Appendix: Receipts Extraordinary, 1564-5

Pages 117-118

Chamber Accounts of the Sixteenth Century. Originally published by London Record Society for the Corporation of London, London, 1984.

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298. [f.136] Receipts Extraordinary

a. Of Mr Edward Gilbert goldsmith, late alderman, for a fine by him appointed to be paid by the lord mayor and aldermen at a court held 16 Nov. 1564 [Rep.15, f.394] for his discharge of as well the room of an alderman as of the room of shrievalty hereafter, to be executed by him in full payment of £266.13s.4d., £66.13s.4d.

b. Of Dame Elizabeth Lion widow for so much bequeathed by Sir John Lion late alderman towards the erecting of a house at Queenhithe, (fn. 1) £100.0s.0d. (fn. 2)

c. Of Jane Poynter widow and executrix of the testament and last will of Richard Poynter citizen and draper of London (fn. 3) of his bequest to be employed within 2 years next after his decease by the advice of his overseers towards the repairing of the water pipes for the better conveyance of the water of the conduits in the city of London which were then in decay, £20.0s.0d.

d. Of the wardens of the Greytawyers by order of court 16 March [recte 12 April] 1565 [Rep.15, f.437b] for that 30 of them, being the whole company of the Greytawyers, that they with their apprentices should be set over to the company of the Skinners and for their translation do pay, £6.13s.4d. (fn. 4)

e. For certain great stones for bases and ashlar stone and elm timber occupied about the foundation of the new house or market place erected at Queenhithe being of the city's store, £16.13s.2d.

f. [f.136v] of William Besewick draper by order of court 10 July last [Rep.15, f.443] to be discharged as well of the room of alderman as of all other offices for ever, £500.0s.0d.

g. Of Nynion Coxton, John Flete and Thomas Worlege, alnagers and searchers of woollen cloths, for the profits of the office this year to the use of the queen £84.16s.5d., and for the fee farm of the office due also to the queen for one whole year £60, and for the profits due to the city by the same office £85.2s.0¼d., and with £13.6s.8d. due and wont to be paid to John Aylewoth esquire for a pension out of the said office during his life and now redeemed to the use of this city as by the account ended at Michaelmas 5 Elizabeth [1563], £243.5s.1¼d. (fn. 5)

h. Of Mr Ambrose Nicholas salter, treasurer of St Bartholomew's Hospital, for timber brick lime sand and other reparation stuff, wages of workmen and labourers bestowed for repairing divers the storehouses in Blackwell Hall and to this accountant allowed among other things in his last account, £25.14s.6d.

i. Of Anthony Sylver deputy of Farringdon Without and Christopher . . . ansted (fn. 6) for so much by them gathered of the inhabitants . . . in Smithfield, £7.0s.0d.


  • 1. Sir John Lyon, lord mayor 1554–55 and alderman of Queenhithe ward 1547–64, died 8 Sept. 1564. On 28 Nov. 1564 a committee viewed the city's void ground at Queenhithe to appoint a site for a market house. On 8 Jan. 1566 the new house was viewed and by orders of 12 Feb. and 12 Nov. 1566 Queenhithe was appointed the place of sale for shellfish, grain, salt and fruit brought to the city for sale from the west (Rep.15, ff.399, 513b; Rep.16, ff.10, 133. And see 316).
  • 2. The words, 'as appears in the account following', have been inserted following 'Queenhithe' and this sum in the margin is struck through. It would seem to have been transferred to a special account, which has not survived, for 'building of a market place and new garner at Queenhithe', kept separately from the general account 1564–65. The sum of £97.7s.0d. was deducted from expenditure upon 'Emptions of Reparation Stuff' to be charged to this special account (Chamber Accounts 1, f.220v).
  • 3. Warden of the Drapers' company 1562–63 and member of the Russia company (A. H. Johnson, History of the Worshipful Company of Drapers of London, ii, 1915, 185, 470).
  • 4. The court had had the union of the two companies under consideration for some months (Rep.15, ff.396b, 400, 403, 408, 435).
  • 5. cf. 8h and note thereto. The city had bought out Aylewoth (Aylward)'s interest in the office of alnager in return for an annuity of 20 marks (Rep.14, ff.386b, 396b).
  • 6. Ms trimmed with some loss of text. It is not certain that the section is complete.