Checklist of Unpublished Diaries: nos 295-587

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Unpublished London Diaries. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 2003.

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Checklist of Unpublished Diaries: nos 295-587

295. 1839 PHILIPPS, Eliza, Lady Philipps, later Baroness Milford, of Picton Castle, Pembs. Diary, 1839–44, including daily life in London, in Portland Place. Social life, family health, and political news. Domestic arrangements including hiring and firing servants. Nat L Wales Picton Castle 607

296. 1839 POHLMAN, Robert Williams, of London, emigrant to Australia. Photocopied diary, 1839–55, the first volume of which describes his life in London before emigrating. State L Victoria

297. 1839 WOOD, Thomas Peploe, of Great Haywood, Staffs, artist. Diary, 1839–44, including visits to London. Staffs RO MS

298. 1840 DE LISLE (née CLIFFORD), Laura, of Quenby Hall, Leics. Diary, 1840–96. Life in a prominent Catholic family, with frequent trips to London, eg to see the Great Exhibition in 1851. Private. With the family at Quenby Hall, Leics.

299. 1840 GREW, Mary, of Philadelphia, abolitionist. Diary, 1840, covering the World Anti-Slavery Convention in London from which she and other female delegates were excluded. Radcliffe I M–59 reel 973 no.M13

300. 1840 GRIFFITH, Charles James, emigrant to Australia. Photocopied diary, begun in London in 1840, going on to describe his voyage to Australia and life there. State L Victoria

301. 1840 HUNTER, Fredericka Emma, Lady Hunter. Diary, 1840–6. The Hunters had a house in Brighton, but spent the season in London. Social life, reading, visits, theatre, art exhibitions. Frequent references to 'dear Sir Richard', her husband. Possibly written for general family consumption. WCA Acc 1621

302. 1840 NEVILL (née WALPOLE), Lady Dorothy Fanny, hostess, horticulturalist. Diary, social and personal, 1840–5. Lewis Walpole L

303. 1840 ROGERS, Thomas, London partner of Nottingham firm Rogers & Co, hosiery manufacturers. Diary, 1840–98, chiefly personal and domestic matters. He was a liveryman of the Broderers' Company, and a talented amateur musician. Drawings of comets he saw in 1848 and 1861. Guildhall L MS 19,019

304. 1840 TAYLOR, Sophia, later Mrs Thomas Edward COOKE, of Adelaide. Diary, 1840–2, kept in London before she emigrated. State L S Australia D 6846(L)

305. 1841 PASLEY, Sir Charles William, Army officer (Major-General, Royal Engineers). Pasley spent much of his career abroad, and his diaries run from 1799–1848. London interest is concentrated in the years 1841–6 when he was Inspector General of Railways. Coverage includes his official duties, and distress when dismissed from the post, but also London social and family life. BL Add MSS 41,977–8; 41,983–92

306. 1842 CAPELL, Lady Adela, of Eglinton Castle, Ayrs, daughter of 6th Earl of Essex. Diary 1841–2, including a visit to London in 1842 at age of fourteen. Social life, pets. Herts ALS D/Z 32 F1

307. 1843 GYE, Frederick, the younger, Director of the Italian Opera. Diary, 1843–78, dealing with Vauxhall Gardens, Covent Garden and Drury Lane theatres. An edition is in preparation by M. Ringel and F. Franchi. R Opera House

308. 1842 LYALL, Charles, of London, banker, partner in Lyall, Matheson & Co. Diary begins in 1828 in India; in 1842 he returned to live in Westbourne Terrace, Hyde Park. Domestic and family life, business in City. BLOIO MS.EUR. C209/1–67

309. 1843 HOLYOAKE, George Jacob, co-operator and secularist. Diary, 1845, 1849, 1850, 1853–63, 1865–7, 1879–81, 1882–1905, and diary notebook 1847–52. Bishopsgate I Holyoake Papers 9, 10, 16

310. 1844 ANON, of Shoreditch area. Diary and notebook, 1844–55, in a diary for 1839. Hackney AD M4233/1

311. 1843 SCOTT, Jessy Emma, of Ravenscourt. Photocopy of diary ('Journal Book V'), Dec 1843–Aug 1844. Hammersmith ALHC DD/272

312. 1844 BLACK, William Henry, of Goodman's Fields, later of Mill Yard Meeting House, Whitechapel, antiquary, Assistant Keeper of the Public Records. Diary, 1844–6, personal life, work at the PRO and his historical research. Chetham Mun A.2.111

313. 1844 BOUSTEAD, John, of 8 Upper Gloucester Place, Army agent, of Price & Boustead, 33–34 Strand. Rough entries 4 July–22 Nov 1844, and diary, 1 Aug 1855–18 Jan 1861. He had served as a regimental paymaster in Ceylon before retirement. WCA Acc 950

314. 1844 COOK (née BICKERSTETH), Harriet, religious writer, wife of WH Cook, MD, sister of Charlotte Bickersteth (376). Diary, 1844–1915, of her life in London, family illnesses, religious feelings and duties. Wellcome PP/COO/H1–62

315. 1844 DELARUE, J Ludlow, schoolmaster, later of Lancing College. Diary, 1844, while living in London as a young man. Birmingham UL MS 26

316. 1844 GORDON, Maria Antonietta, Marchioness of Huntly, of Orton Hall, Peterborough, botanist. Diary, 1844–93. Though much of her time was spent in the country, she made frequent visits to London in her younger years, for shopping, finding servants, visiting friends and family, and for the social season. Extract in London Topographical Record, XXVIII (2001). Huntingdon CRO 539/1–16

317. 1844 HANSARD, Luke Henry, son of Luke Hansard, parliamentary printer. Diary, 1844–51. Southampton UL GB 0738 MS59

318. 1844 RYDE, Edward, of Warwick Square and Woking, surveyor. Diary, 1844–92, of a pioneering professional surveyor and valuer. His travelled widely for his work, but lived and/or worked in London throughout his career. Close family life, and professional activities. Surrey HC 1262/1/28–49

319. 1844 SEYMOUR, Adelaide Horatia, later second wife of Frederick, 4th Earl Spencer. Diary, 28 Sept–10 Oct 1844, 19 June 1845–8 March 1846 of a young girl's visits, amusements, balls, dancing partners, social events in royal circles. BL Add MSS 62,914–15

320. 1844 SILVESTER, Thomas Hookham, founder of Clapham General Dispensary. Notebook containing diary and other memoranda on his financial affairs, investments, legacies, and patients, 1844–76. The diary section intermingles his private life and his medical duties. Wellcome MS 5869

321. 1844 STEVENS, William, of Fleet Street. Diary, 1844–5, reflecting his scientific and cultural interests: engraving, photography, astronomy, optical glass, mathematics and music. UC London MS Ogden 89

322. 1844 TARLETON (née DIMSDALE), Finetta Esther. Diary, 1844–5, 1852, about social life in London and Hertfordshire. Liverpool RO Tarleton papers MSS 184–5

323. 1845 COBB, Thomas Pix, of Janson, Cobb, Pearson & Co, solicitor. Diary with personal expenses, and notes about private, business and public occasions, 1845–56. Guildhall L MS 18,770/1–11

