Henry VIII: October 1522, 16-31

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 3, 1519-1523. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1867.

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'Henry VIII: October 1522, 16-31', in Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 3, 1519-1523, ed. J S Brewer( London, 1867), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/letters-papers-hen8/vol3/pp1109-1122 [accessed 21 July 2024].

'Henry VIII: October 1522, 16-31', in Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 3, 1519-1523. Edited by J S Brewer( London, 1867), British History Online, accessed July 21, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/letters-papers-hen8/vol3/pp1109-1122.

"Henry VIII: October 1522, 16-31". Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 3, 1519-1523. Ed. J S Brewer(London, 1867), , British History Online. Web. 21 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/letters-papers-hen8/vol3/pp1109-1122.


October 1522

16 Oct.
Galba, B. VII. 338. B. M.
2616. DE HESDIN to [WOLSEY].
As the Admiral is returning to England, he will explain to you all we have done, and the reasons why we have separated. There were three or four reasons, the least of which would have been enough. M. de Cresson has embarked (a fait charger) the King's artillery at Lille, and left this morning with munitions for Antwerp, by water. Must be there before he arrives, to procure new boats. We have had some difficulty about our carriages, during the month of August past, for which we paid the whole moiety; which we were not bound to do, as by the treaty we were to contribute only to the moiety of those laden with munitions for the artillery, and to the generality of horses and limoniers, not to the transport of victuals. I spoke to the Admiral about it, when I took leave of him before Bethune, in presence of Cresson and the vice-marshal of Calais; and he, having had charge of the horses, limoniers and carriage during August, promised to return me the money; but having had no further news of it, I have been obliged to dismiss all the said chariots and horses, promising them payment in my own name, and have not been able to recover a denier from Madame. As I am in charge of the Emperor's artillery, I beg your aid. Lille, 16 Oct. '22. Signed.
Fr., pp. 2.
16 Oct.
Vesp. C. II. 28. B. M.
Wrote last from Plymouth on the 7th. Descried at sea 14 sail. Had very rough weather. Thursday, six Breton ships attacked them on the windward side, and pressed them hard. West, groom of the King's chamber, their admiral, William Symonds, and Johnson, Sir William Fitzwilliam's servant, behaved very bravely. The last was attacked by two Breton ships, which, for defence against the arrows, "hadde cowchyd such beddes stuffyd with straw" and other things as they had. One Breton ship was taken; the rest fled. The ship in which the ambassador sailed was rent "so open in all the one side of the stern that scarcely two hides might stop it." After much rough weather they lay at the "trying." Arrived at Laredo, October 11th. Heard of Spinelli's death. The Emperor has executed several persons. It is reported that a city, called "Armarie," on the coast of Grenada, "is sunken out of sight into the sea." Have requested certain merchants of Bilboa for a loan of 51l. 15s. to procure necessaries for the ships which they delivered to William West. Laredo, 16 Oct. Signed.
In Sampson's hand, pp. 7. Add.
17 Oct.
R. O.
2618. ALBANY to DACRE.
His servant, the bearer, has brought letters from his secretary, who is waiting for an answer from Wolsey. Has written resolution of such difficulties as occurred to his secretary, and encloses copies of his letters, that Dacre may know what is being done there. Asks him to give his servant safe passage by the post. Edinburgh, 17 Oct. Signed.
P. 1. Add.
17 Oct.
Calig. B. VI. 274. B. M.
Perceives the difficulty he has, through the absence of the king of England, to comprehend France. Is to follow his instructions, or leave; "for we nother may nor suld, nor sall not, be the plesure of Gode, cum nor do agains our dewite and promitt." Will accept an abstinence for two or three months, not for one; "but to tak lang without ye said comprehension I will not." Considering they desire great personages to be sent and the winter is so near, "quhilk wald be passit or sic thingis war proponit," cannot send them in a shorter time than is asked, viz., the Nativity of St. John Baptist, as he may tell my lord Cardinal, "sua that ze be not enterteneit be wourdis, bot in schort effect other ane way or uther be sped with diligence." He is to speed the messengers sent into Flanders. "Forzet not Dougall Campbell. Say to Clarenceaulx yat it may not be said yat oucht halds in me at yis tyme, bot in yame." Edinburgh, 17 Oct.
In Barboun's hand, p. 1.
Endd.: "Copy of the letters sent by my lord Governor to Jehan de Barboun, his secretare."
18 Oct.
R. O.
2620. The LOAN.
Indenture, dated 18 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII., of the receipt by Edm. abbot of York of 500l. by way of loan, from Hugh prior of Durham. Signed by John Clerk, for the prior; not Signed by the abbot of York.
20 Oct.
Calig. B. I. 147. B. M.
2621. DACRE to WOLSEY.
Has received his dated Hampton Court, 9 Oct., and with it a copy of letters sent from the queen of Scots and from Albany to the King. There is much prevarication in the latter. The terms are changed which had been promised Dacre by the lords of Scotland. Albany demands the comprehension of France. Proposes to practise with the Queen for another month's prorogation of the truce, to discover their meaning, and whether the council are in league with the Duke. It had been agreed between himself and Albany that the Queen should demand another month's abstinence at the taking of the last on Thursday, 11 Sept., (fn. 1) and send ambassadors to England. Has written to Albany that some lord of Scotland present on that occasion may meet him. Sends a copy. Encloses a letter received from the Duke, with a copy of that which he wrote to his secretary, by which Wolsey will perceive his proud and presumptuous mind. Advises an abstinence with him for three months till Candlemas or the 1st March. Thinks he will be glad of it. This will exempt the King from the charges of the garrison, which can do no harm this wet weather. Lord Roos will explain more, and the untowardness of the gentlemen of the county. After Christmas Berwick must be repaired; 20 yards of the mantle wall next Scotland have fallen. Has heard nothing of Hart, who was to be sent to view it. Proposes that the safeconduct granted to Albany for six persons should be restricted. Harbotell, 20 Oct. Signed.
