Lincoln Wills: 1518

Pages 75-81

Lincoln Wills: Volume 1, 1271-1526. Originally published by British Record Society, London, 1914.

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[William Clercke of Welton le Marsh, a.d. 1518.]

[1506 &c., 58. Translated from the Latin.]


In the Name of the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, and of the glorious Virgin Mary, the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, and of the whole college of the citizens above, 1 July, 1518, I William Clercke of Welton-by-Orby, co. Lincoln, make my present testament, containing my will, etc. To be buried within the parish church of St. Martin of Welton, with that which is right in the name of my mortuary. To the high altar of the cathedral church of St. Mary of Lincoln xijd. To the fabric of the parish church of Welton vjs. viijd. I will that all my household utensils be divided into two equal parts, that is, one part to Joan my wife, and the other part equally amongst my three daughters at the discretion of my wife and my executors. I will that Joan my daughter have after my decease xxl. to be raised and taken out of my debts if it can be done; and that my wife have all my beasts and cattle for herself, her sons and daughters, with the wagons, two-wheeled carts (bigis), ploughs and implements (phallaris) to them belonging, to be divided according to her discretion. I will that Alice daughter of Joan my wife have cs. to be received out of my said debts, etc., in respect of the legacy of her father, besides xxxiijs. iiijd. to be received of George Rodeslay of Burnethorp in respect of so many pennies due from him. I will that Agnes my wife's other daughter have besides xiijs. iiijd. to be received of Sir John Davy, late vicar of Aby, vjl. To John Clercke, my kinsman, bachelor in decrees, all that is owing by John Fowler of Stepyng and Thomas Kyllok of Waynflet St. Mary, as appears by their two bonds, if it can be raised, that he may pray especially for the health of my soul and the souls of my parents, kinsmen and friends and all the faithful who are in the pains of purgatory. I will that all those feoffees shall stand and be seised of all the lands, tenements, etc., which I have within the town and fields of Welton aforesaid to the use of my wife for the term of her life, and after her decease to the use of Joan my daughter her heirs and assigns for ever. To John my son three pastures in Winthorp which I lately bought of Thomas Russhe, gentleman, to him his heirs and assigns for ever; with remainder, if he die before he come to the age of xxj years, to his right heirs; with remainder to Joan my daughter and the heirs of her body; to hold of the chief lords of that fee by the services thence heretofore due and of right accustomed, for ever. And failing such heirs, the three pastures shall be sold by my executors or feoffees, and the moneys arising therefrom be disposed for the health of my soul and the souls of my parents, kinsfolk, friends and benefactors, and all the faithful in Christ, in the salary of a chaplain to celebrate for the said souls, and for other charitable gifts (donis caritatiuis), according to their discretion. I will that the feoffees of all my lands, etc., lying within the town and fields of Winthorp, which I lately bought of Richard Arlyk alias Arleryk of Boston, mercer (marcero), [shall stand seised] as they are enfeoffed and seised to the use of Joan my wife for the term of her life, and afterwards to the use of John Clercke my son, his heirs and assigns for ever, as is aforesaid of the three pastures lately bought of Thomas Russhe, gentleman. The residue of my goods I bequeath to John Cocke, rector of Kettesby, Master John Clercke, bachelor in decrees, Martin Wymbyshe of Hamby and Robert Whallay of Dryby, whom I make my executors, to dispose for the health of my soul and the souls of my parents, etc., as they will answer before the supreme Judge. I make Master John Parker of Spillesby, gentleman, supervisor of this testament; and I give him for his pains xs.; and to each of my executors vjs. viijd. Witnesses, William Hall chaplain of the parish of Welton aforesaid, George godeall, William Hudson, Thomas Brewster of the same, and Thomas Fobbe of Slotheby in the parish of Willughby, and many others.

Proved before H., at Parteney, 13 Oct., 1518. Adm. granted to the first three executors, reserving power to commit to Robert Whalley, etc.

[Thomas Kingston of Great Grimsby, a.d. 1518.]

[1506 &c., 54.]


