Lincoln wills: 1528 (July-September)

Pages 89-97

Lincoln Wills: Volume 2, 1505-1530. Originally published by British Record Society, London, 1918.

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1528 (July-September)

The testament of Richard Clerke, late of the city of Lincoln, gentleman.

[Various, f. 75.]

1 July, 1528, 20 Henry viii. In the name of the Father and the Sonne and the Holy Goste, thre persons and on God: I Richerd Clerke of the parysh of Washyngburgh in the dioc' and countie of Lincoln, beyng hole in body and mynde, laude, prayse and thankes unto allmyghtty God, make, orden and declare thys my testament and last will in forme foloyng: Fyrst, remembryng the moste perfyt example of our moste blessyd Savior Crist Jhesu, the wich in the ende of hys most blessyd and paynfull passion sayd, Pater in manus tuas commendo spiritum meum, so I, synfull creature, gyffys frely and thankfully commendes and beqwethys my pore soule unto allmyghtty God and to our Lady saynt Mary and to all the holy compeny of heven; and my body to be buryed in the parysh church in the qwere nere to the place where the sepulchre usyth to stande, yf so conveniently soo may, or ellys where in the qwere, as my executrice or executers shall provyde, in the parysh church where it shall please God to call me to hys marcy owt of thys transitory worlde, excepte I departe at Lundon or in the suburbys of the same; ffor then I bequeth my body to be buryed at the Savoy aftyr [sic] as shall have substaunce ther to be buryed; or yff I departe at Lincoln, or with in too myles of Lincoln, then I will that my body be buryed in saynt Bennet qwere under the place of the sepulcre even an enste where my mother lyeth of the other syde of the qwere; and my executors to pay for my buryall aftyr the costome. Also I bequeth for my mortuary aftyr the custome. And not that my executors or executrice make no pompouse buryall, but bryng my body to the grounde honestely with owt any solempe rynyng of all the bellys, savyng on peale afore dirige and on other peale at messe, and ellys but on bell be rung continually to I be layd in the grounde in my long bedde. [folio 75d.] I will that the curat or parson beyng present at my dirige, and sayng messe, shall have vijd. for hys labor; and every other prieste that shall syng or say dirige overnight, and messe at the other day, to have vjd.; and ellys suche as shall come in the mornyng and do messe shall have but iiijd.; and every clerke in surples, syngyng in the qwere at messe, to have ijd.; and the parysh clerke to have more, aftyr the costome. To the hygh alter of the Mynster of Lincoln xld.; and to our Lady warkes other xld. To the Frerys Observantes of Newarke, where it please them by the meanys of good frere Barton to get me a letter of brotherhode for me and my wyff, to bestowe it as the father ther for the tyme beyng shall thynke moste convenient, to pray for my soule, xxs. To every of the iiij orders of frerys of Lincoln vjs. viijd. to pray for my soule. To the high alter of saynt Bennet in Lincoln for my tithes not fully satisfyed, yff eny suche be, xiijs. iiijd. I will that ther be sent to the house of Hounslawe xiijs. iiijd. and on sylver spone. And to the house of saynt Robert off Knarysburgh on sylver spone and xld. I wyll that ther shall be no peny dole dolte for me at my buryall, nor none assemble for that cause, to be had at the churche where I shall be buryed, of pore folkes; and I will that warnyng shall be gyffyn theroff. And for that I will that oon hundreth grootes be dolte to on hundreth persons that be in povertie and age, dwellers in the towne ther as I shall departe; and ther be not so many therin the towne, then to sende to the next townes to make up the numbre of fyve score, so that every person may have on grote. Also I will that at my buryall and as shortely aftyr as conveniently may that my executrice or executors [the rest is missing].

[The testament of Robert Colteman of Lincoln, fishmonger].

[L.C.C., 1543–56, f. 69.]

1 July, 1528. I Roberte Colteman, fishmonger, of the citie of Lincoln, with in the parishe of sainte Benett. [folio 69d.] My bodie to be buried in the chauncell of sainte Bennett churche; also for my mortuarie my best indumente, after the custome of the citie. To Roberte my son, iij silver spones, one paire newe wheeles, iij boyttes; and William Smyth, marsher, to have xiijs. iiijd., and to have him and order him as he thinckes best. To Alice my wief, a red ambrie, [etc.], or the third parte of my goodes when my witword is fulfilled. To my mother xxs. and Jenett late my wief best gowne, [etc.]. To oure Ladie warke of Lincoln xijd. To the Clarke gilde xijd. To oure Ladie gilde of sainte Benettes vjs. viijd. to buy a banner clothe. To the labores of sainte Katherines xxd. To Thomas Tebbott my best jackett for his liveraie. To my daughters their mothers raymente divided amonge theim three to make theim raymente with. The residue of my goodes not witt, I bequeathe to Christofer Holtbie and to William Burtonne, whome I make my exequutors; thei to give to a priest vij markes to singe for me and for my wief one yere, if it maie be fulfilled; if not, as far [folio 70] as it will extend, and the residue as thei thincke best; and the said Christofer Holtbie to give to William Burton vjs. viijd., and he to have my meyre, and William Smythe, mercer, to be supervisor. Witnes hereof, Sir Johnne Shakelton; Sir William Ben; William Smyth; Henrie Horne; with other mo.

