London Pollbooks, 1713: Voters, C - F

Pages 75-87

London Politics 1713-1717 Minutes of A Whig Club 1714-1717, London Pollbooks 1713. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1981.

This free content was digitised by double rekeying and sponsored by London Record Society. All rights reserved.


Cable, John, hab A
Caddey, John, tal B
Cadwell, John, bla A
Cager, Robert, bak B
Calcutt, Richard, but A
Calcutt, Will, but A
Cale, John, tai B
Callaway, Robert, pou A
Calleot, John, tal B
Calpin, Richard, tai B
Calverly, Bewick John, gro B
Calverly, Thomas, gro B
Calvert, Thomas, joi B
Cam, Joseph, hab B
Cam, William, tai A2B578
Cambell, Jonathan, vin B
Cambridge, Richard, mer B
Camfield, Francis, lea A
Camfield, Nathaniel sen, dra A
Campfield, Richard, uph B
Campiere, George, bak B
Cann, Richard, tur B
Cannon, John, vin B
Cannon, Thomas, vin B
Carbonell, Delillers, dye A
Carbonell, John, dye A
Carbonell, Michael, dye A
Carbonell, Thomas, dye A
Carew, Thomas, iro A
Carey, James, sal B
Carey, Thomas, sal B
Carington, Richard, wea B
Carles, Robert, hab B
Carleton, Bostock, mer A
Carleton, Edward, mer A
Carleton, Harden, mer A
Carne, Francis, dis B
Carpenter, Joseph, hab B
Carpenter, Nathaniel, dra B
Carpenter, Thomas, hab A
Carpenter, Thomas, hab A
Carpenter, Thomas, pai B
Carpenter, William, arm B
Carpenter, William, cur A
Carpenter, William, hab B
Carr, Edward, glz A
Carr, James, bro A
Carr, John, joi B
Carr, Robert, clo B
Carr, Thomas, scr B
Carr, William, joi B
Carrell, Joseph, fis A
Carrington, Edmund, dye A
Carrington, Henry, dye A
Carroll, William, tai A
Cars, Moses, bar B
Cart, Richard, but A
Carter, George, uph A
Carter, Humfry, bak B
Carter, John, bla B
Carter, John, ski A134B5
Carter, John, tal A
Carter, Martin, tai B
Carter, Nathaniel, gol B
Carter, Samuel, sad B
Carter, Thomas, glo A
Carter, William, cur B
Carterell, Robert, apo B
Cartlich, John, gol B
Cartright, Ralph, bak A
Cartwright, Francis, dye B
Cartwright, Jonathan, ck A
Cartwright, Peter, hab A
Cartwright, Thomas, mas A
Carus, John, glo A
Casamire, Josiah, uph A
Casbeard, Richard, wax B
Casebeard, Richard, wax A14
Case, Thomas, tal A
Case, William, bri A
Casebeard, John, cp A
Caseby, Humphrey, sal B
Cass, John kt, car A2B567
Castell, Robert, hab B
Castor, Alexander, hab A
Catesby, John, lea A
Cather, John, dra A124B7
Catmore, Thomas, dis B
Caulcott, Thomas, lea A
Caunell, John, tal B
Cave, Francis, dra B
Cave, Thomas, bak A134B7
Cave, Thomas, jun, bak A
Cawcutt, Obediah, lor A
Cawsey, James, bro B
Cawsins, John, bow B
Cecill, James, dye A
Chad, Richard, tur B
Chadey, Jeremiah, pou B
Chadsey, John, tai A
Chadwell, John, gol B
Chadwick, John, tai A
Challener, John, apo B
Chaloner, John, tai B
Chamberlain, Joseph, bla A
Chamberlain, Richard, ski B
Chamberlain, Richard, wea A
Chamberlain, Thomas, arm A
Chamberlin, George, car A
Chamberlin, John, car A
Chambers, Chadwick, ski A
Chambers, Jeremiah, cut B
Chambers, John, bar A234B5
Chambers, Richard, uph B
Chambers, Robert, far B
Chambers, Thomas, wax A
Chambers, William, lea A
Chamflower, Thomas, iro A
Champion, John, vin B
Chancey, William, iro B
Chancy, Richard, mer A
Chancy, William, mer A
Chandler, Henry, sad A
Chandler, Joseph, sad A
Chandler, Nathaniel, tal B
Chandler, Percivall, fis B
Chandler, Robert, bar A
Chandler, William, bak B
Chandler, William, fis A
Chandler, William, tal A34B68
Channing, John, apo A
Chantree, John, cor B
Chaplin, Joseph, cp A
Chaplyn, Sampson, fis A
Chapman, Daniel, glo A
Chapman, Francis, dye A
Chapman, John, arm A
Chapman, John, inn B
Chapman, John, wea B
Chapman, Joseph, arm A
Chapman, Lewis, gir B
Chapman, Nicholas, arm A
Chapman, Richard, apo A123B6
Chapman, Richard, cut A
Chapman, Robert, arm A
Chapman, Samuel, apo A134B6
Chapman, Thomas, dis A
Chapman, William, bla A
Charles, Henry, inn B
Charles, Thomas, inn B
Charles, William, bar B
Charley, Hen, gls A
Charlton, Michael, cut B
Charton, William, bar B
Chase, Emmaliel, gir A
Chase, Richard, iro B
Chase, William, iro A134B5
Chatfield, Bernard, apo B
