Minutes of a Whig Club: 1716-17

London Politics 1713-1717 Minutes of A Whig Club 1714-1717, London Pollbooks 1713. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1981.

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'Minutes of a Whig Club: 1716-17', in London Politics 1713-1717 Minutes of A Whig Club 1714-1717, London Pollbooks 1713, (London, 1981) pp. 36-47. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/london-record-soc/vol17/pp36-47 [accessed 19 April 2024]

103. (p. 121) Monday, 2 January 1716. Present: Col. Shorey, Major Hatley, Mr Daye, Mr Raper, Mr Fisher.

Letters to be sent to all the gentlemen who have had money that they are desired to be at the next meeting when the account is to be made up.

49. Bassishaw, paid more to Col. John Shorey as per warrant: £7 10s.

Paid to make up the reckoning this night: 3s.

104. (p. 122) Thursday, 5 January 1716. Present: Mr Perry, Mr Bagshaw, Col. Shorey, Mr Egleton, Capt. Langley, Mr Cooper, Mr Younge, Mr Fisher, Mr Eyles, Mr Lloyd, Mr Woodford, Major Lechmere.

Castle Baynard expenses: £49 19s.

Candlewick expenses: £27 1s. 2d.

Queenhithe expenses: £45 13s. 1d.

Billingsgate expenses: £26 17s. 7d. Ditto, more for copy of the poll: 10s.

50-1. Broad Street, paid more to Mr Woodford as per two warrants: £10.

Received by the surplus of the reckoning this night: 5s. 6d.

105. Tuesday, 10 January 1716.

Memorandum, Mr Woodford gave direction that the club be summoned to meet on Thursday next.

106. (p. 123) Thursday, 12 January 1716. Present: Col. Shorey, Mr Trench, Capt. Langley, Mr Daye, Mr Cooper, Mr Gouge, Mr Cooke, Mr Younge, Mr Fisher, Mr Egleton, Mr Eyles, Mr Craggs, Mr Thompson, Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Major Lechmere, Mr Bagshaw, Major Hatley, Mr Woodford.

Aldgate expenses: £51 13s. 6d.

Vintry expenses: £13 16s. 6d.

Langbourn expenses: £18 10s. 4d.

Members in the Common Council who may be influenced.

Aldersgate Within: Major John Smart, by Dr Fauquier and Sir Gilbert Heathcote; Deputy Lawrence Coles, by the Lord Mayor [Sir Charles Peers]; Capt. Joseph Bird, by Sir Daniel Wray, and he by Lord Mayor.

Aldersgate Without: Capt. Wild, by Mr Vincent (Stationer to the Excise), by Mr Morris (the undertaker), and by Mr Sprint; Capt. William Smith, by Sir Randolph Knipe.

Aldgate: Deputy George Waylett, by Mr John Eyles.

Bassishaw: Deputy John Eyer, by Mr Nathaniel Herne; (p. 124) William Monck, by Col. John Shorey.

Billingsgate: Joseph Shepherd, by Mr James Fisher and Mr John Thompson; John Godden, by Sir William Humfreys and Mr Clay; Joseph Chaplin, by Lord Mayor and Mr Henry Hankey.

Bishopsgate Within: John Lloyd, by Mr John Daye; Henry Durley, by Commissioners of the Navy, Mr Samuel Shepheard, and Mr John Thompson.

Broad Street: Robert Burchall, by Sir John Ward.

Bridge: James Tallman, by Mr James Fisher and Mr Richard Clay; Richard Durnford, by ditto; James Brook, by Mr John Baskett.

Castle Baynard: Francis Mollineux, by Lord Falkland; Benjamin Tomlinson, by Mr Henry Cornish. [Both] by Duke Kingston and Mr Thomas Gibson.

(p. 125) Cornhill: John Ellwick, by Sir Gregory Page; John Blunt, by Mr Samuel Shepheard.

Cripplegate Within: Benjamin Russell (dead), by Col. Peter Lekeux.

Dowgate: Anthony Tournay Deputy, by Sir Gregory Page; William Tate, by Sir Gilbert Heathcote; Edward Lascells, by Mr John Dickenson, Capt. Nicholls, Mr Peter Foster, and Mr Stockdale.

