Index: Persons and places

The Letters of John Paige, London Merchant, 1648-58. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1984.

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'Index: Persons and places', in The Letters of John Paige, London Merchant, 1648-58, (London, 1984) pp. 156-165. British History Online [accessed 21 April 2024]

References in Roman numerals are to pages in the Introduction; those in Arabic numerals are to serial numbers in the text. Items marked by an asterisk are explained in the Glossary (Appendix C).


-, —, Don Carlos, 60d, 64c, 66a, 73a–b
-, —, Don Melchior, Canarian winegrower, 52a, 120


-, Arthur, English merchant at Bilbao, xxvii, 33, 36, 40a, 76a, 77c, 81c
-, Lewis, English merchant at Nantes, 84c

Agadir (Santa Cruz de Berbería), Morocco, 63d, 129

Algiers, xi

Alicante, Spain, 66b

Alvarado Bracamonte, Cristóbal de, xxxiii, 73a, 96d, 120

Alvares, Nicholas, xxxiii n., 120

Amboina, 61c

Amsterdam, Netherlands, xv, xviii, xxi, xxxiv, xxxix, 6, 25b, 35, 37, 40a, 41, 44, 48, 49, 53b, 56b, 59a, 71a

Andrews, John, English merchant at Terceira, 74, 76a, 77c, 78a, 81b, 84c

Antilles, Lesser (Caribee Islands), 97, 100b

Antwerp, Netherlands, xviii, xix, xxxixxxii, 31b, 111a, 119—24, 126

Aponte, Juan de, Canarian winegrower, 71b

Arras, siege of, 89f

Arundell, William, merchant at Fowey, 13a, 17, 89e

Ascham, Anthony, agent of English government at Madrid, 19a, 21

Asia, trade with, xxxv–xxxvii

Asilah, Morocco, 89c

Audley, —, shipmaster, 30a, 31a—b

Avery, —, shipmaster, 23b

Ayscue, Sir George, 53b, 58a, 61d

Azores, xxi, xxix–xxx, 64c, 66b, 72 n., 78a


Baker, Richard, English merchant at Madrid, xxiii, 6, 10, 22d, 31b, 40a, 42, 43 n., 44, 47b, 115 n., 116–17

Balcarsel, Lorenzo, Canarian winegrower, xxxiii n.

Bankes, —, shipmaster, 29

Bantam, xxxvi–xxxvii

Barbados, xxiv, 63a–b, 65, 78a, 83b, 89d, 96c, 100a, 123 n.; agent from, 28; ginger from, xvii; fleet to, 25b, 27b, 30b-31a, 33, 37, 53b, 58a, 61d, 94b, 97, 99b, 103; royalists in, 25b, 27b; slaves to, 86; sugars from, xv, 35, 40a, 44, 61d, 106a, 123; wines to, xiv, 25b-26a, 28, 31a, 54, 61d, 89d, 91b, 93b, 95, 99b, 100b

Barbary Coast, xx–xxi, xxv, 10, 23b, 25a, 25b–26a, 27a, 30a-b, 32, 34–5, 39a, 40b, 61e, 128–9

Barber, Thomas, shipmaster, 1, 3–4, 6–7a, 8–12b, 15, 18, 19b, 128

Barron, Benjamin, merchant at Plymouth, 125b, 128

Bayona, Spain, 125b

Beake, Arnold, London merchant, 113

Bean, [Humfry], shipmaster, 54–55a, 60a, 80

Belle-Île, France, 7a

Benin, Bight of, xxiii, 46, 47b, 52b, 61e

Benítez de Lugo
-, Diego, Canarian winegrower, 6, 30a, 51b–52a, 53a, 64b, 66a
-, Luis, Canarian winegrower, 50, 71b, 81a

Bennet, Sir Henry, xxxii

-, —, merchant, 126
-, —, shipmaster, 128

Berkeley, William, London merchant, xxiv, 68a, 77a, 78b, 81b, 84b, 89e

Best, Richard, London merchant, xiv

Bewley, John, London merchant, xi, 83b

Biafra, Bight of, xxiv, 63a

Bilbao, Spain, xviii, xx, xxvii, 11a, 13b, 27b, 29, 34, 39b, 42–3, 81c, 83b, 91a, 96c, 125b; convoy for, 123; Newfoundland fish to, xxvi, xxxi, 11b, 14, 19b, 21, 23b, 26b, 96d, 97–8, 102, 104–108a, 109, 111a; ships from, 128; ships to, 31c–33, 35–6, 40a, 75

Biscay, Bay of, 39b

Blaeu, Simon, Dutch mariner, xxxiv

-, James, shipmaster, 13b, 17, 22a–b, d, 25a, 31c, 34–5, 38, 39b, 40b, 43, 47d–48, 64c–65, 81d, 89e, 128
-, Robert, General, xxxii–xxxiii, 63c, 94b, 96c, 106b, 110b, 111b, 115, 123, 124 n., 125a
-, Sidrake, shipmaster, 3, 5a, 9–10, 11b, 13a, 14, 17, 19a, 25b, 40c, 43, 55a, 60a, 89e, 90–91a, 93b, 128

Body, Fernando, English merchant at Tenerife, 32, 61d, 77c, 84c, 88, 89c, 91a, 108b, 123, 128

Bonfoy, Thomas, London merchant, 19a, 51a, 61c, 81a, 128

-, Christopher, London merchant, x, 52c, 59a, 60b–d, 64a, 76a, 81a, c, 127a
-, Thomas, London merchant and M.P., x, 60c, 64a, 76a, 81d

Bordeaux, France, 61b, 68b

Bordeaux-Neufville, Antoine de, French ambassador to England, 75, 87, 89f, 95

Bouldon, —, shipmaster, 17

Bowridge, Thomas, English merchant in Tenerife, 50, 60d

Bradgate, Martin, London merchant, xiv, 5a, 22d, 23b, 27b, 30a

Bradick, William, English merchant in Tenerife, 22b–c, 25b, 31c, 40c, 46, 60d, 77b, 119, 128

