Minutes of the Commissioners: 1724

Pages 107-119

The Commissions for Building Fifty New Churches: The Minute Books, 1711-27, A Calendar. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1986.

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353. [p. 245] 10 Jan. 1723/24

1. Solicitor to prepare draft of deed in pursuance of order of vestry of St Giles Cripplegate dated 15 Oct. 1723.

2. Waddington and Peck, assisted by Treasurer, Solicitor and Agent to consider of persons proper to be officers and vestry of new parish of St John Clerkenwell, by next meeting.

3. Trustees of King Street chapel delivered a presentation why their chapel should not be converted into a parish church.

4. Jenner proposed a house in Grosvenor Street for £1,300 for minister of church near Hanover Square; agreed, if it can be made freehold at that price.

5. Bill for settling a maintenance on the ministers of the new churches to be considered at the next meeting, and notice to be given in summons.

6. Surveyors to report on condition of houses and ground at east end of chapel lately purchased of Michell [Aylesbury Chapel].

354. [p. 246] 17 Jan. 1723/24

1. Dr Bennet proposed that Cripplegate parish should obtain Chancery decree to make a good title to ground proposed by them to be added to site for new church intended to be bought of Mr[s] Fewtrell. Further consideration deferred until Dr Bennet obtains such decree.

2. Vestry of St John Clerkenwell to consist of 20 persons and minister and churchwardens for the time being; every Commissioner present to have by Monday night a copy of the list delivered by Waddington and Peck, and bring in writing on a paper rolled up names of 20 such persons to compose the vestry.

3. Considered the bill for maintenance of the ministers and made some progress therein.

4. Petition of Foltrop, Cook and King referred to next meeting; Treasurer to attend.

355. [p. 247] 23 Jan. 1723/24

1. Reconsidered minute 2 of last meeting: Waddington and Peck with assistance of Treasurer, Solicitor and Agent to bring in larger list of persons proper to be the vestry.

2. Following to be appointed officers for St John Clerkenwell: John Ekins and Simon Michell, esquires, churchwardens; Wm Bury, esq., and Aaron Gibbs, gent., sidesmen; Wm Gambell and Geo. Greaves, carpenter, overseers of the poor; Edward Hutchins, gent. and Wm Wiggins of Turnmill St, tallow chandler, surveyors of highways; Thos Bradley, cheesemonger, and Sam. Jeacock, baker, scavengers; Joseph Jackson, bricklayer, and Hy Jeffreys of Bartle's [Bartlet's] St, cutler, constables; John Banks, barber, and Thos Wood, tobacco pipe maker of Turnmill St, headboroughs.

3. Petition from Dr Marshall, Nich. Jeffreys and Edm. Fenwick, esquires, that they have lately erected a chapel near Red Lion Street, and proposing to convey their interest to the Commissioners that it may be converted into a parish church. Ordered that application be made to obtain a clause in an act of parliament to enable the Commissioners to treat with proprietors of chapels erected after the ninth of Anne, as well as for those already then built. Solicitor to prepare such a clause.

4. Solicitor to report on sufficiency of letter of attorney of John Grove and the bond of indemnification offered to Board by John Foltrop and others against double payment of £129. 13s. 5d. ordered to be paid to John Grove by warrant dated 24 Oct. 1722.

5. Officers appointed for St Mary le Strand: Jas Gascoigne and Robt Poney churchwardens; Jas Cornish and Peter Annet, overseers; John Matthews and Thos Towell, scavengers.

356. [p. 249] 25 Jan. 1723/24

1. Considered bill for maintenance of the ministers, and made some progress therein. Final consideration to be referred to next meeting, and no other business to intervene.

357. [p. 250] 31 Jan. 1723/24

1. Waddington delivered larger list of persons proper for vestry of St John Clerkenwell. Commissioners to have a copy, and each to bring written list of 20 names rolled up.

2. Read petition from Company of Parish Clerks setting forth that they are not enabled by their charter to receive weekly bills from any of the new churches. Solicitor to prepare clause for endowment bill pursuant to prayer of petition.

