Lincoln Wills: 1517

Pages 74-75

Lincoln Wills: Volume 1, 1271-1526. Originally published by British Record Society, London, 1914.

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[Richard Segrave of Threckingham, yeoman, a.d. 1517.]

[1506 &c., 43d.]


The xij day off July, 1517, 9 Henry. I Richard Segrave off Threkyngham in the parties off kesteuen, and in the countie off Lincoln, yoman, make my testament and last will, etc. To be bered in the parishe churche off Sant peter off Threkyngham with my mortuary or principall accordyng to the costome off the same towne. To the hygh awter off the same churche for tythes forgotten xxd. To the werke off the same churche vjs. viijd. To the moder churche off Linlcon [sic] viijd. To our lady in Lincoln mynster xijd. To the faderleste and moderleste children of Sant Catherins with owt the wales off lincoln viijd. I will that myne executoures kepe my vijth day, and schall gyffe to poore people theder comyng the same day peny dole. I wyll that every prest have att my said vijth day yff he both [sic] to dirige and to masse vjd., or elles but iiijd., and every parishe clerke ijd. I wyll that myne executor shall ordeyne at the sayd vijth day mette and drynke for such honest persons and curates as shal come there the same vijth day, and that to be done after the best maner. To Thomas bell. To Jenet Bell wyffe off Jhon bell. To every chyld off John bell and Jenet hys wyffe beyng unmaryd. To Elizabeth Jakson wyffe off Rychard Jakson. To every childe off the said Rychard Jakson. To John Dalby of Osbournby and Gregory off the same my god sonnes. I gyffe iiij kye to kepe myne obite and my wiffes, the said kye to be letten for xxd. apece in the yere. I bequeth ij kye to the hand off myne executoures for to be lattyn aswel as they cane, and the rente off them to be put in a stoke to bie other kye with, if it fortune the said kye to fall in decay. I will that the soule off mye Richard Segreave and Margarete my wyffe aftyr hyr deceasse, and the soules off Robert Segrave and Elizabeth his wiffe and the soules of John Toly and his wyffe, with the soule off Robert Segrawe, be rehersed bi the vic' off Threkyngam, and he to have for hes labour after the deceasse of me and my wyffe xijd. and vij masse penys with iiijd. for the dirige perpetually to be kepte by myn executors or the churche wardens the Tewysday next after passion sonday. To the church of Threkyngham oon chest therin to be put mony increasyng of the kye, etc. To the church warke off Walcot. The residue off my goodes I giffe to Margeret my wyf, whom I make executrice with John bell off Trekyngham, Thomas bell off the same, and Rychard Jakson off the same, whom I make executours, they to dispose for the helthe of my soule bi the over sight off humffray Walcot of Walcot, esquyer, whome I make supervisour, to whome I giffe for his labour xls.

This is the last will off me the forsaid Richard Segrave, writen the day a bovesaid. I will that Margret my wyffe have my mesuage or house nygh to the church stile in Trekyngham, with an horsmyle and the howse whyche the said myln standyth in to the said mesuage nexid, and all the land to the messuage belongeng, which I purchessed of Margeret Toly, for terme off her liffe, and aftur hyr deceasse I will the forsaid Thomas bell have the premises to hym and hys heyres and assignes. Witness, Sir John Lancaster vicar of Threkyngam, Sir John thomas vicar of Swaton, Sir William Duraunte vicar of Osbornby, Sir Thomas pechyn chaplain, Thomas Wilkynson, and many others.

Proved before H., in the parish church of Corby, 2 Dec., 1517. Adm. granted to Margaret the relict and Thomas Bell, the executors, in the presence of John Bell renouncing, power being reserved to grant administration to Richard Jakson, an executor.