Bradicke, Charles, shipmaster, 29, 76b

Bradshaw, John, President of the Council of State, 19a

Brampton, John, shipmaster, 11a-b, 12b13b, 15–19a, 21, 22c, 23b, 25a, 26b, 27b, 30a-31a, 32, 34–5, 37, 39a-b, 40a, 41–3, 46, 59–50, 53a, 74, 84c, 89c, 93a, 96a

Brazil, fleet from, 31b; sugar from, xv, 27b, 31b

Brest, France, 77b, 89c; men-of-war from, 108a, 115; pirates of, 88

Breton, Robert, English merchant at Tenerife and Madrid, xxiii, xxxvi, 21, 43, 47d-48, 111b, 116–17; obtains licences at Madrid, xxii

Bristol, xiv, 32–3, 49, 67b, 89, 91b; merchants of, x; ships from, x, 39b, 58b, 128; wines at, xiv, 65

Broad, —, shipmaster, 51a

Brome, Alexander, poet, xv

Brooks, [?Thomas], shipmaster, 11a, 128

Browne, Peter, servant of John Paige, xxxix, 64c

Browning, Lawrence, shipmaster, 31c, 40b, 88

Bruge, Peter van, Dutch mariner, 111a

Bulacia, Elias, 76a

Bulkley, William, London merchant, xvii n., 11a, 13a, 19a, 22a, 33, 50, 51a, 64a, 81b, 89a, 93a, 128

Burras, Cornelius, 60d

Button, —, shipmaster, 128


Cadiz, Spain, xviii, 96c, 99b, 101; Campeachy wood at, 79; codfish at, 110a; English merchants at, 83b, 106b; exchange at, 126; galleons at, 89a; linens to, 89e; men-of-war at, 77b, 85, 117; prize ships at, 27b; sickness at, 5a, 8, 10; tobacco at, xviii, 73c, 90; West India goods at, xvii, 91a-b; wheat from, 43

Calabar, West Africa, 63a

Calais, France, 63c

Calms, the, 56b

Campion, John, English merchant in Tenerife, 11a, 31b, 58a-b, 71b, 98, 106b, 128

Canary Islands, coinage, xxvii n.; donativo, xxvii; Dutch men-of-war at, 67b
-, English merchants at, xxv, xxviii, 15, 25b, 29, 52b, 63c, 73a, 94b, 126; consul of, xxxii; cheated by Canarians, xxxiii, 127a; flee from, xxxii–xxxiii, 120; grievances of, xxxiii, 15, 43, 89f, 127a; prosecution of, xvii, xxii, xxxii, 15, 43; reprisals against, xxx–xxxi, xxxivxxxv, 106b, 120, 125b
-, English trade with, passim; effect of war on, xxv, xxviii, xxxii; embargo against, xxx; imbalance in, xii, xxv-xxvii; regulation of, xiii, xxvii–xxviii, 49–50, 51b, 52b-c, 53a, c, 61a, c, d
-, French goods at, xxi–xxii, xxxii, 125; see also Subjects: linens
-, Islanders in the American trade, xviii; Jewish merchants trading with, xxxiii; licence to trade with, xxxii, 122 n.
-, officials of, xvii, xxvii, xxxii–xxxv, 120; bribing of, xxii, xxxi, 9 n., 120; Captain General, xxii, xxxi, xxxiii, 111b; Judge of the Contraband, xxxii; Judge of the Indies, xvi, 84b, 85, 87, 99b; royal audiencia, xxvii
-, population of, xxv n.; tithe of, xxvii, 126; West India goods at, xv–xix; wheat in, xx–xxi, xxv, 127; winegrowers of, xxvi–xxviii, xxxiii, 30a, 39a, 47b

Canham, Thomas, London merchant, xxxvi, 48, 66a, 71c

Caracas, 57, 58a, 61e; hides from, 61e; ship from, 96d

Cardenas, Alonso de, Spanish ambassador to England, 12b, 47b, 51b, 55b, 61c, 63c, 75, 85

Caribbee Islands see Antilles, Lesser

Carrillo de Guzman, Pedro, Captain General of the Canary Islands, xvii, xxii, 9 n., 15, 19a, 20, 25b, 43 n.

Carnaby, John, mariner, xxiv, 63a, 65, 74

Carrera, Tenerife, wines from, 30a

Cartagena, Spain, ships from 91b, 124; ships to, 126

Cary, William, London merchant, 84c

-, —, shipmaster, 29, 120
-, John, English merchant in Tenerife, 47d, 128

Castillo, Antonio de, 60c

Chalke, William, shipmaster, 8, 9, 12a, 32, 43, 60d, 68a–71a, 71c– 73a, 76a, 78c, 81d, 83a, 89e, 90–91a, 93b–94a, 95–96b, 97–99a, 100–3, 104–108a, 109–12, 114–18, 128; son of, 110a

Chamlett, William, shipmaster, 83a, 84a, 85–8, 89a, b, c, e, f, 90, 91b, 109, 111a; son of, 91b

Channel, English, xxix, 10, 64c, 66b, 68b, 71a, 72, 73c, 99a, 105, 106a

-, Edward, English merchant at Lisbon, 84c
-, George, shipmaster, 41, 43
-, Richard, 96c, d, 99a

Charles I, execution of, xxxvii, 5b

Charles II, xxxvii, 25b

Cheney, —, shipmaster, 1–2, 5a

Chickley, John, English merchant in Tener–ife, 106b

Child, Sir Josiah, x n.

Clapham, William, English merchant in the Canaries, 31b

-, —, shipmaster, 68a
-, Francis, London merchant, 118–120, 122–124, 125b, 127a
-, John, mariner, 23a, 30b, 129

Clement, Gregory, London merchant, 53b n.

