Henry VIII: September 1546, 26-30

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 21 Part 2, September 1546-January 1547. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910.

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'Henry VIII: September 1546, 26-30', in Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 21 Part 2, September 1546-January 1547, (London, 1910) pp. 70-100. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/letters-papers-hen8/vol21/no2/pp70-100 [accessed 29 February 2024]


September 1546, 26-30

26 Sept. 165. Prince Edward to his Sister Mary.
Harl. MS.
5087, No. 24.
B. M.
Nichols' Lit.
Rem. of
Edw. vi., 27.
Love compels him to write to her; and even if she were not his sister he would be bound to love her for her virtue, for virtue is the loadstone of love and will never perish, but other things will quickly slip away. Was bound therefore to think of her and, having leisure, to compose a letter. Prays God to be her shield against all evil. 26 Sept. 1546.
Lat.,fair copy, pp. 2. a translation in Halliwell's Royal Letters, II. 17.
27 Sept. 166. The Privy Council.
A. P. C.,
Meeting at Windsor, 27 Sept. Present: Privy Seal, Lord Chamberlain, Essex, [Browne, Wingfield, Paget]. Business:—Guilliam. Bartier, attendant of the French ambassador, had licence to convey to certain gentlemen of France who were here with the Admiral 6 doz. dishes, 3 doz. platters, 8 doz. trenchers, 3 salt cellars, 9 candlesticks, 12 pots and 6 flagons, all of tin, and 3 pieces of kersey.
27 Sept. 167. The Council in London to Paget.
R. O. His letters by Edw. Agarde direct them to invite Duke Philip and despatch Guron, declaring the same despatch to the French ambassador; but Duke Philip, to whom the writers had already in the King's name offered pleasures, renewed now on sending him Paget's letters, is confined to his house with a fever. Have however invited the Count Ringrave and the Doctor (fn. n1) to dinner on Wednesday. Never heard of Guron since the King's departure, and would gladly know from Paget where he is lodged, so as not to be seen to enquire for him. Here is diverse news, some saying that De Buren is distressed, Barbanson slain and the Emperor has suffered great loss and is ill, others saying that Barbanson is not slain, that De Buren is still in force, and that the Emperor has lost no more than the other party and only waits to collect his forces. Look to Paget for more certain news. Westm., 27 Sept. Signed by Wriothesley and St. John.
P.S. in St. John's hand.—If you send for Gurron and despatch him there will be less bruit thereof.
In Wriothesley's hand, pp. 2. Add. Endd.: 1546.
27 Sept. 168. Prince Edward to Henry VIII.
Nero C. x. 3
B. M.
Sylloge, 115.
Nichols' Lit.
Rem. of
Edw. VI., 27.
His letters have only one argument, viz., thanks for his father's benefits to him. Will do his best to please him, and will pray God to Preserve him. Hatfield, 27 Sept.
Lat. Hol., p. 1. Address lost.
*** Printed also by Fuller, Church Hist. VII. § ii., Art. 12 and (in translation) by Halliwell, Royal Letters, II. 19.
Hearl. MS.
5087. No. 23
B. M.
2. Letter book copy of the above dated 22 Sept. 1546.
27 Sept. 169. ––––––to ––––––
R. O. Can tell nothing of this war. It is said that the Duke of Bavaria wished to intervene for peace, but our side would not listen to it. Both armies are strong. We have 20,000 foot more than the Imperialists; and in addition a count has come with 16 standards, about 7,000, and Duke Otto from Linabung is expected hourly with 600 horse. Both armies have passed the Danube 7 leagues from here, the Imperialists posted in a wood, and ours, by skirmishing, seeking battle. It is said that the Emperor desires to go into Flanders and that ours will follow until they can give him battle in some plain. The Emperor is ill with gout. Piero Strossi and other French captains are in our camp, apparently wishing to be at the battle and afterwards lead an army into Italy. The Swiss give France 20,000 foot. The Dauphin will pass into Piedmont.
Italian. Copy, p. 1. Headed: Copia di una littera di Augusta, de xxvij di Settembre 1546.
27 Sept. 170. J. De la Brousse to the Queen in Scotland.
Balcarres MS.
iii. 103.
Adv. Lib. Edin.
The King did me the favor to find me (de me trouver) in this company when Combas, the present bearer, was despatched. On the other hand I have only received one letter from you by Aussy, who assures me your affairs are in better train than when I left you. I thank God for this, and would still more if He were to send you back hither. Your father and brothers are here except Mons. de Maigne, who is at Jainville, where I intended to go in accordance with your directions touching the government of your son. The King had written to me of it and I had gone home with this intention, but at Court things which I cannot write, as I think your father and brothers will inform you, interfered with it. You wrote to Mons. de Rains to provide my brother with a benefice, and he promised on my arrival to do so on any vacancy among those of the Cardinal your uncle, his own, or your son's. Requests her to refresh his memory, as he will not solicit further himself. Argilli, 27 Sept.
Hol., Fr., pp. 2. Add.: a la Royne en Ecosse. Endd.
28 Sept. 171. The Privy Council.
A.P.C., 534.
Meeting at Windsor, 28 Sept. Present: Lord Chamberlain, Essex Durham, Browne, Wingfield, Paget. Business:—Letters to Sir Ant. Knyvett, lieutenant of the Tower, that, in consideration of his old service, the King granted his suit to be delivered of that charge, with gift of 100l. annuity, and that he should hand over his charge, by indenture, to Sir Walter Stoner, his successor. To Lord Wharton, that in all conference with the Scots he should take care that the assured Scots were preserved and defended.
28 Sept. 172. Wriothesley to Paget.
R. O.
St P., i. 879.
With "our answer to your strange letters," I require you to consider that, travailing here in matters displeasant to all whom we call before us, it is great discomfort to see things otherwise taken than we deserve. You know the importance of this matter of money and how slowly it comes in. "And even now we be advertised by [Sir John Gresh]am that he shall not be habl[e from the all]om and fustians to pay Bartilmewe, but he must have two thousand pounde by warrant." In February we have 20,000l. Fl. to pay; which must even now be foreseen, as it must come "of your half year's rent and the tail of your Contribution, with some help of the Mint"; for [the] Subsidy is not payable until Easter and your Fifteenth after. My lord Great Master lacks for victualling, and poor men who delivered victuals long since remain yet unpaid. I would to God the King had a store, as I trust to see him have shortly,—the world is so doubtful and dangerous. We can only trust in God and look "that our plainness be not deceived by the doubleness of the world as it hath been of late days." It is late, and we have sitten, as we commonly do, from morning till night. Ely Place, this Michaelmas Even, at 11 p.m.
Hol., p. 1. Add. Endd.: 28 Septembris, 1546.
28 Sept. 173. Bonner to the Privy Council.
Foxe, v.,
Appx. xviii.
Forwards a list of the names of books which in pursuance of the proclamation of 8 July last have been burnt this 28th Sept. Dat. in ædibus nostris London', 28 Sept. 1546, 38 Hen. VIII.
Lat. From Bonner's register.
Ib. v., 566 2. The list sent with the above. Eighty nine books named.
28 Sept. 174. Lands of John Serles.
R. O. Acknowledgment of receipt by Wm. Warner, servant to Mr. Wm. Sanders, receiver, by the hands of Robert Flewter, servant of Robert Series, priest, of 24l. 14s. 5d. "for the whole arerage of the landes of John Series." Subscribed 28 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII.
Hol., p. 1. Endd: Mr. Series acquitaunce for his arr.
28 Sept. 175. Cork.
Add: Ch. 8677.
B. M
Exemplification by James Growll, mayor of Cork, of a grant (recited) made 3 July 10 Hen. VII., by James Wonchedoon, captain of his nation, to George Roche of a house, &c, in Cork. Cork, 28 Sept., 1546, 38 Hen. VIII., in presence of Maurice Fythz Stywyn, priest, John Fearyshe alias Roche, Patrick Roche and Ric. Tankard, the notary public, by whom it is drawn up and signed. Seal lost.
Lat. Parchment.
28 Sept. 176. Carne to Paget.
R. O. Upon receipt of Paget's letters of the 17th, by Mr. Rede's servant, gave President Schore the King's thanks for expediting affairs. Schore was well pleased. Mr. Dymocke's matter is despatched and Carne has sent "it" to Mr. Damesell at Andwarp, to forward. Upon the Council's letters of the 5th inst. for release of 8,120 bowstaves provided for the King in Swycherlande and arrested at Mentz, the Lady Regent has written favourable letters to the Emperor, which Carne has delivered to the merchant who sues therein. She said that if she had authority there she would do it out of hand, or if she knew a better way she would use it. No occurrents out of Germany since he last wrote. The Lady Regent is sure that the Count Du Buyre was with the Emperor on the 15th as appointed, but she looks daily for a post from the Emperor. "The President told me for truth that the town of Norembergh is with the Emperor against the Landsgrave, and that all the artillery that the Emperor had before the arrival of the Countye du Buyre he borrowed of the town of Noremberghe aforesaid; and there was the County du Buyre well entreated and his army provided of victuals as he would." Bruxelles, 28 Sept. 1546. Signed.
Pp. 2. Add. Endd.
28 Sept. 177. Repayment of Loan.
R. O. Acknowledgment by Vincent Baltazar Guinigy, Jehan Balbani and Company, of Antwerp, of receipt from Thomas Chamberleyn, governor of the English nation, and Wm. Damoisel, the King of England's agent there, since the 17th inst., of 6 000l. Fl., in current money, in payment of a like sum due by the King, as appears by a contract in the hands of Anthony de Vivaldi, Herrigo Salvago and Company at London. Antwerp, 28 Sept. 1546. Signed: Vinco Baldassari Guinigi: Gio. Balbani.
French, p. 1. Endd.: "A quietans," etc.
28 Sept. 178. Thirlby to Paget.
R. O.
St. P. xi.,
By letters of the 16th inst., sent in Grandevela's packet, reported the arrival of Mons. du Bures, who brought 7,000 or 8,000 horsemen of the Nether Lande, of the young duke of Brunswyke, of the Great Master of Spruse and other Almains, and 10,000 or 12,000 footmen. On the 17th the Emperor crossed Danubium near Ingolstat and marched leisurely hither within a league of Tonwar, near which the Lansgrave has lain since leaving Ingolstat encamped on both sides of Danubium and having bridges across it. On the Emperor's arrival here on the 24th inst., the Lansgrave brought all his army to this side and encamped within four English miles. Next day Signor Pero de Columpna, John Baptista de Castalda, master of the Camp, Caesar de Naples and others with a band of haquebuttiers and 200 light horse went to view the enemy's camp and were like to have been all taken or slain. Caesar de Naples (who desires to serve the King and is counted one of the best of the Emperor's captains) was given up for lost; but at night he returned having lost over 20 men. Among the slain was a gentleman of the Duke of Bavare's who acted as guide here. Here is much consultation; for although the Emperor has 10,000 horsemen and 40,000 footmen, and would in an indifferent place give battle, the Lansgrave is strongly encamped and lies in the way of the Emperor's intended going either to August or to the Duke of Wertenberg's lands. Winter will make them take a deliberation shortly, for this country "will suffer no winter wars." Wrote on the 16th that Newburgh refused to surrender; but next day it surrendered to mercy, although the Lansgrave was so nigh and the tower able to be defended for a time. The Emperor arrived there on Sunday the 19th and gave the Duke of Alva all the stuff in the castle, of Duke Otto Henricus (to whom the town belonged, although Thirlby's other letters named it the Duke of Bavare's) who had bestowed much upon the magnifique building. The Emperor was displeased to learn that the antiques, images, ceilings and other ornaments of the house were razed; for he intended giving both town and castle to the Duke of Bavare. On Wednesday last the Emperor went to the town to take their oaths; and he gave Coronell Aliprendre, the Cardinal of Trent's brother, the spoil of two of the head burgesses, who were with the Lansgrave. Their houses were razed to the ground. Raynes, a town of the Duke of Bavare's which the Lansgrave had taken, afterwards surrendered. Mekersay. 28 Sept. 1546.
P. S.—"At the riflyng of the castel of Newburg ther was fownd wrightingys of duke Philyp towching the matter of his long suyt in Englonde. I shall hereafter, upon the occasion of an express messenger, declare you how I came by them, and in the mean season keep them safely."
Hol., pp. 3. One sentence in cipher. Add. Endd.
29 Sept. 179. The King's Closet.
R. O. Expenses of the King's Closet for the half year ending Michaelmas 38 Hen. VIII.:
The Laundress, 10s. Flowers, 6s. Singing bread, 2s. Hooks and cratchettes, 16d. Two "lerys" 3s. 8d. Thread and pins, 6d.— 33s. 6d. "Per me John Rudd."
P. 1.
29 Sept. 180. Exchequer Accounts.
Add. MS.
B. M.
Account of receipts and issues of the Exchequer for the year ended at Michaelmas 38 Hen. VIII. similar to the "draft declarations" for the two preceding years which still remain in the Public Record Office. (See Deputy Keeper's Report II. App. ii. p. 199.)
Bound volume of 62 leaves, some of which are blank. The vellum cover bears title: "Declaracio a festo S'c'i Mich'is Arch'i ao xxxvijmo R. nunc H. viijvi usque f'm S'c'i Mich'is Archi'i ao xxxviijmo R. predicti."
