Henry VIII: June 1534, 26-30

Pages 326-357

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 7, 1534. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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June 1534, 26–30

26 June. 879. Archbishop Lee to Henry VIII.
R. O. By your letters, which came to hand June 18, you allege that the prebend of Wetwang, heretofore united to the college in Oxford lately called Cardinal's College, is now, by attainder of the Cardinal and dissolution of the college, in your gift. You therefore command me and my brethren the dean and chapter to allow the impropriation of the said prebend anew to your college, now named King Henry VIII.'s College. In the absence of the treasurer of York, now in the South country, and Mr. Franklin in Scotland, and as my brother dean is the only one in residence, I cannot make perfect answer; however, had a pleased to recompense him. Thorpe, 26 June 1534. Signed.
P. 1. Add.
26 June. 880. The Same to Cromwell.
R. O. On the same subject. Begs him to intercede for the dean of St. Stephens. Believes his title is good, for he gave it him by good advice.
Recommends that other letters may be sent, making no mention of commandment, for as consent is required, consent must be free. Complains also that words of command are used to him in letters from the King for such prebends as are void by promotion of any of the King's chaplains, although not, he believes, in similar letters to the others. Thorpe, 26 June 1534. Signed.
Pp. 2. Add. Endd.
26 June. 881. The Same to Cromwell.
R. O. As I knew not when this bearer would return to you by whom the King commanded us to make answer, I therefore, on your letters sent by Dr. Oliver's servant, have sent you both my own answer and my brother the Dean's to the King's letters, such as we can make for the time, by the said servant of Dr. Oliver. Thorpe, 26 June 1534. Signed.
P. 1. Add. Endd.
26 June. 882. Duke of Suffolk to Cromwell.
R. O. I have written to my lord abbot of Westminster that the bearer my servant may be his farmer of Bynholm, Worcestershire, after expiration of the lease of Thos. Nevell. I beg you to favor his suit. Henham, 26 June. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: Secretary. Endd.
26 June. 883. Sir George Lawson to Cromwell.
R. O. I beg you to remember the 100l. that lord Dacres owes me, which without your help I have little hope of recovering. George Douglas's servant is waiting here for money. The abbot of St. Mary's sends you by the bearer his nephew 4,522l. 4s. 2d. I pray you write to John Constable in favor of a poor widow, whom a kinsman of mine, servant to my lord of St. Mary's, is to marry; also to admit the bearer, my lord's nephew, as your chaplain. York, 26 June.
Remember my good brother, Rob. Lorde. My lord has another nephew at Cambridge, a goodly young man, who has a benefice. My lord and I pray you to accept him as your scholar.
Hol., pp. 2. Add.: To my right honorable master Cromwell, secretary to the King's highness. Endd.
26 June. 884. John Lord Mordaunt to Cromwell.
R. O. I am advertised that the King intends to go to Calais. I beg you will get me discharged according to the suit I made when I was last with you, as I have been of late so sore charged both for myself and my son, and I am in great debt to the King. Of late I have been troubled with sickness. I shall be at London the 3 July if I can ride. 26 June.
Remember my kinsman Nich. Hardynge.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Secretary. Endd.
885. John Lord Mordaunt to Cromwell.
Vesp. F. XIII. 158. B. M. I pray you to be good to me in my suit to the King for my debt to him. The days appointed in this bill shall be duly kept, or else that by your mediation the King will take my lands in Northumberland at 20 years' purchase, which I will warrant to be worth 157l. (fn. 1) over all yearly charges. I doubt not the King can exchange them for others with the earl of Northumberland. But I beg you to get me the days appointed in my bill, that I may keep my land.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Thos. Cromwell, esq., secretary to the King's grace. Endd.
26 June. 886. William Brabazon and John Ap Rice to Cromwell.
R. O. Have set the goods of Lord Dacre and Sir Chr. Dacre in stay for a certain space, and have sold all the sheep in Cumberland and Westmoreland, as the bearer, Sir Thos. Wharton, can show. Sir Chr. Dacre was said to be rich in ready money, but we can get no knowledge of his books. Suppose he knew himself guilty of the acts whereof he is indicted before he came to London. Carlisle, 26 June. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: Master Secretary to the King's grace. Endd.
26 June. 887. Robert Fouler to Cromwell.
R. O. By the King's commandment I retained in my hands from the money received before Easter for his pensions of France due in November last 2,000l., to be delivered from time to time to his surveyor here for the fortifications of Calais and Guisnes. I have delivered to the surveyor up to this time 1,760l., so that there only remains 240l., which will not suffice for this month ensuing. As to the pensions due in May last, I hear nothing of their coming. Calais, 26 June.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Secretary. Endd.
26 June. 888. Sir Edward Ryngeley to Lord Lisle.
R. O. Wrote in my last letter that the saying was in London that the day was appointed for the King's being at Calais, but it is not so far forth yet. Sends the King's “geise,” The ambassador of the Lubecks will be here on Sunday, and so will all the Council and the gentlemen dwelling about London. There is no other news but that the King and Queen are merry. Desires to be recommended to lady Lisle and the Council. Hampton Court, 26 June.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Deputy of Calais. Endd.
26 June. 889. Sir Ric. Bulkeley to Henry Norres.
R. O. His backfriends Edward Gruffith and Dr. Glyn have made means to Mr. Secretary to be in displeasure with him, all for envy. Has received Norres' letters commanding him to take charge of the castle and view the artillery, and see the prisoners safely kept, which he has done, although lady Velavill, late wife to Sir Roland, and her son-in-law Wm. Ap Robert, who was with you lately in London, refused to deliver it up. Had to obtain a writ of subp$oena to the said dame “Annes” and her son-in-law before they would do so. Never saw a house so ill kept, for there is scarcely one chamber in which a man may lie dry. Dame Agnes claims part of the artillery, which she has no right to, for Sir Rowland, as you know, murdered a man in my lord Cardinal's time and forfeited all his goods. After which he sued to be at his fine with the King, and swore he was worth 500 mks, in goods besides 100 mks. worth of artillery, which he acknowledged to be the King's. Beaumaris, 26 June. Signed.
P. 1, long sheet. Add.: To, &c. Henry Norres, esquire for the Body, chief of the King's Privy Chamber, high chamberlain of North Wales, and constable of the King's castle of Beaumaris.
27 June. 890. Sir John Porte to Cromwell.
R. O. At this my being at Oxford, according to your letter sent to me, I have had communication with the commissary, certain doctors of the university and the corporation. With some difficulty they have come to an agreement as to the commissary's jurisdiction touching the lease of a house made by a beadle of the university, who is a freeman of the town. By this occasion a beadle was hurt in a fray. The parties are content to refer the affair to Mr. Stonor and Mr. Barantyne. I explained your pleasure to them touching the watch, according to the statute of Winchester. The commissary said he could not be “applyable” that the town should keep watch without Convocation, which they will hold today. Saturday, 27 July. (fn. 2) Signed.
Pp. 2. Add.: Secretary.
27 June. 891.Royal Supremacy
Cleop. E. VI. 209. B. M. Cornet, VI. 78. Wilkins, III. 775. The judgment of the university of Oxford rejecting the Pope's authority. In domo congregationis nostræ, 27 June, 1531.
Pp. 2. Modern copy. (fn. 3)
Cleop. E. VI. 209 b. B. M. II. Appended to the above is the following list of colleges, hospitals, and priories that subscribed to the supremacy, with the number of subscribers in each. Headed,” Protestatio collegiorum ad eundem effectum sub forma sequenti pagina”:—
Oxford dioc. (fn. 4) —All Souls' College, with 32 signatures. Batiol, 6. Brasennose, 9. Oriall, 11. St. Martin's, 17. London dioc.—Trinity College, Pleaey, 7. Nine Carthusians contumaciously refused to take the oath. Canterbury dioc.—St. George's College, 3. Cobham College, 5. Lincoln dioc.—Almshouse of the Holy Trinity, Tatshall, 6. Ertlingborough College, 5. College of the Annunciation and All Saints, Fotheringhey, 12. St. Mary Newark, Leic., 30. Rector and convent of Asheridge, 12. College of SS. Mary, Thomas and Edward, Heigham Ferrers, 5. Lincoln College, 4. Eaton College, near Windsor, 7. Worcester dioc.—College of Westbury-on-Trym, provost and 10 others. College of Stratford-on-Avon, 5. St. Mary's, Warwick, 14. Norwich dioc.—Colleges of Wingfeild, 4. Atylburgh, 3. St. Mary's, Metingham, 9. Rushworth, 5. Thompson, 4. St. Mary-de-Campis, 8. Exeter dioc.—Colleges of St. Mary's, Slepton, — St. Cross, Crediton, 3. “Sci Carenteri, Exon, 1.” (fn. 5) St. Mary, Oterie, 3. St. Thomas the Martyr of Glascney, near Prondryne, 4. (fn. 6) St. David's dioc.—Landewy Breuy, 2.
London dioc.—St. Bartholomew's, 3. St. Thomas of Acon, 6. Worcester dioc.—St. Bartholomew's, Gloucester, 3. St. Wolstan, Worcester, 9. St. John Baptist, Warwick, 1. Norwich dioc.—Ss. Giles and Mary, Norwich, 6. Lincoln'dioc.—St. John's, Northampton, 4.
Protestatio facts per priores:
Canterbury diocese.—Prior of St. Martin's, Dover, and 12 others. Liddcs, 12. Folkeston, 1. St. George without Canterbury, 6. Christchurch, Canterbury, 62. London diocese.—Dunmowe, 10. SS. John and Thomas, Royston, 7. Salutation of S. Mary, near London, 20. St. Mary's-without-Bishopagate, 11. Hatfeild Regis, 9. Elsinge, Cripplegate, 10. Coulne, 10. Liegs, 10. Norwich diocese.—Waburne, 1. Eye, 8. Ixworth, 16. Woodbridge, 6. Hempton, 3. Bliborough. 3. Cockesford, 8. St. Sepulchre, Thetford, 6. Hicklinge, P. Prior of Norwich Cathedral, 39. Buckham 11. St. Faith, 6. Westacre, 16. Walsingham, 21. Beeston, 3. Pentney, 13. St. Slave's, 5. Ingham, 6.
Lincoln diocese.—St. John, Caldwell, 8. Snelshall, 3. Markbie, 8. St. Mary's, Ashbie Canons, 12. St. Neots, 11. Ellisham, 7. Huntington, 12. Wymondley, 4. SS. Mary and Edburgs, Burcester, 8. Bushmead, 3. St. Mary, Thorneholme, 9. Wroxton, 10. Dunstable, 12. Launde, 13. Finshead, 6. St. Mary's, Keyma, 10. SS. Mary and Nicholas, Spalding, 20. Newneham, 17. Torkesey, 5. SS. Peter and Paul, Chacome, 7. Stonley, 6. Newstead, near Stamford, 3. Kirkby Bellers, 9. Nocton, 3. Ulvescrofte, 9.
Worcester diocese.—Stodley, 8. St. Giles' Abbey, Little Malvern, 7. Gauntes, 4. Lanthony, near Gloucester, 23. Wrecksall, —. St. Mary's Cathedral, Worcester, 40. St. Sepulchre, Warwick, 1.
Bath and Wells diocese.—St. John's, Bridgewater, 11. “Victornie ordinis 8. Augustini de Worspringe,” 7. SS. Peter and Paul, Bath, 15. SS. Peter and Paul, Taunton. 14. Exeter diocese.—SS. Peter and Paul, Plympton, 19. St. John, Exeter, 3. St. Andrew's, Treverdreth, 6. St. Stephen's, Launceston, 11. St. George, Frethestoke, 5. St. German's, Cornwall, 6. Rochester diocese.—St. Andrew's, Rochester, 19. Llandaff diocese.—Burgevenny, 2. Nuns of Uske,—Cheapstowe, 1. St. David's diocese.—Pulla (Pille ?), 4. St. John Baptist, Lantory, 4. St. Thomas the Martyr, Haverfordvest, 5. Carmarthen. 8.
Of uncertain dioceses.—St. Mary Magdalen, Combwell, 5. St. Mary, Bilsington, 6. S. John, Brecon, 4. SS. Mary and Petroc, Bodmyn, 9. St. Mary, Pilton, 2.
Lat. Modern copy. Pp. 5.
892. The Royal Supremacy.
Cleop. E. VI. 16. B. M. Collection of passages from the Holy Scriptures and Catholic authors concerning the authority of kings and bishops. See Strype, Eccl. Mem. I. i. 283.
Lat., pp. 122.
27 June. 893. Cardinal of Jahen to Los Cobos.
Add. MS. 28,586, f. 307. B. M. Urges the Emperor to treat the Pope gently and not to show so much suspicion of him. The fear of not being able to trust the Emperor will make him turn to France. Cifuentes is too mistrustful of his Holiness.
Sp., pp. 2. Endd.: Al Comendador Mayor, del card, de Jahen, 27 de Junio. Modern copy.
28 June. 894. Sir Jas. Worsley to Cromwell.
R. O. Rob. Aclonde, the bearer, a servant of mine, is wrongfully troubled in the Exchequer, for seizing to the King's use certain malt and salt from one Henry Clerke of Southampton who had not paid the customs. He gave information to the Exchequer, and was bound in a recognisance of 20 marks to make restitution to Clerke if sentence was given against the King. Gives details of the trial, which went against Aclonde, where the chief baron desired that Huttoft and Mills of the said town should make a friendly end between Clerke and Aclonde. This was done; but Aclonde's recognisance was forfeited without his knowledge. He is a poor man with a wife and children, and is worthy of your favor. I. of Wight, 28 June. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: Secretary. Endd.
28 June. 895. Edward Aglionby to Cromwell.
R. O. It is thought here that not only the goods but the lands of lord Dacres and Sir Christopher will be forfeited by their indictment. Begs therefore that Cromwell will have him in remembrance, as he has done before. Would have waited upon him but was commanded by the King's commissioners to stay till the King's pleasure were known. Karlyell, 28 June.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Master Crumwell, secretary unto the King's highness. Sealed. Endd.
29 June. 896. Earl of Northumberland to Cromwell.
R. O. Asks him to be favorable to the bearer Sir Thos. Wharton in his suit to the King concerning the captainship of Carlisle Castle (about which he talked to Cromwell when they were last together), and that he may be exempt from the warden of the West Marches, “seeing as ye know his is mine one hand, and that I cannot forbear him fro me.” Desires credence for him. He knows about the service done here for the King. Morpeth, “being right sore accrasid of mine old disease,” 29 June. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: Mr. Secretary. Endd.
29 June. 897. G. Earl of Shrewsbury to Cromwell.
R. O. I hear from my daughter lady Dacre that you informed her the King's pleasure was she should make no further pursuit to his Highness for my lord her husband till the laws had determined his offences; which, though to her great discomfort, I doubt not she will obey. I beg you to favor her as far as you may without displeasure. Give credence to the bearer my chaplain, Sir Edw. Hatfeld. Hannysworth, 29 June. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: Secretary. Endd. Sealed.