Pp. 3. Add.: "To my lord Legate's grace." Noted by Ruthal in the margin.
20 Oct.
Galba. B. VII. 339. B. M.
Wrote last from Antwerp on the 16th, on which day my Lady came to Malines, and I the day following. At Antwerp, John Dymock told me of an appointment made between Francis, the king of Denmark and the Scots, of which he had been informed by one Jos van Ely, who was privy to a meeting that had been appointed of personages from all three powers, in an island between Holland and Depmarshe, where money had been sent by the French king to be paid to the other two parties. Dymock said that he had given notice of it, both by writing and by word of mouth, to the King and Wolsey, in order that either the personages or the money might be intercepted; but the opportunity was lost, and no answer sent him. Dymock says it is well known that the meeting did take place, and that the money was delivered, and Jos had been with him again, not once or twice, but many times, wondering that the warning had been neglected, and said he knew of a further intrigue which was in hand, so important to the King, "that it should be worth a great grammercy if it were known;" but would not tell it except to the King himself.
I desired Dymock to bring Jos van Ely to speak with me, but I had left Antwerp before he brought him. At our interview, I thanked him for his zeal in the King's behalf, although his warnings had not been acted upon, and asked him if he would show me his further intelligence, in part or in all, or that I should tell the King he had a secret he would disclose to no one else. He said he would be glad to show it to the King, in order that the matter might be better discussed, but he would reveal to me so much; viz., he had been sent by my lady Margaret, in the first year of the King's reign, for discharge of certain bales of woad and madder, that were under arrest, and had been a subject of litigation in the time of Henry VII. He obtained his object by the King's favor, for which, as well as for the present alliance, he bears him the best affection. He hates the king of Denmark, though he had once been his servant. When Hans Hollem was sent ambassador from Denmark to England, in the year 1515 or soon after, this Jos was sent to lady Margaret, and at the same time Dr. Alexander, a Scot, was sent into Scotland, and one George Scotberch, born in Denmark, and archdeacon of Arehouse, was dispatched to the French king with an answer to communications which the king of Denmark had had with the ambassadors of France. This man was afterwards thrown into prison, without cause, by the King of Denmark, whose coming so secretly to this country was to have induced the Emperor to a treaty with the French king, and a league against England; and though he failed, he would certainly have joined the Scots this summer, as he had promised the French king to do, if he had not been stopped by the Easterlings' war. The marquis Joachim of Brandenbourg is married to the king of Denmark's sister. That King's mother and the mother of duke Albert of Saxony were sisters, and the duke of Holstein is the King's uncle's son; the bishop of Bremen is his near kinsman; also the dukes of Mecklenburg and Lymenbourg, the lords of Lowenbourge, the squire of Holdenbourge, and the lord Hermekyn in Friesland, who have all assisted him with men, money and artillery in his wars with the Swedes, and are either now at Lubeck, or have sent ambassadors thither to treat for peace between Denmark and the Easterlings, which will take effect, if not interrupted, as the "Steeddys" are at variance amongst themselves. If he is once free, he will assuredly assist the French and Scots. I thanked him, and desired him, as so many names were involved, to give me a memorandum in writing, which he did, but I have only received it today. Malines, 20 Oct. 1522.
P. S.—A merchant here offers to deliver forty or fifty tuns of wine of Beaune, at 10l. a tun, at London, if my Lady will give licence for its conveyance through the Emperor's country.
Hol., mutilated, pp. 5. Add. and endd.
20 Oct. 2623. For JOHN CLERK,LLD.
To be Master of the Rolls; with custody of the hospital of Converts, the usual fees, and two pipes of Gascon wine yearly. Westm., 20 Oct.
Pat. 14 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 4.
20 Oct.
R. O.
Hopes he has dressed his cloth long ago, and wishes to know what he paid for dyeing it. Takes it unkindly that he has not sent the velvet pouch. Has sold, since his coming home, a goodly pouch of russet velvet, which he would not have done except upon trust of the other. Wishes it to be sent to Wells, as he will be there on the 28th Oct., to remain till a fortnight after All Saints' day. Wishes him to write the news, and to commend him to Mr. Wodall and Antony Bonvysy. Worcester, 20 Oct. aox ... [Hen.] VIII.
Hol., p. 1, mutilated. Add.: To Mr. Crumwell at Faintchurche yn London. Endd.
Added, in a late hand, "anno xiiito."
20 Oct.
R. O.
Proceedings,at the suit of Oliver Claymond, in Wolsey's legatine court, against Joan, widow and executrix of Thomas Dykynson, of London, for propounding a fictitious will. The commission was issued to John Alen and William Benett on 2 Oct. 1522, and proceedings continued till the 20th of the same month.
Pp. 13.
20 Oct.
S. B.
2626. For TH. TONGE, alias YORKE.
To be Norrey king-of-arms, with 20l. a year, and a livery from the Great Wardrobe. Del. Westm., 20 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII.
Pat. 14 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 14.
21 Oct.
R. O. St. P. I. 112.
Sends letters from the Admiral, containing accounts of the injuries done to the enemy in all Bolonoys. Sends also letters he has received from Gonson, of great storms at sea on Wednesday last, by which many of the King's ships were so disabled they cannot be refitted for this year, "either for the guarding of your passages, or impeaching of the French men's fishing." Has directed Gonson to collect a number of small vessels, and join with Thos. Vaghan and the Bonaventure to guard the passages for the present. Sends letters from Sir Robt. Wingfield of overtures made him by lady Margaret touching the charge of De la Shawe to the King of Portugal, and of the King's answer. Although my Lady has plainly acquitted herself in this matter, Wolsey has such trust in the Emperor's determination and observance of his promise according to his late letters, which the King has seen, he cannot believe he will depart from his word. It will be good, however, to follow my Lady's advice, and for the King to instruct his ambassadors accordingly. Westm., 21 Oct. Signed.
Pp. 2. Add.