3. Warrants to be prepared for paying half year's salary to officers and half year's rent to Mrs Leacroft.

4. Read report from Solicitor of Grove's letter of attorney and Foltrop's bond; Treasurer to pay Foltrop and others sum of £129. 13s. 5d.

5. Considered bill for maintenance of the ministers and made several amendments therein.

358. [p. 251] 7 Feb. 1723/24

1. Lists of persons to compose vestry for St John Clerkenwell being brought in, it appeared the majority fell on: Thos. Pinder, Matt. Howit, Robt Tothill, Thos Isted, Wm Brooke, John Ekins, Simon Michell, Edward Lovibond, Wm Bury, Chas Floyer, John Forster, Rich. Lechmere, esquires; Robt Dymond, Rich. Templar, gent.; Wm Croaker, mercer, Nich. Goodwin, brewer, Wm Downing, printer, Wm Gamble, silversmith, Abr. [illegible] salesman, Geo. Greaves, carpenter.

Bishop of London consenting, ordered that the list be the vestry. Solicitor to prepare instrument.

2. Solicitor brought clauses to enable Commissioners to build with brick, and to enable Company of Parish Clerks to receive accounts of christenings and burials from clerks of the new churches; read, and directed to be added to the bill. The bill as now settled to be offered to parliament.

3. Bishop of London to be desired to advise with Chancellor of the Exchequer about the most proper method of bringing the bill into the House of Commons.

4. Copies of bill to be given to Chancellor of the Exchequer, Speaker, person introducing it, and Mr Scrope, Secretary of the Treasury. Also a brief of the bill and a copy of a paper for filling up the blanks.

5. Commissioners at next meeting to proceed to annual election of officers; notice to be given in summons.

6. Warrants signed for payment of officers' salaries to Christmas last, and one year's rent.

359. [p. 253] 14 Feb. 1723/24

1. Bishop of London reported that he had applied to Chancellor of the Exchequer and others about most proper method to bring in the bill, and had received very favourable answers.

2. Solicitor to prepare two dozen briefs of bill for next meeting, and to make out copies of bill for attorney-general and solicitor-general.

3. Agreed that the same officers be continued for a year at same salaries.

4. Agreed that a gratuity of 50 guineas be given James for his past services and more than ordinary attendances upon the works and this Board.

5. Philipps, Waddington, Deans of the Arches and Chichester, Hiccocks and Melmoth to be desired to attend and solicit bill for maintenance of ministers while it is depending in the Commons.

6. Agreed to a proposal of Sir R. Grosvenor's for sale of ground rent of a house in Grosvenor Street proposed for minister's house: Board to give 30 years purchase and bear all legal charges. Resolved to purchase the said house of John Jenner for £1,300.

7. Executed instrument for settling vestry of St John Clerkenwell.

8. Secretary to remind Board at next meeting to consider one year's interest due to Sir R. Grosvenor for purchase money of ground near Oliver's Mount bought for churchyard for church near Hanover Square.

360. [p. 255] 20 Feb. 1723/24

1. One year's interest on the purchase money to be paid to Sir R. Grosvenor if he insists on it.

2. Empowered the six members appointed to attend the bill in parliament to employ a solicitor to follow bill through both Houses and give them notice when it is necessary for them to attend, etc.

361. [p. 256] 27 Feb. 1723/24

1. Read report about minister's house and church yard for St John Clerkenwell; referred to another meeting.

2. James delivered three papers about Millbank church: account of total expended, account of extraordinary expenses because of the tenderness of the foundation, and account of money necessary to finish church.

3. Treasurer to imprest £200 to Jenner, part of £1,300 for his house.

4. Treasurer to bring in account of monies already received at Exchequer for the Commission.

5. Agent to procure best information available about perquisites likely to arise from districts assigned for new churches.

