Lincoln wills: 1528 (October-December)

Pages 97-104

Lincoln Wills: Volume 2, 1505-1530. Originally published by British Record Society, London, 1918.

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1528 (October-December)

The testament of Robert Grime [of Leasingham].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 128d.]

6 October, 1528. I Robert Gryme of Lessyngham. To my sones, John Gryme and Thomas Gryme. To my doughters, Elizabeth Gryme and Isabell. To William Burton. To Thomas Sampson. I will that on honest prest pray for my soule and all crysten soulys in the church of Lessyngham by the space of a quarter of a yere. To the church masters of Lessyngham church on cow and thre quarters of barly to thentent that they and ther successors shall kepe of the encrease of the cow [folio 129] and barly an yerly obbit for my soule, my wyff soule and all cristen soulys, for ever, in the same church, about the feste of Alhalouse and pay yerly at the obbyt to either of the ij parsones or ther deputies iiijd., and ijd. for the hei messe pennes, and to the parysh clerke ijd., and also other xijd. yff it may be borne to be distributed at the obbyt to ryngers and in other dedys of charite. Also I will that a lyght shalbe founde to burne at service tyme bifore the image of our Lady in the south ile of the same church, of the encrease of the cowe and barly. Resydue of my goodes to Alice my wyff, for the bryngyng up off my chyldren, whome I make myn executrix. Also I ordyn Robert Martyn to be myn executor with her, and he to have the bequestes wich I have gyffen my chyldren in hys kepyng to be delyveryd to them [or the survivors of them] when they shall be maried or elles be at age of xxty yeres; [remainder to] be disposed amonges my kynnesfolke, wher most nede is, and other dedes of charite for the well of my soule, my wyff soule, ther soules and all cristen soules. And I ordeyn sir Xp'ofer Huchynson, on of the parsones of Lessyngham, to be supervisor, to call upon my executors for the fulfyllyng of thys my will. Thyes beyng wytnes, sir Steven Reys; William Catlyn; John Granger; with other moy.

Proved before P., at Lincoln, 20 November, 1528. Admin. granted to the executors.

The testament of Robert Symson [of Spalding].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 141d.]

14 October, 1528. I Robert Symson of Spaldyng. I will that Margery (fn. 1) Symson, my wyffe, have my house on Westlode syde, kepyng it wyth sufficient reparill, to the tyme that Edmund Symson, my son, come to the age of xxty yeres; and then I will the house remane to him; and yff he dy wyth in the forsayd age, I will it remane to Elizabeth Symson, my doughter, at the age aforesaid; and yff she dye with in the sayd age, I will the house be solde by the syght of William Symson and Margery my wyffe, and the on halffe to be disposyd for the helthe of my soule, and the other halffe to remane to my wyff. The resydue off my goodes I put to the disposicion of Margery Symson and William Symson, whome I make my executors. Wytness' heroff, sir Robert Gee; Robert Bawmber; Thomas Day; with other moy.

Proved at Spaldyng, 30 January, 1528. Admin. granted to the executors.

The testament of William Thornton [of Low Toynton].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 128.]

15 October, 1528. I William Thornton of Toynton. To Robert Thornton, my eldest sone, xij sylver sponys, a gret arke, a syde borde, [etc.]. To George Thornton, my sone, a certyn porcion of lande and pasture lying in the towne and felde of Manby in the marche, wich I bought with my peny of Robert Carre of West Asby, sone and heyre of John Carre, late of Dryby; and the forsayd George to do with it what he will in hys lyff; and yff it fortune him to decease and the land beyng unsolde, I will that it go to Robert Thornton, my eldyst sone, and to do with it what he will. To Agnes Thornton, my doughter. To Katheryne Thornton. To William Thornton. To Cassander. To Jenet Thornton. To Henry Thornton, my brother. I will that iij kye be ordenyd to kepe my yere day, my fader and my moder, yerly, and the iij kye to be at the puttyng of my brother sir Charlys. I will that my wyffe have my lande tyll the tyme that the chylde cum to discression that he may occupy it hymselff, and sir Charlys my brother to se that they make no waste of the lande nor of the howsys, [etc.]. [folio 128d.] To echone of my godchylder iiijd. Resydue of my goodes to Agnes my wyff, whome I make my executrix; and she to bryng up my chylder tyll the tyme that they be habyll to helpe theym selff, wyth my worshypfull lord Richerd the abbot of Kyrkestede to be the overseer, and he to have for hys costes and labor xxs. Thyes wyttness', sir Thomas Haber; sir Charlys Thornton; Ric' Newcum; Ric' Thomas; with other moy.