Chauncy, Charles, wax A
Chauncy, Richard, clo B
Chellingworth, John, pai B
Chelton, Andrew, tur A
Cheney, William, cp A
Cheret, Thomas, wea A
Cheshire, John, nee A
Cheshire, Peter, tal B
Cheshire, Richard, coa A12B78
Cheshire, William, tal B
Chester, Gamaliel, mer B
Chester, Granado, tal B
Chester, Thomas, mer B
Cheswall, Richard, dra B
Chewter, Thomas, tal A
Chicham, Edward, wea A
Chide, John, inn A
Child, Daniel, tal B
Child, Francis, gol B568
Child, Henry, bro B
Child, John, bak B
Child, John, iro B
Child, John, tal A
Child, John, tal A
Child, John jun, tal A
Child, Lawrence, pew A
Child, Robert esq., gol B
Child, Stephen, gol B
Child, Thomas, pou B
Child, Timothy, sta A
Child, William, but B
Child, William, ck B
Child, William, cut B
Child, William, hab A
Child, William, lea B
Chinn, Daniel, dye A123B5
Chiselton, William, bar A
Chiswell, Richard, mer A
Chitham, Edward, wea A
Chittle, John, lea A
Chitty, Joseph, car B
Chitty, Josiah, bre A
Cholmley, William, fis A
Christian, Daniel, bro B
Christmas, Michael, joi A
Christopher, William, hab B
Church, Bower, bre A
Church, Gabriel, lor A
Church, James, ski A123B6
Church, Randall, bar B
Churcher, Thomas, lea B
Churchill, Awnsham, sta A
Churchill, John, car B
Churchill, Richard, plu B
Churchill, Robert, hab B
Claris, Peter, hab A
Clark, Bartholomew, cp A23B78
Clark, Christopher, lea B
Clark, Daniel, tai A
Clark, Edward, tai A
Clark, Henry, uph B
Clark, Henry, vin A
Clark (Cluck), John, bak A1B568
Clark, John, cp A14B67
Clark, John, dis B
Clark, John, dis B
Clark, John, ski B
Clark, John, tal A
Clark. Nicholas, uph A
Clark, Richard, bre B
Clark, Samuel, cp A
Clark, Samuel, sta A
Clark, Thomas, cur B
Clark, Thomas, pou B
Clark, Thomas, sta A
Clark, Thomas, tai A
Clark, William, hab B
Clarke, Anthony, bak A24B78
Clarke, Edmund, gir A
Clarke, Francis, dra B578
Clarke, George, tai B
Clarke, George, tai B
Clarke, George, vin B
Clarke, Henry, bro B
Clarke, Henry, clo B
Clarke, Henry, clo A2
Clarke, Henry, wax A
Clarke, Humphry, bro B
Clarke, Isaac, vin A
Clarke, James, cor B
Clarke, James, dis A
Clarke, Jeremy, but A23B67
Clarke, John, bla B
Clarke, John, bla A
Clarke, John, bre A
Clarke, John, gol B568
Clarke, John, sal A
Clarke, Jonathan, gls A
Clarke, Jos, bro A
Clarke, Joseph, hab B
Clarke, Joshua, sal A
Clarke, Lancelot, dis A
Clarke, Lancelot, ski A
Clarke, Philip, gro B
Clarke, Richard, pla A
Clarke, Samuel, bak B
Clarke, Samuel, mer A
Clarke, Stephen, gir A
Clarke, Thomas, dra A
Clarke, Thomas, fou A
Clarke, Thomas, pew A
Clarke, Thomas, scr A
Clarke, Thomas, tal B
Clarke, William, fra A
Clarkson, Daniel, tai A134
Clarkson, William, dye B
Clarkson, William, ski B
Clay, Richard, dra A
Clayter, William, bak A
Clayton, David, tai A
Clayton, John, fou A1B567
Clayton, Thomas, tur A
Cleave, Alexander, pew B
Cleave, Isaac, sta B
Cleaver, John, bla A
Cleeleh, Francis, bow B
Cleer, James, glo B
Cleever, William, but A
Cleggot, Richard, dra B
Clemens, Robert, gol B
Clement, John, fis B
Clement, Jos, tai A
Clement, Phillip, bro A
Clement, Samuel, ski A
Clements, Henry, sta B
Clemmon, Edward, bro B
Clerk, Samuel kt, ski B
Clerk, William, pla B
Cletherow, Michael, bri A
Cliff, Nathaniel, sta A
Clifford, William, gir A
Cliffton, Henry, clo A
Clifton, Francis, bak A
Clifton, William, bla A
Clinch, William, wea B
Clinton, William, but B
Clogie, Thomas, hab A
Clowes, Robert, gro B
Clowse, Robert, hab A13B57
Cluck, John, see Clark, John
Coartman, Thomas, pai B
Coates, Henry, dye A
Coatsworth, William, bar A
Cobb, Thomas, bla A
Cobett, Joseph, dis A
Cock, John, plu B
Cock, Richard, plu A
Cock, Robert, bow B
Cockain, John, cor A
Cockbill, Richard, glo A
Cockerill, Daniel, iro A
Cocking, William, gro A
Cocks, Isaac, tai B
Cockshut, Thomas, tai A
Codd, Thomas, hab B
Coggs, John, gol A
Coggs, Richard, wax A2B568
Coish, Elisha, mer A
Coke, Thomas, joi B
Colchester, Henry, gro A
Colcutt see Coleat
Cole, Benjamin, ck B
Cole, Benjamin, dra A
Cole, Benjamin, dye A
Cole, Edward, scr A12B67
Cole, Edward, ski B
Cole, Francis, bre A
Cole, George, dye A
