Appendix: Outward Fees, 1562-3

Pages 118-121

Chamber Accounts of the Sixteenth Century. Originally published by London Record Society for the Corporation of London, London, 1984.

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[f.117] Outward Fees [Payments]

299.a. To Sir Thomas Saunders knight one of the queen's remembrancers in the exchequer for a yearly reward, £2.0s.0d.

b. To Mr Gerrard the queen's attorney for like reward for a year and a half at 53s.4d. by year, £4.0s.0d.

c. To Mr Rosewell the queen's solicitor for like reward a year and a half at 40s. the year, £3.0s.0d.

d. To Mr Chidley for his fee, £1.6s.[8d.]

e. To William Roper attorney in the king's bench for 2 years 40s., to Mr Leonarde attorney in the common pleas (place) for 2 years 40s., (fn. 1) to Mr Greke attorney in the exchequer for this year's fee 20s., (fn. 2) summa £5.0s.0d.

f. To Mr Houne of the learned counsel of this city 20s., (fn. 3) to Henry Fanshawe under escheator 40s., and to the keeper of the star chamber door for his fee 6s.8d., summa £3.6s.[8d.]

g. To Mr Serjeant Carrows, Master Gilbert Gerrard, Mr Edward [recte Edmund] Plowden, Mr Manwood, Mr Bromeley and Mr Wray (fn. 4) to every of them for a year and a half £3 and to Mr Buxton (fn. 5) for one half year being of the learned counsel of this city 20s., summa [£19.0s.0d.]

h. [f.117v] To Philip Paskyn master mason for his year's fee 20s., to John Howtinge master carpenter for his fee 26s.8d. and to William Axe plumber for his fee 40s., summa £4.6s.8d.

i. To the 6 waits to every of them for his fee £6, summa £36.0s.0d.

j. To Richard Strachey late one of the waits for a yearly pension, £2.13s.4d. (fn. 6)

k. To the accountant's clerk for his fee, £3.6s.8d.

l. To Nicholas Bingham keeper of Leadenhall for his fee, £5.0s.0d.

300.a. To the raker of Coleman Street and Broad Street wards for carrying away the filth gathered at the grates at London Wall and Lothbury 13s.4d., to the keeper of the grate at Lothbury for keeping clean the grate 5s., to the keepers of the grates at Aldersgate 10s., to the keeper of the postern called Moorgate and the ditches there 26s.8d., to the keeper of the grates of Aldgate and the late Crutched Friars 6s.8d., to the keeper of the new grate at Bishopsgate 6s.8d., to the keeper of the sluice in Holborn Bridge 6s.8d., to Nicholas Williams for keeping clean the channel between Bishopsgate and St Mary Axe and to him granted by act of court 26 March in the mayoralty of Sir William Hewet [1560, Rep. 14, f.318] 13s.4d., (fn. 7) to Thomas Gitton for keeping clean the grate at Petty Wales also by decree of court 9 Dec. in the mayoralty of Sir William Harper [1561, Rep.15, f.22] 20s., (fn. 8) summa £5.8s.4d.

b. [f.118] To the keepers of the conduits at Gracechurch, Cornhill, the great conduit in Cheap, the standard there, the little conduit in Cheap, the conduit in Aldermanbury, the conduit in Lothbury, the conduit at Bishopsgate, the conduit at Cripplegate, the conduit in Fleet Street and the conduit in Holborn, to every of them 6s.8d., and to John Sewen founder for overseeing of the cocks of the conduits this year 26s.8d., summa £5.0s.0d.

301.a. To Nicholas Umfrey foreign taker for his fee this year, £1.6s.8d.

b. To Simon Thompson and Henry Smert meters of meal at the markets of Leadenhall and Newgate after the rate of 2s. weekly to every of them, £10.8s.0d.

c. To the 2 keepers of the chains in Lombard Street this year, 13s.4d.

d. To the scavenger of Lime Street ward for keeping clean the market place within Leadenhall, £1.0s.0d.

e. To the widow of Sebastian Hilary, late waterbailie for her annuity granted by act of court [16 Feb. 1545, Rep.11, f.145b] during her life, £2.0s.0d.

f. To John Chese broiderer for embroidering of 6 badges with the arms of the city and the lord mayor worn by the waits this year, £1.4s.0d.

g. [f.118v] To Roger Nicolles poulter for his attendance to be used to wait upon the lord mayor to survey poultry wares granted per curiam 28 March tempore William Hevet knight mayor [1560, Rep.14, f.320] to see the prices thereof set by the lord mayor and his brethren and [sic] aldermen to be well observed, £6.13s.4d.

