Lincoln Wills: 1519

Pages 81-83

Lincoln Wills: Volume 1, 1271-1526. Originally published by British Record Society, London, 1914.

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[Jane Sheffelde of Croxby, widow, a.d. 1519.]

[1520–31, 220d.]


7 January, 1519 (fn. 1). I Jane scheffelde of Croxby vidoy. To be buryed in the church of all haloys of croxby in our lady quere, with my mortuary accordyng to the custome of the cuntry. To our lady warke of lincoln xijd. To the high alter of the mother church of lincoln xijd. To the churche of croxby now for my burying vjs. viijd. To the high alter of croxby for tithys forgottyn xxd. To the frerys augustyns off grymesby viijd. To the gray frerys in the same towne viijd. To every on of the Nonnys of Irforth iiijd. To every on of my godchylder iiijd. To Alice Sheffelde the doughter of x'pofer cheffelde my sonne suche goodes wich I had for her parte and porcion of the goodes of the sayd x'pofor her father. To my doughters Catheryne, Jane, Alice and Elizabeth. To Jasper cheffelde and Edmund cheffelde my sonnes. To Jane cheffelde the doughter off Jasper chaffelde. To Anne cheffelde the doughter of the sayd Jasper a sylver spone with my velvyt patlet. To John cheffelde the sonne and heyre of x'pofer cheffelde my sonne. To my doughter Elizabeth the wyff of Jasper my sonne. To george cheffelde the sonne of charlys cheffelde. To Edmund hys brother. To charlys my sonne. To my doughters grace and Jane. To charlys my sonne. Also tuchyng the disposicion of my lande I will that sir John scheffelde parson of hammeryngham and other hys coeffers ther heyres and assignes namyd in a dede of feoffement wich berys date the iiijth day of June viii Henry VIII shall stand and be feoffed of and in my chefe place to the use and behofe of me the sayd Jane cheffelde vydoy for my lyff; then I will that Jasper cheffelde my sonne and Elizabeth hys wyff have my capitall hows in croxby accordyng to a dede of gyfte gyffyn by me to them, wich beres date the xijth Marche x Henry VIII; remainder to the use and behofe of John Sheffelde sonne and heyre of x'pofer sheffelde my sonne and heyr and to the heyres of hys body, and in defawte of suche issue to the use of my right heyres accordyng to a paire of indenturys mayd betwyxt me of the on partie and Alexander hamcotes of Astrope within the countie of lincoln gent' of the other partie, dated xxix June xv Henry viii. Also I will that Robert sheffelde of butterwyk and other hys coeffeoffes ther heyres and assignes namyd in on other dede of feoffement, wich beres date xv June xv Henry VIII, shall stande and be feoffes off all the landes and tenementes and other inheretamentes in Staynton in le hole to the use of me for my lyff; and then to the use to performe thys my last wyll, that is to say that John Sheffelde sonne and heyre unto x'pofer sheffelde my sonne shall fynde on honest prest to syng for me and my anciters in the churche of all saintes in croxby by the space of ij yeres next aftyr the decease of me; and then the proffyt to go to the use of the sayd John Sheffelde and the heyres of his body; remainder to the use of me and the right heyres of me for ever. To charlys sheffelde my sonne a house in Croxby aforesayd callyd lanhem hous with a close callyd collyngarth and x acres of arable land in croxby now in my handes for the lyff of the sayd charles; remainder to John Sheffelde the sonne and heyr of x'pofer Sheffelde my sonne and the heyres of his body; remainder to my right heyres for evermore. The resydewe of all my goodes I will that charles Sheffelde and John sheffelde, whome I make my executors, shall have to dispose for the well of my soule. Allso I will that Sir John Sheffelde parson of hameryngham my sonne and Alexander hamcotes of Astrop gentylman be supervisors. Thes wytnes, sir Robert Smyth parson of croxby, sir Robert wrawcht prest, and William kent, with other moy.

Proved before P., at Market Rasen, 12 Oct., 1530. Adm. granted to Charles sheffelde an executor, reserving power to grant to John Sheffelde the co-executor when he shall come to take it upon himself, etc.

[Thomas Fawcyt of Langton by Horncastle, husbandman, a.d. 1519.]

[1520–31, 77d.]


1 Apryll, 1519. I Thomas Fawcyt of Langton next horncastr', husbandman, makes my last will, etc. To Robert Sprew the house and the lande with all the appurtennces the wich I had of late off John Goslyng of Woodhall unto the tyme that Agnes porter my god doughter be xxty yeres of age, then she to have it to hyr and hyr heyres off hyr body. And yff she decease before she be xxty yeres the forsayd Robert Sprew to have it to hym and hys heyres off hys body. And yff they dy bothe with owte issue, then it to be solde and dysposyd for the soulys off Thomas Fawcyt and Alice and all crysten soulys. I bequeth my house that my wyffe dwellys in, aftyr hyr decease, with the lande therto belongyng, with a cownter, a cheire and a hanging in the hall, to the church of saynt margaret of Langton, etc. The resydue off my goodes, etc., to Alice my wyff, whome I make my sole executrix to dispose for the helth off my soule as she thynkes the best. Thes wytnes, Robert Roke of Langton, John Longcastr' and Robert Sprew of the same, with other.

Proved before P., at Horncastle, 15 April, 1529. Adm. granted, etc.

[Francis Whitwell of the parish of St. Margaret in Wigford in the suburbs of the city of Lincoln, a.d. 1519.]

[1520–31, 18d.]


1 April, 1519. I Frances Whitwell of the parish of St. Margettes in Wikforth in the suburbies of the citie of lincoln. To be buryed within the church or churchyerd of St. Margett, with my best gown for my mortuary as custom is in the said citie. To the highe alter of the said church for tithes forgotten viijd. To St. Margettes light in the said church xijd. To the highe alter in St. Peter church at gotes for my tithes forgotten viijd. To the werkes of our mother church of lincoln vjd. For my grand syer Henry torney and margett his wiffe to the werkes of the said mother church xijd. To the church off Dighton, wher I was borne, for the church werkes of the same vjs. viijd. To the church werkes of Dighton afforsaid for the wittword of my sister Ciceley other vjs. viijd. to be taken of my tenementes at oukeham and paid to the same church by the sighte of my ffather Thomas Norton. To Thomas Whitwell my brother ij deaker tanned hides, my bay horss and the money that is in the handes of Richerd Chesylden of Manton, which is xliijs. iiijd., in recompensacion of the howse that the said Thomas and I didde sell for vjl. xiijs. iiijd. To Ciceley my wiffe all my landes in Oukeham duryng hir liffe for the bryngyng up of my children, if they liffe. And after hir decesse I will that Thomas my sonn have the said landes with a masour of Syllver, di' dozen sillver spoones, j counter, one hangyng lavour, j Spitt with j great payr cobb yrons of Iron, which my father gaffe me as hayre loomes to go with the said houses, but I will that Cyceley my wiffe have all the said stuffe in hyr kepyng duryng hir lyffe. If Thomas my sonn decesse or that he be maryed then the said landes I will they remayn to my ij doughters Abrey and Johan if they overliffe the said Thomas. And iff all my childer decesse without Issue, then I will the said landes remayn to Thomas my brother. The Residew of my goodes I gyve unto Ciceley my wiffe, whom I maike executrix. Thies wittnes, John page shomaker, John Fynche taylour, and Thomas burrell tanner, with mo.

Proved before H., at Lincoln, 6 May, 1519. Adm. granted to the executrix.


  • 1. Probably a mistake for 1529 (cp. 7th line from foot of this page).