Henry VIII: October 1519

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 3, 1519-1523. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1867.

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October 1519

1 Oct.
R. O.
A view of the expenses of the household for the year ending 1 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII., arranged under the following heads:
Bakehouse, * * Pantry, cxxx ... l. Buttery, 3,389l. 2s. 8½d. Wardrobe, 2,919l. 19s. 5½d. Kitchen and larder, 1,658l. 4s. 3½d. Accatry, 3,839l. 10s. 2¼d. Poultry, 2,151l. 8s. 8d. Scullery, 595l. 6s. 8½d. Saucery, 119l. 13s. 3d. Hall and chamber, 555l. 1s. 2d. Stable and marshalsy, 1,554l. 5s. 8¾d. Vadia de cõe (commune ?), 1,171l. 15s. 9d. Wages of the chapel, 3,045l. 9s. 6d. Alms, 73l. Sundries: Feast of St. George, 417l. 17s. 1½d. Payments by warrant to Henry Webbe, Wm. Dawbeney, and Marcellus de la More, &c., 518l. 15s. 8½d. Gifts and rewards, 118l. 8s. 10d. To the Princess, 462l. 15s. 1¾d. Total, 20,359l. 8s. 5½d.
Lat., pp. 3. Endd.: Anno Xmo regis Henrici Octavi. Mutilated at the commencement.
2 Oct.
Calig. D. VII.
B. M.
Credence for Sir Thomas Boleyn. Greenwich, 2 Oct. 1519. Signed. Countersigned: Meautis.
Fr., p. 1. Add.
3 Oct.
R. O.
Arrived here on the 1st, intending to cross the Alps in two days. Since he wrote from Blois, nothing worth mentioning has occurred, except that by reason of the rain the roads have been very difficult. Hopes before long to reach Rome. Wishes to be commended to the King. Lyons, 3 Oct. 1519. Signed.
Lat., p. 1. Add.
3 Oct.
Galba, B. v.
Thinks that the King his master will be pleased if Henry would write a letter to him in his own hand, of five or six lines, which Hesdin will take to Madame. Advice should be given to the secretary, who goes to the King his master to dissuade him from agreeing to any new diet with the king of France, as there is no need of it. The king of France presses it eagerly. The advice will be exactly in accordance with Charles's wishes. Will be glad if he can despatch the business by Wednesday. In taking leave of the King yesterday, did not like to speak of the affair of Mortaigne. Would be glad to promote the King's wishes on all occasions, if he had the power. If Wolsey is willing to see him on Wednesday, may let him know by one of his servants; otherwise he will keep the arrangement for Thursday. London, 3 Oct. 1519. Signed.
Fr., mutilated, p. 1. Add.
6 Oct.
R. O.
The King's jewels in the keeping of Sir Wm. Compton, 6 Oct. 1519. Crown gold.—A baldrick of gold, with nine balasses, standing between angels, and 36 pearls; total weight, 99 oz. Another of Spanish work, with 16 fair balasses, and 44 pearls, 84 oz. A golden girdle, well wrought, with roses and pomegranates, 119 oz. A "carkeyn," with "ees," enamelled blue and white, having an owche at the end, in which is set a table balas, and 4 diamonds, 2 of which are pointed, 1 a tablet, 1 a lozenge, 7 ¾ oz.; with a hanging pearl, weighing, with the pin in it, 47 carats. Another, with "ees," enamelled white and black, with an emerald and 4 diamonds, 7 oz.; and with a hanging pearl, weighing 24 carats lacking 1 gr. A carkeyn of hearts, with a hand at each end holding a balas garnished with 5 pearls and 3 diamonds, 11 oz. 4 dwts.; and with a hanging pearl of 32 carats lacking 1 gr. Another, with a diamond called "the mirror," 6 oz. and 3½ quarters; and with a hanging pearl of 39 carats. Another, black, with a black eagle with a diamond rose in his breast, and a pointed diamond, which was the prize at the jousts in Flanders, 8 oz. 6 dwts.; and with a hanging pearl, 17 carats. Another, of "Syphres," with 10 diamonds and 11 pearls, and at the end a fleur de lis, an emerald and 8 diamonds, 14½ oz.; &c.
A gold chain, "gable" fashion, 122 oz. A chain, of Spanish work, enamelled white and red, 26 oz.; with a balas hanging to it, 3 oz. 3½ quarters. A gold whistle hanging to a ring, set with a ruby and 7 diamonds, 46½ oz. A "proper" St. George on horseback, set with diamonds, and on the belly of the dragon a pearl, 19½ dwt. A Michael, set with diamonds, and a ruby on the belly of the dragon, and a pearl on the end of his staff, 1 oz. 2 dwt. A tabernacle, of silver and gilt, with Our Lady's image inside;—(note in margin,—Inquiratur, quia non fuit exhibitum hac vice.)
