Lincoln Wills: 1520

Pages 83-87

Lincoln Wills: Volume 1, 1271-1526. Originally published by British Record Society, London, 1914.

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[Robert Poolas of Kirton in Holland, a.d. 1520.]

[1506 &c., 43.]


4 Aprylle, 1520. I Robert poolas off kyketon [sic] makes my testament and last wylle, etc. To be bereyd within the church off sent peters and paule off kyrkton, and to my mortuarye the best off my catell after the costom off the towne. To the hye altere off kyrkton viijd. To every alter in the sayd church iiijd. To the reparacions off the sayd church xld. To our moder off lincoln iiijd. To the faderless chyldere at sent kateryns withowt lincoln viijd. To my wyffe all my landes and tenamentes that I have duryng hyr lyffe, savyng an aker and a halffe in Rustyn enge, whych I gyffe to Rec' poolas my son; and after the dycesse off my wyffe I wyll Ric' my son have all my landes and tenements in fee symple. To Maryon my wyffe the halfe off my houshold stufe and granes equally devydyd betwex my wyffe and Ric' my son. The huch and the howhold stuffe whych was margaret haevard I gyffe them to Robert Sheperd. I gyffe my myln to Ric' my son with that condicion my wyff have hyr corne grone hyr lyffe without any lettyng and at my sonys costes and charges. To . . . . . (fn. 1) my broter, and to Thomas poolas my godson. The residue off my gudes I gyffe to Ric' my son, whom I macke myn executour. Record, Rog' poolas, Robert heyland thelder, humfray Robert, thomas poolas, and david Rychard, with oyer mo, etc.

Proved before W2., at Lincoln, 29 April, 1520.

[Richard Clarke of Horncastle, tanner, a.d. 1520.]

[1506 &c., 46.]


25 August, 1520. I Richard Clarke of Horncastr' tanner, make my last will, etc. To be buryed in Horncastr' churche, and my mortuary accordinge to costom. To our lady of Lincoln iijs. iiijd. and a paire of croall' bedys. To the hy autar of Horncastr' churche for forgotton tithes vjs. viijd. To the churche warke vjs. viijd. To the belles of the sam churche iijs. iiijd. To the torche leight iijs. iiijd. To our lady leight in our lady quere xijd. To Saynt nynion leight xijd. To Saynt Savyour leight vjd. To allhallow leight xijd. To our lady off grace leight xijd. To Sanyt Antony leight vjd. To Saynt Helen leight vjd. To Saynt Laurens leight vjd. To Jamys leight vjd. To Saynt George leight vjd. To Saynt Michael leight vjd. To every prest that cometh to my buriall, vij day xxxti day, iiijd. To every pore body that comys jd. To the austyn freers at Boston to singe a trentall with solene diryge and messe xijd. To every place of freers in Lincoln xd. I will ther be a trentall of messes in Horncastr' churche at my vij day and a nother at my xxxti day with dirige, and to every prest for ther labure vjd. I will ther be disposed amonges pore folkes at my vij day and xxxti day in almys every on of the sayde days vjs. viijd. To the scolers jd. To my lorde of Kirsted iijs. iiijd. and to every monke of the saide hous viijd. that I may have dirige and mess solemnly done. To the saidde abbey off Kirsted a sylver salt off xxij unc' with vj silver spones, desiringe to be pratte taker off ther gude prayer and dedys. To Dam Margrett Adlard, nune off Stixwold, a fyne mantyll off ix yerds off narow cloth, desiringe hyr to pray for me. To Jenytt Eston, my servaunt my federbed holly with coverlyttes, blankyttes, and matters, with the tester and all that belongs to the said bedd, ij brasse pottes and a dosen puter vessels off my mothers and myne, where of the on hailf off the sylver facion, a posnyt of her first damys, a greitt panne, ij ketylles that she will chose, ij candistikkes, ij lavors and ij basyns at hir own chose, a kyrtyll, a masore with a lityll silver pece, a velvytt gerdill with a sylver pendand and a bokill off silver, iiij markes off money, my litell counter, ij off thei best chestes, a huche, my tany gowne lined with cotton. To every on of my godchildren in Horncastr' iiijd. I will that my two prentices shall serve one year, etc. To Alison Barton vjs. viijd. and a gown cloth. To Robert Mallow the best gown wich he will have, and to Thomas Smyth, shomaker, the next gown. To Jamys Burton my best dublytt, my best jakytt, and a gown, and half a daker of ox pechys. To Robert Mallow half a daker off leder. To Robert Algrath a gowne and halffe a daker of ox pechys. [folio 46d.] I give the house sometymes Ellerton think, the qwhich he dwelles in, to Ricard Kirke with the appurtenances for ever to hym and to hys heres and assigns, paying fyve score nobulles to the gild of St. Katerine to be paid within the space of v yeres, every year vjl. xiijs. iiijd. to the said some be paid. I will that the said Ricard have the copy of madyn garth during the years of the copy beinge [sic] an obytt in Horncastr' church off viijs. yearly so long as the copy endures. To St. Katerine gilde the house that Robert Paynter dwells in, and the house that Alyson Walley dwellys in, sometime Richard Richmond of Horncastr', for ever to be prayde for as a ffounder and a speciall benefactor with the chaunter prestys off the said gylde off saynt Katrine. Also to the said gyld my best counter and the standyng cupp of sylver gylte with the coverynge of the same, and a sylver crosse with the pyctur of our lord and mary and John, and at the fotte of the crosse a Image of Saynt Katerine, the valour of the crosse xx marke. To Helen Toliour of Horncastr' iijs. iiijd. I will there bey a prest to sing for me, my father and moder and my ij wyffys Elen and Jenyt in the church of Horncastr' the term of vj yeres, payng to the sayd priest yerly viij marke, and it shall be payd off my gudes wich my executors doth occupy. Moreover I will that Sir Symon, (fn. 2) parish priest off Horncastr', now being, sing the said vj yeres in Horncastr' church and yff he can provede hymself better in the mayntime this service is he to leiffe it and my executors to put another prest in it wich is a gud quere man at ther minds, and if it fortune the said executors to dy with in the said yeres the service beying destitute of a prest, then I will that the aldermen and chamberlynes of St. Katherines gild put an an bill [sic] prest beinge a quere man at the election, and the prest to be paid of my gudes aforesaid. I will that the house that Saunder Glouer dwells in be disposyd by the minds of my executors for the welth of my soul and all my gud frends. The Residue of my guddes to Robert Mawley of Horncastr' shomaker, Robert Halgrath of the same tanner, and Jamys Burton of the same tanner, whom I make my executors. Supervisors, Sir Robert Dymoke knight, and in his absence Mr. Richard Satheby parson of scewilby. (fn. 3) Witnesses, Sir Symon parish priest, Philip Stevenson of Horncastr' marchant, Thomas Smyth shomaker of the same, John Kytson draper, Richard Reynes of the same, with other.

