Lincoln Wills: 1507

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Lincoln Wills: Volume 1, 1271-1526. Originally published by British Record Society, London, 1914.

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[John Cappe of Aubourn, a.d. 1507.]

[1506 &c., 4. Translated from the Latin.]


In the name of God, Amen, in the year one thousand five hundred and seven, the seventh day of the month of June. I John Cappe of Awburn, whole of mind and of sound memory, make my testament in this manner. First, I bequeath my soul to Almighty God, blessed Mary and all the saints. My body to be buried in the church yard of St. Peter of Auborn, with my best chattel for my mortuary. To the fabric of the mother church of Lincoln iiijd. To the high altar of Awburn for tithes forgotten xijd. To the four orders of friars xvjd. by equal portions. To Margaret Cappe one cow. To Agnes Frankys one mare. To Thomas Frankys one sheep. To Alice Frankys. To Henry Purgeon and his wife after the death of my wife one tenement (unam tenuaram) which is lately in the hand of William Roper, with all its appurtenances, in the town and fields of carlton, and to his heirs lawfully begotten for ever; and if Henry shall die without an heir, the said tenement, etc., shall revert to his next of kin. The residue of my goods I leave in the hands of Joan my wife and Henry Purgeon, whom I make my executors. Witnesses, Sir William Jonson, vicar of Awbourn, John Benson, chaplain, Henry Purgeon, and many others.

Proved before S2., at Lincoln, 31 July, 1507. Adm. granted to the executors.

[John Moote of Spilsby, a.d. 1507.]

[1506 &c., 9d.]


In the name of gode, Amen, the xixth day of June in the yere of our lorde gode m'cccccth vijth. I John Moote of Spillesby, having hole mynde and good memory, make my last will and testament in maner and fourme foloing. In the firste, I bequeth my soule to almyghty god and to our Lady seint mary and to all seyntes of heven, and my body to be buried in the church yerde of seint James the Apostell of Spillesby with that that is the moste worthe in the name of my mortuary. Also I bequeth to the niedefull worke of our lady of Lincoln viijd. To our lady awter in the same monastery a shete of lynnon clothe. To the high awter in the church of Spillesby a shete of Lynnen clothe. To seint James awter in the same church ijd. To our ladys awter in the same church ijd. To the reparation of the belles in the same church iiijd. To the chappell of seint James withowt the town of Spillesby a littell towell of Lynne cloth. Also I will that Irasmus my sone have immediatlye after my decesse all my landes and tenements, medows and pastures, with all ther appurtenances, lieng within the town and feldes of Halton, and to the heires of his body; and yf so be that the seid Irasmus decesse withowtt heirs of his body, then the said landes and tenementes with ther appurtenances remayn to Agnes my doughter and to the heirs of hir body; if the said Agnes decesse without heires, then I will the said landes remayn to Malde the natural doughter of Robert Moot and Malde his wiff late of Spillesby and to the heires of hir body; if the said Mald decesse without heires then the said landes to remayn to the righ heire of Thomas Halewell everlasting. Also I will that my clousse lieng in Northorp in the parish of Spillesby, the which I have bi copie of Courte roll, remayne to Agnes my doughter dewring the termes of hir liff, and aftir hir decesse to remayne to hir heires during the teneure of the said copy. The residewe of my goodes I giff to Sir Thomas pepir, whom I make executor that he pay my dettes of the substauns, and the residewe to disposse for the wele of my saule that it may be better spede. Thies witnesses, Thurston Smyth, maister of the Chauntree of Spillesby, Robert Skott of the same towne, and Thomas Boucher of the same, and other. Gyfen at Spillesby the day and the yere above written.

Proved before the official of the archdeaconry of Lincoln, in the parish church of Spillesby, 9 July, 1507. Adm. granted to the executor.

[James Hamour, citizen of Lincoln, a.d. 1507.]

[1506 &c., 6.]