Farringdon Within: Benjamin Bound, by Major Richard Lechmere, Mr Baskett, and Mr Simpson; Francis West, by South Sea Company and Mr Samuel Shepheard; Charles Wood, by Mr John London.

Farringdon Without: Robert Vincent, by Commissioners of the Excise; Paul Jarvis, King's Whipmaker.

(p. 126) Portsoken: Deputy Peter Monger, under prosecution.

Queenhithe: John Barber, under prosecution by the Secretary of State; Abraham Sewen, by Mr Lloyd of Cripplegate Without; Joseph Ayliffe, by Commissioners of Soap Duties.

Vintry: memorandum, Mr Gillam, master joiner at Greenwich Hospital, showed to the B's [Tories] a letter which directed him to vote for the A's [Whigs].

Query, what Common Councilmen have not taken the oaths at the sessions?

Received by the surplus of the reckoning this night: 7s.

107. (p. 127) Thursday, 19 January 1716. Present: Mr Eyles, Mr Bagshaw, Mr Cooper, Mr Fisher, Mr Raper, Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Mr Thayer, Mr Younge, Mr Lyell, Major Lechmere, Mr Craggs, Mr Woodford.

Aldersgate Within expenses: £15 19s. 5d.

Farringdon Within, to be influenced: Charles Wood, by Mr John London; Thomas Harris, by Mr Humphrey Thayer; Augustin Marriot, by Mr Toke.

52. Aldersgate Without, paid to Mr Tranter, per Mr Craggs, as per warrant: £5 7s. 6d.

53. Aldgate, paid to Mr John Eyles more as per warrant, £21 13s. 6d.

Received by the surplus of the reckoning this night: 7s. 6d.

108. (p. 128) Thursday, 26 January 1716. Present: Mr Trench, Major Lechmere, Capt. Langley, Mr Fisher, Mr Lloyd, Mr Thompson, Mr Bagshaw.

54. Candlewick, paid more to Mr John Thompson as per warrant: £4 11s.

55. Vintry, paid more to Mr James Cooper as per warrant: £3 16s. 6d.

56. Langbourn, paid more to Mr Henry Hankey as per warrant: £3 10s. 4d.

109. (p. 129) Thursday, 2 February 1716. Present: Mr Trench, Mr Gough, Major Lechmere, Major Hatley, Capt. Langley, Mr Baylis, Mr Craggs, Mr Bagshaw.

B [Tory] Common Councilmen made good.

Aldersgate Within: Major John Smart, by Mr Gouge and Dr Fauquier; Mr John Cartlitch will be absent.

Aldersgate Without: Capt. John Wild, by Mr Sprint; Capt. William Smith [blank].

Aldgate: Deputy George Waylett, by Mr Eyles.

Bassishaw: Deputy John Eyer, by Mr Nathaniel Herne.

Castle Baynard: Mr Francis Mollineux will be absent.

Queenhithe: Abraham Sewen, by Mr Lloyd of Cripplegate Without.

Tower: Nicholas Hanbury [blank].

(p. 130) Committee of Common Council to address: [Aldermen] Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Sir John Ward; [Common Councilmen] Sir Harcourt Masters, Mr Richard Harris, Mr John Eyles, Major Lechmere, Sir Randolph Knipe, Richard Turner, William Astell, William Timms, Gabriel Smythe, Henry Hankey, Deputy Lancelot Skynner, Col. William Cooke.

Received by the surplus of the reckoning: 4s. 6d.

Memorandum, Mr Craggs gave direction that the club be summoned to meet next Thursday night upon particular business.

110. (p. 131) Friday, 3 February 1716.

57. Tower, paid more to Major Lechmere as per warrant: £50.

111. Thursday, 9 February 1716. Present: Mr Cooke, Major Lechmere, Mr Warner, Mr Fisher, Mr Daye, Mr Egleton, Mr Younge, Mr Craggs, Mr Baylis, Mr Perry, Capt. Langley, Mr Thompson, Mr Bagshaw.

