Henry VIII: April 1529, 26-30

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Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 4, 1524-1530. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1875.

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April 1529

26 April.
R. O.
Of the money on Antony Vivalde's letter of exchange, has received 2,000 ducats from Florence, at 63d. each, for which he has given a receipt as for the business of the King and Wolsey. Has given to the merchants letters of exchange to the value of 500l., and has received others for the amount of 6,000 ducats for Wolsey's business. The letters are directed to Tuke. Wishes to know whether to take the money as for the King's expences or Wolsey's.
Has spent on the affair of Winchester 8,000 ducats and 600 of his own, the account of which he has sent to his Grace. Besides, it is dangerous to write one's name on the King's books. The report of this money being for Wolsey might increase the difficulty of the Winchester affair. Bryan alone receives the money of the duke of Suffolk, and spends it for the King's affairs. Has not yet received any money from the King, except what Tuke gave him at his departure, of which he has spent on his journey, for the security of the King's books, about 500 cr. The remainder can be counted as his diets from Nov. 26, so that at the end of April more than 100l. will be due to him. Begs him to pay that amount to Nicolas, or to Antony Bonvisi for him. Sir Gregory complains greatly that he has never heard of the money which Tuke wrote that he had paid to Bonvisi by the commission of Vincent Casale, and wishes to know how the King intends him to provide for his affairs. Is anxious to return. Rome, 26 April.
P.S.—"I do not doubt but we shall be saved from the convention that ye write of to me, ejus beneficio, qui uno tempore contraria molitur, et qui spem et timorem videtur indiciis non obscuris in uno collocasse. Perdonatemi sel vero e alle volte molesto."
Lat., pp. 4. Add. Endd.
26 April.
R. O.
Have received your letters, written with your own hand, in which your Grace "doth not only, of your great goodness toward me, monish me of that faults by your Grace in me esteemed, but also doth comfort my sorrowful heart in that which it doth please your Grace to write unto me, your most humble and assured servant, with your most gracious hand so kindly." Considers Wolsey his chief refuge next God and the King. To avoid similar faults in future, will never write to any man of honor in the court without sending Wolsey a copy of the letter. Although so much bound to him before for his goodness shown to him in his bringing up, is now ready to spend his heart's blood in his service. Excuses his not writing sooner, having been troubled, not only with his old disease, but also with an extreme ague, of which he was like to die. Alnwick, 26 April.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: "To my lord Legate's good Grace." Endd.
Cott. App. B. M. 5498. [WOLSEY to HENRY VIII.]
Thanks him for his gracious and pleasant letters in his own hand, which greatly consoled and rejoiced him. Has so instructed and advertised the bearer that he trusts he will henceforth be conformable to [the King's] pleasure, in giving better attendance, and leaving off his prodigality, excessive expense, sullenness, mistrust, "dysdysdn, makyng of parts," or doing anything that may offend him. He has put himself in the place of a son to the writer (Wolsey ?), and has promised to be advised by him, and he does not doubt that he will more and more deserve "your ... et."
P. 1. Hol. Draft, in Wolsey's hand. Probably intended to be used by lord Henry Percy.
27 April.
Galba, B. IX. 161. B. M.
5499. J. HACKETT to [TUKE].
Wrote last on the 25th. The post that Don Fernando sent through France in company with de Rossynboix returned yesterday from Spain with letters from the Emperor to my Lady and the king of Bohemia. Rossynboix was despatched by the Emperor with speed, and comes through France. Guillaume des Barres remains in the Imperial court, to finish their commission.
There is news that the diet of Spires is finished, and concludes, among other articles, that the Pope should hold a General Council for the reformation of heresy within two years, or else the people of Dutchland will hold a council to withdraw themselves from the Pope's obedience. They are much more inclined to human liberty than to spiritual obedience. Brussels, 27 April 1529.
Is just informed that my Lady has sent Monsieur de Monfort to inform don Fernando of the conclusion of the lords of the Order and the Emperor's council to fulfil the Emperor's petition, and that all the estates are ordered to appear here in court on May 10, "and that as then what some ever shall be concluded that he shall be advertised in haste." Has written in former letters that the Emperor's intent is that the said don Fernando shall enter with his army into France or Burgundy this next summer. Has also heard that the Emperor gave good audience to Rossynboix, who comes with diligence to the French king; "but yet, for all this, the Emperor will lose no time, but will go forward toward Italy, and requires his brother don Fernando to revenge him the best that he may. The petition that the Emperor asks at this time of all these Low Countries is 1,200,000 florins. Et feliciter valete."
Hol., pp. 2. The cipher undeciphered.
28 April.
Add. MS. 28,578, f. 193. B. M.
Thanks him for his letters, which he received from the Imperial ambassador at the port of Firma. Declared his intention to the said ambassador, who has put it in writing. Commends himself and his adherents to his Majesty. Firma, 28 April 1529. Signed: "Vester humilis et fidelis servus et subditus, Jacobus comes Desmundiæ, &c."
Lat., pp. 2. Modern copy from the archives of Brussels.
