Checklist of Unpublished Diaries: nos 1-294

Pages 22-46

Unpublished London Diaries. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 2003.

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1. 1581 STONELEY, Richard, a teller of the Exchequer. Diary extracts, 1581, 1593, 1596. Bodleian MS Douce d.44 pp.69–104.

2. 1628 SKIPWITH, Sir Fulmar, of Newbold Hall, Broome, Warwicks. Mf of fragmented diary extracts, 1628–67, which include much time spent in London. Warwicks CRO MI213

3. 1640 TOWNSHEND, Henry, of Elmley Lovett, Worcs. Civil War diary, including events in London and Worcester, 1640–3. Worcs RO 899:192, 705:291

4. 1642 GODDARD, Guyborn, of Lincoln's Inn, lawyer. Diary, 1642, dealing with everyday life including having his portrait painted, his health problems, leisure, shopping and legal matters. Records numbers of plague dead each month. An edition is in preparation by Hazel Forsyth of the Museum of London's staff. MoL 46.78/735

5. 1646 CULLUM, Sir Thomas, of Hardwick, Suffolk, sheriff of London. Diary, 1646–7, of his daily life, also covering his work as sheriff of London. Suffolk RO (Bury) E2/29/1.2

6. 1655 JAMES, William, of Westminster School, schoolmaster. Diary, Jan–May 1655, his life as teacher at Westminster School, ill-health, medical treatment. In Latin. Bodleian MS Rawlinson d.216

7. 1656 DERING, Sir Edward, 2nd Bart, of Surrenden, Kent, and Bloomsbury, Member of Parliament. Diary (Ephemeris), 1656–62; diary, 1673–5, of country life and visits to London, with business and pleasure there, financial preoccupations. Huntington L Other Collns; Centre for Kentish Studies Uncat'd U2981

8. 1661 LILLIE, Axel, Count, Swedish traveller. Diary of visit to England, 1661, including London. In Swedish. Lund UB De la Gardie/Lillie/10

9. 1666 ANON, a companion of the Earl of Sandwich on mission to Spain. Diary, 1666, of diplomatic mission to Spain, but including an account of the Fire of London. Chetham's A.2.122

10. 1666 RICH, Mary, of Leighs Priory, Felsted, Essex, Countess of Warwick. Diary. 1666–77, including London visits to family and for shopping. Much examination of conscience, but also detail on daily life and events. BL Add MSS 27,351–5

11. 1672 WALKER, John, of Coker Court, Somerset. Diary of travels, including London, 1672. Somerset ARS DD/WHb 3087

12. 1675 ANON, of Wonston, Hants, schoolmaster. Diary, 1675–8, including unsuccessful search for work in London and visits there from Colchester where he found a post. Bodleian MS Rawlinson d. 1114 f. 1–77

13. 1675 ANNESLEY, Arthur, 1st Earl of Anglesey, Lord Privy Seal. Diary, 1675–84, continuing the earlier volume covering 1671–5 printed in HMC 13th Report Appdx. VI (1893). Official business, family news, social life. BL Add MSS 18730

14. 1677 THORESBY, Ralph, of Leeds, topographer. Diary of travels, including London, 1677–1724. Extracts in Diary of Ralph Thoresby FRS (ed J Hunter, 1830). Yorks Archaeol S MS 21–5

15. 1680 HARLEY, Robert, of Kinsham, Herefs, lawyer, of the Inner Temple. Diary, May–June 1680, of journey to London and stay there; coffee houses, clubs, entertainment. Bodleian MS Eng. misc. f.52

16. 1681 ASTON, Sir Willoughby, of Aston Hall, Cheshire, sheriff of Cheshire. Diary, 1681–1702, covering country life and visits to London. Liverpool RO 920 MD 172–5

17. 1684 TAYLOR, John, volunteer soldier. Diary, 1684–9, 'Multum in Parvo, or, History of his Life and Travells in America and other parts...' which covers his service as a volunteer in a regiment raised to oppose Monmouth (including in London) and his subsequent voyage to the West Indies. NLJ MS 105

18. 1684 WHITLEY, Roger, Member of Parliament for Chester. Diary, 1684–97, with much London material. An edition for the Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society is in preparation. Bodleian MS Eng. Hist. c. 711

19. 1688 PETIVER, James, medical practitioner, apothecary to the Charterhouse, botanist. Diary, 1688–93, about his work at the Charterhouse and personal affairs. Also his medical journal, 1687–1710. Both in small format with many abbreviations. BL Sloane 4024, 3220–6

20. 1690 KIRK, Robert, Gaelic scholar. Diary of his time in London, 1690, supervising printing of Bedell's Gaelic Bible. Edinburgh UL Laing III.545 Edition in preparation by Mark Goldie and Claire Jackson.

21. 1690 PURSLOW, Norris, of Wapping, clothier. Diary, c. 1690–1737. Each page has astrological drawing. His private and business life, with emphasis on illnesses and misfortunes, all related to their astrological significance. He was probably a Quaker. Wellcome MS 4021

22. 1697 BRYDGES, James, later 1st Duke of Chandos, Member of Parliament for Hereford. Diary, 1697–1702, of daily activities, social and political. Huntington L Stowe Colln Brydges Papers

23. 1698 GYLDENSTOLPE, Carl Adolf, Swedish nobleman, army officer, brother of Edward Gyldenstolpe (24). Diary of visit to London, 1698, with his brother. Sights of London, contacts, impressions. Tower of London, St Paul's cathedral, Royal Exchange. In French. KB Stockholm M 244:1

1. Count Edward Gyldenstolpe (24) from Sweden visits Chelsea Hospital in 1698 (courtesy of the Royal Library, Stockholm)

24. 1698 GYLDENSTOLPE, Edward, Swedish nobleman, army officer, brother of Carl Adolf Gyldenstolpe (23). Diary of visit to London, 1698, with his brother. Sights of London, contacts, impressions. In English. KB Stockholm M 244:2

25. 1704 ISHAM, Sir Justinian, 4th Bart, of Lampton Hall, Northants. Diary, 1704–36, including trips to London. Northants RO Isham 20

26. 1704 OSBORNE, Thomas, 1st Duke of Leeds, statesman. Private diary, 1 Jan 1704–12 July 1712. Family travels, illnesses, deaths. BL Add MSS 28,041

27. 1705 WAKE, William, Archbishop of Canterbury. Diary, 7 March 1705–25 Jan 1725. He became Archbishop in 1716. Lambeth Palace L MS 1770

28. 1706 ANON, (female) of London. Diary, Sept 1706–March 1707, mentioning Newington, Islington and Bow churches. Bodleian MS Rawlinson d.1334

29. 1706 BRIGGINS, Peter, of Bartholomew Close, tobacco merchant. Diary, 1706–8, covering work, weather, Quaker meetings. Part of the Howard and Eliot family archives. LMA ACC 1017/2

30. 1707 ANON, (male) of London, wigmaker. Diary, Sept 1707–March 1709, religious and social affairs. Bodleian MS Rawlinson c. 861

31. 1707 ANON, of Wanstead, Quaker. Portion of diary, 1707–15. Essex RO D/DK/F1

32. 1707 BELSON, Edward, of Reading, Berks. Diary, 1707–9, of life in London and Berkshire. Berks RO D/EX12/1

33. 1708 BENNET, Charles, of Dawley, Middx, Baron Ossulston, later 1st Earl of Tankerville. Diary, 1708–12. Daily domestic and social engagements, frequent visits to London. Wife's ill-health and death in May 1710, concerns about his six children, expenses and accounts. Diary survives among Chancery Masters' exhibits for a court case. PRO C104/113 pt.2

34. 1709 PRINCE, Thomas, of Boston, Mass, clergyman. Diary, 1709–11, including trips to London. Massachusetts HS

35. 1710 WALLIN, Georg, Swedish student, traveller. Diary, 1708–10, of his travels round Europe. He was in London for a few months in the spring and summer of 1710. In Swedish. Linköping DCL G 14 a:2

