Minutes of the Commissioners: 1725

Pages 119-131

The Commissions for Building Fifty New Churches: The Minute Books, 1711-27, A Calendar. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1986.

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387. [p. 301] 8 Jan. 1724/25

1. Marshall delivered account of pew purchase money for St George the Martyr, which was referred to Dean of Chichester.

2. On petition from Trebeck for a bell for church near Hanover Square, ordered bell to be prepared of not more than 400 lbs weight; Surveyor to give dimensions.

3. Bishop of London reported that he and Bishop of St Asaph had waited on Lord Townshend with the representation etc, and he had promised to further it and lay it before King.

4. Signed warrants for paying Osmond £300, Robins £120, John Cleave £500, and Mrs Skeat, widow of John Skeat, £500.

388. [p. 302] 11 Jan. 1724/25

1. Made further progress in endowment bill.

389. [p. 303] 18 Jan. 1724/25

1. Read petition of parish clerks of St Martin in the Fields, St James, and St Ann, Westminster about their dues and privileges. Solicitor for their relief to prepare clause in endowment bill.

2. Lord Carpenter, Gen. Steuart and others from Hanover Square complained of Fletcher's dilatoriness in finishing masonry, bringing with them a letter from Fletcher that he is willing to quit the work if Board please.

3. James to measure work already prepared, and employ another mason to finish it with all possible speed on basis of Fletcher's contract.

390. [p. 304] 19 Jan. 1724/25

1. Signed warrants for paying half year's salary to officers and half year's house rent.

2. Vestry room for Hanover Square church to be prepared on S.E. corner according to the plan.

3. Mansfield petitioned for imprest for plasterer's work; warrant for £400 to be prepared.

391. [p. 305] 26 Jan. 1724/25

1. Solicitor read endowment bill with amendments made at last meeting, which were agreed to.

2. Read petition from minister and churchwardens of St Mary le Strand; consideration deferred.

3. Signed warrant for paying Mansfield £400.

4. Solicitor to prepare a schedule for filling up blanks in endowment bill and to prepare abstracts.

5. Fletcher to be discharged from mason's work in Hanover Square church, and Strong and Cass to be employed instead.

392. [p. 306] 2 Feb. 1724/25

1. Solicitor submitted abstract of endowment bill. Debates arising on the reading, resolved that Board resume consideration at next meeting, and filling up blanks be considered at the same time.

393. [p. 307] 4 Feb. 1724/25

1. Resumed consideration of endowment bill and finished it to bring it into House of Commons. Solicitor to prepare paper for filling up blanks.

394. [p. 308] 9 Feb. 1724/25

1. Dean of Chichester reported on money in Chambers' hands; to be considered at next meeting.

2. Considered clause about perpetual patronage of St John's church, Clerkenwell; clause to be omitted, Secretary to inform Solicitor, and he to acquaint Pulteney and Onslow and alter the copies accordingly.

395. [p. 309] 11 Feb. 1724/25

1. Dean of Chichester being absent, money in Chambers' hands to be considered at next meeting.

2. Sir Geo. Stonehouse, Bt, appointed to solicit bill of endowment in parliament and Philipps desired to acquaint him therewith.

396. [p. 310] 15 Feb. 1724/25

1. Bishop of London reported that bill will speedily be brought into parliament. Proposed endowments to be entered in the books:
Large parishes and rich: Hanover Square, Bloomsbury and Ormond St,
by a £ rate yearly for each church
whereof a curate £80, the residue to the rector. And no part
of the parliamentary fund need be applied thereto.
2. Large parishes and small rents and many poor:
Westminster, Spitalfields and Wapping,
by a £ rate yearly for each church
by the parliamentary fund
whereof the curate £80, the residue to the rector.

3. Limehouse, not so large but burdened with poor,
by a £ rate
by the parliamentary fund
whereof to the curate £60, the rest to the rector.

4. Bow, Strand, St John's, Deptford. Small parishes.
by a £ rate each
by the parliamentary fund
To the curate £50, the rest to the rector.


