Rawlinson MS. D51: Subscriptions to oath, and notes on Assistants, 1628-78

Scriveners' Company Common Paper 1357-1628 With A Continuation To 1678. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1968.

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'Rawlinson MS. D51: Subscriptions to oath, and notes on Assistants, 1628-78', in Scriveners' Company Common Paper 1357-1628 With A Continuation To 1678, ed. Francis W Steer( London, 1968), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/london-record-soc/vol4/pp113-125 [accessed 23 July 2024].

'Rawlinson MS. D51: Subscriptions to oath, and notes on Assistants, 1628-78', in Scriveners' Company Common Paper 1357-1628 With A Continuation To 1678. Edited by Francis W Steer( London, 1968), British History Online, accessed July 23, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/london-record-soc/vol4/pp113-125.

"Rawlinson MS. D51: Subscriptions to oath, and notes on Assistants, 1628-78". Scriveners' Company Common Paper 1357-1628 With A Continuation To 1678. Ed. Francis W Steer(London, 1968), , British History Online. Web. 23 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/london-record-soc/vol4/pp113-125.

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Subscriptions to oath, and notes on Assistants, 1628-78

[Rawl. D51, p. 55 transcript] An Annuall Catalogue begun to be collected in the Year 1664 and from thence continued out of the Bookes & Papers now extant of the Company of Scrivenors of the Citty of London formerly a Brotherhood by the Name or Title of The Writers of the Court Letter of the Citty of London And by King James by his Charter or Letters Patents dated the 28th day of January in the 14th Year of his Reigne over England France & Ireland and of Scotland the 50th Incorporated by the Name or Title of Master Wardens and Assistants of the Society of Writers of the Citty of London Of all the Persons who, for so much as those Bookes & Papers shew (some others haveing miscarried) doe appear to have been or be Members of the said Company or subscribed or submitted to the Rule Government and Orders therof. With a Genealogie or Pedegree of many of them shewing of whom they proceeded And who of them by Service or Patrimoney. And also of those that have been called to bear Office, have fined for or borne the Office in the said Company, of Stewards Assistants Wardens or Masters. With an Alphabeticall Table of all the Names directing to the Year when each Person was according to those Bookes and

Papers made free, subscribed or became a Member. Or was first menc'oned to be soe. (fn. 1)

[Rawl. D51, pp. 67, 68 calendar] 1628. John Woodward, Master, Jeffery Bower and Robert Woodford, Wardens

Henry Manley and William Alexander, Assistants taken in.

William Swarland and John Langham, Stewards.

John Hatton, app. of John Milton [1599] (fn. 2)

Thomas Wilcox, app. of Edward Chapman [1614]

David Jones, app. of George Foster [1591]

Isaac Gold, app. of Charles Yeomans [1599]

John Wingrave, app. of Philip Bisse [1619] 1629

George Wilkinson, app. of Anthony Hudson [1610]

Samuel Berry, app. of Richard Bedolph [1616]

Arthur Rutter, app. of Robert Pye [1611]

John Warren, Master, Robert Woodford and John Macro, Wardens

Thomas Powell, Richard Alsop and Stephen King, Assistants taken in.

Richard Alie, Bartholomew Gilman, John Smithier, John Smith, William Awdley and Henry Manley, Stewards.

Humfrey Hayward, by redemption

Edward Coddington, app. of Richard Bedolph [1616]

Edward Parker, app. of Lawrence Newman [1618]

Thomas Boys, s. of Thomas Boys, scrivener [1581]

Matthew Baynes, app. of William Halliley [1617]

James Milton, app. of Francis Strange [1596]

Sidenham Lukins, app. of William Childe [1597]

Robert Till, app. of Bernard Garter [1600] 1630

Thomas Colwell, app. of John Macro [1603]

Robert Wallis, by redemption 'of Ricd Alsop'

John Robinson, app. of Rowland Squier [1598]

John Townesend, app. of Francis Mosse [1599]

John Bower, app. of Abraham Church [1617]

John Maye, Master, John Macro and Richard Alie, Wardens

George Berisford and John Linton, Assistants taken in.

William Alexander and Thomas Powell, Stewards.

