Henry VIII: November 1519

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 3, 1519-1523. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1867.

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November 1519

4 Nov. 493. SIR WM. SANDYS, Treasurer of Calais.
Indenture, 4 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII., between the King and Sandys, leasing to the latter the lordship of Mark and Oye, with appurtenances and privileges, as held by Sir John Turbervyle, late farmer thereof; with certain reservations, among others, the Meane Broke and Couswade marshes; for seven years, at the annual rent of 1,320l. (Calais), with power to appoint English officers, excepting the "vaunt parler, coroner, curatour, chamberlains, preysours, meter, and a man."
Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 25.
4 Nov.
P. S.
494. To WOLSEY, as Chancellor.
To issue writs on the preferment of John Veysey to the bishopric of Exeter. Greenwich, 23 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 Nov.
ii. Bull of Leo X. containing the preferment. Rome, 31 Aug.
4 Nov.
Rym. XIII.
i. Writ to the escheator of Devon for restitution of the temporalities of the see of Exeter on the election of John Veysey, vice Hugh late bishop, deceased.
ii. Similar writs for Cornwall, Surrey and Sussex, Hants and Middlesex.
iii. Mandate to the tenants of the bishopric.
Westm., 4 Nov.
Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 5.
5 Nov.
R. O.
Recommends to him a son of lord Berghes, sent to be brought up in England. Brussels, 5 Nov. 1519. Signed.
Fr., p. 1. Add. and endd.
5 Nov.
Wardship of Thomas Fitzgerald, brother of Henry son of Gerald earl of Kildare and Elizabeth his wife, deceased. Greenwich, 20 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 5 Nov.
Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 7.
6 Nov.
Vit. B. XX.
B. M.
498. [TUNSTAL] (fn. 1) to WOLSEY.
[At his] last being at Antwerp two men [of the] said town came to him, an told him h[ow] Nicholas Tyrry, as one of the King's purveyors, had taken of them certain [stuff] to the King's use when his grace was last [at] Guysnes, which they had only delivered because he came in the King's name. Told them he was sure the King had ordered all his purveyors to pay for what they took. Desired them to make written memorials of their demands, that he might advertise the King; on which they promised to send Tunstal copies of "the bills of his own hand," given for assurance of their payment. Heard no mo[re of] them until he came here, when one of them sent [him] the copy of his bill enclosed. They told him Tyrry had done the same thing at Antwerp. Will send the other memorial, if it come.
The Electors still refuse to give place to any ambassadors, and even to the three cardinals here, as they did at the Emperor's coming to Acon. Has, therefore, to preserve the King's honor, abstained from solemn acts. The Pope's ambassador has done the same. Thinks, from what he hears from Chievres and the Chancellor, they are not likely to be better treated at this time, nor at the diet, "for the Electors will not be ordered nor advised by them touching their h ... ceremonies of the empire. A ... heard that in times past the ... hath given place to orators of ... which now they do not." Thinks Chievres and [the] Chan- cellor "have not or dare not [tell] them of it." Has sent the news in the King's letter. Begs to know if he shall remain longer. Only matters of the empire will be treated in the diet. As to taking the crown imperial, thinks it is far from their minds, seeing that Spain is in disorder, whence money must come to maintain the enterprise. Here is great expense to the Emperor, and little revenues. [Cologne], 6 Nov.
P.S.—"Much of the Emperor's gayest and best ... is sent back into Brabande, whereb[y it doth] appear to all men that after t ... they will ret[urn]." * * *
In Tunstal's hand:—"The Car. ..." * *
Add.: "To the most rev." &c., "my lord Card. of York," &c.
Pp. 3, badly mutilated.
7 Nov.
Galba, B. v.
390* b.
B. M.
Would have sent his son before to England as requested, had not Mons ... wished to take him at his last journey from Germany, on the affair of the empire. Begs the King will receive him into his service, as the writer is growing old. Brussels, 7 Nov. 1519. Signed.
Fr., mutilated, p. 1. Add.
Cumb.—Ambrose Crakenthorp, Hugh Hoton (?), *Sir Edw. Musgrave.
Northumb.— *Geo. Skelton, Hen. Walace, Rob. Ribton.
York.— *Sir Peter Vavasour, Sir John Norton, Sir John Rowclyff.