36. 1711 ANON, (male) of London. Diary, Jan 1711–Aug 1712 with business details: collection of rents and debts, household purchases, food, churchgoing, coffeehouses. Bodleian MS Rawlinson d.1114

37. 1714 COWPER (née CLAVERING), Mary, Countess, Lady of the Bedchamber, 2nd wife of 1st Earl Cowper. Diary, 1714–23, with gaps, of court gossip and scandal. Available on Women's Language and Experience mf pt. 1 (Adam Matthew, 1996). Herts ALS D/EP

38. 1717 SMITH, Carleton, Photocopy and transcript of his diary, April–July 1717 while in charge of state prisoners at Newgate after the 1715 Jacobite rebellion. Original destroyed in 1941. There is an index to text. Guildhall L MS 17,875/1–2; index at MS 17,876

39. 1722 DAWSON, John, of Hoxton Market, excise man and book collector. Diary, 1722–63. He left his extensive book collection, including the diaries, to Shoreditch parish; it is a rare survival of a parochial library. Hackney AD M3215

40. 1722 LUTTRELL, Narcissus, of Little Chelsea, Member of Parliament. Diary of 'private transactions' 1722–5, written in English but in Greek characters. BL Add MSS 10477

41. 1724 SOUTHWELL, Edward [?]. Diary of travel, including London, 1724. Extracts in Country Life (8 Feb 1973). Yorks Archaeol S MS 328

42. 1728 DE GEER, Louis. Swedish industrialist and government official. Diary of travels, including London in 1728. Tourist sights, social contacts. In French. He disliked most things English. Norrköping CL Finspong Colln

43. 1728 GRANO, John Baptist (Giovanni Battista), trumpeter. Prison diary, May 1728–Sept 1729, while in the Marshalsea for debt. Prison life, his benefit concerts. Bodleian MS Rawlinson d.34

44. 1732 BRYDGES, Henry, 2nd Duke of Chandos, courtier. Diary, 1732–71, of court and social life. He succeeded to the dukedom in 1744. Huntington L Stowe Colln. Brydges Papers

45. 1732 HOWELL, Joshua, Rector of Lanreath, Cornwall, clergyman. Diary of visit to London, 1732. Cornwall RO HL(2)193

46. 1733 MONTEAGE, Stephen, of South Sea House and Custom House, accountant. Diary, 1733–64, chiefly on family, personal and business matters. Clear hand, good on social activities. Guildhall L MS 205/1–9

47. 1735 MORRIS, Robert Hunter, of New York City. Business diary, April 1735–Jan 1736, while travelling with his father. Much on social and business life in London. He made a later visit in 1749. Extracts in Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, XIV (1940). L Congress Peter Force Papers 8D 108, also mf 17, 137 reel 51

48. 1744 ANON, of Somerset. Diary of travel, including London, 1744. Possibly a companion of Thomas Carew (49). Somerset ARS DD/TB/14/25

49. 1744 CAREW, Thomas, of Crowcombe Court, Somerset. Diary of travel, including London, 1744. Somerset ARS DD/TB/18/4

50. 1747 GOUGH, Richard, of Enfield, antiquary. Diary, Aug 1747–Jan 1773 (gap 1751–5), mostly about Enfield. Bodleian MS Top.gen.e.6

51. 1748 BOSCAWEN, the Hon Frances Evelyn, of London and St Michael, Cornwall. Diary, Jan–Dec 1748, kept for her admiral husband. Daily life of family in London, amusements, reading. Bodleian MS Eng. Misc. f.71

52. 1748 NICOLSON, Thomas, of Perquimans County, NC, Quaker writer. Nicolson's diary runs from 1748–71, and includes a detailed account of his visit to England, including London, 26 Feb 1748–3 Oct 1750. N Carolina UL SB Weeks Papers (762)

53. 1750 LEE, William, of Totteridge Park, Herts. Diary, 1750–3. Herts ALS Acc 2967

54. 1751 BRYDGES, James, 3rd Duke of Chandos, courtier, earlier a Member of Parliament. Diary, 1751–88 of political, court and social life. He succeeded to the dukedom in 1771. Huntington L Stowe Colln Brydges Papers

55. 1752 HAGEN, Jacob II, of London, merchant. Diary, 1752, 1780–90. Bodleian MS Eng. misc. f.77; c. 250

56. 1753 HANBURY WILLIAMS, Frances [?], later Countess of Essex, daughter of Sir Charles Hanbury Williams. Diary, 1753, of a daughter (probably Frances) of Sir Charles Hanbury Williams, providing a 'complete picture of a fashionable young lady's social round' of London entertainments. Herts ALS M299

57. 1756 BRAY, William, of Shere, Surrey, and Great Russell Street, solicitor, county historian. Diary, 1756–1832 including frequent references to his London activities such as dinners, meetings of the Society of Antiquaries, research in the State Paper Office and Tower. Surrey HC G85/1/1–76

58. 1756 DICKINSON, Marshe, of London, Lord Mayor. Public diary, 1756–7 during his mayoralty, with some material on his private life. Guildhall L MS 100

59. 1757 ELIOT, John, merchant, underwriter. Diary, Feb–Nov 1757, with fairly detailed account of daily life, social engagements, meetings attended, visit to Cornwall. LMA ACC 1017/944

60. 1759 COURTNEY, John, of Beverley, Yorks. Diary, 1759–68, 1788–1805. He travelled widely and several times visited London, writing about the sights and his entertainment there. A published edition by Dr David Neave and Dr Susan Neave is in preparation. Hull UL DDX/60/1–4

61. 1759 HOLLIS, Thomas, of London, antiquary. Diary, 1759–70, of everyday life and activities, antiquarian work, learned societies, coffee houses, charities. Harvard UL MS Eng 1191

62. 1760 BRIDGE, Thomas, of Bread Street, and Tottenham, drug importer and merchant. Diary, 1760–1811, covering his work as a drug importer, business contacts, coffee house meetings etc, his family and social life, a burglary, and smallholding activities at his home in Tottenham. Mentions Gordon riots. PRO J90/13–14

63. 1760 PRICE, John, of Oxford, later Bodley's librarian. Summer travel diary, June 1760, Aug 1761, Sept 1761, 1763 including London visits. Bodleian MS Top.gen. f.33–4

64. 1761 ANON, of Ireland, clergyman. Full accounts of two visits to London from Dublin, Aug–Oct 1761 and Aug–Sept 1772, including both journeys. Lively, entertaining descriptions of sightseeing excursions, shopping, churches and other buildings, friends and acquaintances, written for the amusement of those at home. Extracts in London Topographical Record, XXVIII (2001). BL Add MSS 27951

65. 1761 GIBBON, Edward, historian. Diary, 4 Aug 1761–16 Aug 1762; 17 Aug 1762–Dec 1764. Gibbon was in Hampshire, with the militia, or in Paris, for most of this period, but he visited London on several occasions, and his social and professional activities there are clearly and fully described. BL Add MSS 37,722; 34,876

66. 1762 GREY, Jemima, Marchioness Grey, of Wrest Park, Beds. Diary of travel, including London, 1762–4. Beds RO L 30/9a/8

67. 1762 RANDALL, Richard, of Dulwich College, Organist and Fourth Fellow, schoolmaster. Diary, 1762–76, 1778–80, 1782–3, 1785. With much on his London activities and social life. Dulwich Coll 1632/3934–55

68. 1763 GRENVILLE, James, of Pinner, Middx. Diary, 1763–5, with daily observations on the natural and social life of Pinner, the weather, his garden, visits to the fair, horses, family, visitors, journeys to London and Stowe. Somerset ARS DD/S/BT 22/14

69. 1764 ANON, chaplain at a London hospital. Diary, 1764, daily life, with references to weather, expenses etc. Wales UL (Bangor) 2116 Bangor MSS

70. 1764 LEVELAND, Gervase, of London, son of woollen-draper. Lively social diary, July 1764–Oct 1765, about his travels around London and surrounding villages, friends, entertainments, flirtations. BL Add MSS 19211

71. 1764 MORGAN, John, of Pennsylvania, medical practitioner. Diary, 1764, of tour from Rome to London, people met, professional activities. Pennsylvania HS 431