28 April.
Add. 28, 579, f. 329. B. M.
Although, by a writing signed by the earl of Desmond, I brought your Majesty word of his intention, I will here set forth some particulars of what took place with him, and of the power he holds, and of his person and his men.
Arrived at Cork, where the Earl is not well loved. Many Irish entered my ship, and told me that some days before a gentleman of Desmond's had arrived from Spain, and that his Majesty had sent the Earl a cup of gold. Left that port, and came the other day, owing to bad weather, to another called Biran (Beer haven) belonging to a knight who is under the Earl, by whom I learned that he was 25 leagues off, and was joining himself with other lords of the land, his enemies. Sent a messenger with a letter to let him know of my arrival. Got an answer in four days, desiring me to come to the port of Dingle (Tingla), where he would meet me. The superscription of the letter he wrote me was addressed, "Capellan del Emperador nuestro soberano señor." On many other occasions, when he named his Majesty, he said "our sovereign lord." He then sent to tell the Lords he was going to join that he must delay other 40 days. Before I entered the port agreed on he sent six gentlemen to ask me to go to another harbour of his, two leagues thence, to help him to take certain French and English ships anchored there, saying he had sent his galleys thither two hours before, and was gone by land with 500 men. From this I excused myself by good reasons, and sent them back to the Earl with my answer. Next day, the 21 April, I disembarked at Dingle, and was well received by all the town, and by some knights despatched by the Earl to meet me. In four hours came the Earl himself, with about 500 horse and as many halberdiers. He would not suffer that I should visit him at his house, and had determined on coming to me. He asked after the Emperor, who, I told him, was well, and sent commendations to him. We then banqueted upon the ground; after which the Earl and I withdrew with some of his council into my chamber. Being asked to declare my credence, I gave it to the Earl in English, and afterwards by his desire declared it to his council in Latin; viz., that the Earl's servant, Galfregidus, having lately brought letters from him to the Emperor, expressing his desire to enter into strict amity with his Majesty, in which he agreed to hold as friends or enemies whomsoever the Emperor bade him, and desiring that the Emperor should send some one to arrange the terms, the writer had been sent accordingly.
On this the Earl talked awhile with his council; then took off, his bonnet, and expressed his gratitude to the Emperor, who had sent me to protect him, saying that his Majesty was placed in the world to prevent one prince from injuring another. He desired to consult how he might do his Majesty service in these countries, and began to tell me about his lineage, and the enmity his ancestors had borne to England, and the cause of it. I assured him of the aid and favor of the Emperor, and desired that he would put in writing what he had said about his lineage, and the cause of their enmity to England. He said it was enough to have told it to me, and that I might report it. I answered that I would do so, but it was too long to remember perfectly; on which he promised to comply. We then talked of the amount of aid he desired of the Emperor, when he asked for four great vessels of 200 tons, and six smaller ones, with artillery, and 500 Flemings in them. I showed him this would not be reasonable, unless he first showed what service he could do the Emperor. He said he would give the Emperor every security for his fidelity. I said he had nothing to give except in Ireland, and that even if the Emperor could have all Ireland, he required no security but his word of honor. And so we agreed that an article should be drawn up about it.
The Earl always treated me very well, often sending me venison and cows to the ship. His greatest enmity is towards the cardinal of England. He said he had been in alliance with France, and had a Breton kinsman named M. de Quindal (Kendal ?), who lived near Bordeaux, and who has been in the French king's army; but he promised henceforth to hold the French as enemies, as they were enemies to the Emperor.
ii. The power which he holds, and in what parts.—In Ireland are four principal cities, of which Dublin is the largest and richest. The Earl has no possessions in that neighbourhood; but his kinsman Kildare, who has the rule there, has been married to his sister, and has been imprisoned in the Tower of London, they say on Desmond's account. The other three are Waterford, Cork, and Limerick, in all which he has many adherents. He has much power among the wild Irish. He has many knights who pay him tribute. There are ten castles on his lands, one of which, named Galvan, the king of England has in vain attempted to take.
iii. His person and vassals.—He is 34 years old, of middle height, very well spoken; he is cool and confident in battle. He walks lame, having a gunshot wound in one leg. He keeps better justice in his land than any lord in Ireland, especially as to theft and murder. His men are much given to these things, but show no skill in anything except in daring death like animals. Their arms are small bows and swords. They wear coats of mail (cotas de maya) down to the feet, with their "gorsals" and halberts. The Earl has many horses, some of them pretty fair for breaking lances. The men all ride without saddle or stirrups, and do wonders on horseback.
Spanish, pp. 7, modern copy from the archives of Brussels.
28 April.
Add. MS. 28,578, f. 194. B. M.
2. "Sequuntur informationes directæ ad invictissimum ac sacratissimum Cæsarem, semper Augustum, per me comitem Desmonie, dominum Desiæ et Ogonyll ac libertatis Kyerrygiæ."
I, James earl of Desmond, am of royal blood, descended from Brito, who conquered Britain, both greater and less, as well as Scotland and Ireland.