397. [p. 312] 22 Feb. 1724/25

1. Smiths' proposals for locks and hinges to church doors to be referred to James.

2. Agent to give Solicitor copies of vestry fees and number of houses, their value and what they pay to land tax and poor in the eleven new parishes.

398. [p. 313] 26 Feb. 1724/25

1. Hinges already made for church doors by Goff, Robins and Cleave to be delivered to Surveyors' custody and brought to account in the books of the present years. The workmen in general to proceed with no works for the future without direct order of this Board signified to them by Surveyors.

2. Locks for church doors to be provided by persons appointed by a former order to provide locks for pews.

399. [p. 314] 2 Mar. 1724/25

1. Considered some clauses in endowment bill now depending in Parliament.

400. [p. 315] 6 Mar. 1724/25

1. Further consideration of some clauses in endowment bill.

401. [p. 316] 20 Mar. 1724/25

1. James reported Hanover Square church ready for consecration. Adjourned to this day se'night.

402. [p. 317] 20 [sic; recte 27] Mar. 1725

1. Jas Heath Esq presented proposal of a house in Church Lane, Limehouse, for the minister; James to view and report.

2. Dean of the Arches and Ellis, assisted by Treasurer, Solicitor and Agent, to consider list of proper persons to be parish officers for St George Hanover Square, and another list for vestrymen. Commissioners will proceed on yearly election of officers and determination of salaries at next meeting.

403. [p. 318] 31 Mar. 1725

1. Dean of the Arches and Ellis presented list of proper persons for officers and another of about 70 for vestrymen for Hanover Square. Agreed that Lord Carpenter and Gen. Steuart be the first churchwardens; Benj. Timbrel of Swallow St and Matt. Tomlinson of Portugal St, sidesmen; Thos Edwards of Maddox St, carpenter, Wm Sherwood in Oxford St, distiller, John Dickinson of St James St, saddler, and John Prescot of Piccadilly, baker, overseers of the poor; John Boyce of Maddox St, butcher, —Web, farrier of High Park Corner, constables; Robt Owen of Maddox St, grocer, Hy Micklebury of New Bond St, baker, Thos Gough of High Park Corner, smith, —Kellum, breeches maker, scavengers; —Scot at Queen's Head, Chelsea Bridge, headborough; John Heylyn, Roger Williams of Dover St, and Matt. Tomlinson of Portugal St, surveyors of highways. Secretary to deliver copy of resolution to Lord Carpenter and Gen. Steuart.

2. Vestry of St George Hanover Square to consist of 50, besides minister and churchwardens.

3. Each Commissioner present to have a copy of the list, and bring a paper rolled up containing 50 names.

4. All papers about Ormond chapel to be laid before Board at next meeting, and Treasurer to make demand in Board's name for money paid the trustees for purchasing pews.

5. Secretary to pay Sarah Plumpton, dau. and adminx of Lot Plumpton, watchman at Limehouse and Ratcliff churches, £10; Newsham, £6; Griffith Lloyd £4 for watching the respective churches under their care.

6. Read petition from Astell about money advanced for building Limehouse church. Thos Holden to attend next meeting to answer allegations.

7. Deans of Canterbury, Chichester and the Arches and Dr Gooch, Archdeacon of Essex, to be desired to prepare draft representation to parliament concerning bill of endowment now depending.

8. Annual election of officers, etc., adjourned to next meeting.

404. [p. 321] 3 Apr. 1725

1. Every Commissioner present at liberty to name any person he thinks proper to be of the vestry of Hanover Square though not named in the list presented at last meeting.

2. Surveyor to view minister's house near St George the Martyr and building adjoining wherein is the vestry room, and report to next meeting.

3. Read order from House of Commons directing the Board to lay an account of its proceedings concerning the endowment of the churches: entered in minute book.

