Appendix: Extracts from the Foreign Charge, 1563-71

Pages 123-131

Chamber Accounts of the Sixteenth Century. Originally published by London Record Society for the Corporation of London, London, 1984.

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Some of the extracts given below relate to entries in the draft accounts which have been amended in the original manuscript. Usually these amendments served only to provide greater detail and in most cases only the final version is given in the following calendar. The date of the account to which the entry has been attributed is given in italics following the serial number. For observations on the tentative dating of the accounts in Chamber Accounts 1, see 282. Some attributions of date may derive from another entry, not calendared, on the same folio.

304. 1563–64 [f.121v] To the wardens of the parish clerks for their pains taken at the ministration of the communion when Sir John White mayor was elect on the day of St Michael the Archangel (fn. 1) 6s.8d.; to Mr Crowley (fn. 2) for a sermon made that day by my lord mayor's commandment 13s.4d.; more to the wardens for making of certificates this year as well to the queen as to every alderman of the city of the persons weekly born and buried within the liberties of the city 20s.; to Leonard Largyn for his expenses in carriage of the certificates this year to the court £13.10s.8d.; to the vergers of St Paul's in reward for opening and shutting the door of St Dunstan's chapel at the repair thither of the lord mayor and aldermen on Sundays and other days 20d; to the yeomen of the waterside for keeping clean of the same chapel 6s.8d.; to William Boxall a poor man for keeping clean of the circuit of the place where the officers and others sit and stand before the lord mayor and aldermen in St Paul's churchyard at the sermon time 3s.4d.; summa £16.2s.4d. [cf.63]

305. 1563–64 [f.111] Margin [Pre]sent (fn. 3) given to [the] Ambassador of France (fn. 4) To divers persons for a present provided by this accountant to be given in the name of the lord mayor, aldermen and citizens to the lord ambassador of France and to him delivered at Winchester Place in Southwark, that is to say: to Richard [A]dams and John Wolstone [butcher]s for one ox weighing 5½ C and 5 lb at 14d. the stone £4.10s.3¼d., 6 muttons at 10s.6d. the piece and 4 muttons at 10s. the piece £5.3s., 2 veals at 12s. the piece 24s., 6 lambs at 3s.4d. the piece 20s., and for carriage of the same thither 16d., whereof paid by the order of my lord mayor only £11.16s.4d. as by one bill appears; to John Berden and John Preston wardens of the Poulters for 8 pheasants at 3s. the piece 24s., 30 capons at 2s.4d. the piece £3.10s., 5 dozen chickens at 5s. the dozen 25s., 5 dozen of quails at 8s. the dozen 35s. [sic], 3 dozen of runners (ronners) at 3s.4d. the [do]zen 10s., 12 herons at 2s.6d. the piece, 12 shovellers at 2s.6d. the piece and 12 brewes at 2s. the piece £4.4s., and for two flasks and one tray to carry the poultry wares 2s.4d., summa as by the bill of the said [pou]lters corrected by the lord mayor appears £12.10s.4d.; also for 11 gallons and one [po]ttle of hippocras (ipocras) at 5s. the gallon 57s.6d., and for the runlet 6d., and for a firkin of sturgeon 28s., summa as appears by a bill £4.6s.; to William Bodnam grocer for [. . .] loaves of sugar weighing 53½ lb at 12½d. the lb 55s.8d. and for one box marmalade weighing 3¼ lb 6s.6d. and for one other box marmalade 3 lb 3 oz 6s.4½d., summa as by his bill appears £3.8s.6½d.; to John Howllande waxchandler for one quarter and 20 lb weight of wax at £4 the C 33s.4d., to Norton the comfitmaker for biscuits and caraways, long comfits and subtleties (subtlettes) with the boxes, barrels and carriage thereof as by a bill appears 27s.2d., for 6 marchpanes of 3 lb the piece garnished with fine gold and conceits (conseytes) and cinnamon comfits at 4s. the piece 24s., for the hire (higher) of 25 geldings which the ambassador and his train of gentleman had 2 days as by the journal appears 20s., for flaskets and carts and porters to bear the present from the butchers (bawchers) and poulters to the ambassador's and for drinking money to them and others that took pains as by the journal appears 16s.4d., summa £6.0s.10d. Summa totalis £38.2s.0½d. (fn. 5)

306. 1563–64 [f.112v] To William Prestwood stationer for binding of two great books containing the accounts of George Medley, Thomas Hayes and John Sturgeon, late chamberlains, (fn. 6) £3.3s.0d.