Notts. and Derby.—Humph. Hercy, Sir Th. Cokeyn, *Godfrey Foljambe.
Linc.—Sir Rob. Dymmok, Th. Robertson, *Sir Rob. Tirwhitt.
Warw. and Leic.—Sir John Dygby, *Sir Hen. Willoughby, John Villers.
Salop.— *Sir Th. Cornewaill, Th. Vernon, Fras. Yong.
Staff.—Sir Lewis Bagot, Sir Wm. Gresley, *Sir Edw. Grey.
Heref.—Jas. Baskervile, *Ric. Cornewaill, Th. ap Harry.
Worc.—Sir Wm. Compton.
Glouc.—Sir Maurice Berkeley, Sir Wm. Kyngeston, *Wm. Denys.
Oxon. and Berks.—Ric. Norreis, *Th. Inglefeld, John Cheyne.
Northt.—Th. Lovett, John Treshm, *Sir Th. Lucy.
Camb. and Hunts.— *Sir Giles Alyngton, Sir Ric. Cholmeley, Rob. Frevyl[e].
Beds and Bucks.—Sir John Hampden, Sir Ralph Verney, jun., *John Mordaunt.
Norf. and Suff.—Sir Th. Wyndham, *Sir John Heydon, Sir Th. Bedyngfeld.
Essex and Herts.—Sir Geoff. Gate, *Sir John Veer, Th. Tey.
Kent.—Th. Cheyne, *Sir John Wilshire, Sir John Fogge.
Surrey and Sussex.—Sir Edm. Bray, *Sir Goddard Oxenbrigge, John Shelley.
Hants.— *John Caillewey, Peter Philpott, Sir Wm. Gifford.
Wilts.—John Horsey, *Sir Edw. Darrell, Hen. Baynton.
Som. and Dors.—Sir John Seymour, *John Bourgher, Th. Stukeley.
Devon.— *Ric. Pexsale, Sir Edw. Pomerey, Nich. Kirkeham.
Cornw.—Jas. Eresy, *John Arundell, of Talvern, Wm. Lowth.
Westmor.—Hen. Lord Clifford.
Rutl.— *Wm. Fyldyng, Th. Sherrard, Geo. Makworth.
Signed by the King in two places.
* Those persons were chosen sheriffs whose names were pricked by the King, and are marked above by an asterisk prefixed.
8 Nov.
R. O.
It is several months since he was compelled by his calamities to apply to Wolsey. His chief loss was sustained in the time of Henry VII., and Wolsey promised to assist him. Supposes, from press of business, Wolsey has forgotten him. Has paid his creditors 5,000l. as part of his debts, and is so much pressed by Heron for 290l. he owes the King that he cannot leave his house, and is not safe even there. Asks again for assistance, hoping the services of his uncle the bishop of Worcester, and his whole family, will be remembered in his favor. London, 8 Nov. 1519.
Hol., Lat., pp. 2. Add. and endd.
8 Nov.
S. B.
Rym. XIII. 704.
Wardship of John s. and h. of John Broughton. Del. Westm., 8 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII.
Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p.1, m. 17.
Inspeximus and confirmation to John abbot and the convent, of pat. 5 July 8 Hen. VII. confirming:—
i. Patent or charter of 8 Edw. II. confirming,—1. A charter (in Anglo-Saxon) of Edw. [the Confessor], granting privileges to Urk his "huskarl:" 2. Charter of same King, empowering his man Urkeslafe to assign lands to the abbey: 3. Charter of Wm. I to the abbot and monks: 4. Charter 54 Hen. III. confirming others of Wm. I., Stephen, Hen. I., and Hen. II.
ii. Charter 20 May 56 Hen. III. granting the abbot a market and fair at Helton, Dors.
Westm., 18 Nov.
Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 8.
9 Nov.
R. O.
504. PACE to WOLSEY.
Intended to have visited him this morning, but has been attacked in the night by a fever; "and joined with another troublesome passion, necessity compelleth me to signify unto your grace, by writing," the King's mind. The King wishes that at any time Wolsey shall certify him of any business to be expedited and send for Pace, Pace shall attend; at other times he is to remain in the court; "which his highness' commandment I shall be at all seasons ready to obey according to my duty, and as it appertaineth to mine office, and to do unto your grace also the most diligent service I can." Greenwich, 9th Nov.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: To my lord Legate, &c.