Cole, Henry, bak A
Cole, Henry, glz B
Cole, Humphry, but A
Cole, John, cp A
Cole, Lawrence, gol B
Cole, Robert, vin B578
Cole, Samuel, inn A4B8
Cole, Stephen, hab A
Cole, Thomas, bre A
Cole, Thomas, bre A
Cole, Thomas, ck B
Cole, William, bar A
Coleat (Colcutt), Daniel, lea A23B58
Colebath, Benjamin, tai A3B568
Colebeck, Edward, bar A
Colebran, Thomas, fle A
Colebrook, John, tai A124B8
Colebrooke, James, mer A
Coleclough, Sampson, fra A
Coleman, Abraham, glo A
Coleman, Francis, sal B
Coleman, Henry, bla A
Coleman, Henry, tai A
Coleman, Isaac, sal B
Coleman, John, dye A
Coleman, Robert, hab A
Coleman, Samuel, glo A
Coleman, Thomas, glz A134
Coleman, Thomas, sal B
Coleman, William, glo A
Coleman, Thomas, but B
Coles, Benjamin, dye A
Coles, George, ski A
Coles, Richard, pou B
Coles, Thomas, dis A
Coles, William, bri A
Coles, William kt, fis A34B58
Collet, Christopher, bro A
Collet, William, wea A
Collett, Benjamin, iro A
Collett, Elias, cp A
Collett, John, cp A
Collett, Matthew, dra A
Collett, Richard, vin A
Collett, Thomas, vin B
Collewis, George, wea A
Collier, Benjamin, gro A
Collier, Henry, cor A
Collier, John, but B
Collier, Jonathan, mer A
Collier, Joseph, lea A
Collier, Joseph, mer A
Collier, Richard, tal A
Collier, William, joi B
Collier, William, tal A123B8
Collier, William, tal A
Collings, Richard, bak B
Collingwood, George, far A
Collins, Christopher, gol B
Collins, Henry, vin B
Collins, John, dye B
Collins, Joseph, bar B
Collins, Joseph, mer A
Collins, Richard, bar A
Collins, William, inn A
Colly, John, wea B
Collyer, Nicholas, fou B
Collyer, Samuel, inn A
Colson, Edward, mer B
Colson, Richard, tai A
Colt, Edward, wea B
Colt, John, dra B
Colton, George, bla B
Colvill, John, bro A
Combs, Thomas, but B
Comer, George, inn A
Comes, Oliver, nee A
Comes, Thomas, pla A
Commins, William, pai A
Compear, George, bak A1
Compeire, Leonard, lea B
Compiers, Thomas, apo B
Compton, John, bak A
Compton, Water, gol B
Conant, Robert, fis B
Condee, Francis, apo A134B6
Coner, Michael, bar B
Coney, Thomas, plu B
Congrave, Peter, fou A
Conningsby, Christopher, sta B
Constable, Henry, ck B
Constable, Philip, tal A
Constable, Thomas, bri B
Constantine, Samuel, tur B
Conyers, Gerrard esq., sal A
Conyers, Samuel, pla A
Cook, Ezekiel, joi B
Cook, George, bar A
Cook, Jacob, dra A
Cook, John, glz B
Cook, Thomas, joi A
Cook, Thomas, uph B
Cook, William ck B
Cook, William, fru A
Cooke, Charles, mer A
Cooke, David, inn A
Cooke, Edward, vin B
Cooke, James, fis B
Cooke, John, glz A
Cooke, John, iro B
Cooke, Richard, car B
Cooke, Thomas, clo A23B67
Cooke, Thomas, clo A134B6
Cookes, John, mer A13B56
Coombes, William, bro B
Coop, Peter, plu B
Coop, Richard, sal A
Cooper, Benjamin, pew A123B6
Cooper, Charles, cp B
Cooper, Charles, pla A
Cooper, Daniel, uph A
Cooper, Edmund, bow B
Cooper, Francis, cp A
Cooper, Isaac, vin B
Cooper, James, bar A
Cooper, John, clo A
Cooper, John, cor B
Cooper, John, cur A
Cooper, John, far B
Cooper, John, fis B
Cooper, John, glo A
Cooper, John, glz A
Cooper, John, gol B
Cooper, John, hab B
Cooper, John, joi A
Cooper, John, mas A
Cooper, John, tai A
Cooper, Joseph, glz A
Cooper, Matthew, gol B
Cooper, Nathaniel, hab B
Cooper, Richard, coa A2B578
Cooper, Richard, gro B
Cooper, Robert, gol B
Cooper, Robert, lea B
Cooper, Rowland, tur B
Cooper, Thomas, glz B
Cooper, Thomas, sal A
Cooper, Thomas, tai A
Cooper, William, glo A14B56
Cooper, William, joi A
Cooper, William, tai A12B67
Cooper, William, tai A
Cooter, Matth, bar B
Cope, Walter, fis B
Copeland, John, glo A
Coplestone, Lancelot, bar B
Copperwhite, John, inn B
Coppin, Stephen, lea A
Coppindale, Daniel, dis A
Corbet, Thomas, cut B
Corbett, John, pai B
Corbison, John, pla B
Cordwell, Edward, car B
Cordwell, John, fra B
Corey, Samuel, car A
Corker, George, pla B
Corner, Charles, glz B
Corner, John, dye A
Corner, Thomas, dye A
Corner, William, wea B
Cornhill, John, tai A4
Cornish, Henry, hab A
Correvus, James, bak B7
Cort, Benjamin, tai A
Corthorpe, Bryan, sta B
Cory, Thomas, joi B
Coster, William, fra B