307. 1563–64 [f.101v] To Thomas Norwall shipwright for making of a new boat and mending the old boat for Moor Ditch, £2.13s.4d.

308. 1563–64? [f.103] To Mr Waterbailie's men and others taking pains at Moor Ditch fishing there, 10s.0d.

309. 1563–64 [f.97] Paid unto Mr [blank] Mallorye alderman immediately after he was elected lord mayor the sum of £200 being the money which was received of Mr Hardinge and Mr Walkynden for refusing the office of shrievalty being thereunto lawfully elect, (fn. 7) which sum by order of my lord mayor and divers of my masters of the grey cloaks (fn. 8) was lent unto him to be repaid at [Michaelmas?] (fn. 9) following, £200. [This entry deleted]

This to be allowed in the foot of the account as a debt due to be paid by obligation.

310. 1564–65? [f.163] To George Thuneton ironmonger (fn. 10) for his pains and charges for riding to Rye and Hastings to see and enquire the cause why fresh fish was brought no more plentifully (plentifuller) to London, £2.13s.4d.

311. 1564–65? [f.163] To John Smith armourer and William Staples cordwainer for their charges riding into Norfolk to enquire there the store of wheat there being and make report thereof and other the city's affairs, £6.13s.4d.

312. 1564–65? [f.175] To Robert Talboyes goldsmith for the exchange of a basin and ewer heretofore given by Sir William [Denham] (fn. 11) knight late alderman poz' 126 oz and delivered to him at 5s.4d. the oz and receiving another all gilt poz 129½ oz at 6s.10d. the oz which extends the 5s. to him allowed for the amels (ammels) of the new basin and ewer over and beside the value of the old basin and ewer as by his bill appears, (fn. 12) £10.17s.11d.

313. 1565–66 [f.211v] Paid by order of court [23 April 1566, Rep.16, f.41b] to Doctor Dale, (fn. 13) William Saye and John Lewes, proctors of the arches, and William Boyer keeper of the records in the [Tower] (fn. 14) taking pains for the defence of the city in their causes now in question at Bruges (Brygges) at that present diet at Bruges (Brydges) by the subjects of king Philip as more particularly by a bill appears, £36.17s.4d., margin Note to see the bill before this be entered; to Doctor Awbery (fn. 15) by order of court [16 July 1566, Rep.16, f.82b] for his pains about the diet in Flanders being there for the space of 94 days after the rate of 10s. the day, £47.0s.0d. (fn. 16)

314. 1566–67? [f.180] Paid for a dinner at the conduit heads for my lord mayor and his brethren the aldermen with the lady mayoress and other ladies and gentlewomen, the wardens of the 12 chief companies of the city being there, 15 Sept. as by a bill appears, £26.8s.1d.; also to Robert [W]ayte (fn. 17) and his companion playing there on the drum and flute 6s.8d., and in reward there to labourers taking pains there 2s.; summa £26.16s.9d. (fn. 18)

315. 1566–67 [f.231] Paid by order of my lord mayor to him that brought a letter from Mr Lambert touching his answer of a letter to him sent by the lord mayor and aldermen for the obtaining of him the use of some part of his ground at Dowgate for the making of a well and pump there for the receipt of water out of the river of Thames to be conveyed to a cistern for a conduit there to be made, £1.0s.0d. (fn. 19)

316. 1566–67? [f.230] To John Aspline painter stainer for painting work at the new house of the conduit heads, (fn. 20) £5.8s.4d.; [f.230v] more to him for painting and gilding of the city's arms, Sir John Lyon's and my lady's arms and for painting and writing 2 tables upon the new market house at Queenhithe (fn. 21) as by a bill appears, £3.6s.6d.