29 June. 898. Sir John Dudley to Cromwell.
R. O. The bearer, one of the residentiaries of the college of Warwick, desires your favor in the college affairs. As I am an officer in the said town I am the bolder to ask you a favor. Warwick, 29 June.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Secretary.
29 June. 899. Christopher Mont (or Monthaborinus).
See Grants in June, No. 25.
29 June. 900. Hieronymus Lopis to Starkey.
Harl, MS. 6,980, f. 43. B. M. Starkey's letter was very pleasant to him, but he asks him to write longer letters. Living as he does in Padua, among learned men who are daily discussing various topics, he might send him an account of what they are studying and publishing, and what, for instance, Peter Bembo is doing. Even if there is no news at Padua, Venice, to which he is so near, must supply him with plenty of material for writing. Would gladly hear about the studies of Starkey and his patron (Pole), and of the health of the latter, and of the qualities of the air at Padua, which would be interesting to a physician. We are troubled here with a suspicion of the plague. Fears it may deprive him of a Greek teacher, whom chance put in his way, who has also been very useful to Starkey's friend Marco Fortia. Desires to be commended to Reginald Pole. Avignon, 3 kal. Julii.
Hol., Lat., pp. 2. Add.: Dño T. Starkeio, Anglo. Patavii. In ædibus ill. dñi Reginaldi Poli.
ii. Starkey to Lopis.
Received the above letter at Padua, 14 kal. Aug. Pole is well. Considers the elimate of Padua healthy and like England, with little variation of temperature. Pole is engaged in theology, Starkey in civil law. There has been a discussion among the doctors here concerning letting blood in pleurisy. While they are disputing in the schools, the poor patients perish. The little boy, whom Lopis has often seen here, has died from the ***ng of a scorpion, in consequence, as Starkey thinks, of the unskilfulness of the doctors, who took from him too much blood. Matthew Curtius is reading Galen in Greek. Peter Bembo is writing a history of Venice. Padus, 5 kal. Aug.
Francis Curtius is dead, to the grief of those who follow the doctrine of Bartholus.
Pp. 3. Lat., hol. Draft. On the same sheet as the preceding.
901. [Starkey] to a Lady.
R. O. Though I have often blamed nature for not making windows in front of men's hearts, I complain now more than ever, being in a strange country where I cannot find words to express what my poor heart thinks. I am encouraged, however, to open my mouth by your great humanity, believing that you will not regard the rudeness of my words but the affection of my heart. Since the first day, Madam, that I beheld your singular beauty, and experienced your great virtues, I have felt such an affection towards you that my heart has never since been at liberty, and seems more in your keeping than my own; it has left my body quite deserted and miserable. How entirely it is devoted to your service I will explain when it shall please your good grace to let me speak with you. Begs her to read over again the letters written to her, because she is the lady to whom he is most subject.
French, p. 1. In Starkey's hand.
30 June. 902. Sir Simon Harecourt to Cromwell.
R. O. On St. Peter's day last the bailly of Bampton told me that one Will. Saunders of Bampton, shoemaker, and John Hill, of Eynsham, spake ill of the King as they were drinking together, and he desired me, as justice of the peace, to call the parties before me. As I have no commission to examine treason, I have sent him to you, with the names of his witnesses. I have committed one of the offenders to the castle at Oxford, and will commit the other as soon as I get him. Staunton Harcourt, 30 June. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: Chief Secretary. Endd.
30 June. 903. W. Tresham to Sir Wm. Fitzwilliam.
R. O. The Mayor and I when last before the Council were commanded by my lord Chancellor and Mr. Secretary that neither I should meddle with any townsman nor the Mayor with any privileged person of the University.
Nevertheless this 30th June the Mayor sent his serjeant to Jas. Collynson, one of our bedells, to compel him to appear before the Mayor in a civil cause. The sergeant tore the bedell's clothes to bring him to the Mayor, but could not prevail. The same day the Mayor commanded three townsmen of St. Mary's in Oxford to break up a house which the said bedell had the power to let as warden in a brotherhood in St. Mary's Church, and the said three townsmen, finding that Collyson had nailed up the doors, came to ask me whether I would assist the said bedell or no. I desired them to defer the matter till next day till the Mayor and I should speak together, when word came that a townsman called Wayth had wounded the said bedell severely, and the bedell him. The bedell's life is in danger. The Mayor has also taken from the wardens of the said fraternity certain evidences and 14l. in money. I beg you to move the King or my lord Chancellor for remedy. Oxford, 30 June.
Hol., pp. 2. Add. as Treasurer of the King's household.
30 June. 904. H. Duke of Richmond to Cromwell.
R. O. Recommend me to the King. And whereas I am informed he is purposed shortly to take his journey into France, I should have been very glad to have attended him, as my friend Mr. Knevyd can inform you. Canford, 30 June.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Secretary. Endd.
30 June. 905. Stephen Bishop of Winchester to [the D. of Richmond].
R. O. Master Coke (fn. 7) has delivered to me your Grace's letter in his favor reciting his grievances against me. His complaint to you was utterly untrue. Last year when I went beyond sea I ordered my officer to stay payment of master Cooke's fee; “but it was so stayed that master Cooke was paid (i.e., satisfied ?) and I forgave master Cooke, when he wept for kindness.” He has spoken of me in such terms to the King, your Grace, my lord Chancellor and Mr. Secretary as if he expected I should never be heard in answer; and now he is grieved that by Mr. Secretary's means I am to be heard. If you do not find my assertion true let me never be trusted again. I am only desirous your Grace should understand by this Cooke's character, “and the better perceive him in the use of his office of the Admiralty under your Grace.” I bear no malice against Cooke, but regret his folly. I have never done him any injury. “I never interrupted him in the office of my registership, but have hitherto always and yet do suffer him to occupy it that hath hired it of him for 10l. a year, of whom he is truly paid.” I only said I would stay payment of this fee till I knew the King's pleasure on account of a fault I found with him, &c. Winchester, 30 June.
Hol., pp. 4.
906. John Cooke to Cromwell.
R. O. I desire a continuance of your goodness, without which I should have been devoured by the malice of the bishop of London, and lost my living. Wherwell monastery.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Of the Council.
907. The Abbess of Wherwell.
R. O. Commission to examine the charges against the abbess of Wherwell, who has already been several times before the Council and depositions thereupon delivered to the ordinary, but as yet nothing is done.
Pp. 2, broad sheet.
R. O. 2. Interrogatories to be demanded of the abbess of Wherwell, viz.:—
1. Whether she was not too familiar with the bishop of London when she was a nun, “and that the bishop of London was forbid the monastery of Wherwell and her company by late bishop Fox, then being bishop of Winchester, for the avoiding of the said suspicion.” 2. Whether the Abbess since she had a child came from her monastery to Fullam to be merry with the Bishop. 3. Whether she was not lodged in the Bishop's own chamber for love, and whether the Bishop did not cause her to do on his kirtle “to keep my lady warm, wherein she sat at supper.” 4. Whether the Bishop and the Abbess did not sit and talk together so long in the night that her ladies were asleep, “so that they might do what they list for them.” 5. Whether the Bishop laid to her charge that she was with child again, “and the Abbess made him feel and know a privy token whereby he knew she was not with child, and axe her what that token was.”
P. 1.
908. Edmund Stewarde to Cromwell.
R. O. Fragment of a letter apparently explaining proceedings touching his lord's (the bishop of Winchester) jurisdiction. The persons named are William Brown and master Cooke. Winchester, this —.
Hol., p. 1. Add: [To the right hon]orable [and my go]ode [master, Mr.] Crum[well, secretary] to the [King's highn]eis. Endd.
30 June. 909. Leonard Smyth to Lady Lisle.
R. O. Received by the bearer Roberts, a mariner of Calais, her letter and 12 doz. quails, whereof nine quails were dead in the cages. Has delivered them as she desired. Mr. Densell and Mr. Marven thank her for them They are ready for the cause of which she wrote, but Sir Antony Wynde sore has not yet come to town. Has written to him twice, but had no answer. London, 30 June.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: At Calais.
30 June. 910. Sir Francis Bryan and Sir J. Russell to Lord Lisle.
R. O. As it has pleased the King to give unto Stephen Lisle two tenement in the parish of St. Nicholas, respectively inhabited by John Craddoke and the widow, he is desired to certify the rent of the same. Hampton, 30 June Signed.
P. 1. Add.: To, &c. lord Lyell, lord Debetye of Callesse, the lord Edmond Howard, comtrowller of the same, or ether of them.
ii. Certificate that Cradock pays the King 30s. gr. a year, and the widow of John Shoemaker 20s. gr.
Written below the signatures of the above letter.
30 June. 911. Scotland.
R. O. Rym. XIV. 540. Treaty of peace between England and Scotland (see No. 647) with ratification by James V. dated in St. Andrew's chapel in Holyroo Abbey, Edinburgh, 30 June 1534, and made in the presence of Hugh prio of Durham, archdeacon Magnus and Wm. Franklyn archdeacon of Durham Gawin archbishop of Glasgow, Chancellor, Wm. bishop of Aberdeen, Treasurer, Jas. bishop of Ross, John bishop of Brechin, Jas. earl of Arran, lord Hamilton; Archibald earl of Argile, lord Campbell and Lorne, master of the household; George earl of Huntley, lord Baidzenach; John lord Erskine, Ninian lord Ross, Patrick prior of St. Andrew's, and Rob. abbot of Holyrood. Great Seal of Scotland (mutilated) attached.
Nineteen leaves, written on one side only. One leaf at the beginning is wanting.
R. O. 2. Copy of the preceding.
30 June. 912. Scotland.
R. O. Rym. XIV. 542. Ratification by James V. of the agreement for the delivery of the Cawmills (see No. 648). St. Andrew's Chapel, Holyrood, Edinburgh, 30 June 1534, 21 Jac. V. Great Seal of Scotland attached.
R. O. 2. Modern copy of draft of the preceding, dated Edinburgh, — die mensis —, 1534.
3. Other modern copies in Calig. B. v. 68. and VII. 129, dated as in § 2.
913. Scotland.
R. O. Modern copy of the Treaty of Berwick, 14 Dec. 1528, and of the treaty for the re-delivery of Cawmills, ratified by James at Edinburgh, — 1534, 22 James V.
Pp. 12.
[June.] 914. Melanchthon to Joachim Prince of Anhalt.
Corp. Ref. II. 735. Sends him a book by Alesius, which will refresh his mind with its varied and pleasant contents. The book has a wonderful history, which may console the prince now that the Gospel is so hated.
Ibid., II. 735. Melanchthon to Geo. Prince of Anhalt.
Sends Alesius's book.
June. 915. Robt. Cowley to Cromwell.
R. O. St. P. II. 197. The son (fn. 8) and brethren of the earl of Kildare have committed ravages about Dublin this week. They boast that they are of the Pope's sect, and will serve him against the King, who with those who take his part is accursed. Whoever advised the King to send him home was far overseen. Much damage will be done unless the King sends his deputy with a good power.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Secretary.
Endd.: C., Junii.
June. 916. Customs.
R. O. Southampton.—An estimate upon customs growing of the coming in and going out of three galleys there in June 26 Hen. VIII.
Masters.—Angelus Alberto, Jacobus Marcello and Laurentius Donato. The cargoes consist of wool, lead, tin, hides, kersey, &c.
Summa totalis galearum de intrantibus quam de exeuntibus, 6,174l. 8s. 2d.
Pp. 5, mutilated.
917. [Sir] Antony Wyndesore to Lady Lisle.
R. O. As to my lord's matter, which the lord Chancellor and Mr. Cromwell have in hearing, one or two days have been appointed, and the counsel was in readiness, “and they took not.” Fears it will be driven off all this term. Serjeants will not tarry long in London after the term. When the King comes to Calais, as the voice goes that he will, there will be means made to lord Lisle either by money or otherwise, that Mr. Seymour will have his desire, unless lord Lisle will stick in his cause. Has communed divers times with Mr. Seymour, who says plainly that the lord Chancellor and Mr. Cromwell will end the matter, and he will abide by it howsoever it is. Lady Lisle's counsel are fully determined to obtain her possession if they can possibly induce the arbiters thereto. Reckons they will be glad to pay 140l. yearly rent, but this will not be a beneficial end for lord Lisle. It must also be considered that all my lord's leases and grants must take effect, and not be revoked during his life.
There is assize brought against lord Lisle for the land that Chaundeler has. Mr. Marven advises obtaining an injunction from the lord Chancellor to stop the assize, as he is in Calais and has no knowledge thereof, and his counsel know not his pleasure. If that will not serve, Mr. Marven will be at the assize and shift the matter as well as he can. Has paid lord Lisle's debt of 145l. to the merchant. Has 4l. 6s. 8d. left of Smyth's money, having paid the rest in costs to counsel in Michaelmas term.
Houlte asks for money for the livery, and showed a warrant for lord Lisle for 20l. Could not help him. Wishes to know lord Lisle's pleasure before Michaelmas. He was content to deliver the cloth at Wyndesore's request.
Hol., p. 1. Add. Endd.: 1534.
918. Thos. Browne to Cromwell.
R. O. Petition for Cromwell's assistance to recover goods taken by the Lubiques in a ship called the Adrian Johnson, of Handwarpe, of which only a portion has been restored. Has applied to the ambassadors of Lubeck here in England without effect.
P. 1. Add. as Secretary.
919. Edward Lyttelton to the Bishop of Chester.
R. O. We all, your special servants and lovers in Staffordshire, are looking daily to hear of your lordship's coming unto your own. Is very bold to write on behalf of a poor kinswoman. Margaret Bollsstered, who is now departed, was wife unto old Birmyncham, and leased the malt-mill and meadows which she had in Birmyncham to me for the term of her life at 20l. a year. But I allowed my cousin Elizabeth, wife to Edw. Birmyncham, to take the profits, which was all she had to depend upon, and now she is like to go a-begging. I beg your lordship to speak to Mr. Cromwell and Mr. Dawnse that I may have a renewal of the lease on the same terms for the sake of my poor kinswoman. Signed.
P. 1. Add. Endd.
920. Clarencieux.
Harl. MS. 6,064, f. 119. B. M. Letters patent authorising Thos. Tonge, (fn. 9) Clarencieux king of arms, to hold a visitation.
Copy, p. 1.
June. 921. The Royal Supremacy.
Ry. XIV. 495–527. Acknowledgments of the royal supremacy made by different religious houses and corporations in May and June 1534, all in the same form and with seals appended, (fn. 10) submitting to Henry VIII. and queen Anne, and renouncing the bishop of Rome's authority, viz. by—
R. O. 1. The Dominican prioress and convent of Dartford, Kent, dated 14 May 1534. No signatures. (Noticed already under date from other copies.) Rym. 526.
R. O. 2. The prior (Laurence Mereworthe) and chapter of St. Andrew's, Rochester, 10 June 1534. Signed by the prior, sub-prior and 18 others. Rym. 497.
