Lincoln Wills: 1506

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Lincoln Wills: Volume 1, 1271-1526. Originally published by British Record Society, London, 1914.

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[Simon Leueret of Grantham, mercer, a.d. 1506.]

[1506 &c., 1.]


In the name of god, Amen. The third day . . . . . . (fn. 1) of october the yere of our lorde god a thowsent five hu. . . . . . . (fn. 1) I Simon leueret of grantham of the diocise of lincoln, mercer . . . . . . (fn. 1) mynde and stedfast remembrance, maketh my wil in . . . . . . (fn. 1) First I bequeth my soule to god almyghty, our lady saint mary [and] to all the holy company of heven my body to be buryed within the churche of St. Wlfran of grantham aforesaid at the hede of my mothers grave before the blessed ful [sic] rode. I bequeth for my mortuary my best beste. Item I bequeth to the high awter of grantham for my forgoten tithes iiijl. To the Freres minors of Grantham for sayng of Placebo, dirige and messe of Requiem at my burial, vijth day and xxx day, and for sayeng of an hole trentall for the helth of my soule within the said space, xls. To the churche warke of our lady of lincoln xs. I wil that either of the vicares of grantham have at my burial, vijth day and xxx day at every of thies iij dayes vjs. viijd. doweng ther dueties. I will that every of the Chantry prestes with in the churche of grantham have at my buriall, vijth day and xxx day doyeng their dueties iij days, iijs. iiijd. I will that al the residew of prestes with in the said churche have every of them at every of the said dayes, that is to say, buriall, vijth day & xxx day, doyng thei dueties, ijs. viijd. I will that deken' & clerkes of Grantham have for ryngeing the day of my buriall, vijth day & xxx day for every of thies iij daies iijs. I wil that every of the Clerkes of grantham have the day of my buriall, vijth day & xxx day every of them at every at [sic] those thre daies ijs. To the paynteng of the rode in the rode lofte, mary and John iiijl. To the churche warke of grantham and for my buriall with in the same churche, and for my stone, vjl. xiijs. iiijd. I will that ther be dolte among pouer people for the helthe of my soule the day of my buriall, vijth day and xxx day at every of those thre daies xl. To the belle man for iij daies doyng his duete ijs. To every of my brethern Richard children xs. To Balderton Churche vs. To Benyngton churche vs. To Foston churche vs. To Gunwardby churche vs. To Malton [folio 1d]. . . . . . . . . . . To Thorp churche iijs. iiijd. To Waltham churche. . . . . . . . . . . To Sleford churche vjs. viijd. To Willesforth churche . . . . . . . . . . . To the makyng and amendyng of the . . . brigges at Foston brigges xxl. To syr [J]hon Norys, prest, my wifes son, xxs. I will ther be burnyng about me the day of my buriall, vijth and xxx day viij torches and iiij tapurs of viij lib' weight of wexe. To our lady gilde of boston xxs. To the awter of Jhesu with in the churche of Grantham a messe boke of parchemyne with ij fials of silver ther to abide for evermore at the said awter. I wil that ther be an honest prest syngyng for my soule and my frendes soules and all cristion souls bi the space of vij yeres having every yere for his salary bi all the said terme vij marke yerly. To every of my prentises beyng in my service every of them vjs. viijd. To every of my thre maydens Isabell, Jowes and agnes every of them vjs. viijd. To Katerne yates xxs. To my godson Richard Harberdes son callid William vjs. viijd. I will that Thomas Maxey have all that were his faders shepe with an Iron bonde carte and all horses and mares that were his faders with a peas stake at manthorp, and also my white mare. To my singler good maister syr John husey, knyght, cs. to be good maister to my wif and to my children in ther rightes as my special trust lies in hem and in the waye of charitie. Also I wil that amy my wif have all my landes, tenements, medowes, pastures and ffedynges, rentes and services whiche I or any other have and be possessed of within the towne and soke of grantham, and elleswhere within the counties of lincoln, leicestr' and Notyngham, to have unto her for the terme of hir lif of the chef lordes of the fee by the service therof dewe, etc., so that aftyr the decease of the same Ame my wif my meses in westgate of grantham and my tenement in the market place, late boght of John leyk, with all other my londes without the towne and soke of grantham within the Counties of lincoln, leicestr' and Notyngham, remayne to my sone Henry and to his heires for ever more. The residewe of my landes which be within the towne and soke of Grantham aforsaid to remayn to my son Thomas and to his heires for ever more of the chif lordes of the fee bi thier service dew, etc. The residew of my goodes I geve to Ame my wif, Henry and Thomas my sones, whom I make executoures that thei dispose for the helth of my soule as they seme best, by the over sight of maister William Spencer supervisor to whome I gif for his labour xxs. Thies being witnesses, Mathew dent then alderman of grantham, Robert bladys, George Claxston, Richard Harberd, and John Metcalf, with oder.