"Owches and baages":—An I.H.S. of diamonds, 7½ oz. 1 dwt.; with 3 hanging pearls. A ship of diamonds, 1¼ oz. 1 dwt., with a hanging pearl. A bage, with a rocky diamond, a ruby and an emerald, set between 2 naked children, 1½ oz. and half a quarter. A great "spynell" with a great "cours" pearl hanging to it, 1¼ oz. 2 dwt. A bage with a great table diamond held by a gentlewoman held with an emerald in her breast, garnished with rubies, 1 oz. 9 dwt.; &c.
A St. Andrew's cross, with a rose of diamonds in the middle, 19 dwt. A virgin pearl, 12 carats 1 gr. A pierced pearl, 16 carats, 2 gr.—"Vide ulterius ut in rotula indentata, viz.," 2 great pearls standing in "platers," 2 smaller pearls with small chains, 36 pearls "of a less sort," &c. 16 gold rings, with stones, one enamelled white with a ruby in it, wherewith the King was sacred, 7 dwt. 24 small bead stones of gold, a gold doghook, a golden girdle with roses and pomegranates, 119 oz. Another, enamelled blue and green, with 12 fair balasses in it, 63 oz. 3½ quarters. A collar with a "towzan" (toison), 18 oz. 1½ q. A little toison, 8 dwt. Ribbon points, with and without gold agletts;—"inquirantur, quia liberata in Garderoba, ut dicitur."
Pp. 5. Endd.
R. O. 2. A fair copy of the preceding, in a vellum cover. Pp. 13, badly mutilated.—A small portion of another account [of jewels ?] adheres to the cover.
R. O. 3. * * * A garter with letters of gold; castles [and pomegra]nates, a ruby on the buckle, a turquoise and a hanging pearl. 11 other garters "wrought in the stoole," with gold buckles and pendants. A blue garter of letters, with gold buckle and pendant set with a rose of diamonds,... rubies, 6 pearls and a lozenge diamond, &c. Images: a Michael, several Georges, and a tabernacle (as above). A tablet of the Passion, with St. [Pet]er on one side, and St. George on the other. A target of the Passion. 3 golden targets. A shield "with a pyler at it." A toison.
... Oct. ao 11. ... Gold molten clearly, 24½ oz., "in fynes" 21 carats, that is, 35s. the oz.
A St. George, full of relics. A flower enamelled white, with 3 diamonds and a ruby. A water flower with a balas, a table diamond and a hanging pearl. A J.H.S. of diamonds with 3 hanging pearls. A ship of diamonds, with a hanging pearl. "The brooch with the sapphire that was in a gilt goblet." A St. Andrew's cross with a rose of diamond. A gold cross with diamonds and pearls. A gold spoon and knife. A silver gilt spoon in a green bag. A pair of gold snuffers. Several signet and other rings. A ruby hanging by a loop. A balas set in a paunce. A pointed diamond. A balas standing in a sun, with a hanging pearl. Pearls (as above). A pair of gold bracelets. A leather bracer, painted, with gold buckle and pendant. A gold girdle, wrought with roses and pomegranates, 119 oz. A gold doghook. Collars. A square silver coffer, lined with tawny ...; another, with lock and key, containing relics; another of "byrall" standing on lions. 2 small gold flagons for ros[e water? with] chains, [delivered] to Sir Henry Wyatt. A pomaunder of black. A gold "zyphus,' set with 73 pearls. Various bags of leather, satin, and velvet, variously embroidered, set with rubles, diamonds, &c. A Spanish purse with gold tassels. A bag embroidered with 2 peacocks. A black velvet bonnet with a brooch ... breast of a jacinth. A russet velvet bonnet with a zyphus, a Millayn bonnet, with a gold brooch, and many others. Coifs of silk and gold, set with pearls. 2 "virellys" for hawks, with the arms of England. A lure embroidered with a bear on one side, and a fountain with 2 unicorns on the other. A hawk's hood set with 6 rubies and 7 pearls. 32 other hawk's hoods, gold and silver bells, a pair of "loynes" with a button, a hawk's glove, &c. A silver box with a rose on it. A silver gilt box for green ginger, with a dragon on the top. Dog collars of "stole" work, with silk and gold "lyalmes." A red and white silk leash with collars. 4 greyhound collars with gilt turrets, &c. Ribbon points with aglets. A unicorn's bone, with a chain and ring, delivered to the cellarer. A gold toothpick, with a ruby and diamond, given to my lord Cardinal. A goblet with a gilt cover, wherein ... sapphire. An ostrich feather, garnished with 4 ... 2 gold whistles. "Gold coined": a sovereign, 2 nobles, half a noble bowed, and 2 pieces of strange coin. ... cloth of gold, wrought in the stole, for the sacrament at Windsor. A silver gilt buckler, with the arms of England, roses, castles and pomegranates. A piece of arras with the Passion upon it, delivered to the closet. A primer with gold clasps; others covered with green and crimson sa[tin]. A silver standish, with H and C. A dragon's tongue at a "black ..." A silver gilt comb case, with H and K. Another, of crimson satin. A shaving cloth. A dial of laten.