R. O. 3. The prior (Edmund Bond) and canons of the Augustinian convent of Stoneley, Linc dioc, 18 June 1534. Seven signatures. Rym. 523.
R. O. 4. St. Bartholomew's hospital, Westsmythfeld, London dioc., 22 June 1534. Signed by John Brereton, master, and three others. Rym. 524.
R. O. 5. Priory or hospital of Elsyng within Creplegate, London, 22 June 1534. Signed by Roger Poten, prior, and 10 others. Rym. 499.
R. O. 6. Priory or hospital of St. Mary without Bishopsgate, London, 23 June 1534. Signed by Will. Maior, prior, and 11 others. Rym. 500.
R. O. 7. Hospital of St. Thomas of Acon, London, 23 June 1534. Signed by Laurence Gopferler, master, and six others. Rym. 519.
[The list will be found continued in following months.]
922. Grants in June 1534.
June. Grants. 1. Mont. de la Guyche, ambassador from the French king. Licence to return to France, with six horses, servants, bag and baggage. Hampton Courte, 4 June 26 Hen.VIII.—S.B.
2. Robt. Dyllon. To be attorney general in Ireland. Hampton Courte, 6 June 26 Hen.VIII. Del. Westm., 9 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 39.
3. Thos. Tonge alias Norrey. To be principal herald of the south-east and west parts, with the title of Clarencieux. Richmonde, 27 May 26 Men. VIII. Del. Westm., 9 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 27.
4. Ric. Longe, a horseman-at-arms of Calais. Annuity of 20l., vice Sir Barth. Tate, deceased. Hampton Courte, 4 June 26 Hen.VIII. Del. Westm., 9 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 1.
5. Monastery of St. Mary, Tewkesbury. Restitution of the temporalities on the election of John Wiche or Wyche, the prior, as abbot. Fealty to be taken by the abbot of St. Peter's, Gloucester, and Sir John Russell. Hampton Court, 6 June 26 Hen.VIII. Del. Westm., 10 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 7.
iii. Significavit of the election by Thomas Bagarde, vicar general of Jerome bp. of Worcester, 20 May 1534.—Attached to P.S.
6. John Croke, one of the six clerks of Chancery. To be clerk of the enrolments of Chancery.—S.B. Del. Westm., 11 June 26 Hen. VIII. Pat. p. 2, m. 27.
Vacated on surrender, 14 April 32 Hen.VIII., in order that another patent might be granted to Ric. Snowe.
7. Sir Francis Weston, knight of the Royal Body, and Anne, his wife, daughter and h. of Sir Christopher Pikeryng, deceased. Livery of the lands of the said Christopher. Hampton Court, 7 June 26 Hen. VIII. Del. [Westm.], 12 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 19.
8. John Pakyngton, justiciar of North Wales, Sir Ric Bulkeley, Thos. Holte, Ric. Hassall and John Arnold. Commission to compound for forfeitures and fines due to the King or to his father, Henry VII., from persons in North Wales, viz. in cos. Angleses, Carnarvon and Merioneth. Del. Westm., 12 June 26 Hen. VIII.—S.B.
9. Thos. Cokkes, page for the mouth of queen Anne, in her pantry. Grant of a messuage in Nottingham, upon the Long Rewe, which belonged to John Williamson, dec., on the death of his wife Eliz. Williamson, who has left no heir, as appears by inquisition taken 30 Dec. 24 Hen.VIII., before Robt. Hasilrig, then mayor and escheator in the county of the said town. Hampton Court, 30 May 26 Hen.VIII. Del. Westm., 12 June.—P.S.
10. Thos. Hawley alias Carlile. To be king-of-arms and principal herald of the northern parts of England with the title of Norrey and 20l. a year. Del. Westm., 15 June 26 Hen.VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 10.
11. Inspeximus and innotescimus of the following documents [of the time of Edw. I.]:—
i. A charter of Gilbert Hansard, son and heir of John Hansard, granting to Egelina de Columbar' the manor of Kelleseye, Linc., with the advowson of the church of Thornton and the manor of Blaketoft, Yorks, in consideration of 600l. paid by the said Egelina to the said Gilbert Witnesses: John de Nevile, Walter de Hontercom, Robert Hansard, William de la Leg,-knights, John de Cogan, William de Columbariis, Henry de Fytynton, Robert de Puriton, Gilbert de Willavinton, Philip de Bosco, Robert Sweng, and others.
ii. A charter of Egelina de Columbar' granting the above premises in tail to Gilbert Haunsard and Joan his wife. Witnesses: Sir John de Nevile, Sir Walter de Huntercumbe, Sir Robert Haunsard, Sir William de la Legh, John de Cogan, William de Columbar', Henry de Fytinton and others.
iii. A charter of Gilbert Haunsard granting in tail to Robert Haunsard, his son, the whole manor and vill of Walleworth, held of the bishop of Durham. Witnesses: master William of St. Botolph, steward of Anthony bishop of Durham, lords Robert de Hilton and Guiscard de Chorrou, Ralph son of William, John son of Marmaduke, John de Greystock, William de Laton, Henry Springg, Gilbert de Heworth, knights, Thomas de Levesham and Peter de Thoresby, and others. Westm., 16 June.
Pat. 26 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 19.
12. Thomas Alvard. Annuity of 12l., from one messuage, 5 acres of land, formerly of Alice Sheppard, one cottage, 5 acres of land called Osbarnes in Wykes, and 15 acres of land, 4 acres of meadow, in Wykes, late of William Twaytes, deceased, now in the King's custody by the voidance of the see of Ely; with the wardship and marriage of Christopher, heir of the said Wm. Thwaytes or Twaytes. Del. Westm., 17 June, 26 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 5.
13. Wm. Hogeson, yeoman of the Butlery, and Wm. Bowman, page of the same. Grant, in survivorship, of the custody of the orchard in the lordship of Shirefhoton. Hampton Court, 31 May 26 Hen.VIII. Del. Westm., 20 June.—P.S. Vacated “quia alia, &c.” Pat. p. 2, m. 37.
14. Luke Hornebolt, painter, a native of Flanders. Denization, with licence to keep in his service four journeymen, or covenant servants born out of the King's dominions, notwithstanding the stat. 14 & 15 Hen.VIII. [cap. 2.] Del. Westm., 22 June 26 Hen.VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 32.
15. Luke Hornebolte. Grant of the office of King's painter, and of a tenement or messuage in the parish of St. Margaret in Westmiminster, as empty place on the east side of the same tenement, the south part of which looks upon the hermitage of St. Katharine and the north part on a tenement lately built by the Crown, in which John Wylton, carpenter, now dwells. Del. Westm., 22 June 26 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 32.
16. George lord Rocheford. To be constable of Dover Castle and warden of the Cinque Ports. Del. Westm., 23 June 26 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 28.
17. Thomas Wiatt, esquire of the Royal Body. Grant, for life, of the conduct and command of all men able for war in the seven hundreds of co. Kent, the parishes of Tenderden, Gowderst, Stapleberst, and in the Isle of Oxney, Kent; with licence to have 20 men in his livery. Del. Westm., 23 June 26 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 23.
18. Richard Fyssher. Appointment as foodery of the Crown lands in cos. Beds and Bucks; with power to take into the King's hands, the persons of all heirs under age in said cos., and deliver them to Sir Thomas Englefeld, justice of the Common Pleas, and Sir William Poulett, guardians or masters of such heirs. Westm., 23 June.
ii. Similar patents to the following persons: John Kitchyn, in cos. Herts and Midd. Westm., 23 June. Andrew Nowell, in co. Leic. Westm., 23 June.—Pat. 26 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 32.
19. Northamptonshire. Commission to Edw. Mountagne, serjeant-at-law, Thos. Brudenell and John Turnour. To make inquisition p.m. on the lands and heir of Rog. Floure. Westm., 23 June.—Pat. 26 Hen.VIII. p. 1, 32d.
20. Sir Nich. Styrley, Anth. Cope, Walt. Smyth and John Only. Custody of the lands of Sir William Spencer, deceased, during the minority of John Spencer, s. and h. of the said William, at the annual rent of 200l. Del. Westm., 26 June 26 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 15.
Vacated on surrender 24 Nov. 30 Hen.VIII. by the said Nich., Anth. and Walt., who survived the said John Onley.
21. William Smyth alias Chaffunt of London, yeoman. Pardon for having, 6 March 18 Hen. VIII., entered the house of Richard Snatte, at Huntyngton, Kent, assaulted the said Richard and stolen 5l. in money from a chest of the said Richard. Del. Westm., 26 June 26 Hen.VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 31.
22. Roger Radclyf, gentleman usher of the Privy Chamber. Reversion of the office of keeper of the wood called the Westbaylleswyk, in the bailliwick of Rokyngham, in Rokyngham forest, Northt.; which office is now held by Hugh Parker. Honsdon, 16 June 26 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 27 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 27.
23. Sir Edw. Nevyle. To be constable and doorward of Ledes Castle, Kent, and parker of Ledes and Langley parks, with the fees enjoyed by Sir Thomas Bouchier temp. Hen. VII., or by Sir Henry Guildford and Sir Edw. Guildford. Westm., 28 June 26 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 27 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 5.
24. Thos. Stephyns. To be constable of Wykelo Castle, in Ireland; lately enjoyed by Hugh Clerk. Hampton Courte, 26 June 26 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 27 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 29, also p. 2, m. 8.
25. Christopher Monthaborinus. Annuity of 20l. for life. Hampton Court, 26 June 26 Hen.VIII. Del. Westm., 29 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 20.
26. Priory of Royston (de Cruce Rosie), Lond. dioc. Assent to the election of Ric. Bretton or Bretten, a canon, as prior vice Robt. White, deceased. Westm., 12 June.—P.S. Del. Westm., 29 June 26 Hen. VIII. Pat. p. 2, m. 8.
ii. Petition for the same, dated 10 June 1534.
27. Thos. earl of Rutland, Sir Nich. Carewe. Sir Wm. Pelham, Ric. Mannours, John Poulet, Thos. Poulet, sen., George Colt, Anthony Pelham, and Nicholas Pelham. Pardon for having acquired by fine in the octave of St. Martin last, before Robt. Norwiche, Anthony Fitzherbert, Thos. Englefeld and Wm. Shelley, justices of Common Pleas, from Edward Capell, Hen. Capell and Sir Giles Capell, the manor of Kyngysworthy, and 20 messuages, two mills, 1,000 acres of land, 100 acres of meadow, 1,000 acres of pasture, 60s. rent and a rent of 2 lbs. of pepper in Kyngysworthy, and the advowson of the parish church of Kyngysworthy, with warranty to the cognisees and the heirs of the said George for ever against Wm., abbot of St. Peter's Westminster, and his successors. Westm., 30 June. — Pat. 26 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 8.
923. Cromwell's “Remembrances.”
R. O. A declaration of “escriptes and writings” in my master's [Cromwell's] custody, which came into his possession from Mich. 21, to Mich. 23 Hen. VIII.
i. A roll of the foundation of the abbey of St. Talbons. A rental in parchment of Totenham. A book of holders of fermes in Esset converting the same to pasture and grazing and not to tillage, by reason whereof scarcity of corn happeneth there. A list of bishoprics and other spiritual promotions with their values. A memorial of the life of William Merton, abbot of Norton, in co. Chester. A book of the view of the “Isley,” Jersey. A paper of articles of agreement between Mr. Riche and others. Copy of advowson of St. Sepulchre's given to my master by the prior of St. Bartholomew's. Answer of Mr. Molyneux to the bill of Mr. Layborne. Copy of Mr. Gonson's bill for the receipt of 500 of my master. A roll of the charges of Tho. Hall. late elk. of the Hanaper. A roll of ordinances and decrees for the inhabitants of Brekenock. A roll in parchment made in French of the oaths given to the officers in the Chancery. A list of the canons late of Christchurch, London. A roll of the inventory of Sir John Turwylle's goods and chattels taken at Mayne, in co. Dorset. A remembrance for the payment of 80,000l. due to the King by Mr. Cavelary and Fryseobalde. A breviat in paper touching the isle of Jersey. A paper concerning the order of the Rodes. Estimate of the costs of 1,500 pale. List of the offices of Sir Ric. Weston. A paper reciting why the fermor of the parsonage of Erith ought not to pay to Christchurch 20 marks per annum. A bill of Bengemen Dygbye's. A paper of the charges of the King's toyle. “A paper of the obsequys of the lady Regent of France, the King's grandmother, (fn. 11) holden at Waltham.” A book concerning the solution and payment of the fourth part of the subsidy granted to the King in the parliament holden at — (fn. 12), the — (fn. 12) day — (fn. 12). List of offices belonging to the master of the game and forest of the Stannaries in Cornwall. A roll of considerations why the earl of Cumberland ought to have 30l. of the sheriff of Kent. A paper of the abusion of the hospital of Sherborne. A paper of considerations that the clerks of the Pixes should not be abstracted from their fees contrary to the statute in anno 35 R. 6 (sic).
ii. The yearly value of certain manors and lordships. Lands of Res ap Griffith. A book of Beamondes lands subscribed with the hand of Sir John Dauntesey. Manor of Langburthe, co. Lancaster. Manor of Glamorgan and Glamorgant (sic). Duke of Bedford's lands. Th. Fuller's lands. Manor of Wydforde appertaining to Bermondsey. Manor of Lanstephan. Manor of Filoll's hall and Coggeshall. Honor of Hertford made by Rog. Chalenor, receiver of the same. Manor of Estoneston. Manors of the marchioness of Pembroke. Sir W. Compton's lands. Mr. Brutton's lands. Mr. Treasurer's lands. Certain honors and lordships for the jointure of the lady Kath. Heywood. Earl of Northumberland's lands. Rents of assize within the town of Whersted. Lands late of the duke of Buckingham in Newport, S. Wales, in the hands of Spenser. Lands of the monastery of Landa. Hiberie ferm. Symond Moundeford's lands. Sir John Dudle's lands. The King's lands in Burton and Walden. Manor of Stoner. Monastery of Westminster's lands. Manor of Pissio. Manor of Dudcote. Honor of Gloucester. Manors of Manyngford, Barwyke, Standen, Bucks, and others. Manor of Perching with others in Sussex. Manor of Sutton, in Holdernes. Profits of Canburie. Lordships sold by the lord Dudley. Wykes in Essex. Barrett's lands in Kent. Th. Patmer's lands. Manors of Stewton, Holyngton and Thorpe. Temporalities of the bishopric of Canterbury. Lordship of Emlyn. The Lambe in Westminster. Lands in Begham alias Bayham. Manors of Sir Walt. Stoner. Lands of Martin Roose. Lands of Ric. Suthwell. Manors of Kyrewyarde and Evenlode, with others. Stannsted Abbat.