362. [p. 257] 3 Mar. 1723/24

1. James to estimate for making a parsonage house for St John Clerkenwell on the foundation of two old houses bought from Michell; and Agent to inquire after a suitable house. Other affairs about new parish referred to another time.

2. Petition from inhabitants of St Mary le Strand for appointment of a vestry to be considered at next meeting.

3. Ordered advertisement for joiners to bring in proposals for Spitalfields church.

4. Petition from Dunn about payment for his work at St Mary Woolnoth; referred to Surveyors to report at next meeting.

5. Agent to inquire about £1,100 paid to trustees of Ormond Street chapel and how the sum has been applied; Solicitor to attend next meeting with the deeds.

6. Bishop of London acquainted Board of great readiness shown by Mr Poultney [Pulteney] and Mr Onslow to promote the bill. On discoursing with several MPs they found it advisable in order to facilitate the bill's passing that estimate be made of perquisites and other profits arising from districts annexed to new churches, to be laid before the House.

7. Resolved that Bishop of London be desired to return Board's thanks to Pulteney and Onslow.

8. Resolved that this Board judges it impossible to make the inquiries expected from them so as to be ready to present them to House of Commons with a view to passing the bill this session. Board will immediately commence inquiries so as to lay information before House at opening of next session.

363. [p. 259] 13 Mar. 1723/24

1. James brought in a plan for a minister's house for Stratford Bow, estimated at £800.

2. Surveyors to bring estimates by next meeting for building parsonage house for St John Clerkenwell; other matters concerning that parish referred to a fuller Board.

3. Dean of the Arches, Ellis, Treasurer, Solicitor and Agent to consider list of proper persons for vestrymen for St Mary le Strand.

4. James to attend next meeting, when joiners' prices for Spitalfields church to be considered.

5. Solicitor to attend next meeting with purchase deeds of Ormond Street chapel.

6. Secretary to write out minutes about said chapel and lay them before next meeting with the papers belonging thereto.

7. Board will at next meeting consider table of burial fees for St George the Martyr.

8. Bishop of London reported that he had thanked Pulteney and Onslow.

364. [p. 261] 20 Mar. 1723/24

1. Dean of the Arches and Ellis assisted by Treasurer, Solicitor and Agent brought in list of proper persons for vestry for St Mary le Strand.

2. Resolved that vestry consist of 14 persons and minister and church wardens; every Commissioner present to have copy of list of names by Monday night, and bring 14 names in writing in a paper rolled up.

3. Michell to submit proposal for house formerly proposed by him for parsonage for St John Clerkenwell; other matters about parish deferred.

4. Joiners' proposals for Spitalfields church referred to Surveyors to report who is lowest.

5. Table of burial fees for St George the Martyr to be considered at next meeting.

6. Treasurer to advance £700 to Dunn for work at St Mary Woolnoth; and to labourers for taking care of lead at the churches in Bloomsbury and near Hanover Square such sums as Surveyors advise to be proper.

7. Solicitor to have fresh directions to prosecute any who lay dirt or rubbish on site purchased in Old Street.

8. Advertisement ordered for painters' and glaziers' proposals for Bloomsbury and Hanover Square churches.

9. Renewed minute of 11 December last about districts for new parishes; the officers appointed to go on without loss of time.

365. [p. 263] 27 Mar. 1724

1. Gabriel Appleby to be employed as joiner at Spitalfields church, as the lowest proposal.

2. Consideration of burial fees for St George the Martyr deferred until report made about money transferred for purchase of seats.

3. £650 to be paid Michell for house proposed by him for a parsonage for St John Clerkenwell, he making a good title and laying out £50 on the house as Surveyors appoint.

4. Scriven to be employed as glazier at Bloomsbury and Hanover Square churches, as lowest proposal.

5. Petition of William Prat about his claim to Aylesbury chapel [Clerkenwell] referred to Solicitor.

6. Michell's title deeds to be referred to counsel.

7. Geo. Clayfield to be employed as painter at Hanover Square and Bloomsbury churches.

8. Advertisements ordered for bricklayers' and carpenters' proposals for minister's house, Stratford bow.

9. Read petition from Osmond, plumber; £500 to be imprested to him for carrying on works in his churches; and upon Fincher's petition, £400 to him likewise for Hanover Square church.