-, George, merchant at Lisbon and Lon–don, brother of William, xi n., xxi, 24, 47b, 48, 52b, 60b, 63d, 64c, 67a, 71c, 73b, 81d, 93b, 118–19, 121–4, 125b, 126, 127a
-, George, London merchant, cousin of William, xi n., 10, 12a, 14, 16–17, 22b, c, 24, 26b, 52c, 60d, 126
-, Leonard, English merchant in Tenerife, xi, xxxii, 6, 13b–14, 16, 20, 22a, c, 31b, 89b, 122
-, Samuel, Sr., D. D., Master of Wygges–ton's Hospital, Leicester, xi
-, Samuel, Jr., xxxv n., xxxviii
-, William, English merchant in Tenerife, apprentice for, xix, 62, 77c; arrival in England, xxxii, 118; bills of exchange drawn by, xxvi–xxvii; books of, xxxii, xxxv, 120; cook of, xix, 98; credit of, 64b; creditors of, xxxii, 119–120, 122–3, 125b; daughter of, xxxv; death of, xxxv; embraces Roman Catholicism, xxxii; estate of, xxxv; general account of trade with London, xxvi, xxxv; goods exported by, xvi; goods imported by, xx; household of, xi, xx; imprisoned, xvii, xxii, xxxii, 15, 19a, 103, 117; in partnership with Gowen Paynter, xi, 11a, 12a, 13a, 22b, 23a, 25, 31a, 37, 39b, 42, 46, 47b, 63d, 65, 66b, 67a, 71c–72, 75, 88; intends to return to England, 73b, 81c, 117; loses cargo to Jerseymen, xxviii; obtains licence to return to Canaries, xxxii, 122 n., 124; origins of, xi; processed by the Inquisition, xxxv; provisions for household of, xix, 52b, 60d, 64c, 66a, 67b, 70, 74, 77c; returns to Tenerife, xxxv; shipowner, xxix, xxxvi; travels to Antwerp, xxxii, 119; watch of, 52b, 60d; wife of, xxxv; wine trade of, xiv, xxviii, xxxii

Cloberry, William, London merchant, xxii

Cocke, —, 112

Colchester, Essex, 128

Colquist, —, shipmaster, 128

Conguard, David, merchant at Rouen, 7b

Cony, George, English merchant at Seville, 6, 8

Coromandel Coast, xxxvi–xxxvii

Coult, Daniel, 81b

Cowling, Thomas, English merchant in Tenerife, 128

-, Edward [?Edmund], London merchant, xvii n, 19a
-, James, English merchant in Palma, 62, 64b, 81c, 91b, 96a, c, 119
-, William, London merchant, 10, 39a, 40b, 106a

Crane, Gilbert, shipmaster, 4–5b, 8, 128

Crispe, Edward, shipmaster, 18, 22a, 23a, 39a, 40a, 51a, 105, 107, 128

-, Oliver, Lord Protector, xxx–xxxii, 76a, b, 83a, 87, 95, 100b, 105, 110b, 111b–12, 114–15
-, Richard, Lord Protector, xxxiv

Crosse, William, English merchant in Tenerife, xviii

Cruchman, —, shipmaster, 23b, 32

Cumana, xxxiv


Dakins, George, Rear–Admiral, 94b

Danish Sound, xx, 23a, 63c; English ships embargoed in, 63c

Danzig (now Gdansk, Poland), xx, 23a, 30b

Dartmouth, Devon, 68b–69, 80

Davies, Richard, English merchant at Bilbao, xxvii, 23b, 27b, 33, 76a, 77c, 81c

Dávila y Guzman, Alonso, Captain General of the Canary Islands, xxxi, 25b, 44, 46, 47b, 48, 51b, 61b, 66a, 103, 111b n., 120

Davis, —, shipmaster, 58b

Dawlish, Devon, x

Day, John, London compiler of bills of rates, 89a

Deane, Richard, General, 68b

Denmark, war with, 71a

Devon, xix–xx, 63a, 64c; see also West Country

Dieppe, France, 91a

Dixon, Thomas, merchant assistant on the Swan, 47b, 63a

Dover, Kent, xxxix, 32–3, 43, 71a, 90, 96d, 100b, 102–5, 118

Downs, The, xxiii, xxix, 1, 11a, 13a, 15–16, 22c, 23a, 39b, 47b, 48–9, 51a, 58a, 64c, 72, 81d, 91a, 92, 93b–94a, 102, 105–6a, 108a, b, 109, 112, 124, 125b; Admiral of, 47c

Dublin, xv, 102

Ducke, Richard, English merchant at Cadiz, 83b

Dungeness, battle off, xiii, 66b

Dunkirk, France, 63b, 76b, 83b, 106b, 115; men of war of, 108a, 112; surrendered to Spain, 63b

Duraxno, Tenerife, 66a; wines of, 66a, 71b


East Indies, 61c, 96b, 99a, 111b, 115 n.; indigo from, xvii, 22a, 40a, 101; voyages to, xxxvi–xxxvii, 106b

Eastland, 30b–31a, 89d

Elam, William, English merchant at Genoa, 66b

Ellis, Isaac, English merchant at Amsterdam, 37, 40a

Ely, Richard, xxxvi

Enríquez Alvarez, Duarte, Canarian merchant and tax official, 39a, 59a, 64a

Equator, 42

Exeter, Devon, x, 10, 26b

Exton, Dr John, civil lawyer, 78a


Falmouth, Cornwall, xix, xxix, xxx, 2, 25, 59b, 66c, 72, 81c, 84b, 88, 99a

Faro, Portugal, 8, 60d

Farr, —, 1

Faversham, Kent, xxi, 68a

Feeney, —, shipmaster, 89d

Fernandes, Pedro, xxxiii n., 120

Fernandez Carvajal, Antonio, London merchant, xxxiii, 48, 51a, 59a, 60d, 64a, 81a, 83a, 84a

Fiesco, Ugo, Genoese ambassador to England, 95

Filitter, Abraham, shipmaster, 55b, 61b

Fishman, —, shipmaster, 17, 128

Flanders, xxxii, 89f, 105, 110b, 118, 122, 124

Flaniel, Pedro, 120

Flushing, 80

-, —, merchant, 58b
-, —, shipmaster, 51a

Fowey, Cornwall, xix, 11a, 13a; ship from, 64c

Fowler, John, English merchant in Tenerife, 128

France, 17, 22a, 26b, 51a, 55a; alliance with, 110b; civil wars in, 89d; dangerous coast of, 2; drought in, xxi, 89d; embargo against English in, 21, 23a, 56a, 63b, 89a, 99b; fears of war with, 11a, 12b, 19b, 25b, 27b; fleet of, 96c; treaty with, 75, 87, 89a, 95, 110b, 111b; war with Spain, 89f; see also Subjects: brandy, linen, merchants ships, wheat, wine