72. 1765 BINYON, Edward, of Northampton, London draper's apprentice, Quaker. Diary, April 1765–Dec 1772. Life, worship, London sights. Wigan AS Mf 187

73. 1765 CULLEY, George, of Northumberland. Diary of travel, including London, 1765. Northumberland AS ZCU.1/1

74. 1765 FOLLIOTT, George, of America, merchant. Diary, Sept 1765–June 1766 of American colonist. Travel, business dealings in London, coffee houses, political and commercial contacts. Wigan AS EHC67/M836

75. 1765 WOIDE, Charles Godfrey, clergyman, orientalist and Biblical scholar, assistant librarian British Museum. Diary, 17 April 1765–6 May 1790, in German. His scholarly work, friends, social life and religious duties. BL Add MSS 48,700–5

76. 1768 THORNTON, John, of Clapham, trader. Diary for 1768 (Sundays only); and June–Dec 1768 (daily); and March–April 1779 (daily). Everyday events, and involvement with evangelical Clapham Sect. LMA ACC 2360/1–3

77. 1769 FOTHERGILL, Betty (Elizabeth), of Warrington, Quaker. Diary, 1769–70, of lengthy visit to London, staying with her uncle, Dr John Fothergill. Sightseeing, visits, shopping, excursions, social life and entertainment including the Lord Mayor's Show, as well as Quaker meetings. Lively style. There is a transcript. Friends' House MS Vol. S 51. MS Box 4 (8) – transcript

78. 1769 HUME-CAMPBELL, Amabel, Baroness Lucas of Crudwell, Countess De Grey, of Wrest, Beds, London, and Putney Heath. Diary, 1769–1827, of society life, including London seasons. W Yorks AS (Leeds branch) Vyner

79. 1770 JENKINS, James, of London, grocer, Quaker. Diary, Jan 1770–Jan 1831, covering his apprenticeship in Suffolk and his later career in Whitechapel. Reading, opinions, London scenes and activities. Friends' House Cupboard 5

80. 1770 WILKES, John, politician. Diary, from his release from King's Bench prison 17 April 1770–31 Oct 1797. Social and political activities, brief entries. Gordon riots. BL Add MSS 30,886

81. 1771 ANON, (male) of London, Baptist. Diary, 1771, kept by member of the Eagle Street meeting. Wesley Coll Bristol

82. 1771 MARCHANT, Henry, of Rhode Island, jurist. Copy of diary of voyage from Newport, RI to London, 1771–2, with descriptions of London and other cities. American Phil S B/M332

83. 1771 PARKE, Thomas, of Pennsylvania. Diary of voyage from Philadelphia to London, 1771–2. Pennsylvania HS 484a

84. 1771 PIGOTT, Nathaniel, of Brussels, astronomer, brother of Edward Pigott (86). Diary of his travels in 1771 including visiting friends in the London area and other social events, theatre visits, and management of his property at Whitton, Middx. Yale U Beinecke L Osborn Colln, fc 80

85. 1772 HUME-CAMPBELL, Alexander, Lord Polwarth, Baron Hume of Berwick. Diary of journeys from London to Scotland and back, 1772–4. Beds RO L 31/110

86. 1772 PIGOTT, Edward, astronomer, brother of Nathaniel Pigott (84). Diary, 1770–84, including visit to England, May–July 1772. Mentions visits to Ranelagh, Tower of London, Blackfriars Bridge, British Museum, Vauxhall and Greenwich as well as to the opera and the theatre. Yale U Beinecke L Osborn Colln, fc 80

87. 1772 POLHILL, Charles. Diary of a journey to London, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, 1772. Kentish Studies U1007 F1

88. 1772 WOODS, Margaret, of Stoke Newington, Quaker. Diary, Jan 1772–June 1821. Religious life, reading, opinions, poetry. Extracts in The Diary of Margaret Woods (Philadelphia, 1850). Friends' House Box O

89. 1773 GIFFARD, Elizabeth, of Nerquis Hall, Flints. Diary of travel, including London, 1773. Flints RO D/NH/1076

90. 1773 RUDING, Rogers, receiver-general of Leicestershire. Diary, 1773–81, mainly relating to London business visits, but with some social notes. Leics RO 12D35

91. 1773 WARE, James, medical student. Diary, 1773–6 recording his medical studies, anatomy lectures, operations and his religious and social life in London. Surrey HC 1487/103/1–2

92. 1774 YEOMAN, John, of Hertfordshire. Modern extracts taken from his diary, 1774, recording his holiday experience around London. Herts ALS D/ EBi.2/12

93. 1775 ANON. Diary of travel, including London, 1775. Shropshire RRC 2118/227

94. 1775 RICHARDSON, Dorothy, daughter of the Revd Henry Richardson, Rector of Thornton in Craven, Yorks. Diary, 1775 and 1785, of visits to London. John Rylands L English MS 1124

95. 1777 THORNTON, Henry, of London, banker and philanthropist. Diary, 1777–1815, which includes copies of family letters. Wigan AS D/DZ EHC18/ M786

96. 1781 GRIMSTON (née WALTER), Harriott, Viscountess Grimston, of Gorhambury, Herts, wife of 3rd Viscount Grimston. Diary, 1781–4. Herts ALS D/EV F39–42

97. 1782 JOHNSON, Samuel, lexicographer, biographer. Diary, 1782. Bodleian MS Don f. 6

98. 1782 WINDHAM, William, politician. Diary, 1782–1802, 'entirely distinct from the Diary of the Rt Hon William Windham (ed Mrs Baring, 1866)'. Notes on daily activities, travels, meetings. BL Add MSS 37,921–4

99. 1783 ENYS, John. Diary of journey including London, 1783. Cornwall RO EN 1806

100. 1783 SHOEMAKER, Samuel, Quaker, mayor of Philadelphia, loyalist refugee in London. Diary of his exile written 'for the entertainment of his wife', 1783–5. Pennsylvania HS 598

101. 1783 STANHOPE, Sir Henry Edwyn, Bart, of Stanwell House, Middx. Diary, 1783–1814. Huntington L Other Collns

102. 1785 CARTWRIGHT, Frances, of London. Diary and memoirs, 1785–1858, covering family life and travels. Notts Archives DD 1836

103. 1785 EYRE, Severn, of Eyre Hall, Virginia, medical student in London. Copy of diary, 1785–6, sent to his brother at home. Virginia HS MSS 5:1EY644:1

104. 1785 HOWARD, Charles, 11th Duke of Norfolk. Diary, 1785–1815, of his private life, political and social activities. Cumbria RO D/HG1/1–9

105. 1786 COOPER, William, of Westminster Hospital, medical practitioner (student Assistant Physician or Surgeon). Diary, 1786, dealing with his medical studies but with much also on his leisure activities, pleasure trips, sport. Occasional shorthand passages. Wellcome MS 1856

106. 1787 HERVEY, Romaine, of Cambridge, clergyman. Transcript of a shorthand diary, covering visit to London in Feb 1787. Tourist sights, churchgoing. CUL Add 5944 (13)

107. 1788 BRAXTON, Carter, of Virginia. Diary, 1788–9, while in London and Brighton. Virginia HS MSS 5:1B7395:1

108. 1788 BURGESS, W Hugh, of St Marylebone, schoolboy. Diary, 1788–91, of a schoolboy living with parents and brothers. Social life, holidays, pets. Lively and informative about household routines. LMA F/WHB/1–3

109. 1788 GOFF, Elijah, of Stepney, coal merchant. Diary, 1788–99. Tower Hamlets LHLA TH/8383

110. 1788 JACKSON, Joseph, of Dublin, clergyman. Diary of a journey and visit to London, 1788. Nat L Ireland n.5731 p.6031

111. 1790 LARPENT (née PORTER), Anna Margaretta, wife of John Larpent, Examiner of Plays. Diary, 1790–1830, with gaps for 1801, 1819, 1822–3 and 1825. Domestic and theatrical events. Available on A Woman's View of Drama, 1790–1830 mf (Adam Matthew, 1995). Huntington L Other Collns

112. 1790 WIND, Paulus de. Journaal gehouden gedurende mijn verblijf te Londen, 1790–1. Daily notes on visit to London, attempts to make contact with medical world, operations at St Thomas's and Guy's hospitals. Zeeuwse B coll.hss. 6223 [In Dutch.]