21 Oct.
R. O.
Petition of Ric. Chaufer, merchant of the Staple at Calais. Was factor for the late Henry Kebyll, alderman of London, and paid about 600l. for him. Cannot recover this sum from lord Mountjoy, his executor. Wolsey sent a commission to the lieutenant and constable to hear the case, which could not be determined on account of the nonappearance of John Garwey, Mountjoy's factor. Asks for another, commanding them to hear the case, and give judgment.
ii. Copy of the second commission. Westm., 21 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII.
P. 1.
21 Oct.
Assent to the election of Dan John Sherborne as abbot, vice Th. Broke. Westm., 21 Oct.
Pat. 14 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 2.
21 Oct.
S. B.
Grant, in frank almoigne, to the master, fellows and scholars of the College of St. John the Evangelist, of numerous possessions and liberties in various counties lately belonging to the priories of Bromehall, Herts, and Hygham, Kent. Del. Westm., 21 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII.
Pat. 14 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 5.
22 Oct.
Fiddes, C. p. 123.
My very dear friends, health and increase of good learning. I have often applied my thoughts to arranging the affairs of your University; but overwhelming business has followed so quickly on the heels of business that I have never found sufficient leisure for devoting myself entirely to this object. As, therefore, by your letters, and partly by the relation of others, I understand that this delay is prejudicial to your quiet and your studies, I have thought it better to leave these matters entirely in your hands until a more favorable occasion arises for settling them on a more permanent basis. You will therefore observe your ancient prerogatives in the election of proctors; and, all disputes, disturbances, and mutual animosities set aside, you will proceed to the election of such men for proctors as shall most contribute to the credit and dignity of the University and the advancement of learning. As to your request to be exonerated from contributing to the loan, I cannot of myself determine anything in that matter. I will, however, during the present term, in conjunction with the King's Council, take such steps in this business as may assure you how much I have at heart the repose, interest, and credit of your University. Therefore, be of good cheer, and apply yourselves to study; careful, above all things, that no desire of vainglory tempt you from the pursuit of learning into party feuds and private animosities. London, 22 Oct. 1522.
Oct. Galba, B. VII. 342. B. M.
Wrote last on the 20th. The earl of Egmont and mons. Wasseneyre have been with my Lady to obtain money for their companies. Yesterday we dined together at the house of John Hesdin. All spoke highly of my lord Admiral and the whole army. Egmont and Wasseneyre seemed to intend passing into Spain. They complain that there is so little provision here for payment, and say the men of war will do small service if the King do not take the matter in his own hand as protector of these countries. I told them all Christendom knew in what peace and ease the King had stood until his alliance with the Emperor, and how unprofitable that alliance would be if things were no better managed by the Emperor's officers; that his highness had kept me here to his great cost, only to see that there was nothing wanting on the Emperor's part, and I had done my best; yet there was such remissness it was a wonder greater disasters had not happened. My Lady constantly assured me that payment was made for the whole army, and, considering the default which had appeared "in this short brasche of war," I had no doubt the King would look more carefully to his business in future. In fact, I see that if the King expects sure assistance in these parts, he must set a deeper foot into them than he has done yet.
The King's artillery and munitions are to be at Antwerp today or tomorrow. Hesdin is gone thither to provide for the carriage to Calais. My Lady has a letter from the archduke Ferdinand, at the diet at Nurem- burg, who says that Francis Sykkynge is put under the ban of the empire, and that he has news from Rome of the death of cardinal Sion, which it is believed his physicians were bribed to hasten. The admiral of France and divers captains rode out of Fontarabia to sport them on their mules, when they were attacked and slain by some Spaniards in ambush. My Lady means to remain here till the earl of Bwre's arrival, instead of going to Ghent, as I mentioned. He comes by short stages, being very weak, though the fevers have left him. Malines, 23 Oct. 1522.
Hol., pp. 3. Add.
23 Oct.
R. O.
Perceives by the report of Mr. Bedill that the Cardinal is contented that the matter concerning the prerogative shall pass under such manner and form as was agreed upon "between my Chancellor and you at my last being at Lambeth." Has written to his Chancellor to have all the writings ready for the Archbishop's seal, and begs Toneys will solicit Wolsey to do the same; "for I would be loth there should be any further deferring or delay in these matters, considering the great kindness that I find daily in my lord Cardinal's grace." Knoll, 23 Oct.
P.S.—"I would not have made any great difficulties in these matters, except I had been informed, by such as be my lovers and friends, that such as be not contented with this agreement, which be many in number and of a good authority, would have put me and my officers, and other men also, in jeopardy of a præmunire." By the late arrangement this will be avoided, and my lord Cardinal "lose no penny of his profit in this behalf.
Oportet considerare præsentia, et caute prævidere futura." Signed.
P. 1. Add.
24 Oct.
R. O.
2634. CHARLES V.
Commission to George de Themsicq, provost of Cassel, Jerome Dorp and Herrmann Cobbel, to consult at Calais with the merchants of the Staple there, for remedying the defects of the imperial coinage. Mechlin, 24 Oct. 1522.
Sealed. Lat., on vellum.
24 Oct.
R. O.
Lease, dated 24 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII., by Thos. Stakehouse, D.D., master of the college called St. Michael's House, Cambridge, to Sir Wm. Ascugh and Elizabeth his wife, of the lands, &c. belonging to the priory of Wyngall, Lindesey, co. Linc., at an annual rent of 11l. 3s. 4d. Sir Wm. is to repair the choir of the chapel within one year, and to keep it in repair, for which he is to be allowed 4l. He is also to ditch and set with quickset the Wyngall field belonging to the priory, for which he will be allowed 20s.
Pp. 2.