[No probate act.]

The testament of John Hiche [of Birstall, co. Leicester].

[Lyle, p. 92].

3 July, 1528. I John Hiche, seke in body. My body to be buryed wythin the church ȝarde of sanct John Evangelist of the chapell of Bristall. I bequieth for my mortuary my best good, after the use and custome of the town. To our lady of Lincoln. [page 93] To the church of Belgrave. To the chapell of Thurmastun. To the chapell of Brystall half a quartar maltt to mak them ale to the behowfe of the chapell; yf they wyll nott, I will that my sone Richett schall haife the maltt, and gife them as the markett required. To the same chapell a towell. To my brother in lawe, John Gudȝere. To Wiliam Hews. To my cosing Katheren, my syster daghter, a long coffer and a calfe to mak a cow therof. To my gostly father sir John Helystun iiijd. Residew of my goodes to my sone Ric' and to John Hoppys [sic], wich I mak my lefull executors; but I will that the saide John haife no interest of the goodes [page 94] bott for the profett of my sone Richertt. I will that the said John Hopkyns haife for his labur iiijd. Witnes hereof, sir John Helystun, John Heb'son; Wiliam Huys; withe other moo.

[No probate act.]

The testament of Roger Tonnerde [of Kirton in Holland].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 122d.]

8 July, 1528. I Roger Tonnerde of Kyrton make my testament, concludyng therwyth my last will. To Alice my wyff my house with the grounde under it so long as she kepys hyr sole; and yff she mary, I will she have it xiiij yerys; [remainder] to Humfray my sone and to hys heyres off hys body; [remainder] to my doughters equally to be devyded emonges them. To Rose, Agnes, Maryon and Jenet, my doughters. I will that my cownter in my house be os harelome. Resydue of my goodes to Alice my wyff and Humfrey my sone, whome I make my executors. I will that Thomas Tonnerde be supervisor. Thyes wyttnenssyth, sir John Brewster of Kyrton; William Tonnerde of the same; with other moy.

Proved before P., at Kyrton in Holand, 29 July, 1528. Admin. granted to the executors.

The testament of Henry Bushe [of Wainfleet St. Mary].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 125.]

18 July, 1528. I Henry Bushe off the parysh off our Lady in Waynflet. To Ric', [folio 125d.] Thomas, John and Henry my sones. To Elizabeth and Agnes my doughters. The resydue off all my hosselment I will be devydyd betwyx my [said] doughters. Resydue off goodes I putt them to the discrestion off my executors, whome I ordeyne Ric' Bushe, my sone, and John Hopkynson.

Thys is the last will off me Henry Bushy. To Ric' my sone the house that I wone in in the parysh of saynt Mary of Waynflet with all land pertenyng to the same, and iiij acres callyd Cootlande, and iij acres and a halffe off tyle lande lying in Leverton felde callyd Bust lande. I will that Thomas my sone have my capitall messuage lying in Leuerton, with v acres lying abowt the house, also iij acres in the sayd felde off Leuerton, callyd Cootlande. To John my sone on acre and a halffe lying at Pykyll grene end; also iij stonges lying in the felde of Leuerton, callyd Mattgwyll. To Henry my sone on acre and a halffe at Brushe in the sayd felde [folio 126] of Leuerton; also iij roodes off the west syde of the kylnehouse in Leuerton; also on acre lying att Towne gayt in the felde of Leuerton. To Thomas my sone iij acres lying in Benyngton felde. To Agnes my doughter ij acres at Sand gayt in the felde of Leuerton. To Elizabeth my doughter ij acres lying in the ynges in the sayd felde of Leuerton. Also I wyll yff Thomas decease with owt heyres of hys body, I wyll that John have the forsayd house and landes; [remainder in succession] to Henry and Thomas; and yff Thomas, John and Henry dye with owt heyres of ther bodys, I will that Richerd my sone have all the landes gyvyn to them. Thyes beyng wyttness', sir Ric' Tyrwhyte, vicar and curate off the same parysh; sir John Gryndhall; sir William Hagger; Thomas Kyttloke; John Atwere; John Wylkynson.