26 August, 1518. I Thomas kyngston of grymesby make my testament, etc. To be buryed in the monastery of St. Austene and olyff in the chapell of our savior, and my mortuary after the custome of the countre. To the moder church of our lady of Linc' xijd. To the parych awter in wellow for thythes forgotton viijd. To my sonnys Ryc' and barnard xll. wych shalbe payd of my dettes. To my sonne Thomas all my rement savynge my gowne, and a hoggeshed of yrne. To my sonne Sir John viij marc' and a hows in wellow gate, layte of Robert Davy, to syng for me and to be rewler of hys bretherne barnard and Ryc'. To Dame Isabell my dought' xls. To the new organs at welhowe xxxjs. viijd. wych they shall receve of John stanlyff dwellyng in halyffax or elles not. I wyll that my wyfe have my hows wych I dwell in the terme of her lyfe, she to fynd duryng her lyfe a festivall leigh' in the chapyll of our savyor, and after herr disses I wyll the same hows remayne to my ryght heyres for ever to fynd an yerly obyt for the helth of my saull and all crysten soulles. To the same chapell a chalys, vestyment, boke, iij auter clothes, a corporys cloth with the case, ij crewyttes, candylstykes and tapors. I will ther be dystrybute the day of my buryall vjl. xiijs. iiijd. and yf any remayn of the same I wyll it be ward of the chapell of our savyor. The resydew of my goodes I give to my wyfe, whome I make my executrice, and Sir John my son to be executor with her. Wytnes my lord thabbott of Welhow, Sir John burde, Ric' Reveley, wyth many other moo.

Proved before H., at Lincoln, 10 Sept., 1518. Adm. granted to the executors.

[John Crooke of Halton Holegate, a.d. 1518.]

[1520–31, 8.]


20 September, 1518. I John Crooke of Halton make my testament etc. My body to be buryed in the churche of St. Androw in Halton, with that that the law requireth to be my mortuary. To our lady of lincoln warke vjd. To the crucifixe of halton church xijd. To the belles ther xijd. To the ornamentes of the hygh awter ther iiijd. To our lady awter iiijd. To the trinitye awter iiijd. To our lady of pitie ijd. To St. Catheryns awter a paynted cloth of my costes to hange afore her tabull. To Benet Crooke and John Crooke my sonnes. I will that a prest be choesen bi the myndes of Sir John Crooke my son, he to syng a trentall for my soule and my wiffes. I will that the churche of Halton have a cowe or xs. for to kepe the yereday of Robert Mitton and Agnes. To the churche of Halton xs. The residue of my goods not wite nor gyven I put to the dispocion [sic] of Benet Crooke my sone, whom I make executour. Thies beyng witnes, Sir John Crook, Master Thomas Moryell, Master Richard Langare, Robert Westende, Will' Bowght, and other more, etc.

Proved before D., at Spillesby, 4 Feb., 1518.


[Folio 8d.] This is the last will of me John Crooke of Halton, made 20 September, 1518. I will that my feoffers now beynge or at tyme shalby make a staytt of all my landys and tenementes to such men as myn executors shall name to the performance of this my will and testament. Also I will that all my tayled land in Halton be letyn to the most advauntage for the terme of six yeres be myne executores, and thei money theroff takyn go to the performance off my will and testament. I will that all the eshe treys growynge aboute the lawe house and pasture therto belongynge be fellyd and sold to the same use. I will that Syr John Croke my sonne have all my landys and tenementes that where my faders John Croke and my faders in lawe John Pynders in Halton the terme off his liffe; and after hym I will the heres off Thomas croke have the said lande to them and theyr heres off theyr bodyes; remainder to Richard croke my son and hys heres; remainder to Benytt croke my son and his heres; remainder to Johne croke my sonne and his heres; remainder to Margarett my daughter and hyr heres off hyr body begotton and broughfforth; and iff all thies dye without heres off theyr bodyes then I will the said landys remayn to the use and fulfillyng off the last will off my father John croke and my fader in law John Pynder. I will that Richard croke my sonne have my bought landys and coppy landys; remainder to Benytt croke my sonne; remainder to John croke my sonne; remainder to Margarett my daughter and hyr heres; and yff thei all dye without heres, then I will the said purchest landes and copy landes be sold be my ffeoffers and my executors, and thei on hallf off thei money to go to the church off Halton and the oder half to be delte to pore pepull in the parish off Halton. Yff it happen any off theis my said chylders Richard, Benytt, John or Margarett to entur thei said landes that where my faders John crokes and John pynders, then I will that at the saide day off entringe my seconde sonne enter my purchest landes and copy landes and eich off them after other after the fforme aforesaid. I will that Jenytt Wath have the toft in Halton that I bought when she ys maryed to hyr and hyr heres; and yff she dye without heres, I will that Richard croke my sonne have the said tofte to hym and his heres; remainder to Benytt croke my sonne and his heres; remainder to John croke my sonn and his heres; remainder to Margett croke my daughter and hyr heres. And iff thei all dye without heres, then I will the said toft be sold and part off the money to be gyffyn to a priest to synge in Halton churche for me and my gud ffrendys, and part off thei money to Halton churche and part to be gyffyn to pore ffolke in the said parish, it to be devyded bi thei myndys off my gud ffrendes wiche shalbe ther at that tyme. Thies beynge wytnes, Syr John croke, master thomas moryell, master Richard launger, Robert Westend, William Bough, with other moo.