In the same hand as §2, pp. 15, with a leathern cover, badly mutilated.
8 Oct.
R. O.
At three o'clock this afternoon received a letter from the captain of Boulogne, stating that the money appointed by their ambassadors to be brought for the King has already arrived. A pursuivant is sent over to inform them of it. Calais, 8 Oct. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: To my lord Cardinal's grace.
10 Oct.
R. O.
465. NOE DE LA SALLE, Minstrel.
Warrant to Sir John Heron to pay 20l. a year to Noe de la Salle, newly appointed minstrel to the King, commencing 1 Oct. inst., during pleasure. Greenwich, 10 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII. Signed.
10 Oct.
Rym. XIII.
Safeconduct to him as provost of the Genoese merchants, with liberty of buying and selling. Westm., 10 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII.
Fr., 11 Hen. VIII. m. 2.
3 Oct.
Calig. B. I.
B. M.
Since her last she received a letter from my lord governor, by his servant, stating that he could not come to Scotland. Dacre knows the cause. He is willing that she have the government of Scotland, and the keeping of her son, as before, and bid her ask the mind of the Lords of Scotland; which she did, and has found them quite against her, and with the earl of Arran. They say she may have right of the Duke, but they will not consent to her; so that Dacre will perceive the lords are not her friends, as he supposed. Has done her best to reconcile the West-land lords and my lord of Angus, "as this fathdar Jedward vol informe you." The lords are utterly bent on Angus's destruction. Trusts he will have more help from England, now she is with him, than he had before, when Dacre bore him great favor. Desires to know his mind by the bearer, "my 1. of Jedvard," to whom she begs him to show favor. He has few friends here. Trusts they keep a good part to her, "and the better and ye will bid them." "Lat not Jorge Hwmbe take the lordys partys and leffe owrs." Lythco, 13 Oct.
Hol., pp. 2. Add.
15 Oct.
Calig. D. VII.
B. M.
468. [BOLEYN to WOLSEY.]
Wrote his last on the 24th Sept. Whilst the King, the Queen and my Lady were in a forest two leagues hence, the bishop of Limoges, brother to young Momerancy that is in England, died here of the common sickness. They have consequently removed to Amboise. Proclamation is made that no townsman enter the castle where the King's children are. The admiral arrived yesterday from Orleans. He was said to be "sore sick, nat like to recover; but I saw him leepe up and downe of his mewle as well as he was wont to doo." The sickness has prevented the sending of the presents into England. It is reported that the armament prepared by the king of Castile has been injured at sea. Blois, 15 Oct.
Pp. 2.
16 Oct.
Egerton MS.
1049. f. I.
B. M.
Ellis, 3 Ser.
I. 213.
Has caused his claim to the manor of Penshurst and lands in Kent to be investigated "by our councell," according to the promise made to him at Woodstock. Is willing to allow him a recompense, "not so much for doubt of your title, as for that we set more by a friend than any profit." Has appointed Thomas Cade, his surveyor, to communicate with him. Thornbury, 16 Oct. Signed.
P. 1. Add. Endd.
16 Oct.
Er. Ep. XIII.
Regrets for the death of Colet. (fn. 1) Saw Campeggio at Bruges. Has not heard from the King or Wolsey. Recommends Anthony à Grimberg, "filius principis Bergani." Louvain, postrid. id. Oct. 1519.
16 Oct.
Er. Ep. XIII.
Disputes occasioned by Lee. Is aware that Lee was advised by Tunstal to suppress his work; but this is no advantage to Erasmus. Laments the death of Colet. Commends to his notice Anthony à Grimberg. Longolius has wasted him two days. Supped with Campeggio, and liked his sincerity and openness. Would like to see Lee's notes. Louvain, postrid. id. Oct. 1519.