Proved before P., at Waynflete, 30 July, 1528. Admin. granted to the executors, that is, to Richard Bushye in the person of John Watkynson, his proctor, and to John Hopkinson.

The testament of William Harcastre of Boston, [mercer].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 179.]

18 July, 1528. I William Hartcastell of Boston, marser. My body to be buryed wher it shall please God that I shall departe; and my mortuary aftyr the custome of the churche. To the high alter of Boston for tithes forgotten xxd. To our Lady of Lincoln xijd. To the fatherles chyldren att saynt Catheryns with owt Lincoln xxd. To the churches of Bullyngbroke and Hawneby xxd. [apiece]. To Elizabeth my wyff the house that I dwell in for terme of lyff with the stable and the garden. To my wyff, to John my sone cum to lawfull age, my house that Pawson dwellys in; [then] she shall delyver it to him; [remainder] to hys brother Thomas Hartcastell at the same tyme. I will that my wyff have all my plate duryng hyr lyff; and aftyr her decease to be devydyd betwyxte my ij chyldren; that is to say, a salte with a cover, weyng xj unces, sex sponys, weyng xij uncis, a Nutte, and a goblytt with owt cover. I will that so long as my wyff will occupy the occupacion of mercery wythin the towne of Boston she to have all the necessaryes of my shoppe. To Thomas my sone xl. at laufull age; and the house that I dwell in with the stable and the garden lying in Keale lane, aftyr the decease of hys mother. To John my sone xl. [folio 179d.] when he shall cum to lawfull age. Yff that other of them departe afore they cum to laufull age, than I will that the parte of hym so deceasyd remane to the over lyffer; and yff they bothe dye or that they cum to lawfull age, then I will bothe the howsys and ther legaces in money, etc., remane to John Hartcastell, my brother, and hys chylder for ever; and yff they dye with owt heyres of ther bodyes, I will the sayd houses be solde be my executors and feoffys and be dysposyd in warkes of charite as they shall thynk best for well of my soule and all crysten soulys. I will the house that I bought of the executors of John Leeke be solde be my executors. To John Hartcastell, my brother, my best gowne, a dooblet off satten and a gyrkyn of dammaske. To John Percy my gowne ffurryd with ffox. To my syster Alice Percy xxs., and to every on of her chylder xxd. To John Bryan of Bullyngbroke xxs. Resydewe of my goodes to be devydyd betwyxte my chylder by the dyscrestion of John Bryan aforesayd, John Hartcastell, my brother, and Elizabeth my wyff, whome I make my executors, with the oversyght off John Browne of Lynne, my father in law, whome I make supervisor, and I bequeth hym for hys labor and besynes vjs. viijd. Thes beryng wytnes, John Richmond; Robert Skamond; John Percy; with other moy.

Proved before P., in the cathedral church of Lincoln, 18 August, 1529. Admin. granted to Elizabeth the relict, in the presence of John Hartcastle, who renounced; reserving power to grant to John Brian.

[The testament of Richard Coldok of Earl Shilton, co. Leicester].

[Lyle, p. 111.]

20 July, 1528. I Richett Coldok of the towne of Schulton, sek in body. My body to be buryed in the churchyard of sancte [page 112] Peter of Schowlton. My best good to my mortuary, aftur the custome of the town. To the mother church of Lincoln ijd. To ye church of Scholton one ȝowe and a lame, ye best that can be schowsyn in ye floke. To Roberte my sonne my hows with the apurtenauns longing therto, aftur ye maner and custom of the town, in recompensing of certaine money that I owd to hym. To my sonne Corneles. I bequeth xxd. to hayf massys said for the helth of my soull, the wich I will be att the dysposing of my gostly father. To Cesele my wife all the residew or and [sic] dispose as sche thynkes best; and thes I mak my executors, Ric' Birchelay and Cecessele my wyfe, to order and dyspose my small substans as they shall think best to plesure of God and hele of my soull. Thes witnes, sir Richett Budworth, prest; John Leche; Henry Furfoke (fn. 1); John Austyn.

[No probate act.]

[The testament of Henry Columbell of Blyton].

[Stow, 1530–52, f. 9.]

