Index: Subjects

The Letters of John Paige, London Merchant, 1648-58. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1984.

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'Index: Subjects', in The Letters of John Paige, London Merchant, 1648-58, (London, 1984) pp. 165-170. British History Online [accessed 24 April 2024]


Admiralty, High Court of, xii, xvi, xxxiv, xxxvii, xxxix, 15 n., 19a, 27a n., 30b, 46–47b, 50, 74, 81b, 85, 96a, 107, 110a, 111b, 114; charter–party in, xxiii; favourable towards seamen, 78b; freight in, xxiv, xxxi, 63a, 64a, 77a, 78b, 81b, 96a, 110a, 114; insurance in, xxx, 64a, 75, 78a; Judge Advocate of, 19a; seamen's wages in, xxiv, xxxi, 63a, 77a, 78b

American goods, ix, xii, xv–xix, xxv; direct from America, xviii–xix, xxxiii–xxxiv; prices in Spain, xviii

andirons, 70

apprentices, x, 17, 47d–48, 52b, 60d, 62, 121–2; indenture of, 62

arbitration, of account, xxxiv, 30b, 59a; of freight contract, xxx, 67b, 78b, 111b, 118

Argier duty, 125a

asentistas, 63c

Asian goods, ix, xvii


Bank of England, xxxviii

bays, 40a, 47d, 107; from Colchester, xxi, 46, 47d

beads, xxiii

beaver skins, 72

beef, 60d

beeswax, xxiv, 47b, 61e, 63a, 129

bills of exchange, xxvi, xxxiv, 12b–13a; from Tenerife, xxvi–xxvii; on Amsterdam, 121–2, 125b–126; on London, xxvi–xxvii, 11b, 20, 22b, 26b, 30a, 42, 44–5, 47d–48, 52c, 56b, 59a, 60a–b, 64a–b, 66a–b, 71b, 73b, 76a, 77c, 81c, 82, 83b, 84c, 89d–e, 91a, 93b, 103, 106a, 108b, 114, 125b; on Madrid, 31b, 40a; on Seville, 60c; on Spain, xxvii, 6, 8, 75, 83b; protested, 52c, 59a, 100a

bills of lading, 7a, 22a, 31a, 40b, 47b, d, 63d, 71c–72, 84c, 89a, 113–28 passim; false, xxi

bills of rates (*coranto), xviii, 1–2, 5b–6, 9, 89a; from Rouen, 7b, 61e, 77c, 84b, 90, 92, 96d, 111b; 'toned', xviii

bottomry ('bomaria'), bills on, 7a, 26b

brandy, French, 87

Brazilwood, xvi

butter, 60d; from Suffolk, 22d


calicoes, xx–xxi, 107

camels, 25b

*Campeachy wood, xvi, xviii, 49–50, 52a, 53c, 55a, 56a, 59b, 79, 82, 84b, 112, 122, 125b, 127a; at Lisbon, 34; custom on, xviii, 26b, 49; price at London, xviii, 1–2, 5b, 13b–14, 17, 22d, 25a, 26b–125a passim; price at Nantes, 56a, 61b; price at Rouen, 79–80, 81c; price in Spain, 91a; price at Tenerife, 125a; re–export of, xviii

*campechena, xvi–xvii, 22a, 31b, 48, 52a, 56a, 59b, 82, 84b, 89a 90–91a, 92–93a, 99b, 108b, 125b, 127a; at Rouen, 89a, 90–91a, 92–93a, 96c, 106a, 117; price at London, 2, 5b, 22d, 25a, 26a–b, 31b, 39a–125a passim; price at Rouen, 79–80, 99b

Canary Company, xiv n., xxvii, xxxi, xxxviii candles, 60d, 64c, 70, 73a

Canterbury, Prerogative Court of, 68a–b carpet, Turkey, xix, 64c, 66a, 70

Chancery, High Court of, 65, 100a; Masters' exhibits, ix, xxxviii; proceedings in, xxxv; statute of limitations, xxxv

chariot, xxxviii

Church of England, xxxv

cider, 87

cloth, English, export of, ix, xx, xxxiv; prices at the Canaries, xxv; prices at London, xxi; see also bays, calicoes, kersies, Welsh cottons, Welsh plains, woollen goods

coach, xix–xx, 60d, 64c, 66a, 73a, b

cob irons, 70

*cochineal, xv–xvii, xxvi, 40b, 52a, 89a, 126–127a; price at London, xvii, 1–2, 5b, 13b, 17, 22a, d, 25a, 26b, 31b, 51b–125a passim; price in Spain, 91a; price in Tenerife, 125a

