Taxation of the clergy, 1379-81: Poll tax of 1381 in deanery of Bow

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The Church in London, 1375-1392. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1977.

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203. [E179/42/11 m. 1] London. Particulars of the account of Robert de Bere and Adam Pritewell rectors (fn. 1) [of St Michael Paternoster and All Hallows] Lombard Street (Grascherche) London collectors of the subsidy of 6s 8d (fn. 2) [. . . from the clergy both beneficed and unbeneficed] regular and secular granted to (fn. 3) the king by the clergy in the fourth year [of his reign] in the deanery [of Bow . . .] by the venerable father Simon late archbishop of Canterbury for [. . .]


St Mary Le Bow (de Arcubus). Rector, John de Tynworth, paying £1 10s; chaplains: Thomas Rouseby, John Peioun; perpetual chaplain: John Sholdham; chaplains: William Lightfoot, John Frend, Robert Baker.

204. [St Mary] Aldermary (Aldermanchirche). Rector, Henry Meddebury, paying £1 10s; perpetual chaplains: Geoffrey de Osmoston, Henry Spencer, John Rache; chaplains: Edmund Walsyngham, Robert de Etton.

205. St Michael Paternoster (de Paternosterchirche). Rector, Thomas [sic] de Bere, paying 13s 4d; perpetual chaplains: John Chaumberlayn, Thomas Buk; chaplains: Walter Chircheman, John White.

206. St Pancras. Rector, Robert Martyn, paying £1 3s 4d; perpetual chaplains: John Rommeseye, William Sagowe, William Temple; chaplains: John Pleystowe, William Bersyngham; perpetual chaplain: Henry Jolipas.

207. St John The Evangelist. Rector, Edmund Wymundeswold, paying 10s; chaplain: Nicholas de Hanchirche.

208. All Hallows Bread Street. Rector, John Clifton, paying £1 13s 4d; chaplains: William Hoo, Richard Gondeby, Ralph Peykerk, Robert Northborowe, Stephen Kirkstede, Edward Hoper, Thomas Wellendon, John Gueth, William atte Halle.

209. St Vedast. Rector, John Lynton, paying £1 13s 4d; chaplains: Nicholas Hauley, Hugh Lynton, Thomas de Heghfeld, William Roilund, Thomas Redyng, John Roos, John Clerc.

210. St Mary Bothaw (Bothehawe). Rector, William Robert, paying £1 3s 4d; chaplains: John Taunton, John Parker, Richard [damaged] rmyn, Robert Barton, John Broke; chaplains of the prior of St Mary Bishopsgate (Bisshopisgate): John, Robert.

211. St Leonard Eastcheap (Estchepe). Rector, Geoflfrey de la Launde, paying £1 10s; chaplains: Nicholas Fallardeston, John Weston, John Aston, Richard Baillip, John Levenoth; perpetual chaplain: Elias Archier; chaplain: Thomas Lubry.

212. St Michael Crooked Lane (Crokedlane). Rector, Roger Peres, paying £1 13s 4d; chaplains: Thomas [damaged] areis, Richard Warmyngton, William Spaldyng, Thomas Sibile, Robert Gloucestre, William Sutton, John Parker, John Taket, John Randolf, Thomas Newton, John Croidon, William Dalyngton, John Kirton.

213. All Hallows Lombard Street (Graschirche). Rector, Adam de Pritewell, paying 13s 4d; chaplains: Thomas Marchaunt, Roger de Lemie.

214. St Dunstan In The East. [m. 2] Rector, William Islep, paying £2 3s 4d; chaplains: William Melton, Richard Newport, Richard atte Lee, John Baron, Stephen Taunton, Thomas Wodehous, John Fakenham, Robert Donwirth, William Wircestre, Richard Wircestre, John More, John Assh, William Thorn, William Noverton, Thomas Shirbourne, John Dreyton, John Jay, John Mawton.

215. St Dionis Backchurch. Rector, Henry Robert, paying £1 10s; chaplains : John Preston, William Middleton, Richard Grosby, John Lakynton.

Total money as far as here: £34. Approved.

Total persons: 102. Approved.

And so for each person 6s 8d. Approved.

216. Clerks paying 1s each: Thomas Derbi, St Mary Aldermary; William Shirbourne, St Michael Paternoster; Robert Lambard, All Hallows Bread Street; John Pountfree, St Leonard Eastcheap; John Tedeshore [St Michael] Crooked Lane; John Archier, [All Hallows] Lombard Street. Total money from clerks: 6s. Total persons: 6. This is 1s per clerk. Approved.


  • 1. The right hand side of the document is damaged at the top.
  • 2. '20 groats' in ms. Each chaplain is assessed at 3s 4d, each perpetual chaplain at 6s 8d.
  • 3. Interlined from here until the next square bracket.