Common Councilmen to be summoned to meet to consider of choosing committees: Sir Randolph Knipe, Mr John Eyles, Samuel Shepheard esq., Mr Robert Baylis, Richard Turner, Mr John Younge, Capt. John Heron, Mr Samuel Trench, Mr John Daye, Mr Gabriel Smythe, Mr Henry Hankey, Mr Lawrence Hatsell, Mr John Baker, (p. 132) Mr Deputy Samuel Hayward, Mr Benjamin Henshaw, Mr Joshua Bagshaw, Sir Harcourt Masters, Major Lechmere, Mr Richard Harris, Sir Peter Eaton, Lt. Col. Cooke, Mr Robert Stockdale, Lt. Col. Westal, Mr Thomas Gibson.

The Aldermen Sir Gilbert Heathcote shall nominate to appoint the time when the above gentlemen shall be summoned to meet.

Memorandum, summoned to meet next Thursday by order of Sir Gilbert Heathcote.

Cripplegate Within expenses: £11 13s.

Received back from Mr Deputy Egleton of Cripplegate Within: £4 9s. 6d.

Received back from Mr John Warner of Farringdon Without: £4 8s.

Received by the surplus of the reckoning this night: 8s. 3d.

112. (p. 133) Thursday, 16 February 1716. Present: Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Sir William Humfreys, Sir Randolph Knipe, Sir Harcourt Masters, Mr John Eyles, Mr John Baker, Mr Baylis, Mr John Younge, Capt. Heron, Mr Thomas Gibson, Deputy Hayward, Mr Samuel Trench, Mr Daye, Mr Hatsell, Mr Bagshaw, Major Lechmere, Mr Richard Harris, Col. Westal, Mr Stockdale, Mr Woodford, Mr Fisher.

Committees agreed upon to be elected at the next Common Council.

Committee to address (four [Aldermen] and eight [Common Councilmen]): Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Sir William Stewart, Sir Thomas Scawen, Sir John Ward; Sir Randolph Knipe, Mr John Eyles, Mr William Astell [deleted and replaced by] Samuel Shepheard, Mr Thomas Gibson, Mr Deputy Lancelot Skynner, Sir Harcourt Masters, Lt. Col. Westal, Mr Robert Stockdale.

(p. 134) Committee City Lands: [Aldermen] to be continued, Sir Thomas Abney, Sir Samuel Stanier, Sir William Humfreys, Sir John Cass, Sir Gerard Conyers, Sir John Fryer; [Common Councilmen] to be continued, Mr George Ludlam, Mr Deputy Edmunds, Mr William Nutt; [new Common Councilmen] Mr Deputy Waylett, Lt. Col. Westal, Mr Richard Turner, Mr Lawrence Hatsell, Mr Henry Greenaway, Mr Joshua Bagshaw, Mr Richard Clay, Mr Deputy Chauncy [deleted and replaced by] George Wilcocks, Mr Benjamin Henshaw.

(p. 135) Memorandum, Sir Randolph Knipe to move that the order of Common Council, 1692, may be read, and to be seconded by Col. Westal.

Committee Irish Society: Sir Gilbert Heathcote (Vintner), Governor; Mr William Monck (Draper), Deputy Governor; [Aldermen] to be continued, Sir Samuel Garrard (Grocer), Sir Richard Hoare (Goldsmith), Sir James Bateman (Fishmonger), Sir John Cass (Skinner), Sir Francis Forbes (Haberdasher); [Common Councilmen] to be continued, Mr Thomas Harris (Merchant Taylor), Mr William Unett (Haberdasher), Mr John Becher (Salter), (p. 136) Mr Benjamin Wells (Ironmonger), Mr Thomas Preston (Vintner), Mr Braham Smith (Clothworker); [new Common Councilmen], Mr John Daye [deleted and replaced by] Richard Chauncy (Mercer), Mr John Ellwick (Mercer), Mr Gabriel Smythe (Grocer), Mr Thomas Gibson (Draper), Mr Robert Stockdale (Fishmonger), Mr Deputy Hayward (Goldsmith), Mr Charles Lloyd (Skinner), Mr Benjamin Hill (Merchant Taylor), Mr Samuel Trench (Salter), Mr Robert Edwards (Ironmonger), Mr Richard Truby (Vintner), Sir Randolph Knipe (Clothworker).