Proved before P., at Lincoln, 16 November, 1528. Admin. granted, etc.

[The testament of Margaret West, widow, of Willingham by Stow].

[Stow, 1530–52, f. 230d.]

22 October, 1528. I Margaret West, wedoe, of the paroch of Willingham iuxta Stowe. My body to be buried in the church yerde of Willingham, with my mortuary after the laudable accostom of the said church. To the hie alter of Willingham for tithes and offerringes negligently forgetten iiijd. To the reparacions of our Lady werkes at Lincoln iiijd. I bequeth my howse which I dwelle in, with the garth, landes and medoes, with all other howses and appurtenances belongyng unto it, to the reparacions of the church of Willingham, and to the [folio 231] maynteyning of the steple, and to have yerely ij masses and ij diriges to be doon for the saules of John Weste, my husbande, and myn, and all cristen saules, that on to be doon the daie next after the fest of thappostelles Symon and Judas, if the said daie fall not on the Sondaie, and other to be doon as sone after as may be conveniauntly; and the curat to have yerely for the said ij masses, ij diriges, and also for the bederolle to praye for the saules of the said John West and myn, xvjd., and ijd. to be offerred at the said masses, called commynly hedeman pences, and ijd. to the parich clerk for ryngyng the same daies, according to the accostom, and over that xxd. to be giffon yerely and (fn. 2) brede in (fn. 2) ale to the poor peple. I bequeth an howse, which comynly is called the White howse, with a garth on the south side therunto belongyng, unto Avise Sleford, the wiff of Cristofer Sleford, and to the heires of her body; under this condicion, that she and her heires yerely cause to be doon ij masses and ij diriges with a bederoll for the saules of Robert Gunne and Alyce his wiff and all cristen saules, and the parson or the curat to have for the said masses, diriges and bederoll xvjd., and ijd. to be offerred at the said masses; and to paie yerely jd. to the other howse aforsaid as the cheeff and principall howse. Furthermor, I will that mr Richard Burgh, William Burgh, John West, Thomas West, Thomas Benyngworth, John Benyngworth, Herry Rokley and Richard Rokley, the feoffers of thies my howse and landes as a for is rehersed (except the White howse as a for is specified), shall, at all tymes whan it shalbe thoughed necessary be lerned counsall, make and puttin new feoffers. And I will that Xp'ofer Sleford and Avise his wiff shall dwelle in the principall howse during ther lyves, payng therfor as much as any other will do. Residue of goodes to Cristofer Sleford and Avyse his wiff, and I make mr Ric' Burgh and Thomas Rokley myn executours. Thes beyng wittenes, sir William Childe, curate; John West; and Harry Rokley, the yonger; with other moo.

[No probate act.]

The testament of Thomas Bryge [of Sausthorpe].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 78.]

3 November, 1528. I Thomas Brige of Sausthorp. To John Bryge my all [sic] such certen lands lying in the towne and feldes of Forthyngton and Ulceby, wich I dyd purchese of Mr John Fulneby of Fulneby, esquire, now ded. And yff so be the sayd John cannot obteyne the sayd land and injoy it, I will he sew [sic] the obligacion thereoff to hys use, notwithstandyng my generall deyd and gyft and my afformer will, but ratefying the said dede and will in all other gyfftes, [etc.], whose day beryth date xxviij March, 18 Henry VIII. Wytnes, Sir John Pynder of Saucethorp, chapland; and Alyson Bryg, wyff of the sayd Thomas Bryg; with other moo.

Proved before P., at Horncastle, 15 April, 1529. Admin. granted, etc.

The testament of Eleoner Robynson [of Boston, gentlewoman].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 144.]