Commissioners of Prize Office, 85

commissions to take French ships, 25b

Committee of Trade(1652), 51b

contraband, at the Canaries, xxi, xxii–xxiii, 9, 15, 19a, 25b, 55b; certificate to clear goods from seizure as, 84c; Spanish proclamation concerning, 19a, 20

Contraband, French goods in England, 9–10

copper, xxiii, 61e

*coranto, see bills of rates

couch, Russia leather, xix, 74

Council of State, xvii, xxviii, xxxi, 15 n., 19a, 43, 49, 51a, 53b, 76b, 78c, 85, 112 n.

Council of Trade (1668–72), xxxviii

credit, commercial, xviii, xxv, 48, 55a; for wines, xviii, 11b, 27b, 30a, 37, 39a, 44–5, 47d, 60a, 68a, 77c, 78a, 81c, 92, 106a, 127a


damaselas, xxi

dates, 129

Delegates, High Court of, 77a

drink, distilled, xxiii

dripping pans, 70

druggets, silk, xxi

dyestuffs, xvii–xviii


East India Company, Dutch, xxxvii

East India Company, English, ix, xxxvi–xxxviii; ginger of, 26a; indigo of, xvii

Eikon Basiliké, 5b

elephant hides, xxiv

embargoes, 71c, 73c, 94b; at France, 7a; see also Persons and Places, Canary Islands, Spain

exchange, Canarian reales for Castilian reales, 11a; premium in terms of, 126; for English pounds, 39b

English pounds for French livres, 89b; for Portuguese reis, 78a; for Spanish reales, 81c; at Genoa, 67a


Flemish pounds for English pounds, 39b–40a

factors, 7b, 89b; commissions of, xi, 31c

fish, ix, xii, xix–xx; cod, xix; herring, xix–xx
-, New England, 11b, 13a, 15; contracts for, 11b; sales of, 11b
-, Newfoundland, xix–xx, 11a, 12b, 14, 19b, 23b, 26b, 37–8, 41, 93a, 95, 96d, 97–8, 106a, 112; codfish, 27b, 93a, 111b–112; contracts for, xix, 11a–b, 13a, 18–19a, 37, 93a, 95, 99a, 103–106a, 108a; price of, 18, 19a, 23b, 99a, 100b, 103–5, 107–108a, 110a, 114; price in Spain, 106b, 110a; to Bilbao, xxxi, 19b, 21, 23b, 26b; to Lisbon, 23b; to Oporto, 23b; to Portugal, 41; to Spain, 23b; to Tenerife, xxxi–xxxii, 49, 111a, 116–17
-, pilchards, xix–xx, 81d, 125b, 127a; Galician, 13b–15, 19b, 21, 23a, 61b, 128; West Country, xix, 1, 9, 11a, 13a–b, 16–17, 19a, 80, 81d, 83a, 84a–b, 106b; price, 9, 13a, 81d, 106b; San Sebastian, 81a

fishermen, Basque, 107

flax, 89d

*flota, Nueva Espana, 100b, 123; arrival in Spain, 30b, 31b, 52b; burned at Tenerife, xxxii, 125a–b

fruit, Spanish, 92

fustians, xxi, 55a


*galleons, Spanish, 8, 20, 30b, 31b, 52b, 58a, 59b, 85, 94b, 96c, 100b–101, 106b, 110b, 117, 123–4; arrival in Spain, xviii, 10, 30b, 89a

ginger, xvii, 70, 88, 91b, 120; at Genoa, xviii, 82; from Barbados, xvii, 63b, 91b; price at Lisbon, 82, 84a; price at London, 2,5b, 13b, 22d, 25a, 26b, 31b, 34, 39a, 49–105 passim