317. 1568–69? [f.152v] (fn. 22) 13 Oct. to a yeoman of my lord keeper's house who went and warned my lord of Ely's counsel to be at the star chamber to join with the counsel of this city to show what they had to say for the maintenance of their pretended liberties claimed in Holborn (fn. 23) 5s.; 14 Oct. to William Cooke of Westminster for dinner at his house for Mr Recorder, Mr Alderman Haward, Mr Bacon alderman, this accountant with divers others who gave attendance upon the counsel for the hearing of the said cause as by a bill appears 23s.; in reward to Mr Stanton's servants 12d.; at another time to 2 of my lord keeper's servants for their pains in warning the bishop of Ely's counsel and Mr Wiskins to be at the star chamber 6s.8d.; 5 Nov. to Mr Serjeant Manwood, Mr Plowden and Mr Recorder to every of them for their pains giving attendance upon the said counsel 20s., summa £3, and to Mr Hone also being there 10s.; the same day to William Cooke for a dinner at Westminster at his house there for divers aldermen, Mr Recorder, this accountant, with the learned counsel of the city and also their servants giving their attendance 'eftsones' for the hearing of the matter in the star chamber before the lord keeper and others appointed there for the hearing of the matter as by a bill appears £5.1s.6d.; in reward to one of the servants in the house 4d.; also in reward to the officers of the star chamber for their attendance and for beer and ale bestowed upon the aldermen, counsellors and other officers of the city 4s.; 2 Feb. to Mr Skipwich, one of my lord keeper's gentlemen, for warning the bishop's counsel to be at my lord keeper's the 5th February following 5s.; to Edmund Hardye, one of Mr Recorder's clerks, for looking out the book of the matter 2s.; 5 Feb. for a dinner [f.152] (fn. 22) at Westminster for divers the aldermen, Mr Recorder, Mr Serjeant Manwoode, Mr Plowden, with divers other the learned counsel of this city and others attending upon them £4.16s.5d.; the same day to Mr Serjeant Manwoode for his counsel therein 20s.; in reward to the servants of the house where they dined 20d.; to one of my lord keeper's gentlemen for his pains in warning my lord of Ely's counsel and Wiskins to be at my lord keeper's 3s.6d.; in reward to the yeomen of my lord keeper's cellars 6s.; to Master Martyn, keeper of the lord keeper's chamber, for his friendly furtherance in the city's suits at divers the repair thither of this accountant 5s.; 17 June to Mr Recorder, Mr Solicitor, Mr Serjeant Manwood and Mr Mounson of the city's counsel retained for their pains and travail taken at my lord keeper's house for the matter to every of them 20s., summa £4; the same day to William Cooke for a dinner at Westminster for Mr Recorder, divers the aldermen, the learned counsel of the city, this accountant and others tarrying there attending there 'eftsones' for the hearing of the matter as by a bill appears £4.6s.5d.; and to Cooke at [an]other [time] for a dinner there for like cause £3.11s.3d.; (fn. 24) to Mr Solicitor, Mr Serjeant Manwood and Mr Recorder to every of them for their attendance the said [time] 20s., summa £3; to Robert Hodgeson (fn. 25) for that he paid to Mr Joneys[?] the examiner for the examining 4 witnesses [f.153] for the [. . .] (fn. 26) of the city and making copies of the same and paid to Mr Marten, register to my lord keeper, for a copy of the order betwixt the city and the bishop concerning the liberties pretended by the bishop as by a bill appears 55s.; (fn. 27) for boat hire as well for divers aldermen, Mr Recorder, the learned counsel of this city, this accountant, Mr Dommer (fn. 28) with divers others as also their servants at sundry times in travelling about the matter as by the journal appears 26s.; and in reward to my lord keeper's porter 12d.; summa £36.10s.9d.