Cotchet, Nicholas, vin B
Cotchett, Thomas, tai B
Cotten, Charles, far A
Cotterel, Bernard, mer B
Cottis, Thomas, but B
Cotton, James, hab A2B578
Cotton, John, sal A
Cotton, Jonathan, pew A
Cotton, Richard, pla B
Cottrell, Bazil, scr B
Couch, Nicholas, mus A4B567
Coulston, Stephen, plu A
Coulter, James, tai A
Coursey, William, bla B
Court, Richard, bla B
Court, William, cut B
Court, William, cut A23
Courthope, William, uph B
Courthorpe, Peter, joi B
Courtris, Jacob, bro A
Couser, Abraham, wax A
Coventry, Thomas, gro A
Cowdrey, Richard, bla A
Cowell, George, glo A
Cowell, John, coa B
Cowley, John, tai A123B6
Cowley, William, dis A
Cowley, William, pew A
Cowley, William, pew A
Cowper, Thomas, tai B
Cowsey, John, gol A
Cox, Ambross, gro B
Cox, Charles kt, bre A34B57
Cox, Edmund, dra B
Cox, George, bro A
Cox, Gostwick, plu B
Cox, Isaac, tai A13
Cox, Isaac, tai A
Cox, John, cur A
Cox, John, iro B
Cox, John, tur B
Cox, Jonathan, pla B
Cox, Robert, bla B
Cox, Thomas, clo A
Cox, Thomas, cut B
Cox, Thomas, joi A234B5
Cox, Thomas, mus A
Cox, Thomas, sad B
Cox, Thomas, tai A12B67
Cox, Thomas, vin A123B6
Cox, William, iro B
Coxey, Richard, joi B
Coxhead, John (Tho), joi A2B567
Coxhead, Robert, dye A
Coxson, John, gro B
Cozens, Oliver, wea A
Craawell, William, bak B678
Craddock, Matthew, hab A
Cradock, John, hab A23B58
Craggs, Jos, inn A
Craige, John, bro A
Crainer, Samuel, wea A
Crane, Charles, dye A
Crane, James, gir A
Crane, Richard, uph B
Crane, William, bak A13B78
Cranstone, Robert, far A
Cranwell, Jonathan, scr A
Cranwell, William, tal A
Craven, Thomas, mas A
Crawley, John, glz A
Crawley, Thomas, lea A
Craycer, Joseph, mer B
Crayle, John esq., clo B
Creagh, Stephen, lea B
Creamer, Charles, fis B
Cresner, Edward, bro A
Cressiner, George, gro A
Cretchlow, Samuel, dra A
Crey, Richard, cor A
Cripple, William, joi A
Cripps, Nichol, dra B678
Crips, George, bar A
Crisp, John, pla A
Crisp, Pheasant, ski A
Crisp, Thomas, gls A
Crockford, Fam, lor B
Crockson, John, dra B578
Crodwell, George, plu A
Croft, Richard, vin B567
Crofts, William, gol A
Crome, Thomas, tai A
Crompton, John, lea B
Cromwell, Henry, pla A
Cropwell, William, lea A
Crose, George, wea B
Crosley, Naham, wea B
Crosley, Nathanael, bar B
Cross, Andrew, bre B
Cross, John, far A
Cross, Peter, gir A
Cross, Stephen, gir A
Cross, Stephen, glo A
Cross, William, wea A12B67
Crothley, John, dye A
Crouch, Edward, pou B
Crouch, John, bak A
Crouch, John, uph A
Crouch, Samuel, sta A
Crouch, Thomas, pou B
Crouch, Zarobabel, cut A
Croutch, John, bak A3B8
Crow, Ephram, gol B
Crow, Patrick, apo A
Crowder, Edward, wea A
Crowder, George, but A
Crowshaw, Robert, gls A
Crudge, Alexander, vin B
Crutcher, Richard, mas A123B7
Cruttenden, Joss, apo A
Crynes, Jonathan, lea A
Culley, John, gol B
Culliford, William, tal A
Cullin, Thomas, bak B
Cullum, Lawrence, ski A
Cumberland, John, dis A
Cumberlidge, John, gol B
Cumbers, James, dra A
Cuney, Lewis, gol A
Curd, Richard, ck B
Curle, Edmund, cor A134B6
Curry, Thomas, joi A
Curthope, Edward, gol B
Curtis, John, bak A124
Curtis, Robert, pou A
Curwin, William, apo B
Cushy, Thomas, lea A
Cutbeard, Matthew, gol A
Cutbert, William, gol B
Cuthbert, John, gol A13B67
Cutler, John, joi B
Cutting, Arthur, iro A
Cutting, John, dra A
Cutts, Charles, hab A
Dabbs, Arthur, gol B
Dacres, Philip, gro B
Dagley, Giles, cur A
Daintry, William, wea A
Daking, Abraham, clo A12B67
Dakins, Charles, bar B
Daldron, William, ski B
Dale, William, bar B
Dale, William, uph A
Dalton, Andrew, bro A
Dalton, Thomas, apo A
Dalton, Thomas, plu B
Dalton, Thomas, scr B
Dalton, Thomas, sta B
Dam, John, joi B
Damon, Michael, inn A
Dampney, Jos, fou A3B578
Dance, Giles, tai B
Dance, Nicholas, bri B
Dance, Thomas, pla A
Dandridge, John, pai B
Dandridge, Joseph, tai A
Dane, John, pai B
Dane, Richard, ski B
Dane, William, fru B
Dangerfield, Stephen, cor B
Daniel, Henry, hab B
Daniel, Jonathan, joi A3B567
Daniel, Joseph, inn B
Daniel, Stephen, hab A
Daniel, Thomas, inn B
Dann, John, scr A2B568
Dansey, James, bar B
Danter, William, joi B