9 Nov.
Vit. B. IV. 28.
B. M.
Has not sent any letters, not wishing to interrupt the King, as he has communicated everything to Wolsey. The return of the legate Campeggio, who has sounded the King's praises everywhere, has greatly augmented the King's reputation at Rome. He extols the balls, music, and tournaments, and the wonderful splendour of the English court, and is an excellent trumpeter. Rome, 9 N[ov.] 1519. Sig. burnt.
Lat., mutilated, pp. 3. Add.
9 Nov.
506. For JOHN CLERK, Dean of the Chapel of the King's household.
Grant of the deanery of the collegiate church in Windsor Castle. Greenwich, 7 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII.
2. Writ to _ Denton, president of the collegiate [church] in Windsor Castle, to put the said John Clerk in possession of the deanery of Windsor, lately held by John Veysy, promoted to the bishopric of Exeter. Westm., 9 Nov.
Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 10.
10 Nov.
S. B.
507. For CARDINAL WOLSEY, as Abp. of York.
Grant, in frank almoigne, of a parcel of land, formerly belonging to the king of Scotland, in co. Midd, lying between a hospice of the archbishop of York, on the south; the chapel of St. Mary, of Runcevall, on the north; the river Thames, on the east; and the highway which leads from "Charyng-crosse" to Westminster, on the west. Del. Westm., 10 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII.
Endd.: "For the ground called Scotland, by York's Place."
12 Nov.
R. O.
The bond for the payment of the 7,000 crowns per ann. has been agreed to by the King, but not yet passed, by reason of the absence of some of the Council. It shall be expedited immediately by Pierre Corsy. Amboise, 12 Nov. Signed.
Fr., p. 1. Add.: Cardinal d'Yort, chancellier et legat en Angleterre.
12 Nov.
S. B.
509. For SIR HERMAN RYNGK, merchant of the Hanse towns, and HERMAN his son.
Annuity, in survivorship, of 66l. 13s. 4d., out of the petty custom of the port of London; on surrender of patent 2 Aug. 17 Hen. VII., granting the father an annuity of 20l., and of patent 25 Nov. 18 Hen. VII. granting him another of 30l. Del. Westm., 12 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII.
Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 23.
14 Nov.
R. O.
510. JOHN STONYWELL, Prior of Tynemouth.
Letters of Wolsey, exempting John Stonywell, S. T. P., prior of Tynemouth, a cell of St. Alban's, from the jurisdiction of the said monastery during Stonywell's life, by consent of Thos. Ramriche, abbot ot St. Alban's, and in accordance with his powers, as legatine visitor, granted by the Pope, 1519, 4 id. Jun. Stonywell is to retain his vote in the election of an abbot at St. Alban's, his seat in the choir, place in the chapter, right of residence, &c., on continuing the old pension of 7l. Westm., 14 Nov. 1519. Nostræ translationis, 6.
Vellum. Lat.
R. O. 2. Corrected draft of the preceding, to which is appended:—
Assent of Ramriche and Wm. Fresell, prior of Rochester, who has been appointed his coadjutor by Wolsey.
Memorandum, that the prior of Tynemouth will pay towards the school 6l. 8s. yearly, and 20s. on the anniversary of Ric. Trewyng, formerly prior.
Lat., pp. 5, corrected draft.
15 Nov.
R. O.
Muster book of the 50 gunners in the town and castle of Berwick, from 16 Aug. to 15 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII., in the time of Sir Anthony Ughtredd, captain of Berwick. Names given. Signed by Ughtredd.
Pp. 3.
15 Nov. 512. MONASTERY OF LILLESHULL, Cov. and Lich. dioc.
Congé d'élire to the prior and convent, vice James Cokerell, last abbot, resigned. Westm., 15 Nov.
Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 8.
16 Nov.
R. O.
Commends himself to her and her husband. Sends a doe with the shoulders and the wombylls, and three couple of coneys and a mallard. The coneys are so much washed by the weather, they are scarce worth bringing to London. Delivered 40s. of the 4l. she required, to Master Fehn, your auditor. Warwick, 16 Nov.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: To my ryght worshypfuil lady Luce at Clopton well thys be delyverd wyth spede.
16 Nov.
Calig. D. VII.
