London Pollbooks, 1713: Voters, A - B

Pages 66-75

London Politics 1713-1717 Minutes of A Whig Club 1714-1717, London Pollbooks 1713. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1981.

This free content was digitised by double rekeying and sponsored by London Record Society. All rights reserved.



Abbey, William, car B
Abbis, Thomas, tai Bc
Abbot, Edward, pai A
Abbot, Thomas, cut A
Abbott, Robert, bak B
Abbott, William, joi A
Abel, Richard, hab A
Abell, John, lea A
Abney, Thomas kt, fis A
Abraham, James, cut B
Abraham, John, pai B
Abraham, Samuel, wea A
Abraham, Williams, fis B
Ackhurst, Alexander, clo A
Ackland, William, uph B
Acton, Edward, gol B
Acton, Samuel, gro B
Acton, Thomas, pai A
Acton, Walter, gol B
Adams, Henry, cor A
Adam, Robert kt, dra B
Adams, Benjamine, dis B
Adams, Edward, cor A
Adams, Henry, pew A
Adams, James, cp A
Adams, Job, lor B
Adams, John, gro A
Adams, Joseph, tai B
Adams, Nathaniel, clo A
Adams, Nathaniel, pew A
Adams, Paul, dis B
Adams, Robert, glz B
Adams, Robert, sal A
Adams, Seth, far B
Adamson, Char, apo B
Addington, William, cp B
Addison, John, bla A
Addley, Thomas, inn B
Addy, John, gro B578
Adland, Andrew, wea A
Adley, John, bla B
Agar, Edward, gro B
Aking, John, glo A
Albin, James, apo A
Alcroft, Thomas, cut A
Alder, Jos, tai A
Alders, James, cor A
Aldersy, Samuel, tai B
Aldridge, Abel, cur A124B6
Aldridge, Timothy, but A34B58
Aldworth, Thomas, bak B
Alexander, Nich, lea A
Alexander, Thomas, tai B
Alexander, William, cp A2B678
Alford, Joseph, dra A
Alland, Samuel, bre B
Allatt, Thomas, coa B
Allay, Matthew, vin B
Allbritton, Samuel, glo A
Allbury, William, cut A
Allcock, Joseph, sal B
Allen, Austin, pla B
Allen, David, coa B
Allen, Edward, wea A
Allen, George, dye A
Allen, Henry, bla A
Allen, Henry, tai A
Allen, James, ski A
Allen, John, gls A134B6
Allen, John, nee B
Allen, John, tai A
Allen, Josiah, wea A
Allen, Richard, dra B
Allen, Salathael, cur A
Allen, Theophilus, mas B
Allen, Thomas, hab A
Allen, William, bak A4B578
Allen, Zachariah, apo A
Allett, John, joi A
Allin, Thomas, sal B
Allingham, Samuel, glz A
Allison, Edward, pew B
Allison, John, tai B
Allison, Robert, gol B
Allwright, Loveday, wea B
Almond, Daniel, but B
Almond, Edward, but B
Almond, William, glo B
Alpha, James, cor A
Alridge, Thomas, car A
Alsop, Richard, vin B
Alsoph, Robert, hab B
Alstane, Richard, fou B
Alstone, George, inn B
Alwell, William, gol B
Ambler, John, lor A
Amblin, John, fra A
Ambrose, Tho, bre A
Amery, John, sta B
Amos, William, inn A2B568
Amy, John, tai B
Anbury, Robert, bar A
Anderson, Daniel see Andrew, Daniel
Anderson, Henry, gro A
Anderson, Thomas, inn B
Andrew (Anderson), Daniel, sad A12B78
Andrew, Matthew, dye B
Andrew, Richard, gol B
Andrew, William, gol B
Andrews, Christopher, tai B
Andrews, Daniel, far A
Andrews, John, but A
Andrews, John, glo A
Andrews, John, pla A
Andrews, Oliver, mer B
Andrews, Richard, gir A
Andrews, Richard sen, cur B
Andrews, Robert, car A
Andrews, Robert, sal B
Andrews, Robert, sta B
Andrews, Simon, apo A
Andrews, Thomas, coa A
Andrews, William, clo B
Andrews, William, dye B
Andrews, William, fou B
Andrews, William, tal A
Angeband, Charles, apo A
Ansell (Anselin), James, pai A123B5