Danvas, John, dra B
Darby, John, sta A
Darby, Roger, clo A
Dare, Matthew, dis B
Darrack, Enock, nee A
Darret, John, fis B
Darrington, Thomas, bri B
Dash, Joseph, gro A
Dashwood, John, joi A
Dashwood, Thomas, vin A
Daulting, Benjamin, ski B
Davall, John, bla B
Davenish, Joseph, uph A
Davinish, Joshua, glz B
Davis, Belvier, apo A
Davis, Daniel, ck B
Davis, Ed, bla B
Davis, Edward, dye B
Davis, Edward, wea A
Davis, Evan, glz A
Davis, Henry, wax A
Davis, John, car B
Davis, John, car A
Davis, John, ck A
Davis, John, coa B
Davis, John, dye B
Davis, John, fou A
Davis, John, lor B
Davis, John, lor A
Davis, John, lor A
Davis, John, vin B
Davis, Joshua, wea B
Davis, Philip, fou A2B578
Davis, Richard, bre B
Davis, Richard, dye A
Davis, Richard, hab A
Davis, Richard, vin B
Davis, Richard, wea B
Davis, Roger, wax A
Davis, Thomas, bla A
Davis, Thomas, but A14B68
Davis, Thomas, car B
Davis, Thomas, ck A34B5
Davis, Thomas, joi B
Davis, Thomas, mas B
Davis, William, bla A
Davis, William, tai B
Davis, William, tai A1B568
Davise, William, lea B
Davison, John, but B
Davison, William, pew B
Davyes, George, clo B
Daw, John, glz B
Dawes, William, cur B
Dawks, Ichabod, sta A14B58
Dawling, Andrew, hab B
Daws, Samuel, fis A
Dawson, Anthony, bla A
Dawson, Edward, inn B
Dawson, John, tai B
Dawson, John, tai A
Dawson, Joseph, tai A
Dawson, Newcome, gro A
Dawson, Robert, gro A
Dawson, Robert, vin B
Dawson, Thomas, car B
Dawson, Thomas, fra A
Dawson, Thomas, uph A
Dawson, William, tai A
Dawson, William, wea A
Day, James, uph A
Day, John, bak A
Day, John, cor A
Day, John, hab B
Day, John, mer A
Day, Josiah, pou A14B56
Day, Robert, tai A
Day, Stephen, pou A
Day, Valentine, bar A
Deacle, John, dra A
Deacon, Thomas, wea B
Dean, Matthew, car B
Dean, Thomas, but B
Deane, John, cut B
Deane, John, gls A
Deane, Robert, fou B
Decaux, Mich, bro A
Dee, William, bak B
Dee, William, bak A13
Degrave, John, hab A
Delanoy, Peter, dye A
Deleau, Elias, mer B
Delight, Peter, tal A
Dell, Francis, pai A2B568
Dell, Henry, glo A
Dell, Humphry, gol B
Dell, William, cut B
Dell, William, joi B
Delmee, Peter esq., fis A
Deloane, Noah, fou B
Denew, Isaac, dye A
Denew, John, dye A
Denham, James, joi A14B67
Denne, Alud, bre A
Dennee, Edward, wea A
Dennet, Robert, bar B
Dennett, Tho, car A
Denning, George, sal B
Denning, Philip, inn A
Denning, Thomas, sal B
Dennis, David, wea A
Dennison, Hugh, cor B
Dennison, John, inn A
Dent, George, glo B
Dent, John, wea A
Dent, Marmaduke, bro A
Dent, Thomas, sad B
Dent, Thomas, sad A
Denton, Richard, bla B
Dequestor, Jacob, vin B
Desbouvery, Christ kt, mer B
Desbouvery, Jacob, mer B
Devinck, Benjamin, gir A
Dew, Edward, dye B
Dewdney, Richard, bak B
Dewe, Thomas, inn A
Dewick, William, bla A
Diamond, Richard, lor A
Diamond, Robert, lea A
Dickenson, Ambrose, bar B
Dickenson, William, bar A
Dickins, Robert, fra A
Dickinson, John, gro A
Dickinson, Rivers, bre A
Dickinson, Robert, far A
Dickinson, William, tur B
Dickonson, John, mer A
Dickson, Ralph, gro A
Dickson, Richard, hab B
Dickson, Richard, hab B
Dickson, Thomas, uph A
Diffeld, John, glo A
Dighton, Henry, hab B
Dighton, Samuel, bak A134B7
Dillham, Joseph, joi B
Dillingham, Theophilus, tai A
Dillingham, William, mer A
Dimmock, Thomas, far B
Dimmock, Thomas, far B
Diston, Richard, joi B
Diston, Thomas, ck A
Diston, William, dis B
Divett, Thomas, lea A
Dixon, Michael, vin B
Dixon, Richard, tai A
Dixon, Michael, vin A
Dobbins, John, fru A
Dobbins, Joseph, bla B
Dobbs, Wills, pou B
Dobins, John, bar B
Dobinson, Henry, gir B
Dobson, John, inn A
Doby, John, gol A
Dockwra, William, arm A
Dodd, James, hab A
Dodd, John, sal B
Dodd, Robert, fis B
Dodd, Thomas, hab A
Doddington (Bodington), James, lea A12B78
Dodge, Thomas, joi A
Dodridge, Daniel, wax A
Dodsworth, Christopher, mer A
Dolbey, Andrew, but A124
Dolby, Andrew, but B
Doldarn, William, ski A
Doldron, George, glz A134B6
Dolen, John, but B
Donn, Joseph, gol B
Donne, John, pew B
Donne, Obad, bla B56
Dormond, William, cor A
Dorrell, Edward, sta A
Dorrell, John, uph B
Dottin, George, bar B