The same gentlemen who were present this night to be summoned for Wednesday next.

Received by the surplus of the reckoning this night: 11s. 2d.

113. (p. 137) Wednesday, 22 February 1716. Present: Sir Gerard Conyers, Sir Harcourt Masters, Mr Samuel Shepheard, Col. Westal, Major Lechmere, Mr Younge, Mr Trench, Mr Baker, Mr Stockdale, Mr Gibson, Mr Fisher, Mr Bagshaw, Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Sir Randolph Knipe, Mr Baylis, Mr Woodford, Mr Eyles, Mr Daye.

Ordered, that Mr Samuel Shepheard be of the committee to draw up an address in the room of Mr William Astell.

Ordered, that a copy of the committees settled by this club be sent to every A [Whig] member of the Common Council, and that they be desired to attend punctually at the hour of summons.

The number of A [Whigs], B [Tories], and C [doubtful] in the Common Council, anno 1716.

Aldersgate Within 2 2
Aldersgate Without 2 2
Aldgate 3 1 2
Bassishaw 2 2
[Billingsgate 2 6 2] (fn. 1)
Bishopsgate Within 2 8
Bishopsgate Without 4
Bread Street 12
(p. 138) Bridge 2 11 2
Broad Street 10
Candlewick 8
Castle Baynard 1 7 2
Cheap 12
Coleman Street 6
Cordwainer 7 1
Cornhill 6
Cripplegate Within 1 7
Cripplegate Without 4
Dowgate 7 1
Farringdon Within 15
Farringdon Without 16
Langbourn 10
Lime Street 4
Portsoken 4 1
Queenhithe 6
Tower 9 1 2
Vintry 8 1
Walbrook 7 1
100 114 20

(p. 139) Councilmen to be influenced and by whom: Major John Smart, by Dr Fauquier; Mr John Cartlitch, by ditto; Mr Deputy Robinson, by Capt. William Smith; Capt. William Smith, by Sir Randolph Knipe, Mr William Astell and Navy Office; Sir Benjamin Ayloffe, by Sir Randolph Knipe; Mr Deputy Eyer, by Mr London to keep away; Mr William Monck, by Col. Shorey; Mr Joseph Shepherd, by Mr Fisher; Mr Richard Maundrell, by ditto; Mr John Lloyd (B[ishopsgate Within]), by Mr Partridge; Mr James Tallman, by Mr Fisher; Mr Francis Mollineux, by Mr Thomas Gibson; Mr Christopher Bateman, by ditto and by Dr Mead; Mr John Farr, by Mr Samuel Trench; Mr Edward Lascells, by Mr Stockdale, Mr Peter Foster and Mr Samuel Trench; (p. 140) John Bridge, by Sir Randolph Knipe; Nicholas Hanbury, by Major Lechmere and Mr Francis Porten; Mr Deputy Langton, by Major Lechmere.

Paid to make up the reckoning of the club this night: 3s.

114. Thursday, 1 March 1716. Present: Major Hatley.

Paid to the reckoning: 1s.

115. (p. 141) Thursday, 8 March 1716. Present: Major Lechmere, Major Hatley, Mr Bagshaw.

Paid to make up the reckoning of the club this night: 3s. 6d.

116. Friday, 9 March 1716.

58. Bread Street, paid more to Mr Baylis as per warrant: £25.

117. Friday, 16 March 1716.

Paid Mr Meere (the printer) for printing 300 lists of the Common Council in octavo: 12s.

118. Tuesday, 1 May 1716.

Paid a messenger for carrying out lists of the committees to several Common Councilmen: 1s. 6d.

Paid ditto for carrying out thirty-one summons to meet next Thursday: 2s. 6d.

119. (p. 142) Thursday, 3 May 1716. Present: Sir Randolph Knipe, Mr Turner, Deputy Chauncy, Major Lechmere, Mr Thompson, Mr Cooper, Col. Shorey, Deputy Egleton, Mr Clay, Mr Wilcocks, Mr Warner, Mr Eyles, Mr Holditch, Sir Harcourt Masters, Mr Cooke, Mr Younge, Mr Fisher, Mr Trench, Mr Gibson, Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Mr Woodford.