Ansty, Christopher, bre B
Anthony, Edward, dra A
Antrim, Samuel, glz A
Antrobus, Benjamin, dra A
Appleby, Gabriel, joi B578
Appleby, John, arm A
Appleby, Thomas, bre B
Appleford, Richard, pou B
Applegath, Edward, dye A
Appleton, John, nee B
Apthorp, John, fou A
Apthorp, Simon, wea B
Arbunott, Jacob, lor A
Archer, Andrew, gol B
Archer, John, gls B
Archer, John, gol A
Archer, John, sal A
Archer, Thomas, mer A
Archibold, Francis, gol B
Arden, John, clo B
Ariatt, Theophilus, lor B
Aris, John, joi B
Arkesdon, William, pai A12B67
Arlidge, Abraham, car A
Armstead, Michael, apo B
Armstrong, Hen, vin, B
Arn, Jo, tai B
Arne, Thomas jun, uph B
Arne, Thomas sen, uph B
Arnell, Thomas, car B
Arnock, James, lea A
Arnold, John, car B
Arnold, John, dis B
Arnold, Nathaniel, ski B
Arnold, Samuel, uph A
Arnold, William, fis A14B56
Arnold, William, glz B
Arnott, John, cur A
Aron, Samuel, clo B
Arrowsmith, Anthony, clo A4B678
Arundell, James, dye A234B5
Ash, Isaac, fis A
Ashbey, Stephen, hab B
Ashburne, Robert, joi B
Ashby, Thomas, bri A134B6
Ashman, William, tal A124B6
Ashton, Anth, car A
Ashton, James, fru A4B578
Ashton, Nicholas, tai A
Ashurst, Benjamin, fis A
Ashurst, Robert, sal A
Ashurst, Samuel, sta B
Ashurst, Samuel, tai A
Ashurst, William, tai A
Ashwood, Benjamin, clo A
Ashworth, Daniel, but A
Ashworth, Edward, but A
Askew, Roger, pai B
Askue, John, fru A
Asly, Francis, gro B
Aspenall, Zachariah, but A
Aspley, Fluellin, gls B
Aspley, Thomas, clo B
Asplin, Jacob, hab A
Assgell, Edward, pai A
Astile, William, joi B
Astill, Thomas, tur A
Astom, Thomas, bri B
Aston, John, cp A
Aston, Robert, fis B
Atkins, Abraham, bla A
Atkins, Francis, fis B
Atkins, Francis, fis B
Atkins, John, dye A
Atkins, Maurice, sta B
Atkins, Robert, mer A
Atkinson, Farries, wea B
Atkinson, Joseph, bar A124B8
Atkinson, William, bla B
Atkinson, William, bro B
Atkinstall, Richard, ski B
Attley, Roger, tai A
Atton, Roger, but A
Attwell, William, gol A123
Atwood, Matthew, wea A4B568
Atwood, Robert, cor A
Atwood, Robert, dra A
Atwood, Samuel, arm B
Atwyck, Daniel, fou B
Audlaby, Edmund, gir B
Audley, Benjamin, scr B
Augar, Henry, glz B
Aunger, Samuel, tai B
Austin, George, cp B
Austin, John, gol B
Austin, Michael, tai B
Austin, Thomas, tur B
Aven, Richard, cut A134B8
Avery, Edward, glz B
Avery, Joseph, ski A12
Avery, William, bak B
Avery, William, far A
Ayliff, Robert, tal B
Ayliffe, Isaac, wea A
Aylloffe, Benjamin bt, clo A3B678
Aylofe, Thomas, tur B
Ayloff, John, uph B
Aylworth, George, mer A2B568
Ayre, Robert, gro A
Ayres, John, gir B
Ayres, Richard, ck B
Babington, Richard, bar A
Bachelor, Nicholas, cp B
Backshell, William, vin A
Backshill, Samuel, tal A
Bacon, Thomas, joi A
Badcott, William, wax B
Baden, Robert, mer B
Badger, Daniel, tal B
Badham, Richard, but A
Bagley, Mathew, lor B
Bagnal, Gibbons, vin B
Bagnall, John, sal A
Bagnall, Samuel, sal B
Bagshaw, Joshua, wea A
Bagwell, James, fis A
Bagwell, Samuel, dye A
Bailey, Benjamin, fis A
Bailey, Daniel, joi A
Bailey, Daniel, sal A
Baily, James, dye A
Baine, Henry, bla B
Bains, Richard see Barnes, Richard
Baker, Bartholomew, sta B
Baker, Beresford, lea B
Baker, Edmond, bri A
Baker, Edward, apo A
Baker, Edward, mas A
Baker, Edward, tai A
