Taxation of the clergy, 1379-81: Poll tax of 1381 in archdeaconry of Middlesex

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The Church in London, 1375-1392. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1977.

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217. [E179/44/347 m. 1] Particulars of the account of the prior of Holy Trinity London collector in the archdeaconry of Middlesex of a subsidy granted by the clergy to the king in the fourth year [of his reign].

[Each person pays 3s 4d unless otherwise stated, except in the case of clerks who invariably pay 1s.]


Royston [Priory]. John prior £1 3s l½d; John (2), Edmund (2), William canons.

218. Barley (Berle). John [de Duncryco] rector 11s; William, John celebrants ; William clerk.

219. Barkway (Berkewey). William [Bunch] vicar 6s 8d; John celebrant; William clerk.

220. Reed (Rede). John [Petyt] rector 10s l½d; John Stacy clerk.

221. Buckland (Bokelond). Richard [Chamberlyn] rector 15s 3½d; William celebrant; Thomas clerk.

222. Biggin [Hospital] (Byggyng). William master 16s 4d; William brother.

223. Wyddial (Wydiale). James rector 7s 1d.

224. Layston (Leyston). Simon vicar 7s.

225. Alswick (Alswyk). Robert celebrant 7s 10d.

226. Anstey (Ansty). John rector 8s; William celebrant; William clerk.

227. Meesdon (Mesdon). Richard rector 8s.

228. Brent Pelham (Pellam Arsa). Robert vicar 6s 8d.

229. Stocking Pelham (Stokpellam). Alexander [Podemey] rector 6s 8d.

230. Furneux Pelham (Pellam Fornwos). John vicar 6s 8d; Robert celebrant; John clerk.

231. Aldbury (Aldebery). William vicar 7s 9½d; Richard chaplain; John clerk.

232. Much Hadham (Haddam Magna). William rector 16s 10d; John chaplain.

233. Little Hadham (Haddham Parva). Richard chaplain.

234. Bishop's Stortford (Storteford). Philip [at Brugg] vicar 6s 8d; Thomas, John celebrants; John clerk.

235. Thorley (Thorle). John rector 6s 8d; John chaplain.

236. Sawbridgeworth (Sabriscworth). Thomas (fn. 1) vicar 9s; Geoffrey, John celebrants; John, Stephen clerks.

237. Gilston (Gedlaston). Richard [Troubrigge] rector 7s 9d.

238. Eastwick (Estwyk). John rector 6s 8d.

239. Widford (Wydeford). John [Dykeman] rector 6s 8d.

240. Hunsdon (Honisdone). Thomas rector 7s.

241. Stanstead Abbots (Stanstede). Henry vicar 8s 2½d.

242. Stanstead St Margarets (Thele). Ralph [at Hall] rector 6s 6½d; John (fn. 2) celebrant; Thomas clerk.

243. Broxbourne (Brokesborne). John vicar 6s 5d; Bartholomew celebrant; William clerk.

244. Cheshunt (Chesthunte). Simon rector 16s 4d; John vicar 6s 8d; Thomas, John celebrants; Thomas clerk.

245. Amwell. Angerus [Cadeneye] vicar [damaged]; John celebrant.

246. Ware. Philip [Hertford] vicar 7s 6d; John, William, John celebrants; John clerk.

247. Thundridge (Thundrych). John chaplain.

248. Standon (Stondon). Thomas vicar 6s 8d; William, John chaplains; Thomas clerk.

249. Braughing. Robert vicar 7s 9d; Adam celebrant; Geoffrey clerk.

250. Little Hormead (Hormed Parva). John (fn. 3) rector 6s 5d.

251. Great Hormead (Hormed Magna). Nicholas [at Lane] vicar 6s 8d.

252. [m. 2] Approved. Total chaplains: 66.
                                   subsidy: £20 6s 11½d.
                                   clerks: 16.
                                   subsidy: 16s.

253. HEDINGHAM DEANERY (Hityngham).

[Unheaded]: John celebrant; Richard parochial chaplain.

254. Castle Hedingham (Hengham Castre). John, William celebrants; Agnes prioress; Katherine subprioress; Margaret, Margery, Alice sisters.