3 November, 1528. I Eleaner Robynson, of Boston, jentylwoman, makes my testament and last will. I will have a prest to syng for me in Boston church the space of sex yeres, yff it may be borne. To Thomas Welby, my godsun, my house with the purtenance thereto belongyng, lying att the hospytall ende, in the wich Robert Goodbody late dyd dwell, to hym and to hys heyres of hys body, yff the law will it suffre; and yff the law will not suffer it, then I will the sayd Thomas have the sayd house, [etc.], duryng hys lyff; [remainder] accordyng to the last will of Atlarde Bate, my father. To Frauncys Welby v acres and a halff pastur grounde lying in Wrangyll, to hym and to hys heyres of hys body for evermore. I will that my syster, Anne Welby, receyve of my cossyn, Blase Holland, xxty angell nobils that I dyd lende hym, [folio 144d.] and a golde ryng, or ellys for the golde ryng xxs. And yff my sayd syster receyve the sayd ryng, than I will that Blase Holland, sone of the sayd Blase, have the sayd ryng and x angell nobylls of the xxty beforerehersyd [sic], a fether bede wyth a bolster, a grene coveryng of verder. To Fraunces Holland, my goddoughtter, x angell nobylls of the xxty beforerehersyd. To the said Fraunces a coverled of yellow and redde of huswyffes makyng, a braspott, a lyttyl pott of a pottell, a panne, halffe a garnysh off vessell. I will that the parcellys so gyffyn unto the sayd Blase and Fraunces remayn in the handes of my sayd syster unto such tyme thei cum to laufull age or the day of their mariage; and ether off them to be other heyr of the sayd bequethmentes; and yff it fortune them bothe to dye, then I will my sayd syster dispose the sayd bequethmentes for ther soulys, my soule, Christian Holland soule and all crysten soulys, [etc.]. I will that my syster Anne have all my stoke at Hundyllhouse. The resydue of all my goodes I will my executors have them for to dispose them for the helth off my soule, whom I make my syster, Anne Welby, and Thomas Welby; by the over syght of Mr Thomas Robertson, whome I make supervisor. Thyes beryng witnes, sir Thomas Searsy; frere Thomas Swillyngton; John Swyllyngton; Ric' Clerke; sir Thomas Brygges; with other.

Proved before P., at Boston, 1 February, 1528. Admin. granted to the executors.

The testament of William Hunt [of Frampton].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 140d.]

8 November, 1528. I William Hunt of Frampton makes my testament. To Isabell and Agnes my wyff doughters. I will that my iij chyldren, Robert, Jamys and Elizabeth have all my houshold stuff that I brought to the towne. To Robert my sone my hede messuage with the appurtenaunces and on acre of pasture that I bought of William Clerke, and on acre of arabyll land lying at John Laurence yerde ende, with on acre and a halffe callyd Abe lande, to hym, hys heyres and hys assygnes. I will that ij pesys of pastur the wich I bought of Thomas Spenlowfe remane to Johan my wyff the terme of hyr lyff; and aftur hyr decease [folio 141] to remane to Jamys my sone, with v rode off arabyll lande lying in Rustonyng, and v rode pastur that I bought of William Alger, and ij acr' of arable lande lying in Kyrton Howme, to hym hys heyres and hys assygnes. I will that Robert and Jamys my sonys pay yerly to my mother accordyng to my father hys will (fn. 3) xijs. I will that Elizabeth my doughter have to hyr mariage vjl. xiijs. iiijd., to be takyn vjl. off Richard Hunnyng of Algerkyrke, and of John Laurence xiijs. iiijd. The resydue I putt to the disposicion of Robert Hayland and John Cony of Kyrton, whom I make my executors. Thyes beyng wytnes, Sir John Lee, priest; Thomas Wormesley; and John Tunnarde; with many moy.

Proved at Swyneshed, 29 January, 1528. Admin. granted to the executors.

The testament of Richard Hamond of Wadyngton.

[L.C.C. 1520–31, f. 159d.]

