Checklist of Unpublished Diaries: nos 588-883

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Unpublished London Diaries. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 2003.

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Checklist of Unpublished Diaries: nos 588-883

588. 1913 NORMAN, Montagu Collet, Baron Norman, banker. Photocopied diary, 1913–44. Bank of England

589. 1914 ANON, (female) of Kensington. Diary, July 23–September 5 1914, recording the preliminaries to and outbreak of the First World War as it impinged on her comfortable social circle in London. Interesting for rumours and scare-stories as well as food shortages, shopping and travel problems. IWM Misc 29/522

590. 1914 BRITTAIN, F, (male) soldier (nursing orderly, RAMC). Transcription of diary, 1914–19, of which Dec 1914–Aug 1915 covers his service at the 2nd London General Military Hospital, Chelsea, before being sent overseas. IWM 99/55/1

591. 1914 BUNBURY, Edith Marjorie, of Holborn, and Peckham, charity worker. Diary, 1914–15, in two notebooks. The first, covering July–Sept 1914, is very personal with much self-analysis and criticism; the second, Sept 1914–Nov 1915 is a diary of the progress of the war, with a few personal reactions, insights and anecdotes. LMA B00/035

592. 1914 COULES, Miss M, daughter of news editor at Reuters Press Agency. Diary, June 1914–Nov 1915. Outbreak of war, role of press, work with Belgian refugees, Zeppelin raids. IWM 97/25/1

593. 1914 CUBITT, Ada Alice, of Norfolk. Diary of visit to London, 1914. Norfolk RO FX 1/2

594. 1914 DOBBS, Rosalind, sister of Catherine, Lady Courtney, qv. Diary of the Great War, 1914–c. 1916. LSE Courtney Colln XL/1

595. 1914 HOBBS, Sir Joseph John Talbot, Australian Army officer (Lieutenant-General). First World War diary (copy), including accounts of the London victory marches. Australian WM PR82/153

596. 1914 LOURIE, Dora Leba, of the United States, traveller. Diary covering 9 July–25 Aug 1914, when she was visiting Europe with the Polytechnic Touring Association. Describes short stay in London before travelling to France and Switzerland. Mention of suffragettes. U Westminster Archives Acc 1999/5

597. 1914 MCPHEE, J E, Australian Army soldier (Sergeant). Diary, 1914–18, including leave parties to London. Australian WM 3DRL/2610

598. 1914 MEYSEY-THOMPSON, H C, Army officer (Captain, King's Rifle Corps). Diary, 1914–19. He enlisted in the Inns of Court OTC in Aug 1914 and trained with them before being commissioned and serving in France. Badly wounded at the third Battle of Ypres, moved to a London hospital from June 1918–May 1919. IWM 92/19/1

599. 1914 ROSENBAUM, Edward, librarian of British Library of Political and Economic Science. Diary, 1914–60. LSE Misc Colln 638

600. 1914 TOWER, Miss W L B, helper at Londonderry House Hospital. Miss Tower was in London in Oct 1914, and Sept 1915–16. Her diary describes London's precautions against air attack, Zeppelin raids, and her service as a hospital helper. IWM P472

601. 1915 ATKINSON, R B, regular soldier (29th Divisional Cyclist Company). Diary transcript, April 1915–May 1916. Mainly his Gallipoli service, but invalided home for treatment at Southwark Military Hospital Jan–May 1916. IWM 95/1/1

602. 1915 DICK, Arthur Morrison, Australian Army soldier (Sergeant). Diary of his war service, 1915–19, including a trip to London on leave with the 5th Brigade football team. Australian WM PR00187

603. 1915 HENDY, P G, Australian Army soldier (Driver). Diary, 1915–19, of war service including leave in London. Australian WM PR84/144

604. 1915 MOORE, Ralph Ingram, Australian Army officer (Captain). Diary, 1915–16 of his service at Gallipoli, evacuation to England with enteric fever, leave in London including ANZAC day celebrations there in 1916. Australian WM PR88/206

605. 1915 PELLY, A R, Army officer (Captain, Norfolk Regiment). Diary, 1915, including treatment for wounds at Lady Evelyn Mason's Officers' Hospital in London, Sept–Dec 1915. IWM 91/15/1

606. 1915 RIXON, A J, of Lambeth, soldier (Company Sergeant Major, London Irish Rifles). CSM Rixon's transcribed diary (1915–16) records his service on the Western Front, but includes a period of home leave in Lambeth in Aug 1915. IWM 99/13/1

607. 1915 TREDGETT, Madeleine, of Croydon. Child's diary (photocopy) of lessons, church-going, outings and amusements, 1915–17. Cambridge CRO R93/47

608. 1916 COOPER, Frank Simpson, soldier (NZ Expeditionary Force). Diary of his war service, 1914–18, of which the entries for 1916–18 relate to leave in London and other parts of England, visiting relatives, going to the theatre and restaurants. Canterbury UL MS 35

609. 1916 ENNOR, F H, Army officer (Subaltern, Grenadier Guards). Diary, Jan 1916–March 1918. Military training in Romford, April–Nov 1916, and service in London with the Grenadier Guards, Dec 1916–July 1917. IWM 86/ 28/2

610. 1916 FOULKES-ROBERTS, Arthur, of Denbigh and London, solicitor. Diary, 1916–46. Denbighs RO (Ruthin branch)

611. 1916 HARRIS, R E, of New Zealand, soldier (Rifleman). Photocopy of diary, July–Nov 1916 of life in the trenches, hospital treatment and then leave in London. IWM 86/66/1

612. 1917 CORBOULD, William W, Australian Army soldier (Gunner). Diary, 1917–20, of his wartime service including spells of leave in London. Australian WM PR83/245

613. 1917 GEE, Harry Alfred, Australian Army soldier (Sapper). Diary, 1917–19, of his war service including leave in London. Australian WM PR00378

614. 1917 HOLGATE, Thomas, soldier (London Rifle Brigade). Diary, 1917, including time in London. Manchester ALS Misc/1032

615. 1917 MADDISON, Robert, Australian Army soldier (Private). Diary of war service, 1917–18, including leave in London. Australian WM PR84/213

616. 1917 MERCER, Harold, Australian Army soldier. Diary, 1917–18, concerning his duties with the Salvage Corps in France, and hospitalisation in London. State L NSW MSS 1143

7. Madeleine Tredgett (607) records an eventful day in Croydon in 1915 (courtesy of Mrs M. E. Cooke and Cambridgeshire Archives Service)

617. 1917 PEILE, Mrs L, of Margate, housewife. Diary of life in Margate with young daughter, 1916–17 with German air and sea attack, includes stay in a West End hospital in Sept 1917 during the 'Harvest Moon' raids. IWM 94/2/1

618. 1917 POTTER, H B, of the Harvard Surgical Unit, US Army doctor. Captain Potter served in France and most of his diary, 1916–17, deals with that experience, but en route back to the USA in June 1917 he visited London hospitals. IWM 80/17/1

619. 1917 RUSH, Jessie, of Shepherds Bush. Transcript of her diary, 1917–19, 1921, of everyday life during and after the Great War. Hammersmith ALHC H920 RUS

620. 1917 SMITH, Miss C, WAAC. Photocopy of her diary account of the first few days of her WAAC service in London in June 1917, mentioning her living conditions, initial training, and Zeppelin raids. IWM 98/9/1