29 Sept. 181. The Earl of Lennox.
R. O. "Peticions of Henry Whitreason, receiver to the right noble Mathew earl of Lennox and lady Mergarett his wif," for the year ended Michaelmas 38 Hen. VIII., viz.:—
Money delivered to my Lady, 23 Dec. 37 Hen. VIII., 240l., and 31 Dec, 40l.; to my Lord 6 Feb. 30l., 24 Feb. 30l., 7 March 30l. to Wm. Locke of London, mercer, by my Lord's warrant, 20l.; to my Lord 17 March 10l.; 25 March to Steph. Fox, by my Lord's warrant, 55l.; 13 May 38 Hen. VIII., to my Lord, by Sir Chr. Dixon, 120l., and 31 May, by Nichasius Hanon, 60l.; 1 June to Lord Wharton, by my Lord's warrant, 9l. 15s.; 6 July to Geo. Wright, receiver general, part payment for tenths of my Lord's lands due at Mich. ao 36o, 40l.; 7 July, to my Lord for rents and fines due at Pentecost, 200l.; to Geo.' Wright, receiver general, in full payment for tenths for the two years ended Mich. 37 Hen. VIII., 40l.; 24 July, to my Lord, 40l., and 23 Aug., 50l.; 25 Aug., to Edm. Andrewes, fishmonger, of London, 9l. 11s. 8d.; 11 Oct., to my Lord, by Wm. Rideyerd, 40l.; 3 Nov., to my Lord, by Nichasius Hanon, 100l.; 3 Oct. to Clement Mewce, mercer, of London, in part payment of more, 50l.; 5 Nov., to Thomas Bishoppe, upon my Lord's letter, for Patrick Qwome, 12l.; 11 Nov, to Steph. Fox, full payment for the lease of Lassingbie, 55l.; –––––(blank) Dec, Geo. Wright, receiver general, for tenths payable in the Court of Augmentations for the year ended Mich. 38 Hen. VIII., 80l.
II. Payments of annuities, fees, stipends and other charges hoc anno 38 Hen. VIII., viz.:—
To Sir John Cancefeld, chantry priest of Nevell chantry in York minster, and to Sir Peter Glentham and Sir Martin Wardeman, chantry priests of St. Stephen's altar there, each 6l. 13s. 4d., to Sir John Kay chantry priest at Lemyng, 13l. 6s. 8d., and to Sir Ric. Waddell and Sir John Wilde, the chantry priests at Lasingbie, 4l. 13s. 4d. each, for their whole year's stipends ended at Pentecost. Also to Waddel and Wilde their half year's stipends due at Mich, a o36o, "in Penven's time unpaid as appeared by his account" 46s. 8d. each. To Wm. Knockes, my Lord's falconer, 8 Dec. 37 Hen. VIII., wages for two months ended 2 Jan., 7l. 10s. [For a "reprelevye" for Nic. Metcalf of West Witton, 2s. 4d.] (fn. n2) To Marg. Maxton, whole year's annuity due at Pentecost 10l. To Wm. Knockes, my Lord's falconer, 9 Jan. ao37o, by Wm. Bates, bailiff of Whorleton, for his charges to London, 40s. Master Mommpesson, 31 March, half year's fee, for keeping the "house or manor" at Templehurst, due at Annunciation, 4l. 11s. 3d. To Edw. Laiton for a barrel of salmon sent to my Lord, to London, 20s. John Layton, learned steward of my Lord's courts, whole year's fee to Mich, last, 6l. 13s. 4d. Sir Robt. Constable, whole year's fee for high stewardship of my Lord's courts, to Mich., 10l. Mr. Ric. Norton, whole year's fee for the high stewardship to Mich., 10l. Mr. Fitz Williams, whole year's annuity to Mich., 10l. Sir Thos. Swadale and Sir Thos. Middelton, chantry priests at Bedalle, whole year's stipends to Mich., each 4l. 10s. Edw. Canbie and Wm. Raynsforthe, to be bestowed upon two "cloes" at Templehurst "payned" by the commissioners of sewers, 40s. Edw. Canbie, for repair of park pale and manor at Templehurst 40s. To a bricklayer of York to view the faults at Temple Newsome, 2s. To a plumber of York to value the lead at Whorleton, 2s. 4d. To a baker of York for baking a red deer that went to London, 5s. 8d., and to the carrier for carrying it 10s. Charges of my Lord's lackey from London to Wresill, 3s. 4d. To the carrier for carrying a barrel of fresh sturgeon from York to London 16d. To a plumber for taking down and melting the lead at Whorleton, 3l. 13s. 4d. Wm. Grene, bailiff of Grenehaw, year's fee due at Mich., 6s. 8d. Mr. Magnus, year's fee out of Hutonhange due at Mich, last, 36s. Year's stipends, due at Mich., of Sir Robt. Wilkynson, chantry priest at Wathe, 33s. 4d., and to Sir Wm. Beales, chantry priest at Gilling, . . . . . (mutilated). Lord Evers, year's fee for stewardship of Jervaux, 5l. Thomas Gowre, bailiff of Kirklevyngton, year's fee, 26s. 8d. Sir Charles Smythe, half year's annuity due at Mich, last, granted by my Lord's letters patent, 7l. Gawyn and George Metcalf, whole year's fee for keeping the game and wood in Wansladale, 20s. George Metcalf, year's annuity due at Mich, last, 26s. 8d. John Carlell, deputy receiver, tenths of my Lord's lands of Jervaux, for year ended Mich. 38 Hen. VIII., 9s. 8d. Mr. Bates, for a gelding bought of him for my Lord, 6l. 13s. 4d. Wm. Knockes, for a goshawk, bought for my Lord, 6l. Laur. Wilson, costs to London to my Lord, 6s. 8d. John Atkyn, carrying letters to my Lord from York to London, and towards his charges to Carlell, 6s. 8d. Thomas Hewick and Steph. Dawkyns, for 40 qr. of barley at 5s., 20 qr. of beans and pease at 4s. 8d for my Lord's provision, 14l. 13s. 4d.
Pp. 8. Fragment?
29 Sept. 182. Bishopric of Coventry and Lichfield.
Cl. Roll.
38 Hen. viii.
p. 2, No. 49.
Surrender, by Richard bp. of Coventry and Lichfield, of the lordships and manors of Beaudesert, Longdon, Hey wood, Cannock, and Rugeley, and the parks of Beaudesert and Heywood, Staff. Dated 29 Sept., 38 Hen. VIII.
Confirmed by the Dean and Chapter of Lichfield cathedral 4 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII.
Ib., No. 47. 2. Similar surrender of the chace, wood and ground of High Cannok, alias Cannok alias Connockbury, Staff. Dated and confirmed like the preceding.
29 Sept. 183. Bishopric of Chester.
Cl. Roll.
38 Hen. viii.
p. 2, No.48.
Rymer, xv. 93.
Surrender, by John bp. of Chester, of the lordship and manor of Weston. Derb., and the advowsons of the churches of Weston and Aston, Derb., and all his lands in Weston, Aston, Shardlowe, Wylney, Morley, and Smalley, Derb. Dated 29 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII.
ii. Confirmation by the Dean and Chapter of Chester cathedral, 7 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII.
29 Sept. 184. Yeovil.
R. O. Bill of payments for repairs of the parsonage and tenements of Yevyll from Michaelmas 37 Hen. VIII to Michaelmas following, viz., for carpenters, thatchers, &c. Four items of payments to the Bishop of Bath and to the dean and chapter and archdeacon of Wellys are noted in the margin. Total 7l. 8s. 1½d.
Pp. 2.
R. O. 2. "Expenses laid out for my lady of Syon upon her farm at Yevyll," viz., a large number of items for repairs, in all 45s. 0½d.
Also payments to the Bishop, to the hundred of Stone, and for Mr. Fitzjames's fee and "my allowance," 67s.
Pp. 2. In the same hand as § 1, but apparently of an earlier date.
29 Sept. 185. Wenlock Magna, Salop.
R. O. Petition of Heughe Morall, bailiff there, for the payment of the following account for repairs done by him during the year ended at Michaelmas 38 Hen. VIII.
To Rob. Tyler, for tiling W. Mores tenement, 2 days 12d., a laborer to serve him, 8d. For tiling Humphrey Broke's tenement, 1 day, 6d.; for tiling the tenement that he dwells in, 2 days; for tiling the tenements of John Wilcox, Christ. Morall, Thos. Byll, and Michael Taylor, 6 days. For shingling the tenement of Raundull Maste, 1 day, and 100 shingle 6d. For tiling the tenements of John Wilkes, Nic. Taylor, John Hyntes and Johanne Wood, 4 days. To John Mouselow and Thos. Crogyngton, for laying in 2 sills and making wall plates to Thos. Troughte's tenement, 5 days, 10d. a day. 2 thrash of straw for Hewghe Byll's tenement 4d. Rauff Cleffley, thatching the tenements of Thos. Hornyge and Humfrey Sottorn, 8d. Thos. Wele, thatching John Bradley's tenements. Total, 29s. 8d.
Asks also for allowance for decay and diminution of rent during the same year. a vacant tenement late in the holding of Roger Morris, by year, 5s. Another lately held by Thos. Burton, by year, 4s. a vacant cottage, lately held by Parnyle Butteler, by year, 12d. Diminution of the rent of a tenement held by Humphrey Sothorn, formerly 10s. now 9s. a year, 1s.. &c. Total, 31s. 8d.
Pp. 4.
29 Sept. 186. James Bourchier to Paget.
R. O. We have received your loving letters in favour of Mr. Nichasius, your servant, "concerning the marriage of him unto our daughter," and your friendship binds us to favour him notwithstanding she has had offers to match with her which would make her jointure 100 mks. yearly, "without any penny of our charge," as Sir Francis Bryane and my brother Banister can declare Our special trust is that if they come together you will so consider them that she shall be "assured of some certain stay in that behalf." Your mind known, "answer shall be, I trust, to your pleasure." Calleis, 29 Sept. Signed.
P. 1. Add. Endd.: 1546.
29 Sept. 187. Vaughan to the Council.
R. O. Has paid the Fugger all the money owing upon the obligations of London, and received from him the said obligations, the King's promises under seal, and three acquittances of one tenor (one of them herewith) acknowledging full payment of 152,180l. Fl. "Here ys a saying that the Duke of Saxon and the Landisgrave am bothe in the Emperours army, and that the eldest son of Don Fernando and the Duke of Bavare am in th' armey of the Protestantes. Th'Emperour's Majesty and thother ij arn now in a talke whereof men think woll grow some good ende and appoyntment betweene them." Andwerp, 29 Sept.
Hol., p. 1. Add. Endd.: 1546.
29 Sept. 188. Chamberlain and Damesell to the Council.
R. O. Succeeding to Mr. Vaughan's charge for the payment of the King's debts, they have taken instructions from him and fully satisfied the Fugger and the factors of Bonvici and Vivaldi; paying Diodati for Bonvici 9,000l. Fl. and Balbani for Vivaldi 6,000l. Fl. Enclose copies of their acquittances; and for the Fugger Vaughan intends to bring the obligations himself. For the debt to Cavalcanti and Giraldi on the 15th prox. they will take order with John Carlo. Mr. Vaughan declares that interest is to be allowed for lack of payment in valued money and for provision. This the merchants also require, and the writers trust in a day or two to agree with them as little as possible to the King's disadvantage.
Upon Sir John Gresham's signifying to Damesoll the Council's pleasure touching receipt of 8,000 and odd kyntalls of copper from the Fugger, the King's ambassador obtained the necessary passport from the Lady Regent; and 600 kyntalls are already laden in a hoy of this town. Like quantities shall be daily laden as ships and hoys depart for London. Gresham writes that it is to be consigned to the King's house in London whereof Damesell has custody, but makes no mention of freight. Should he send thither for that purpose the remainder of the money received of John Dymocke? Andwarpe, 29 Sept. 1546. Signed"
Pp. 3. Add. Sealed. Endd.
29 Sept. 189. Wotton to Henry VIII.
R. O. Pending President Remon's return to Court, caused Messir Francesco Bernardo to be in hand with the Admiral for the matter of the head of the river and persuade him that it should be ordered according to the agreement; and on the President's arrival sent tothe Admiral to know when to come for answer, who willed him to come to Court next day by 9 o'clock and alight at Cardinal Toornon's lodging. Did, so, and dined with the Cardinal, the Chancellor, President Remon and others. After dinner the Cardinal went to the King, who was dining, and the Chancellor showed Wotton that the King had delayed his answer about the hay carried away by them of Arde, and having sent a gentleman to enquire the truth of the matter, found that it was grown in his ground. Replied that the gentleman had not well informed his master, for the ground was known to be Henry's, who was in possession peaceably of it both before the wars and since the peace, the captain of the bulwark having his cattle going upon it. "That is a small possession," quoth the Chancellor. "Whatsoever it be," quoth Wotton, "he ought not to be spoiled of it without order of justice though the ground were yours, and much less now that the ground is the King my master's." But the Chancellor said the answer was that the ground was his master's, and he and his had been in possession of it continually.
When the King had dined, all went to the Admiral's chamber, and, there sitting the Admiral, Chancellor, Card. Toornoy (sic), Mons. de Maugeron, Mons. de Longuevall, President Remon, and another whose name, being strange, Wotton cannot recollect, he showed them that during the treating of this peace those sent divers times to view the head and spring of the river could not agree, except that it must needs be Kesques or Vielmonstier (and because the English said it was Vielmonstier the French said it was Kesques); and thereupon it was agreed with President Remon and Secretary Bouchetell to pass the treaty and afterwards commissioners should measure the said two branches, and the longest and biggest should be taken for head; that the King long ago deputed commissioners for this, but the French commissioners, likewise deputed, either would not or had no commission to proceed according to the said agreement; that Wotton had declared this, to their King 15 or 16 days before, and was answered that he should await the Admiral's return, who asked him to tarry till the President came. The Admiral answered that he was never made privy to such an agreement; he would ask Mons. le President to say what was done. The President then said that Wotton had told part of the matter; and began "a very long tale" to the effect that an agreement to have the river viewed by the Admirals was disappointed, and afterwards Paget and Bouchetell went to view it, but Paget complained that he was misled by their guides, and then some Englishmen were sent to view it, and the Admiral sent some of his men with them but only to conduct them; the "figures and plattes" drawn by our men showed that either Kesques or Vielmonstier must be head, but those drawn by their men "showed the contrary," and finally they consented that in case it were found that they were longer and bigger than other branches one of them should be taken as head. This view the President supported by conjectural arguments, such as that if he and Bouchetel had made such an agreement they would surely have told the Admiral, and if any such agreement had been made there was no cause why it should not have been added in three or four words to the article of the treaty mentioning the river. The Admiral then said that Mons. de Sassy (as here they call Bouchetell) had told him plainly, in Mr. Paget's presence, that he never agreed otherwise; he himself never consented to their making such an agreement as Wotton alleged, and any agreement of theirs without him was invalid. Arguments which ensued on both sides given at great length, the final answer of the French being that no such agreement as Wotton pretended appeared to them to have been made, and if made it lacked the Admiral's consent; and therefore their master, being ready to fulfil the treaty, had commissioned his deputies to proceed according to it and required Henry to do the like; the branch found to be longest and biggest should be taken as head. Wotton said that his master was not likely to be content, seeing them go from what was once agreed. "'There hath been no such thing agreed,' quod the Chancellor.' 'I cannot let you,' quod I, 'to take it as you will, but his Majesty and we must take it to be as I say; and in case his Majesty consent that his commissioners shall proceed as you would have yours do, as for me, I never look to live the day to see them agree no more than they did before the conclusion of the treaty.'" They replied that measurement would make the matter plain and might be done in a day or two. Beaulne, 29 Sept. 1546. Signed.
