The Estate and Household Accounts of William Worsley Dean of St Paul's Cathedral 1479-1497. Originally published by Shaun Tyas on behalf of Richard III and Yorkist Trust and the London Record Society, Donington, 2004.

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'Bibliography', in The Estate and Household Accounts of William Worsley Dean of St Paul's Cathedral 1479-1497, (Donington, 2004) pp. 182-190. British History Online [accessed 29 February 2024]


I. Original Sources

1. Manuscripts

Borthwick Institute, York

Bishops' Registers

Register xx (William Booth)

Register xxii (Laurence Booth)

Register xxiii (Thomas Rotherham)

British Library

Additional Manuscripts

Harleian Manuscripts

Guildhall Library, London

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MS 25281/1

MS 25287

MS 25301/1

MS 25311

MS 25342

MS 25375/2

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MS 9171/8

MS 9531/7

MS 9531/8

Lichfield Joint Record Office

Register B/A/1/10.

Public Record Office, Kew

C1 (Early Chancery Proceedings)
C47 (Chancery, Miscellanea)
C54 (Chancery, Close Rolls)
C65 (Chancery, Parliament Rolls)
C67 (Chancery, Supplementary Patent Rolls)
C82 (Chancery, Warrants for the Great Seal, Series II)
C106 (Exchequer and Chancery, Master Richards' Exhibits)
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C141 (Chancery, Inquisitions post mortem, Richard III)
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E36 (Exchequer, Miscellaneous Books)
E101 (Exchequer, Miscellaneous Accounts)
E150 (Exchequer, Inquisitions post mortem)
E179 (Exchequer, Taxation records)
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E359 (Exchequer, Pipe Office, Account Rolls of Subsidies and Aids)
KB9 (Court of King's Bench, Ancient Indictments)
KB27 (Court of King's Bench, Plea rolls)
PROB11 (Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Registers of wills)
SC2 (Special Collections, Court Rolls)
SC6 (Special Collections, Ministers' Accounts)
SC7 (Special Collections)
SP46 (State Papers Domestic, Supplementary)
STAC1 (Court of Star Chamber, Proceedings, Henry VII)

University Library Cambridge

EDR G/1/5.

Westminster Abbey

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