Rawlinson MS. D51: Memorandum concerning Beadle's staff

Scriveners' Company Common Paper 1357-1628 With A Continuation To 1678. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1968.

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'Rawlinson MS. D51: Memorandum concerning Beadle's staff', in Scriveners' Company Common Paper 1357-1628 With A Continuation To 1678, (London, 1968) pp. 125-127. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/london-record-soc/vol4/pp125-127 [accessed 25 April 2024]

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Memorandum concerning Beadle's staff

Memorandum. Also that upon the same occasion, the said Mr. George Perrier, the Upper Warden, of his owne charge, gave to the Company a staffe for the Beadle to carry before the Company upon all fitting occasions, adorned or topped with the Companies arms in silver, and haveing engraven thereon, Ex dono Georgii Perryer Guardiani Societatis 1671.

[Rawl. D51, p. 74] Thomas Browne, James Needler and Gerrard Usher, Assistants taken in.

Andrew Francklin and William Curtis, Stewards.

Henry Deane, by patrimony of Henry Deane [1633]

John Starkey, app. of John Wing [1663]

Michael Bignall, app. of Thomas Bland [1647]

Edward Cole, app. of James Windus [1643]


George Marsh, app. of Henry Mosse [1635]

John Colwall, by patrimony of Thomas Colwall, esq. [1630]

Solomon Sebright, Master, Joseph Cooke and Thomas Goodwin, Wardens

James Peters and Foulk Jones fined Stewards and the Company made the election dinner.


Thomas Robinson, app. of George Perryer [1648]

Thomas Peirce, app. of Thomas Bostock [1634]

Thomas Smith, app. of Solomon Sebright [1645]

Thomas Colwall, esq., Master, Thomas Goodwin and Thomas Massam, Wardens

Richard Marshall, Assistant taken in.

John Wing, John Brandrith, Giles Steel and William Fashion fined S[t]ewards.


Thomas Carpinter, app. of John Bruce [1645], made free of the Company in 1657 and now of the City.

Nathaniel Eenderby app. of Thomas Woodward [1666]

William Leader, s. of John Leader [1648], by patrimony

George Perryer, Master, Thomas Massam and Hercules Comander, Wardens

Rowland Simpson and John Gopp, Assistants taken in.

John Barne, fined by giving bill to pay, James Clement and Thomas Woodward, fined, Stewards.

Edward Bulwer, esq., son-in-law to the Master, adm. a 'Brother at Large'.

George Hodges, app. of James Needler [1656]

Martin Dallison, s. of Martin Dallison [1633], by patrimony William Antrobus, app. of Thomas Goodwin [1648]


George Welch, app. of Giles Steele [1666]

William Burnham, app. of William Smith [1632]

Joseph Cooke, Master, Hercules Comander, William Bower fined for Renter and Senior Warden, Leonard Bates, fined for Renter Warden, William Daines, Wardens

John Gibbs and Arnold Griffith, Assistants taken in.

Matthew Browne, gave bond to pay fine, John Whitehall gave bond to pay fine, Richard Hotchkis fined, Edward Allen fined, Stewards.

Silvester Chilcott and Adam Prince, apps. of John Alsop [1642]

Sarah Dutton, daughter of Thomas Dutton [1616], by patrimony (fn. 1)


John Harwar, app. of Joseph Ward [1668]

John Lloyd, app. of William Bower [1650]

Thomas Goodwin, Master, Leonard Bates and William Warne, Wardens

Andrew Francklin, William Curtis and James Peters, Assistants taken in.

John Ewing fined, John Wheatly gave bond, John Wickham fined, Stewards.

Ralph Edowes, app. of William Bower [1650]

Richard Fathers, app. of William Fashion [1666]


William Moyle, app. of Richard Hotchkis [1668]

Thomas Warren, app. of James Needler [1656]

Joseph Beane, app. of George Perrier [1648]

Ebenezer Jones, app. of Richard Marshall [1660]

William Bower, Master, William Dairies and Thomas Browne, Wardens

Miles Lukins gave bond to pay £20 or serve next year, John Starkey fined £10, Michael Bignall and Edward Cole served without any contribution by the Master and Wardens, Stewards.

Thomas Sonds, app. of John Wickham [1671]

[Rawl. D51, p. 75] Margaret Alsop, app. (fn. 2) of James Windus [1643] and Christian his wife

Daniel Shilling, app. of Joseph Cook [1647]

Thomas Lemmon, app. of Sir Robert Clayton, kt. [1658]


Edmund Mantle, app. of John Brandrith [1664]

Richard Frith, s. of James Frith [1638], by patrimony

Leonard Bates, Master, William Warm and James Needler, Wardens

Note. Pages 77–87 (p. 76 is blank) of Rawl. D51 are not reproduced. The pages are: The Alphabeticall Table of all the Names directing to the Yeare when each person was (according to the Bookes and Papers of the Company of Scriveners) made free subscribed or became a Member of the Company. Or was first menc'oned to be soe.


  • 1. In the absence of any information to the contrary, it must be assumed that the Company allowed the daughter of a member to be made free.
  • 2. In the absence of any information to the contrary, it must be assumed that this person was made free of the Company and was nominally an apprentice.