Mr Deputy Chauncy to be of the Committee Irish Society in the room of Mr Daye.

The lists formerly agreed to for committees to be presented at the next Common Council.

Persons to nominate committees in Common Council: Col. Cooke, Col. Shorey, Major Lechmere, Mr Younge, Sir Harcourt Masters, Mr Eyles, Sir Randolph Knipe, Mr Turner, Mr Hatsell, Col. Westal, Mr White, Mr Astell. And to meet next Tuesday night at seven in the evening.

Mr Wilcocks to be of the Committee City Lands in the room of Deputy Chauncy.

Memorandum, the committees City Lands and Irish Society to be first chosen in the Common Council.

Received by surplus of the reckoning: 7s. 6d.

120. (p. 143) Saturday, 5 May 1716.

Paid for carrying out twelve letters: 1s.

121. Tuesday, 8 May 1716. Present: Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Mr Woodford, Col. Cooke, Col. Shorey, Major Lechmere, Sir Randolph Knipe, Col. Westal, Mr Turner, Mr White, Mr Astell.

Adjourned to Thursday night next at seven, and the twelve managers to be summoned.

Paid to the reckoning: 5s. 10d.

122. Wednesday, 9 May 1716.

Paid with twelve letters to managers to choose committees: 1s.

123. (p. 144) Thursday, 10 May 1716. Present: Mr Woodford, Mr Younge, Major Lechmere, Mr White, Col. Westal, Mr Turner, Mr Hatsell, Sir Gilbert Heathcote.

Sir Gilbert Heathcote to move for an address if he thinks proper.

The three committees, for address, City Lands and Irish Society, distributed amongst the managers to nominate.

Received by surplus of reckoning: 1s. 2d.

124. Friday, 11 May 1716.

Paid messenger with letters: 6d.

125. Thursday, 23 August 1716.

Received back from Mr James Fisher of Billingsgate Ward: £25 13s. 6d.

126. (p. 145) Thursday, 15 November 1716. Present: Mr Baylis, Mr Warner, Mr Trench, Sir Gerard Conyers, Mr Younge, Mr Cooke, Mr Craggs, Mr Woodford, Mr Thompson, Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Sir William Humfreys, Sir Harcourt Masters, Sir Charles Peers, Mr Gibson, Mr Recorder [Sir William Thompson], Mr Fisher, Mr Lyell, Mr London.

This meeting was summoned to consider of the choice of a new Common Council, and in what wards it might be proper to make an interest.

In Cheap Ward, four of the old Common Council desire to decline that office for next year, viz.: Moore, Spragg, Smithson, and Norris. Mr Younge says they can choose the same Common Councilmen or others in their room.

Sir Harcourt Masters [Tower] says they can choose good men, but must have two new Common Councilmen in the room of Col. Porten and Major Lechmere. Mr Loveday was recommended by Sir Charles Peers and Mr Thompson to be re-elected, he having been disgusted by Sir Samuel Clarke.

Walbrook Ward: will elect good men.

Candlewick Ward: will do the like.

Coleman Street Ward: the same men will be elected again.

(p. 146) Bread Street Ward: Mr Baylis does not know whether that be practicable or not, but believes twelve gentlemen there may be prevailed upon to stand again if there can be any assurance that the Court of Aldermen will exert their power. The Aldermen are desired by this day sevennight to consider of this matter and give their opinion then to this club.

Cornhill Ward: is improved since last year.

Bassishaw Ward: the Aldermen desired to appoint a committee to examine how the rooms about Guildhall are disposed of.

Cordwainer: will again elect good men.

Bishopsgate: not to be attempted.

Castle Baynard Ward: judged practicable.

Dowgate Ward: Mr Nicholson and Mr Foster desired to stand for Common Council.

Aldersgate Ward: to be attempted.

Portsoken Ward: to be attempted.

(p. 147) Queenhithe Ward: to be attempted.

Farringdon Within: to be attempted.

Cripplegate Ward: to be attempted.

Billingsgate Ward: not practicable.

Sir Harcourt Masters will speak to Dr Penrice and Mr Hayford about Castle Baynard.

Mr Woodford will speak to Mr Foster about Dowgate.

Mr Perry to be summoned to attend next meeting.

