Appendix: The Common Council, 1716

Pages 47-51

London Politics 1713-1717 Minutes of A Whig Club 1714-1717, London Pollbooks 1713. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1981.

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The Political Inclinations of Common Council, 1716

The list of common councilmen printed below appeared in The Post Boy for 19-21 April 1716 (No. 4170) on the occasion of the installation of the Common Council elected the previous December. The list was organised by wards, with 132 names (those of the Tories) printed in roman, 95 names (those of the Whigs) in italic, and seven names (those of the doubtful) in a combination of roman and italic. In addition, newly-elected members' names were distinguished with an asterisk. Here, the asterisk has been retained to indicate new members, and the designations 'Tory', 'Whig' and 'doubtful' have been employed for the sake of clarity in place of the printing distinctions of the original.

146. Aldersgate Within
Major John Smart (Tory) John Cartlitch (Tory)
Deputy Lawrence Coles (Tory) Capt. Joseph Bird (Tory)
Aldersgate Without
William Harrison (Tory) Lieut. Col. Samuel Robinson,
Capt. John Wild (Tory) Deputy (Tory)
Capt. William Smith (doubtful)
Sir Benjamin Ayloffe Bt. (Tory) William Nutt (Tory)
Sir Randolph Knipe (Whig) Thomas Parry (Tory)
Deputy George Waylett (doubtful) *John Eyles (Whig)
Deputy John Eyer (Tory) Lieut. Col. John Shorey (Whig)
William Monck (Tory) *John Baker (Whig)
Deputy William Jenkins (doubtful) John Godden (Tory)
Braham Smith (Tory) Samuel Bennet (Tory)
Richard Deane (Tory) Roger Lynch (Tory)
*Joseph Shepherd (Tory) William Lea (Tory)
Richard Maundrell (Tory) *Joseph Chaplin (Whig)
Bishopsgate Within
John Hamers (Tory) Deputy Samuel Edwards (Tory)
James Dansie (Tory) Henry Durley (Tory)
Richard Partridge (Tory) Richard Stert (Tory)
John Lloyd (Tory) Thomas Woolhead (Tory)
Samuel Shepheard (Whig) *Edward Parrott (Tory)
Bishopsgate Without
Deputy Henry Burton (Tory) Edward Becher (Tory)
Nicholas Cripps (Tory) William Nockells (Tory)
Bread Street
Deputy Jeremy Gough (Tory) *James Carey (Tory)
Capt. James Lund (Tory) John Becher (Tory)
Richard Brocas (Tory) Robert Carey (Tory)
*George Mills (Tory) Robert Aston (Tory)
George Ludlam (Tory) Benjamin Wells (Tory)
William Yerbury (Tory) John Barwick (Tory)
Deputy William Parrott (Tory) Noy Willey (Tory)
James Brook (Whig) Richard Cambridge (Tory)
James Tallman (Tory) Capt. Henry Daniel (Tory)
Richard Durnford (Tory) *Richard Clay (Whig)
William Tyson (Tory) John Colt (Tory)
Richard Symons (Tory) Thomas Abbis (Tory)
*James Pitts (Tory) William Mingay (Tory)
Thomas Preston (Tory)
Broad Street
Deputy George Frye (Whig) William Astell (Whig)
David Heywood (Whig) *William Nash (Whig)
Capt. Thomas Cartwright (Whig) *Robert Burchall (Whig)
Richard Turner (Whig) *Henry Merttins (Whig)
John Dickenson (Whig) John Townsend (Whig)
147. Candlewick
Capt. Sutton Sharpe, Deputy (Whig) *Thomas Hill (Whig)
Benjamin Henshaw (Whig) William Wilcocks (Whig)
Robert Hayes (Whig) *David Cooke (Whig)
*Peter Foster (Whig) Edward Masters (Whig)
Castle Baynard
Deputy Benjamin Tomlinson (Tory) Francis Mollineux (Tory)
*John Cordon (Tory) William Hayford (Whig)
*Richard Davenport (Tory) Thomas Daniel (Tory)
*John Bateman (Tory) Richard Ladbrooke (Tory)