Thomas Hill, s. of Thomas Hill, scrivener [1601]

George Frithe, s. of Thomas Frithe, scrivener [1595]

Richard Shelbury, app. of Henry Shelbury [1621] or John Macro

John Hitchens, app. of William Wilkinson [1618]

John Edmunds, app. of John Eaton [1615]

Edward Packer, app. of William Child [1597] 1631

Christopher Nailer, app. of Ralph Hanmer [1606]

Robert Filbrick, app. of Thomas Wanmerton [1619]

John Bell, app. of John Atkins [1612]

Andrew Dickenson, app. of Edward Chapman [1614]

Richard Holeman, app. of Michael Holeman [1619]

Rowland Squier, Master, Richard Alie, Upper Warden, Bartholomew Gillman* (fn. 3) John Smithier, Renter Warden

Abraham Church, Assistant taken in.

Stephen King and Edward Chapman, Stewards.

James Evans, app. of Thomas Powell [1615]

Thomas Browne, app. of Michael Holman [1619]

Walter Meredith, translated from the Girdlers' Company 1632

William Stanninough, app. of Thomas Wannerton [1619] or Caleb Whitfeild

John Bastard, app. of John Linton [1615]

George Thurgarland, app. of Ralph Hartley [1622]

William Smith, app. of Peter Shofeild

Francis Mosse, Master, John Smither and John Smith, Wardens

William Wilkinson, John Atkins, John Partridge and Thomas

Wannerton, Assistants taken in.

George Berisford and Abraham Church, Stewards.

Francis Sheppard, app. of John Woodward [1597]

John Burt, Martin Hardrett and James Smither [bracketed together and the word 'Gent' written alongside]

John Wescott, app. of John Rea [1624]

Edward Finch, app. of [blank]

Edward Jackson [no other details]

Bartholomew Bigmore, app. of Robert Woodford [1599]

John Baker, gent.

William Richbell [no other details] 1633

Martin Dallison, app. of John Woodward [1597]

Francis Harrison, app. of John Davies [1619]

John Underwood, app. of Richard Milton [1621]

Philip Lugger, jun. [s./app.] (fn. 4) of Philip Lugger, scrivener [1598]

Ralph Hardwick [s./app.] of Ralph Hardwick, scrivener [1597]

Thomas Hill, Master, John Smith, Upper Warden, William Audley*, (fn. 5) William Alexander, Renter Warden

Christopher Lawe and William Thomasin, Assistants taken in.

John Atkins and John Pridgeon, Stewards.

John Carter [no other details]

Henry Deane [s./app.] of Elias Deane [1604]

Thomas Ashby, app. of James Noell [1621]

John Nicholls, app. of Robert Morgan [1589]

Daniel Woodgate, app. of Edward Chapman [1614]

John Halliwell, s. of John Halliwell, scrivener [1584] 1634

Thomas Bostock [s./app.] of Charles Bostock [1595]

Henry Owen, app. of Matthew Billing [1621]

Isaac Rowlett, app. of [blank]

John Fox, app. of Stephen King [1616]

John Milton* (fn. 5)

[Rawl. D51, p. 69] Charles Yeomans, Master, William Alexander and Stephen King, Wardens

William Richbell, Robert Minchard and Michael Holeman, Assistants taken in.

Thomas Wannerton and Robert Minchard, Stewards.

William Johnson, app. of George Beresford [1615]

Thomas Bradley, app. of Christopher Favell [1621] 1635

Edward Michell, app. of William Dexter [1620]

Matthew Lock, app. of Francis Mosse [1599]

Robert Abbott, app. of Francis Webb [1626] (fn. 6)

William Horne, app. of William Awdley [1612]

John Massy, app. of John Langham [1606]

Edward Perry, app. of William Childe [1597]

Joseph Alport, app. of Charles Yeomans [1599]

John Macro, Master, Stephen King, Upper Warden, Edward Chapman*, (fn. 5) Abraham Church, Renter Warden

John Rye, Assistant taken in. Michael Holman and John Rye, Stewards.

Thomas Purnell, app. of Henry May [1610]

John Norton, app. of William Wilkinson [1618] or Edward Duck

Benjamin Ward, app. of Abraham Church [1617]

Henry Mosse, s. of Francis Mosse, scrivener [1599]

Henry Bradshawe, app. of Humfrey Shalcrosse [1622]

Christopher Townesend, app. of Richard Alsope [1614]

Francis Manestye, app. of Ralph Hartley [1622] 1636

John Prestwood, app. of Jeffery Bower [1601]

John Howard, app. of John Wicks [1615]

Arthur Dove, app. of John Pridgeon [1617] or of [blank] Dove

Roger Caly, app. of Bartholomew Gilman [1607]

Bartholomew Gilman, Master, Abraham Church and John Atkins, Wardens

Henry Shelbury, James Noell and Ralph Hartley, Assistants taken in.

