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The English Fur Trade in the Later Middle Ages. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 2003.

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Elspeth M. Veale, 'A Select Bibliography ', in The English Fur Trade in the Later Middle Ages, (London, 2003) pp. 230-241. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/london-record-soc/vol38/pp230-241 [accessed 21 May 2024].

Elspeth M. Veale. "A Select Bibliography ", in The English Fur Trade in the Later Middle Ages, (London, 2003) 230-241. British History Online, accessed May 21, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/london-record-soc/vol38/pp230-241.

Veale, Elspeth M.. "A Select Bibliography ", The English Fur Trade in the Later Middle Ages, (London, 2003). 230-241. British History Online. Web. 21 May 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/london-record-soc/vol38/pp230-241.

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This study has drawn scraps of information from a wide variety of sources and touched on subjects dealt with in a great number of secondary works. No purpose, however, would be served by the listing of all sources and secondary authorities consulted. Details of some of them are to be found in the footnotes. The lists below include only those sources which contain material of particular value. Literary sources, for example, shed much light on contemporary attitudes, but as references therein to furs and skinners are brief and incidental, they have nearly all been excluded from this bibliography. Secondary works listed are those of particular relevance to the history of London and the fur trade in the Middle Ages. Books on clothes, furs, and the fur trade are of varying merit, but have been included since so few books deal directly with the subject. The most valuable contributions will be found in the studies of Hanseatic trade, but these deal with only one aspect of the story of the fur trade. Full bibliographies on economic developments will be found in the volumes of the Cambridge Economic History of Europe. Histories of the London gilds are listed in W. F. Kahl, The Development of London Livery Companies: an essay and a bibliography, Cambridge (Mass.), 1960.



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