Pp. 11. Add. Endd.
29 Sept. 190. [Wotton] to Paget.
R. O.
St. P. xi.,
Touching the agreement betwixt us and the President and Bouchetell these men have found a sure starting-hole in that it cannot be proved that the Admiral consented, and by their commission they might do nothing without him. Our commission was larger; but I reckoned assuredly that it was done by his consent, and marvel why they stick so much in this matter, seeing that upon trial it will appear that either Kesques or Vielmonstier must needs be the head, and these men will have only "declared how truly they mean in their proceedings." The French king has advertisement from sundry places that Mons. de Bure has joined the Emperor, and yet the Admiral said it was not certain. If it be so indeed, the Protestants were very indiscreet to suffer so small a number to pass so far, when, if they had been overthrown, the Emperor would have tarried no longer in Germany, and their arrival puts the success of the Protestants in hazard. Hears that el Signor Petro Strozzi a while ago went from this Court to the Protestants,— "not sent (as it is said) by the King, but I doubt much whether the Emperor will take it so. And in case the Emperor agree with the Protestants or have any good success against them, who can tell whether that may be occasion of some business betwixt the Emperor and the French king?" The Emperor's ambassador says that Strazzeburgh and Ausperg mutiny against their rulers and refuse to spend more in war against the Emperor, who promises that he intends nothing against them, but only against certain rebels. As the example is important, so, I think, the citizens will sore repent their folly.
Has just received a packet of letters from Strazzeburgh, containing a letter from Paget and a packet directed to him (sent herewith). At length the French king has sent him a present. Was told that it could not be made sooner, but nothing in it seems new wrought, and it includes two cups which Wotton himself sold at Paris. Sold them naked but they have returned burnished and coated with good cases; and, as he had them as cheap at first as now, he will sell them again trusting that they love him so well that they will not be long away. Beaulne, 29 Sept. 1546. Not signed.
In the handwriting of Wotton's clerk, pp. 4. Add.
30 Sept. 191. The Privy Council to Wotton.
R. O.
St. P. xi.,
Signor Polyn, baron de la Garde, arriving on Monday last (fn. n3) had audience the same afternoon; and, after delivering the French king's autograph letters, spoke of the fortification and the throwing down of their works by the King's ministers, making an overture for commissioners to determine what either party might justly do by the treaty. The King answered that Lord Gray's attempt was done without his knowledge, "and so waded further in that matter" as in the Council's letters from Chobham; and his Highness agreed to the sending of commissioners as soon as possible, naming for his part Lord Cobham, deputy of Callais, Sir John Walloppe, knight of the Order and Governor of Guisnez, and Sir Thomas Seymour, of the Privy Chamber, uncle to the Prince. This answer was made by the Council and afterwards confirmed by the King. Polyn then entered suit for the galley and all the prisoners, but marred it by maintaining that she was no good prize, finally requiring that the commissioners for the fortification should determine that point. The King answered that it would touch his honour to deliver her as requested, for then it would appear that he had kept her unjustly, and therefore he would take Polyn's suggestion to have the case tried and afterwards do as he saw occasion. Upon Polyn's request for St. Blankerd's going home upon sureties, the King appointed me, the Secretary, to travail with his taker; and it is agreed that he comes home upon condition to surrender when called upon.
Because the determination of the river's head, agreed among the late commissioners for the peace to be ordered by other commissioners and limited, as Wotton knows, either at Kekes or Vilmountiers, has hitherto taken no effect, the Council requested that these new commissioners for the fortifications might, as of more authority, assist those for the river's head; and this Polyn liked well and promised to make relation thereof.
Finally Polyn spoke of the misery of the prisoners on both parts, and the King is content (in case the French king signify his contentment by his ambassador here resident) that by a day to be agreed upon all prisoners except St. Blankard shall be freely discharged home. This Wotton shall, with the rest above written, declare to the French king and learn his mind therein, soliciting the sending of personages for this new commission and signifying what day they shall meet, so that ours may not have to tarry 16 or 20 days for them as hitherto.
Draft corrected by Paget, pp. 4. Endd.: M. to Mr. Wootton from the Counsaill, ultimo Septembris 1546.
30 Sept. 192. Selve to Francis I.
No. 37.
M. de la Garde, the bearer, will report the dismissal which to-day is given to the Seigneur Grono. Selve will not fail, when it is signified to him, to seek for the cause of this sudden change. Grono has been expecting it, seeing the delay of the answer which ought to have been made to him. London, 30 Sept. 1546.
30 Sept. 193. Selve to the Admiral [of France].
No. 38.
Bearer, the baron de la Garde will report. Foresees that he must fall into great want unless the King, by the Admiral's means, grant him the diets which ambassadors here had before Marillac's time. They might better have lived on half the 20 fr. a day which they had than he can now on the whole, so excessively is the price of everything here advanced by the late wars and great taxes. Living meanly among people who by nature despise our nation, I should render my business and myself so contemptible that they would pay no regard to anything coming from me; and they would think that still less regard was shown to them when a man who lived in that way was sent. Understands that Chancellor Poyet was the cause of the retrenchment, by which he saved the King about 3 fr. 17 sols, a day, which would aid a poor ambassador to do honor to his office and the service of his master. London, 30 Sept. 1546.
30 Sept. 194. Guron Bertano to Dandino.
R. O. What I have feared these ten days has happened, viz., that the King, seeing the long delay made by His Holiness in replying to me, has conceived the suspicion that he is mocked, and to-day sent the Grand Chancellor and Grand Master to remind me that two months have passed since I came hither and the King gave a wise answer to what I said on the Pope's behalf and was content to wait for the Pope's resolution thereupon; now that so long a time had passed, he would wait no longer and begged me to leave the country because my presence begins to be known and he does not wish his people to take offence or fall into error about it, and for that reason also I am not to go to Court but my passport shall be sent me; for myself I have been and am welcome, but of the practice there is no need to speak further. You may imagine what a salutation this was and how it displeased me, my labours thrown away by the slothfulness of those of Rome. "Et il pegio che mi fa per che sono patroni, voranno haver ragione loro." But I promise you they shall not defend it by reason, for I have reasons in plenty (fn. n4) and a tongue to speak. I answered that the answer must come soon; it was a long journey to Rome and you wrote that the letters came late to France; and the like. But to no purpose, for they told me resolutely that I must depart. I have this satisfaction, as I shall tell you by mouth, that I did all that could be done, and the King could not take excuse by any proceeding of mine. I shall leave within four days, by great journeys, to be with you and thence go to Italy. These gentlemen told me further that they will speak to the French King's ambassador, who will advertise his prince; from whom you will be able to learn better. I have no time to write to Rome (you may send this to His Holiness) as the Baron wishes to depart, who also was a le mie noce. London, 30 Sept. 1546.
Italian. Modern transcript from Rome, pp. 2. Headed; Al Rmo Monre Dimola, Nontio di N. Sre presso sua Mta Xma. Original endd.: de M. Goroni.
30 Sept. 195. Privy Council of Scotland.
Meeting at St. Andrews, 30 Sept. Attendance not entered. Business:—Order taken between James Gordoun of Lochinver and the earl of Cassillis as to the abbey of Glenluce. Enrolment of contract (dated Dumbarton 10 July 1546) for a marriage between Jane Hamilton, daughter of the Governor, and Gilbert Kennedy master of Cassillis. Glencairn, Cassillis and others (named) became sureties. for Captain John Borthwik to remain in free ward in Borthwik castle and within two miles round.
30 Sept. 196. Sir Hugh Poulet to Paget.
R. O. "The . . . . daie of . . . . [I received] of Sir Thomas Moyle two thow[sand] pounde[s sterling, the] which I trust will suffice to make cliere paie[ment of] all thinges occurred to the garrison before the time [of] thexpiration of m[y wa]rraunt extending to the xxvij of August [last p]ast, so as Sir Edward Dymock shall fynde no [encum]brance in [discharge of any reconinges touch[ing] this garryson before that daye; with also as pl[ain bo]okes for the dyrection of the paiementes from the[ncefor]the as can be devised by the Counsell here oppon theis late alteracions." For better instruction of my said successor I leave my chief clerk with him; and I expect him before All Saints Day next. If the King will have further payments made to the garrison before that day (as there is motion made, and not without necessity, for the relief of many poor soldiers) Mr. Dymock must make more speed hither. [Boulogne], last of September. Signed: Hugh [Po]ulet.
P.1. Slightly mutilated. Add. Endd.: Mr. Paulett to Mr. Secr. Mr. Paget, ultimo Septembr. 1546.
30 Sept. 197. Carne to Paget.
R. O. Yesterday about 10 a.m. arrived a post from the Emperor certifying the Count du Buyre's safe arrival with him, on the 15th, at Englestate, whence this post was despatched. On the 18th, when the post left, the Emperor's army was complete, and the Landsgrave's camp had retired to Tunivere, 6 Dutch miles off, incontinent upon Du Buyre's arrival. The Emperor had sent part of his army to besiege Nuburge, 3 Dutch miles from Englestat, within which the Landsgrave had left 3,000 Zussiers; and the Emperor was going thither himself, for therein was the Landsgrave's whole provision of victuals and munition. The Emperor's men had already taken the suburbs and destroyed the surrounding country. To his whole army the Emperor made a brief exhortation, and ended by desiring them "to show themselves honest men, saying that he intended to entertain them all for 2 years." Some of those about the Emperor write to friends here that they trust yet to be here with the Emperor a great part of this winter. This day came a letter "from one of Mayenee, a brother to the Emperor's treasurer here (originally sent from the Fockers) that is wont to convey all the privy letters sent here hence to the Emperor, directed to him from the said treasurer as private letters, that the battle is foughten betwixt the Emperor and the Landsgrave already, and that there be above 36 thousand men slain of both parties, the Emperor remaining in the camp, the Landsgrave put to flight and all his men sparkled, all his ordnance taken to the number of 160 pieces; and that of the Emperor's part were slain 20,000 men, and a great number of this country, for the County du Buyer had the foreward." As yet the Lady Regent has no such news; so that Came can only write that it is believed here, and to have happened on St. Matthew's Day, (fn. n5) The King of Romaynes has invaded Sax with a great army of Hungariens and Boyems. Bruxelles, last of September, 1546. Signed.
Pp. 2. Add. Endd.
30 Sept. 198. Chamberlain and Damesell to the Council.
R. O. [Another copy of their letter of the 29th (No. 188) also signed.]
Pp. 2. Add. Sealed. Endd.
Sept. 199. Documents signed by Stamp.
R. O. Abridgement of bills, etc., which the King caused "me, William Clerc," to stamp at divers places and times in the month of September, 38 Hen. VIII., in the presence of Sir Anthony Dennye, knight, and Mr. John Gate, esquire.
1, 2. Your Majesty's promises to the Fockers against February and August next, whereof there were bills signed before. (fn. n6) G. 27 July.
3. Your Majesty's promise to London. (fn. n6) G. 1 Aug.
4. Mr. Moryson. Licence. At the suit of Sir Ralph Sadeler. G. 14 Sept.
5. Safe conduct for "Everat Everdes, his wife, his children, his household stuff and necessaries." (fn. n7)
6. a discharge for the custom of certain arras bought of Erasmus Sketes. (fn. n7)
7. a discharge for the custom of certain jewels bought of Joseph Mustarde. (fn. n7)
8. a letter to my lord Lieutenant of Boloygne to commune with "the Frenchmen that fortifieth on the other side of the haven," and, if they will not cease, to cast down their work in the night, (fn. n6)
9. "A letter to the Marquis of Gonzaga." (fn. n6)
10. "Your Majesty's letter to Scuperius." (fn. n6)
11. Warrant to Mr. Cofferer to deliver 1,614l. 11s. 6d. to Anthony Aucher, master of your Jewels, to pay for plate given to the French ambassadors that came with the Admiral of France. Subscr. by Mr. Aucher. (fn. n6)
12. Walter Mildemaie to be auditor of lands beyond Trent, of the Duchy of Lancaster, vice Mr. Burgoyn, dea (fn. n6)
13. Ralph Hedworth. Pardon. (fn. n6) G. 2 Oct.
14. Sir Roger Chomley, chief baron. Licence. Subscribed by my lord Chancellor. G. 11 Sept.
15. John Rudd. Prebend. Preferred by Mr. Dennye. G. 27 Sept.
16. John Rudd. Presentation to the parsonage of Okeforde Fitzpaine, Dors. At suit of Mr. St. Berbe.
17. John Ponnet, your chaplain. Presentation. (fn. n7) G. 21 Sept.
18. "A letter commendatory for Nicholas Clapp, whom your Majesty sendeth presently into Germany to procure falcons." At suit of Sir Ant. Kingston.
19. "A letter to Scuperius in the favour of Christopher Millyner; and the other letter to him afore cancelled." (fn. n8)
20. "A letter of thanks to my lord Greye, lieutenant of Boloygne for overthrowing of the works begun there by the Frenchmen." (fn. n8)
21. Thomas Stowell. Pardon. G. 21 Sept. Pref. by Mr. Dennye, and at the suit of Sir Gawyne Carewe.
22. "A letter for the earl of Hertford concerning the advancement of your Majesty's affairs at Boloign." (fn. n8)
23. Warrant for diets of my said lord at 5l. and his brother, Sir Thomas, at 4 mks. (fn. n8)
24. Wm. Moote. Presentation. (fn. n8) G. 29 Sept.
25. Alfonso de Salablanca. Pardon. At suit of Mr. Hobbie. G. 21 Sept.
26. Robt. Morley. Pardon. At suit of Mr. Hobbie. G. 29 Sept.
27. Warrant to Sir John Williams to pay John Malt, tailor, 1162l. 20¾d. for "stuff and workmanship"delivered into the Great Wardrobe in two whole years ended at Michaelmas last. Subscr. by Chanc. of Augm. and Sir Ralph Sadeler.