318. 1570–71? [f.47v] Paid to Mr Gonter (fn. 29) for hangings occupied at the Spital in the chamber there where the lady mayoress and other ladies and gentlewomen remain to hear the sermons there preached 3s.4d., for bread, ale, beer, aqua cum poseta, and other necessaries provided for the said ladies and gentlewomen 4s., to 7 porters for their pains taken three days in keeping the doors at the Spital 6s.8d., and more to the gunner's servants for keeping the gates in the artillery yard 3s.4d., and to an old man that keeps the yard 20s. [cf.100]

319. 1570–71 [f.36] Paid to Mr Dyster, deputy to the clerk of the crown in the chancery, for a commission of sewers made to Rowland Haward then lord mayor [1570–71] and others concerning Turnmill Brook and other the common sewers in London and three writs of attendance for the same 41s.; and more to him at another time for amending (mending) the said commission and making it to serve the lord mayor for the time being 5s.4d.; summa £2.6s.4d. (fn. 30)

320. 1570–71 [f.36] Margin The charges for making of one new collar of SS of silver for [blank] Seger a Dutchman lately admitted into the number of 7 waits of the city (fn. 31) and for new repairing and mending of 6 old collars and the small scutcheons of the same and for 7 new scutcheons fair new made and parcel gilt with the arms of the city.

First paid to John Wright goldsmith for silver to the new collar 13 oz and to the 7 new scutcheons with the city arms 7½ oz 2 dwt and to the amendment of the old SS and little scutcheons 2 oz 5 dwt, whereof abated [. . .]¾ (fn. 32) oz unto him delivered in the old scutcheons [. . .] rest of new silver 18¾ oz which at 3s.10d. the [oz] amounts unto £4.12s.2d.; for making the new collar which had great workmanship 20s., for mending the 6 old collars and ameling of them anew 20s., for making of the 7 new great scutcheons and gilding of them being very fair and well wrought 25s., whereof abated 6½d.; summa as by a bill appears, £7.16s.8d.

321. 1570–71 [f.36v] Margin Charges of the lord mayor and ladies and gentlewomen and other citizens in going to view the conduits and conduit heads at Marylebone (Marybone) and Paddington being west from the city.

To Robert Browne yeoman of the [chamber] (fn. 33) for hire of horses, wagons, wages of wagoners, their meat, rushes and perfumes as well to serve at the Banqueting House as in wagons where the ladies and gentlewomen went, as by his bill appears 55s.6d.; to Thomas Wheler (fn. 34) steward and provider of a dinner there had for the lord mayor and others there assembled as by his bill appears £37.14s.9½d.; to Simon (Symond) Polier master bearward at Paris Garden for his pastime showed there with his bears, bulls and dogs 13s.4d.; and for horse hire and other charges for sending to Cranebery Park (fn. 35) being for 5 days for a buck to serve there 30s.; in reward to Sir Roger Marten's man bringing thither half a buck 16d.; in reward to the keeper of Marylebone Park for a buck which he brought to the conduit heads and given to the lord mayor by Mr Johnson clothworker 10s.; and given to the poor there 10s.; to the drum [and] flute there 6s.8d.; to [blank] Stone [. . .] hurt taken there [. . .] 20s.; to Francis Partridge barber surgeon, being there then present, for dressing the said wound 6s.8d.; and more to Stone in consideration of a further relief of his hurt 40s.; summa as by the bills aforesaid and journal appears £47.8s.3½d.