iii. Supplications.—Of Ric. Blyaunte. Sir Hen. Graye. Johan Michell. Inhabitants of Cornwall. Inhabitants of Merioneth, N. Wales. Sir Ric. Whetehill. One Loundishe, coper. Sir Humph. Conysby. Hen. Toft. Jeronyme Moke, goldsmith. Wm. Vaughan, late servant to Rea ap Gryffith. Adam Sampson, Rob. Daundrye, Th. Turneball and others. Matt. Barnard and Jaram Molyns, merchant. John Orwell. John Leis. Prior of Christ-church. John Lewes, Anth. Jasper and others. John Lane of Bexley. Res ap Owen. John Smyth. Sir Chr. Willoughby. Inhabitants of Canerden (Carmarthen ?), Conway and others. Curate of Newyngton. Ph. Conwaye. Thos. Colles. Thos. Philippes, prisoner in the Tower. Chr. Coo. Thos. Legatt. Thos. Heynes. Bundle of petitions of sundry gentlemen in Wales. Against the clergy for taking excessive fees in their spiritual courts. Wm. Honyng. John Jarard and others. John Lancaster. Lord Dudley. Sir John Nayler. For the Black Friars. Concerning certain articles of the petition of doctor Croke. Sir Wm. Thomas. Cristian Fust. Against the beer brewers. Cristian Wylly and John Hilles. Rob. Stydley. Raf Williams. Luce Petit. The churchwardens of Braughyng. My master's tenants of Rompney. Deryk Bonate. Nich. Holt. Chr. Corall. John Hale. Nich. Gybson. The heirs of Walter Bird. The Crossed Friars. John Cronacle, yeoman of the Pastry. Wm. Quadryng. Sir Ric. Jaye. Johan Perse, widow. John Barnewell, lord of Trymenston. Barth. Blanchfield and others. Mr. Umpton. John Harvy. Welthyan Richard. Moryce, your tenant of Rompney. Ric. Verney and Elizabeth his wife. Master and fellows of Christ's College in Cambridge. John Filde. Julian Honeclif. Ric. Clyfforde. Th. Chamber. John Seyman. John Hyller of Merton. John Stanbank. The inhabitants of Carmerden. John Brytilbank.
iv. Bills to be signed. A warrant for the discharge of a recognisance of my lord of Burgeny. A bill of Sir John Arundel. John Dymylton. Mr. Shelley. Warrant for Sir Edw. Guldeford. A bill for Sir Rob. Wingfild. Nich. Hancok. Pet. Travers, printer. Nich. Clerke. John Hogans. A bill to be signed to the lord Great Seal to make out writings for provision of victuals at the King's interview into France. George Dudley, elk., for the vicarage of Westbury. Sir John Alen, alderman, and his brethren, for buying of wools. John Turnour and Geo. Quarles. Th. Vowell. John Smyth, serjeant-at-arms. A pardon for Sir Wm. Compton. Mark Raphaell. Lord Leon. Graye. Sir Hen. Longes. Geo. Gyfford. Sir John Russell. Somerset and Nottingham, officers-at-arms. Wm. Bonde. John Philippes. Ric. Riche. Giles Heron. Th. Chamber. John Bull. Hen. Plough. Lady Edgecombe. Mores Boucher of Berkeley. My lord Chancellor. Th. Turwhit. John Godsalve. Matt. Barnard and Jaram Molyn. Benedick Rovesham. Th. Davesson. Anth. Knyvet. John Averes. Mr. Fytzwilliams, the King's treasurer, for the reversion of the constableship and stewardship of the honor of Pomfret, with the master of the game. Jefferey Loveday. John Demano, Florentine. Sir Edw. Seymour. Friars of Whittham. Abbot of York. Copy of a warrant directed to Sir Brian Tuke for Sir Edw. Seymour. Th. Swallows. Wm. Herard. Rob. Toncis. John Dudley. Ric. Decons. Ric. Kirke. Edw. Chamber. Ric. Sparcheford. Prior of Pomfret in Yorkshire. Wm. Owen. Jaram Fryscoball. Warrant for 100l. to be paid to my lord Great Seal. Humph. Conysby. Th. Hall. John Coveley. Ric. Lee. John Bydyll, stationer. Nich. Bagshawe. Mr. Cuthbert Ogle. Alan Dagnall. Prior of Motisden in Kent. Symond Burton. Rob. Pedley. Hugh Standishe Warrant for the restitution of the temporalities of Mychelney. Rie Wolleman. Th. Cusak. Conge d'elire for Mechelney. Mr. Stepney. Ph. Wild. Frauncis Debarde. Mr. Luke, sergeaunt. My lady marques Dorset. Lewes de Jaronyny and others the King's sagabottes. Abbot of St. Albans. John Davys. Sir Edw. Guldeford, of the manor of Okyng. And. Growte. Abbot of Fourde. John Philippes. Rob. Talmache. Th. Manser. Mr. William Castelins. Th. Lee and John Borough. Nich. Cotton. Ric. Page. Hancok, that was prior of Christchurch, London. Sir Ric. Barwyk, elk. Sir Rob. Collyns, elk. Ric. Cole. Th. Walshe. Restomer.
v. Copies of patents. John Godsalve's annuity of 8l. Sir Th. Parr. Lord of St. John's for the late priory of Stanesgate. Feoffment for the King's College in Windsor. Erection of the King's College in Oxford. Ric. Stret, clk. Bundle concerning the creation of the lady Anne marchioness of Pembroke, as also by name of pre-eminence and of annuities given to her. Laurence Ecclesfild. Lord of St. John's of and for the parsonages of Stanesgate, Steple and Bayneham. Creation of Charles duke of Suffolk. Edmund the late archbishop of Canterbury. Burgesses of Canerden. Ric. Decons. Creation of the duke of Richmond and Somerset. Advowson of the church of Honneadon made to the prior and convent of Merton Abbey. Dean and canons of King's College, Oxford, to levy and receive all revenues belonging to the same. Mr. Hille's patent made to Ralph Sadeler. Earl of Worcester for fishing in the rivers of Uske and Seen. Sir Hugh Vaughan for keeping the Isle of Jersey. The master of the King's ships. Sir John Husey for the butlership of England. Abbot of St. Albans, of the manor of Asheton Rowant. Wm. Sherlond. My master's patent for his livery in the Jewell-house. Divers grants made to the archbishopric of Canterbury. Raynshaw of the manor of Pray. A roll of patents to the monastery of Westminster. John Caree, groom of the Privy Chamber. Mr. Hogan, the King's cook, deceased. A roll of grants and patents made to the abbot of Bruton for his franchises of his town. Patents granted by Res ap Griffith to his tenants. Mr. Garter's alias Wriothesley, king-at-arms. Ric. Cromwell for keeping of Orwell park. Earl of Northumberland. John Calvecant and Peter Fraunces Debarde. Mr. Norres of the stewardship of Lewesham and Est Grenewich.
vi. Accounts. Manors, lands and possessions of Sir Wm. Compton. Wm. Brabazon in S. Wales. Manor of Rompney. Wm. Strangwaise, clerk of the profits of the archbishopric of York. Res ap Griffith's goods, lands, tenements and possessions. Doctor Sampson, dean of the King's chapel. Sir Rob. Wood, chaplain. Brekexock. Mr. Wynter's deputy.
vii. Copies of indentures. The King and the abbot of Abyngton. Sir John Alen and Conquest. Sir Geo. Frogmerton and my master. Wm. Capon, late dean of Ipswich, and Hen. Vaughan, of and for the delivery of certain vestments and other jewels to be kept to the use of the said college. Sutton-at-Hone, in Kent. Roll of fines of the bishops and abbots for their temporalities in the time of my late lord Cardinal. A memorial of things done at the meeting and interview between the King and the Emperor Charles at Graveling. Paper of articles made by Sir Jas. Layborne concerning the manors of Assheton and Carneford. Plate belonging to Mr. Pace. Copy of treaty between the Emperor and the Venetians. Replication of lay persons to the book of doctor Abell. Complaint of Geo. Thorneton, monk of the priory of Hurley. Rewards to be given at the creation of a marchioness. Names of the noblemen appointed to give attendance upon the King in the time of meeting with the Emperor. Debts owing to Edm. Dudley. Names of a jury half Englishmen and half strangers. Names of lordships which Symond Mounteford showeth to be restored at the King's hands. Sir Wm. Compton's bill. Book of news from the Emperor's court. Bill for the King's commissioners to call before them all accountants. Bill of Th. Maynarde. Complaints of the Ports against the fishermen of France. News of the Turk. Leases appertaining to Mr. Muschampe. Charges of the King's bed made of walnut tree. Copy of a void recognisance wherein Sir Giles Capell stood bound to the King. Demands by Ric. Gresham against Ric. Blyaunt. Length of the great fish taken at Newcastle. Plate of my lord Leonard Marques. Considerations alleged by Th. Keyle, mercer of London. Inquiry for the King against Gabriel Warcop with Frankelyn. Court roll in paper of Rokebolt. Plate remaining in the executor's hands of Ric. Chomeley. Articles of the principal decay of the city of York. Four obligations of Sir John Husey bound to the King. Roll in parchment of the abridgment of evidences concerning the manor of Kexby, late bought of Sir Rob. Owthred. Roll of charges of the burial of Sir Hen. Guldeford. Downes, grocer. The Jestes of Skelton. Supersedeas for Rog. Ashe, clk. Demands of title of lands by Sir Th. West, now lord La Warr. Quarry of stone. Remembrance for Rob. Stadley. Rental of Raunston. Copy of testament of Wm. Tracy. Exemplification of the manor of Kexby. Account of the buildings of Leeds Castle, Kent. Plea for John Hamond. Covenants between James Nedeham and my master. Copy of deed by bishop of Exeter to Arundel Trerice for the manor of Lanmerth. Debts due to Sir Res ap Thomas. Names of persons in sanctuaries. Names of all such writings as shall be showed to the King's learned council “that were found in my lord Cardinal.” Leases granted out of the late monastery of Lysenes. Plate appertaining to the priory of St. Bartholomew's. John Smythe's debts. Demands of the abbot of Missenden. Articles devised for the defence of Dover, Sandwich and the sea coasts. Articles for the duke of Richmond touching the manor of Carneford and Assheton. Obligation with condition of Martyn de Geneta and John Ratia. Interrogatories for Mr. Dauntesey at the request of Mr. Smyth. Remedies for the town of Bristow if it might be obtained. Th. Henage's obligations delivered to my master to the King's use. Rental of Raunston. Offices and fees granted by the King to Sir Ric Weston. Copy of Ric. Woodward's will. Manner of interdiction of the realm. Book of Abridgments of certain persons bound before the mayor of the Staple. An oration made in praise of the King. Debts due by my lord Cardinal [to] R. Gresham. Draft upon the statute of Coventry. Inventory of Bulls and grants of privileges to the church of Canterbury and to the archbishops of the same. Abstract of evidences concerning the earl of Kent's lands lately recovered to the King's use. Will of Res ap Thomas-Griffith, knt: of the Garter. Indictment of felony against Rob. Cutler of Boston and others. Book of Sutton-at-Hone. Petition of 30l. going out of the prebend of Yatton decreed to Ric. Gardyner by Adrian then bishop of Wells and Bath. A view of king Edward the Third's retinue when he went to France and Normandy, and of his charges there. Considerations for the decay of Wales. Copy or form of the King's letter to write to knights. Answer of the parson of St. Cantely's. News of Hungary. Bill for Mr. Spar, grocer. Penalties of the sheriff of Middx. Remembrance for Th. Hall to be custos rotulorum of Hunts. Copy of a writ to the sheriff of Essex for the election of two knights of the shire. Articles made between Mr. Riche and A. B. Money paid to the bishop of Durham for office of privy seal. (fn. 13) Book of assays of gold and silver between the coin of England and the toysan of Flanders. Bill for Mr. Castlyn. Paper of certain things named ingottes, poz. 30 li. piece. Debts owing by Mr. Smyth to mistress Roper. Copy of an advowson granted by my lord of Northumberland. Paper of certain things in Roiall forest. Paper of certain woods viewed by my master now imparked within the new park of Eltham. Names of persons having hooks contrary to the King's commandment. Book of divers hundreds of Middx. Sir Geo. Lauson. Names of sanctuary men within St. Martin's. Paper of news of the realm and people of Hungary that was seen by them. Articles of things incident to the merchants of England. Bill of Hans Popinton, gunfounder. Copy of a licence to carry out wheat. Bill of John Calvecant. Bill of Everod Biscopyn, mr. (?) against Wolf. Remembrance for Mr. Trevilean the elder. Declaration of Mr. Gunton for “thextinct” of ships at the King's last interview with the French king. Names of the jury panelled upon the death of Sir Wm. Penyngton. Bill of Rob. Miller of Lynne Bishop. Names of the books delivered at Windsor to Sir Hen. Guldeford by the King's commandment. Copy of a writ against Nicolson. Book concerning Carneford and Ware declaring the King's title to the same. A devise for the making sure of the manor of Carneford. Paper of annotations of chapters between Cesar and the King to be signed. Devise written with Cromwell's hand for making of cloth. Paper of news from the Emperor's court. Bill of Swynerton against Savage. Paper of certain lasts of herrings. A long roll of matters of record searched out of divers records for the knowledge of the King's interest concerning the manor of Ware. Paper of news of Italy. Charges appertaining to the sheriffs of York for their “femaldes” called “vicount” lands. Articles exhibited on the behalf of Eliz. Compton. Paper of considerations for to obtain a supersedes for Th. Empson. Names of persons who bad books contrary to the King's commandment. Book concerning the manor of Ware. Long roll of the “extinct” of the number of acres within the park of —. (fn. 14) Paper of the vacations of the archipshopric of Canterbury, Chichester and London, and what is due to the King in the 19th year of his reign. Paper of Sir Th. Brodeshawe. Abstract concerning the jointure of the late countess of Kent. Acquittance for 18,000 crowns received by the Emperor's ambassador. Copy of advowson of Chellesfid, Kent, granted to Rob. Studley. An oration made in the Convocation for reformation of the abusion in the university. A recovery of the manor of Thorpe Constantyn to the use of king Henry the Seventh. A copy in parchment of the verdict of Sir John Dauntesey, Sir John Moody and others, “for the searching trying of silver of certain gold” in the 18th year of Hen. the Eighth. Book of Mr. Wilde's rents due to the archbishop of Canterbury. Copy of the duke of Norfolk's and the lord Wiltshire's secret letters.
viii. Copies of commissions. To the commissioners in Wales. To view the plate and jewels of the King after the decease of Mr. Amadas. To view from the age of 16 years upwards. For the execution of certain traitors in Kent. To certain persons to certify certain things requisite contained in the petition of his tenants of Brekenock. Articles of the commission made to Sir John Dauntesey and Mr. Magnus to inquire of lands for the King's behalf. Of the legacy. Names of commissioners for the King in cos. Cornwall, Devon and Dorset. The oath of justice “Shewers.” For them that goeth into Wales.
ix. Copies of King's letters patent. Lord of St. John's of the manor of Saundeford. Inhabitants of Brekenok. Sir Th. Darcie. Duke of Norfolk. Mr. Guldeford, of the manor of Moham. Sir Wm. Thomas, John Philippes and others. Abbot of Waltham for Christ Church. To bishop of Rochester to permit Miles Spencer, elk., to present the advowson of West Grenewiche, Kent.