28. "A letter to my lady Carewe in the favor of Mr. Champernon for marriage. At the suit of Mr. Dennye."
29. Sir John Tempest. Lease. Subscr. by the General Surveyors and preferred by Mr. Gate. G. 2 Oct.
30. Sir George Blount, etc. Commission to take the surrender of Tong college "which your Majesty hath promised to Sir Richard Maners." Subscr. by Chanc. of Augm. G. 17 Sept.
31. Ant. Aucher. Purchase. Subscr. by Chanc. of Augm. (fn. n8) G. 24 Sept.
32. a letter to Mr. Secretary Peter concerning the French king's obligation of 500,000l. etc. (fn. n8)
33. "Mr. Secretary Pagett to be joint patent with Mr. Comptroller in the chancellorship of the Duchy of Lancaster." (fn. n8)
34. Ric. Blunt. Office. (fn. n8) G. 4 Nov.
35. Wm. Okyndon. Office. (fn. n8) G 4 Nov.
36. Thos. Sowthe. Presentation. (fn. n8) G. 21 Sept.
37. Hugh Griffith. Presentation. (fn. n8) G. 21 Sept.
38. "A reversion of the comptrollership of your Majesty's customs at Southampton, which Sampson Thomas hath for Robert Reneger." (fn. n8)
39. "A letter to one Mrs. Burnell, widow, in the favour of George Vaughan for marriage. Preferred by Mr. Seintbarbe."
40. Instructions for Ant. Aucher, esq., chief victualler of Boloign, Newehaven and the marches. (fn. n8)
41. Instructions for the Deputy and Council of Boloign to see the corn and victual preserved. (fn. n8)
42. The like for the Deputy and Council of Newehaven. (fn. n8)
43. Instructions to the Deputy and Council of Boloign, Newehaven and the marches "for the purposes above written." (fn. n8)
44. James Worsley. Licence. Pref. by Mr. Gate. G. 24 Sept.
45. Benedict Mulsho. Presentation. Pref. by Mr. Gate. G. 4 Oct.
46. "A bill for my lord Deputy of Ireland his patent." (fn. n8) G. 7 Nov.
47. Sir Wm. Gudolphyn. Office. (fn. n8) G. 27 Sept.
48. John Aster. Office. (fn. n8) G. 27 Sept.
49. Sir Petro Gamboo. Annuity. (fn. n8) G. 5 Oct.
50. Sir Julian Romero. Annuity. (fn. n8) G. 4 Oct.
51. Petro Negro. Annuity. (fn. n8) G. 4 Oct.
52. Chr. Dyas. Annuity. (fn. n8) G. 5 Oct.
53. Alonso de Villa Serga. Annuity. (fn. n8) G. 5 Oct.
54. Lewis de Nogera. Annuity. (fn. n8) G. 5 Oct.
55. Seth Travers (sic). Office. (fn. n8) G. 2 Oct.
56. "A passport for the larde Tulybarne repairing home into Scotland." (fn. n8)
57. "An annuity of 40 mks. for John Belmayn, schoolmaster to my lord the Prince grace for the French tongue, from the Annunciation of Our Lady last past during his life." (fn. n8)
58. Ant. Stowell and Wm. Arundell. Pardon. At the suit of Mons. Morrett. (fn. n8) G. 21 Sept. and 9 Oct.
59. Sir John Markham to be joint patent with Sir Thomas Henneage in the keeping of the house and parks at Southwell," Notts, with bailiwicks and stewardships there. Subscr. by Chanc. of Augm., and pref. by Mr. Paston.
60. Mr. Seintbarbe. Gift and purchase. Subscr. by Chanc. of Augm. G. 29 Oct. (see also Documents signed by Stamp in October, §73).
61. Thos. Marshe. Lease. At suit of Mr. Henneage. G. 4 Oct.
62. The abp. of York. Licence. Subscr. by Chanc. of Augm. G. 24 Oct.
63. Lease in reversion, for 30 years, of the parsonage of Wymoundeham, Norf., for Sir Ric. Southwell, paying the rent reserved in his old lease. Subscr. by Chanc. of Augm., and at suit of Mr. Henneage.
64. Lease in reversion, for 40 years, of the site and demesnes of Caldewell mon. within Ampthill honour, for Thomas Leigh, auditor, paying the accustomed rent and a fine of 60l., rated by the Chancellor of Augmentations. At suit of Mr. Henneage.
65. Sir Thos. Speake. Licence. Pref. by Mr. Dennye. G. 30 Sept.
66. Robt. Sowgate. Pardon. Subscr. by my lord Chancellor, and pref. by Mr. Henneage. G. 29 Sept.
67. "The constableship of a castle within the forest of Deane, with the keeping of the woods there and the bailiwick of the lordship and manor of Lydney in Gloucestershire, which offices George Baynham had, for Sir William Harbert and Richard Breame, esquire jointly and severally, during their lives."
68. "Mr. Wrothe, gentleman usher to my lord Prince, to have an annuity of 20l. during his life with the arrearages from the Annunciation of our Lady ao r.r. 36to hitherto." Subscribed by my lord Privy Seal."
69. Robert Palmer. Non-residence. At suit of Mr. Pulesdon, one of your Majesty's footmen. G. 26 Oct.
70. "John Smythe to be one of your Majesty's ordinary footmen and have the wages and allowances thereunto belonging. Subscribed by the Master of the Horse."
71. "A warrant to the Court of Augmentations to discharge Laurence Lee, late one of the Queen's Highness' footmen, of a yearly rent of 5l. with the arrearages, for the which he standeth charged for the herbage of a park called Apthorpp. Subscribed by the Mr. of Thorse."
72. The same Laurence Lee. Office. At his own suit. G. 15 Nov.
73. David Seymour. Annuity. At suit of Mr. Harbert. G. 10 Nov.
74. "Wm. Man, the eldest groom with my lady Elizabeth, to have the wages of 4d. a day which John Belmayn had. Preferred by Mr. Dennye."
75. Nicholas Piggott, to have next room of soldier or gunner in Dublin castle that shall fall void. At suit of Mrs. Garrett.
76. Warrant to treasurer of Augmentations to pay Morgan Wolf, goldsmith, 359l. 6s. 8d. for spangles delivered to Mr. Ibgrave, embroiderer. Subscr. by Mr. Vicechamberlain.
77. James Baker, shipwright. Licence. Pref. by Mr. Dennye. G. 1 Jan.
78. "A licence for Thomas Burie of the Chapel to marry and yet nevertheless keep still his prebend of 50s. a year in the college of Penkeriche during his life. At the suit of Mr. Henneage. (fn. n8)
79. "A warrant to Sir William Cavendishe to deliver 6 obligations of three hundred marks to Sir Richard Gresham, wherein Roger Woodhous standeth bounden. Preferred by Mr. Dennye."
80. Thos. Averye, gentleman pensioner. Office. Subscr. by Mr. Southwell and pref. by Mr. Dennye. G. 6. Nov.
81. John Piers. Office. Subscr. by Mr. Southwell and pref. by Mr. Henneage. G. 4 Nov.
82. Robt. Gardyner and John Ascuc. Office. Subscr. by Mr. Southwell and pref. by Mr. Gate. G. 7 Oct.
83. John Warde, one of the Guard. Lease. Subscr. by Mr. Southwell. G. 12 Oct.
84. Robert Sergier, Mr. Henneage's servant. Office. Subscribed by Mr. Southwell." G. 2 Dec.
85. "William Conwaye to have the room of a gunner with the wages of 6d. a day during his life which Robert Clerk deceased had." Subscr. by Mr. Seymour.
86. Laurence Dawleton. Office. Subscr. by my lord of Norfolk. G. 15 Nov.
87. Ric. Lewes. Life grant. Pref. by Mr. Vicechamberlain and subscr. by Chanc. of Augm. A. II. 12 Dec.
88. Ric. Carpenter. Office. Pref. by Mr. Vicechamberlain. G. 14 Nov.
89. "The moiety of a forfeiture of leather, amounting to 15l. 12s. for William Archer and George Wone, of the Guard. Preferred by Mr. Vicechamberlain."
90. "A forfeiture of 20l. upon a recognisance, for non-appearance, for Richard Lewes, John Champyne and William Cartrote, of the Guard. Preferred by Mr. Vicechamberlain."
91. "The moiety of a forfeiture of kerseys and cottons amounting to 21l. 5s. 3d. for William Milles, Robert Merydale and Ralph Casse, of the Guard. At their own suit."
92. "Richard Whalley, esquire, to be joint patent with Nicasius Hannon in the keeping of the house and parks at Wresell and the bailiwick there." Subscr. by Chanc. of Augm. and at suit of Mr. Henneage.
93. Alarde Plomer, jeweller. Licence. G. 10 Nov. And passport to export yearly a horse or gelding. At his own suit.
94. Lord Clinton. Office. Subscr. by my lord Great Master. G. 15 Oct.
95. Pyro Guye to have the room of a fluter, with 20d. a day, which John Bonntain had. Subscr. by my lord Privy Seal.
96. "Baptist Crean, Irishman, to have the wages of 12d. a day from the Annunciation of Our Lady last past during his life. Preferred by Mr. Hobbie."
97. Ralph Copynger. Office. Pref. by Mr. Dennye. G. 6 Nov.
98. Thos. Thurlande. Prebend. At suit of Mr. Darcye. G. 2 Oct.
99. "The keeping of Moote park, with the herbage and pannage and the used fees, for Humphrey Cheyney during his life, which office Sir Henry Knyvett had. Preferred by Mr. Nevell."
100. Sir George Blunt. Office. At suit of Mr. Harbert. G. 4 Oct.
101. John Compton. Prebend. At suit of Mr. Hare and pref. by Mr. Henneage. G. 21 Oct.
102. "A reversion of the office of a groom ot your Majesty's Jewelhouse, upon the next vacation of any such room, for Edmund Pigieon. At his own suit."
103. "A discharge for Mr. Cycell, yeoman of the Robes, for ten loops of goldsmiths' work, having little stones taken from a Turquey gown of purple velvet, of a new making and delivered to your Majesty's own hand."
104. "A licence for Arnolde Kyrkeman of Coloyn to bring into this realm a certain book called Magnus Herbarius by him translated into the English tongue. At the suit of Nicholas Alcock, chirurgieon."
105. "John Cotton, gent., maimed at the assault of Hardylowe Castle." Annuity. Subscr. by Chanc. of Augm. A. II. 4 Oct.
106. Dr. Aglyenbie. Prebend. At suit of Mr. Hobbie. G. 3 Oct.
107. "A licence for one Rauf Gouche to keep the games of bowling, cartes, dise, tables and tennys within a town called Peryn in Cornewall. At the suit of William Reskymer, page, and preferred by Mr. Harbett."
108. "Mr. Robert Henneage to leave his office of auditor of all the lands in the west parts a this side Trent which belongeth to the Duchy of Lancaster to John Purvey, his clerk. Subscribed by Mr. Comptroller and preferred by Mr. Henneage."
109. Dr. Crome (sic), one of your Majesty's physicians. Fee of 100l. a year. At his own suit. G. 4 Oct.
110. Robert Hodgkyns. Licence, "in recompense of his licence for leather which was stayed." Pref. by Mr. Dennye. G. 7 Oct.
111. "A licence for Thomas Fluddie, yeoman of your Majesty's bears, to bait and make pastime with your Graoe's bears at the accustomed place at London, called the Stewes, notwithstanding the proclamation. At the suit of Mr. Paston."
112. "A letter for Rauf Walker to the mayor and aldermen of London, to suffer him to have the beam to weigh oatmeal." (fn. n9)
113. "A warrant to the Master of the Ordnance and others for Elizabeth Parker, widow, for the discharge of 21l.d. of debt." (fn. n9)
114. Jevan ap David and Henry Heuge. Pardon. (fn. n9) G. 26 Nov.
115. John Gough and Edm. Bradley. Pardon. (fn. n9) G. 1 Oct.
116. John Yonse, one of "th' interlude players." Annuity. (fn. n9) G. 4 Oct.
117. My lord of Canterbury. Licence. (fn. n9) G. 6 Nov.
118. George Lee. Non-residence. (fn. n9) G. 5 Nov.
119. Ant. Browne. Pardon. (fn. n9) G. 6 Oct.
120. "A commission to the General Surveyors for the examination and ordering of the title of certain lands in Lincolnshire claimed by Thomas Constable and William Constable, sons to Sir Robert Constable, for term of their lives." (fn. n9)
121. William Bradforde (sic). To have the. passage from Dover to Boloign. (fn. n9) G. 6 Nov.
122. John Guscoote. Pardon. (fn. n9) G. 13 Oct. (see No. 42 of the Documents signed by Stamp in October).
123. "A warrant to the General Surveyors for Thomas Pester for the discharge of 16l. of debt. (fn. n9)
124. "A warrant to the Chancellor of the Augmentations for Dame Mary Cotton, widow, for the discharge of 25l. of debt." (fn. n9)
125. "A bill of the gift of a forfeiture of 8l. 13s. 11½d viz., the moiety of 17l. 7s. 11d. for John Stanbanke." (fn. n9)
126. a letter to the steward of Oking.
127. "A passport for the Baron de la Garde. (fn. n6)
128. "The lieutenantship of the Tower of London for Sir Walter Stoner." (fn. n6)
129. Sir Ant. Knyvett. Annuity. (fn. n6) A. II. 5 Oct.
130. Thos. Clerke. Office. (fn. n8) G. 2 Oct.
131. Robt. Dunt. Office. (fn. n8) G. 2 Oct.
132. Philip Parys. Pardon. (fn. n8) G. 1 Oct.
133. "A letter to the bishop of Coventry and Lichfield to surrender his manor of Longden with the house, his manor and park of Bewesete and other lands into Your Majesty's hands." (fn. n8)
134. "A letter to the dean and chapter to confirm the same surrender." (fn. n8)
135. "A letter to the bishop of Chester to surrender his manor of Weston into your Majesty's hands." (fn. n8)
136. "A letter to the dean and chapter to confirm the same surrender."