621. 1917 TURTLE, Florence, of Wimbledon Park, department store book and stationery buyer. Diary 1917–80 (with gaps) of her work and social life. Food, drink, evening classes, entertainments. Wandsworth LHS

622. 1917 WATKINSON, W E, Lieutenant, Rifle Brigade. Diary, 1917, including hospital treatment at Lady Northcliffe's Hospital, London, Oct–Dec 1917. IWM 90/28/1

623. 1918 ALWIN, Owen, printer. Diary, 1918–50. Bodleian MS Eng. misc. e.2410–21

624. 1918 BIDDLECOMBE, Kathleen, of 6 Cobbett Road, Eltham. Diary, 1918, aged fourteen, recording her life at home, looking after the house and doing the shopping, while her parents worked at the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich. Greenwich LHL MSS BIDD

625. 1918 KEATING, Noel Michael, Australian Army soldier (Corporal). Diary, 1918, of military staff clerk about his war service, including return to London after end of the war for duty with demobilisation staff. Australian WM PR00561

626. 1918 KENYON, Miss W L, VAD nurse. The complete diary covers her war service from 1914–18 in France and the UK; only the section for Feb–Oct 1918 deals with London, when she was a military VAD at King George's Hospital. Transcript. IWM 84/24/1

627. 1918 LEACH, Cyril Henry, of 18 Gayton Road, Harrow, insurance company employee. Diary, 1918–70, covering his social life and some references to his work at the Northern Assurance Company. Harrow LHC A6/2

628. 1918 SORRELL, J, Australian Army officer (Lieutenant). Diary of war service, including training in London. Australian WM 2DRL/0427

629. 1919 BUDD, G A F, of Oxfordshire. Diary of visit to London, 1919. Oxfordshire Archives Misc.Budd.XIII/3

630. 1919 MILES, Dorothy, of 33 Cuthbert Road, Waddon, Surrey, secretary. Diary, 1919, when she was a secretary at LH Turtle (toolmaker and cutler) of Crown Hill, Croydon. Her working and social life including her engagement, the peace celebrations, railway strike, departure of fiancé for Australia. Croydon LSL AR18

631. 1920 BENSINGER, Ruth, of 7 Dartmouth Road, NW2, schoolgirl. Diary, 1920–6, 1928. Ruth lived with her parents and brother ('Boysie') and attended South Hampstead High School. Lively entries record her life at school, visits to friends, family and synagogue, and holiday trips to see relations in Germany. MoL 97.100

632. 1921 EVANS, Albert, Member of Parliament for Islington West and South West. Diary, 1921–75, brief entries cover domestic and trade matters (he was a member of the Goldsmiths, Jewellers and Allied Trades Association) and his period as an MP for Islington West (1947–50, and Islington South West, 1950–70). Islington LHC YL 310 Evans

633. 1921 LANGFORD, Gladys, of Highbury, schoolteacher. Diary, 1921–69, about her domestic, social and teaching life, including air raids, rationing, concerts, and VE Day celebrations in the Second World War years. Many references to her reading. Islington LHC YX 079 LAN

634. 1922 ST JOHN, Henry Algernon Francis, of Acton, local government finance officer. Diary, 1922–68, with cuttings, photographs and other ephemera relating to an uneventful life. Minutiae of daily life, sometimes quite intimate, written with a self-conscious eye on posterity. Some comments on political events. Ealing LHL Acc 68

635. 1923 HOOPER, Hilda, of City of London Girls' School, schoolteacher (art). Diary, 1923–61, brief personal entries with little on the school itself. Lambeth AD Misc IV/72

636. 1923 NEVINSON, John Lea, costume historian. Diary, 12 May 1923–25 Dec 1980, of his work at the Victoria and Albert Museum, later at the Ministry of Education, and early retirement from 1961. Social life, cultural interests. S Antiq 911/3/1–118

637. 1923 ANON. Diary, 1923–4, kept at Staplehurst, Kent, includes visits to London, concerts. New York PL

638. 1924 OSBORNE, Sir Francis D'Arcy, Bart, later 12th Duke of Leeds, diplomat. Diary of life in London, 1924–6 and a fuller diary for 1926, relating to a period in London. Social engagements, theatre visits, family, hobbies. Many other volumes cover his extensive service abroad. BL Egerton 3830–3

639. 1926 CHAMPNESS, Sir William Henry, lawyer, HM Lieutenant of City, liveryman, sheriff. Diary of personal matters, 1926–38, with autobiographical notes 1873–1925. Guildhall Library also has the journals of his years as under-sheriff (1928–9) and sheriff (1937–8) of the City. Guildhall L MS 14,765/1–6

640. 1928 HEAP, Anthony, St Pancras, local government officer. Diary, 1928–85. Heap worked for the department store Peter Robinson Ltd until 1940, then became a local government officer with St Pancras (later Camden) for the rest of his working life. Diary covers work, health, social life and especially theatre, cinema and TV performances. He contributed reviews to the NALGO house magazine for a period. Visited Festival of Britain. LMA ACC 2243

641. 1928 WILLMOTT, Herbert M, of 16 Langham Mansions, London SW5, retired civil engineer. Diary for 1928–47 covers his retirement life in Earls Court including service as ARP warden in Second World War in Kensington. His interests included the church, the League of Nations Union, the Charity Organisation Society, and the theatre. Concerns about rationing, and his health. LMA F/WLM/8–27

642. 1929 LUMSDEN (née HUGHES), A J, (female) of London and Steeple Aston, Wilts. Diary, 1929–35, 1952–80. Wilts RO Misc 3523

643. 1930 RITCHLEY, William G, of Bexley, local government officer. Diary, 1930–72, including his work in Town Clerk's Dept, Bexley. Bexley LSAC PE/RIT/1–43

644. 1931 DON, Alan Campbell, clergyman. Diary, 12 May 1931–25 Dec 1946. Chaplain and Secretary to Archbishop Lang, a Chaplain to the King, Speaker's Chaplain, Canon of Westminster and Rector of St Margaret's Westminster. Lambeth Palace L MS 2861–71

645. 1931 MARTINDALE, Louisa, medical practitioner (cancer specialist). Diary, Jan–April 1931. Everyday life, patients, social engagements. Other volumes cover foreign travel. Wellcome MSS 3482

646. 1931 WITHINGTON, Alan, railway employee, of Highgate. Personal diaries, 1931–98 of his life in Highgate. Lengthy daily entries with many photographs attached. HLSI

647. 1932 BOULT, Sir Adrian Cedric, conductor. Diary, 1928–81, of professional and social engagements. BBC WA S32/1–44

648. 1932 MUSPRATT, Rosamonde, wife of Sydney Muspratt, Indian Army officer. Diary of family and social life in England, 1932–33. The family lived near Maidenhead, but Mrs Muspratt visited London at least once a week for shopping and social engagements. BLOIO MSS.EUR. F223/73–4

649. 1934 GOODLETT, Alexander Kay, of Acton, bank clerk, and PLA river emergency warden. Diary, 1934–40, a transcript, edited by his brother. Home life with parents, wartime work, bomb damage, transport problems. Ealing LHL

650. 1934 HALL, Edward, of Barnsley and Surbiton, diary-collector, father of Joan Mary Hall, qv. Diary, 17 Dec 1934–24 April 1935; 4 Aug–9 Aug 1936; 23 Oct–25 Nov 1937; 22 May 1938– 10 Jan 1939. The diaries cover his move from Barnsley to Surbiton, his financial problems, and his career as a secondhand bookseller. Wigan AS EHC88/M855–6