Causes of the enmity against the king of England. The first cause is an old prophecy, believed by the English and contained in their old chronicles, that an earl of Desmond will conquer all England. 2. My grandfather Thomas was beheaded for fear of this prophecy, when no crime was alleged against him. 3. Richard, the son of the king of England (Perkin Warbeck), hearing of the enmity of the King and my predecessors, came hither with a great army in the time of my father, who brought nearly all Ireland into subjection to him. 4. The King detained my kinsman Gerald earl of Kildare in prison, until my father liberated him by his power, and obtained the viceroyalty (locum regis) in Ireland for his kinsman. 5. The King, hearing that my father was paralytic, when I was about eight years old, stirred up both English and Irish to attack him, though there was peace between them. They have, however, obtained no victory in 24 years. 6. While there was peace between me and the King, his attorneys plundered my servants who were trading in France and Flanders to the value of 9,000l., and the King still detains them in prison. I therefore beg your assistance, and promise mine faithfully. 7. I have 16,500 foot (decem sex milia peditum cum dimidio) and 1,500 horse, with the following friends and allies:—Princeps Oberayn, with 600 horse and 1,000 foot; Theobald de Burgh, with 100 horse and 600 foot; Sir Richard Poer, with 40 horse and 200 foot; lord Thos. Butler, with 60 horse and 240 foot; Sir John Geraldi, with 80 horse and 440 foot; Sir Gerald the younger, with 40 horse and 200 foot; Sir Thos. Comitis (Courcy), with 40 horse and 200 foot; the White Knight, with 40 horse and 300 foot; lord Odonyll, prince of "Ulidia" (Ulster ?), with 800 horse and 4,000 foot; the knight of Walle, with 40 horse and 240 horse (fn. 1); Captain Ocunachuyr, with 30 horse and 200 foot; and others. 8. I have a firm alliance with the king of Scotland, and frequent communication with him by letters and ambassadors. 9. My intention is "meam potestatem et amicorum meorum mea propria persona consummere" against Piers Butler, the King's deputy, and the King's cities in Ireland,—Limerick, Waterford and Dublin. 10. Asks especially for artillery. 11. Will be a friend to the Emperor's friends, and enemy to his enemies, and a true subject to him. Firma, 28 April 1529, in the presence of Gonsalvo Fernandez, Denis Mitdoule (M'Donel), doctor of arts and medicine, Denis Cather, and Maurice Herly, dean. Signed by Desmond.
Lat., pp. 4, modern copy from the archives of Brussels.
28 April.
R. O.
5502. NEWS from ROME.
"Ex literis xxviij. Aprilis, ab Urbe allatis."
D. Hieronymus Privadelus held a disputation for the King on the matter of the excusator. Is glad that he accompanied such an excellent man from Bononia. In two discussions, of which one lasted for a whole hour, he imported much light and life to a half dead cause, and carried away the victory from his adversaries. He adduced new and elegant reasons, which no one can refute. The King should take him as an adviser. It is said in the city that the French king has come to an agreement with the Swiss, and that the Vaywode is making great attempts with the favor of the kings of England and France.
Lat., in Vannes' hand, p. 6.
28 April.
R. O.
Mr. Goodman, the bearer, has a decree from the Master of the Rolls, which only requires confirmation by my lord's Grace. Asks his assistance in procuring it. Has known him a long time, while he (Wynter) was living at Wilsdon and elsewhere, and has seen him since at Paris. Paris, iv. kal. Maias. Signed. A few words at the end in Latin in his own hand.
P. 1.
29 April.
R. O.
Wrote on the 18th that they had received a verdict from the quest impanelled at Sandgate concerning the commission of Sewers, but as the verdict was not complete, postponed it until today. Wish to know the King's pleasure upon it, as to how they shall proceed with the King's tenants, considering the decay of the lands in consequence of the destruction of the sluice by the King's order six years ago. The commissions lately granted for repairs, &c. cannot now be acted on, as they enforce the presence of three, and Sir Ric. Weston and Chr. Hales are both absent. Could act on the commission of Sewers, but the expence of making the sluice and banks will be so great that they thought it best to inform him of it. Have set in order all that is to be done by his Majesty's tenants before 14 June. Reminds him of their lack of money. Calais, 29 April 1529. Signed.
Pp. 3. Add. Endd.
30 April.
Vesp. F. XIII. 142. B. M.
If Wolsey will make him sure of these manors he will give this house freely without asking a penny, but desires that he may retain his dwelling for three years that he may in the meanwhile buy a house in Epswyche (Ipswich), "and to make it somewhat easy for me with a chapel to serve God in when I may not well stir to ride." Begs that when Wolsey has the whole house he may have his chambers beneath for himself, his wife and servants. Epswyche, 30 April.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Unto my lord Cardinal's good grace. Endd.: From my lord Courson."
Lettere di Principi, II. 156 b. 5506. [SANGA] to SALVIATI.
I am sorry you had not on 6 April received my letters of 18 and 20 March. Send your letters to me under cover to the cavalier Casal, ambassador here for the king of England.
Ital. Signature and date omitted.