4. Deans of Canterbury, Chichester and the Arches, and Dr Gooch brought draft representation about endowment bill pursuant to order of the House of Commons; referred back to make some addition and to finish it.

5. Treasurer and Surveyor to submit account of what proportion of the £360,000 has been expended since Lady Day 1719.

405. [p. 323] 6 Apr. 1725

1. All business adjourned to next meeting except account of Board's proceedings in the endowment of the fifty new churches. Dean of Chichester, one of the committee, read it to the Board in order to be laid before the Commons. Report to be lodged with Bishop of London for his perusal and use.

2. All minutes on St John Clerkenwell to be printed and attested by Secretary.

3. James and Hawksmoor to attend Committee of House of Commons on Thurs. next with all papers about division of St James Clerkenwell, taking care they have with them a plan of the new parish of St John.

4. All estimates and accounts of perquisites of the several parishes to be delivered to Dean of Canterbury to be by him put into a method for the Board's use.

406. [p. 324] 9 Apr. 1725

1. The bringing in list of vestry of Hanover Square adjourned to Fri. next.

2. Considered draft of account of Commissioners' proceedings on endowment of the fifty new churches; some amendments proposed and referred to committee to make in it against next meeting.

3. Solicitor's bill of disbursements referred to Melmoth, Meller and Hiccocks.

4. Considered report from Deans of Chichester and the Arches on money allotted for purchasing pews in St George the Martyr. Money has, by mistake, been lodged in the hands of trustees of the proprietors of the pews. Uses of the sum are improperly limited in deed between Commissioners and trustees. Commissioners should demand return of the money, and if necessary take proper methods to recover it.

407. [p. 326] 12 Apr. 1725

1. Resumed consideration of report on endowment proceedings, and finished it; to be writ out fair by Wed. [14 Apr.], to be signed by Commissioners.

408. [p. 327] 17 Apr. 1725

1. Secretary reported he had delivered Commissioners' report on their proceedings at bar of House of Commons.

2. Treasurer reported that he had demanded pew purchase money of the Ormond chapel trustees.

3. Meller and Ellis to prepare a scheme to endow parishes willing to submit to a pound rate; Agent to attend them with all necessary papers.

4. Meller reported that Solicitor's bill was reasonable, but contained two blanks which he and Melmoth thought not proper for them to fill; to be considered at next meeting.

5. Table of burial fees for St George the Martyr to be considered at next meeting.

6. Read petition from Ezekiel Cook. Surveyors to adjust measurement of church at the Horse Ferry [Millbank].

7. All members of either House of Parliament now dwelling in parish of St George Hanover Square to be members of vestry. As it appears on inquiry since order of 31 March last that such inhabitants are very numerous and live in the country during summer, other residents must be joined with them to carry on business of church and parish.

8. Vestry of St George Hanover Square to consist of 100 persons, besides minister and churchwardens.

9. Every Commissioner to bring his nominations next Fri. [23 Apr.].

409. [p. 329] 21 Apr. 1725

1. Solicitor to prepare bill in Chancery against trustees of St George the Martyr to recover money paid them to buy up pews.

2. Meller and Ellis presented scheme to endow parishes willing to submit to a pound rate; thanked by Board and desired to perfect it as soon as they can.

3. Petition of St John Clerkenwell adjourned to next meeting.

410. [p. 330] 23 Apr. 1725

1. Treasurer to pay £150 to churchwardens of St John Clerkenwell, pursuant to order of 10 April last, upon their producing bills certified by warrant to be prepared.

3. [sic] Solicitor's bill allowed, and an extra 20 guineas for his extraordinary attendance on bill of endowment.

4. Holden attending admitted that Astell advanced him £1,400 for carrying on joiner's work at Limehouse church, and he had assigned his contract to Astell. £550 to be imprested to Astell, and further sums paid him as due upon his performing the work and leaving Holden's assignment in the office.

5. Hawksmoor and Agent having viewed land for a burying ground for St Mary le Strand brought in a plan; deferred to next meeting.