651. 1934 HEITLAND, Beryl C, of 46 Crouch Hill. Diary, Feb 1934–Feb 1935, with much on her garden and its progress. Islington LHC YX HEI

652. 1935 KITCHIN, Kenneth, of Stationers' School, schoolboy (sixth-former). Diary in verse, 1935–6, about daily life in Hornsey and Muswell Hill. Transcript. Extracts in Hornsey Historical Society Bulletin no.28 (1987). Hornsey HS

653. 1936 BREED, Clara Mona, of New York, traveller. Diary kept on visits to England, 1936–7, and 1939. New York PL

654. 1936 HALL, Joan Mary, later ENDERS, of Surbiton, schoolgirl, daughter of Edward Hall, qv. Diary of school and home life, 1936–7. Wigan AS EHC224–9/RM1575

655. 1936 LEASK, Mrs D, of Crouch End, housewife. Diary (edited transcript), 1936–50, kept at family home in Crouch End before marriage in 1937, then at various homes until return to London at the end of the war. Material on cultural interests, the air raids, food shortages, V-weapons and post-war austerities. IWM 97/28/1

656. 1936 WRIGLEY, W R, of Upper Tooting. Diary, 1936–9, 1941–5, but from 1942 he was serving with the RAF away from London. He was in Tooting during the Blitz. IWM 76/10/1

657. 1937 BEARUP, Thomas William, London representative of the Australian Broadcasting Commission. Diary, 1937–51, 1959–62, while working in London. Australian NL MS 7290

658. 1937 KAYE, Colin C, of Larchmont, New York, traveller. Diary of a European tour, May–Oct 1937, with sightseeing trip in London. New York PL

659. 1937 TYLER, Violet Gladys, of Ladywell Road, Lewisham, office worker. Diary, 1937–41. She lived with her parents, worked at Maltina Bakeries, Blackfriars Road. Family and working life, the weather, Blitz experiences. Lewisham LSC A98/9/1–5

660. 1937 VEAZEY, Mrs J, of Sutton, and South East London, clergyman's wife. Diary of life at home with family in Sutton, Aug 1937–Aug 1940, and in South East London, Sept 1940–Aug 1945. Reactions to Munich crisis, outbreak of war, air raids, V-weapons. Extracts in People at War, 1939–45 by M. Moynihan (1974). IWM PP/MCR/199

661. 1938 ANDREWS, Sylvia M, schoolteacher. Photocopied diary extracts, 1938–45, interspersed with letters from her brother. She was evacuated to Tonbridge, Kent, but made visits to London. IWM 88/50/1

662. 1938 HALL, Vivienne, typist. Diary of the Munich crisis, Sept–Oct 1938, continued intermittently from 1939–45, recording reactions to the outbreak of war, air raids generally, the Blitz and V-weapons. IWM Con Shelf DS/MISC/88 and 84/35/1A

663. 1938 MORRISON-BELL, Sheila, secretary. Diary, Sept–Oct 1938, while working in London, recording her reactions to the Munich crisis. IWM 91/12/1

664. 1938 STEPHEN, Sir James Alexander, Bart, ARP warden, AA soldier. Diary, 1938–45, beginning with the Munich crisis. Author had mental health problems, had difficulty finding war work, eventually becoming an ARP warden, then Ack-Ack gunner at Woolwich until discharged on medical grounds in May 1942. In countryside for rest of the war, continuing diary until 1945. IWM P264

665. 1939 ANON, (male) of Highams Park, London E4, civil servant. Diary, 1939–41. M-O Diarist 5039.9

666. 1939 ANON, (female) of Leyton, London E17, bookkeeper. Diary, Aug–Nov 1939. M-O Diarist 5437

667. 1939 ANON, (female) of London N5, schoolteacher and reporter. Diary, Aug–Sept 1939. Extract (with pseudonym 'June Chivers') in Mass Observation Diaries: an Introduction, comp. S Haines (1991). M-O Diarist 5350

668. 1939 ANON, (female) of London N6, and Northampton, art student. Diary, 1939–40, 1943. M-O Diarist 5352

669. 1939 ANON, (female) of London N6, schoolteacher and ARP ambulance attendant. Diary, 1939–40. M-O Diarist 5422

670. 1939 ANON, (male) of London NW1, and Thrapston, Northants, master printer. Diary, Sept 1939–Feb 1940. M-O Diarist 5209

671. 1939 ANON, (female) of London NW1 and NW8, medical practitioner (psychiatrist). Diary, 1939–41. Extract (with pseudonym 'Rachel Schultz') in Mass Observation Diaries: an Introduction, comp. S Haines (1991). M-O Diarist 5280

672. 1939 ANON, (female) of Cricklewood, London NW2, housewife. Diary, Aug–Oct 1939. Extract in Wartime Women (ed D Sheridan, 1990). M-O Diarist 5336

673. 1939 ANON, (female) of London NW3, and Taunton, Somerset, schoolteacher (history). Diary, Sept 1939. Extract (with pseudonym 'Ella Taylor') in Mass Observation Diaries: an Introduction, comp. S Haines (1991). M-O Diarist 5315

674. 1939 ANON, (male) of London NW3, and Cambridge, student, and research physicist. Diary, Sept 1939. M-O Diarist 5187

675. 1939 ANON, (female) of London NW3, actress. Diary, 1939–42, 1946–7, 1953. Extract (with pseudonym 'Dorothea Jones') in Mass Observation Diaries: an Introduction, comp. S Haines (1991). M-O Diarist 5250

676. 1939 ANON, (female) of London NW9, and Great Missenden, Bucks, retired schoolteacher. Diary, 1939–45. M-O Diarist 5402

677. 1939 ANON, (female) of London NW11, and Warminster, Wilts, architectural assistant. Diary, 1939–43. M-O Diarist 5425

678. 1939 ANON, (female) of Blackheath, London SE3, housewife. Diary, 1939–43. Extract (with pseudonym 'Rose Brown') in Mass Observation Diaries: an Introduction, comp. S Haines (1991). M-O Diarist 5342

679. 1939 ANON, (female) of London SE4, civil servant. Diary, 1939–42. M-O Diarist 5278

680. 1939 ANON, (male) of Eltham, London SE9, park keeper. Diary, 1939–43. M-O Diarist 5163

681. 1939 ANON, (female) of London SE26, journalist. Diary, 1939–40, 1944. M-O Diarist 5349

682. 1939 ANON, (male) of Streatham, London SW2, university student, and in HM Forces. Diary, 1939–43. M-O Diarist 5061.1

683. 1939 ANON, (male) of London SW11, and Cambridge, student. Diary, Aug–Sept 1939. M-O Diarist 5086

684. 1939 ANON, (male) of London SW11, film strip producer. Diary, 1939–40, 1942–4, 1946. M-O Diarist 5275

685. 1939 ANON, (male) of Barnes, London SW13, and Birmingham, buyer. Diary, 1939–45. M-O Diarist 5132

686. 1939 ANON, (female) of East Sheen, London SW14, ARP warden (parttime). Diary, Sept 1939, Aug–Sept 1941. M-O Diarist 5362

687. 1939 ANON, (male) of London SW14, store research director. Diary, 1939–40. M-O Diarist 5136

688. 1939 ANON, (male) of Merton, London SW19, civil servant. Diary, Sept 1939. M-O Diarist 5120