255. Halstead (Halstede). Robert vicar 6s 4d; Robert, Richard celebrants; Richard clerk.

256. Gestingthorpe (Gestyngthorp). William rector 6s 4d; Richard vicar 7s; John clerk.

257. Belchamp Walter (Bewchamp Simonis). Richard vicar 7s 9½d; Robert clerk.

258. Belchamp Otton (Belchampot'). John rector 7s; John celebrant; John clerk.

259. Ovington (Ovintone). Robert rector 6s 9½d.

260. Pentlow (Pentelowe). Roger rector 8s ½d; Peter celebrant.

261. Foxearth (Foxherde). John rector 5s 6½d.

262. Liston (Lyston). Walter rector 6s 2½d.

263. Borley (Borle). William rector 7s; Richard celebrant.

264. Ballingdon cum Brundon (fn. 4) (Brondone). James [Thyrlowe] rector 7s 5d.

265. Bulmer (Bulmere). Nicholas [de Fladbury] rector 15s 8d; John celebrant.

266. Middleton (Middilton). John rector 7s 3d.

267. Little Henny (Heney Parva). Hugh rector 7s 5d.

268. Great Henny (Heney Magna). Andrew [Gerard] rector 5s 5d; William celebrant.

269. Lamarsh (Lamersch). John [Litele] rector 6s 8d.

270. Alphamstone (Alfhampston). Alan rector 6s 5d.

271. Pebmarsh (Pebemerch). John [Wayte] rector 6s l1d. Henry celebrant; Roger clerk.

272. Little Maplestead (Mapelstede Parva). Richard parochial chaplain.

273. Great Maplestead (Mapilstede Magna). John vicar 6s 1d.

274. Sible Hedingham (Hengham Sibil). John [Stanfeld] rector 6s 5½d; John celebrant; Thomas clerk.

275. Gosfield (Goffeld). Adam vicar 8s 6½d; Richard celebrant; William clerk.

276. Shalford (Schaldeford). William vicar 7s 5d; Robert celebrant; William clerk.

277. Great Saling (Salyng). John vicar 6s 7d.

278. Stebbing (Stebbyng). John vicar 6s 3½d; William celebrant; Robert clerk.

279. Finchingfield (Fynchingfeld). John vicar 11s 2d; Robert, John celebrants; Alexander clerk.

280. Steeple Bumpstead (Bumstede). John [Miskham] vicar 5s 9d; Geoffrey clerk.

281. Sturmer (Starmere). John rector 6s.

282. Birdbrook (Brydbroke). John rector 8s 4d; John celebrant.

283. Stambourne (Stanborae). Richard [Goderam] rector 6s 2d; John celebrant.

284. Ridgewell (Radiswelle). John vicar 7s 5d.

285. Toppesfield (Topisfeld). John rector 7s 6d; Stephen vicar 5s 4d; John celebrant.

286. Great Yeldham (Gelham Magna). Richard rector 9s 8d.

287. Little Yeldham (Gelham Parva). John [Hervy] rector 6s 4d; John celebrant.

288. Wickham St Paul's (Wyham Paul). Thomas rector 5s 5½d; Roger clerk.

289. Panfield (Pandefeld). Robert rector 7s l0d.

290. Rayne (Reynes Parva). Richard [de Orcheston] rector 9s 2d; John celebrant.

291. Braintree (Reynes Magna). John [Champayne] rector 11s 8d; Thomas vicar 7s 5d; Gervaise celebrant.

292. Wethersfield (Werisfeld). Thomas rector 6s 5½d; Thomas, Richard celebrants; William (fn. 5) clerk.

293. Tilbury-juxta-Clare (Tilbery). Robert [Lyrycocke] rector 6s 3½d; Edmund celebrant.

294. Twinstead (Twynstede). N [sic] rector 8s 8d.

295. Approved. Total chaplains: 75.
                                  subsidy: £20 19s 2½d.
                                  [m. 3] clerks: 13.
                                  subsidy: 13s.

296. DUNMOW DEANERY (Donmowe). Tilty [Abbey] (Tyltey). William abbot 14s 4½d; Clement, John, Thomas, John (2), William monks.

297. Dunmow [Priory]. John [de Swafham] prior 16s 4d; John, Stephen, Henry, Edmund, Thomas, John (2), Thomas, Henry canons.

298. Good Easter (Godestre). John vicar 6s 9d.

299. Thaxted (Thaxstede). Thomas celebrant [sic] 9s 8d; Robert (2), William celebrants; Robert, John clerks.

300. Great Dunmow (Donmowe Magna). John [de Capell] rector 11s 2d; William celebrant; John [Spicer] vicar 8s l0d; William Bette celebrant; John Herry, John Brydd clerks.