Baker, George, dis A
Baker, George, gol A
Baker, George sen, dis A
Baker, James, joi A24B56
Baker, John, bak A124B7
Baker, John, mer A1B567
Baker, John, uph A
Baker, John, wea A
Baker, Joshua, gro A
Baker, Richard, bri A
Baker, Richard, plu A2B67
Baker, Richard, ski A
Baker, Robert, bar A
Baker, Sam, sad B
Baker, Samuel, dis A
Baker, Thomas, dye A
Baker, Thomas, wax A
Baker, Thomas, wea B
Baker, William, bak A1B567
Baker, William, dra A
Baker, William, glo B
Baker, William, ski A
Baldwin, John, cp A
Baldwin, Peter, cp A
Baldwin, Thomas, cp A
Baldwin, Thomas, vin B
Baldwin, William, dis B
Bale, Gratian, bar B
Bale, Robert, tai B
Bales, Daniel, vin B
Baley, James, bow B
Ball, Anthony, cut B
Ball, Charles, bar B
Ball, Charles, plu A
Ball, James, tai A
Ball, John, vin A2B578
Ball, Levi, apo A
Ball, Nathaniel, ck A
Ball, Samuel, joi B
Ball, Samuel, pou A
Ball, Samuel, sal A
Ball, Samuel, wax A
Ball, William, bre A
Ball, William, hab B
Ball, William, tai B
Ballard, James, dra A
Ballard, John, tai A123B6
Ballard, Joseph, arm B
Ballard, Samuel, sta B
Bally, Thomas, dye B
Bamber, John, sal B
Bamford, Joseph, bla A
Baniel, Richard, but B
Banister, Gilbert, bro B
Bankes, Benjamin, bar B
Bankes, Jonathan, joi B
Banks, Adam, gir B
Banks, Allen, lea B
Banks, Benjamin, clo A2B678
Banks, John, hab A
Banks, Matthew, mas A
Banks, Thomas, tai B
Bannier, Edmund, clo B
Bannister, George, mer B
Bannister, William, glo A
Baptistshorer, John, bro A
Baradale, John, mer B
Baratt, Jonas, tai B
Barber, Edward, wea B
Barber, John, sta B
Barber, John, wea A
Barber, Michael, joi A
Barcaber, John, bar B
Barclay, John, vin B
Bardoe, James, tai B
Barewell, Jonathan, ck B
Barford, Arthur, clo B
Bargrave, Andrew, sad B
Barker, Edward, apo B
Barker, John, cur A
Barker, John, inn B
Barker, Joseph, dra A
Barker, Richard, tai A
Barker, Thomas, hab A1B567
Barkley, John, hab B
Barksdale, William, plu B
Barley, George, joi A
Barlow, Benj, car A
Barnaby, Henry, bar B
Barnadisten, Nathaniel, gro A
Barnard, Charles, lea A124B5
Barnard, Samuel, mer A
Barnard, Thomas, dra A
Barne, Henry, lea B
Barnes, Edward, tai B
Barnes, Francis, plu A
Barnes, Gilbert, pou B
Barnes, Martin, inn B
Barnes (Bains), Richard, clo A12B56
Barnes, Thomas, hab A
Barnes, Thomas, sal B
Barnesley, William, clo A
Barnett, William, but B
Barney, John, bar A
Barnfeild, Francis, bla A
Barns, John, wea A
Barnwell, Richard, joi B
Barr, George, wea A
Barras, Joshua, mer A
Barret, Nicholas, wax B
Barrett, Edward, fru A
Barrett, Phil, sta B
Barrett, William, but B
Barron (Parran), John, dis A134B6
Barrow, William, but B
Barrow, William, ck B
Barsham, Edward, gol A134B6
Barson, Thomas, iro B
Bartholomew, John, tur A
Bartlett, Roger, arm A
Barton, Henry, gro A
Barton, John, cor B
Barton, Nathaniel, wax A
Bartram, Christopher, fru A3B567
Barwell, Matthew, tal B
Barwell, Richard, iro A
Barwell, William, arm B
Barwell, William, iro A
Baskett, John, sta B
Baslett, John, sal A
Bass, William, mer B
Bass, William, vin A4B578
Bat, Timothy, gol A
Batchelor, Giles, bro A24B58
Bateman, Chr, sta B
Bateman, John, lea B
Bateman, John, tai A3B568
Bateman, Joseph, sal A
Bateman, Richard, bar A
Bateman, Richard, sal A
Bateman, William, mer B
Bates, Edward, bro B