-, Domingo, London merchant, xxxiii
-, George, London merchant, xxxiii
-, Simon, London merchant, xxxiii

Frederick III, King of Denmark, 63c, 71a

Frere, George, London merchant, 22c


Galicia, 15, 23a, 61b, 87–8, 91b, 128; see also Subjects: fish

Gambia, River, xxiii–xxiv, 46, 47b, 52b, 61e, 63a, 86

Garachico, Tenerife, wines from, 11a, 14, 30a, 31c, 52a, 71b, 80–81a, 93b, 114

Garland, Robert, London merchant, 17, 22c, 24, 26b

Genoa, Italy, xviii, xxx, 51b, 53b, 61d, 66b, 67a, 73b, 82, 123; ambassador from, 95

Gibraltar, Strait of, xx, xxx, 21, 23a, 32, 61d, 66b, 73b, 78c, 87, 89e, 94b, 110a

Gold Coast, xxiii, 46

Goldsmith, Charles, merchant, 71c, 89e, 93a, b, 94a–95, 96b, 98–9

Gomes Dias, Rodrigo, merchant at Antwerp, 111a

Goncalis, Juan, Canarian, 126

Gran Canaria, xxii, 80, 99b, 110a

Gravesend, Kent, xii, xxiii, 1, 9, 12a, 21, 26a, 32, 39b, 45, 52b, c, 65, 73c, 89c, 96a, 109, 119

Grey, Thomas, mariner, 78a

Groyne, The, 124

Guatemala, indigo from, 53c, 56a, 64b, 72, 73c

Guimãres, João de, Portuguese ambassador to England, 31b, 34, 38, 41, 43

Guinea, xx, xxiii, xxxv, 40c, 95, 115 n.; ships from, 68a; voyages to, xxii–xxiv, 42, 44–5, 47a, d, 49–50, 52b, 55b, 56b, 58b–59a, 61b, e, 63a, 64a, 73c, 77a, 78b, 81b


Hamburg, Germany, xxxi, 63c, 67b, 71a

Hardin, —, shipmaster, 69

Harris, Thomas, mariner, 55b

Hart, Thomas, London merchant, xxvii, 14, 123

Harwood, Nicholas, shipmaster, 63d, 64c, 66a, 70, 72a, 73b, c, 74–5

Havana, fleet to, 100b; ships from, 53c, 59a, 82, 110b; see also Subjects, hides, sugar

Havre, Le (New Haven), France, xviii, 7b

Hawkins family, of Plymouth, x

Hawley, Henry, English merchant at Tenerife, xv, xxi, xxxi, 25b–26a, 28, 31a, 33, 35–6, 40a, 41–2, 44–5, 47c

Hayes, —, shipmaster, 29, 128

Haze, Michael de, merchant at Dover, 103–4, 118

Heamens, John, mariner, 89e

Hedgethorn, —, shipmaster, 80, 128

Hem, Tobias de, merchant at Amsterdam, 40, 40b

Henecker, —, shipmaster, 24

[? Herrera], Jerónimo de, Canarian winegrower, 120

Hill, Richard, London merchant, 32, 34

Hiway, Thomas, shipmaster, 86

Holcomb, Humphrey, London merchant, 128

Holland, see Netherlands, United Provinces of the

Holle, John, English merchant at Nantes, xxi, 4, 7a–9, 14, 16, 20, 23a–b, 34, 39b, 40b, 52b, 56a, 61a, b, d, 63b, 84c, 89b

Holman, John, shipmaster, 66a, 72–73a

Honduras, xxxiv

Hoptkins, —, shipmaster, 29

Horsnell, —, London merchant, 58b

Huberly, —, shipmaster, 49–50

Hunter, Robert, shipmaster, 113

Hussy, Richard, shipmaster, 11a, 101, 128

Hyatt, Phillip, shipmaster, 85, 87, 91b, 99a

Hyde, Sir Edward, xxxii


Ingram, Arthur, English merchant in Tenerife, xxxi

Ireland, 5a, 89d, 91b, 102, 126; ships to, 30b, 31c

Isham, Humphrey, mariner, 107–8

Izaack, —, 128


Jamaica, 125b–126; fleet to, 110b; taken by English, 106b

Jamboaye, River, xxxvi

Jenkins, Anthony, shipmaster, 1, 43–4, 47d–48, 51a, 53b, 54, 79, 128

Jennings, George, London merchant, xix, 110b

Jewell, Richard, merchant, xx, xxiii–xxiv, 23a–b, 30b, 40c, 42, 44, 46–9, 52b, 54, 61e, 63a, 64a, 65, 129; father of, 65, 77b; will of, 63a, 65, 73b, 77b

John IV, King of Portugal, 23b, 44, 51a, 53c, 58a

Jollife, [?John], London merchant, 122

Jop, William, shipmaster, 111b, 115, 128

Joy, —, shipmaster, 128


Kennicot, George, merchant, 104–5

Kent, 63d

-, George, merchant, 11b, 46
-, Roger, London merchant, 11b, 13a, 14, 51a, 61c, e, 128

-, —, merchant in East India trade, 99a
-, Richard, London merchant, 52c, 59a, 60b–c, 64a, 67b, 73b, 76a, 81c, 83b

King's Lynn, Norfolk, 128

Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire, xi

-, Sir David, Governor of Newfoundland, xix, xxxvii, 13a
-, John, London merchant, xix, xxxvii, 13a

Knowles, —, shipmaster, 85, 87, 91b


La Laguna, Tenerife, xvii, xx

-, John, English merchant in Tenerife, x
-, [?Joseph], English merchant in the Canary Islands, 1, 77c, 83a, 89d, 93b, 128