gloves, 31c

goatskins, 129

gold, xxiv, 63a, 74

*grana (grana mesteque), see cochineal

Guinea Company, xxii–xxiii, xxxvii, 47a; ships of, 48

guns, xx, 30b, 40b, 47c, 129; powder for, 40b, 47c


hens, 129

herring, see under fish

hides, ix, xvi–xviii, xxxiv; Caracas, xviii, 6, 58a, 61e, 73c, 77b, 80, 84b, 112; price at Rouen, 79–80, 81c
-, Havana, xviii, 61e, 73c, 84b, 112; price at Rouen, 79–80, 81c
-, Santo Domingo, xviii, 61e, 73c; price at Rouen, 79–80, 81c; price in Spain, 91a
-, West Indian, xviii, 47c, 61e, 64a, 73c, 82–84b, 87, 89a, c, d, 91b–92, 110b, 120, 124; at Nantes, 7b, 16, 30b, 56a, 61d; at Rouen, 112, 117
-, demand for, xviii, 40a, 46, 57, 81c, 84a, 110b, 111b
-, price, in France, 5b; in Holland, 5b; at Lisbon, 34, 38, 39b; in London, xviii, 1–2, 5b–6, 13b, 17, 22d, 25a–b, 31b, 39a, 46, 49, 51b, 53c, 56a–125a passim; at Nantes, 56a; in Portugal, 31b, 34, 84a; at Rouen, 6, 7b, 77b, 79–80, 81c, 111b; at Tenerife, 125a
-, profits from, 2
-, to Bilbao, 33; to Portugal, 53c, 56a, 61a, 63b

hounscots, 35


indigo, xvi, xvii–xviii, xxxiv, 22a, 31b, 40a–b, 48, 52a, 60d, 89e, 124; customs on, 125a; from the East Indies, xvii, 101; price at Lisbon, 48; price in London, 5b, 17, 22a, d, 25a, 26a–b, 31b, 33, 39a, 48–50, 53c–125a passim; price at San Lucar, 59b; price in Spain, 91a

Inquisition, Canarian, xi, xxxv

insurance, xvii, xxiv, xxvi, xxxv n. 1–2, 4, 7a, 8, 10, 12a, 14, 18, 22b, 23a, 25a, 26b–27a, 30b, 31c, 32–117 passim; *average, 50, 52a, 55a, 63a, 78a; effect of Dutch War on, xxix–xxx; high rates of, xxx, 63b, 66b–c; underwriters suffer losses, 23b, 63a

Insurance Court, 55a, 78a

Insurance Office, xii, 26b, 66b

interest, xxvi; rate of, 11b

iron, 61e, 129; from Spain, xx; from Sweden, xxiii

ivory, xxiv, 47b, 61e, 63a


Jews, xxxiii, 129


kersies, Hampshire, xxi, 94a–95, 96b, 99a, 107

Knives, Sheffield, xxiii


lace, 96b

*lena noel (*lignum rhodium), 22a, 25a, 26a, 31b, 33, 40a–b, 48–9, 55a, 61b; for Bordeaux, 61b; for Nantes, 61d; price at London, 33, 40a, 60a; price at Rouen, 40a

Lepanto, battle of, 68b

letter of attorney, 52c, 59a, 60b, 74, 76a, 77a

letters, delivery of, 84b; interception of, xiv, 5a, 10, 126

letters of credit, 22d, 23a, 39b, 42, 44, 66b, 96d, 97–99a, 100b–101, 104–5

letters of marque, 44, 46, 51a, 53b, 56b, 85, 95

linen, xii, xx–xxii, xxxiv, 3–4, 20, 91a
-, French, xxi, 7a, 9, 16, 25b, 32, 34, 40b, 89d, 90, 93a; American demand for, xxii; at Tenerife, xxi–xxii, xxxiii, 9, 15, 58a, 126; creas, xxii; dowlas, xxii; permission to import at Tenerife, xxii, 89e, 91a, 126; price of, xxii, 89d; re–export from Canaries to America, xxii; roans, xxii, 40b, 93a; tregars, xxii
-, German and Polish, xx, xxiii
-, Spanish proclamation concerning, 52b, 58a