301. Felstead (Felstede). John vicar 8s; Robert celebrant; John clerk.

302. Barnston (Bermston). William rector 4s 8d.

303. Pleshey (Plesch'). John vicar 7s 4d; Robert celebrant; John clerk.

304. High Easter (Alta Estre). John vicar 8s.

305. Mashbury (Maschbery). Richard rector 9s.

306. Shellow Bowells (Schelwe). Richard rector 6s 8d.

307. Willingale Doe (Wylinghale Do). John rector 7s.

308. Willingale Spain (Wilinghaleand'). William [Beverage] rector 7s.

309. Berners Roding (Rothingberners). Roger chaplain 5s.

310. Margaret Roding (Rothingmerger'). William [Stacy] rector 7s 8d.

311. Leaden Roding (Rothingplumbea). Richard rector 5s 5½d; John chaplain.

312. White Roding (Rothing Alba). Richard rector 15s.

313. Aythorpe Roding (Rothingaytorpe). John rector 4s 8d; Richard Coventre.

314. High Roding (Rothing Alta). Richard rector 13s 1d; John Crespyn celebrant.

315. Great Canfield (Canfeld Magna). Thomas vicar 7s 9½d; John clerk.

316. Little Canfield (Canfeld Parva). John Ansty rector 5s 5d; John clerk.

317. Little Easton (Eston Parva). John [Brunne] rector 5s 5d.

318. Lindsell (Lyndesele). John vicar 6s.

319. Wimbish (Wymbich). John celebrant.

320. Chickney (Chakeneye). John rector 7s 9½d; Robert celebrant.

321. Broxted [Chaureth] (Chaurer). William vicar 7s 5d; William clerk.

322. Approved. Total chaplains: 53.
                                  subsidy: £15 5s 6d.
                                  clerks: 9.
                                  subsidy: 9s.

323. HARLOW DEANERY (Herlawe).

Hatfield [Priory] (Hatfeld). John prior 13s 5d; John subprior; Roger, Nicholas, Bartholomew, John, William canons.

324. Hatfield Broad Oak (Hatfeld Regis). John vicar 8s; Thomas, John (2) celebrants; Richard, William clerks.

325. [m. 4] Harlow (Herlowe). William [de Humberston] rector 13s 4d; John chaplain; William celebrant.

326. Sheering (Scheryng). Ralph [Harpele] rector 9s 8d; John celebrant.

327. Matching (Machyng). John Northyn vicar 5s 3½d; William celebrant.

328. Latton [Priory] (Lattone). Peter prior 6s 8d; William vicar.

329. Netteswell (Nettliswell). Ralph rector 7s 9½d.

330. Great Parndon (Pendon Magna). Thomas rector 5s.

331. Little Parndon (Pendon Parva). For which John Northyn [pays] 6s.

332. Roydon (Reydon). Richard [Wokking] vicar 7s; William with lady Tiptot.

333. Great Hallingbury (Halingbury Magna). Robert rector 6s 6d; John celebrant.

334. Little Hallingbury (Halingbury Parva). William rector 5s 11½d.

335. Approved. Total chaplains: 28.
                                  subsidy: £7 7s 11½d.
                                  clerks: 2.
                                  subsidy: 2s.

336. MIDDLESEX DEANERY (Middilsex).

Ogbourne [Priory] (fn. 6) (Okeborne). Prior £1 18s 10d; Philip vicar 9s 6d.

337. Harmondsworth [Priory] (Hermedesworth). Richard prior £1 18s 3d; John vicar; John brother.

338. Stanwell. Richard [de Thorp] rector 19s 2d; Richard vicar 5s 8d; Robert clerk.

339. Shepperton (Scheperton). Thomas rector. 7s; Peter celebrant.

340. Littleton? (Litchyngton). Peter rector 11s 5d; William celebrant.

341. Harlington (Herdyngton). John rector 6s.

342. Hillingdon (Hylingdon). William vicar 6s 8d; William celebrant; Thomas clerk.

343. Cowley (Couele). John rector 6s.

344. Ickenham (Ikynham). John [de Brokhampton] rector 8s.

345. Northolt (Northalle). Thomas vicar 7s.

346. Greenford (Grenford Magna). John rector 5s ½d.

347. Perivale (Grenford Parva). Edmund [Letys] rector 7s 5d.

348. Stanmore (Stanmere). Thomas [Strete] rector 7s 6½d.

349. Hendon. Thomas [de Evere or Eure] rector 17s 10d; Thomas vicar 9s; John celebrant.

350. St Clement Danes (Clement London). William rector 7s 8d.

351. Strand (Stronde). John rector 18s 1d; Richard celebrant.

352. St Martin in the Fields (Martin in Campo). John vicar 3s 4d.

353. Chelsea (Chelcheth). Richard rector 11s 6½d; John clerk.

354. Acton. Richard [de Pertenhale] rector 7s; William celebrant; John clerk.

355. Stepney (Stebenheth). Robert [Crull] rector £1 6s 2d; Nicholas [Dene] vicar 11s 2d; John celebrant; John clerk.

356. Fulham. William [de Shirbourne or Ilberd] rector £1 7s 11½d; John vicar 6s 3½d; Nicholas celebrant.

357. Hackney (Hakyneye). Thomas [de Myddleton] rector £1 6s 4d; Roger [Slatburn] vicar; John clerk.

358. Hanworth. John [Bakere] rector 5s 8d.

359. Bedfont (Bedefont). Alan [Shodington] vicar 6s.

360. Feltham. John vicar 7s. 4d.

361. Staines (Stanis). Thomas [Gilmyn] vicar 6s 2d; William clerk.

362. Kensington. William vicar 15s 7d.

363. Isleworth? (Killworth). Laurence vicar 7s 9d.

364. Twickenham (Twykinham). Michael [de Shires] vicar 6s 10d.

365. Cranford. Henry [Casse] rector 7s 10d.

366. Stratford-At-Bow [Priory] (Strattford). Mary [Suharde] prioress; Felicity subprioress; Julia, Joan, Argentina, Joan, Isabel, Joan, Alice, Letitia, Alice, Margaret, Katherine, Margaret nuns.