Mr Bracey to meet Sir Harcourt Masters at the club, and to be summoned.

Capt. Langley to be summoned.

Bridge Ward: Mr Clay to be summoned.

Club to meet here again Wednesday night.

Cripplegate Without: Mr Lloyd to be summoned.

Memorandum, to go to Mr Gibson tomorrow night at eight of the clock.

127. (p. 148) Tuesday, 20 November 1716.

Precinct books sent out to the several persons following: Bassishaw Ward, to Mr John Baker; Coleman Street Ward, to Mr London; Broad Street Ward, to Mr Woodford; Cornhill Ward, to Deputy Chauncy; Cordwainer Ward, to Mr Trench; Vintry Ward, to Mr Cooper; Queenhithe Ward, to Capt. Langley; Bread Street Ward, to Mr Baylis; Farringdon Within, to Major Hatley; Cheap Ward, to Mr John Younge.

128. Wednesday, 21 November 1716.

Lime Street Ward, to Mr Bagshaw; Portsoken Ward, to Mr Perry; Tower Ward, to Sir Harcourt Masters; Langbourn Ward, to Deputy Hankey; Candlewick Ward, to Mr Thompson.

129. (p. 149) Wednesday, 21 November 1716. Present: Mr Younge, Mr London, Major Hatley, Mr Thayer, Mr Styles, Mr Cooper, Mr Perry, Major Jenkins, Deputy Egleton, Capt. Langley, Mr Baylis, Mr Troughton, Mr Cooke, Capt. Bell, Mr Smythe, Sir Harcourt Masters, Mr Trench, Sir John Eyles, Mr Baskett, Mr Bagshaw, Col. Westal, Mr Gibson, Mr Bracey, Mr Woodford, Mr Lyell, Mr Harris, Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Sir William Humfreys.

Joseph Goddard esq., woollen draper, near Pope's Head Alley in Cornhill, recommended to be a member for that ward.

Sir Gilbert Heathcote reported that the Aldermen will do all that lies in their power to determine the affair in Bread Street Ward, if there be any controversy this year.

Mr Perry believes that Portsoken Ward may this year be attempted with success, though they are not amended in general. Mr Bracey is of the contrary opinion. Resolved, either to compromise the matter or contend for the whole.

Deputy Egleton is of opinion there is no hopes of getting one man in the Ward of Cripplegate Within without the interest of the Alderman; otherwise, may gain two. He is desired to consult his friends against the next meeting of the club.

(p. 150) Sir John Eyles says if Sir Samuel Stanier can be prevailed upon to persuade his two nephews, [the] Mr Portens, to stand candidates they may be chosen. And Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Sir Charles Peers, and Sir John Eyles are desired to speak to Sir Samuel Stanier. And to speak to Mr Maximilian Western.

Mr Nicholas of Cornhill Ward to be summoned for next meeting.

Major Hatley of Farringdon Within believes they may get in two in the room of two dead.

Mr Thayer desired to speak to Mr Bugby of Castle Baynard Ward.

Col. Shorey to be summoned to be at the next meeting.

The club to be summoned to meet again on Tuesday next at seven of the clock.

130. (p. 151) Tuesday, 27 November 1716. Present: Mr Craggs, Sir William Humfreys, Mr Woodford, Mr Baylis, Mr Baskett, Mr Fisher, Mr Thompson, Deputy Egleton, Capt. Bell, Mr Sherbrooke, Mr Warner, Sir John Eyles, Col. Cooke, Mr Perry, Mr Trench, Mr Thayer, Mr Bugby, Mr Peachy, Capt. Langley, Mr Harris, Mr Younge, Major Hatley, Mr Cooke, Mr Lyell, Mr London, Sir Gilbert Heathcote.

Mr Fisher reports from Billingsgate Ward that the Tories will fling out the two Whigs that now are of the Common Council.

Mr Atkinson Bugby of Castle Baynard believes that ward is not to be attempted with success if they push for the whole, but otherwise may get in two.

Capt. Langley of Queenhithe believes they cannot get persons to stand for candidates on the Whigs' side, but the ward is something bettered in the inhabitants. To meet tomorrow night at seven at the Salutation near St Antholin's Church.