324. 1845 LAMBERT, Annie, of 33 Tavistock Square, London, daughter of wine merchant. Diary, Jan–July 1845. Home and social life, shopping, entertainment. The family spent the summer at Walton-on-Thames. A second volume records their extended stay in Oporto. Birmingham UL On 'Women's Language & Experience' mf 2 (Adam Matthew)

325. 1845 STUART, Lady Louisa, daughter of 3rd Earl of Bute, aunt of Lady Anna Maria Dawson (358). Diary, 1845, 1849. Her London activities in her eighties. Bodleian MS Eng. misc. g. 169–70

326. 1846 COATES, Eliza, of Monmouth. Diary of a visit to London in 1846, with description of sights including the Royal Exchange and the British Museum, shopping and theatre. Glos RO D 3180/1

327. 1846 EDWARDS, Samuel, of Champion Hill, Camberwell. Honeymoon diary, 1854, starting with his marriage at St Matthew's, Brixton. Southwark LSL A137

328. 1846 GRIMSTON, James Walter, 2nd Earl of Verulam, of Gorhambury, Herts. Diary, 1846–95. Herts ALS D/EV F102–151

329. 1846 KING, Elizabeth Anne, of Madingley, Cambs. Diary, 1846, 1849–1924. Brief daily entries on events and activities, including spells in London. Cambridge CRO 588/F49

330. 1846 STEPHEN, the Rt Hon Sir James, statesman. Diary, Jan–July 1846, on personal life, political affairs, the Colonial Office. Written at Downing Street. CUL Add MSS 7511

331. 1846 TWIGGS, John D, of the United States, traveller. Diary of a trip to London, including sights, 1846. N Carolina UL

332. 1847 CLARK, Sir James, Medical practitioner, physician to the royal family. Diary of two tours, 1847 and 1858, with the royal family. R Coll Physicians

333. 1847 ENDICOTT, George, of the United States, traveller. Diary of a European tour, Aug–Nov 1847, including a stay in London. Typical sightseeing, including theatre visits, St Paul's cathedral, Bank of England. New York PL

334. 1847 FARROW, George, of Rainham, Essex, shoemaker. Diary, 1847–94, including details of local events, church activities and sale of celery plants. Essex RO D/DU 1488

335. 1847 GRENVILLE, Richard, 3rd Duke of Buckingham and Chandos, politian, earlier a Member of Parliament. Diary, 1847–8, 1868. He succeeded to the Dukedom in 1861. Huntington L Stowe Colln

336. 1847 HUMPHREYS, Elizabeth, of London, wife of barrister. Diary, Jan–March 1847 (?) of domestic life, including secretarial work for husband, and dental problems. Nat L Wales Glansevern 14, 743

337. 1847 SALVIN, Eliza Anne, of Finchley, daughter of architect Anthony Salvin. Diary, 1847, 1849–51, 1856–9. Family life, theatre and operagoing, visits to British Museum. Cultured circle of friends. Barnet ALS MS 6787

338. 1848 CARTER, Henry Vandyke, of St George's Hospital, medical student, Demonstrator in Anatomy, later Deputy Surgeon General, Indian Medical Service. Diary, 1848–52, 1853–8, including his time as a London medical student, anatomy demonstrator and medical illustrator. Entries deal with his studies, work and private life, self-reproach about laziness and religious failings. Some of the period covers his studies in Paris and his early days in India. Wellcome MSS 5816, 5818

339. 1848 EATON, George C. Diary of travels, including London, 1848, 1872, 1886, 1895. Norfolk RO Eaton 4.2.71 III

340. 1848 LAYTON, Thomas, of Brentford, member of Brentford Union Board of Guardians. Personal diary, April 1848–July 1849, kept while serving on the Board as representative of the parish of Ealing and Old Brentford. Hounslow LSL Layton Colln MS. 17682

341. 1849 CARRINGTON, Lady Charlotte Augusta, of Buckinghamshire. Diary, 1849–56, with memoranda on London society engagements. Bucks RO Carrington Colln

342. 1849 FOUNTAIN, Rebecca, of Ealing, wife of Abraham Fountain, Welsh linen draper. Diary, 1849–50. The Fountains were on the chapel committee of Ealing Congregational Church. Ealing LHL

343. 1849 HOOPER, Ellen, of Bath Place, Queen's Road, Peckham. Diary, 1849–50. Southwark LSL A 129

4. Eliza Salvin (337) attends a dress rehearsal in 1859 (courtesy of Barnet Archives and Local Studies)

344. 1849 PARKINSON-FORTESCUE, Frances Elizabeth Anne, 7th Countess Waldegrave. Diary, 1849–79. Social round, visits, dinner parties, life at Strawberry Hill. Entries for the last few months of her life, in 1879, annotated by her widower. BL Add MSS 63,705–27

345. 1849 POWELL, Ophelia Catherine, of Colyton, Devon, daughter of RN officer, later wife of Unitarian minister. Diary, 1849–52, 1852–64, including visits to London, where she comments on church services, and admires the Great Exhibition. Nat L Wales George Eyre Evans MSS no. 13–15

346. 1849 SHERIDAN, Richard Brinsley, of Frampton Court, Dorset, Member of Parliament. Diary, 1849–75, including life and parliamentary business in London, art and artists. Dorset RO MSS D51/15/1–11

347. 1850 ANON, of the United States, clergyman. Diary of trip to attend the London Missionary Society Convention in London, 1850. Billy Graham Center SCO96–A

348. 1850 ANON, (female) of Ireland. Diary, 1850, of Irishwoman's visit to London. PRONI D 906/365/1

349. 1850 ALLEN, Ebenezer Brown, clergyman, chaplain to the Consumption Hospital, Chelsea. Diary, 1828–80. He moved to London in 1850, living in Chelsea and Kensington. York City Archives ACC 100

350. 1850 BENTLEY, George, publisher and author, son of Richard Bentley (404). Diary and correspondence, 1850–95. Available on British Publishers' Archives on Microfilm (Chadwyck Healey, 1976). Illinois UL

351. 1850 BLAND, William, of Hartlip, Kent. Diary of travels including London, c. 1850. Kentish Studies U771 F11

352. 1850 HERVEY, Isabella Mary, daughter of Lionel Charles Hervey, wife of Walter Drummond of Sevenoaks and Park Street, London. Diary, 1850–7, of daily activities, dinners, visits, friends. Birmingham UL MSS 7/iii/6

353. 1850 PEGLER, George, of Earith, Hunts, and Willingham, Cambs, Headmaster of British School. Diary of daily life as teacher, health, religious meetings, science lectures, reading and visits, including frequent trips to London where members of his family lived, 1850–60. Extracts in Victorian Diaries (ed H Creaton, 2001). Cambridge CRO 854/F1

354. 1851 BELL, W J, of Newcastle, businessman. Elaborate diary and scrapbook recording a visit to London for the Great Exhibition in 1851. Detailed account of indefatigable sightseeing, including refreshment stops and transport arrangements. Ephemera stuck into the volume add to its charm. MoL L 10.1

355. 1851 BOWDITCH, Stephen Hugh, of Lewisham Park. Copy of his diary, 1851–70, 1879–85. Domestic life, medical history of his many children, rather 'Pooterish'. Lewisham LSC PT78/200/1 (GFC)

356. 1851 CHAPMAN, John, critic and editor. Diary, 1851 and 1860, about his social life, work on the Westminster Review while George Eliot was living in his house, business life and health. Yale UL MSS Vault section 4 drawer 3

