The Estate and Household Accounts of William Worsley Dean of St Paul's Cathedral 1479-1497

Edited by Hannes Kleineke and Stephanie R. Hovland. London Record Society, volume 40. Transcription of William Worsley’s accounts together with an introduction to the life and career of this fascinating cleric.

London Record Society. Originally published by Shaun Tyas on behalf of Richard III and Yorkist Trust and the London Record Society, Donington, 2004.

This free content was digitised by double rekeying and sponsored by London Record Society. All rights reserved.


Table of contents

Title Page(s)
Acknowledgements vii
List of Abbreviations viii
Introduction: William Worsley, Dean of St. Paul's (1479-99), His Estates and Household 1-2
Introduction: Life and Career 3-17
Introduction: The Accounts I: The Economy of the Dean's Estates and Worsley's Income 17-31
Introduction: The Accounts II: The Dean's Household 31-37
Introduction: The Accounts III: The Manuscripts 37-38
Introduction: Note on Images 39
Calendar: Editorial Method 41-42
Calendar: Receiver's Account 1479-1480 43-46
Calendar: Receiver's Account 11 July 1480-18 July 1481 47-56
Calendar: A Full Translation of the Receiver's Account, 11 July 1481-13 July 1482 57-66
Calendar: Receiver's Account 18 July 1482-18 July 1483 67-72
Calendar: Receiver's Account 1484-1485 73-78
Calendar: Receiver's Account 20 July 1487-20 July 1488 79-84
Calendar: Receiver's Account 20 July 1488-7 August 1489 85-90
Calendar: Receiver's Account 1489-1490 91-96
Calendar: Receiver's Account 10 July 1495-21 July 1496 97-104
Calendar: View of Account for the Estates and Household, 1496-1497 105-107
Calendar: Accounts of Ministers on Certain Estates of William Worsley 1493-1494 108-112
Calendar: Accounts of Ministers on Certain Estates of William Worsley 1495-1498 113-123
Calendar: Account of the Rent Collector of the Deanery of London for Some of Worsley's Lands in the City of London and in Norton Folgate, Middlesex 1483-1484 124-126
Appendix 1: The Chapter of St.Paul's at Worsley's Election 127-128
Appendix 2: Biographical Details of Individuals Mentioned in the Accounts 129-177
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Plate 5
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Glossary 179-181
Bibliography 182-190
Index 191-216