137. "A warrant to the Chancellor of the Augmentations, as well to practise with the said bishops for the surrender of their said lands, (which lands your Majesty granteth in fee simple to Mr. Secretary Pagett for the sum of 500 mks. in ready money), as also to take the said Mr. Secretary's and my lady his wife's surrender of 40l. lands by year in Edmonton in Surr' (sic) which they have freely for term of life, and 5,000l. to be paid to your Majesty in hand and at days, in full recompense of a yearly rent of 366l. 5s. 0½d. going out of Burton lands which your Highness granted to him lately." (fn. n8)
138. Warrant to treas. of Augm. for l,000l. delivered to Sir Thomas Henneage in August last for your affairs.
139. Wm. Denton. Office. Subscr. by the Master of the Horse. G. 17 Oct.
140. Lord Parr. Office. Subscr. by the Master of the Horse. G. 4 Nov.
141. John Whatton. Life grant. A. II. 6 Oct. Parchment roll of 4 membranes signed at the end: W. Clerc.
200. Grants in September 1546.
1. Sir Thomas Holcroft. Grant in fee, for his services and for 307l. 5s., of the rents reserved upon the following grants:—(1) pat. 7 March 35 Hen. VIII. to the said Sir Thomas, of the house, etc., of the late mon. of Valeroiall, Chesh., the grange of Connersley in Whitegate parish, Chesh., and numerous lands (specified) there which belonged to the said monastery, at 65s. 8d. rent.; (2) pat. 1 Aug. 37 Hen. VIII., to the same, of the manors and lordships of Wyverham and Over and other lands (specified) which belonged to Vale Royal mon., at 10l. 4d. rent; (3) pat. 17 April 31 Hen. VIII:, to the same, of lands in Cadyswalhed, Magna Wolden and Parva Wolden, Lane, and the manor of Willaton, Chesh., which belonged to Whalley mon., at 41s. 3d. rent.
And ratification of his title in all the premises. Del. Westm., 1 Sept. 38 Hen. III.—S.B. (slightly mutilated. Signed by Russell, Gardiner, Paget, St. John, Sadler, Sir Ric. Southwell and others whose signatures are lost). Pat. p. 1, m. 11.
2. Boulogne. Commission to William lord Grey of Wylton, deputy of Boulogne, Sir John Bridges, great marshal,–––––(blank) treasurer, ———(blank) comptroller, Sir Richard Wyndebanke, porter, Sir Henry Palmer, master of ordnance, James Crofte, vice-marshal, Sir Thomas Palmer, captain of the Olde Man, Adrian Poynynges, captain of le Citidell, and Nicholas Arnolde, captain of Bulleynberge, to hear and determine according to the laws of the county of Guisnes all causes criminal and civil arising within the towns of Upper and Lower Boulogne, and the castles or fortifications called le Olde Man, Bolenberge and le Citidel. Del. Hampton Court, 1 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 3, m. 29d.
3. Newhaven and Blaknasshe Commission to William lord Stourton, deputy of Newhaven, Sir Richard Candishe, captain of Blaknasshe, James Bourchier, lieutenant of Newhaven, Sir William Pirton, porter of Newhaven, and John Haster, bailiff of Newhaven, to hear and determine causes criminal and civil arising in Newhaven and Blaknasshe. Del. Hampton Court, 1 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. —S.B. Pal. p. 3, m. 30d.
4. Alan Bellyngham, of Helsyngton in the parish of Kyrkeby in Kendall, Westmld., and Alan Wylson, of Kyrkeby in Kendall, goldsmith. Grant, in fee, of the late hospital of St. Leonard near the town of Kyrkeby in Kendall, with its chief messuage, site, buildings, &c, at 8s. rent, and after the decease of Wm. Harryngton, chaplain, late warden or master of the said hospital, 9s. 4d. (Burdens include 4l. a year to the said Harryngton.) Del. Westm., 2 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Russell, Paget, Gardiner, St. John, Sadler, Ryche, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Duke and Chydley). Pat. p. 1, m. 16.
5. John Viscount Lisle, Great Admiral. Reversion of the office of constable of the castle and captain of the town of Bewmarres, with 40 mks. yearly, now held by Sir Ric. Bulkeley by virtue of pat. 14 June 28 Hen. VIII. granting it to Henry Knyvet, then esquire, a, gentleman of the Privy Chamber, and the said Sir Richard in survivorship. Hampton Court, 30 Aug. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 2 Sept.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 32.
6. John Hopkyns, the King's fishmonger. Custody of the manor of Stanny Hall and lands in Bunbery Stanny, or elsewhere in co. Chester called Putters Hooke, Clayfounde Landes, etc. (named) and other lands in tenure of John David, Thos. Jamy, John Janyns, Hugh Talkyn, Robt. Grymsdyche, Hugh Dutton and Jas, Haylen, which are in the King', hands by the minority of Thoss Bunbery, s. and h. of Henry Bunbery. dec.; with wardship and marriage of the heir. Westm., 13 May 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 2 Sept.—P.S. Pat. p. 4, m. 47.
7. Sir William Herbert, of the Privy Chamber. Lease, by advice of Southwell and Moyle, of the lordships of Nethe Ultra and Nethe Citra, co. Glamorgan, and all demesne lands, rents of the King's tenants, rents of avowries, mills and perquisites of courts there, the manor of Neth with its mills and fisheries, the borough of Neth and rents of the free burgesses and King's tenants therein, and the demesne lands, tolls of the pix and keelage and perquisites of the King's courts there, also Britton and rents of the King's free tenants there and the passage there, and also Killybybelth and the rents of the King's free tenants, rents of avowries of tenants and the King's lands extended there, parcel of the lands of the late Jasper duke of Bedford, from Michaelmas next, for 21 years, at rents of 14l. 19s. 9d. for Nethe Ultra, 4l. 19s. 5d. for Nethe Citra, 11l. 13s. 10½d. for the manor, 8l. 3s. 6¾d. for the borough, 41s. 4¼d. for Britton, 22s. 2½d. for Kyllibibelth and 6s. 8d. increase, and pensions of 7s. to the beadle of Nethe Ultra, 4s. to the beadle of Nethe Citra and 2s. to the steward of the borough. Hampton Court, 30 Aug. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 6 Sept.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 18.
8. Peter Vande Wall and John Vande Wall his son, merchants of Antwerp. Licence to export from England 4,000 pieces of kerseys, from the ports of London, Southampton or Sandwich, within the five years next coming. Oteland, 2 Sept., 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 6 Sept. French Roll, m. 6.
9. John Etherydge, of Carsewell, Devon. Grant, in fee, for 322l 3s. 4d., of the late cell and chief messuage of Carsewell, in tenure of Wm. Symondes, Joan and his wife and Thomas their son, the lordship and manor of Carsewell, rents extending to 62s. l½d. in Carsewell and 6l. 7s. 2½d. in Delvett, Devon, and Woods called Seynte Andrewes Wode (35 ac.) and Chapell Grove (2 ac) in Carsewell and Delvett. —Montague priory, Soms. Del. Westm., 7 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Gardiner, Paget, Sadler, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Duke and Chydley). Pat. p. 2, m. 30.
10. Sir Thomas Cheyne, treasurer of the Household. Grant, in fee, for 1,688l. 12s. 6d., of the site, etc., of the late priory of Davyngton, the manor of Fishborne and the two parts of the manor of Monketon which belonged to the said priory, with all appurtenances of the priory in Davyngton, Fishborne, Feversham, Overpreston, Newnham, Insula de Harteia, Esleng, Monketon, Burdevile, Mynster, Insula de Scapeia, Harball Downe, Norton, Ludenham, Sithyngborne, Sandewiche, Tenett, Ashe juxta Sandewiche, Sellynge, Lynsted, Stansted and Osprynge, Kent.—Davyngton. The lordship and manor of Upberie and the rectories of Upberie and Mynster, Kent.—St Sexburga's priory in Sheppey; the rectory and vicarage of Estchurche in Sheppey, —Boxeley mon.; and the advowsons of the vicarages of Upberye, Mynster and Estchurche.
Also release of the rents due by the following grants:—(1) Pat. 12 Dec. 29 Hen. VIII., to Sir Thomas Cheyne, of the late mon. of St. Sexburga, in Sheppey, the manors of Sexburghe, Pyscock and Mynster, Kent, lands (named) in Rodmersham, Bredgar, Mylstede, Wormsell, Kyngesdowne, Iwade, Mynster and Haystowe alias Halstowe, Kent, the windmill of the said mon. in Sheppey, and lands in Eastbridge, co. city of Canterbury, at 7l. 16s. rent.
(2) Pat. 29 Nov. 49 Edw. III., to Geoff. Newenton, of a messuage called Le Croftes and 32s. 7½d. rent, and rents of two cocks, 32 hens and 284 eggs in the parish of Estchurche, at a rent of 40s. payable to the keeper of the manor of Gore, and 20s. to the keeper of the manor of Midleton. The title thus conferred upon Newenton now belonging to the said Sir Thomas.
Also pardon of all sums due since Michaelmas 36 Hen. VIII. for first fruits of the site of a grange in the Isle of Hartey beside the Isle of Sheppey, otherwise called "the scite of the Abbottes Courte in the parishe of Saynt Thomas th'Appostell in the said Isle of Hartey," four closes, three pieces of land and four fresh and salt marshes in the Isle of Hartey (names and extents given) which John late abbot of Feversham, by charter dated 8 April 29 Hen. VIII. and the King's licence dated 25 March then last past, granted to the said Sir Thomas in fee.
The preamble states that an inquisition taken at Smarden, Kent, 26 Oct. 27 Hen. VIII., before John Mayny, escheator, found that the late priory of nuns of Davyngton had existed time out of mind and the site was in the county of Kent and diocese of Canterbury, and the prioress and nuns under obedience to the abp. of Canterbury, that Matilda Dynmarke was lately prioress and there were resident in the monastery Eliz. Audle, nun, professed, and Sibilla Moonynges, secular sister or novice; afterwards the aaid Eliz. Audle, 12 June, 18 Hen. VIII., died and the prioress remained alone until 11 March 26 Hen. VIII., when she died and the secular sister left the monastery, which had since remained desolate. The property of the monastery consisted of the church dedicated to God and St. Mary Magdalen, the churchyard adjoining, the site, buildings, gardens &c., of the monastery, the manor of Fishbourne, two parts of the manor of Monketon inseparaliter, certain messuages, a watermill, 333 ac. of land, 6 ac. of meadow, 270 ac. of pasture, 80 ac. of wood, 26 ac. of fresh marsh, 140 ac. of salt marsh, and the pasture of 90 sheep called in English "shepen lease," in Back Marshe and Kaybourne Marsh, 67s. 10d. rent, and rents of 15 hens, 2 cocks and 12 qr. 5 bu. of barley in Davyngton, Fishborne, Feversham, Overpreston, Newnham, the Isle of Hartey, Esleng, Monketon, Burdevile, Mynster in the Isle of Sheppey, Harball Downe, Norton, Ludenham, Sythingborne. Sandewiche, Tenett, Ashe juxta Sandewiche, Sellynge,Lynsted, Stanatede and Osprynge, Kent, the advowsons and rectories of Davyngton and Stanger in the Isle of Hartey and the rectory of Newenham with the advowson of the vicarage. Further, one Joan formerly prioress and the said convent, long before its extinction, were seised of the advowson of the parish church of Brodfelde and of two parts of the advowson of the parish church of Monketon, and one John Aucher, gent., was seised of the advowson of the parish church of Ottryngden and of the third part of the advowson of Monketon; and John cardinal abp. of Canterbury, considering the poverty of the inhabitants of the said parishes of Brodfelde, Monketon and Ottryngden, whose contributions were insufficient to sustain several priests in each of the said churches, in the year 14 Hen. VII., united the churches of Brodefelde and Monketon to that of Ottryngden; and the said prioress Joan and the said John Aucher of Ottryngden, afterwards, 30 Nov. 14 Hen. VII., by indenture, agreed that the said prioress should have the next presentation to the said church of Ottryngden, and the said Aucher or his heirs the next after that, and so on alternately, and by virtue of this agreement Prioress Joan successor of the aforesaid Prioress Joan presented John Beane, clk. But who was patron or founder of the priory, and of whom the lands were held, the inquest did not know. Del. Westm., 8 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (slightly mutilated, signed by Russell, Gardiner, St. John, Sadler, North, Riche, Sir Ric. Southwell and others whose signatures are lost.) Pat. p. 5, m. 36.
11. Nicholas Wotton, King's chaplain, LL.D., King's Councillor, ambassador with the French king, dean of Canterbury and York. Special licence to hold the said two deaneries and to be non-resident upon them and all other ecclesiastical preferments, and yet to enjoy all profits and privileges of residence as Richard Layton and Brian Higdon, deans of York, enjoyed them. Moreover, where as the said Nicholas, being prebendary of the prebend of Osbawldewick, has been continually employed in the King's affairs since 1 March last, he is to enjoy all profits of residence since that date in the said church of York. Hampton Court, 22 Aug. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 9 Sept.— P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 27.
12. Sir William Petre, King's Councillor. Licence to retain a family chaplain who may purchase licence to keep two incompatible benefices without residence thereon. Hampton Court, 23 Aug. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 9 Sept.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 27.
13. Sir Roger Cholmeley. Licence to retain 20 persons in his livery. Del. Westm., 11 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII.— S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 26.
14. Richard Moryson, the King's servant. Licence to act by deputy in the office of one of the collectors of the Little Custom in the port of London, to which he was appointed by pat. 26 Nov. 37 Hen. VIII Otelande, 6 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 14 Sept.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 17.
15. Roger Kerne. Lease, by advice of Southwell and Moyle, of the lordship of Boviarton cum Llantwite, co. Glamorgan, the rents of the King's free and customary tenants, new rent and rent of "le Deynes et Yorke silver," demesne lands, rents of avowries with tolls of the pix and perquisites of courts belonging to the said lordship, parcel of lands of Jasper duke of Bedford; for 21 years from Michaelmas next; at 11l. 14s. 11d. rent and 3s. 4d. increase. Del. Westm., 17 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII.— S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 18.