10. The following were elected as vestrymen for St Mary le Strand: Wm Foley, Esq., Robt Nicholson, pewterer, Robt Sparks, brazier, Wm Wilson, draper, Fcs Sawle, draper, Robt Shelly, draper, John Walsh, instrument-maker, Robt Powney, stationer, Thos Phill, upholder, John Verdon, shoemaker, Patricius Underwood, stuffman, Jacob Tonson, bookseller, Adam Hog, tailor, Chas Danvers, draper. Bishop of London consenting, ordered that minister and churchwardens for the time being, and the 14 named, be the vestry.

11. Solicitor to prepare instrument for appointing the vestry.

366. [p. 265] 10 Apr. 1724

1. On account of Solicitor's absence, Michell's title referred to next meeting; Solicitor to have notice to attend.

2. Referred to next meeting a proposal of Mr Pomeroy and Mr Newman concerning a passage from Ratcliffe Highway to new church at Wapping; Surveyors to have notice to attend.

3. Warrant to be prepared for paying a quarter's rent to Mrs Leacroft.

4. Hester to be employed for brickwork at parsonage house, Stratford Bow, and Meard for carpenter's work.

5. Manner of contracting with the workmen employed to be considered at next meeting.

6. Solicitor to submit contract with Wilson for the ground in Old Street.

7. Surveyors to be reminded at next meeting to make due progress in laying out districts for the new churches.

8. Read petition from vestry of St John Clerkenwell for £150 for supplying defects. Agreed that £150 be given, the Commissioners' resolution that they will have no concern with any additions or improvements in new churches after consecration not being understood by petitioners at time of consecration.

367. [p. 267] 24 Apr. 1724

1. Warrant to be prepared for paying Michell £650 for house for the minister, St John Clerkenwell, he giving a note to the Treasurer for £50 to be laid out on the house as Surveyors shall direct.

2. Rejected Pomeroy and Newman's proposal.

3. Surveyors to report on Mary Goodchild's petition about price of groining at Spitalfields church.

4. Vestry of St John Clerkenwell to be informed that Surveyors are directed to inspect application of £150 for covering ceiling floor of church with boards, enlarging vestry room and making new altar piece and rail at communion table.

368. [p. 268] 1 May 1724

1. Mrs Goodchild to be allowed 6d. per foot for groining, that being the general price.

2. On petition of Isaac Mansfield, plasterer, Treasurer to pay him £500 by imprest for work done in Spitalfields, Hanover Square and Westminster churches.

3. Warrants to be prepared for pay £1,100 to Jenner for his interest in house in Grosvenor Street, and £135 to Sir R. Grosvenor and others for ground rent.

4. Marshall reported from trustees of St George's chapel, Ormond Street, that they are ready to give satisfaction to Board for money paid them for purchasing pews, but they desire written statement of what Board requires.

5. Deans of Chichester and the Arches to draw up what they conceive proper to be delivered to the trustees and lay it before next meeting.

6. Solicitor's bill of fees being delivered to Melmoth and Hiccocks, ordered warrant to be prepared for £143. 10s. 9d.

7. Signed Michell's warrant for £650.

369. [p. 270] 15 May 1724

1. Bennet submitted paper on difficulty of conveying some ground belonging to St Giles Cripplegate adjoining Mrs Fewtrell's ground; referred to Solicitor to take advice.

2. Dean of Chichester being out of town and Dean of the Arches being obliged to attend elsewhere, the deans to bring answer to Ormond Street chapel trustees to next meeting.

3. Marshall to obtain copy of burial fees of St Andrew Holborn for next meeting.

4. Read petition from Commissioners appointed to inspect decoration of church near Hanover Square signifying that they intend an organ for the church and desire Commissioners to build a loft for it. Resolved that Board conceive themselves not at liberty to proceed further than providing convenient seats for parishioners.