113. 1791 HATFIELD, Mary, of Buxton. Travel diary, July–Aug 1791, including visit to London. John Rylands L English MS 1049

114. 1791 LEE, Philadelphia, of Totteridge Park, Herts. Diary, 1791–1811. Bucks RO D/LE/J1/11,12; AR 2/78

115. 1792 MARTIN-LEAKE, Mary, of Marshalls, Herts. Diary of travels, including London, 1792–1802. Herts ALS 84630

116. 1793 GILPIN, William, the younger, son of William Gilpin, author and clergyman. Diary, 1793–1847. Bodleian MS Eng. misc. f.201–350; f.351–60

117. 1793 GRAY, Mr, of London, Methodist. Diary, Dec 1793–Dec 1819, with notes of preachers and sermons, including London, and some family material. CUL Add MSS 6596

118. 1793 METCALFE, S, of Lincolnshire. Diary of travel, including London, 1793: the same tour as Mrs Monson (119). Lincs Archives MON 15/C/2

119. 1793 MONSON, Mrs William, of Burton, Lincs. Diary of travel, including London, 1793. Lincs Archives MON 15/C/1

120. 1793 PELHAM, Thomas, Member of Parliament for Sussex, later 2nd Earl of Chichester. Diary, 30 Nov 1793–6 March 1794. Political manoeuvres surrounding Parliamentary support for the War, amid social life and personal problems at a critical time. Also upsetting death of his favourite dog. BL Add MSS 33,629–31

121. 1794 ANON, a member of the PLEYDELL BOUVERIE family. of Coleshill, Berks. Diary of journey from London to Edinburgh and back to Wiltshire, 1794. Berks RO D/EPb/F27

122. 1794 KEATE, Georgiana Jane, daughter of George Keate (author and painter), artist. Diary, 1794, 1802. Brief daily entries about family life, visits, friends, theatre going. Cultured circle, including Captain Bligh, artists, RSA luminaries. Daughter at home in 1794, by 1802 she was married to John Henderson, of the Adelphi, also an amateur artist. Private. Mrs S Bennett ( is preparing an edition for publication

2. Georgiana Keate (122) describes her daily activities in early 1794 (courtesy of Mrs S. Bennett)

123. 1794 LLOYD, Thomas, radical, prisoner. Transcript of diary kept in Newgate Prison, 1794–6. An edition is in preparation for Leicester UP, by MT Davis and I McCalman. Philadelphia Arch HRC

124. 1794 RIDDELL, Elisa Ellery. Social diary, 1794, society, theatre, Hastings trial. Original in private hands. Yale UL mf 299

125. 1795 GUILLEBARD, Mr. Diary of journey from London to Cornwall and back, 1795. Cornwall RO AD 43

126. 1795 GODFREY, John W, of Pennsylvania. Diary of trip from Philadelphia to London on the brig Diana, and tour through England and continent, 1795–6. Pennsylvania HS 242

127. 1795 PLYMLEY, Katherine, of Longnor, Salop. Diary of travel, including London, 1795–6, 1813–14. Extract in The Observant Traveller (ed R Gard, 1989). Shropshire RRC 567/5/5/1/6–14, 28–32

128. 1796 ELPHINSTONE, Elizabeth Fullerton, of East Lodge, Enfield, wife of WF Elphinstone, a Director of the East India Company. Diary, 1796–1828, of life in Enfield and London. The series starts as 'journals of readings' with regular notes and criticisms of the books she is reading; from 1801 it is a mixture of reading and family life. BLOIO MSS. EUR F89 Box 1 (B) 16

129. 1797 HUNTER, Joseph, clergyman, antiquary, keeper of the Public Records. Diary of scholarly life, 3 March 1797–20 July 1799;21 April–23 May 1800;2 Jan 1806–28 Jan 1807;1808–14;11 Oct 1814–15 July 1819;21 April–17 June 1828;1833, 1841–60. And his 'thought-book', 1826–59. Antiquarian pursuits in Bath and London, much in shorthand. BL Add MSS 24,879; 24,880; 24,441; 24,606; 24,446; 24,550–5; 33,601; 39,818–20

130. 1797 KIRK, Henry, of London, son of London merchant. Diary and autobiography, 15 July 1797–17 June 1818. In cipher, key available in volume. Public events, family affairs. BL Add MSS 37,326

131. 1797 SUTCLIFFE, John, of Halifax. Diary of visit to London, 1797. W Yorks AS (Halifax branch) HAS:681

132. 1797 SWETT, Mary Howell, Quaker. Diary of travels in England and continent, 1797–1801, including some time in London. Haverford Coll Quaker MS Colln 975C

133. 1798 BROUGHAM, Marianne, Lady Brougham and Vaux, of Brougham, Westmorland. Diary, 1798, 1806, 1809, 1815–63. First married to Thomas Spalding, her diary describes London social life until her husband's death in 1815; in 1819 she married the politician, Lord Brougham. UC London Brougham Papers

134. 1798 CATCHPOOL, John, of Tottenham, corn dealer, Quaker. Selections copied from his diary, May 1798–Dec 1846. Friends' House Box Y

135. 1798 SMITH, Charles Augustin, of Greenwich, solicitor. Diary, 1798–1838. Greenwich LHL Strongroom 1 G/13/B/34

136. 1798 KEVAN, Samuel, of Southwark (formerly of Wigtown), slater, and Reformed Presbyterian. Diary, 7 June 1798–19 May 1827. A good mix of work, personal life and religious activities. BL Add MSS 42,556

137. 1799 ANON, of London. Pocket diaries for 1799 and 1804 with brief notes on social life, theatregoing. Available on Women's Language and Experience mf pt 3 (Adam Matthew, 1999). CUL Add 7718–19

138. 1800 CULLUM, Susanna, of Hardwick, Suffolk. Diary of visit to London, Nov–Dec 1800. Available on Women's Language and Experience mf pt 3 (Adam Matthew, 1999). Suffolk RO (Bury) E2/44/66

139. 1800 GUEST, Rebecca, of Maryland. Copy of diary, 1800–10, kept while in England where her husband was head of merchant firm Guest & Co. Maryland HS MS 422

140. 1800 KING, Thomas, actor and dramatist. Diary, 1800, with notes of performances at Drury Lane and other memoranda including his ill-health. BL Add MSS 45,137

141. 1800 SHAEN (née SOLLY), Rebecca, of Walthamstow, Essex. Diary, 1800–55, of life in a lawyer's family. Bodleian MS MSS Johnson e.7

142. 1801 ANON. Diary of journey from London to Newcastle upon Tyne by sea, 1801. Cumbria RO (Kendal branch) WD/MG

143. 1801 FOX, George Townshend, of Westoe, South Shields, and Durham, rope-maker, later Deputy Lieutenant for Co Durham. Diary of his visits to London in 1801 and 1825. S Tyneside CL Fox Colln 120, 132

144. 1801 KNATCHBULL, Sir Edward, 9th Bart, Paymaster-General. Diary of family events including deaths, 1801–46; political diaries, 1834–5, 1841–5, with notes added in 1846 and 1848. Kentish Studies F20, F21

145. 1801 MACKINTOSH, Catherine, Lady Mackintosh, wife of lawyer. Diary, Jan–July 1801. Lively entries about family life, dinner parties, amusements, visits to Vauxhall, French lessons. BL Add MSS 52450

146. 1801 WALDIE, John, of London. Diary, 1801–3, of family life, card games, theatre visits, music, literature. Yale UL Beinecke L d331

147. 1803 GILBERT, Mary Ann, of Cornwall. Diary, 1803–4, including time spent in London. Cornwall RO MSS DD EN. 1917

148. 1803 GLYNNE, Mary, Lady Glynne, of Hawarden Castle, Flints, wife of Sir Stephen Glynne, 8th Bart, mother of Mary Glynne (202). Diary, 1803, 1804, 1819. St Deiniol's L MS 1062–5