B. M.
Wrote his last on the 31st Oct. Yesterday se'night the King and Queen came hither from Amboise. On Wednesday Mountpesat arrived from England, praising his entertainment there. My Lady told him that Mountpesat had informed her "how the King my master had put off his beard, and axed me if I knew not of it. I said that Mountpesat had been with me at my lodging, and towlde me likewise; and further said that, as I supposed, it hath been by the Queen's desire; for I told my Lady that I have here afore time known when the King's grace hath worn long his beard, that the Queen hath daily made him great instance, and desired him to put it off for her sake." Thinks that she had taken some offence at him because he had shown a letter from Wolsey of the 28th of July, in which the King promised to wear his beard till the meeting. She also "axed" him "if [the] Queen's grace was nat awnte to the king of Spain." Boleyn answered he was her sister's son, but that the king of England had greater affection for her son than any King living. She was well appeased, and said, "Th[eir love] is nat in the berdes, but in the harts."
Next day the King asked him if he had heard any news from England. On his replying in the negative, Francis "laid his hand on his breast, and said, By the fay[th] of a gentleman, that, but for the very trust he had of the said meetin[g and] entrevieu, he would have been at this day at Myllan."
There is a talk of the duke of Albany going to Scotland; but my Lady assured Boleyn he should not, though he was much desired there. He is now in ... with his wife, but at the court no one is so familiar with the King. The Pope's legate, who had received the bishopric of Coutances and great presents, has returned to Rome. If the Pope die it is thought Francis will help the legate to the papacy. An ambassador is expected from Denmark for new aid for the adventurers th[at went] thither this last summer. Many of them are in prison. The king of Denmark detains their captain, brother of the seneschal of Normandy. The bastard of Savoy has been made Grand Master. He perceives by Mountpesatt, that French gentlemen are much better treated in England than Englishmen in France. Blois, 16 Nov. Signature burnt off.
Mutilated, pp. 3. Add. Endd.
17 Nov.
R. O.
Had written to him very plainly a short time since, knowing that he is one not likely to take offence. Begs Wolsey, who has offered him the management of his whole household, not to desire him to undertake any task incompatible with his studies. He has but little experience. Had always determined to devote himself to letters. Begs he will excuse him for this freedom. Is much devoted to Wolsey, but is satisfied with his own condition, and wishes no such exaltation as all others would covet. A court life is disagreeable to him. Will never be forgetful of his goodness. Bruges, 17 Nov.
Hol., Lat., pp. 3. Add.: To my lord Legate's grace. Endd. in a modern hand: Intelligence from Rome, Italy and France, and letters to cardinal Wolsey. Notatu dignum. Scr. 15 Junii 1615.
17 Nov.
Vit. B. IV. 30.
B. M.
Gives an account of his journey to his own country. On the 1st Sept. before he left Rome, had written to Wolsey of all occurrences to clear his mind of all business. The heat was excessive. When he reached Lucca was attacked by the gout, afterwards by the fever; so all his pleasure in visiting his country was turned into sorrow. Before the time prefixed for his return, took his journey to ... Arrived safe there on the 27th; visited the Pope. On account of the unusual sickliness of the season, the Pope had given up his ordinary retreat till the time when he usually returns to Rome. Campeggio had arrived at Bologna. Nothing has as yet been concluded with regard to the investiture of Naples, as the Spaniards quibble about some punctilios. The rent of 7,000 ducats to the Pope for the said kingdom is agreed upon, and the Emperor consents. The French king has dismissed a great part of his infantry, but has raised a small fleet in Italy. This has made the Emperor divert his forces from Africa to Italy. They will winter in Sicily. The Emperor is inflexible against the restitution of Navarre. Begs money. The Pope will leave Rome for 20 days. Rome, 17 Nov. 1519. Signature burnt off.
Lat., mutilated, pp. 3. Add.
20 Nov.
R. O.
On Friday the 18th, at 4 p. m., Mons. de Berghes' son arrived here on his way to England. His father has asked him to write to Wolsey in his favor. All the people in these parts are much pleased at the pardon sent to three poor men in this town for their lives and goods. "A poor miserable man," Harry Ledar, is still in prison, not knowing what determination he shall come to. His offences are not so grievous as they were alleged. "Howbeit, I will not say but that he hath offended, and needs he must offend, exercising the room that he did, for otherwise he should attain to no knowledge but that he must sometimes both do and say things sounding to offence." Asks Wolsey to obtain the King's pardon for his life, goods, and lands. Does not ask this from affection to his person, but from mere pity, and he is the first man for whom he has ever made suit. Calais, 20 Nov. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: [To my lord Cardinal's] grace, 1[egate de latere] and chaunc[ellor].