x. Inquisitions or offices. Of the lands of Ric. Decons. Of the King's justices, by what warrant the prior and convent of Dover do detain and keep from the King the moiety of the profits of the feriall markets there. Taken at West Malling. Of Snape.
xi. Copies of recognisances. Th. Johnes. Ric. Dobbes. Sir Rob. Bellingham. Ric. Molyneux concerning Sir Jas. Layborne. Of certain indentures made by Mr. Butler and Lorans Bonvixi to the King's use. John ap Howell.
xii. First the news out of Germany touching the Turk. Names of certain sanctuary men. Devise how the King may make a new hospital of Christ Church, in the city of London. Bill of remembrance for Rob. Studley. Remembrance for my new lord of York. A letter sent by Cromwell to the King of the letters from Ratisbone. Copy of a letter translated out of Latin of certain news. Paper of the names of certain bishops and bishoprics. A paper that John Cavelcant desires to have preferment of the King. Brief total recital of the appraisement of the goods of Sir Hen. Guldeforde. Brief declaration of the hospital of Sherborne. Paper of the demands of Pet. Megham. Catalogue of certain Bulls in the King's library at Westminster. An oration made in praise of the King. Copy of a protection for Th. Routhe. The dictions of Dr. Coke, parson of Hony Lane. A paper of the approvement of Sir Ric. Knignte's lands. A little paper of the monasteries to be suppressed. Replication in parchment of Wm. Asheleye's to the answer of Sir John Fitzjames. The oath of the chancellorship of England. Copy of the King's letter made in the favor of Dr. Bagot for the chancellorship of Worcester. A paper of the payments for every ounce of white plate and gilt and what that one “shay” pay for the same. Copy of a letter sent to the mayor and aldermen of the city of London to go every market day a procession for augmentation of Cristenty against the Turks. Paper of articles for the heirs general of the earls of Kent. A mandamus for “Justice Sewers.” A paper of the names that indicted Res ap Griffith. A bill made by Page of the delivery of Cromwell's horses in divers places by his commandment. Copy of four false indictments procured by a thief in Suffolk. Copy of a letter to the dean and canons of Oxford. Bill concerning dyeing of woollen cloths with orshall. A paper concerning the town of Foye. A paper of the deceit for shifts made in London. Book of matters put to the Princess' council. Paper concerning the King's desperate debts. Catalogue of writings found in Mr. Compton's chamber. Abstract of two rolls taken out of the Chancery of certain depositions touching the last will of the lord Broke, deceased. Book concerning certain persons outlawed. Copy of a declaration of Eliz. Browne, widow, against the sheriffs of London. Little bundle of writings of certain legacies made by Mr. Compton. Roll of articles concerning the manred of England. A view or inventory of the goods of Sir Wm. Compton. Paper declaring the King's Exchequer to be the highest court of record. Paper of defaults in Kent. Bill against beer brewers. Copy of letter to the dean and college of Oxford. Copy of a letter to Sir John Dauntesey and others for the receiving of 1,400 marks. A paper of 118l. 2s.d. due to lord Wyndesore by my lord Cardinal for a bed by him given to the King. Paper of Hutton and Rudstone. Inventory of the late monastery of Felixstowe. Paper of the schoolhouse in Ipswich. Copy of advowson for John Bouth, clk., in Ireland. A memorial of certain manors wherein John late earl of Oxford was seized in feetail to him and his heirs general. Declaration of Patmer's goods attainted of heresy. Paper of debts owing by the Cardinal to certain persons at his departure. Paper of Britton against Brown. Roll of the charge of the clerk of the Hanaper. Catalogue of books in the King's study at York Place. Paper of the demands of costs of Ric. Foster and Mr. Kirk, commissioners to view the Isle of Jersey. Copy of the names “comprised in the pardon for the merchants of the Staple which be not crossed be comprised in the same, the pardon signed with the hand of Mr. Dudley.” Roll in parchment of the parsonages of Wolverton and Padbury “aperteynyng” to Shene. Paper of the yearly charges of the city of York. Copy of the King's letter missive to the dean and canons of Oxford to receive one A. B. A remembrance for the new bishop of York. Paper of certain debts. Paper of the prebend of Horton and Salisbury. Paper copy of statutes and ordinances devised by the merchant adventurers for the wealth of the mart of Calais. Matter for my lord of Norfolk concerning my lord Broke's house at Lambeth. Oath of the sewers about the river Thames. Court roll of Estwyke on parchment. Tax of a subsidy of and for the diocese of Canterbury granted for his part. Paper of names that attainted Res up Griffith. A roll of money owing by Mr. Treasurer. Licence concerning the Venetians. Copy of the King's letter missive to lord Scrope of Bolton for repayment of 200l. Bill for Rob. Wood, yeoman of the Guard.
xiii. Copies of pardons. For Edward archbishop of York. Pet. Ligham, clk. Merchants of the Staple. My lord of York. John Rowse, Frenchman. My lord Cardinal.
xiv. For faculties. Bill of debts owing for faculties delivered upon specialties and credence.
xv. Copies of deeds. By the abbot of Waltham to the King, of the manor of Stansted. From the bishop of Dublin to the King, of all his manors spiritual and temporal. By Giles Heron to my master.
xvi. Instructions. A book for my lord Marques and others for retaining men of war. Book for the King's commissioners going into Wales. For the earl of Oxford. Copy of a letter sent into Wales.
xvii. Informations. Of sums of money concealed by Vaughan of Wales, receiver for the King there. Touching the buying of wools contrary to the form of the statute. Against Raynshawe of St. Albans. Against Sir Rob. Bellingham. Concerning the death of Sir Wm. Spenser.
xviii. [Accounts.] Account of Sir Wm. Compton, under-treasurer of England, of all receipts of money for three whole years. A declaration of the fees and annuities given to divers persons, time of Hen. VII. Roll of offices and officers with the fees and annuities of and within all the lands granted by Edward late duke of Buckingham when he was attainted of high treason. Declaration of certain an annuities given by the King the sixth year of his reign. Declaration of all the subsidies and customs of all the ports of England. Roll of fees and annuities given out of the duchy of York and Berwick. Declaration of Sir John Cutt of the fees and annuities at the receipt of the Exchequer paid for a year. Two rolls of Mr. Hasilwoode's accounts of the receipt. Declaration of Sir Rob. Southwell of the profits of the butlership of England. Roll of fees and annuities given by the King out of the lands of Margaret late countess of Richmond and Derby. Paper of considerations why the subsidies were not so good in divers shires to the King the seventh year of his reign as they were the fifth year. Paper of fees and annuities going out of the manors of Newhall and Boreham. Declaration of fees and annuities paid out of the King's Exchequer, with a declaration of divers taxes and subsidies. The figure of the King's great Bawderyk with the great Balasses. Copy of two deeds of Hugh Ploughman. Paper of the value of my lord Dudley's debts. Three papers of certain fines made and concluded by my master with certain persons to the King's use. Book of remembrances of divers things concerning S. Wales. Paper of certain causes alleged against John Roper's will. Paper of considerations for S. Wales why it is impoverished and out of good order. A remembrance for “theredome” (? the carldom) of Pembroke. A remembrance for John Averey for a commission. A paper of divers specialties wherein sundry persons stand bound to the King and the days of payment expired. Paper of the names of them that disputed for the King. Copy of a letter directed to the prior of Augwisshesey (? Anglesey). Paper of the extent of Alderbrok. A copy of king Richard's letter. Paper touching news from Rome. Paper of certain priests' names who deny to pay the first quint of subsidy within the diocese of Cheshire and Lancashire.
xix. Declaration of all such escriptes as came into my master's (Cromwell's) possession from Mich. 23 to Mich. 25 Hen. VIII. Book of the visitation of Malmesburie. Inventory of Wm. Palmes' goods. Copy of award for Emanuel Lucar, merchant. Oath of the chancellor of the Exchequer. Copy of Mr. Sydnam's obligation wherein he is bound to Cromwell for Lawrens Courtene's marriage. A book of the extract of Mr. Benett's letters. A book of Scavage. Copy of award between the prior of Butley and John Jermy. Paper of certain evidences belonging to the King. Oath of Th. Marshall, elected abbot of St. John's beside Colchester, to the bishop of London. Paper of certain contents so made by Wm. Fagan, the great O'Nele's servant. Paper of certain parsonages. Paper concerning the King's wardrobe. Paper reciting certain money lacking in the King's bags that came from the Tower. A proclamation printed against the princess Dowager. Copy of the King's Jestes. Breviat of the customs, tolls and taxes levied of English merchants in Burgeons (qu. Bordeaux ?). Book of the report of the lord Mountjoye. Charges of the Queen's coronation. Roll in parchment of a subsidy of 4d. levied from the age of 14 years upwards. Paper of my lord of Canterbury's woods in Kent called Bettinghams, Brokes and Hasleden. The title of Sir Walter Stoner to certain manors in the possession of Sir Adrian Fortescu. Inventories of Sir Hen. Guldeforde's goods. Bill of Nich. Thorne. Answer of Hen. Lomnor to the bill of Geo. Kebull. A long roll of payments paid by my master and the abbot of Westminster for the purchase of certain lands at Westminster. A declaration reciting by what means the King is deceived of his custom by bringing of wrought silk into the realm. An estimate or view made by Wm. Gibson of the money paid to him for rigging of ships at the King's transporting into France. Replication to the answer of Lomnor. The title of Sir Anth. Willoughby to certain manors late his father's. Paper of debt due to the King by my lord Bernes. Book of the names of the creeks, havens and ports which be best to fish in and to set men of work. Paper of articles against the canons residentiaries in Exeter. John Masse's bill, chaplain to my lord Bernes.
xx. Bills in parchment to be signed. Wm. West and Jas. Harrington. John Rastall. Th. Weutbie, elk. Wm. Petowse, clk. Rob. Aileton, John Warde, John Soister and others. Passport for Th. Stewart, Skotishman. Ric. Longe. Ipolite Paganus. Sir Humph. Conysby. Lord marquis of Exeter. Th. Floure. John Ridley and Jefferey Lovedaye. Lord Mordaunt. John Calvecant, Lucas Lucare and Wm. Satten. Ric. Chalynor. Mr. Watkyns. Passport for John Johecham, the French king's ambassador. Staplers of Calais. Rog. Lloyd. Jane Baseford. Sir Barth. Dillon. Lord Leonard Graye. Rob. Goodwyn and Ric. Percyvale. Th. Hunte. Rob. Middilton. Geo. Woulfete for non-residence. Humph. Foster. John Smyth. auditor. John Wolf, Frenchman. Th. Wright. Anth. Bugegood. Th. Cusake. Fran. Dood. Wm. Bocle. Nich. Bagshawe. Rog. Gyers. Rob. Poule. Mr. Derbye. Guy Genetto. Gregory de Casiliis. Rob. Goodwyn. Wm. Candishe. Jas. and John Williamson. Anth. Fitzharbart and Walt. Luke. Hen. Holand. A licence for Mr. Basing. Hen. Castell. Ric. Blunte. Lyonell Merton. Ric. Gibson, serjeant-at-arms. Martin Pirye. Mr. Buttrey. Sir Walt. Hungerford. Passport for Cornelius Hayes, goldsmith. Wm. Calverley. Sir John Nevell. Th. Vowell, gentleman usher. Sir Edw. Chamberlayne. Edm. Stoner. Rob. Collyer. For the White Friars. Ph. Bale, clk. John ap Rese, clk. Guy Genett. Ric. Fermor and others for advowson. Wm. Shurlond. Th. Sulyman. Hen. Norman, mariner. Nich. Harding. Mr. Penysone. Hugh Braband. Wm. Marten. Certain tenants, Hartwell. Warrant for Sir John Gifford and others. Warrant for Chr. Jeney. For the advowson of the church of Northsarney. Pet. Clerke. Warrant for a servant of my lord Chancellor to shoot in a cross bow. Mr. Petit. For my master for the advowson of the parsonage of Wellwell given by the prioress of Haliwell. Rob. Poole. Pardon of Wm. Hull. John De Caponis. Jas. Horswell. Warrant for Th. Lee. Sir. Anth. Willoughby. John Rastall. John Whalley. Edw. Bestney. Bauldewyn Cleyberth. John Reed. Gregory de Casiliis. Rob. Donyngton. Wm. Shurlond. Rob Matres. Warrant for Lusardes skins. Dav. Poule, clk. Warrant for Dr. Foxe. Copy of the King's letter. Th. Cusak. Dr. Tregonell. Mr. Pakyngton. John Birde and Th. Wisame. Gorono Bartino. Wm. Lupton. John Drew. Wm. Bassenwait. Pardon for Jefferey Blythe. Pardon for the abp. of York. A non-residence for Wm. Clerke, parson of St. Magnus, London. John Blakesley. Nich. Strelley. The exceators of the last bishop of Canterbury. Pardon for Chr. Coo. Launcelot Lysle. Warrant for the King's ambassadors now in France. Wm. Symondes. Sebastian Roderigo Depincto. Rob. Ormeston. Mr. Alforde. Presentation for Jarard Warde. Th. Hynde. Hugh Starky. Mr. Dudley. Lord Gray of Wilton. Sir Fran. Kynnersley. Geo. Guldeforde, esquire for the King's body. Wm. Osborne. Th. Treffrie. D. Worsley. Campion's bill for the clerkship of peace. Rob. Ormestrong als. Diconson. Wm. Symondes. Three persons of the Pastry. Th. Marshall. Warrant for Mr. Skevington. Pet. Ligham. Wm. Stradling, clk. Foster. Rose Somerset. City of Cork. Ric. Browne. John Vaundernott. Rob. Layborne. Wm. Webbe. Mistress Hall. Chr. Mount. Wm. Bodie. Nich. Harding. Sir Edw. Guldeford. Rob. Philippes. Hen. Lodisman and John Avereye. John Node. Th. Tyrry. John Crudde. Wm. Owen. Rose Somerset. Rob. Lorde. Edm. Smyth. Walt Codner. Lady Margaret marques of Dorset. Mr. Pakington. Adam Carus. Officers-at-arms. John Wymple and Edw. Millett. Ric. Graynfild. Randoll Davenport. Mr. Draper, Bedill and Halelye. Th. Walkeley. Th. Croft. Walt. Warwyke. Ric. Frende. Jas. Bongaye and others. Becansawe. Wm. Hawkyns. Archbishop of Dublin's pardon for his bonnet. John Hale. Pardon for Th. Hynde and Edm. Whaffer. Th. Patmer. Hugh Prust, merchant John Dunstone. Wm. Pomisford. Jas. Horswell. John Johnson, clk. John Cleve. Pardon for the feoffees of the lord Dudley. Wm. Vaughan of Kilgaron. Town of Bristowe. Sir Wm. Thomas. Dr. Boner. Foulk Powell. Jaram Hewster. Hen. Norman, mariner. Wm. Symondes. Chancellor and fellows of Oxford. Prior of the Augustine Friars. Sir Geo. Lawson. Wm. Penysone. Adrian Dogan. Lord Cobham. Jas. Bettes and Ric. Palshed, customers of Southampton. Rog. More. Sir Wm. Parre. Hen. Byrde and Leonard Thorneton. John Wellisborne and John Croke. Th. Wyngfild and John Ridleye. Robert and Anthony Poynes, Thomas Evans. Sir John Arundell. Th. Halley alias Carlyll. Jeneu Langrave, the King's jeweller. For the three Kings-of-Arms in England. Sir Wm. Skevington. Dr. Boner. Abbot of Malmesbury. Dr. Capon for non-residence. Pardon for Geo. Sprot of Calkewell. John Eston. Wm. Botrey. The last condiscend of the Staplers to the King. John Riche, goldsmith. Geo. Lee, clerk, for non-residence. John Saint John. The parson Ogle. Th. Hall, Carlisle herald. Sir Brian Tuke's warrant. Wm. Berners, auditor. For the new fraternity of St. Peter's of York. Ric. Tracye. Chas. Benehe. Mr. Symondes. Sir Walt. Hungerford. Sir Geo. Darcie. Th. Howell and Martin Fyssher of Bristoll. John Whalley.
