Lincoln Wills: 1509

Pages 39-41

Lincoln Wills: Volume 1, 1271-1526. Originally published by British Record Society, London, 1914.

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[Thomas Meryng of Lincoln, gentleman, a.d. 1509.]

[1506 &c., 13. Translated from the Latin.]


5 May, 1509. I Thomas Meryng, gentleman, of the city of Lincoln, make my testament, etc. My body to be buried in the church of the Friars Minors of the said city. To the parish church of St. Swithin of the said city my best robe (togam) in the name of my mortuary. To the fabric of the church of St. Mary of Lincoln vs. To the gild of St. Thomas of the said churche of St. Swithin ijs. To the church of the Friars Minors for my burial vjs. viijd. To Joan my wife and my children xll. for their maintenance. To John mering, my brother, the ten marks for which I am bound to Thomas mering of Collingham. To Anne mering, my sister, the xx marks for which I am bound to the prior of St. Katherine of the said city of Lincoln for the said Thomas mering of collingham. To Christopher mering my brother xl. for his maintenance, and my principal tenement lying in the parish of St. Swithin, which I bought, at his full age. To Joan my wife one tenement in blankney with two cottages of which the yearly rent is xxxiijs. iiijd., and the heirs begotten of her body, failing which heirs—. (fn. 1) I will that my lodging (hospitium) lying in 'ly Spiltil stret' shall be sold for the maintenance of one priest for three years to celebrate in the church of St. Swithin aforesaid for the souls of my father and mother and for my soul. I bequeath the residue of my goods to Joan my wife and John Hawester her father to dispose for the health of my soul, etc., and I make them my executors, with the supervision of William pocoke as their associate, who shall have for his labour xs. These being Witnesses, Brother John sparhouk, Sir Henry panton, priests, William briges and Walter Brawg', with many others.

[No probate act.]

[Sir John Graunte of Fulstow, priest, a.d. 1509.]

[1543–56, 63d.]


xxij September, 1509. This is the hole testamente and last will of me Sir Johnne Graunte of Fulstow, priest. To be buried within the Churche of sainte Laurence in Fulstowe. In the name of my mortuarie that that the lawe requireth to be had therefore. To our moder churche of our blessed Ladie in Lincoln iijs. iiijd. To the findinge of a Light before the image of oure Ladie in the churche of Fulstowe there xs. To the hie altar of Sainte Laurence in Fulstowe for all manner of oblacions and tentes forgotten ijs. To the reparacion of the steple of the said churche there cc Thackborde. To the finding of a light before the Image of oure Ladie within the churche of Marshchapell there xs. I bequeathe for iij trentalles to be done within the parishe church of Fulstowe for the health of my soule xxxs. To Helene Westerne one quee. To Thomas Graunte my brother one steere of two yeres age and upward, and a russet gowne. To Walter Graunte my brother one steere of the age of two yere and upward and a tawnie gowne. To Elizabeth the daughter of the forsaid Walter Graunte one quee. To Johnne Page one stere, xxtie sheepe, one plowe and an iron harrowe, with all that pertains therto. To Raffe Wittonne x lambes. To Sir William Madisonne, vicar of Fulstowe, xxs. The residue of my goods I give to Sir William Madisonne, vicar of Fulstowe, and to Raffe Witton of Marshchapell, whome I ordeine and make myn executors to dispose for the healthe of my soule as thei thincke most expedient; wherefore I ordeine to be the supervisor of this my last will Roberte Fawconner of Fulstowe aforsaid. Witnes hereof, Roberte Graunte of South somercotes, Thomas Graunte of the same, William Weste of Fulstowe, and Helene Westryn of Fotherbie, with other mo.

Proved before B.H., at Lincoln, 16 Nov., 1509. Adm. granted to the executors.

[John Marshall of Gedney Fen, a.d. 1509.]