R. O.
"Right worshipful master, my ... you to be advertised that as ... court at Herkesley, and this week ... and the receipt of his rents, and so further ... and Rumborow, upon whom I intend ... him forward in his business as well ... his surveys unto such time as your m[astership] ... or otherwise send me in commandment to ... every thing here to be set in a stay ... leisure; and as concerning my Lord's college [at Ipswich] ... by Page in what case it is, which is very w ... masons, but for lack of masons it goeth not [forward] ... and also there had need to have more good overseers ..." April.
Hol., p. 1, mutilated. Add.: To, &c., Mr. Crumwell. Endd.
R. O. 5508. The KING'S WARDS.
"Termino Paschæ, anno 18o R. H. VIII.—Here ensue the bills assigned by the King's grace for his wards, sold within the said term by Thomas Inglefelld and William Paulet, masters of the same.
Heref.:—Geo. ap Harry, s. and h. of Ric. ap Harry, having lands of the yearly value of 67l. 16s., is sold to the lord of Burgavenny, "with 27l. land decendyd," for 240l. Hants:—Ric. s. and h. of Ric. Waller; lands, 194l. 9s. 8¾d.; sold to Sir Will. Paulet without land, for 133l. 6s. 8d. Devon:—Katharine, Emelyn, and Alice, ds. and hs. of Will. Crwys; lands, 12l. 7s.; sold without land to John Forde, for 26l. 13s. 4d. Devon—Geo. s. and h. of Brian Travers; lands, 14l. 13s. 8d.; sold to John Forde, "with 20s. land decendyd," for 26l. 13s. 4d. Berks:—John s. and h. of Thos. Bekingham; lands 43l. 6s. 8d.; sold to Thos. Redwode, with 100s. land descended, for 66l. 13s. 4d. Dorset:—Thos. s. and h. of John Morton; lands, 82l. 19s. 11s.; sold to Lucy Morton, his mother, with 20l. 17s. 1d. land descended, for 140l. Essex:—Wm. s. and h. of Wm. Aylove; lands, 162l. 14s. 9d.; sold without land to Sir John Gainsforde, for 150l. Derby:—Francis s. and h. of Roger Leche; lands, 46l. 12s. 8d.; sold without land to Roger Hasellrig, for 46l. 13s. 4d. Somers:—John s. and h. of Sir Walter Rodneye; lands, 240l.; given without land by the King to Sir Anthony Browne, "for the which his Grace might have had 400 marks."
Mich. Term, anno 19o R. H. VIII.—Essex:—Walter s. and h. of John Skott; lands, 43l.; sold to John Tyrell, with 9l. 13s. 4d. land descended, for 50l. Staff.:—Humphrey s. and h. of Thos. Conesby; lands, 94l.; sold without lands to Humphrey Conesby for 66l. 13s. 4d. Hunts:—Gerard s. and h. of John Foster; lands, 4l. 13s. 4d.; sold to Wm. More and Wm. Newboltt, with 53s. 4d. land descended, for 10l. Leic.:—Fras. s. and h. of Geo. Wilkes; lands, 17l. 2s. 8d.; sold to Eustace Kittley, with 10 marks land descended, for 40l. Yorksh.:—Elizabeth, Alice, and Agnes, ds. and hs. of Brian Chambre; lands, 7l. 19s. 6d.; sold to Ric. Chirderne, with 6l. land descended, for 8l. North Wales: John s. and h. of Harry Kemys; lands, 29l. 6s. 8d.; sold to Sir William Morgayn, with 16l. land descended, for 66l. 13s. 4d. Salop:—John s. and h. of John Cotes; lands, 69l. 17s.; sold without land to Edward Lytillton for 80l. Somers:—Thos. s. and h. of Thos. Champnes; lands, 60l. 15s. 10d.; sold without land to Thos. Kyrton, for 40l. Cheshire:—Wm. s. and h. of Roger Launcelyn; lands, 22l. 1s. 8d.; sold to Wm. More of Bankhowse, with 109s. 10d. land descended, for 30l. Somers:—Joan and Elizabeth ds. and hs. of Wm. Peverell; lands, 53l. 6s. 8d.; sold without land to Philip Parys, for 80l. South Wales:—John s. and h. of Wm. Perott; lands, 29l. 4s.; sold without land to Mores ap Harry, of the King's cellar, for 30l. Lancashire:—Thos. s. and h. of Brian Parre; lands, 25l. 10s.; sold to Matthew Standische, with 4l. land descended, for 20l. Lancashire:—Nich. s. and h. of Laurence Bradscha; lands, 110s. 8d.; sold without land to Mathew Standische, for 4l. South Wales:—John s. and h. of John Elyott; lands, 25l. 3s. 4d.; sold without land to Hugh Marvyn, for 6l. 13s. 4d. Lincoln:—Robt. s. and h. of Robt. Evers; lands, 20l. 6s. 8d.; sold without land to Robt. Holtt, for 20l. Yorksh.:—Ric. Forde, "the King's ydeott;" lands, 7l. 7s. 8d.; sold without land to Wm. Stokedale for 20l. Lincoln:—Katharine lady Willoughby, d. and h. of lord Willoughby; lands, * * (blank in MSS.) * * sold to Charles duke of Suffolk, "with 40l. of anuetè," for 2,666l. 13s. 4d.