xxi. Depositions, informations, accusations and confessions. Deposition against Jones, goldsmith, for buying of stolen plate. Depositions against Mr. Cornewall, Bellingames and others. Dep. against Sir Hoberden, priest. Deps. of Wm. Hurlok a blind “profeser.” Dep. of John Langley of Cranebroke. Dep. against Th. Parker, priest. Dep. against the abbot of Buckefast. Dep. against Rob. Gill. Dep. against John Hargill for words spoken against my lord Chief Justice. Dep. against the liberty of Kildare. The confession of Dr. Abell. Information against Harford, customer of “Plomemouth.” Inf. of the death of the abbot of Holme. Dep. against Geo. Hasell. Inf. of the behaviour of Atkynson, Gladwyn and Butler when they came to the monastery of Stone. A paper of injuries and wrongs done by Sir Th. Burley, priest. Book of deps. of temporal persons betwixt Latymer and Hoberden. Paper of infe. against Mr. Dauntesey for wrongs and injuries done unto Mr. Kele. Dep. made by Jas. Hasilwood against Mr. Heritage's servant. His bill that peched first Wm. Nevell. Infs. exhibited before the barons of the Exchequer against the merchants of Hans. Bill of inf. made by Goldewyn against the abbot of St. Augustines. Inf. against Miller of Lynn. Inf. of Ric. Batell and Ric. Worley, prisoners in the Tower. Dep. against Thomas Certon, abbot of Cerne, made by dane William Cristischurch, monk there. Paper of inf. to Mr. Attorney for murders done in Wales. Deps. against John Mariard of Malmesburie. Paper of infs. for the cos. of Cumb., Westmor. and Northumb. Paper of certain murder done by the abbot of Cumbermere. Paper of injuries and wrongs done by the abbot of Ryves in Yorkshire to his tenants. Rob. Bond's inf. John Shouxborowghe's declaration for plate stolen. Dep. made and written with the abbot of St. Alban's hand touching one Jones, a false “profetour.” Paper of articles objected against the abbot of Cerne. Inf. against the abbot of Whitbie. Bundle of deps. made by one Wood against Wm. Nevell for treason. Dep. of Hen. Hobbes of Watford before Mr. Heydon. Dep. of Wm. Nevell in his hand. Dep. of Th. Pace for the King's plate stolen by John Stokishburth. Dep. and examination taken at Oxford upon certain words spoken against the King. Bill of inf. against the abbot of Rivaux. Paper of certain things taken away by the searcher of Poule. Inf. against the abbot of Cumbermore. Inf. against Th. Parker at the suit of my lord Souche. Inf. against two Flemings that hath married two Englishwomen.
xxii. Confessions and examinations. Deposition and confession of certain persons for the breach of Ilchester prison. Conf. of John Pollerd. Of Th. Magott, Agnes Macheon and Ellen Macheon. Divers persons which broke the prison of Ilchester. Of Richard ap Richard the King's servant against William ap Lloid Chaplain. Of a priest. Of John Malmesborie, barber. Of Wm. Wade. Of Th. Skott, constable of the hundred of Hawkisborowe. Of dame Eliz. Barton. Examination made by the abbot of Holme as concerning the death of “thabot of Deveids,” (fn. 15) late abbot of Holme Coltrayne. Of Sir John Bentley, clk., against Hen. Erynsaw, yeoman. Of Wm. Lysle.
xxiii. Instructions. A book to be declared to the princess Dowager. Book in French to be delivered by the lord Rocheford on the King's behalf to the French king. Secret, to be declared by the duke of Norfolk to the French king. Given to Foster at his departing to the sea. To the King's ambassadors. Of certain things to be reformed in Dover.
xxiv. Accounts. A declaration of account made by Body. Accounts of Wm. Pawmes and Sir Wm. Percie. Of Mr. Thorne's goods valued. Of John Coveley and John Prowse. Of Hen. Saxson, abbot of the monastery of Vale Riall. View of account of Jas. Mores, the King's receiver. Paper of a minute of account of Body's making. Of the King's great wardrobe. Of the legacies of Thorne. Of Ric. Stret, clk. Of Tonbridge. Of Sir Geo. Lawson. Of Th. Swallo. Two more of Sir Geo. Lawson. View of John Whalles for the receipt of money to be employed about the King's buildings in the Tower of London. “The accompt of Monrti.” Breviat account between Nich. Statham and Sir Rob. Waterton of Yorkshire.
xxv. Copies of King's letters patent. To Sir Wm. POulet and to my master for the survey of the King's woods. Of mistress Halle. To the master and fellows of Christ's College. Cambridge. Of the master and college of Maynothe. To the university of Oxford. To Wm. Blakenhale and to John Godsalve. To John Horseman. Mr. Lovell for the chancellorship of the Exchequer. Ministers of the port of Brigewater. Abbot of Forde to be visitor. Of Lord Bernes for his office of deputyship of Calais. For lord Richard Graye. Lord of Essex. Cecily Hall. John Cokiston. Nich. Poynes. Th. Bercley. Lord of Essex. Thomas ap Guyllam.
xxvi. Supplications in paper. Rob. Thorne. Wm. Welles. Th. Sherbroke. John Fild. Prisoners of Ludgate. Petition of begers. John Boll. Valentine Frees. Ric. Penne. Geo. Goodwyn. Merchants of the Staple. Geo. Acolen. Hugh Bertlott. Th. Sowche. Dr. Bothe. Walt. Bird. Walt. Bolace. Wm. Saunderson and John Stone. Hugh Oldcastell. Johanne Chamberlayne and her son. Hen. Nicholas of Flushing. Rob. Mounteneye. Th. Smyth. John Chetering. Inhabitants of Yermouth. Johan Masone. John Eton. Elis. Ascu. Hen. Clyf. Of the King's tenants within the honor of knavesborow (sic). Inhabitants and parishioners of Alhallowes in Lombard Street. Th. Heydon of Denham. Ales Lawson. John Price, prisoner. Pet. Villati. Wm. Woodward. Ric. Biseley scholar of York. Th. Smyth. Ann Sawsten, sister to the anker (anchorite) of Feversham. Ambrose Masson. Of them that burned the Rodeof Dovencout in Essex Oliver Senert in French. Geo. Grene,of Beverley. Clement. Urmestronge. Inhabitants of Mark, in the marches of Calais. Merchant adventures. Sir Ric. Ellis, priest Rose Somerset, widow. Chr. Atrik. Beatrix Cotton. Agnes Parker. Beatrix Castell. Churchwardens of St. Peter's in Calais. John Bond. Thurstone Mere. John Rightuysse. Marg. Lancaster. Cecily Hall. John Holwill. Rose Somerset. Mayor and citizens of Chester. Nich. Tirry. Humph. Reynoldes. Walt. Bassett. Anne Middilton. Inhabitants of Rommpney marsh. Nich. Fox. Old Castell. Griffith Thomas of Yerdley. Th. Bedhoodd. Marg. Growte. Ric. Hennyng. Wm. Umpton. The anker of Feversham. For a chapel of St. James, in co. Suffolk. Fran. Friscobald. Dav. Lloyd up Griffith. Rau Fremason, Frenchman. Inhabitants of Midd. and Kent Wm. Spoundon. Th. Asshe. Th. Lowe and Johan his wife. Geo. Kebull. Ric. Lambe. Ambrose Masson, merchant. Geo. Gravener, gent. Th. Somer. Edm. Mode. Chr. Bullen, servingman. Wm. Adams and John Hawkyns. Rob. Teisdale and Ric. Walter. John Call. Wm. Stevinson. John Ambrose. Wm. Olyver. Gilb. Frances, monk. Rog. Jones. Th. Thacker. John Fagan. Rob. Parker. John Hamond. Eliz. Arthur. Johanne Johnes. Th. Patmer. Rob. Dokisforth. Ph. Long. Mr. Ellis. John Thomas, sherman. Wm. Worme. Wm. Nevile. Raf Williams. Ric. Dicher, goldsmith. Geo. Stakepolle. Ric. Pynner. Th. Bassechurche. Parishioners of St. Leonards. Wm. Owen. Johan Crowder. Hen. Norman. Hen. Clyff. Dav. ap Preduth. The merchants using the trade into Iselond. Rog. Geers. John Brice. Fran. Ben.
xxvii. Supplications in parchment. John Leche, merchant of Coventry. Inhabitants of Stepney against the bishop of London. Inhabitants of the town of Newcastell. Inhabitants of Guisnes. Wm. Brere. Town of Bristowe. Robert Fawconer, John Inglishe and others. Geo. Hall. Davy Appredute. John Vaughan, groom of the Chamber. Asshelegh. Lady Spenser. Company of Boyers. Mayor and citizens of London. Hump. Haselburie. Inhabitants of Skarburth. Wm. Maynarde. Ales Geffreye. Anne Tusser. Inhabitants of Rommpney. John Hobby and other mariners. Wm. Playtour. John Gryndell. Th. Creswell. Davy Appowell. Wm. Walgrove and Th. Miller.
xxxviii. Copies of indentures. Between the King and the duke of Suffolk. My master and abbess of Godstow. John Deneham and Geo. Denham. The dean and canons of Oxford and Anth. Cave. Sir Th. Rotheram and my master Th. Crumwell.
xxix. Yearly values of certain manors, lordships, lands and tenements. Parsonage of Radbie. Manor of Chikcwell. Manor of Eston. Pembroke's lands now the Queen's. Manor of Estoneston. Nich. Tofton's lands. Sir Edw. Darell's lands. Lordship of Fitelton. Certain lands late the prior's of Bethkilhert. Ferme of Bulingham. Certain lordships. The King's lands in Liesnes marsh. House of Knavesborough. Manor of Northampton. Certain prebends. Whitewang and others. Content of acres within the park of — (fn. 16). Manor of Poynynges.
xxx. Matters concerning Calais. Bill of parchment made by the staplers of Calais of the prices of wools and the value thereof. Roll in parchment of the office of the waterbailyship of Calais. Great roll in paper reciting certain records extracted out of the Exchequer of certain things incident to the staple or town of Calais. Supplication in paper by the staplers of Calais. Roll in parchment of the rate, order and prices of wools with profits that ensue to the King for customs of the same. Book of the names of the soldiers in the King's retinue within the town and marches of Calais. The “condissend” in paper made by the staplers of Calais to the King. A resolution and determination taken by the King and his Council upon such requests as were made to his Grace by the deputies, officers and the soldiers of the town and marches of Calais. Bill of Ric. Benet, soldier of Calais. Book of charges of the French king and his train being in Calais. Book of petitions made by the burgesses of the town of Calais. Declaration of sacks of wools. Bill concerning the marsh ground of Calais now in the tenure of Sir Rob. Wingefeld. Paper of sums of money due to the King by them of the stable or stapill. Copy of the King's letter for John Bartlot of Calais. Supplication by the inhabitants and burgesses of Calais. A determination taken by the King and his Council upon certain requests made by the inhabitants and soldiers of Calais. Book of advertisements of certain things made by the deputy of Calais. Paper of the names of shewers and commissioners for Calais. Paper containing certain money sent over to Calais by the King's commandment for the repairing of the town walls. Paper of the bounds and number of feet about the marches of Calais. Paper of certain parsonages in Calais. Minute drawn for the port of Calais. View and survey of the castle and fortress of Guisnes made by my master and others. Copy of letters patent to John Cokeson, water-bailiff of Calais. Supplication by the inhabitants of St. Peter's of Calais. Paper of things to be demanded by the King of the mayor and fellowship of the staple of Calais. Paper of informations of John Bertlott of Calais. Bill for George Hasill, soldier of Calais. Roll in parchment of the licence granted by the King to the staplers of Calais. Petition of the staplers of Calais. Paper of the contents and number of wools carried by the staplers to Calais. Paper of the prices of wools. Book of my master's remembrances of three things made to the King concerning what benefit should be incident to his Highness by reason of the same. Declaration of the true prices of wools. Copy of an order made by the council of Calais. The offer or condiscend of the staplers of Calais. Roll of articles touching the privileges of the mayoralty of Calais. Paper of the names of commissioners to view the marches of Calais. Paper for the justices' fees of the Staple. Paper of Th. Jameson merchant of York's device touching the staple of Calais.
xxxi. Matters of Ireland. Book of the answer of Sir Wm. Skevyngton to the muster and check of the King's late commissioners in Ireland. Roll of the profits that Sir Wm. Skevington has gotten the King in Ireland. Book of the report made by Sir Wm. Skevington to the King. Two books of the description of Ireland. Roll of service done in Ireland. Paper of John Alen's devise for matters of Ireland, with other matters of Ireland.