Dottin, George, bar A4
Doubledee, Francis, cut A
Doughty, Edmond, ski B
Dove, John, pew B
Dove, Matthew, fis A14B58
Dove, Robert, mer A
Dovey, James, bla A
Dovey, Joseph, tai B
Dovey, William, hab B
Dowdesell, Edward, gol A
Dowdeswell, Thomas, tal A
Dowell, Thomas, cp A
Dowley, Hugh, gro B
Dowley, Robert, tai A
Downer, Peter, hab A
Downer, William, hab A
Downes, Phillip, fis A4B567
Downes, Richard, fou A
Downing, Joseph, sta B6
Dowse, Francis, bar A
Dowse, Thomas, joi B
Doyley, Robert, mer B
Drafgate, Richard, gir A
Drage, Theodorus, hab A
Drake, Humphry, bla B
Drake, Thomas, hab B
Drake, William, sal B
Drake, William, tai A
Draper, Richard, gir B
Drayton, Joseph, gro A
Drayton, Joshua, dye A
Drayton, Thomas, vin A
Drew, Benjamin, sal A13B68
Drew, Cornelius, tai A
Drew, Richard, tai A
Dring, Thomas, arm B
Drinkell, John, pou A
Drinkwater, Francis, glo B
Drinkwater, Robert, sal B
Drought, Thomas, clo B
Drury, John, inn B
Drury, Jos, fou A
Drury, Richard, bak A
Drury, Walter, apo A
Dry, Augustine, ski B
Dry, Henry, ski A
Drybutter, Peter, hab B
Dubert, William, sal B
Dubois, Samuel, fis A
Duboise, Ralphell, wea A
Duck, John, gol A
Dudley, James, glz A
Dudley, Samuel, clo B
Dudley, Will, but A
Duffield, Edward, tai A
Dufremey, Samuel, glz A
Dugdale, Abraham, gls B
Duhamel, Jacob, bro A2B567
Duke, Edward, bar A
Duke, Edward, bar A
Dukson, Zachary, tal B
Duncalfe, Simon, cut A4B578
Duncomb, Preston, bow B
Duncomb, Thomas, bow B
Duncomb, Thomas, clo B
Dundridge, Fran, apo B
Dunham, Geo, apo B
Dunkley, Robert, glo B
Dunkley, Robert kt, hab B
Dunklin, Samuel, scr B
Dunn, John, but A12B78
Dunn, Thomas, mas A14B78
Dunning, Richard, fis A
Dunton, John, sta A
Duprie, John, hab A12B67
Durand, John, pew B
Durban, Henry, tal A
Durham, John, hab A
Durvill, Thomas, bri A134B5
Durvill, William, bla A
Dutch, Cornelius, wea A
Dutton, Adam, bla B
Dye, Jonas, fou A
Dyer, Benjamin, cut A
Dyer, Doyley, vin B
Dyer, Edward, pla A
Dyer, John, pew A134
Dyer, Lawrence, pew A134
Dyer, William, bri A
Dyerson, Thomas, bak A12B78
Dyos, Thomas, mer B
Dyson, Richard, plu A
Dyton, Samuel, bak A
Eades, Thomas, inn B
Eades, Thomas, wea A
Eady, Charles, sad B
Eales, Isaac, arm B
Eales, John, pla A
Eales, Thomas, pai B
Earle, John, fou A
Earle, Joshua, wea B
Earle, William, tai A
East, James, cut B
East, John, gol B
East, Thomas, sad A
East, William, sad B
Eastman, Nehemiah, sal A
Easton, John, inn B
Easton, Richard, dra A
Eaton, Barrington, mer A
Eaton, Edward, clo A
Eaton, James, lea A
Eaton, Josiah, hab A12B78
Eaton, Peter, cp A
Eaton, William, fis A4B578
Eaton, William, pew B
Ebbitt, Edward, dye A
Ebbitt, Edward jun, dye A
Ebbut, Edmund, vin A
Ecclestone, Theodore, gro A234B6
Edden, John, car B
Eddowes, John, fle B
Eden, John, bri B
Eden, Nathaniel, glo B
Eden, Ralph, cp B
Edge, Jacob, hab A
Edgley, Arthur, apo B
Edgley, Benjamin, fra B
Edlin, Samuel, gol B
Edmonds, Giles, tur B
Edmonds, John, coa B
Edmonds, Joseph, dra A
Edmondson, John, pla A4B578
Edmund, Richard, tai A14B56
Edmunds, William, wea B
Edward, Samuel, hab B
Edward, Thomas, tai B
Edward, William, cp B
Edwards, Edward, mas B
Edwards, Eliazer, tai A
Edwards, George, wea A
Edwards, John, but A
Edwards, John, cor B
Edwards, John, far B
Edwards, John, mer B
Edwards, John, mer A
Edwards, Robert, iro B
Edwards, Thomas, but B
Edwards, Thomas, ck B
Edy, John, bri A
Eeles, Charles, ck B
Eeles, Thomas, hab A
Eels, Jacob, gls A
Eels, Markham, gls A
Effington, Thomas, bar B
Eggerton, Thomas, but B
Eglesfield, John, bak B
Egleston, Organ, cur A
Egleston, William, wax B
Egleton, Francis, hab A
Egleton, John, gol A
Ekins, Robert, tal B
Elderton, John, pew B
Eldridge, Richard, bak A2B578
Elford, George, tai B
Elford, Richard, tai B
Elford, Thomas, bri B578
Elgar, Jeremy, mer A
Ellcie, Henry, pai B
Ellerick, Edward, sal B
Ellice, James, tal B
Ellingham, William, tai A13B58
Elliot, Edward, cor A
Elliot, Richard, cur B
Elliot, William, but B
Elliott, Thomas, dis B
Ellis, David, pla B
Ellis, George, wax B
Ellis, James, pla B
Ellis, John, dra A