h. To the late wife of Thomas Ferrour for a yearly annuity to her granted, 13s.4d. [cf. 25c]

i. To John How organ maker for keeping and tending the organs in the Guildhall chapel, 2s.0d. (fn. 9)

j. To Philip Brusselles for his attendance at the gaol delivery at Newgate to interpret divers languages spoken by strangers there, 13s.4d. (fn. 10)

k. To Nicholas Nashe farmer of Finsbury for his pains yearly to see the rakers and others resorting to the laystall (laystow) there with dung and filth to bestow the same upon the laystall and not to annoy (noy) the fields nor ways with the same, 13s.4d. [cf.25d]

l. To John Hogdeson beadle of the beggars in full recompense for such charges as he shall sustain about the punishment of vagabonds and others idle persons, £1.0s.0d.

m. [f.119] To John Evans and Hugh (Hught') Grymes, searchers appointed at the waterside for the ordering of billets, faggots, tall wood and other fuel brought to be sold to this city by water, to every of them for his fee, 33s.4d., summa £3.6s.8d.

302.a. To Edward Bawme for one yearly pension granted by act of court [27 Oct. 1552, Rep.12(2), f.541b], £1.6s.8d.

b. To Anthony the clocksmith for tending the clock this year, 6s.8d. (fn. 11)

c. To John Haywood gentleman late measurer of linen cloth for an annuity to him granted for life in recompense of his office which he has lately surrendered to the di[sposition] (fn. 12) of the lord mayor and aldermen, £13.6s.[8d.]

d. To Mr Blackwell common clerk and clerk of the peace for the city of London for a yearly reward to him granted by act of court in consideration of such fees as to him belong as clerk of the peace by the poor prisoners at Newgate at the time of their delivery for that such as be not able to pay their fees should not remain [f.119v] prisoners for the same, £3.6s.8d.; to Henry Clerck clerk of the peace in the county of Middlesex for like consideration, £3.6s.8d.; to Edmund Mundes keeper of Newgate in like case, £3.6s.8d.; and to the swordbearer, marshal there, for like case, 13s.4d.; summa £10.13s.4d. [cf.23c]

e. To Robert Cause late one of the sheriffs' officers by order of court 16 July 1562 [Rep.15, f.103] granted for term of his life yearly, £2.13s.4d.

f. To Lucy (Luce) Lyvers for her right and title of dower which she claims out of the house wherein William Bowmar late dwelt at Billingsgate for term of her life by act of court [24 July 1561, Rep.14, f.514], (fn. 13) £2.0s.0d.

Summa £159.9s.0d.


  • 1. John Leonarde (Lennard(e)) (Cal. PR 1560–63, 306, 322).
  • 2. Thomas Greke (Greeke) held this appointment from 1558 until being made a baron of the exchequer in 1576 (Rep.14, f.89b; Rep.19, f.35b).
  • 3. William Hone (Houne), common pleader since 9 Aug. 1542 (Rep.10, f.269).
  • 4. For biographical references to the six foregoing men, see p. xxii, note 43.
  • 5. Robert Buxton, admitted one of the learned counsel 18 Feb. 1563 (Rep.15, f.197).
  • 6. Granted 29 Jan. 1555 in respect of age and infirmity (Rep.13(1), f.255b).
  • 7. Williams, a serjeant carver, was to appoint a poor honest man to do the work who would receive 13s.4d.
  • 8. By the order the keeper of the grate was to be appointed by the alderman of Tower ward or his deputy.
  • 9. On account of his age and infirmity the payment to How was increased to 20s. a year on 9 July 1566 (Rep.16, f.79) and is shown at this rate in later accounts (Chamber Accounts 1, ff.196, 232, 128). He also received payments for mending the organs in the chapel which were entered under the Foreign Charge and which are probably to be dated 1563–64, 1564–65 and 1566–67 (Chamber Accounts 1, ff.112v, 163, 231). He is probably the same How, organ maker, mentioned in 1536 (289d). A John Howe the younger was translated by order of 29 Aug. 1532 from the dissolved company of organ makers to that of the Skinners (Rep.8, f.242b).
  • 10. Brusselles (Brisselles, Bryssell) received a similar fee in other years, probably for 1564– 65, 1565–66, 1566–67 and 1567–68 (Chamber Accounts 1, ff.218v, 196, 232, 128).
  • 11. He received a similar fee in other years, almost certainly 1564–65, 1565–66 and 1566–67 (Chamber Accounts 1, ff. 229, 196v, 232).
  • 12. Ms mutilated, cf. other accounts. A committee was appointed to treat with Haywood concerning the terms of his resignation, 7 Feb. 1555 (Rep.13, f.261).
  • 13. This order describes her as Luce Lyvers, widow of William Hall, mercer, and gives the tenant's name as William Dowmer.