Bates, John, bri B
Bates, Thomas, bri A
Bates, Thomas, cp A
Bathrust, Edmond, dis B
Baton, William, gir B
Batsford, Thomas, tai B
Batt, George, inn B
Battinson, John, lor B
Bauks, Benjamin, dis B
Bawick, John, clo B
Baxter, Daniel, apo B
Baxter, John, vin B
Baxter, Robert, clo A
Baxter, Thomas, but B
Bayes, John, dra A
Bayley, Calamy, cor A
Bayley, Christopher, fou A
Bayley, Edmund, cor A
Bayley, Edward, plu B
Bayley, John, cut A
Bayley, Richard, bro A
Bayley, Richard, gol B
Baylis, John, bla A12B58
Baylis, Robert, gro A
Baylis, William, lea B
Bayly, Daniel, dis B
Bayly, John, arm A
Bayly, Capt. John, arm A
Bayly, John, dye B
Bayly, John, dye B
Bayly, John, gol A
Bayly, Joseph, gol B
Bayly, Richard, pai A23B58
Baytes, Mark, tur B
Beach, George, cur A
Beachcroft, Jos, hab A
Beachcroft, Samuel, clo A
Beacher, Edward, dra B
Beacher, Francis, iro B
Beacher, John, sal B
Beacher, William, gro B6
Beachey, William, cur B
Beadle, Henry, scr A12B78
Beadle, Robert, vin B
Beadle, Thomas, inn B
Beadle, William, joi B
Beal, John, tal B
Beal, Richard, ck A23
Beale, Henry, pla B
Beale, John, cor A14B68
Beane, Elisha, tai A
Bearcroft, Stephen, sal A24
Beard, Benjamin, cut A
Beard, Edward, bri B
Beard, Sampson, pew A
Beardleys, Richard, fou B
Bearfoot, John, bak A
Bears, Thomas, joi A124
Bearsly, Job, pew A
Beasley, Allison, pew B
Beasly, John, dis B
Beastow, Joseph, dye B
Beaucham, Ephraim, mas A3B678
Beaumont, William, coa B
Beaver, Thomas, sta B
Beazley, Samuel, lea A
Beck, Peter, but A
Becke, Peter, but B
Becket, John, gol B
Beckley, Simon, joi B
Bedbury, Abraham, arm A
Beddington, John, gol B
Bedford, Benjamin, uph B

Bedford, Thomas, bow B
Bedhurst, Thomas, bro B
Bedingfield, Edmund, tai B
Bedwell, John, tal A
Bee, Edward, pai B
Beedle, Thomas, pai B
Beekeley, John, dis A
Beendsley, Job, lea B
Beeson, John, pai A
Beiston, James, cor B
Belamy, Thomas, clo A
Belch, John, joi B
Belitha, Edward, hab A
Bell, Adam, lor A
Bell, Benjamin, glo A
Bell, Christopher, cor A
Bell, Humphry, cor A123B7
Bell, Humphry, inn A
Bell, Jacob, hab B
Bell, John, bla B
Bell, John, hab A
Bell, John, pou B
Bell, Joseph, gol A
Bell, Leonard, wax B
Bell, Richard, cp A123B8
Bell, William, wea B
Bellamy, Edward, fis A12B78
Bellamy, Humphry, cut B
Bellamy, John, fis A124B7
Bellamy, Robert, fis A
Bellamy, Samuel, arm A
Bellis, John, pou A23B56
Beltch, Joseph, glo A
Benne, John, gir A
Bennet, James, sal B
Bennet, James, ski A
Bennet, Joseph, hab A
Bennet, Samuel, cp B
Bennet, Thomas, bla B
Bennet, Thomas, lor A3B578
Bennett, Thomas, cur B
Benning, Stephen, fou B
Benskin, Thomas, sta B
Benson, Charles, tal A12B78
Benson, John, gir B
Bentall, John, wea A
Bently, Benjamin, gol A
Bently, Elisha, wea A
Bently, Jonathan, sad A
Benwick, James, sta B
Berdsley, Benjamin, tai A
Berisford, John, sta B
Bernard, Joseph, coa A
Bernard, Robert, dis A
Bernardiston, John, vin B
Berret, Richard, inn B
Berrey, William, wea B
Berroby, John, hab B
Berry, Edward, fru A
Berry, Ralph, coa B
Berry, Robert, vin B
Berry, William, bri B
Bescoutts, James, tai B
Best, Anthony, but B
Best, John, bar A3B678
Best, Thomas, fru B
Best, William, bar B
Bestman, Gabriel, wea B
Bestoe, Wm, pou B
Bethel, William, vin B
Bestworth, Thomas, dra A