xxxii. Matters concerning Wales. Great roll concerning the principality of N. Wales. Book of informations for recognisances in Wales and other misdemeanours there. “Paper of a total recital of the Queen's lands now in.” Copy of the Queen's commission sent into Wales. Roll of remembrances touching Wales. Book of instructions given on the behalf of my lady marchioness of Pembroke given by my master to Mr. Smyth and to Wm. Brabazon. Paper of articles against the officers of Glamorgan and Morganock in S. Wales. Copy of the King's commission sent into Wales. (fn. 17)
xxxiii. First, a roll of news of Germany. Deposition of Wm. Woodwarde, of —. (fn. 18) Book of minutes to the duke of Norfolk. Inquisitions p.m. on Jaram de George and Chas. Benche. A bundle of papers of “quinjuration.” Paper or rate touching the King's garrison at Barwyke. An oration made by Sir Paul Busshe, priest. The estate of the bishopric of Chester and Lichfield. Reformation to be devised for the gathering of priests' assessments. Sir Brian Tuke's declaration for money paid to Geo. Lovekyn. Paper of the names of certain minstrels. Paper of considerations for Helyar Decartret. Copy of the King's writ into Devon. Bill of Sir Th. Bassechurche, priest. Form of a treaty betwixt England and Hamburgh. Paper of certain instructions made by the abbot of Abyngton to my master. Recital how the carl of Northumberland is indebted to sundry persons, and what loss he sustains thereby. Paper of the names of certain bishops and abbots. Paper of such articles and wrongs as Ralph Williams sustained by reason of the suit of Th. Smyth ***ndon, merchant taylor Bundle of matters concerning Hamburgh and England. Decree ***nglish merchants and strangers. Paper concerning the making of brick at Hampton Con. Pook reciting a riot between John Hynde and Th. Chichelley. Paper of certain minstrels. Bill of Baldwyn of Cleyberth. Book of the receipts of the King's pensions which was due by the Emperor. Licence for victual. Paper of the expences of Th. Lee riding to Amptill. Paper of rewards given to certain persons in Northumberland for casting down certain towns in Scotland, 11 Hen. VIII. Paper of certain articles to be showed to my master for the abbot of Vawdewe. Copy of a warrant for Nich. Sympson. Bills signed for reformation of selling of flesh.
xxxiv. First, a book of special articles that Dr. Lee had in commission to the king of Denmark. Paper of Italian between Compouche and others. Pedigree of the duke of Buckingham. A true content of my master's timber lying on Horsey common. Paper of informations for preaching. Paper of the names of the noblemen sent for to be at the Coronation. Book of articles declaring the truth of Th. Keyle's matter against Mr. Dauntesey. Book of a declaration concerning the King's wood sales made by Sir Rog. Wigstone and my lord Mordaunt. Lord Barnes' will. Letter sent to the King by Hamburgh men for 20,000 bowstaves. Paper of petitions of certain Spaniards against the Lubikes. A view made by the King's commissioners at Calais of reparations, guns, &c. Rental of Runnston. Paper of remembrances for Bertlot of Calais. Answer of Ric. Jones concerning the death of his brother. Clear yearly value of the King's wood sales sold anno —. (fn. 19) Paper of certain fees belonging to the castle of Flint. Paper of certain money received by Rob. Fouler to the King's use. Catalogue of my master's writings. A memorial of all such debts as the late French queen and the duke of Suffolk did owe unto the King. Copy of a protection for John Marmyn. Copy of a verdict in Sussex. Certificate of Leonard Reed made to the King's surveyors of the King's woods within the forests of Barnewood. Minute made against the lady Dowager. Minute of a letter for the bishop of Dublin. A praise for queen Katharine. Breviat of certain things extracted out of the red book in the King's exchequer. Declaration of the debts and sums of money owing to the King for the fee farm of the town of Southampton. Book of the rewards and gifts given by the King at Boulogne and Calais. Book of plate given to the Queen by the King. (fn. 20) Paper of remembrances for “Mr. Fitz thessurer of Calais.” Book of gifts given to certain persons by the tenure of their lands at the King's coronation. Paper of certain money received by Rob. Fouler. Complaint against the Lubikes for taking the King's playster, a ship and certain men therein.
xxxv. First the description of two things that Frith was condemned as a heretic. Copy of the letter of the Staple sent to them of Harlam in Holland. View of obligations and specialties belonging to the King. The abjuration of three thieves. Paper reciting a riot between John Hynde and Th. Chichelley. Paper of remembrances for Rob. Stadley. Paper of contents of diets for the King's ambassadors. Petition of Th. Blanke against the Lubikes. (fn. 20) Copy of a letter sent by the chief captain of the Lubikes to a merchant of the Stiliard, translated into English. Petition of Humph. Knight against the Lubikes. Testimonial for Wm. Alen of Great Chesterford. Paper of certain books delivered to Sir Hen. Guldeford. Breviat how the King should take little loss of the debt in which Laurence Bonvixi and the city of Florence stand bound to the King. View of specialties and obligations belonging to my master. Supplication of the John Hancock and Elizabeth his wife. Names of certain persons having great parsonages and vicarages. Paper of the contents of the packet sent to Rome. Paper of news of the Emperor. A false knave's letter written to the prior of Christchurch in my master's name. Letter to the bishop of Canterbury. The number of gentlemen ushers that were in the Cardinal's privy chamber. Paper of my lord of Canterbury's woods in Kent called Bettinghams, Brokes and Hasilden wood. Paper of the names of the new commissioners in the marches of —. (fn. 19) Remembrance for John Copinger. Paper touching the monastery of Calwiche, the copy of the gifts of certain givers. A book of such things as hath passed the signet since the signet came to my hands. Paper of the names of divers fermes which John Pascall has at this present time. Paper concerning the abbot of Ryvaux. Paper reciting certain tenure that John Browne holds of the King. Roll of the ordinances made by the justice “Shewers” in Kent and Surrey. Letter written to the friar Hugh Payne and Corneles. Declaration of Hugh Payn, Observant. Copy of a recovery or final record made between the King (fn. 21) and Anne countess of Warwick of certain manors, lands and tenements. Declaration made by the duke of Suffolk. Commission for justice “Shewers” sealed. Declaration between Duffild Hele and other defendants. Contents of certain warrants. Contents of certain ships going to Spain.
xxxvi. First, a copy of a treaty between the king of England and the king of Castile. Great roll of pleas of hustings between Ric. Osborne and John Carpintor, executor of the testament of John Marchaunt. Effect of the vicar of Croydon's preaching of “Pax vobis.” Book of the names of divers spiritual persons within the diocese of Canterbury. Copy of the will of Wm. Tracy. Paper reciting certain money received of Mr. Alford. Devise concerning the Queen's laying. Sir Th. More. Book containing what commodities be incident to the merchants within the realm of England. A title which the lord Stafford maketh claim to the manor of Hope. Inventory of the Scots' goods arrived at Skarborough. Paper of Wm. Hayward, joiner. Copy of the King's letters sent to the bishop of Exeter for John Holwell, the King's chaplain. Paper of the contents of the manors which Geo. Perepoynt should inherit after the decease of his mother. Paper of concealments made by John Prat, bailiff of Yerdeley. Reckoning of diets of the duke of Norfolk and others the King's ambassadors in France. Certificate of the King's commissioners against the abbot of Ryvaux. Answer of king Frederic to Th. Lee, the King's ambassador, upon certain things exhibited to him. Bill of the false knave William. Certificate of the bailiff of Brayles. Contents of certain horse harness and other things gilt and enamelled. Paper of declarations of crowns made by Body. Bill of Peter Debardis. Bill of William Cley. A confirmation of k. Henry the VIIth to the—. (fn. 22) The sayings of Mr. Latymer in his sermons at Bristow. A roll of the displeasures between Wm. Brereton and John Eton. Bill for the men of Colchester against the Lubyckes. A book of certain things extracted out of the Exchequer concerning Northumberland. Copy of an obligation wherein the churchwardens of St. Olave's in Southwark stand bound to my master in 200l. to the King's use.
xxxvii. First, the inventory of Sir Hen. Guldeforde's goods. Paper of the names of divers books which the late prior of Whitefriars, London, had of divers printers. Bill of Ric. Beyer for delivering the King's letters. Paper reciting certain prisoners in convict houses. Paper of certain injuries and wrongs done against the abbot of Leicester by his ordinary. Paper of the names of the ports and creeks belonging and adjoining to Chichester. “Rec. de Middle Marches of North.” An information of the King's navy. Instrument concerning Dover. Paper of the names of certain bishops and abbots. Valuation of a ship called the Mary of Benawdit. An information for the true surveying and keeping of the King's navy. Paper of commissioners' names to sit upon the trial of young Browne whether he ought to be ward to the King or not. The rental of Calwiche. Bill for Sir Th. Deny. Paper of the names of the bishops within the diocese of Canterbury. Copy of a declaration of Ric. Davy and John Whalley. Effect of a sermon of Mr. Latymer preached at Bristow. Demands of Ric. Fermor against Mr. Empson. The order of Th. Phillipis of Ludlow in keeping the King's studs, mares and colts within the marches of Wales. Paper reciting certain debts due to the King. Paper of the demands of Th. Butler, messenger. Copy of Mr. Lucas' letter to the master of the hospital and fraternity of Dover. Copy of a letter to the abbot of Woborne. A minute of a treaty in French. Paper of devises for the Queen's laying down. Paper of the arrest of two Scottish ships in Skarborough. Paper of John Kaylewey. Paper of Sir Hugh Trevynean. Paper of the names of certain persons. Paper of the costs of John Bond in the Flete Mr. Buttres' bill. A great misuseage in the shire of Chester. A paper of three abbots that be collectors. Paper for John Lane for the parsonage of Bexley. Paper of the names of certain friars. Bill of Th. Teryngton against Forster. Copy of a bill to be signed for Th. Bagard. Paper of the debt of Mr. Amadas owing to the King. The contents of certain crowns. Paper reciting an order for a hospital devised of Christ-church lands made by the King. The will of Wm. Tracy. A view of the King's watercourse from Stanes brig. A chronicle written of the coming of Brute into this realm. Demands of the abbot of Westminster for certain things at the Queen's coronation. Rob. Escotte's bills. Paper of certain obligations due to the King at Easter 24 Hen.VIII. The valuation of a ship called the Mary of Benawdit. A proposal made by Jasper Filoll for deceit in the King's custom-house in London. The bishop of Canterbury's commission for exhumation of Tracy. Paper of sheriffs and escheators that be accountant to the King. Bill put to the earl of Essex for Newlondes. Bill of Alice Lacy. Paper of agreement made between Ralph Williams and Th. Smyth. An answer from the king of Denmark, and with his secretary's hand underwritten. Paper for ordinances necessary for Carlill and Bewcastell. Paper of certain warrants to be had for my master's discharge. Bill of Wm. Assheby against Marg. Nichelles.
xxxviii. First, a bill of John Corbettes for a ferm in Hope had of the duke of Buckingham. The view and measure of Plomsted marsh. Paper of interrogatories for Jas. Lawson against the mayor of Newcastle. The effect of a preaching, &c. A bill for John Cavecant. Paper of the legacies of Sir Wm. Spencer not performed. The contents of my master's fees due by his patents at Easter 24 Hen. VIII. An inventory delivered to Sir Fras. Hastings. A little book concerning Sir Giles Bertlet. A paper of Jas. Warding, beer brewer, and other owners of certain lands about the Exchequer. Paper of losses sustained by Mr. Honyng and others in the voyage of Iselond. Master Waddington's bill for furring my master's gowns. The taxes of subsidy that the archbishop of Canterbury ought to pay to the King. Paper of benefices now being void by the death of Mr. Cleyton and others. Paper concerning the lord Dacres of the South. The extent of the King's garrison anenst Scotland. Paper of certain sums of money owing to the King by Mr. Fitzwilliams, treasurer of the King's household, for his own debt as for the debt of Mr. Skott. Inventory of the Scots' goods taken at Skarborow. Book made by Mr. Welshe against Mr. Wigstone. Paper of the names of transgressors in my lord of Westminster's woods. Paper touching certain customers. Certificate made by the mayor of York concerning the coining at York by Polard and others. Paper of certain debts owing by the late lord Cardinal since his departure from Cawood, and not yet paid. A copy of a writ. Paper of articles between England and Scotland. A remembrance for Mr. Hackett Declaration of matters depending in the “comen place” (Common Pleas) against Sir John Fenwyk, Ralph Fenwyk and others. Bill of title made by the countless of Salisbury to the manor of Canford. Bill for Rob. Downcham. Bill to the abbot of Fountens. Bill of John Calvecant concerning saltpetre. Copy of the King's letters patent to my lady marques Dorset. The demands of Pet. Megham. Paper of certain owners of alum sold by them. The French king's counsel given to his son. Bill of John Ambrose. Bill of Shelle's woods. Mr. Buttre's bill to the earl of Essex. Paper of the forfeit of certain hats and caps. The interview of the King and the French king at Calais and Boulogne. The certificate for conveying beer out of the realm by beer brewers in London. Copy of Mr. Marshall's letter. Copy of the Emperor's writing sent to the highest court judicial within his empire, translated out of Dutch. Bill of Wm. Greslyng of London, mercer. The ferme of Canbury and Halywell. A special note for preachers. The answer of the abbot Diculucres to the surmise of —, (fn. 23) The bishop of Waterford's letter for resignation of his bishopric. Bill for the officers of arms. Paper of ordinances for Carlyll and Bewcastell. Paper of articles exhibited against Ric. Fermor. The title of Sir Ant. Willoughby to certain lands late the lord Broke's. A book concerning Edmond Dalapowle. Paper of certain lands of Christ Church. Copy of a letter from Hamburg to the King with another from the king of Denmark. A book in parchment reciting the making of a king or queen at his coronation. A paper reciting the Exchequer. (fn. 24) A bill between Edm. Spencer and John Hart. Paper of the names of certain persons. Copy of the Emperor's letters to the demand of Nich. Gibson, merchant. An inquisition taken at Umpton in Worcestershire. Paper concerning the parsonage of Bromefild. The acquittal in the Exchequer for Th. Hobbe of London. Paper of preparations devised for the receiving of the Queen's grace into London. John Warde. Paper of certain costs laid out by Nich. Statham. The whole inventory of Rob. Thorne's goods, deceased. Paper of fines assessed for not accomplishing the effect of a commission of sewers in Lincolnshire. Dutch letters. A bill for John Gryndall. Paper reciting how the bishops of London and Norwich were brought before the King and the justices for interdicting the realm in the time of Saint Thomas of Canterbury.
xxxix. First, a roll of articles of misdemeanour that Mr. Empson and my lady Lucy his wife findeth them grieved against Mr. Fermor. Copy of a letter in French. Book treating of Purgatory and other like things against the preaching of Latymer. Paper containing the sum of 273 crowns. Paper copy of a letter from Andrew Gritty duke of Venice. Paper declaring the number of parish churches within this realm. Bill concerning great disorders used in the King's customs by the ministers. Copy of the inhibitions made by the bishop of London against doctor Latymer for preaching. A testimonial for John Corneisson. A roll in parchment of the fees and annuities paid by the King's warrant to the Princess Dowager's servants. A brief interlude or prologue of Pleasure and Disport. Certificate of certain harnesses embezzled at Nottingham. Paper in French to recover an obligation of an other. The White Friar's letter. Bill of John Bussy and another. Copy of a declaration of dissension between Mr. Copeland, deceased, and Mr. Flemyng. Paper of the names of the Scots that are maintained in wars in Ireland. Paper of certain debts owing to the King by the French king not yet paid, as Mr. Fowler alleges. Contents and value of such things as Sir John Dauntesey had of Sir John Parker. Grants of divers charters of kings to the monastery of Westminster. Paper of instructions for the city of York. Paper reciting certain forfeits by the comptroller of Waymouth. Paper of certain plate that Sir Edw. Guldeford confesses to have of Sir Hen. Guldeford's goods. Paper of the contents of cloths laded by strangers in Antwerp ships. Paper of sums of money due to the King by the Staple. Rental of Totenham. A rental of Lewesham and Greenwich. An information for bringing unlawful stuff out of Ireland. A book of Consilium Bonifacii apud Westm. The false forging of a writing made by John Freman. A bill that canons being no residensarii may keep residence without an imposition of their cathedral church. The King's letters written to Jas. Fynche and Nich. Waryng for the freighting of the King's ship called the Sovereign. Paper of certain things which Wm. Thynn laid out upon reparations of the parsonage of Erith which the late prior of Christ Church ought to do it by indenture.