[1543–56, 63. Translated from the Latin.]


xj January, 1509. I Johnne Marshall of Gedney fenne, make my will, etc. My best best to my mortuarie after the use of the Contre. To the hie altar of Gedney churche iiijd. To oure Ladie of Lincoln ijd. To Sainte Katherine of Lincoln ijd. To Wissen gild ijd. To trinitie gilde ijd. To oure Ladies gilde jd. I wolle that Betres my wief and Roberte my sonne together have my heade house with ij acre one rode and ij acre di' of Mr. Wentworthes fee of Ryminge lande the terme of hur lief, and after hur decesse I woll that the said house and Land remaigne to Roberte my sonne, and if he bethen livinge tull him and tull his heires and his assignes. And if it be happen [sic] that Roberte my sonne die before his moder, that [sic] I will that the said house and Lond remaine to Margerie my daughter in likewise, tull hur and hur heires and assignes; and if it so fall that bothe Roberte and Margerie die before hur moder without heires of hur [sic] bodie laufullie gotten, then I will that it be sold by handes of myn or my wiefes exequutors, and to be songe in Chapel of Gedney fenne pro the wele of my soule and my wiefes and all my good frendes soules; and if anny more monney remaine of the forsaid sale I woll that it be disposed in the chapell of the trinitie where most nede is to the wele of the church.

[There are no witnesses nor probate act.]

[Lambert Scepperd of Surfleet, a.d., 1509.]

[1558, iii, 54.]

In the name of God, Amen, 1509, the xxti day of the monyth of februar'. I Lambert Scepperd of Surflett makyth my testament with my laste wille in this maner: Firste, I bequyth my Soule to Almyghty gode, to our lady Sanct Marie, and to all the holy companye of Hevyn; my body to be beried in the Cherch[y]arde of Sanct lawrencie of Surfleit Aforsaid. And my mortuarie to be os the custome is in the cuntre. Also I bequyth to the mother Cherch of lyncoln ijd. I bequyth to the hye Auter in Surfleit cherch ijd. I wille that Thomas leke have my plugh and that longes there to And he to pay for the dressyng of the Same. Also I wyll that Jenet Danby have an pare of hose and a scheit. I will that Thomas Danby have my best Cote, my hatte and my cappe. Also I gyve to Thomas leke my oder Cote, and to his wyff a sheit. To Sir Gilbert Caid' my dublitt of worsteid, and he to say iij messis of the fyve wondes of our lourde gode. I gyve to Rych'd Multon my Schene and Sterthuppes. To Agnes benyngton a pare of olde hose. To kateryne Nycolle my wyffe afor gode and recorde handfest, my hugh', a panne, a coverlyde, a matres with all other of my mevebull gudes that may be Sparide. To the said kateryne my wyffe All my landes and tenementes that I have with in the towne and feldes of wigtofte for the space of x [y]eres, to hir and hir assignes, with owtyn pechment of waste. And after the said x [y]eres be exspiride, and with outyn trebull peasable In ioyde, then I will that my executor sell all the said landes and tenementes in wygtofte, And the money therefore resevyde to be disposide in the said townys of Surfleit and wygtofte yf my dedis and olde wyllis schew that the said lands and tenements be and stonde in fee symple. And ther be any man that canne prove by will or dede that the said landes and tenementes in wygtofte be in tale to the here male or to the here generall, that then I will that after the said kateryne my wyfe have peseable injoyd the said landes and tenements in wygtofte the said x [y]eres, that then the said landes and tenementes in wygtofte I wyll remayn to the Ryght here. And if so be the Ryght here wild trebull the said katerynne duryng hir [y]eres, then I will that yf the law gyffe it hir, that sche have the londes and tenementes to the tyme that sche have resevid of the rentes of the said landes and tenementes as mych monei os the ryght here put hir to coste in defendyng hyme of lettyng hire of the possescion of the said landes and tenementes. The residew of my gudes not gevyn nor bequythed I gyffe and bequyth them to my master Wylliam Clyfton, parson of Surfleit aforsaid, whome I make my executor, that he ordir and dispose for the wele of my soule and all my benefactours, os it schall best piece gode. Theis beyng wytnes, the said sir Gilbert my Gostly fadir, Thomas leke and Thomas Danby of the towne of Surfleit, and mony other moo, the day and [y]er aforsaid.

[No probate act.]


  • 1. The clause is unfinished.