5. A plain brick wall five ft high to be built to enclose ground purchased of Sir R. Grosvenor for a burial place for church near Hanover Square.

6. Signed warrants for paying £135 to Sir R. Grosvenor, £143. 10s. 9d. to Solicitor, and £1,300 to John Jenner.

7. Bennet reported that, having acquainted vestry of St Giles Cripplegate that he had delivered to Commissioners the vestry's agreement to convey to them Bear and Ragged Staff Yard provided they would allow parishioners to bury in the ground in Old Street, and that Commissioners had answered that they were willing, as soon as conveyance was made, to divide the parish and give parishioners of Old Street church district free leave to bury there, vestry unanimously acquiesced.

370. [p. 272] 18 June 1724

1. Trustees of St George the Martyr in whose hands £1,153. 6s. 7d. was left for purchasing pews desiring to know in writing what Board requires of them,

2. Agreed that trustees do lay before Board at next meeting an account of how the money has been applied; whether any pews have been bought, and of whom and for what; in whom such pews are now vested, and in whose hands the remainder of the money now is; whether any has been placed out at interest, and on what security.

3. Copy to be given to Dr Marshall for the trustees.

4. Sjt Baines reported that Duke of Montagu ready to come to agreement for the more effectual division of St George the Martyr from St Andrew Holborn; will agree to any division of rights and dues between the rectors which the Board think proper, provided the patronage of St George the Martyr be vested in him and his heirs.

5. Agreed that the Board is satisfied that the duke is patron of St Andrew Holborn, and will treat with him as such.

6. Agreed that the patronage of St George the Martyr be vested in the Duke of Montagu and his heirs in the same manner as the patronage of St Andrew Holborn is now vested; and that all rights, etc, arising from the district allotted for St George the Martyr be forever vested in the rector of the parish by such settlements as counsel shall direct.

7. Solicitor to prepare draft of such a settlement.

371. [p. 274] 29 June 1724

1. Bishop of London reported that Marshall had informed him that the money for purchasing pews in St George the Martyr was in the hands of Mr Chambers who is at Bath; at his return a satisfactory account would be given.

2. Mrs Goodchild declines finishing bricklayer's work at Limehouse church. Lucas, recommended by Hawksmoor, to be employed to finish it on terms of the late Goodchild's contract.

3. Hawksmoor to deliver his draft of division of parish of Deptford with a district for the new church to the parish authorities, to report their opinion.

4. Bills of Busby for watching Bloomsbury church and Newsham for watching that near Hanover Square referred to Surveyors.

5. Solicitor presented draft for the further division of St George the Martyr which was read, and ordered to be engrossed.

372. [p. 276] 13 July 1724

1. Hawksmoor submitted drafts for division of parishes of St Margaret Westminster and St Giles in the Fields.

2. Hawksmoor to deliver same to parish authorities for their consideration.

3. Warrant to be prepared for paying £315, one year's interest, to Sir R. Grosvenor.

4. Treasurer to pay John Busby and Sam. Newsham, watchmen of Bloomsbury and Hanover Square churches, £10. 16s. each for watching for 24 four weeks to 4 July.

5. James to acquaint Rector of Stepney and churchwardens of the hamlets of Ratcliff, Bethnal Green, Mile End Old and New Town with division intended for new parishes of Spitalfields, Wapping-Stepney and Limehouse, for their consideration.

6. Treasurer to pay following sums by imprest: to Whitton, bricklayer (Hanover Square) £300; Mansfield, plasterer (Hanover Square) £300; Holden, joiner (Limehouse) £250; Wilkins, plasterer (Wapping) £200.

7. Solicitor to lay before Ward [counsel] proviso he had drawn up concerning agreement with Duke of Montagu for dividing parish of St Andrew Holborn, with two queries, and take his opinion.