6. Agreed to a list of vestrymen for St George Hanover Square [names not given].

411. [p. 332] 30 Apr. 1725

1. Minister and churchwardens for St Mary le Strand to attend next meeting with plan drawn by James for disposing grounds of church yard for burials.

2. Resolved that same officers elected on 14 Feb. 1723/24, except Agent, since deceased, be continued to first meeting after New Year's Day next.

3. Election of officers to be made annually, the first meeting after New Year's Day.

4. In consideration of the officers' extraordinary trouble during year ending 14 Jan. last, following gratuities be allowed above their salaries: Secretary, £50; each Surveyor, £50; Agent, £20.

412. [p. 333] 7 May 1725

1. James reported that on view of the minister's house, St George the Martyr, and that adjoining, the vestry room is on middle floor of adjoining house, the rooms above and below being let for charity school children, rent of which in counsel's opinion is minister's right.

2. Marshall to be desired to attend Friday next [14 May], with counsel's opinion and deed of purchase.

3. Petitions of Meard, Mansfield, Dunn and Worrall for money referred to Surveyors to report at next meeting.

413. [p. 334] 14 May 1725

1. Marshall attended, with Ward's opinion; consideration deferred.

2. Consideration of burial fees for St George the Martyr deferred.

414. [p. 335] 31 May 1725

[1.] List of persons to compose vestry of St George Hanover Square being brought, the following were named: (fn. 1)

Dukes of Devonshire, Kingston, Grafton, Bolton, Montrose, Roxborough and Manchester; Earls of Leicester, Westmorland, Peterborough, Litchfield, Albemarle, Coventry, Grantham, Powlett, Orkney, Oxford, Ferrers, Sussex, Cadogan and Pomfret; Viscounts Tadcaster and St John; Lords Piercy, Hundson, Delawar, Compton, Carteret, Guilford, Waldegrave, Walpole, Hartington, Burford, Archibald Hamilton, How, Harvey, Carpenter, and Castlemain.

Esquires: Edward Ash, Martin Bladen, Walter Carey, Thos Cartwright, Wm Chetwind, Walt. Chetwind, Godf. Clark, John Conduit, Hy Furness, John Hedges, Robt Sawyer Herbert, Thos Lewis, Thos Pagett, Wm Pulteney, Sam. Shepherd, Jas Tyrrel, Bowater Vernon, Horatio Walpole, Robt Ruddal Westphaling, Dixy Winsor, Sam. Mollineux, Wm Thomson, John Lance; Sir: John Hind Cotton, Wm Lowther, Edw. Earlne, Robt Furness, Wm Gage, John Guise, Thos Hanmer, Rich. How, Arthur Kay, Wilf. Lawson, Sam. Lennard, Paul Methuen, John Norris, Adolphus Oughton, Wm Strickland, Robt Sutton, Robt Walpole, Wm Wyndham, Jas Clark.

JPs: Sir Thos Clargies, Sir Clem. Cotrell, Col. Dan. Houghton, Wm Burdon, Thos Scot, Nich. Bland, Anthony Corbiere.

Generals Peper and Steuart; Colonels Carpenter, Kerr, John Fane and Jas Allen; Major Wm Ducket.

Messrs: John Heylin, Thos Philipps, Thos Barlow, Benj. Timbrel.

2. Bishop of London consented to the list.

3. Solicitor to prepare instrument of appointment for the Commissioners' signature.

4. Signed warrant for payments to workmen in 1723.

415. [p. 339] 4 June 1725

1. Approved and confirmed table of burial fees for St George the Martyr:

Every corpse interred
above 10 years old
below 10 years
Ground: Upper Middle Lower Upper Middle Lower
To rector   6s. 8d.   5s. 2s. 6d.   4s. 6d.   2s. 6d. 1s. 6d.
curate   3s. 4d.   2s. 6d. 1s. 6d.   2s. 6d.   2s. 1s.
wardens 13s. 4d.   5s. 2s. 10s.   3s. 1s.
clerk   2s. 6d.   1s. 6d. 1s.   2s.   1s. 6d. 1s.
bell and knell   6s.   2s. 6d. 1s.   4s.   2s. 1s.
gravedigger   2s. 6d.   2s. 1s.   2s.   1s.       8d.
£1. 14s. 4d. 18s. 6d. 9s. 0d. £1.   5s. 0d. 12s. 0d. 6s. 2d.