20 July, 20 Henry VIII, [a.d. 1528]. I Henry Columbell of Blyton. My body to be buryed in the church of Bliton before saynt Anne, and I there depart. To Margaret my wiffe my purchesyd lande in Marschapell for the terme of hyr liffe to brynge up my childern with; and after her decesse it to be sold, and the guddes and money that [folio 9d.] shalbe taken therfore to be devyded emonges my childern; and the most porest of Robert Knyghtes kyn, wich I bough the said land of, to have xxvjs. viijd. therof, so that the take it bi the way of charyte, elles not one peny. To Margaret my wiffe my purchesyd lande in Bliton for xxviij yeres; and if she departe fro this worlde within the yeres of xxviijth, after her decesse I will that George Columbell have all the lande, yeldinge for the same for six yere purchesse; and the money taken for the same to be devyded emonges my childern. I will that the proufittes and rentes of the landes be devyded emonge my said childern unto the somme of money amowntynge to six yeres be fully paide bi the said George, except and reservyd of the said landes in Blyton on howse now in the tenure of John Westwod, which I will the feoffeȝ therin feoffed shall suffer my wiffe for the terme of her liffe to take the rent theroff to make an anniversarye yerly for me and my wiffe and ower benefactors duryng hyr liffe, all nedfull reparacions at all tymes deducte; and after her decesse, I will my nevew George Columbell and his heres for ever to take and receve the rent therof, to the intent that yerely a dirige and messe of requiem to be done for me and my said wiffe for ever of parcell of the rent; and the residew thereoff to be gyffyn to the moste porest and nedfull in the same parish after there discretions. And if George and his heres do not bestowe the said rent yerely accordinge to this my will, then I will my said feoffȝ do enter into the [folio 10] howse and take the rent theroff, and delyver it to the church masters to the use abovesaid. Also I will that foure poundes sterlinge, wich my broder Roger doth owe me for my childes parte of my faders guddes, that my broder John have xxs. therof, and Henry Columbell, my nevew, other xxs. and my godson, Henry Nedam, have xs., and xs. for on trentall to be done at the church of Darley for the soullys of my fader and of my moder, and xxs. to buy a vestment or a cope to be delyveryd to the church of Blyton. I will that my doughter Dorothe have as gud part of my guddys as eny of myne other doughters, and she have not her feoffment in Clauerynge. To my cosyn George. To Gunthorp my servant. To George my servant. To Henry Blande and Henry Rughton, my godchilder. To Wenefride my servant. I will that Henry Columbell, sonne of George Columbell, have on silver salt with the coverynge to be an herelome at this howse. To Margaret Columbell, sister to the said Henry. To Syr George Smarwhytt vjs. viijd. of the xxs. wich I lent hym. Residew of goods to Margaret my wiffe, whom I make my executrice. Thies beynge wytnesse, George Columbell; and Syr George Smartwith, parson of Pilham; and other.

[folio 10d.] Proved before L., at Lincoln, 27 October, 1531. Admin. granted to Margaret the relict in the person of George Columbell, gentleman, her proctor.

The testament of John Shorys [of Bourne].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 125.]

8 August, 1528. I John Shorys of Burne. To William, John, Robert and Richard my sonys. To Alice and Elizabeth my doughters. Resydue off my goodes to Johanne my wyff, whome I make my executrix. Wytnes herof, John Gyrlyng; George Hobson; and John Wilshyer; with other mooy.

Proved before P., at Burne, 23 September, 1528. Admin. granted to the executrix.

[The testament of William Lamyng of Hackthorn].

[Stow, 1530–52, f. 229d.]

12 August, 1528. I William Lamyng of Hakethorn. First, I witte my saule to almighty God to our Lady sainct Mary and to all the hooly company of heven; and my body to be bureid in the church yerde of Hakthorn. Also my best for my mortuary. Also for for getten tithes half quart' barley. Also for the dischargyng of my conscience anendes the mylne half a quarter of corne. To our Lady of Lincoln xxd. To sainct Hugh heed iiijd., and to sainct Revina iiijd. To every howse of the Freres in Lincoln xijd. To the Mawndy on Shere Thursdaie on quart' of barly. To the fyndyng of a lampe afore our Lady vjs. viijd. To the church of Hakthorn a quart' barly. I will that Jenet my wyff have all the goodes that she brought with her, [etc.]. To my son Robert ij greate oxon, ij stottes, a kowe, a qwye and a horse. To Laurence, William and Edmunde my sons. To Jenett, Elizabeth and Agnes my doghters. To Henry Baxter, Jenett my servant, John Hedon, Jennett Hedon and every on of my godde childer. I make Robert, Lauryns and John my sons myn executours, and I will that they occupie my fermeholde and all that ther to belongith duryng my yeres. The residue of my goodes I giff unto myn executours and my children. I make Thomas Kyrman supervisour. Also Thomas Maynman of Lincoln aughes to me vs.; also Nicholas Williamson of West Raysyn aughes to me vs., and that I giff the church of West Raysyn, and vjs. viijd. to praye for my fader saule, my moder saule and my saule with all cristen saules. Wittenes herof, sir John Gybson, vicar; Thomas Kyrman; John Lammyng; and Thomas Lamyng; with other.