Richard Truby (Tory) Christopher Bateman (Tory)
Deputy Henry Colchester (Whig) Robert Smithson (Whig)
*Capt. John Heron (Whig) Benjamin Hill (Whig)
John Younge (Whig) Robert Norris (Whig)
Samuel Spragg (Whig) George Wilcocks (Whig)
John Moore (Whig) Christopher White (Whig)
Robert Keynton (Whig) John Morgan (Whig)
Coleman Street
Deputy Simon Andrews (Whig) James Nutcher (Whig)
Philip Constable (Whig) Thomas Gibson (Whig)
Daniel Garrett (Whig) John Newman (Whig)
Deputy Samuel Hayward (Whig) John Farr (Tory)
Henry King (Whig) John Caseberd (Whig)
Samuel Trench (Whig) John Browne (Whig)
Samuel Hatton (Whig) George Morley (Whig)
Deputy Richard Chauncy (Whig) Robert Garbrand (Whig)
John Ellwick (Whig) John Wood (Whig)
John Blunt (Whig) John Daye (Whig)
Cripplegate Within
Deputy Thomas Foxall (Tory) Henry Bull (Tory)
William Patten (Tory) *Joshua Redshaw (Tory)
Robert Haddock (Tory) *Charles Hartley (Tory)
*William Timms (Tory) John Prankard (Tory)
Cripplegate Without
Deputy William Edmunds (Tory) Edmund Joyner (Tory)
Felix Feast (Tory) *Capt. Thomas Catmore (Tory)
Deputy Anthony Tournay (Tory) George Monke (Tory)
William Mason (Tory) *Edward Lascells (Whig)
*John Norwood (Whig) Thomas Gilbert (Tory)
William Tate (Tory) Robert Edwards (Tory)
Farringdon Within
Charles Lloyd (Tory) Robert Knaplock (Tory)
Charles Wood (Tory) Henry Sisson (Tory)
Deputy John Everet (Tory) Joseph Sandwell (Tory)
Francis West (Tory) Augustin Marriot (Tory)
William Unett (Tory) John Sherman (Tory)
Benjamin Bound (Tory) William Clinch (Tory)
Needler Webb (Tory) Thomas Harris (Tory)
John Wheatley (Tory)
148. Farringdon Without
Paul Jarvis (doubtful) Cave Wiseman (Tory)
*Gregory Shepherd (Tory) Thomas Sowlter (Tory)
John Murdock (Tory) Thomas Ketterick (Tory)
Deputy Simon Beckley (Tory) Deputy Nathaniel Turner (Tory)
Samuel Mawhood (Tory) Charles Gretton (Tory)
Capt. James Guillam (Tory) Robert Vincent (Tory)
John Chellingworth (Tory) Benjamin Rogers (Tory)
*John Shaw (Tory) Charles Thatcher (Tory)
Deputy John Cooper (Whig) Lawrence Hatsell (Whig)
Gabriel Smythe (Whig) Henry Hankey (Whig)
*Stephen Ram (Whig) William Ingram (Whig)
John Lloyd (Whig) *John Henry Boock (Whig)
Jeremiah Marlow (Whig) William Potter (Whig)
Lime Street
Deputy Lancelot Skynner (doubtful) Benjamin Ashwood (Whig)
Joshua Bagshaw (Whig) Henry Tombes (Whig)
Deputy Peter Monger (Tory) *Roger Foster (Tory)
*James Rochester (Tory) *Valentine Brewis (Tory)
John Bridge (Tory)
*Deputy Augustin Meadows (Tory) John Barber (Tory)
Robert Alsop (Tory) Abraham Sewen (Tory)
Simon Roberts (Tory) Joseph Ayliffe (Tory)
Deputy John Langton (doubtful) *Samuel Beachcroft (Whig)
Nicholas Hanbury (Tory) *Robert [John] Britton (Whig)
Joseph Taylor (Tory) Sir Peter Eaton (Whig)
*Francis Porten (Whig) *Sir Harcourt Masters (Whig)
*Thomas Clarke (Whig) *Major Richard Lechmere (Whig)
*Robert Jeffs (Whig) *Richard Harris (Whig)
Lieut. Col. William Cooke, Deputy *John Yerbury (Whig)
(Whig) *Philip Pinchis (Whig)
John Samwaies (Whig) Lieut. Col. Samuel Westal (Whig)
Henry Greenaway (Whig) John Cooper (Whig)
Robert Smith (Tory) Edmund Trench (Whig)
Deputy John West (doubtful) Robert Stockdale (Whig)
William Drake (Tory) *Nicholas Jackman (Whig)
Richard West (Whig) Matthew Shepherd (Whig)
Samuel Keynton (Whig) Launder Smith (Tory)