322. 1570–71 [f.78v] Paid for a dinner at Westminster for Mr Chamberlain, Mr Dummer, Mr Spillman, clerk of the parliament house, and others attending there following the cause of the water of Lee 11s.2d., and to Mr Spylman in reward to further the bill exhibited for the said water 20s.; the same day in reward to certain officers in the parliament house and for boat hire 11s.; at another time for a dinner for Mr Chamberlain, Mr Dummer and their servants in giving their attendance upon the parliament house concerning the river of Ley 8s.8d.; the same day to the keepers of the parliament chamber door and for boat hire 3s.8d.; for a dinner for Mr Chamberlain, Mr Dummer, Mr Spillman, clerk of the parliament house, and others 11s.6d., and in reward to officers of the parliament [f.79] house 2s.6d.; for another dinner for Mr Recorder, Mr Chamberlain, Mr Dummer, and Mr Spillman 24s.6d., and to the keepers of the parliament house door 12d.; to James Aldaye for giving his attendance in the parliament house divers times and making declaration to the lords in the higher house of the table which he drew describing the river of Ley 20s.; (fn. 36) more for a dinner for Sir Ralph (Raff') Sadler knight and others of the parliament house being committees to confer as well with divers aldermen as Mr Recorder and others of the learned counsel of the city there also being to consider of the bill exhibited by the city for the [water of] (fn. 37) of Lye [. . .] Westminster and given in reward at the [parliame]nt £3.12s.10d., and in reward to the yeoman [that ke]pt the door at the lords' house attending upon the table [or plo]t of the said water and there hanged up for [the bett]er instructing of the lords of the parliament £6.5s. [. . .d. and] for other rewards and boat hire there spent and bestowed [. . .s.] 4d.; to the clerk of the lower house for engrossing of certain provisos 2s.; for a supper for Mr [f.79v] Chamberlain, Mr Dummer, Mr Hodgeson and others at Stratford in travelling to view the river of Ley 11s.4d., and to Mr Osbourne, one of my lord keeper's gentlemen, that went from Westminster to see the plot from my lord keeper's to Westminster 6s.8d.; to Mr Serjeant Wraye, speaker of the parliament house, for the bill which passed for the river of Ley (fn. 38) £5; to Mr John Onslowe, clerk of the lower house, for his fee demanded for a proviso in the bill against usury (fn. 39) [10s?] and for the bill of the water of Lee that passed 40s., and for an ordinary reward by him demanded 40s., summa as by his bill appears £4.10s.; to Mr Spillman, clerk of the higher house, in consideration of the act passed for the water of Lye 40s., for the enrolling and exemplification of the same act 50s., and to the gentlemen ushers of the parliament 10s.6d., and for [f.68] putting the same act into print being left out at the first printing of the statutes 10s.; to my lord keeper in consideration of the act passed concerning the river of Ley, being due to him ex officio £10; to James Basendyne 'Scottishman' for his travail three days to consider how the river of Ley might best be conveyed from Hoddesdon (Hogesden) to the Mantells and so into Fleet Ditch and other expenses bestowed upon him and others about the same 14s.8d.; (fn. 40) more to him and Thomas [blank] the late servant of Albert Stuges joining and conferring together to make the instrument perfect to take the level of the ground from Hoddesdon (Hoggesden) near to Holborn Bridge, and for measuring and setting out [f.68v] the distance from station to station which occupied them sundry days, for their reward in money 23s. 4d. and for suppers, drinkings and other repasts for them 10s.6d., and in reward to a poor man 6d.; to Jaques Furrier Frenchman for making of a new plot for the river of Ley out of the plot which my lord keeper had out of the parliament house 30s.; (fn. 41) to Mr Dyster, deputy to the clerk of the crown in the chancery, for the receiving in and filing the writ and return for the parliament as by Mr Moseley's (fn. 42) bill appears 8s.; to Sir John Whyht knight and alderman, one of the knights of the parliament for the city, for his fee and livery for his chaplain and 4 servants attending upon him the time of the parliament £14.10s.10d., and to him for boat hire for 58 days at 12d. the day 58s.; to Mr. Thomas Wilbraham esquire, (fn. 43) another knight of the parliament, for his fee and livery for himself and 4 servants attending upon the said parliament [. . .], and more to him for boat hire by like time and rate 58s.; to John [Me]rsshe mercer and Thomas Norton (fn. 44) [. . .], burgesses for the city, for their fee and for liveries of their 2 servants £12.13s.4d., and to them for their boat hire for 58 days £5.16s.; and to James Peele by commandment of the lord mayor for charges in drawing of a bill put into the parliament house touching the gifts to all corporations (fn. 45) drawn by Mr Bowyer of the Temple and preferred by Norton as by a bill subscribed by the then lord mayor appears 12s.