Proved before the commissary of the archdeaconry of Lincoln in the cathedral church of Lincoln, 31 Aug., 1520. Adm. granted to the executors.

[Thomas Welby of Hallstead in the parish of Stixwould, esquire, a.d. 1520.]

[1506 &c., 81d. Collated with another copy in 1566 &c., folio 34.]


This is the testament and last will of me Thomas Welby of Halsted in the county of Lincoln, Esquier, made the 6th day of September, 12 Henry VIII [a.d. 1520]. To be buried in the parishe church of Stixwold bifor the image of our lady there, with the best thyng that I have to be my mortuary accordyng to the custome. I will that Catheryn my wiff have her joynter tyme of her lyff accordyng to the dede of ffeffment maid to Geffrey Panell, Thomas Robertson and other to the behove of my said wiff. I will that Thomas my secund son have xl. land to hyme and his heyres male of his body and the said landeȝ to be assigned by my feoffees and Catheryn my wif; and the said Thomas to have the said landeȝ at his full age of xxi yereȝ, and in the mean tyme the said landeȝ to be in my feoffes handeȝ and executrice for the fyndyng of the said Thomas and other my yongher children. I will that William my thridd son have viijth marke at his full age the terme of his liff or to he be promoted to a benefice of xxl. yerly if he be disposed to be a prest; and in the mean tyme the said viijth marke to be in my feoffes handeȝ and executrice for the fyndyng of the said William and other my yongher chyld'. To Alice my eldest doughter an hundreth markes to her mariag or other promocyon if she be ordred by Catheryn my wiff and my feoffes, and this to be takyn of the landeȝ that are in my feoffes handeȝ. And if aught cum to my wiff the said C marke to be takyn of her joyntur also. I will that Elizabeth my second doughter and Margaret my thyrd doughter have C marke in lykwise as is assygned to ther suster Alice. To the iiij ordres of freres in Lincoln every order vjs. viijd. I will have a preyst to syng for my sawle and all my good fryndeȝ sawles the space of thre yeres. To our lady werk of Lincoln vjs. viijd. To the prioresse and convent of Stixwold to pray for me vjl. xiijs. iiijd. I will that Catheryn my wiff have all my goodeȝ therewith to pay my detteȝ, to dispose for my saule, and to reward my servants, as she doth thynk best, and she to be my sole executrice, and Sir Richard Weston, knyght, the supervisor. Wittnesses, John Litylbury esquyer, Sir Richard Tolly, Richard alcokson and Robert madyson, with other moo. Thomas Welby.