Henry Shelbery and James Noell, Stewards.

John Taylor, app. of Francis Pensax [1618]

Richard Ridgar, app. of John Linton [1615]

Richard Black, app. of John Atkins [1612] 1637

Thomas Radcliffe, s. of Thomas Radc[l]iffe, scrivener [1589]

Edward Arnold, app. of Peter Hughes [1600]

Thomas Farmer, app, of Stephen King [1616]

Robert Singer, app. of Edward Cottington [1629]

Thomas Francis, app. of Stephen King [1616]

John Smither, Master, John Atkins, Upper Warden, John Pridgeon*, Thomas Wannerton, Renter Warden

Humfrey Shalcrosse, Assistant taken in.

Ralph Hartley, Humfrey Shalcrosse and George Alistree, Stewards.

Martin Noell [s./app.] of James Noell [1621]

Nicholas Gruytt, by redemption 'of Thomas Wannerton' [1619]

Christopher Chishall, app. of Robert Wright [1628]

Thomas Conn, app. of John Meyrick [1614]

John Smyther, s. of John Smyther, scrivener [1611] 1638

John Taylor, app. of John Wicks [1615]

Richard Duke, app. of Francis Webb [1626]

James Frithe [no other details]

John Smith, Master, Thomas Wannerton and Robert Mincherd, Wardens

George Allistree, Assistant taken in.

Matthew Billing and Walter Smith, Stewards.

John Perrott, app. of Henry Shelbery [1621] 1639

William Audley, Master, Robert Minchard, Upper Warden, Michael Holeman*. John Rye*, Henry Shelbery, Renter Warden

Matthew Billing and William Smith, Assistants taken in.

Anthony Hudson, William Dexter and Nicholas Bacon, Stewards.

Robert Lane, app. of Stephen King [1616]

Nicholas Gouge, app. of John Macro [1603]

William Stannard, app. of John Atkins [1612] 1640

Jonathan Blackwell, app. of Ralph Hartley [1622]

John Clifton, app. of John Rea [1624]

Nicholas Hunlock, app. of John Smither [1611] or Henry Deane

William Alexander*, Stephen King, Master, Abraham Church, (fn. 7) Henry Shelbery, Upper Warden, James Noell*, Ralph Hartley*, Humfrey Shalcrosse*, George Allistree, Renter Warden

Henry Colbron, Nicholas Bacon, Thomas Bower, Henry Iles, John

Rea and Mark Bradley, Assistants taken in.

William Richbell, Henry Coleborne, Thomas Bower, Henry Iles, John

Rea, Richard Andrews and Mark Bradley, Stewards.

John Moore, app. of Robert Minchard [1615]

Nathaniel Stakes, app. of Sidenham Lukins [1629]

William Deane, app. of John Meyrick [1614]

Abdiell Silsby, app. of Thomas Wannerton [1619]

[Rawl. D51, p. 70] John Oake, app. of John Brooke [1624]

John Dermer, app. of Edward Coddington [1629] 1641

Abraham Church, Master, Henry Shelbery, Upper Warden, George Alistree and Matthew Billing, Wardens

Lawrence Newman and Thomas Bower, Assistants taken in.

Lawrence Newman, Francis Webb and Thomas Wilcocks, Stewards.

Robert Morgan, app. of John Smither [1611]

Richard Alsop, s. of Richard Alsop, scrivener [1614]

John Pridgeon, Master, George Allistree and Matthew Billing, Wardens

John Lugger, s. of John Lugger, scrivener [1588]

George Townerow, app. of Francis Mosse [1599]

William Barber, app. of John Halliwell, jun. [1593]

Thomas or George Fossick, app. of Abraham Church [1617] 1642

John Alsop, app. of William Johnson [1634] or Christopher Towneshend

Thomas Wannerton, Master, Matthew Billing, Upper Warden, Walter Smith*, Nicholas Bacon, Renter Warden

Michael Smith [s./app.] of Walter Smith [1623]

Richard Collen, app. of John Atkins [1612] 1643

Michael Holeman*, Henry Iles*, Thomas Wannerton, Master, Matthew Billing and Nicholas Bacon, Wardens, Henry Colbron*, Henry Iles* and Thomas Bower*

Thomas Colwell and Richard Shelbery, Stewards.