16 Oct.
Er. Ep. XIII.
Laments the death of Colet. Intends to write his life, and asks for materials. Begs his remembrance to Gerard the steward. (fn. 2) Louvain, postrid. id. Oct. 1519.
16 Oct.
Er. Ep. XIII.
Desires to embalm the memory of Colet, and wishes Lupset to give him any information he thinks important. Devoted nearly three days to Longolius. Commends to him Anthony à Grimberg. Earnestly begs to have a copy of the book (Lee's Notes ?)—"liber ille; exemplar est isthic apud tres aut quatuor." Does not expect it can be suppressed. Louvain, postridie id. Oct. 1519.
16 Oct.
Er. Ep. XIII.
In favor of Anthony à Grimberg and his tutor Adrian Barlandus. Laments the death of Colet. Louvain, postridie id. Oct. 1519.
16 Oct.
R. O.
Received on Saturday, the 8th Oct., his letters dated 1st. Sept., stating that the Pope had appointed him and Campeggio legates in England for the reformation of the monasteries; and on the departure of Campeggio had given similar powers to Wolsey alone, by bull dated iv. id. Jun. 1519; in accordance with which Wolsey calls on him to attend, on the day after Martinmas next, at Westminster, to deliberate with other abbots and priors. Cannot attend personally, being 80 years old and subject to paralysis and the stone, but will appoint proctors to appear for him. Fountains Abbey, 16 Oct. 1519. Signed: "Fontaynes Cistercien."
Lat., parchment. Endd.
17 Oct.
Er. Ep. XIII.
Had intended to send his remarks on Fisher's work against Faber. Hochstrate has left Cologne from fear of the plague, and is at Louvain. Is sorry to have to complain of Lee. As Frobenius threatens a new edition of the New Testament, will be glad of Fisher's corrections. Has not for 30 years lamented any one's death so much as Colet's. Has twice received letters from Frederick Duke of Saxony, Luther's patron. The Duke was offered the empire, and refused it, the day before Charles's election, who, but for the Duke, would never have obtained it. He was offered 30,000 florins, but would not accept them. When he was urged to allow 10,000 to be distributed among his retinue, he replied, "They may take them if they please; but if any one of them touches so much as a crown, he does not remain in my service tomorrow." Next day he mounted his horse, and departed. The duke of Wurtemberg, who was lately defeated, has renewed the war. The return of Charles from Spain is expected.
Louvain, prid. Lucæ, 1519.
17 Oct.
Er. Ep. XIII.
Thanks him for reading the letters Erasmus sent, and being pleased with them, as Campeggio informed him. Commends to him Anthony à Grimberg, son of the prince of Berghes. He is a lad of great promise, and born to a great estate.
Louvain, pridie Lucæ, 1519.
18 Oct.
Er. Ep. XIII.
478. ERASMUS to SIR HEN. GUILDFORD, Master of the Horse.
The lord of Berges is so charmed with the virtue and fame of Henry VIII., his Queen and his court, that he is very anxious to have his youngest son Anthony brought up in England. The ill fortune of Erasmus induced him to turn a deaf ear to the invitations of Wolsey and Lord Mountjoy to push his fortunes in the English court.
Louvain, Nat. S. Lucæ, 1519.
18 Oct.
R. O.
Was glad to hear by his letters that Sir Thos. Cheney had arrived in England, with the horse he presented to the King, and was more pleased at the King's accepting it. Thanks him for the two richly caparisoned palfreys and a horn brought by Sir Griffith Don. Desires credence for Sir Griffith. Ferrara, 18 Oct. 1519. Signed.
Lat., pp. 2. Address mutilated.
19 Oct.
Calig. B. III.
B. M.
The sickness has been so sore in Edinburgh that the lords could not meet. The young King is conveyed to Dalkeith. His master cook and four servants are dead. The Lords Regents have appointed a council at Stirling on Saturday the 22nd, on the coming home of the earl of Murray, "a springeold of 20 years of age." As Dacre wrote last, David Home and his brother have slain the prior of Coldingham, son of the old archbishop of Glasgow and the old Earl Bothwell's sister. They have put in the earl of Angus's brother, brother to David Home's wife. The chancellor of Scotland and the earl of Arran have nominated a brother of Lennox to the same, and written to Dacre upon it. Morpeth, 19 Oct. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: "To my lord Cardinal's grace."
19 Oct.
Calig. B. I.