Ellis, John, hab B
Ellis, Patrick, glo A
Ellis, Richard, wea B
Ellis, Robert, ck B
Ellis, Simon, hab A
Ellis, Thomas, mer A
Ellison, John, bro A
Ellison, John, dra A
Ellison, John, tai A234B7
Ellitt, Richard, bow A14B58
Ellord, Robert, wea B
Ellwood, William, pew A
Elman, William, gro B
Elmes, Edward, gol B
Elmes, Robert, sta B
Elsdon, William, joi B
Elsey, Rupert, pla B
Elsworth, Samuel, clo A
Elton, John, cut A
Elton, Thomas, hab B
Elwick, Edrion, vin B
Elwick, John, mer A
Emerton, John, gro A
Emett, Henry, pai A
Emley, Henry, but A3B578
Emmerson, Marmaduke, lor A
Emms, John, gol B
England, Thomas, but B
English, John, sal B
Ennis, William, but B
Enns, John, but B578
Enoch, George, joi B7
Erdswicke, Isaac, tur A
Esson, Joseph, nee A
Esthop, Jacob, glo B
Estwick, Usher, fis B
Estwick, William, dis B
Eswick, Edrion, vin B
Ethery, Hugh, apo B
Ethridge, James, gro B
Eubank, Michael, tai A
Eubendon, John, joi B
Evance, William, pai B
Evans, Alexander, plu B
Evans, Arthur, dra B
Evans, Asgill, pai B
Evans, John, clo A123B7
Evans, Jos, tai B
Evans, Richard, pai B
Evans, Robert, plu B
Evans, Thomas, bla B
Evans, Thomas, lea B
Evans, William, bar B
Evans, William, bri B
Everard, John, bar B
Everard, William, joi A
Everden, Anthony, cut B
Everet, John, bro B
Evin, Thomas, joi A234
Evins, Jonathan, but B
Ewer, Daniel, mer A
Ewer, John, tal A
Ewer, Nathaniel, ski A
Ewin, Nathaniel, fis A
Ewin, Thomas, joi B
Exelby, Thomas, wea A
Exell, Henry, cor B
Exton, John, glo A
Eyles, Francis esq., hab A
Eyles, Henry, bak A
Eyles, John, hab A
Eyles, Jos, hab A
Eyles, Peter, inn B
Eyles, Richard, pew A
Eyles, Robert, pew B
Eyloe, John, ck B
Eyme, Solomon, tai A
Eynes, William, ski B
Eyre, Edward, plu B
Eyre, John, tal A
Eyre, Samuel, fis A24B56
Facer, John, glo A
Faickney, David, ski A
Fairchild, Charles, coa A
Fairclough, John, dra A
Faire, John, apo A
Fairman, Robert, bre A
Faithful, Francis, plu B
Falkingham, Thomas, gol A4B678
Faltrop (Folhop), Samuel, car A12B78
Fandry, John, gol B
Fane, Mildmay, ski A
Far, Thomas, fru B
Farey, Robert, gro B
Farlam, Christopher, bla A
Farlow, Richard, but B
Farmborough, Thomas, bak A
Farmer, Edward, bri A
Farmer, January, bar A
Farmer, John, ski B
Farmer, Rich, clo B
Farmer, Richard, clo A234
Farmer, Richard, vin B
Farmer, William, clo A
Farr, John, sal B
Farr, Robert, fou B
Farr, William, mer B
Farrin, Jonathan, coa A
Farrington, Edmond, hab A
Farrington, Edmond jun, hab A
Farrington, John, hab A
Farrington, Richard, dis B
Farrow, William, cur B
Farum, John, bak B
Fashion, William, scr B
Fashions, Lawrence, fis A34B67
Faulkner, Benjamin, tur B
Faulkner, Thomas, cor B
Faushaw, Edward, uph B
Favill, Joseph, bar B
Fawcett, Richard, apo A
Fawdon, Henry, cut B
Fawdrey, William, gol B
Fawkner, George, car A13B68
Fawkner, William, mer A
Fawson, Stephen, inn B58
Faxoll, Thomas, gol B
Fazakerly, Edward, dye B
Feast, Felix, bre B
Feast, William, wax A
Feifield, Richard, arm A
Fell, James, plu B
Fell, John, vin A
Fell, Roger, far B
Fellow, Thomas, bre A
Fellows, Thomas, uph A
Feltham, Charles, bre B
Fenn, Sampson, dis A
Fenwick, Edward, fis A
Fenwick, Lambert, vin B
Fern, Amos, vin B
Ferne, James, bar A
Fernham, James, uph B
Fernley, Randall, dye A
Ferrour, William, lea B
Fery, Joshua, tai A
Fevin, John, ski A
Fidoe, Thomas, uph A
Field, Jacob, lea B
Field, John, dis B
Field, Nathaniel, tal A
Field, Nicholas, bar B
Field, Richard, tal B
Fielding, Edward, ski B
Fielding, Samuel, glz B
Figgs, Henry, wax B
Fildes, James, gls A
Filp, Thomas, tal B
Filzar, Thomas, bla B
Finall, William, gol B
Finch, John, cut A12B58
Finch, Michael, tai A
Finch, Robert, bre B
Finch, Thomas, clo B
Finch, William, apo B
Finch, William, lea A
Finney, Richard, gro A
Firebras, Bazil kt, vin B
Fish, Samuel, tal A
Fish, Thomas, fle B
Fish, William, gol B
Fisher, Edward, mer B
Fisher, George, bar B
Fisher, George, bar B
Fisher, Henry, vin B
Fisher, James, fis A234B7
Fisher, John, cut A
Fisher, John, hab A
Fisher, John, ski A
Fisher, Joseph, dra A
Fisher, Robert, joi B
Fisher, Samuel, lea B