24 Oct.
R. O.
2636. ARTHUR POOLLE to _.
Sir, I am much obliged for the trouble you took with me when I was in Sussex. The King has written to the earl of Arundel to further my cause, and to you to deliver the letter. I beg you will also deliver the other that he sends to my father-in-law, though "I know it shall be a great trouble unto you to meddle with such a man; howbeit you know his conditions best of any man." If I cannot recompense you before I die, I hope the King will, for he will be very glad if I obtain my purpose. When I told him how the earl of Arundel handled me, he was greatly miscontent, and told me to speak to Mr. More to devise a sharp letter to him; but More thought it better to send him a loving letter first. Trusts the Earl will now do all he can for him, as the King writes so favorably. Desires this for the King's service, for which the King thinks my father-in-law unmeet, considering his age and small experience in the wars. If the Earl can bring my father-in-law to consent to let me have his lands to farm at the value at which they were assessed before the commissioners, which is far more than they are worth, then you shall say the King desires my father-in-law's letter, to let me have the land for 300 mks. yearly, he retaining the manor of Cratton, as he himself promised to the King. I leave the matter to your discretion, as you know best what to do.
The Admiral has returned from France, "and onfowghtyn with all." He has lost two gentlemen, John Darell and Gyot; the former through his own folly, for, with only six in his company, he set upon 200 French horse, and was slain. Gyote "dyd more wyslyer," but is either taken or slain. Sir John Wallop is in garrison at St. Omer's, with 1,000 men. More horse and foot have been left behind, but he is the chief captain. Lord Rose came tonight to the court. The earl of Northumberland's son and heir is warden in his place. I have spoken to Martyn about your harness. He can make none without the King's leave, which you will be sure to obtain when you come to court. I made your recommendations to Mr. Compton, who said he lately wrote to you. Mr. Kingston has never come to court since I saw you. Bishop's Hatfield, 24 Oct.
Hol., pp. 2.
24 Oct.
S. B.
2637. For JOHN ROOPER, Attorney General.
Wardship of Mary, d. and h. of John Morton, junr., s. of Margaret, late wife of Th. Morton. Del. Westm., 24 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII.
Pat. 14 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 14.
27 Oct.
Galba, B. VII. 344. B. M.
Wrote last on the 23rd. Have since spoken with my Lady, and told her that though the King, for the Emperor's sake, had taken the name of Protector of these countries, he must not be expected to exercise that office at his own costs; and I thought he would be more surely ascertained how payment was to be made to the Emperor's army next summer, for I saw by the letters I had from the King's lieutenant what peril was likely to have befallen the common army for lack of payment, during the short time they have been together, and that Egmont and Wasseneyre had made similar complaints;—that the King's army had not been sufficiently accompanied with horse between St. Omer's and Calais, and unless a sufficient sum were set apart for the war expenses, and not tampered with for payment of debts or other things, nothing would take good effect;—that I saw no reason why the Emperor's subjects here were so unwilling to advance money, except that the horse were still left unpaid, notwithstanding all their contributions, and allowed to eat the Emperor's poor subjects.
My Lady said the lack of payment had only been to the 1,000 horse newly raised; and it was no wonder, on account of the suddenness of the enterprise, which was determined without her counsel, and that when she had knowledge of it she had exerted herself so that all things promised by the Emperor had been got ready, and a month's payment provided before the King's army was ready to start from Calais; that she had trusted Brabant would not have denied its aid, or Wolsey refused a loan, the first sum she ever tried to borrow. As for next summer, she hopes the Emperor and the King will not determine anything without making her privy to it. On Wednesday next my Lady sets out for Ghent, where the earl of Bwre will meet her. He is now at Bruges, and so weak that he cannot come hither. Some think he is dying. Malines, 27 Oct. 1522.
Hol., mutilated, pp. 3. Add.
27 Oct.
Galba, B. VII. 345* B. M.
Informed you by my last letters how the artillery and munitions had been put on board the boats for Antwerp, to which place I have conducted them, and transferred them to three boats, now ready to sail when you please. Have written to the Admiral to arrange for their conduct either to London or Calais. Malines, 27 Oct. 1522. Signed.
Fr., p. 1. Add.: Au Roy.
R. O. 2640. The LOAN
The certificate of Nic. bishop of Ely, John Huddylston and Philip Paris, commissioners for the collection of the loan in Cambridgeshire, containing the names of the persons, their values taxable, and the amount with which they are charged.
Fulbourne.—Nic. Wodde, 100 mks. (fn. 2) Eliz. Wodde, 40l. John Malore, 50l. John Wheteley, 20l. Thos. Wright, 40l. Wm. Battell, junr., 30l. John Awsten, 20l. Wm. Chace, 20l. Wm. Blossom, 20l. Ric. Thompson, 20l. Wm. Heyward, 20l. Wm. Batell, sen., 20l.
Hynton.—John Foxton ..., John Bamberd ..., Wm. Carew ...,... Wys ...
[Hor]nyngsey.—Thos. Cole, 22l. Hen. Wolett, 20l.
[Teve]rsham.—Agnes Batell, widow, 20l.
Hundred of Stane. Bottisham.—Laurence Foster, gent., in lands, 40 mks.; in goods, 20l. John Gunston, 50l. Robt. Sewall, 42l. Thos. Goldsmith, 20l. John Hasyll, 50l. ... 56l ... 100 mks. ... 30l. ... 20l. ... xvi.l. x. ... * * *
Swaffham Prior cum Roche.—Wm. Ruse, 200 mks. John Edwards, 20l. John Colyn, 20l. John Gilberd, 26l. 13s. 4d. John Reymond, 26l. 13s. 4d. Wm. Kyng, 20l. Thos. Reymowe, 20l. Rowland Backehouse, 100 mks. John Donys, brewer, Dutchman, 40l. John Overall, 20l.
Wylbraham Parva.—Thos. Taylor, 60l.
Wylbraham Magna.—John Smyth, 200l.
[Sta]pyllhoo Hundred ... John Randy ... (?), 50l. * * *
Fordham.—Wm. Hyngson, 40l. Thos. Jerves, 20l. Andrew Branche, 20l. Maude Chesewryth, widow, 220 mks.