Betteress, Samuel, cur B
Betterton, Robert, fis B
Bettesworth, Arthur, sta B
Betton, Timothy, iro B
Bettres, William, dye B
Betts, Edmond, bla B
Betts, Francis, fra B
Betts, Luking, coa A
Betts, Thomas, bar A
Bevoice, John, lea A
Bew, George, apo B
Bey, Thomas, joi B
Beyfeild, William, tai A
Bezard, Francis, bri A
Bibb, Thomas, cut B
Bickerton, John, ck B
Biddle, Joseph, tur B
Biddle, Thomas, inn A
Bigg, Henry, car A134
Biggs, Thomas, bla B
Biggsby, William, inn B
Bignal, James, iro B
Bignall, James, cor A
Bignall, William, bar B
Bigsby, Nicholas, ski B
Bill, William, dye A
Billers, Joseph, gir B
Billers, William, hab A
Billing, Nath, vin B
Billinghurst, Richard, bla B
Bilson, William, bak A
Bincks, Charles, dye A
Bindon, John, hab B
Bingley, George, ski B
Bingley, William, dra A
Birch, John, dye A
Bird, Daniel, dye A
Bird, Daniel, glz B
Bird, Jeremy, joi B
Bird, John, ck B
Bird, Joseph, bre B
Bird, Matthew, cor B
Bird, Nathaniel, bla A
Bird, Robert, but A
Bird, Robert, dye B
Bird, Robert, mer A
Bird, Thomas, cp A
Bird, Thomas, cur A124
Bird, William, sal A
Biscoe, Joseph, apo A
Biscoe, Thomas, iro A
Bishop, Benjamin, ck B
Bishop, George, dis A
Bishop, John, but B
Bishop, Joseph, bar A
Bishop, Thomas, gro A
Bishop, Thomas, hab A
Bishop, William, sal A
Bisk, Edmond, wax B
Bissell, James, sta B
Bissell, James, sta B
Bissell, John, pou B
Bithell, Robert, bak A2B578
Blackburn, Abraham, hab A134B6
Blackden, Thomas, joi A
Blackett, Robert, bla B
Blackhall, John, clo B
Blackhall, Thomas, hab B
Blackhorne, Thomas, gir A
Blackland, Samuel, gir B
Blackley, Griffin, bla A
Blackman, Robert, tur A
Blackmore, Arthur, pai B
Blackmore, Charles, mus B
Blackmore, John, tal B
Blackmore, Thomas, mer B
Blackston, Charles, bow B
Blackstone, Charles, bow B
Blackstone, John, apo B
Blackstone, Richard, bar B
Blackwell, Charles, gro A
Blackwell, James, clo A
Blackwell, John, lor A
Bladley, Roger, bro B
Blagrave, Richard, tai B
Blake, Benjamin, dye B
Blake, Daniel esq., vin A
Blake, John, bla B
Blake, John, cp A2B5
Blake, Thomas, bar B
Blakesley, John, cut B
Blakesly, Nathanael, cur B
Blakesly, Samuel, cur B
Blakeway, William, dra B
Bland, John, fis B
Bland, Nath, glo A13
Bland, Robert, but A
Bland, Thomas, tai A
Blandford, William, bar A123B6
Blanford, John, dra A123B7
Bleatz, Thomas, vin B
Blettsoe, Thomas, cp A
Blewitt, Samuel kt, ski A
Bley, John, dis A
Blincoe, John, pla B
Blinghorne, John, inn B
Bliss, Edward, dye A
Blizard, James, dye A124B5
Blockford, Anthony, gol B
Bloodworth, George, dye B
Bloodworth, George, wea B
Bloodworth, John, wea B
Blowen, Thomas, hab A
Blowing, Richard, wea A
Bluck, John, clo B
Blundell, Edmund, cur A
Blundell, James, bla B
Blundell, Richard, bar A
Blunkett, Edmond, fis A
Blunt, Edward, wea A
Bly, Christopher, fou A
Bly, Robert, tal B
Blye, Thomas, bar A123B6
Blythe, John, fou B
Board, John, tai B
Bockett, John, tur B
Boddicoat, Thomas, cp A3B678
Boddington, George, clo A
Boddington, Henry, clo A
Boddington, James, clo A
Boddington, Mark, sta B
Boddington, Nicholas, sta B
Boddington, Richard, but A
Boddington, Thomas, clo A
Boddington, Walter, bro A
Boddle, Thomas, car A
Boden, Adam, gro A
Bodham, Philip, tai A
Bodington, Edward, cor B