357. 1851 DALY, Charles Patrick, of New York City, judge. Diary of American's tour and social life in London, 1851. British Museum, Tower of London, Crystal Palace, National Gallery, other tourist sights as well as opera and theatre, but also Judge and Jury Society, Seven Dials and the rookeries. New York PL

358. 1851 DAWSON, Lady Anna Maria, Lady in waiting to the Duchess of Kent, niece of Lady Louisa Stuart (325) Diary, 1851. Bodleian MS Eng. misc. g. 173

359. 1851 HUTCHINSON, Peter Orlando, of Sidmouth, Devon, botanist and antiquary. Diary of visit to London, including Great Exhibition, 1851. Extract in The Observant Traveller (ed R Gard 1989). Devon RO MS 36

360. 1851 JOHNSON, Nancy Maria Donaldson. Diary of trip to Europe with her husband, Walter Rogers Johnson, who was commissioner to the Great Exhibition. Crystal Palace, sights. L Congress Peter Force Papers 8D 78, also mf 17,137 reel 43

361. 1851 JUPP, George, agricultural labourer and New Zealand colonist. Copy of diary, 1851, covers visit to Great Exhibition before leaving for New Zealand. Rhodes HL 850.12.S.4

362. 1851 MORAN, Benjamin, of the United States, diplomat. Diary, 1851, 1857–75, kept while secretary to the American Legation in London. L Congress MSS 0447H

363. 1852 ANON, wife of a farmer near Uxbridge, Middx. Diary, Jan–Dec 1852, farm and family business. Wigan AS EHC138/M923

364. 1852 CROKER, Thomas Crofton, of Fulham, Irish antiquary. Diary, 1852. S Antiq MS 751

365. 1852 GREATOREX, Dan, of Whitechapel, later Vicar of St Paul's, Dock Street. Diary, 1852–4, 1855–7, 1860–2. He was working or studying out of London until 1860, but frequently visited his parents in the city. Saw funeral of Duke of Wellington, worked at the Royal Panopticon, visited Zoo, Crystal Palace, Lock Chapel, shopping, health problems. Based in London from 1860, working for Thames Church Mission on board their ship the Swan. Visits to shipping, dockyards. Newgate prison, Old Bailey trial, Bethlehem Hospital, British Museum. Burial of Prince Consort. International Exhibition. Later volumes cover his extensive foreign travels. Tower Hamlets LHLA P/GTX/1–3

366. 1852 HEFFER, Edward Arthur, of London, possibly Kentish Town, apprentice architect. Diary, 1852, about his education, personal life, love affair, 'self-help', visit to Crystal Palace. Wigan AS EHC62/M831

367. 1852 JARVIS, G K, of Doddington, Lincs. Travel diary, including a stay in London, 1852. Lincs Archives 8/43

368. 1852 TAYLOR, Shephard Thomas, of Norwich, medical practitioner (physician). Diary, 1852–6, a mixture of social life and work in London. His later diaries (1858–64) were published as the Diary of a Medical Student, 1860–4 (1927) and Diary of a Norwich Hospital Medical Student, 1858–60 (1930). R Coll Physicians MSS 2435–9

369. 1853 BULLER, James Wentworth, Member of Parliament, Chairman of Bristol and Exeter Railway. Diary of travel, including London, 1853. Devon RO 1065M/F9/41

370. 1853 JONES, Arthur F, of Brixton, Camberwell and Cranleigh, accountant or clerk. Diary, 1853–9, 1868–1910. Social life, domestic affairs, work in the City. Lambeth AD 8/25 (S1654)

371. 1853 LUBBOCK, Sir John, Bart, 1st Baron Avebury, banker, scientist and author, husband of Alice Lubbock (503). Diary, Jan 1853–May 1913. Work, family life, travels. His courtship and second marriage in 1884. BL Add MSS 62,679–84

372. 1853 MIERS, Mrs S M, of Rio de Janeiro, wife of shipbuilder. Diary, covering visit to London in 1853, seeing British Museum, Crystal Palace, Drury Lane theatre, and attending a Dickens reading. Wigan AS EHC27/M795

373. 1853 WYON, Leonard Charles, of the Royal Mint, chief engraver. Diary, 1853–67, which he resolved to keep from Aug 1853. Home life, his happy marriage (to 'dear May'), arrival of children, early death of some of them, problems of finding wet nurses and other servants. His work at the Mint, engraving, modelling. Extracts in Victorian Diaries (ed H Creaton, 2001). BL Add MSS 59,617

374. 1854 ANON, of London. Diary, 1854, of social events, family matters, church attendance. Reading UL MS 1195

375. 1855 ANON, (male) of London, banker. Extracts from a private diary with correspondence concerning the formation of the Ottoman Bank. Guildhall L MS 4238

376. 1855 BICKERSTETH, Charlotte, author, sister of Harriet Cook (314). Diary of her life in London, 1855–63. Wellcome PP/COO/I1–5

377. 1855 BRODRICK, Augusta Mary, Viscountess Midleton, wife of William Brodrick, 8th Viscount Midleton. Diary, 1855–98, covering social life in London as well as life on the family estate at Peper Harow, Surrey. 1855 diary mentions her charitable work at a London Ragged School. Activities and health of her large family (nine children). Surrey HC 1538/1–44

378. 1855 GRIFFITH, William Tyndal, of Bangor, medical student. Diary, 1855–61, covering work at Bloomsbury Dispensary, Royal London Orthopaedic Hospital and St Luke's Hospital for Lunatics, also public events, and his social and religious life. Some shorthand passages. Nat L Wales MSS 10209A 10210B 10211B

379. 1855 GROOM, Emma, of Finsbury and Islington, book restorer. Diary, 1855–1900, some retrospective. Illness and death of family and friends, religious sentiments, seaside holidays. MoL

380. 1855 RICHARDSON, Sarah, of Newcastle. Travel diary of continental tour, 1855, including brief but energetic sightseeing in London en route. Cambridge CRO R 83/061

381. 1855 VAN BUREN, Angelica Singleton, of South Carolina, daughter-in-law of US President Martin Van Buren. Diary of visit to Europe, including London, with her family, 1855. S Carolina UL

382. 1856 CUST (née HOBART), Maria Adelaide, wife of Robert Needham Cust, qv. Diary, 1856–60, of courtship, marriage, shopping and general daily life in England and departure to India in 1859. Full description of her wedding day, and the birth of her daughter. Extracts in Victorian Diaries (ed H Creaton, 2001). BLOIO MSS.EUR. A118

383. 1856 HALLIDAY, Jane Meliora, of Belmont Park, Lee (from 1865), wife of John Halliday, pre-Raphaelite painter. Diary, 1856–1913, brief entries relating to her social engagements and the weather; with cash accounts. Lewisham LSC A90/7/1–55

384. 1857 BOLTON, John, of Hoxton. Diary, 1857, of domestic and religious matters. Hackney AD Z21

385. 1857 BOSANQUET, Augustus Henry, of East Barnet. Diary, personal and business matters, 1857–76. Herts ALS D/EX 176 F1

386. 1857 FANE, (née COWPER), Lady Adine, daughter of 6th Earl Cowper, wife of the Hon Henry Fane. Diary, 1857–61, 1866, 1868, from age of fourteen, of life in the country and London, including her dislike of the social season. Herts ALS D/EP F644; D/ERv F4–F5