Soham.—Edw. Besteney, 400 mks. Thos. Besteney, 40l. John Pecehe, 70l. John Henryson, 30l. Edw. Bernys, 100 mks. Ric. Yaxlee, 40l. John Webbe, 24l. Thos. Yaxlee, 30l. Thos. Peche, 40l. John Saluburye, 40l. Richard Bya, 30l. Wm. Gore, 26l. 13s. 4d. Robt. Salusburye, 20l. Thos. Dowe, 40l. Wm. Parre, 26l ... 40l., Henry Howett, 20l. Thos. Peche, 23l. Wm. Peche, 20l. Edmond Wake, 20l. John Garsham, 25l. Margett Wollyngham, widow, 30l.
Burwell.—John Benet, gent, 100l. John Wyott, 24l. John Gryme, 30l. Ph. Garson, 20l. Walter Colyn, 40l. Wm. Fabbe, 20l. Thos. Rolf, 100l.
Wykyn.—John Crowe, 20l.
Kenet.—Thos. Emson, 20l.
Isleham.—Ric. Lambard, 20l. John Row ... John Bagott, ... Wm. Cocks, 40l.Rauf Chareley, 20l. Dame Eliz. Payton, widow, 140l.
Landwade.—Hugh Talmage, gent. 20l.
Shyppenham.—Wm. Jude, 20l.
Snallwell.—Luke Cotton, gent, 20l. Wm. Norman, 40 mks. Wm. Branche, 20l.
Cheveley Hundred. Kartlyng.—Robt. Dam, gent., 100 mks.
Dytton Camys.—John Pratt, 40l.
Ch[eve]ley.—Wm. Reve, 20l.
Dytton ...—Hen. Forster, 80l. Walter ... 20l. Henry ..., 40l. ... 100 mks.
Asheley -cum-Silverley.—John Smyth, 200 mks. Thos. Parker, 20l.
Radfeld Hundred. Balsham.—Rawff Horne, 40l. John Lawrence, 100l. John Allgoode, 50l. Henry Allgoode, 20l. (vacat, because he is sessed in Fen Drayton at a greater value). Edm. Revill, 40l. Thos. Pye, 20l.
Westwrattyng.—John Symond, 20l. John Cokerell, 20l. Thos. Marshe, 20l.
Brynkley.—Robt. Clayton, 80l. John Gyre, 20l. Johane Stufeld, widow, 20l.
Dullingham.-John Ronew (?), 60l. ... Tyler, 20l. Thos. Colton, 20l. ... Tyler, widow, 20l.
Stecheworth.—Thos. Hyldersham, gent., 40l. Symond Folkys, 40l. Thos. Taylior, 20l.
Westeley Waterlez.—Dame Mary Alyngton, 120l. Ric. Norwiche, 40l. Wm. Mannok, gent., in lands, 20l.
Willingham-cum-Carlton.—No men of value worthy to be certified.
Burgh.—John Betton, 20l.
Weston Colviled.—No persons taxable.
Chesterton Hundred. Chesterton.—Wm. Swayne, 40l. Hen. Cooke, 300l. Ric. Fokelyn, 38l. Robt. Corye, 30l. John Gotobed, 80l. John Gardiner, 40l. Wm. Fuller, 20l. Wm. Seynes, 20l. Thos. Goodyere, 20l. Edm. Rogers, 20l. Ric. Gotobed, 30l. Thos. Thyxsoo ... 20l. John Gotobed, 20l.
Cottenham.—Wm. Whyston (?), 40 mks. Thos. B ..., 20l. John Seygar, 20l., Symond Green, 100l. ... Pepys, 50l. Thos. Parre, ...
Hyston.—Roger Moncye, 120l. Thos. Styward, 80l. Ric. Lombe, 28l. John Chapman 30l. Thos. Rykhard, 20l.
Drye Drayton.—Thos. Bolham, 20l. Hen. Water, 20l. Wm. Gyfford, 45l. Thos. Johnson, 50l.
[Sto]we Hundred. Gyrton.—John Hynde, gent., 33l. Robt. Thresher, 30l. Thos. Herdler, 26l. John Yeaxley, 45l.
Waterbeach.—Wm. Robb, 30l. Robt. Campye, 40 mks. ... 40l.
Lolworth.—Robt. Stukyn, 60l. Robt. Gunnel, 20l.
Hokyngton.—John Notyngham, 20l. Agnes Johnson, widow, 40 mks.
Impyngton.—Wm. Scott, 100 mks. Robert Munsey, 50 mks. Marg. Burgoyn, 40 mks. in land. Johanne Munsey, 31l.
Medylton.—Robt. Hawkyn, 20l.
Madynglaye.—John Benett, 20l.
Landbech.—Edw. Lane, 20l. Ric. Foote, 100l. Ric. Mych ..., 80l.
Longstanton.—Chr. Bur..., 60l. Geo. Conyas, 40 mks. Ric. Conyas, 30l.
Papworth Hundred. Knapwell.—Nil.
Fen Drayton.—Hen. Algoode, 30l.
Conyngton.—Johanne Smyth, widow, 40l. Henry Smyth, 40l. Thos. Newman, 40 mks. Johanne Searle, 30l.
Swasey.—John Roberts, 20l. Robt. Hopper, 24l.
Graveley.—John Lawrence, 20l. Wm. Cosyn, 24l. Thos. Wyseman, 40l. Ric. Wayte, 20l.
Over.—Wm. Dosytur, 40 mks. Robt. Fenne, 40 mks. Wm. Cappe, 46l. 13s. 4d. Robt. Loder, 20l.
Boxworth.—..., 60l. ..., 20l.
Papworth Agnes.—John Blackman, 20l.
Papworth Everard.—Wm. Bonsey, 20l.
Willingham.—Robt. Botton, 24l. John Grove, the elder, 22l.
Chilford Hundred. Babraham.—Aleyn Chapman, 100 mks. Wm. Pink, 40 mks.
Lynton.—Marg. Parys, widow, 30l. Ric. Amye, 40l. Stephen Fulwel, 40l. Rob. Smyth, miller, 24l. John Stacye, 30l. Wm. Mylsent, and his s[on] ... Mason, widow, ... Wm. Falwell ...
