Lincoln Wills: 1505

Pages 24-26

Lincoln Wills: Volume 1, 1271-1526. Originally published by British Record Society, London, 1914.

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[Robert Knyght of Swineshead, a.d. 1505.]

[1545–6 &c., ii., 327. Translated from the Latin.]

In the name of God, Amen, the vj day of October, a.d. 1505, I Robert Knyght of Swyneshed make my testament in this manner. First, I bequeath my soul to Almighty God, Blessed Mary and all His Saints; and my body to be buried in the churchyard of the Blessed Mary of Swineshed. Also I bequeath in the name of my mortuary as the custom is. Also I bequeath to the high altar for oblations omitted iiijd., and to every altar in the same church iijd. To the fabric of the said church iijd. To the fabric of the mother church of Lincoln iijd.

This is my last will. I will that Joan my wife have all my utensils to her own use. I will that John Knight have one tippet (superpellectulem). The residue of my goods I give to Joan my wife, whom I make my executrix, to dispose for the health of my soul as shall seem to her most expedient. I make William Benet my supervisor. These being witnesses, Sir John thomsun, John hogskynsun, Wylliam knyght senior, and others.

Proved before the commissary of the archdeaconry of Lincoln, that archdeaconry being vacant, in the parish church of Swynnesheed, 26 Jan., 1505. Adm. committed to the executrix.

[Signed] Edd' Sapcote.

[Edward Browne, Jueller, of the City of Lincoln, a.d. 1505.]

[1506 &c., 2.]