373. [p. 278] 27 July 1724

1. Signed warrant for paying £315 to Sir R. Grosvenor.

2. Hawksmoor reported by letter delivering plans of parishes of St Margaret Westminster and St Giles in the Fields, but Bishops of Rochester and Bangor being out of town he thought the parishes could not make their report till their lordships' return. Dean of Canterbury and inhabitants of Deptford had agreed to plan proposed.

3. Marshall snr reported that Mr Harvey of Comb and his son were willing to join Duke of Montagu in a proper instrument for dividing St Andrew Holborn; Solicitor to prepare draft agreement pursuant to Ward's opinion of 15 July.

4. The two Rectors of Stepney attending were called in and heard concerning districts for the new parishes. Ordered that entire hamlet of Spitalfields be parish of the new church.

5. The inhabitants of Mile End Old Town appeared to show cause that the hamlet ought to be left undivided and part of district of the mother church.

6. Some of principal inhabitants of Ratcliff and Limehouse submitted written states of these hamlets.

7. Notice to be given to minister and principal inhabitants of Poplar to show why it should not be added to Limehouse.

8. Referred to Surveyors petitions of Strong and Fletcher for imprest money to enable them to carry on works, as also Edward Leny's complaint of damage to his house by building of Bloomsbury church.

374. [p. 280] 31 Aug. 1724

1. Referred to Surveyors petitions of Goodchild, Mrs Goodchild, Dunn, Walshaw, Whitaker and Sarah Plumpton.

2. Advertisements ordered for joiners' and plasterers' proposals for Bloomsbury church, for glaziers' for Spitalfields, and plasterers' and glaziers' for Lombard Street churches.

3. On a representation from East India Company, resolved that Commissioners have no objection to their proposed application to parliament, and that meantime they are ready to come to conditional agreement for converting Poplar chapel into a parish church; Commissioners also willing to suspend settling what shall be added to Limehouse parish for a month to enable Company to make their proposal, further deferment being inconvenient to Board.

4. Treasurer presented a memorial that an overpayment had been made to Frenchfield for St George's chapel; copy to be delivered to Frenchfield and he desired to attend next meeting; Solicitor also to attend with purchase deed.

5. Signed warrants for paying £5,250 to workmen, and £21.12s. to watchmen for Bloomsbury and Hanover Square churches.

6. Read and confirmed table of burial fees for St Mary le Strand: for the pavement about the church enclosed with iron palisadoes: to rector, £1. 10s.; churchwardens, £2; clerk, 5s.; sexton, 3s.; gravemaker, 2s. 6d.; bell, 3s.; bearers, 6s. Signed by minister, churchwardens and seven vestrymen.

375. [p. 283] 14 Sep 1724

1. James reported opinion of memorials and petitions referred to him. Following payments ordered by way of imprest: Strong, mason, £1,500; Dunn, mason, £500; Fletcher, mason, £1,500; Meard, carpenter, £800; Whitaker, digger, £50; John Walshaw, joiner, £300; Joseph Goodchild, glazier, £50; Sarah Plumpton, exec. of Lot Plumpton, £20; Mary Goodchild, bricklayer, £250; Lucas, bricklayer, £150; Turner, painter, £40. Warrant to be prepared for next meeting.

2. Mrs Skeat to carry on smith's work in partnership with Cleave on foot of contract made with Cleave and Skeat, her late husband.

3. Hawksmoor to produce plan of district of new parish of Deptford, to which he reported on 27 July last that Dean of Canterbury and vestry had agreed, and that it be delivered to Solicitor to be enrolled.

4. Board were informed of death of Skeat, their Agent. Although necessary to appoint a successor, the labour being considerably less than formerly, resolved not to allow more than £40 p.a. salary. Resolved that John Prichard be Agent at £40 p.a.

5. Frenchfield having delivered his answer about payment for St George's chapel, which cleared up the matter to Treasurer's satisfaction, ordered Treasurer to lay answer before Auditor of the Imprest, and if further difficulty arises, to lay it before Board.