Hyldersham.—Marg. Beton, widow, 30l. Rob. Beton, 30l. Simon Beton, 25l. Marg. Pyshe (?), 24l.
Abington Magna.—John Smyth, the elder, 20l.
Abington Parva.—Rob. Wynlove, 20l. Rob. Amye, 20l.
Horseth.—Mr. Giles Abington, 88l. in lands. Jone Jacobe, widow, 30l. John Bentley, 40l.
Castell Campes.—Rob. Tyrrell, 50l. Rob. Challers, 60l. Thos. Flagge, 20l. John Lambert, 35l. Rob. Lambert, 50l.
Shuddy Campe.—Wm. Wym ..., 30l. Rob. Hyg.., 30l. John Brya ..., 30l.
Bartlow.—Thos. ..., 30l. ..., 31l.
Westwckham.—Wm. Ballard, 40l. John Webbe, 40l.
Thryplowe Hundred. Shelford Magna.—Avery Myddelton, 60l. Wm. Mannyng, 20l. Wm. Ebden, 24l. John Newman, 20l. John Bevys, 22l. Agnes Scott, widow, 20l. Jone Roger; widow, 20l.
Shelford Parva.—Rose Frevill, widow, 40l.
Newton.—Wm. Hawke, 20l.
Thryplowe.—Jone Hawkes, widow, 20l. Thos. Pryme, 20l. John Fermour, 20l.
Trompyngton.—Hugh Prychard, 20l. Ric. Lamb, 20l. Henry Greene, 20l.
Foxton.—My lady St. George, 40 mks. John Fuller, 20l.
Stapylford.—Thos. Sterne, 20l. Rob. Goodman, 100l. Edm. Gybson, 100 mks. Wm. Reynold, 20l.
Harston.—Ric. Goodeg..., 25l.
Wyttelsford Hundred. Sawston.—Wm. Sawston, 50l. John Huntyng[don], 300 mks. Edm. Campy[on], 20l. John Wolward, 30l. John Swett, 20l. Ric. Tyl ..., 30l.
Wyttelsford.—Rob. Symon, 80 mks. Wm. ..., 40l. John Newton, sen., 60l.
Duxforth.—Ric. Farnam, 40l. Wm. Kyng, 60l. John Pygge, 20l.
Iklyngton.—John Swanne, 36l. Ric. Spryng, 24l. John Crud, 46l. Ric. Crud, 46l. John Swanne, the elder, 30l.
Cootes alias Cotton.—John Hewe, 20l.
Harleton.—Mr. Hutton, 140l. Rob. Payton, esq., 78l.
Granchester.—Nic. San..., 20l.
Cumberton.—Thos. Barnys, 60l.
Haselyngfeld—John Bowyer, 24l.
Orwell Market.—Rob. Smyth, 20l.
[Barr]ington (?).—Nil.
Wympole.—Thos. Chichelaye, 100 mks. Wm. Malden, 40 mks.
Arnyngford Hundred. Lytlyngton.—Wm. Shermann, 20l. John Bolneys, 20l. Thos. Empson, 20l. Wm. Corse, 21l. Edw. Adock, 24l. Kateryn Bolney, widow, 21l.
Royston.—Wm. Pelle, 40l.
Steple Mordon.—Wm. Sewster, 100l. John Shotbolt, 22l. James Wylm ..., 20l. John Aleyn, 40 mks.
...—Thos..., 50l. Rob. ..., 20l. John Go ... 40l. Isabel A..., 20l.
Melbourne.—Nic. Harvye, 200l. Wm. Heche, 40l. Ric. Hornold, 20l. John Newham, senr., 24l. Ric. Chamberleyn, 20l. Wm. Heche, 24l. Heche, 24l. John Harvye, 23l. Edm. Stokes, 40l.
Kneseworth.—Thos. Taylor, 20l.
Whaddon.—John Moore, esq., in lands, 166l. 13s. 4d.
Melreth.—Waren Ashe, 40 mks.
Shyngaye.—Thos. Belame, 20l.
Crawden.—Ric. Godfray, 45l. Ric. Warner, 20l. Gabriel Godfrey, 20l. Laurence Per ..., 20l.
[Ea]st Hatley.—Edw. Slade, 46l. 13s. 4d.
...—Thos. Pigot, 66l. 13s. 4d.
Gylden Mordon.—Anth. Hasylden, 50l. Rob. Morgan, 340l.
Wendaye.—John Dalyson, 40l.
Stow Hundred. Caxton.—John Cretyng, 100l.
Kyngeston.—Dame Eliz. Chamberlain, widow, 100l.
Caldecote.—Thos. Smith, 20l.
Eversden Parva.—Nil.
Eversden Magna.—Nil.
Tofte.—Thos. Newman, 20l.
Stow.—Ric. Baylye, 20l.
Lytyl Grantesdon.—Nil.
Eltyslcy.—Rob. Daye, 20l. Rob. Ratforde, 20l.
Croxton.—John Adam, 20l.
Hungrey Hatley.—Thos. St. George, 46l. in goods, 40l. in lands. Wm. Marshall, 24l.
Signed by the bishop of Ely, Huddylston and Paris
Pp. 23, mutilated.
30 Oct.
Vit. B. V. 100*. B. M.
Since he has been in England, has always been anxious to serve the King, and, as he hears that he is engaged in war with France, offers him 500 or 400 horse. Mantua, 30 Oct. 1522. Signed.
Ital., p. 1. Add.
30 Oct.
Galba, B. VII. 346. B. M.
Wrote last from Malines on the 27th. Received the same day Wolsey's, dated Westminster, the 22nd, concerning (1) the recovering of the King's confirmation of the treaty made at Bruges, and (2) the passage of the provost of Cassel and others to Calais. As to the first, I have made overture to my Lady as instructed. The said confirmation is at Brussels, and she has promised that it shall be sought for, and be ready to be sent to the Emperor's ambassadors in England, whenever she shall hear from them, presuming that you have spoken to the matter to them, although she has not yet heard from them. Did not mention the matter of the provost of Cassel, as I heard that he and his colleagues had that morning ridden towards Calais, and I saw by Hesdin that the fault of their so soon going lay with themselves, for he said that on his return from England he had not failed to show my Lady the appointment you took with him for meeting at Calais the last day of this month, which was at his own request.