689. 1939 ANON, (male) of London SW19, author and journalist. Diary, Sept–Dec 1939, Jan–Aug 1941. M-O Diarist 5193.1

690. 1939 ANON, (male) of London W2, clerk. Diary, Aug 1939. M-O Diarist 5011

691. 1939 ANON, (female) of London W2, journalist and writer. Diary, 1939–40. M-O Diarist 5291

692. 1939 ANON, (male) of London W3, chemist. Diary, 1939–40. M-O Diarist 5101

693. 1939 ANON, (female) of London W4, social worker. Diary, 1939–40. M-O Diarist 5382

694. 1939 ANON, (female) of Ealing, London W5, and Lymington, Hants, civil servant (unemployed). Diary, Aug–Dec 1939, June–Aug 1940. Extract (with pseudonym 'Janet Watson') in Mass Observation Diaries: an Introduction, comp. S Haines (1991). M-O Diarist 5269

695. 1939 ANON, (male) of Ealing, London W5, West Looe, Cornwall, and Cheltenham, Glos, postal sorter. Diary, 1939–47. M-O Diarist 5089

696. 1939 ANON, (male) of London W5, assistant solicitor, local government. Diary, Aug–Sept 1939. M-O Diarist 5012

697. 1939 ANON, (male) of London W7, office worker. Diary, Aug 1939, May 1940. M-O Diarist 5092

698. 1939 ANON, (female) of London W9, proprietor of Leacroft Service Bureau. Diary, Dec 1939–March 1940. M-O Diarist 5356

699. 1939 ANON, (female) of London W10, housewife. Diary, Sept 1939. M-O Diarist 5262

700. 1939 ANON, (male) of Ealing, London W13, architect's assistant. Diary, 1939–40. M-O Diarist 5237

701. 1939 ANON, (female) of Beckenham, Kent, and London, schoolteacher. Diary, 1941–2. M-O Diarist 5412

702. 1939 ANON, (female) of Beckenham, Kent, researcher into viral diseases. Diary, Aug–Sept 1939. M-O Diarist 5456

703. 1939 ANON, (female) of Croydon, Surrey, and Cambridge, housewife. Diary, 1939–40. M-O Diarist 5366

704. 1939 ANON, (female) of Croydon, Surrey, civil servant. Diary, Sept–Oct 1939, June 1940. M-O Diarist 5383

705. 1939 ANON, (male) of Eastcote, Middx, master decorator. Diary, 1939–41. M-O Diarist 5129

706. 1939 ANON, (male) of Hayes, Middx, estimator on airframe contracts. Diary, 1939–41, 1943. M-O Diarist 5032

707. 1939 ANON, (male) of Ilford, Essex, accountant. Diary, Sept 1939. M-O Diarist 5042

708. 1939 ANON, (male) of Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, clerk. Diary, 1939–41. M-O Diarist 5170

709. 1939 ANON, (female) of London, and Corfe Castle, Dorset, housewife and civil servant. Diary, 1939–45, with some gaps. M-O Diarist 5478

710. 1939 ANON, (female) of Purley, Surrey, assistant organiser of local Care Committee. Diary, Aug 1939, Sept–Dec 1940. M-O Diarist 5246

711. 1939 ANON, (male) of Richmond, Surrey, and Dalton-in-Furness, Lancs, civil servant. Diary, Sept 1939–March 1940. M-O Diarist 5135

712. 1939 ANON, (female) of Romford, Essex, schoolgirl, pupil teacher. Diary, Sept 1939. Extract in Wartime Women (ed D Sheridan 1990). M-O Diarist 5370

713. 1939 ANON, (male) of Sanderstead, Surrey, engineer's draughtsman. Diary, Aug 1939, June–July 1940. M-O Diarist 5155

714. 1939 ANON, (male) of Sidcup, Kent, bank clerk. Diary, Aug–Sept 1939. M-O Diarist 5141

715. 1939 ALLAN, Miss M E, staff journalist on the Daily Herald, later war correspondent. Diary covering the first half of 1939 in London. IWM 95/8/7

716. 1939 BROWNE, Thomas Edward, of 75 Casimir Road, Hackney, ARP warden. Diary, September 1939–May 1945. Daily work as air raid warden, dealing with incidents, problems with rota, everyday life. Hackney AD D/F/ BRO/1/1–7

717. 1939 BULLARD, B C, WAAF (Flight Officer). The diary covers 1939–45. She was in London in the autumn of 1941, serving as a cipher clerk at SOE, Baker Street, and from Sept 1942 successively at the Air Ministry, Bush House, Transport Command, Harrow and RAF Hendon. Much is about her social life, but she also describes air raids in Feb 1944 and the V-weapon attacks. IWM 86/46/1

718. 1939 CARVER, Miss N V, of West Norwood, supervisor at Central Telegraph Office. Diary, 23 Aug 1939–31 Dec 1945, of her wartime experiences in London, ARP measures, civilian conditions, D-Day, VE and VJ Days, the Blitz and V-weapons, with graphic descriptions of bomb damage in the City and near her suburban home. IWM 90/16/1

719. 1939 CHAVE, Dr S P W, of Upper Norwood, laboratory assistant. The diary transcript runs from Oct 1939 to June 1942, recording war news and the effect of the Blitz on Upper Norwood and the West End, conditions on the Home Front, and his work at the Emergency Public Health Laboratory. IWM 79/27/1

720. 1939 COMYNS, Mary, of Uvedale Road, Enfield, schoolgirl, pupil at Enfield County School. Diary, 1939–45, of daily life during the Second World War. Enfield LHU 942.1893

721. 1939 COTTON, Mrs E H, of the United States, resident in London, and Devon. Transcript of her diary covering life in Britain during the Second World War, particularly her residence in Swiss Cottage. Civilian conditions, Anglo-American relations, the Blitz and V-weapons. IWM 93/3/1

722. 1939 COX, Gwladys, of West Hampstead, housewife. Transcript of a war diary, starting 3 Sept 1939 and ending 8 May 1945. She was bombed out in Oct 1940. Excellent description of life during the Blitz, civilian conditions, shortages, rationing and the V-weapon raids. IWM 86/46/1 (P) Original in NLW

723. 1939 EUSTACE, Mrs C, of Chiswick, Scout leader. Photocopied diary, Sept 1939–Sept 1944, of her work as an Assistant District Commissioner for the Scout movement and her involvement with the 8th Chiswick Pack. Describes how the war affected scouting in general, and her pack in particular. IWM 83/27/1

724. 1939 GODDARD, Miss V, of Earl's Court. Transcript of diary, 1939–43, of her family's experiences of the outbreak of war, ARP, rationing, the Blitz and bomb damage. IWM Con Shelf

725. 1939 GOLDEN, Grace, artist. Diary, 1939–54, of her life in London including her work as a war artist. MoL Ac. 93.158 (Grace Golden archive)

726. 1939 KING, F R, RN officer (Lieutenant). Photocopy of his diary for Aug 1939–Jan 1940 covers his service with No. 101 stretcher-bearers in London; from 1941–5 he was with the Naval Training Film Section in London, and wrote mainly about his social life among the artistic fringe. IWM 81/5/1

727. 1939 LAWRENCE, Marie Roma, of Townshend Terrace, Richmond, local government secretary. Diary, 1939–45, of her life in wartime Richmond. She lived with her parents, worked as secretary to the parks superintendant. Wide interests, including playing the clarinet. Richmond LC