387. 1857 GRENVILLE (née HARVEY), Caroline, Duchess of Buckingham and Chandos, wife of 3rd Duke. Diary, 1857. Huntington L Stowe Colln

388. 1857 LEE, Robert James, of Great Ormond Street Hospital, medical practitioner (physician). Diary 10 Oct 1857–20 Sept 1869; 8 Nov 1902–7 March 1903; 13 Nov 1910–7 Feb 1911, with reminiscences about his early life, and his father. Personal matters, medical duties, and descriptions of public events such as the Reform Bill demonstrations of 1867. Wellcome MSS 3221, 3224

389. 1857 MORLAND, Edward Henry, of the Bengal Civil Service. Diary, 1857, starting in India, the voyage home and retirement in Berkshire with frequent visits to London. BLOIO MSS.EUR. A188

390. 1857 TOD, John, of Edinburgh, engineer. Diary of visit to London, June–July 1857. Nat L Scotland Acc 9211

391. 1857 WEST, Henry, King's College, London, engineering student. Diary for 1857, covering his scientific work, social life, visits and entertainments. LMA F/WST/19

392. 1858 BARNARD, Elizabeth Mary, of Cheshire. Diary of travel, including London, 1858. Cheshire RO DDX 459

393. 1858 COMPTON, Louisa. Diary of voyage from Bombay to England, 1858, then London life and a Scottish visit. BLOIO MSS.EUR. A39

394. 1858 DRAKE, Samuel Gardner, of New Hampshire. Diary kept 1858–9 while researching American history in London: offices visited, people, London life and places. New Hampshire HS C438

395. 1858 FLOWER (née ROTHSCHILD), Constance, Lady Battersea, Diary of her family and social life starting as a teenager, 27 June 1858–Nov 1928. Often in London and at Rothschild houses nearby, such as Gunnersbury, visiting relations. BL Add MSS 47,913–47

396. 1858 FORDE, Henry Charles, of Wimbledon, civil engineer. Diaries, 1858–82, 1889, 1890, 1896, a mixture of business activities (cable-laying, telegraphs, railways), Volunteer service, church attendance, theatre-going, family events. Wimbledon M A17

397. 1858 HARLEY, John Pritt, of Upper Gower Street, and the Princess's Theatre, Oxford Street, actor. Diary, 1 Jan–20 Aug 1858, the last few months of his life. Daily events, with great attention to meals. Plays rehearsed, roles played, theatrical and family gossip. Extracts in Victorian Diaries (ed H Creaton, 2001). LMA O/54/1

398. 1858 LLOYD, James, of 5 Kingsland Green, Hackney. Diary, 1858–62, dealing with his family life, religious activity (St Matthias and Balls Pond churches), charitable dispensations. Notes household expenditure. Hackney AD M4409

399. 1858 PATTERSON, James, of Manchester, teacher of deaf and dumb. Diary, with account of visit to London 1858–9. Tourist sights, mesmeric experiments. Wellcome MSS 7353

400. 1858 ROBERTS, Nathaniel, of Combe Farm, East Greenwich, market gardener. Diary, 1858, recording his family's activities, including having photographs taken. The photographs survive with the collection. Greenwich LHL Combe Farm Colln

401. 1858 SHERRARD (née HALL), Louisa, of West Wickham, Kent, sister of Emily and Ellen Hall (290). Diary, 1858–97 about family matters and social activities. She was frequently abroad in Switzerland and Germany. Bromley AS U923/F1–19

402. 1858 SILVER, Henry, of Punch, journalist. Diary, 4 Aug 1858–23 March 1870, of his daily life and literary gossip. Edition in preparation by Prof. P. Leary of Indiana University. Punch L PUN/A/Silv

403. 1859 ANON, a member of the SLADDEN family, of Seward House, Badsey, Worcs. Diary of journey starting from London to Leith by steamer, 1859, and on into Scotland. Worcs RO 705:1037

404. 1859 BENTLEY, Richard, publisher, father of George Bentley (350). Diary, 1859–70. Available on British Publishers' Archives on Microfilm (Chadwyck-Healey, 1976). Illinois UL

405. 1859 CREPIGNY, Frances, later Lady REYNOLDS. Diary, 1859–64, including London activities, visits to British Museum, National Gallery, Royal Academy, Crystal Palace, concerts, the opera, flower exhibitions and dog shows. Herts ALS 86135

406. 1859 HORROCKS, John, of Lambeth and Wandsworth, schoolmaster. Diary with spasmodic entries, 1859, of his life teaching at a Methodist school which he eventually left to become a shopkeeper. Wigan AS EHC56/M825

407. 1859 LEYCESTER, Rafe Neville, schoolboy, later Inland Revenue clerk. Diary, 1859–65 (with gap Feb 1861–Aug 1863) of everyday life as schoolboy in London and Devon, and his first job in the Civil Service. Rowing on the Thames, walking, interest in young female acquaintances, and in politics. Private. Mr E. Fenton (

408. 1860 JANSEN, Victorine, of Redditch, Worcs. Diary, 1860–62, with theatrical interest. Worcs RO BA 11402

409. 1860 MAGNIAC, Hollingworth, father-in-law of Augusta Magniac. Diary, 1860. Brief but regular pencilled entries about daily life, his health and that of family. He lived in Bedfordshire but made frequent trips to the City. BLOIO MSS.EUR. F197/620

410. 1861 BUND, Harriette Penelope Willis, of London and Worcestershire. Diary and papers, 1861–81. Worcs RO 705.36, BA533

411. 1861 GULLETT, Henry, of Melbourne, journalist. The London section of his diary covers Oct 1861–Nov 1862, after which he returned to his work in Australia, continuing the diary until 1866. State L NSW MS 1473

412. 1861 MILLER, Frederick, clergyman. Diary, 1861–2, of voyage from Melbourne to London and back, during which he acted as chaplain on board. He records his stay in London in between. Nat Maritime M MS NOR (113045)

413. 1861 MILLER, Thomas, writer of books for boys. Diary, Jan–Sept 1861. Brief daily entries about family activities, gardening and the progress of his writing work, but also his jaunts into the City. Wigan AS D/DZ EHC84/M853

414. 1861 ROPE, Elizabeth H, of London, and Fressingfield, Suffolk. Diary, 1861–71, of life in country and frequent visits to London. Visits the International Exhibition in 1862, the Albert Hall soon after its opening in 1871. Available on Women's Language and Experience mf pt. 3 (Adam Matthew, 1999). Suffolk RO (Ipswich) HD 289/5–9

415. 1861 VINCENT, John Amyatt Chaundy, of London, architect and genealogist. Diary, 1 Jan 1861–31 Dec 1863, 1 Jan 1867–5 Jan 1871. With personal entries, including problems of lodging in London, among heraldic, genealogical and antiquarian matters. Wigan AS EHC120/M888; 121/M889

416. 1862 ANON, Diary, 1862, including visit to International Exhibition in London. Devon RO MSS 337 B add/235/3

417. 1862 ANON, a member of the PROBY family, of Colyton, Devon. Diary of visit to London including the 1862 Exhibition. Devon RO 337add B/MF83/3

418. 1862 ANON, of Tooting. Diary, 1862–77, relating to philanthropic work, including at Brompton Hospital and a soup kitchen, attending evening classes, church, theatregoing and holidays on the South Coast. Surrey HC 4351