*logwood, see Campeachy wood

measurements; bushel, English, 7b; *fanega, Canarian, 7b; *quintal, Canarian, 89b; ton, French, 7b, 23a; ton, Spanish, 89b


medicine, 64c, 66a, 73a

medusas, xxi

men–of–war, see ships

-, Dutch, xxxiv, 40b
-, English, trading to Portugal, 58a; trading to Spain, 6, 112, 126; trading to the Straits, 51b, 53b; see also Persons and Places: Canary Islands

mohairs, xxi

molasses, 5a

Moors, 129


Navy, Commissioners of the, xxxii

neats's tongues, 22d, 89e

notary public, 108b, 117


olive oil, 51b, 61d

*orchil, xv, 26b, 31b

oysters, 67b, 89e

ozenbrigs, 35, 67b, 84c, 94a, 107


pack goods, 34, 96d, 109, 127

paragons, 96b

parliament, 15, 19a, 43 n., 76a; dissolution of, 1653, xxxvii, 76a–b; fleet of, 19b, 42, 67a, 68b, 71a, 73c, 106b, 110b, 111b, 117, 123; nominated, 1653, 76b; raise duties on Varinas tobacco, 12a; regulate prices of wines, xxxiii, 61c

parliament, acts and bills: continuing the excise (1650), 22b; continuing tonnage and poundage (1657), 125a; declaring French goods contraband (1649), 9–10; declaring war on Portugal (1650), 27b; improving the receipts of the excise and the new impost (1657), xxxiii, 125a; limiting and settling the prices of wines (1657), xxxiii, 125a; naval convoy (1650), 27a; navigation (1651), x, xxvii-xxix, 49, 51a, 53b, 54, 58a, 61c; prohibiting trade with rebels in the West Indies (1650), 27b; raising customs on Spanish wine (1657), 125a

passport, 111a

pepper, xxxvi

pilchards, see fish

pipestaves, xx, xxxi, 3–4, 11a, 13a, 32, 89d, 93a–b, 96d, 100a, 107, 113; export from France prohibited, 89d; price in France, 89d, 90; price at London, 93b, 100a; profits from, 4

pirates, 15

post, Amsterdam, 8; Bilbao, 29; Dover, 8, 43, 105; Downs, 16; Madrid, 31b; plymouth, 26a, 35, 84b

post, express ships, 97, 124

pratique, 106b, 108a, 110, 129

profits and losses, commercial, 13b, 19b, 23a, 39a–b, 49, 52c, 53c, 79, 83b, 86–7, 89e, 91b–92, 106b, 108a, 110a, 112, 117, 125b

Protestants in trade with Spain, xxxii


riding jackets, 96b n.

Roman Catholicism, xxxii, xxxv

rosewood, xvi

rye, from Plymouth, xxix, 66a; price in France, 63b


salt, 52b, 53c

sarsaparilla, xvi, xxxiv, 103–106a, 117

says, 40a

seamen, Dutch, xxxi, xxxiv, xxxvi, 111b

seamen, English, families of, xxiv; hiring of, xxiii, 47a; in State's service, 71c, 73c; rights to lade freight, 61e, 72, 111a; shortage of, 68a, 71a, c, 73c, 81d, 84a; wages of, xxix, 30a, 61a, 63a, 67a, 74, 77a, 78b, 83b, 93b–94a, 114

