Appendix: Some obscure words (144)

Pages 86-87

Parish Fraternity Register: Fraternity of the Holy Trinity and SS. Fabian and Sebastian (Parish of St. Botolph without Aldersgate). Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1982.

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(c) Some obscure words

144. Reference has normally been made only to the first occurrence of each word or phrase in the text.

arndes (58) errands
beche (clensyng beche) (121, see also 101, 129) beck. Large shallow brewing vessel
celours (101) bedcanopies
clott hole blew (136) ? a patch. ? clott = clout
contekour (7) riotous or quarrelsome person
corve (42) bucket
couletre (103) ? cowltree. Sticks used to carry something, as by two men on their shoulders
crepullis (41) ? a platform
draf (121) refuse of grain left after brewing
estericheborde (101) timber from Norway or the Baltic
ferdekyns (101) firkin = half kilderkin measure
grounte becch (129) grout or growt = coarse grain or process of infusion
gystes (43) joists
halmere (60) almere or ambry, i.e. a cupboard
hort lathe, etc. (42) made from the inner 'heart' of the oak (L. F. Salzman, Building in England down to 1540, 240–1)
hustilmentes (121) furniture or equipment
ivels (60) things of value — not necessarily jewels
kemelyn (101) kimnel, a brewing tub
kynderkyn (129) kilderkin. Half barrel cask
legges (41) window bars
massche fat (43) brewing vessel, i.e., mash tub. Mash is a mixing process
office (40) legal charge or verdict
penselles of sylke (136) from pensile (adj.) = hanging
punchons (103) puncheons. Liquid measure
rothir (43) rudder. A paddle used in stirring malt in the mash tub
saffes (43 - lyme saffes) ? a form of safe or save. Possibly a reference to storage (J. Wright, The English Dialect Dictionary)
sanap (103) table cloth or napkins put over main cloth to keep it clean
scorer (127) ?scourer. ? a cleaner or scavenger
slynges, pair of (101) device for hoisting
soudir, sowding, sowing (42, 126, 127) solder, soldering
sprigg (42) small nail
tabardys of lede (101) ? a sheet of lead (Salzman, 264–5)
tappe trowe (43) tap trough. A leaden trough used in brewing
tapstaffe (101) staff used to stuff the top hold of a mash tub
teys (41) lineal or surface measure (Chambers and Daunt)
towell (of a privy - 43) a shaft, opening or conduit
trannson nail (129) transom nail. Used in partitions (Salzman, 307)
trayse, pair of, for the mill (101) traces, as in ploughing
wortte colonder (43) brewing vessel. 'Wort' is the process of infusing malt