xl. First, a paper of the commodities belonging to the office of the stewardship of Westminster. A brief chronicle of England. Paper of the decay of certain manors belonging to the bishopric of Chester. Paper of the demands of Alice Flaxton for money due to her for ale for the King. Two bills signed with three sheriffs' hands for the discharge of Th. Butler, pursuivant. The saying of Sir John Parker to Sir John Dauntesey. A paper concerning the Wardrobe. Three little parchments concerning “quiniracion” (conjuration). Paper of reparations done at the Tower. The petition or submission of the monks of Burton-upon-Trent. Two letters of attorney made by the prior of Spalding to Sir John Reyne and others. A warrant to the auditor of Ely. Paper of certain debts owing to Cromwell. A minute of a letter to the French king. A minute made by Sir Brian Tuke of the obligations of the abbot of Peterborow. An abstract taken wherein a stranger may get much gain upon licences. A copy of acquittance for the prior of Titburie. An estimate for wages to be paid at York place. A paper of news in Gildres written with young doctor Lee's hand. Paper of remembrances for John Freman. Paper of certain parcels that the “umper” hath awarded from the heir. The names of such personages as were taken under the banner of the earl of Essex. A letter written to Mr. Baynton by one of Mamesbury. The value of the abbot of Westminster's plate and jewells. Copy of a Scotch letter. Paper of Geo. Kebull. The demands of John Browne. The names of divers “bowchers.” Mr. Gresham's bill. The names of new commissioners in the Marches. A copy of a warrant for a tegg for Anth. Bogegoodd. The claim of diets of officers of the King's chamber at the making of knights “at the Bathe.” The recognition of the province[s] of Canterbury and York. Inventory of the goods of Hen. Gold, parson of Aldermary. Names of the laders of merchants that will lade the Primrose and other the King's ships with wines. Paper of articles for reformation of a commonwealth within the castle of Dover. A declaration of the assignments of money due unto the King's household the 10 Oct. 25 Hen. VIII. A little roll of warrants for bucks for my lord of York. A certificate for Cornelias Johnson. A remembrance for John Creyford. A remembrance for a monk of Holme. The certificate and view of certain wood at Watlington. The triumph and “resceyvyng” of the Pope by the French king of late into the town of Marseilles. Copy of an obligation wherein the bishop of Chichester stands bounden to Mr. Lovell and Mr. Wyott in 100l. to the King's use. Paper of the names of certain monks, canons and friars. The names of the lordships which Mr. Treasurer has of the King within Surrey. Paper of articles against Mr. Pekeham. Indictment made by Geo. Alen against certain persons for killing coneys within his ground. A book declaring how customers and comptrollers should use their offices in the King's custom-houses. Paper of the demand of the porter of the Tower for certain expenses. Papers of articles objected against Greg. Casiliis. Petition of Wm. Orrell. Paper of certain silk delivered to the use of the Queen. Content of the plate that Sir Hen. Guldeford received of my lady his mother. The extent and number of men that maketh cloth in Yorkshire.
xli. Bills to be signed. First: A bill of Mr. Shelles. Mich. Whiting. Fran. Debarde. Standishe. John Whalley. Mr. Carew and Mores. Jas. Hobson. Warrant for a servant of my lord Great Seal to shoot in a cross-bow. Passport for the Emperor's ambassador. Th. and Rob. Dillon. Th. Evans. John Dale. Warrant for Steph. Vaughan. Wm. Lambart. Augustine de Augustinis. Sir Th. Russhe. Chr. Mounte. John Fagan. Mr. Derby. The lord Chancellor. Giles Senton. City of York. Sir Th. Russhe. Rastall and Pirry. Jas. Beck. Ph. Sbarra. Th. Vaux. Sir Wm. Musgrave. Huntele. Renate Repelliter. Warrant for Th. Bertlott. Sir Jeffery Pole. Sir Walt. Hungerford. Wm. Lupton. Th. Luttrell. Giles Heron. Wm. Alesby. Mr. Fytton. Rob. Dawsun and Dav. Lyntley. Wm. Tyldisley. Knottisford. Mr. Raphaell. Ric. Stret, clk. John Dale. Barlow. Fran. Bawdewyn. Ric. Chaundeler. Wm. Marten. Rob. Guy. John Leyland. John Laughton. Ambrose Masson. Rog. Baynbrig. Sir Ric. Tempest. Rastall and Pirry. Sir Ric. Otterborne. Lord of Wiltshire. Sir And Wyndesore. Th. Palmer and Nich. Fytton. Commissioners that shall “sesse” the fines for the order of knighthood. Rastall and Pirry. Pat. Barnewell and Mr. Fitzwilliam. Chr. Mount. Sir Edw. Chamberlen. Th. Cusake. Warrants for Cromwell to compound and assess the fines of esquires for the order of knighthood. Ric. Cokesson. Sir Cuthbert Ogle. Mr. Suthwell. Th. Lambe. John Uvedall. Th. Cusak. Ric. Lee. Sir Ralph Longford for the late priory of Calwiche. Sir Edw. Guldeforde and Sir John Dudley. Licence for And. Growte. Rastall and Pyrry. Perse Hamon. John Mane. Wm. Poole. Licence for Marke Marr, captain of Lubyckes. Sergeant Hynde. Passport for the abbot of Arbroth, keeper of the Great Seal to the king of Scots. Sir Ric. Rauson, archdeacon of Essex. Dr. Bonner. Th. Blytheman. Th. Calf. Advowson of the parish church of Middleton Teesdale, in the diocese of Durham. Sir Geo. Dalton. Mr. Fowler. John Dale. For the fermors of Pissow. Giles Downes (Duwes ?). Discharge to the sheriffs of London for 5l. paid yearly. Warrant for Wrythele's diets. Sir Geo. Greves. John Dale. John Cast of Ireland. Warrant for Wm. Gonson.
xlii. Another catalogue of writings which came into my master's [Cromwell's] custody since 11 Dec. 25 Hen.VIII. to the feast of Saint John the Baptist then next following.
Accounts. Mr. Assheley for the buildings at Westminster. Th. Barton. Mr. Griffith. Mr. Basing. Leonard Skevington. Miles Cocker, carpenter. Declarations of my master's accounts. Hampton Court buildings. Mr. Thorne. Wm. Thomson. Bishopric of Chester and Lichfield.
xliii. Yearly value of lands and tenements. Christ Church, London. Lands appointed to the lord Scrope for Pisso. Filloshall and Cogeshall. Fodryngan. Manors of Tassagard and others. Manor of Carlingford. Manor of Slyndon. Temporalities of the archbishopric of Canterbury. Certains manors appointed by the late lord Dacres of the South for the performance of his will. Rents of Wormegey. Walt. Bolace's lands. Lord Dacre's lands. Wallingford. Lands and goods of a certain quest attainted in Surrey. Declaration of the revenues of York. Suppressed lands.
xliv. Copies of indentures. Between the lady Lucy and Mr. Bettes of Southampton. Cromwell and Ant. Cotton. Cromwell and John Freman, goldsmith. Abbot of Westminster. Earl of Worcester and Giles Brugge. Sir T. Rotheram and Cromwell. Ralph Leche and Ric. Crumwell. Abbot of Westminster and Mr. Shether. The King and John Arderne of Cotisforde. The King and the lord Skrope. Abbess of Godstowe and A. B. The King and the earl of Northumberland. The prior of Crutched Friars and Marg. Johnson. Mr. Holgill.
xlv. Depositions, accusations, confessions and informations. Confessions: John Bentley, before Mr. Rowlett. Dav. Williams. Mich. Janes. Ph. Jenkyn, Welshman. Wm. Webbe. Jane Esgate. Th. Gotehouse. Friar Th. Charnok. Ellen Spencer. Sir Rob. Constable. Depositions: Of Mich. Ravy and others. Against John Maynton of Drayton. Concerning the breach at Ilchester. Sir John Ward, priest. Certain things done within the hundred of Tunbridge. John Fyssher. Of Th. Dorset, priest, and Th. Flete. Against Sir Th. Morke, knt. Riot between John Hynde and Mr. Chichelley. Of Mr. Cleybroke. Against Hall of Norwich. Sir Wm. Morgan, knt. Th. Dacre. Oliver Rigby. Rob. Toby. Articles objected against Filippes, leather seller. Hen. Bleke, beer brewer. Of Nich. Harresson. Th. Saynt Jeram.
Pp. 95.
924. Remembrances.
R. O. First, to despatch Sir Will. Skeffington; to despatch my lord of Osserye. Leghton to answer the conclusion at Oxford touching the bishop of Rome. To despatch my lord of Chester. Touching Gregory de Cassalis for his dispatch. Touching the visitation of the religious houses. Touching a monk of Wytham. For the despatch of my lord of Northumberland, Sir Thos. Clyfford and Sir Thos. Wharton. Touching the princess Dowager and lady Mary.
P. 1.
925. Hieronymus Widemann to Cromwell.
Titus, B. I. 342. B. M. Wrote a few days ago to him explaining his mind. Today Cromwell has appointed them a day, and they beg him to dispatch their business.
Desires to obtain a stipend only for one, not for three years as D. Bernhardus wrote. Has to provide certain things for his family.
Hol., Lat., p. 1. Add.: Tome Crumwellio, Regie Mtis Anglie senatori et secretario maximo.
926. Dr. A. Paceus to [Henry VIII.]
Harl. MS. 6,989, f. 29. B. M. Offers to the King the oration which he made at Hampton Court on 3 kal. July. Although there are some in Germany who do not agree with Paceus in everything, as the chief part of the learned men are not fully informed about the King's cause, Paceus is ready to prove all that he has said or written in this speech, and what hereafter he may say or write, before the Emperor, all kings and princes of Christendom, the Council of the universal church, and the whole world, by the principles of the law of nature and of nations, by the sanctions of imperial law, by all written laws and by the Holy Scriptures. It is certain that the Catholic Church, in which Christ reigns by the word of his Father, which he rules by prophets, apostles and evangelists, will never disapprove the King's second marriage. As soon as he returns to Germany, will study that all good and wise men in the courts of the Emperor, of the electors and princes and in public colleges, whether they are doctors of human or divine law, may receive full information and subscribe this opinion of his. Not that the King wants their advice, but it is well to know that many good and learned men think alike in such an important matter.
Thinks his speech unworthy of being printed, and fears the French king would be offended by its publication. Would prefer it to be suppressed until the King has an answer from the people of Lubeck and Hamburg to the articles sent to them.
What he has said is true, and he will stick to it. The King can do as he likes with the speech and himself. Asks for leave for himself and Dr. H$aepinus to return home. Although they are inexperienced, their cities are much quieter when matters are conducted in their presence according to law than when, in their absence, every one rules as he likes.
Hol., Lat., pp. 4.
Vit. B. XXI. 125. B. M. 927. Hans de Gerstenberg and Jerome Wideman to [Cromwell].
“Clarissime Domine, cum a . . . . . oratoribus et nuntiis, qui . . . . . et ab illustri comiti Do[mino] . . . . . strenuoque et nobili viro . . . . . equiti aurato, doctor Adamus [Pacæus] et H[ans de] Gerstenberg cum literis et instructio[nibus ad] clementissimam regiam Majestatem, et ego a Bernhardo ad Magnificentiam demissi su[mus]. Cum autem noster orator, doctor Adamus . . . . . tus, etc., qui totius legationis causam et dispositionem de regno Schweciæ, Finla . . . . . quibusque modis bello aggrediundum esset:”— First, how this can be done consistently with honor and right. Secondly, by means of what lords, viz., count Eric de Hoya, “Bernhardum equitem, senatorem regni, Schwantbe Stuer, regni Sueci$ae herilis filium,” the bishops of Lincopen and Scharaw and Hans de Gerstenberg. All these are driven into exile, propter tyrannidem, and would risk anything for the King's assistance in their enterprise. Thirdly, the forces and expense necessary. Fourthly, the advantage to be derived by the King. All these points are contained in Dr. Adam's commission, and we leave them to be more fully explained to the King's ambassadors who were at Hamburg with count Eric and Bernhard a Mela. If the King can assist us we desire to be sent back with letters to our masters in Germany, one of whom will perhaps go to the King, or else they will send some learned man to consult with him.
Lat., pp. 2, mutilated. The endorsement of this letter is pasted on f. 127 b.
Royal MS. 18 B. VI. 40 b. B. M. 928. James V. to Christian, Heir of Norway, (fn. 25) Duke Of Holstein And Stormaren.
Has received Christian's letters from his secretary Peter Suavenius, who has prudently performed his commission. It grieved to hear of his misfortunes, and will write to the king of England “admonere rogareque ut ab ambienda atque assectanda” * * *
Lat., p. 1. Imperfect.


  • 1. Corrected from 47l.
  • 2. The 27 July was not a Saturday either in 1534 or 1535. Probably July is an error for “June.”
  • 3. The word insererc, which is corrected in Burnet, in the margin, to insistere, is in this copy inherere.
  • 4. Sic. Line. dioc. then.
  • 5. St. Carentoc (or Crantock), in Cornwall.
  • 6. Pearhyn.
  • 7. John Coke, or Cooke, the Bishop's registrar, writer of No. 1,361, in Vol. VI.
  • 8. According to Ware, lord Thomas Fitzgerald surrendered the sword and robes of state on the 11 June 1534, before he broke out into this rebellion. Note in State Papers.
  • 9. Created Clarencieux, 9 June 1534; died 2 August in the same year.
  • 10. These acknowledgments are printed in Rym. XIV. 495–527, but in no sort of order. They are also catalogued in alphabetical order in the Seventh Report of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records, App. II. pp. 279–306. Here they are given in chronological order, under the different months.
  • 11. Sic.
  • 12. Blank.
  • 13. Tunstall was keeper of the Privy Seal from 1523 (when he was bishop of London), to the 25th March 1530.
  • 14. Blank.
  • 15. Sic. Deveyts was the abbot's surname. See vol. VI. 988.
  • 16. Blank.
  • 17. A note below on this page: “Look further in the bundle of instructions.”
  • 18. Blank.
  • 19. Blank.
  • 20. The word “Italian” written near these entries.
  • 21. This must be Henry VII. See Dugdale, I. 307, where it is mentioned that the widow of Warwick the King-Maker made an agreement with that king about her lands.
  • 22. Blank.
  • 23. Blank.
  • 24. In the margin: “Extract.”
  • 25. Elected king of Denmark and Norway 4 July 1534.