6. Read petition from governors of Free School of Charity of Queen Elizabeth in St Olave's Southwark about walls of the ground being out of repair; Agent to report to next meeting.

7. Several proposals being submitted, ordered that Joseph Goodchild perform glazier's work at Spitalfields and Lombard Street churches; Mansfield, plasterer's at Bloomsbury; Wilkins that at Lombard Street.

8. Treasurer reported that Auditor complained there were several miscalculations in books of works of the new churches from 1717 to 1722 to his prejudice. Ordered for the future that all books of the new churches be delivered to Treasurer to be examined by him three weeks before warrant for paying workmen be signed.

376. [p. 286] 28 Sep. 1724

1. John Reynolds to do painter's work at minister's house erecting at Bow.

2. Thos Philipps to do joiner's work at Bloomsbury church.

3. Signed warrant for impresting money to workmen totalling £5,160.

4. Agent reported concerning Artillery Ground in St Olave's parish. Resolved that Board not having occasion for the ground do not think it convenient to incur charge of dividing it with a new wall at present; but have directed breaches in the other wall to be made up.

5. Advertisement ordered for ironmongers' proposals for furnishing new churches at Westminster, Great George Street [Hanover Square], Bloomsbury, Lombard Street, Spitalfields, Wapping, and Limehouse with pew locks and hinges according to patterns at the office, and square irons to strengthen pews.

377. [p. 288] 12 Oct. 1724

1. Read memorial from commissioners for decoration of church erecting near Hanover Square, complaining of Fletcher's dilatoriness in carrying on mason's work. Fletcher, called in to answer, received Board's reprimand, and promised to proceed with all despatch.

2. On the complaint of some inhabitants of St Mary Woolnoth of the masons' dilatoriness, masons ordered to attend next meeting.

3. Read petition from inhabitants of Bethnal Green; resolved that Board will receive a proposal from the proprietor for a site for a church etc.

4. Solicitor to attend next meeting about bill for providing an endowment for ministers of new churches.

5. Peck delivered account of burial fees of hamlets of Spitalfields, Wapping Stepney, and Limehouse for one year; which Secretary is to keep till called for.

6. Bishop of Rochester reported that Dean and Chapter of Westminster are willing that new chapel in the Broadway be converted into a parish church. Solicitor to consider proper method of proceeding.

7. Warrant to be prepared for impresting £350 to Gilham for joiner's work at Greenwich and Deptford churches.

8. James delivered boundary for new parish at Limehouse; which Secretary is to keep.

9. Solicitor's bill referred to Hiccocks and Melmoth for examination and settlement.

10. Surveyors to report at next meeting on smiths' proposals for locks, etc.

378. [p. 290] 26 Oct. 1724

1. Melmoth having examined Secretary's bill, warrant to be prepared.

2. Secretary to new model bill for providing a maintenance for ministers by next meeting.

3. Signed warrant for paying £350 to Gilham.

4. Goff to be employed for making locks and hinges and squares and keys for churches of Hanover Square, Westminster and Bloomsbury, and Robins for St Mary Woolnoth and Spitalfields; Cleave for Limehouse and Wapping.

5. On petition by Langley, joiner at Westminster church, ordered £300 to be imprested and warrant prepared.

6. Hawksmoor submitted district taken out of Deptford; Solicitor to take care that the district be enrolled. [Boundary details given at length.]

7. Solicitor to take care that district to be Limehouse parish be enrolled. [Details of boundaries given.]

379. [p. 293] 6 Nov. 1724

1. Bishop of Rochester reported that Dean and Chapter of Westminster desire longer to consider question of converting Broadway chapel to a parish church.

2. Solicitors brought new modelled bill for maintenance of ministers, and Commissioners made some amendments.

3. Read letter from Hester, bricklayer for minister's house at Bow; ordered £150 to be imprested to him and a warrant to be prepared.

4. Ellis desired to settle Secretary's bill of incidents.

5. Secretary to prepare conveyance from Mrs Fewtrell for site for a new church in parish of Cripplegate, and a conveyance from vicar and churchwardens to Commissioners.