Mr Sherbrooke reports that in St Sepulchre's precinct in Farringdon Within there is no good to be done.

Mr Warner for Fleet Street Side says there is no hopes there.

Mr Perry for Portsoken believes two Whigs may be chosen there.

(p. 152) Aldersgate Ward: Capt. Bell believes Capt. Bird may be turned out and Mr Gouge elected.

Aldgate: Sir John Eyles spoke to Sir Samuel Stanier and the two Portens, and they cannot be prevailed on to stand candidates.

Vintry: Col. Cooke believes they may keep their ground.

Bassishaw: Mr London reports there will be a struggle for all four.

Bread Street and Bassishaw Wards depend upon the conduct of the Court of Aldermen.

Bread Street: Mr Baylis fears he cannot get twelve there to stand candidates; Mr Proctor having refused to stand, can oppose but nine.

Bridge: nothing to be done.

Cheap: is apprehended to be safe.

Coleman Street: left to Mr London.

Cripplegate Within: the Alderman to be spoken to tomorrow morning.

(p. 153) Dowgate: Mr Woodford reports Mr Foster is inclinable to stand a candidate there if Mr Nicholson will stand with him.

Tower: Mr Harris believes taking in Loveday, the election will go easily there.

Walbrook: the election will be good.

The club to be summoned to meet again tomorrow sevennight.

131. (p. 154) Wednesday, 5 December 1716. Present: Mr Craggs, Sir Harcourt Masters, Sir Peter Eaton, Sir Gregory Page, Mr Raper, Mr Herne, Mr Lyell, Mr Perry, Deputy Egleton, Mr Baylis, Mr Younge, Mr Thayer, Mr Baskett, Capt. Langley, Major Hatley, Mr London, Capt. Bell, Col. Shorey, Sir Randolph Knipe, Mr Baker, Mr Badcock, Major Jenkins, Mr Woodford, Mr Nicholas, Mr Bagshaw, Deputy Colchester, (p. 155) Mr Styles, Mr Cooper, Sir Thomas Abney, Sir William Humfreys, Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Sir Charles Peers, Sir William Stewart, Sir John Eyles, Mr Thompson, Mr Clay, Mr Gibson, Sir George Thorold, Mr Trench, Mr Richard Harris, Col. Westal, Sir Thomas Scawen.

(p. 154) Bassishaw: Col. Shorey says there are endeavours used there to turn out two A's [Whigs].

Bread Street: Mr Baylis says there can't be more than ten set up.

Cheap: Deputy Colchester reports that they have got four new candidates.

Coleman Street: Mr London says there will be some opposition.

Cornhill: Mr Nicholas says there wants one candidate in the room of Mr Daye.

Bridge: Mr Clay says that ward is not to be attempted.

Club to be summoned to meet next Friday, and the several members to bring with them lists of the candidates they intend to set up in the several wards.

132. (p. 156) Friday, 7 December 1716. Present: Sir Harcourt Masters, Col. Shorey, Deputy Egleton, Deputy Hankey, Capt. Langley, Deputy Colchester, Capt. Skey, Capt. Bell, Mr Younge, Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Mr Baylis, Mr Woodford, Mr Benson, Mr Craggs, Mr Nicholas, Mr Thompson, Mr Perry, Major Hatley, Mr Baskett, Mr Bagshaw.

Queenhithe: Mr George Moult will stand candidate.

Money to be allowed the wards: Bassishaw Ward, £20; Bread Street, £100; Broad Street, £10; Candlewick, £25; Cheap, £40; Coleman Street [blank]; Cornhill, £40; Langbourn, £20; Queenhithe, £100; Tower, £50. [Total] £405.

(p. 157) Portsoken Ward adjourned till next meeting on Monday night.

133. Saturday, 8 December 1716.

Received of the honourable James Craggs esq., for which I gave a note to be accountable: £500. [Signed] D[avid] L[e] G[ros].

134. Ditto die.

1. Queenhithe Ward, paid to Capt. Henry Langley by Capt. Joseph Bell, for which Bell is to bring me a receipt: £100.

Received the receipt the tenth. [Signed] D[avid] L[e] G[ros].

135. (p. 158) 10 December 1716.