Thomas Crosse, app. of William Audley [1612]

James Windus, app. of Charles Yeomans [1599]

Timothy Bourne, s. of Charles Bourne, scrivener [1613] 1644 [no entries]


Thomas Wannerton, Master, Matthew Billing (fn. 8)

Solomon Seabright, app. of Francis Mosse [1599]

Joseph Rutland, app. of John Taylor [1636 bracketed with 1638]

John Bruce, app. of Walter Smith [1623]

Hugh Ford, app. of Robert Minchard [1615]

Henry Williamett, app. of David Jones [1628]

John Sprackling, s. of Jeremy Sprackling, scrivener [1588], translated to Goldsmiths' Company [Fishmongers in another hand] 1646

Thomas Wannerton, Master, Matthew Billing (fn. 9)

Benjamin Sheppard, app. of Thomas Wannerton [1619] 1647

Thomas Wannerton, Master for part of the year until Francis Kempe was chosen Master, Matthew Billing (fn. 9)

Humfrey Hayward, Sidenham Lukins, Thomas Colwell, Richard

Shelbery and Edward Coddington, Assistants taken in.

Alexander Donne, app. of John Prestwood [1636]

Samuel Osborne, app. of Nicholas Gruytt [1637]

Arthur Miles, app. of Francis Harrison [1633]

Joseph Cooke, app. of Francis Mosse [1599]

Thomas Bland, app. of Ralph Hartley [1622] 1648

Henry Shelbery, Master, Matthew Billing, Senior Warden for part of the year until displaced and James Noell served the remainder, Mark Bradley, Junior Warden

John Robinson, Richard Holeman and Richard Andrews, Assistants taken in.

John Robinson and Richard Holeman, Stewards.

John Leader, app. of John Bell [1631]

George Perrier, app. of James Noell [1621]

Thomas Goodwin, app. of Richard Duke [1638]

William Heron, app. of Matthew Billing [1621] 1649

Hercules Comander, app. of John Smyther [1611 bracketed with 1637]

James Noell, Master, Mark Bradley, Upper Warden, Francis Webb*, Humfrey Hayward, Renter Warden

Martin Dallison and Daniel Woodgate, Assistants taken in.

Martin Dallison, Daniel Woodgate, John Halliwell, Thomas Bostock,

Henry Owen, Thomas Browne and Robert Abbott, Stewards.

Thomas Massam, app. of Martin Noell [1637]

William Taylor, app. of Edward Coddington [1629] 1650

Bartholomew Stannard [s./app.] of William Stannard, scrivener [1639]

Philip Kitfeild, app. of Mark Bradley [1627]

William Bower, app. of Henry Bradshawe [1635]

Robert Mayne, app. of John Rye [1619]

[Rawl. D51, pp. 70, 71] Ralph Hartley, Master, Humfrey Hayward, Senior Warden, John Rea*, Thomas Colwell, Junior Warden

John Halliwell, Thomas Bostock and Henry Owen, Assistants taken in.

John Halliwell, John Westcott, (blank) Perry and Henry Mosse, Stewards.

Thomas Porter, app. of John Rea [1624] 1651

John Bird, app. of John Ashenden [1604]

William Brewer, app. of Richard Shelbery [1630]

Edmund Burton, app. of Bartholomew Bigmore [1632]

Humfrey Shalcrosse, Master, Thomas Colwall and Richard Shelbery, Wardens

Robert Abbott, Edward Perry and Joseph Alport, Assistants taken in.

James Read and Christopher Townsend, Stewards.

Leonard Bates, app. of Ralph Hartley [1622] 1652

Daniel Bowman, app. of Richard Andrews [1627]

Walter Smith, Master, Richard Shelbery and Richard Holeman, Wardens

Henry Mosse, Assistant taken in.

Thomas Browne and Christopher Townesend, Stewards.