B. M.
Friar Henry Chaidworth, minister of the Observant Friars in England, has arrived with letters from Henry to the Queen his sister. He has dischargd his mission so well that the Queen is willing to remain with Angus her husband. Cannot express his gratitude to Henry for the result. Will be always ready to do him service, even if Henry commanded him to go on foot to Jerusalem and fight with the Turks. His brother, George Douglas, has been two years detained in France by the duke of Albany. Begs Henry to write to the king of France and the governor for his deliverance. Dalkeith, 19 Oct. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: To the maist excellent, maist hye and maist mychty prince the king of Iuglande, &c.
22 Oct.
Calig. B. II.
B. M.
Has received his letter from Westminster, 31 July, by the provincial friar Henry Chadworth, who thereafter proceeded to the queen of Scots at Stirling, and delivered to her the King's letters and credence, remonstrating with her on her separation from her husband, and her reported "suspicious living." The Queen repeated the substance of his message to the archbishop of Glasgow, chancellor of Scotland, and Arran, the former of whom strongly urged her not to be reconciled to her husband; but the friar, having continued with her seven or eight weeks, has now got her to consent to it. Perceiving this, the Chancellor, with the bishops of Galloway and Argyll, the earls of Arran and Lennox, the lords Fleming, Semple, and Maxwell, came to Stirling, and told her if she agreed with her husband they would leave her. She replied, she was resolved to go to him. The lords then departed to Lithgow, where she had another conference with them, to effect an agreement between them and her husband, without effect. On Monday the 15th (fn. 3) she came to Edinburgh. Angus met her by the way with 400 horse, and conveyed her within a quarter of a mile of Edinburgh Castle, where she visited the King. The archbishop of St. Andrew's, the bishops of Dunkeld, Aberdeen, and Murray, the earls of Huntley, Argyll, Ruthain (Ruthven ?), Morton, Glencairn, and Marshall, the lords Glamis, Hay, and Grey, (of the opposite party,) met her there "with great triumph, in shooting of guns, and great melody of instruments playing, and said she was welcome to the town." These lords intend to make a new chancellor on their side. Messages have been sent between Edinburgh and Linlithgow for a concord, without effect. Albany has sent Carrick herald with a letter of credence to the Queen, that as he cannot come to Scotland he wishes her to have the rule if the lords will consent, as appears by her letter to Dacre, enclosed. Harbottle, 22 Oct. Signed.
Pp. 3. Add.: To my lord Cardinal's grace.
22 Oct.
R. O.
Warrant to Sir John Heron to pay to Thos. Forster, comptroller of the King's works, 200l. for the gilding and painting of the Chapel Royal at Greenwich, the new making of two lodgings there over the gallery into the Thames, and the conveying of a conduit out of the King's great garden into the kitchens; also for repairs at Eltham. Greenwich, 22 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII. Signed.
22 Oct.
R. O.
Decree made, 22 Oct. anno xi., for search, in London and the suburbs, to be made by the same persons named 8 July last. (fn. 4) The search to be made on Sunday, 23 Oct., at midnight, and to be kept very secret. Men and women suspiciously taken to be committed to ward till Tuesday morning, then to be brought before the lords. Their names to be sent to the lords on Monday.
P. 1. Endd.: "Serche."
24 Oct.
S. B. Rym. XIII.
Offices of bailiff of the honor of Chesthunte, Herts, and parker of Brantyngishey park therein, from the death of William Bedill, with 4d. a day out of the issues. Del. Westm., 24 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII.
Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 10.
26 Oct.
R. O.
Wolsey's goodness has been so great to him that he can speak his thoughts freely, especially considering that this age has not produced a wiser man than Wolsey, as is visible from his management of the affairs of church and state, requiring no compliments from him. Begs he will not, therefore, lay upon him the management of his household, a subject of which he is entirely ignorant, and would rather be employed in something more in accordance with his earlier studies. Bruges, vii. kal. Nov.
Hol., Lat., pp. 3. Add.: To my lord Legate's grace.
28 Oct.
R. O.
487. WOLSEY to WM. FRESELL, prior of Rochester Cathedral.
Appointing him coadjutor to Thos. abbot of the exempt Benedictine monastery of St. Alban's, Linc. dioc., on account of the great age and infirmity of the latter. Westm., 28 Oct. 1519.
Latin, draft.
28 Oct.
Calig. D. VII.
B. M.
The King has appointed him to the place of his late brother the Grand Master. Begs the continuance of Wolsey's favor. His master is anxious for the interview, and has written to Mons. de la Bastye to speak to queen Mary and the duke of Suffolk touching the charge which the late Grand Master held for them in Xaintonge. This matter has been referred to Wolsey. Has written to Mons. de la Bastye to speak to him more at length on the subject. Amboyse, 28 Oct. Signature half burnt.