16. Sir George Blount, George Vernon, Thomas Giffarde and Francis Cave. Commission under the Act of 37 Hen. VIII., to take possession for the King of the college or collegiate church of Tonge and chantry called Vernons Chauntrye in the said church of Tonge, Salop, and the chantry of St. Mary in Bakewell, Derb. Del. Westm., 17 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Sir Edward North). Pat. p. 4, m. 20 (cancelled with note "vacat quia irr' in dors' claus'."); also p. 13, m. 37d. [The Commissioners' return, dated 20 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII., is among "Chancery Miscellanea," Bundle 7, No. 3 (3 and 4).]
17. Philip Lazarduino and Margaret his wife, Isabella Duino and Victoria Duino, natives of the Bishop of Rome's dominions. Denization. Westm., 17 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Pat. p. 13, m. 48.
18. Henry Nedham and William Sacheverell. Grant, in fee, for 484l. 20d., of the rent of 5l. 5s. 8d. reserved upon a grant by pat. 1 Oct. 29 Hen. VIII. to Sir Thomas Pope and Margaret, then his wife, of the manor of Thorpe Underwood alias Thorpe Billet, Ntht., and lands in Long Compton, Warw., the manor of Syston, Linc. and the advowsons of the churches of Wroxton and Balscott, Oxon, and of Syston, Linc., all which belonged to Wroxton priory, Oxon, and the manor of Parva Chesterton, Oxon, and lands in Parva Chesterton and Wendlebury. Oxon, which belonged to Rewley mon,
Also grant in fee of the grange and lands called Alwaston Graunge in Alwaston and Bolton, Derb., in tenure of John Porter, and the messuage and lands in tenure of Nich. Wharton and Elizeus his son in Alwaston and Bolton,—Dale mon.; the water-mill called Ballett Mylne lately in tenure of Thos. Wryte and afterwards of Hen. Beynbrig in Englebye, Derb., Repyngdon priory; the messuage and lands in tenure of. Hen. Barthe and Agnes his wife in Stanton within Yolgrave parish, Derb., and all lands of the mon. de Pratis, Leicester, in Stanton,—mon. de Pratia, Leicester;a messuage and lands in tenure of Wm. Stubbe in Ullysdyche within the parish of Assheover, Derb.,— Felley Priory, Notts.; and the late chantry of Magna Berdfyld, Essex, with all its possessions. Also the messuage and lands in tenure of Wm. Smethurste in Wyntonley within the town of Halyngton, Chesh.,—Norton mon. The late priory of Bentley, Midd., and hereditament lately called le priorye de Bentley and all its possessions,—mon. of St. Gregory outside the walls of Canterbury, and afterwards Thomas abp. of Canterbury. Del. Westm., 20 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII.— S.B. (signed by Russell, Browne, St. John, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Duke and Chydley). Pat. p. 2, m. 33.
19. Sir Richard Graynfeld, of Stowe, Cornw., and Roger Bluett of Holcomberogua, Devon. Grant, in fee, for 1,196l. 19s., of the manor and lordship of Trynnyell in Landelpe parish, Cornw.,—St. German's priory. The manor and lordship of Canonleigh, Devon; the following rents and service, viz., 8s. from lands of Sir Ric. Warre in Burlescombe parish, Devon, 3s. 4d. from lands of the heirs of a man named Cole in Morelpenn in Kentysbere parish, Devon, 5s. from lands of Sir John lord Russell in Shabcombe, Devon, 3s. 4d. from lands of Ric. Wyett in Luceallermeade and in Holberton parish, Devon, 2s. from lands of John Atmere in Rawisaysshe, Devon, 2s. 8d. from lands of Ant. Worth in Bere and in Uplomyn parish, Devon, 10s. from lands of John Pasmere in Pasmereshayes and in Tyverton parish, Devon, 2s. from lands of the said Rog. Bluett in Torqnare and Ashebrettle parish, Soms., ½d. from a parcel of land, beside Chaldwell, of Edw. Syddenham, 2s. from lands of Hen. Burnell, John Jererd, the heirs of Ph. Dodyngton and the heirs of a man named Southcote in Netherburdesley, and ½d. from lands of the said Rog. Bluett in Boyleyland; a watormill in tenure of Thos. Croydon in Burlescombe parish; tithes of a meadow called Crymelmeade in Burlescombe parish in tenure of Jas. Trychay alias Tryckhaye; two meadows and a wood, called Southman's Wood and meade, in tenure of Nic. Tyll alias Sty 1, alias Style, in Burlescombe parish; a messuage and lands called Fosseyende alias Frostend in tenure of John Iryshe in Burlescombe parish, and the lands in tenure of the said Iryshe in Lytylhempston alias Hempston Arundell, Devon; messuages and lands at Pugham in Burlescombe parish in tenure of Ric. Longbrydge and Thos. Croydon; a messuage and lands in Wescote in Burlescombe parish in tenure of Marg. Manley, widow; messuages in Westleigh in Burlescombe parish in tenure of Eliz. Holme, Wm. Barbor, Nic. Tyll alias Styll alias Style, Ric. Jesse, Hugh Capper and Hen. Luscombe; lands called Huntlond and Canonlond in the parishes of Burlescombe and Holberton in tenure of Jas. Trychaye alias Trykhaye; messuages in Wescote in Burlescombe parish in tenure of John Wattes and Wm. Capron; messuages in Westleighe in Burlescombe parish in tenure of Robt. Sheperde, Robt. Shakell and Ric. Delve; a cottage and meadow called Sherewaye in Burlescombe parish in tenure of Ric. Stoke alias Stouke; a cottage and garden in Burlescombe parish in tenure of Ric. Breweford alias Brewood; messuages in Estbroke in Burlescombe parish in tenure of Steph. Blampfeld alias Glandefild and John Newton alias Nuton; 2½ ac. of moorland in Pynslade and" the parish of Uffcombe alias Uffecolome in tenure of John Lutleigh, jun.; lands called Southdowne alias Sowdon alias le Utter downe in Uffcombe parish in tenure of John Lutleighe; a messuage in Smythcote in Uffcombe parish in tenure of Thos. Gaydon; a messuage and lands called Goldemore in the parish of Holberton and Sampford Peverell, Devon, in tenure of Thos. Woodford; a piece of land called Hyndon in the parish of Bromptonraffe alias Brountonraffe, Soms., in tenure of John Torre; all which belonged to Canonleigh mon. Also the manor or lordship and farm of Upton in Osmyngton parish, Dors., in tenure of Wm. Thornhill, esq.,— mon. of Mylton alias Myddelton.
Also the rectories of Hockeworthie alias Hockeforde, alias Huckworthye, and Burlescombe, Devon, leased to Thomas de Soulemounte, gent., and the advowsons of the vicarages, and the rectory of Sampford Arundell, Soms., in tenure of William Clowton, and the advowson of the vicarage,—Canonleighe. The rectory of Otterforde, Soms., in tenure of Jas. Lambe,—Taunton priory. All the lands in Wynford alias Wynnesford, Soms., which belonged to Barliche priory; the lands in Essendyne, Rutl., in tenure of John Haddon, and the rent of 6d. which he pays for suit of court—Borne mon., Linc.; and lands (specified) in Rutsall alias Russall, Wilts., some of them in tenure of Wm. Thornhill and Wm. Shovle,—Stanley priory. Del. Westm., 20 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII—S.B. (much injured, signed by Russell and others whose signatures are lost). Pat. p. 3, m. 37.
20. Robert Turbervile of Beare Regis, Dors., and Anthony Aucher, Master of the Jewels. Grant, in fee, for 608l. 16s. 8d., of the lordship and manor of Beare alias Beare Regis, the chief messuage of the same manor, and lands called Culease, Dawes and Longmeade and a grove of wood in Longmeade in tenure of Roger Gye, pasture called Rocklease (31 ac.) and meadow called Rockmeade in tenure of Sir John Russell baron Russell, and other lands (specified) in Beare Regis, together with a moiety of the profits of the annual fair at Woodsbury Hill in Beare Regis on the feast of the Nativity of St. Mary the Virgin in tenure of the said Lord Russell, and all appurtenances in Beare Regis and Stokeley, Dors.,— Tarraunt mon. Del. Westm., 21 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Gardiner, Browne, Ryche, Sir Ric. Southwell, North, Duke and Chydley). Pat. p. 1, m. 20.
21. William Wotton, of Harberton, Devon, clothier, and John Wotton of Tottnes, merchant. Grant, in fee, for 324l. 10s., of the manor and lordship of Engleborne, Devon, and the chief messuage &c, of the said manor, in tenure of Robert Skryche,— Buckfast mon. Del. Westm., 21 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. — S.B. (signed by Russell, St. John, Browne, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Chydley and Duke). Pat. p. 1, m. 25.
22. Anthony and Thomas Stowell, late of Wevelyscomb, Soms., gent., and William Arrundell, late of Sydbury, Devon, gent. Pardon of felony they being indicted for having on night of the 31st (sic) Sept., 37 Hen. VIII., broken into the parish church of Sydbury and carried off a cross of silver gilt worth 18l., a silver cup worth 4 mks, a silver pix worth 26s. 8d. and "unum assen' argen'" worth 5l., the property of the parishioners and in custody of John Dreton and Wm. Waller, churchwardens. Guildeford, 12 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm. 21 Sept.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 27.
23. Alfonso de Salablanca, of Spain, gent., alias Captain Salablank. Pardon for murder, he having, 1 Aug. 38 Hen. VIII., gone to the house of Anthony de Macuelo in the parish of St. Benedict Fynke, Ward of Brodestret, London, and of malice aforethought attacked and slain John de Dios, Spaniard, with a dagger. Guldeforde, 15 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 21 Sept.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 14.
24. Richard Fulmerston of Thetford, Norf. Grant, in fee, for 940l. 11d., of the rents reserved upon the following, viz.:—(1) pat. 29 Dec. 32 Hen. VIII., granting to Sir Thomas Cheyne the rectory and the advowson of the vicarage of Chilham, Kent, in tail male, at 53s. 4d. rent; (2) pat. 16 March 31 Hen. VIII., granting to Sir Thos. Cheyne the manor, the rectory and the advowson of the vicarage of Patrikesboivrne, Kent, 34 ac. of arable land in the Southfeld in Feversham and 24 ac. at Hedgedale in the parish of Preston next Feversham, Kent, in tenure of Robt. Coldwell, with the tithes of the said land in the Southfeld, and of 1 ac. of land in the southern corner of the said field; in tail male; at 4l. 23d. rent; (3) pat. 16 March 31 Hen. VIII., granting to Sir Thos. Cheyne, in fee, the reversion and rent reserved on a Crown lease, 10 May 31 Hen. VIII., to John Wheler, of the late mon. of Feversham, &c, and also the said late mon., etc., the march called Negdowne Mershe in Graveney, Kent, and the lands then in tenure of the said Sir Thos. Cheyne (formerly of Jasper Fylowe and lately of Thos. Ferebie and Wm. Lylgrave) within the precinct of the late Friars Preachers near Ludgate, London; at 34s. 6½d. rent (only 13s. 4d. of this rent is hereby granted); (4) pat. 9 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII., granting to Sir Thos. Cheyne, in fee, the lordship and manor of Upbery and the rectories of Upbery and Mynster, Kent,—priory of St. Sexburga in Sheppey; and the rectory and vicarage of Estchurche, Kent,— Boxley mon.; with the advowaons of the rectories, vicarages and churches of Upbery, Mynster and Estchurche; at rents of 61s. 4d. for the rectory and manor of Upbery, 26s. 8d. for the rectory of Mynster and 26s. 8d. for the rectory and vicarage of Estchurche.
Also grant, in fee, of the two chantries called Phillippes Chauntery and Our Lady Chauntery in Dynnyngton, Suff., which have come to the King's hands, by virtue of an Act of Parliament of 37 Hen. VIII., because Sir Ant. Rous, now dec, without the King's licence, between 4 Feb. 27 Hen. VIII. and 25 Dec. 37 Hen. VIII., took possession of them and removed the incumbents; also the chief messuage of Phillippes Chauntery in Dynnyngton, two messuages called Lyons and Rookes and an acre of land in Dynnyngton, a close called Beccles Close in Worlyngworth, Suff., closes called Tabbeis in Brandeston, Suff., the lordship and manor of Glemmam Parva, Suff., the lordship and manor of Harroldes in Cretyngham, Suff., the manor of Bastwickes and Blowfelde alias Bastwickes in Blowfelde, Norf., with all appurtenances of the said manors in Glemmam Parva and Cretyngham, Suff., and in Bastwicke, Blowfelde, Carleton and Buckenham juxta Langley, Norf.,—Phillippes Chantry; the chief messuage of Our Lady Chauntery in Dynnyngton, and all lands in Dynnyngton, Taddyngton, Baddyngham, Laxefelde and Burnedishe, Suff., which belonged to Our Lady Chantry; and all other possessions of the said two chantries. Also the advowson of the rectory of Glemmam Parva. Del. [Westm.] 21 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (very mutilated). Pat. p. 3, m. 41.
25. Thomas Sowthe, A.M., King's chaplain. Presentation to the parish church or rectory of Hiegh Bulloign, co. "Bollonegnes," now void. Addressed to Thomas abp. of Canterbury. Guildeford, 17 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 21 Sept.—P.S. Pat. p. 3, m. 51.
26. Hugh Griffith, LL.B. Presentation to the parish church or rectory of Base Bulloign, co. "Bollonegnes" now void. Addressed to Thomas abp. of Canterbury. Guildeford, 17 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 21 Sept.— P.S. Pat. p. 3, m. 51.
27. John Ponett, elk. Presentation to the rectory of Towen, Bangor dioc, void by the refusal of George Wulflet, rector there, to pay the first part of the ecclesiastical subsidy granted 1 May last, as certified by letters of Arthur bp. of Bangor. Guildeford, 12 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 21 Sept.—P.S. Pat. p. 3, to. 52.