20 Nov.
R. O.
Has received his letters by John de Sault, his secretary, with which he is much pleased, and also with Sault's message. Is very anxious to maintain the friendship between himself and Henry. The bp. of Helna will explain all. Ex Molendino Regio, 20 Nov. 1519; anno imp. 1, aliorum 4. Signed.
Lat., p. 1. Add. Endd.
Inspeximus and confirmation to Henry Cokkis, abbot, and the convent, of a charter, 20 July 52 Hen. III., granting them a yearly fair for three days at the abbey; viz., on the feast of St. James the Apostle, and the preceding and following days. Westm., 20 Nov.
Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 14.
21 Nov.
R. O.
Warrant to Sir John Heron for payment of 300l. for finishing the tilt at Greenwich, and making a new bridge or landing place by the Thames side there. Greenwich, 21 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII.
Inspeximus and confirmation to the town of charter 1 July 3 Hen. VII. inspecting, with some additional grants, a patent of Ric. II., which is a constat and exemplification of:—
i. A charter of 41 Hen. III. relative to exemption from arrest for debt.
ii. Another of same period, appointing the county assizes to be holden at Guildford.
iii. A charter, 14 Edw. III., confirming another of 41 Hen. III. touching the assizes, and granting a fair and exemption from toll.
iv. Another, 20 Edw. III., altering the fair time from Trinity to Whitsuntide.
v. Another, 40 Edw. III., granting the town (except the castle, gaol, and park) in fee farm to the inhabitants. Westm., 23 Nov.
Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 30–32.
24 Nov.
P. S.
522. For HARMAN TULYMAN, priest in the diocese of Paderborn.
Denization, as a native of Germany. Guildford, 15 July 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 24 Nov.
26 Nov.
R. O.
Warrant to examine the complaint of ... [B]arett and Agnes his wife against Sir Richard Knightley. Richmond, 26 Nov. Signed with a stamp. Countersigned: Jo. Clerk, decanus.
Add. Endd.: Md. that always land is in Everdon.
28 Nov.
S. B.
524. For ALICE wife of WILLIAM DAVY.
Annuity of 10l. out of the customs of the port of Bristoll; on surrender of patent 5 Jan. 10 Hen. VIII. granting her the same, for services to the Queen Consort and Margaret queen of Scotland, out of the port of Portesmowth. Del. Westm., 28 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII.
Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 11.
29 Nov.
R. O.
His friend Thomas has returned safe, laden with silken raiment and gold, worthy of Wolsey's dignity. He has also brought letters more acceptable than gold or even jewels, which state that the pains taken by the writer in educating the boy have pleased the Cardinal, though far from satisfying himself. Does all he can to deserve the praise, if not of a pru- dent servant, at least of a faithful one, in the matter entrusted to him. Hopes Wolsey will in time reap the fruits of his (Birchinsha's) labor, when Thomas has attained an age more fit for solid education. Concerning his speaking less Latin than Wolsey desired, it is neither the boy's fault nor his own, but rather that of his plan of study, which, like other things, has a commencement, through which those must pass who wish to succeed. Much care shall be taken that he shall have the Latin language at his command. Louvain, 29 Nov.
Hol., Lat., pp. 2. Add.: "Amplissimo, &c. card. Ebor. necnon Leonis [Decim]i a latere Legato."
29 Nov.
R. O.
We have received your letters by the sieur de Montpesac, giving him leave to come hither for four months on his private affairs. He shall return at the time stated, and will leave his brother in his place. We thank you for your continual good treatment of our servants in England. Bloys, 29 Nov. Signed. Countersigned: Robertet. Sealed.
Fr., p. 1. Add. Endd.
R. O.
Asked Hesdin to speak to Henry for him during his embassy in England. Was treasurer of Tournay while Henry held it, which office served to keep him honorably in his mistress's service, and "votre povre Breecqvast" depended principally on that for his living (avoit fonde le principal de sa cuisine sur cella). Is very badly off, and begs for some small pension as a recompense. Guyot has promised to remind the King of him. Brussels,—Nov. 1519. Signed: Brequefas. (fn. 2)
Fr., p. 1. Add.: Au Roy.