  • 1. Knighted during his mayoralty (Beaven ii, 34; Chamber Accounts 1, f.110).
  • 2. Robert Crowley, author, printer, and divine and prebendary of Mora in St Paul's, and at this date rector of St Peter le Poor (DNB; G. Hennessy, Novum Repertorium Ecclesiasticum Parochiale Londinense, 1898, 38, 376).
  • 3. Ms trimmed.
  • 4. Paul de Foix. On 13 June 1564 it was ordered that the chamberlain should have allowance upon his next account of all money which had been laid out upon the present for the French ambassador (Rep.15, f.348). Had the gift perhaps been made to atone for the 'wrong' done to the ambassador at the lord mayor's feast? (Cal. SPF 1563, 578).
  • 5. Gifts of sugar, poultry, wax and claret were given to the Swedish ambassador in 1566–67 (Chamber Accounts 1, f.189v).
  • 6. The three predecessors of George Heton, the chamberlain in office, who had been elected on 1 August 1563.
  • 7. Robert Harding, elected as sheriff by the commonalty on 1 Aug. 1564, paid his fine for refusal on 29 Aug. Geoffrey Walkynden was elected in his stead on 30 Aug. and paid his fine on 31 Aug. (Rep.15, ff.369b, 371). Richard Mallory became lord mayor elect on 29 Sept. 1564.
  • 8. The aldermen who had served the mayoralty.
  • 9. Ms mutilated.
  • 10. See 324j.
  • 11. Surname omitted in the Ms.
  • 12. A basin and ewer of the new weight of 129½ oz is listed in the earliest surviving inventory of the city's plate, 1567 (Masters, 307). Many early pieces of city plate underwent such exchanges (ibid., 301).
  • 13. Valentine Dale, D.C.L., an eminent civil lawyer and diplomatist (DNB).
  • 14. Ms mutilated.
  • 15. William Aubery, LL.D., an eminent civil lawyer (DNB).
  • 16. Between Feb. 1565 and June 1566 the city was concerned with the defence of its franchises before commissioners at a diet in Bruges held for the determination of matters at variance between Flemish and English merchants (Rep.15, ff.423b, 424b, 425b; Rep.16, ff.41b, 57, 60, 82b).
  • 17. Ms mutilated. Anthony Castell (see 25i) was appointed drum player in succession to Robert Wayte, 13 May 1568 (Rep. 16, f.359b).
  • 18. And see 316, 321.
  • 19. For the conduit and pump at Dowgate, see Stow i, 230, 232. Stow gives the date of the making of the conduit as 1568. In the account for 1568–69 John Hawarde was paid 23s.4d. for a piece of timber, ready bored pumpwise and 28½ feet in length, bought of him and laid in the Thames near Dowgate for conveying water from the river to the well newly erected to serve the conduit (Chamber Accounts 1, f.16v).
  • 20. Soon to become known as the Banqueting House. Order had been given on 18 Sept. 1565 for the building of a good, handsome, room at the conduit heads (Rep.15, f.468; P. E. Jones, 'The Estates of the Corporation of London: property records as a source for historical, topographical and economic research', Guildhall Miscellany, i, no.7, Aug. 1956, 10–14).
  • 21. See 298 b.
  • 22. This leaf has been guarded and filed by its original fore-edge. The present recto is a continuation from the present verso.
  • 23. The bishop of Ely, his tenants and officers, claimed that Ely Rents in the parish of Holborn was without the jurisdiction of the city and offered resistance to Sir Roger Martin, lord mayor 1567–68, when he tried to exercise his office there. The matter was referred to the arbitration of the lord keeper and others before whom counsel for both sides appeared many times, and it was subsequently agreed that the cause should be referred to the two lord chief justices, who on 9 June 1570 in the star chamber found for the city (Letter Book V, f.297b).