149. 1803 UPCOTT, William, of London, bookseller, topographer. Diary, Jan 1803–7, on bookselling business, social life, theatregoing, personal affairs, health, reading; diary, 1809, 1823. Although this begins as a regularly kept diary, later entries appear more in the nature of memoirs, written after the events. BL Add MSS 32,558; UCL Ogden MSS 93

150. 1804 PLUMPTRE, James, Vicar of Great Gransden, Hunts, writer and clergyman. Diary, Jan 1804–Dec 1829, including occasional trips to London. His earlier journals appeared as James Plumptre's Britain: Journals of a Tourist in the 1790s (ed I Ousby, 1992). CUL Add MSS 5835–55

151. 1804 SMITH, Pleasance, Lady Smith, of Lowestoft, Suffolk, wife of founder of Linnean Society, botanist, and centenarian. Diary of a visit to London, 1804. Suffolk RO (Lowestoft) 12/1

152. 1805 FULLER, John, of Chesham, Bucks, and London. Diary, 11 Nov 1805–2 Dec 1807: 'I intend to keep a regular daily Journal of my studies, actions and opinions'. His social engagements, study and reading of the classics and the Bible, practising Italian, theatregoing. Wigan AS D/DZ EHC200/ M1000

153. 1805 PENNANT, David, Snr, of Downing, Flints. Diary of travel, including London, 1805. Warwicks CRO CR.2119/F207

154. 1806 BOSWELL, James, junior, student at Brasenose College, Oxford. Diary, Jan.–Feb. 1806, covering visit to London. Brasenose MS 43

155. 1806 SCOTT, John Barber, of Bungay, Suffolk. Diary of a visit to London, 1806. Extracts in The Englishman at Home and Abroad (Ethel Mann, 1930). Suffolk RO (Lowestoft) 185/1/1

156. 1807 ATKINS, Samuel Elliott, of 6 Cowper's Court, Cornhill, Citizen and Clockmaker. Photocopy of diary, 1807, recording events mainly of family interest, with occasional entries on contemporary events. Guildhall L MS 15,819

157. 1807 EDGELL, Edgell Wyatt, of Milton Place, Egham, Justice of the Peace, landowner, father of Maria Frances Wyatt Edgell (190). Diary of his local activities in Surrey, but also visits to London to the theatre and opera, art sales, archaeological interests as well as family life. The diary covers 1807, 1810–11, 1812–15, 1816, 1818–19, 1835–8, 1840–5, 1847–49. Surrey HC 2088/1–7

158. 1807 GRENVILLE (née BRYDGES), Anna Eliza, Duchess of Buckingham and Chandos, wife of 1st Duke. Diary, 1807–34, with gaps. Huntington L Stowe Colln

159. 1807 ST GEORGE, Frances, wife of Colonel John St George (160). Diary, 1807–53. Southampton UL GB 0738 MS59

160. 1807 ST GEORGE, John, Army officer (Colonel), husband of Frances St George (159). Diary, 1807–53. Southampton UL GB 0738 MS59

161. 1807 WALKER, Anna, wife of Major-General George Townshend Walker. Mrs Walker's diaries run from 1789–1814 and deal mainly with travel and military postings, but she returned to England at intervals, including Feb–May 1807, and part of 1808, when she stayed near Kew and visited London, and Hampton Court. Wigan AS D/DZ EHC2/M770

162. 1808 ANON. Diary of a journey from Lancashire to London, c. 1808. Lancs RO DDB 64/14

163. 1808 DULLES, Joseph, of Pennsylvania. Copy of diary, 1808–10, journey from New York to England, social, political and cultural life in London. Pennsylvania HS 179

164. 1808 ROWNTREE, Elizabeth, of Scarborough, Yorks, Quaker missionary, wife of shopkeeper. Diary, May 1808–Oct 1835, with many gaps. The writer lived in Scarborough, Yorks, but frequently visited London to attend Quaker meetings or visit Quaker families. Covers family life, bereavements, her religious work, travel, meals, people she met. Friends' House Box T

165. 1808 TYRRELL, Elizabeth senior and junior, wife and daughter of Timothy Tyrrell, City Remembrancer. Diary (photocopy) for periods between 1808 and 1822 by Elizabeth Tyrrell (1769–1835) and her daughter Elizabeth (b. 1802). Vols. 1–2 (1808–11) are by Elizabeth senior, vols. 3–5 (1818–22) are by Elizabeth junior. Domestic life, family matters. Guildhall L MS 14,951/1–5

166. 1809 BEDINGFIELD (née JERNINGHAM), Charlotte, Lady Bedingfield, of Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk, Woman of the Bedchamber to Queen Adelaide. Diary, 1809, 1816, 1818, 1819–20, 1830 (while at a convent in Hammersmith), 1831 and 1833 (at court). Available on Aristocratic Women mf pt 2 (Adam Matthew, 1998). Birmingham UL MS 82/1765–7; 1768–74

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168. 1809 GRIMSTON (née JENKINSON), Charlotte, Countess of Verulam, of Gorhambury, Herts, wife of 1st Earl of Verulam (203). Diary, including visits to London, 1809–14. Herts ALS D/EV F78

169. 1809 HOBHOUSE, Sir John Cam, later Baron Broughton, of Whitton, statesman. Diary, 1809–65. Lively, informal account of his daily activities. Travel, politics, dinner parties, theatre visits, social life, reformer's concerns, eg child prisoners in Newgate, 1818. Extracts in his Memories of a Long Life (1909). BL Add MSS 47,230 ff.41b, 127–57; 47,231–5

170. 1809 JENKINSON, the Hon Charles Cecil Cope, later 3rd Earl of Liverpool, statesman. Diary, March–July 1809, of personal and political life. Nat L Wales Pitchford Hall MS

171. 1810 VENN, Henry, clergyman, Secretary of the Church Missionary Society. Diary, 1810–73. Birmingham UL Special Collns

172. 1812 GRENVILLE, Richard, 2nd Duke of Buckingham and Chandos. Diary, 1812, aged fifteen. Huntington L Stowe Colln

173. 1812 GRIMSTON, the Hon Charlotte, of Gorhambury, Herts, sister of Lord Verulam (203). Diary, 1812–24, 1826, 1828–9, of political and social events, including Thames frost fair, 1814. Herts ALS D/EV F81–96

3. Raleigh Trevelyan (176) tries to see the visiting Tsar of Russia in 1814 (courtesy of Wigan Archives Service)

174. 1813 HOLTZAPFEL, Charlotte, of Clements Lane, Cockspur Street, daughter of, and wife of, City businessmen. Diary, 11 Aug 1813–16, 1817–20, 1824–36, covering middle class social activities, concerts, exhibitions; marriage to William Boycott, childbirth, family life, health worries, medical treatment. Wigan AS D/DZ EHC122/M890;134/M902

175. 1813 LETTSOM, John Coakley, medical practitioner. Diary, 1 Jan 1813–31 Dec 1814, concentrating on personal rather than professional life. And the weather. Extracts in Lettsom: his Life, Times, Friends and Descendants (ed JJ Abraham, 1933). Wellcome Medical SL

176. 1813 TREVELYAN, Raleigh, schoolboy. Diary, 15 April 1813–11 July 1814, kept while at school with his brother at the Revd Mr Morris's Academy, Egglestone House, Brentford, with holidays in London and Ramsgate. Family activities, Tsar's visit in 1814, unhappy schooldays, treatment for his failing health, his fatal illness. Wigan AS D/DZ EHC191/M983

177. 1813 WARD, James, painter. Diary, 1813–26, of his painting and social life. R Academy

178. 1814 ANON, a member of the STRUTT family, Barons Belper, of Belper, Derbys. A diary of travel, including London, 1814–15, 1831. Derbys RO D2943M/F1/1–2; F2/1

179. 1814 ABBOTT, later COLFOX, Hannah, of Bridport, Dorset. Diary of London visits, March–June 1814, and 1818–19. Dorset RO D 43/F11, F15