2. Paid to Capt. Joseph Bell for Bread Street and Queenhithe Wards, per order of Mr Craggs: £20.

136. Monday, 10 December 1716. Present: Mr Craggs, Mr Woodford, Sir Peter Eaton, Col. Shorey, Mr Thompson, Mr London, Mr Cooper, Mr Gibson, Capt. Bell.

Money to the wards following: Coleman Street, £10; Vintry, £10.

Lists of the candidates for these wards following to be made out: Bread Street, Bassishaw, Cornhill, Queenhithe, Tower.

Club to be summoned to meet next Friday night at seven o'clock.

137. (p. 159) Wednesday, 12 December 1716.

3. Cheap Ward, paid to Mr John Younge as per receipt: £40.

138. Thursday, 13 December 1716.

4. Cornhill Ward, paid to Mr John Nicholas as per receipt: £40.

5. Bassishaw Ward, paid to Mr John Baker as per receipt: £20.

6. Langbourn Ward, paid to Mr Henry Hankey as per receipt: £20.

139. (p. 160) Friday, 14 December 1716. Present: Mr Craggs, Mr Warner, Mr Baker, Mr Bagshaw, Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Mr Thompson, Mr Baylis, Sir William Humfreys, Mr Nicholas, Deputy Egleton, Mr Cooper, Capt. Bell, Deputy Colchester, Mr Woodford, Mr Gibson, Mr Trench, Col. Westal, Mr Troughton.

Ordered, that Vintry Ward be paid the further sum of £10.

7. Bread Street Ward, paid to Robert Baylis esq. as per receipt: £100.

8. Candlewick Ward, paid to Mr John Thompson as per receipt: £25.

Club to be summoned to meet again next Wednesday night at seven a clock.

9. Vintry Ward, paid to Mr James Cooper as per receipt: £20.

Ordered, that Sir Harcourt Masters be paid for the arrears of his expenses the last year the further sum of £150.

140. (p. 161) Saturday, 15 December 1716.

Received of the honourable James Craggs esq., for which I gave the like note as on the eighth instant: £200. [Signed] D[avid L[e] G[ros].

141. (p. 162) Wednesday, 19 December 1716. Present: Mr Sheriff Cooke, Sir Harcourt Masters, Deputy Egleton, Mr Clay, Sir William Humfreys, Deputy Colchester, Mr. Trench, Mr Troughton, Mr Craggs, Mr Woodford, Mr Lyell, Mr Thompson, Major Hatley, Col. Shorey, Capt. Bell, Mr Fisher, Mr Bagshaw, Capt. Heron, Mr Smythe, Mr Perry, Mr Baskett, Mr Baker, Mr Styles, Mr Josia Gee, (p. 163) Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Mr Gibson, Mr Cooper.

(p. 162) Cheap Ward: Mr Davis, partner to Sir Joshua Sharp, serves the Customs and votes contra; Mr Hind and Mr Lyddell will vote right at the instance of Excise.

Queenhithe: the electors are in a good method and the A's [Whigs] reckon they have a majority of twenty.

Tower: there are only three B[Tory] candidates set up, and the A's hope they are in no danger.

Vintry: the proper influences are sent out and they hope to turn out one A [sic].

Bread Street: the A candidates meet this night and everything is done there that can be done.

(p. 163) Coleman Street: there is an opposition there.

Farringdon Within: Mr Baskett to be allowed £15.

Bread Street and Queenhithe: Capt. Bell to be paid more, £10.

142. Thursday, 20 December 1716.

10. Paid to Capt. Joseph Bell as per receipt: £10.

11. Cheap Ward, paid to Mr John Younge, by order of Mr Woodford, as per receipt: £20.

143. (p. 164) Thursday, 27 December 1716.

12. Broad Street Ward, paid to Thomas Woodford esq. as per receipt: £8 12s.

144. Monday, 31 December 1716.

13. Tower Ward, paid to Sir Harcourt Masters Kt. as per receipt: £200.

145. Wednesday, 2 January 1717.

14. Farringdon Ward Within, paid to Mr John Baskett as per receipt: £15.


  • 1. The secretary omitted Billingsgate; however, his totals include the ward and indicate the partisan distribution listed above.