14 November, 1528. I Richerd Hamond makys my testament. My body to be buryed with in the church of Wadyngton, and for my mortuary after the lawe and custome of holy church. To the hygh alter of Wadyngton vjd., and to the church of the same iijs. iiijd., and to our Lady warke of Lincoln vjd. To John Hamond, my cosyn, the sun of my brother, John Hamond, after the decease of me, my house and lande and that I holde by coppy of the college of Tateshale. Moreover I gyff to the sayd John my cosyn all my land and medoy that I holde of the duke (fn. 4) or of any other lord with in the lordshyp of Wadyngton. I wyll that the sayd John my cosyn dispose for the helthe of my soule and of my frendes soulys of hys proper goodes xls. Moreover I gyff to every on of my godchylder a stryk of barly. I wyll that my wyffe have a bed rowme in my house duryng her lyff yff so be that she and my sayd cosyn John can agre togeder. Resydue to Margaret my wyff, whome I make my executrix that she may dispose for my soule and all crysten soulys; and my brother, John Hamond, and my brother Robert, and my cosyn, sir Robert Hamond, prest, to be my supervisors. Thes wytnes, sir Robert Hamond; John Hamond; Robert Hamond; John Osler; Thomas Colson; Thomas Alyn; Wylliam Mason; with other moy.

Proved before P., at Lincoln, 7 May, 1530.

The testament of Helene Atkynson [of Waddingham St. Mary's].

[Stow, 1530–52, f. 3d.]

22 November, 1528. I Elyn Atkynson, sike in body. My body to be buryed in the church of saynt Marys in Wadingham. I bequeth for my mortuarye as the law requires. To the churchwarke of our Lady of Lincoln xijd. To the hye awter of owre Ladys church in Wadingham viijd. To the church warke of the same xijd. To the hye awter of saynt Peters in Wadingham iiijd. To the church warke of the same iiijd. To the chapell of saynt Johan' in Snyterby iiijd. To sir Alex' Castilforth xs. for a trentall. Residew unto myn executors, William Atkinson, Robert Stampe. [folio 4] Thies wytnes, sir Alex' Castilforth; Richard Philip; Roger Philip; John Edward; Thomas Stoderd; with other moo.

Proved before L., at Spittill streit, 21 March, 1530. Admin. granted to William Atkinson, Robert Stampe refusing, [etc.].

The testament of Edmund Knyght [of Wrangle].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 142.]

26 November, 1528. I Edmunde Knyght of Wrangle. To my wyff my dwellyng house and the grounde that it standyth upon duryng hyr lyff; and after her deth I will that my iij doughters have the grounde in fe simple; and yff any of them dye before my wyff, then I will that it remane to them that shall be then alyff; [remainder] to be solde and disposyd for my soule, my wyffes soule and all crysten soulys. Resydue to Helyn my wyff, whome I make my executrix. Thes beyng wittnes, sir Thomas Potter; Ric' Asby; John Knyght; with other.

Proved at Boston, I February, 1528. Admin. granted to the executrix.

The testament of John Chapman [of Thornton le Moor].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 138.]

30 November, 1528. I John Chapman off Thornton. To John my sone xxs. and to every on of my iij dowghters xxvjs. viijd. I witt to sum good honeste prieste xl. for ij yeres salary to be done at Thornton to pray for my soule and all my frende soulys. I will that my feoffys stand feoffed off all such landes, [etc.], as I dyd possesse them in; to receyve all rentes to the ende of viij yeres for the use off thys my will. And [then] I will that my feoffȝ do release to Agnes my wyff all the sayd landes, [etc.], duryng hyr lyff; and [then] I will that the feoffys releyse the landes to John my sone and to the heyres of hys body; [remainder] to my iij doughters and to ther heyres of ther bodys by even porcions to be shyffytt; [remainder] to the other too, and so do descende from on to a nother. The resydue I gyff to Agnes my wyff and to Robert Chapman, my brother, whome I make my executors. And my brother Robert to have for hys labor xs. I mak my sone, John Wryght, over sear with my brother Robert in ferderance off my wyff because she is agyd and may not labor, and he to have for hys pane and labor xs. Thies beyng wittnes, sir Thomas Staynburne, parson ther; John Robynson; William Brompton; and Thomas Athall; with others. I will that John Chapman, my sone, have halffe off all my moveable goodes qwyk and dede, save only my inward howshold stuff, [etc.]. Witnesses as above.