Proved before Si., 17 April, 1506, by Amisia the relict and Henry Leveret and Thomas Leveret, sons of the deceased, to whom adm. was at the same time granted.

[William of the Chambour, citizen of Lincoln, baker, a.d. 1506.]

[1506 &c., 8.]


In the name of gode Almyghtie, Amen. The laste day of Junij in the yere of our lorde god Jhesu Crist A thousande five hundrith and six, I William of the chaumbor, Citezyn of the Citie of lincoln, being of hole mynde and remembraunce make and orden my testament and last will in this manner, all oder testament and wille bi me a fortyme maide Adnulling and revoking and for noon to be had. First I witt my saull to almyghty god, our lady seint mary, and to all the seintes of hevyn; and my body to be buried within the hye quere of the parissh Church of seint marc' in wykford with the best Indument to my body pertenyng after the custome of the Citie of Lincoln. Also I wite to the forsaid parissh church of seint Marc' a crosse of Mary and John of silver and over gilted, weighing lxxxxij unces, to be delivered aftir my desesse of this condition that the parrisshens nor one of them nor non of ther successors shall in no tyme herafter to come wedsett alyen nor putto sale the said crosse for no cause of nede, and if thei do that the said money so resavyd bi the said parishens be paid and delivered to the prior and conventt of the freres carmelities of the said citie of Lincoln; and that one partie of the money so resavyd for the crosse so sold be given to the sustentacion of the place of the said freres, and the other parte of the said money be yeven to the said prior and convent and thei to kepe yerly an obbitt within the church of the same freres in the day of myn decesse, that is to say, in the night afore Placebo and dirige for to be song for my soule and for the soul of Margarete my wiff and all trew cristen souls, and at the morn mase of Requiem, and then iijs. iiijd. in money to be distributed amonges the coventt bi the discretion of the prior of the place for tyme being and one of myn executors or of one of them beyng of lyve, and the said obbit yerly so to endure as long as the said second parte of the money of the said crosse so sold will endure. Also I witt to the werke of the cathedrall church of our lady of Lincoln iijs. iiijd. Also I witt to the gild of our lady called grett gild xijd. Also I witt to the place of the freres prechours of the citie of Lincoln iijs. iiijd. Also I witto the freres Augustyns iijs. iiijd. Also to the freres minores of the same citie iijs. iiijd., and to the white freres of the same city vjs. viijd. Also I witt to St. Nicholas gilde called the Clerk Gild iijs. iiijd. Also I wit to Margarett Trew, taler, xls. The Residew of my goodes not witt nor assigned I witt and giff to Robert Smyth of Lincoln, mercer, William Foster and Ricard Foster, whom I make executours; thei to dispose for the helth of my soule and for the soule of Margaret late my wiff, etc., and to have for their labours xiijs. iiijd. Thes Witnes, John Hall marchaund, William Welcome, William Pierson, xp'ofer Berwyke, John Dale, Robert Beekerver', and many moo.