John Byrt, app. of Christopher Townesend [1635] 1653

John Jarmyn, app. of John Bruce, [1645]

John Dorney, app. of Matthew Billing [1621]

Robert Richardson, app. of John Perrott [1638]

Thomas Hinde, app. of James Read [1626]

Nicholas Bacon*, Henry Coleborne*, Mark Bradley, Master, Richard Holeman, Upper Warden, Martin Dallison*, John Halliwell, Renter Warden

John Ridgar, Martin Noell, Thomas Conn, John Smither, Richard

Duke and John Perrott, Stewards.

Daniel Bunting, app. of Thomas Conn [1637] 1654

John Spicer, app. of John Alsop [1642]

William Daynes, bound to John Macro but upon his death turned over to Robert Abbot [1635]

Nicholas Bacon*, Humfrey Hayward, Master, John Halliwell and Martin Dallison, Wardens

John Smyther, John Underwood, Richard Andrews, John Bell, William Stannard, John Merrick, Robert Mayne and Nicholas Humlocke, Stewards.

James Noell, s. of James Noell, scrivener [1621]

John Smith, app. of Edward Coddington [1629]

Nicholas Scull, app. of John Bell [1631]

Rowland Simpson, app. of John Bell [1631]


William Warne, (fn. 10) app. of John Hatton [1628] and turned over to Robert Yarway, Merchant Taylor

Peter Bell, app. of John Brooke [1624]

John Radford, app. of William Smith [1632]

Thomas Collwell, Master, Martin Dallison and Daniel Woodgate, Wardens Martin Noell, Assistant taken in.

Godfrey Austinson, John Fox, John Robinson, James Read, Jonathan Blackwell and Benjamin Ward, Stewards.


John Billing [s./app.] of Matthew Billing [1621]

Richard Shelbery, Master, Daniel Woodgate, John Rea*, John Robinson, Wardens

(blank) Fox, (blank) Ward, John Bentley, John Alsop and James Windus, Stewards.

James Needler, app. of Christopher Townesend [1635]


Timothy West, app. of John Perrott [1638], assigned to Robert Richardson, scrivener

John Kendall, app. of John Brace [1645]

Richard Holeman, Master, John Robinson and Thomas Bostock, Wardens

Richard Andrews and Henry Owen, Assistants taken in.

Arthur Dove, Henry Deane, John Clifton, Benjamin Ward, William Barbour, Benjamin Shepard, Solomon Seabright and Arthur Miles, Stewards.

Thomas Carpender, app. of John Brace [1645]

Robert Minchard, s. of Robert Minchard, scrivener [1615]

William Audley, s. of William Audley, scrivener [1612]


William Cornhill, app. of John Brace [1645]

Thomas Barbour, app. of Richard Shelbery [1630]

John Shenton, app. of Thomas Bostock [1634]

John Halliwell, Master, Thomas Bostock, Robert Abbott*, Edward Perry, Wardens

Thomas Browne, Richard Ridger, John Smither, Richard Duke and John Underwood, Assistants taken in.

[Rawl. D51, p. 72] John Morris, Robert Clayton and Thomas Browne, apps. of Robert Abbott [1635]

Francis Clarke, app. of Mark Bradley [1627]


Paul Donne [s./app.] of Alexander Donne [1647]

Jeremy Jeneway, app. of Francis Mosse [1599]

Martin Noell*, Daniel Woodgate, Master, Edward Perry and Joseph Alport, Wardens

George Perrier, Thomas Goodwin, Hercules Comaunder and Thomas Massam, Stewards.

Samuel Houghton, app. of Christopher Townesend [1635]

Gerrard Usher, app. of Henry Colbron [1623]


Richard Marshall and John Gopp, apps. of George Perrier [1648]

John Robinson, Master, Joseph Alport and Henry Mosse, Wardens

William Stannard, Assistant taken in.

Philip Kiftell, Hercules Commander, William Bower, John Dermer and Leonard Bates, Stewards.

John Gibbs, app. of James Windus [1643]


Joseph Batelhaie, merchant, 'redem. at Large'

John Mitcheson, app. of John Bell [1631]

William Stucks, app. of William Audley [1612]

Arnold Griffith and Andrew Francklin, apps. of Thomas Colwell [1630]

William Curtis, app. of Hercules Comaunder [1649]

Edward Harding, app. of Daniel Woodgate [1633]

Thomas Bostock, Master, Henry Mosse and Richard Andrews, Wardens

John Alsop, James Windus and Benjamin Shepard, Assistants taken in.