"Termino Paschæ, anno 20o R. H. VIII."—Somers:—Erasmus s. and h. of Raynolde Pyme; lands, 41l. 9s. 8d.; sold to Thos. Elyott, with 8l. 13s. 4d. land descended, for 80l. Derb.:—Godfrey s. and h. of Roger Foljambe; lands, 102l. 7s. 2d.; sold to Sir Godfrey Foljambe, with 6l. 5s. 4d. land descended, for 80l. Wilts:—John Fetipas, "the King's ydeott;" lands, 4l.; given by the King to George Addlame, yeoman of the guard, without land, "for the which his Grace might have had 10l." Herts:—John s. and h. of Thos. Denny; lands, 92l.; sold to John Smythe without land for 33l. 6s. 8d.
Pp. 7. Endd.
R. O. 2. Wards sold by Thos. Inglefield, during the time he was master of the King's wards, from Easter 18 Hen. VIII. to All Saints Day following, when he was joined by Sir Wm. Pawlet. The marriage of Elizabeth Marney, one of the daughters and heirs of John lord Marney, and of Cristian his wife, d. and h. of Sir Robt. Newboro, with 20l. land in hand, for her exhibition; sold to Thos. duke of Norfolk for 1,000l. The marriage of Katharine, one of the ds. and hs. of John lord Marney, &c., with 20l. of land in hand for her finding; sold to Robt. viscount Fitzwater for 1,000l. The marriage of John, brother to Thos. s. and h. of Sir Robt. Coton; lands, 168l. 6s. 8d.; sold to the bp. of Ely for 300l. The marriage of Margaret and Elizabeth ds. and hs. of Robt. Stokis; lands, 60l.; sold to Miles Spencer, clk., for 150l. The marriage of Elizabeth and Janet ds. and hs. of James Adames; lands, 5l. 13s. 4d.; sold to Harry ap Thomas for 13l. 6s. 8d. The marriage of Wm. s. and h. of Sir Thos. Parr, with 20l. land; sold by my lord Cardinal to Sir Wm. Fitzwilliam and to Thos. Englefield to the use of Mawde Parr, for 1,000l. The marriage of Elizabeth d. and h. of Thos. Ramsey, with 56l. 17s. 7d. land; sold to John Wellisborne for 100l. The marriage of Robt. s. and h. of Sir Thomas Tyrringham; lands, 100l.; sold to Sir George Throkmorton, with 20l. land, for 300 marks. The marriage of Wm. Somer, cousin and heir of Alice Lende, s. and h. of Hugh Somer; land not exceeding the value of 5l.; sold to Wm. Stafford and Richard Andrewes for 20 marks. The marriage of Walter, cousin and h. of Roger Horton; lands, 65l. 12s. 4d.; sold to Edward Lytilton, with lands not exceeding 10l. 6s. 8d., for 80l. The marriage of Humphrey s. and h. of John Prince, having lands not exceeding the value of 8l. 19s.; sold to Robt. Brayn for 40 marks. The marriage of Joan and Ellen ds. and hs. of Thomas Serjaunt; lands, 20l. 13s. 4d.; sold to Philip Parris and John Hynde for 80 marks. The marriage of Isabel, third d. and h. of Thos. Serjaunt; lands, 10l. 6s. 8d.; sold to Anthony Irby for 20l. The marriage of Antony s. and h. of Edward Twyneow; lands, 59l. 5s.; sold to Wm. Dawntesey, with 20l. land, for 200l.
Pp. 8. Endd.
"Termino Paschæ anno 20o R. H. VIII." "Bills assigned by the King's grace for his wards sold within the said term by Thomas Ingelfeld and William Paulet."—Rutland:—Ric. s. and h. of Roger Floure; lands, 99l. 20d.; sold to John Harrington, with 7l. 12d. land descended, for 120l. Linc.:—Nich. s. and h. of Gilbert Pinchebek; lands, 27l. 3s. 4d.; sold to John Harrington, with 40s. land descended, for 40l. Linc.:—Andrew s. and h. of John Assordby; lands, 23l. 8s.; sold to Andrew Byllesby, without land, for 24l. Linc.:—Wm. s. and h. of Thos. Kyddall; lands, 27l. 13s. 4d.; sold to Rob. Tirwhitt, with 11l. land descended, for 40l. Derby:—Walter s. and h. of Roger Horton; lands, 63l. 7s. 3¼d.; sold to Edward Litillton, without land, for 40l. Middlesex:—Chr. s. and h. of John Twisselton; lands, 120l. 6s. 8d.; sold to Rich. Lyster, the attorney general, without lands, for 133l. 6s. 8d. Somers:—Jas. s. and h. of Water Boyze; lands, 6l. 15s. 8d.; sold to John Newport, without land, for 10l. Leic.:—Katharine, one of the ds. and hs. of Wm. Turpin; lands, 20l.; sold to Master Mangnus, without lands, for 13l. 6s. 8d. Yorksh.:—Harry s. of Sir Rauf Rither; lands, 192l. 0s. 0½d.; sold to my lord Cardinal, with 51l. 16s. 8d. land descended, for 200 marks.