Fisher, Thomas, tur A
Fisher, William, bla A
Fisher, William, joi A2B578
Fisher, William, vin B
Fitch, Samuel, tal A
Fitzer, Jesse, sad B
Fitzgarrard, James, vin B
Fitzhugh, John, bar A4B568
Fitzhugh, Leonard, arm B
Fitzhugh, Thomas, wea A12B78
Fitzwilliams, John, gro A
Flagott, Henry, but B
Flanders, Thomas, bla B
Fleckney, John, wea A
Fleet, Ralph, gol B
Fleming, Benjamin, clo B
Fleming, Edw, cut B678
Fleming, William, gol B
Fletcher, James, bak B
Fletcher, John, bak A2B578
Fletcher, John, bri B
Fletcher, John, cp A12B78
Fletcher, Ornabar, tai A34B56
Fletcher, Robert, coa B
Fletcher, Thomas, gir A
Fletcher, Thomas, glz B
Fletcher, William, fis B
Flower, Adam, gir B
Flower, Francis, far B
Flower, John, dye B
Flower, Richard, bro B
Flower, William, bro B
Fludyer, Samuel, bri A
Fly, John, dis A
Fly, Richard, pla B
Fly, Timothy, pew A
Foard, John, tai A
Fogarly, John, bre B
Folhop see Faltrop
Folker, George, inn B
Folwell, John, wea A
Foot, George, iro A
Ford, Christopher, plu A
Ford, Henry, car B58
Ford, Henry, car B
Ford, Henry, joi B
Ford, Henry, joi A
Ford, Jeremy, inn A
Ford, John, pew B
Ford, John, pou A
Ford, John, tal A
Ford, Nathaniel, tur A3B568
Ford, Robert, bro A
Ford, Thomas, tai A
Ford, William, tai A
Fordham, William, wax B
Forefeite, Thomas, tai A
Foreman, John, tai A13B68
Foreman, Luke, dis B
Forrest, John, far A
Forster, Nathaniel, lea B
Forster, Peter, gro A
Forster, Thomas, dye A
Forster, William, pou A
Forth, Hugh, gir B
Forty, Anthony, hab A
Forward, Jonathan, wea A4B678
Forward, Jonathan, wea A
Foscue, Thomas, arm B
Fosley, Joseph, sal A
Fosque, Thomas, far A
Foster, Abraham, gro A
Foster, Anthony, fis A
Foster, Francis, glo A
Foster, Henry, bri B
Foster, Michael, tai B
Foster, Ralph, apo A
Foster, Thomas, iro A
Foster, William, fis A
Foston, Stephen, inn B
Fotherby, John, sal B
Fotherby, Robert, sal B
Fothergill, Thomas, vin A4B678
Fothingsby, Francis, but B
Foulk, Samuel, hab B
Fountain, Rich, bro A
Fowell, William, tai A
Fowler, Charles, apo A1B67
Fowler, Edward, fis A
Fowler, Hepathadithus, tai A
Fowler, John, dye B
Fowler, John, dye A
Fowler, Matthias, vin B
Fowler, Richard, nee B
Fowler, Richard, nee A1
Fowler, Robert, cor A
Fowler, Samuel, bri B
Fowler, Thomas, gro A
Fox, Daniel, gir B
Fox, Joseph, sta A
Fox, Josiah, bow B
Fox, Thomas, apo A
Fox, William, tai A
Foxcroft, William, inn B
Foxley, Thomas, dra A
Foyle, Robert, mer B
Frachard, Phillip, wax A
Fraddin, Francis, bar A
Fradin, Daniel, bar A
Frame, Robert, gro B
Francis, Simon, vin B
Francis, William, gol A1B567
Franckling, George, bak A
Francks, William, bla B
Frank, Edward, gro B
Franklin, Joshua, bar A
Franklin, Joshua, bar A
Franklin, Nathaniel, cut B
Franklin, Richard, joi A2B578
Franklin, Theo, but B
Franklin, Thomas, cut B
Frankling, Richard, bla B
Franklyn, George, bak A12B78
Franklyn, Richard, pew A134B7
Franklyn, William, bro B
Franks, John, sta B
Fray, Henry, far B
Frazier, Hugh, tai A
Freak, John, lea A
Frearson, Samuel, wax B
Frearson, Samuel, wax A4
Freebody, Elisha, dra A
Freebody, Samuel jun, ck B
Freebody, Samuel sen, ck A
Freeman, Guinnit, hab B
Freeman, John, car B
Freeman, John, pai A
Freeman, Robert, mer B
Freeman, Robert, uph B
Freeman, Rowland, bar B
Freeman, Thomas, cp B
Freeman, Thomas, cut B
Freeman, Thomas, pai A
Freeman, William, sta B
Freind, George, uph B
French, George, dra B
French, James, far A
French, John, cur B
French, John, pou A
French, Joseph, gir A2B567
French, Thomas, bla A
Freshwater, William, but B
Friend, John, dra A23B8
Frind, Thomas, pla B
Frith, John, far B
Frohock, George, fou A
Frost, John, arm A
Frost, Joseph, fis A
Frost, Lawrence, glz B
Frost, Richard, vin A
Frowd, Lambert, car A
Fry, Edward, bri B
Fry, George, clo A
Fryar, Isaac, glz B
Fryer, George, lea A
Fryer, John, pew A
Fryer, Thomas, clo B
Fucknall, Hugh, pou A4B567
Fuller, Ezekiel, bro B
Fuller, John, joi B
Fuller, John, joi B
Fuller, John, joi B
Fuller, Robert, tai A
Fuller, Thomas, glz A
Fuller, William, but A
Fullwood, Richard, tal B58
Furse, John, bar B