To bearers: for upper ground, in gowns, each 1s. 6d.; for other grounds, 1s.; without gowns, 6d. less. Sexton to have paid him by churchwardens out of bell and knell fees, for upper and middle grounds, 1s.; for lower, 6d. All strangers to pay double fees unless cause to contrary appear to rector and churchwardens in respect of poverty. Poor of the parish receiving alms to be buried without any duty or fees.

Clerk to receive churchwardens' fees, and account to them every month. For late hours, if corpse be not at grave before 10 p.m. between Lady Day and Michaelmas, or before 8 between Michaelmas and Lady Day, an additional one-third of the duties shall be paid, provided it be not occasioned by any official's default.

2. Workmen's bills for 1723 compared with books of works and examined by Philipps and Peck; the books allowed and signed.

3. Michell represented that he laid out £36. 10s. 6d. on chapel of St John, Clerkenwell between its sale and consecration. Warrant to be prepared for paying him, and another for £118, one year's interest to Michell for purchase money of the chapel.

416. [p. 342] 14 June 1725

1. Meller and Melmoth desired to examine and settle Stonehouse's bill of fees and disbursements for soliciting bill for maintenance in parliament.

2. Warrants signed for paying Michell £36. 10s. 6d. for money laid out on Aylesbury chapel while he was agent, and £118 for interest.

3. Read Treasurer's memorial for a further allowance in consideration of his extraordinary trouble of several kinds, and that he may be considered in same manner as the other officers. Commissioners allowed it to be reasonable, but deferred consideration to another meeting.

Mrs Skeat to be allowed her late husband's salary after rate of £60 p.a., in proportion, to day of his death.

417. [p. 343] 21 June 1725

1. Read petition from Mrs Moor for an allowance for her extraordinary trouble last year; to be paid £2. 10s. from Secretary's incidentals.

2. Warrant to be prepared for paying a £50 gratuity to Treasurer.

3. Surveyors to state accounts of every workman separately so Board may judge what sums may be safely imprested to them till works are measured.

4. £3. 9s. 10d. charged in Stonehouse's bill of disbursements to be allowed him, and 12 guineas for his trouble in soliciting the bill for providing a maintenance.

418. [p. 344] 28 June 1725

1. Signed warrants for paying £50 to Treasurer, a half-year's salary to the officers, and a half-year's rent for this house, due to Secretary.

2. Treasurer to report state of accounts this day fortnight, specifying moneys received and laid out and what is in his hands. Such an account to be brought in for the future at first meeting after every Christmas and Midsummer Day.

3. Warrant to be prepared for imprests to workmen for 1724.

4. Hawksmoor to report what is necessary at Spitalfields church by next meeting.

5. James to call on Tufnell to give a more particular account of what he demands in respect of stones carried to site purchased for a church in St Olave's Southwark, and report to next meeting.

6. Signed imprest warrant for paying workmen for 1724.

419. [p. 345] 12 July 1725

1. Hawksmoor reported on state of Spitalfields church, and what was necessary for finishing it.

2. Allowed Secretary's bill of incidents; blank warrant to be prepared to imprest him a further sum.

3. Ground for Limehouse churchyard to be walled in with a plain brick wall, as at Wapping.

4. Signed warrant for paying workmen whose accounts were not settled at last meeting.

5. Table of fees for St George Hanover Square referred to next meeting.

6. Tower and spire of Spitalfields church being nearly finished and scaffolding up, tower to be carried on and finished as less expensive now than hereafter.