"Liveries with the King, the Queen, the French queen, the Princess and whole household, in the month of November, anno xjo regis Henr. viijvi," under the heads of Breakfasts, in the King's, Queen's and Princess's chambers.
The lord Cardinal, the dukes of Norfolk and Suffolk, the lord Marquis, the earls of Surrey and Devonshire, the King and Queen's lord Chamberlains the lords Hastings, Bergavenny and Ferrers, Master Treasurer, Mr. Marnay, Mr. Secretary, Sir. Th. Nevyll, Mr. More and Mr. Clirke, the Master of the Horses, Mr. Cofferer, Messrs. Carowe, Norres, Poyntes, and Cary, the "henxmen," the children of the chapel, the King's boys, the lady mistress, the ladies Bullain, Willoughby, Parre, Gray, and the Queen's maids, Master Compton, and the King and Queen's watches.
The King's board, the lord Chamberlain, the vice-chamberlain, knights and esquires for the Body, chaplains, gent. and yeomen ushers, yeomen, knights in the privy chamber, Messrs. Compton and Tyler, the King's robes, serjeant-porter, the master and yeomen cooks, the groom, porters' grooms and pages.
The Queen's board, the lord Chamberlain, ladies in presence, ladies and gentlemen, chaplains, gent. and yeomen ushers, chamberers, yeomen, the Queen's confessor, physician and apothecary, Fras. Phellip, grooms, &c., the French queen and lady Willoughby's chamberers, the master cook, &c.
The compting house, the pantry, buttry, cellar, porters, King's and Queen's beds, Queen's robes, jewel-house, Mr. Heron's clerks, the laundry, poultry, scalding-house, scullery, pastry and saucery, lardeners, Marshalsea, the prisoners, Mr. Chamberlain (?), pitcherhouse, the chambers of the lord Cardinal, of the dukes of Norfolk and Suffolk, the lord Marquis, the earls of Devonshire and Surrey, the lord Chamberlain, the Queen's lord Chamberlain, the lord Ferrers, Mr. Treasurer, Mr. Marney, Mr. Secretary, and of the lord Hastings, "the keeper of the place once a day," the children of the Kitchen, porters and scourers (?).
Total, 317.
Pp. 2.
Nov./GRANTS. 529. GRANTS in NOVEMBER 1519.
2. Th. Lightfote. Licence to alienate the moiety of the manor of Newlond near Writell, Essex, in tail, to Thomasia wife of Wm. Danyell, leather dresser of London, and a daughter and heir of Thomas, brother of John Bardefelde; with remainder to John s. and h. of Alice Lightfote, sister of the said John B., or else to Th. s. and h. of Edw. Clovile, of Coldeball, or to John s. of John Leventhorp, of Shengill Hall. Westm., 2 Nov.—Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 23.
2. Wm. Rede, goldsmith of London, heir of Barth. Rede. Licence to alienate to the same Thomasia the moiety of the manor of Gyng Margarete, Essex, with remainders as above. Westm., 2 Nov.—Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p.1, m. 10.
2. Fra. Jermyn and Anastasia his wife, and Robert Jermyn and John Spelman. Licence for the conveyance of a messuage and land in Marham to Hen. Frowyk, Hen. Makwilliam, Wm. Spelman, Wm. Martyn, Erasmus Forde, and Hen. Spelman, and their heirs, to the use of the said John Spelman and his heirs, and for the fulfilment of his will. Westm., 2 Nov.—Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 19.
4. John Bate, of Estgrenewiche, Kent, alias of Kethermyster, Worc., alias of Bewdeley, mercer. Protection; going in the retinue of Sir John Pecche, deputy of Calais. Del. Westm., 4 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII.—S.B.
5. Asymus Kyrkener, armorer for the Body. Annuity of 10l. Greenwich, 27 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 5 Nov.—P. S. Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 17. Vacated on surrender, 8 Eliz.
5. Rob. Willeyn, of Henley-on-Thames, butcher. Protection; going in the retinue of Sir John Pecche, deputy of Calais. Windsor, 8 June 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 5 Nov.—P.S.
