense; also that the recompense should be far less than appointed in the King's instructions. It would seem that they would make a peace taliter qualiter for the time being, and within a year a further treaty; for Monluc said often that peace now should be a beginning, and within a while he hoped to see things so established that the kings should pass their "old days togethers in love and amity." Calais, Easter Even, late in the night, 1546.
P.S.—Monluc told me that the President of Rowen is in commission with the Admiral; wherefore your Majesty may address hither Mr. Wootton or some other for the making of the treaties in writing, and let him bring out of your Treasury certain knowledge when the last payment of your pension was made, "what ought to be paid yearly, and what is now in arrearages. And (fn. n17) in the meantime if we come to talk we will be sure to ask with the most." Signed.
Pp. 5. Add. Endd.
24 April. 671. Paget to Petre.
R. O.
Returns copy of a piece of the treaty with France, copied out of the Treasury by Mr. Godsalve so falsely that in one place, as will be seen, there is no congruity. Petre may cause Godsalve to examine the thing better. Encloses a letter he has received from Mr. Mason, from which may be guessed what hope is to be had in his legation. Pray help us to a certain answer "whether we shall follow our instructions and practise in the thing by times, or whether, if we see the Admiral will come to resolute points and tarry no practices," the King will appoint a divergence from the prescribed manner,—to be used "at the extremity of breaking." I have just received your short letter answering mine of the 21st and will send your other to my lord of Hertford; who looked yesternight and tonight "for Mons. de Bees to give him alarm at the camp, and hath prepared for him so as, if he come, he shall ere he depart wish himself in the Bastion in Parys, where the fond bruit was he remained prisoner." John Dymokes corn for this town is arrived. Calles, Easter Eve, late in the night, 1546.
Herewith is "a letter to me from Duke Philip in the favour of poor Garret." (fn. n18) Signed.
P. 1. Add. (underneath the address are the words "I pray you return the copy of the treaty as soon as may be possible.") Endd.: xxiijo (sic) Aprilis 1546.
24 April. 672. Scepperus to Mary of Hungary.
viii., No. 251.
Encloses copies of the Emperor's letters to his ambassador in England of 5 and 18 April which she has not received. For the last ten or twelve days there has been no appearance that the English will settle any affairs unless they themselves would suffer by delay. Brussels, 24 April 1546.
24 April. 673. John Dymocke to Paget.
R. O. Has this day a letter from Mr. Carne, the ambassador, from Bynckes, with the Queen's answer that she will not suffer the King's corn to leave Dorte. Came to Andwerppe the 22nd inst., having despatched all things from Amesterdam and trusting that ere this "those 9 ships" are arrived at Calais and Dover. His servant is at Brame for the 300 last of wheat there, 200 last of which should be already despatched. Will sell the rye that he has at Dorte, and if possible convey the wheat to Amesterdam, where the customer will, for a bribe, pass it. Has received another passport from Mr. Carne for 100 last of Est Lands corn from Amesterdam, but there is none there. As he wrote in his last, has 1,400l. Fl. left. There is Rhenish wine at Dorte, and bacon and butter at Amesterdam which may be exported without licence if the Council would bestow the money upon them. Asks instructions, which may be sent to Mr. Damesell.
A servant of the Palesgrave Frederic says that on the 16th inst. he would declare himself one of the Religion and prescribe to his people what order to observe in their churches. In like manner the bp. of Wormes, his brother, is in the Religion. Need not write of the Palesgrave's and Landgrave's being with the Emperor. This day one Symon Pockera came out of France, saying that Peter Stroche has 4,000 Italians and 600 horses, which are in the Armyrandula prepared to come into France against our men, with 6,000 "lanchknycghts." I trust that our men shall have done what they go to do or ever these arrive. Andwerppe, 24 April 1546.
Hol., pp. 2. Add. Endd.
24 April. 674. Camillo Cantilupo to the Cardinal of Mantua.
v. No. 383.
General Luigi [Gonzaga] has no final answer either from England or the Emperor. Granvelle asserts that the Piedmont expedition will end in smoke and says that the cardinal should apologise for not giving audience to Ludovico da l'Armi, by his ecclesiastical grade, and keep Mantua neutral. Ratisbon? 24 April 1546.
24 April. 675. Harvel to Paget.
R. O. Wrote by Francisco, courier, who departed yesternight. Bearer, Ludovico Montio, will give more ample information, who is both courteous and honest and devoted to Paget. By last letters from Rome, the accord between the Emperor and the French king was reputed as desperate as that between the King and the Frenchmen; although Francesco Bernardo writes to Mafio Bernardo of great hope of agreement between his Majesty and the French king. Venice, 24 April 1546.
Hol., p. 1. Add. Endd.
25 April. 676. Lord William Howard to the Council.
R. O. Met with another fleet of over 100 hulks, off Bechyffe, and has kept the two or three that are laden with corn and others that are ships of 500 or 600 and meet to serve the King. The wind was so strainable at N.E. that they were forced "to go with Portchmouthe," where he begs the Council to send some man of skill to view the hulks. As soon as the wind serves will return to the Narrow Seas, as his commission is; and intends to put all the hulks into the haven lest they steal away. One of them is a ship of 800, laden with pitch and masts, "that never made voyage afore this." Written in the Venecian, afore Portchmouthe, the 25th of this present.
Hol., p. 1. Add. Endd.: 25 April 1546.
25 April. 677. Paget to Petre.
R. O. Sends letters even now received from Andwerpe. Montius writing that the Duke of Ferrare thinks unkindness for the entertainment of Jehan Paulo de Manfrone, it is to be considered whether the Duke, who with his predecessors has always favoured the King, is more to be considered than the said Paulo. His tarrying there and having good words matters nothing. The Venetians, respecting more the Duke's friendship that the good service of Paulo's father, entreated him to depart their signory. Cales, upon Easter Day, after dinner, 1546.
Hol., p. 1. Add. Endd.: xxiiijo Aprilis 1546.


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