Pp. 2, mutilated.
28 Oct.
R. O.
Receipt by Robt. Jenour, for Thos. Bonham, receiver general of the duchy of Lancaster, and John Burgoyn, auditor, of 66s. 8d., from lord Darcy, for his fee due at Michaelmas last. 28 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII.
31 Oct.
R. O.
490. PACE to WOLSEY.
Has shown the King Wolsey's letters to himself. He is sorry to hear of Wolsey's sickness, as he wished to see him this night. Sends back the letters signed, in which it appears that Wolsey "hath so substantially and abundantly looked upon the King's causes, that his highness can nothing further commit unto your grace therein." Greenwich, 31 Oct.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: To my lord Legate's grace.
R. O.
Daily liveries in the King's household, Oct. 11 Hen. VIII., at Greenwich.
Breakfasts.—The King; the Queen; the French queen; the Princess, 1; my lord Cardinal, 1; duke of Suffolk, 1; duke of Norfolk,—; earls of Surrey, 1, and Devonshire, 1; the King's chamberlain, 1; lord and lady Hastings, 1; the Queen's chamberlain, 1; my lord Steward, my lord Marquis, Mr. Treasurer, Mr. Comptroller, lord Burgeny, Mr. Marney, and Mr. Secretary, 1; Mr. More and Mr. Clerk, 1; Sir Hen. and Lady Guilford, 1; Mr. Norres, 1; Mr. Brian, 1; Mr. Karewe, 1; Mr. Compton, 1; Mr. Poynys, 1, and Kary, 1; lady Salisbury, 1; lady Bullayn, 1; my lady Willoughby, 1; lady Parre, 1; lady Gray and the Queen's maidens, 1; the "henxmen," 1; the King's and Queen's watches, 1; the young minstrels, 1; Mr. Cofferer, 1. Total, 37.
The King's Chamber.—The King; the King's board; my lord Chamberlain, 2; the Vice-chamberlain, 1; knights, 2, and squires for the Body, 2; chaplains, 2; gentlemen ushers, 2; yeomen ushers and yeomen, 2; Master Compton and Mr. Tyler, 1; the King's robes, 1; grooms, porter grooms and pages, 3; the serjeant porter, 1; Mr. Compton's and Mr. Tyler's servants, 1; the master cook, 1; Pero, 1; yeomen cooks and grooms, 2; Mr. Carewe, 1; my lord Cardinal's chamber, 2; sewers of the King's chamber, 1; knights for the Body in the King's privy chamber, 1. Total on the King's side, 32.
The Queen's Chamber.—The Queen; the Queen's board; ladies in presence, 2; the Queen's chamberlains, 2; ladies and gentlewomen, 7; chaplains and gentlemen ushers, 3; chamberers, 6; yeomen ushers and yeomen, 6; sewers of the chamber, 1; the Queen's sewer, 1, confessor, 1, and physician, 1; the apothecary, 1; Frances Philipp, 1; gentlemen waiters, 2; groom porter, groom and pages, 3; the chambers of the Queen's chamberlain, 1; of lady Bolayn, 1; of lady Willoughby, 1; of the Queen's vice-chamberlain,—; and of the Queen's chancellor, 1; cooks, 3. Total on the Queen's side, 48. The Princess and her chamber, 16.