728. 1939 LAWS (née HOWARD), Mary, nurse at Hendon Cottage Hospital. Diary, 1939–41 about her life and work in the early part of the war. She left to marry in 1941. IWM 73/54/1

729. 1939 MEADER, Anne Isabella. Diary, Sept 1939–April 1946. Typescript. Bodleian MS Eng. misc. c.569–74

730. 1939 MILES, Constance, of Shere, Surrey, journalist and housewife. Diary of wartime life, 1939–43, of a fifty-eight year old housewife and journalist, including visits to London. IWM 99/74/1

731. 1939 MOTT, Miss H P L, of Teddington, and Greenwich. Diary of her life in Teddington, 1939–46, and Greenwich, 1946–51, recording her reactions to world events and politics as well as day to day life. IWM 97/14/3

732. 1939 PANTING, Horace, of East London, schoolteacher (science). Diary, 1939–40, relating to the evacuation of Holborn Boys' School to Wiltshire. I Education DC/HP DC 02,03,05/98

733. 1939 PENNY, Henry A, of Paddington, bus driver. Diary, 1939–45, with emphasis on air raids and alerts and his activities as a firewatcher, with his daughters. IWM P121

734. 1939 RUMENS, J H, (male) of Walthamstow. Diary covers 1939–46, but only the 1939–41 sections refer to the London area. Recorded in some detail his experiences, including comments on ARP, rationing, firewatching and the bombing of London. He then joined the RAF, and became a clergyman after the war. IWM 87/8/1

735. 1939 SPEED, Florence, of Brixton and Streatham, artist and writer. Diary, 1939–44, 1946–8, 1948–64. A commercial artist pre-war, she joined the family clothing firm as a sales representative until its City premises were bombed in late 1940. Vivid descriptions of the Blitz, wartime difficulties, and her postwar experiences. IWM 86/45/2

736. 1939 STRANGE, Miss J C, of Worthing, Sussex, ARP worker. Most of the diaries relate to life in Worthing and her war work locally, but she frequently visited London and describes the devastation there after the air raids. IWM 96/13/2

737. 1939 THOMAS, Miss G, nurse. Diary covering her experiences at Highgate Hospital, Aug 1939–Jan 1943, and at Lewisham Hospital, Feb 1943–Aug 1945. Vivid entries on outbreak of war, the Blitz, V-weapon attacks, and her own and her patients' reactions. IWM 90/30/1

738. 1939 UPSHER, Mrs L M, of Camberwell. Photocopy of diary, Sept 1939–Sept 1945, with details of local air raids and alerts, bomb damage, and family matters. IWM 85/19/1

739. 1939 WAYTE, J W, Army officer (Lieutenant-Colonel, RAMC). War diary, Nov. 1939–April 1940 as officer commanding 189 Field Ambulance, in training at Barnet. Some personal material among notes on everyday army activities and the problems of setting up a new unit. Wellcome RAMC 1952/2

740. 1939 WEINER, Miss J, Citizen's Advice Bureau worker. Diary of her work in London, with comments on the air raids, her social life, the London Jewish community and German exiles. IWM 77/176/1 (R)

741. 1939 DE ZOETE, Beryl. Diary of writer's experiences in London at outbreak of Second World War; a friend of the orientalist Arthur Waley. Rutgers UL

742. 1940 ANON, (female) of London N6, temporary housekeeper. Diary, Feb–March 1940. M-O Diarist 5421

743. 1940 ANON, (female) of Crouch End, London N8, schoolteacher. Diary, 1940–42. M-O Diarist 5438

744. 1940 ANON, (male) of Muswell Hill, London N10, and Bourne, Cambs, bank clerk, and RAF (Flight Officer). Diary, 1940–56. M-O Diarist 5103

745. 1940 ANON, (female) of London N10. Diary, March 1940. M-O Diarist 5327.1

746. 1940 ANON, (male) of London N19. Diary, Aug 1940. M-O Diarist 5151

747. 1940 ANON, (female) of London NW1, and Orpington, Kent, office worker, housewife. Diary, 1940–5. M-O Diarist 5325

748. 1940 ANON, (male) of Mill Hill, London NW7, bookstall assistant. Diary, Feb 1940. M-O Diarist 5206

749. 1940 ANON, (female) of London NW11, and Harpenden, Herts. Diary, 1940. M-O Diarist 5388

750. 1940 ANON, (female) of London SE3, ambulance driver. Diary, 1940–1. M-O Diarist 5285

751. 1940 ANON, (female) of Brockley, London SE4, and Petworth, Sussex, housewife. Diary, 1940–4, 1947. M-O Diarist 5277

752. 1940 ANON, (male) of Deptford, London SE8, shopkeeper. Diary, 1940–2. M-O Diarist 5039.3

753. 1940 ANON, (male) of Plumstead, London SE18, engineer. Diary, 1940–2. M-O Diarist 5037

754. 1940 ANON, (male) of London SE26, Retired Electricity Board inspector. Diary, 1940–51. M-O Diarist 5098

755. 1940 ANON, (male) of London SW2, and Cirencester, Glos, office manager at Tea Propaganda Board. Diary, 1940–1. M-O Diarist 5006

756. 1940 ANON, (female) of London SW6, typist and full-time Mass Observer. Diary, Oct 1940. M-O Diarist 5257

757. 1940 ANON, (female) of London SW7, medical practitioner. Diary, Feb 1940. M-O Diarist 5386

758. 1940 ANON, (female) of London W5, housewife. Diary, 1940, 1942. M-O Diarist 5394

759. 1940 ANON, (female) of Maida Vale, London W9, housewife and voluntary worker. Diary, 1940–2. Extract (with pseudonym 'Mrs Crawford') in Wartime Women (ed D Sheridan 1990). M-O Diarist 5427

760. 1940 ANON, (male) of London W11, policeman. Diary, June–Aug 1940. M-O Diarist 5094

761. 1940 ANON, (male) of London WC1, and Geneva, lecturer. Diary, 1940, 1942. M-O Diarist 5082

762. 1940 ANON, (male) of Beckenham, Kent, and St Albans, Herts, schoolboy, later student. Diary, 1940–1. M-O Diarist 5091

763. 1940 ANON, (male) of Bromley, and Sidcup, Kent, commercial artist and gardener. Diary, 1940–2. M-O Diarist 5003

764. 1940 ANON, of Chelsea. Diary, 1940. Kensington LSL 940.548 EVE/ AR/RS

765. 1940 ANON, (female) of Edgware, Middx, schoolgirl, student. Diary, June 1940, Feb 1941. M-O Diarist 5294

766. 1940 ANON, (female) of Harrow, Middx, civil servant. Diary, Aug–Dec 1940. Extract in Wartime Women (ed D Sheridan 1990). M-O Diarist 5244

767. 1940 ANON, (male) of Ickenham, Middx, HM Forces (Army). Diary, 1940–1. M-O Diarist 5130

768. 1940 ANON, (male) of Isleworth, Middx, Swindon, and Bournemouth, agricultural worker. Diary, 1940–1. M-O Diarist 5071

769. 1940 ANON, (female) of London, and Slough, Bucks, architect. Diary, 1940–50. M-O Diarist 5401

770. 1940 ANON, (female) of Ruislip, Middx. Diary, July 1940. M-O Diarist 5387

771. 1940 ANON, (male) of Twickenham, Middx, schoolteacher. Diary, 1940–3. M-O Diarist 5235

772. 1940 ANON, (male) of Wembley, Middx, commercial traveller. Diary, 1940–3. M-O Diarist 5150

