Taxation of the clergy, 1379-81: Poll tax of 1381 in city of London

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The Church in London, 1375-1392. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1977.

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173. [E179/42/10a face. Incomplete. Each person is assessed at 3s 4d.] St Mary Magdalen Milk Street (Melkstrete). Chaplains: John Barbour, William Salman, Andrew, Richard Schalgrave.

174. St Mary Magdalen Old Fish Street. Rector: John Brampton; chaplains: Roger de Holtham, John de Salisbury, Thomas de Henyngham.

175. St Mary Mounthaw. Rector: William Barowe; chaplain: Stephen Walche.

176. St Mary Staining. Rector: John Edward; chaplain: William.

177. St Margaret Fish Street Hill. Rector: Robert; chaplains: John Grantham, Robert Coggeshale, William Horn, John Little.

178. St Margaret Lothbury (Lothebury). Rector: Roger Farndon; chaplains: William Wermyngton, John Borham, Richard Smith, Gilbert Amory.

179. St Margaret Pattens (Patyns). Rector: John.

180. St Margaret Moses Friday Street. Rector: John Fraunceys; chaplains: John Wedon, Nicholas.

181. St Mildred Poultry. Rector: William Pynchebek; chaplains: Robert Sely, Thomas de Muston, John de Broghton.

182. St Mildred Bread Street (Bredstrete). Rector: John Malton; chaplains : John Essex, John Tikhull, John Besewyk, Robert Besewyk, Henry Hothom, John Stormesworthe, John Garforde, William Henry.

183. St Martin Orgar. Rector: William Cestre; chaplains: Richard Mayon, Nicholas Asscheborn.

184. St Martin Ludgate. Rector: John; chaplains: Roger Hake, Robert Clerk, John Mulsham, Laurence Howet, John Rifton (?), Richard Bokbynder.

185. St Martin Vintry. Rector: Roger Lemsterr; chaplains: Thomas Bartlot, Thomas, Walter, John Hoton.

186. St Martin Pomery. Rector: John Redhod; chaplains: Thomas Barowe, John Colyntre, Stephen Benet.

187. St Martin Oteswich. Rector: William; chaplains: Richard, Walter Rous.

188. St Matthew Friday Street. Rector: John Eccleshale; chaplains: William Forneux, John Borgeloun, William Seuster (?), William Meldeborn, Thomas, Richard.

189. St Magnus The Martyr. Rector: Walter; chaplains: Henry, Philip Canoun, Robert Caster (?), John Staunton, Robert Welsokyn, John Lyndiseye, John Cauntirbury, Thomas Howlf.

190. Chapel [Of St Thomas The Martyr] On The Bridge. Chaplains: John atte Welle, Walter Coteler, Robert, William.

191. St Nicholas Cole Abbey (Coldabbeye). Rector: John Baude; chaplains: Ralph Donyngton, William Jewel, Robert Pitton, William de Upton, John de Bokyngham, William Algere, John dwelling with the rector.

192. St Nicholas Acon. Rector: William; chaplain: John Haukyn.

193. Total: persons: 93.                 92 persons. (fn. 1)

                 subsidy: £15 10s 0d.    £15 10s 0d. (fn. 1)

194. [dorse] Hospital (House) Of St Thomas Acon. Master: Richard Aired; brothers, domini: Richard Sewell, Laurence Barnet, Nicholas Licchesfeld, Thomas Bakedale, Thomas Wynchecombe, Thomas Ysaak.

195. Abbey Of St Mary Graces. Abbot: William de Warden; monks, brothers: John de Forda, Thomas de Ledis, Richard Passtheneye, Jordan Bikeliswade, Semanius de London, Roger Ykham.

196. Charterhouse. Prior: John; monks, brothers: four called John, two called Robert, Hugh, Richard, Walter, Edmund, Matthew, Peter, Guy; lay brother: Thomas.

197. House Of The Nuns Of Haliwell (Haldwell). Prioress: Anne; nuns, domine: Helen Grosham, Isabel Norton, Joan Hide, Joan Parker, Isabel Causton, Joan Broun, Elizabeth Arundel, Margaret Bernham, Joan Spencer, Joan Pentre, Alice Yonge, Agnes Lymbury.

198. Bethlehem Hospital. Master: brother William Tuce.

199. New Temple. Master: John Burford.

200. House Of Minoresses Without Aldgate. Abbess: Eleanor; and twenty-six sisters. Total: £4 10s 0d. [Damaged] 44(?) persons. £7 6s 8d.

201. Total: persons: 71.

                 subsidy: £11 16s 8d.

Approved for allocation at the foot of his account.

The collector asks to be excused from: £4 10s 0d for the said minoress abbess and sisters, under (per) a privy seal writ of 1 March 4 Richard II; [the money due] from Robert Halewey chaplain, under a privy seal writ of 8 March 4 Richard II; [the money due] from Robert Gadham chaplain under a royal writ of 26 February 4 Richard II.

202. Sum total of these two rolls.

Priests, beneficed and unbeneficed, regular and secular: 631.

Subsidy: £211 10s 6d; from each person: 6s 8d.

Whence a surplus (unde de incro'): £1 3s 4d [rectius £1 3s 10d].

Clerks: 34; subsidy: £1 3s 4d, viz. from each person 1s 0d.


  • 1. & 2. Total crossed through.