Hamour, Cytesen of the Cite of lincoln, duellyng in Sanct Stephyn parich in newland, of a holle mynde and hoill memory, makes my testament in this maner and forme foloyng; Fyrst, I beqwyet and gyffes my soulle allmyghty [sic] god, and to our blessid lady Sanct mare, and to all the holy company of hewyn; my body to be beryed within Sancte Stephyn chyrche by my wiff. Item I be wytt in the name of my mortuare as the custome of the cite is. It' I wytt for my buriall to Sanct Stephyn churche iijs. iiijd. It' I witt to the Wicar for forgottyn tythes ijs. It' I wytt to my parych churche of Sanct Stephyn xxd. It' I be witt to the Cathedrall chyrche of lincoln xijd. To Rachedall chyrche iijs. iiijd. To William Normanbe my prentyss iiij par' of nawes and d', and the feloos, and j brod' Ax, j blacker, j hachett, iiij Wymbels, and ij brysses, j hand saw, j dog iiij gang of Spokes. The other half of the feloos betwyx Thomas Hansworth and Rauf Otlay. To William Hamour j gown lyned with blak freesse of blew colour. To Rauf Otlay j gown of wiolett. To Ric' Shafftow my son and to Agnes my dowght' his wiff all my landes and tenementes, and thos that I haif by copy hold for [y]eres with in the cite of lincoln and the town of Wadyngton, and to the hayres of their bodis lawfully begottyn. If thai disess without cossy [sic] or hayres, I will William hamour possesse it to hym and his hayres of his bode lawfully begottyn. I will that a trentall be done the same day that my body be bered. I will that a prest seculer syng for the sawll of me and my wiff in the chyrche of Sanct Stephyn, and he to haf to wage for j [y]er' vij make iijs. iiijd. The resydew of all my guddys not wytt I gyff tham to Ric' Shaftow and agnes my dowght'; also I make Ric' Shaftow and William panto myn executors; and the said William panto to haff xiijs. iiijd. for his labour; that thei may dispose my gudes for the helth of my sowll. Also I gif William Hoker and William foster iijs. iiijd. Thes recordes, William Normanbe, Henry Samson, Thomas Haynworth, with other mo, the day and yer aboff said. (fn. 1)

Be me James Hamour.

Proved before S2., at Lincoln, 1 Aug., 1507. Adm. granted to the executors.

[Robert Fysher of Ludborough, a.d. 1507.]

[1520–31, 121.]


In the name of god, Amen. The xxiiijth day off September, The year of our lorde god m fyve hundreth vij. I Robert Fysher off Ludburgh, beyng in hole mynde, make my testament and last will in thys wyse: Fyrst, I bequeth my soule to god almyghtty to our lady saynt mary and all sayntes; and my body to be buryed in the chyrch off Ludburgh before sayd. I gyff to the same chyrch v marke. To my mother church of lincoln vjs. viijd. To vaudde abbay vjs. viijd. I will that syr John my sone have Thorpe in the myrres, longludburgh (fn. 2) with all commodites proffyttes and yerys that I have in theym to the fyndyng of Roger hys broder. And yf my executors se that he will thryfe, then I put it to thare discrestions to gyff to the sayd Roger all the aforesayd thorpe in the myrres and long ludforth [sic] the yerys or halff as my executors thynkys best. To Robert fysher my sone all my housys, landes, medoys, pasturys and closys in the feldes and the townys of Ludburgh and Kelstern, with all commoditys that longes to them. And to the aforesayd Robert Fysher I gyff my ferme and all the yeres in Kelstren that I have off the abbey off louthparke, etc. The resydue off all my goodes I gyff to Sir John Fysher and to Mr. William Fysher, whome I make my executors. Wytnes heroff, Thomas dyxson, Ric' Cade and Ric' Hawrby of Ludburgh.

Proved before S2., in the cathedral church of Lincoln, 22 Dec., 1507. Adm. granted to Sir John Fysher, priest, and Master William Fysher, the executors.

[Alice or Amicia Leveret of Grantham, widow, a.d. 1507.]

[1506 &c., 6d. The first and third paragraphs are translated from the Latin.]


In the Name of God, Amen, the sixth day of the month of November in the year of the Lord a thousand five hundred and seven. I domina Amicia Leveryt, widow, being of sound mind and good memory make my testament in this manner: First, I give and bequeath my soul to Almighty God and St. Mary, and all His saints. And my body to be buried in the church of St. Wlffram of Grauntham. I leave what is just in the name of my mortuary. To the cathedral church of Lincoln iijs. iiijd. To the high altar of Grauntham for tithes forgotten xxs. To the church work of Grauntham xls. To the reparation of the chapel of the blessed Mary being at the west door iijs. iiijd. To the friars of the order of the minors of Grauntham xxs. on this condition that they shall celebrate my obsequies on the days of my burial, my seventh day, and thirtieth day. To the church of buckmenster vjs. viijd. To the church of Southwitham iijs. iiijd. To the church of Thistilton iijs. iiijd. To the friars of the four orders of Staunfford vjs. viijd. To each of my apprentices iijs. iiijd. To Ellen Willson iijs. iiijd. To Robert Yattes xxs. To Johne Yattes vjs. viijd. To Amicia Herberde xijd. To Elen Herberde xijd. To William Gilberd viijd. To Sir John Nores, chaplain, v marks. To Simon leverytt xs. To Master William Spenser, perpetual vicar of Grantham, xxs.