773. 1940 ANON, (male) of Wembley, Middx, aircraft engineer. Diary, Jan–Feb 1940. M-O Diarist 5074

774. 1940 ANON, (male) of Woolwich, and Leeds, HM Forces (RAMC). Diary, 1940–2. M-O Diarist 5165

775. 1940 BACKHOUSE, F, (male) trainee journalist. Diary, Jan 1940–May 1941, kept while a trainee at the Canadian Press Agency. Describes his daily routine and spare time activities, covering the Battle of Britain, the Blitz and the resulting damage. IWM 90/16/1

776 1940 BAWTREE, Miss V, of Sutton. Transcribed diary extracts, Aug 1940–Feb 1941, with detailed descriptions of Blitz raids over Surrey and London, their psychological effects on her, sheltering in the cellar, and makeshift Christmas celebrations. IWM 91/5/1

777. 1940 BRINTON-LEE, Diana, of West London, housewife, Women Drivers' Corps member. Diary, Aug 1940–May 1941. The writer and her husband lived near Wormwood Scrubs, but moved to a series of unsatisfactory lodgings in Buckinghamshire to escape the bombs. She contined to visit London frequently, and records reactions to wartime problems, air raids and bomb damage with clarity and humour. IWM P 178

778. 1940 CARPENTER, William H, of Caterham, businessman. Diary for 10 and 13 Sept 1940 detailing travel difficulties getting to and from his office in the City as a result of enemy action. LMA O/530/058

779. 1940 DEACON, Mrs A D, WRNS officer. Diary covering her war service including officer training at Greenwich. Air raids, alerts, VJ celebrations. IWM 89/17/1

780. 1940 FORD, Erica, of Ealing, canteen worker. Diary transcript, 1940–3, covering her domestic life, church involvement at St Peter's, Ealing, and war work in local fire service canteen. Ealing LHL

781. 1940 HODGSON, Vere, social worker in Notting Hill area. Diary, 1940–5. Extracts in her Few Eggs and No Oranges (1976). Kensington LSL Misc. 22466–72

782. 1940 JOHNSON, Miss D, of Edmonton, Deputy Head teacher. Diary, 23 May to 3 Oct 1940. She taught at Hazelbury Road School, Edmonton, and writes about air raids, casualties, damage and the effects of the raids on her family's life. Photocopy. IWM 89/14/1

783. 1940 KING, G W, of Sanderstead, law court shorthand writer. Diary, June 1940–Jan 1944, kept as a record for his son, a prisoner of war after Dunkirk. He notes the progress of war on all fronts, with his patriotic comments. Descibes how people coped with wartime disruption of all kinds. IWM 85/49/1

784. 1940 LEVERLAND, Ineke, of Carshalton Beeches, Dutch refugee. Mf diary, 1940–4. Mrs Leverland's husband managed the Philips plant in Croydon, making radios and parachutes for the Allied Forces. The diary covers the wearying effects of continual air-raids, family life in the Anderson shelter, low morale engendered by worry about family and friends in occupied Holland. A useful outsider's view of Britain at war. IWM PP/MCR/42

8. Ilse Leverland (784), a Dutch refugee, endures the Blitz in 1940 (courtesy of the Imperial War Museum, Department of Documents)

785. 1940 LOURDES, Sister, and MARY TERESA, Sister, nuns of the Convent of the Good Shepherd, Finchley. Diary, 'Summary of air raids in Finchley starting from August 1940', ending 1945. Much about convent life in general. Barnet ALS MS 16526

786. 1940 MARSLAND-GANDER, L, (male), radio correspondent of the Daily Telegraph. Diary July–Aug 1940 and Jan–Feb 1941, of his work in London and experiences on the Sussex coast. IWM 78/62/1

787. 1940 MOHAN, Mr and Mrs B P, clergyman, Vicar of St John's, Penge, and his wife. Diary 31 Aug 1940–5 Feb 1941, entitled 'Our Air Raid Book', about their precautions at the vicarage, air raid warnings in the area, bomb damage, casualties, and effects on their family. IWM 96/49/1

788. 1940 MORRIS, Mrs M, nurse. Transcript of nurse's diary; from May 1940–Feb 1943 she visited London frequently at weekends, describes air raids and conditions. From Feb 1943–May 1944 she nursed at the Brook Hospital, Woolwich, before overseas service. IWM 80/38/1

789. 1940 OAKMAN, Miss J M, of Chelsea, ARP warden and Food Office employee. Diary, 1940–5, with much on air raids, bomb incidents, daily life. IWM 91/20/1

790. 1940 POCOCK, Percy, of London, bank clerk. Diary, 1940 with occasional mention of firewatching duties and air raids. Sutton AS 55

791. 1940 REGAN, W B, of the Isle of Dogs, Beckenham and Catford, bricklayer and heavy duty rescue squad worker. Diary, with edited transcript, kept from Sept 1940 to Aug 1944, recording his service in the rescue squad on the Isle of Dogs during the Blitz. He was bombed out of his home, rehoused in Beckenham and Catford, worked as a bricklayer. Describes VI raids, life on the Home Front and morale, rationing and entertainments. IWM 88/10/1

792. 1940 SHEPPERD, Mrs A, of Eltham, housewife. Diary covers the Blitz, Sept–Oct 1940, with descriptions of her family's daily routine during the air raids, her feelings, involvement with Methodist church. IWM 95/13/1

793. 1940 STEVENSON, Mrs M E, North London, secretary/typist. Diary, 1940–5, recording her office job in the City and evening munitions work, off duty entertainment and civilian conditions. IWM 86/56/1

794. 1940 THOMPSON, Joan, of Tottenham, schoolgirl, aged thirteen. Diary for the year 1940, of home and school life, local conditions, news and raids. IWM 90/16/1

795. 1940 TOUTAIN, Charlotte E, Nurse/switchboard operator with the Free French, writer had dual British/French nationality. Diary covers 1940–50, but she was in London only from 1940–4 and 1947–50. IWM Con Shelf, 90/5/1A

796. 1940 WARNER, Miss P, employee of Ministry of Home Security. Diary, Sept 1940–Feb 1942, with near daily entries describing her daily life at work, training as an emergency despatch rider, firewatching, helping at rest centre, air raids, Left wing politics, and London entertainments. IWM 95/14/1

797. 1940 WATERSON, Sidney, South African High Commissioner in London. Diary, 1940–2. Cape Town UL

798. 1940 WOODCOCK, S M S, (male) of Ladbroke Grove, ARP warden, and civil engineer. Diary, June 1940–Dec 1944 of his work as an air raid warden, with useful detail on ARP training, shelters and firewatching and conditions in general. He worked on the construction of the new Waterloo Bridge. IWM 87/36/1 (P)

799. 1941 ANON, (female) of London, HM Forces, (driver). Diary, Nov 1941. M-O Diarist 5403.1

800. 1941 ANON, (female) of East Ham, London E6, houseworker. Diary, 1941–3, 1947. M-O Diarist 5321

801. 1941 ANON, (male) of Southgate, London N14, accountant. Diary, 1941–2. M-O Diarist 5127

802. 1941 ANON, (female) of London SE9, office worker. Diary, 1941–2, 1944–7. M-O Diarist 5443

803. 1941 ANON, (female) of London SW3, housewife. Diary, 1941–2. M-O Diarist 5459