Land's End, Cornwall, 49, 77b, 87

Lang, Robert, English merchant in Tenerlife, 61b–c, 89e

Langford, Abraham, 33

-, Richard, London merchant, x–xi, 9, 22c, 31c, 40c, 50–51a, 64b, 81d, 89b, f, 119, 120
-, Robert, London merchant, x, 1, 119

La Rochelle, 18, 19b, 21, 68b, 76b

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, slaves in, xxii

Lawrence, —, shipmaster, 68a

Lede, Guillaume Bette, Marques de, ambassador from Spain, 100b, 105

-, —, English merchant in Tenerife, 128
-, —, shipowner, 52b
-, Abraham, English merchant at San Lu car, xxvii, 44–5, 47d, 60a, d, 73b, 76a, 89e, 100a, 108b, 127a
-, Henry, English merchant at San Lucar, 31b, 64a, 83b
-, Robert, London merchant, 31b

Lee Road, 66b

Leicester, Wyggeston's Hospital, xi

-, Mary, 62, 64b, 77c, 111b, 119, 121–2
-, Richard, London merchant 62
-, Thomas, English merchant in Tenerife, xix, xxxi, 60d, 62, 64b, 77c, 111a–b, 121–2

Lisbon, Portugal, xi n., xviii, 22c, 31b, 40b, 43, 47b, 48, 53c, 58a, 60d, 63b, 65, 84c, 96a; Campeachy wood for, 56a; English merchants in, 24, 31b; hides for, 1, 22c, 31b, 33, 38, 39b, 56a, 61a, 63b; indigo for, xviii, 48; Prince Rupert at, 15, 19b, 26b, 52b; see also Subjects: hides, West India goods

London and its environs: All Hallows Barking, xi; Bishopsgate Street, 118; business conditions, ix, 31b, 33, 37, 40a, 47d, 48, 73c; Crosby House, xxxviii; Custom House, xii, xvii, 31c, 40b, 58a; distillers, 33; Doctors' Commons, xii; drinking habits in, xii, 37, 39a; drysalters, xvii, 55a, 89a, 90; dyers, 40a; Exchange, xi–xii, xxiv, xxviii, xxxii, xxxv, 25a, 52b, 53a, 61b, 64b, 78a, 91b, 119; Merchant Taylors' company, xxxviii; Merchant Taylors' Hall, xii; migration to, x; privacy in, xxxii, 118; *Ram Alley, 29, 61d; St Helen's, Bishopsgate, xi, xxxvii; St Mary at Hill, xi; Ship tavern, Bishopsgate Street, xii, xxiiixxiv; tanners, xviii; Three Cranes Wharf, 11b n.; Tower Hill, 87; vintners, xxviii, xxxi, 5a, 9, 14, 17, 22d, 23b, 27a, 30a, 37, 39a, 44–5, 50, 52c, 56b, 68a, 93b, 114, 126; Vintners' Hall, xxviii, 27a; Westminster, xix; Whitehall, 5b, 85

Lopez, Juan, mariner, xxxiv

Louis XIV, King of France, 19b, 63b, 89f, 95, 115 n.

Lubeck, Germany, 63c

Lugo, Antonio de, 71b


Madeira, xxxi, 94b; see also Subjects: wine

Madrid, xxii–xxiii, xxxii, 19a, 21, 23a, 31b, 40a, 42, 43 n., 45, 47b, 63c, 96c, 100b, 116–17, 124–5a, 126–7; sickness at, 6, 8

Main, Spanish, 105

Majorca, 61d

Malaga, Spain, 5a, 6, 8, 77b, 78c, 81d, 89c, 93a; ships from, 27a, 96a, 109; trade with, xxxii; vintage at, 22d, 25, 27a, 78c; vintage fleet, 8, 23a, 92; see also Subjects: wine

Mallen, —, shipmaster, 5a

Marie de Medici, Queen Regent of France, 2

Markham, —, London merchant, 22d

Marshall, —, shipmaster, 49

Marten, George, emissary from Barbados, 28

Matthews, Baldwin, English merchant at Middelburg, 39a, 40b, 122, 125b–126; friend of, 120

May, Isle of, 52b

Medina Celi, Duke of, Governor of Cadiz, 19a

Mesa, Juan de, 30a

Mexico, coins minted in, 27b n.; exports from, xvii

Mexico, Bay of, 96c, 99b

Middelburg, Netherlands, xviii, xx–xxi, 123, 125b–126; wheat from, xxi, 37–39a, 40b, 43, 53b, 56b, 120

Millington, Francis, London merchant, xxxii, xxxvii, 124, 125b

Mogador, Morocco, 27a n., 129

Molina y Lugo
-, Alonso de, Canarian winegrower, 11a, 30a, 113, 116, 128
-, Francisco de, 113, 115

Monck, General George, 68b

Morbihan, xxi, 61a

Mount's Bay, Cornwall, 70

Mourton, John, shipmaster, 80, 81a, d, 82, 85, 87–8, 91b, 96c, 102–3, 106b–107, 125b

Mucco, —, shipmaster, 85, 87–8, 89d

Mullines, —, London apothecary, 64c, 66a

Murwill, —, shipowner, 11a, 32, 128


Nantes, France, xviii, xxi, xxix, 2–5a, 6, 8–10, 11b, 14, 23a–b, 32, 43, 52b, 61a, 68b, 72–73a, 84c, 128; free trade for English at, 56a; hides and dyestuffs at, xviii, 7b, 16, 39b, 61d; linens at, xxi, 7a, 16, 25b, 40b, 89d; wheat at, xx, 63b

Naples, Italy, 128

Neale, Robert, shipmaster, 51a, 52a, 53a

Negus, Henry, English merchant in Tenerife, 80

Netherlands, United Provinces of the (Holland, Zeeland), 22a, 31b, 37, 40b, 42, 46, 55a, 68b, 75–76a, 78c, 112–13, 118, 123, 125a–b; ambassadors from, xxxvi, 51a, 53b, 56b, 58b, 61c, 76b, 78c, 83a; embargo against English ships in, 56b
-, peace with, xxx, xxxvi, 84c–85, 87
-, war with, xxi, xxv, xxviii–xxx, xxxvi, 58a–b, 62, 63c, 64c, 66b, 67b, 68b, 71a, 73a, c, 75, 76b, 77c, 78b, 80, 87–8;
-, effect on cloth prices at London, xxi;
-, effect on linen trade, xxi; prizes taken, xxix–xxx