Vesp. C. IV. 316. B. M. 5509. LIST of TREATIES.
List of documents relating to the treaties between Henry VIII. and Charles V., concluded at Windsor and Calais in 1522, for the marriage of Charles with the princess Mary and for the invasion of France.
Lat., p. 1.
April./GRANTS. 5510. GRANTS in APRIL 1529.
1. Ric. Waltynton of Fromanton, Heref., husbandman. Pardon. Del. Westm., 1 April 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B.
2. Tho. Stert of Dorkyng, Surrey, turner. Pardon for having entered a close of Matt. Stone at Abyngeworth, Surrey, on the night of the 2 June 20 Hen. VIII., and taken away two purses belonging to the said Matthew. Del. Westm., 2 April 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 24.
3. John Griffithe, clk. Presentation to the parish church of Towyn Myryonethe, with the chapels of Tayleyllyn, Pennalle and Llanvyhangell, Bangor dioc., vice John Coole, clk., resigned. Del. Westm., 3 April 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 24.
5. John Pakyngton. Liberty to wear his hat in the King's presence; also exemption from taking the order of knighthood, being made baron of the Exchequer, or serjeant-at-law. Del. Westm., 5 April 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 24.
5. Wm. Barles, bachelor of decrees. Grant of the canonry or prebend in the collegiate church of Bridgenorthe, Salop, vice Rob. Pumsunbe. Greenw., 20 March 20 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 5 April.—P.S.
6. Sir John Walloppe. To be keeper of the lordship and park of Dytton, Bucks, with herbage, pannage, &c., and 3d. a day, granted by pat. 12 May 18 Hen. VIII. to Wm. Cary. Del. Westm., 6 April 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 20.
7. Rob. Herbert, alias ap Morgan, alias Lloyd, of Aberestwith, Cardigan, yeoman. Pardon for having, on 4 July 17 Hen. VIII., broken into a close of Tho. Poyntz, at Alderley, Glouc., and carried off certain horses belonging to the said Thomas. Del. Westm., 7 April 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 6.
9. Hugh Mervyn. Wardship of John s. and h. of John Elyot. Del. Westm., 9 April 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 12.
13. Ric. Grey. Licence to export 400 quarters of beans. Greenwich, 13 April 20 Hen. VIII. (No date of delivery.)—S.B.
14. Nich. Frechevile. Custody of all possessions in Staveley Haigh, Staveley Wodthorp, Brampton and Holme, Derb., which John, Phil., Wm. and Geo. Draycotes and Rob. Cune held by grant of John Frechevile, to the use of the said John and Eliz. his wife, and the heirs of the said John; during the minority of Peter, kinsm. and h. of the said John, from 20 Oct. 20 Hen. VIII., the said possessions not exceeding the annual value of 20 marks; with the mesne profits thereof from 20 Feb. 18 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 14 April 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Enrolled incorrectly, and without date, in 21 Hen. VIII. Pat. p. 1, m. 14.
14. Rob. Markes, late of Suoberton, Hants, alias of Southwark, London. Pardon for having abetted Rob. Taillor of Subberton and John Wayte of Borley in entering, and stealing cattle from, the closes of Ric. Sylvestre at Buryton, Will. Robson at Ferley, Ric. Reder at Buryton, John Turnor at Fauley, Dionisia Jonynges at Buryton, John Suggett at Lasse Abbesse, John Sellewoode at Peterfelde, Ric. Tommes of Wymeryng and Tho. Harres of Botley, all in the county of Hants. Del. Westm., 14 April 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B.
14. Harman Kors, shoemaker, of Suthwerke, London, native of Daventre (Deventer), in the bishopric of Ottryd (Utrecht). Denization. Del. Westm. 14 Apr. 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 31.
14. Wm. Sawer of Banwell, Somers., husbandman. Pardon for having killed John Sawer, in self-defence, on 5 Dec. 16 Hen. VIII., at Banwell.—Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 26.
14. John Powntteney, native of Normandy. Denization.—Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 20.
15. John Berwyke of London, alias of Dancaster, York, and Payneswyke, Glouc. Pardon for having, in conjunction with Wm. Seyntlowe of Gloucester and John Holland of London, broken into the houses of Joan Dene at Stoke Talnage, Oxon., on 20 Sept. 17 Hen. VIII., and murdered Wm. Pangborne. Del. Westm., 5 April 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 28.
16. John Fox of Columpton, Devon, tanner. Pardon for having, in company with Geo. Tillarde of Columpton, "toker," on 28 Aug. 18 Hen. VIII., broken into the house of John Lane at Columpton, and stolen from him 2 dozen kerseys. Del. Westm., 16 April 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 6.
16. Wm. Jenons alias Jenyns, draper, of Coventry. Exemption from being made mayor, sheriff, &c., and from serving on juries. Greenwich, 2 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 16 April.—P.S.
