Lincoln Wills: 1510

Pages 41-44

Lincoln Wills: Volume 1, 1271-1526. Originally published by British Record Society, London, 1914.

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[Sir William Bystill of Algarkirk, chantry priest, a.d. 1510.]

[1506 &c., 18. Another copy at folio 15.]


Dated xvij June, 1510. I Sir William Bystill, prest off the chantre of oure lady in Algarkyke, make my testament conteynyng there in my last will as hit ys foloyng, etc. To be beryed in the quere off our most blesyd lady in Algarkyrke with that that ys ryght in the name off my mortuary. To the stoles (fn. 1) makyng there xxs. or else to be ward in other orname'ts in the sayd church. To the hye awter ther for forgotten tithes vjd. To the ornament of the same awtar vjd., and to the awtar off the chantre off oure lady xijd.; to other to awters there to ethyr of them iiijd. I bequeath to every leygh ther iiijd. To every other ley[g]h ther jd. I will that one seculer prest singh a hole [y]ere in the church off Algarkyrke ffor my sowle and the sowlys off my father and moder and all crysten sowlys. Also I wyll that my executors distribute at my beryal day vij day and xxx day at direge and messe and pore pepull with other necessary charges in Algarkyrke iijl. To the church warke of Pynchbeke xxs. To the hye awter ther for forgotyn tythes iijs. iiijd. To every other awtar ther xijd. Also to the hye rode lyght ther xijd. I will that my executors distribuyt among pore pepull ther xxs. To the warke off our moder church off Lincoln iijs. iiijd. To the orphanys off saynt Katherines without the wallys off Lincoln xijd. To iiij orders off freers in Boston, to every order iijs. iiijd. To every goodchyld viijd. I will that my executors kepe my fyrst [y]er day, and to distribute at diryge and messe with other necessary charches xs. To Sir John Wryght iijs. iiijd, a Caneby and a bage with silver knoppys. To Sir William Wattes on Caneby and on cheverell bage with knoppys of gold. To Margaret Hyll off Pynchbeke a tany bage with knoppys off gold and strynkes off grene sylke. To John Brykes my old bage off red cheverall. To William Bistyll son of John Bistyll xls. To William Brykes my godson viijl., on wellvytt bage, &c. To Margarett Brykes xls., etc. To Alys Brygges xls., etc. To Katherine Bryges iiijl., on grene coverlyd, on paynted cloth with ymagere off men, on payntyd cloth with a crucifixe in the myddes, etc. To Dorythe Brykes xls., etc. To Anne Bryge xls. If Wyliam Bryges die or he be off the age off xviij [y]ers that hys part be devydyd among hys sisters. If Margett, Alice, Katherine, Dorathe or Anne dye or the be of the age off xviij [y]ers, then ther partys remeayn to ther sisters lyvyng. If William bistill dye or he be at xviij [y]ers that hys xls. to remayn to John Bestill hys father. To John Bistyll my brother xls., etc. To William Bistill, son off John Bistyll my broder, of Pynchbeke, iij acres off lond with all the beldyng belded ther a pon, lying in Pinchbeke att the ffennys heynd to him and his heirs or assygnes. If he lyve to he be xxi [y]ers then the said iij acres with the byldyng remain in the hands of my executors to the end off the same time of xxi [y]ers, and that the first [y]ers rent be waryd in the reparations off the same hows, and the oder [y]ers rentys be waryd, the half to the church wark and the oder halffe amonge pore pepull in the same towne off Pynchbeke. If the said William dye or he be at the age of xxj [y]ers then the said iij acres with the byldyng to be sold by my executors to fynd a secular prest in the church of Pinchebeke for my sowl, the sowlys of my father and moder and all cristen sowlys. To William Brykes after my decesse on hows lyend at boder brygges with all my other londes within the town of Pynchbeke, to him and hys herys, on condition that the said William pay or make to be paiyd to the reparation of the said bouer brygges xiijs. iiijd. Also one piece of lond lately Richard Pantres remane to the chantery priest of Algarkirk, on condition that the prest keep or make to be kepyd my anyversary for my sowle and the sowlys of Thomas Bistill my father and Alice hys wyffe my moder, and all cresten sowlys, spendyng yerly at Dirige and messe with noytt, etc., ijs. viijd. The residue of all my other goods to Sir William Wattes, prest of Algarkirk, and John Byrkes of Pinchbeck, whom I make executors, etc., to dyspose for the helyth off my sowle by the supervision off Master Ric' Robertson, vicar of Pinchbeke whom I make supervisor, and he to have for hys labur xiijs. iiijd., and Sir William Watts for his labur and besynys xs., and John Bryges for his labur xs. Thys being wyttnes, Sir William Freeman, priest of Algarkirk, Thomas Reper, John Peyke of the same, Sir John Wryght, and Ric' Whitengham, with oder mo.