In the name of god Amen. The xth day of Februarie the yere of our lorde m1 five hundreth and Fyve, And the yere of the Reigne of kyng henry the vijth the xxjti. I Edwarde browne, Jueller, of the Citie of lincoln, beyng in cleyne and hole mynde, ordeyne and make my testament conteyneng my last wile in this maner of forme. In the begyneng I bequeth my soule to god almyghty, our ladie sainte mary and to all his sayntes, And my body to be buried in the churche of saint laurence in the Chapell of saynt dunston and saynt Sebastian with my mortuary as the lawe requireth. Item I ordeyne and will have afore my buriall the iiij orders of freers to do Placebo and dirige in my house where my body lieth and to do ther messes at home in their owne places and every order of them for ther labor to have xs. I will that all the prestes that cometh to my buriall at dirige and messe have every one iiijd., and every clerke that cometh have ijd., and to be distributed to pover people the same day xl., and also to [be] disposed the vijth day and the xxxti day xxl. Item I bequeth to the moder churche warke of Lincoln xls. To the high awter of the same churche vjs. viijd. To the church warke of St. Laurence vjs. viijd. To the high awter of the same churche for tithes forgotten iijs. iiijd. To the churche warke of saynt Martyn, vjs. viijd. To the high awter of the same churche iijs. iiijd. To the church warke of Snelland vjs. viijd. To the churche wark of Heisham xs. To the high awter of the same churche iijs. iiijd. I will have a prest at our ladie awter of Heisham to syng ther an hole yere for my fader soule my moders my brethern my susters soules and myne, and he to have for his wages iiijl. xiijs. iiijd. wher my fader and my moder lieth and wher I was borne. Item I wille that our lady awter of the same churche have a Chalice of the valour of iiij marks. To saint Kateryns churche by Lincoln iijs. iiijd. To Saynt Cite in Bethom iijs. iiijd. To Alhalous in Kyrkby Kendall iijs. iiijd. To the gret gilde of Lincoln xls. or elles the valour of xls. in good plate if they will graunte me to say every yere at dyner tyme for my soule and all cristian soules de profundis, etc. Item I will the shomaker gilde have xiijs. iiijd. To saint Dunston gilde xs. To St. Anne gilde xxs. or the valour of good plate if they will graunte me to say a pater noster and an Ave Maria at dyner tyme for the souls for my fader and of my moder and of me. Item I will that the clerkes gilde have xiijs. iiijd. if thei will graunte me to say this Amteyne anima mea, etc., at dynertime. I bequeth to our lady gilde of Boston iijs. iiijd. To the Apostel gilde of Boston ijs. To the vij slepers gilde of Boston xijd. Also I will that my closes in St. Feth parishe with iij tenementes in St. Cutberdes [folio 3] parishe, ij gardyns in St. Georges parishe, and a lee land in Hugh croft be annexed unto the chantre of Alexander Fitzmartyn founded in St. Laurence parishe, and to be praed for next with the fownder. And this is my will that it be inactid in the Chapiter of the cathedrall churche of Lincoln, And also to be Enroled in the hale of Lincoln, And every yere that the said chauntry be visited bi the provoste of the said churche of Lincoln and he to have xxd. for his labour to be payed bi the chapleyne of the said chauntre. I will that my executors give in almes to pouer men strangers for hurtes harmes and domages that I and my servantes have done in corne, medowes and pastures bi the waye that we have gone xiijs. iiijd. I will that the ij doughters of Robert Alanson, Alice and Anne, have xls. Item I bequeth to Margret Browne iijs. iiijd. To Robert Yong wif a kowe and x shep. I will that my house in St. Laurence parish aftyr the decease of my wif return to Edward son of George Browne, my cousyn; and if he decesse without heires male then it shall returne to the heires males next of my blode and of my name. To Leonard Browne xiijs. iiijd., etc. To William Browne xiijs. iiijd. To Sir Roger Sawll xxs. I will that Thomas Grantham, son of Edwarde Grantham of Scothorn, have ij sylver spons. To the doughter of my brother Nicollas Brown in Kendall xls. To the ij doughters of George Browne to their mariages v marke. To John Doket vjs. viijd. I will that William Hudson wif have xiijs. iiijd. To the childe whiche I fynde for godes sake xls. To Johanne Whippe vj candilstikes, a ladil, on basyn of pewter, and iijs. iiijd. I wil that litil Edmond Alanson have vjs. viijd. To every of my godchildren iijs. iiijd., that is, Edward Parker, John Estons doughter, Edward Calgarth and Edward Merlles [folio 3d.] To Alson Gryne, doughter to John Grene pewterer, viij marks. I will that John Sutton have xl marks and my landes and tenementes in Snelland and Welton aftyr the deth of me and my wif to hym and his heires, remainder to the next of my blode beyng of my name; and he to be at the reule of Mr. John Grantham. To my wif in money 1l. and in household stuf and plate the valour of xx marks. I will she have my house in saynt Laurence parishe with my liveloud in Snelland and Welton, to retourne as it is before writen. I will that the children of John Alanson have xls. To John Hochonson, shomaker, vjs. viijd. I will that Agnes of Thorn suster [sic] dwelling in London have xxs. I will that Thomas Belles prentise have xiijs. iiijd. I will Edward Ballard and Margret his sister have xxs. to them bothe. To John Thomlynson and his moder xls. To Margret Thomlynson xs. To Sir John Hudeson xls. To Robert Lauson xiijs. iiijd. I will have a perpetual dirige and messe to be done yerely in the churche of saint Laurence with vj prestes, the parishe prest one, the Chauntre prest another, and other iiij next bye to have ijs.; and aftyr dirige done thei to have with the parishe prest in bred and drynke within the churche ijs.; and to the parishe clerke for ryngyng ijd.; and to be gyven to pouer people in the parishe and next bye xijd. To the fyndeng of iij candelles to burn in tyme of divine service upon the awter of St. Dunstons chapell ijs. vjd., And so ever be myn heires, thei to have iiijd., at my yere day jd., and iijd. for his labour. This perpetual dirige amountes to the some of viijs., for the whiche viijs. I bynd my principall place in Saint Laurence parishe for evermore to pay it. I will that Mr. Geffrey Simeon the deane of Lincoln be supervisour, and for to assiste myne executours accordyng to right, and he to have a dosen of silver spones with the Apostolles. The Residue of my goodes I put to the discretion of myne executors for my soule as thei wolde be done for. I make myne executors Mr. John Grantham, Chanon of the cathedrall churche of Lincoln, Robert Alanson, Sir Mathewe Blakeborne and Robert Wymarke; and every of them shal have for his labour xls. Witness, Sir John Castill, George Browne, John Papilwyke, William Hudson, Leonard Browne, with many more.

Proved before W. Smyth, ll.b., commissary of Wm. bishop of Lincoln in the archdeaconry of Lincoln, the said archdeaconry being vacant, in the cathedral church of Lincoln, 23 Feb., 1505. Adm. granted to Master John Grantham, canon residentiary of the said church, the other three executors accepting adm. in him.