John Bird and Philip Kiftill, Stewards.

Robert Cressener, app. of James Read [1626]

James Peters, app. of Richard Shelbery [1630]


James Frithe, s. of James Frithe, scrivener [1638]

Edward Perry, Master, Henry Mosse and Richard Andrews, Wardens

Nicholas Gouge, John Clifton, Philip Kiftell and William Taylor, Stewards.

Joseph Andrews, app. of John Bell [1631]

Rowland Read, app. of Robert Richardson [1653]

Foulk Jones, app. of Benjamin Ward [1635], turned over to John Parry

Edward Perry, Master, Richard Andrews and Henry Owen, Wardens

Solomon Seabright, Assistant taken in.

William Swalden, app. of Ralph Hartley [1622]


Abraham Harrison, app. of Solomon Seabright [1645]

John Barne, app. of John Bell [1631]

Samuel Astley, app. of Daniel Woodgate [1633]

Michael Tyler, app. of Jonathan Blackwall [1640]

John Wing, app. of Christopher Townesend [1635]

John Knight, app. of Philip Kiftell [1650]

Zorobabell Parker, app. of John Underwood [1633]

Joseph Alport, Master, Richard Andrews and Henry Owen, Wardens

William Daynes, Rowland Simpson, Nicholas Scull and William Warne, Stewards.

Joseph Alport, Master, Henry Owen and John Smyther, Wardens

Arthur Miles and Joseph Cooke, Assistants taken in.

William Taylor, Peter Bell and John Dorney, Stewards.


John Hardrett, app. of Hercules Comaunder [1649]

John Brandreth, app. of Thomas Bostock [1634]

Thomas Luckett, app. of Francis Shepard [1632]

Robert Monck, app. of Daniel Woodgate [1633]

Francis Mosse [s./app.] of Henry Mosse [1635]

William Guise, app. of Richard Andrews [1627]

Peter Tilly, app. of Henry Mosse [1635]

Henry Mosse, Master, John Smither and Richard Duke, Wardens

Thomas Bland, Assistant taken in.

John Clifton and William Barber, Stewards.

Francis Minshall, app. of Matthew Billing [1621]

Samuel Lawe, app. of Joseph Cooke [1647]

Richard Noell, s. of James Noell, scrivener [1621]


William Braxton, app. of John Alsop [1642]

Matthew Browne, app. of William Audley, sen. [1612]

Josias Pike, app. of George Perrier [1648]

Richard Andrews, Master (died); Henry Owen, Master, Richard Duke and John Underwood, Wardens

George Perrier, Thomas Goodwin, Hercules Comaunder, Thomas Massam and William Bower, Assistants taken in.

Elizabeth Billingsley, app. (fn. 11) of James Windus [1643] and Anne his wife


Lucy Saunderson, app. (fn. 11) of James Windus [1643] and Anne his wife

[Rawl. D51, p. 73] John Bargeman, app. of John Alsop [1642]

Giles Steele, app. of Thomas Bland [1647]

Philip Lugger, s. of Philip Lugger [1633]

Richard Duke, Master, John Underwood and John Alsop, Wardens William Barber, James Needler, John Morris and Robert Clayton, Stewards.

Mary Watson, app. (fn. 12) of Arthur Miles [1647] and Bridget his wife Sir Robert Hanson, kt., one of the present sheriffs of London

John Mosyer, esq., 'Councellor at Lawe'

William Fashion, app. of James Windust [1643]

Thomas Grunwin, app. of Henry Mosse [1635]

John Whitehall, app. of William Stannard [1639]


James Clement, app. of Daniel Bunting [1653]

Thomas Woodward, app. of William Bower [1650]

John Underwood, Master, John Alsop and James Windus, Wardens

Leonard Bates, Assistant taken in.

Thomas Browne, Samuel Houghton, James Needler and Jeremiah Jeneway, Stewards.

Richard Walker, app. of Rowland Simpson [1654]


Joseph Osburne, app. of Arthur Miles [1647]

Richard Hotchkis, app. of Daniel Woodgate [1633]

Edward Allen, app. of William Bower [1650]

Bazill Cotterill, app. of Samuel Houghton [1659]

John Alsop, Master, James Windus and Solomon Seabright, Wardens

William Daines and William Warne, Assistants taken in.

Gerard Usher and Richard Marshall, Stewards.