My Lady left Malines yesterday, and came today to Ghent, where the Estates are already met. Before she left Malines, she heard from Fiennes that she would find everything so prepared that her aids would be granted, and that the nobles and people of this country, especially the Gantois, desired her coming. This has given great satisfaction to my Lady and Howstrate. The latter is merry, and has given his folks new livery. The earl of Bure has arrived, but I have not yet spoken with him. News has come from Cambray, a neutral city, that the French have had a great overthrow on the frontiers of Gascony; but the reported number of slain and prisoners, 14,000 or 15,000, is so great, that the news is not believed. The French, it is said, have burned in Artois, since the army was disbanded, more than 24 villages. The Henneweis have burned a great way into France. This will keep both sides enemies. Ghent, 30 Oct. 1522.
Hol., mutilated, pp. 3. Add.
30 Oct.
P. S.
2643. For TH. BUNOLT, of London, alias CLARENCEUX of Gilingham.
Protection; going in the retinue of lord Berners, deputy of Calais. Newhall, 17 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 30 Oct.
31 Oct.
R. O.
Among the lands granted to him for his service "at the Scottish field," was the manor of East Wickham, Kent, of yearly value 100s., which the late Sir John Pechy held for 60 years in farm, unknown to Norfolk and his counsel. The lords of the Exchequer now demand the mean profits and the rent since the date of his letters patent. Asks Wolsey to procure the King's signature to a privy seal, drawn up by his counsel, ordering the barons to desist from their demand. Chesworthe, 31 Oct. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: To my lord Cardinal's [go]od grace.
31 Oct.
Calig. B. II. 327. B. M.
2645. DACRE to WOLSEY.
Is certified of Albany's departure from Scotland, as stated in his last letter. On Thursday the 23rd, the Duke left Edinburgh for Stirling. On the morrow, after communication with the bishops of Glasgow, Galloway, Argyll, and Caithness, the earls of Huntley, Argyll, Murray, Levenox, and Arran, the lords Bothwick and Erskine, he appointed the archbishop of Glasgow, chancellor, Huntley, Argyll, Arran, and Gressolles (Gonzolles), a Frenchman, regents, who were sworn to do nothing contrary to the Duke. He has promised to return before Assumption Day, or forfeit his authority. The duke of Erskine is appointed keeper of the King,—a simple man, a Scotchman, the Duke's servant, once a petty captain in Milan. On Saturday last, he left for Glasgow, Sunday to Dumbretane, on Monday set sail. Has received only a slender answer from the Queen, enclosed, touching a meeting between himself and one of the lords of Scotland who were with the Duke at Solam Chapel when the abstinence was taken, 11th Sept. last. Before Dacre's letter reached the Duke, he had despatched a letter to him by Carrick, a pursuivant, desiring another month's abstinence, to continue till 23rd Nov. Sends copy of the correspondence.
A meeting is to be held of the lords of Scotland, at Edinburgh, 6 Nov. Will stop Albany's secretary and the Queen's servant, till he hears from Wolsey, that he may alter their letters if need be. Thinks there will be great dissension on the Borders, owing to the disunion of the lords; and that lord Roos, the warden, who is only a lieutenant there with a small retinue, should immediately return, or my lord Percy be made warden. Is willing to make any arrangement to promote the King's service. Harbottle, 31 Oct. Signed.
Pp. 3. Add.: My lord Legate's grace.
31 Oct.
R. O.
Has received his two letters of the 6th Aug. and 22nd Sept., containing news from Scotland, which pleases him exceedingly. Desires credence for his ambassadors, to whom also he writes. Valladoly, 31 Oct. 1522. Signed.
Fr., p. 1. Add.
R. O. 2647. WARHAM to WOLSEY.
Came to Canterbury on Saturday last, because the Prior and brethren desired his presence at this feast of St. Thomas. As it is rumored that the French intend some feat shortly in these parts, communicated with the mayors of Canterbury, Dover and Sandwich, and gentlemen of the county, who are now but few, some being absent at the term, and some serving the King at sea and elsewhere. We have appointed watches by day and night in the towns and villages on the seashore. Persons dwelling twenty or thirty miles from Dover are bound to keep watch on the coast, and in times of danger commissions are sent to the justices and constables to command them to enforce this duty; and it would be well if commissions, according to the old tenor, were sent speedily. Beacons shall be set up, and the inhabitants warned to keep themselves ready to defend the country.
On Wednesday next, will journey along the coast to Sandwiche, Deale, Dover, Fulstone and Hythe, and take order for their defence. My household and tenants will be ready with their harness. After my return, shall go to the Isle of Thanet, and then remain at my church for a season. Those who know the country think there is a great lack of harness and men, which have lately been taken to other places, and they think captains should be appointed to assemble the people, when need shall be. Advises such to be appointed, and harness spared for these parts, as this will encourage the people, who are not so ready as they ought to be. Was anxious to see Wolsey before his coming hither, on matters they have spoken about together. Is informed Wolsey's officers deal harshly with executors and administrators, which he hoped Wolsey would not have allowed while the matter was in suspense. Will be pleased if Wolsey take the pain to visit Otford on his return. Signed.
P.1, mutilated. Add.: To the lord Cardinal [of York, l]egate a latere.
Oct./GRANTS. 2648. GRANTS in OCTOBER 1522.
2. Humph. Brownell, clk. Presentation to the church of Lanrayder, Bangor dioc., vice Ric. Holand, deceased. Westm., 2 Oct.—Pat. 14 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 25.
4. Sir Hen. Moreton, clk., and Sir Wm. Clerk, priest, to the King. Certify, as the King's commissioners "to examine tests of and upon title of land," in variance between Roger Johnson and [the King ?], that they have taken depositions and [sent them to the] Council. 4 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII.—P.S. b.