Proved before P., at Market Rasen, 15 January, 1528.

The testament of John Fen [of Halton Holegate].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 139d.]

14 December, 1528. I John Fen off Halton. To Agnes my wyff the house that I bought off sir Thomas Burton the terme off hyr lyff; [remainder] to Bennet [folio 140] my sone and to hys heres or assignes. I will that ij landes that John Smyth dyd gyff me in hys last will be solde for payng off my dettes; and the resydue of my goodes not witt I gyff to Agnes my wyff for to pay my dettes; and I make to be my executors Agnes my wyff and William Harde. Thes wyttnes, sir John Sylke, parysh prest; William Bought; William Sykke; and other moy.

Proved at Spillesby, 21 January, 1528. Admin. granted to the executors.

The testament of John Bayly [of Saltfleet Haven, mariner].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 139.]

16 December, 1528. I John Baly, marener, of Salflethaven in the paryshe of Skydbrowke. To Elizabeth my wyff the house that John my sone dwellys in duryng hyr lyff; and aftyr her deth I will it be sold be my said sone and disposyd for the helth off my soule and my wyffes and all cristen soulys, [etc.]. To John my sone and hys heyres off hys body the house that I dwell in; [remainder to be] sellyd and disposyd for the helth off my soule and my wyffes. To John my sone the Takyll house with all thinges within it; also the house that Kelle dwellyd in, to kepe a obbit for me and my wyff yerly, yff it may be borne. The rest of my goodes to John my sone, whome I make executur. Thies wittnes, sir William Edmundson, curat; William Browght; and William Browne.

Proved before P., at Mukton, 20 January, 1528. Admin. granted to the executor.

The testament of John Coke [of Goxhill].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 138d.]

18 December, 1528. I John Coke of Gouxill. To Agnes my doughter v markes. The resydue not witt I bequeth equally to be devydyd to Jenet my wyff and Henry my son, whom I do make my executors. I do make Thomas my brother and Thomas Hoghson the supervisors. Wittnes heroff, Thomas Clerke; and Roger Gentyll; with many moy.

Proved before P., at Castre, 16 January, 1528. Admin. granted to the executors.

The testament of John May [of St. Margaret's in the +lose, Lincoln].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 140.]

24 December, 1528. I John May off the parysh off saynt Margaretes with in the Close of Lincoln. To Jane my wyff doughter on sylver spone, [etc.]. I will that my wyffe have my beades of corall with lviijty beades, ij rynges and a crucifix of sylver, duryng hyr lyff; and after her decease I will my sone John have them. To Margaret my servant. To John my sone vjl. xiijs. iiijd. when he cumys to laufull age, [etc.]. Resydue to Margery my wyff, whome I make my executrice, she to dispose for my soule as she thynkes most expedyent. I make Master John Smyth, commessary of Stowe, supervisor, and bequeth to hym for hys labor iijs. iiijd. Thyes beyng wytnes, sir Thomas Ingyll, parysh prest; Rauf Balguye, preste; Rauffe Wallys; and Robert Golland; with other moy.

Proved before P., at Lincoln, 23 January, 1528. Admin. granted to the executrix.

The testament of John Medoys of Pynchbek.

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 183d.]

31 December, 1528. I John Medoys of Pynchbek. To William my sone all my land lying in Trustrop and in Falstrop to have and to holde to hym and to hys heyres of hys body; [remainder] to Margaret my doughter and to her heyres of her body; [remainder] to the next of my blode. To Margaret my doughter my house that I dwell in in fee symple to gyff or to sell. All other thynges I putt to the disposicion of William my sonne and Margaret my doughter, whome I make my executors to pay my dettes and to bryng me furthe, with the oversyght of John Tyd. Thyes beyng wyttnes, Wylliam Bewyk, prest; William Robynson; Hewe Cowper; with other moy.

Proved before P., at Spaldyng, 22 March, 1529. Admin. granted to the executors.


  • 1. Altered from 'Margaret'.
  • 2. 'and' and 'in' have been transposed.
  • 3. See L.R.S., v, pp. 170–1.
  • 4. The duke of Lancaster.