8. Recognisances cancelled. Made by Sir Rob. Clifford, of Aspeden, Herts., and his son Th. Clifford, of London, 23 Hen. VII. Greenwich, 8 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII.—S.B.
8. Wm. Cooke, yeoman of the chamber. Licence to export 300 tuns of beer. Greenwich, 9 March 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 8 Nov.—P.S.
9. Commission of the Peace. Devon.—Thomas cardinal of York, Hugh bishop of Exeter, Henry earl of Wiltshire, Robert Willoughby lord Broke, John Bourchier lord Fitzwaren, Sir Ric. Eliott, Th. Pygott, Sir Lewis Pollard, Sir Peter Egecombe, Sir John Basset, Sir John Kirkeham, Sir Th. Denys, Wm. Courtney, John Rowe, Edm. Larder, Rob. Yeo, John Gilbert, Th. Steukeley, Wm. Wadham, John Crokker, Andrew Hillarsdon, John Cailwey, and Ric. Coffyn. Westm., 9 Nov.—Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p.1, m. 1d.
12. Henry earl of Essex. Inspeximus and confirmation, as tenant of the manor of Byldeston, of a charter 1 March 48 Hen. VI. (sic for III.) granting to Mathew de Luveyn a weekly market at his manor of Byldeston, Suff., and a fair there there annually for three days, commencing on the day before the feast of St. Michael. Westm., 12 Nov.—Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p.1, m. 17.
12. Ric. Dracottes and Ric. Hydon, of Middx. Pardon. Greenwich, 16 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 12 Nov.—P.S.
14. William Wade, clk. Grant of the perpetual chantry of Holy Cross in the church of Tateshale. Greenwich, 2 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 14 Nov.—P.S.
15. Eliz. Godstone. Pardon for alienating, without licence, to John Maykyn, the fourth part of the manor of Southall, and lands in Raynam, Wennyngton, Alveley, and Upmynstre. Also pardon to Hugh Elys and Joan his wife, for alienating to Sir John Raynesford, Humph. Wyngefeld, John Strangman, jun., Wm. Wyot, John Cristmas, jun., John Coksale, John Clere, John Heron, Th. Batecok, and John Stonard, the fourth part of the manor of Southall and lands in Reynham, Wennyngton, Alveley, Upmynstre, and Okyngton, in right of the said John Strangman. Westm., 15 Nov.—Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p.1, m. 6.
16. Sir Ralph Chamberleyne and his heirs.
Inspeximus and confirmation of the following:
i. Charter 21 Oct. 36 Hen. III. granting free warren to Robert de Mortimer (Mortuo Mari) in his demesne lands of Acleburg, Hernham, and Sculeton, Norf., Kyngeston and Foxton, Camb., and Herlaweston, Linc.
ii. Charter, 1 May 12 Edw. III., granting free warren to Constantine de Mortimer, in his demesne lands of Attelburgh, Besthorp, and others. Westm., 16 Nov.
Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 9.
16. Giles Blyke, of Alveley, Salop. Pardon for insurrection and all matters before 10 Nov. last. Del. Westm., 16 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 15.
16. Ric. Elys, minister of the Chapel Royal. To have the pension which the bishop elect of Exeter is bound to give to a clerk of the King's nomination, till he be promoted to a competent benefice. Del. Westm., 16 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII.—S.B.
16. Hugh Pole. Presentation to the church of Mountgomerie, Heref. dioc. Greenwich, 13 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 16 Nov.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 28.
16. Wm. Dixson, the King's servant. To be a forester of Galtrasse F., York, during pleasure, with 4d. a day out of the issues of Shirefhoton. Also pardon for having received by an invalid patent the fees of the office since 17 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Greenwich, 14 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 16 Nov.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 7.
16. Sir Wm. Herbert, of Troy. Lease of the site of the manor of Magna Troy, late of the earl of March, for 21 years; rent, 7l. 12s., and 2s. of increase. Del. Westm., 16 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 7.
17. John Dawtrey, of Petworth, and Th. Sherley. Wardship of Francis, s. and h. of Sir John Dawtrey, and custody of the manors of Lesham and Westyderly, Hants. Greenwich, 14 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 17 Nov.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 7.