17. Wm. Brown, Tho. Brown, John Baker, Wm. Tyler and Brian Gyll, soldiers of Calais. Pardon for stealing hemp from John Vengheler. Del. Westm., 17 April 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B.
17. Tho. Robynson of Knaysburghe (Knaresborough), saddler, and Wm. Robynson, of Skypton, York, shoemaker. Pardon for having killed Wm. Luge on 30 April 1 Hen. VIII., at Bysshopmu[n]kton, York, West Riding. Del. Westm., 17 April 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 6.
20. Rog. Fenwyke of Hephell, Northumb. Pardon for the murder of Geo. Dichand, whom the said Roger and Clementius Shaftowe, of the said co., yeoman, wounded at Rothberre, Northumb., on 15 March 16 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 20 April 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 32.
20. John Jenour, Rob. Norwiche, serjeant-at-law, John Spelman, serjeant-at-law, Humph. Broun, serjeant-at-law, Tho. Bonham, Phil. Paris, Rob. Mordaunt, John Fyncham of Fyncham, Franc. Moundeford, Rob. Wrothe, Rob. Holdiche, John Frevyle, Tho. Derham, jun., Rob. Jenour, Ric. Heygham, Simon Fyncham, Ric. Lyndesell and Ric. Bachecroft. Pardon of all alienations and acquisitions, without licence, of the manor of Alferston, called the manor of Bigoodes, Essex, and of all entries thereupon, and upon certain lands in Magna Donmowe alias Chepyng Donmowe, Essex—(Signed bill undated.)—Pat. p. 1, m. 37.
20. Wm. Skipwith. Custody of lands in Southsomercottes, Garnetthorpe, Fullersthorpe, Northsomercottes, Wynthorpe and Brugh-in-le-Marshe, late belonging to John Langholme; also wardship of Humphrey s. and h. of the said John. Del. Westm., 20 April 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B.
21. Laurence Elyot, Geo. Tadlow, haberdasher, of London, and Edmund Bonethen, vintner, of London. Licence to import 50 "great gross of caps and 600 lb. of ribands." Del. Westm., 21 April 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B.
21. Sir Anth. Fitzherbert, Ric. Lister, attorney general, Sir Ralph Fenwik and Rob. Colyngwood. Commission to survey the lands in Northumberland belonging to John s. and h. of Henry Wothryngton, and to make report thereon as to the decayed and waste parts, &c. Teste 21 April anno 20.
ii. Certain articles to be enquired into, and certificate to be made according to the above commission.—P.S.
21. John de la Hay, chaplain, native of Normandy. Denization.—Pat. p. 2, m. 17.
Commissions of the Peace.
Beds: Tho. card. of York, J. bp. of Lincoln, Tho. duke of Norfolk, Wm. prior of St. John's of Jerusalem, Sir Rob. Brudenell, Sir Ric. Broke, Sir Hen. Grey, Sir John Mordaunt, Sir Wm. Gascoign, Sir Fras. Bryan, Sir John Seynt, Sir Edm. Bray, Sir John Dyve, Sir Mich. Fissher, Sir Tho. Rotheram, Tho. Cade, clk., Walt. Luke, Wm. Marsshall, Tho. Fitzhugh, Nich. Hardyng, Peter Baron, Simon Fitz and Geo. Akworth.
Devon: Tho. card. of York, J. bp. of Exeter, John Bourchier lord Fitzwaren, John lord Souche, Sir John Fitzjames, Wm. Shelley, Sir Wm. Courtenay, Sir Tho. Denys, Sir Edw. Pomerey, Sir Wm. Carewe, Sir Tho. Stukeley, John Rowe, John Fulforde, Phil. Champernon, John Gilbert, Barth. Fortescue, John Chamounde, And. Hillarsden, Baldwin Malett, John Kayleway, Ric. Hals, Phil. Fulford, Humph. Collys, Hugh Pollerd, Ric. Yerd, Wm. Honychurche and John Whiddon.
Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 1d.
Ric. Page, gent. of the Privy Chamber. Annuity of 100l. out of the issues of the possessions of Tho. earl of Derby; during the minority of Edw. earl of Derby; s. and h. of the said Thomas.—S.B. Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 24.
John Worth. Custody of the possessions of Sir John Basset, dec., during minority of John Basset, s. and h. of the said John; with wardship of the said heir.—S.B. Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 23.
Jas. Strangways of Ornesby, York. Exemption from serving on juries, &c.—S.B. Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 24.
Hen. Norreys, squire of the Body and gent. of the Privy Chamber. Annuity of 100l. out of the issues of the possessions of Tho. late earl of Derby; during the minority of Edw. earl of Derby, s. and h. of the said Thomas.—S.B. Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 24.
Anth. Morys of Calais, native of Alexandria de la Paye, in Lombardy. Denization.—S.B. Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 15 and 22.
Sir John Trevylyan. Grant of the advowson of the deanery and collegiate church of St. Burin the Virgin, Cornw.—S.B. Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 13.