Bodington, Isaac, clo A
Bodington, Thomas, lea B
Bodington see also Doddington
Bodwell, William, bak B
Body, John, lor A
Bohomi, Morris, gol B
Boldery, John, but B
Bolton, Amos, dye A
Bolton, Job, gro A
Bolton, Samuel, gro A
Bond, Anthony, bre B58
Bond, Thomas, pai B
Bond, William, bar A4B678
Bonfield, William, bar B
Bonfoy, Hugh, fis A4B568
Bonwick, William, plu B
Booker, James, far A
Booker, Richard, dra A
Boon, Charles, inn B
Boon, Richard, tur B
Boon, Stephen, tur B
Boone, Henry, bar B
Booth, Christopher, hab A
Booth, James, gro A
Booth, Joseph, bak A
Booth, Richard, inn B
Boreman, Henry, mer B
Bosley, John, joi B
Bosley, Richard, mer B
Boston, Thomas, bla B
Bostwick, John, gir B
Bosvill, Alexander, sta A1B567
Boswell, Gervase, cut A
Boswell, John, hab B
Bosworth, Joseph, cp A3B678
Bosworth, Richard, clo B
Bosworth, Thomas, lor A
Botham, William, sta A
Bothwright, Samuel, dis B
Botley, Thomas, bak B
Bott, Walter, joi B
Bott, William, bla B
Boucher, John, wea A
Bouchrett, David, apo A
Boughey, Theophilus, bak B
Boughton, Richard, cp A
Boughton, Stephen jun, iro B
Boulter, Jonathan, dis A
Boulton, Benjamin, vin B
Boulton, Samuel, pai A
Bound, John, arm A
Bounde, Moses, hab A
Bourn, Thomas, bla B
Bourne, Benjamin, glo A24B67
Bourne, Samuel, dra A3B567
Bouton, Samuel, car A
Bowater, Henry, mer B
Bowater, Richard, mer A
Bowcher, Edward, car B
Bowcher, Tho, car A
Bowcher, Thomas sen, car A
Bowden, Joseph, pew B
Bowden, Nich, bar B
Bowden, William, hab A
Bowell, Nicholas, iro A
Bowen, Humphry, lea A
Bowen, Peter, cor A
Bowes, Richard, tai B
Bowes, Samuel, tai A
Bowler, Joseph, fou A1
Bowler, Samuel, but B
Bowles, James, ski A
Bowles, Nathaniel, gol A
Bowles, Richard, cp A
Bowles, Thomas, joi B
Bowles, Thomas sen, joi B
Bowley, Samuel, vin A
Bowlin, Bernard, tai A
Bowmer, John, vin B
Bows, Thomas, tur A
Bowtell, Francis, gro B
Bowton, Stephen, iro A
Bowyer, Jonah, sta B
Bowyer, Thomas, uph A
Bowyer, William, sta B
Boyce, John, vin A
Boyfeild, Richard, tai A
Boylston, George, but B
Boyse, John, joi B
Boyse, Richard, joi B
Brabben, John, joi B
Brace, James, pou A
Bracey, John, gol A
Bracey, William, hab A
Brackley, Samuel, gol B
Bradborne, Joseph, ski A
Bradbury, John, glo B
Bradford, George, glz A
Bradford, Henry, lor B
Bradford, John, iro B
Bradford, John, joi B
Bradford, Thomas, glz A
Bradley, Benjamin, tai A
Bradley, James, tai A
Bradley, John, dye A
Bradley, John, far A
Bradley, Joseph, bar B
Bradley, Joseph, joi B
Bradley, Thomas, tai B
Bradley, William, far B
Bradly, Thomas, bak A123B7
Bradshaw, Francis, sad B568
Bradshaw, John, sta A3B678
Bradstock, William, ski B
Bradyl, Thomas, sta A
Brail, John, bow B
Brailesford, Henry, glz A
Brain, James, joi A
Braine, Benjamin, glo A
Braine, Thomas, gro B
Braithwait, Benjamin, bla B
Braithwaite, William, uph B
Brampton, John, vin B
Brand, Benjamin, pai B
Brand, Jonathan, tur A
Brand, Joseph, plu A
Brand, Thomas, fis B
Brand, Thomas, joi B
Brandon, Charles, pai A
Brandon, Edward, joi B
Brandon, Joseph, gol B
Brandrake, Thomas, fra B
Branson, Henry, joi B
Branson, William, tai A
Brasher, William, ck B
Brasier, George, sal A
Brassey, Williams, cor B
Bray, Henry jun, glz B
Bray, Henry sen, glz B
Bray, William, hab B