ships, armament, 4, 7b, 94a; Biscayner, 79; Canary Vintage Fleet, see wine; collier, 128; convoy of, 27a, 66b, 123; damage to, xiii, 50, 59b, 78c; demurrage of, xxix n., 84a; disguise of, xxxi, xxxiv, 111a–b
-, Dutch (Fleming), 8, 13a, 14, 19a, 22a, 25, 29, 39b, 43, 49, 51a, 53b, 56b, 58a, 61b, d, 68b, 76b, 89c, 99b, 110a, 119, 128; take English ships prize, xxix, 87–8; taken as prize, xxix, 63c
-, freighting of, xiii, xxvi, xxix; contracts for, xiii, xxiii–xxiv, 7a, 23a, 30a-b, 32, 37, 39a, 40c, 42–114 passim; per month, xxiv, xxix, 1, 7a, 11a, 16, 34–5, 40a, c, 43–108b passim; per ton, xxix, 23a, 37, 43, 63d, 71c, 77c, 83a, 110a; 84a, 89b, 90, 99b, 107; rate, 83a, 110a; see also Admiralty, arbitration
-, men-of-war, Dutch (Fleming), xiii, xxix, xxxvii, 51a, 64c, 66b, 67b, 68b, 72 n., 73a-b, 74–5, 76b, 77b–c, 78c, 87; English, xxxiv, 61c, 63b, 66b, 76b, 77c, 78c, 80, 110b, 111b, 117, 123–4; French, xxviii, 21, 23b, 25b, 27a-b, 52b, 63b, 73b, 96c, 111b, 129; Irish, xxviii, 1, 2; Jersey, xxviii, 26b, 32; Ostend, 23b, 108a, 112; Turkish, xxviii, 81b, 88, 89c
-, ownership of, xxvi, xxix, xxxvi–xxxvii, 18, 19b–20, 22c, 25b, 27b, 52b, 61e, 71b, 76b, 80, 81d, 89c, e, 94a, 95, 106b; pinnace, xxiii; prize ships, purchase of, 89c; prohibition against export of, 73a; provisions and tackle for, xx, 13b, 19b, 40a, 46, 47d, 67a, 71a; repairs to, 67a, 71b; * sack, 13a; shortage of, 81d–83a, 84a, c, 94a; in State's service, 61e, 68b n., 77c

ships (specific): Agreement, xvi, xxi, xxix–xxx, 63d, 64c, 66a, 70, 72–4, 80, 81a, d, 82–83a, 84a-85, 87–8, 89e, 91b, 102–3, 106b-107, 125b; Blessing, xvi, xix, xxi, xxix, 1–4, 6–7a, 8–12a, 15, 19b-21, 23a, 25a, 26b, 27a-b, 29–30a, 31a, 37–8, 39b, 40b, 43–5, 47d, 49, 52b, 53a, c, 56a, 58b, 59b, 61a-b, d, 63b, d, 64b-67a, 68a-b, 71b, 76b, 81b, d; Catherine, 123 n.; Champion, 31a; Charles, 77c; Civil Society, 52b; Constant John, xvi, xxi, 13b, 22a-b, d, 25, 31c, 34–5, 38–39b, 40b, 43, 47d-48, 64c-65, 81d, 89e, 93a; Elizabeth, xvi, xx, 23a-b, 25a-27a, 29–30b, 31a; Eli zabeth and John, xxi, xxix-xxx, 64c, 66b, 67b, 72, 74–76a, 77a, 78a, 81b; Elizabeth Ann, 1; Endeavour, 111b, 115 n.; Giant, 91a; Golden Cock, xxxvi, 82; Golden Star, xxix, 66a, 72–73a; Hope, xxxiv, xxxvii; Industry, 89e, 91a, 93b; Irish Merchant, 113, 116; Island Merchant, 17, 27a, 30a, 32, 61a; Jonathon, xxxvii; Judeth, 60d, 61d, 63b, 64c; Katherine, xxxvi-xxxvii, 25b, 40c, 45–6, 47a, c, d, 48–9, 52b, 61e, 68b n., 77c, 80, 83a, 106b-107; Love, 12b, 14; Mary, xvi, xx, xxix, xxxi-xxxii, 8–9, 12a, 32, 43, 60d, 67a, 68a–70, 71a, c, 72–73a, 76a, 78c, 81d, 83a, 84b, 89e, 90–91a, 93b–94a, 95d, 96a, b, d, 97–99a, 100a–108a, 109–12, 114–18, under alias, St Peter of Monnikendam, 111a; Matthew, xvi, xx-xxi, 11a-b, 13a-19a, 21, 22c, 23b, 25a, 26b-27b, 30a-31a, 32, 34, 35, 37, 39a–40a, 41, 46, 50, 53a, 74, 83a, 84c, 89c, 96a; Medea, 35, 40a, 42, 44; Morocco Merchant, 67b-68a, 71b, 89d; Peter, 80; Peter and Anne, xvi, 83a-b, 84a, c, 85–8, 89a-c, e, f, 90; Peter and John, 55b, 61b; Peter Bonadventure, 48; Plough, xvi; Post-horse, 120; Prosperity, 39a, 40a; Prosperous, xxx-xxxi, 107–108b, 110b, 113–14; Recovery, 68a, 72; Robert and John, 22c, 26b; Rosario, 125a; Royal Sovereign, alias Commonweal of England, 58a; Sampson, 68b; Samuel, xvi, 2, 5a; Sarah, 79; Susan, xiii, xvi, 31c–33, 40a–b, 47c, d, 48–50, 52a–b, 55a, 60a, d, 70, 72; Swan, xvi, xxiii-xxiv, xxviii, 20, 22a-b, d, 31a, 40b, 42, 44–6, 47a–b, d, 48–51b, 52b–c, 53c–55b, 56a, 57, d, 48–51b, 52b-c, 53c-55b, 56a, 57, 58b–59b, 61b–c, e, 63a, 64a, 65, 67b–68a, 73b-c, 74, 77a, 78b, 81b, 84b; Tenerife Merchant, 15–16, 22d; Turned-out, xvi, 44–47b, 50, 53c, 61b, 63a, 65–66a, 67b, 73b, 76a, 77a; William and Henry, 27a n.