Newcastle upon Tyne, 30b, 63c

New England, 13a, 128; fishermen of, 11b; wines to, 99b

Newfoundland, 71b; fish from, xix; fishermen at, 99; governor of, xix; sacks, 13a, 96d, 103, 105–106a; ships from, 128; voyages to, xix, 11a, 12a, 13a, 14, 18–19a, 23b, 38, 39b, 40b, 41, 43, 45, 47d, 49, 53a, 93a, 97, 99a, 101–5, 107–11a; wines to, 11a, 23b; see also Subjects: fish

New Haven, see Havre, Le

Newman, Robert, shipmaster, 15–16, 22d, 29, 49–51a, 93b

Nichols, Thomas, English merchant in Tenerife, xxvi

North Foreland, battle off, 76b

Norton, Thomas, London packer, 31b

Norwich, 96b


O[ ], Juan de, 125b

Oliver, —, shipmaster, 32–3

Ormacho, Lazaro de, merchant at Bilbao, 105, 110a, 111a

Orotava, Tenerife, xvii, xxx, 2, 73a, 84a, 111a, 116–17, 129; wines from, xxv, 5a, 11a, 14, 30a, 80, 93b, 114

Owen, [? Richard], merchant, 109, 116–17


-, Gowen, 125b
-, John (?1627–89), London merchant and letter writer, passim; accounts with G. Paynter and W. Clerke, ix, xxvi, xxxiv–xxxvi, 26a, 31c, 66c, 73c, 78c, 80, 89f, 91a, 100b, 124, 125b, 127b; age of, x; Alderman of London, xxxviii; alias of, xxxix; and First Dutch War, xxix–xxx; and radical merchants, x, xxxvii–xxxviii; apprenticeship, x; arrival in London, 1; borrows money, xxv, 11b, 45, 47d; Canary Company, Court Assistant, xxxviii; children of, xxxvii; commissions of, xi, xxvi; Committee, East India Company, xxxviii; credit, 22b; death of, xxxviii; estate of, xxxviii; executor for Gowen Paynter xxxv; house of, xi, xxxiv, 26a, 118; in East India trade, xxxvi–xxxviii, 106b; in slave trade, xxii–xxv; in West India trade, xix, xxxiii–xxxiv; marriage of, xi, 31c; Merchant Taylors' Company, First Warden, xxxviii; origins of, x; partnership with Gowen Paynter and William Clerke, ix–xxxix passim, 12a, 22b, 23a, 25b, 31a, 31c, 37, 39b–127 passim; political views, xxxvii–xxxviii; religious practices, xxxvii; rooms in Robert Turner's house, 66c; rupture of his trade with the Canaries, xxxiii; scribes of, xxxvi–xxxix; servant of, 64c; shipowner, xxix, xxxvi–xxxvii; sickness of, 93a; sued by partners, xxxiv; summary of trade with William Clerke, xxvi
-, John (1656–1711), son of letter writer, xxxviii, 125b
-, John, merchant of Plymouth, cousin of letter writer, x n., xix, xxxvi, 5a, 37, 46, 81d, 96d, 98–99a, 105, 111b, 118
-, Katherine, xi, xxxv, 31c

Palma, Majorca, xi, xv, xvii, 22a, c, d, 62, 64b, 76b, 87, 89e, 90–91a, 118; West India goods at, xvii, 63b, 73c, 77b; see also Subjects: sugar

Paris, 3, 89a

Pawley, William, English merchant at Madrid, 40a

Payne, —, shipmaster, 1–2, 5a

-, Giles, shipmaster and brother of Gowen, xi n., 31c–32, 40b, 47c–d, 49–50, 60d, 70, 101
-, Gowen, activities as English merchant trading in Tenerife and London, ix–xxxix passim, 1–128 passim; in partnership with William Clerke, ix, xxxiv–xxxv, 11a, 12a, 13a, 22b, 23a, 25, 31a, 37, 39b, 42, 46, 47b, 63d, 65, 66b, 67a–b, 71c, 88; intends to return to England, 117; origins, x; seeks licence allowing return to Canaries, 122; shipowner, xxix, xxxvi; will, xxxv
-, John, London merchant trading to Tenerife, brother of Gowen and Giles, x
-, Katherine, see Paige, Katherine

Peard, —, merchant, 128

Pearson, Robert, English merchant in Tenerife, 17, 128

Penaguião, João Rodriguez de Sa e Menezes, Conde de, ambassador from Portugal, 53c, 58a, 63c, 65, 87

Penn, General William, 94b–95, 96c, 97, 99b, 106b

Penzance, Cornwall, 70

-, Diego, Canarian winegrower, xxvii, 111a
-, Luis, merchant at Antwerp, 111a

Pereyra de Ponte y Lugo, Lorenzo, el maestre de campo, Tenerife, 71b

Perryman, —, shipmaster, 77b

Peru, coins minted in, 27b n.