Braynan, Christopher, inn B
Brazier, William, hab B
Breardcliffe, Thomas, bar B
Bredon, Robert, bre A
Breercliff, Mark, pou B
Breivicks, Jacob, clo B
Brenard, John, cor A
Brent, Humphrey, scr B
Brent, Jacob, iro B
Brent, Michael, uph A
Brereton, Dod, clo B
Bretland, Benjamin, gls B
Brett, William, pai B
Brewer, Timothy, dis A
Brewis, Valentine, dis B
Brewood, Benjamin, gol A
Brewster, Samuel esq., gro A124B6
Briane, Daniel, clo A
Brice, Joshua, sal A
Brice, Robert, bla B
Brich, William, gro B
Brickland, William, ck B
Brickley, William, glz A
Bricknell, William, inn B
Bricquett, Thomas, gro B
Briddon, Ambrose, fis B
Briden, Jeremiah, car A
Bridgen, Edward, cut B
Bridges, Edward, fou A
Bridges, John, bak B
Bridges, John, bak A
Bridges, John, clo B
Bridges, Joseph, tur A
Bridges, Richard, mer B
Bridges, Stephen, pew A
Bridges, Thomas, bar A
Bridgman, Richard, mer A234B5
Bridgman, Thomas, tur B
Bridgman, William, sal A
Bridgwater, Edward, dye B
Briggs, Ebenezer, arm A
Brigham, Philip, coa A
Bright, Charles, dis A2B678
Bright, Jeremiah, lea A124B6
Bright, John, cp B
Brightred, Samuel, arm A
Brightwell, Peter, bla A
Brightwell, Peter, vin B
Brigs, Thomas, wea B
Brikes, William, tai A
Brind, William, pai A
Briscoe, John, apo A
Briscoe, John, fis A
Briscoe, Robert, gro B
Briscoe, Stafford, gol A
Briscow, Henry, cp B
Briscow, Samuel, sta B
Briscow, Thomas, hab A4B578
Bristoe, William, vin A
Bristow, Richard, gol B
Bristow, Thomas, gro B
Brittain, James, car B
Brittain, John, clo A
Brittain, Richard, dye A
Brittell, Thomas, glz B
Britton, William, but B
Broadbank, Thomas, tal A
Broadhurst, John, hab A
Broadwell, Richard, wea B
Brocast, Richard, gro B
Brock, Thomas, tai B
Brock, William, bar B
Brockden, Benjamin, mer B
Brockden, James, wea B
Brockelesby, Charles, inn B
Brockly, Richard, vin B
Bromfield, Thomas, hab B
Bromfield, William, ski B
Brook, John, sta A
Brook, Joseph, tai A
Brook, Robert, hab A
Brook, William, bar B
Brooke, Edward, dye A234B8
Brooke, Samuel, wea B
Brooke, Thomas, vin A
Brooke, Walter, dye A
Brookes, Christopher, bar B
Brookes, Thomas, bro A
Brookes, William, inn B
Brookman, John, joi A
Brookman, William, joi A
Brooks, Henry, pai B
Brooks, John, fou A
Brooks, William, inn B
Brooksbank, John, hab A
Brooksbank, Joseph, hab A
Broomer, John, bri B
Brough, George, iro A
Broughton, John, apo A
Broughton, William, tai A
Broutherton, William, arm A
Brown, Abraham, bri B
Brown, Andrew, arm B
Brown, Benjamin, hab B
Brown, Benjamin, sta B
Brown, Christopher, sta B
Brown, Edmond, iro A
Brown, Edward, dra B
Brown, Francis, cp A234B8
Brown, James, bak B
Brown, John, bar B
Brown, John, but B
Brown, John, glo A
Brown, John, inn A
Brown, John William, vin B
Brown, Philip, dye B
Brown, Philip, fle A23B58
Brown, Richard, mas B
Brown, Samuel, coa B
Brown, Samuel, cp A
Brown, Thomas, bar A
Brown, Thomas, but B
Brown, Thomas, cor A
Brown, Thomas, dis B
Brown, Thomas, dye A
Brown, Thomas, pou B
Brown, Thomas, ski B
Brown, Thomas, sta A123
Brown, William, far A
Brown, William, inn B
Brown, William, lea A134B5
Brown, William, tur B
Browne, Benjamin, sta B
Browne, Benjamin, sta B
Browne, George, bar A1B567
Browne, John, bri A34B67
Browne, Joseph, bak A123B7