William Holeman, by patrimony of Michael Holeman [1619]

Joseph Ward, by patrimony of Benjamin Ward [1635]


Miles Lukins, by patrimony of Sidenham Lukins [1629]

Richard Bradey, app. of John Bell [1631]

James Windus, Master, Solomon Seabright and Arthur Miles, Wardens

John Morris, esq., Assistant taken in.

Rowland Simpson, John Kendall and John Gopp, Stewards.

John Ewing, by redemption

John Wheatley, app. of Joseph Alport [1635]

Humfrey Cuthbert, app. of Leonard Bates [1651]


Jonathan Andrew, app. of Gerard Usher [1659]

Thomas Wright, app. of William Taylor [1649]

John Morris, esq., Master, Arthur Miles and George Perrier, Wardens

Robert Clayton, esq., Assistant taken in.

John Gibbs and Arnold Griffith, Stewards.

John Hervy, by redemption

Richard Sheppard, by patrimony of Francis Sheppard [1632]


John Wickham, app. of Richard Marshall [1660]

Sir Robert Clayton, kt., Alderman and one of the sheriff's of London, Master, George Perrier and Joseph Cooke, Wardens

Memorandum. That upon the Companies respect to the said Sir Robert Clayton as being in the capacity aforesaid, the persons next following did, in persuance of an order of the 17th of September 1671, take upon them the livery or cloathing. Vizt—The aforesaid Master and Wardens Assistants: Thomas Colwall, esq.; John Morris, esq.; Abraham Church; Walter Smith; Humfrey Hay ward; Henry Mosse; John Underwood; John Alsop; James Windus; Solomon Seabright; Arthur Miles; Thomas Goodwin; Hercules Comaunder; Thomas Massam; William Bower; Leonard Bates; William Daines; William Warne; Thomas Browne; James Needler; Gerrard Usher.

Stewards: Philip Kiftell; Samuel Houghton; Richard Marshall; Rowland Simpson; John Kendall; John Gopp; Arnold Griffith; Andrew Francklyn; William Curtis.

Younger Members: James Peters; Foulk Jones; John Barne; John Wing; John Brandreth; Matthew Browne; Giles Steele; William Fashion; Thomas Grunwin; James Clement; Thomas Woodward; Richard Walker; Joseph Osborne; Richard Hotchkis; Edward Allen; Bazill Cotterill; John Ewing; John Wheatley; Humfrey Cuthbert.

[In the margin] (fn. 13) More younger members since taken: John Starkey; Michael Bignall; Edward Cole; William Antrobus; Ebenezer Jones; Thomas Lemman.


  • 1. The entries in Rawl. D51 from 1392 (p. 55) up to and including the first three entries under 1628 (p. 67) have been incorporated in the calendar of the Common Paper on pp. 20–62 above in so far as there is any variation between the two records (see note 1 on p. 20). The calendar of entries which here follows represents the last line of p. 67 and pp. 68–75 inclusive of Rawl. D51, thus bringing the list of members of the Company up to 1678. The alphabetical table, or index of names, mentioned above is on pp. 77–87 of Rawl. D51 and has been omitted from this present book. P. 76 of Rawl. D51 is blank.
  • 2. The date in square brackets is the year of the admission of the master.
  • 3. No explanation is offered in the manuscript as to the significance of the asterisk, but it probably means that the man refused to serve as Warden or even as Master.
  • 4. This indicates that no information is given in the manuscript as to whether the man admitted was the son or apprentice (or both) of the man named as master.
  • 5. See note 1 on p. 115; the same remark applies to asterisks on pp. 117–122.
  • 6. See Jasper A. R. Abbott, 'Robert Abbott, City Money Scrivener, and his account book, 1646–52', in Guildhall Miscellany, no. 7 (Aug. 1956), pp. 30–9.
  • 7. No asterisk against his name.
  • 8. No further details.
  • 9. No further details.
  • 10. At the east end of the north aisle of the church of St Martin Ludgate, City of London, stands a bell which is inscribed: THE GVIFT OF WILLIAM WARNE SCRIVENER TO THE PARISH OF ST MARTINS LVDGATE 1683.
  • 11. In the absence of any information to the contrary, it must be assumed that this person was made free of the Company and was nominally an apprentice.
  • 12. See note 1 on p. 123.
  • 13. In a different hand.