[No probate act.]

[Thomas Kirkman of Hogsthorpe, a.d. 1510.]

[1506 &c., 14. Translated from the Latin. Collated with another copy at folio 19, which is referred to as 'A' in the footnotes.]


15 March, 1510. I Thomas Kirkman (fn. 2) of Hoggethorpe, (fn. 3) sick in body, etc., make my testament, etc. To be buried in the parish church of Hoggethorpe, (fn. 3) that is in the choir of the Holy Trinity. I leave my best beast for my mortuary. To the fabric of St. Mary of Lincoln girdles (fn. 4) of silver, and one pair of rosaries (precularum). To the high altar of Hoggesthorpe for tithes forgotten xxd. For the reparation of the same xij[d.]. To the altar of the Holy Trinity there xijd. (fn. 5) To the altar of St. Mary there xijd. (fn. 5) I bequeath for the maintenance of one priest, chosen according to the discretion of the vicar of Hoggesthope to celebrate for the health of my soul at the altar of the Holy Trinity for one whole year, eight marks of English money. I bequeath for the making (fabricationem) of one choir (chori) before the Holy Trinity of Hoggesthorpe ten marks. For the making of the stalls (stabellorum) in the north part of the church of Hoggesthorpe iiijl. (fn. 6) To Elezabeth (fn. 7) my wife all the utensils of my house, and xxl. in money or value. To John my son xxl. To the house of the lepers at Boston (fn. 8) vs. To Robert Craycroft for the making of this my present testament xls., or the value. To his wife one cow. To William his son xls. To John my (fn. 9) son one sheep. For the reparation of the chapel of St. Leonard xijd., and one chest. To the gild there one sheep and a lamb. To John (fn. 10) Skootereth, chaplain there, six sheep. To the chapel of Slothby xijd. To the church of East Ingoldmelle[s] xijd. To the church of West Ingoldmelle[s] xijd. To the church of Ormesby xijd., and to the chapel there xijd. To the church of Mumby xijd. To the church of Willughby xijd. To the church of Falsthurp xijd. To William Woodford (fn. 11) six sheep. To the Bailiff of Willughby one sheep and a lamb. To the vicar of Hoggesthorpp vjs. viijd., and one surplice. To John Yngram six sheep and one calf. To Robert piper (fn. 12) one cow, one heifer and six sheep. To Beatrice Acle one cow, one heifer and ten sheep. To Mr. William Skypwyth (fn. 13) ten sheep. To Robert Sarrot one sheep and a lamb. To the lord of Willughby one horse. To Sir John Skypwyth, (fn. 14) knight, and Leo Dymmok each a horse. I will that my executors buy or cause to be bought a certain yearly rent extending to the yearly value of ten shillings, and enfeof feoffees in it with a declaration of my will, viz., that the feofees shall maintain a suitable priest to celebrate one trental of masses yearly for ever for the health of my soul and the souls of all the faithful at the altar of the Holy Trinity of Hoggesthorpe. Provided always that if the parishioners there shall in any future year maintain any priest who shall celebrate at the altar aforesaid for a whole year, then the said feoffees shall pay or cause to be paid the said yearly rent for the maintenance in part of the said chaplain. I make Elizabeth my wife and Robert Craycroft my executors, etc. The residue of my goods I will that it be distributed for pious uses and works of charity. I make John Skipwyth, knight, supervisor. Witnesses, John Brekirke, (fn. 15) perpetual vicar of Hoggesthorp, John Skertereth, (fn. 16) chaplain, John Holden, (fn. 17) William Westeron', John fooken', (fn. 18) with others.

[No probate act.]


  • 1. I.e., 'stalls'.
  • 2. 'Kirkam' in A.
  • 3. 'Hoggesthorpe' in A.
  • 4. 'two girdles' in A.
  • 5. –4 Omitted in A.
  • 6. A adds 'of money or value'.
  • 7. 'Isabel' in A.
  • 8. 'A adds here' one bed and. To every dominus of the friars at Boston.'
  • 9. 'his' in A.
  • 10. 'Sir John' in A.
  • 11. 'Wodford' in A.
  • 12. 'Peyper' in A.
  • 13. 'Skepworth' in A.
  • 14. 'Skepwyth' in A.
  • 15. 'Bredkirke' in A.
  • 16. 'Scortercth' in A.
  • 17. 'Halden' in A.
  • 18. 'Cooken' in A.