7. Churchyard to be enclosed by a plain wall not more than seven ft. high.

8. West portico to be finished in plainest manner and at least expense that can be.

9. Surveyors to submit plan and estimate of house for minister, to be built on part of ground already purchased.

10. Surveyors brought an account of damages sustained by Tufnell in laying stone for building in parish of St Olave, which on fair calculation amounted to £350; but it being doubted whether any contract was executed by Tufnell, they were ordered to ascertain whether any contract was executed.

11. Surveyors brought in account of Heath's house, which he proposes to sell as a parsonage house for Limehouse. Peck to ascertain Heath's lowest price, and price for house distinct from four tenements mentioned in his proposal; and cost of putting it in repair.

420. [p. 347] 26 July 1725

1. Read memorial from Mr Molyneux complaining of damages to his stables, cellars, etc., by building church in Hanover Square. Surveyors to report.

2. Read petition from churchwardens of Wapping praying that their church may be finished speedily; they were called in and told it should be.

3. Treasurer delivered account of moneys issued out of Exchequer from Lady Day 1719. Mellor and Ellis to peruse account and report.

4. Inquiry having been made whether any contract for mason's work for new church in St Olave's parish was signed by late Edward Tufnell, it appears that by his death soon after his proposal no contract was signed. [Marginal note: 'This contract since found'.] But as it was resolved by minute of 8 May 1718 that Tufnell be employed, Board agrees that £350, as mentioned in minute [10] of last meeting, be paid to his executors, and entered in the accounts in such terms that reasons appear as plain as possible.

5. Signed warrant for impresting £50 to Secretary.

421. [p. 348] 9 Aug. 1725

1. Meller reported that he had perused Treasurer's account of issues from Lady Day 1719, amounting to £103,000, which agrees with account he had drawn up, with some remarks. To be considered at next meeting.

2. James reported on damage to Mr Secretary Molyneux's house by the building of church near Hanover Square. Garden wall and gutter to be made good speedily, and damage to cellar arches and street pavement to be repaired as soon as masons have set their steps at south end of porch. Molyneux to be informed.

3. Read petition from governors of St Olave's grammar school, praying that a party wall may be built to separate their ground from the Commissioners', they bearing their part of expense. To be put in hand.

4. Peck to dispose of pales of old fence about Spitalfields church.

422. [p. 349] 3 Sep. 1725

1. Meller's remarks on Treasurer's account of issues to be considered at next meeting, and Meller desired to be present.

2. Consideration of site for minister's house, Limehouse, referred to next meeting.

3. Agent to inquire for a proper house to be purchased for minister of Bloomsbury.

4. Warrant to be prepared for paying Chas White £300 for Bethnal Green site.

5. Secretary to pay £5 to Newsham, watchman for Hanover Square church.

423. [p. 350] 8 Oct. 1725

1. Read petition from inhabitants of Bermondsey that a church may be built on site bought there. Referred to further consideration.

2. James presented the books of works; referred to a committee to meet this day week at 10.

3. Treasurer to inquire amount of revenue on coals from Michaelmas 1724 to Michaelmas 1725 and report to next meeting.

4. Secretary to advance £5 to Hall, watchman at Spitalfields church.

5. Plasterer at Bloomsbury church to attend next meeting.

6. Fence about Bloomsbury church to be removed inward as far as it can be done conveniently.

424. [p. 351] 22 Oct. 1725

1. Ellis reported that he and Dean of the Arches had examined the books of works and workmen's bills so far as bills had been passed by Surveyors, and found them right, except that for decoration of Bloomsbury church, which they submitted to the Board's consideration.

2. Treasurer reported produce of revenue on coals from Michaelmas 1724 to Michaelmas 1725 to be £65,514. 13s. 0½d.

3. Secretary reported he had inspected the books in Bishop of London's office, and that one and three-quarters acres of ground purchased by Commissioners of Dr Proctor in St Pancras parish were not consecrated.