28. John Edmondes alias Bawdwyn, senior, and John Edmondes alias Bawdwyn, junior, of Bayles Courte within the parish of Littlehampton, Suss. Grant, in fee, for 173l., of the lordship and manor of Ilesham, Suss., rents and service from lands in Yapton and Ilesham of John Bellingham (18d.), the heirs of Ric. Knyght (6d.) and John Wassher (2d.) and lands (specified) there in tenure of Roger Cutffolde, John Cutffolde, John Stigant, Wm. Tignor, and Isabella Gobull; and all appurtenances of the manor of Ilesham,—St. John's of Jerusalem. Also the rectory of Markes Tey, Essex, and the advowson of the vicarage, which came to the crown by exchange with Thomas lord Audeley of Walden, dec. Del. Westm., 22 Sept., 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (Signed by Russell, Gardiner, St. John, Sadler, Riche, Sir Ric. Southwell, Chydley and Duke.) Pat. p. 1, m. 21.
29. Henry earl of Arundell. Grant, in fee, for 566l. 11s. 2d., of the reversion of the manor of Hasylber Bryan, Dors., and 23s. rent in Nether Kencombe, Dors., which Thomas late earl of Ormond leased to Anne countess of Arundell by the name of Anne Maltravers wife of lord William Arundell, knight, lord Matravers, for life (the reversion belonging to Henry late marquis of Exeter, attainted, and his heirs); also grant of the said manor, the advowson of the rectory of Hasylber Bryan and the wood called Hasylber Wood (20 ac.) and the said free rent of 23s. and all lands in Nether Kencombe of the inheritance of the said marquis of Exeter. Del. Westm., 22 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Russell, Browne, St. John, Sadler, North, Chydley and Goodrick). Pat. p. 3, m. 29. (dated 2 Sept.)
30. Philip Chowte and Margaret his wife. Grant, in fee to the said Philip, (in consideration of his surrender of a life-grant to him of marsh lands in tenure of Thos. Foster and Oliver Fane in Iden parish, Suss., parcel of lands of Sir Thomas Crumwell earl of Essex, attainted, and for 26l. 6s. 8d.) of the said lands in Iden parish in tenure of Thos. Foster (44 ac.) and Oliver Fane (85 ac). Del. Westm., 23 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII.— S.B. (signed by Russell, Gardiner, St. John, Sadler, North, Ryche, Hendle and Duke). Pat. p. 1, m. 40.
31. Ralph Gelle. Grant, in fee, for 107l. 13s. 4d., of the lordship and manor and grange of Griffe alias Griffe Graunge, and hereditament called Griffe in the parishes of Brassington and Workesworth, Derb., including "le Lotte" and "le Cope" of all the lead mines within the manor, —Dale mon.; a messuage, &c, in tenure of John Gelle in Workesworth, —Derley mon.; a messuage and lands in Hognaston, Derb., in tenure of Thos. Feme,—Rocester alias Rocetter mon., Staff.; with all rights in the premises enjoyed by the abbots of Dale, Derley and Rocester and the prior of Dunstable, Beds. Del. Westm., 23 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (Signed by Russell, Browne, St. John, Sadler, North, Chydley and Duke). Pat. p. 1, m. 41.
32. Sir Thomas Pope. Grant, in fee, for 507l. 19s. 2d., of the lordship and manor of Compton Parva, Glouc., and lands (specified) leased with the site of the said manor to Wm. Skey, —Tewkesbury mon. Also a messuage in Charingcrostrete. in the city of Westminster, in tenure of John Russell, a messuage in Westminster, parcel of the four tenements lately newly built within the Sanctuary there by Robt. Pole (abutting upon the way leading from le northgate of the Sanctuary to the church there on the east) in tenure of John Moulton: three messuages in Langdiche, Westminster, in tenure of the said John Moulton; a messuage in Le Kinges Strete, Westminster, in tenure of Robt. Hamond, woodmonger, (abutting upon the tenement of the Fraternity of St. Mary in Westminster called Le Sonne, on the south, and upon the tenement of Sir Hugh Vaughan called Le George on the west and north, and upon the high street on the east); a tenement within the Sanctuary of Westminster in tenure of Kath. Stafferton, widow, (abutting upon the highway from le North gate to the church on the east), and a tenement within the said Sanctuary in tenure of Robt. Yong; all which premises in Westminster belonged to St. Peter's Cathedral there. Also the rectory of Gwelthe, co. Caernarvon, in tenure of Barth. Porter, and the advowson of the vicarage of Gwelthe,—Conwey mon. Del. Westm., 23 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII— S.B. (signed by Russell, Browne, St. John, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Bacon and Chydley). Pat. p. 1, m. 43.
33. John Malte, tailor, and Etheldreda Malte alias Dyngley, bastard daughter of the said John by Joan Dyngley alias Dobson. Grant, for 1,311l. 2d., of the lordship and manor of Kevelston, Soms., and the lands in tenure of Robt. Cokkes in Kelveston, —Shafton mon.; the lordship and manor of Eston and Kateryn, Soms., the chief messuage called Katernscourte and lands in tenure of Wm. Hereford and Alice his wife in Eston and Kateryn, 400 ewes called "le yowe flocke of Charmerdon, in tenure of the said Wm. and Alice in Eston, Kateryn and Ford, Soms.,—Bathe priory. To hold to the said John Malte and Etheldreda and the heirs of the body of the said Etheldreda, with remainder to the right heirs of the said John. Del. Westm.,23 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. — S.B. (signed by Russell, Browne, St. John, Sadler, North, Duke and Edwhard Gryffyn). Pat. p. 3, m. 31.
34. Thomas lord Wryothesley. Grant, in fee, for his services and for 1,666l. lls. 3d. of the rents reserved upon the following grants to him by patent, viz:—(1) pat. 29 July 30 Hen. VIII. of Beaulieu mon. and manor, &c., at 10l. 5s. 8d.; (2) pat. 26 Jan. 35 Hen. VIII, of the rectory and advowson of the vicarage of Boaulieu, the manors and granges of Upton and Ippeley, Hants, and lands in Aven, Bremmer and Bleyshforde which belonged to Beaulieu mon., a close in Brokenes parish, Hants, which belonged to Netley mon., the site, &c, of Mycheldever rectory, Hants, and other lands which belonged to Hyde mon., at 10s. 8d. for Beaulieu, 4s. 4d. for Upton, 5s. 4d. for Ippeley, 18d. for the lands in Aven, Bremmer and Bleysheford, and 12d. for the close in Brokenes, and 17s. 9d. for Mycheldever, &c.; (3) pat. 30 Dec. 29 Hen. VIII of the mon of Tychefeld, the manors of Tychefeld, Abshot Posbroke, Newecourt, Parva Fontley, Swanwyke, Crofton, Mirabyll, Newland, Wallisworth, Portsey, Copnor, Wyker, Cadlond and Corhampton, Hants, and Inkepen, Berks, and the rectories and advowsons of Tichefeld, Loomer and Corhampton, etc., at 25l. 6s. 8d. rent.; (4) pat. 29 March 35 Hen. VIII., of all possessions of the college of St. Elizabeth at Wolvesey near Winchester, viz. the manors or lordships of "Botley, Shilfeld prope Botley," Hants, and lands in tenure of John Wateryng, sen., in Hampshire, at 34s. 11d. rent for Botley, 6s. for Shilfeld, 4s. 8d. for the rents and lands in the borough of Botley and 3s. 8d. for the lands in tenure of John Watering; (5) pat. 15 Sept. 37 Hen. VIII. of the lordship and manor of Northstonham, Hants, and the chapel of St. James of Wipestrode, Hants, at rent of 5l. 8s. l1½d. for Northstonham and 6s. 8d. for Wipestrode; (6) pat. 12 Nov. 36 Hen. VIII., of the manor of Micheldever, and hundred of Micheldever, at rents of 5l. 12s. 6d. for the manor and 5s. 5d. for the hundred; (7) pat. 9 June 37 Hen. VIII., of the messuage called Blumsbury and lands in the parish of St. Giles in the Fields, Midd., which belonged to the London Charterhouse, and the manors of Dytton, Syfflington and Brampton which belonged to John Leigh, and the lordship and manor of Westmeon alias the manor of Westmeon, Combe and Halperke and Pryvat, Hants, the manor of Broughton, Hants, lands in Westudderley, Hants, the manor of Wallop, Hants, and the manor of Faryngdon, Hants, at rents of 3l. 7s. 8d. for the lands in St. Giles in the Fields, 59s. 1½d for the manors of Dytton, Syfflyngton and Bmmpton, 7l. 11s. 4d. for Westmeon, 3l. 0s. ½d. for Broughton, 5l. 5s. 11½d. for Wallop and 3l. 4s. 9½d. for Faryngdon; (8) pat. 23 July 37 Hen. VIII, to Augustine de Augustinis, of the manors of Worthye Abbatis and Byketon, and Bekyngton, Soms., &c, at rents of 37s. 8d. for Worthye Abbatis, 58s. 5½d. for Byketon, and 27s. 0½d. for Bekyngton.; (9) pat. 19 July 36 Hen. VIII., to Edm. Clerke and Margaret his wife, of the manor of Est Stratton, Hants, at 52s. 1½d. rent; (10) pat. 14 Sept. 35 Hen. VIII., to John Tawe and Edw. Taylour, of lands in the parish of St. Pancras, Midd., at 10s. rent. And confirmation of the said lord Wriothesley's title in all the premises. Del. Westm., 23 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII.— S.B. (Slightly mutilated, signed by Russell, Gardiner, St. John, Paget, Southwell, North, Staunford and Bacon). Pat. p. 4, m. 3.
35. Thomas More, of the Household, and Robert More his son. Grant, in fee, for 258l., of the reversion and rent reserved on a Crown lease, 10 May 28 Hen. VIII., to the said Thomas of the house and site of the late priory of Medmenham Bucks, with 28 ac. of land in a great common field there, a several field called Cherslande (6 ac), a close called Waybrokes (2 ac), 3 ac. Of meadow in Charlemeade and 1 ac. in le Greate Meade, a tenement with a barn at Hallywykes, a close called Oldefelde (4 ac.), fields called Chappell felde (12 ac.), Fystell felde (8 ac.), and Horham fylde (10 ac.), three closes called Up-croftes (11 ac.) and three called Rowe Croftes (8 ac.), a close called le Hyll (5 ac.), two crofts called Bramell croftes (2½ ac.), a close called Dybden (4 ac.),l ac. of meadow in Charlemeade, 1 ac. in le Comen meade and 5½ ac. in le West meade, a close called West Felde Close, four "lez yattes" in the water of Thames with the liberty of fishing and fowling there and with pasture for six cows among the beasts and cattle of Lord Mountague and his tenants within his lordship there, also 6 ac. and one le Butt lying in le Farre Townefelde and 4 ac. of land lying in le Hyther Townefeld, 4 ac. of land upon le Earthe Pytt, 6 ac. of arable land in lez Strettes there, a close called Wyers Crofte (10 ac.) and 8 ac. of land in Bery Downe and Bery Dene, and a cottage in Medmenham then in tenure of Roger Davy, another in tenure of Robt. Symons, with a close (2 ac.) pertaining to it, 7 ac. of land in Bokmarfelde, a close called Waters Crofte (3 ac.) a close called Greys Close (4 ac.), a close called Wydefeld (7 ac.), 1 ac. of land in le Nether Long Downe, a cottage in Medmenham with a close of 1 ac. and parcel of meadow in le Greate Meade lately in tenure of — Taylour, widow, and other cottages there lately in tenure of Ralph Purslowe and Ralph Barnecott; for 21 years; at 7l. 17s. 8d. rent.
Also grant of the said house and site and lands, a messuage called Phesauntes in tenure of Ralph Lye, and six cottages in tenure of Ralph Warden, Chr. Purslau, Ric Barnecote, the relict of John Flexman, Wm. Edmondes and John Braye, in Medmenham, a parcel of land called Grey in tenure of Thos. Grey in Hamelden parish, and all lands of Bustlesham mon. in Medmenham; all which priory and other premises belonged to Bustlesham mon. Also the rectory of Medmenham,—Abendon mon.; and the advowson of the vicarage of Medmenham,—Bustlesham. Del. Westm., 24 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. — S.B. (signed by Russell, Browne, St John, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Staunford and Duke). Pat. p. 1, m. 33.
36. John Slannyng, of London, and Anthony Butler. Grant, in fee, for 839l. 4s. 3d., of the corn mill in the parish of Ultradaron, in co. Caernarvon, in tenure of Jevan Owyn, —Bardesey mon.; lands in Shittestour and Rynmore within the parishes of Shittestour alias Shistour and Walkehampton, Devon, and the manor of Walkehampton, Devon,—Buckeland mon.; the advowson of the vicarage of Walkehampton; the chief messuage, barton and mansion, etc, of Bicklegh, Devon, called Heale Ferme in tenure of Thos. Berman, lands called Heale and Mayburgh in Bicklegh parish, and Hethfeld in Shagh parish, Devon, and tithes in Bicklegh and Heale in tenure of Robt. Toker, —Buckland. Messuages in tenure of Ll'n ap Yerwarth ap Gl'm (lately of his father Ewarth ap Gl'm), Ll'n ap Nicholas, Ho well ap D'd ap Gryffith, Gri' ap Hewe, and Robt. ap Howell (lately of David ap Howell ap D'd) in Henryvoyson, parcel of the hamlet of Cornwellys within the parish of St. Mary the Virgin of Cornwellys, co. Anglesey, and a messuage called "y Quarley" in the town of Kellynyock, co. Caern., in tenure of Meredap Thomas,—Conwey mon., co. Caern.; and all possessions of Conwey in Henryvoyson and Kellynyock. The rectory of Albrighton, Salop,—Dore mon., Heref.; and the advowson of the vicarage of Albrighton. a messuage called Skynners Place within the parish of Depford Strand alias Westgrenwich, in tenure of Thos. Bassingborne, and a piece of land in Depford Strand 50 ft. long and 40 ft. wide in tenure of Robt. Draper, which premises in Depford Strand are leased by the Crown to Sir Ric. Long for life, rent free,—Thomas Beckettes hospital in Southwark. Del. Westm., 24 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII.— S.B. (signed by Russell, Browne, St. John, Riche, Sir Ric. Southwell, Chydley and Duke). Pat. p. 1, m. 35.