[Percival Bankes of Great Grimsby, a.d. 1518.]

[1558, iii, 19.]

23 September, 1518. I Persavell Bankes of Grymsbe the more, make my last wyll, etc. My body to be beryed in the Church of saynt Jemys with my dew mortuary. To the hye awter of the sayd [sic] for Tythes forgotten xijd. To the sayd church xijd. To oure lady of Lincoln ijd. To the freer Augustynse xd. The rest of my goods I gyve to Alexander Bankes, John hempryngham and Jenett Pereson, whom I make my trewe Executors, they to dispose it for the helth of my Soule. Theys wittnes, Sir Peter munde vicar, ffreer Ric', and John Ferrow with other moo.

[No probate act.]

[William Kypas of Aswardby near Spilsby, a.d. 1518.]

[1506 &c., 85d.]


29 September, 1518. I William kypas of Aswardby. I wille that my wiffe have my house and laund unto my eldeste childe com to laufull age, and then he or she to have it to theym and to their heires; and for defaulte of laufull issue then it to be solde by the churche maisters of Aswardby and Tetford and ether of the churches to have xls., and the residew of the money to be devided in iij partes: j parte to a prest to syng for my soule and all cristen soules, the ijde parte to the highe wayes of Aswardby, and the iijde parte to be geven in almos to pour people. Witnesses, sir John billyngay parson of Aswardby, John Wadyngton, thom' Dyott, Robert bentonn, Joh' Margeson, and others.

Proved at Bambrughe, 15 Oct., 1518.

[Thomas Benytt of Bicker, labourer, a.d. 1518.]

[1558 iii, 29.]


20 December, 1518. I Thomas Benytt laburer of the towne of Byker Bequethe my sall un all myhyty god my Redemar, to hys blyssyd mother owr lady Sancte Mare, and to all the fare company in evyn, and my Body to be Beryd in the cherch yarde of Sancte swhythune of Byker. I Bequethe to my mortary a kowe as the custome of the towne Requirythe. To the hy awter of Byker for my tythes forgottyn ijd. To our ladys auter jd.

Thys ys my wyll: I wyll that genytt my wyffe have dewryng her lyffe the howsse with the apurtenansse as yt aperythe in my father laste wyll after the dyssesse of my mother Elsab[eth] farder more I wyll that wyll'm my son have the howsse with the apurtenanse that my mother abowffe reherssyd dwellys in after the dyssesse of genytt hys mother; and yt fortunyn that the forsayd wyll'm dy with howtt heres of hys Body lawfully Begottyn, I wyll then that hys Bretheryn Robertt, thomas and xp'ofer for to be yche other heres; and for defawte of heres, I wyll that wyll'm my brother have the howsse with the yng grownnde and with the fen grownnde to hym and to hys heres for evermore. ferdermore I wyll that the halffe of the hemppe land that was gyffyn unto me, as yt aperythe in my fathers wyll, I gyffe ytt to byker cherch yff ytt fortune that my forsayd cheylderyn dy with owtte heyres of ther body; and I wyll that the cherche wardensse of Byker gyffe owtte yerly iiijd. to the parysche preyst to say maysse and dirige, and jd. to the oblac'on, and jd. for Ryngyng at the day of the monythe aforsayd. The Resydew of my goodes not bequethe I bequethe to Jenytt my wyffe, whom I make myn exsecutrix sche to dyssposse to the plessur of god and to the helthe of Sall and all crystyn sallys. Here beryng wyttenesse that thys ys my testemente and my last wyll, Syr thomas greues, Rychyarde chaterysse, Wylliam Benytt, Rychyarde tylar, with other mowy. Mayd the day and the yerre aforsayd.