17. John Dawtrey, of Petworth, Th. Sherley, and John Mylle. Custody of all possessions (except the manors of Lesham and Wesdiderley) during the minority of Francis, son and heir of Sir John Dawtrey, at an annual rent of 17l. 3s. 3d. Greenwich, 14 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 17 Nov.—P.S. Pat. p.1, m.7.
17. John Emondes alias Chese. Grant of the perpetual chantry of Brayles, Warw., vice John Johnson. Greenwich, 16 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 17 Nov.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 12.
18. John Palterton, of London, goldsmith. Lease of the custody of messuages and lands in Langrake and Barley, Yorkshire, and in the latter town a tenement called Watermannys Crost, acquired by John Ufflete, late prior of Drakes, with free fishery in the Owesse (Ouse); rent, 16s., and 4d. of increase. Westm., 18 Nov.—Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 23.
18. Jas. Yarford, mayor of London, Christ. Urswik, clk., Wm. Bromwell and Th. Colet, of Kymbell. Licence to alienate the manor of Weldon, alias Weldon Magna, Northt., which is held of the King in chief, to Edm. Knyvet; with remainder to Christ. Knyvet, brother of Edmund; with remainder to Anth. Kuyvet, brother of the said Edmund and Christopher. Westm., 18 Nov.—Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 29.
18. John Wellesbourne, groom of the privy chamber. Corrody in the monastery of Chertesey, void by death of Gervase Bukland. Greenwich, 15 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 18 Nov.—P.S.
19. Th. Bruyn. Livery of lands as s. and h. of Wm. Bruyn, and kinsman and h. of Wm. Rengebourn. Greenwich, 16 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 19 Nov.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 13.
20. Ric. Cowley, soldier of Tournay, alias of Bushbury, Staff. Pardon for all offences before 20 April 10 Hen. VIII. Richmond, 1 May 11 Hen. VIII Del. Westm., 20 Nov.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 15.
23. John Halspounde, alias Hart, gunner. To be gunner in the Tower on vacancy, with 12d. a day. Greenwich, 20 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 23 Nov.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 10.
24. Roger Whitton, yeoman usher of the chamber. Lease of the herbage, conies, &c. of the park and moor of Watlyngton, Oxon., and the farm of the market, and toll of the fair and stallage there; rent 60s., and 3s.4d. of increase, payable to the receiver of the duchy of Cornwall. The tenants of the manor to have common therein. Del. Westm., 24 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 11.
24. Edw. Sherman. Lease of the meadow under Ludlowe Castle, called "Castell Medowe," in the lordship of Staunton Lacy, Salop, late of the earl of March; rent 26s. 8d., and 3s. 4d. of increase. Del. Westm., 24 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 19.
24. Th. Ude. Grant of the free chapel of St. Margaret near Conysbrough, York, on surrender by John Porth, "keeper of certain our books of records"; in same manner as Sir Edm. Boswell held the same. Greenwich, 21 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 24 Nov.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 14.
27. Wm. Purde and John Hyde. To be engrossers of the great roll of the Exchequer, or clerks of the Pipe, in survivorship, vice Th. Darnall and the said Wm. Purde. Greenwich, 3 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 27 Nov.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 26.
28. Wm. Burdon, clk. Grant of the hospital of St. Leonard, Stoke by Newark, Notts. Westm., 28 Nov.—Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 3.
28. Ric. Bailly. To be keeper of Cornattyn Forest, N. Wales. Greenwich, 25 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 28 Nov.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 17.
28. John Halys. To be feodary of crown lands in Kent, and to take custody of minor heirs, and deliver them to Sir Th. Lovell, treasurer of the household, and Sir Ric. Weston.
Similar patents:—
Surrey and Sussex: Henry Wykys.
Northt. and Rutland: John Eastell.
Somers. and Dors.: John Morton.
Yorkshire: John Warde.
Warw. and Leic.: Th. Slade.
Oxon. and Berks: Wm. Yong and Wm. Bonde.
Cornwall: John Welsshe.
Linc.: Adam Penyngton.
Westm., 28 Nov.
Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 8.
28. Geo. Nevile, lord Bergevenny, Wardship of John, s. and h. of Th. More. of Benynden, Kent. Lambeth, 24 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 28 Nov.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 29.


  • 1. In margin:—"1520, 6 Nov. Coleyn, Cuth. Tunstall."
  • 2. The signature here is quite different from that in document No. 16 of this volume.