This is the last will indented of me William ote chawmber of Lincoln, baker, of my three meses or tenements with ther appurtenances in divers parish in the suburbis of the cite of Lincoln, in the which Robert Smyth of the sayme cite, mercer, William Smyth of the saym cite, mercer, his brother, Ric' Smyth of the saym, his brother, Syr Ric' Freman, vicar of the church of seynt Martyn in Lincoln, Sir William Hill, chapelyn, Ric' Taillour, baker, Thomas Norton, tanner, William Welcom, corvysor, William peerson, taillour, John Hutchynson, corvysor, Robert baitman, scherman, and oliver hudilston of the said city, scherman, by me are infefed of trust to performe my last will as in a dede of feoffament by me to thaym made, baryng date xiij Nouember, xxj Henry vii, apperyth. First, I will that my said fefees after my decesse make or cause to be made yerely in the parishe churche of St. Marke Evangelist in Wikford in the suburbis of the said cite of Lincoln an obbytte for the soulles of me and Margaret my wiff, our kynd benefactor[s] soulls, in manner Insuyng—on the Thursday next after Passion Sonday in lentyn after noen placebo and dirige to be doen, and on the Fryday next after messe of requiem to be doen. And I will that ther be present at the said obyt iiij prestes freres, or else oder secular prestes, and every of thaym to have for their labour iiijd.; and the parishe clerk of the said churche for the tyme beyng for his labour and ryngyng iijd.; and for the offering at the said obyt mese jd.; and in white breed or kakes viijd., and in ayle xijd. to be giffene and delte to poer pepile; and also that my said feffes shall giffe yerely at the said obyt day to the church masters of the said churche xxd. to the said church warke; which comys in all to vs.; the which money I will that my fefes shall ressayve and take yerely of the rent comyng and growyng of the said ij meses in Wikford and Newport, and also uphold the said meses when ned shall inquyer with the said rent, and also pay the oute rentes of the said meses dew to the chief lords of the fee yerely. Also I will that my said fefes immediately after my decesse make or cause to be made astaite of the mese with the appurtenance in the parishe of St. Peter in Estgate to William Peerson of Lincoln, husbandman, my godeson, and to the heers of his body, yeldyng to my said fefes yerely ij pound wax on Passion Sonday or within ij dayis next after insuyng, and thay to cause it to be made in ij candilles to burne at my said obyte. And if the said William Peerson or his heires of his body fail and deliver not the said ij pounds wax to my said fefes then it shall be lawful for my fefes to enter into the said mese, and put out the said William Peerson his heirs and assigns for evermore, and to reteyn it to the performance of this my will. I will that if the said William Peerson die without heir of his body, or alyen away the said mese in any maner, then it shalbe leful to my said fefes to enter into the said mese. Also I will that ij of my said fefes that last shall happyn and forteyn to overliffe thoder infeffe of new on trust xij or moo gud honest men of good disposicion to perform this my last will, and so evermore to make new feffement when ned shall requyer. And if my feffes that nowe be, or that hereafter shall happyn to be, perform not nor kepe this my will in all thynges, then it shall be leful for the gracemane and wardones of the gilde of our blissed lady Saint Mare virgyn in Wikford in Lincoln for the tym beyng to enter into the foresaid meses with all ther appurtenances, and for evermore to remayn to the sustentacion of the said gilde, upon this condition that the said graceman and wardones for the time being and their successours keep this my last will in all things. And if thai doo the contrary I will that the Deen and Chapitur of the Cath' churche of our blissed lady of Lincoln to enter into the said meses and to have and to hold them forever to thaym and their successours to perform this my will. In Witnes of which I have putte my seell, Theis witnes, Thomas Hanworth of Lincoln, gentilman, Lawrence Bright of the same, dyer, John Fox of the same, smyth, and many oder. Yeven xvj November, xxj Henry vii.

[No probate act.]

[William Humfraye of Lincoln, a.d. 1506.]

[1543–56, 67.]


In the Name of God, Amen. xxix August 1506. I William Humfraye hoole of mynde makes this my testament in this forme and manner followinge. In the first, I give and bequeathe my soule to God almightie and to the blessed virgine oure ladie sancte Marie and to all the blessed companie of heaven; my bodie to be buried in the kirke of sancte Peters at the plea in the crosse ile, and to my mortuarie my best gowne after the vse and custome of the Citie. Also for my buriall iijs. iiijd. To the hie altar xxd. I will that a priest shall singe a yere for me in the forsaide kirke, and he to have unto his wagies iiil. xiijs. iiijd. Also to the foure orders of freeres within the Citie iiijs. To oure ladie warke xxd. To Thomas Clarke iijs. iiijd. To William Specheley xijd. To James Dewill iiijd. The residue of all my goodes not be witted I give unto Alice my wief and to Edward Smyht and to Chr'ofer Watkinson whom I make my exequitores, and ether of theim to have iijs. iiijd. for their labors. And Sir William Adamson to be supervisor, and he to have for his labor iiijd. Thes witness, William Pecard, Cr'ofer Sorbye, William Batte, and other mo.

[No probate act.]


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