419. 1862 CHAPLIN, Samuel, of Lexden, Colchester, owner of seed crushing mill. Diary, 1862–87. Although he lived in Essex, Chaplin visited London at least weekly on business, by train, and in 1885 moved there. Business items mixed with personal material about visits to relations, to the theatre, dining out and shopping. MoL Diaries D3

420. 1862 DENSLOW, Dwight B, and Loise A, of the United States, travellers. Diary of travels in Europe and Middle East, 1861–2, including a visit to London on the way home. Sightseeing, including the International Exhibition. New York PL

421. 1862 EGERTON, Elizabeth, Countess of Wilton. Diary, 1861–1919. Bodleian MS Eng. misc. f.421–72

422. 1862 FELL, Alfred, of London, and Nelson, NZ, businessman. Diary, 1862, recording a voyage back to England and life in London in his return. Nelson Provincial M Bett Colln

423. 1862 FLEMING, Albert, of Champion Hill, Camberwell. Diary, 1862, when aged sixteen. Southwark LSL A418

424. 1862 LEGGATT, Frederica Constance, of Lowndes Square, Knightsbridge, medical practitioner's daughter. Diary, 1862–4, of daily life, including visit to International Exhibition in 1862, nursing relatives, visiting sick, teaching poor children. Wigan AS D/DX EHC176/M968

425. 1862 MAGNIAC, Augusta, probably daughter-in-law of Hollingworth Magniac, qv. Diary, 1862, of daily life near London, mentioning visits in Hendon and husband's work in the City. BLOIO MSS.EUR. F197/625

426. 1862 WEBB, Benjamin, clergyman, ecclesiologist, prebendary of St Paul's cathedral. Diary, 1837–85, Had London parish from 1862. Bodleian MS Eng. misc. e.406–41; f.97–9

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428. 1863 EDWARDS, F Y, of Cromwell House, 42 Hampstead Hill Gardens, Army officer. Edwards travelled widely and most of his diary relates to visits abroad. He remained in London for the first half of 1863 and wrote detailed accounts of his activities, which include seeing the opening of the Metropolitan Railway in Jan and the celebrations for the arrival of Princess Alexandra to marry the Prince of Wales in March. MoL 76.15/11

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431. 1864 BROOKS, Charles William Shirley, journalist, editor of Punch. Shirley Brooks's diary, covering his family and social life as well as his work on Punch, is in three separate repositories: Harvard UL (1864); Punch L (1867, 1872); and the London L (1869, 1871, 1873). Harvard UL Eng MSS 601.20; Punch L PUN/A/Brok/AA 1–2; London L Safe 4

432. 1864 HOWELL, George, trade unionist, Member of Parliament, writer. Diary, 1864–1908. Bishopsgate I George Howell Colln

433. 1864 PALMER, James, head coachman to the Earl of Strafford. Diary, 1864–83, including journeys made during the London season of 1866. Herts ALS D/EX 318 Z1–2

434. 1864 POORE, Robert, of Old Lodge, Lower Wallop, Hants, retired Army officer (Major). Diary, 1864–1918, including his visits to London and his enthusiastic Directorship of the London and Provincial Turkish Baths Co. The company ran the luxurious Hamman Turkish Baths in Jermyn Street. There are earlier diaries in the series (1853–63) relating to his Indian service. Wilts RO 1915/65–172

435. 1864 THORNHILL, later DOWNE, Henriette, of South Lambeth and Essex/Suffolk. Diary, 1864–79, starting at age seventeen. The granddaughter of Sarah Siddons, orphaned when her parents were killed in the Indian Mutiny. Brought up by grandmother, much on South Lambeth social life. Lambeth AD K 63616

436. 1865 COKAYNE, George ('GEC'), of Ashbourne House, Putney High Street, and Exeter House, Putney Heath, barrister, herald and genealogist, husband of Mary Dorothea Cokayne, father of Brien Cokayne, qqv. Diary, 1865–1910, of his social and professional life. With ephemera. Northants RO C 1334, 1462

437. 1865 RODWELL, J M, Rector of St Ethelburga, Bishopsgate. Diary of personal and parish affairs, 1865. Written in volume of parish register for baptisms and burials, 1792–1818. Also contains his autobiography to 1864. Guildhall L MS 4238 (on mf).

438. 1866 DANIEL, Wilson Eustace, clergyman. Diary, 1866–1923 (with gaps), the earlier years dealing with his time as assistant curate of St Mark's, Whitechapel, and an outbreak of cholera. Brief entries. Bath CL MSS 1150–1201

439. 1866 MAYNARD, Constance Louisa, Principal of Westfield College, University of London. Personal diary, 1866–86, 1901–35, covering most of her working life. Other diaries concern college matters only. QMW WFD/ CLM

440. 1867 CUST, Robert Needham, orientalist, Secretary of Royal Asiatic Society, widower of Maria Adelaide Cust qv. Diary, 10 Aug 1867–Feb 1909 covers his retirement in London after career in India. Basic index in each volume, Much on his scholarly activities including Needham genealogy, but also family worries, such as his son's unhappiness at at Eton. BL Add MSS 45,397–406

441. 1868 BLAKE, Walter Scott, law student. Diary, 1868–70. Lived in Gower Street, later in Oxford Terrace, and worked in Chancery Lane. IOW CRO BRS/B/125

442. 1868 DOBELL, Bertram, of Haverstock Hill, and Charing Cross Road, bookseller, man of letters, husband of Eleanor Dobell, qv. Diary, 1868–9, 1881–1914. Bodleian MS Dobell e.1–34, f.2–3

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445. 1868 REYNOLDS, W, (male) of Nottingham. Diary noting a visit to London in Feb 1868. Notts Archives MS M 12,297

446. 1868 SMILEY, Sarah F, of Pennsylvania, traveller. Diary of trip to England, 1868–9, philanthropic and religious interests, visits. Pennsylvania HS 602

447. 1868 WILDE, James, Post Office employee and amateur organist. Diary, Jan–May 1868. Played the organ in some City churches. Hackney AD M4545

448. 1870 LIDDON, Henry Parry, clergyman, canon of St Paul's cathedral. Diary, 1858–90, of his life in Oxford and, from 1870, in London. Bodleian MS St Edmund Hall MS 69

449. 1869 BARING (née DIGBY) Lady Leonora Caroline, wife of 4th Baron Ashburton. Diary, 1869–70. Barings 136

450. 1871 ANON, possibly BROWN, Henry Francis, of London. Diary, 19 Aug 1871–17 July 1874, with some material on home life, but also much continental travel. Wigan AS EHC107/M875

451. 1871 BUCHANAN (née FORBES-ROBERTSON), Ida Mary, sister of the actor Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson. Diary, 1871–1921, though some early material has been excised, and biographical notes added later. Theatrical matters. An account of the arrest and imprisonment in Holloway of a suffragette who broke Gamage's windows in 1913. BL Add MSS 62,699

452. 1871 STANSFIELD, T W, Indian Army officer (Major). Diary, 1871–8, of life in India and London. Birmingham UL MS 6/vi/14

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455. 1872 CROSWELL, Henry. Diary, 1872–86, recording Sunday visits to London churches, with notes on architecture, clergy, style and length of service, music and congregation. Bodleian MS Eng. misc. c.402/1–2 (transcript)