Browne, Matthew, scr B
Browne, Nath, arm A
Browne, Richard, pla B
Browne, William, bar A
Browne, William, tai A34B67
Browne, William, uph A
Brownscombe, James, wea A
Brownshith, John, fle B
Brownsword, Ellis, fis A
Broxell, William, bak A
Bruges, Richard, sta A
Brumfield, Thomas, gro B
Brumford, William, lea B
Brunskill, George, ck B
Bryan, Augustine, hab A
Bryan, John, pla B
Bryan, Thomas, but A
Bryan, William, bak B
Bryan, William, far A3B567
Bryant, William, bre A
Buchanan, John, sta B
Buck, Henry, fis A4B568
Buck, Samuel, sal A
Buckby, Vere, iro A4B568
Buckett, Joseph, cur B
Buckham, John, gir A
Buckingham, Edward, mas A
Buckingham, Jeremy, mas A
Buckingham, Joseph, lea A134B5
Buckland, James, car A
Buckly, George, vin B
Bucknall, Will, bre A
Bucksher, John, gir A
Buckstone, Edward, dis A
Budworth, Timothy, coa A
Bugbey, Atkinson, joi A
Buirchmore, William, joi A
Bulkly, Richard, sad B
Bull, Edward, fis A23B57
Bull, George, joi A
Bull, Henry, bar B
Bull, John, clo A123B6
Bull, Richard, gro B
Bull, Richard, gro A234
Bull, William, but A
Bull, Young, but A
Bulley, John, cut A
Bullock, Adam, bak A
Bullock, Francis, wax B
Bullock, James, wea A
Bulphin, Edward, dis A
Bunce, John, pla A
Bunch, James, cur A
Bunn, Henry, ck B
Bunney, William, tai A
Burbage, George, vin B
Burbidge, Thomas, uph A
Burbroe, John, tal A
Burch, Benjamin, pla B
Burch, John, glo A
Burch, Samuel, apo B
Burchall, Robert, clo A13B56
Burchell, Thomas, scr B
Burchmore, William, joi A
Burd, Edward, pai B
Burden, Thomas, joi A
Burdett, Charles, sta A
Burdett, Thomas, tal B
Burdg, Thomas, tal B
Burding, William, cut B
Burford, Edward, fru A
Burges, Edward, tal A
Burges, Nathaniel, but A
Burges, Robert, gol A
Burgess, John, wea A
Burgess, Thomas, inn A
Burgin, Samuel, car A
Burgis, Charles, sal A
Burgis, Edward, clo B
Burgis, Richard, pla A
Burgis, Thomas, coa A
Burgoin, John, lea A23
Burkhead, Edward, cur A
Burless, Henry, cp B
Burley, George, vin A
Burnet, Nicholas, hab B
Burnet, Obediah, gir A
Burr, Edward, cp A
Burr, Francis, bak B
Burreau, Thomas, bro A
Burren, Anthony, mer B
Burridge, John, sal A
Burrough, Thomas, cut B
Burroughs, Roger, iro B
Burroughs, Samuel, wea A
Burrow, Abraham, ck B
Burrow, John, fis B
Burrow, Thomas, bri B
Burrow, Thomas, sta A
Burrows, Humphrey, wea A
Burrows, Jos, joi A
Burrows, Thomas, bar A
Burt, Jeremiah, lea B
Burt, John, joi B
Burton, Edward, bar A
Burton, Henry, bak B7
Burton, John, joi B
Burton, Jonathan, glo B
Burton, Joseph, wea A
Burton, Richard, fis B
Burton, Richard, wea A14B67
Burton, Robert, dye B
Burton, Robert, fis B
Burton, Robert, fou B
Busfeild, John, bar A
Bush, William, pou A
Bushnel, Thomas, joi B
Bushnell, Robert, mas A
Buskin, James, vin B
Buss, Edward, pou B
Buston, William, nee A
Butcher, Robert, cor B
Butcher, William, bla A
Butler, Crispin, pew B
Butler, John, bak B
Butler, John, bak A123
Butler, John, but B
Butler, John, clo B
Butler, John, glz A
Butler, William, dye B
Butler, William, pla B
Butler, William, tur B
Butterfield, Richard, sta A
Butterfield, Thomas, gro B
Buttler, Samuel, cor B
Byard, John, cut B
Byeland, George, glz B
Byercy, Henry, dye B
Byfield, Josiah, clo A
Byrond, Nathaniel, fou A
Bywater, Charles, cut B