silver, xvi, 103 n., 118

slaves, xxii-xxiv, xxxvii, 52b; Canary merchants trading in, xxii; from Barbados, 25b, 28, 31a; from Guinea, xxii, 25b n., 40c, 47b, 54, 61e, 63a, 64a, 74, 86; licence to import into Tenerife, xxiii, 25b n., 42, 43 n., 46, 47b, 48, 51b, 55b, 61b; price at Tenerife, xxxv; voyage to Guinea for, xxii-xxv

spirits, 77c

stockings, 96b

strong waters, 40a, 60a

sturgeon, 22d, 89e

sugar, ix, 22a, 59b, 77b, 93b, 96d, 103, 105, 120; at Nantes, 61d; excise on, 106a; from Brazil, xv-xvi, 78a; from Terceira, 76a, 89e
-, muscovado, 103, 106a; price at London, 56a, 61e, 64b, 73c
-, Palma xv, 51b; price at London, 5b, 17, 39a, 53c, 56a, 61e, 64b
-, West Indian, xv; at Amsterdam, xv, 44; from Barbados, xv, xxi; price at London, 106a; from Havana, 61e, 64b, 72, 73c, 99b; price at London, 1–2, 5b, 56a, 61e, 64b, 72, 73c, 93b, 99b, 101, 106a

supercargoes, xi, xxiii, 23b, 30b, 40c; instructions to, 129

sweetmeats, 89e

*Sylvester, xvi-xvii, 26b, 31b, 52a, 56a, 59b, 82, 84b, 89a, 90–91a, 93a, 96c, 99b; at Rouen, 92–93a, 106a, 108b; price at London, 2, 5b, 49, 51b, 53c, 56a, 61e, 64b, 73c, 83b, 84b, 85, 87, 92, 93b, 96d, 99b, 101, 105, 110b; price at Rouen, 96c


tax collectors, xxvii

three-crane law, 11b

-, Caracas, 112
-, Varinas, xviii, 12a, 22b, 57, 60c, 64a, 73c, 90, 91b, 99b, 124–125b, 127; customs and excise on, 12a, 22b; in Spain, xviii, 87, 91b; price at London, xviii, 1–2, 5b-6, 10, 12a, 13b, 17, 26b, 31b, 33–125a a passim; price in Spain, 31b, 90–91a
-, Virginian, 72


*vellon, 58a n.