Petty, Sir William, xxxviii

Philip IV, King of Spain, xxxii, 12b, 19a, 20–21, 25b, 27b, 43, 63c, 94b, 100b, 120

-, Matthew, 67b
-, William, wife of, xix

Pitchers, —, shipmaster, 77a

Plymouth, Devon, x, xix, xxi, xxix, xxxii, 1, 26a, 37, 47a, 56a, 63d, 72, 80, 82–83a, 84b–c, 89d, 106b, 110a, 111a–b, 114, 118; pilchards in, 11a, 13a; rye from, xxix, 66a; wheat from, 46

Ponte, Bartolomé de, 30a

Pontevedra, Spain, 18, 19, 23a

Portland, battle off, 68b, 71a

Portobello, 97, 126

Portsmouth, Hants, 94b, 115

Portugal, 23b, 31b, 43, 51a; ambassador from, 53c; coinage of, 84a; commission against ships of, 44, 46, 47b, 48; dominions in Africa, xxxiii; English merchants imprisoned in, 24, 31b; English trade embargoed in, 51a, 53c, 56a, 58a; sickness in, 8; war with, xxviii, 22c, 24, 26b, 27b, 31b, 33–4, 38, 39b–40a, 41, 43, 46, 49, 63c, 65, 75, 87

Powell, —, shipmaster, 63a

Presman, John, shipmaster, 22c, 26b

Price, John, shipmaster, 56a, 58b, 60d, 61d, 63b, 64c

Prind, Pedro del, 22a

Proud, —, merchant in Tenerife, 128

Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, xiii, xix, xxi n., 72 n., 112

Puerto Rico, 120

Pulman, Henry, shipmaster, xxiii–xxiv, 47a, 63a, 74; children of, 77b; wife of, 77b

Pyle, William, shipmaster, xxiii–xxiv, 1–2, 5a, 20, 22a, b, d, 31a, 40b, 42, 44–47a, 61b, 64a, 77a–b, 78b, 80, 81b, 84b, 89a, e, 90–91a, 128


Rambla, Tenerife, 2, 5a, 14, 30a–b, 80, 114

Rawdon, Marmaduke, English merchant in Tenerife, 14, 51a, 104

Reade, —, shipmaster, 128

Realejos, Tenerife, 30a

Redwood, —, shipmaster, 60c

Ribete, Pedro, shipmaster, 77c, 80–81a, 84b

Rinett, Robert, shipmaster, 128

Rio del Rey, West Africa, xxiv, 63a

Rivera, Lazaro, 60c

Roberts, Lewes, xxxv

Rodden, Edward, London merchant, 52a, 53a

Rodrigues Vaiez
-, Antonio, Portuguese merchant in Tenerife, 22b, d
-, Goncalo, Portuguese merchant in Tenerife, 22d

Rodriguez Arias, Diego, xxxiii n.

Rookes, George, London merchant, xxii

Rotterdam, Netherlands, 22a

Rouen, France, xviii, 7b, 21, 40a–b, 84c, 89a, 92–93a, 96c, 99b, 106a, 111b–112

Rounton, —, shipmaster, 51a, 52a–b

Rouse, William, shipmaster, 14, 29, 30a

Rowse, John, London merchant, xxxiii n.

Rupert, Prince, xxviii, 4–5a, 12a, 15, 19b, 27a

Russell, Garvis, shipmaster, 1, 25b, 40c, 45–6, 47a, c, d, 49, 52b, 61e, 68b, 77c, 80, 106b–107, 111b


Sa, Dom Pantaleon, 87

Safi, Morocco, xx, 23a, 73a, 129

St John
-, Henry, London merchant, xiv, 5a, 6, 30a, 31a
-, Oliver, M. P., 53b

St John's, Newfoundland, xix

Salter, —, 32

San Lucar, Spain, xviii, xxvi, xxvii, 1, 11a, 19a, 21, 27b, 44–5, 60d, 63d, 73b, 76a, 83b, 89e, 100a, 127a; Campeachy wood at, 79; English merchants flee, 106b; French goods seized at, 20; indigos from, 40a, 59b, sickness at, 5a, 6, 8, 10; scarcity of silver coins at, 58a; tobacco at, xviii, 12a, 31b; voyages to, 30a, 32, 43; West India goods at, 30b, 91b

San Malo, France, 126

San Sebastian, Spain, 30b, 81a, 108a, 115

Santa Catalina, 125b–126

Santa Cruz de Berbería, see Agadir

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, xvii, 19a, 30b, 72, 84a, 96c, 108b; flota burned at, 124 n., 125a, 126; French goods at, 126; voyages to, 52b, 61b, 80; West India goods at, 73c, 82–83a, 95, 110b, 120; wines from, 89d, 93b, 95

Santa Maria, Cape, 106b

Santo Domingo, 99b, 105, 106b; see also Subjects: hides

Santoña, Spain, 104–5, 106b, 108a, 110a, 111b, 114

Saunders, Charles, shipmaster, 77c, 110a

Schanternell, John, xxxix, 84c, 106a

Scilly Isles, 32

Scotland, 42

Searchfield, William, English merchant at Terceira, 76a, 77c, 78a, 81b, 84c, 89e

Seville, Spain, 11a, 32, 51b, 52c, 60c, 89e, 91a, 96c, 126; English merchants at, 6, 8, 106b; sickness at, 5a, 6, 8, 10, 32

Shadforth, Christopher, shipmaster, 23a, 25a, 27a, 29, 30b, 31a, 129

Shaw, John, English merchant at Antwerp, xix, xxxii, xxxvii, 52b, 57–58a, 121, 125b–126

Sheere, Henry, shipmaster, 11a, 29, 128

Shorton, —, 64b, 66a

Showers, —, shipmaster, 1

Skinner, Daniel, London merchant, 53b n.

-, Humphrey, London merchant, xxii
-, John, London merchant, xxii
-, Stephen, London merchant, 2, 5a, 26b, 31a, 31c, 46, 47c, 52a, 55a, 57, 60b, 67b, 69–70; 74; widow of, 119

-, —, shipmaster, 11a, 12b, 14, 128
-, Matthew, shipmaster, xxx, 107–108b, 110b, 113–14
-, Robert, 106b

Smyrna, Turkey, 93a

Smyth, —, shipmaster, 82

Southampton, 37, 44

Spain, xvii, 31c–32, 39b, 52b, 75, 83b; American goods from, xvii–xviii; bribing officials of, 111b; coinage of, 27b n., 30a–b, 31b–c, 51b, 58a–b, 60c, 61a–b, 63c, 75, 81c, 84a, 126; commercial monopoly in America, xix, xxxvii; 'Consejo' of, xxxii; credits in, xxvixxvii; dearth in, 77a; donativoof, xxvii; embargo against English trade in, xxx–xxxi, 53b, 63c, 96c, 99b, 106b, 108a, 110a, 111b–112, 115; English merchants in, xxx, 106b; fears of war with, xxx, 12b, 26b, 65, 85, 89c, f, 94b–95, 96c–d, 97, 99a–b, 100b, 104–5, 106b, 108a, 109; iron from, xx; sickness in, 5a, 6, 8, 10, 32; silver of, 63c, 91a, 103, 118, 120, 124; war with France, 89f; war with England, xxv, xxx–xxxiv, 110a–b, 111b, 114–15, 125a, 126