380. [p. 294] 13 Nov. 1724

1. New modelled bill for maintenance read and after some amendments approved by Commissioners. Solicitor to wait on Onslow with the bill for his perusal.

2. Ellis having examined Secretary's bill, it was allowed; warrant to be prepared for £50.

3. Read White's proposal for a site for a church at Bethnal Green; Surveyors to view and report.

4. Agent to wait on Deacon to deliver amount of annual produce of tax on coals for three years last.

5. James to put Hawksmoor in mind of bringing in plans of new districts of Bloomsbury and Millbank.

6. Warrant to be prepared for paying £250 to Lock, carpenter at Millbank church.

7. Treasurer to advance £8 to Busby, watchman at Bloomsbury church.

381. [p. 295] 19 Nov. 1724

1. Agent submitted amount of produce of tax on coals:

for the year ending Christmas 1721 £69,561. 18s. 8d.
1722 £67,656. 16s.
1723 £66,595. 7s.

2. Hawksmoor submitted plans of districts for Bloomsbury and Millbank.

3. District as submitted by Hawksmoor for Bloomsbury to be district of new parish.

4. Solicitor reported that he had waited on Onslow with endowment bill, who had perused it and thought a clause should be added forbidding any two new churches to be held by one minister. Solicitor to prepare such a clause.

5. Imprest warrant to be prepared for paying £350 to Worrall, carpenter at Spitalfields church.

6. Signed warrants for paying £250 to Lock and £50 to the Secretary.

382. [p. 296] 27 Nov. 1724

1. Resumed consideration of endowment bill and what should be proposed for endowment of each, and what proportion should be appropriated to each out of the £60,000, more or less, appropriated by parliament towards maintaining the ministers.

2. Signed warrant for paying Worrall £350.

3. James submitted plan of and report on site proposed by White for church at Bethnal Green. Agreed to purchase two and a half acres at £4 p.a. at 20 years purchase; White to enjoy rents and profits till foundation of intended church laid.

4. Treasurer to pay Hall £20 for watching Spitalfields church.

383. [p. 297] 30 Nov. 1724

1. Made some further progress in endowment bill with assistance of Pulteney and Onslow who were present.

384. [p. 298] 4 Dec. 1724

1. Made further amendments in endowment bill with assistance of Pulteney and Onslow. Solicitor to prepare several copies.

2. Hawksmoor submitted new districts of Bloomsbury and Millbank to convert them into parishes. Solicitor to take care that these districts be enrolled; and also to prepare draft representation and petition to the King to recommend bill to parliament.

3. Signed warrant for paying Hall £20.

4. Warrant to be prepared for paying David Arnot £250 for plumber's work at Lombard Street church.

385. [p. 299] 11 Dec. 1724

1. Signed warrant for paying Arnot £250.

2. Read draft representation and petition to King to recommend endowment bill to parliament. Solicitor to wait on Dean of the Arches to settle it by next meeting.

3. Solicitor reported that he had delivered copies of the bill to Speaker, Master of the Rolls, Pulteney, Attorney-General and Solicitor-General and Onslow. Ordered to deliver copies to Mr Walpole and Scrope, and prepare abstracts by next meeting.

386. [p. 300] 18 Dec. 1724

1. Dean of the Arches delivered draft representation etc. to King, which was approved. Secretary to prepare fair copy and wait on Commissioners present today for their signatures. Bishops of London, St Asaph, Rochester, Carlisle or any two or more of them be desired to wait on Lord Townshend with representation.

2. Read petitions from Osmond, plumber, Robins, smith, Cleave and Mrs Skeat for imprest money.

3. Letter to be sent to Marshall that Board expect a satisfactory account of money for purchasing pews in St George's church in Chambers's hands, pursuant to his promise of 29 June last.

4. Warrants to be prepared for impresting £300 to Osmond, £120 to Robins, £1,000 to Cleave and Mrs Skeat.