Liveries to Officers and others in the Court.—Mr. Treasurer; Mr. Comptroller; Mr. Secretary (Pace) and Mr. More, 1; Mr. Cofferer, 1; the clerks of Green Cloth, 2; the clerk controller, 1; the chief, 1, and under clerks of the kitchen, 2; the under clerk of controlment, 1; the clerks of the spicery, 2; the counting-house, 1; the pantry, 3; the cellar, 3; the buttery, 3; the bakehouse, 2; Mr. Chamber, 1; Mr. Lenaker, 1; the henchmen, 3; the minstrels, 3; Marcellus, once a day, 1; the Frere and Gylis, 1; Dawbourne and Parker, 1; the lord Chamberlain's chamber, 1; the duke of Suffolk's, 1; duke of Norfolk's,—;earl Surrey's, 1; earl of Devonshire's, 1; my lord Marquis's,—; lord Burgeny's,—; lord Hastings', 1; lord Montague's, 1; lord Steward's,—; Mr. Treasurer's,—; Mr. Comptroller's,—; Mr. Secretary's, 1; Mr. Marne's, 1; Mr. More's, 1; Mr. Clerk's, 1; Mr. Norres', 1; Mr. Poynes' and Kary's, 1; Mr. Brian's, 1; Sir H. Guldeford and his lady, 1; knights for the Body, servants of the Privy Chamber, 2; Mr. Dean's servants, 1; Mr. Amener's servants, 1; the master cook, 1, and grooms of the hall kitchen, 1; yeomen cooks, 1; serjeant of the larder, 1; Sir Thos. Newell's chamber,—; the pitcher-house, 2; the "chamere," 2; the confectionary, 1; the wafre, 1; the ewre, 3; the lawener, 2; the porters at the gate, 2; the King's beds, 2; the Queen's robes and beds, 2; the marshalsea, 1; the jewel-house, 1; Mr. Heron's servants, 1; Master Wyatt,—; confessor of household and under amener, 1; the marshal of the hall, 1; the sewers, and the surveyors of the hall, 2; the harbejors, 2; the servitors of the hall, 3; the amery, 2; the woodyard, 3; yeomen and grooms lardeners, 3; boylers, 1; the squyllere, 3; the pastry and salsere, 3; the pultre, 1; the scalding-house, 2; the cartakers, 1; the grooms of King's chamber, 2; the clerks of avere, 1; yeomen farrier, sadler, and mailer, 1; the clerk of stable and carriage, 1; grooms of the stable, 1; hunts and lesshe, 2; the servants of the King's and Queen's gentlemen ushers, 2, and of the serjeants of arms, 1; Mr. Dykon's and the Queen's serjeant-at-arms, 1; Sir Edw. Nevell's servants, 1; the squires for the Body's, 1, and the King's sewers', 1; my lady Parre's chamber, 1; Mr. Fitzwilliam and my Lady his wife, 1; the servants of the Queen's maids, 2, and of Maistres Coke and Laur (?), 1; the King's and Queen's footmen, 2; my lady Gray and Maistres Jerningham's servants, 1; the trumpets, 1; messengers, 1; the herds, 1; the keeper of the plate, 1; the King's fool, once a day, 1; the parish clerk on Sunday, 1; children of the kitchens, 3; porters and scourers, 3; Sym and his fellows, 1.—Breakfasts, 37; King's chamber, 32ff; Queen's chamber, 48ff; Princess's chamber, 16ff; liveries, 157ff; waste and commandments, 12ff.
Pp. 3.
Oct./GRANTS. 492. GRANTS in OCTOBER 1519.
1. John Shurley, the King's servant. Release, having been authorized to seize the goods of Th. Haydoke, found guilty of the murder of Wm. Thomlynson at Bampton, Oxon., by inquisition taken before Ric. Gibbes. Newhall, 9 Sept. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 1 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 10.
1. Rob. Toteyard, clk., A. M. Presentation to the church of Glawstre, St. David's dioc., vice Ric. Bede, resigned. Westm., 1 Oct.—Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 18.
3. John Dowse, clk. Presentation to the church of Borley, London dioc., vice Th. Newman, resigned. Westm., 3 Oct.—Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 22.
10. Wm. Wise. Licence to act by deputy as receiver of customs in the port of Bristol, being an officer of the Wardrobe, notwithstanding statute 4 Hen. IV. Newhall, 7 Sept. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 10 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 31.
10. George Whelpeley, haberdasher of London. Protection; going in the retinue of Sir John Petche, deputy of Calais. Newhall, 7 Sept. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 10 Oct.—P.S.
11. John Haukyn, the King's servant. To be purveyor of the King's works at the manor of Newhall, Essex, with 4d. a-day out of the issues of the manors of Newhall, Boreham, Walkefordhall and Powers, Essex. Greenwich, 6 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 11 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 17.
12. John Whale, of Seynt John Street, Middx. Pardon for killing John Bagnall in self-defence, as was found before Th. Mirfyn, mayor of London. Westm., 12 Oct.—Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 17.
12. John Dymmok, gent. usher of the Chamber, alias merchant of Bristol, alias of Andewarp. Protection; going in retinue of Sir John Pecche, deputy of Calais. Enfield, 19 Aug. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 12 Oct.—P.S.
12. John Asshton. To be auditor of all possessions in the King's hands by reason of any mortgage, exchange, or other transaction of Henry VII. or of Henry VIII., with Tho. marquis of Dorset, Sir Tho. Bulleyn and others, or by forfeiture, in all counties of England where there is no auditor, with 20l. a year, during good conduct; vice John Buttes. Greenwich, 12 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 12 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 6.
14. Ric. Newton, of Agmondesham, Bucks, alias of Stanwell, Midd. Pardon.—S.B. (undated). Westm., 14 Oct. Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p.1, m. 10.
ii. Matthew Kyverston, of Agmondesham, Bucks, alias of Stanwell, Midd. Pardon.—S. B. (Undated, but attached to the preceding.)