Item I will that Henry Leueryt my sone have my place that I dwelle in the terme of his liffe, and affter his decess' I will that Thomas leueryt have it. And if thei both can agree and occupy a stoke to gedire Thane I will that thei have het betwen them.

The residue of my goods I give and bequeath to Henry leverytt and Thomas leverytt my sons, whom I make my executors, to dispose them for the health of my soul and the souls of all the faithful dead as they shall see best. I make Master William Spenser, my vicar, supervisor. These being witnesses, Master William Spenser, vicar, Sir Henry Smyth, and Sir Thomas backster, chaplains of Grauntham.

[No probate act.]

[John Dryver, sheriff of the city of lincoln, a.d. 1507.]

[1506 &c., 7.]


In the name of God, Amen, the xxth day of Nouember the yere of our lord god [m (fn. 3) ]ccccc vij, I John Dryuer, late scherif of the Cite of lincoln, beyng of good mynde and hole and of good remembraunce, make and ordeyn my testament and laste will in maner and forme foloyng: First, I gif and bequeyth my Soule to almyghty god my creatour and savyor, to our blessyde lady Saynt mare the wirgyne his mother, and to all the holy Company of hewyn, And my body to be buryed in the parishe Church of Saynt John the Evangeliste in Wikford in the Suburbs of the Cite of lincoln in our lady Chapell. I gif and bequeth my best garment to my mortuary. I gif and bequeth to the edifeing and belding of the mother church of our lady of the citie of Lincoln iijs. iiijd. I gif and bequeth to the sustentacion of the Church of Saynt John the Evangeliste aforesaid for my beryall xs. To the hie altere of the said Church iiijd. To the ffreres Carmelites of the Citie of Lincoln for to pray for my saule xijd. To the freres Minorys of the said Cite for to pray for my saul xijd. To the freres prechours of the cite of Lincoln to pray for my saule xijd. To the ffreres augustynes to pray for my saule xijd. To the edifieing and beildyng of the parishe Churche of Mesingham vjs. viijd. To William Dryuer my sone my newe wynde milne sette of the west syde of the Citie of Lincoln. To the said William my ij leys lying in the grete clois of the west side of the milne, which said two leys I have morgagid and plegid to Thomas norton of the Citie of Lincoln, tanner, for ijs. by yere unto the some of xls. be so perceyvyd and taken by the said Thomas, that is to understand, by the space of xx yeres next ensueing the datt of this my last will, and then it shalbe laufull to the said William his heres or assignes into the said two leys to enter, and the said Thomas his heres, executours or assigns out of the said two leys utterly to expell and put forth, and then to have and to hold to him, his heres and assignes for evermore of the Chief lord of the fee. To the said William a standyng maser with a cover, my best salte of silver with the kever, ane dosyn silver spones, fourtye shelynges, two fedder beddes, and all that to theym belongith, and a gold Ryng grawyn. To William Fox wif of the Cite of Lincoln, draper, a gerdell with white harnes pennaund and bukyll of silver. To Esabell my wif my secound milne with the appurtenance, to have and to holde to here and here assignes duryng terme of here lif; and after the decease of the said Esabell to remayn to William Dryuer my sone; and if so happen that the said William Dryuer decease afore the said Esabell, then the said milne to remain to John Dryuer the sone of William, to him and his assignes duryng the yeres that I have in the said milne. Item I will that my tenement lyeing at buttur Crosse in the Citie of Lincoln be cellyd by Esabell my wif, and the money thereof to be distribuyted in performyng this my will. The Residue of my goods to Esabell my wif, whom I make sole executrice. I make Maister Thomas norton my supvisour, to whom I gif vjs. viijd. Witnesses, Maist' roger Hodgekynson, mair of the Cite of Lincoln, Sir William Waynwright prest, John Perciwall of the Citie of Lincoln, William Atreys the elder of the same, Harry Norton, and many other.

[No probate act.]


  • 1. The date is not given above.
  • 2. No doubt an error for 'longludford' (see below).
  • 3. The corner of the leaf has been torn off.