456. 1872 DONALDSON, Andrew Brown, and DONALDSON, Agnes Emily (née TWINING) of Kensington. Joint diary, 1872–1919, kept throughout their married life, usually taking turns to write each day's events. Middle class family life, health, domestic matters, social engagements, Andrew's work as an artist. Occasional marginal sketches. Extract in Victorian Diaries (ed H Creaton 2001), relating to a winter spent in Rome in 1880–1. LMA F/DON/1–27

457. 1873 BENTLEY, Richard, the younger, publisher and meteorologist. Diary, 1873–4. Bodleian MS Eng. misc. e.733

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461. 1873 POWELL, H J, of Dulwich, of Whitefriars Glass. Alphabetical notebook with chronological index forming rough diary. Technical glassmaking data interspersed with personal items, his marriage, family events, a few notes on his time as Conservative member for Dulwich on the LCC. MoL Whitefriars Glass Archive 3238 Box 15

462. 1873 RAMSAY, Charles Maule, schoolboy, later cadet. Diary, 1873–7, kept at Wimbledon School and then at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. NAS GD 45/26/93

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472. 1877 ANON, of Bath. Diary of daily life of a young woman living near Bath, who visited London 1877. Birmingham UL MS 6/i/35

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475. 1879 ANON, of London and Sussex. Diary, 1879–81. Oxfordshire Archives OA/E/7/J3/01–2

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478. 1879 JONES, David, of Wallington, Surrey. Diary, 1879–83, 1887. Local life, antiquarian interests, description of Fr Ignatius, the weather. Cardiff CL MSS 1.640

479. 1879 MONTEFIORE, Sir Moses Haim, philanthropist. Diary, 1879. UC London MSS Room

480. 1879 STANTON, Robert L, of the United States, clergyman. Diary of a visit to London, Feb–March 1879. Sightseeing, visits, preachers heard. New York PL

481. 1880 ANDERSON, W, of the United States, traveller. Diary of a voyage round the world, 1879–80, on the barque Sara S Ridgway. The entries for June–July 1880 describe his stay in London, seeing the sights including the opening of the Albert Docks. Australian NL MS 665

482. 1880 BOWKER, Richard Rogers, American publisher's agent. Diary, 1880–1, of his activities in London as agent for Harper & Bros, dealings with authors, London social life, operas, concerts, Library Association meetings. New York PL

483. 1880 DILKE, Sir Charles Wentworth, Bart, politician and author. Diary, 1880–3. Birmingham UL Special Collns

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485. 1880 ROGERS (née SKINNER), Alice, of Croydon. Diary, 1880–1905, covering her marriage, birth of daughter, the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, her treatment for consumption, peace celebrations after Boer War. Croydon LSL AR57/1/1

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488. 1881 CAMPBELL-BANNERMAN, Sarah Charlotte, Lady Campbell-Bannerman, wife of politician and, later, Prime Minister. Diary 1881–3, 1884–7, noting guests at dinner, visitors, social activities, occasional political comments. Entries usually brief. BL Add MSS 41,251

489. 1881 EVANS, William Burges, of Mehetabel Road, Homerton, cashier in solicitor's firm. Diary, 1881–4, 1889–1900. Evans began the diary as a schoolboy. It covers home life, holidays, finding a job, Sunday School teaching. Hackney AD D/F/EVA

490. 1881 FITCH, Edward Arthur, antiquary. Diary of life on a Thames tug, 1881. Essex RO D/DQs 146/2

491. 1881 HALL, William John, canon of St Paul's cathedral, clergyman. Diary, 1881–1909, with retrospective notes of his earlier life, written 'for the benefit or amusement of my children'. Covers his family life, troublesome half-brothers, anorexic daughter, and his professional activities. St Paul's Cathedral L

492. 1881 MILNER, Alfred, Viscount Milner, statesman. Diary, 1881–1925, of his social and political activities. Bodleian MS Milner 56–96

493. 1881 SAMBOURNE, Marion Herapath, of Kensington, wife of Punch artist Edwin Linley Sambourne. Diary, 1881–1914 including details of illnesses, operations and medical treatment of herself and her family, and family menus. Linley Sambourne H

494. 1882 CROCKER, William, of Bow, solicitor's clerk. Photocopied extract from diary for 13 Sept 1882, describing family outing by train to Chingford via Leytonstone, and walk in Epping Forest. Waltham Forest ALSL Acc 10270

495. 1882 RAMSAY, Robert William. Ramsay's diary runs from 1869–1951, beginning when he was eight. London coverage from 1882. An active cultural and social life. Concerts, plays, national events, antiquarian pursuits. Many ephemera (tickets, programmes, etc) with the diary. LMA F/RMY/1–44

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499. 1883 KINGSBURY, Dorothy, of Norfolk. Diary of travel, including London, c. 1883–1904. Norfolk RO MC 29 468x

500. 1884 ASHBEE, Charles Robert, of Chipping Camden, Glos, architect and town planner. Diary and papers, 1884–1941. Active in the Art Workers' Guild and the London Survey Comittee. King's Coll Cambridge Modern AC CRA

501. 1884 BOSE, Monoroma, student teacher in London, later teacher at the Victoria School, Lahore. Diary, 1884–5, of student life in London, social activities, sightseeing, Houses of Parliament, Zoo. BLOIO MSS.EUR. F178/69

502. 1884 GODLEE (née SEEBOHM), Juliet, Lady Godlee, wife of Sir Rickman John Godlee, surgeon. Diary, 1884–1943, of her domestic life, social engagements, much time spent in London. Available on Women's Language and Experience' mf pt 3 (Adam Matthew, 1996). Suffolk RO (Ipswich) HA 43

503. 1884 LUBBOCK (née FOX-PITT-RIVERS), Alice, Lady Avebury, second wife of John Lubbock, 1st Baron Avebury (371). Diary, 1884–8. The first part was written retrospectively, describing her courtship and marriage at twenty-two to an older widower. Her domestic life, birth of the children, her husband's work and travels. They took a London house every season. BL Add MSS 62,691

504. 1884 WOODHOUSE, Joseph, of Sheffield, Methodist minister emigrating to Sydney. Diary, 1884, of his journey to a new post in Australia, includes description of his stay in London before sailing. Nat Maritime M MS LIG 140832

505. 1885 CARPENTER, William Boyd, clergyman, Canon of Westminster. Diary, 1885–1917. BL BL Add MSS 46717–65

506. 1885 LASCELLES, the Hon Frederica Maria, sister-in-law of 5th Earl of Harewood. Diary, 1885, of family and domestic life. Notes servants' wages and terms of employment. Family health, education of children. Letting of London house. Wigan AS EHC199/M999

507. 1885 SHAW, George Bernard, author and playwright. Diary, 1885–97. LSE R(SR) 293

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510. 1886 BYRON, Margaret Alice, of Nottinghamshire. Diary of travel, including London, 1886–7, 1890–3. Notts Archives DD 704/1–3

511. 1886 CAPELL, the Hon Arthur, of Cassiobury Park, Herts, son of 6th Earl of Essex. Diary, 1886–9. Herts ALS D/Z 70 F1–2

512. 1886 COVERNTON, C J, (male) of Heseltine, Powell & Co, stockjobber. Diary, 1886–7. Guildhall L MS, 23,265