367. [m. 5] Brentford (Braynford). John rector 17s 3d.

368. Harringay (Haringeye). Ralph rector 7s 9d.

369. Finchley (Fynchisley). John rector 7s 9d.

370. Tyburn (Tyborne). William chaplain.

371. Enfield (Enefeld). John [de Ekyndon] vicar 8s 10d; John, William celebrants.

372. Tottenham (Totenham). John vicar 6s; William clerk.

373. Ealing (Jellyng). Richard vicar 7s.

374. Chiswick. John vicar 8s 4d.

375. Hounslow (Houndeslowe). Brother William minister; Simon, Geoffrey, Robert brothers.

376. Harefield (Herefeld). Philip chaplain.

377. Monken Hadley (fn. 7) (Manncherche). John chaplain.

378. Heston (Eston). John vicar 6s 5d.

379. Hampton (Hamptone). Richard [Mansell] vicar 6s 2d.

380. Sunbury (Sunnebery). Richard vicar 7s 4d; Thomas celebrant.

381. Laleham. William vicar 5s 2d.

382. South Mimms (Southmimys). Richard vicar 6s 2d.

383. Willesden (Wilisden). Thomas vicar 8s 2d.

384. Edgware (Egiswere). Walter celebrant.

385. Whitchurch (Stanmere Parva). William celebrant 6s 8d.

386. Kingsbury (Kyngisbery). Richard celebrant 5s 8d.

387. St Giles Hospital [Holborn]. Brother William [Croxton] master 6s 8d; Nicholas brother; William, Henry celebrants.

388. Kilburn [Priory] (Kylborn). Alice prioress; Katherine, Maud, Margery, Emma, Margaret nuns.

389. St John Hospital. Brother John; Roger, Adam, William.

390. Westminster [Abbey]. Nicholas [Litlington] abbot £14 13s 4d; John Exeter, John Mirymuth, Walter Warefeld, William Mordon, John Wrattyng, Richard Chichestre, Robert Hereford, John Stowe, William Colchestre, John Lagyngheth, John Ovyngton, John Catisbery, John Faringho, William Lythington, Peter Cowmbe, John Gyffard, William Wittlisford, Roger Denham, Thomas Warwyk, Richard Merlawe, Robert Athelard, Bartholomew London, Nicholas Cherynton, Thomas Pomfreyt, John London, John Sutton, Richard Palgrave, John Sandon.

391. St Margaret Westminster. William parochial chaplain; Simon, William, Nicholas, John celebrants; Thomas clerk.

392. St James Hospital. Thomas Orgrave master [damaged]; Nicholas Weston, Roger, Nicholas, Thomas celebrants.

393. The King's Chapel At Westminster. William Sleford dean £1 1s; John Corby, Thomas Orgrave, Nicholas Salesbery, Ralph Kesteyn, Thomas Midilton, John Henle, Robert Derby, William Wenlok, William Beverle, Richard Clifford, John Welyngboruth canons paying 9s each; William Dedynton, William Mayn, Henry Wynchestre, [m. 6] John Warwyk, Thomas Grantham, John Hespley, John Cassell, William Holstret, John Mauntoft, Thomas Exstede, Thomas Oefford vicars.

394. Approved. Total persons regular and secular: 162.
                                  subsidy: £64 4s ½d. (fn. 8)
                                  clerks: 9s.
                                  subsidy: 9s.

395. Approved. Sum total persons secular and regular: 384.
                                  subsidy: £128 (fn. 9) viz. from each person 6s 8d.
                                  clerks: 49.
                                  subsidy: £2 9s viz. from each person 1s.

Approved. Sum total received £130 9s. (fn. 10)


  • 1. 'John' lightly written above.
  • 2. 'Arnold' written above.
  • 3. 'William' written above [perhaps William Hornby].
  • 4. Now in Suffolk.
  • 5. 'Thomas' interlined.
  • 6. Not conventual.
  • 7. Now in Hertfordshire.
  • 8. '½d' crossed out.
  • 9. '17s 5d' and '14s 4d' crossed out.
  • 10. 'Sum total received £127 13s 4d' crossed out.