37. Anthony Aucher, esq., Master of the Jewels. Grant, in fee, for 1.083l. 11s., of the lordship and manor of Lymmynge alias Lymynges alias Lymmege, Kent, and the park there with the game and deer therein, the lands in tenure of John Spicer and Hen. Spycer his son, formerly of Thos. Home, in Lymmynge, and the advowsons of the rectory and vicarage of Lymmynge and chapels of Stanforde and Pedelisworth annexed thereto,—Thomas abp. of Canterbury. Del. Westm., 24 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. —S.B. (signed by North and Bacon). Pat. p. 2, m. 9.
38. Thomas Hawkyns alias Fysher. Grant, in fee, for "240l. 17s. 6d., of the site, etc., of the late priory of St. Sepulchre, Warwick, in tenure of Philip Sheldon and John Raye, closes, etc., (named) in the parishes of St. Mary and St. Nicholas, Warwick, in tenure of Thos. Eburall, Ralph Townesend, Hen. Eyre and Ph. Sheldon, Lewis Smarte, Thos. Breese, Thos. Eburall, Robt. Oken, John Raye, and Hen. Eyre and Ph. Sheldon —St. Sepulchre's; except bells and leaden roofs. Del. Westm., 24 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Russell, Browne, St. John, Riche, Sadler, North, Bacon and Duke). Pat. p. 3, m. 46.
39. James Worsley. Licence to import 100 tuns of Gascoign wines and Tholous woad. Del. Westm., 24 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. French Roll, m. 4.
In English.
40. William Boxe, grocer, of London, and Anne his wife. Grant, in fee to the said William, (for the manors of Roxton, Beds, and Sandehurste, Surr., and for 145l. 9s. 6d.) of the lordship and manor of Mercham. Berks., and the lands in tenure of Ric. Aldworthe in Mercham, the messuage called Horse Pathes and lands (including a water mill and a cottage called Donnyng) with the whole fishery in the water of Oke and other waters in Mercham, and other lands (specified) in tenure of Wm. Hawkyns in Mercham, the lands called Custumary Landes in Frylforde, Berks, and woods called Uppewood, Lodge Close Coppies and Okeley Woode (30 ac.) in Mercham, and all possessions of Abendon mon. in Mercham and Frylforde,—Abendon. Del. Westm., 26 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII.— S.B. (signed by Russell, Paget, North, Hendle, Bacon and Duke). Pat. p. 2, m. 10.
41. James Hales, King's Serjeant at law, and Margaret his wife. Grant, for 488l. 6s. 8d., of the house and site of the late priory of St. Sepulchre without the walls of Canterbury, the rectories of Bredne and St. Sepulchre in Canterbury and its suburbs, the advowson of the vicarage of Bredne, and all possessions of the said priory in Canterbury and its suburbs. Tanyngton, Natyndon, Brege, Patrikesbourn, Berham, Hougham, Capel in le Farn, Bilsington, Mersham, Rokyng, Willisborowe, Newenton juxta Hithe, Whitstable. Blean, Sandwiche, Norbourn, Fynglesham.Nonyngton, Asshe juxta Sandwiche, Westclif, Sulton, and the Isle of Thanet, Kent, and elsewhere, which were granted to the Crown by Thomas abp. of Canterbury. Except the rents of 8 mks. out of the manor of Mote juxta Maidstone, Kent, and 3l. 12s. out of lands of the late mon. of St. Augustine without Canterbury. Also grant of the woods called Holyrode Parke and Fryarne Parke in Elham and Stellyng, Kent.—Langdon mon., Kent,and afterwards Thomas abp. of Canterbury. Also the manor of Clavertighe, Kent, and lands called Monkenland in Elham, Kent, in tenure of John Gynder, and all appurtenances of Clavertighe manor in Elham and elsewhere,—St. Radegund's mon. Alos a messuage and lands called Tyndalys and Thomathes in tenure of Thos. Burges in Woodham parish, Essex,— Bileghe mon.
To hold the premises which belonged to St. Sepulchre's in survivorship, with remainder to the heirs of the said James in fee; and to hold the other premises to the said James in fee. Del. Westm., 26 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Russell, Petre, Riche, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Staunford and Duke). Pat. p. 3. m. 32.
42. George Browne, the King's servant. To be lieutenant of Hampnes castle in the parts of Picardy, with the number of soldiers in the same specified in indentures between the King and him dated 24 April 38 Hen. VIII.; as fully as William lord Grey of Wilton held the office. Windsor, 24 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 27 Sept.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 29.
43. Sir William Gudolphyn, the King's servant. To be bailiff of the lordship and county of Bulloigne, with such fees as the bailiff of Guysnes has, and all profits enjoyed by Robert Broke, now bailiff of Guysnes, or by Henry Palmer, Roger Basyng, John Anlaby, Adam Clere, Thos. Ynglishe and Wm. Pawne. This not to confer authority within the towns of High and Base Bulloigne, or fortresses of le Citadell, Old Man, Yong Man and Bulloigne Broke. Del. Westm., 27 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 3 m. 46.
44. John Aster. To be bailiff of the lordship of Newhaven near Bulloigne, with such fees as the bailiff of Guysnes has, and profits as enjoyed by Robert Broke, now bailiff of Guysnes, or by Henry Palmer, Rog. Basyng, John Anlaby, Adam Clere, Thos. Englishe and Wm. Pawne. This not to confer authority within the towns and fortresses of Newhaven and Blaknes. Del. Westm., 27 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 3, m. 46
45. John Rudde, S.T.B., King's chaplain. Grant of the canonry and prebend in the royal chapel of St. Stephen, Westminster, void by the death of Ric. Wade, clk., late canon or prebendary of the same and late subdean of the Chapel Royal within the Kong's household. Guildeford, 11 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 27 Sept.—P.S. Pat. p. 3, m. 52.
46. Robert Moreleye, late of Grymeley, Worc., tailor. Pardon of felony, being indicted for having 21 Sept. 37 Hen. VIII., at Great Whiteley, Worc., stolen five heifers, two of them black, one red, one "tagged" and one brown, belonging to Richard Addams, clk. Guldeford, 15 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 29 Sept.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 24.
47. William Mote, S.T.B., King's chaplain. Presentation to the parish church of Saynctercace in the marches of Calais, Theronanne dioc., void by death. Addressed to Thomas abp. of Canterbury. Guildeford, 15 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 29 Sept. —P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 29.
48. Robert Sowgate, late of Combes, Suff., yeoman. Pardon of felony, being indicted for having, with Andrew Salman, yeoman, and Giles Sowgate, labourer, of Combes, 8 Feb. 36 Hen. VIII, about 11 p.m., broken into the parish church and stolen a silver cup worth 50s., a pair of silver censers worth 100s. a ship of silver worth 10s., ten linen altar cloths and four "wypyng towelles" worth 6s., the property of the parishioners, then in the custody of Simon Wyghtman and Thos. Colman, churchwardens. Del. Westm., 29 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (countersigned by Wriothesley). Pat. p. 2, m. 29.
49. Sir Thomas Speake, a gentleman of the Privy Chamber, a layman and married. Licence to hold the provostry of the cathedral church of Wells with the prebend annexed (if it shall hereafter be conferred upon him). Windsor, 27 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 30 Sept.— P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 24.
50. Licences to alienate:— (fn. n10)
Thomas Godwyn to Nicholas Fortescue and Elizabeth his wife and the heirs of the body of the said Nicholas, with remainder, in default of such heirs, to Nicholas second son of Lewis Fortescue and contingent remainder to the right, heirs of the first named Nicholas Fortescue. Site etc., of the late cell of St. Anthony, Cornw, with its demesne lands (named) in the parish of St. Anthony and St. Gerend, Cornw., in tenure of Hen. Thomas,—Plympton priory, Devon. (1st.) P. 6, m. 7.
Robt. Brown, Chr. Edmundes and Wm. Wonlowe to Sir John Williamz. Manors of Sinyngwell and Bayworth, Berks,—Abendon mon.; and manor of Beconfelde, in co.–––––– (word omitted),—Barneham mon.; annexed to tlm honor of Windsor Castle. (1st). P. 6, m. 7.
John Seacolle, of Southley, Oxon, woolman, to Ric. Seacolle. Lands and mills (specified) in Knygeswood in tenure of Nic. Taylour (adjoining Thos. Acton's orchard), Ph. Acton and John Rowborowe,— Kyngeswood mon. (2nd). P. 6, m. 8.
Thos. Pakyngton to Humph. Pakyngton, mercer, of London, Thos. Atkyns, Thos. Hendley and Ric. Cupper, to the use of Thos. Pakyngton and Dorothy Kytson whom he is about to marry, until a partition may be made between the said Thomas; Pakyngton, Dorothy, and John Burlace. coparcener of the said Thomas; and after such partition to hold the portion allotted to Burlace to the use of the said Thos. Pakyngton as well as that allotted to him. Moiety of the manors of Aylesbury, Bereton, Upton and Abbottbroughton, Bucks, and of the late Friars Minors in Aylesbury, with lands (extent given) in Aylesbury, Walton, Beerton and Abbottes Broughton, Bucks. (10th.) P. 6, m. 9.
Hugh and Thos. Pomery to Griffin Ameredith. Manor of Stokeleigh Pomroy, Devon. (14th.) P. 10, m. 31.
Ric. Morysyn to John Hales, to be regranted to the said Ric. for one month with remainder thereafter to Lucy Harper for life, and after her death the one moiety to remain to Hanamelis, one of her sons, in tail male, with remainder in default of such issue successively, in tail male, to Marcellus, Mary and Anne, other children of the said Lucy, and the other moiety to remain to the said Marcellus in tail male, with remainder as above to Hanamelis, Anne and Mary. Manor of Snytterfelde, Warw., granted to Morysyn by pat. 29 Aug. 37 Hen. VIII. (14th). P. 12, m. 46.
Robt. and Wm. Bylott to John Nunnyngton and John Salysbury. Land in the south field of Essyngton, Yorks. (14th). P. 12, m. 49.
John Clerke of Tevylby, Linc., to Jas. Clerke his son. Water mill, &c., in Tevylby, in tenure of Hen. Serleby—Syxthyll priory; and toft in Lesyngton and Buslyngthorpe, Linc., in tenure of John Benson,— Bolyngton priory. (14th). P. 12, m. 49.
John Gate, a gentleman of the Privy Chamber, to Wm. Marche of Calais. Byleigh mon. and numerous lands (specified by name) in Byleigh, Maldon, Wodeham Water and Longforde, Essex, the water mill called Byleigh Mill, lands (specified), some of them in tenure of John Hawkyn, Robt. Geywod, Thos. Sammys, John Freman and Martin Tylle, in Maldon, Wodeham Water, Ultyng and Magna Totteham, and the rectories ard advowsons of vicarages of St. Peter and All Saints in Maldon,—Byleigh (17th). P. 4, m. 21.
Sir Leonard Beckwyth to Wm. Harper and Alice his wife, in fee to the said Wm. Late house of Grey Friars in York. (19th). P. 6, m. 9.
Sir Ric. Graynfeld, of Stowe, Cornw., and Rog. Bluett of Holcombe Rogus, Devon, to Wm. Thornhill of Thornhill, Dors. Farm of Upton in Osmyngton parish, Dors., in tenure of Wm. Thornhill,—Mylton aliasMyddelton mon. (21st). P. 6, m. 8.
Thos. Palmer to Thos. Jhonson, sen. Site and lands of Newehall manor in Watforde parish, Herts. (21st). P. 6, m. 9.
The same to Thos. Randoll, of Watforde, Herts. Lands (specified) in Sarret parish, Herts, leased with the site of Newhall manor, Herts. (21st). P. 6, m. 9.
Henry Nedham and Wm. Saeheverell to George Maxey. Late chantry of Magna Berdfylde, Essex. (21st) P. 6, m. 11.
Edw. Watson, of Rokyngham, Ntht., and Hen. Herdson, skinner, of London, to Ric. Fawkenor. Cubbyngton Grange, Warw., in tenure of Wm. Chese, rents (specified) in Cubbyngton from John Jeycockes and Thos. Fawkenor and lands there in tenure of John Colton, Ric. Yonge, Wm. Cooke, Wm. Harryson, John Hancockes, Ric. Bawdewyn, Ric. Garrett, Simon Streyne, Thos. Fawkenor, Thos. Burdon, Chr. Hudson, Thos. Butter, and Wm. Cockes, and all lands in Cubbyngton which belonged to Stoneley priory,— Stoneley. (22nd). P. 4, m. 51.
Richard Andrewes, of Haylies, Glouc, to Wm. Weston, of Banbury, Oxon, mercer, and Elizabeth his wife. Messuage, etc., in tenure of John Bysshoppe and Alice his wife in Thame, Oxon, between the tenements of Geoff. Dormer on the west and John Adame on the east, —Notley mon., Bucks. (22nd). P. 6, m. 12.
Hen. Nedham and Wm. Saeheverell to Eliz. Colte wife of Robt. Colte. Late priory of Bentley, Midd., formerly belonging to the mon. of St. Gregory without the walls of Canterbury and afterwards to Thomas abp. of Canterbury. (23rd). P. 12, m. 41.
Henry earl of Cumberland to Wm. Dyneley. Manor of Branchope. (29th). P. 6, m. 16.
Lord Chancellor Wriothesley to Lord St. John. Manor of Wallop, Hants, and two turns in Over Wallop and Nether Wallop, which belonged to Ambresbury mon. and were granted to Wriothesley by pat. 9 June 37 Hen. VIII., and the woods called Buckholt, Wilts, viz., Tydderleys Ende and Nodes Copices, coppices in tenure of Cyrles and Colles and of Faythfull andDunnet, and all other woods pertaining to the said manor which Wriothesley purchased from Edward earl of Hertford, also a rent of 5l. 5s. 11½d. reserved by the said pat. and all the title given by pat. 23 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. (30th). P. 4, m. 22.


  • n1. Eustathius Ouercentanug. See No. 147.
  • n2. Cancelled.
  • n3. Sept. 27th.
  • n4. The transcript has it that of reasons the writer has "cente cara (q. cento carri?) da vendere."
  • n5. Sept. 21st
  • n6. Preferred by Mr Secretary Paget.
  • n7. Preferred by Mr. Gate.
  • n8. Preferred by Mr. Secretary Paget.
  • n9. Preferred by Mr. Hare.
  • n10. All are dated at Westminster. In this abstract the day of the month is given in parenthesis before the reference to the part and membrane of the Patent Roll of 38 Hen. VIII.