Proved before D., at Stixwold, 18 Aug., 1524. Adm. granted to the executrix.

[Roger Clough of West Barkwith, chaplain, a.d. 1520.]

[1506 &c., 62. Translated from the Latin.]


6 December, 1520. I Sir Roger Clough, chaplain, make my testament, etc. My body to be buried in the choir of the parish church of Westbarkworth. To the fabric of the cathedral church of Lincoln xxd. To the parish church of Westbarkeworth viijs. and one pound of wax to maintain one light continually before the sacrament of the altar of the same church, and it shall be lighted and burnt on double and simple festivals. To each of the two orders of friars of Grymmesby viijd. To the church of Ludburgh xijd. I will that John Clough, rector of the parish church of Westbarkeworth, with Sir Robert Gray as his fellow shall dispose the residue of my goods for the health of my soul as to him shall seem best. And Robert Gray shall have for his labour xs. These being witnesses, Sir Robert Benson, Sir Thomas Curtes chaplain, John Hall of Westbarkeworth, Thomas Haliday of the same, and many others, etc.

Proved before D., at Lincoln, 22 Dec., 1522. Adm. granted to Sir John Clough and Sir Robert Gray, the executors, etc.

[John Emley of Bourne, husbandman, a.d. 1520.]

[1506 &c., 51. Collated with another copy in 1520–31, folio 2, which is referred to in the footnotes as A.]


20 January, 1520. I John Emlay of Burne, hushbandman, make my will and testament. To be buryd in the chyrche yard of burne, with my best best to be my mortuarie as the lawe requires. To our lady of lincoln viijd. To the hye awter of morton for thynges for (fn. 5) offerrynges forgotten xijd. To the trinite gilde of morton xijd. To sent gorge gilde xijd. To the bellis of morton xijd. To the hye awter of burne iiijd. To the menthaynyng of Ihesus messe viijd. To the trinitie gilde of Burne iiijd. To the bellis of burne xijd. I will that the howse that I bought in harmshorpe (fn. 6) with the land and medows, etc., therto pertenyng remayne to Margery my wyffe and hir childern, and after hyr decesse to remayn to Thomas my son and [the heirs of his body, and if he die (fn. 7) ] without yssew of hys body, to remayn to the eldest of my chylder to the date of lx yeres fro thys present be fully expired; and I will have a prest founde to syng for me yerly in all thyes yeres frome ashe wensday tyll lowe sonday, the warkdays at harmeshorp (fn. 7) and the Alydays at morton; and the terme of lx yeres fully expyred, the howse and lande and medow remayne to the rygh heres of clarkes agayne. The resydew of my guddys I gyffe to Margery my wiffe that she and John Emley my father, whom I make my executors, dispose it for my sole helthe. Also I make John elreyde my supervysor. Theys wytnes, William hardall parishe prest, William lamberd, (fn. 8) Thomas lamberd, (fn. 8) and John thomson, whith many oder mo.

Proved before WI. (fn. 9), (fn. 10) at Burne, 8 Feb., 1520. Adm. granted to the executors. (fn. 10)


  • 1. The edge of the page is worn away.
  • 2. Sir Simon Wyndar was a stipendiary priest at Horncastle in 1526 with a stipend of eight marks (Subsidy, 1526, page 6).
  • 3. Richard Sothybe was instituted to the rectory of Scrivelsby, 17th December, 1517 (Bishop Atwaters' Register, folio 6d.).
  • 4. The copy in 1566 &c., omits this heading.
  • 5. 'and' in A.
  • 6. 'Harmethorp' in A.
  • 7. Words to this effect seem to have been omitted.
  • 8. 'Lambert' in A.
  • 9. 'W2.' in A.
  • 10. –6 These particulars are taken from A. The copy in 1506 &c., omits them.