Spicer, Michael, London merchant, 77b, 88, 89a, d

Standish, Ralph, English merchant in Tenerife, xxxi, 63b, 89d–91a, 93a, 96b–d, 108b, 116–17

Starling, —, shipmaster, 128

Steniquer, —, shipmaster, 73a

Stephens, David, English merchant in Tenerife, xix, 32, 61d, 68b, 84c, 126

Steward, Peter, shipmaster, 5a, 9, 11a, 17, 22d, 23b, 26a, 27a, 29, 30a, 32, 60a, 61a, 80, 83b, 128

Stoke Fleming, Devon, x

Straw, Nicholas, shipmaster, 65–66a, 73b

Sumatra, xxxvi

Surat, 99a

Sweden, 63c, 71a; King of, xi

Sweeting, Robert, 90, 91b

Sydrakeson, —, shipmaster, 29


Taylor, —, shipmaster, 47a, c, 49–50, 55a, 64b

Tenby, Wales, 65

Tenerife, x–xxxix passim; 1–129 passim; assize of fish at, 111b; rain in, 32, 61d, 83b; slaves imported into, xxii–xxiv, 25b, 42, 44, 46, 47b, 48, 51b, 52b, 63a, 125a, 126; vintage at, 25a, 47c, 49–50, 61d, 75, 129

Terceira, 67b, 74, 76a, 77c–78a, 81b, 84c

Texel, 78c; battle off, 77c

Thames, River, xii, 39b, 89c, 94a, 96a, 111b, 120

Thomas, John, 103, 108b

-, Maurice, London merchant, x, xxxvi–xxxviii, 53b
-, William, London merchant, 53b n.

Thorne family, of Bristol, x

Throckmorton, William, English merchant in Tenerife, 68b, 91a, 112, 128

Toope, Henry, shipmaster, 1, 9, 128

Topsham, Devon, 20, 23b, 41, 46, 58b, 128

Trinidad, xxxiv

Trinity House, Masters of, 50

Tromp, Lieutenant Admiral Martin Harperszoon van, 68b, 71a, 76b; death of, 77c

Truxillo, xxxiv

-, John, English merchant in Tenerife, xiv, xvi, xviii, xxi, xxv, xxvi n., xxvii, xxxix, 11a, 17, 22d, 23b, 27b, 30a, 37, 39b, 43, 49, 59a, 61b, 83b, 84c, 96b n., 111b, 128
-, Robert, 66c, 100b, 124


Venia y Vergara, Benito, xxxiii, 71b, 120

Veracruz, 97

Vergara Grimon, Balthazar de, Canarian winegrower, xxxiii, 50, 81a, 83b, 116–17, 120

Vigo, Spain, 87


Waight, Thomas, shipmaster, 64c, 72, 75–76a, 78a, 81b, 84b–c

Walker, Dr Walter, civil lawyer, 77a; Judge Advocate of the High Court of Admiralty, 19a

Wall, —, shipmaster, 79, 82, 84b

Ward, Phillip, English merchant in Tenerife, 128

-, Nicholas, London Merchant, x, 106a
-, Thomas, London merchant, x, 27a, 30b, 39a, 44, 52b, 67a–b, 80, 128

-, George, London merchant, 19a, 80, 118, 126
-, John, English merchant in Tenerife, 17, 37, 59a, 61a, 89e, 91a, 106a, 128

William, shipmaster, 13a–15, 18, 19b–21, 23a, 25, 27a–b, 29, 31a, 37–8, 39b, 40b, 41, 43–5, 47d, 49, 52b, 53a, c, 56a–b, 58b, 59b, 61a–b, 63b, d, 64b–c, 66a, c, 67a–b, 71b, 76b, 128

West Country, x, xii, 9, 11a, 13a, 22c, 41, 71b, 80–81a, 84b; merchants of, xix–xx, xxxii; wines in, xv; see also Subjects: fish

West Indies, Spanish, 95; English fleet to, 85, 87, 89f, 91b, 94b–95, 96c, 97, 99b, 100b, 103; English trade with, xix, xxxiii–xxxiv; merchants from, xvii, 84b, 125a; ships from, 73c, 91b, 111b, 117, 124; ships to, 126; silver from, 124

Westminster, seeLondon

Wheake, John, English merchant at Bilbao, 83b

White, —, shipmaster, 8

Whitehall, see London

-, Bulstrode, Commissioner of the Great
-, Seal, 49
-, Mary, 49

Whitt, —, English merchant at Madrid, 126

Wight, Isle of, xxx, 22a, 25a, 29, 43, 91a, 97, 108a

Wild,—, English merchant in Tenerife, 128

Wilkings, Humphrey, English merchant at Rouen, 40b, 61e, 84c, 91a, 93a, 96c, 99b, 106a, 108b

William II, Prince of Orange, 27b

Williamson, Sir Joseph, xxxviii

Willoughby, Francis, Lord, 28

Willoughby, Warwickshire, xi n.

-, Rowland, Sr., London merchant, xiv, xvi, xxii– xxiii, xxvi n., xxvii–xxviii, xxxiii, 5a, 6, 9, 22d, 23b, 27a, 30a, 31a, 39a–b, 43, 49, 53a, 66a
-, Rowland, Jr., M. P., xiv n., 49
-, Samuel, 93b

Wood, Matthew, shipmaster, 2, 5a

Wright, Thomas, shipmaster, 29

Wyles, Adam, shipmaster, 71b


Yardley, Thomas, 26a, 29–30a, 31a, 125b

-, David, shipmaster, 123 n.
-, John, shipmaster, 13a, 29, 128

Zeeland, see Netherlands, United Provinces of the