513. 1886 GRIMSTON, Violet, Countess of Verulam, of Gorhambury, Herts, wife of 4th Earl of Verulam. Diary, 1886–1936. Herts ALS D/EV F209

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516. 1887 MCEWEN, Daniel, of Southwark, Camberwell and Newington, clerk in office of Official Receivers in Bankruptcy. Diary and accounts, 1887–1911. Active in political societies including Fabian Society, interested in co-operative societies and housing reform. Southwark LSL 1982/11/1

517. 1887 WARD, Thomas Humphrey, journalist with The Times. Diary, 1887. UC London MSS ADD 202

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519. 1888 MOSS, Henry L, of Minnesota, traveller. Diary of European trip, 1888, including London. Minnesota HS P879

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521. 1889 ANON, of Oakland, Maine, clergyman, travelling with Mr Roy. Travel diary, 1889, of a journey to England and France, April–June 1889. The London section describes sightseeing trips to Westminster Abbey, St Paul's cathedral, Parliament, the docks, museums and parks. Winterthur M 95/A67

522. 1889 JONES, Emily A, of Brixton and Peckham. Diary, 1889–1900. Social, personal and domestic affairs, excursions. Lambeth AD MS 8/25 (S1655)

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524. 1890 MOORE, Mrs F D, of Ampfield, Sussex, clergyman's wife. Diary, 30 April–23 June 1890, of journey to visit German eye specialist for her husband's failing eyesight. Stayed in London on the way. Wigan AS EHC139/ M924

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527. 1890 WEMYSS (née MORIER), Victoria, Lady Wester Wemyss, wife of Rosslyn Erskine Wemyss, Baron Wester Wemyss, Admiral of the Fleet. Diaries, 1890–1926, including London life. Balliol Class H/Box 2, Class N/ Box 12–13

528. 1891 BURT, Septimus, of London. Diary, June 4 1891–Sept 22 1900. LISWA Acc 4859A/73

529. 1891 MOLYNEUX, the Hon Sir Richard, of Berkeley Square, Army officer (Major) and courtier. Diary, 1891–1953 (with gaps). Man about town, cultural interests, moved in royal circles. Liverpool RO Molyneux of Sefton

530. 1891 TAIT, Lucy, daughter of Archbishop of Canterbury. Diary, Dec 1891–Dec 1893, Feb 1894–Jan 1897, Nov 1918–Dec 1922, March 1923–Nov 1927, Feb–April 1928. Lambeth Palace L MSS 1605–8

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532. 1892 BROWN, Leonard Joseph, of Shepherd's Bush, railway clerk. Diary, 1892–1939, of day to day activities, work, reading, choir practice, church. Mentions the weather, national news, personal feelings. He worked for the Great Western Railway at Paddington, retiring to Barmouth in 1939, where he continued his diary. Separate notebooks record his mountain-climbing holidays. Nat L Wales 1/292

533. 1893 ANON. Diary of a London gentleman, 1893. Shooting, race meetings, social engagements. Edinburgh UL DK.5.31

534. 1893 DAWSON, Geoffrey, twice Editor of The Times. Diary, 1893–1944, with gap 1919–20. Bodleian MS Dawson 1–49

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536. 1893 INGILBY, Sir William, of Ripley Castle, Yorks. Diary, 1893–1914 (with gaps) covers his daily life in London. Leeds CL Ingilby records MSS 3600

537. 1893 LEIGHTON, Frederic, Baron Leighton, painter. Diary, 1893. R Academy LEI

538. 1893 MANBY, Mrs, of Wassell Wood, Worcs. Diary of visit to London, 1893. Worcs RO 705:448, BA3550/2ii

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540. 1893 WIDDOWSON, C E, of Isleworth, the family ran a drapery business. Diary, 1893–4. Hounslow LSL LA Archives

541. 1894 HASSALL, John, of Kensington, poster artist. Diary, 1894–1948. Essex UL Hassall Colln

542. 1894 LEVESON GOWER, William George Gresham, clerk in the Parliamentary Office from 1908. Diary, 1894–1918, about personal life and official duties. Parliamentary A Hist Colln

543. 1895 NELSON, Mary E, of Minnesota, traveller. Diary of travel, including London, 1895. Minnesota HS A/N427m

544. 1895 NORMAN, Philip, of the London Survey Committee. Diary, 1895–1931. Business engagements and home life. LMA A/LSC/100–117

545. 1895 ROSE, Eli, of Walthamstow, builder's labourer. Photocopy of diary, 1895, about his working day, the weather, prices, family events and illnesses. Waltham Forest ALSL Acc 8662

546. 1896 HOLDEN, Sir Edward Hopkinson, clearing banker, Member of Parliament. Diary, 1896–1916, while Chairman of the London City and Midland Bank, and (1906–10) Member of Parliament for the Heywood Division, Lancashire. HSBC Group Archives

547. 1896 IJAMS, Elizabeth, of Virginia, traveller. Diary of European trip, 1896, including life and entertainment in London. Virginia UL

548. 1896 LOFTUS, Ernest A, of Grays, Essex, Headmaster of Barking Abbey School. Listed in Guinness Book of Records as longest-running living diarist until his death in 1985. He began the diary as a schoolboy and continued it in his post-retirement career as an educational administrator in Africa, 1896–1987. London interest is confined to his period as headmaster of Barking Abbey School, from the 1930s to the 1960s. Thurrock M

549. 1897 BALL, Sir William Valentine, of 18 Church Street, South Kensington, barrister, King's Remembrancer. Diary begins in 1891 at age fifteen, but London coverage is from 1897–1900 when studying for the Bar, and 1932–59 as an established and distinguished lawyer. Gregarious social life, with comments on significant contemporaries, political issues, current events and wartime experiences. A Freemason. Private. Mr M Barcroft, 12 Robin Hood Close, Milton Gate, Peterborough PE3 9AR

550. 1897 DOBELL, Eleanor, of Haverstock Hill, and Charing Cross Road, wife of Bertram Dobell, qv. Diary, 1897–1909. Bodleian MS Dobell e.35–9, f.4–11

551. 1897 FOOTE, Joseph, of Queensland, Australia, buyer for family company. Diary of voyage to England, including time in London, 1897. Nat Maritime M MS IND/ARC

552. 1897 GIRDLESTONE, F S, chorister of St Paul's cathedral, aged fifteen. Transcript and photocopy of diary, June 1897, concerning preparations for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. Guildhall L Fo. Pam. 8812

553. 1897 WARREN, Rachel, of Streatham. Diary and other papers, 1897–1903. The diary begins in Rouen at finishing school. From April 1897 it concerns her life in London – theatre, music, social activities, excursions. Public mourning for Queen Victoria and her funeral procession. Entries diminish after Oct 1901. Surrey HC 2377/1a

5. Eli Rose (545) commutes to his building work London in 1895 (courtesy of Mrs M.A. Shaw and Waltham Forest Archives and Local Studies Library)

554. 1898 BROWN, Henry Francis, of London, partner in Kilburn, Brown & Co, East India merchants, uncle of Sybil Mary Curtis, qv. Diary, 9 June 1898–21 Oct 1909. Social and domestic life, literary and other artistic interests. Wigan AS EHC111/M879