180. 1814 LINDSAY, Lady Charlotte, sister of 5th Earl of Guilford. Diary, 1814, and 18 April–31 Dec 1840. Weather, often including temperature, social engagements, fellow dinner guests. Her reading. West End society life. Bodleian MS Eng. misc. 226; BL Sheffield Park papers Add MSS 61,987

181. 1814 OGDEN, William Bernard, of Durham. Diary of life in Durham and London, 1814–22. Durham CRO D/X 782/1–4

182. 1814 RUSSELL, Fanny, of Cornwall. Diary of visit to London, 1814. Cornwall RO HL(2)379

183. 1815 BARNES, Robert, of North London, Enfield area. Diary, 1815–58. Brief daily notes of family activities around Enfield, Edmonton, Tottenham and Mill Hill with occasional visits to central London. Earliest years are more detailed about daily life in London. For most years, also a separate, fuller account of the family seaside holiday at various Kent and Sussex resorts. Many ephemera included. LMA ACC 69.084

184. 1815 BODDINGTON, Samuel, of London, fishmonger. Diary, 1815–43, covering social and family life, and travels. Guildhall L MS 10,823/5c

185. 1815 MINET, James Lewis, of London, merchant. Diary, 1815–20, from the ages of sixteen to twenty-one. Huguenot L F Mt 229

186. 1815 MUCKLESTONE-ALLEN, David, of London, son of businessman. Diary, 1815. Yale UL 43.341–2

187. 1815 VENN, Emelia, of London. Diary, 1815–32, including travel and home life. Birmingham UL Venn MSS 19–21

188. 1816 BATTEY, Charles, of Hanwell, parish clerk. Diary, 1816–59, brief entries about sporting and social events, local news and parish business. Ealing LHL

189. 1817 DE COETLOGON, Charles Frederick, of Ashford, and St George Hanover Square, writer and clergyman. Diary, 1817, 1828. Daily routine, domestic incidents, visits, correspondence, health, weather. Other volumes do not relate to London. LMA ACC 268/1, 7

190. 1817 EDGELL, Maria Frances Wyatt, of Milton Place, Egham, and Grosvenor Street, daughter of Edgell Wyatt Edgell (157). Diary, 1817, 1841, 1852–3, 1855–7, 1862, 1868–9, 1872. The earliest diary records a visit to London with full round of social engagements including balls and the theatre. By 1841 she had settled in London, records domestic life, visits, local charity work (including Hanover Square district schools), lectures, theatre, art galleries, visits to her brother who was rector of North Cray. Surrey HC 2088/ 3,7,8; 4190

191. 1817 EMLEN, Samuel, of the United States. Diary, 1817–18, living in England with invalid wife, including some visits to London. Haverford Coll Quaker MS Colln 975B

192. 1817 GIDEON, Miss E A, of Paddington. Diary, 1817–18. Available on Women's Language and Experience mf pt 3 (Adam Matthew, 1999). Suffolk RO (Ipswich) HD 298/1–2

193. 1817 HILL, Matthew Davenport, prison reformer. Diary, 1817–18, about personal and social life, his work, visits to London. Bodleian MS Eng. Misc. e.88

194. 1817 JOHNSTON, Jane, of Wimpole Street, widow. Diary, 1817, 1819–40, of engagements, household and personal expenditure, health, family life. Herts ALS 16195–16217

195. 1818 ANON, (male) of London. London diary and commonplace book, July 1818–Dec 1824, mentioning sporting events, theatre, court, gossip. Civic life of City. Guildhall L MS 3730

196. 1818 ANON, (male) of Edinburgh. Diary, 1818, covering visit to London. Nat L Scotland MS 166

197. 1818 ARROWSMITH (née LEE), Louisa, of Totteridge Park, Herts. Diary, 1818–26, 1827–32, 1836–7, relating to town and country life, gardens, journeys, contemporary events. Available on Women's Language and Experience mf pt. 1 (Adam Matthew, 1996). Herts ALS 70150–68

198. 1818 BANKS, John Cleaver, of London. Diary, 1818, with brief entries relating to his financial dealings, reading, social engagements and church going. Wigan AS D/DZ EHC65/M834

199. 1818 HUXTABLE, Elizabeth, of Devon. Typed copy of a diary describing a visit to London, April 1818–April 1819. Theatre visits, scientific lectures, social engagements, tourist sights, Lord Mayor's Show. With the diary is a brief transcript extract from the diary of Mary Huxtable, a relative, who visited London 1820–1, calling at the Royal Society of Arts and the Royal Institution. Whereabouts of original is unknown. Bishopsgate I L17

200. 1818 KNIGHT, Job, of St Martin's, Ludgate, cabinet maker, Quaker. Diary, 1818, with much on his daily work, journeys around London and Quaker meetings. Friends' House MS Vol. S 485

201. 1819 CHURCHILL, Charles, senior and junior, of Churchill & Sim, wood brokers. Diary by Charles Churchill, senior (d. 1844) and Charles Churchill, junior (d. 1905). Entries relate to the timber trade, City politics and private affairs. Vols. 1–22 by CC senior, 1819–44; vols. 23–63 by CC junior, 1841–1904. Guildhall L MS 5762/1–63

202. 1819 GLYNNE, Mary, of Hawarden Castle, Flints, daughter of Mary, Lady Glynne (148). Diary, 1819. St Deiniol's L MS 1120

203. 1819 GRIMSTON, James Walter, 4th Viscount Grimston, 1st Earl of Verulam, of Gorhambury, Herts, husband of Charlotte Grimston (168), and brother of the Hon Charlotte Grimston (173). Diary, 1819–29, 1832. Some coverage of London season. Herts ALS D/EV F44

204. 1819 MADDEN, Sir Frederic, Keeper of Manuscripts, British Museum. Diary, 1819–72. Bodleian MS Eng. hist. c. 140–82

205. 1819 O'DONOVAN, Richard, Army officer (Major-General, 6th Dragoons). Diary, 1819–23, including visits to London, and his farming activities. Bath CL Nos. 1253–4

206. 1820 ANON, of Sheffield, medical student. Diary, Sept 1820– June 1821, about his medical training in London, student life, Unitarian interests. Chetham A.3.108

207. 1820 CHORLEY, Eleanor, of Congleton, Cheshire. Diary, 1820–50, including visits to London. Cheshire CALSS D 4806

208. 1820 NEWMAN, William, of Stepney. Diary, 1820–5. Baptist life and work in East London. Regent's PC Angus Lib

209. 1820 TREVELYAN, Julia, of Bath. Diary, 1820, including a visit to London. Somerset ARS DD/WO/54/11/24

210. 1821 BLAKE, John, of Park Lane, Croydon, auctioneer. Diary, 1821–40, including copies of correspondence with friends and relatives. Croydon LSL Acc 483

211. 1821 HOWARD, Henry, of Penrith, Cumberland. Diary of travel from London to Lake District, 1821. Cumbria RO D/HW8/5

212. 1822 ANON. Diary of a visit to London, 1822. Yale U Beinecke L d312

213. 1822 BRANFILL, Eliza, of Upminster, Essex. Diary, 1822–72. Essex RO MSS D/DRU F12/1–45

214. 1822 BRINKLEY, Sarah, of Fortland, Co Sligo, Ireland. Diary of travel, including London, 1822. Denbighs RO (Ruthin branch) DD/PR/133

215. 1822 GRAY, Margaret, of Gray's Court, York. Diary, 1822, 1823–5, including visits to London. N Yorks CRO ZGY/T8

216. 1823 COTTON, H S, clergyman, chaplain at Newgate Prison. Diary and visiting book, 1823, of his daily visits to the prison, conversations with prisoners, executions. Australian NL MS 14

217. 1823 FRASER, Jane Satchell, wife of Edward Satchell Fraser. Diary (photocopy), 1823, of London social life, daily activities, family, church going, servant problems. A difficult hand. BLOIO Photo.Eur. 172

218. 1823 GLADSTONE, Catherine, of Hawarden Castle, Flints, mother of Henry Neville Gladstone (443). Diary, 1823–30, 1840–62. St Deiniol's L MS 1764–71