14. Roger Whitton, yeoman usher of the Chamber. To be bailliff of the town and lordship, and keeper of the park and woods, of Watlyngton, and keeper of the woods of Netilbede, Oxon., with 4d. a day, during pleasure. Greenwich, 10 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 14 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 23.
15. Sir John Pecche, deputy of Calais, Sir William Sandys, K. G. treasurer, Sir Edward Guldeford, marshal, Sir Ric. Carewe, lieutenant of the castle, Sir Robert Wotton, junr., and Thos. Elys, lieutenant of the staple of Calais. Commission to make inquisition concerning the possessions of Ric. Helperby, merchant of Calais, and Joan his wife; no heir having, within a year and a day of their decease, put in a claim to their possessions in the said town, the isle of Colne, the county of Guisnez, and the lordships of Bavelyngham, Sandegate, Hammes, Mark and Oye, as required by charter of king Edw. III., and the custom of the town. Westm., 15 Oct.—Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 19d.
16. Christ. Asplyn, of Enfeld, Midd. Pardon for killing, in self-defence, John Pake, butcher of Totenham, Midd., at the Highcrosse. Westm., 16 Oct.—Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 10.
16. Rob. Litle, groom of the wardrobe of beds. Corrody of the monastery of Bordesley, Worc., vice Rob. Russheton. Greenwich, 12 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 16 Oct.—P.S.
17. James Greseley. Wardship of Clement, s. and h. of John Agarde. Del. Westm., 17 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII.—S. B. Pat. p. 1, m. 14.
19. Henry s. and h. of Sir Henry Frowik, Sir John Legh, Edm. Denny, baron of the Exchequer, and Th. Roberdis. Livery of lands; Legh, Denny and Roberdis having been seized of lands to Sir Henry's use. Del. Westm., 19 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII.—S. B. Pat. p. 2, m. 13.
20. Sir Rob. Brudenell, justice, and Sir Maurice Barkeley. To make inquisition concerning the possessions and heir of John Coly, in Rutland. Westm., 20 Oct.—Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 13d.
20. John Parker, clk. Presentation to the church of Feocke, Exeter dioc. Greenwich, 18 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 20 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 17.
20. Rob. Porter, of Saint Bride's, London, chaplain. Pardon. Greenwich, 15 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 20 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 31.
20. John du Paris. To be the King's tailor, with 12d. a day, vice Wm. Hilton. Del. Westm., 20 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII.—S. B. Pat. p. 2, m. 31.
20. Sir Th. Exmewe. Pardon for not possessing lands to the annual value of 20l., as required by the statute, on his appointment as justice of peace in cos. Midd. and Surrey, &c. Del. Westm., 20 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 19.
21. Walter Arnall, of Carcolston, Notts., husbandman. Pardon for killing John Rikkus in self-defence. Westm., 21 Oct.—Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 23.
22. Ric. Harmon, of London, haberdasher, and Thomas Davy, of Crainbrok, Kent, mercer. Licence to export 1,000 woollen cloths within the next seven years, without barbing, rowing, or shearing the same, notwithstanding the statute 3 Hen. VII. Del. Westm., 22 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII.—S.B.
24. Wm. Robynson. Pardon for killing Th. Robynson, of Wigton, Cumb., in self-defence. Westm., 24 Oct.—Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 14.
25. Fras. Pointz, squire of the Body. Annuity of 50 mks. Greenwich, 15 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 25 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 17.
25. Edw. Kyngesmyll. Pardon for killing Rob. Redhat in defence of himself and of Edward Cooke, at Longfield near Estrop, Hants, Westm., 25 Oct.—Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 18.
27. Rob. Brograve and Katharine his wife. Custody of Joan, widow of James Twichet lord Audeley, and of all her possessions, during her insanity, on surrender of former patents. Greenwich, 20 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. [Westm.], 27 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 23.
29. Ric. Paris, of London, leatherseller, alias of Berwick, constable. Protection; going in the retinue of Sir Anthony Utred, captain of Berwick. Greenwich, 28 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 29 Oct.—P.S.
29. Th. Magnus, clk. Presentation to the church of Myvot, St. Asaph's dioc. Del. Westm., 29 Oct. 11 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 28.


  • 1. He died of dropsy, according to Erasmus, Er. Ep. XIII. 16.
  • 2. Wm. Garrard, Colet's executor.
  • 3. The 15th October was not a Monday, but a Saturday, in 1519.
  • 4. See No. 365.