Welsh cottons, xxi, 107

Welsh plains, xxi, 96b, 107

West India goods, xvi-xix, xxxiii-xxxiv, 1, 8–9, 12a, 14, 48–9, 52a-b, 53c, 56a, 58b, 59b, 61a, 77b, 81c, 87, 89c–e, 91b, 94b-95, 112, 117, 120, 124–125a, 126; at Nantes, 9, 34; at Rouen, 83b-84a; demand in France, 81c; demand in Holland, 26b, 40b; demand at London, 20, 25a, 30b, 34, 39a, 40a, 52c; false packing of, 52a; licences to export from the Canaries, xvi; prices at the Canaries, xxxii

wheat, xii, xx, 37, 39b, 51a, 71c from the Azores, xxi, 64c, 67b, 74–5, 78a; Barbary, 23a-b, 25b, 27a, 30b-31a, 32, 35, 129; Cadiz, 43; Danzig, xx; England, xx-xxi, 44, 46, 63d, 64c-65, 67a, 68a, 69–70, 71c-73a, 93a, 94a, 96b, 99a; France, xxi, 31a, 61a, 61a, d, 127a; Holland, xx, 23a, 31a, 37–8, 41, 44–5, 47d-48, 127a; Italy, 66b
-, measurement in England, 7b; France, 7b, 23a; Tenerife, 7b
-, price in Danzig, 30b; Eastland, 30b;
-, England, 30b, 64c; France, 23a, 30b, 61a, 63b; Holland, 30b, 39b, 45, 47d; Tenerife, xx, 74
-, prohibition of export from England, xxi, 63d, 65; France, xxi
-, shortage in Tenerife, xxi

wills, execution of, 68a

winds, 17–18, 22c, 39b, 51a, 59b, 106a

wine, 5a, 25a, 61c, 87
-, Canary, ix–xxxviii passim, 58b, 61c; and wheat shortages, xxi, n.; at London, xii-xv; contracts for, 31c; customs at London, xiii, 11b, 27a; demand at London, xii–xiv, 8, 11a, 13a–14, 19b, 23a, 30a, 31b, 37–117 passim; demand at Tenerife, 73a, 76b; effect of First Dutch War on price, xiv; in Barbados, xiv, 89d; inferior, xiv, 50–51a, 52a, 53a, 55a, 104–5; in inland trade, xv; in Ireland, xiv–xv, 30b, 89d; in Santa Cruz, Tenerife, 89d; in West Country, xiv–xv, 89d; leakage in transit, 47c, 67b, 74; *malvasĩa, xii, xxv, 9, 30a, 63b, 95, 125a; mending with Malaga wine, xii, 50; price at Barbados, 89d; price at London, xii, xiv, xxviii–xxix, xxxi, 1, 5a, 11a, 13a, 22d, 27a, 29, 30a, 37–117 passim; price at Newfoundland, 23b; price at Tenerife, xii, xx, xxv, xxvii, xxxi, 5a, 8, 17, 22d, 47c, 117, 125a, 126; price regulation of, xiii, xxviii, xxxi, xxxiii, 112, 125a; profits from, xiii, xxviii, 12b, 14, 39a, 52c, 53c, 83b, 89e; red, 12b, 14; spoilage of, xii, 11b, 66c, 71b; *vidueño, xiv–xv, 9, 30b, 47c, 71b, 74, 93b, 96c; vintage fleet, xii-xiv, xxviii, 21, 26a, 30a, 31a, 39a-b, 41–128 passim
-, French: importation into England prohibited, 11a, 19b, 40b; price regulated, 110b, 111b; taken as prize, 75
-, Madeira, xii, xiv; to Newfoundland, 13a
-, Malaga, xii, 5a, 10, 12b, 30a, 37, 50, 53a, 61c, 63d, 77b; price at London, 27a; price at Malaga, 27a, 92
-, regulation of prices at London, 110b, 112, 125a
-, sherry (from Jerez de la Frontera), 5a, 8, 10, 12b, 25a, 27a, 30a–b, 37, 53a, 61c, 63d, 77b
-, Spanish, xxxvi, 75, 126; customs and excise on, 125a; prices of 75; regulation of prices at London, 61c, 110b, 111b–112, 114–15, 117, 125a, 126

wool, 63c

woollen goods, xx, 64c; exported to the Canary Islands, xxi; prices at London, xxi