Wm. Coke. Lease of a toft called Rowcroft, and a virgate of land in Priseley, in the lordship of Cleobery Mortymer, parcel of the lands late of the earl of March, Salop; for 21 years, at the annual rent of 13s. 8d., and 10s. of increase.—S.B. Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 7.
Wm. Coke of West-angmeryng, Sussex, husbandman. Pardon for having, on 16 Oct. 19 Hen. VIII., broken into a close at Clapham, Sussex, and carried off a ram belonging to John Wassher.—S.B. Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 14.
Geo. Wenwright, chaplain. Presentation to the rectory of the parish church of Chetton, Heref. dioc., void by resignation.—S.B. Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 13.
John Blenerhayset. Wardship of Geo. s. and h. of Edm. Lucy, dec.—S.B. Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 14.
John Hodges of Allnerton, Somers, husbandman. Pardon for having, on 14 Oct. 18 Hen. VIII., stolen a grey horse belonging to John Clarke at Wodmore, Somers; also for stealing a horse belonging to Ric. Chalmer at Wynescombe, Somers, on 24 May 19 Hen VIII., in conjunction with Ric. Benson of Alrington, Somers.—Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 21.
John Cheyne, ironmonger, of London. Protection; going in the retinue of Sir Anth. Ughtred. Signed by Ughtred.—P.S.
Wm. Holme of Cheryton, Devon. Protection; going in the retinue of Sir Anth. Ughtred.—P.S.
Roger Radclyff, gentleman usher of the Chamber. To be bailiff of the lordship of Hatton, Warw., and keeper of Haseley park, in the same county, vice Sir Wm. Compton.—S.B.
John Broker, innholder, of Guildford, Surrey. Protection; going in the retinue of Sir Anth. Ughtred.—P.S.
John Newyngton, mercer, of London. Protection; going in the retinue of Sir Robt. Wyngfild.—S.B.
Frances Aylmere, servant of princess Mary. Annuity of 20l.—S.B.
23. Tho. Kyrton. Wardship of Thos. s. and h. of Thos. Champnes. Del. Westm., 23 April 21 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 25.
26. Sir John, and Simon Dygby, his son. To be bailiffs, in survivorship, of the manor of Barrodon, Rutl., with 4d. a day fees. The said Sir John and Simon held the office, without fees, from 16 Hen. VII. to 11 Hen. VIII., for which they are to receive payment. Also an annuity, in survivorship, of 4d. a day out of the issues of the above manor. Del. Westm., 26 April 21 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 25.
26. Lancelot Lother. Lease of the toll, market and fairs, and the water-mill called Newmylle, in the lordship of Wrexham, parcel of the lordship of Bromefeld, marches of Wales, for 21 years from Mich. 1530, on the expiration of the lease he holds, at 10l. 13s. 4d. annually for the toll, 8l. for the mill, and 40s. of increase. Del. Westm., 26 April 21 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 14.
26. Sir William Fitzwilliam, treasurer of the Household. Lease of the winter agistment of Haitfeld Park, with the coneys there; also the fishery of Braythmere, in the lordship of Hathfeld and Thorne, parcel of the duchy of York, beyond Trent; for 21 years; at 6l. 2s. for the agistment, and 12l. 8s. 4d. for the fishery, &c., and 20s. anew approved. Del. Westm., 26 April 21 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 14.
27. Wm. Wylbram, clk. Wardship of Ric. s. and h. of Sir Ralph Egerton. Del. Westm., 27 April 21 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 11.
27. John Digby. Livery of Lands as s. and h. of Rosa Perwich, late wife of Wm. Dygby, father of the said John, and kinsman and h. of Wm. Perwiche and Goditha his wife, viz., s. and h. of the said Rosa, daughter of the said Wm. and Goditha, and kinsman and heir of Ric. Perwyche, viz., son of the said Rosa, daughter of the said Wm. s. of the said Ric. Perwych. Del. Westm., 27 April 21 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1. m. 21.
27. Ric. Mungeam, draper, of London, Protection; going in the retinue of Sir Robt. Wingfield. Windsor, 15 March 20 Hen. VIII. Del. Chelsea, 27 April [21 Hen. VIII. ?]—P.S.
28. Sir Wm. Essex. Lease of a messuage in Buckland, situate in Overton Burton, Berks, late of the lands of Sir Francis Lovell, for 21 years, at 10s. annually, and 40d. newly approved. Teste 28 April 21 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 1.
28. Wm. Colman, gentleman of the chapel. Presentation to the corrody in the monastery of Coxhall, Essex, vacated by the resignation of Henry Stephenson. Greenwich, 24 April 21 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 28 April.—P.S.
28. Thos. Robyns. Lease, upon the death of Wm. West, present lessee for life, of 29 "ffatts" of saltwater and 3 salt pits other-wise called "seales," with 3 leaden "cribbles," &c. in Droitwich, Worc., parcel of the lands of the late earl of Warwick; also liberty to take wood from Owood; for 21 years, at 15l. 11s. 8d., and 26s. 8d. of increase, payable to the bailiff of Wich and Sallewarp, &c. Del. Westm., 28 April 21 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 14.


  • 1. "equites;" probably error for "pedites."