[No probate act.]

The testament of Wiliam Terre of Asforby, [co. Leicester].

[Lyle, p. 107.]

29 August, 1528. I Wiliam Terre of Asforby, sek' in body, mak this my last testament. My body to be buryed in the church of Alhallows of Hasfordby. I bequieth ffor my princypall my best good aftur custome of the town of Asfordeby. To the hee awlter iiijd. To owr lady of Lincoln iiijd. To Sir Nicholas Chetham xs. to singe a trentall for my soull. To Sir Gregory Brystall xs. to say another trentall for me, with other of my freyndys whome I hayf faryd the bettur, in Hasfordeby [page 108] church. To my doghter Margere a cotage howse, callyd Pye howse, during hur lyfe; and aftur to remane to Wiliam Muston, hur sone, and his hayres; yf he departt withowtt heyres, I will it remane to Wiliam Terre, my sonne, and to his assyngnars. To the said Margere ij coffers, my best presse pott, my secund panne, my laytyn basinge, ij candell stekes and a cow. To Annes Fouller, my doghter, a nawmbre, a coffer, a presse pott. To Augnes Terre, dowlther to Robert Terre, a brass pott and panne, and they to be in custody of my executors till sche be of lawfull age. I will ij oxe ganges of my landes be lattyn for x ȝere, and the money that comith clere of ytt to hyre a honest prest a hole yere to singe for me and all my guudes frendes, and then the said ij hostgons of londe with all the howsis, landes and rentes that I have in the town and feldes of Hasfordeby and Grymston to remane to my sonne, Wiliam Terre, and to hys assingners ffor ewer more, except afore except. The resydew of my [sic] not bequieth I will be at the disposicion of my sone, Wiliam Terre, and Ellanor Muston, whome I mak my executors; [page 109] and Wiliam Gregory supervysor. Theis wytnes, Roger Wodus, prest; Wiliam Gregory; Thomas Bredon; and Thomas Webstar; with moo.

[No probate act.]

The testament of T. Palmer [of Great Hale].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 98.]

4 September, 1528. I Thomas Palmer off Grett Hale, makith my last will. I will that iij acres lande kepe my obbyt, my wyff, my father, my mother, my granfather, my granmother, as long as the law will, gyffyng to the vicar vjd. for messe pennys. The resydue to be disposyd in almys dedes. I wyll that my wyff have the house that was Wyrlykan as long as she doth kepe her unmaryd; and aftyr to remane to Robert my sone and my hare. All the resydue off my goodes I gyff to Robert my sone and hare, whome I make my executor to dispose as he thynkes best for the profet off my soule. Wytnes heroff, William Gerge; William Bowthe; John Bell; with other.

Proved before P., at Swaton, 19 October, 1529. Admin. granted to the executor.

The testament of W. Koke [of Partney].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 139.]

20 September, 1528. I William Koke of Parteney makes thys my last testament. To William Kok, Thomas Koke and John Kok, my sones. To Jenet Koke, Agnes and Alyson Koke, my doughters. Yff it so fortune that yff anny of thes my chylderen do departe or they cum to lefull age, [etc.]. The resydue off [folio 139d.] my goodes not bequest I gyff them to Margaret my wyff, whome I make my executrix; and John Koke, my sone, to be the supervisor.

Also I William Koke by thys my last will willys and gyffes to Margaret my wyff her lyff the house that I now wne in, the wich I bought late off Rawff Grene off Parteney; the wich house standes at the north ende of Parteney, and buttes off the est off the hyghe way, and on the west off the landes off Mr Thorpeth, and off the north off the landes off the lorde Willughby; with on oder house, wich off late I bought off Ric' Sutton, wich standes at the north ende of Parteney, and buttes off the est off the lorde Willughby, and off the south off the lorde of Hagneby, and off the west off the hyghe way; with on coppy holde takyn off the lorde Willughby off a certeyn lande callyd Bawdwynwang; [remainder in succession] to William Koke, Thomas Kok and John Kok, my sones, and the heyres of their bodies; [remainder] to Jenet Kok, Agnes Kok and Allyson Kok, my doughters. Thes beryng wittnes, sir William Kolle; Thomas Grene; William Kempe; with other moy.

Proved at Spillesby, 21 January, 1528. Admin. granted to the executrix.


  • 1. Or 'Surfoke'.