5. John Purcas, of Bokking, Essex. Protection; going in the retinue of lord Berners, deputy of Calais. Under signet, Newhall, 26 Sept. 14 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 5 Oct.—P.S. b. Fr. m. 12.
6. Alice Blande, of London, spinster. Pardon for having stolen silver vessels from John Hatfyld, vintner, of the parish of St. Nicholas Shambles, in the ward of Farringdon, London. Del. Westm., 6 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 14.
7. Anth. Carsydony, merchant of Florence. Licence to export 1,000 sacks of wool. Del. Westm., 7 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Fr., 14 and 15 Hen. VIII. m. 11.
8. Geoffrey Hughes, gunner. To be gunner in the Tower of London, with 12d. a day, vice David Ap Howell. Newhall, 8 Sept. 14 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 8 Oct.—P.S.
8. Wm. Millet, native of Bace Normandy. Denization. Westm., 8 Oct.—Pat. 14 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 15.
8. Roger Radclif, of Withcok, Leic., Geoffrey Radclif, of Rokingham, Northt., and Augustine Porter, of Belton, Linc. Grant of the next presentation to the church of Cot- tesmore, Rutl., Linc. dioc. Del. Hampton Court, 8 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 10.
8. John Sanforde and John Transfylde, gunners. Office of a gunner in the Tower of London, with 6d. a day, vice Geoffrey Hughes. Newhall, 9 Sept. 14 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 8 Oct.—P.S.
8. Nich. Towneley, clk. Presentation to the church of St. Nicholas, Calais, Canterbury dioc. Hampton Court, 8 Oct.—Pat. 14 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 25.
9. John Carewe, s. and h. of John Carewe. Livery of lands. Del. Westm., 9 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 14.
10. Maurice Birchynsha, clk. Presentation to the church of Walkynton, York dioc. Westm., 10 Oct.—Pat. 14 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 25.
10. John Lawrence, of London, leather-dresser. Revocation of protection granted by patent 30 March 13 Hen. VIII., on account of his remaining in London instead of going in the suite of lord Berners. Westm., 10 Oct.—Pat. 14 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 15.
11. John Hasilby, servant of Queen Katharine. Licence to export 120 sacks of wool and 6,000 fleeces. Westm., 11 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII.—R. O. Two copies.
13. Peter Frere, of London, skinner. Protection; going in the retinue of lord Berners, deputy of Calais. Newhall, 20 Sept. 14 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 13 Oct.—P.S.
14. Wm. Bulkeley, of Westminster. Protection; going in the retinue of Ric. Thirkill, captain of the ship Bon Espoyer, to serve in the war. Del. Westm., 14 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII. Signed: "Per me Rychard Thyrkyll;" and sealed.—P.S. b.
14. Adriana Burton, late of Stapulforde, Herts, single woman. Pardon for setting fire to the house of Wm. Lorkyn, and his looms and yarn worth 4l. 16s. Del. Westm., 14 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII.—S.B.
14. Wm. Goodknap, of Kingston-upon-Hull, alias Hull, merchant of the Staple of Calais. Protection; going in the retinue of lord Berners, deputy of Calais. Newhall, 14 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII. (No date of delivery.)—P.S.
14. Th. Grane, of London, founder. Protection; going in the retinue of Ric. Thirkild, captain of the ship Bon Espoyer. Del.. Westm., 14 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII. Signed and sealed by Thyrkyll.—P.S. b.
14. Benedict de Opiciis. Licence to export 200 tuns of beer. Del. Westm., 14 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Fr. 14 and 15 Hen. VIII. m. 1.
14. John Semer, of Hereford-Stoke, Essex. Protection; going in the retinue of Ric. Thirkild, captain of the ship Bon Espoyer. Del.. Westm., 14 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII. Signed and sealed by Thirkyll.—P.S. b.
16. Wm. Rothewell, of London, mercer. Protection; going in the retinue of lord Berners, deputy of Calais. [Del.] 16 Oct. (year not given.)—S.B.
18. John Adams, native of Scotland. Denization. Newhall, 6 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 18 Oct. In the margin: "Pro 64 solidis et 6 denariis solutis in Hanaperio."—P.S.
18. Rob. Matras, of Calais, butcher, alias of Feversham, Kent, grazier. Protection; going in the retinue of lord Berners, deputy of Calais. Newhall, 11 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 18 Oct.—P.S.
20. Hugh Norton, yeoman of the Guard. Grant of the corrody or sustentation in the monastery of Eynesham, void by death of John Camby. Newhall, 3 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 20 Oct.—P.S.
22. Roger Corbet. Livery of lands as s. and h. of Sir Rob. Corbet, and as k. and h. of Eliz. Leighton, late wife of Sir Richard Corbet, aud mother of Sir Robert. Del. Westm., 22 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 15.
24. Wm. Bright, LL.D., perpetual vicar of Dancaster. Presentation to the church of Moremonckton, vice Simon Robynson, who exchanges. Westm., 24 Oct.—Pat. 14 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 6.
25. John Pyrton, captain of The Criste, Protection for John Woodman, haberdasher, of London, in his retinue. Del. Westm., 25 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII.—P.S. b.
25. John Yong, captain of The Gabryell of Upton. Protection for Wm. Newman, of London, armourer, in his retinue. Del. Westm., 25 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII.—P.S. b.
28. Wm. Childerley. To be turnorius of the Household, and of the Navy and Ordnance. Del. Westm., 28 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII.—S.B.
28. John Hall, of Westminster, Middx Pardon. Newhall, 18 Aug. 14 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 28 Oct.—P.S.
29. John Clerk, of London, Bishop's Lynne, Norf., and Wolerston, Notts, draper, alias servant of Sir John Husey, and prisoner in Newgate, Pardon. Del. Westm., 29 Oct. 14 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 17.


  • 1. See no. 2532. § 2.
  • 2. The loan is throughout one tenth of the value stated.