4. Signed warrant for paying White £200 for site in Bethnal Green, title having been approved by Solicitor.

5. Mansfield attended and promised that plasterer's work at Bloomsbury church should be finished expeditiously.

425. [p. 352] 12 Nov. 1725

1. Affair of decorations of Bloomsbury church put up by Hawksmoor to be referred to another meeting.

2. Board to consider at next meeting what quantity of ground purchased of Dr Proctor should be allotted for a churchyard for new parish of Bloomsbury.

3. Petition from inhabitants of Bethnal Green urging that a church be built there referred to further consideration when churches now building are completed.

Warrant to be prepared for paying Mansfield £100.

Adjourned to this day fortnight.

[One folio, numbered 353-4, cut out of book].

426. [p. 355] 26 Nov. 1725

1. Approved table of burial fees for St George Hanover Square:

Every corpse interred above ten years old under ten years
Ground: Upper Middle Lower Upper Middle Lower
To wardens £2 10s. 1s. 6d. £1 5s. 1s.
rector £1   7s. 4s. £1 3s. 6d. 2s. 6d.
clerk      10s.   4s. 2s.      6s.      2s. 1s.
sexton        7s.   2s. 1s. 6d.      6s. 2s. 1s.
gravemaker        2s.   2s. 1s.      1s. 1s.      6d.
bearers        2s.   1s. 1s.      1s. 1s.      6d.

Still-born child or abortive, to wardens 1s., sexton 1s., gravemaker 6d. All strangers to pay double fees unless cause appear to rector and wardens in respect of poverty. Poor of parish receiving alms to be buried as such, without any fee. If corpse be not at the grave by 10 o'clock between Lady Day and Michaelmas or 8 between Michaelmas and Lady Day to the officiating minister an additional 7s. if the rector, 5s. if the curate, provided it be not occasioned by their default.

2. Surveyors to wall in one acre of the ground bought of Proctor for a churchyard for Bloomsbury.

3. Signed warrant for paying Mansfield £100.

4. Secretary to wait on Bishop of London's register for evidences and instrument of consecration of Ormond chapel for satisfaction of Board in some particular points.

5. Treasurer to prepare draft memorial to Treasury for opening a loan for taking in £40,000 for discharging Commission's present debt, the largeness of which has been occasioned by great despatch made in past year towards finishing the churches already begun.

6. Agent to inquire for proper ground for a churchyard for Millbank.

7. The Board, taking into consideration decorations of Bloomsbury church, viz. statue, lions, unicorns, festoons and crowns which were put up by Hawksmoor's order without their direction or privity (though some sort of decorations were necessary in those places), will allow no more than £368 on that account; and admonish Hawksmoor not to engage Board in similar expense without their consent on pain of bearing the cost.

427. [p. 358] 10 Dec. 1725

1. Books of works for 1724 examined by a committee and approved; to be delivered to Treasurer for his perusal in order to be signed by Board.

2. Churchwardens of Limehouse delivered petition that parishioners were desirous to agree to a reasonable pound rate towards endowment, but praying Board's assistance to procure competent share of parliamentary grant because of poverty of the inhabitants.

3. Treasurer read draft memorial to Treasury for a loan of £40,000, which with amendments was engrossed and signed.

4. Agent reported viewing a site for a churchyard for Millbank in Dean and Chapter of Westminster's Artillery Ground; to attend trustees and vestry of St Margaret Westminster and ascertain their demand for one acre.

5. Churchyard for St Mary le Strand: site in Bridges Street offered for £750, including old houses worth above £100. Surveyors report that no other site so convenient, and £700 not unreasonable for building site. Board resolved to pay £600 if parishioners would pay rest and clear site; parishioners agreed. Board instructed Solicitor to lay title before counsel, and, title being approved, was ordered to prepare conveyance. Now reported conveyance ready. Warrant to be prepared for paying £600 to James Lesley, Judith his wife, Patrick Maigham, Elizabeth his wife, and John Essington.


  • 1. The entry stops at the colon, and is repeated on p. 336.