555. 1898 TURNER, Cecil Scott, West London, solicitor, son of Mrs MF Scott Turner, qv, Solicitor with Piccadilly firm. Diary, 1898–1956, concentrates on his social life, health, travel and the weather. Resident at Vanderbilt Hotel, Cromwell Road, for over twenty years. Catholic convert. LMA ACC 1385/5–63

6. Ethel Clementi (559) studies music in 1901 (courtesy of Wigan Archives Service)

556. 1899 PROCTOR, Robert George Collier, bibliographer in the British Museum. Diary, 1899–1903. BL Add MSS 50190–5

557. 1900 ROSE, George H, of Dalston Gas Company. Diary, 1900–56; access to the post–1914 volumes is restricted. Essex RO Misc Acc D/DK 418/ 1–57

558. 1901 BIBBINS, Mrs Arthur, of Maryland. Diary of visit to London, 1901–2, including opening of Parliament, 1902, and visit to Claydon House. Maryland HS MS 129

559. 1901 CLEMENTI, Ethel, music student. Diary, 3 Jan 1901–26 Feb 1902, with emphasis on her musical interests and education. Lessons, visits to opera, concerts. The latter part concerns her studies in Dresden. Wigan AS D/DX EHC184/M976

560. 1901 COGNEY, Miss R D, of East Twickenham. Diary, 1901, mentioning Queen Victoria's funeral, and the Boat Race. Hull UL DX 187/1

561. 1901 FREEMAN, Marjory, of Kingston upon Thames, Surrey. Diary, 1901–3. Kingston MHS KX162/2/1–3

562. 1901 HALE, Edwin, of Battersea. Diary, 1901–8, written for his fiancée, later his wife, during a long engagement. Social activities, work, holidays, anniversaries of their meeting. Wandsworth LHS

563. 1902 ELWELL, Violet, of Australia. Diary of a visit to England, including stays in London from Dec 1902–Feb 1903 and a later visit in July 1905, before her return to Australia. Detailed and perceptive descriptions of her impressions, traffic, tube travel, entertainments. Private. Currently being edited for publication by Ruth Longford (

564. 1902 FITZWILLIAMS, Gerard Hall Lloyd, medical practitioner (surgeon). Diary, 1902–68. Nat L Wales See NLW Ann Rept 1976–7 p.68

565. 1902 NICOLL, T Vere, medical practitioner. Diary of London doctor, 1902–19. Everday life, patients, social engagements, family matters. Wellcome GC/133

566. 1902 SAMUEL, Sir Marcus, later 1st Viscount Bearsted, Lord Mayor of London, joint founder of Shell Transport & Trading Co. Diary, 1902–3, of his mayoral year, with personal material. Guildhall L MS 10,590

567. 1904 HEELAS, Newton, of Norbiton, clergyman, Vicar of St Peter's, Norbiton. Diary, 1904–38. He became Vicar of St Peter's in 1916 and retired due to ill-health in 1937. Kingston MHS KX173/1/1/1–30

568. 1904 RICH, Samuel Morris, lay minister of South London Liberal Jewish Synagogue. Diary, 1904–49. Southampton UL MS 168

569. 1905 BARNARD, Ettwell A B, of Worcestershire, antiquary. Diary of a cycle tour, including London, 1905. Worcs RO 705:673, BA5821/1–3

570. 1905 COKAYNE, Mary Dorothea, of Putney, wife of G E Cokayne, and mother of Brien Cokayne, qqv. Diary, 1905. Very detailed on everyday events. Northants RO C 664

571. 1905 WRENCH, Sir John Evelyn, founder of the English Speaking Union. Pocket diary, 1905, covering day to day life in London. BL Add MSS 59,557

572. 1906 HOLMES, Sir Charles John, director of the National Gallery, and National Portrait Gallery. Diary, 1906–35. Nat Portrait G MS 26

573. 1906 PHILLIPS, Ruth, Secretary to Lucien Wolf and Israel Zangwill. Diary, 1906–8. Southampton UL AJ/9

574. 1907 CURTIS, Sybil Mary, of Westminster, niece of Henry Francis Brown, qv. Diary, 20 Jan 1907–27 Feb 1910, with gaps. Her active work as a parishioner of St Margaret's, Westminster, charitable activities, Westminster Abbey, social and domestic life, mention of suffragettes, feminists. Wigan AS D/DZ EHC106/M874

575. 1907 WATERS, Amy L, of the United States, traveller. Diary of a European tour, June–Sept 1907, with a stay in London, sightseeing, theatre visits. New York PL

576. 1907 WILLIAMS, George Howard, of Hitchcock, Williams & Co, drapers, St Paul's Churchyard and soldier (Sergeant, RAMC). Diary, 1907–61 relating to his work with the family firm, First World War service, much of which was at the 3rd London General Hospital in Wandsworth, later career and holidays. Little of London relevance after 1919. IWM GWH/1–66

577. 1908 BLACKEBY, Robert James, of 29 Christchurch Buildings, Lisson Street NW1, shop employee. Diary, 1908–46. He worked for the department store Peter Robinson Ltd. Minutiae of his daily doings, including mealtimes and weekly list of his domestic washing. A Sunday School teacher. He notes expenses and post received daily. WCA Acc 1489

578. 1908 DEAKIN, Phyllis, journalist on The Times, founder-member Women's Press Club. Diary and papers, 1908–96. Fawcett L 7/PAD

579. 1908 SMYTH, Mary Louisa, of Edworth, Beds. Diary of visit to London, 1908. Beds RO SM/E 54

580. 1911 ADDIS, Sir Charles Stewart, banker, financial adviser and negotiator. Addis's long-running diary began in 1881, but the early part of his career was spent in the Far East. In 1911 he was promoted to the London branch of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank. SOAS PP MS 14

581. 1911 COKAYNE, Brien, later Lord Cullen of Ashbourne, banker, Governor of the Bank of England. Diary, 1911–29, of social and working life. Many ephemera glued in. Northants RO X1344; C1345–61

582. 1911 LEFTWICH, Joseph, of East London, furrier's apprentice, and poet. Diary, 1911, of eighteen-year old Jewish apprentice belonging to the 'East London Group' of writers and artists, friend of Isaac Rosenberg. The diary mainly concerns the author's cultural and political pursuits. Includes the Young Socialist League, rallies, the Bethnal Green by-election, and strikes including the London schoolchildren's strike in Sept. WM P351

583. 1911 REITH, John Charles Walsham, Baron Reith, Director-General BBC, cabinet minister. Diary, 1911–71. BBC WA S60

584. 1912 GROSVENOR, Eliza Francis, of 75 Oakley St, Chelsea, widow. Diary, 21 March–4 Sept 1912, entitled 'diary written on scraps of paper'. Difficult to read, concentrates on her daily life in Chelsea with her three sons. Wigan AS EHC161/M946

585. 1912 TERRERO, Mrs J, suffragist. Diary, 1912, including time served in Hollway Prison. MoL 50.82/1116

586. 1913 DALE, Douglas, of Streatham, screenwriter. Diary, 1913–15, relating to his family life at 41 Stanhope Road, Streatham, as a teenager, and 1923–5 relating to his social engagements around London. Lambeth AD IV/ 147/2/1–6

587. 1913 HARRADENCE, W E, (male) of Upper Norwood, antiquarian. Diary, 8 Aug 1913–1 Nov 1913. Daily activities and his interests. Includes theatre programmes and other ephemera. Wigan AS EHC 151/M936