804. 1941 ANON, (female) of London SW5, Ulverston, Lancs, and Windermere, office worker in Fire Service and Home Office. Diary, 1941–2. M-O Diarist 5290

805. 1941 ANON, (male) of London SW12. Diary, 1941–2. M-O Diarist 5116

806. 1941 ANON, (female) of London SW19, secretary to Probation Officer. Diary, Jan 1941. M-O Diarist 5305

807. 1941 ANON, (male) of Acton, London W3, and Bury Port, Carm, HM Forces. Diary, Oct–Nov 1941. M-O Diarist 5112

808. 1941 ANON, (male) of London W5, chemist. Diary, Nov–Dec 1941, Feb 1942. M-O Diarist 5203

809. 1941 ANON, (male) of Belmont, Surrey, ARP worker and food packing manager. Diary, 1941–5. M-O Diarist 5004

810. 1941 ANON, (male) of Goodmayes, Essex, HM Forces (Army). Diary, Oct 1941–Jan 1942. M-O Diarist 5017

811. 1941 ANON, (male) of Hayes, Middx, factory laboratory worker. Diary, Oct 1941. M-O Diarist 5162

812. 1941 ANON, (male) of New Malden, Surrey, secretary of employees' association. Diary, 1941–5. M-O Diarist 5181

813. 1941 ANON, (female) of Purley, Surrey, and Belfast, tax inspector, and mother. Diary, 1941–4. M-O Diarist 5245

814. 1941 ANON, (male) of Sidcup, Kent, factory laboratory worker. Diary, 1941–2. M-O Diarist 5200

815. 1941 ANON, (female) of South Wallington, Surrey, housewife. Diary, Aug 1941. M-O Diarist 5327

816. 1941 ANON, (male) of West Drayton, Middx, office worker. Diary, 1941–3. M-O Diarist 5072

817. 1941 BOYCE, Mrs V I, housewife. Transcribed diary, July–Aug 1941, covers her voyage back to England from Canada to join her husband. She describes the effects of rationing on London and her enlistment in the WRNS. IWM 93/18/1

818. 1941 BRAHMS, Caryl, writer. Diary, May–Dec 1941, Jan–Feb 1942, July–Aug 1944, covering her literary work and duties as part-time ARP warden. IWM Con Shelf

819. 1941 CHANDLER, Ernest John, of Ealing, draper, Freemason. Diary, 1941, 1944–51. Domestic life, including meals, and business activities. Ealing LHL Acc 65

820. 1941 HOWARD, D, (female) of Kingston upon Thames, Surrey. Diary, 1941, of her firewatching duties in Upper Park Road. Kingston MHS KX177

821. 1941 JARVIS, H C M, (male), medical student, ARP warden. Diary, 1941, of life as a medical student and air raid warden. IWM 89/16/2(P)

822. 1941 KENT, D H, (male) of Adelaide Road, West Ealing. Diary, Jan–June 1941, recording times of every air raid alert, with general information about bombing throughout the country. IWM 99/9/1

823. 1941 QUINN, J E Gough, clergyman, Army officer (Chaplain). The diary covers his active service, 1940–3, but includes a month on leave in London in April–May 1941 with comments on morale, air raids, civilian conditions. IWM P247

824. 1941 RENTOUL, Alexander Laurence, RAAF (Senior Liaison Officer, Air Ministry). Diary kept while with the London Overseas HQ RAAF in the Air Ministry in London. Daily social activities, visits to RAF stations, aircraft factories and Bomber Command HQ. Australian WM PR89/171

825. 1941 RIDGWAY, F, (male), conscientious objector. Diary covers 1938–45 but London interest centres on Feb–June 1941 when he worked in London hospitals before training with the Friends' Ambulance Unit. IWM 67/ 347/1

826. 1941 TAYLOR, Reginald Charles, Vicar of St Bartholomew, Shepperton Road, Islington. Diary, Jan–April 1941. Covers everyday personal life and clerical duties, made more difficult by bombing and its aftermath. LMA P83/BAT/015

827. 1941 UTTIN, Mrs R E, of Wembley, housewife and war worker, mother of Miss D L Uttin, qv. Diary, 1941–5, with a few later entries for 1947–56. A record of air raids and alerts, bomb damage, firewatching, first aid classes, her directed war work at an aircraft components factory 1942–3, voluntary canteen and WVS work. Good detail on rationing, civilian conditions generally, V-weapons, and her attitude to Germany and war criminals. IWM 88/50/1

828. 1941 WILSON, June, student nurse. Diary, 1941–5, with long gaps between entries. Trained at Nightingale Training School, St Thomas's Hospital. LMA H1/ST/NTS/Y23/42

829. 1942 ANON, (female) of London NW6, schoolteacher and journalist. Diary, 1942. M-O Diarist 5384

830. 1942 ANON, (female) of London W2, office worker. Diary, 1942–3. M-O Diarist 5309

831. 1942 ANON, (male) of London, Salford and Edinburgh, HM Forces (articled clerk in Army). Diary, 1942–3. M-O Diarist 5177

832. 1942 ANON, (male) of Selsdon, Surrey, schoolteacher. Diary, 1942–5. M-O Diarist 5052

833. 1942 ANON, (male) of Sidcup, Kent, technical assistant, Ministry of Supply. Diary, Oct–Nov 1942. M-O Diarist 5169

834. 1942 ANON, (male) of West Drayton, Middx. Diary, March–Aug 1942. M-O Diarist 5127.1

835. 1942 BINNEY, Ralph Douglas, RN officer (Captain), Chief of Staff to Flag Officer, London. Diary, 1942–4. IWM 75/98/3

836. 1942 BREAKSPEAR, F B, (male), conscientious objector. Photocopy of a diary, covering Jan 1942–Nov 1943. The author was imprisoned in Brixton, Wandsworth and Wormwood Scrubs prisons for refusing a medical examination, and released on appeal to undertake full-time social work running a boys' club, and as an LCC Play Centre games leader. IWM 87/63/1

837 1942 CHURCH-BLISS, Miss K, of Croydon, aircraft factory worker. Diary, Feb 1942–Nov 1944 (and transcript) of restaurant owner and friend ELSIE WHITEMAN, who left their business in Hampshire and moved to Croydon to help with war effort. Trained as lathe-turners, worked at Morrison's aircraft parts factory. Much on factory life, problems of women at work, industrial relations, morality, entertainment and general living conditions. IWM 91/34/1

838. 1942 LEE MICHELL, Mrs A, of Wellington, Somerset, WVS worker. Diary covers 1941–5, mostly concerns life in Somerset. However, in Jan 1942, and June–July 1944, during the VI attacks, she visited London with the WVS and records her impressions. IWM 92/8/1(P)

839. 1942 PEAKE, Leonard G, RAAF (Flying Officer). Diary, 1942–5, of his wartime service at RAF bases in England. From Oct 1942–March 1944 he sometimes visited London on leave. IWM 99/64/1

840. 1942 SHARP, Evelyn, (female) journalist with Daily Herald. Diary, Aug 1942–May 1947. An edition is being prepared by Professor A.V. John of the University of Greenwich. Bodleian MS Eng. misc. d.668, e.634–6

841. 1942 STEEDS, A J, (male) of London, trainee actuary, then Army officer (Lieutenant). Transcribed diary, 1942–5, recording his wartime experiences. He was in London from Oct–Dec 1940 during the Blitz. IWM 99/31/1

842. 1943 ANON, (male) of Southgate, London N14, accountant's clerk. Diary, Nov 1943. M-O Diarist 5167