219. 1823 GRENVILLE, Richard, 1st Duke of Buckingham and Chandos. Personal and political diary, 1823. Huntington L Stowe Colln

220. 1823 HARDING, James Duffield, of Barnes, watercolour artist. Diary, 1823–63. Courtauld CI/JDH

221. 1823 NICHOLS, Mary Anne Iliffe, of Hampstead, Westminster, Clapham and Hammersmith, daughter of John Bowyer Nichols, printer and antiquary. Diary, 1823–34. c/o Surrey HC Julian Pooley, Nichols Archive Project

222. 1823 SHORT, Mr, of Kenn, Devon. Diary of travels on the Grand Tour, with detailed description of London and other cities, 1823–4. Devon RO MSS 1311 M/6/13

223. 1823 WOLLEY, Thomas Lamplugh, of Clifton, Bristol, son of Mr Wolley (235). Diary, including a visit to London in Aug–Sept 1823 en route to Germany. While in London he dined with the Duke of Clarence and the Duchess of Saxe-Weimar. LMA ACC 0611/2

224. 1824 BARRETT, Betsy, of Leeds. Diary of young married woman's visit to London, May–June 1824, to stay with relations. Extensive sightseeing, theatregoing, shopping, Vauxhall Gardens and other diversions. Extracts in London Topographical Record, XXVIII (2001). E R Yorks A DDX/94/190

225. 1824 CAPPER, later HARDCASTLE, Anne, of Stoke Newington, schoolgirl, Quaker. Diary, 1824–30, begun as a child of seven. Domestic life, lessons, excursions with parents or governess, family visitors, her pets, holidays. Lord Mayor's Show. Antislavery meetings, lectures. Available on Quaker Women's Diaries mf (World Microfilms Pubns, 1978). Friends' House Temp. MSS 310/1–3

226. 1824 TURNER, Lady, of Kirkleatham Hall, Yorks. Diary, 1824–5, mainly about the London season. N Yorks CRO Kirkleatham Hall 11782–5

227. 1825 CARTWRIGHT-DENT, Mr, of Burlington Street. Diary, 1825. Plymouth and W Devon RO 551/1

228. 1825 COOPER, Anthony Ashley, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury, philanthropist. Diary, social life and politics, 1825–85. Southampton UL SHA/PD/1–12

229. 1825 DORVILLE, Anne, of Clapham, servant or companion. Diary 1825–37, domestic and religious matters, some holidays. In 1833 she moved to Hammersmith alone after the death of her mistress from cholera. Bodleian MS Eng. misc. d.352

230. 1825 GRENVILLE (née CAMPBELL), Mary, Duchess of Buckingham and Chandos, wife of 2nd Duke. Diary, 1825–39, 1844–6. Huntington L Stowe Colln

231. 1825 ISHAM, Sir Justinian, 8th Bart, of Lampton Hall, Northants. Diary, 1825–43, including London visits. Northants RO Isham 20

232. 1825 ST GEORGE, Sir John, Army officer (General), son of John and Frances St George (159, 160). Diary, 1825–91. Southampton UL GB 0738 MS59

233. 1826 ANON. Diary of travels, including London, 1826–38. Norfolk RO MS80 T 131 C

234. 1826 CONGREVE, Harriet Frances, of Congreve, Staffs. Diary of a visit to London, 1826. Staffs RO D1057/P/4

235. 1826 WOLLEY, Mr, of Clifton, father of Thomas Lamplugh Wolley (223). Diary, March–July 1826 covers a visit to London before his final illness and death. LMA ACC 0611/5

236. 1827 LAPIDGE, Charles H, of Hampton Wick, retired RN officer, uncle of Marianne Lapidge (269). Diary, Feb 1827–March 1829. Domestic activities. Mentions opening of Kingston upon Thames Bridge, 1828. His brother Edward was its architect. Wigan AS EHC70/M839;1 19/M887

237. 1827 MORAN, Edward Raleigh, journalist, of The Globe. Diary, mainly about his life in Dublin, but including two busy visits to London, 1827 and 1830–1. BL Egerton 2156

238. 1827 SPURRETT, Eliza, of Leicestershire. Diary of visits to London, 1827, 1839, 1846. Leics RO 7D54/2/2–4

239. 1828 GLADSTONE, Sir Thomas, of Hawarden Castle, Flints. Diary, 1828, 1843. St Deiniol's L MS 1291–2

240. 1828 GODLEE, Mary, of Upton, and Whipps Cross, Quaker. Diary, 1828–38, 1841, 1846, begun when she was a schoolgirl. Domestic life, holiday trips. Friends' House MS Vol. S 497–500

241. 1828 ROBERTS, James Austin, Congregational minister. Diary, 1828–62, of self and other members of family. Bodleian MS Eng. Misc. e. 996–1009

242. 1828 THORNHILL, John, Director of East India Company. Diary, 1828–40, with day to day household accounts. Barclays

243. 1828 WOOLCOTT, George, of London, evangelist. Diary, c. 1828. Nat Maritime M X96/035

244. 1829 HEKEKYAN BEY, Joseph, Egyptian Armenian archaeologist and administrator. Diary, July 1829–Jan 1830, 16 May–22 Oct 1862, while in England. London friends, visits, scholarly meetings, sightseeing – Crystal Palace, British Museum, Soane Museum (in 1862). Extracts in Victorian Diaries (ed H Creaton, 2001). BL Add MSS 37,448; 37,456

245. 1829 LE GRICE, Charles Valentine, humorist and writer. Diary of travel, including London, 1829. Cornwall RO X 30/41

246. 1830 ROUMIEU, John F, of London. Diary, 1830–2, of life and society in London. Derbys RO 104M/E71–4

247. 1831 ANON, (male) of the United States, traveller. Diary, 1831, of American's European tour, including a visit to London. New York PL

248. 1831 HALE, Robert Hale Blagden. Memo book including diary entries for a visit to London in June 1831 and two visits in 1832. Glos RO D 1086/F 172

249. 1831 HALFORD, Sir Henry, Bart, of Mayfair, and Wistow Hall, Leics, medical practitioner (physician). Diary, 1831–4, of professional and social life. Leics RO DG 24

250. 1831 HOOK, Theodore, of Hammersmith, playwright and novelist. Mid-19th century copy of section of his diary, March 1831–Jan 1832, the location of the original is unknown. Hammersmith ALHC DD/763

251. 1831 LISTER, Anne, of Shibden Hall, Halifax. Diary, 1819–39, of travel, including nineteen visits to London. Social and personal details, topographical descriptions, visits to opera, diorama, zoo, Thames tunnel. Some sections in code. W Yorks AS (Halifax branch) SH:7/ML/TR/11

252. 1831 PETHERAM [?], John, clerk and member of the City of London Scientific Institution. Diary, 1831–2, of his social life, opinions on books and sermons. A later volume deals with his life in New York. He was probably John Petheram, author and publisher (d. 1854). Bodleian MS Lyell Empt. 38

253. 1831 STEWART, Alvan, of New York. Diary of trip to England, 1831. New York HS

254. 1831 TAYLOR, Daniel Carrington, of New York, traveller. Diary of European tour, 1831, including London. New York HS

255. 1832 ANON, (male) of London. Diary, 1832–8, in Harding's shorthand. U London L Carlton MS 17/7

256. 1832 BAKER, Caroline Julia, wife of Colonel George Baker. Diary, 1832–6, including time spent in London. Bodleian MS Dep.e.60–4

257. 1832 DENMAN, Frances, of Russell Square, daughter of Lord Chief Justice Denman. Diary, 1 July 1832–23 April 1833, including life in Russell Square, with descriptions of her domestic activities, social engagements, and political news. Wigan AS D/DX EHC183/M975

258. 1832 HUNTER, John Charles, of 30 Wilton Place, Knightsbridge, medical practitioner. Diary, 24 Nov 1832–26 Feb 1836, 9 Oct 1833–22 Dec 1834, 13 Nov 1843–13 April 1852. Personal and family life, sermons heard, some mention of patients. Filled in from each end of same volume. A difficult hand. WCA Ac 182/4