  • 24. A deleted but fuller version of this clause, which is here inserted, occurs on f.153: 24 June for a dinner at Westminster for Sir William Chester, Sir John White and divers other aldermen, Mr Serjeant Manwood, Mr Recorder, Mr Plowden, with divers their servants attending at Westminster £3.11s.3d.
  • 25. A clerk of the mayor's court.
  • 26. Ms faded and illegible.
  • 27. This clause has been amended. Deletions indicate that the examiner was paid 50s. and the register 5s.
  • 28. William Dummer, comptroller of the chamber.
  • 29. A list of expenses at the Spital from another account, to which a date has not been attributed, includes a payment to Philip Gunter for hiring of hangings of arras work (Chamber Accounts 1, f.161).
  • 30. The commission was presented to the court of aldermen by the chamberlain on 1 August 1571 (Rep.17, f.182b). It was not until 1667, after the Great Fire, that the city had a permanent court of commissioners of sewers.
  • 31. On 10 Oct. 1570 it was agreed that Segar Van Pilkam, stranger, should have the same yearly wages and livery as the other waits (Rep.17, f.63).
  • 32. Ms mutilated.
  • 33. Ms mutilated.
  • 34. Clerk of the city's works. From the late 16th century to 1724 this officer held the close at the conduit heads and the Banqueting house thereon as one of the perquisites of office and was responsible for maintenance of the house and the conduit heads and pipes (B. R. Masters, 'City Officers iv: The City Surveyor, the City Engineer and the City Architect and Planning Officer', Guildhall Miscellany, iv, no.4, April 1973, 240, 242).
  • 35. Cranbury Park in the parish of Hursley, Hampshire, near Winchester.
  • 36. The same James Alday (1516–76) who had been chief assistant to Sebastian Cabot? (E. G. R. Taylor, The Mathematical Practitioners of Tudor and Stuart England, 1954, 168).
  • 37. Ms mutilated or faded. Here and below, lacunae are where possible supplied in square brackets.
  • 38. An act for bringing of the river of Lee to the north side of the city of London, 13 Eliz. c.18. For the city's proposals for the Lea, see K. Fairclough, 'A Tudor canal scheme for the river Lea', London Journal, v, no,2, 218–27, and the revision thereof in the light of information in Chamber Accounts 1 in 'A Tudor canal scheme for the river Lea: a note', London Journal, viii, no.1, 90–1. I am indebted to Mr. Fairclough for the references in notes 5 and 6 below.
  • 39. An act against usury, 13 Eliz. c.8.
  • 40. James Bassantyne, Scottish subject, obtained letters of denization 3 June 1562 (Cal. PR 1560–63, 457); Jas Bassendine and two others were commissioned by Thomas Randolph, ambassador in Russia, to undertake a voyage of discovery from the river Peckora eastward, 1568 (Cal. SPD Addenda 1566–79, 53).
  • 41. Furrier (Fure, Furrey, Fraier) of Tournai had come to London in c. 1568 and was then resident with his wife and child in Broad Street ward. From 19 Nov. 1572 to 2 Feb. 1576 he was a deacon of the French Church (Returns of aliens, ed. R. E. G. and E. F. Kirk, Huguenot Soc. of London, quarto series, x, 1902–7, pt.2, 40, pt.3, 352; Actes du consistoire de l'église française, ii, ed. A. M. Oakley, ibid., xlviii, 1969, 94, 176).
  • 42. Humfry Moseley, secondary of Wood Street compter.
  • 43. The recorder.
  • 44. The city's first remembrancer.
  • 45. An act against fraudulent deeds, gifts, alienations, etc. 13 Eliz. c.5?.