843. 1943 ANON, (female) of Forest Hill, London SE23, secretary. Diary, 1943–4. M-O Diarist 5429

844. 1943 ANON, (female) of Chelsea, London SW3, HM Forces (office worker for the military). Diary, March–May 1943. M-O Diarist 5417

845. 1943 ANON, (male) of London WCI, and New Forest, Hants, psychologist. Diary, March 1943. M-O Diarist 5085

846. 1943 ANON, (male) of London, and Cambridge, medical student. Diary, Jan–Sept 1943. M-O Diarist 5109

847. 1943 HOOPER, H F, RN officer (Lieutenant), Japanese translator. Writer trained as a translator and officer at Duchess House, West London, from Jan–Aug 1943 before service in the Far East, describing this period in his diary. IWM 95/5/1

848. 1943 O'RIORDAN, C T, RAAF officer. Diary, 1943, covering operations and recreation in between operations in London. Australian WM 3DRL/ 4164

849. 1943 UTTIN, Miss D, of Wembley, clerical assistant, daughter of Mrs R E Uttin, qv. Diary, Dec 1943–Aug 1945. Her work as assistant to the Harrow Youth Officer, leisure activities, local air raids. IWM 88/50/1

850. 1944 ANON, (male) of Enfield, Middx, woodworking machinist. Diary, Sept 1944–Feb 1945. M-O Diarist 5198

851. 1944 ANON, (female) of Kew, Surrey. Diary, Aug 1944. M-O Diarist 5357

852. 1944 ANON, (female) of London, clerk. Diary, April 1944. M-O Diarist 5428

853. 1944 ANON, (female) of Stanmore, Middx, shorthand typist. Diary, 1944–6. M-O Diarist 5303

854. 1944 COLMAN, G, of Newham. Diary, 1944–5, of bombing in London. Newham LSL

855. 1944 COSSINS, Mrs M, of Chepstow Place, W2, employee of British Museum. Diary, April 1944–April 1945, of life in London during the V-1 and V-2 attacks. Fear, danger, gradual acclimatisation. Her cultural interests, social life. IWM 92/25/1

856. 1944 HALL, W E, of Hackney, ARP messenger. Diary, 1944, of 'the new Blitz', the V-weapon attacks. His daily routine, mostly uneventful, but with occasional emergencies. Comments on the war news. Cartoons and sketches. Hackney AD M 4472

857. 1944 HOLMES, Kenneth, of Upper Holloway. Diary, June 1944–May 1945, aged sixteen, of flying bomb raids. Eye witness accounts of incidents, and from Sept 1944 he records V-2 attacks, including one that damaged his home. IWM P 129

858. 1944 HOME, Percy John, of Onslow Gardens, South Kensington. Diary entitled '1944: a London record', describing everyday life at the time of the flying bombs, with author's illustrations, newspaper cuttings, ephemera. Guildhall L MS 21, 599

859. 1944 JORY, C, (male), journalist, sub-editor of the News Chronicle. Diary, 1944, commenting on war news and events in London, including rocket hitting his block of flats while he was in bed, and his subsequent medical treatment. IWM 84/53/1

860. 1944 MASON, W E, Army officer (Lieutenant, Royal Signals). War diary, 1944–5, recording the actions of his Royal Signal Section. They include preparations for D-Day at Wanstead, and V-weapon raids over London in May–June 1944. IWM 89/13/1

861. 1944 SUMNER, E C, (male) of Leyton, auxiliary fireman. Diary, 1944, noting times of air raids, shifts worked as a fireman. IWM 98/22/1

862. 1944 TENBY-SMITH, Diana, student nurse. Diary, 1944–6, brief entries with long gaps. Trainee at Nightingale Training School, St Thomas's Hospital. LMA H1/ST/NTS/49

863. 1945 ANON, (female) of London, and Blackpool. Diary, May–Sept 1945. M-O Diarist 5243

864. 1945 PENN, Byron, of 372 Watford Way, Hendon. Diary of day to day life of an elderly couple in Hendon in the last year of the Second World War. Domestic activities, rationing. Barnet ALS MS 6111/2

865. 1945 STARKEY, F N E, of London. Diary covers 1945–9, London sections comprise Sept 1945–July 1947 during which time he entered a law firm and law school in the City before doing his National Service in the RAF, and Oct 1947–May 1948 when he was a clerk at the Air Ministry. IWM 94/10/1

866. 1946 HEELAS, Mr, of Norbiton, son of the Revd N Heelas, qv. Diary, 1946. Kingston MHS KX173/1/1/32

867. 1947 ANON, (male), House of Commons clerk. Diary, 1947. M-O G5321

868. 1947 HODGES, H Price, headmaster of small private school in Harrow. Diary, 1947–54. Access restricted until 2004. LMA ACC 1118

869. 1948 ANON, (female) of Morden, Surrey, housewife and voluntary worker. Diary, 1948–51. M-O Diarist 5474

870. 1950 HELPMANN, Sir Robert, ballet dancer. Diary, 1950–86, covering his work with the Sadlers Wells and Vic-Wells ballet companies, and the London theatrical world. Australian NL MS 7161

871. 1950 WHITE, Sir Thomas Walter, Australian High Commissioner in London. Diary, 1950–1, 1953–4, kept while serving in London. Australian NL MS 9184

872. 1951 FANNING, Joan, of Wellington, NZ, artist. Diary, 1951–63, covering study in London at the St Martin's School of Art and the Slade. M New Zealand MS 40 Access restricted

873. 1951 TODD, Leslie, of Surrey. Diary, 1924–67, mainly chronicling weekend excursions by bicycle, and annual holidays, but including a visit to the Festival of Britain in 1951. Extract in The Observant Traveller (ed R Gard 1989). Surrey HC 2830/1/3–32

874. 1952 PRITCHARD, Joan Edith, of Westminster. Diary, with household accounts, 1952–86. WCA Acc 1564

875. 1955 BENJAMIN, Joe, of London, community worker. Photocopy of diary covering c. 1955–94. NE Lincs Archives 1044

876. 1955 FARMER, Kate, student at Hillcroft College, Surbiton. Diary, 1955, of a mature student. Kingston MHS KX357

877. 1957 LAKE, Larry, London liaison officer for Australian National Library. Diary, 1957–8, kept while working in London. Australian NL MS 8324

878. 1960 MOTTRAM, Eric, poet and academic at King's College, London. Diary 1960–93 covers his London life, with daily entries for activities, reading and listening. His earlier diaries (1951 on) do not deal with London. KCL Mottram 1/1/6–39

879. 1960 TENCH, Georgiana, of Wandsworth. Diary, 1960–3, while living with her daughter in Wandsworth. Warwick MRC MSS 255

880. 1963 BALFOUR, Donald and Louise, of Sydney, Australia. Diary, 1963 and 1968, of two voyages from Australia to England, with stays in London in the summer of each year. Australian NL MS 1010

881. 1971 CARTER, Sharon, of Ealing, schoolgirl. This and 882, 883 were kept by schoolchildren on Sunday, 25 April 1971 (Census Day) as part of a school project. Very detailed accounts of the full day's events at home. Ealing LHL Acc 41

882. 1971 CHOHAN, Navtej, of Ealing, schoolboy. Census day diary, 1971. Ealing LHL Acc 41

883. 1971 WONG, Diane, of Ealing, schoolgirl. Census day diary, 1971. Ealing LHL Acc 41