259. 1832 ROWSELL, William. Diary, 1832–3, about daily life and work, and preparations for emigration to Canada. He worked in the family stationery firm in Cheapside. Guildhall L MS 24,458

260. 1832 SANDS, W [?], of Atherstone, Warwicks. Travel diary, begins April 1832, with visit to London. Birmingham CA IIR11 (259856)

261. 1832 SIDDONS, Henry, son of Henry Siddons, actor-manager. Diary, 1830–3. Nat L Scotland Acc 5731

262. 1833 ANON, of Hull. Diary, 22 Jan–9 Sept 1833, of young girl – possibly a relation of William Etty, the painter. Diary covers travels, including a visit to London, staying in Clapham and Blackheath, when she saw the House of Commons, National Gallery, Westminster Bridge, and several dioramas. Wigan AS EHC96/M864

263. 1833 BELDAM, Valentine. Diary of a journey including London, 1833. IOW CRO IW/99

264. 1833 BUDDLE, John, of Co Durham, mining engineer. Diary of visit to London, 1833. Durham CRO D/X 563/1

265. 1833 BURTON, Charles, of Hanwell, schoolboy. Diary, 1833–4, of life at Hanwell Academic Institution: lessons, excursions, routine activities, little comment. Ealing LHL 210/1–3

266. 1833 COOPER, James Fenimore, of the United States, novelist. Travel diary, June–Sept 1833, kept in London. Yale UL

267. 1833 HOFFMAN, David, of Baltimore, lawyer. Diary of European tour with his family, including six weeks in London, 1833. Visits to Court, opera, theatre, concerts, King's Bench. New York PL

268. 1833 HUDLESTON, Andrew Fleming, of Rydal, Cumberland, East India Company tax collector and magistrate. Diary, 1833, covering his arrival back in London in ill-health after Indian service. Cumbria RO DHud/3/5/3

269. 1833 LAPIDGE, Marianne, of Hampton Wick, Middx, schoolgirl, niece of Charles H. Lapidge (236). Diary, 1 Jan–21 Dec 1833 describing domestic life and music lessons. Wigan AS EHC72/841

270. 1833 LAYCOCK, Thomas, medical practitioner (Professor of the Practice of Physic, Edinburgh University). Diary, 1833–57, including time as medical student in London. Edinburgh UL Gen 1813

271. 1833 SELOUS, H C, painter of panoramas. Diary, 1833–4, of his life and work in London. Catalogued as 'Journal kept by an unknown painter of panoramas', but identified by Mr R Hyde as Selous. Nat Art L 86.SS.67

272. 1834 ADAMS, E Richards, of Elmer Lodge, Beckenham, Kent, solicitor. Diary, 1834–8, of family and personal events, church affairs, travel. Some shorthand. Bromley AS MSS. Acc. 789.

273. 1834 ALDAM, William, of Doncaster, Member of Parliament. Diary of travel, including London, 1834, 1840. Doncaster Archives DD/WA

274. 1834 ANON, (male) of London. Domestic diary, Nov 16 1834–Sept 3 1836. A further volume deals with a trip to Germany. In London the author was a keen theatre and operagoer (e.g. I Puritani), a family man, with an interest in current events and cultural matters. Sees Jeremy Bentham's 'reliques', art exhibition at Somerset House. Wigan AS D/DX EHC22/M790

275. 1834 LONGMAN, H, of Sheepcote Farm, Harrow, farmer. Diary, 1834–5. Mainly agricultural matters, but includes visits to London and details of loads of produce sent in. Harrow LHC D2a Oversize

276. 1834 MARRIOT, J. Diary entitled 'A journey to London with S A Marriot in search of health, accompanied by Louisa and Margaret in search of pleasure, and followed by Tom Hobson in search of his wife', 8–27 Oct 1834. The party travelled to London by canal boat from Runcorn. On arrival they visited the sights, and describe the Houses of Parliament on fire. Wigan AS EHC197/M998

277. 1834 PUGH, Charles, of Barnard's Inn, clerk in High Court of Chancery. Diary, 1834–63. Bodleian MS Eng. misc. d.465–73

278. 1834 RODD, Francis, of Trebartha, North Hill, Cornwall, retired Army officer (Colonel). Diary, kept in London, 1834. Cornwall RO MSS ADD 360/23

279. 1834 STEVENSON, Arthur, Heath keeper on Hampstead Heath. Record book and diary, 1834–49. Camden LSAC D/57 (fiche)

280. 1835 BENSON, Samuel, clergyman, Vicar of St Saviour's, Southwark. Diary, 1835–78, with gaps. Bodleian MS Eng. misc. e.527–35

281. 1835 DIGBY (née FOX-STRANGWAYS), Theresa Anna, Woman of the Bedchamber, wife of 9th Baron Digby. Diary, 1835–8. Barings 136

282. 1835 GOSLING, Francis, of London. Diary of voyage from London to Sydney, 1835, starting with travel on the steamer Mercury to Gravesend. Nat Maritime M MS ALE <147191>

283. 1835 RICHARDSON, Charles, civil engineer, pupil of Brunel. Diary, 1835–8, of his work with Brunel and his life in general. Enthusiastic gymnast, swimmer and rower. In London at some stage each year. Private. Being edited for an MPhil. by Peter Griffin, Gloucester U

284. 1836 POLHILL, Frances M, of Howbury Hall, Beds, wife of Member of Parliament. Diary, 1836, takes children to London sights, and to church. Theatre visits, painting exhibitions. Domestic affairs, her own serious illness. Herts ALS D/P 78 29/1

285. 1836 REES, William, of Llandovery, Carm, printer and bookseller. Diary, 1836, 1855, 1857, 1859–61, 1866–9, 1871. Business life and local events, with visits to London and other places. Crystal Palace. Cardiff CL 2.647

286. 1837 ANON, a member of the CLOVER family, of Norfolk. Diary of visits to London, May–June 1837 and April–May 1859. Norfolk RO MS 21842 MC 115/5, 8

287. 1837 BACON, Jane Margaret, of Cambridge. Diary, 1837–70, brief notes of social life and activities, frequent visits to London. Available on Women's Language and Experience mf pt 3 (Adam Matthew, 1999). CUL Add 6253

288. 1837 ROGERS, Ann S C, wife of J E Thorold Rogers, mother of Clement F Rogers (496). Diary, 1837–98. Bodleian MS Eng. misc. g.100/ 1–18; g.101/1–15; f.479–94

289. 1837 ROTHSCHILD, Lady Louisa de, philanthropist. Diary, 29 July 1837–2 Dec. 1907, with gaps, of family life in London, court life, music, travel, sport. BL Add MSS 47,949–62

290. 1838 HALL, Emily and Ellen, of West Wickham, Kent, sisters of Louisa Sherrard (401). Diary, 1838–1901. Lived in West Wickham from 1842, both wrote lively accounts of their activities, health, thoughts and feelings for nearly 60 years. Much Continental travel, visits to North Africa, frequently stayed in London. Extracts in Two Victorian Girls (OA Sherrard, 1964); The Halls of Ravenswood, and, Two Victorian Ladies (AR Mills, 1967, 1969) and Vanished West Wickham (J Waller, 1994). Bromley AS MS 855

291. 1838 PARKINSON-FORTESCUE, Chichester Samuel, 2nd Baron Carlingford, statesman. Diary, 1838–98. Political matters, dinner parties, London social life, the weather. Touching description of his grief at his wife's death in 1879. BL Add MSS 63,654–704

292. 1838 —, Thomas, footman, in service with the 2nd Duke of Sutherland. Diary, including life in the Leveson-Gower household at Stafford House, London, 1838–9. Staffs RO 4177/1–2

293. 1839 BRYDGES, John, of Tibberton, Herefs. Diary of a journey including London, 1839. Hereford RO K12/99

294. 1839 JONES, Ernest Charles, Chartist politician, poet, novelist. Diary, July 1839–May 1847. Social and working life, Chartist politics. Manchester LSAC BR MSS 932 2 J 18