[No probate act.]

[William Wylkynson alias Jacson of Wyberton, a.d. 1518.]

[1520–31, 51d.]


1 January, 1518. I William wylkynson off wyberton, otherwyse called Jacson off wyberton, maketh my testament herin concludyng my last wyll, etc. To be buryed in the church off saynt legerde in Wyberton. And my best best for my mortuary. To our lady warke off lyncoln viijd. To the pore chyldren at saynt katheryns wythout the barres off lyncoln xijd. To saynt katheryne alter in wyberton viijd. To the hygh alter in wyberton chyrch xijd. To our lady alter in wyberton xijd. To saynt Anne alter in wyberton ijs. Also I gyff to Jenet and Agnes each my doughters ij kye, xxty ewes, etc., when they cum att the age off xij yeres, and in redy mony xxvjs. viijd., etc. To Roger claymond. To Gye off freston. To John bene. I wyll that iij sergys off wax be mayd immedyatly affter my departyng, And burne every holy day afore the blessyd sacrament in the hygh quere off wyberton for the welth off my soule.

This is the last wyll off me wylliam wylkynson off wyberton off all my landes and tenementes aswell in the marche as in wyberton with in the cownte off lyncoln: [folio 52] Fyrst I wyll that Jenet wylkynson my wyff have my landes called Ric' wyaryson landes the terme off hyr lyff, And affer hyr deceasse I wyll the sayd landes remayn to John my son And to the heyres off hys body. Also I wyll that Jenet my wyff have my house that I dwell in and the landes wyth the appurtennces and she to kepe them in reparacyon to John wylkynson and henry wylkynson my sones come to the age off xxj yeres, And then I wyll the sayd John wylkynson shall have the sayd landes to hym and the heyres off hys bodye; remaynder to henry wylkynson And to the heyres off hys bodye; remaynder to Jenet my wyffe the terme off hyr lyff; remaynder to Jenet wylkynson and Agnes wylkynson my too doughters And to the heers off their ij bodies; And yff they bothe decesse and my wyffe over lyff theym I wyll that she have them for the terme of her lyffe. To Jenet wylkynson my wiff ij acre lande lyeng in Skyrbek feld, ij acre and di' lying in Corton feyld, on acr' lying in the feld hundreth dyke, on acre and a cotage lying in gote feld off wyberton called byrkes feld, on acr' called basseyt walle, the terme off hyr lyff; and after hyr deceasse I wyll the sayd landes remayn to henry wylkynson my yongest sone and to hys heyres off hys bodye. And yff my wyff and my chyldren deceasse wythout heres off ther bodyes, then I wyll the forsayd houses and landes be sold be my executors or ellys the church wardyns at that tyme beyng, And they to fynde a hable prest to syng and pray for the soules off me my wyff our faders and moders, parentes and benefactors, and all other crysten soules, by the space off a hole yere in the chyrch off wyberton; and xls. in moneye to be employed and expendyd in the church off wyberton wher as the church wardyns thynkyth most neyd, for the welth off my soule. I wyll that yff any off my blode or kynred com by dyscent to the forsayd [folio 52d.] landes For lake off yshew off me, than I wyll they soy comyng doo kepe or cause to be observed and kepyt a obyte off vs. by the yere for ever in the church off wyberton wyth placebo, dirige and commendacyon and messe for the soules off me, my father and mother, our parentes, benefactores and all cyrsten soules. The resydew off my goodes I gyff them to the disposycyon off Jenet my wyff, whome I do make executrix. And I do constitute master phylip chaymond, gentylman, to be supervysor, and he to have for hys labours and payns her in takyn a soreld foole. Thyes beyng wytnes, sir Roger Bayte parysh prest, Sir Robert Allger chauntre prest, John Clymson yoman.

Proved before P., in the parish church of Algarkyrk, 12 Nov., 1527. Adm. granted to the executrix.